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. q ..L. _-. __ __ __p __ _-_;f;_-.; ___.__&#39;; ... 9 _ , -_ _u-_.._- ___, -9292 92_. :&#39;=*J ; &#39; 92&#39;-..-_ __ &#39;92,¢-- , -.. Q .___3_ - - _,s 1 ,. &#39; ... .. -&#39;3-u . -:-. H,» -~* -. , 7 L __

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7&#39; . NOT P1 V"1-&#39;_-aftirnou ADDED1-ms&#39; |=_m.u. 11"1- *--:&#39;---.~on &#39;- - . 921-0 FII. MUST..--1.-.-_t 92 &#39; . - -. .
..¢.. r _ -»..-Z . l -W- _-:g-. __ V _§&#39;92 t _&#39; . _ ._&#39;.-_; &#39;-" "ux.-I" 1- 4*. @ _

-"7 >-~-1 &#39;1-;. &#39;_&#39;_ K 4&#39; .-~ --gm:-»~ ;_;-.;%<=.v:-:@=<:-" _ n ._ _ . Y. W--W--- 4 &#39; *__u..&#39;_&#39;-&#39;---_t.. _ _.j .:-.5; its -2-"~_&#39;..;iff-.&#39; ..-_:. _:_&#39;.. r

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JQEEP LAS .&#39;IDP SERIAL >7 _, .
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DETROIT #J_____@" FILE *1?
REWEWED o|92|_.__...___>»*"0~00 i<

1 92&#39; 92&#39;¢./

FOIPA FILE #-_-->-<-/ "3""


ASsERI;1_-I1* TOP 00500;


00003 3&#39;

&#39.nP| -i~..l ._ f!.~.. L{Z.lII. - &#39.¢»9292h-..

San Quentin.l&#39.e% pounds Eyes Maroon Nationality Arabian information in Fl __92-Mn According to the files 1&#39. May 26. QCCu. = Q? Ash 1 /.921l GL1-MG-11. u. I.Fn-n-n&#39. 1933 and disposition thereof. Egher entries the Identification on FBI Record The following is a description as furnished by the Detroit Felice Department.MAT.!-|*+¬ Ammo. their DISCH.1 92.nc| &#39. Disposition given 0 to e years.92-an -I&#39.1sLACE FARAD.924e$h0O #l6hh8.§b .|.J|.--I . FARAD.-uluy right side dark.PTAnelesbT.8-r-92nn&#39.fh5l38.sale. POSS. California.$1.s arrest Chicago Q. as WALLIE D. 2 -2- Office for any pertinent information concerning W.lc| HQ1 ws. Detroit is also requested to Detroit is reouested to review the indices of their 1 and ascertaincircumstances concerning FARD&#39.&#39. Los &#39. FARD or WALLACE DO1*I_~I. 1 Additional aliases listed are WALLACE FORD and w. WA. ¬ are §gLQ§_&#39. POIS Act.I1.9 March 9 2 . u.D.-091.au4. f7i§.l&#39.G1&#39.i_ L54 4 ycl CG 100-33683 This record also indicates that FARD was received at the State Prison.ySuJ.-J Q--I "1&#39.ll-I1 L6J92.Di-&#39. scars and of stonach. if w< 00005 _ _ 57 &#3 . small scar left hand. 1926 on a charge of V1255. Ms1~§E&#39.-If? a photographavailable. r921-0 1 n Hnwrul 1-FPIDT1 &#39. marks. .n the FBI of the Ir In Identification Record. on June 26. Sex Male their number h5l38: Race White Age 33 years in 1933 Weight 127 Build Slim Hair Black Height 5&#39.00 or 1 day.-Isgnn 4I. - number h23lh..D. 1933.GI1.|A]||1 California. and to furnish » f . FORD. Bureau indicate back of additional birth place as black mole u1"%é".o92v92n&#39. number their on May 25. review records of Ddtroit the Police Department.12B"&#39.U921n92II>I&#39.T.4.GuaJ.

It is also requested that e Photograph if available. It is of this letter. suwl-In f -3.incarceretion of FARD._Q°9°5 7 3% . letter in requested that all Offices furnishgi the receiving copies /y by / I requested information / .ii . _ I W.0 CG 100-33683 Police Los Angeles is requested to review Los Angeles Department record number l6hq8. San Francisco is requested a photograph... i 1&#39. be furnished. and advise surrounding the. furnish and review their file #u231u. to contact officials at San Quentin Prison Chicago circumstances and if available. and advise Chicago of the circumstances surrounding the arrest of FARD for AD and disposition thereof.I.

"r. Detroit mdicee retlecte N1. - 1. __ _ August 9 1-cit §c1ice as an 33.rz:zID 92 D &#39. advieee Iaveet 1.t Ga-tat: 3.8. D. I01 £11000 II!!! Reference il with reepeet to captioned A reviee ct made to _rour letter ct suueet.-. -m=.5. that 31. iaatent D us» e%EDF&#39. BI IABD. élaicage . II.8. §0P"""E n:a1t&#39..:.at 195? 29.= ®DI t&#39.aacertained tree De mum m cr the vccacce.clice ie being ea an eneloeure herewith. then ceecratec at the Iranore Ilay 1&#39.e all intelligence available in . nae Investigative 1957. j _-___-_ KM-W 4 _!F was .1. 1957. 5&#39.! 1G&#39. Detroit _ loo-26356! U.&#39... A thotcgraph Jea t tainted at lab t -* Ili 1&#39. sinister.:-mathe Department tcrearaed trcit l&#39.35 lb-an Arabian anceetry.|N92§uQ at H. 1 mmvoawmon 1 Q. the tilee ct thil Department..-eat 9 1957. that department hi .fc lncl-l&#39. Hotel ae chier BI that Police De artnen t tilee .li=."tnct__3ubJect an Department for Investigation Departnent H5136. Io diepoeiticn appeared and no other Getaile were available free the Detroit * Detroit Ole D the reflect identifiable any E? with Subject.agu. B".e. Ghieago hae received 01&#39. U-68/A0.&#39. .

FORD: Height Height Complexion ?*F White E7! Hair Marital Status F3» :18" ~ . operator or Reoe FORD wee born at Portland. These records further indicated that wereborn in awqii. ornie. both of whom ZIRED PORD&#39. -J ll Q i 1 . 1891. 92- I I Bureau RIG! "-1 . California. Lee Angelee.:-- Porler Andria: I hzbiio animals. on February 25.Ohieego .Detroit ioo-33683! Into! am! Rm! . 1926.. "*" D F SH 00! B/27/51 6 00-i3165! 0 D to Detroit insuromnou EONTMNHJ |4£R£1NlSU [M8 dated July 31.. children i lduoetion I Maroon Black Married n:. -~ hhl Iount Eagle Flees. SLR clsco . indicnted as the true name or the Qubjeot. BEATRICE FORD. from Loe Angelee County.e weelisted ee occupation works. he wee received at Sen Quentin Penitentiary June 12. Honolulu. Orege. One age S b 1926.2. FBI sic.nu-time.92-2 1&1-r I. The the Ford Bottling following deeoription Oeoupetion was noted relative to HALLIE D.. the reeerde indicate that FORD furnished es fellows: -. Celitornie» concerning information When intervilled by Qelitornie State Parole Authorities hie peat. 1957- I01 CHICAGO Re Uhioego letter 4% 5 Sen Quen eble to 195? De SID. his tether boinx ZARED FORD mother.. } Record: Section. Oreoon. where he had been convicted for a violation of the State P0180 Act.- DIRECTOR. made avail- FORD. Hewaii. These redorde reflect that tion oerteining to HALLIE under-the name of WALLIE D. :§92.

He married HAZEL and she was 26 ycere of reelited from thie union.Sm Quentin reoorde releeeed true furniehed itroit San Qnntin I11 2?. my mother and I hath always been very 1&#39. Officers found the drugs at FORD: Sen Quentin place of buaineeet" that while in that records reflect institution." who wrote that on Hey 23. who Itated in eubetanoe that FORD did not drink. ilroruetionAngelte forthiseeeiatenoe in eopiee of oomonication are and Lea their .e oeee.. &#39. while incarcerated wee employed in the jute mill -I at Han Quentin. proeeoutor in th ubjoet&#39. They became euepioioue of the officerh hendcuffe and with the deal. "lfheve known hip to ll yoere. or gable. et he moved Angelle: Lea Angelou or hil arrest.ond_o_1 hm"-always - treated him ea one or fhe family. 1929. who eteted ten years. instant eaee. 1927. emoke. letters good character were received attesting to from the following lndividunlll FORD&#39.e Hrs. indicate that FORD Iae . Hrs. noted that the records er San Quentin It is investigation of Prison ere currently being oonaolideted with other etete _ ""-*-"*&#39. "Thin defendant bed in hie poeeeeeion drugs which hie partner sell to police officers when they detected one refused to go through EDWARD DOHALDSON offered to for $225. " .*-W 3%» . He was morally e good men that beoeueo he wee teapernental. OSBORNE former wife!. MARY BROWN of Lee Anqelea. the ubject and as a roed worker. which time BARTONin Lee he resided until the and time _ lived to the in that city until area where 1913. FORD had been like one of our family for Mrs.. HAZEL E. Oregon. Dietriot child Attorey_EEIEB Loo Angelo: or County."?~%"" so-I t He wee born in Portland. their nerriego resulted in divorce.. in 1891. node he following ethtement concern- ing the crime. PEARL MOHTQN of Lee Angelou. According to age at that San Quentin time» One recorde.

T*V!sC19292Tl. FORD. Galirarnia. ma .1>: m:=.J- i "&#39. of HALLIE D.1. available- s..=c-1&9: U111 obtain I photograph _&#39. £*.1A Sm Quentin number 142311. $ +@a@wI J 53. of tha Subject is will be nude in and aaaaeqasntly available at the immediate as to photograph the Prnlont nature obtain I.. Galifornia. Office at are tiled photogxnmh or and nude FORD from the State when than 5&2 hoard: record! Vaolfillo.~.1e!El"2_¢ GAL£155F.4 SF =_- af Fiiiii at tine. Efforts 3165 vacivilla. .

NOI HWQLEEMAMQHW MATTER UM -392J¥§ Francisco letter as s result ofee comma. he &#39. a that suggested errerh/ concerted Washington Field Offices. writings of ELIJAH MUHAMMAD.I&#39. speeches and "ALLAH" . years concerning him.1 su sequent nothing.9 to tt meng an TYDDB &#39.0.csm_e__to Detroit. Il1ino{s. cl 4} <> r to Bureau 8/27/57.1 I . has Islhm until been heard 193k. D._tr_. fr at which he D etro has to Mecca. CHICAGO oo-33e83! W.rEREn! San Francisco-00-h3l65! REGISTERED! Portland nncxprmsn! . recent inspection be made to determine the whereabouts the founder of the Nation of Islam of W.SAC.Chicago Reference San For the SECURITY . NOI! D.zi from_Meegg in 1930 infthelnersonlofnone W. for three ls1am. Portland. time heDetroigigighi leeve_ was asked15§. D. FARD ALLINFORMWON 0.n92nmn-re 1 J-JJ. at which time from him since returned yqcame 0 t also indicated that FARD * 2-I Bureau REGISTERED! Detroit 00-263S6! REGISTERED! Honolulu AIR MAIL-REGISTERED! Los Angeles 05-h805! REcIs&#39. and for Chicago was the it Office.1-921-1--|&#39. the National Michi an According to leader of the NOI.l FROM 2 SUBJECT 2 . MUHAMMAD cleims that FARD by t who Egught MUHAMMAD..UI&#39.r 1-n OF FI C E M E M O R. disappeared and that time. reportedly -.A N D U M * UNITED STATES GOVERNMNT . Chicigo. FARD. FARD.F1FD*thugEt it P 0 1 D epar Z ice tsnghtllglsg in an.-Ht-"hie information of the Honolulu.UIaUJ.

Quentin their number Prison. Hawaii.resulted child. Relet indicates that the records of the San on February 15 1926. their number l60h8. from at San Quentin Penitentiary 25. Portland._California.age 26. * . These records Oregon.1926 Eagle Place Education: Public Former Address: schools. Heighttl 133 Occupation: Cook 6 3/8 lbs.. FARD may be identical with one WALLQIFORD. Prison records his parents were listed as mother. by the Los Angeles Police received a sentence of one-half years at San Quentin Prison. the prison records indicated that FORD furnished information from 1591. was received 1926. California :3 -2 _ 00012 <5I . at arrest in union. D. reflect that ZARED FORD&#39. for WALLIE D. FBI #5eoea.s occupation was listed as the operator of the that he 1926. their number h23lh. Honolulu.Q-Ii CG 100-33603 Investigation in this matter indicates that W. BARTON.. on at Portland. When concerning his interviewed by California State Parole Authorities past. FORD indicates that the subject June 12. to until his in Los 1913. both of whom-were born in Hawaii. indicate that FORD was born on February Los Angeles. BEATRICE FORD. "He this time Ford Bottling resided in and one Works. Los Angeles. California. ZARED FORD. violation of the State for and subsequently h23lh. and and father. Oregon. 1691. 5&#39. . who was arrested Poison Act to six Department.»~~» Gomplexfon: Dark Eyes: Maroon Hair: Black Marital Status: Married Children: One. age 5 hhOl Mount Oregon . Portland. San Quentin. FORD The prison which time was released records reflect he mcved tc L55 Angeles from San Quentin on May married HAZEL Angeles during from this the following description of FORD: Race: Hhite H°1Sht=_.

to any I notes. If BENYDH is located in the Detroit Division. 1938.is within the ticle and outlined above.possess concerning H. Hill make MICHIGAN the University If-a record of Hiehigan is located.. does notThoi*reside 92 -3 - . This article was obtained from the Detroit Board of Education and contains information relating to the background of the NOI concerning its origination and heliefs._. apparently wrote this article in August. 1955. and at the L 92 to inquiry inquiry at determine if at the should be ERDHAHH DOHHE BENTON was ever enrolled made of BEN!DN&#39.s&#39. BENYDH. 6. Special attention should be I I y paid to e may BEHYOH&#39. entitled.~_= _. All offices receiving copies of this letter conduct investigation set forth and reply are by DETROIT OFFICE AT ANN ARBOR. 1937. Migrants in Detroit. American Journal which ERDMANN DOANE BENYDN._- vi CG 100-33633 The attention of the Detroit Office is called to Detroit letter enclosed three copies of to Chicago an article dated October of "The 31. J I x ooo1sd3%5 . by one of Hi connection With the end of the chigan. 5 review of this srticle indicates thst the anther.inasmuch as st article there appeared the words. Hay. FARD and the Nation of Islam. he should be interviewed for all information he nsy&#39..li. Among Negro No. " it is belionithat BENYQE thifiversity cfHI¬E1gan. D. "The Voodoo Cult Volume XLIII.former associates or employed University of-Michigan. and of Sociology. leadshould be forhis intertiew F set as have retained. University may have had at thatetime some requested to letter.s sourcesof the information appearing . alumni office to determine it his present whereabouts are known. docuents If BENTON or other research material ~ Detroit Division.

Credit and criminal checks FORD. B . and such information is Honolulu should request D.. concerning ZARED D. FORD. LOSiANGELESOFFICE . BEATRICE ZARED and FORD and concerning WALLIE D.- It reflect that WALLIE is noted D. AT L03 AHGELE5. possession information concerning W. and that they five were divorced * FORD was the sometime prior father of to 1926. FORD should be conducted. _ or ever was.- _ iiiiaiimfe-- 4 00014 -"mwWiimMW.1.QALIFQRNIA &#39.. FORD are located. FORD . Tl I . FARD&#39.%WiW-¬3. D. determine who the present officers of-this and will interview them concerning If so. Losgangeles should check to locate a record of marriage records to the marriage of WALLIE D. the for any information If Honolulu is concerning not in his NOI.s founding necessary to conduct same from Chicago.1--I CG 100-33683 HONOLULU orrxcs AT HONOLULU HAWAII . will determine if there is. FORD is idntical with W. FORD is known. which It is also noted that have been would years attempt of age in 1926. It should be determined whether the FORDs or any of their relatives are still alive and if any information concerning WALLIE D. a Ford Bottling Works located in Honolulu. founding of if so. OSBORN at Los Angeles. BEATRICE FORD and WALLIE if deemed advisable. 92 . will company are. If any relatives or if WALLIE D. of FARD. consideration should be given to interviewing them to determine if WALLIE D. of the N01 an interview. that FORD records had been at San Quentin married to Prison HAZEL E. possibly one child around 1920. and.


--~--* >_-




an I14




possibly around

the year



Los Angeles
born to

should also

check birth
FORD*s divorce

records for

the child

FORD and

should check

divorce records

information concerning


these records all background information concerning FORD, OSBORNE and the child should be obtained. Logical investigation should then be conducted to locate OSBORNE and the child, If they can be located, they should be
interviewed for WALLIE D. FORD,

all information

they can

furnish about

*| I&#39;D .-."-.-.»Il.-.1-CIA .|_;. u.vu..|..l._a.u4.w9 -1-:11 .-.-l--I-,....,92-,4» nl..l.|. uuuwuayu -I-A 1»-Q;-.-. uu J-LJUGUU

.. u. UJ-L uu.nah.--A I--I-9-I-L. .|.wuu1-v-A


D, FORD reportedly
If available,

born February
will review

25, 1891,


Portland, Oregon.
Public School records
E t

for any

information identifiable

with FORD

and report

information contained

If deemed logical, will
checks concerning

conduct credit and
and mother,


FOQD and

his father

sin Faigclsco


l AT
Prison to
incarceration at

Will_check the
detdrmine if

subject&#39;s record at San
there were any addresses

listed for

HAZEL E, OSBORNE, Angeles, California,

San Quentin.

