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Michigan Affordable Insurance Exchange Grants Awards List
Michigan has received three grant awards to build its Affordable Insurance Exchange. This includes a Planning Grant and two Level One Establishment Grants. Summaries of Michigan’s applications for each grant are provided below:

Establishment Grant Level One Application Summary
Administrator: State of Michigan, Department of Licensing & Regulatory Affairs Award Amount: $9,849,305; $30,667,944 Award Date: November 29, 2011; January 17, 2013 Application Due Date: September 30, 2011; November 15, 2012 Level of Funding: Level One Summary: The Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) will use Level One funding to: conduct additional analysis on the impacts of the Exchange and the Affordable Care Act in Michigan, including additional insurance market analysis; acquire contractual services to assist the State and the Exchange with legal matters, technology planning, education and outreach, financing and policy issues; and, support the State of Michigan as it works toward establishment of this new entity. Michigan will use its Level One Establishment Grant to support the Consumer Assistance partnership program including, but not limited to In-Person Assisters, Navigator Oversight and Administration, and other assistance that will support individuals as they seek health coverage. The grant will also help utilize contractual services to assist the State Partnership Exchange with planning, design and establishment of technology-related interfaces to ensure Michigan has the capacity to coordinate with the federal marketplace, and provide resources for Michigan to perform the Plan Management functions of the marketplace. Exchange Funding Michigan’s Department of Community Health was awarded a federal Exchange Planning grant of $1 million. In November 2011, Michigan’s Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs was awarded a $9.8 million federal Level One Establishment grant to conduct further insurance market analysis and technology planning; however, the Legislature has yet to approve spending the funds. In January 2013, Michigan received a second Level One grant of $30.7 million to support creation of a consumer assistance partnership program, establishment of an IT system that coordinates with federal partners, and the plan management functions that Michigan will carry out. Kaiser Family Foundation

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