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Published by Satya Mahapatra
WAYS & MEANS, the Flip side of living is a book for those who want to have a fresh look at life and start living every moment.
WAYS & MEANS, the Flip side of living is a book for those who want to have a fresh look at life and start living every moment.

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Published by: Satya Mahapatra on Feb 21, 2013
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“Who needs a problem, anyway…?”
Seldom a fairy tale ending like “…. and they lived happily ever after”, is true in real life. Most love stories crash on the hard rock of reality. People experience a sense of anticlimax even after their long cherished dreams are realized. Their achievements fail to enthuse them. They invent reasons to be unhappy, feel disappointed, instead of going in for jubilation and celebration of their achievements. Normally, life is always delivered in a mess. We are expected to clean up the mess and celebrate life. The opportunities are wrapped in packaging materials of Problems and hardships. On your way to opportunities, either you opt for the hardship voluntarily or it is thrust upon you. Your well-wishers shower rebukes, threats or even real punishments. Few realize that the essence of life is in solving problems rather than relishing the aftermaths. Hence the uninitiated in the cult of Problemism end up as the unhappy lot in their never ending search for happiness, thus creating the required state of problemness for prosperity. The whining complaints of undesirable state of being, the bickering about “the other one’s fault” all lead to bitterness in interpersonal relation. How silly! Fault finding nature may at best be treated as “the faulty nature”. You do need a fault to work upon. “Enemy” is also a

faulty concept. You can have two types of “only friends”. The one directly benefiting you is an ordinary friend. But this friend is making you complacent. The one, who puts you in some difficulty or trouble, gives you a tough time, puts up a challenge; helps you to develop your survival skills. The one who provides you the skill upgrading opportunity is an extraordinary friend. A small dose of harmful microorganisms in the form of inoculation is a lot better than the best of the antibiotics, as it triggers the immune system’s protection shield against the disease. For the ball to bounce up it has to be banged on the ground. The intensity of the fall will determine the height to which it will rise. The gravitational pull is essential for the air borne for their liftoff. Similarly the backward drag is necessary for the forward propulsion of the airplanes. A setback is the time to gain momentum for onward march. Elimination of resistance of the road to motion will not facilitate the movements. On the contrary it will be impossible to have any control over your vehicle. Without resistance to motion there can be no progress at all. When someone pulls your legs he is providing you the essential resistance for forward movement. Rightly said, when the going gets easy, it surely is a downhill slide. All upheavals from minor arguments to major wars are a result of focus on the differences, disagreements, disobediences and unfavourable conditions that give us the chance to hone our skills or create some new ways of living life. The peace seekers would have

easily thrashed out the answer to any problem. Instead the warmonger is the hero. Instead of understanding this as an opportunity, you tend to breakdown to show primitive emotions of anger and create real problems out of perceived problems. Every scientific invention is backed by a problem. Every developmental initiative is triggered by a calamity, catastrophe, or at the least a state of deprivation. The body reflexes are triggered by loss of balance, threats of pain and injury. You need to work out against opposing forces to develop your muscles. Any training means making you face challenges. The survival instinct can only sharpen when the organism is exposed to dangerous situations, unwanted factors or despicable entities. A problem throws up a novel challenge to which the brain responds by creating new synaptic links. It even generates new nerve cells to cope with extremely novel challenges. The neurons begin to die when an individual reaches a point when all his works are done and he has no problems to work upon! Even the extremely unpleasant and undesirable conditions like the loss of a loved one may be a boon if it is used as a challenge. You can not only win over the situations but also grow far beyond the possibility of development in the pre deprivation condition. The rootless people in America in the face of hardship strive hard for growth. That result in the accelerated growth in the migrants. Their development outpaces the well-anchored natives in their mother land. The villages experience migration of its talents to cities. From the developing world to the developed

countries we see emigration of talented persons. These uprooted people experience the transplantation shock. So they do develop! The problem is always a blessing in disguise. One must see only opportunities in these problems. For any progress, development, invention to happen, problems are an absolute necessity.

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