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com Foreword
One of the most frequently used technique by graphic designer is mirroring and duplicating. Because mirroring combined with duplicating is the only way to make each side of our work being symmetrical. In this tutorial, I'll try to explain a bit about how combination of both two basic techniques used in certain way when we works in inkscape to make our custom symmetrical shape. Hope this tutorial worth for beginner inkscape user. Enjoy!

Main Idea
The main idea in this tutorial is to make a half butterfly wing-like shape first, then duplicate and mirror it to make the simple butterfly shape. And there is a step by step instruction....

Step One
Make a shape just like picture below with bezier tool (b).

Step Two
Pick the shape, then edit the nodes (f2) to make it like picture below.

Step Three
Now, we need to make the right side straight. To accomplish this step, simply drag a guideline from the left document ruler.

Then make a rectangle. Now lets snap the rectangle's left side to the guideline.

After that, punch the butterfly wing shape with this rectangle (ctrl+-). And now the butterfly wing shape will be like this...

Step Four
Half way done. Then duplicate the butterfly wing shape (ctrl+d). After that, drag it to the right. Don't forget to hold the ctrl button to do constrain dragging.

Step Five
Flip the right butterfly wing shape horizontally (h), then snap it to the guideline.

Step Six
Last step, select both and weld them together (ctrl++).

And below another examples using “butterfly technique”...

The butterfly technique (duplicating combined with mirroring) is only way to make a symmetrical shape in each side. If you practice it a lot, you'll improve your skill.