1. Wife: I Hate That Beggar: @ Husband: Why? :o Wife: Rascal, Yesterday I Gave Him Food...

Today He Gave Me a Book... "How to Cook”:/ 2. Ammaila Shopping ela untundho chusthara??
Konadam peekadam undadhu, . Kaani, . . . . . . > Heyyy, idhi chuuudu, . . > Woww, adhi chusavaaaaa..., . . > Adhenti.., . . >Omg, ee color chusavaaaaa..Err, . . > Hey girls, idhi chudandi, . . > Uncle, idhentha??? . . > Aah, Mari adhetha??? . . > Ee color undhe na deggara..., . . > Chal, em baale ..., [ 4-5 hours padthundi ee sodhi antha ] . . . Last ki, baitikochi, padhi rupaila Pani Puri thini, intiki vellipothaaru.. !! xD
:P :P


1. When Rajnikant was a Student…!!! Teachers use to Bunk the classes.... 2. Rajnikant purchased a road roller… Guess why?????? To Iron his Clothes.. 3. Once a farmer replaces scare crow in the farm with Rajnikant‟s statue And Birds returned grains they took last. Year as well.. 4. If Rajni works in BPO, clients would work in shifts! = 5. Rajnikant got 150 questions in exam paper asking - "Solve any 100 questions" He solved all 150 and wrote, " Rascalla!, CHECK ANY 100!".... 6. One day Rajani thought to play cricket in monsoon and rain stopped due to play..... 7. Tonight at 9 Rajani can be seen in the sky… as he is participating in the Asian Games‟ high jump event..... 8. Rajnikant‟s next project is the Titanic in Tamil. However, Rajni has twisted the climax. Both the lead actors and the ship survive. Rajni swims across the Atlantic Ocean with the heroine in one hand and... the Titanic in the other.... 9. “Rajnikant doesn‟t breathe…air comes to hide in his lungs” 10. Once a photo of Rajnikant was given for photocopy. Don‟t even try to guess what happened… We got two copies of the copy machine.... One more: Once upon a time Rajnikant used Tooth Powder to get strong teeth Today that powder is known as “AMBUJA CEMENT” Smart Husband: I sent a text to my wife last night, "Hi babe I'm at the pub with some lads, please try and wash all my dirty clothes and make sure you prepare my favourite dish before I return." I sent another text, "Babe I forgot to tell you that I got an increase in my salary at the end of the month I'm getting you a new car" She text back, "Omg really?" I replied, "No I just wanted to make sure you got my first message." Dear Girls . . . . . . . . . Talking always in English doesn‟t make u a "Hollywood actress"

We Indians Rock everywhere so what if it‟s HELL: A man dies and goes to hell. There he finds that there is a different hell for each country. He goes to the German hell and asks, "What do they do there?" He is told, "First they put you in an electric chair for an hour. Then they lay you on a bed of nails for another hour. Then the German devil comes in and beats you for the rest of the day." The man doesn't like it, so he moves on and checks out the American hell, the Russian hell and hells of other countries. He finds that they're all more or less the same as the German hell. Then he comes to the Indian hell and finds that there is a long queue of people waiting to get in. Amazed, he asks, "What do they do here?" He is told, “First they put you in an electric chair for an hour. Then they lay you on a bed of nails for another hour. Then the Indian devil comes in and beats you for the rest of the day." "But that is exactly the same as all the other hells; so why are so many people waiting to get in here?" wonders the man. He is told,"Because the maintenance here is so bad that the electric chair does not work, Someone has stolen all the nails from the bed and the Indian devil is a former government servant, So he just comes, signs the attendance register and then goes to the canteen..! :P :D Chartered accountant:Sorry, but I can't give you a job. I don't need much help. Article: That's all right. In fact I'm just the right person in this case. You will see, I won't be of much help anyway!! CA shocks article rocks Man at medical store: I need poison Chemist: I can't sell you that Man shows his marriage certificate . . . Chemist: Oh! Sorry, I didn't know u had a prescription.

. .p xD Read Must Engineering and medical college principals argued dat their students r fearless.. ... . " Wow.!!. . .... . And The Most Important One Is: 5) Nice Question. ... Students: abe pagal ho Gaya hai kya takle. . what a beautiful view.... Raise Your Hands Who Know The Answer :) I Used Face book For A Few Days and Got Addicted to It. . ... . But I Am Studying Since I Was 4. . Dey jumped Principal said: see the guts . .... Indian kids on Eiffel tower..!! : P :) =DD: D Top Answers Of Teachers If They Don't Know The Answers: 1) I Think The Question Is Wrong... Engineering college Principal called the students & told dem 2 jump . .":) . 3) Don‟t Ask Foolish Questions. "Chal dekhte hai kiski thook pahle neeche girti hai... ...American kids on Eiffel Tower.?? Principal: see the guts. 4) You Will Study This In The Next Class..” aaakkk thuuuu. 2) I Will Tell You Tomorrow. ... Medical college principal called students n asked 2 jump in sea full of sharks. .

. =P =D .. ~>Jokes dHaMaAL<~ Win An Iphone. .:) 1 Word is Enough To Break a Heart. Plz don‟t try this at home. .:) .. .. . .. A CAR. .. But .!! =D XD Love. . ...:-) 1 Second is Enough To Fall in Love. . Laugh & Enjoy Lifetime Fact: 1 Stone is Enough To Break a Glass.. .. Use A Sharp 0bject To Scratch Here ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒ ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒ Please Do This Now.. keep ur mobile off & start studying. Why the Hell I Am Not Getting Addicted To It =P Open ur books. .. The above stunts r performed by highly professionals. 0r A HOUSE In DUBAI. .. . .. . Why one Chapter is Not Enough to Pass Exam's... . ..

. U Just Pluck It...----------How to Create d Biggest Doubt in ur Wife's Mind 4 u? ? ? ? ? ? Just Suddenly send her SMS Saying. GAME OVER.----------When do you know ur in love? Ans.Thinking C. Nurse: "Kapde utaaro aur yahan late jaao!!" Santa: "Pehle ECG na kar lein ??" .) :P 3:) Rajnikant V/s CID Jokes Why do we sometimes write 'etc' at the end in the exam? bcoz it means. Santa went to hospital for ECG.Capacity. "I Luv u too" . U Water It Daily... -----------------------------.End of T. When you start searching for the cheapest mobile plan -----------------------------..! -----------------------------.! But. E.----------- . When You Love A Flower..!! WaTer LeKa WifE YeDusThuNtE bItcH VoccHi BeeR kAvaLI aNiNdaNtA.The BACK Benchers Teacher: Whats The Difference Between "Like & Love" Student: When You Like A Flower.

.... Why not 11 as Onety One? Doubt By last bench association.---------What will be the girl's name born on 1st of APRIL? Guess Guessa Guess "FOOLAN DEVI...----------V Pronounce 22 as TwentyTwo.U ll get a holiday for pongal but not for idly.----------Whats d diff btwn Pongal n idly? think.What is the Diff b/w Young Age & Old Age? * Simple.think.Why d Hell Should I recognize? -----------------------------.----------What is the diff.----------A Question Asked In A Talent Test: If You Are Married To 1 Of The Twin Sisters..!-----------------------------..---------- Rajnikant V/s CID Jokes There are basically 7 TYPES OF GIRLS... In Young Age Phone Is Full Of Darlings Numbers. B'coz they say each affectionately that : "DARLING NOW U R DEAD". 44 as FortyFour. 3. SCREEN SAVER Girls: .. -----------------------------.. 55 as FiftyFive.... 1... How would You Recognize Your WIFE? The Best Answer .think.. 2... -----------------------------.. HARD DISK Girls: Remember everything forever. -----------------------------.between"GHAZAL" &"LECTURE"?Every word spoken by the girlfriend is "GHAZAL" and Every word spoken by wife is "LECTURE" -----------------------------... -----------------------------..----------"Why is Facebook such a hit? It works on the principle that'People are more interested in others life than their own-! -----------------------------. In Old Age Its Full of Doctors Numbers. -----------------------------.----------Why does d bride & groom exchange garlands at d time of wedding.----------What is the height of confusion? Two earth worms Playing HIDE AND SEEK in a Plate full of noodles. 33 as Thirty Three.. RAM Girls: Forgets about you the moment you turn her off.

5... CPT students..xD Rajnikant V/s CID Jokes The first letter in your name predicts your character. try these with parental guidance. VIRUS Girls : These type of girls are normally called 'WIFE' once enters in your system don't leave even after format. please don't try these at home.. MULTIMEDIA Girls: Makes horrible things looks beautiful. 6.Just for looking. 4.. 7. INTERNET Girls: Difficult to access... :x :P Facebook off Mobile off TV Off Music off No communication with friends No games No enjoyment Only Studying Only Studying |&| only Studying these are some stunts that are performed only by experts known as "CA students" Others. A― Romantic B― Proud C― Innocent D― Lovable E― Good but Hurtful F―Compassionate G― Logical Minded H― Leadership Potential I― Helpful . SERVER Girls: Always busy when needed..

.. in which 2 bodies are connected without any DATA CABLE..! .. MATHS :> KISS is the shortest distance between 2 Lips. COMPUTER :> KISS is just like a LAN....! Class Over: P Love....J― Free-Spirited K― Irritating L― Funny M― Emotional N― Sensible O― Supportive P― Crazy Q―Unpredictable R― Practical S― Loving T― Fake U― Sensitive V― Genius W― Calm X― Easy-Going Y― Intelligent Z― Jovial Comment your letter.! . ECONOMICS :> KISS is that thing 4 which the DEMAND is always higher than the SUPPLY. PHYSICS :> KISS is the powerful process of charging 2 human bodies in a short time. . Laugh & Enjoy INSULT: P ..com Definition of "KISS" from d educational point of view.. bewakoof.! ..