MARY BROWN,PEARL MORTON, all of Los who corresponded with FORD during his

&#39;5&#39; 00015

PR?-&#39;§:-q._,-,.. ,_ 92.



CG lOO~33683

_ R


5 will
State Department
or W. D0 FARAD

make inquiryat --the Passport Divisionof the
for any
or W.

record identifiable

with W.



QJ92 I--










L .EFT-aceFred 11,rordi CFO Dodd ]<%ll@+ L{_,,Q,_1iE;r,o A
"&#39;NOI -D - SM

&#39;~* G5

L1: ,1, 35 HE-FE 0 ,55 &#39;


1 §=i!

UA? 5Y



to Bureau1Q/3/57!
is being marked "Changed" and

Re Chicagoletter
The title of this case

filed by HAZEL FORD Los Angeles. with A him and their residence male child WALLACE DODD took the child Her second was born on 9/1/20 in Los Angeles and was named FORD. f _ furnished _ 1 Los the Her maiden name was HAZEL BARTON." CLIFFORD EVELSIZER. in 1919 in Angeles she met WALLACE 34? South Flower Street..LA 105-SSOR _r Los Angeles. "husband" was OSBORNE who lived six months and died. -I FORD who was operating a cafe at Los Angeles.her third whom she is still employee of the "husband. Mrs CLIFFORD EVELSIZER. HAZEL FORD or HAZEL OSBORNE.957: &#39. E. LosAngeles. 34? South Flower Street. Los occupation Angeles. physician. CLIFFORD EVELSIZER is city of Los Angeles. MacDONALD. and of the Los Angeles County _caused a checkmade to be on to 12/31/30. HAZEL began living was an apartment above the cafe. on 92 7/1/40 4 to for -L I ri CLTFFORDEVELSI5ER County oi Los It of was sworn scribed in and the abore iniormation the SE of H776 Hub Street on T/1/A0 before State also subnotary public Angeles. WALLACE AAX FORD. race white. 53¢ / * 10. mother = maiden name HAZEL BARTON. was an amend- ment to the certificate dated EVELSIZERof H776 Hub Street. mother of WALLACE city in in as the of Los Angeles the certificate on the of birth first stated filed r ad by HARLEY MacDONALD 9/2/20. and that she Superior Court Divorce Records for 1/1/14 no record of marriage or divorce was found between FARD or FORD and HAZEL BARTON. 1 t who stated time her full 6~7 92 Pen f o at her residence. and then she met&#39. race white. age 26. who was born day of September. by HARLEY E. 7 California. 1920. 00918 330 .15/57 of the Los Ange es County Marriage Recor s for the d . The birth age 25. on hose"ife Affiant of the above tThe amended birth to read: of mother birth certificate changed the original name of child.. Hub 4476 Street.with Attached to the offices above birth Hope Street. In 1921 or 1922 she moved out on FORD and with her. occupation restaurant keeper. WES interviewed which October a _ 17. DODD FORD. with a retired living. was certified at 1521 certificate born state on 9/2/20 South of New York. -2. SA by own* g information: 1 _ ENE WS HAZEL BARTON FORD OSBORNE EVELSIZEH. born in New Zealand. certificate occupation amended Full changed to to certificate was HAZEL FORD EVELSIZER of A 76 Hub Street. T/1O/HO. . She continued to live in Los Angeles. J 2 period 1/1/12 through 12/Q1/ 6. none.

white.3&#39. Los WALLACE MAXFORD. By reading the letter she knew without question in her mind that FRED DODD and WALLACE FORD were FORD while -F identical. never told her anything mentioned his date or place Los Angeles. Virginia. in and had trouble lived birth from with his on the corresponcame along According and to HAZEL this had the came unknown girl FORD before HAZEL had been a waitress child HAZEL FORD&#39.. Coast Guard during World war II and was killed at Linhaven Roads. He never education. 5/28/26 to a at and was received San Quentin State Penitentiary from San Quentin on 5/27/29. had helped FORD New Zealand because FORD had very littlefeducation dence. slender build.LA 105-N805 The child =5- of FORD. Caucasian features.srecord criminal under Angeles Police Department No. extremely swarthy a very dark complected Oregon at HAZEL advised that FORD had come to Los Angeles from least four or five years before she met him in 1919 and had been operating of birth. she found an old letter brothers or sisters. HAZEL has documentary proof Infonmation re subject&#39. was in the U. On to him under one the occasion addressed name of FRED DODD in Salem. FORD about his background. black straight nose. 1&0 pounds. had the Mexican. him in Los he always Angeles. LAPD for six On 2/15/26 violation of years he was arrested Poison Act -a felony. that she. during tnat period. parents in the girl. He was again arrested on l/20/26 for violation of the woolwine Act California prohibition law!. 164A? is set out in Los Angeles letter to Chicago dated the LAPD on ll/1?/18 and sale. the 8/26/5?. for assault WALLEIFORDwas arrested by with a deadly weapon and td a one dollar hundred the was released. Oregon. complexion. &#39. she knew however. "0919 3! . later as set known as out above. beautiful even teeth. exact age unknown. HAZEL described FORD He was released New Zealander.parents. curly hair.s cafe with From this and from assumed that FORD certificate New Zealand. used the name WALLACE told her HAZEL recalled in about 1919 write letters or 1920 to his that a girl. no visible appearance of scars. possession On 3/A/26 he was sentenced on count l fine or one day in for term of Jail and to a four dollar fine State or 180 days in jail third from time six on count by the 2. S. as male. He months to was sentenced on on 6/12/26. name unknown. PI-"5! his cafe at 3&7 South Flower Street. on 8/3/A2. black eyes. WALLACE DODD of death of child FORD. 58".

D.I92l1>&#39. used white sheets.LA 105-#805 HAZEL recalled a. this marriage. Virginia. from Previously San Quentin always had a short haircut. Illinois of her Deliveryvin letters either to him care or Detroit. was associated with a man who was half Chinese.-n that that in 1919 when she first been married.J. Ulla-U I-Iv-um-n_nIJU-Ll I-92n.+ Is lJ.l. Illinois. HAZEL year.FORD..1. but FORD t HAZEL parole that as he would he wanted serve to be out his time and did not want a free man when he was released.hI:.E_92f92DT&#39.92 ULCEULJ. -4- 00020 . General Delivery. FORD had white sheets over the seats or the car.l_Ih-It BJLCLU ha:-I UUCJJ G la-I had been unable to obtain a divorce. release FORD said he had been selling doctors supplies. and was addressed tp W.a. HAZEL gave the the same is being retained case. FORD was driving a 1929 Model A Ford coupe with California license plates. a After his release from San Quentin on 5/27/29 FORD went to Chicago and was in Chicago and Detroit from then until 1932 when FORD visited HAZEL. and her family that that this was his FORD gave no explanation of life.|. while operating his cafe. This box was postmarked Q/28/30 from the Marcellene Richmond.r~92v-92 -I--I-Av! l&#39. possibly In 1926 in Oregon. of Michigan. and that was one of the of reasons she and FORD were never married.. agent and in instant HAZEL advised to 1932. FORD. HAZEL thinks the boy was FORD had a boy born sometime prior to 1914 or 1915. moved in in with FORD he mentioned he had possibly f92-vgnn-nvwu -I-&#39.1r92&#39. Chemical Company. During this visit 1932 FORD gave HAZEL a small box containing selfrthreading in needles. her present husband and the child in Los Angeles. The other person was paroled. 1900 West Broad Street.92-H-. She correspondediwith FORD an average of once or twice on a She tried child. the to get recalls FORD to that send money for when FORD did the support he said of he write had no money to send. HAZEL as to why he that FORD On this singular visit FORD advised HAZEL he was only eating one meal a day and new way advised was wearing he had Qa¥ his hair long that and full conventional since his in the back.UUUJ. saying that he would not need them any more as he was going back to New Zealand.and the two of them sold narcotics for which they were arrested and both sent to prison. run G-.l. All General she corresponded with FORD from 1929 were addressed Chicago. He left the sheets with HAZEL. box to the interviewing in the Los Angeles file Chicago.92v92 v92l4 J-92J192-J-I &#39.DCLJG-L G-l.

economic. any interest in such Mrs. California. Enclosed relet.I!HlI allegedly selling doctors&#39. . view of San Francisco the pending investigation in those offices. Copies Honolulu and of this airtel are for their being furnished information in to Detroit. _ PORTLAND OFFICE will check marriage records in an effort to locate a marriage for FORD sometime prior to 1914 or 1915. noting they were in contact with him on A/28/30 and that he was during that period. EVELSIZER are leaving and that things. 1900 background that .O.LA 105-4805 Q-I HAZEL advised FORD that never had unusual any political. check INS noting that &#39. In the interim they can be contacted through P. RICHMOND OFFICE will contact the Marcellene Chemical Company. Virginia. 1 I _5_ 00021 3°73 . Richmond. and obtain any information they may nave concerning the subject. west Broad Street. Los Angeles on 10/21/57 for a winter vacation in trailer parks in Florida. RUG. he had never indicated Mr. records for he allegedly any information came from concerning New Zealand. York Station. and social or religious beliefs. They will return to Los Angeles on 4/15/58. Box 4255H. supplies WASHINGTON rists ORFICE f will the subject. Los Angeles 42. of with this airtel to LEADS Richmond is a copy &#39.

to ___ ~ "y»<4~. -n.. MICHIGAN PD under PD f1. -."_ 4 _ "&#39." Quentin on _ the the .I. reception center.i=1 "&#39. C-alltornlas . ~ &#39. The aforementioned photograph is enclosed . records ecores San Section.1&#39.&#39. and Chlcego letter to Bureau. J &#39.5l3B a more recent-plograph _ RL&#39. 92.-..&#39. +¢s -ia i czar micron..llllllul" ___ "&#39. -&#39. 5QI%23lk._ <.__. - Q1 19/ll/57 photograph of HALL? FORD. &#39.¥R$?*¢op-=># . 92 _-._ -w-_... |=&#3 O ubJect.5 number u authorities rgenight have a more recent photograph 6§ 92Ge.. - &#39. was realved at the &#39.flces_ :ZI3&#39. m ma. &#39." in _< c l Les Angeles. I25-Z9l63} F /" &#39."5 é Fit-:3: M ! yes Qngeles 2. . "taken In June l926 when the stated that ¢ vacevllle. &#39. advlsed that R Les Aagelee addressee for MARYRRCIIN PEARLHORTON. ihelrthat Q5133 was !m.F1c:£ AT DETROIT.T "52&#39. Prison On m 1e/9/57. contain no 7. r "-= . l . .alien - 10 1 &#39.--.=. 1" :7: &#39.5»? . 10/3/57¢ 92 w GuidanceReceptlon and .s.-._. &#39._.C- illl attempt to locate through the les or of the Subject. 5"f __n " 2 .iii*A§i sot ~_ A &#39.A ..¢ ..1~__.ed r 1 :1 Michigan.?.1 . was llsted as M01 Mount Eagle Place. tated ldentlflcatlon Oftlcer.l&#39.=&#39. nee -BARTON. I _ 1 WJ~ ~ __ * . . The or only address contained in the San Quentin le _tor HAZEL OSBORNE..._- V 00922ii:&#39 i &# .c . K1 ._ rV I __ &#39.. &#39.*LfI"&#39. mm 5:4-rm OD Chicago! .-. made tosl California avallahle e hls rrccrds lfcrnle Medical rlllty.t.--=2!-flj.H _=_._ F _ - c :~:§w&u1 ~a@¢e ~l&#39. . . D.e__¢_ 3i" . . 5ubJect cha inDetrolt. pho which IQ. -s P 7 L552 an ALL mfonwmoa" com DETROIT or-&#39. indicate 1* -_ ~ L 01 [the 8ubJect..r _ J 21&#39. __ &#39._ I c to-or#1.|i. _ l 10/in/57 1__- :.. H T &#39. Z the Detrolt i &#39....San frenclscc 00-31356} __ _ __ ____ l." ""&#39. sueFRANCISCO 00-x! Re Sen Francisco letter to Bureau B/27/57. 5:5.231?-&#39. V S-&#39. q _ x 5/ /5&#39.1 .:&#39. o nvee on ca _sugges ed V* ~ -Qilcago o_1&#39.. --6? -. H &#39.&#39._" " __~ é6t}[{ _F L -_ ___________.sac..

¥1§O§Il&#39.<! 1&#39. i i-saint For the info:-as for the Detroit Office to locate a filo at the Detroit ihakagra-. 0&#39. rm 1--I 1 1II. 0 00: _.1_1ea.0 92 0HE! . +-. snorted 25.i&#39.= &#39.O 00001:.1+- I I anon» 22."0 igflwlgiln1 an 0 I pap on lofnronood Ian Pr-mains» uw» &#39.n.-$10100 _ I-an ran.: =1» ma."7@ &#39 3K6 .i.513u iii of the Subject. an intaat" :1 .-._19S7.. 1.-unlbill *5 1:» 1. -1-~»-=-92---=-»*===I|i *> 4} J L-*==0/13/&#39. £538. Dotroit Io.01t T5116! iln. 1957 &#39.-3"?» 193:.3 J at: out a load 201100 licpnagtlnnt Bl-pilbnill an individualman Detroit F3 Ha. 0...lQQt_L. I°lI=Ii1I&#39.. I-!&#39.1"»! Pltvvlllv D0£I&#39. __<_ ... F m4nm1£.1-_-. e!I.92. an-» nor &#39. 1-an-1500:0100 . u. 140 3_!.N~&#39.%*&#39. -I ."5&#39. an i?-iiiiai $tl.In PD nr than lab ct he Buroqu and San Francisco..nn-us»..p.i5%i-1-&#39.A_=11.LL-an _I=. uni < 1933 57 that as nu: thpartnnnt _¢rtho 7006000.L92 1-35.=!&#39.8&#39. at the Praynori 0. 0 mmmmmcomuua .a ..5.i Io dinpouiticn spun-ad and no hr dllila In-0 lfiillbll from the Gaps:-taunt £1100..l&#39.- own: in tout! the chow-panama run 1111 - - not In Gm ¢I. ll . A phoiog"npb_ or tho lubjoct was lbtainod from the IIIILBI.-&#39.!= gin-0 mi ninintu-.Di I R. _ BunFrancine lott-or ta Dana innmt caption &#39.&#39. II uqibu i Bali gffoit Polio: Dopgfhgonf mdkngkfgrwudzd its Ehicaga to tut W uiqgrupu III i can sasun F I.l 0 _ Q . for innltigltion =|-nun nu than dnacribod ..

Bureau REGISTERED! . Mohammad SECURI/TY MATTER -ZNOI M0h&I1il1B. - in D. 1957. DAT Y LJN£LASS¥% Wali Ali.CI-IIGAG too-33663! TO DIRECTOR..Q/5 WALLACE no FORD.wsllei Ford. Los Angeles airtel Re Chicago letter to Director dated October 18. -/1 _" f / qM. F raud. W. FARD.__7 r -- 92>. This name and list of aliases was obtained from a review of the Chicago files. O55 i-92+m3t*m~%Zfiz° L . = FBI DATE: /6%. Mohammad_A1i. r The subject this letter as W.Fred Far Wallace ad.-< O F F I CE M E M O R A N DU M UNITED STATES GO92IER19211I_EHI FROM= ssc. was. P SUBJECT: "cssncsra"Q " w.l»<#*". shall be referred to hereafter &#39. D. WsliMohammad.dFarad. "Allah".Detroit REGISTERED! 00-26356! sssxswsmn! évc 2%-2060?I i . Far . . documentation for each of the above -aliases is not being included in this letter..s true name_as WALLACE DON FORD and to include all aliases by which he has been known. -as |q£@ " Qhicago I ALLlNFORMAT|ONCON_T]92 _=_____ OO $ 1957. HEREIN! Dodd.Washington Field REGISTERED! Info! REGISTERED! .Baltimore .Richmond.Portland ?REGISTERED! .Chica o //. . D. The title of this case is being marked "Changed" to list the subject&#39. however.~&#39. F.-I-Jr A 1 92. to Director dated October 3. Farr ad.

Michigan. in that organization.s leadership in in under the Negro calling the Bureau conducted extensive investigation infer During world of . f/_9292 kcsly MW I D -6603. referred In the current to philosophy of the NOI W. in "Allah" the came to of . " was obtained a from The Moorish Science Temple of America himself NOBLE DREW ALI. D. at which time he disappeared and nothing MUHAMMAD has FARD returned NOI. Illinois. Michigan to leave has been leader of the NOI..3. ET DITION. D. MUHAMMAD claims that FARD taught Islam from 1930 until 1933."-. and taught MUHAMMAD for three years Islam. The following the MSTAbecause of_the possibilities of Japanese influence. 1. He indicated that subsequently came to Chicago. Page of M nterv The attent it Divi e ro t. person one W. FAED. FARD is as the founder of the and the Savior of the "so-called" Negro. to Mecca.. where he taught Islam until l93h. J = .CG 100-33683 information For the information of Baltimore. . time he was asked Department. the National Detroit.Y /f _ review of Chicago files: to the report of SA at Detroit entitled INTERNAL SECURITY OVERTHROWOR DESTRUCTION OF 16. war II of a flourished Chicago thelate 1920&#39. concerning the Nation of Islam According to the speeches the following is being supplied: of ELIJAH andiwritings MUHAMMAD. Mi -advised of the mewsTemple . from Mecca in 1930. concerning in Detroit._AL. at which Detroit by the Detroit Police heard from him since. Detro is 19L. MSTA! =___492 . was.

