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DW basics (Model, ETL, Dashboards) What is the purpose of dashboards ? OBIEE 11g architecture How is WebLogic (WLS) Server used ? Architectural differences between OBIEE 10g and OBIEE 11g Installation folders RPD, Webcat, NQSConfig.ini, InstanceConfig.xml


Course content Sessions Topics 2 Creating the Sample Schema Building the physical layer Import metadata Create keys and joins in physical layer Building the Business Model and Mapping layer Logical joins Logical table sources Using Rename wizard Building the Presentation layer Creating subject areas Check repository consistency Build Analysis Deploy the repository from Oracle Fusion Middleware Control .

Course content Sessions Topics 3 Build Analysis Logical Table Sources – Associate LTS with Logical tables Create Calculated Measures Analysis formatting features – Guided Navigation. Conditional Formatting Create dashboards Add analysis to dashboards Dashboard properties Monitor SQL generated by analysis – Query logging features Assignment related discussions. Charts. Assignment starts .

Course content Sessions Topics 4 Verify assignment performance Hierarchies Level based Measures Time Dimension Time Series. Ago Functions .

Repository variables Presentation variables and What-if analysis Briefing Books Agents and Alerts Creation of OBIEE users in Weblogic Evaluation test .Course content Sessions Topics 5 Init block.

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