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Low Temperature and Cryogenic Steel Pipes
For low temperature applications Up to 36% Nickel

Product Information:

com Technical dept. Beissel Phone: +49 (0)2732 588 155 E-Mail: j. LNG and oil & gas industries as related to steel pipes.200 mm)* without circumferential weld. To discuss these further.beissel@ebkpipe. including Pipe-in-Pipe solutions.com Eisenbau Krämer mbH D-57223 Kreuztal Phone: +49 (0)2732 588 0 Fax: +49 (0)2732 588 102 Web: www.schmidt@ebkpipe.eisenbau-kraemer.524 mm)* Wall thickness: 1/4'' to 2'' (6 mm-50 mm)* *note: please ask for further dimensions State of the art manufacturing and welding processes permit EBK to offer mechanical properties in the weld to match those of the parent plate.de . Additionally. Mr. to produce complete products. Andreas Schmidt Phone: +49 (0) 2732 588 120 E-Mail: a. Recognising these developments. so do the requirements of the chemical. including close tolerance machining and bulkhead installation. 0 °C 32 °F -196 °C -321 °F We would be interested to discuss with you requirements specific to your projects. close tolerance pipes to be produced in EBK’s German based pipe mills in the size range: Length: up to 43'6" (13. Eisenbau Krämer has continued to develop its range of low temperature and cryogenic steel pipes to include: ASTM ASTM A203. and would be pleased to develop solutions in partnership with you. Grades A – F (3. Eisenbau Krämer can at their Recklinghausen mill offer fabrication.Low Temperature and Cryogenic Steel Pipes As the worldwide demand for energy resources change. Diameter: 14'' to 60'' (355 mm-1 .5% Nickel) A353 (NN+T) & A553 (Q&T) (8% & 9% Nickel steels) Alloy 36 (36% Nickel) Longitudinally welded steel pipes are manufactured by EBK to these and additional specifications for use in applications including: LNG Storage Tanks LNG Carriers Jetty Lines Sub-sea Pipelines Pipe-in-Pipe Cryogenic Transmission Lines Advanced manufacturing and welding techniques allow high quality. please contact: Sales Linepipes Mr.

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