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The Michael Clarke Duncan Handbook - Everything you need to know about Michael Clarke Duncan

The Michael Clarke Duncan Handbook - Everything you need to know about Michael Clarke Duncan

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Michael Clarke Duncan (December 10, 1957 – September 3, 2012) was an American actor, best known for his breakout role as John Coffey in The Green Mile, for which he was nominated for an Academy Award and a Golden Globe. He was also recognized for his appearances in motion pictures such as Armageddon, The Whole Nine Yards, The Scorpion King and Daredevil, as well as voice acting roles in works such as Brother Bear and Kung Fu Panda.This book is your ultimate resource for Michael Clarke Duncan. Here you will find the most up-to-date information, photos, and much more.In easy to read chapters, with extensive references and links to get you to know all there is to know about Michael Clarke Duncan's Early life, Career and Personal life right away. A quick look inside: Michael Clarke Duncan, A Crush on You, A Night at the Roxbury, Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor, Air Buddies, Alcorn State University, Armageddon (1998 film), Balrog (Street Fighter), Bones (TV series), Bouncer (doorman), Breakfast of Champions (film), Broadcast Film Critics Association Award for Best Supporting Actor, Broken Lizard, Brother Bear 2, Bulworth, CSI: NY, Caught Up (film), Chuck Versus the First Date, Cross (2011 film), D.E.B.S. (2004 film), Daredevil (film), Delgo (film), Dinotopia: Quest for the Ruby Sunstone, Disco Demolition Night, Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone, George and the Dragon (film), George of the Jungle 2, God of War II, Green Lantern (film), Groot, Kilowog, Kingpin (comics), Kung Fu Panda, Loonatics Unleashed…and more pages!Contains selected content from the highest rated entries, typeset, printed and shipped, combining the advantages of up-to-date and in-depth knowledge with the convenience of printed books. A portion of the proceeds of each book will be donated to the Wikimedia Foundation to support their mission.
Michael Clarke Duncan (December 10, 1957 – September 3, 2012) was an American actor, best known for his breakout role as John Coffey in The Green Mile, for which he was nominated for an Academy Award and a Golden Globe. He was also recognized for his appearances in motion pictures such as Armageddon, The Whole Nine Yards, The Scorpion King and Daredevil, as well as voice acting roles in works such as Brother Bear and Kung Fu Panda.This book is your ultimate resource for Michael Clarke Duncan. Here you will find the most up-to-date information, photos, and much more.In easy to read chapters, with extensive references and links to get you to know all there is to know about Michael Clarke Duncan's Early life, Career and Personal life right away. A quick look inside: Michael Clarke Duncan, A Crush on You, A Night at the Roxbury, Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor, Air Buddies, Alcorn State University, Armageddon (1998 film), Balrog (Street Fighter), Bones (TV series), Bouncer (doorman), Breakfast of Champions (film), Broadcast Film Critics Association Award for Best Supporting Actor, Broken Lizard, Brother Bear 2, Bulworth, CSI: NY, Caught Up (film), Chuck Versus the First Date, Cross (2011 film), D.E.B.S. (2004 film), Daredevil (film), Delgo (film), Dinotopia: Quest for the Ruby Sunstone, Disco Demolition Night, Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone, George and the Dragon (film), George of the Jungle 2, God of War II, Green Lantern (film), Groot, Kilowog, Kingpin (comics), Kung Fu Panda, Loonatics Unleashed…and more pages!Contains selected content from the highest rated entries, typeset, printed and shipped, combining the advantages of up-to-date and in-depth knowledge with the convenience of printed books. A portion of the proceeds of each book will be donated to the Wikimedia Foundation to support their mission.

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MTV Movie Award for Best Breakthrough Performance Minoriteam Omarosa Manigault One Way (film) Online Film Critics Society Award for Best Supporting Actor Quiznos Racing Stripes Redemption Road Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actor School for Scoundrels (2006 film) Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role See Spot Run Sin City (film) Sister, Sister (TV series) Spider-Man: The New Animated Series Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby Teen Titans (TV series) The Fairly OddParents The Finder (U.S. TV series) The Golden Blaze The Green Mile The Green Mile (film) The Island (2005 film) The Land Before Time XI: Invasion of the Tinysauruses The Last Mimzy The Players Club The Scorpion King The Sibling The Slammin' Salmon The Suffering: Ties That Bind The Suite Life of Zack The Underground Comedy Movie The Whole Nine Yards (film) Two and a Half Men Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins

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1957 – September 3. California. During the ensuing riot his silver belt buckle was stolen[6] while he was stealing a baseball bat from the dugout.[7] . Duncan's large frame—6 feet 5 inches (196 cm)[3] and 315 pounds (142 kg)—helped him in his jobs digging ditches for the People's Gas Company and being a bouncer at several Chicago clubs. Early life Duncan was born in Chicago. best known for his breakout role as John Coffey in The Green Mile. He was also recognized for his appearances in motion pictures such as Armageddon. Judy.Michael Clarke Duncan 1 Michael Clarke Duncan Michael Clarke Duncan Duncan at the Warner Bros. 2012) was an American actor. United States of America September 3. Illinois. in January 2009. The Whole Nine Yards. and mother. Illinois. he participated in the Disco Demolition Night at Comiskey Park. his death) Died Occupation Years active Height Partner(s) Michael Clarke Duncan (December 10.[1][2] He always wanted to act. Lot in Burbank. California. The Scorpion King and Daredevil. for which he was nominated for an Academy Award and a Golden Globe. United States of America Actor 1995–2012 6 ft 5 in (1. 2012 (aged 54) Los Angeles. but had to drop out of the Communications program at Alcorn State University to support his family when his mother became ill. Jean Duncan (a house cleaner).[4] Duncan also played basketball at Kankakee Community College and for one season at Alcorn State. home of the Chicago White Sox.96 m) Omarosa Manigault (2010–2012. where he was among the first 100 people to run onto the field and he slid into third base. 1957 Chicago. Born December 10. after his father left. as well as voice acting roles in works such as Brother Bear and Kung Fu Panda. and grew up in a single-parent household with his sister.[5] In 1979.

and Daredevil (2003) (reuniting him with Armageddon co-star Ben Affleck) as Wilson Fisk. During the week of May 14.G.[14][15] In 2005. for films such as Brother Bear (2003) and its sequel. in April 2011. the day after Duncan's death in September. Duncan struck up a friendship with castmate Bruce Willis and it was Willis' influence that helped him to get his breakout role as gentle giant John Coffey in the Frank Darabont-directed The Green Mile (1999). but stated that he would not be willing to regain the weight that he had lost. Duncan quit this line of work."[16] Duncan appeared in a supporting role in the 2006 comedy Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby as Lucius Washington and. Starring alongside Tom Hanks. appearing a total of eighteen times.[13] In 2009.R.O.G. In January 2013 during the Late Late Show's winter break. Duncan first came to prominence when he was cast as Bear in the blockbuster Michael Bay action film Armageddon (1998). Famous for his deep baritone. During the production of the film. He additionally reprised his role as the Kingpin in Spider-Man: The New Animated Series. Duncan was then cast in a string of films that helped to establish him as a star adept at both action and comedy: The Whole Nine Yards (2000). he appeared as "Mr.[8][9] Following his iconic dramatic turn as Coffey. The Suffering: Ties That Bind. Jamie Foxx. but they're of central importance. and a number of video games such as Demon Stone. Duncan appeared on the late night talk show The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson as a guest.Michael Clarke Duncan 2 Career Duncan took other security jobs while in Los Angeles while trying to get some acting work in commercials. 2012. Duncan's acclaimed performance netted him an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor in a Supporting Role and a Golden Globe nomination for Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture. Most notably. Among these. SOCOM II: U. and. Duncan was one of the show's most frequent guests. Saints Row. writing that "[Duncan] has only three or four scenes. Duncan appeared in two prominent action films. aka The Kingpin. [10] he faced the dual challenge of portraying a typically white When Duncan was cast as the Kingpin in 2002. and The Notorious B.I.. where he provided the voice of the Titan Atlas. a powerful mobster.E. "Chuck Versus the First Date"[18] and as a guest star on two episodes of Two and a Half Men. Critic Roger Ebert singled out Duncan for praise for his role in the Island. Quiznos commercials. Green Lantern (2011). touting the health benefits and his increased strength from a vegetarian diet. led to Duncan receiving his first starring role as the same character in the spinoff series The Finder. when the show was taping for a week in Scotland. The Scorpion King (2002) (where he starred alongside his friend. During this time.I. Colt" in the second-season premiere of Chuck. Ferguson began his show with a special tribute to him. Navy SEALs. Kung Fu Panda (2008). reruns of the Scotland episodes were broadcast with a memoriam to Duncan at the beginning of each of the 5 episodes featuring Duncan on . [11][12] character and having to gain 40 pounds to fit the character's large physique. Duncan also provided his voice for a number of roles.. In addition to his film roles. In July 2006. The Island (his second Michael Bay Film) and Sin City (again alongside Bruce Willis) where he played Manute. he worked as a bodyguard for celebrities like Will Smith. Soldier of Fortune. When the Notorious B. Planet of the Apes (2001). in 2009. Duncan played Balrog in Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li and starred as the titular Cleon "Slammin'" Salmon in Broken Lizard's farce The Slammin' Salmon. and God of War II.[3] After having begun his career with several bit parts playing bouncers in films such as Bulworth and A Night at the Roxbury. LL Cool J. he stopped eating meat and later appeared in a PETA ad campaign. Brother Bear 2. TV series such as Loonatics Unleased and Operation: Z. and he brings true horror to them. Duncan showed interest in returning for the role of the Kingpin. in 2012. Duncan also guest starred in numerous television shows.S. all the while doing bit parts in television and films. Duncan guest starred on an episode of TV series Bones as Leo Knox which. The Rock). Martin Lawrence.[17] In 2008. he appeared in an episode of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody and a first-season episode of CSI: NY. was killed in 1997.

2012. for the first time. Omarosa Manigault.[22][23] The statement also. issued a statement on August 6 that read he was moved from the intensive-care unit but remained hospitalized following his heart attack. described Manigault as Duncan's fiancée. 3 Illness and death On July 13.Michael Clarke Duncan a pink background and the text "In memory of our friend Michael Clarke Duncan". had previously tried to save his life by performing CPR. Duncan was taken to a hospital after suffering a heart attack.[21] On September 3.[19] Media reports suggested that his girlfriend. Celebrations of Duncan's life would be announced at a later date.[20] Duncan's publicist. Duncan died in Los Angeles.[24] Filmography Films Year 1995 Friday 1997 Back in Business 1998 Caught Up 1998 The Players Club 1998 Bulworth 1998 Armageddon 1998 A Night at the Roxbury 1999 The Underground Comedy Movie 1999 Breakfast of Champions 1999 The Green Mile Title Craps Player Huge Guard BB Bodyguard Bouncer Bear Roxbury Bouncer Gay Virgin Eli John Coffey Credited as Michael Duncan Nominated — Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor Nominated — Chicago Film Critics Association Award for Best Supporting Actor Nominated — Chicago Film Critics Association Award for Most Promising Actor Nominated — Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor – Motion Picture Nominated — NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Actor in a Motion Picture Nominated — MTV Movie Award for Best Breakthrough Performance Credited as Big Mike Duncan Credited as Michael 'Big Mike' Duncan N/A Credited as Michael 'Big Mike' Duncan N/A Role Uncredited N/A N/A Notes Nominated — Online Film Critics Society Award for Best Supporting Actor Nominated — Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role Nominated — Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture Won — Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actor Won — Black Reel Award for Best Supporting Actor 2000 The Whole Nine Yards 2001 See Spot Run 2001 Cats & Dogs 2001 Planet of the Apes Franklin 'Frankie Figs' Figueroa Murdoch Sam Attar Voice only N/A N/A N/A . Joy Fehily.

