The attention of all the officers noted in the address entry is drawn(9) R ule 22 to (i) of the A R C S R ules, 1964.

T he said rule envisages that the voter shallidentity disclose his difficulty to carry their photo identity card by the voters to the polling certain station, in

through the photo identity card given to him by the society. Though there m ay not be any

cases, there m ay be an occasion where the voters are yet to be issued their photo identi

cards by the societies or the voters m ight have lost the cards. In such cases, the voters ca voters m ay be allowed to vote on the of any one of the following identities to establish proof their bonafides. i) ii) iii) iv) v) E lectoral P hoto Identity card (E P IC card). P assports D rivin g Licenses Incom e Tax Identity (PA N ) cards S ervice identity C ards issued to its em ployee s by S tate/C entral G overnm ent, P ublic S ector U ndertakings, Local B odies or other P rivate Industrial H ouses. vi) vii) C ard s x) S C /S T/O B C C ertificates issued by com petent xi) authority s io n D o c um en ts P en su ch a s e x-se rvic e m e n 's P e n s ion B o ok / P e n s ion P ension O rder, W idow P ension O rder, xii) Railway Identification C ards xiii) Identity C ards xiv) xv) Freedom Fighter A rm ed Licenses B an k / K isa n / P o s t O ffic e P ass b o o k s S tudent Identity C ards issued by R ecognised E ducational Institutions, viii) Ra

not be inconvenienced by obstructing them from exercising voting right. In the alternative th

P ro p e rty D o cu m e nts s uch a s P atta d a r P a ss B o ok s, R e g iste re d D ee ds e tc., ix)

P aym ent O rder, ex-servicem en's w idow / D ependent C ertificates, O ld A ge

C ertificate of Physically handicap issued by C om petent Authority xvi)

P ho to Id en tity ca rd s iss ue d b y A P S R T C for b u s pa ss h o ld ers

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