_ -_ _ an-I cs 100 53683 Pontiac.».--. 1939... TAKAHASHI.4-as-I-. D. early for Washington. l9hO.a_ .s. founder Tak Gad having one Detroit Japanese further Dragonto the report Apparently. which lists one ABDUL MUHAMMAD.-.._gt Detroit in this ca _ reflects that NEKKNE was instrumental in the formatio TAKAHASHI was arrested for illegal bribery of United States Imigration by a Bureau Agent TAKAHASHI stated to etroit contacted one following in 1930 in Tacoma.-. FARD took over a group of Negroes which-had been organized by another Negro named NOBLE D. -Q-H-.. entry and attempted inspector... D...~~---T. as of the Detroit Division is directed to their file 62-[O9 report 4&#39.JOHN WHITE. ULLLUU LS several was instruetal affiliate ARD phoneti C}s in themselves . that his in the conviction Tacoma. W. Michigan. A4 in PUSSUUULUH UL report dated December 30..tgLpe_ &#39. which reflects that in 1930 a man calling himself W. the attention ." of both the NQI andzangorgani§ati9n_known %~ Zfpq anindividual of NAKA on been the host named SATAKATAwa. at Detroit. years previously whom he believed /Q We an to be an Algerian. The Chicago Division is also in possession of an ONI report dated October 13. "first _a officer" of the NOI in Detroit....@.. from 1930&#39.v-.2$ report reflects that 29. Satakata ashi. Upon d ted March_}Q.. he became acquginted a Negro with Minister. In is connection. FARD is reported. or aniger the asthegfevelopnent ofOur Own. OLLIE.. t-.. UHU fL92-In. k TAKAHASHI id and ABDULMUHAMM%Dt oge r in Detroit res ed e th in the early 1 .. l9h2. UHLU5U According individual by the r"92-D-P-I1-ah-I..-. L§U he referred to as "Mooselems". Michigan. Page S8 in this interview bribery. Upon going TAKAHASHI ofanknown organizationasthe on June ofpug "Development ownt.. 1950.92-. among ABDUL MUHAMMAD because MUHAMMAD that had written WHITE requesting a Japanese work . fl "3 H U"Q MSTA and with a group which A1. having many members leave 4-L.__é NAKANE. should "Black refer fSA §§5D4~ of the Society".

_ |.. when after his at which in about it was under the APPACANIS told into one MUHAMMAD.. that the MUHAMAD&#39._.__.. ...could utilize wel1._..___..._..:*._.s that QUHAMMAD refused this approach. that ABDUL o th D e et ro him a fraud resided with MUHAMMAD /93:53 D is deceased. 7077 ~ Page 60 .. requested to review all information as investigation their indices appearing concerning Request of if The and furnish Bureau Bureau is Chicago with the subject of this this letter under the known aliases view of D.. Page 5 of entitled FOREIGN INSPIRED AGITATION AMONG THE lmfou was intervie ch time at SAs /ow I APPACANIS ed Detroit by tttttd ht that e was National Executive Secretary of the organization this report reflects that on September 9..my----" and to ._ ---.. _. n ormat c &#39. one known as the "Development the organization leadership of stated that him that of Our Own".1-4&#39.A._.--l --92.. the implications may possibly furnished in have been instrumental _ u - . APPACANIS joined 1935.. organization to wife related ??"II make a great deal of money. ____ _= _ 00027 377 .__.vi CG 100-33683 the Negroes in Detroit._. death."""&#39.approached* MUHAMAD._.s organization and with the thought the them.a. TAKAHASHI hEV1Q%_%52Q_lg_5Q -~ of this report reflects ti h but left s because he considered i*"on._.. of thisfletter is being directed to the A copy Richmond Division~for is presently pending in information inasmuch that Division._.»... who died in MUHAMAD&#39.H Th e attent if on ii t Divis on if s urther lH_.... October at ~ Detroit directed to Detroit ile number 100-§ZBl the report éC7 ~ AMERICAN NEGROES IN DETROIT THE DIVISION". MUHAMMAD had taken one about 1935. FARD listed in the title letter.. 19b2.s wife.tl{-of and dated 27.---- - ~ ----~--. QQ&#39. 19u2.. MUHAMMAD&#39.._lV7. In that W. had SATAKATA TAKAEASHI his home when TAKAHASHI was ill two of time TAKAHASHI learned the when he was in mind principles of _ &#39.

FARD... he should-be thoroughly int information he possesses concerning the fact that one FARD from the MSTA.. . D. reported g//&#39. Michigan. deported from United the States to Japan. should determine and be contacted by the Bureau. Heshould be shown a hotograph 0. D. to . is alive/@J=4£ still 1717 and if so to interview him for-any information he might possess concerning W. mentioned if that source is available above. The_Detroit Division Will attempt to who was reported in l MSTA Temple "F4. the Bureau is requested to consider having our - §n§19v§1s9Peg1les_sds i Ehe_Baltimore Division will check the files of G-2 for all information appearing concerning and the information appearing information appearing concerning his founding of the NOI "Development of Our Own. If the source of the in the G-2 report dated December 30. FARD. l9h3 led a schism of W. FARD and especially for any 1950 at Detroit.- 92 xi CG 100-33683 Attache Tokyo determine who was at if NAKANE. I located.. H. -5- 00028 L. MSTA.. Q Detroit Police Department Number to h5l3g. in the of Our founding of the organization known as the "Development Own. D.Iav- . . determine if this is the person that led the schism from the at Pontiac.1 _. is shown.

-. info_r. D. FARD.7 locate thegQQ§HAAPPACANI§kmention9dgingpnis letter to f/and. Oregon.a@. D./13 it MUHEHMAD. FARD may have used the name FRED DODD and may have lived at Salem.lTlYT=?15._sthis gasp-II: furjthei 3 a d1oqa_te_1:hensmz.he. . HARD sometime prior to l9lh. q-L-1% u1~" "¥-&#39. &#39.iti°_11°d?§*9l1QP-Qi WW whmw %n&#39.s marriage or of his child is located. ~ &#39.neI if is noted that in the The Detroit Division is requested to attempt the Detroit5ffIE¬_i§s of the lie Q. If any information concerning W. MUHAMMAD mentioned file @06161aent1EEIGI§"@»¢ that be Pi &#39. D. -5- 14¢! .}nstrumental Division Reference is made to the lead set forth to the the Dejglgpmentnn£_Qgr Oyn".. In this organization formerly connectihn office of origin investigation known as Z in:§§§. W-Dd-.91! marriage locate a the they birth Division in referenced Los Angeles airtel.mQ.if informationaBlet5l5Eateshould4B§9itervie they he possesses him.*?1Y1P_1= ind .g in Mmgluoazggggqiea. Portland should conduct Portland Portland logical investigation child and then should may possess T to locate interview the former wife and the them for any information concerning W.FF&#39. and to birth of a male child born to FARD sometime prior to 191M. Vt -. FARD es_a§§§gllj._Q.eiI&#39.i co 100-33683 The Detroit their file on SATAKATA 92 1 .D e1=I"._Eg5Qtomdeterm. it should be noted that referenced airtel reflects that W.nce. The Portland "&#39.atin&#39.1la_g ion 1&3MUHAT"9TII£TD_wandit9§9 indic&#39.=1p_ th_atWA}§DIlL in insane 0 f92aA"l~" I. The Division is requested to attempt to locate a for W.nEARD-is_identigal.§n§§ngiof this Ergatiatreh asgasgrggorted*intHe§§{5 this file to det§rmin§:1Y W.7c ivision TAKAHASHI should to thoroughly review determine if the ABDUL . Detgqit Qff1ce_§hpgld rgyiew a1. MEHAMMADJ are he -1" for all concerning g2k_ W. FARD&#39. D.§°V° IY1§_1&#39. In this connection.gith ShQQlQ_hB~8h0Nn-8~PhQLQ5§§EQmQf W. D.t.

D.n-1 CG 100-33683 The Washington Eipld Division A Will check the records of ONI for any information they may possess concerning W. D. FARD and for any information that might be shown concerning his founding of the NOI and any indication that W. FARD might be identical with the ABDUL MUHAMMAD mentioned in should be the above determined if mentioned ONI report sources of as being a "first officer" with they are the NOI. available The ONI&#39.s information possible and should be determined if to be contacted by the Bureau. I I F I T l _T _ 4 00030 .

..."1&#39 TY re? . Q Milwaukee teletype 2 fi ..r:Ir92&#39. re W 5 .-ll the Temple the "ALLAH" in Milwaukee in all probability &#39. T_f had been apprehended.-1. $. This was folided in Detroit of the moslems organization iiot arrested Islam. WILLIE POOLE. -.-. 19142._ ___.. W.1. .n&#39. FARD was report "92 located at b026 Vernon Street._ . unu .-.9 mwv n4.... as w . -|n n...-_..|&#39.I1. in 1933. J..-___..._iA--..1&#39.___ .-1+ -:.. D. runu . was. -1 1 V »-_ I.:._ . :1-Q.7 . Qiff F927[?m0rzmdum s&#39.92 g . us. Ga..u 4. DETROIT 00-26356»! na&#39. T! . report states that a teletype w GULAN BOGANS.|.92 &#39. a _1 1» &#39._ The Chicago Temple was located at 10L. be was born near Sandersville... upD.. .NOI _ mg 4 r_Li 92moRMn192uu_C§ &#39.. &#39.u. hm &#39.&#39.u.._..Ls: ..7 ELL. u.&#39.u.- ____ _ _ _ __ __ _7 _»_ F a1Lvmmn" _ -.-_.. $..~.rn= December 11..- to be ... .1 4. as .: WFOon Hay ll. D. Serial 10 63$ _ _.1 1&#39.: watmcs N DON FORD. L Photo of WALLACE D._._ ___. FARAD.92 -2._." the re: could be -at l V._&#39. October 30. _&#39. &#39.__ _ _.____.=+"I921&#39. .&#39... 1. § 7_ on Miehigaa... a-._. by N. . 5_ 1 e I &#39.r K *2--&#39.TALI" A-.":_¢? Q . reflect that oflslam and reflect that &#39.. . FARO..-. 5| .. Illinois.1 -3 V.+._ _ .L&#39..-I" WILLIE MOHAMMED 1. is we 13. lee..___. MME s a e Report of S June nis slave name was 1 "92W cc Chicago. u... was.IE£ E-Jalsitginggo d 1891 and advised ..1. .__. -p e ___ --- Re Chicago letter to the Breau.4.."x_-5 1 4 uh _:._-_a_ ____. . . East 51st Street. 19h2 P_.IL MO W on August 5. GULAN BOGAHQ.1 F ail on May 19.__. SM . a._ . _ __ .. contained in l-A §££lEl_3 P I fEg-§67O* 4> ii &#39.. F%RD was reported to for teacaing have been tnree occasions :.¢ received from further described! stating that in 1931 at Detroit. 192.m&#39._.n. 1957.¢ = -1 1" u..IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII--___§C% 1" nu sU3Jnc&#39. Chicago.-.rs ~11 UNIIED W J To ._._.92:___j&# ~ _ __ _ . uwua.. :. 0 :Al SAC.j_.1. 1957 .

FRED. t wo lfql was incer 1neict_cnt on . took izod by anotner UU [l&iVU UPJBI1 ori I lvjo._.r--: ._& &#39. ln group held at tae This group claime active in 3 a Lager a "Handbook Stuoy A which c W- I1&#39. of variousmembers oflaxite stings were This CH Ye 1&#39.. 92. . .l~.~&#39..an ro named tor " as BCYK1 as s legitimate political orga Ta? FASHI took over named Faor nization in 1930.~. as a joslem racticec she Ioslem religion.»-~---. q. 10.4 1--nu 1 Serial lb Qt SA Report of re&#39._¢ rcsssf" counts because Q6 refused &#39... ofnnegroes a man callinc nimseli llowing infor- 6 P group.lE-&#39. Eoly Temple Q-..-. -92:_r-r... homes 1. t. -i "&#39.92 th ofTsasnnSnl 1913._ _-.-. "0". Detroit He advised that 1&1.~" . TH J._ 1..is gggrt dated of Islam iovember 2b. . Ollie. 4 _ . by a neg ssociate alled it S:e Le se eoi t troit by lf GLOEG &#39. published ..lEI-IT C-UH o._&#39..---_. ter for the draft. W J. ans JAQAQ at that time was in Letroit.VsLCPYjhT Of some intensive GU? $41 investifation by the »e§roit_Eoligeeoartment in 1933-35 and EH6 fo and the Islam Lation was ohtainea Trom the that Aau been organ Police Qeiartment _ recoros: .ELOPI~&#39.r he "DliI92J&#39.-|. " A -92 This report -1...-.&#39.I_ __J_ ¢.e leader FARAD in crfanizer ani LQCQ I. At H became some time . -41. in the group. a city the orqanization._I. Q s lietroit. 1950 re Detroit Branch. lei LLLQIQ Islam P&liQiOn 1931 the Jetroit E in 1913 E16 present or 193M tine. A_Jauanes L GFIKES.GKaYsD rdvised he met llllllllllllllllllnn .._.. ML D. the "Loslem rePOrt states the iemple cults came in for yy-92 L.2. * worker. July l9l.1 J reflects that ILLIE HOFALKJE was born u l. ans qed no lees waere cad could we locates at -17pe2-3 {Lfth gnu. -.t _ 92.YILLIE J SS 92l.: _" august 5.egro named d the gins lly set up year 1932 Accoroing to the Ninority organization was started or 193 e group...roup .1 Loble D. .__4-92 ¢ over s .-~-J. J..

@1&#39.. V. atCt&#39..i_.92~~..S1:11-Pn 014:1 4 W 9292~ 1 new ciliciais -92 Ci L1 UQQorganization advised local i4 tle Leader prcphet in nd CPiQin3l was . to regieter . z=_<192.u members of u In Detroit between an orranization called &#39. ..T-.LJ.._ ___u__. _...&#39.._. <11"lL..1l5J_im" -ya wt?-L5 _ 1 ."&#39. Pt negro H°s piugust -9..1ic9. 7-6of F. 11 -. u..-....LIJAI ieader was KOT¢ITLD. FPEE._ 10U~b79lh-2 *1 . J r . I I 1 I -3- . P1 - order - iH1S organization was establlened to be . pseuoo-religious organization purported &#39. I"G:._ T ____ .. with tne _Ionannedan religion.iseri 1.5 Plifign Service get.¢. a.1&#39.eilied in which the be H. _ .=hi§._. 1931 193ktnere wereapproximately to "The Nation of members of Islam. .Ll"3OSF}._._ 19!. V_..--vgv-=-.____92_»k_. appreneneee bv the Unicaeo F? and -0 41 -014 &#39.Len -gestionee as i&#39. - under the Qeiective 127.|. _ _ 9 TB the above 25-0133-1-3 Ia ._.. D._ ..&#39..2.._.. Jicaro I > Q &#39.&#39."1G &#39.

!". lega spec -1b3§?! on rgenization.1.!-~..l921 nribe to tn iiy. e witnin e irectee policies poir ts ne er. Qnteri . ing the name of Lt married followers into 2?. b2 ?u9 _ -9._. on Jenner? ii 1 ile pproximeteiy 1900 i 1? inhmg mlftd 1 c1&&#39..= 11. caused IsIn.1Q of KUBO LJUY92. possession OI ¥. PLATL T._. Hie ree years imprisonment and Th5uO. ween ne qiseppe 33 ne appeared in Detroit. . eni marrieo n.&#39.. an 0 U fem fin coma.S.!f""1 _ i¬. at uf?eio.92 of DOOO uver.. 19b0. 195g._. eno Toron 20. witn nis w ife anc ared in Vance wnere ALASU1 ne became wnicn "eve1opment ization In nzgtemh erg Zn /1.L . 1939 attempted bribery arresteo for Immigration In il mber 2%.92 E.Y..H_-». ne:ro. oi | £7 c 1 Karon Japanese.as the QOOO rift to executive. if untii 1920.. I ¢1.. inn J Str T.§TOT.. was. . eominf the "Onward to Detroit Lovemen re of ancial oisgrece.-=- r 9-an ~.in 20.C.F. nam loye June . who ~ii lOU 0 in above 5 was 0 on a.Q. rated to J:n-i. e wnero no Ta re ECG 19 In to TAK rs Febru in 1921. "enema-in a o at Detroit..-_ne=ro an._. at from tVancouver. after ~5Kn. i§jH arrived a subsequent to.£ was of U. us n promotin of Cur was active O Q File 1| w n iV. a marital 1 v&#39.l| 4. .. Fi active 1 cnipen. iinusor to Japan April j e. F: J .u ...1.u i!92. 105k u¥. by IHS witnout 3. l?5F. Masnincton. funds Canad OT. _._a 52.. re I7£.-. 1939HgThHLiwes convicted ry in ?ederalCourt at Tetroit. .». tn .. Canada.0. K.".. remaining "the .000. ly resioing 0._ hAKA EAKANE. in deporteo E L gujuet 29.. neireee.

