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Author Study Project-due date January 31, 2013 by end of school day

~~you must read minimum 2x novels, any genre, by the same author-texts available here at ASH Library ~~we will be in the library the entire month of January-you will have plenty of in-class time to complete the readings and the project

Project Details/requirements / 60 points

~~Create an author study on Glogster- embed the link to your Glogster on this WIKI page ~~the items MUST be included on your Glogster page 1. author information- personal and professional information-items such as awards won, education, inspiration/motivation to become an author, mentors, birthplace etc 2. photos of the book covers of the two novels you read for this project- they must be linked to a short summary of each novel...or digital book trailer/book talk 3. the URL address of the author's professional website or blog, linked 4. a recent interview with the author 5. a meaningful quote from each novel read for this project 6. your response related to ONE of the author style questions listed below A. Author's Choice of Symbols-How does the author's choice of symbols give deeper meaning to the story? B. Author's Choice of Mood and Tone-What are the ways the author shows mood and tone through word choice, figurative language, and syntax? C. Author's Choice of Genre-How does the author's choice of genre affect the theme or topic? D. Author's Choice of Figurative Language- How does the author use figurative language, sound devices, and literary techniques in the novels? E. Author's Choice of Theme-Identify similar themes the author uses across novels?