The combing of the hair the brushing the hand holding the strands brushing her hair Coco wishes it was her hair wants to feel more than hair wanting to feel full stop to enter in to hold to kiss to take each inch of skin and lick and o gods of wherever is this love? such overwhelmingness such empting and the hair held the fingers letting run through the sensation the breath held the breathing paused love o love o love and then

there is this that wanting to be with wanting to have and kiss and the brushing of hair and eyes taking in each aspect from each angle and she is speaking and Coco hears but doesn’t listens but the words are slippery as eels and are gone but there allusive just out of reach and the neck and the skin and that space her eyes settle on and that bath time that watching as one does that drying of another as one is paid to do but more

o love wants more not once not twice or thrice but forever if such there is for this young miss for Coco to have and hold and deeply kiss.

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