Intellectual Property

Original creative works that have economic value and are protected by law – Encarta Encyclopedia

Saubhagyini Singh

Phrases. Symbols. and Designs .Intellectual Property Law and Rights Owners are granted certain exclusive rights to a variety of intangible assets. Discoveries and Inventions iii. Literary. Musical. such as i. Words. and Artistic works ii.

Trademark: Word or symbol used by manufacturers to identify goods. perform. Patent: A legal protection granted by the government. distribute. or display their creative works. .Copyright: Exclusive privilege to authors to reproduce.

CASES >> Gillette >> Coca Cola >> Nike >> Nokia .

Bibliography Texts: ‘Intellectual Property Licensing: Forms and Analysis’ by Richard Raysman. Kenneth A. Articles: ‘ Fighting for Intellectual Property Rights. Pisacreta. Edward A. Websites: www.’ .The New York Sun .

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