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Poem-Day By Day

Poem-Day By Day

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Published by I. M. Nobody
Just a little reality to see who out there can relate to me. ;0)~Kev
Just a little reality to see who out there can relate to me. ;0)~Kev

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Published by: I. M. Nobody on Feb 21, 2013
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Day by Day Ironic as we live day by day thinking things will be different today Even though we know we will

do exactly what we always do repeat Sure it may be a little different than the day before making it all okay Just like the sand through the hourglass bottom fills as top is deplete The new day starts as we turn the hourglass drink our coffee and go We may be diverted to pick up or gas and pay a little change a day Mostly as we mature things begin to be taken from us we all know You can call it mid life crisis whatever you wish however you say We have no control as Mom and Dad go and sisters and brothers Aunts and uncles neighbor's friends begin to disappear one by one No control as we think we have in life we learn not as with others We live we work we pay we eat we sleep when the day is done We live we love we have children if we're lucky they love us too If we teach them right they make us proud that's my boy we say I worked hard all my life now to be broke as I struggle and I do I still smile and expect nothing from no one as I live Day by Day ©2013 I.M. Nobody

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