. please try and wash all my dirty clothes and make sure you prepare my favourite dish before I return. . Why Not Heart.) . "Behen Gifts Toh Wapis Karti Ja.?? . . Boyfriend: Please Keep Me In Your Brain..) XD Love. "Hi babe I'm at the pub with some lads. . . . "Babe I forgot to tell you that I got an increase in my salary at the end of the month I'm getting you a new car" She text back. . . "No I just wanted to make sure you got my first message." Rajnikant V/s CID Jokes Very Heart Touching Lines Said By A Boy 2 A Girl During Breakup. Your Heart Is Houseful And Brain Is Empty. Not In Your Heart.. Girlfriend: How Funny.. . . .. " Biskeet Dogs love story.. ." I sent another text. Teri Bhabhi Ko Kya Dunga. ."Omg really?" I replied. .. .. .. . ... . . Laugh & Enjoy Smart Husband: I sent a text to my wife last night. More Empty Space Means More Comfort . Boyfriend: Because .

. They are just searching for me through you Sincerely.. Reactions of friends. . .... Dear Internet. Dear Homework.. they are just using you Sincerely.um in love... They're using u to just make a connection with me Sincerely.? Jaffa Naa Daffa Reaction of friends.? Girl 4: jagrathaga unde baabu... kukkadi kuda avasarama niku. . .. .. esaraina love aa... . Internet.Mundhu dhaawath aithe iyyu. They are only using you to get to me! Sincerely. uko be..? edho okati ra bhai. ..‎ih'ejEcE Dear Computer.um in love....... .. . Girl 1: poradu manchodena.. Boy Boy Boy Boy 1: 2: 3: 4: fekak ra bhai.yciE‎ttcrEECrCED nPcDmEc‎uj E‎j CTI‎Eh‎j‎ h‎EPiE‎EPcD‎riT‎EjET‎'c‎hT . Wikipedia.. . Love story ante chalu vochestaru.... when a boy says . .. Goggle.asale abbay Lu manchollu kadhu..ipatiki masthu vinnam gisonti abadhalu.. Homework.? Girl 2: poradu baguntada. .... when a girl says .time pass aa.: D: D: D Rajnikant V/s CID Jokes ‎ "thgi‎ CIPE" .. Dear Google. Dear Wikipedia.rCTrcEctD...? Girl 3: poradu sound party na.

? (Girl Remains Silent. Marks. . . Dear Exams. They Pass through you just so that they can make me Sincerely. . Boy: Now This Is Not A Good Time to Joke . I M Dying .) Boy: Plz Speak Something. . =P =D . . . Money. But the problem is that you guys don't sleep" Rajnikant V/s CID Jokes Madam: Beta batao Brittania Tiger k packet pe Jo Green dot bana hai uska matlb kya hai? Bachcha: iska matlb tiger online hai=D =)): O: p X_X Love... . . it is not. . . . . They get you just because they want to through me Sincerely. Dear Marks. Biskeet A boy asked God: Is it wrong to sleep with a girl before marriage??? God replied . . . Laugh & Enjoy Boy To Girl: Will You Marry Me . Electricity. They make you just so that they can pay my bills Sincerely.They do you so that they can get me Sincerely. Dear Money. "No child. Exams. . ! Girl: I M Thinking . .

very bitter when mishandled.. diamond.. “=P =D Rajnikant V/s CID Jokes Santa to shopkeeper: bhai koi acha sa shampoo dayna. Chemical properties: 1... Physical properties: 1. shopkeeper:koi gift nahi Hai Santa: magar bottle pay tou likha hai 'dandruff free'. 2. .. . "We Need Six Months Vacation Twice A Year. Santa: aur is Kay sath Jo gift Hai woh tou dou. Very reactive. branded clothes and other expensive items. .Love. Nature: 1.. .=)) -. 2.. Money reducing agent. platinum. . Laugh & Enjoy A Heart Touching Message . Volatile when left alone. 3. . shopkeeper gives him one shampoo bottle. Highly unstable.. Possesses high affinity to gold. 3. 2. Boils at any time.۶ Eey Oooru Nana ManadHi‎ A new element added to PERIODIC TABLE : Name: Girl Symbol: Gl Atomic weight: Don't even dare to ask.. Occurrence: Mostly found in front of the mirrors. Melts when handled with love and care. . ..

. first take a bunch of parsley or Cilantro ( Coriander Leaves ) and wash it clean Then cut it in small pieces and put it in a pot and pour clean water and boil it for ten minutes and let it cool down and then filter it and pour in a clean bottle and keep it inside refrigerator to cool.. Drink one glass daily and you will notice all salt and other accumulated poison coming out of your kidney by urination also you will be able to notice the difference which you never felt before... poison and any unwanted entering our body. the salt accumulates and this needs to undergo cleaning treatments and how are we going to overcome this? It is very easy.۶ Eey Oooru Nana ManadHi‎ Girl: What'll you Do If I Die? Boy: I'll Live Happily for the Rest of My Life! :p The Girl Dies Next Day with a note I'll do everything for your happiness.-. With time.۶Eey Oooru NaNa ManadHi‎ Girl: How much u love me ???? Boy: Like shajahan Girl: Then when u'll build TAJMAHAL for me ??? Boy: Already purchased land.. Waiting for ur death Years pass by and our kidneys are filtering the blood by removing salt.. MORALNever joke with brainless girls :p :D -. Parsley (Cilantro) is known as best cleaning treatment for kidneys and it is natural! .

to Iska Matlab HAi ki. .. Agar Aap kahi ja Rahe hai aur " Kala Kutta " Apke Aage se Guzar Jaye.. .Rajnikant V/s CID Jokes Its Real. . . . . .. " Kaala Kutta " Bhi Kahi Ja Raha Hai. . :P :D . .. .

. . .. vista. . ee stickers unai lappy pina boy: ( chi ne batku) hey screen kindha r pina unadhi chudu girl : hoo ada dell boy : (ippudu velgindhi deEnki) auna dats gud.. . . ye model girl : latest 2012 model oye boy: (vamooo) haha adi kadu dell model amma inspiron aa studio na xps aa girl: emo bill chusi cheptha ley boy : configuration cheppu ram entha hard disk entha processor edi graphics entha girl : anni 30000 loney boy: (thu deeni bathku) sarley nenu adgindhi niku ardham kadu kaani. . . n series . until I bought "LAYS" . net connect chesava? . . .۶ ̃ ̾̃ ‎ )̾--̃( Eey Oooru NaNa ManadHi‎ All my life I thought air was free. . . :P Boy and girl conversation in mobile: girl : hi boy: hi(tube light) girl : hey nenu kotha laptop theeskunna boy: congrats a company (deni mokanki lappy avsarama) girl: intel core.

. . Aadmi: Par sahab to main hu. Servant: Ab main kya karu? Aadmi: Maar de dono ko.girl : shop vadu anni connect chesi untai latest model annadu so undochuu 30000 kadaa. wrong number.. . Servant: Par ghar k piche toh swimming pool hai hi nahi..1 Glass Of Beer After Waking Up.!! Love. said Alcohol is harmful ??? . . Servant pickd up da phone. Avoids Heart Attacks. Aadmi: Memsab se baat karao! Servant: Woh toh sahab k sath kamre me so rahi hai. Servant: Laashon ka kya karu? Aadmi: Ghar k piche swiming pool mein phenk kr bhaag ja.. . Aadmi: Oh sorry.2 Rounds Of Brandy 30 Minutes Before Meal. Helps Digestion.. main hold karta hu. . Helps Activate Internal Organs.1 Glass Of Wine Before Bath.. After killing. boy: (nenu sachipotha ra nayano nenu sachipotha) Love. Reduces Blood Pressure. ..1 Round Of Scotch Whiskey Before Sleep.. Laugh & Enjoy A prsn makes a call frm Delhi 2 his wife. Laugh & Enjoy Who..

Pass It To All You Care. . Kindness Costs Nothing. Can U Say Which Day Is Younger.. Laugh & Enjoy Someone Asked Shakespeare: "U Married A Girl Elder Than U.. Love Comes From Heart Not In Age" Love Has No Age..!!! CHEERS.2 Pegs Of Vodka Before Every Meeting. Helps Quick Decisions. Vachey. Why?" He Showed Him A Calendar N Said "A Week Has 7 Days. Either Sunday Or Saturday ?? So... -MORAL: Senior Girls R Also Available For Boys:P Love Biscuit : A Boy told his gf "Ur eyes are too beautiful" This is called "BISCUIT" Girl replied "Yes they are beautiful Only because U stay in the" this is called "CREAM BISCUIT" :P :D A Bf Brought Present 4 His GF GF(After Opening) What D Hell Wud I Do Wid Dis Diwali Rocket ? BF : U Wanted Stars Na? Now Sit On It N Get Lost!! ۶ ̃ ̾̃ ‎ )̾--̃( Eey Oooru NaNa ManadHi‎ Friend 1 : Maama eroju Exam results raa. net ki velli check chesukundhaam.!!!*beer* Love..

. .. . . . . . . .. . :After Few Minutes: . . . . . "A New Message:" .. . . So. . . . . Rendu Pothe.. .. "Gud Mrng To U&Ur Dad" ani pampu. "Gud Mrng to U and Ur Family . . . nenu maa dad tho unnaa ra... . . . . He Received. . .Friend 2 : Arey Maamaa.. nuv velli Results chuusi naaku Msg chey. .. ... Oka subject pothe "Gud Mrng To U" ani pampu.

) Ek Ladki interview dene gai . . ki Radhe shyam hi uska nam tha faltu Dimag mat lagaya karo. . . . . . . . . . . But the cal goes to another woman. .:D:). . . .:D :P A man calls his wife through an !dea mobile. . . . . Socho Q. . . They loved & got married. Moral: an !dea can change ur wife!! ‎?io'C‎aC‎e‎jTItCDi‎EPC‎ i‎thI‎j c‎ ioPc‎rPDi'‎acPEc‎EPc‎iiEih‎a‎1 . . . .

