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Organizational Behavior

Organizational Behavior

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Organizational Commitment
Organizational Commitment

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Published by: Jacob on Feb 21, 2013
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Based on your experience and readings, what are the important characteristics needed to build organizational commitment (citizenship

) and why?

Basing largely on experience, I would say that some of the most important characteristics of a valuable employee in an organization to build organizational citizenship would be: 1. Responsibility 2. Attitude 3. Dependability 4. Honesty and integrity

Responsibility Responsibility is not just simply standing up and taking accountability for mistakes you’ve made. It is rather something more. Being a boss for example in an organization, we tend to hold on to those employees who have full responsibility and initiative in undertaking their work. Those who look for what needs to be done and do it rather than waiting for duties to be assigned to them. Responsibility is offering solutions to problems in a constructive manner, and asking questions to try to learn more rather than to stick to what they already know and have been told. Being responsible clearly show a significant relation to build organizational commitment.

Attitude Some people are naturally upbeat, positive and easy to be around. Having an employee with a positive and proactive attitude and disposition tend to increase worker productivity and thus building organizational commitment. Of course, no one wants to work around someone who maintains a

unfortunately. Dependability Reliability is a trait that is – or should be – instilled at an early age. Be known for performing tasks well all the time. Being able to work without a supervisor hovering over your shoulder is a sign of discipline. such an employee needs to sit down with the supervisor or boss . positive. show people that they can depend on you. Accordingly. no matter what you are assigned to do. Being nice is a simple social skill that. We must remember that simple commitments are important too. Holding back because one is afraid of working more than others and not be rewarded for it is an immature belief. Being a team player. but a positive outlook and a pleasant disposition – combined with fundamentals such as work ethic and discipline – make for a well-rounded employee. and that you keep your commitments. return phone calls. and perform tasks on time. A smile alone won't get the job done. Flexibility and enthusiasm also are components of possessing a good attitude. your company and your boss. It includes doing your best work for your work team. is difficult if you're not approachable and if you don't play well with others. cheerful attitudes can also be “contagious”.negative attitude. Arrive to work on time. Even dependable and responsible employees may not have the most cheerful dispositions. Closely related traits are work ethic. strive to achieve a consistent level of quality and excellence. In addition. It boils down to an employer being able to count on you to show up. many people lack. be prepared and not steal – either physically or by stealing company time. which is another attribute of a successful employee. honesty and integrity. “pessimism breeds more pessimism”. Honesty/Integrity This is more than just telling the truth. stay focused. do your job. Likewise. By your actions. and employees often can overcome deficiencies such as lack of experience simply by showing up on time and performing their assigned duties.

at home. . Clearly. honest employees are somewhat a foundation in order for an organization to be successful. or anywhere else. The action of doing as little as possible while others make up the difference is not a likeable personality trait at work.and ask about the chances for advancement and raises and how to accomplish them.

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