Bison (Japan) Voice only Voice only N/A N/A N/A N/A Voice only N/A N/A N/A Voice only Voice only N/A Voice only Direct-to-video Voice only N/A Coach Griffin Balthazar Wilson Fisk/The Kingpin Mean Lion Tug Future Wade Mr.Michael Clarke Duncan 2001 They Call Me Sirr 2002 The Scorpion King 2003 Daredevil 2003 George of the Jungle 2 2003 Brother Bear 2003 Kim Possible: A Stitch in Time 2004 D.S.B. 2004 George and the Dragon 2004 Pursued 2005 Racing Stripes 2005 Sin City 2005 The Golden Blaze 2005 Dinotopia: Quest for the Ruby Sunstone 2005 The Island 2005 Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story 2005 The Land Before Time XI: Invasion of the Tinysauruses 2006 Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby 2006 Brother Bear 2 2006 School for Scoundrels 2006 One Way 2006 Air Buddies 2007 The Last Mimzy 2007 Slipstream 2008 Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins 2008 Delgo 2008 Kung Fu Panda 2008 American Crude 2009 The Slammin' Salmon 2009 Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li 2010 Redemption Road 2010 Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore 2011 Cross 2011 A Crush on You 2011 Legend of Kung Fu Rabbit Erlik Big Jim Nelson Slash Voice only Direct-to-video N/A Augy Sam Voice only Starkweather Two Delta/Jamal Starkweather The Stork Big Daddy Lucius Washington Tug Lesher The General Wolf Nathanial Broadman Mort/Phil Henderson/Patrolman Otis Elder Marley Commander Vachir Spinks Cleon Salmon Balrog/M.E. Phipps Tarik Franklin Clydesdale Manute Thomas Tatum/Quake Stinktooth Voice only Voice only Voice only N/A Voice only Direct-to-video Voice only Voice only N/A N/A N/A Television film N/A N/A 4 N/A .

Holland Massive Hayden/Krall Quinn Sullivan Black Co-Worker/Boy on Mushrooms/Fozzie Bear Balactus Jerome . Mama's Boy" Voice only Episode: "Linked" Voice only Episode: "Crash Nebula" Episode: "George to the Third Power" 4 episodes Voice only Episode: "Cyborg the Barbarian" Episode: "The Closer" 4 episodes Episode: "Balactus: Part 1" and "Balaztus: Part 2" Episode: "The Two Finger Rule" and "The Mooch at the Boo" 2003 2003 2004 2004 2004 2005–2007 2005 2005 2006–2007. Hollis Addison Duane Post-production Voice only N/A N/A N/A 5 Television series Year 1995 1995 1995 1996 1996 1997 1997 1997 1997 1997 1998 1999 2002 2003." Episode: "The Son Also Roses" Voice only Episode: "My Big Fat Spy Wedding" and "Operation: Rescue Jet Fusion" Voice only Episode: "Royal Scam" and "Keeping Secrets" Voice only Episode: "Smackmania 6: Mongo vs. with Children Skwids Weird Science The Jamie Foxx Show Sparks The Wayans Bros... Living Single Built to Last Arliss Sister.. 2012 2006 2008–2009 The Kingpin / Wilson Fisk Mongo Rashid 'The Rocket' Randall Rockwell Dr.... Sister King of the Hill The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius Spider-Man: The New Animated Series The Proud Family Static Shock The Fairly OddParents George Lopez Loonatics Unleashed Teen Titans CSI: NY Family Guy Minoriteam Two and a Half Men Lucian Balboa Big Earl Coach Webb Commander Baker Title Shake Tiny Bouncer Body Builder Cardinal Carnage Inmate Frank Big Mike Security Guard N/A Role Notes Episode: "Living Legend" Episode: "Bourgie Sings the Blues" Episode: "Flight of the Bumblebee" N/A Episode: "Men in Tights" Episode: "Little Red Corvette" Episode: "Self Defense" Episode: "I Do. 2005 Renegade The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Married.Michael Clarke Duncan 2011 Green Lantern 2012 From the Rough 2012 In the Hive 2012 The Sibling 2012 The Challenger Kilowog Roger Mr." Episode: "High Anxiety" Episode: "A Family Affair" Episode: "Fans First" Episode: "Before There Was Hip Hop.

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Soon Ben begins dating Chloe. Newman Brigid Brannagh Sean Patrick Flanery Christine Scott Bennett Tug Coker Music by Country Language Release date Nathan Wang United States English • June 11. Plot When Ben Martin e-mails Chloe Andersen. a beautiful mystery girl who keeps crossing his path. Ben's display of affection for Chloe is misfired when his emails are instead delivered to Charley Anderson. . Ben Martin has a case of "love at first sight" when he sees a beautiful woman in a cafe and overhears Chloe Andersen giving her email address to a friend. Alternatively known as 'Mystery Girl. an overworked single mom who hit the delete button on romance long ago. It is a romantic comedy starring Brigid Brannagh. He dates the first girl but finds out that she is not the person he had communicated and fallen in love with online." But. thinking she was another woman. Synopsis The story of Charley Anderson. 2011 Running time 85 minutes A Crush on You is a 2011 Hallmark Channel original movie that tells the story of Charley Anderson. now excitedly turns on her computer. thinking she was another woman.A Crush on You 8 A Crush on You A Crush on You Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Allison Anders • • • • • • • • Brian Gordon James Wilberger Keith Merryman David A. Later that night. a man who began an e-mail relationship with her. A young man named Ben Martin (Sean Patrick Flanery) falls for a beautiful girl who crosses his path but winds up emailing his 'love notes' to a single mother instead. a single mother. he sends a message to single mother Charley Anderson by mistake. It was directed by Allison Anders. Charley. Sean Patrick Flanery and Kim Rhodes. a man who began an e-mail relationship with her. It seems Chloe's co-worker shares a similar email protocol at Game 1 Sports and Entertainment Marketing owned by the legendary sports star "Big-Jim" Nelson. but she never quite lives up to the anonymous e-mail relationship and innocent friendship he develops with Charley. and Ben Martin. Ben courageously breaks the ice by introducing himself to Chloe anonymously via email with this message: "Five Top Reasons Why I'm Your Secret Admirer. and Ben Martin. a single mother.

1998 81 minutes United States English $17.331.000.A Crush on You 9 Cast • • • • • • • Brigid Brannagh as Charley Anderson Sean Patrick Flanery as Ben Martin Kim Rhodes as Val Brookston Christine Scott Bennett as Chloe Andersen Michael Clarke Duncan as Big Jim Nelson Tug Coker as Colin Daniels Diego Serrano as Ryan Burke External links • A Crush on You [1] at the Internet Movie Database References [1] http:/ / www.000 (estimated) $30. com/ title/ tt1714202/ A Night at the Roxbury A Night at the Roxbury Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Written by John Fortenberry Amy Heckerling Lorne Michaels Will Ferrell Chris Kattan Steve Koren Will Ferrell Chris Kattan Molly Shannon Loni Anderson Dan Hedaya Jennifer Coolidge David Kitay Starring Music by Cinematography Francis Kenny Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Box office Jay Kamen SNL Studios Paramount Pictures October 2.165 [1][2] . imdb.

As revenge. There they meet the owner of the Roxbury. Afterwards. will marry. Mr. he has made them part-owners of the club. In the original sketches. Doug and Steve were often joined by that night's host. Their dream is to party at the famous L. though this aspect of the sketch was not included in the film. where they bob their heads in unison to dance music (specifically Haddaway's hit song "What Is Love") and fail miserably at picking up women. Benny Zadir (Chazz Palminteri). uniting the families and the businesses to form the first plant-lamp emporium. 10 Plot Wealthy Yemeni-American brothers Steve (Will Ferrell) and Doug Butabi (Chris Kattan) enjoy frequenting Los Angeles nightclubs. and that Butabi is too hard on Doug. reconciles with his brother. but does not have their contact information. The movie ends as the Butabi brothers happen upon a hot new club. Chazz Palminteri's uncredited role as gregarious night club impresario Mr. By day. Attempting to enter. they are surprised to find their names on the VIP list. Other roles include Jennifer Coolidge as a police officer. In addition. Grieco uses his fame to get them into the popular club. Richard Grieco (a guest at the wedding) talks to Mr. Zadir's house. the next day Dooey denies them entry into Zadir's office for their meeting. After a day at the beach the brothers decide that tonight is the night they will finally get into the Roxbury. The building is unique in that the exterior is constructed to resemble the interior of a nightclub. The brothers fight and Doug moves out of their shared bedroom and into the guest house. Sanderson hope that Steve and Emily (Molly Shannon). Butabi to help him understand that Steve was not ready for marriage. They spend most of their time goofing off. but is interrupted by Doug. Ex-SNLer Mark McKinney has a cameo as a priest officiating a wedding. The wedding is held in the backyard of the Butabi residence. After discovering they might bribe their way into the club. they are quickly rejected by the doorman (Michael Clarke Duncan). a fabled nightclub where they are continually denied entrance by a hulking bouncer (Michael Clarke Duncan)." Saturday Night Live regulars Will Ferrell. and Colin Quinn star. and Colin Quinn as his bodyguard. he interrupts the wedding. Chris Kattan. In reality.A. Zadir reveals that to reward their idea. the brothers annoy his driver and bodyguard Dooey (Colin Quinn) by making him stop to buy fluffy whip and making jokes about sleeping with his parents. The angered Mr. The brothers also meet a pair of women at the Roxbury: Vivica (Gigi Rice) and Cambi (Elisa Donovan).A Night at the Roxbury A Night at the Roxbury is a 1998 American comedy film based on a recurring skit on television's long-running Saturday Night Live called "The Roxbury Guys. Butabi then denies them access to their BMW car and their cell phones. Doug gets into a heated argument with their father about going out clubbing instead of staying home. Their new-found success comes full circle when they meet two women in the club: Doug's phone representative from the credit card . Kamehl Butabi (Dan Hedaya). Zadir really wants to see them. who listens to their idea for a nightclub of their own. They get into a fender-bender with Richard Grieco (playing himself) and to avoid a lawsuit. the brothers drive around looking for an ATM. They are given enormous cell phones by their mother (Loni Anderson) and allowed use of the fake-plant store's delivery van. nightclub The Roxbury. The girls break up with the Butabi brothers after realizing they are not really wealthy. The store shares a wall with a lighting emporium owned by Fred Sanderson (Dwayne Hickman). and the wedding is called off. and Doug using credit card transactions as an excuse to hit on a phone approval operator. He tells the brothers that Zadir was drunk out of his mind last night and does not know who they are. Their father has planned a dinner party with Emily and her parents. the brothers work at an artificial plant store owned by their wealthy father. He likes them and sets up a meeting with them for the next day. Having gone on a fluffy-whip-fueled bender. Molly Shannon. Meanwhile Steve is forced into an engagement with Emily. Benny Zadir. Butabi and Mr. Returning home. On the way to the afterparty at Mr. daydreaming about opening a club as cool as the Roxbury together. who see them talking to Zadir and think that the brothers are rich. and the interior resembles a street — this was an idea pitched by Doug and Steve to Zadir earlier in the movie. Sanderson's daughter.