. .?? .! :@ .when a wife makes tea for husband and take a sip before him.. Boss : nhi. Teri MAA ki Ankh :p Rajnikant V/s CID Jokes Its love when a little girl puts her energy to give dad a head massage. Ladki: Chal ub tu mere sawal ka jawab de.... Wo konsi cheez hai jis k 4 tyres hote hain.when your sister wakes you up at middle of the night to tell the silliest of the things.Boss : batao wo konsi cheez hai jis k 2 tyres hote hain. Its love when your dad screams at you when you don't reach home on time and you‟re not reachable on your phone. she forgot to tell you earlier.) chAlo ek aur sawal.. Its love when a mother gives her son the best piece of cake.. Its love . Its love . Ladki : car ! . Boss: nahi. toyota car :D . . Boss : hehehe !! Ankh.. Love is not just a guy holding a girl and going around the city..?? ...?? ... Wo konsi cheez hai jo dikhne me white hai aur beech mai kaala anda hai.. Its love when your brother gives you a tight hug to make you feel better when your upset. Its love when your friend holds your hand tightly on a slippery road.. hOnda bike . . Ladki : bike ! ... ... Ladki : nahi Saale.

ammailu vaddu asalu 100 years batiki nuvvem Peekuthavv :D :P Dimaag ki Maa Bahen: Police : Where Do You Live? Me : With My Parents. .. . . You Won't Believe Me. . Doctor:. Police : Where Do You All Live? Me : Together. Police : Tell Me.drink chesthava?? Patient:. Happiness@lways!({}) -.nenu 100 years batkali ankuntunna Doctor:. . .2357:5. and hydrogen bond in the ratio of 1. amino acids base pair's. .Love is when u sends a small message to your close relations & friends and bring a smile to their face. ‎ -. mitochondria protein's.girl frnds unnara?? Patients:-. Rajnikant: I can hit the rat's tail's tip's cells.3229. Rajnikant V/s CID Jokes . drink cheyav. Police : Where Is Your Neighbors House? Me: If I Tell You . .۶Eey Oooru NaNa ManadHi‎ Doctor:.nenu ammailaki chala dhoramga unta doctor not at all .cheyanu Doctor:.sarle gani nuvu smoke chesthava?? Patient:. Police : Where Is Your House? Me : Next To My Neighbors House. Me : Next To Mine..cheppu enti nee problem? Patient:. . . . .۶Eey Oooru NaNa ManadHi‎ Shooter: I can aim and shoot the tip of a rat's tail ..cha assalu cheyanu Doctor:.nuv smoke cheyav. Police : Where Do Your Parents Live? Me : With Me.

.. Laugh & Enjoy Best Ad by an AC Company .ingo . .-> CA Rock stars. Life is not about Riding BMW &Mercedes ¤ Its about 3 friends on a single motorcycle riding around the city • Life is not about 75 Rs coffee at CCD ¤ Its about many friends together sharing 10 rs Dairy Milk& Still enjoying • Life is not about Boasting about a 350 Rs movie ticket . Kid: Ur BODY SPRAY is simply superb babe.۶Eey Oooru NaNa ManadHi‎ Math‟s teacher to our oorodu: How much is 5 auto rickshaws plus 5 auto rickshaws? Mana oorodu: One Volkswagen.?? . Nurse: What do u feel now. Teacher: Errr..Girlfrnd to Boyfrnd .. .... "Buy ACs Because .: I am Pregnant. . HOW? Mana oorodu: Very simple. Ye mere Bache Hay....." =P . Girlfriend Rone Lagi aur Boli: “Yaar Sab Aise Hi Kahenge to Kaise CHalega ??" -. 5 auto + 5 auto = Das Auto = Volkswagen! The teacher fainted! Rajnikant V/s CID Jokes Nurse to Kid: Breathe deeply in and slowly exhale. . do it 3 times..The Youth of Today Is Committing Suicides Using Fans .. Boyfrnd: R u Sure. Kid: ok .:P Love.

. . .. . . 1 Stove.) • Life is not about eating at every expensive restaurant ¤ Its about few friends.hehe: D The BACK Benchers Boys-Boys are intelligent than girls. . Vadu Icchindi Kadu Naku Vacchindi Rasostha A thief enters into a house.any proof?? Boy.. late night & boiling MAGGI:P • Life is not about 1. . C my RADIUM WATCH. .¤ Its about a few friends buying50 rs ticket & wondering who is gonna get popcorn dis time . . ... . . . She said to thief . A baby woke up at the same time and saw the thief.. . . . . Girl. . . . . .u always say IntelliGENTS. ... ..5 Ton AC in 45 degrees ¤ Its about few friends lying on the roof top in summer nights at the stars & talking all the funny things about their crushes :) :D Jaffa Naa Daffa A KG boy pulled a girl in2 his room locked d door put off d light pulled her to d bed covered her in2 d bed sheet and said. But u never says IntelliLadies!! Great people Great Thoughts.

..-( Love.۶Eey Oooru NaNa ManadHi‎ If I get 8 hours to cut a tree I ll spend 7 hrs to sharp my knife.. . Laugh & Enjoy Girl (sharmaty hue): Ye Pyar kya hota hai? Boy: pyar ka rishta 2 insano main wohi hota hai jo cement or rait k darmiyan pani ka hota hai For Example Larka = Cement Larki = Rait Love = Pani ab agar cement or rait ko Aapas main mila diya jaye to wo strong nahi honge lekin agar in main pani mix kar diyajaye to koi in ko juda nahi kar sakta. Maybe that little shit will get hard! ‎ -. Ledante daddy ni leputha”:p ‎ -. .. . -Abraham If i get 8 hrs to study i ll spend 7 hrs to find my book -ENG STUDENTS . It's used for headaches. . . it's used for loose motions. 2nd -Calmpose. "Naa school bag ethko po.۶Eey Oooru NaNa ManadHi‎ Jaffa: Enti ala unnav??? Daffa: Na Lover ki Propose chesanu Jaffa: Em Anindi Daffa: I Love u 2 Andi Jaffa: Inkenti Problem??? Daffa: Aaaa Rendo Vadu Evara Ani? Rajnikant V/s CID Jokes Students were asked to name 1 medicine & its use. Teacher-Who told u that. . Johnny-Viagra. 1st student: Anacin. Girl (hanste hue): Kaminey tu shakal se he Mistri lagta he. used for sleeping.My mother gives it to my dad every night saying.? Johnny.

CA Rock stars. Best line for CA EXAMS: Jo ankhon se hamesha rahte hai door wah wah..... Jo aankhon se hamesha rahte hai door wah wah....... . . . . . WO Questions exam me aate hai zaroor...:p

Rajnikant V/s CID Jokes A lady went to doctor for help on sex life. Dr- Give your husband Viagra... Lady- I can't, He hates pills. Dr- Just put it in his coffee. Next week, she came back unhappy. Dr- Was it not good..? Lady- No, it was the best Sex I've ever had. He had few sips of coffee then pushed everything off the table & made love to me right there on the table..! Dr- Well, what's wrong then...?? Lady- I'll never be able to show my face in Mc Donald‟s ever again !!\=D/ =)) Rajnikant V/s Non-veg Jokes Dad asked his daughter What would u do when u grow up? DAUGHTER: become a mother Graduate college get married Dad: Ok,but don‟t do it in that sequence

‎ -- ۶Eey Oooru NaNa ManadHi‎ Girl: I'm jealous. WHEN others girl‟s r looking at u

Boy: Don't be jealous, baby... Girl: Why? Boy: 'Cause you have something that They don't. ... Girl: What? . . . . . . Boy: My heart ♥ :) Rajnikant V/s Non-veg Jokes Good thing about VODKA is that it looks like water... . . . . . . & . . The good thing about college is that . . . Water bottles are allowed :-P Rajnikant V/s CID Jokes A girl realized that she had grown hair between her legs. She got worried n asked mom about that hair. Mom said- "dt part where hairs grow is called Monkey, b proud dt ur monkey have grown hair". d girl smiled. At dinner, she told sister"my monkeys have grown hair" Her sister smiled n said- "that's nothing, mine is already eating bananas"..=)) =)) =)) =)) Rajnikant V/s Non-veg Jokes Define girl . . The 1 who b 4 going out for a party, Gets Facial, Bleach, Waxing, Hair curling, straitening, Threading, Toning, Scrubbing,

Moisturizing, done & Puts on Lipstick, Lip-gloss, Lip liner, Perfume, Body toner, Body lotion, Eye liner, Eye shadow, Eye mascara, Foundation, face powder, rings, bracelets, necklace, nail paint, party dress, sandal purse, and says- Yaar jaldi ki vajah se kuch kar hi nai payi.....:p :p :p =============== ========= Define boy . . The one who b 4 goin 2 party calls his frnd & asks : "Bhai, tu nahaa ke aayega kya....?? Frnd Reply : chal be Saale tere baap ki baraat hai Kya ... :P=D :P :D

Rajnikant V/s Non-veg Jokes Girl In Train - Can I Sit Here?? . Boy- Yes Of course... It‟s All Yours ;) . Girl- Can I Take Some Water?? . Boy- Yes Why Not ;) . Girl- BROTHER which Is the Next Station ?? . Boy - Mere Dimaag Me GPS laga hua hai Kya Chal Bhaaag Hatttt... Kamini Chudail Kahin Ki :D :P Rajnikant V/s Non-veg Jokes A guy asked a girl in a library; “Do you mind if I sit beside you”? The girl answered with a loud voice; "I DON‟T WANT TO SPEND THE NIGHT WITH YOUUU!!!”. All the students in the library started staring at the guy and he was embarrassed. After a couple of minutes, the girl walked quietly to the guy‟s table and she told him “I study psychology and I know what a man is thinking, I guess you felt embarrassed right?"

. I am pregnant!" Kanjoos ne usko gale se Lagaya Aur kaha: "Shabaash beti.The guy responded with a loud voice: "$200 JUST FOR ONE NIGHT!!!? THAT‟S TOO MUCH!!!" .. . :p :) ‎ -. 2 mahine baad dusra beta bola: "Meri GF pregnant h 75. :P :P agree boys??.. Kanjoos ne khamoshi se de diye..000 mang rhi h. “I study Law and I know how to make someone feel guilty" . .. 6 mahine baad Kanjoos ki kuwari beti boli: "Daddy.. CHUP rehne ke" Kanjoos ne khamoshi se paise de diye. Ab paise lene ki baari hamari hai". .۶Eey Oooru NaNa ManadHi‎ During a hug .and all the people in the library looked at the girl in shock and the guy whispered in her ears.. "Lying in bed with someone & screaming OH GOD. . . ...000 mang rhi h... Rajnikant V/s Non-veg Jokes A very important circular from God to all Girls: ... 50. :P Rajnikant V/s CID Jokes Kanjoos baap k bete ne kha: "Papa meri GF pregnant ho gayi h. . and he can look at other girls. A girl's head is always down because she considers her boy to be her world & gets lost in it while a boy's head is always up so that no other guy dares to look at the girl ♥ .....

