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Radio Trailer Script

Radio Trailer Script

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Published by Ellie Marsh

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Published by: Ellie Marsh on Feb 22, 2013
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Radio Trailer Script

VoxPop: “Babies crying, babies being changed, there’s a lot of work that goes with a baby” Crying baby noise Voiceover: “A new day is dawning in Britain, and with it a new age is being created. The age of teenage pregnancy. Britain is fast becoming one of the worst countries for this, but why? Join me, Ellie Marsh, in my new documentary Textbooks, Tweets and Toddlers, as I go undercover into the world of teenaged parenthood. Along the way I find out about how life has changed for these teenaged parents” VoxPop: “My friends won’t talk to me right now, I’ve only got one or two friends” Voiceover: “The reactions of loved ones to the news” VoxPop: “Well it’s every parent’s nightmare isn’t it, it’s the last thing any parent wants to deal with” Voiceover: “And what you as a society think of these teens” VoxPop: “You’re only babies yourself when you’re a teenager” Voiceover: “Tune into BBC Three, Friday at 9 for a bumpy ride.”

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