I&#39._.C! "92.. Q in tis oocaus cf AED illfl I0i¢IFn? ne left for approx1matel3 the residence FOIAEFLD a at t eo cnurones ne insistence fraud.. Following and frecuented of the colored the POO city and was instrumen in tne tate attended no M l in l? enbe orpanizinf a he L. 311 oes a opinion April 27 s a Japanese.__..-92.________. Tne foregoinj nospital. Eli} us: _J|!l-Ixdi-:4 s tated tnat insistence of Reverend resided H13.. c&#39. C . it is_not_w _..J.-_.in e tter art la or anizaticn vostiration n Cc U td o.| 709 J-13..j..D n nh_ tner or no 9.n$s US ling snip I£TTCn anc tion sponsored anq uu@ Life ¬oat&#39. NAKANQ stated no considered several color WCGH ne first came to Tetroit at the JOHN CTLTL of Tacoma. w iicn as incoroorated as one oi l@j2 &#39.F&#39..... naving died in re_o1t between "Hanan -Lug H interview....-._ 4 |___&#39.._-.4 . -Q-&#39. _ bl E 59 J __..._.1.._ .¢4».-. asainrton.-.1 Purnisned toe inform-tiohY-re ____.z___nu.-It-n||*4r 1|_|-_ ow we 150-1535?-7 On August %et OI 1.n Z3 ssion&#39.. - 62 _ -. E-J. come to Japan Japan&#39. was read at several Fae tten 0neetln but according to understand. has been deceased that in nis further advised 00041 Q07 ...s Zivine e states that n in "Tee speecn.__." paragrajh was set out in the an insanfe two paragraphs setting out injormation furnisned curiny an -.44 _ tneceath6f"*3if* ?_&#39.2 it &#39.1 wno Jeople LlL_.. av 1LnLn but n tnc mietinjs speech Tee eitner organl S w FL --w Li.. two weeks tn L 0this 1 e YWC 1--iq-I &#39..Q ~/ started in coulc re icniien. _ .Y-7-.. to Jnials was too complicated Lor the geoole nETUs FC?_F ll mentioned h¬T8lDb¬iOPC 1S alleged to be deceased at the present time. . 1-r92 din not was admittecly written giv Us at any "" iim was wr of the o Trs..... . =~ __. he althou@h tnrouj~ its existence ti or tee inactive afte early rt 0} l%..._. nis deportation ?! :E_74_-C=_{&#39. 1957 triatand n§ETE her nusband since Nara on.--w--""&#39.>fr _ _..

__ .was VCHAHNLD died in either lQ3o or out 0? aTFZ. to Letreit wnen ory .=evolopm business. for some reason.uo1. .-.3 tamen in LL 193&#39.&#39. was 92.o na.=. l9h2..If. t it in about l93t. lowine storv E 92.&#39. NOHAKKLL then J___J_ he would not rob to nelp " the Eegro the Negroes people. &#39. TAKA?¢SF1 FOOD ?OEA?NnE that-FOHAMMED would never make any money on the and that he should follow TAZAYASSl&#39.. __ .&#39.T!P.T wro J."92*92192¢pOf . 1.._.r1 .J.l&#39. _stated that ns. Ie &#39...z:1 of Eegroes then pot quite angry with nim _On.-etroit Fie 10.E told having one of the BOOO cards with TaKAASFI&#39.{:1 *oHaVf.__¢ Li.olE told wife nursed TAKAHA£Kl back and that ne.lOUjTOj% W Report of Detroit.»J. knew :1-92 sick in the Ynited States.. re Governor of would SA December was..".rview.&#39. because they were using nis.6 . and TAKAFASFI.f-.. Michigan stating Ga.!&#39..F~1TII met 1.. SA adviseo came to toe Detroit On :_3er92ter-zbor Q 1§?h2. as and that allegedly told the organization the majority TAKAHAShI _ was founded v "RJVT were very ignorant.f Information was received that wrote stated to Negro soldiers the Tniteo was contacted a letter to the __ at noaro ne in his home Fort Oglethorpe.92:_J_.advisod of TQTQEASVI tOld lm tie . start his ant that no k acvised that LOFA?J. rat et 92aA@I him. l9h2. stated no .F3 4% "OHM 3 min -0F1av" -o WIPE dark and was also a T"-iosiem.1-T-Lil? founded the fj. at r<nd requested tc comethe to &#39.1 orr~aniz. were mistreated his Local States. IuIu! t this to NOHAVTQD Office &#39. creation. advised_that T..s name on it was an outlaw the FOOD.-J EiL. . .s ways and they would bothmake money.=.T-.Tl that the policleft department that to anyone he. that 1". NOYAH?LD&#39. lS-J.&#39.ation wen Ell&#39...-wn and that he joined and that 1021 E-Find l6 .. Te statec the over the . about YOEANILD H0niM1sD and his -&#39. 1--zormrf-tat advised Subject .20:-&#39. . wouldand own organization.:_-iaround or . interviewed nv Cn September and was w" . L.:. liveo at he had PO00 and heard a UL died: man by the name nad that F?iKIoE we IIOILXTT.a:=. never take to defend Cf . was alwavs interested in trientals who came -r r to this and looked him up upon arrival advised that Talihatl was - countr". D|._::___" verv and n.]C1F|1r/ """ A "-&#39. .o"tYl*"2FM.l. U . at CUSfOTlaL TLToHTlCN. before AB TOELHNQD.j§:. the oath - 1O. 1e+1 lQ?h as ne . . ABoUL hOh I to nealth.s.

_ M The 1957 Phone Directory known if this is identical lists the with the r 11 it is not in whom ~~- you are interested."1 !_ is cate . 1930s. Whii.t ." Subject tee Constitution oied prior of -7 _ . allegedly in an in s flag up of y to hospital." best inter I.in whicn em a sece e belong to principle was States and to it loyalt C&#39. 1902. oetroit. he founded an organMe anwhil est of negroes. Abdul deceased! ic1i@a stamped Cctobe P 21. Lation of iubject Ir. RE: ABDUL 7. called to the doct e it is reported that rine of the Nation: of &#39. America and tnat they were Negro-ohamme citize to th dans and "organized the cardinal the Cnited allegiance only a small Hosl em gro ns of e mos did not tnefiolg Citydog nis ow§."!!! " communications from_Subject in that territory to procee ce of A-hULJUL&#39.crt: letroit "Temple" cult.. bi es. a first officer" Taxana am. who B uraging Rev. with really for 0! that the Development of Our Own.colored &#39. I&#39. card.i___. dated 9/23/M2.1&#39. Fashi 9 d to said . Mecca. -V92fi&#39. Subject is opposition etrcit to work among the be cause that no left $ubject&#39.." TAHaEaSEI week stav "some Japanese &#39. according to .s TAKAEASE he thought nim a "fraud.. agent of latter&#39.-..-1. negromonawnedan eating "T rc.. was host of of nation Satakata of "ragon Society Tetroit in early that he came to of Japan..-.q____J _ _ _. fof: a! n ccaiingri. . 92. witn aliases Qua care.ization Islam ref. sanfe . matey 1O/1j/ Isl am.l¬[_1" of Isl o. . nome after two ~.s of Black arrival in TAKAHASHI advised FBI colored minister in Tacoma. John WHITE... lOO[§M929 EOHAYMZD serial H _&#39.-1-. _ .. . nad received people.Tnereafter.<_:_/ -r_ _. ngton. H%PR&D. .to 1939. etroit at at time In 1939 instan sni.

I-I/.? i p ~. F 92. 19b3. Detrol 92 current a<:. located for .*es5 Could be hJ.. W*@n R6 was n F No 4 5 I -3- .<*1&#39..-1 A 1=l1= 100-sew}-1L0 .1n Januarv.&#39.

.. -_ &#39..%£ .1.. P51 .R&#39. OIp1o1Id tnohlngosllau in nu asa inScatolqy tor tho min:-nit.§92P..»&#39.: perodaaamnny record who 1931.&#39.__1b¥&#39.L -92 -1 F. §.-4x " 7.. L-....md or than cairn:at ma lint Ill llltad an -&#39...."-{109~&#39. Catalog L 1* " j 1 s ourci and Staff * Dlroaturiu A nloduuod tho mm pf&#39. &#39. n Ina-uonujntad 3.. l-Ill..ihO&#39.-!=i$§ j &#39...an 8&5! .._ ..iO 1a...at .4 .5 .-. . Iuir -1......-.3_.&#39._-:~*_t .. ar. -_3&#39.":. . -..FV -_f 3333 noquntniqaunwhowouldto aura of -J .I16hI¢tn non boar Btrbctgknutrgit. I . .. -. ll1chi.~ I . - DIBGQOI.:. .1......___. . . V..I. --aura-nth nu IGGIQII tho V &#39. 7 ..@ .I!!qI!""&#39. do-pnnnl Jihad".z:.&#39.2. &#39.6::q1&#39._.*.. j .&#39... ii T.. Q? .$5-J.&#39.&#39.-. I &#39.. ..-N .-IIIIM.. 3 &#39..gun.. .-2* . Ihilgb 108&#39.y_.lIl&#39. Otob. &#39.»._ ......-. .aw. .-A 1 :&#39.1lu&#39. .~-é5:*é92.::.&#39. .: :.:< . .:A? ? In s :1 E 4 .1.i % in ~ ~&#39...n1Iu813 C inulty an IRIIIA "D.!» &#39.--5."P. 29¢ 1951 _ I19. -V Burp/1-any &#39.-. ._I I ?¢I t 59° "- lg i&#39.E_.&#39.~-._ A P_-. ..-.1::.

-$~¥R&-éF&#39.o1epbene that it tailedto an-y 31108105 for D. *@ ever being connected with the _ gation to be conducted at Ann Arbor.¢_ . noting it 1. .in As will be noted..1. pa.¥"""5F"*** e L _ .*7k??&#39. . 1956.. Int known u&#39. _ . 92.K> . no lliehigua.. and accordance for Detroit mentioned./ f.212Min» Michigan. Michigan. _&#39.. in continuing noted in an with in this Division attempt to referenced letter. 35. TY""&#39.-..f-: _ .flOI. re I *1. which nearest.m. ~ &#39.&#39. tne it is or recommended Flint 7h tnat tnis case Agent handling l _ _ oe reassigned to eitner the leads requested.. .» -_-- I &#39. .IRDIAII1Md or._ . I up nu! Blnhiu-nu l&#39.ln-ml nnnnnln "-"&#39.A_ _.&#39. if hl: 1.. &#39._ _&#39. lid eonnin _a Ilint. n 1!&#39._ i 1 alf- . e - ue:-d£ag*to alumni Decree. S 1&#39. Miohigln. i 4° . no valid ea or lurch. Inveltigation and Detroit eddreuu interview BEYIOI in -I 92 I J I at the int lento 1&#39.&#39. ._ .7. BEYNONis asundoubtedly there is no additional identical with the Person Inasmuch investi view the two first names of this individual and in view of the fact that BENYON was not located as University of Michigan.=&# s o Ilia: 3 any no an.-. It is noted that &#39. A - -=*lE~-92. Street.-.__&#39. DI 100-2Q56 ii Uh. . - Detroit i _ _k_ -_in _ - 1 . _ . &#39. . to referenced letter in leads should comply with of the be set forth the requested uncommoness of investigation contained in referenced Chicago letter. IIIIO 1 however..3udu_ up ¢&#39. - &#39. and Flint.___>:. enigeni .."£&#39.

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~"£§ . Number .r"" *&#39.7 _ 7 .¢< 45.7~"1 ii la /r/.&CQ.-.FAZI2L&#39. id lW.- //41 »-QFA &_.. -_-7 czar?<2.f.ll Remarks * *" A ll GAR Reierencea E3Crlmlncl] References Only I __7I ZMCIM1 Subversive Fllee Ejblcun Cuee Only Subverslve ll llel all no Mum.&#39.... Searched by j Eonlolldclled by J date! Hevlevred by r dale?! " .5&#39. _ ."/y "1 * *5 __L . --5 .=-bi %. _ /-»&#39._ M __. V T e &#39._. -_g*é_3." K 62..:"2f--&#39.W ii Wr f i !I i ifl _éL.....:..._ _ __ .72»? ..¢=~2_J&#39. 1 &#39...5._. -. / x I ~ . _ .§ I.._ > .._ jg..r_. Date TO: CHIEF Subject Allueea Address CL ERIC Birth I7B1t!hplOC8 Date Eklaln Crlrnlnal Cuee Fllea :IFleatr!ct Only to Localityof G Exact Spelllnq Qsubverelve References Criuulnul Mum.-.. -32 _ We ="?~2> 1% r _ ___ } &#39.1 b V 44: . J67 -r-HZ%&# 92 M ! " --41¢-ti ..._.-i-3 ~ 77 ... I.__~ .¢&#39. M 2 V&#39.. &#39.@~2A:/Q?-< __ _/l~v 15.. 6&#39. .e_-._.5*6 "[ W __J- j iZ.A -F T K Z e._ Remarks if .44 1 F /3&#39.w-1-n¢92. . 2 7 e . &#39..K . ~ _/00 -é~ 9 7 8/ r _.7 1 _ .~:%/ -£24 92 W ».... 0"? _ be NI "5 be 7 Extension W>Flle No.@565 +15 _ -I _ _ I _ :&#39..-. Subversive Reference!! * *7 K" 7 J.Q--_ L -Zigjf/5-.&#39.-M-_ -_--.145 by r _ 7 J2_&#39.&#39.. Search S1-lp lncllcee FD-160 inn. -7K .-.... .g._ -<_&#39. .e +~. ..! I H- l _ 24.:» err. {P . Z Z5&#39._&#39. Flle Serlul Number 6.___. £=..¢ __ . e-11-ssr /"]"92 ._Crlmlna1 References! Only Cjlduln no I!llal all Fille Serlul &#39.»__ _»7_///LU __ _ _ I/Zap 5.:2./ g bquad Requested 7 by :7 f&#39. &#39..<<~""Zr&#39...<...~...r____.a. 4 .i..

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5&#39.: and Detroit. no addresses. Michigan with the reference letter from the Director. l <Z_c W ~ nnnas MD . ED T0 = . while addresses and former contacts noted that the LEAD to contact of Kichigan..~BJw= 0: Chicago! Director 10/3/5? and captioned as above. LEADS at Detroit of some 25 years this Office at Flint sets out appear to ago. A UNDEVELOPED LTADS in review of the hichigan Alumni as Harch 1956 from the University 3. Dtroit oo_2s3:e WE= _ man :Jl"lI-IQ-I 12/18/5&#39. it is recommended that a LTAD CARD be prepared _ to locate and interview FEYYON at Flint.£ Ihgég IJ DAV JD I 1/ / /Q9 A2e3J&#39. be old it is the latter It is noted that Reference is made to Chicago letter to the Birector dated to the was current IRDEATE DUANE ECFYON at ChandlerStreet.1-Anoum room no.to /& rx &#39.. 212 as recently Records. FROM :3.. In effort will be made at Detroit to locate UNDEVELQ?ID_LRhD$ Therefore. 64 Oltfc A/i677201"6ldZ¢772sures GOVERNM -U3. H5asu&#39. Hichigan: for appropriate handling to locate and Will forward to Resident Agency covering serials 5 and 10 of captioned file interview BBNYON. as well as Detroit letter in the same matter of ll/29/57.. THE DETROIT OFFICE. At Flint. Michigan in accordance BBHYON at old the the interim.7 S&#39. &#39.-L SAC. Flint.

