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Greetings: Mayor Henrich M.

Pimentel, Sanggguniang Bayan Members, Heads of Offices, National and Local, My co-workers in the government, good evening. As we go on to our centennial celebration next year for our La Purisima Conception Parish, we are reminded today of our obligation and our participation for the success if its 100th year anniversary. As parishioners, we are obliged to share our thoughts, our effort and our commitment for this event. Let this happen uninterrupted. Being the servants of the people and the Supreme Being, we have our duties and honor that bind us, to be faithful to every trust bestowed upon us. We must support the dignity of our character on all occasions and above all, we shall strenuously adhere and enforce a steady obedience to the teachings of morals and dogma laid down by our church thru precept and execution of good deeds. With our imperfect world, exemplary conduct on our part must be observed and displayed. Irregularities of the less informed parishioners must be corrected by the virtues of temperance, fortitude, prudence and justice, we must fortify their minds with resolutions against the snares of the insidious and guard them against every allurement of vicious practices. To our inferiors in rank or office, we have to recommend obedience and submission, to our equals, it is courtesy and affability, and to our superiors, we must execute kindness and condescension. I have spoken with these things ladies and gentlemen, because it is incumbent on our part to be morally and spiritually upright. We have to conform with good moral standards and abide responsible actuations within our bounds. Let us change. This years 99th Fiesta Celebration theme, Paghandum, pagpasalamat, pagbag-o padulong sa centenaryo, speaks of our obligation and participation being the parishioners of Tago. It reminds us of working together for a common purpose. And that is to make our centennial celebration next year, a very successful one. Therefore let no motive make us swerve from our duty and commitments.

Lastly, I am praying that God makes us strong and focused in order to preserve our parish and guide us to the Wastong daan para sa kaunlaran. To all of you here tonight, welcome to our night of non-political posturing and I hope that character assassination is retired temporarily this time. Good evening and have fun later. Thank you.

Hon. Alejandro S. Bautista, JR.