1998 Pop 60:40 DreamWorks David Kitay Released on CD.A Night at the Roxbury company (Meredith Scott Lynn) and a police officer (Jennifer Coolidge) whom Steve earlier flirted with while getting a ticket. "What Is Love" – Haddaway (3:35) "Bamboogie (Radio Edit)" – Bamboo (3:15) "Make That Money (Roxbury Remix)" – Robi Rob's Club World (3:51) "Disco Inferno" – Cyndi Lauper (3:18) "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy" – N-Trance featuring Rod Stewart (3:25) .[3] 1. 11 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Will Ferrell as Steve Butabi Chris Kattan as Doug Butabi Loni Anderson as Barbara Butabi Dan Hedaya as Kamehl Butabi Molly Shannon as Emily Sanderson Dwayne Hickman as Fred Sanderson Maree Cheatham as Mabel Sanderson Lochlyn Munro as Craig Richard Grieco as Himself Kristen Dalton as Grieco's Lady Jennifer Coolidge as Hottie Police Officer Meredith Scott Lynn as Credit Vixen Elisa Donovan as Cambi Gigi Rice as Vivica Michael Clarke Duncan as Roxbury Bouncer Colin Quinn as Dooey Twink Caplan as Crying Flower Customer Eva Mendes as Bridesmaid Mark McKinney as Father Williams Chazz Palminteri as Benny Zadir Christian Mixon as Guy In Corvette Viveca Paulin as Porsche Girl Agata Gotova as Waitress Rachel Galvin as Girl on Beach Soundtrack Night at the Roxbury Soundtrack album by Various Artists Released Genre Length Label Producer September 29. 5. 2. 4. 3.

. It's the first comedy I've attended where you feel that to laugh would be cruel to the characters. External links • A Night at the Roxbury (http://www.A Night at the Roxbury 6. htm) [3] "Various—A Night At The Roxbury (Music from the Motion Picture)" (http:/ / www. "Be My Lover (Club Mix)" – La Bouche (5:35) 9. Still. "Beautiful Life" – Ace of Base (3:11) 11.imdb. October 2. saturday-night-live. com/ Various-A-Night-At-The-Roxbury-Music-From-The-Motion-Picture/ release/ 1049519). A Lucky Break for the Terminally Uncool" (http:/ / movies. nytimes. with the consensus that A Night at the Roxbury "has the same problems as the worst SNL movies: one-note characters and plots unreasonably stretched to feature length runtime". "Where Do You Go (Ocean Drive Mix)" – No Mercy (7:21) 12. com/ snl/ news/ 1999/ october/ studios_see_green.. org/ web/ 20060509095136/ http:/ / www. Discogs.com/movies/movie/v173562) at AllRovi . Chicago Sun-Times. com/ m/ night_at_the_roxbury/ ) [5] "A Night at the Roxbury . "What is Love? (Refreshmento Extro Radio Mix)" – Haddaway 14. "A Little Bit of Ecstasy" – Jocelyn Enriquez (3:59) 13. do you really want to spend an hour and a half with them in a dark room?"[5] Roger Ebert observed that "the sad thing about A Night at the Roxbury is that the characters are in a one-joke movie.Rotten Tomatoes (http:/ / www. Retrieved 30 January 2012.FILM REVIEW. boxofficemojo. . nytimes. . garnering an 11% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. New York Times. archive. [4] A Night at the Roxbury . com/ movies/ ?id=nightattheroxbury. "This Is Your Night" – Amber (3:52) 10. "Careless Whisper" – Tamia (5:27) 12 Reception The film was almost universally panned by critics. html) [2] A Night at the Roxbury (1998) – Box Office Mojo (http:/ / www. com/ movie/ review?res=9B04E5D91438F931A35753C1A96E958260)."[6] References [1] 'LA Times' – Studios See $$ in Less-Than-Worthy 'SNL' Film Spinoffs (http:/ / web.jsp?stid=333457) at the TCM Movie Database • A Night at the Roxbury (http://www. October 2. rottentomatoes. and they're the joke.com/title/title.allrovi. 1998. discogs. com/ movie/ review?res=9B04E5D91438F931A35753C1A96E958260). "Insomnia (Monster Mix)" – Faithless (3:45) 8. 1998. "Pop Muzik" – 3rd Party (3:05) 7.com/title/tt0120770/) at the Internet Movie Database • A Night at the Roxbury (http://tcmdb. [6] "A Night At The Roxbury" (http:/ / movies. but reasoned that it was "a lot like the brothers themselves: undeniably pathetic but strangely lovable..[4] Anita Gates of The New York Times acknowledged the film's appeal.

While actors are nominated for this award by Academy members who are actors and actresses themselves. Prior to the 16th Academy Awards ceremony (1943). the Best Supporting Actor category was specifically introduced as a distinct award following complaints that the single Best Actor category necessarily favored leading performers with the most screen time. however. they received a plaque. the award has commonly been referred to as the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role is one of the Academy Awards of Merit presented annually by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) to recognize an actor who has delivered an outstanding performance while working within the film industry. Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role. winners are selected by the Academy membership as a whole. and Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role constitute the four Academy Awards of Merit for acting annually presented by AMPAS. Lionel Barrymore had received a Best Actor award (A Free Soul. Conversely. Under the system currently in place. who was honored at the 84th Academy Awards ceremony (2012) for his performance in Beginners. who was honored at the 9th Academy Awards ceremony (1936) for his performance in Come and Get It. oscars. 1935) for their performances in supporting roles. org Currently held by Christopher Plummer. and such nominations are limited to five per year. depicting a gold-plated knight holding a crusader's sword and standing on a reel of film. nominations for the Best Actor award were intended to include all actors. Until the 8th Academy Awards ceremony (1935). 1931) and Franchot Tone a Best Actor nomination (Mutiny on the Bounty. Currently. however.Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor 13 Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor Awarded for Presented by Country First awarded Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences United States 1936 (for performances in films released in 1936) Beginners (2011) Official website http:/ / www. Superlatives . At the 9th Academy Awards ceremony (1936). however. an actor is nominated for a specific performance in a single film. Nonetheless. Winners of this Academy Award of Merit receive the familiar Oscar statuette. Since its inception. The first recipient was Walter Brennan. Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role. The most recent recipient was Christopher Plummer. whether the performance was in a leading or supporting role. James Dunn received a Best Supporting Actor award for his clearly leading actor role in "A Tree Grows In Brooklyn" (1945). Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role. History Throughout the past 76 years AMPAS has presented a total of 76 Best Supporting Actor awards to 69 different actors.

Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor 14 Superlative Actor with most awards Best Actor Spencer Tracy Fredric March Gary Cooper Marlon Brando Dustin Hoffman Tom Hanks Jack Nicholson Daniel Day-Lewis Sean Penn 2 Best Supporting Actor Walter Brennan 3 Overall Walter Brennan Jack Nicholson 3 Actor with most nominations Spencer Tracy Laurence Olivier 9 Walter Brennan Claude Rains Arthur Kennedy Jack Nicholson 4 Jack Nicholson 12 Actor with most nominations (without ever winning) Peter O'Toole 8 3 Claude Rains Arthur Kennedy On the Waterfront The Godfather The Godfather Part II 4 3 Peter O'Toole On the Waterfront The Godfather The Godfather Part II 8 4 Film with most nominations Mutiny on the Bounty Oldest winner Oldest nominee Youngest winner Youngest nominee Henry Fonda Richard Farnsworth Adrien Brody Jackie Cooper 76 Christopher Plummer 82 Christopher Plummer 82 79 29 9 Hal Holbrook Timothy Hutton Justin Henry 82 20 8 Hal Holbrook Timothy Hutton Justin Henry 82 20 8 Walter Brennan. the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor of 1999 was announced during the award ceremony held in 2000. is the only actor to win the award three times (from four nominations). Charles Bickford. Winners are listed first in bold. Robert Duvall. Jeff Bridges. For a list sorted by film titles. For a list sorted by actor names. He won the Best Supporting Actor award for his portrayal of the Joker in The Dark Knight. for All the President's Men (1976) and Julia (1977). . Michael Caine. Melvyn Douglas. which is usually (but not always) the film's year of release. Ed Harris. Peter Ustinov. and Jason Robards. the winner of the inaugural award in 1936. followed by the other nominees. Five actors have won the award twice: Anthony Quinn. Robards was the only person to win consecutive Best Supporting Actor awards. Heath Ledger is the only person to posthumously win an acting Oscar in a supporting role. four each. and Al Pacino have each had three unsuccessful nominations. Claude Rains and Arthur Kennedy share the greatest number of unsuccessful nominations. the films below are listed by year of their Los Angeles qualifying run. please see List of Best Supporting Actor nominees (films). please see List of Best Supporting Actor nominees. Winners and nominees Following the Academy's practice. 2008. The only other actors with four nominations were Walter Brennan (won three times) and Jack Nicholson (won once). For example.

