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February 20, 2013

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SI()w economy to blame for city strike
Tensions are' high this week between City workers and City management . as talks berween the two' broke down last week, and again this week. Workers walked off the job Saturday afternoon for a day-and-ahalf of job action. The walk-off resulted in Cariboo Memorial Complex being shut down, sadly forcing the final rwo Stampeders games in the series against the 'Roos to 'be played in Quesnel. The rwo opposing sides met again at the table Monday mornof us in the private see- many tense meetings ing briefly but workers tor don't have. before all of that is figwere, walking off the Labour disputes are ured out, and it could ultimately lead to job job again by noon. messy no doubt, but Some management, this one seems to have "loss. ' left to close buildings the-potential ,to be parThere is no deny-. ticularly personal, _ and do what work they ing that' economic slow It isn't fair to ask downs are. hard' on could, were visibly angered by the strike workers to settle for less workers' arid on comMonday, while strikers and essentially take one munities. also aired their frustraIt is particularly for the team-during dif- tion at management. ficult. economic times· hard on small ones like Willia.Il1s Lake where a Some workers said when leaders are not tr~y are being told the prepared to make any strike may pit neighconcessions themselves. City has no money bours against. neigh- Teachers in thedishowever say manage~ bours, friends or even ment receives many trict are also under the. family. perks. - Let's hope that much gun lately as School Equally, city workers District 27 staff and needed turnaround trustees work to either in the local economy enjoy many benefits, or reconfigure such as good wages and 'close comes sooner ratrher job securiry.-that many schools. There will be than later.

Extraterrestrial rock creates earthlv re

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