Tharvaatha telisindi Pichidani.... An engineering boy was deeply in love with his classmate. . I Cannot Transfer File From My Previous Laptop. She Told the Salesman That You Have Cheated Me. :) READ THIS. . Can You Please Try In Front Of Me...!! Salesman: Madam. . Will not b considered as PRAYING! Oka ammai undedi.. Nenu anukunna Premani... Chustu nuvvedi.. One day he proposed her but she got angry refused one day that girl borrowed a book from him &wrote a message: "I LOVE YOU TOO"dont leave me please. Navvuthu paadedhi.. Moral: we should open our books at least once in a year :P :D One Girl Went To An Electronic Shop With Anger & Threw Her New Laptop On The Desk At A Person From Whom He Bought. Paaduthu siggu padedhi..?? This Is What She Did: 1) Right Clicked The Mouse On The File Which She Wanted To Transfer & Selected CUT Option.OH MY GOD. 4) Right Clicked The Mouse &Selected The PASTE Option. 2) Disconnected The Mouse From That PC.... ... Roju chusedi..!! . but the boy didn‟t see that msg never talked to her 3 years passed finally that girl committed suicide .. 3) Took That Mouse Carefully& Connected It To The Other PC Where She Wanted To Copy That File. Salesman DIED.. .

Student: "You are again wrong sir. He chose science. In A School Function. Actually it is the absence of faith. "Does darkness exist?" Professor: Yes. There is nothing like cold.. arts and commerce! Rajnikant V/s Non-veg Jokes Professor: what is evil? Studend: "Sir I will explain but 1st answer my questions. He Replied: Dude. According to physics we can study light and heat but not darkness and cold. gmail@rajnikant. girl .. "Does the cold exist?" Professor: Yes... Brothers 'n Sisters".۶Eey Oooru NaNa ManadHi‎ Phone rings..Rajnikant V/s Non-veg Jokes Ten funniest jokes of Rajnikant 50 likes for this status again 10 jokes will be posted 1) When Rajnikant switches on his AC.. It is the complete absence of heat." Student asked again. the evil does not exsist.! :) Edhigipoyaru ‎ -.com 8) Rajnikant was practising for spelling test.d.. She Is My GF.helo? Helo? Helllllooo?? .college.G. The rough sheet he used is today known as the oxford dictionary!! 9) Rajnikant opened his refrigerator and forgot to shut the door. I luv u ra miss u so much bangaram. em chesina nve gurthostunav. girl .. Boy Started Closing His Ears With Both Hands When A Girl Was About To Start Her Speech..K. then winter starts in India.chepave pitri.Rajnikant poked him on facebook… 3) Rajnikant once wrote his autobiography ………... 7) Rajnikant creats his new mail i.ninnu baga miss avutunna. Boy . 2) Facebook founder Mark Zukerburg is hospitalized with serious injury……Reason...Deniko tender estunav gani inka chepu. Today that book is known as Guiness book of world records…. 4) WhY „EARTHQUAKE‟ OCCURS ON EARTH??? BCOZ at that Time RAJNIKANT„S MOBILE IS ON VIBRATE MODE!!! 5) Rajnikant can make calls from his iPod to his iPad…!!! 6) Once Rajnikant Participated In Bike Race Dont Even Try To Guess What Happened Rajnikant Won The Race On Neutral Gear. Student: "You r wrong sir.. It is actually the complete absence of light. An L. love and true belief on GOD. Boy .V RAMAN.. 'n She Is Going Start Her Speech With "My Dear.. Boy ." That student was C. Similarly sir.em ledu ra urgent ga oka 10000rs kavali.. Others Asked Him Why You Are Closing Your Ears. There is nothng like darkness. winters arrive in India! 10) Rajnikant was once told to choose 3 subjects when he got admission in jr.

. . . where were you? Son: School. ..۶Eey Oooru NaNa ManadHi‎ Boy : Baby i want to tell you something Girl : Yes ? Boy : When you go home today thank your mom for me. Son: "A" film Dad: what? I have not seen such films. robot slaps mom . . :p ‎ -. Dad: son.. 'RajniCant MedicaL CoLLege of Engineering for Commrce & Arts'. . Name of coLLege iS. robot slap again.. Students r Confusd Bcoz.. robot slap. . . . robot slaps dad. .which one? Son: sai baba. . . .۶Eey Oooru NaNa ManadHi‎ Dad brought a robot which slaps a person who lies...Girl . .۶Eey Oooru NaNa ManadHi‎ Boy: Priya Nenu Chanipothe Em Chesthav??? Girl: Nenu Chanipoyi Neetho Vasthanu Boy: Avunu Jothishyudu Cheppadu Girl: Emani????? . Boy -Pove pitri daana: P -. Girl : Okay but why ? ? Boy :Thank her because she gave birth to an angel in this earth who is my life and to whom one day will be my wife.helo? Emaindi?? Helo? CALL ENDED. Mom: forgive him dear after all he is your son. Yesadu Ra Cream Biscuit ~>JoKeS dHaMaAL<~ Rajnikant Opens a CoLLege. Boy: Naku Chachina Daridram Vadaladani ‎ -. . Son: film. . .. ... . But ... Dad.

. ‎ -. i will be urs forever. . Girl said to the Boy: If u hug me once more like that. . Balloon. . .. ..۶ Eey Oooru NaNa ManadHi‎ Difference between Lover & Friend Lover Says: Jaanu pls drive safely & slowly. Rajnikant V/s CID Jokes After an Emotional Hug. . . mundhu Innova lo katthi lanti figure undhi. .! Who is she? . rey mama fast ga poni ra fast ga poni. next time they go on a date. . . Santa brought .‎ -.. . .. 3 Brothers & 5 Cousins with hockey sticks.. . ...۶ Eey Oooru NaNa ManadHi‎ With just a Single kiss on the Lips for 30sec. . Rajnikant V/s CID Jokes Santa's girlfriend told him to bring the protection. . she Got Pregnant. . . . . . Friend says: .. .. .

please realize that the alcohol you have consumed is of the highest quality.! MC Donda Sangitla Na Chutiya.) Love. Santa Decided To Test Him... ab kya kare .janeman..) :P :D Rajnikant V/s CID Jokes Santa Saw A Parrot In A Zoo Who Cud Speak Well In English....tum to meri chand ho.!! Boy-kyu??? :O Girl-chand pe chadhne wala pehla insaan.aur tum mere niel armstrong.? Parrot: Main Tota Hu! Excited Santa: Tu Kon Aahes? Parrot: Tujha Aaichi G##nd. drives a car well.. is not materialistic & loves you unconditionally..:p Rajnikant V/s CID Jokes Boy..Boy: Thanks for d warning.. Santa: Who r u.... Laugh & Enjoy If you EVER find a Woman who is beautiful. has a great body...!!! ~>JoKeS dHaMaAL<~ Santa: . gets things done on her own.? Parrot: I'm Parrot! Santa: Tum Kaun Ho.!. intelligent.. has very little expectations.Tution master ka msg aaya hai ki kal extra classes hai. .! :) girl...). Hindi And Even Marathi...!! .

... Banta:-"Message sending failed" likh ke waapis bhej de saale ko." . Bachpan mein Darr lagta tha.... sirf SOCH badalti hai. .--------------.. Bola: "Haan Papa bolo kya hua".. Padh raha hai. Dad ne mere hi saamne mere 10 friends ko call kiya. Man: (Loudly) enti okka night ki 2000 AA? Akkarla nenu raanu.. For example….------------Woman: (chinna voice tho )nenu psychology chadhivanu janalani elaa fool cheyalo naku telusu." .:D :P =D Options Rajnikant V/s CID Jokes Waqt nahi badalta.--------------.--------------. Yahin par tha. :O :P =D :D Hit Like For Your Lovable Freinds :)) Nikhil Nikky Punch Phalaknaama: Man: (chinna voice tho) madam konchem mee pakkana koorchovaccha? Woman: (Loudly) enti neetho oka raathri undaala? ela kanipisthunna nee kallaki. 3 ne jaha: "Yahin hai Uncle.--------------. Aur ab G##ND FatTi hai….--------------.--------------.--------------..--------------. Maine Kaha: "Friend ke ghar pe tha... 1 ne to had hi kar di. 4 ne kaha: "Haan Uncle.... (Woman Shocks) --------------. (Man shocks) --------------.--------------. .ee saari janalu andharu aa ammayini chusthuntaru. Main ghar late aaya tho Dad ne pucha: "ab tak tum kahan the.?? . 2 ne jaha: "Abhi just nikla hai." .. .. Hahhahahahahahahha **!!~~HuM~~~TuM~~!!** Kaminey Friends: ..!! (Ab kaho HAR EK friend Zaroori hota hai.--------------(chuttu unna andharu shock ayi vaallidharni chusthuntaru) --------------.. Phone du kya ...

..!! ni batalu chimpesta chudu. but he is a richest man.... ... Enstein nvr did Sarswati pooja.. Aur Last Kapda KAFAN.. Sala Usme Bhi jeb Nahi.. but he was Intelligent. When a woman closes her eyes. Bfni amma serious ga goddava avtunte madyalo romantic ga matladutunav entey. . she sees the person .. .. so give me my photo back . . Laugh & Enjoy It is said that. Rajnikant V/s Non-veg Jokes Ultimate reply :Girl :. so plz select ur photo yourself and send back the remaining . "Believe in WORK not on LUCK" ‎ -.--------------. Rajnikant V/s CID Jokes Bill Gates nvr did laxmi pooja..--------------.i got new Boyfriend he is smarter. To Zindagi bhar jeb Bharne k liye itni Mehnat kyu? #Just enjoy Life:) Love. Girl Shocked Boy Rocked !!! Rajnikant V/s CID Jokes Zindagi Ka 1st Kapda NAPPY. . . .. Usme Jeb Nahi. Boy sent 47 Girlfriend's photo's and said :i forgotten ur face Darling ..۶ Eey Oooru NaNa ManadHi‎ 2 ‎ Lovers madya lo Fight avtundi... . .... intelligent and hotter than you .. GfStupid.--------------..-----------Man: nenu law chadhivaanu paruvu elaa theeyalo baga telusu.....