"eoai?&#39.orner1Lneeoc1eted with Ileiverllty tide at lliehigu.. She edvieed that he bed ebteieed the materiel for hie interviews he took either her or his den hter. -------1-:3-1nv-.. -&#39.. 1950 wait. who i&#39.t touid not remember any eeeee eelykene her eoneereiu e eoeielegrI01!.h Ig In-IUQAQI QQQQII fjl i:3§i$§iLEhiF "3.-Iy_.--t**¢Y. :&#39. -to _i _ then H1?-D or . hreeuend O01 In:-em p 1»/W-. Jung Ire.n_% """" 13&#39. Q-9?.the She t t it ertio eddreeeee or pieces mentioned the thate fepe:-ed weethe thatwriting noteshe lostwhile inSheprocess he or ehe the article were the: er dedtmyedt eteted dugieg ietervimre eieno presentthe when _.~.thet BTIOI. edvieedhedied I13:-eat: She that -bed in 1 A. . p1:r%a>o1r%t_gto-26356! e ~ . _i. teeeetnee e - IARB or thet thie &#39. -L291" .head&#39.. nan t .e the article wee ewe end her huabendvere both htereeted92IIB!i.tt thllle 2--945-7-. . - 1.1_q&#39. 212 9 1958.1.nnumoa.J Q-eneln-en QI . had written the On ehigee. III -I .r. She related IRDMIB BEIIOI. -8-ll-I01 n. Hint.5]. + the! tin ~-grep ..ref edvieed by hie idea to write enenbere gnu]: himself. written hie wee oeeIetion Ielu by the ef pm-eteaeor She eteted that hneteed to IJ &#39. . Leqaslsegro inDetroit.edvieed her.Jentiery 17. human that eicle eee interviewing theofthe hill-t~el.:A& -&#39.-A it She eteted that he:-_!me&#39. t t Ghendler Street. _ *3 ---- I. e eteted nivereity hidego LOUIS the8 Qt thltthat at neneci in H_ I01 iaertieuler time937! eedit ne her reeoilectipn Ilihr that the Q51-. D..huebend.-= A-9.§. wee-ertic -entitled The VoodooBult D.§§3h§3E&#39. 1 M .---eye Qt-eted tint.

etreet. oftn.KIIBlR 609 laet__ Jewieh nationality IIRTH true nJewiahatated and aa had nane aane. that ahe renenhere leade the went on to explain that L0 that her father and a 0a January 10.on intornatioa concerning that had gotten all ct his information the Detroit from Department. 1958. haeézg died in 1952. lhe the e detective tron the Detroit Police nane ae being FARAD. aid attoitt to locatc any close aaeociatee c!I!RTH who eight he in a poeitioo to turoiah . was hanging on a that this wall roon eeooad the She adriaed house was located cloee to the police precinct rennber although the could not wait titer tho iiii or IiRB ii totroit.or loo-26356 xi laker. . lhe etated that ehe had never eeen FLRD as he had already left Detroit. the anoaaetatedthat did tu. 1958. Sohvereive to Subject I 1 . Iiohigan. Ia. IlRIOI. The Bhioago ehould toattengt Division in atteapt o tolocate octet nterialformerlythepcceeeeion an! or the late LOU S UIRTH toraorly with the Sociology Bepartneot of the UaivereityChicago night to identify nan at that help the who intcrnetion concerning IARD.th:t&#39. but could not renenber anything elee about hie and ehe did not know anything about his being of the _ Department who vac in charge of the into tigation knowledge her father interviews with I01 conferredother fregueatgyhergroup with the quitehe a rieed awapped each group.1. I8 IIG Vli IQ . ~ _ e-Io~ 00047 M . She atated that aha had visited the University of lalan which woo locatcd in Paradise Valley in iietroit in a aenherc orvthrough Police and had aeeo a on the the cane of photo of Faii which floor.o 0a January 17. wi h ct Bepartneat.interviewa eonpete Flint advised her father.E:e thigh tail or Q recerde If to oeollaheiatioa th:latePrereeeo:ll!IOI.= e annular oha nany ehe accoapaay he relative to I01. and totho .

1=o1= 1»-. Michigan. Y. _ . in olose oontactwith ELI-IAH MUHAMMAD. 1958. oontaoted CLARAMUHAMMAD of wife ELIJAH!» He stated that he is an artist and the person who drew the picture "with the jewels and of Brother ELIJAH about ten years ago".. He stated. ph! Detroit is re it mation eonoerning 41 Although eted to furnish identifying infor- Detroit ie requeated to conduct investige on to determine if there is any basil for his atatement that he is reoeiving messages from H.»392£_<§S&#39. on January h.*.as:-on mo-551. CHICAGO 5 20607! HATIOIIISLAM or no: IS - an 1NF0§MAY92 $i92 92S92 g<_g A _ nsmu 92. an a whole lot of toment the last fur days and something ie trying to kill no to keep ms from helping him possibly ELIJAH!.6 "" J! individual who identified himeelf as from Detroit. furnished the followinginformation: . the H01. MOHAHMED D./58 92 "~" .r-. armors no I 00-5519! " 1/11. FARE! H. MOHAMMED H.= 1-=1. appears that may peyoop be a !100-33653 /&#39. "1 am a good Muslim and I have had Informant that w advised on -P 1958...rr. and told no that I wall siippoeed to help the temple raise him up because I am a_good Huali and get messages I from W. . D.ishel.=. Detroitareply "&#39.92.FILED"!.! 192. D. D. man!.B o1~YE-£1 in the pl a the Rational Leader of Q who !&#39.SAC. 0. should be direoted to Chicago file _ I 1.0 92/ aux! 1/ non-" - 4} .

J@~4q@m.>. it ro 11: £110 0 _ rofnro t Thi I I. ._ Y v K ! 1 E DIIIBGTOR.!.m~%p5:.=" ax _ 1 E 1-:== . *0 -! 9 waw:u»w=maq.-.¢. lag --QJI3 ._§.~ _ _ 1-» L &#39.Q z . 1958 - U B NED.. -3=&#39.-_ .*5w¢¢@ mmwau "§1"1lr!-Q 1* 1-=-M. e =:..@..-. III 92. .3:&#39.1¢=:» hula carefully anInnorladu 810:-I: ruvirndBoa.~ -. _~4 _ -1 E-&#39._.1. Illa : I Ill IOI 00: B1111: B60101: Inna to 10/30/$7 in Milt tin §$ i<»* captioned autcr.1 " 1. 3r fr -1 .&#39..--Pr-. U to llviao n cutout-ntic on of hi foru into:-nntga 1bi us Blklittcd q:&#39. nnaon 00-26356! hmnry 17.-: .*1? H4 &#39.< .-niacin and Go:-rolat by I pa th tonh in III tho remaining Ilflltlgltll at 11 continuing in Hiat- Detroit to cana- I i § 3% aim1!cinomnam! 13$-a on 1 Detroit 1 s-2?Zm :56! 100-26 mm mm I8-=2:-92 $r %.*. * . no.

STANDARD FORM U IQ. " &#39..nr . SECURITY J. Eon thé_infOKm§t. _ . was instrumental in ha many mem b ers leave the r NSTA and affiliate themselves with a group which interview e the MSTA Temple at Pontiac. interview as to a whoas above reported in l9b.d&#39. Detroit PD h5138. 100-6603-lto that}ntervi SA THROW OR DESTRUCTION GOVERM TENT 0 . RETURN PLS. to &#39. Detroit 00-26356! DATE 1/16/58 lERl¬h4EPJT 8* xi K!? NOI Svmc WALLACEnon FORD. Michigan.-&#39. According the from I .at Pontiac. Will attempt to locate several years previously an indiv id al u by the name of FARD whom he believed to be an Algerian. entitl at Detroit . V T _~qf.J oft he Resident Agency atifontiapj kwJ . Oje?Z92/I677201¢Z?_2dum GOV .__:&#39. FARD. &#39. At that Q!< he refers as&#39. LEAD A PONTIAC MICHIGAH:&#39. WAS. 4° HERE:N.3 wa t one FARD of the that led i0n r .. Detroit PD #b5l38 to determine f this is t e leda sehism the from MSTA. 3-S1q E.D. to date etro "this at t D i .1 . ts e re ects De Mich gan on L3. Showqattached photograph of W.D. sm - Re Chicago letter Detroit file to the Director 10/30/57.UNITED STATES T° = SAC.! .._4__ schism the MSTA.MOOSELEMS&#39._!uA2u§.7.-. NTERNAL cusron ET AL. at W&#39.E "H I BY Enclosure-Photgaph 1 of W. $1"59 Ml {NF .-3. .FARD. iii . has failed to locate 5 2 AssignLEAD Pontiac.&#39. whi qa/16>/43.

You should to §. gar / an § i _ . Marion Kieber.." &#39.A§$F in sacuarrr NOI nrehslihéi ¢29 . Michigan. your office. i_ V r . to had that she advised she had accompanied also stated during the the Nation time he of Islam conducted many N01!.§&_K1eber exhibit a photograph if he is identical of the subject with the to determine individual she knew named Farad.MATTER WALLACE DON FARD W*" "Reurlets 10-22-57 and 1-17+58. T" I i r 14 00051 9292 . 609 East Baker. FBI 05-636a2!" SUBJECT: Au:himYf*92Q. She interviews relative observed a photograph of the subject which was hanging on the wall of a building which she apparently visited with her father. 5EARCi1Eg 1" M an nr _ _-I ./ . Relet dated of the 10-22-57 advised available to that a photograph Relet dated her father 1-17-58 advised Flint. subject was that Mrs._92 &#39."NTNNED 8 _.Oice Mwfdum # T¬// -UNITED sures GOVERNM January 28.M: Director. Detroit 00-26356! DArr= 4. w ~~ Jr .iess =SAC. lChicago 00-33683! For information! D 1. who was the leader of the N01 at the time her father was interested in this organization.

You will be advised by the FBI as to the Yeleasability this information following our-consultation of with the other agency ies!. E1 b!! A! El b!<*/! B> 1:1 tots! E1 om! [:1 loo! El b!! II] b!! El tb><v> c> El b! ?! D! El <b1<1!tE> E1 loo! El tot:-1! III b>! F! El b!! 1:1 b!! El W6! E] Inf ormatio request. where indicated. explain this deletion. or inforrnatronl your .W n . ecti III b!! on 552 ection 552.-II A _g _ - . E] Documents originated with another Government agency/ ies!._ _ 4 150 9_21 Rev.. Pagets! withheld inasmuch as a final release determination has not been made. 94! E XXXXXX 92__ _i XXXXXX BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION FEDERAL FOIPA DELETED PAGE INFORMATION SHEET Page s!withheld entirely at this location in the file. . These documents were referred to that agency ies! for review and direct responseto you. r- - XXXXXX XXXXXX XXXXXX XXEO X DELETED PAGE S! X XNO DUPLICATION X FOR THIS PAGE FEE X X FBI/DOJ . J Q F Pageswere not considered for release as they are duplicative of __ =_. El 00! El lots! III tbxs! El 9! b! E1 low! E1 loo! n pertained only to a third party with no reference to the subject of your 1:] Information pertained to a third only party. statements. ééjjc-92_4& g The following number beused reference isto for regarding pages: these 11121-=0 . Thesubject yourrequest listedin the of is title only. Pagescontain information furnished by another Government agency ies!. You will be advisedas to the dispositionat a laterdate. One or more of the following [I] Deletions were made pursuant to the exemptions indicated below with no segregablematerial available for release to you.

f ti.=&#3 92 to ".fy~eK¢g6_~-&#39. uhe ltletnre us ¢92prnfille - tekea Iran e #5 deg:-§.::*. I -L5-tn P->92 ...*-*»- *_-_ L ___1* Ir iereee H 3=00~3_N3l_..eng." &#39. cbare e bed seen on the wall at the Unite:-elty some twenty yeere ego while with her {ether inter- S011 nenbere.-:_=_ - eke was positive of the *&#39.x.§.-.*:::&#39._ nee __e.---.. liehlfen.11__-__ iiehroit lit..7 -5». anaorr o-26356! inn 20. *2? 2:212" &#39._"_ 5-. identification madeehe were the was had andplrlmil that net-ed eene.10-0.=.-. there n1.._.. 1950 0 0.. the photogrlph 0: eith r e 5" -x 8" or e at y at Ielen e 10" phat-egm ph in bleak end white end me e "glean:-1sed" or touched up Apicture.::.»February 1953.1e instead at e wee eeked if fell hoe or e 92v Q.&#39 filed K 00052 .1: lie Harem letter to Detroit qua 80 mg " January 23.axascroa. rm _ l i nun advised that.¢F§&#39.§. no.. -.>"&#39.t1os~6a6a2I 10000:: me. 0 /we-_a_é3._-e_l_-:2 ._.1..n:l__&#39. 609am: whoee 01 Isle: viewing pereons whowere lieaion of Isle: V the Iain:-01: &#39.:._2.0 __=. saauaxrr nlrrza . ehoam In I photiograia obtained Po lee Department bearing date In 0. 4% the at-ogre or the personeheknevt. 1953.Fi53§¢92:&#39._""&#39..Y~:n|.. ukxontmma.=>a~-=*=qv¢_~¬_=§ ~"¥~!_?-g92-Q"-. She etet-ed that ehe resell: thet.ra1&#39. " ZJQQ."%. M EERHN IS UNC &#39.H:ee--the we __I -1-r"-e -&#39. = . Q 0%:-éb-ieaga &#39.H.. no doubt.. 1.-. 0 -~--#1-0-:..o§eeeeedlARn &#39.°i._. 11....

19$3 w » min 1. 1. .._ 92lulblognt _ i nan: air}:-u w. at. .=-:1 lilv .92.... ..-! 1 W ..? zmm u auu» mm» I1-um....""&#39. &#39.... g tin uh.. .. .:»&#39. j mtup. 99% i"""°.i..-#3.. _..Q_¥b@I@..""&#39. mammoth! tho taopozati-an at anon IQGQ A-J-ninnl % satin Plltin Itlhn ~.II"=. J -Z . E toaunt-or L2. -Lie. Q7"?-5 Q0! l ._ .nxuuromnx s Jumur731.A-Lu-.9 19$!ml _ ~-_"-.%. mm . :4: PW §F.. .. _4. nun no ?_I92@_.-.-. Allnglhl um-an 01 an zamzgusiu-&#39.. j ..-tserls wan aunt thllnpo gin.&#39. 1&#39..= I _&#39. ~"22.. :p.¢ _= JIK 1-_ K ¢.£. f.>_43.-=&#39.1-u Gilli HF! 5» . i. -. WM W wma .

_m __ 3% M Db _ __mh_"__ M W M Hf mmm_m_ m m mm m __ u rm _¢m W _ % g_f _m Mm ___mW_Mwmm % Ww {M _ ___ Q %M__%___ _ ____ wwmwm _%m_ _ ___ __ Hwy .Wmmw my Wm 3:: km MW __ % ____ W? mm _" mum WE tn Mm N S _ M mi mm km Mm I WWW ___m_m w 3 W Mm ? m M mm .

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use. FBI 05-636h2! "lr=h SAG. 1958 s__ UALIAGE mun mm. teen since.1958. reand MLMHRMMWNQ H. 1930. e eee. lat-ional eeme to Detroit. j A11.F. "Allen" tea. CHICAGO 00-33683! an 1°. the following infer-netien is presented: Aecurdlng to the apeeehee and irritings of ELIJAH Reulet to Ohicege January 28. VellaeeFord Halei -DAT Don Mohammad mR re:-3. F1-edodd.iIdel1&#39.: Hehanmed omm z 3. mu-ea. and that he returned lol-round Ietien the khdlliedg time to after bringing w at been held Ibeua their identity to the of Ielen eh hed me "&#39. FARD taught D. in slaveryin United the States :20 {earn glleaeggi tea ue e1&#39.ht in Islam Detroit from 1930 it Ich to 1933 time he wee lubsequently eame until l93J+. Heeee eh July 1|. IllinoisLn aeptenber. nl. enelosing rmammm. his nuaamuu lmlleeted has that returned FARD in the The philoeophy United States-tram or the ROI teaches that FABD arrived.::g. rm-eaMohammad SECURITY nsrzma -to: 00: cnxcsoo &#39. 1 v.:-om Fleece in 1930 Ln the pez-sen er Leader er the neuen er Islam non.l33e /¢_ 0/ Du:-eau A tered lie fijjl =""/ as being Meat: use cé: Detroit lg£26356. l!es1Itered! 2 -In York Registered! 1 -Ghleage P 4?: ~ ~ - jg W Weeeooosva 730 . Illinois where he teught Isles: time he disappeared and nothing hes been at which Michigan 1&#39. Illlm. who MUHAMMAD tor eeneemigi three years to leave Detroit by the Police Depertment and to Ghleago. he Great Mahdi .nxamcron. For the inromstien or Iew York. Well were "A11m&#39.1. D.ed Handheel httlelhilli the mveeaistien eubjeetby the lumberidentified mm emdueted hes whole FBI 5eo62 the er re: last lmeun lgpelrlne weeen-est en in Ohleege. one H..es/r N _ <39 s correlation lummery preps:-ed at the Beat er Government. n.theIOI. FARD. Rallaee Puree.

L. on. lmoernMoelen.. Detention. ieue. Detroit..-I-2."9.-i. D. in Detroitin 1913 ROBERT by D. was given to memorandum U. FLRD. in a that a slated 1Iovenber~12. or information appear rererenoed correlation eumuaryretieote in iew Tori: report of otober 26 1953. u eontained information which Thin report Office by the Michigan State Police ihia memorandum reflected dlt-Cd J9292nQ 16.. OLLIE was out who run of memorandum advised that the Hoaleru were organized be from Kaneae 011:1. he he eav the god ALLAH arm. voluntarily "M" M "W" advieedthat in 1951 appeared *1- 115th the nae w. J. wee known America and that he Chicago. in New York City at the H01 Rmpll on At um time 1. 1953 a Page 31. Ra-pa-. st 11. ue odial w... in 192&#39.2401. mu wee believed to 12". wu.-Ie ll.:=t r-oiiooto.. tn: 5"".» 1.0.-L. in ~. 93l6 the Morrieh Science iemple or Aveniae. 1&#39.A_Rl3.Be minted that oould deaoribe but outhe not ALLAH that 7 be abie to identity bin it he eaihim again.l§ 1930 but was run out of town by the Police in 19314and returned in 1936. gin.mum |% namevieibly ekettled an or e Ii &#39. bee 8-eienoe Temple of the Detroit information Page 27 or contained referenced correlation aunau-1 I-erieeta in a Detroit I8 re ea. Ieeouri or 1&#39. man.SSA mxam aka.-1. an the Grand Sheik or Ll. 0.1-on Detroit 1-egu-am.ca 100-33663 bi 19&#39. FARErooraaniz. he would o Street.&#39. a ed the 1 ..-3 5... Devi.

low York should oonduot all involtigation oonoornlng noooalary to looato FARDor any information 4&#39. It voririod.eat15at1on¢ than vidual If aubjaot lotarninod it in or this that that in is identical with th investigation. D. 1 I I i . Detroit L alloged to should attempt be an alias to roaolva uhothar or not tho or H. with Iubot at thisinI&#39. tn: photograph shown to uas this low York should advise it verity Dapartmont number h5l3B. FARD Row York in 1951. ainoa tha data shouldoonduotod logical lnvoatigation dotornina his be to tbllov his norononta and to proaant location.»- co 100-33683 n-P. Bi FARE1: iéentisal ZQQ iha lav D rointarviow a roquaatad to and determine attanpt to from him all information oonoarn _ at tho MCI Tomplc in 0 appearance of ALLLH or U. FARDor ALLAHlppolrid at information in bin» tho photograph tho subject of Detroit Polloo or law York d onduot all or diaprov logical invostigation to tho new York Tomp 0 atatamont that in 1951.

