Recommendations re: Discharge of a Firearm Ordinance

A. Background 1. Large call volume

a. In 2011, there were 616 calls concerning firearm discharge b. In 2012, there were 714 calls concerning firearm discharge c. As of February 7,2013, there have been 80 calls to date for 2013 2.
Safety concern a. The majority of these calls have involved properties in, or adjacent to, residentially zoned properties. b. Some of these calls have involved complaints of shrapnel crossing property lines.

1. Adopted in February 2006

a. Estimated population- 86,700


2012 estimated population- 100,814 discharge of a firearm:

2. Prohibits

a. Into a dwelling,

house, railroad, train, boat, aircraft, motor vehicle, or building used for assembling people;

b. Within 100 yards of an occupied building
another without written permission;

or upon or across the land


c. At any mark, inanimate object, or at random

on, along, or across a public

d. At or from

any motor vehicle, at any person, at any other motor vehicle, at any building or habitable structure.