" replied the teacher. She stood in front of the class with her hands behind her back and said. relax. "It's not an orange. and I like that. It's round and it fits in the palm of my hand.!! Funny Pictures A first grade teacher was trying to stimulate creative thinking in her pupils. But you're thinking.." Suzy's hand went up and she asked. . but I got something for you in my pocket. . I don't know what you got in your hand." :) Love. "It's not a baseball. "I'm holding something behind my back. Laugh & Enjoy Height of shame : A girl with her face covered on a bus stop A man on a bike stops and says: chalti hai kya ?? Girl replies . and I like that. "Is it a baseball?" "No. But you're thinking. . "Johnny. teach. that's disgusting! You march yourself to the principal’s office right this instant!" "Hey. ." Then Johnny spoke up: "Hey. It's long and hard and pink on one end." replied the teacher.." said Johnny. The slide show begins. and I like that. Who can guess what it is?" Billy's hand went up and he asked. "Is it an orange?" "No." Shocked... Suzy. But you're thinking. . "I was talking about my pencil. Papa mein hoon.she loves the most! And When a man does that. . . the teacher cried. Billy.

.?? . 2nd: Mere Daddy 15... .Plz let me go. .. 1st: Mere Daddy 10. .000 ke Patake laye..=)) ‎ -.. Lady: .. . .Rajnikant V/s CID Jokes Diwali Special3 Dost Diwali k baad mile. .Now write. .000 ke Patake laye the.I've waited for this moment all my life. . ... . ...۶ Eey Oooru NaNa ManadHi‎ Girl: Will you love me after marriage also .. 3rd: Mere Daddy Ghar pe nahi the. .I'm a teacher.Stop!! . . Police :.۶ Eey Oooru NaNa ManadHi‎ A lady broke the traffic signal.Aah. Humne 3 Ghante tak bajaye.. . Police: . Humne 4 Ghante tak bajaye. .'I'll never break signal' 1000 times =)) ‎ -. To Mera Bhai 5000 ka sirf Ek Pataka laya aur Saari Raat humne baari-baari bajaya. . .

. Interviewer: Are you handicapped? . everyday. What the fuck will you do??? =)) ‎ -.. . :) :D Rajnikant V/s CID Jokes Interview in a Govt Department under the Handicap Quota.Why 11.... Puzzled...... Interviewer: Ok.. Aapko5000 ka inaam diya jata hai . .. Boy: This depends on your husband. :) Aap is inaam ka kya karoge . you are selected! Working hours will be from 9am to 5pm.? .? Santa ..Mai iss se apna driving licence banwaunga. . Guy:. :p Tabhi car ki dikki se awaj aayi HAMNE BORDER CROSS KAR LIya Hai kya ?..Ye Suraksha week hai. Aap seat belt pehan kar car chala rahe ho. the guy asks:. . i lost my testicles in a bomb blast. Rajnikant V/s CID Jokes Car mai Santa ki family jaa rahi thi . . when the timing is from 9? Interviewer:.na result emaindhi.It‟s a govt job.Yeah. Uske Papa neend se jage aur police ko dekh ke bole Mujhe pata tha ki chori ki car me hm zyada door nahi ja paenge. Make sure that you are here at 11am. . Police ne Car ko roka . Prema Desam Movie lo Hero ABBAS Ippudu Em Chesthunnado Meeku Cheppakkarledu anukunta Deenamma jeevitham. First 2 hours we just sit around scratching our balls.:P # Engineering # shruthi : .. Tabhi uski Maa boli -Iss ki baat ka yakin mat karo. girls. if he allows me. Daaru pi kar kuchh bhi bolta h..۶ Eey Oooru NaNa ManadHi‎ Prema lo padda vadu sanka naki pothadu Daniki perfect Example . ..

. shruthi : "HAMMAYYAAA. .. . . . .. .. ..... . .. . even to a KNOWN person But they give all their PRIVATE details to an UNKNOWN TAILOR!! .. They won‟t even give their phone no. . shruthi : AYYAAA.." :D :D :D Rajnikant V/s Non-veg Jokes GIRLS STUPIDITY!! . ..)...shweta : 3 poynay. . . .) The BACK Benchers A Nurse Fell In Luv With A Doctor But D Nurse Spent Most Of D Time In D Medical Store Y? ... ...... . .. Only D Medical Boy Could Read Doctor's Luv Letter! ~>JoKeS dHaMaAL<~ Breaking News:. .:( :( shweta: Naayi 5 poynay. . .

. . .. . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . Facebook will be closed. . . Whenever you click the"cross" mark on the top right corner of the screen :D :P ‎ -. . . . .. . .... .. . . . . . .. . . . . . .۶ Eey Oooru NaNa ManadHi‎ Engineering student completed full syllabus and revised twice before exam. . .

until u undress me?" -Banana.arey em raasav chit lo ? 1st bencher student annadu “SIR.!!! :P Like & say students Rockz :P :D Me Without U LikE SuN WithOuT ShiNE Ladies/Girl ke sath log kaise baat karte hai Petrol Wala: Kitna Dalu ? Dhobi: Aap Kapde Nikal Ke Rakho.. 1st bencher lo student chit theesi examiner ki icchadu. For more jokes subscribe@ Rs....Balloon. "U cannot enjoy me unless u suck me" .. Examiner kaam ga velli kurchi lo kurchunnadu legakunda. :$ :D =)) Rajnikant V/s CID Jokes . dil khush ho jayega. Fruit wala : Kele ka size to dekho. "U cannot eat me unless u lick me" ...۶ Eey Oooru NaNa ManadHi‎ Exam hall lo examiner chala strict ga unnadu paper emo hard undi cheating kottanisthaledu... 2nd bencher student 1st bench vadini :. Xerox Wala:Aage Piche dono Taraf Se Karu.. Dial *377*562# :D:D:D:D :P ‎ -..Ice cream.Toothbrush. "U make me wet & put me in ur mouth evryday" .30/month. venakala me pant chirigipoyindi.Butter... Ya Sirf ek Side Se. SAMAJHDAR THOKO LIKE :D bewakoof. "U cannot play wid me unless u blow me" . Bank wala : So so ke du tu chalega ? Auto wala : Aage se nahi jayega.. pichese lu ? Paperwala : Kal me neeche se dal ke Gaya tha.. And the most killer one "U cannot njoy me unless u spread me" ..com Some great sexy sayings"U cannot taste me.Mai Abhi aata hoon ....Lollypop.

Is getting high day by day. :p :P Saale Dost Ko Thanks Bolta hai Boy To Girl Before Exam: Hey All D Best Girl: All Da Best To U Too .. But Girl Scored 80% Marks & Boy Failed . 5 sir! Man: What! only Rs. . Now „LONG DRIVES‟ Are to be considered.. Man:What 's he doing with ur GF?? Bar man: D same thing dat i'm doing wid his business here :p .. Moral: Only Boys Wish With True Heart.-) Biskeet Heights of coolness. The Most „LUXURIOUS GIFT‟ Ever 4 Dates. He's busy wid my GF. . 5? Can i also hav 1 plate kebab plz? Bar man: Rs... .7 sir.. Bar Man: Rs.!! .Man: 1 Vodka plz.. . . Man: Wow dat's really cheap!! can i meet d owner? Bar man: No sir.) ~>JoKeS dHaMaAL<~ Since the Rates of PETROL.

. . He gave the boy his 'A' The following day. He asked one student the same question.! I saw a girl sitting besides me using a calculator :P :p ‎ -.not sure:P ... . He answered: sir.. if you can answer this question. is having an affair with a 23 year old boy. . He Catches the BULLET puts It in his gun & kills the villain.. Villain fired at him. you're 65.. But no answer. Rajni had empty gun. . married to 28 year old. 1st: (surprisingly): You read the question paper?? 2nd: NO.. this is legal but not logical..۶ Eey Oooru NaNa ManadHi‎ A student failed law & decided to make a deal with professor Student: sir. Two best friends coming out of the examination hall with chips and coke in hands. Your wife. if you can't. WHY.? . . you have to give me 'A" professor agreed The boy asked. .: :-D:-P Masti time frndz Wife ko gusse mein 2 Thappad maar k kuch waqt baad pyaar se . do u know everything about law? Prof: yes Student. . Your wife's boyfriend has failed his exam & yet you have given him an 'A' It's neither logical nor legal! The professor collapsed! ‎ -.. . this is logical but not legal. He had to finally give up as he really did not know. First friend: Which paper was it?? Second friend: I guess it was maths. .i will accept my final marks. 'what is legal but not logical. He was shocked when all of them raised their hands. logical but not legal & neither legal nor logical? The prof thought about it for hours & pondered.۶ Eey Oooru NaNa ManadHi‎ JAMES BOND comits sucide after Watching Rajni's Film. professor asked same Question to his students.