.&#39.___.-. -in tmlrttar. L4.fools invbstxgntian in I!1bJU¢1>&#39. at Ihmh time he Ill ehncribcd an bung or Arabian muatw.:ume. _ &#39.-1-....92. After Q vcririoa...-.&#39..i__ rum: new roan Exempt fr ~ Dirnctor...u1:M 92 I4» . 2-3-5-*3and 2-I8-58 nquutcu consider rtquiting muutiytxm eenduobad no in this f intervicuad as n result A1-win: a£&#39._-_.92_.__. _._. _ _. cmugo 00-33L»83! Q szctmrrr Dam ..._.-. J92..4@o5»@*:&#39.?~ 05-meme.nQ-. Actually... /Q Aj92 CONFiPP~NTiAL Ito Ghicqgo lottarl nu cmaago lcttcr 2-Q-53 _ rm-¢n 12._ _ . .__.. Hus.3-Qwhen he diupparad.__.|a1e192qaug._.. the ant-11 1913.1-_&#39..__.=_j_¢.. tho &#39. th possession of tha Bureau indiantigg mbjact New Eellnndar is that mminhad by subject: e¢__n_n:.. _.§5e» I .n-Lg! age. is!by 502. mwrm Of -not Dau. . of ma smut in has Angela in 1926.a background and cozuiderod hm 0 Haw Zealandor tram nu:-lay.-. rm c1.. aha oavind the |ubJe<:t Iilited bar tithe! in the Summer01 1932 er 1933 Btu:-ningto in noted the rubjeet ltlhiahtinohulndoartmrkhlllll How toaland... luehian...l..._.-r &#39. la Du:-an his birth bu wt been wlptaro._..__. Ghicggo until lam tum in _. or D066 is Iord lowing nntroit In 0110??!have he to taught in Ilium U] IIIIIIIIIIG I:Bil-IIIIO-$.A .. where no reaide subject advised he an born 2-25-1591 It The army information in ?u:-tuna. Inc admittncl me mew nothim about |ubJ¢at&#39..___ . it 1:-not dctinituly Imam 11&#39. true&#39.a Butile Ihan reects by the cnlifumin Stats PIPOIQ authorit-lea.___.l yum... mmmwmmuup um -"?. sac.. Iiurthnr.-. In I tamer 016go::.r c0NF1s..31-lllIUI1$0lfII1$III&#3 invont.__... In this commotion it was urrutcd 5-25-33 at Detroit..%ot&#39.__..-..92-"-f§&# PF and nu:-an mmaz1n=1m1-31-58.&#39. .: ticm ! nd vocally wimp the dirialanll tmntigution by latter mm 1-31-58 ll I1 3216!! "manly: {J --H.g... q gtter in 25¢! !¢.. Rvqlniur. .___ ____. 1958 1.____ ."&#39.~.

aalmime tho Bureau in email: this and use puuuo 1 WII toll this load.94u 1._.Ya.*T. This xmu-mu: the has been aonductmz ta locate ward could possibly nubgeot.~ ~-----» A. aiuring Int 1FNUIb1g.mt1on.. to r-cfleat.onar.i0&#39. Lganm handling. I&#39.rnn< Ban letter um: El-3"?-5&#39.1.~ COI~£F§T>§ I 3/ &#39.1 my. mtila tan during tin: urly he can pcuibly am Drteruit. was I1-rested qrith the subject in Lou Angelou in 1926&#39. um turmaia hoakgmund inforltiara sf the raulta af Gunearning The Bu:-nu nhould be advised invutiggation aonduamd by um Herwlulu Ottawa an requested by Chiaaqo letter anm 10--3-5? eomermm.&#39. -2A . but uhouid thurmagky and 1531011-12&#39. ne Bureau Malian that mveatigption in thin matter- i ealln tor 1ng&#39. reflected Dmwldaca: tubjéos an partm-P. this mlttlr atmuld not be eontent to unruly cwer sagas-stud loads. cubjaatw tmaxly.--_._»-~ V V~~». and rumareatulnald._..EAi{ &#39.I letivltica I92m~&#39._ __ _ A-M-%.».IH.-_-. at the £92uwu1&t at Our Gum cult 19%!: ma my additional information furnish regarding iuhJaat&#39._. i f ?&#39....-AGE mm FGFJJ %@o~m@ ~R~ 1 ai indnrmualn 10 a numbers I 51 be rrinvarrzuud um 1990&#39.---=U! .~----=------=&#39. initiative._.----~--. thntglhnulxi early mm tool: mmau for amen tilt $92=I-I"$... this In auanecstion mvutzgttm.in 4- Lawn to hiaga Ba: IIALI. Bu-swim.

lcago 4} ALL wonmmuow CONTNNEB __ 65$ &#39. is at Lon Angolan! In 012100 Iinuld the lu- an-aid.-eon nu: 00-0-u:I0! u! 1: Iu. co» =4 I &#39. HEREEN ms WE uems MI U A Y 35/?<§@ I / .H-OIL 1: to ldvtn plmnd tn 1.rQn i .-£1 18. Illhilgton 11014 this the It-trait.B--IO! lnlfh G/15/B8. Meantime lurk Hvtuons 1I7Ol1i1lI&#39.Immnn¢q--p-_w" 1111105-4:042! ___" 1--_ -ww Q.nnun. HIGH!! 4-I 00-I368!! Ill-I-&l%IllD lRIIlII"l&#39. Ibo In-an tools tilt autumn! npadtan-0 or investigative and u time in tun antic. 1958 IE . closed status rqort I111 be mhntttod. I-I! 00-uasoull! on us-4lea! u! " ll! .

li$ having in the report in the of I communication at e port or .aLL. tctroieiflloo-2c.92 92 L:-A-ilk-..// P011 4L.. A/U/5~ 1.an<<5 to to the K . alleged to be an th the babject of this East Lansing.-&#39. cg dated 3/10/53. cording rstationed 39>"?/~> 92 then aichi.*&#39.LCL.2 drone oi eno in an attempt of hmeric the i..tion wrs last Lansing. other F92 contain no 4!&#39. Oi.<&#39. @316 was uulGK ol Oakland Ave &#39. contsineo 92. ALLlNF0fMATi@N HEFZ§:N ls Ui92iCLé§ Q1 "&#39.chi.K Qf Qunel5.1 OW £L l!!!Hmi4£f}Q§Q $1 . by J <_». He Chicagoletter The follovin. &#39.Vl5 entical ti I.0 414&#39.1+/ .92 r&#39.._"_&#39.l&#39. f Referenced_letter requested that the Detroit Division contcct the no: to oetel mf ln "" &#39. &#39.I1 .c-1111. 4% .. r the fi sub eqtent addition the alias S c hose identity JJQ_1vrj_S i pl. Lickigen.T1 report uh June lo. O_LlC¬ that A .1 92_. 1 " iei reflected pcience Temple not.1.n State C. B59 AAICJ1 l must be Q/> e .35§_!g=" vm= 2+/is/52 .:- svnJn¢T= . 3.c92_&#39..92 T3 " &#39. CONTAINED P .-"51: 1&#39.-0"-on . l§4Z. Davis . 0 --&#39. 5 _i_Lj&#39._ srimnulurtllul ID-I Oité NlewommiumUNITED sures GOVERNMENT TO 5116. El.-JLAJ. I 92.1." source of the Moorish to resolve the information eppesrin" e the E1 Cut ._&#39. to Director.-J. whether or I OTlUln&l -7 .e. 1942 State Police Detect station ll in East in this matt advised the the Detroit FBI Office. c4 invc.. a copy of which is from the i LSP ive. &#39.JCr92_. investigation._.. in their Q lain memorandum elias.LJ l if _. information oatod cl o regireing {fl 92-than -- oossession 3 r- protecteo Hher reeuest! &#39. in any advised that Lie.u -I-10 its-1.L 1&#39. ..¢&#39.

-&#39.....-..-......~..__. _ ._.. _ 4 lOO-26356 p» -1 cer ras is deceased..L uu111._ --&#39.._.-I --- 00004 _.Ii.J92-.-_..-. "r rvien "~¢ atlvc to tne information 47¢ as that the l _ report is tvailgble in 1&#39..r92.]Ll. ~.. "llow.ted June 16....~ I .*ci._. O1.-. ._.92-:~._._ 1..2.»/. I. . made It is avallaale Qli e i > 1 I T r -I 20 __ r ..&#39..-92 -. the report be rgcollection inasmuch his the Detroit Ufficc..~:.~-92 appearing in 92.an ..>_. inte 11111.-.. ..-~ --t--.~..~ ._ CO to to refresh 3-.. Qaptain oi -C vmo 4-.~ T31 pg.. .L£:CO..-. 1902. ._-1lO_*&#39.i.r. .-.4. .. LEADS DETROIT: r 92 P 1 -_.92I: --4-.1._ 439 .LJ::..cit c .-.--->-¢-.

m.31! ACTIVITY RECEIVED RECEIVED BY! $ who i e pa n *41¢ mioammn B0"W"E° 92 &#39.an N01 . IS NOT L? INFORMANT|. .2 r ~" 1 92__= ! .-_. 92-ii-it I &#39._.._ i Lip Coar I /M " _ FBI .. _ __ JDE_lOO-¬¬hQ 40¢ I x 4&#39.-" &#39.¢ >_ v I 1 1 "- ]J &#39.&#39.u- .3~:. ii ""{] " T0: FROM: SUBJECT: smg Datr*o_it DATE? 11/6/5. n|. ?¬-F . 1959 October 279 1959 ..nmmojlm <- L f .¢7q92 LOCATION .>""C»-*%¬" Inde Saria11/6/ss Z0 _ . bill" umdhiéfi ~ st tact n P75 has furnished inform roliable personally 1 92 92 I 1 -a October Eh.

... &#39. . Background c DETAILS = Twelve Tribes Committee at Temrie lg _ Detroit.. V of Detroit. F ta"fo11ower of MARCUS GARVEY.- For a while was located things went oceurred and P9pO§$§!§§!f§_f§?9 e few Muslims in_Detroit _/ Q E -J 7?: 1 :45 . she on Hestings the roll report._. .. -_-_ _._..___..-e_~A_&#39._!._ The 11529&#39.&#3 1: Jw"&#39.1. . A . _"&#39. VYE g *7Elir &#39. the The various tribes met the Twelve Tribes Committee-held report is dated October Eu.__ ___.__._._.. stcr-P515: Meeting of I T < Mich. "_.*1..:w_._ nE L100-551.~ .92 -...____..____.it T.§°. ways and a meeti and discussed means of raising funds.?i@§._.__.. Inasmuch as all groups intend to keep their plans 3901-vgr no -1 ---ar-&#39. I959..i_...92+!Y1&#39.: _ --was _J! ..1 _. WALLACE FIRE appeared.Linwood9 Detroitg Michigan.m..H ._-. ...of .-7t.x_" . . H1. __ .iQiQQ§§Q.92 --E" u-.. I Fii v?w "&» »?foB06{~yw . -She there was indicated the attributed to Wilkins Street...2 .i}§§§if§®t . r ._..i 4 ---V ~--7 -- ----._.. . U ever-s an was in the temple during the days of WALLACE FARD.!°H new Hé hf the e reporx was 5 .: 4.-concerning same date.e." _.» 10/Bu/E9.-=1. &#39.000 first temple holy names on turn came when the killing the Muslims. .sa1d. at B4UHAMMADs Temple #1. the alleged MesSiHh.._... .&#39..5? 1.. &#39._. She Street near the blame temple.__. ______ . said the once 25._ ---- _ t H _-.1-. ._. to her l well. 7 _. -. . _... 92 ---q--.. _ &#39.._. _ "J 5.@. &#39." is _-Q.._ . according She °Fm9. .-2 Ef.n Y&#39. . W 1 gated she TD but was icon s residence.1 I T I -92 _1.~._ --4: i. Bherolaims of the said.

he had been in the presence spoke of to the group during and suggested dinner the ELIJAH POOLE previous day. She said there had been many ministensprior to this time Q reported WALLACE FARD and ELIJAH_. FARD was told to get out of Detroit. instant meeting for the next investigative u use and possible report submitted ue I 1* -3- 00067 . a few days later indicates shedmes WALLAGEFARD departed where Detroit been in seenDetroit since. *say&#39. RECOMMENDATION It is recommended that who were a copy noted of the above memo be disseminated of the above to at in the organizational file by and the to the files as individuals Informant being present consideration in each case. ROSCUE MAPPS. Apparently ELIJAH sneaked in for a brief visit. she said. SR.- Aq" were arrests an ried as leaders of the Muslims shortly after the slaying. She strongly believes FARD was a foreigner and came to America from Saudi Arabia.DE&#39.. She he has never said she doubted know where FARD is. refuse to follow him.s if any of the Muslims and as far as she knows sheFARD believes he is. Prior to leaving FARD designated ELIJAH POOLE minister of the group. She says there are hundreds of old Muslims in Detroit but they do not recognize ELIJAH as the leader and.lOO55h9 1. She says she follows ELIJAH POOLE because she was present when WALLACE FARD designated him minister and leader of the Muslims._ POOLE She states no know but is they all alive but seemed to fail. therefore.

s°°953Hil . FARD! F5. if possible.SAC.@w.. an in order that prisons. FARO. 1960. They were also interested in information which would assist the New York Attorney Office in handling petitions to have their "religion" recognized within the on vebruary General&#39. 100-26356t . Police with check They were furnished Uepartment the Detroit FBI number and Detroit had failed is to to reveal a that number of Police Department It police extensive record for FARE. They also stated that.1&#39. F HER 92NFORMAHON QOTT E Ki . . 00-55h?! <3 February 1960 "" AU. particularly while confined to state prisons. t New were in te prison MSP.D.s meetings by the State New York 12. HNCLASSIFL in p Mm On February Sergeant lep and ice SIS. the whereabouts &#39. 43¢ information only. The troopers had been sent to Illinois and Michigan to discuss police problems in handling members of NOI .1=nI&#39.r17.D. East Lansing. the originator of the NOI. ::ra&#39. they would like to have any information which would establish the whereabouts of . The troopers advised that they realized the confidential nature of our records but requested any public source information or other items that with FARD would be of assistance the inasuch as the initial to them. o-. mm NO I IS nor i ll. has bb noted investigation been previous1y_conductsd without establishing or mno at my time Above for since he left 0. state . Mic York State Troopers contact with Michigan State officials in regard to captioned organization. rei era ed they could hold 43¢ T100pers ndn contacted the Writer the above information.1::-Q12 in 19314.

H£._H_ 9U u L: 9 I 5l _2 6 0 U Tim If _ 0 ._._F H I___ V vs _&#39. g M _§:__|A__ld__.._r p n ____ J:_J|_r_ t_ ___ __ 92 __ f_ :A~_J_L_d_h&#39.

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% l".2.1_g Identic f Prect.. .=. OF Michigan POLICE. nejtyqt. eeee I ... 7/1" IV ____V_ Date of Arrest Time j 7? _7_ R& e_e °i¢¢!L Associates R WhefeArrestedj Residence " T Age Hair 92 3 H eight Weight Nationaliw Burn } Color Eyes of Complexion Teeth i Upper Lower Build Occupation I Chin I DETAILS OF ARREST Q i i I R DBILIZE. No.. us uuc Bure_r.DEPT.

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These documents were referred to that agency ies! forreview and direct response you.i4-s4»<!<s. W _ t t _ %. the disposition at a later date- Page s! withheldinasmuch asfinal release determination not been made.¢". DE] Deletions the exemptions no segregable were pursuant to indicated made below with material available for release to you. . party with no referenceto the subject of your U Information pertained only a to third party. Thesubject of your request listed the is in title only. where indicated.U U b!! E! b!! F! E1 b!! Ill <b!<4! E11 loo! El <!<6! E1 loo! III b!! U b! 9! El <b!! k ormati only to athird Inf on pertained request.-s}s XXXXXX XXXXXX mQDC X DELETED PAGE S! X XNO DUPLICATION FEE X . [I] b!! A! III b!! B! gggign Q52.a. You will be advised bythe FBI as to the releasabilitvof this information following our consultation with the other agency/ ies!. One more thefollowing or of statements. to Pages contain information furnishedby anotherGovernment agency ies!.4-150 Rev.z5. explain this deletion. 1:] Documents originated with another Government agency ies!. 9-21-94! wt _ XXXXXX XX}Q{XX FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION FOIPA DELETED PAGE INFORMATION SHEET LQ_Page s! withheld entirely at location the this in file. II! tents! E1 o!! El mu! III u<!<2! III loo! D <!<!<4! m <b!o! c! III b!! D! _ _ _. You will be a has advised as to I Pageswere not considered forrelease as they are duplicative of y_ [:|For your information: L _ _ H i W y l _ __ l _ w following number reference pages: The is to used regarding these be for L21? /_0Q._. egtion 552 [I] b! I! El b!! El b!! .

