Day 9

Day 11

The Father ALWAYS welcomes us back home.

Day 10

Day 9: Part 1: The Prodigal Son, the son who ran away.  Luke 15: 11-24 (or Jesus Storybook Bible p272)  Today, focus on the son who left and then returned. Tomorrow we’ll visit the other brother.  Make note of the brother who is standing in the background of the coloring page. He is pouting. Ask your kids why they think he’s pouting. Continue your discussion tomorrow when you talk all about the other brother. Day 10. The Prodigal Son, Part 2: The son who wouldn’t forgive  Review the story from yesterday  Luke 15:25-32 *read this one from the Bible  This will be a HUGE lesson in our home. I’m sure we’re the only ones who suffer from “THAT’S NOT FAIR SYNDROM” but man is it bad. Everything’s either fair or not in our home and it’s exhausting. I’m ready to shed more of God’s Word into this issue and see what they glean from Scripture. It is definitely not fair that this perfect God-man had to die the way He did and I get to relish in the fact that I won’t be crucified… I want my kids to learn to rejoice in the Lord for what He has given them and what he has given others (and maybe not them at the time). And maybe I need

to learn that too… being grateful and joyful on others behalf when they get an amazing home that I wish I could have, or their husband got the raise I so thought mine deserved, etc… Day 11: Feeding of the 5000  JSB p244 or Matthew 14:13-21

Day 12: Jesus calms the storm  JSB p 236 or Mark 4: 35-41

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