Husband bola: Insaan usi ko maarta hai jise wo sab se zyada pyar karta hai ♥ .. Husband Sitting with His Wife in Restaurant. 4 Laate or 12 dande maar kr kaha: . Teacher sharm se pani pani ."I Love U" .x_x Rajnikant V/s Non-veg Jokes AajKal ke Bachche !! Babli . Phir Bachche Kyon Nahin Hote? Teacher Ki Saanse band. Wife:.Teacher Teacher! 'Bus' Male hai ya Female? (Teacher thinks 'such a cute question' Suddenly another kid (Bunty) repliedTeacher. Fir Wife ne Husband ko 3 Thappad. Teacher It's Female..Is It U Or The Beer Talking ? . Teacher got tense with answer whereas Babli In Doubt again!Agar Bus Female Hai Aur Sab Uspe Chadte Hain To Uske Bacche Kyo nahi hote ? Teacher more tense. U Shut Up" . . AAp ko kya laga Pyar karna sirf aap ko hi aata hai. Idiot. But Babli still in doubtMaana Sabhi Peeche Se Chadte Hain. . par Driver Aur Conductor To Aagay Se Chadte Hain.) .. Bunty again with answerKyoki Sab Us Par Peeche Se Chadte Hai duffer. . Husband: . Babli-Why? Bunty-Kyoki Sab Log Uspe Chadte Hain. Teacher Behosh!! :D :D :D Biskeet Wife trolled . Aap kya samajhte hai mein aap se Saccha pyar Nahi karti. Bunty's final replyKyon Ki Woh Dono Topi Pehanke Chadte Hain yedi. Drinking Beer n Says:. Talking to My Beer. .It‟s Me... .

۶ Eey Oooru NaNa ManadHi‎ 5 ‎ facts about You !! . . . . Ur so lazy u didn't read all the You's. . . .۶ Eey Oooru NaNa ManadHi‎ Gurthu Pettuko:. U didn't notice i put a Yoo. . 1) Arey ekkada sacchav? 2) Nee ayya reply ivvu 3) Arey college bundh aa? 4) Mama canteen lo unna 5) Mama 10rs recharge okati cheipinchu ra 6) Mama vadina library lo 7) Mama oka ammai number unte ivvu ra 8) Oye call cheyyaku mummy pakkane undi 9) Nuv ilantodivi anukoledu Last and most wonderful template . . .. 10) Balance ledu bey nee ayya call chei :p ‎ -. 3. 4. . . 2. You You You You You You You You You You You You You You You You You You You You . .‎ -. . . Ur laughing coz u realize there is no Yoo & u have been tricked !! ‎ -. Nekanna Thopu Evadu Ledu . . .۶ Eey Oooru NaNa ManadHi‎ If Mobiles are made in Andhra then SMS Templates will be like. . 1. Ur now looking to find out.

padukunte Dhimma Thirigipovalanthe Gud nyt guyZz. .....?? . .Neeku Entha Sepu Nidhra Povalanipiste Anthasepu Nidrapo Evadi Mata Vinodhdhu. Friend Asked : Who Is She. . Wall to wall=goda medhikey goda meedhiki People u may know=gee manusulu neeku gitla yerkenaa? Places=jaagalu . Like=mechuko Comment=matladu(atla okka mata thlagey) Share=panchipettu poke=yelu thoti poduvu. .. . The Frend Said: Last Year She Was My Cousin. ..! Nee Target 10am aithe . . Dhoma Kuttina . Facebook=mokam vayi Home=kompa Profile=katha kaarkana. ‎ -... Cheema karichina Levaddhu. . Frnsds=sopathigaallu Massages=mathulabulu Add frnd=sopathivattu Search=devulaadu Wall=goda Info=puttu poorvathralu Photos=bommalu See more stories = inkagonni kathal joodu..!! Manishi Mata Assalu Vinodhdhu..! :D :p =D Biskeet If facebook trancelated telangana language. aim for the 11am.۶ Eey Oooru NaNa ManadHi‎ A Boy Was Going With His GirlFriend . Boy : My Cousin... Find more frnds= inka gontha mandhi sopathigaallanu lenkulaadu. ..

. . . U r photo was uploaded succesfully=nee bomma bangaramole meedhikekkindhi poo.۶ Eey Oooru NaNa ManadHi‎ naughty friend ratri poota saradaga ala saradga romantic ga . Junior Students reply: Ok Fine Sir But I‟m Going To Marry Ur Sister!”. .. . .? Vasu added a new photo of u. . . .re poke?=vasu ninnu yeluthoti podisindu. .۶ Eey Oooru NaNa ManadHi‎ A Senior Student During Ragging Says: On Ur Marriage I Will Kiss Ur Wife .. . .. . :P :D ‎ -. . .=vasu neeku oka kotha bommanu thalgavettindu.. . . .iga vasu goda meedha rayi. . . ‎ -. .. .. . BF chuudam ani teesukuvelladu . . Vasu was poked u.Groups=myallaalu Events=pandugulu Vasu accepted ur frnd reqst write on vasu s wall = nee bathilaaduduku vasu nee sopathivattundu.. .. . . .nu malla podthava. . . .

Larki aur larke me kya fark hai.Larki 1saal me ek hi bachche ki maa ban sakti hai.:p =D Rajnikant V/s CID Jokes . . . . . In 2011/12 . . . :p :p Rajnikant V/s Non-veg Jokes In 1950 . Teachar shocks :O Pappu Rocks \m/.. . . . . Dracula Used To Drink Blood Of VIRGIN Girls . ... . He Died Of Thirst Masti time frndz Solid Answer :D \m/ Teacher:. But Larke 1 saal me 365 bachon ke papa ban sakte hai.. Pappu:.?? .. . The Thief Replied: I stole 1 Dress for my Wife& then I had to go Twice to change its Colour & Design.. .. . . Commit ayyi velli choosta ardham ayyindhi BF ante Ballaya fights ani :P :D Biskeet A police man asked a thief: Why u went to steal 3 times in the same Store?? .

It was written on an old man‟s T-shirt: . istri ki dukan hai VO!!!!X_X =)) Rajnikant V/s CID Jokes Girlfriend to Boyfriend: "Agar tumne mujhe dhoond liya to Hum "Sex" karenge. . ." Boyfriend: "Agar nahi dhoond saka toh???" :s Girlfriend: "Aisa mat kahona please. .Birbal ki ma. “I am 18 with 42 years of . . “I am not 60″ . . . .)=)) Upender Bushki LKG. . That‟s Attitude .. .. 500. . . I'll buy 50 sarees Hsbnd . . Kid To UKG Kid: "Ur Slate is nice dude ." . Think Different :) Rajnikant V/s CID Jokes Wife saw board outside a shop Monsoon Offer Only for today: Banarsi saree 10/Nylon 8/Cotton 5/Excited Wife to Hsbnd: Give me Rs. .HORNY Ko Kaun Taal Sakta Hai :p . Experience” . .Main Darwaaze ke piche Chupungi!!!" >=) Moral .

. . . . His wife read the text and filed a divorce.G Kid: dont talk nonsense.. .. . This is Samsung galaxy note2.. .. . U. Masti time frndz Height of innocence A littke girl looks at her brother's girlfriend and asks innocently . . "Machine stolen!" MERA BHARATH MAHAN. Test started America: In 30 mins. . . She sent his boss a 'Thank You Note' via e-mail.:-D bewakoof. . 70 caught Spain: In 30 mins 100 caught India: In 15 min. .com Americans invented a machine 2 catch thieves. . .. . Don't u have your own brother?" :( :( :D Oye sun aaj bunk pe chalen A secretary got an expensive PEN as birthday gift from his boss. .. 50 caught London: In 30 mins. . . .K. . "Everyday u come to meet my brother.

.(¸. .1 Saans Pe 1 .The message was: "Your penis(pen is) wonderful.•*¨) (¸. .¸¸.•´.. .1 Ladka Marta hai.*´ . Initially its tip was to be licked to bring it in working order & then it was equally good on both sides. . Boy: To Tum Koi Accha sa Tooth paste Istemaal Q Nahi Karti.•´.`*.•*¨). .¸.Thanks a lot ♥ :P Moral : Space is an essential part of English writing..•¨¯`• High InsultGirl: Meri 1 .•´. It has extra-ordinarily smooth flow & firm strokes.I had always a desired it & u fulfilled my wish.•´¸. ‎(¯`v´¯) .!! :D :D Rajnikant V/s Non-veg Jokes . forever.. . At last it is mine and only mine.¸.?? :P ..¸.. I felt as in heavens use it. I enjoyed using it last night.. I loved its perfect size & grip.

. .Biskeet When an unknown girl on your facebook friend list don't talk 2 you what will u do ? Think . . . . its too simple just post on her wall "thank you for last night" The BACK Benchers If you can read this you have a strong mind : TH15 M3554G3 . .

There was a single chair in the center of the room and a single banana peel at one corner of the room. this time also. a good looking middle aged woman tried to board the bus but the conductor didn't stop the bus. of around 18 years.53RV35 TO PR0V3 H0W 0UR M1ND5 C4N D0 4M4Z1NG TH1NG5 ! 1MPR3551V3 TH1NG5! 1N TH3 B3G1NN1NG 1T WA5 H4RD BUT NOW. Must Read Thriller Story!!! The Bus Conductor Once there was a bus conductor. but he didn't stop the bus. Unfortunately. who in turn took him to the court. But to everyone's amazement. B3 PROUD! 0NLY C3RT41N P30PL3 C4N R3AD TH15. ON TH15 LIN3 YOUR M1ND 1S R34D1NG 1T 4UT0M4T1C4LLY W1THOUT 3V3N TH1NK1NG 4B0UT 1T. Unfortunately the beautiful young girl came under the bus and died on the spot. He was taken to the electrocution chamber. tried to board the bus. and he returned to his profession. the good looking middle aged woman came under the bus and died on . The conductor was strapped to the chair and high voltage current was given to him. After a few months. this time. Angry passengers took the conductor to the police station. who was very rude to his passengers. The judge decided to set him free. he survived. The judge was not at all impressed with him and gave him capital punishment. One day a beautiful young girl.

but considering his past record the judge decided to set an example and gave him capital punishment. This . He was strapped to the chair and high voltage current was given to him. He was strapped to the chair and high voltage current was given to him. The judge decided to set him free. and he returned to his profession. he survived. to the same judge. The judge took one look at the conductor and gave him capital punishment. but died instantly the third time?? Try to solve it yourselves. The Bus conductor was again taken to the same electrocution chamber where there was a single chair in the center of the room and a single banana peel at one corner of the room.the spot. Again angry passengers took him to the police station. The Bus conductor was taken to the same electrocution chamber where there was a single chair in the center of the room and a single banana peel at one corner of the room. This time the Bus conductor. who in turn took him to the court. This time also. Unfortunately the elderly gentleman slipped and died due to his injuries. Though he hadn't done anything wrong. remembering his earlier experiences. an elderly gentleman tried to board the bus. A couple of months later. The conductor was taken to the police station and then to the court. This time he died instantly !!!!!!!!!!! The question is why didn't he die on the first two occasions. to everyone's amazement. stopped the bus.

