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Interim Designation of Agent to Receive Notification of Clainied Infringement Full Legal Name of Service Provider: Weep Visun's, inex Alternative Name(s) of Service Provider (including all names under which the service Provider is doing-business): jprncwers Wes, Le-crlpay Wen Dean Address of Service Provider:_/4b28 N. 76" As. Grenaié,Az omg Name of Agent Designated to Receive Notification of Claimed Infringement:_\grgy laseeeson I Full Address of Designated Agent to which Notification Should be Sent (a ?.0. Box or similar designation is not accepéable except where it isthe only address that can be used inthe geographic location): 28 N. 70% AVE. rieOaLe, AE B550@ Telephone Number of Designated Agent:_(23.52/.7427 Facsimile Number of Designated Agent:_ 173.294.5076 Email Address of Designated Agent:_wicka) Sionanire of @sticer or Representative of the Designating Service Provider: __ Date:_January 15, 2004 * > #Added by co vn per phone ‘Typed or Printed Name and Title: _Haray dacremod, ic, PresvenT Wiese.p Vision, te. Roe Note: This Interim Designation Must be Accompanied by a $30 Filing Fee Made Payable to the Register of Copyrights, RECEIVED FEB @ 4 2008 YRIGHT OFFICE on : TOUT