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Pleasant Grove Awake-a-Thon: Code of Conduct March 9-10, 7 p.m. - 7 a.m.

If you are attending, please keep in mind: 1. Pleasant Grove Key Club is not liable for any lost possessions. 2. Respect the PGHS campus: do not attempt to deface any property because you will be fined for any damages. Also, remember to throw away your trash in the trash bins. 3. Respect the belongings of your fellow Key Clubbers and your Kiwanians. 4. You will be REMOVED from this event if you are caught: engaging in activities of a sexual nature, using and/or bringing illegal substances, or stealing others possessions. 5. Please help keep this event a fun but safe event. Refrain from violent or harassing acts towards others and treat your fellow Key Clubbers with respect. Please and thank you for abiding by these guidelines. Student Signature: __________________ Parent Signature: ___________________ School & Division: _______________ Parent Phone #: ________________