Priya Penner 12/20/12

English Estella’s Pearls of Wisdom

Love Others Loving others is very important in life. Before I knew how to love, I was mean, rude and I liked to toy with people and their hearts for fun. I would lead on one of my suitors on and flirt with them. I would then leave and go to another suitor. I also would hurt others, like Pip. God bless Pip who still loved me even though I insulted him every chance I had. I would call him a common laboring boy, who had coarse hands and thick boots. I even made fun of how he called knaves, jacks! I was horrid! “You must know,” said I, condescending to poor Pip as a beautiful woman might, 'that I have no heart- if that has anything to do with my memory." Oh, the horror of the things I said. I might have as well just slapped Pip. But after I married that cruel man Drummle, I started to understand compassion and love. I started to understand Pip’s love for me. Of course, I didn’t feel anything for Drummle but I did understand Pip better. And I started treating Pip more like an equal, like I should have all those years ago. The last meeting we had, I apologized and begged him to be my friend, even after all those things I’ve done.

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