Married" =))=)) Rajnikant V/s CID Jokes .. Single " D bartender looked at d lady. the neighbour's daughter.. Still couldn't? Then see below. He isn't your Father. said .. Angela is also your sister. He went straight to his mother crying. Tired.. here is the Answer. she sat on the table in front of d bartender.. During the first two times... therefore electricity didn't pass through him. Single" A guy at her right ordered.. Who is she? Son : It's Angela. But during the third time.? Wanna know the answer???? Ok.!! :D Rajnikant V/s CID Jokes A lady visited a bar for the first time... Who is she? Son : It's Sandra..... Sandra is actually your sister.is rather interesting and answer is perfectly logical.. I fell in love again and she is even hotter! Father : That's great son. I fell in love & want to date this awesome girl. so electricity passed through him freely and he died !!!! Dis Page Vll Entertain U Son : Daddy. but a couple of months later : Son : Daddy. Father : That's great son.... he was a good conductor...... I have to tell you something son..... A guy at her left ordered. Son : Mum I am so mad at dad! I fell in love with six girls but I can't date any of them because dad is their father! The mother hugs him affectionately and says : My love. the conductor was a Bad Conductor. "Johnny Walker. but you must promise not to tell your mother.. "Jack Daniels.. You can date whoever you want....... Think hard C'mon . This went on couple of times and son was so mad."Nd u?" Lady replied.... The boy is naturally bummed out. If necessary read the puzzle once again.. Father : Ohhhh I wish you hadn't said that." Pushpa Patel... the other neighbour's daughter. Father : Ohhh I wish you hadn't said that..

us admi ko dekho. .. Pati: kabhi tumne Machhwaare ko Machhli pakadne ke baad use dana dalte dekha hai kya? :O -.. . .۶ Eey Oooru NaNa ManadHi Pelli koduku friend : Entra ninna ne pellilo appaginthal appudu mee attha-mama kante nuvve ekkuva edchavata enduku? . . . .!! . . Padkunnollaku Peace lekunda cheyadaniki vaccha. kyu? . . . . . . pelli koduku : kadu ra 20 years barinchina valley antha edistey inka nenu 80years yela bharinchala ani edcha ra Saale Dost Ko Thanks Bolta hai Santa rock again :p .PatniShadi se pahle aap roz gift dete the . ... .:-D:-D santa rockzz man shockzz :D Rajnikant V/s CID Jokes Height of Blackmail: A Beggar sitting on the road with a board that says.. .. A man crying hey bhagwan mera haath toot gaya. . .. . Ek Bus accident hua. ..Control urself. Santa :.. . .. . . .. ... wo mar gaya fir bhi chup-chap leta hai.. par ab nahi dete. "Give me some Money otherwise I will Vote for Congress again and make you to sit near me" Vadu Icchindi Kadu Naku Vacchindi Rasostha Nenu mellaga elagola padkovadaniki raaledu.

.. Boyz thoko like . I dream in nidra.. . . cchal!! :P Gud nite. . .!!! Nenu guraka pedte adoola untadani aallu eellu cheppadame kaani naakkuda telidu..Boy: Ap Apna Mobile No...Saale aadhe ghante phle to accident hua hai. .:D :P " Saale Dost Ko Thanks Bolta hai Doctor........ Girl: How Sweet!! Ye lo. De dain. .Patient ko agar 1 ghante phle le aate to hum ise bacha lete Friend... padkovadam chetha kaanode melakuvaga untadu sirrrr.. Shahrukh Khan v/s Salman Khan Some Body Asked Santa About His Last Wish. . . Masti time frndz " Boy: Aap ka Mobile No. ... ... . ... Before I Die..Ilaa Gud nite lu cheppi disturb cheyoddhu. .-) Lalchii girlzzzzzzz. . ... Endukante disturbance lo ekkuvasepu padukunta. fir 1 ghanta phle kya hospital ghumane Lau. Gurtu pettukooo Neekante somarodu evadu ledikkada neeku enthasepu nidroste antha sepu padkoo evadi maata vinodhu alarm tone asal vinodhu Nee target 10 hours aithe aim for the 11th hour panukuntey picchekki povali. . not in melakuvaa Sirrrr. He Said .۶ Eey Oooru NaNa ManadHi Long GAP tharvatha Lover ni kalavadaaniki Boy or Girl yelaa velthaaru??!! .. Girl: Shut Up! (1st Drink then Think ) . Mujhe Check Karna He 500 Ka recharge Ma Kitna Balnace Aata He! . kya He? . I want to see MANMOHAN speaking to Salman's wife on Sachin's Retirement party :p -.. ..

What is the similarity between Facebook and fridge ?? . Again Makeup. . * Inbox Delete... . * Edit name of girls in contacts. . . . . * Call register delete. . Check hand bag. * check draft and Archive. 52 Per Baithe Passenger k .. * Fresh Bath. Pata hota hai ki kuchh bhi nahi hai phir bhi din mein 10 bar khol ke dekhty hain! bewakoof. * Sent item delete. . . . .Girls. Check and Recheck in Mirror. . . Deenamma jeevitham. Makeup and makeup. Boys. .com Goa AirPort Per Mumbai Ki Flight K Plane Ki Seat No. . * * * * * * Trying 2 types of hair styles. . Select nice dress in 10.

Saath Khadi Air Hostess K Boyfriend K Ghar K Bed Room K Attach Bathroom K Right Side Wali Window K Saath Wali gali k pehle mod par school ki class 7th k teacher k table k samne wali row k 2nd bench k sath wali bench pe baithe hue student k bag me padi hui hindi ki book k .

Boy to Girl. . . .. . Call Girl. . .۶ Eey Oooru NaNa ManadHi Men are very kind and women not necessarily so. Proof? . . . . . Girlfriend and Wife. . .?? .. Postpaid. . .. . . Biskeet raja: replied Prepaid. . . Unlimited. . . Girl : . . . .Apni shakal dekhi hai0 ..page number 57 ki line number 10 me likha tha k "kisi ko pareshan karna buri baat hai" Biskeet Teacher: What is the difference between .♥ -. .. Most of the women don't like to help an unknown man ßut all men are always ready to help any unknown woman. xD :P Masti time frndz Modern Insult.I love you and want to marry you . .

. . . . .com Chhota rasta bhi lamba lagne lagta hai jab koi saath nahi hota. . Laugh & Enjoy Best Advertisement Ever. . .:p :D -. .... . . Love. Aur lamba rasta 1 dum chhota ho jata hai jab kutta piche padh jata hai. . Why Rahul Gandhi is single? He believes in 'The Hand'.... . Pimples. . . .۶ Eey Oooru NaNa ManadHi 18+ joke. . .-) .. ..Try.Face Marks and the signs of skin aging. .. Boy.Dekhi hai tabhi to tere paas aaya hoon warna katrina kaif ke paas jaata. If u want to remove ur wrinkles. . . . xP xD xD bewakoof. . "Adobe Photoshop" .

۶ Eey Oooru NaNa ManadHi Good day is not created by God. . . Student: Rajnikant!! =)) :Dx . . Wat's ur name? . . Now that is known as GANGNAM STYLE. TinTin. . Good day is created only by the Britannia biscuit company.. not prepared by u . . . . . ..) . I want to join Police force n gt good job in a good software company nd work as lawyer n construct big buildings n conduct research nd become actor. . Principal: Hey. . .Rajnikant V/s Non-veg Jokes Once Rajnikanth tried horse riding Without horse . . Student: After studyin MBBS.=D -. . . . .. . .TinTin :p ♥ -.. .۶ Eey Oooru NaNa ManadHi Principal: what u want to becom in future? . not designed by your parents. .. .

My wife is in kitchen :P :D . He then asks for the 10kg program. So he thought this program isawesome! Lets try the 25 kg! So he asked for the 25 kg but the lady said "R u sure? its really tough".۶ Eey Oooru NaNa ManadHi Woman buys new Simcard .. . . he said "YES!" Next day at 6 he opens the door.. However he loses 5 kg..!! Student: Do you know who is Parimala Aunty??? Teacher : I don't know.!!! Deenamma jeevitham. During the whole week he tried to catch her but couldn't.... She goes 2 the Kitchen n cals her husband Wife : HI DARLING Husband : i will call U later dear. Fat man saw an ad: "lose 5kg in a week" in a newsppr. I will f*** u. "If I catch u....۶ Eey Oooru NaNa ManadHi Teacher : Do you know who is Vaasgoda Gaama??? Student : I don't know.. The next morning he opens the door & finds a hot babe with just shoes... undergarments & shirt saying: "u catch me u f*** me!" & the girl starts running.. He starts running but doesn'tcatch her.. Teacher : First follow the subject. thong& a shirt saying: "u catch me u f*** me".!! :P :P Teacher Shockzzzzz Students Rockzzzzzzzzz. .... To surprise husband. He loses 10 kg that week.-... Next morning at 6 he opens the door and sees an even hotter babe in shoes.. He calls the company & lady says be ready tmrw at 6am." -. .. he finds a negro gay in just underwear saying..!! Student: First follow ur Husband..

His Girlfriend says . . . 1st: nenu nikosam chachhipotha.. . . .I love . . A kamina is someone who visits a Medical Store . If u r laughing send me ur Smiles" .-. . "If u r sleeping send me ur Dreams. .xP Bayapaddadhi pilla :P :D -. 3rd: nenu na facebook id password istha . If u r crying send me ur Tears. .. Girl: patha dailouge huh. engineer replied-"fluids Mechanics& Thermodynamics books chadhuvutunna em pampali?" :/ No reply from girl. . . .۶ Eey Oooru NaNa ManadHi A girlfrnd msg his engineer boyfriend at 3:37 am ...۶ Eey Oooru NaNa ManadHi 3 boys proposed a girl . 2nd: nenu nikosam chandamama ni nelaki testha. instead of an ice cream parlour when . Girl: adi andaru cheptharu kotha emundi . Girl: pagal nenate entha prema ra niki ( kannillathoo ) :P :-D Define a "Kamina" . ..

