Yog Sadhan Ashram Gurgaon Feb 2013

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Yog Sadhan Ashram Gurgaon Feb 2013

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Practice of Yog Sadhans is Universal and Human Religion
Last ten thousand years have been witness to bloody wars mainly due to religions all over world. The hardliner religious leaders create more problems for humans than what they preach . We need religious leaders who respect all religions and preach to serve humanity .Humanity has to be above religious rituals. Yog Sadhan Ashrams teach yog sadhans .What are yog sadhans ? These are pranayam, shatkarmas, yogic exercises, practice of yam and niyams, devotion to once god, faith and meditation . Now look at these one by one. Pranayam is breathe control techniques but they affect the whole human body and make both mind and body healthy. This is no religion, it is science. Next let us see shatkarmas , we do Jal Neti , we do vaman , we do kapal bhati all these are body cleaning techniques . Our body is like a house with lot of drains .If we donot clean drains in our house then water in the drains will be clogged and there will be water and mud everywhere where bacterial will grow and it will ruin the house. The clogged water in the drains will sip into walls and walls will damage .The house will become sick .Similarly if we do not clean our body we will become sick. So shatkarmas is also not religious it is science. Same way we do asanas to keep our body parts fit. This is also Yoga science and not religion. Now coming to yam and niyam these are ethics code to live us happy in a society .Observance of yam and niyams make us good citizens and good nationals with strong character. These are taught in all religions hence not religious specific. Next practice of Yog sadhana is devotion to god , all of us know god is one and same for all . Faith in god makes us strong to face odd situations and god makes our destiny smooth .Finally meditation. Meditation is discovery of self soul .As we know our body changes in every birth but the soul remains same and is eternal. The concept of soul is also universal and not religious specific. So what we teach at Yog Sadhanas is not religious specific .It is scientific. Yog sadhans is fit to be called human religion and for all . So Adopt Yog sadhanas ,adopt human relgion.

Yog Sadhan Ashram Gurgaon Feb 2013

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