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. The attention oi the generalpublic has beendirectedto sensational episodes the historyof this cult. There developed among them a way of living which isolatedthem to a certain extent from all persons not members their cult.1 --_ | J t s t. viewed as the of ll movement be life-cycle a cult.~---~-e-e---." usuallyknownas the Voodoo Cult.--<-=~. The Moorish-Americans are also Moslems. they havegaineda newconception themselves regard of of and themselves superior. even though they themselvesremained of scattered among urbanpopulation theirownraceand color." but to the police the Voodoo as Cult. s. Their principal occupationaladjustment hasbeenfactory labor. he-» &#39. hassignicance for socialscience research partly because its synthesis of of heterogeneouscultural elements and partly bccau:-".rather than inferior. they &#39. No effort made thispaper trace is in to relationship between cultandVoodoothis I I ism in Haiti and other West Indian islands.m-q-p.<-»-==92*&#39.. but they have tn-maintained functionalrelatheir tionshipin the metropolitan economy from whichthey derivetheir means livelihood of and in which they have been able to make moresatisfactory adjustments As a result of the teaching thiscult. the same At time. -~--see" " " " -~&#39. the &#39.v== -&#39."This is one of the changed pronunciations which initiates recognize by eachother. and thus the cult members have main4 tained functional a relationship the metropolitan with economy out- side the Negro of community. like othvr N egroes.1t&#39.v its uiiiqm oi expression race consciousness.-n THE VOODOO CULT IN AMONG DETROIT NEGRO MIGRANTS " --~ - ERDIIANN noams BEYNON ABSTRACT The "Nation of lalarn. Spelling: Moslem".but the reorientation the personality its members been of of has ignored. oi of 1 804 l 4&#39. as The Negro sectknown to its membersas the Nation oi Islam" or the Muslim$.-r>&#39. F 00086 M-» e &#39. tl&#39. various of its phases tend to showan orderly progression through which the attitudes of its devotees were moldedto a commonpattern. however. to other people. pronounced: "Muslim.however. suchas the occurrence in of human sacrice.The cult receivedthe name "Voodoo" solelybecause cases human sacrice.. members the cult havebeen The of isolated fromthe social organization of the community in which they lived.¢. an of In their trade relations members this cult have continued the of to live." belongs a chainol to movements arisingout the growingdisillusionment raceconsciousnessrecent of and of Negro migrantsto northernindustrialcities. within the ecological organizationoi the Negro communityoi Detroit.»e." but pronounce wordas spelled.

him.9. ilhi. iormerly. hewould whateverwe eat had on the table. . so that they have gained isolation almost as 1~-r _i =~. He Came rst to our houses selling raincoats.~ sauna--n-I-It &#39..&#39. but after the meal hebegan totalk: "Now don&#39.CllCS jllilt-i.tl il¬l&#39.87 . At lih sirangt-r&#39.Iormi-r |!&&#39. The peoplein _92-our country do not eat it. now role oi prophet. If we asked him to eat with us. Withgrowing prestige uconstantly inover creasing group. _92&#39.s forevery houses.!UF home country. and then afterwards silks. Since theyeat the right kind oi own loud they have the best health all the time. In this way he could get into the people&#39. is poisonfor you. _ . Lawrence Adams. So we all asked him to tell us about our own country. During assumed the the early pcrimi oi his ministry he usedthe Bible as his textbook.&#39. Like other fb ild Syrian petidlers. aparticular evening so that on they all n-light ht-nr story in whichall alike were litt so much interested.s suggestion of people a group was invitedto one of the houst-~ visited b_92&#39.92it-thoelist and Baptist churches they foundno difficulty in holding informal meetings in their homes.uu never would be sick any more.-i 1&#39. Ultl I l. prophet became bolder his denunciation of the in the Caucasians and began to attack the teachings of the Bible in such a way as shock hearers bring to his and them toan emotional crisis. THE BEGINNING OF THE MOVEHENT i The prophet and founder oi the cult made his rst appearance among the Negroes of Detroit 3. woman was eagerto see the nice things the peddlars had for sale. since it was theonly rciigiousbook with which the majority of his q__w-0. he went from house to house carrying his wares. AttuSlun1etl as these people were to the mttage prayermeetings of the Negro. Mrs.-1. t-_- -- I ~ - it 3 VOODOO CULT AMONG NEGROMIGRANTS 395 have severed contacts with the social organization of the Oommunity in which they live.t eatit this food.*. If you would live just like the people ll] 9292. He told us that the silks he carried . were the same kind that our people usedin their home country and that he had come from there. _i i | I - 00. l 92 eectively asdid the members of agricultural religious communities who migrated to new homes.5B peddler." we all wanted him to tell Us moreabout ourselvesand about our home country and dlmut huu u uuld ht free i!0ITIrheumatism 3. hearers were familiar. Brother Chaliar Shairrieii ofthe crisis told through which he himself passed hearing prophets after the message: = Sister Henlir Mailed.

the tribefrom which Brother Challar Sharrie. -.th:&#39. The attendance at the house meetings increased so much that the prophet was compelled to divide his hearers into several groups. virtually nothing is known about him. _ &#39. Mr. J I 00088 &#39. Mr. Legin Mecca.t mt my meals but Igoes back that night and Igoes to every meeting after that. been have thinking that the earth never moved.I&#39.he still. He was known usually as Mr.*"&#39.-. 19505 until June 3o. Many of those who heard him invited their friends and relatives to come to the meetings. The inconvenience was so ohviou:-"that the prophe-is followers readily Contributed money SUllll&#39.-&#39. One of the few survivors who heard his rst addresses states that he himself said: My name is W. Iam your brother. Ijust want to go bad to the meetings.~&#39.&#39.n sprangabout this mysterious up personality. PROPHET "§""l! Although the prophet lived in Detroit from July 4. ]ust to think that the sun above me never moved at all and that the earth we are on was doing ail the moving. though he used also the iollowing names: Professor Ford. appealing either to their curiosity or to deeper interests. Farrad Mohammed.-. W." Up to that day Ialways went to the Baptist church. the mt-nrhers of each of whirh were permitted to hear his mcssagr only 3t. changed That everything me! 1. 1934. the son ends soo&#39. | 896 THE AMERICAN JOURNALor socrowov L Q. D. Isaid: l dont want to eat dinner._-. Fiard and Icame from the Holy City of Mecca. Stand and look toward the sun and know that it is the earth you are standing on which is moving. His very name is uncertain. ~""" &#39. All your sun stands lives you&#39.a. .it&#39... save that he came from the East and that he "called" the Negroes of North America to enter the Nation of Islam. After Iheard that sermon from the prophet.-_ts-. The very nt time Iwent to a meeting Iheard him say: The Bible tells you that the sun rises andsets. Iwas turned around completely. as _ rm. Charles Peoples." r. When Iwent home and heard that dinner was rady. Many memhers of the cult hold that the prophet was born in of wealthy parents of tribe the the of Koreish.. time assigned to their group.&#39. You havenot yet seen me my royal robes.¢_=. formerly. for The report of the prophets message spread throughthe Negro community. F. Mohamrned Ali. That is not so.-*-:.HI towhirh was hire a hall tted up the Temple.---&#39." Iwouldn&#39. for the time has not yet come.-~ ~¢-a»-=~. Wali Farrad or Mr. Mr. "&#39. Carrie Ieopi|s Sister Carrie ivioharnmcdj. &#39. D. i Interview with Iuirs. Fard. More about myself Iwill not tell you yet.

tct"|ited as prophet. ll.-I 61&#39. 009 9 4.¬?Li&#39.a-.ms. ProphetD. Alabama.s ofce also indicated the sameorigin.. that hewasClosely and related by bloodto the dynasty the Hashimide of sheriffs Meccawhobeof . He is said to have been educatedat at -. and oi Turh others--are toasthe referred second uncle of &#39. F. W. of however. arereferred symbolicallythecultritualasthe undc Mr.. Fard.Detective: theSpecial by of at Investigation Squad of theDetroitPolice Department estimate 5. i _______ ---e . to his uncle livingin the wilderness North America." Mos- lems theEast~Syri.u L111: Suugcl a 1113- those sage a. ProblemNo. amongthe members the cult a of beliefthat the prophetwas more than man. " l-htimated ofcials thecult. W. but to haveabandoned of of every thing to bring freedom.. J .the black men in the wilderness North Arnerica-of . _ college England. justiceand equality.- . Ford..in preparationa in for diplomatic career the in service the kingdom the Hejaz.t" Not all who attended the tn ng5 au AL .He told police moreabouthimself thanhe would CF31 US.-.. [Ell rue r-iioaoesWHOHEARD rue cAi..-a92_&#39. Mt. South Carolina. -_.-4 came Lings of Lhe Heju. The interviewsdisclosed that Sister arrie Moharnrned certain and others claimthat the prophet graduated fromtheUniversity Southern of Ta|iIornia LosAngeles in I Syrnbolizcd thelettersJ E on theMuslim hanging thehome every by F in of cult member. -. and Investigations cult members of by the WayneCountyProsecutor&#39.__. VOODOO CUIT AMONG NEGRO MIGRANTS 397 Mohamrned Prophet the sprang. as BrotherYussuf Mohammed claimed: "When police the asked tivho was. Duringthe touryears hisministry.000.Farcl. of surrounded robbed and completelyby the Cave Man.. 1&#39. &#39.92 u&#39.. Interviews with more than two hundred M05le1n families showed that with less than half- a-dozen exceptions wererecentmigrants all from the rural South.. approximately thousand eight Negroes in Detroitheard thecall" and became members of the Nation of Islam. to in of W. Georgia. Tnckiagfor Found of{shun0illntlleuuatical hie Last Notion in Way.however. The AmericanNegroes-.-t 6. the majority having come to Detroit from small communitiesin Virginia. 30. There hasgrown. him he he said:I am the Supreme Ruler of the Universe. U..Many ridiculed attacks him a his against the Caucasians and were angeredby his criticisms the churches of andthe preachers. Mississippi._ .

.t&#39.u|_1lI&#39. was The " W11. .but after alsohad visitedtheir old homesin the Southoneor more times theirmigration before and theyhadcome intocontact with the Nationof Islam..ey reinterpret in tended to with sinister implications incidents race of contact the South. that these people weredescendants Morrocans.Alsowasbeat and killed by the ones that aclvoczited that kind of God.11.lllI&#39. God for hreacl. upon luture the memberstheNation Islam largely of of was indirect.-. &#39. set..:-..]92~ them hlind to tlieni. 1.+ to ol rare ll&#39. .. I B93 . ._._. but nakedand out of doors.Part sec... priorto thecollapse the Marcus of Garveym0ver"nr11I -wily-wi A iew of tnem had comeunder the intluencc the Moorish-Arneri of can cult which succeeded The eettt of both these I" J92.».I aflhe Notion Islam. oi thesouthern . "Ihishas of IL ll. He l92 &#39.ster_92&#39.hunger. memorized verbatim the pupils the lniversit_v try at of Islam.1l t&#39.l ol themhadbeen Negroes. prophet Moorish-Anuericans. .l21llHll.lh¬I&#39.-llter their brief sojourntheNorthth&#39." thedevilkeep [!t&#39.ri.art Fard. -. Koran &#39. a llIA .&#39. 14 00090 .92 it. Me andmy people havebeen fromhome 37o_92t&#39.l192&#39._.£tll_92&#39..r. already a consciou. Q..i&#39. Fard.-at-Ives that he can masterthem. ."" so A92l92&#39. Why does our iliiu-r ate? ho that he can We theni for a tool and also a slaw-.&l-ic&#39...:-I THEAMERICAN JOURNAL SOCIOLOGY OF ___ the Moslemsonly not had migrated recently from the South."" The illitt-rac_92&#39.-enes.a-. |&#39. llt&#39..lua." &#39._ .-aa.quest Jfnorish l"hicago_ p.~l migrants fromthe South came into contact with militant rnote ments among ti921l&#39.--.ll.lt.. lf3 none in theNorth.Only fewmanuscript a Copies extant.l&#39. Through these visitsthey hadbecome moreeonscious racediscrimination the part of the Caucasians..-~i. J 5| 1.tl1l.. Drew the ofthe proclaimed Garvey taught Negroes their the that homeland Ethiopia. worshiped same by ilrho the Godastheydidandworshiped in thesame Him way.tl&#39.ecn-!R1&#39._ .&#39. in They began realize lynchings theindignities thejim Crow to that and oi system wereperpetrated Caucasians.92&#39." newer of The migrants entered social a milieu which atmosphere tilled in the was * 92 Noble Ali.* Qucsliansfor Americans H123!. are " A cult termpronounced lrickenollogy..egr0e...llSLllI&#39.ars who lost for havetried this so-called m_92-&#39. la-:cn preicrvedas an oral tradition.. In many of its partstheSecret Ritualof thecultreectsthearoused feelings with whichthese Negroes returned from their visitsto the South. o. clothingand lllJITlt&#39... of on .~I llir to Caucanowseemed sian "triclrnollogj.1 Sun! Ritual.----Ml-I _. a And we receive nothing hard times.

the a i &#39. » 00091 M . " Teaclaingfar Lost Found Nation oflrlam in MathematicalWay. __4___ _- _. Problem No. also one at bedtime. 193:. His pulse beat more than eighty-eight times per minute: therefore he goes to the doctor every day and gets medicine for every day in the year: one after each meal and three times a day.. regular fever." as the North wasknown in Negro poetry and song. when rst they came to the land of hope. Un- accustomed the climateof the North.ror women to two welfare workers on learning that the fanatical Robert Harris had intended them for human sacrices as indels .~» . Harris stated to the police that each of these was a "no good Christian. Long before their i 5 J new prophet appearedthem among they werewonderingwho they were and whence they had oorne.__ 92 _ ." and that they would have been sacriced if he knew where he could have found them.-.s_ . . headaches. rheumatism." A further disillusionment came from their own physical discomfort resulting from iiie in crowded quarters in a northern city. chills.92 A - v9292_ . noted at the time as a. ofithe man cities had Even before they met the prophet.. they had begunto blame the Caucasian for their aches and pains. An Asiatic trend among Negro dole recipients of the Elmwood district. hay fever. 6.. Their oondition is described by the Prophet ard in his teaching: F He had fever.92. the attitudes shown by the welfare agents increased their hatred of the Caucasian civilization._.and they sufferedtheir of rst experience urban destitution. to to these people soon developed many bodily ailments. I-le was disturbed with foot ailment and toothaches.i ii 1 VOODO0 CULT AMONG NEGRO MIGRANTS 399 with questions aboutthe originof their people. . Fprced to stand waiting for hoursto receive their dole._ n " --._q»~__ -- i .. i Delrail Times. . to-daymme backwith hol&#39. The migrants did not nd life in the North as pleasant as they had expected it to be. The depression deprivedthem of their means livelihood. and especially its winters." Themigrahts realized theysuffered that much more physical pain than they had in their old homes. November 22. _. The welfare workers including those even of their own racebecame symbolic oi all that these peoplehated._.---i- _ -_.They connectedthis suffering withthe ciyilization white towhose they come..passing whim. grippe. also pains in all joints..these people began believe to that race discrimination was evident in the North as well as in the South._. Though public relief cameto of their rescue.0 1 I I H .

_. The prophet explainedto the people that the recommended books and addresses were symbolic and could be understood only through the interpretation which he himself would give at the templeservices. ..n-.&_. -0 .ui&#39.a .The Koran itself wassoonintroducedas the most authoritativeof all textsfor the study oi the newfaith... " &#39. it became necessary organizeclasses Englkh so that they might beable to in to read the proofs about themselves. Theprophefsteaching in substance follows: was as moth.HE AMERICAN JOURNAL OF SOCIOLOGY III ORGANIZED CULT Malmdjusted migrant Negroes cameinto contactwith the prophet at the informal meetingsin thdr own homes..&#39._.. Here oompletely dependent upon his interpretation._ _t - . however.." They 92 were also instructed to purchase radiosin order that they might listen to the addresses of JudgeRutherford. The prophets message characterized his ability to utilize was by to the fullest measure environment his followers. biblical prophecies the teachingof Marcus and Garveyand Noble Drew Ali werecited as foretellingthe comingof the new prophet. . stolen from City 379 ago... Sincemany of thesepeoplewere illiterate._ . 4 * _/""92 _ . Shcblzz..Membershipwas recognizedand "registered. tootheywere to..7 ~__. prophet the referred his followersto the Writingsof Judge Rutheriord._._mi.. _ -1--.With the changeto temple servioesthe movement took on a more formal character. uded only the Arabictext whichhe translated exand plained thebelieve:-s.Their physithe of cal and economic difficulties alike were used to illustrate the new teaching 5imilarly._..so.-7 .." The movement itself becameorganized in a hierarchi- cal manner.!&#39. such as Breasteds Conquest Civilization and Hendrik van Loons Story of of Mankind..----&#39. and others.. by traders the of Holy Mecca years blockmen NorthAmerica notNegroes.....--H . .. As additional proofsof his message. . members thelost in are but of I I 00092 L/M . .---.""*j.the prophet himself prepared certain texts which served as authoritative manuals of the religion and were memorized verbatim by all who became members of the Nation oi Islam. of Jeh0va. Frank Norris... --Q. the Baptist fundamentalist. ii 900 . The teaching becamesystematized.hs Witnesses.___. To give more systematiccharacterto his teaching. and to some well-known works. to a miscellaneous collection of books on Freemasonry and its symbolism.-....¢. The prophet.