... . .. Doctor: "Why have You Laughed... . then the hand is Waved in the Air for a Few seconds to make the Rubber dry.. "in the Company.. ..xP .. . . there is a Big drum full of Molten Rubber. then The glove is Peeled from the hand.strawberry flavour. . ... So I'm Automatically Cooler Than You Doctor after operation & Student after the exam. .. (girl got sad) Boy: y r u sad? Girl: becoz u don‟t like me. Then after Few Minutes He laughed Really Loud.. Girl: Eroju ma dad manalni bike pina velthundaga chusadu . . both tell the same answer. . the Company have employed very Many people with Different hand sizes. Boy: u never asked that do u love me.!" I'm a CA Student . Boy: oohh!! emannadu . He asked the Doctor.... "How are these Gloves Made?" The Doctor Explained. . so. .. : "I was just thinking of How Condoms are Made... Little Johnny was in Hospital. Girl: Awww !! ok !! Do u love me ? ? :* Boy: No !!! One Day. they Make People Dip their hands inside. .?" Johnny..." Johnny: "what about different sizes?" Doctor: "well.D Jisko samaj me aya Sai Theprince Double Insult :P Girl: do u like me ? Boy: No !!! ..!" Johnny seemed ok with the Doc explanation. '' we tried our best can't say anything right now '' WaTer LeKa WifE YeDusThuNtE bItcH VoccHi BeeR kAvaLI aNiNdaNtA.

Boy: mari naakuu!! Girl: Dhaa mari. ma Family baga strict kada :-D -. . . A girl speaks. Girl: do u have a girlfriend? Man: yes who r u? Girl: your wife jaldi ghar aa kaminey Another unknown call comes .. Bcoz .! Rajnikant V/s Non-veg Jokes Papu GF ko kis karne wala tha gf ne use Centre Fresh khila diya . Girl: Mmm.. Girl: Bas intikella ka bus kosam ichhina dabbulu vapas thiskonnadu . CENTERFRESH sirf ZUBAN peLagamLgata h.. . Boy: Thini call chey. Girl: Thintunnaa. . After Love: Boy: em chesthunnaav. . During Love: Boy: em chesthunnaav. Girl: Thintunnaa. .۶ Eey Oooru NaNa ManadHi Before Love: Boy: em chesthunnaav. SAMAAN pe nahi =)) =D =)) . . Girl: Thintunnaa. . MORAL: ldkion jyada smart mt bna kro kbi mehnga v pdh skta hai :) Ria ♥ Rajnikant V/s CID Jokes Unknown call on a guys mobile. Papu ne apni gf ka RAPE kar dala . . Boy: Yeppudu chuudu pandhi thinnattu thintaane untaavaaa?? Girl: Avunu na ishtam. ...

. . tune english kab sikhi ?? Chal party de ''Isi Liye to kehtey hain har ek frnd kameena hota hai". . bahar english mai kuch likha hai be.Girl: do you have a girlfriend? Man: no who r you? Girl: your girlfriend you cheat Man: sorry darling i thought u r my wife Girl: teri wife hi hoon aaj tu bas ghar aa ja Love. Laugh & Enjoy A boy wrote on his room's door:"Plz don't enter I'm upset" .. .?" . Frndz came inside wid smilingn said:''kaminey. "Yes sir.. . . . MBA students ans-> '' love is life'' (marks 1/2 out of 16) .Dominos.A serious disorder of heart due to . . . . ..??" . Medical student ans-> ''love is pain '' (marks 1/2 out of 16) . Parents saw it n went away . Engineering students ans:DEFINATION:. . Lover saw it n went away . . . "Bhai Pizza ghar pe kayse banau help karna yaar.:D Saale Dost Ko Thanks Bolta hai The best prank call ever: "Hello.How may I help u." :D:D Love.define love and explain in details (16 marks) . Laugh & Enjoy Question in exam:. .

MBA-DR : Nahi. . The joke doesn't end here . . mobile .ming.: Haan yaar. aap to hume aasani se hara doge.. ->TREATMENT: anti-love theorapy by father's shoe or mother's sandal (16/16 marks) . Phir waha CA STUDENT aata hai. mai left hand se khelunga. . DR. . waise bhi tera sirf haathi bacha hai aur mera sirf ghoda. ->SYMPTOMS: tension. Tum dono aur me akela. ..isomnia. MBA-DR :Haan. ->DIAGNOSIS BY: diary. MBA: Chal yaar bas karte hain. . MORAL: dont play wid engineers they can do anythng for 16 marks. ->TYPES: 1 side & 2 sides . :p CA Rockstars.!! . Phir thik hai. chess khelate hai. photos.daydrea. phone adiction.. CA : Chalo yaar. The joke still doesn't end. ->AGE: Usually occurs in teenagers but nowadays can be found in any age . MBA-DR :Phir bhi hum haar jayenge CA: Okay. . CA STUDENT: Chalo .. one day a mba student n a medical student were playing chesS .relationship between men and women that can cause death of 1 or both depending upon resistance associated. Dono obviously haar jate hai aur . pak raha hai.

Just give him a mobile with lots of beautiful Girls mobile number. yaar. .) smile plz Rajnikant V/s CID Jokes How to kill a BOY... ..? Tujhe Pata Hota To Aaj property Ke 14 Tukde Na hote. MBA :Badi sharmanaak baat hai. pagal Buddhe.N E T W O R K coverage . costly cosmetics. Upender Bushki Wife:Miku okati chepana Husband:Ok W:Miru Kottoddhu H:Ok W:Nenu Pregnant H:Its Gud news Enduku Kodthanu W:Emo Inter lo Dady ki chepte Kottaru. MBA :Kaise? MEDICAL STUDENT: Saala lefty hi hoga..X_X . PotaMain Janta Tha.. ?? . lock her in a room without a " .CA STUDENT chala jata hai. How to kill a GIRL. ?? .M I R R O R -. . Left hand se bhi hara diya usne. . MEDICAL STUDENT :Abe bewkoof bana gaya woh hume. .:p :O :D :D Rajnikant V/s CID Jokes PotaDadaji Ye Condom Kya Hota Hai? DadajiChal Bhag Mujhe Nahi Pata. nice jewellerys. Then. Then Lock him in a place with "No . . Give her a beautiful dress.

. what's for dinner?" three times and finally he got the answer from his wife when he is away from her 5 feet] Wife . Cigarette pi.:p Boys Vs Girls Man . "It is Biriyani today" . Anna:"beta tumhara pura desh jitna oil khata hai . DAD: Ok. Beer chhupa li. Table dekhi. Aur Books hathmein leke ghar se chala gaya. . [Man goes home and tries the same. . . DAD: Us nalayak ne to sab kuchh le liya! . I think my wife is deaf! Doctor .How do you know? Man . Keep doing this so that we'll get an idea about the severity of her deafness". Agle din Beta Aaya. He asked "Honey.Well.. ?? . Utna to shanivaar ko hum SHANI BHAGWAN ko chadha dete hai Baat karta hai. Paiso ki Gaddi uthake jeb mein rakhi.Hell. Unme se jo wo uthaega wahibanega... Beer. this is the "THIRD" time I repeat. Laugh & Enjoy DAD: Jyotishi ji mujhe kaise pata chal sakta hai ki mera beta future mein kya banega? . JYOTISHI: aap uske table pe Cigarette.:p :O :D :D \m/ Indians Thoko Like...Love.She never reply to what I ask Doctor . . So I'm Automatically Cooler Than You Obama:"how poor is india.Doctor. Paiso ki Gaddi aur Books rakh do. go home and stand about 15 feet from her and say something to her. JYOTISHI: Sir Mubarak Ho!! Aapka beta ENGINEER banega! :p:D I'm a CA Student . If she doesn't reply move about 5 feet close and say it again. .

Edokati cheyali " Fast fast ga laptop open chesi nokkadam start chesadu. Tagesi vacchadu ani telisthe intlo oka dead body lesthadi ani telsu. Inthalo manodi daddy vacchesadu. . . Daddy: em chesthunnav ra? Son: mail pampishthunna darry flend ki. Shopkeeper smiling : Haan Beta zarur karwaonga.Vadu Icchindi Kadu Naku Vacchindi Rasostha One day a son came home fully drunk. . He is afraid of his dad. . Manodiki valla daddy ante piccha bhayam. . . GIRL .!!! . He thought " ammo nanna chusthe savagottesthadu..To apni hone wali BAHU ko 1 DAIRYMILK do na. "Aithe briefcase open chesi evariki mail pamputhunnav ra jaffa??" Rajnikant V/s CID Jokes Cute little girl 2 shopkeeper: Jab me badi ho jaungi aap Apne LADKAY Ki shaadi mujse karwaoge ? . . . . . . . . Daddy: nijam cheppu tagesi vacchav kada? Son: ayyo! No darry! Daddy: .

:D . Write The Following Text Into Notepad: "Bush Hid The Facts" Save The File And Re-Open And See The Magic 3. Now they are a Married Couple! Rajnikant V/s CID Jokes Train me baithi Ladki ne platform par khade Ladke se pucha: "Kaun sa station hai ye?? .Height of “BAD LUCK”: A guy & a girl met last time for there BREAK-UP. . .. Girl‟s Father caught them. Ladki: "Hey Bhagwan! Matlab DELHI aa GAYA".. . . . . Ladka: "I Love You bologi tab hi bataunga. . Try It! 2. The Whole Microsoft Team. 99) And Press Enter And See The Magic About This 3rd Fact. . Even Bill Gate Itself Does Not Know Why This Happened. The BACK Benchers 3 Interesting Facts About Microsoft Windows 1. Open Microsoft Word And Type =Rand(200. . . You Can't Create A Folder Named "Con"..

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