He is Risen!!!

How much do you know about The Savior’s Resurrection?


Important Places

Wow! Really?

What the Resurrection Means to Me

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All Trivia based off Elder Russell M. Nelson’s Talk Life After Life (Ensign May 1987)
Witnesses 100 Who was the first known mortal person to witness The Savior’s Resurrection? (Mary Magdalene) 200 This apostle didn’t believe Jesus was resurrected. He wanted to witness and see him with his own eyes! (Thomas) 300 True or False: At one point, Jesus appeared to over 500 brethren on a mount by the shores of Galilee. (True) 400 President Benson has said that 2,500 of this people touched the Savior’s hands and feet to feel the nail prints and His wound in His side. (The Nephites) 500 This apostle was so excited to see The Savior resurrected that he jumped off a boat into the sea to get to shore where Jesus was.(Peter) Important Places 100 After Jesus died, He taught these people in another realm… a place we haven’t been to yet. (The post earthly Spirit World) 200 Read 3 Nephi 17:4- Where did the Resurrected Savior go to show Himself? (The Lost Tribes of Israel) 300 Joseph Smith saw the risen Savior here. (The Sacred Grove) 400 See picture below. Jesus taught His Apostles for 40 days after His Resurrection. He promised them the power of the Holy Ghost and that they would be witnesses of the Savior. Then, as the Apostles watched, Jesus was taken up into heaven. Two angels appeared and declared to the Apostles that Jesus would come again. Where did The Ascension of Christ take place. (The Mount of Olives) 500 Cleopas and possibly Luke were met by Jesus. They didn’t realize it was The Savior until He blessed bread for them, then vanished. Where did Cleopas and Luke walk with Jesus? (On a road… bonus point if you can get-on a road to Emmaus)

Wow. Really? 100 Jesus ate this after He was resurrected. (Broiled Fish and Honeycomb) 200 This vile person persecuted the church, but Jesus appeared to him and helped him change his ways. Jesus told this person, “it is hard for thee to kick against the pricks.” Who was the person and what did Jesus mean? (Saul/Paul and it’s hard to fight against the truth) 300 Fill in the blank- ‘For ______ thou art, and unto _____ shalt thou return’ Genesis 3:19 ”(Dust) 400 True or False: No man could take the life of Christ. He willingly laid down His life for us. (True) 500 The Risen Savior gave His apostles this very important and endless charge, “Go ye therefore, and teach…” who?
(All Nations)

What the Resurrection Means to Me? (For this category, everyone in the family gets to share their answer) 100 Name 3 people you’d like to meet in the Resurrection. 200 What will you say to Christ when you meet Him after you are dead. 300 Name 5 things you can do NOW to prepare for the Resurrection. 400 How does the doctrine of the Resurrection make you feel and why? 500 Describe what you think life after the Resurrection will be like.

This game is not intended for commercial use. Please do not sell or distribute for monetary gain. Thank you. He is Risen Trivia Game Questions by Sofia Lykes February 2013

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