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Biowall Research Competition Write Up (you must have a write up) Theme: Improving Kenyan Indoor Air Quality

Abstract: Here you need to give an overall summary of the biowall project. Introduction: Here you need to provide necessary background information: What are Biowalls? What are the statistics regarding Kenyas Indoor air quality (if that information is not available, thats ok, this information may not be available. Try to look for air quality information in other cities/countries in Africa. Do you feel indoor air quality at Alliance or in Kenya is not well studied)? How can biowalls help improve Kenyas Indoor Air Quality? Which Grand Challenge will you connect to this project: Improving Urban Infrastructure, Developing Carbon Sequestration Methods, Managing the Nitrogen Cycle. Materials List/ Design What did you use to build your structure? Why? (Your design must include measurements!!!!So far we have wood, plants, soil, pipes and pipe fittings. You must include price amounts for your materials and your materials must be from a local placeprobably Kikuyu. You budget around $ 4382.50 KSH. This information does not have to go on your write up, but I need this information to purchase your materials) Procedure: Which air pollutant are you going to test (For example, CH4 levels vs. O2 with the Biowall)? How are you going to test/measure how well your Biowall (biostructure) removes the pollutant? Caveats/ Alternative Approaches: what if something goes wrong, what else can you do? Conclusions: Again, how will your project help improve air quality at Alliance or in Kenyan? How does your project relate to the Grand Challenges? References: including all books, and internet sources Acknowledgements