Warner Roland Young 1938 Walter Brennan (11th) John Garfield Gene Lockhart Robert Morley Basil Rathbone 1939 Thomas Mitchell (12th) Brian Aherne Harry Carey Brian Donlevy Claude Rains The Awful Truth The Hurricane Lost Horizon Topper Kentucky Four Daughters Algiers Marie Antoinette If I Were King Stagecoach Juarez Mr. Smith Goes to Washington President of the Senate Beau Geste Sgt. Kersaint Chang Cosmo Topper Peter Goodwin Mickey Borden Regis King Louis XVI King Louis XI Dr. Smith Goes to Washington Sen. Jordan Judge Roy Bean Van Meer Joe Benzini Napaloni (Dictator of Bacteria) Howard Joyce Gwilym Morgan Pastor Rosier Pile John P. B. Josiah Boone Emperor Maximilian von Habsburg 1936 Walter Brennan (9th) Mischa Auer Stuart Erwin Basil Rathbone Akim Tamiroff 1937 Joseph Schildkraut The Life of Emile Zola (10th) Ralph Bellamy Thomas Mitchell H. Merrick Max Corkle Kasper Gutman Role(s) Sydney Greenstreet The Maltese Falcon . Joseph Harrison Paine 1940s Year 1940 (13th) Actor Walter Brennan Albert Basserman William Gargan Jack Oakie James Stephenson 1941 (13th) Donald Crisp Walter Brennan Charles Coburn James Gleason Film The Westerner Foreign Correspondent They Knew What They Wanted The Great Dictator The Letter How Green Was My Valley Sergeant York The Devil and Miss Jones Here Comes Mr. Alfred Dreyfus Dan Leeson Dr. Markoff Mr.Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor 15 1930s Year Actor Film Come and Get It My Man Godfrey Pigskin Parade Romeo and Juliet The General Died at Dawn Role(s) Swan Bostrom Carlo Amos Dodd Tybalt – Nephew to Lady Capulet General Yang Capt.

Smollett Johnny Nolan Dr.I. Miniver The More the Merrier The Song of Bernadette Sahara Casablanca For Whom the Bell Tolls Going My Way The Seventh Cross Mr. Louis Renault Pablo Father Fitzgibbon Paul Roeder Job Skeffington Waldo Lydecker Colonel William G. Carrol Naish 1946 (19th) Harold Russell Charles Coburn William Demarest Claude Rains Clifton Webb 1947 (20th) Edmund Gwenn Charles Bickford Thomas Gomez Robert Ryan Richard Widmark 1948 (21st) Walter Huston Charles Bickford José Ferrer Oskar Homolka Cecil Kellaway The Treasure of the Sierra Madre Howard Johnny Belinda Joan of Arc I Remember Mama The Luck of the Irish Black McDonald The Dauphin. later King of France Uncle Chris Halverson Horace (A Leprechaun) . Alexander "Alex" Brulov Morgan Evans Lt. Bill Walker Charley Martin Homer Parrish Alexander Gow Steve Martin Alexander Sebastian Elliott Templeton Kris Kringle Joseph Clancy Pancho Montgomery Tommy Udo 1943 Charles Coburn [1] (16th) Charles Bickford J. Carrol Naish Claude Rains Akim Tamiroff 1944 (17th) Barry Fitzgerald Hume Cronyn Claude Rains Clifton Webb Monty Woolley 1945 (18th) James Dunn Michael Chekhov John Dall Robert Mitchum J. Capt. Charles VII. Joe A Medal for Benny The Best Years of Our Lives The Green Years The Jolson Story Notorious The Razor's Edge Miracle on 34th Street The Farmer's Daughter Ride the Pink Horse Crossfire Kiss of Death Jeff Hartnett Pvt. Aloysius "Smacksie" Randall Jerry Cohan The Pirate James Ballard Benjamin Dingle Father Peyramale Giuseppe Capt.Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor 1942 (15th) 16 Van Heflin William Bendix Walter Huston Frank Morgan Henry Travers Johnny Eager Wake Island Yankee Doodle Dandy Tortilla Flat Mrs. Skeffington Laura Since You Went Away A Tree Grows in Brooklyn Spellbound The Corn Is Green The Story of G.

Cobb Karl Malden Rod Steiger Tom Tully A Streetcar Named Desire Quo Vadis Death of a Salesman Quo Vadis Come Fill the Cup Viva Zapata! My Cousin Rachel The Big Sky The Quiet Man Sudden Fear From Here to Eternity Roman Holiday Shane Shane Stalag 17 The Barefoot Contessa On the Waterfront On the Waterfront On the Waterfront The Caine Mutiny . Erwin Riedenschneider Max von Meyerling Harold "Mitch" Mitchell Petronius Biff Loman Nero Boyd Copeland Eufemio Zapata Philip Ashley Zeb Calloway Narrator Will "Red" Danaher Lester Blaine Pvt. Stanislas "Animal" Kasava Oscar Muldoon Johnny Friendly Father Barry Charley "The Gent" Malloy Commander DeVriess 1950 George Sanders (23rd) Jeff Chandler Edmund Gwenn Sam Jaffe Erich von Stroheim Sunset Boulevard 1951 Karl Malden (24th) Leo Genn Kevin McCarthy Peter Ustinov Gig Young 1952 Anthony Quinn (25th) Richard Burton Arthur Hunnicutt Victor McLaglen Jack Palance 1953 (26th) Frank Sinatra Eddie Albert Brandon deWilde Jack Palance Robert Strauss 1954 Edmond O'Brien (27th) Lee J.Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor 1949 (22nd) 17 Dean Jagger John Ireland Arthur Kennedy Ralph Richardson James Whitmore Twelve O'Clock High All the King's Men Champion The Heiress Battleground Major Harvey Stovall Jack Burden Connie Kelly Dr. Kinnie 1950s Year Actor Film All About Eve Broken Arrow Mister 880 The Asphalt Jungle Role(s) Addison De Witt Cochise "Skipper" Miller Dr. Angelo Maggio Irving Radovich Joey Starrett Jack Wilson Sgt. Austin Sloper Sgt.

Hugo Pine Sheik Ilderim Parnell Emmett McCarthy Asst. Dreyfuss Dov Landau Beekeeper . Cobb Arthur Kennedy Gig Young 1959 Hugh Griffith (32nd) Arthur O'Connell George C. Scott Robert Vaughn Ed Wynn 18 Mister Roberts Trial Marty Rebel Without a Cause Picnic Lust for Life Bus Stop Friendly Persuasion The Bold and the Brave Written on the Wind Sayonara A Farewell to Arms Ens. Frank Thurlowe Pulver Barney Castle Angie John "Plato" Crawford Howard Bevans Paul Gauguin Beauregard "Bo" Decker Josh Birdwell Dooley Kyle Hadley Airman Joe Kelly Major Alessandro Rinaldi The Bridge on the River Kwai Colonel Saito Peyton Place Peyton Place The Big Country The Defiant Ones The Brothers Karamazov Some Came Running Teacher's Pet Ben-Hur Anatomy of a Murder Anatomy of a Murder The Young Philadelphians The Diary of Anne Frank Lucas Cross Norman Page Rufus Hannassey Sheriff Max Muller Fyodor Karamazov Frank Hirsh Dr.Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor 1955 Jack Lemmon (28th) Arthur Kennedy Joe Mantell Sal Mineo Arthur O'Connell 1956 Anthony Quinn (29th) Don Murray Anthony Perkins Mickey Rooney Robert Stack 1957 Red Buttons (30th) Vittorio De Sica Sessue Hayakawa Arthur Kennedy Russ Tamblyn 1958 Burl Ives (31st) Theodore Bikel Lee J. State Atty. Gen. The Apartment Exodus The Alamo Film Role(s) Lentulus Batiatus Abe "Kid Twist" Reles Dr. Claude Dancer Chester "Chet" Gwynn Albert Dussell 1960s Year 1960 (33rd) Peter Ustinov Peter Falk Jack Kruschen Sal Mineo Chill Wills Actor Spartacus Murder. Inc.

Pollard Sweet Bird of Youth What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? Edwin Flagg Birdman of Alcatraz Lawrence of Arabia Billy Budd Hud Twilight of Honor Captain Newman.D. Tom Jones The Cardinal Topkapi Becket My Fair Lady Seven Days in May The Best Man A Thousand Clowns The Flight of the Phoenix Doctor Zhivago Ship of Fools Othello The Fortune Cookie The Sand Pebbles Georgy Girl Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? A Man for All Seasons Cool Hand Luke The Dirty Dozen Bonnie and Clyde Guess Who's Coming to Dinner Bonnie and Clyde Feto Gomez Sherif Ali ibn el Kharish Billy Budd Homer Bannon Ben Brown Corporal Jim Tompkins Squire Western Cardinal Glennon Arthur Simon Simpson Louis VII of France Alfred Doolittle Senator Raymond Clark President Art Hockstader Arnold Burns "Ratbags" Crow Pasha Antipov (Strelnikov) Carl Glocken Iago Willie Gingrich Po-han James Leamington Nick Henry VIII of England Dragline Victor P. Scott (declined nomination) The Hustler 1962 Ed Begley (35th) Victor Buono Telly Savalas Omar Sharif Terence Stamp 1963 Melvyn Douglas (36th) Nick Adams Bobby Darin Hugh Griffith John Huston 1964 Peter Ustinov (37th) John Gielgud Stanley Holloway Edmond O'Brien Lee Tracy 1965 Martin Balsam (38th) Ian Bannen Tom Courtenay Michael Dunn Frank Finlay 1966 Walter Matthau (39th) Mako James Mason George Segal Robert Shaw 1967 George Kennedy (40th) John Cassavetes Gene Hackman Cecil Kellaway Michael J. M. Moss . Franko Buck Barrow Monsignor Mike Ryan C.W.Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor 1961 George Chakiris (34th) Montgomery Clift Peter Falk Jackie Gleason 19 West Side Story Judgment at Nuremberg Pocketful of Miracles The Hustler Bernardo Nuñez Rudolph Petersen Joy Boy Minnesota Fats Bert Gordon Tom 'Boss' Finley George C.

Corcoran Sonny Corleone Tom Hagen Michael Corleone Charles W. Buddy "Cloudy" Russo Master of Ceremonies Mr. Dutch Schnell Phil Greene Father Damien Karras Larry Meadows Role(s) 1970 John Mills Ryan's Daughter (43rd) Richard S. Jr. Don't They? The Reivers Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice Easy Rider Anne of the Thousand Days John Cleary Chet Noël Coward The Artful Dodger Leo Bloom Rocky Graver Ned McCaslin Ted Henderson George Hanson Cardinal Wolsey 1970s Year Actor Film Michael Frank Vecchio Old Lodge Skins Gene Garrison Phil Cavalleri Sam the Lion Duane Jackson Motel Kamzoil Joe Ben Stamper Det.Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor 1968 Jack Albertson (41st) Seymour Cassel Daniel Massey Jack Wild Gene Wilder 1969 Gig Young (42nd) Rupert Crosse Elliott Gould Jack Nicholson Anthony Quayle 20 The Subject Was Roses Faces Star! Oliver! The Producers They Shoot Horses. Castellano Lovers and Other Strangers Chief Dan George Gene Hackman John Marley 1971 Ben Johnson (44th) Jeff Bridges Leonard Frey Richard Jaeckel Roy Scheider 1972 Joel Grey (45th) Eddie Albert James Caan Robert Duvall Al Pacino 1973 John Houseman (46th) Vincent Gardenia Jack Gilford Jason Miller Randy Quaid Little Big Man I Never Sang for My Father Love Story The Last Picture Show The Last Picture Show Fiddler on the Roof Sometimes a Great Notion The French Connection Cabaret The Heartbreak Kid The Godfather The Godfather The Godfather The Paper Chase Bang the Drum Slowly Save the Tiger The Exorcist The Last Detail . Kingsfield.

