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One of the most reliable names in luxury watches is Panerai which is considered as the symbol of power, wealth and high status. Their watches are highly appreciated by those who want to show their rigorous style and the man image. Most of the action heroes of Hollywood film have used their brands in their films such as Sylvester stallon worn panerai luminor martin watch in “Daylight”, Arnold Schwarzenegger in “Eraser and in “Transporter” “Italian Job” Jason Stratham worn the panerai watch. These watches have become the ultimate dream of man who likes adventures and has an aesthetic personality. Their precision instruments are well suited to fit for tough situations such as sea, land or in the air. These watches are known for strong technical and mechanical characteristics. Their most demanded and appreciate watches are RADIOMIR & LUMINOR. They also have affiliation with Ferrari for Shell Ferrari Historic Challenge and have designed special watches with Ferrari trademark. Panerai watches are highly reliable and exclusive. Every one dreams to have at least one in life. Guido panerai & Fligo was founded in 1860 in Florence, Italy. At the start they designed watches for the Italian Navy. After many years these watches were introduced for the civilians. They have 4 major lines of watches HISTORIC, CONTEMPORARY, MANIFATTURA and SPECIAL EDITIONS. These watches are produced in very limited quantities and are very expensive too. Their fake watches are in high demand due to their low prices. These are designed similar to the original ones. Their all markings and engravings are exact like the original ones and have the qualities, functions and characteristics of original ones. They are imitated so closely that it is really difficult to differentiate between original and clones. Now you can enjoy the luxury brand at a fraction of cost.


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