%r::e jam Lindsey Glrrett became Huziez A Henrv Wells became Anwar Pasha William Blunt became Slmrrie Allah.whichthe prophetwas supposed know »¢ to inrough Spiritoi Allahwithinhim. workmusthave this been extremely protahlvIu theprophet.-""&#39.nthemselves..-~-. .. Rims! the Sucre: id Native Islam. prophet The explained seeming @3takeasdueto hisdivine knowledgethedierentpaternity the of of three brothers.fromwhomtheCauca|inmhndt1kenlInyth % &#39. they mustclan: themselves up-both their bodies and their houses. entire The teachingsymis bulic can understood b_y initiates. neglecting mention their lettersthat to in they blood were brothers.iclt0ndlndtoh!in. in 14 e¢c5.&#39. given toregistered but only Moslcml.thl.and Mohammed to of .~ -_.-q-.&#39.*-cent Ritual and is. printed. of "rm. avoidingall meetof "poison a._.1&#39.ninuu.p0saums and <-.. Hu&#39. hogs. despite omniscience. he wouldtake them hack to the Pandile ii-omwhich theyhadbeen |tolenthe HolyCityof M0061.-.s. Since sumof money-~-usually dollars--was a ten required to secure original the name.IheCeuen.>e..&#39. textIn of in Way. of Part I.i. &#39.ha&#39.hattheyI-retheoriginll peoplqnohleetoftheneonl oltheelrth.3h hdlnn. and be only the i . in this If way they obeyedAllah. in 40 The. to true selves. Thus. They mun giveup completely useof stimulants..-mish. his the prophet once gave the surnames Sharrie. i p TCompiled{lie tens by prophet: from three ialuedthe Taackingfor Found the Les! Nation Islam Q Moth!-Ilalicdl eonliiting 34 problems. the especially liquor." u A Those whoaccepted teaching this became menandwomen.einA...< z llltioalllitbirliigion.1 qgqgjinhn-no-s---bu--mourn-Act-on-a-1-. jxph She.92 arr.which is Arabic.his originalname. -----&#39.nn.whichis Islam. especially alculus..geese.-v VOODOO CULT AMONG NEGRO IIIGRIANTS 90! TH|IOphetelmetoAIsa&#39. Karrie-rn.1heynu.. as the prophet expressed wererestored theiroriginaland it..They mustlive according the law of to Allah. &#39. ducks.As mark of thisrestoration prophet s the gavethem back their original names which the Caucasianshad taken from them. still orally. I1.truumiited was.mu-etheoolored people.P92It lacs. The originalpeoplemust 1-"gain their religion.nlurnt.mericliheywerelivingot. new or. Examples thechanged the of names are. Apparentmistakessometimes occurredwhen three or morebrothers appliedfor new names.1I|id..-=8 thethree Poole brothers.Eachnewbeliever wrote separate Q letterasking +..rd Shr. . their language. and their culture. which is astronomy and higher mllhemltics.sincethey havelost their origiml color.

Minister Islama corps assistant oi and of ministers. They bathed at least once a day andkept their houses scrupulously" so that they might clean.Thiswas in undoubtedlyimportant an factor in thecultssurvival theproph."astrono- my. especially with the police. Chief of these was the Uni~ versity oi Islam to which the children of Moslem families were sentratherthan to the public schools. i &#39.902 ... and sex except with ministers oi Islam.-vas tontrolof groupoi officers underthe a trainedspecially by the prophetfor their task.t my righteous I giveup name. Gluttony.That name is my life. Finally the entiremovement was .-:t&#39. and by Within threeyearsthe prophetnot only beganthe movementbut organized it sowellthathe himself ableto recede thebackground. were prohibited completely.and general the knowledge ending thespook and of civilization. Here they weretaughtthe of the Cauca- knowledge of our own. Eachoi these organizations&#39. That women might keep their housesclean and cook food properly.Fearof trouble with the unbelievers. renamedSister Rosa Karriem. The rapidincrease membership in madenecessary develop the ment of a formal organization.drunkenness.therewasestablished MoslemGirls Training and Genthe eral Civilization Class." rather than the civilization sian devils." They became ashamed their old slavenamesthat so of they considered theycouldsuer nogreater that insultthan to be addressed the old name. to the founding the Fruit of Islam~~ led of a military organizationthelmen were for who drilled captains by and taughttactics andthe useof firearms. wouldn&#39..--en. all of whom been had selected trained theprophet.. William Moy. extra-marital relations. They soughtto live in conformitywith by the Law of Islamas revealed themby the prophet. Subsidiaryorganizationshad been established as the need lor them arose.92 0 as 00094 . Courses weregiven in higher mathematics. put away all marks of the slaveryfrom which the restoration the of original namehadsetthemfree. placed under a. " Mrs.-n - THE AMERICAN JOURNAL OF SOCIOLOGY --_ The people secured newnames who the value themastheirgreatest treasure. that they to so might be worthyof their originalnames. was into appearing almost neverto his followers duringthe nal months of hisresidenceDetroit.s after departure. idleness.

_"&#39. apparently theprophets in masage werecertain teachingswhich.. Secret Rilsci.._.__..*"""""" ~ .. john Smith.... 0 _-. of Smithagreed." prophet taught Allah in The also that demands obedienceunto death from his followers.-4_-hum.. In and of r___ revolt against position.-y --./&#39.- -.. Robert Harris._e__.-%. andlatthe hourappointed thesacrice~g:oo for A11. November1932.-0&3.._. Harris as said. T I 1&#39.erected altar in hishome 1249Dubois an at Streetandinvited hisroomer.. .9._. .led to schisrns of withinthe membership thecultandto persecution without._e.A prominent member. -_»-._.-_ -_. in seceded organized and a small Moslem group of hisownin whichthecardinal principle loyaltyto theConstituwas tion oi the United Statesand to its flag. 10.-_¢-==--""* " ..No Moslem dare refuse the sacrice of himself of hislovedones Allah requires On or if it.-0 903 Inher . s w"--rw -1-us--.. " Fard. i . Ii Moreserious diiculties arose overthe question humansacriof tice The prophets position this question nevermadeclear.~r_.-." us.1_g.. After constantrea.s.d&#39. renamed Robert Karriem. from the very beginning the movement.. Fearfulof race riots..___.9. currences rumors humansacrice or attempted of of sacrice. 4.tr_.»=e&#39. of conscious the of presence thecult through rst widelypublicized of its human sacri- tice. childrenbe must removed from the publicschools sent to the University Islam. fro.. on was He taughtexplicitly that it wasthe duty oi everyMoslern oer to assacriure tour _aucas-ian devilsin orderthat he mightreturnto hishome Mecca.. to himself a human as sacrice.____92 00.-ii &#39. this Abdul Mohammed.._______.i._ r VOODOO CULT AMONG NEGRO MIGRANTS SCHISMS AND PERSECUTIONS . thejudges the recorders of courtreleased suspended with sentence almostall of the rioters. the people Detroit became 21..... __ ._____.=s.95 alg ---.___. the Saviour theworld.The attendance ofcers of theBoard Education thepolice of and attempted break to up the University Islamand to compel children returnto the of the to publicschools..Sincethat time the University Islam of has continued its classes.=-r-. of from Theprophetthat proclaimed hisfollowers not belong Amerdid to ica.... sothathemight become.-Harris plunged lmiie into Smiths heart.-cs. They werecitizens the Holy City of Meccaand of their only allegiance to the MoslemTheir was flag.=_.-----4--<~. Part 1&#39. present j.lg. 1.. on .-92 *r-~*&#39. ggi rm-1 Vet-laneMr-Om:-an rnnarnnrlvu VF!-ensA1._o.This led to a severeriot in which the members the of cult tried to stormthe police headquarters.-.. of therst offione cers thetemple. .-.-&#39.

Withhis deportation. These perF secutions have naturally to a led greater solidarity amongthe cult members and a to constantly increasing isolation the Moslems oi from the other residents of the Detroit Negro community. I._-i.92 .. Challouehliczilczese. The eect oi the schisms was selective.----_--__. oi this schmisrnatic movement came nought.-. rstof these The efiorts was madeby the Communists in r932. EFFORTS TO EXPLUIT THE MUVEIIENT The solidarity and cultural iwlation of the Mosiems have ren- dered ineectual to redirect the various the activities attempts madeby interested order to further their parties own of the cult in particular purposes. to have cleansed him from all sin. &#39._ --.__.__ _..An Ethiopian. This and sacricewas.-. oi desiring to remain within framework the of the cult but to avoid humansacricegrthe necessity which an of as ezpiation ofsin forms oi the most hotlydebated s one ts among the cult members. . who soughtto lead theiM0slems to swear allegiance the Mikado: a to Only small minority of the members followed him into the new movement he 92 organiaedThe DevelopmentOur Own. .-. 00096 mun &#39..W ___* i &#39. arrested he was as prepared for ___n the ceremonial-slaying cookingof his wife and daughter. The question of sacrice has aiso serious ted to intemal ciashes.. sought in June. Attacks madeon the cult by the Police Department have been instigated usually the by leaders of Negro organizations.~ -.-..." These cases of human sacrice have directed to the cult much --._. as he said.--o-. L .. Rebels against the Will of Allah.. _ attention from the Police Department so that the cult has been forced to pursue many of its activities in secret. This too. I 904 - THE AMERICAN JOURNAL OF SOCIOLOGY of oneof the assistant ministers. have theTemple and left organized another TempleIslam. At present themembers of the cuit have come under the inuence of certain anti-Union inter- l 4* ? . 1934._. -u...4-.s==u-----._ _._...to reorganize Lhe movement asmeans oi sendingnancial supportJo a Ethiopia.-.a reserve Japanese oicer.. leaving within the parent organization those who were bound togetherby common attitudes andcommon loyalties.»..._.-A - -~.r. to Wyatzewixard S.4&#39.-. was unsuccessful. J.nn-~--~-- ---t.. . Persecutions and schisms alike have tended to increase the cul- tural isolation of the members of this group." ...1 . &#39. Then came Major Takahashi.. but the cult members rebuffed their appeal." asthey arecalled.

offer They dence of thanksto Allah for this evi- his favor.I. J | 0 92 00097 . of of ADJUSTMENTS or cum" nrimaas URBAN aconolnr IN ma T t | At the time of their rst contactwith the prophet. of and Through Nation Islamthey havegained newstatus the of a and a new condence in themselves. despair.. money No whatever spent them is by on liquor..they rejoice the knowledge theythemselves superiors in that are meeting l i _ members an inferior race. automobiles.tobacco. however. Their onemeal the day consists or of al"Written in August.At thepresent time thereis noknownof case unemployment among these people. 1 I VOQDOD CULT AMONG NEGRO MIGRANTS 905 eats talkviolently thewar theC. The members the of cult. They tend purchase expensive to more furniture. pork.Practicallyof themareworkall ing in the automobileand other factories.. but rent homesin some of the best economicareas in which Negroes have settled. While this trend seems very pronounced present.doubtless.. I937.O. still and less likelyto detachfromthe Nation Islamany its members.They live no longer in the slum sectionaround Hastings Street. When they meet Caucasians. and clothes E than do their neighbors evenin these areas of higher-class residence. is partlyto postdepression conditions employment to the increased of and hiring of Negroes a result recent as of labortroubles.though statistical no study hasyet been of made comparative unemployment cult members otherrecentNegromigrants.s--.. f and The ascetic manner of I life of the Moslems also has contributed to theireconomic improvement. and of of against Allah. To someextent their claim appearsto be justi- 1 fied. of of unem- ployed.5 the members the cult wererecipients publicwelfare.% of removing thePlanet from EarthQ Union orgmizers.claim that they have secured work much more easily than haveother Negroes.practicallyall &#39. those show marks debauchery. Employmentmanagers of tend to accept morereadilypersons whose appearance givesof evidence cleanlivingandself-reliance. is unlikely at it to leaveany permanent impression uponthe movement. and the:-. Thisimproved economic adjustment due. than who the of defeat. living themost and in deteriorated areas Negro of settlementin Detroit.

.-V. in however.-_&#39.Consequently their and expenditure onfood issignicantly smaller than isthat of other Negroes in Detroit. ~. ltnown as Temple the People.re. . there sprang Phoenix-like the Moorish-Americanof which prophet cult the was Noble Drew Ali. not extended is to visible marks ofsuch status.D._ . W.&#39.&#39. they obliged feel to live in good houses to and wear good clothes. The prophettaught them that they are the descendants of nobles in theHoly CityMecca.. 92-Q. Since Mr. Fard.=. When go we home to Mecca. &#39. just allour people like who live there use. After one branch has groyn..~_-__-. begun decay. we will able get be to really good furniture. and to another shoot.-.. ._.. automobiles.*&#39. This economy consumption. this The organization is also tizndingbecomepmore amorphous.: ..V __. ourished. Mr. the i 92 00098 t.--.Fard alone To do they offer prayerand sacrice. there many are evidences of the ~>1nve"h"I loss of militant aggressiveness once which characterized group. and clothes.. members of cult constantly declare the that 1 they are ashamed that have been to they not able purchase better commodities or rentliner homes to This furnitureis thebest we could allordto buy here inthe wilderness North America. the Mr. After this prophets disappearance and stabithe lization of movement a the as formally organized denomination. This new movement..L&#39. /"1 906 THE AMERICAN JOURNALOF SOCIOLOGY -#1! most entirely of vegetables fruits._t A _"v _ NJ &#39. . an though always with in- creasing degree of race-Consciousm-5..l. with the god Allah. Militant and cultist movements among migrant Negroes in the cities of the North have formed a sort of tree.e&#39.v-=2-2"W.°" I _ ______. as houses.-1 up begin over to again the same l_92&#39.---92:-=». To show oi their escape slavery from and their restoration theiroriginal high to status. where of we have liveother than to ourselves.r -&#39. V.ll.--_c. --- -- -. RELATION ro OTHER NEGRO &#39. -. Despite expenditheir ture onthese items. identies prophet. to From among the larger group Moslems of there has sprung recently an even moremilitant branch than the Nation of Islam itself. Fard hasbeen deied." -&#39..-I-. i"""&#39.TS Thestory the oi Nation of Islam cannot be considered complete as in itself.q1Q . there sprang theNation ofIslam. -. £7 i W 4.-» and anti-Caucasian prejudice Out of wreck theMarcus Garvey the of movement.-&#39. Although cultural up the isola- tion of members thiscult has declined the of not during the three years oftheir prophets absence.L&#39.

r -"&#39.." » " /-t.. . ~$ ""&#39.tt|lt&#39. l rill!!!-r |92 &#39. _s _ _--_&#39. Fard himselfchanged this namelater "Elijah Mohammed to indicatethe higherstatusto whichthe minister Lu W85 l&#39. W. ---~+&#39.. Fard.r1§tnetl"&#39."""&#39.-&#39... > tr &#39.Rs1Tv or Mtctncm " Hi. A former assistantof his." Mr. of theTemple Upponents People contend that BrotherTheodoreRozier is not qualifiedto he ministernf [slamsincehe received the revelation "secot92dha. admits that he never saw the "Savior.-&#39.d. .each running through its cycleof growth and decay and all of them interwoven as strands a. . Rlijah Mohamrned.1..nil.-7 P &#39. ... _.~." " Une of the newerConverts. The pmphel conferredon him the name of "Elijah Kan-iem.»-musing-=-av-&#39.. h *"---=1-W Q 7 F . l&#39. Moslems opposed the Temple People to deny this and continue speakoi to Brother l-Ilijah Karriern. -&#39. 1&#39. 92-92i.4» §&#39. The TemplePeople claimthat Mr. now a resident Chicago. Brother TheodoreRozier. I VOODOO CULT AMONG NEGRO MIGRANTS 907 -.-R slave name was Elijah Poole. 4 .. _ _ _.i -. of He is always referredto reverentlyas the Prophet Elijah in Chicago. I!. . and that he learned [slamsolelythroughhis contact of withthe"Prophet ElijahMoha.mvr. Fundamentalto them all is the effortof migrant of Negroes to securea status satisfactoryto themselvesafter their escape theoldsouthern from accommodation and ofwhite Negro. Thus continuesthe chain of these movements... has become the minister and director of the new movement.web.»-_.-an Temple Peopleraise to the rank of prophet the former Minister of Islam.. the Haitian Theodore Rozier..~_. IJ._. l .¥0:¢- . . W.