Col. Christian Szell Paulie Pennino Dashiell Hammett Yuri Kopeikine Alan Strang Obi-Wan Kenobi Johann Nikonar "Nick" Chevotarevich Capt.Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor 1974 Robert De Niro (47th) Fred Astaire Jeff Bridges Michael V. Bill Kilgore Huston Dyer Billy Kramer Henry Dailey 1978 Christopher Walken The Deer Hunter (51st) Bruce Dern Coming Home Richard Farnsworth John Hurt Jack Warden 1979 Melvyn Douglas (52nd) Robert Duvall Frederic Forrest Justin Henry Mickey Rooney Comes a Horseman Midnight Express Heaven Can Wait Being There Apocalypse Now The Rose Kramer vs. Gazzo Lee Strasberg 1975 George Burns (48th) Brad Dourif Burgess Meredith Chris Sarandon Jack Warden 1976 Jason Robards (49th) Ned Beatty Burgess Meredith Laurence Olivier Burt Young 1977 Jason Robards (50th) Mikhail Baryshnikov Peter Firth Alec Guinness Maximilian Schell 21 The Godfather Part II The Towering Inferno Thunderbolt and Lightfoot The Godfather Part II The Godfather Part II The Sunshine Boys Vito Corleone Harlee Claiborne Lightfoot Frank Pentangeli Hyman Roth Al Lewis One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Billy Bibbit The Day of the Locust Dog Day Afternoon Shampoo All the President's Men Network Rocky Marathon Man Rocky Julia The Turning Point Equus Star Wars Julia Harry Greener Leon Shermer Lester Karpf Ben Bradlee Arthur Jensen Mickey Goldmill Dr. Bob Hyde Dodger Max Max Corkle Benjamin Turnbull Rand Lt. Kramer The Black Stallion 1980s .

Elias Grodin Mr. Ngor (57th) Adolph Caesar John Malkovich Pat Morita Actor Ordinary People Ordinary People The Great Santini Raging Bull Melvin and Howard Arthur Only When I Laugh Chariots of Fire Reds Ragtime Film Role(s) Conrad Jarrett Dr. Lord of the Apes The Sixth Earl of Greystoke 1985 (58th) Don Ameche Klaus Maria Brandauer William Hickey Robert Loggia Eric Roberts 1986 Michael Caine (59th) Tom Berenger Willem Dafoe Denholm Elliott Dennis Hopper Cocoon Out of Africa Prizzi's Honor Jagged Edge Runaway Train Hannah and Her Sisters Platoon Platoon A Room with a View Hoosiers Arthur Selwyn Baron Bror von Blixen-Finecke Don Corrado Prizzi Sam Ransom Buck Elliot Sgt. Berger Ben Meechum Joey LaMotta Howard Hughes Hobson Jimmy Perry Sam Mussabini Eugene O'Neill Coalhouse Walker. Bob Barnes Sgt. Emerson Wilbur "Shooter" Flatch . Jr. Gunnery Sgt.Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor 22 Year 1980 Timothy Hutton (53rd) Judd Hirsch Michael O'Keefe Joe Pesci Jason Robards 1981 John Gielgud (54th) James Coco Ian Holm Jack Nicholson Howard Rollins 1982 Louis Gossett. Will Kesuke Miyagi An Officer and a Gentleman The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas The World According to Garp The Verdict Victor Victoria Terms of Endearment To Be or Not to Be Terms of Endearment The Right Stuff Cross Creek The Killing Fields A Soldier's Story Places in the Heart The Karate Kid Ralph Richardson (posthumous nomination) Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan. Waters Mr. Emil Foley Governor Roberta Muldoon Ed Concannon Carroll "Toddy" Todd Garrett Breedlove Colonel Erhardt Sam Burns Chuck Yeager Marsh Turner Dith Pran Sgt. Jr. (55th) Charles Durning John Lithgow James Mason Robert Preston 1983 Jack Nicholson (56th) Charles Durning John Lithgow Sam Shepard Rip Torn 1984 Haing S. Tyrone C.

Silas Trip Sal Frangione Boolie Werthan Ian Mackenzie Judah Rosenthal 1990s Year Actor Goodfellas Longtime Companion The Godfather Part III Dances with Wolves Dick Tracy City Slickers JFK Bugsy Bugsy Barton Fink Unforgiven The Crying Game A Few Good Men Glengarry Glen Ross Mr. Cosmo Castorini Steve Biko Otto West William Dorrit Abe Karatz Danny Pope Tony "The Tiger" Russo Pvt. Jessep Ricky Roma Stan Young 1990 Joe Pesci (63rd) Bruce Davison Andy García Graham Greene Al Pacino 1991 Jack Palance (64th) Tommy Lee Jones Harvey Keitel Ben Kingsley Michael Lerner 1992 Gene Hackman (65th) Jaye Davidson Jack Nicholson Al Pacino David Paymer . Saturday Night Film Role(s) Tommy DeVito David Vincent Mancini Kicking Bird Alphonse "Big Boy" Caprice Curly Washburn Clay Shaw Mickey Cohen Meyer Lansky Jack Lipnick Little Bill Daggett Dil Colonel Nathan R. Jr.Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor 1987 Sean Connery (60th) Albert Brooks Morgan Freeman Vincent Gardenia Denzel Washington 1988 Kevin Kline (61st) Alec Guinness Martin Landau River Phoenix Dean Stockwell 1989 Denzel Washington (62nd) Danny Aiello Dan Aykroyd Marlon Brando Martin Landau 23 The Untouchables Broadcast News Street Smart Moonstruck Cry Freedom A Fish Called Wanda Little Dorrit Tucker: The Man and His Dream Running on Empty Married to the Mob Glory Do the Right Thing Driving Miss Daisy A Dry White Season Crimes and Misdemeanors Jim Malone Aaron Altman Leo "Fast Black" Smalls.

Jr.Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor 1993 Tommy Lee Jones (66th) Leonardo DiCaprio Ralph Fiennes John Malkovich Pete Postlethwaite 1994 Martin Landau (67th) Samuel L. Mackey John Coffey Dickie Greenleaf Cole Sear Michael Clarke Duncan The Green Mile Jude Law Haley Joel Osment The Talented Mr.J. Marshal Samuel Gerard What's Eating Gilbert Grape Arnie Grape Schindler's List In the Line of Fire In the Name of the Father Ed Wood Pulp Fiction Bullets Over Broadway Quiz Show Forrest Gump The Usual Suspects Babe Apollo 13 12 Monkeys Rob Roy Jerry Maguire Fargo Shine Primal Fear Ghosts of Mississippi Good Will Hunting Jackie Brown Amistad As Good as It Gets Boogie Nights Affliction A Civil Action The Truman Show Shakespeare in Love A Simple Plan The Cider House Rules Magnolia Amon Göeth Mitch Leary Giuseppe Conlon Béla Lugosi Jules Winnfield Cheech Mark Van Doren Lt. Wilbur Larch Frank T. Sean Maguire Max Cherry John Quincy Adams Simon Bishop Jack Horner Glen Whitehouse Jerome Facher Christof Philip Henslowe Jacob Mitchell Dr. (69th) William H. Dan Taylor Roger "Verbal" Kint Farmer Arthur Hoggett Gene Kranz Jeffrey Goines Archibald Cunningham Rod Tidwell Jerry Lundegaard Peter Helfgott Aaron Stampler Byron De La Beckwith Dr. Jackson Chazz Palminteri Paul Scofield Gary Sinise 1995 Kevin Spacey (68th) James Cromwell Ed Harris Brad Pitt Tim Roth 1996 Cuba Gooding. Ripley The Sixth Sense .S. Macy Armin Mueller-Stahl Edward Norton James Woods 1997 Robin Williams (70th) Robert Forster Anthony Hopkins Greg Kinnear Burt Reynolds 1998 James Coburn (71st) Robert Duvall Ed Harris Geoffrey Rush Billy Bob Thornton 1999 Michael Caine (72nd) Tom Cruise 24 The Fugitive U.

Sr. Dave Boyle Shelly Kaplow Jack Jordan Mateo Lord Moritsugu Katsumoto Eddie "Scrap-Iron" Dupris Senator Owen Brewster Jack Max Durocher Larry Gray Robert Barnes Sgt. John Ryan Joe Gould Jack Twist Richie Cusack 2000 Benicio del Toro (73rd) Jeff Bridges Willem Dafoe Albert Finney Joaquin Phoenix 2001 Jim Broadbent (74th) Ethan Hawke Ben Kingsley Ian McKellen Jon Voight 2002 Chris Cooper (75th) Ed Harris Paul Newman John C. Masry Commodus John Bayley Jake Hoyt Don Logan Gandalf Howard Cosell John Laroche Richard Brown John Rooney Amos Hart Frank Abagnale.Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor 25 2000s Year Actor Traffic The Contender Shadow of the Vampire Erin Brockovich Gladiator Iris Training Day Sexy Beast The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Ali Adaptation The Hours Road to Perdition Chicago Catch Me If You Can Mystic River The Cooler 21 Grams In America The Last Samurai Million Dollar Baby The Aviator Sideways Collateral Closer Syriana Crash Cinderella Man Brokeback Mountain A History of Violence Film Role(s) Javier Rodríguez President Jackson Evans Max Schreck Edward L. Reilly Christopher Walken 2003 Tim Robbins (76th) Alec Baldwin Benicio del Toro Djimon Hounsou Ken Watanabe 2004 Morgan Freeman (77th) Alan Alda Thomas Haden Church Jamie Foxx Clive Owen 2005 (78th) George Clooney Matt Dillon Paul Giamatti Jake Gyllenhaal William Hurt .

Philip Seymour Hoffman Michael Shannon 2009 Christoph Waltz (82nd) Matt Damon Woody Harrelson Christopher Plummer Stanley Tucci Milk Tropic Thunder Doubt Revolutionary Road Inglourious Basterds Invictus The Messenger The Last Station The Lovely Bones 2010s Year Actor The Fighter Winter's Bone The Town The Kids Are All Right The King's Speech Beginners My Week with Marilyn Moneyball Warrior Film Role(s) Dicky Eklund Teardrop Dolly James "Jem" Coughlin Paul Lionel Logue Hal Fields Laurence Olivier Peter Brand Paddy Conlon 2010 Christian Bale (83rd) John Hawkes Jeremy Renner Mark Ruffalo Geoffrey Rush 2011 Christopher Plummer (84th) Kenneth Branagh Jonah Hill Nick Nolte Max von Sydow Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close The Renter .Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor 2006 Alan Arkin (79th) Jackie Earle Haley Djimon Hounsou Eddie Murphy Mark Wahlberg 2007 Javier Bardem (80th) Casey Affleck Philip Seymour Hoffman Hal Holbrook Tom Wilkinson 26 Little Miss Sunshine Little Children Blood Diamond Dreamgirls The Departed No Country for Old Men Edwin Hoover Ronald James McGorvey Solomon Vandy James "Thunder" Early Sgt. Tony Stone Leo Tolstoy George Harvey 2008 Heath Ledger (posthumous win) The Dark Knight (81st) Josh Brolin Robert Downey. Jr. Hans Landa Francois Pienaar Capt. Sean Dignam Anton Chigurh The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford Robert Ford Charlie Wilson's War Into the Wild Michael Clayton Gust Avrakotos Ron Franz Arthur Edens The Joker Dan White Kirk Lazarus Father Brendan Flynn John Givings Col.

Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor 2012 TBA (85th) Alan Arkin Robert De Niro 27 TBA Argo Silver Linings Playbook TBA Lester Siegel Pat Solitano. Sr. King Schultz Philip Seymour Hoffman The Master Tommy Lee Jones Christoph Waltz Lincoln Django Unchained Multiple awards 2 awards • • • • • 3 awards Walter Brennan Michael Caine • Melvyn Douglas Jason Robards Anthony Quinn Peter Ustinov Multiple nominations 2 nominations • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Eddie Albert Alan Arkin Michael Caine Lee J.) • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Karl Malden James Mason Burgess Meredith Sal Mineo Thomas Mitchell Edmond O'Brien Joe Pesci Christopher Plummer Anthony Quinn Basil Rathbone Ralph Richardson Mickey Rooney Geoffrey Rush George C. Cobb Benicio del Toro Willem Dafoe Robert De Niro Melvyn Douglas Charles Durning Peter Falk Morgan Freeman Vincent Gardenia John Gielgud Hugh Griffith Alec Guinness 2 nominations (cont. Scott Akim Tamiroff Christopher Walken Jack Warden Denzel Washington Clifton Webb Christoph Waltz 3 nominations • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Charles Bickford Jeff Bridges Charles Coburn Robert Duvall Gene Hackman Ed Harris Philip Seymour Hoffman Tommy Lee Jones Martin Landau Al Pacino Jack Palance Jason Robards Peter Ustinov Gig Young Walter Brennan Arthur Kennedy Jack Nicholson Claude Rains Edmund Gwenn • Djimon Hounsou • Walter Huston • Ben Kingsley John Lithgow John Malkovich • • 4 nominations . Lancaster Dodd Thaddeus Stevens Dr.

Michael Caine. References [1] Beginning with the 1943 awards. as evidenced by the following list of winners for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. Peter Ustinov (British). • At the 37th Academy Awards (1964). John Gielgud. Prior to this. Nonetheless.oscar. Donald Crisp. Jim Broadbent. External links • Oscars. Hugh Griffith. including the leading acting categories. • At the 80th Academy Awards (2007).html) (official site) . the winners were Rex Harrison (British).Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor 28 International presence As the Academy Awards are based in the United States and are centered on the Hollywood film industry. winners in the supporting acting categories were awarded plaques. Peter Ustinov There have been two years in which all four of the top acting Academy Awards were presented to non-Americans. there is significant international presence at the awards. and Lila Kedrova (Russian). winners in the supporting acting categories were awarded Oscar statuettes similar to those awarded to winners in all other categories. Sean Connery. Ngor Canada: Christopher Plummer Germany: Christoph Waltz Ireland (republic): Barry Fitzgerald Mexico: Anthony Quinn Puerto Rico: Benicio del Toro Spain: Javier Bardem United Kingdom: Christian Bale. John Mills. • • • • • • • • • • Australia: Heath Ledger Austria: Joseph Schildkraut Cambodia: Haing S. Javier Bardem (Spanish).oscars. Marion Cotillard (French). and Tilda Swinton (British). George Sanders. however. Edmund Gwenn.com/) (official ceremony promotional site) • The Academy Awards Database (http://www. the winners were Daniel Day-Lewis (British and Irish).oscars.com (http://www.org/) (official Academy site) • Oscar.org/awardsdatabase/index. the majority of Academy Award winners have been Americans. Julie Andrews (British).org (http://www.

introduces the Air Buddies. Budderball climbs up the counter to claim his prize. B-Dawg decrees that no one shall tell him to take a nap. Mrs. Mrs. Niggles wakes up. Then the pups hear their parents coming home. Plot The narrator. After throwing it onto the ground. After all the victory. 2006 80 minutes English Air Buddies is the 6th film in the Air Bud series and the first in the direct-to-video spin-off series Air Buddies. This is Don Knotts' and Patrick Cranshaw's final movie. This movie changes the primary focus of the series from Buddy. and B-Dawg and explains their sport talents and personalities. Buddha notices the babysitter is 'finding her inner peace' and as she naps. Framm thinks it's time to find the Buddies . and leads the pups out to watch the babysitter. Buddha. After that. released after their deaths. Noah and Henry and their parents leave to go to a basketball game with Buddy and Molly. Afterwards. Air Buddies was released on December 12. to that of his puppies. Budderball. Niggles's blueberry pie. Mudbud. Mrs. and because everything is a mess. Sniffer (voiced by Don Knotts). 2006. The pups refuse to be left alone and bored. only to be blocked by their babysitter. It also radically alters the character of the series by making all of the animals speak. Niggles tells them to take naps. grab their toys. Mrs. which follows the life of a lonely teenager and his dog who has the uncanny ability to play every sport.Air Buddies 29 Air Buddies Air Buddies DVD cover Directed by Produced by Written by Robert Vince Anna McRoberts Robert Vince Anna McRoberts Robert Vince Paul Tamasy (characters) Aaron Mendelsohn (characters) Kevin DiCicco (character Air Bud) Slade Pearce Trevor Wright Christian Pikes Paul Rae Abigail Breslin Michael Clarke Duncan Don Knotts Patrick Cranshaw Brahm Wenger Starring Music by Cinematography Mike Southon Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Language Kelly Herron Walt Disney Home Entertainment December 12. Niggles's yarn. Rosebud. an adult golden retriever. but she's tied up by her yarn. Mrs. the pups play their favorite sports with their toys and Mrs. Niggles and get baths instead.

the barrels break the wine container. and Grim. who then tie Grim and Denning in front of the cinema screen and begin throwing soda. where Grim and Denning are watching 101 Dalmatians. Noah and Henry are ecstatic and overjoyed at finding Grim and Denning being held prisoners by Billy the goat.her scream is heard by Denning and Grim who then slip on a wet floor. Bartleby Livingston by showing him a female tiger for his birthday. thinking there are two air buds or they are mates. Molly tries to save Buddy but is captured too. Grim and Denning follow them. The Buddies have sniffed their way to the outside cinema. The Buddies find their way to the projection room and walk right in front of the projector. A female customer orders a box cup of popcorn. Livingston fall in. Noah and Henry are led by Sniffer through the same farm that the Buddies went through. The Buddies go through the forest then meet the Wolf who leads them to wine country. and refuses to help because he has lost his sense of smell. Livingston. Noah. Grim and Denning knocking over the motorcycles with their clumsiness infuriates the gang. Budderball decides to stay with Bartleby because he needs a friend. while Denning also collides with the motorcycles. Grim and Denning catch up to the Buddies. Still blind. and immediately depart to report them and turn them in to the authorities over Grim and Denning's protests.Air Buddies new homes. Grim and Denning go back to Buddy's home to capture the Buddies but no luck. Bartleby and his father then put the Buddies in a limousine. Noah and Henry collect every kid's profile sheets and photos. the Buddies run into a motor bike gang. the pups decide to run away. Next. The next morning. who help the Buddies escape from Grim and Denning. Buddy manages to free the Buddies but Denning traps him with a net. Henry. the family decides to call the new owners tomorrow. only to see Buddy and Molly at the same time. which Buddy and Molly dug. and manage to catch Budderball by luring him with a doughnut. The Buddies meet Billy the Goat and Belinda the Pig. A skunk's spray enables Sniffer to smell again. forcing the Buddies to help. Sheriff Bob arrives to arrest Selkirk. Grim knocks the motor bikes over. as the container cracks open. they understand and say they're ready for their new owners. and the dogs release barrels towards Selkirk and Mr. Selkirk and Mr. Budderball falls into one of the wine containers and gets drunk. Selkirk Tander tries to impress Mr. In wine country. temporarily blinding himself. and after looking at girls and boys who would make good owners. their shadows attracting Denning and Grim's attention. Mr. The Buddies ask Sniffer for his help and where Buddy and Molly were taken to. Selkirk tells them to lock the dogs in the wine cellar and go and capture the puppies and threatens that if they don't catch the puppies. The Buddies apologize to Buddy and Molly. chasing them to a farm. The Buddies then find a snack bar and start eating. candy. Sniffer explains that Buddy and Molly were taken to wine country. but Bartleby wanted an animal he can play with. Buddy and Molly come to rescue the Buddies. When Grim explain that Buddy and Molly already had puppies and Denning let them get away. At school. Washing out of the container. Buddy and Molly manage to escape to find the Buddies. Grim and Denning arrive at Buddy's home. Budderball falls into a hole.000 if Selkirk can get Buddy. so he calls Noah and Henry and they go off to find the Buddies. Grim opens the projector. Livingston offers $500. Bartleby catches Budderball but is caught by Sniffer. Meanwhile. and Budderball tumbles out of the box -. Denning. furiously calling the Buddies and the man at the movie projection booth double-crossing bottle-suckers and various other nasty names related to double-crossing. He wants Air Bud (Buddy) because Buddy can play sports. Bartleby and his father come to collect the dogs but instead finds the Buddies. Selkirk then sends his nephew Grim and assistant Denning to capture Buddy. Selkirk is pleased that Denning and Grim captured both Buddy and Molly so he can have them breed puppies and sell them for money. and popcorn at them. The Buddies lure Grim and Denning into a stable and escape through a small hole as Billy locks Grim and Denning in. Livingston's son. when Noah. 30 . they will be fed to the tiger. Henry. The other Buddies go and find Budderball but they are captured as well and used as bait to catch Buddy and Molly.

. He loves to meditate and wears a Buddhist collar made of beads.The hip-hoppin' pup of the Buddies.The Wolf .Sniffer . She loves her children and Buddy very much and will do anything to protect them.a goat who the Buddies meet on the farm. When his paw is pulled.Sheriff Bob Tyler Guerrero .Belinda . • Tom Everett Scott . This was the first time speaking animals have appeared in the Air Bud series.Air Bud (because of the demanding schedule.Patrick Framm Cynthia Stevenson . and Mudbud plays volleyball and watches Rally America.Mrs.B-Dawg .Grim Paul Rae . the role was played by more than one dog) Voice roles • Abigail Breslin .Jackie Framm Jane Carr . Gautama Buddha.the lone girl and only sister of the Buddies. Niggles Reese Schoeppe . He enjoys food and wears black ink on his face to look like a football player. He is named after a virtuous person.Air Buddies 31 Cast Acting • • • • • • • • • • • • Slade Pearce .The dirt-loving dude of the Buddies. Buddha plays baseball. while Budderball plays football.Denning Christian Pikes . Trevor Wright .The Wolf is a friendly inhabitant of the forest who helps the Buddies get to wine country. • Josh Flitter .Bartleby Livingston Richard Karn .Buddha . he passes unbearable gas. • B-Dawg is the pup who can play basketball.The Buddies mother with golden locks. • Wallace Shawn . Rosebud plays soccer. • Spencer Fox .Billy . • Skyler Gisondo . • Dominic Scott Kay .Buddy . He's still as fun-loving and athletic as he was before the Buddies were born. the main villain of the movie.The father of the Buddies.Henry Patrick Cranshaw .the peaceful Buddhist of the Buddies. She speaks Pig Latin.Sasha Scout and Parker .Budderball .An old Bloodhound who lost his sense of smell years ago. • Debra Jo Rupp .a kind sow who the Buddies meet on the farm.Mudbud . He is one of the characters in the movie who help the Buddies find their parents.The chubbiest of the Buddies. • Michael Clarke Duncan . • Molly Shannon . He loves rap music and wears a silver chain with a 'B' as a pendant around his neck to look cool and hip.Molly . She always wears a pink bow in her fur (usually her head) to separate herself from her brothers.Rosebud/Alice .Selkirk Tander. • All the animals can speak in this film. He later regains it after getting sprayed by a skunk. He helps keep the Buddies out of Grim and Denning's clutches. She belongs to Henry. He wears a blue handkerchief around his neck. In addition to this he also sports a red football shirt. She is also protective of her brothers and her favorite color is pink.Noah Framm Holmes Osborne . • Don Knotts .

The movie is dedicated to them both. References External links • • • • The Official Disney Air Buddies Website (http://disneydvd.html) Air Buddies (http://www. 2006.html) .go. Don Knotts died on February 24. but he finished all his voice work on this.com/title/tt0470982/) at the Internet Movie Database Air Buddies (http://www.com/airbuddies.com/air-buddies.rottentomatoes.com/m/air_buddies/) at Rotten Tomatoes Air Buddies DVD Review (http://www.ultimatedisney.disney.Air Buddies 32 Miscellaneous Patrick Cranshaw died on December 28. 2005.imdb. his final film. but he had already finished filming all of his scenes for the movie.

391 Lorman. It was founded in 1871 by the Reconstruction era legislature to provide higher education for freedmen.9 km2) campus. the name Alcorn University was changed to Alcorn Agricultural and Mechanical College. In 1878. Alcorn State University was a land-grant college. Mississippi.alcorn. a civil rights activist. Alcorn A's www. Christopher Brown II 4. graduated in 1948 from here. was less a college than a vocational school intended to prepare students for the agricultural economy of the state and most of their hometowns. The goals for the college set by the Mississippi legislature clearly emphasized training rather than education. From its beginning.000 m ) of land scrip for agricultural colleges.edu [1] Alcorn State University is a historically black comprehensive land-grant institution in Lorman. Students at the college were part of the mid-twentieth century civil rights struggle. Revels resigned his seat in the United States Senate to become Alcorn's first president. Other alumni have been activists.700 acres (6.[2] Medgar Evers. United States 1. History Alcorn State University was founded on the site originally occupied by Oakland College. like other black schools during these years. The 2 state also granted Alcorn three-fifths of the proceeds earned from the sale of 30. Oakland College closed its doors at the beginning of the American Civil War so that its students could fight for the Confederate States of America. .000 in cash for ten successive years for the establishment and overall operations of the college.000 acres (120.017 at the 2010 census. the property was sold to the state of Mississippi. The university is counted as a census-designated place and had a resident population of 1.91 km2) of land have grown to become a 1. This money was to be used solely for the agricultural and mechanical components of the college.9 km2) Purple and Gold Braves.928 with Alcorn receiving a share of $113. M.700 acres (6. Mississippi.000.400. The University is a member-school of the Thurgood Marshall College Fund. a school for whites established by the Presbyterian Church.” Established 1871 Type President Students Location Campus Colors Nickname Website Public Dr. then the state's governor. The university's original 225 acres (0. The land was sold for $188. It renamed the facility Alcorn University in honor of James L. Hiram R. working to register residents for voting and struggling to end segregation. It was the first black land grant college in the United States. Alcorn in 1871. The school. and established it as a historically black college.Alcorn State University 33 Alcorn State University Alcorn State University Motto “Knowledge and Character: That's the Alcorn Difference. politicians and professionals in Mississippi and other states. The state legislature provided $50. When the college failed to reopen at the end of the war.

managers. Calloway Edward H. George E. Today the faculty and staff number more than 500. Malvin A. The student body has grown from 179 mostly local male students to more than 4. Today. Triplett William H. Alcorn has had eighteen presidents. and enter other professions. M. with seven schools and degree programs in more than fifty areas. Reynolds Thomas J. Acting President 1934–1934 No William Harrison Bell Preston Sewell Bowles William Harrison Pipes Jesse R. Alcorn State is now fully accredited. Sr. Governor William L. more recent alumni are successful physicians. Sanders. including a nursing program. Clinton Bristow. [4] 34 ==Past Presidents[5]== Name Hiram Rhodes Revels John Houston Burrus Wilson H. Waller signed House Bill 298 granting university status to Alcorn and the other state supported colleges. with Dr. Jr. and entrepreneurs. Otis John Dewey Boyd Walter Washington Rudolph E. The facilities have increased from three historic buildings to approximately 80 modern structures [3] with an approximate value of $71 million. It also provides graduate education to equip students for further training in specialized fields. Sr. dentists. educators. engage in teaching.000 students from all over the world. pharmacists. It provides an undergraduate education that enables students to continue their work in graduate and professional schools. administrators. women outnumber men at the university eighteen hundred to twelve hundred. Christopher Brown 1934–1944 No 1944–1945 No 1945–1949 No 1949–1957 No 1957–1969 No 1969–1994 No 1994–1995 Yes 1995–2006 No 2006–2008 Yes 2008–2010 No 2010–2011 Yes 2011– No .Alcorn State University At first the school was exclusively for black males but in 1895 women were admitted. In 1974 Alcorn Agricultural and Mechanical College became Alcorn State University. lawyers. Lanier Levi John Rowan John Adams Martin Levi John Rowan Years Interim 1871–1882 No 1882–1893 No 1893–1894 No 1894–1896 No 1896–1899 No 1899–1905 No 1905–1911 No 1911–1915 No 1915–1934 No Isiah S. Christopher Brown II becoming the eighteenth president in 2011. Ross Norris Allen Edney M. Alcorn had already become a more diversified university. While early graduates of Alcorn had limited horizons. Williams. Alcorn began with eight faculty members in 1871. Waters.

the National Association of Industrial Technology and the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences. physical therapy. Alcorn‘s teacher education program is accredited by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education. and Specialist in Education degrees.Alcorn State University 35 Academics The university enrolls over 2. Alcorn State University is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Music. Research. Global Programs Besides coordinating study-abroad opportunities. Organization The university is made up of seven schools. and the Master of Science in Nursing degree programs are accredited by the National League for Nursing Accreditating Commission. offering over 50 different fields of study. Over last few years the MBA program has been very popular with international students.[8] Accreditation Alcorn State University is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to award the Associate. • • • • • • • School of Agriculture. Extension and Applied Sciences School of Arts and Sciences School of Graduate Studies School of Business School of Education and Psychology School of Nursing College for Excellence Honors Program The Honors Program is an option for students who wish to further enhance their academic experience. The Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics is accredited by the American Dietetics Association. Bachelor‘s.[7] Pre-Professional Programs Alcorn offers Pre-Professional Programs to prepare students for a transition to specialized studies in the fields of law. engineering. nursing. The Associate of Science in Nursing degree. Most classes are conducted in evening to accommodate its working executive students. pharmacy and dentistry.[6] MBA Program Alcorn State University offers a general MBA program through its Natchez campus. Master‘s. Women outnumber men in a ratio 3:2. in fact a high percentage of international students at Alcorn State University are enrolled in its MBA program. the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree.500 full-time and 348 part-time undergraduate students and 600 graduate students. Global Programs brings worldwide perspectives to campus through exchange programs and special events. .

[9] 40 miles (64 km) north of Natchez. who is among those numerous players to have gone on to professional football careers.0 km) Bike/Walking Trail • Foster Baseball Field at McGowan Stadium • Medgar Wiley Evers Heritage Village (student housing) Current and planned construction projects include: • School of Business (Dumas Hall) renovations Other locations The Natchez Campus Residence Hall. Main campus The main campus is located in rural southwestern Mississippi. The complex includes the Student Nursing Hall.[9] His article was chiefly about Steve McNair. Entertainment. is the residence hall of the Natchez campus.S. Politics. There is also a Vicksburg. Civil Rights. Mississippi site. 45 miles (72 km) south of Vicksburg. Journalism. a male residence hall building. Highway 61.[11] Athletics Jay Searcy of the Philadelphia Inquirer wrote in 1994 that Alcorn had "a gritty football team that has sent 68 players to the National Football League. and the Female Honors Residence Hall. an achievement for a small school in a rural area of Mississippi. with a commons building.[10] As of 1994 the closest hotels and/or restaurants to the Alcorn campus are 15 miles (24 km) from campus. which houses Alcorn State students and Copiah . Modeling .[9] Male residence halls include Medgar Wiley Evers Heritage Village Complex and Hiram Revels Hall.. Mississippi. and a female residence hall building.[11] Female residence halls include Medgar Wiley Evers Heritage Village Complex buildings A and B. and 80 miles (130 km) southwest of Jackson. along U.".[12] Recent Campus Additions include: • 5 mi (8. It includes three buildings. John Burrus Hall. completed in 1998. while the Nursing School and the Business School's Master of Business Administration (MBA) program is located in Natchez.Lincoln Community College (Co-Lin) students.Alcorn State University 36 Locations The main campus is located near Lorman. Mississippi. Notable alumni News..

and films. Katie G. commercials. Dorsett Medgar Evers Alex Haley Orlando Kilcrease Iris Kyle Kimberly Morgan Michael Clarke Duncan Alexander O'Neal Ed Smith Jesse Smith Joseph Edison Walker Timon Kyle Durrett 1999 1903 1998 attended 1991 1948 1970 c. who was one of first blacks to serve on county and state delegations in Seattle. Florida Mississippi State Senator journalist and politician. Appeared as Gladiator "Justice" in 2008 revival of American Gladiators President of Universal Life Insurance Company in Memphis. Cayton Sr. [13] [14] [15] [16] Sports Name Class year Jack Spinks Jimmy Giles Roynell Young Jack Phillips Milton Mack Cedric Tillman Dwayne White Garry Lewis Torrance Small John Thierry Steve McNair Bryant Mix Donte Dowers 1992 1994 1996 1997 1997 1992 1952 1977 1980 Former Professional football player for the New York Giants Former Professional football player for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Former Professional football player for the Philadelphia Eagles Former Professional football player for the Kansas City Chiefs Former Professional football player for the Detroit Lions Former Professional football player for the Denver Broncos Former Professional football player for the St. and Miami. Tennessee Appeared as "Quinn" on VH1's Single Ladies and various TV shows. Washington Member of the North Carolina Senate from the 28th district First NAACP field secretary Author of Roots: The Saga of an American Family Chairman (Mississippi Farm Service Agency State Committee) Female Professional bodybuilder Miss Mississippi 2007 Actor Musician former alderman of the 28th ward in Chicago. Louis Rams Former Professional football player for the Oakland Raiders Former NFL player for the New Orleans Saints Former NFL player for the Chicago Bears Former American professional quarterback for the Tennessee Titans and Baltimore Ravens Former NFL player for the Houston Oilers Former Professional football player for the Baltimore Ravens Notability References .Alcorn State University 37 Name Class year Notability References Gwen Belton Albert Butler Horace R. Illinois from 1983 to 2010. Natchez Mississippi. Greenville Mississippi. plays.1880s News anchor and senior reporter who worked at TV news stations in Jackson Mississippi.

U. Retrieved on May 3. He's Getting It A Lot Of Attention (http:/ / articles. aspx [7] http:/ / www. [10] " Driving Directions (http:/ / www. First Black Head Coach McComb High School in Mississippi Professional football player for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Denver Broncos current CFL and NFL player former professional football player for the Green Bay Packers 38 External links • Official website [1] • Official athletics website [17] References [1] http:/ / www. alcorn. 2012. edu/ offices/ housing/ default. Census Bureau. alcorn. philly. census. gov). 2012. American Factfinder." Philadelphia Inquirer. aspx?id=233 [8] http:/ / www. com/ 1994-11-01/ sports/ 25868294_1_steve-mcnair-alcorn-cardell-jones). Jay. Retrieved 20 September 2012. [5] http:/ / www. alcorn. Retrieved on April 25. aspx?id=565). . edu/ inauguration/ default." Alcorn State University. Former AFL player for the Grand Rapids Former Free Agent player for the Oakland Raiders Former Professional football player for the Oakland Raiders Current AFL player Current AFL player Former AFL player Former AFL player for the Grand Rapids Former NFL player for the Denver Broncos Former NFL player for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Current NFL player for the Detroit Lions Head Coach of the Minnesota Vikings. edu/ offices/ global/ default.Alcorn State University Carlos Thorton Terry Wilkerson Donald Driver Charles Leon Jackson Jr." Alcorn State University. edu/ inauguration/ default. alcorn. November 1. 2012. . edu/ offices/ housing/ default. alcorn. [3] "About" (http:/ / www. aspx?id=6671 [6] http:/ / www. edu/ Academics/ honors/ Default. Alcorn State University. aspx?id=225). edu/ about/ default. . alcorn. edu/ Academics/ PreProfessionalPrograms/ Default. alcorn. aspx?id=223). aspx?id=727 [9] Searcy. Lee Terry Moore Chad Slaughter Reynard Reynolds Kris Peters Marco Walder Terrence Crimiel Louis Green Charlie Spiller Nate Hughes Leslie Frazier Larry Smith Malcolm Jones Lee Robinson Emmanuel Arceneaux Frank Purnell 1997 1998 1999 1999 1999 2000 2000 2002 2002 2002 2002 2007 2008 1980 1980 2009 2009 2009 Former NFL player for the San Francisco 49ers Former Free Agent player for the Arizona Cardinals Current Professional football player for the Green Bay Packers Former Free Agent player for the New York Jets. [12] " Female Residence Halls (http:/ / www. Former Defensive Coordinator of the Minnesota Vikings. Retrieved on May 3. Retrieved on April 25. edu/ about/ default. alcorn. Retrieved March 28. edu [2] "Profile of General Population and Housing Characteristics: 2010 Demographic Profile Data (DP-1): Alcorn State University CDP.S. alcorn. 2012. former Special Assistant coach with the Indianapolis Colts Former NBA player and assistant coach in the NBA and WNBA. 1994. aspx?id=559). Alcorn University [4] "Alcorn State University: Past Presidents" (http:/ / www. Mississippi" (http:/ / factfinder2. [11] " Male residence halls (http:/ / www. alcorn. 2012. " A Phenom Puts The Middle Of Nowhere On The Map Alcorn State's Steve Mcnair Is An Out-of-this-world Qb In An Out-of-the-way Place." Alcorn State University. aspx?id=6671).

Abrams Tony Gilroy Shane Salerno Robert Roy Pool Jonathan Hensleigh Charlton Heston Bruce Willis Billy Bob Thornton Liv Tyler Ben Affleck Will Patton Keith David Michael Clarke Duncan Steve Buscemi Trevor Rabin Harry Gregson-Williams Screenplay by Story by Narrated by Starring Music by Cinematography John Schwartzman Editing by Mark Goldblatt Chris Lebenzon Glen Scantlebury Touchstone Pictures Jerry Bruckheimer Films Valhalla Motion Pictures Buena Vista Pictures Distribution • Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Box office July 1.us. com/ notes/ alcorn-state-university/ alcorn-alumnus-albert-butler-sworn-in-to-the-mississippi-senate/ 376988112370 [15] "Online History . facebook. com/ notes/ alcorn-state-university/ alcorn-graduate-appointed-chair-of-mississippi-farm-service-agency-state-committ/ 317085517370 [17] http:/ / www. historylink. 1998 151 minutes United States English $140 million $553. cfm& file_id=242). com/ personality/ gwen-belton [14] http:/ / www. [16] http:/ / www. com 39 Armageddon (1998 film) Armageddon Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Michael Bay Michael Bay Jerry Bruckheimer Gale Anne Hurd Jonathan Hensleigh J. cbslocal. state. Retrieved 2011-01-29.788 [1] . .709.Washington State" (http:/ / www. J. org/ index.Alcorn State University [13] http:/ / miami.ak. facebook. alcornsports. cfm?DisplayPage=output.

The shuttles slingshot around the Moon in order to land on the backside of the asteroid. Owen Wilson. It became the highest-grossing film of 1998 worldwide surpassing the Steven Spielberg war epic.'s apparent death. the shuttles dock with the Russian space station Mir manned by Lev Andropov (Stormare) to refuel. Liv Tyler. that will be used on the asteroid. NASA is forced to reveal its plans to the world and launches two military space shuttles. led by Dan Truman (Thornton) plan to bury a nuclear device deep inside the asteroid that.. NASA scientists. and A. The film follows a group of blue-collar deep-core drillers sent by NASA to stop a gigantic asteroid on a collision course with Earth. After all the non-flight crew volunteers. Once they have been rounded up and the situation is explained. will split the asteroid in two. J. Ben Affleck. Saving Private Ryan. As the asteroid approaches the Earth. is distraught by A. As he and Harry exit the airlock. Harry returns to NASA along with his daughter Grace (Tyler) to keep her away from her new boyfriend. J. produced by Jerry Bruckheimer. the Freedom crew loses their Armadillo and its operator (Campbell) when it strikes a gas pocket and is blown into space. It features an ensemble cast including Bruce Willis. creating another extinction event. to carry out the mission. Michael Clarke Duncan.'s air hose and shoves him back inside. Deep Impact. Traveling through the asteroid's debris field Independence's hull is punctured and crashes onto the rock. named Freedom and Independence. so the team must now drill through an area of compressed iron ferrite rather than the planned softer stone. Keith David and Steve Buscemi. They realize that someone must stay behind to detonate it manually. Armageddon was an international box-office success. Peter Stormare. While Truman delays the military at Mission Control. having survived the Independence crash. arrive in time to complete the drilling. and released by Disney's Touchstone Pictures.[2][3] Both films were equally received by film critics. they agree to help. despite generally negative reviews from critics. is selected. but only after their list of unusual rewards and demands are met. William Fichtner. A fire breaks out during the transfer and the station is evacuated just before it explodes. just as another meteorite destroys Paris. J. which apparently will not have any effect. A. Harry persuades the shuttle commander (Fichtner) to disarm the bomb so they can complete the drilling. When a large fragment from the asteroid wipes out Shanghai.. Armageddon fared better at the box office. Harry and his team re-outfit the mobile drillers. A. Suddenly. named the "Armadillos". Plot A massive meteor shower destroys the Space Shuttle Atlantis and bombards New York City. driving them apart so that they both fly safely past the Earth. As NASA puts Harry and his crew through a short and rigorous astronaut training program.Armageddon (1998 film) 40 Armageddon is a 1998 American science fiction disaster drama film. When they fall significantly behind schedule and communications are about to fail. Harry pushes the button at the last minute (after some difficulty) and his life passes before his eyes as the . but misses the target area by 26 miles. and "Bear" (Duncan). J. Harry prepares to detonate the bomb and contacts Grace to say his last goodbyes. Distracted by "Rockhound" (Buscemi). Frost (Affleck). Harry rips off A. After the Freedom moves to a safe distance. considered the best deep-sea oil driller in the world. which starred Robert Duvall and Morgan Freeman. with Lev and A. and Finland. World panic ensues as the mission is assumed lost. NASA discovers that a rogue comet passing through the asteroid belt pushed forward a large amount of space debris. Armageddon opened in theaters only two-and-a-half months after a similar impact-based movie. causing a dangerous rock storm that damages the bomb's remote trigger. astronomers described Deep Impact as being more scientifically accurate. Harry and Grace learn about the asteroid and Harry explains he will need his team. J. the military initiates "Secondary Protocol". when detonated. directed by Michael Bay. Freedom lands safely. J. Once in orbit. the East Coast. to remote detonate the nuclear weapon on the asteroid's surface. they draw straws. including A. NASA contacts Harry Stamper (Willis). telling him that he is the son he never had and he would be proud to have him marry Grace. for assistance and advice. one of Harry's young and rambunctious drillers. Billy Bob Thornton. including a Texas-sized asteroid that will collide with Earth in 18 days. Grace. J. it heats up. watching from NASA headquarters. who is having a mental breakdown. Will Patton. making a narrow escape. Lev.

Home media Despite poor critical reception. Freedom lands. lifting their efforts up into an epic event. was specifically added for the television advertising campaign to differentiate the film from Deep Impact which was released a few months before. the film was advertised in Super Bowl XXXII at a cost of $2.[4] Release Prior to Armageddon's release. She sees it as a celebration of working men: "This film makes these ordinary men noble. and Grace's wedding. However. razzle-dazzle. a DVD edition of Armageddon was released by The Criterion Collection. 41 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Bruce Willis as Harry Stamper Ben Affleck as A. who taught Michael Bay at Wesleyan University. In an essay supporting the selection of Armageddon.1 million in other territories for a worldwide total of $553. The film ends with A. incorporated two months prior to the film's release. complete with photos of Harry and the other lost crew members present in memoriam.127 theaters in the United States and Canada. film scholar Jeanine Basinger. J.6 million in the United States and Canada [1] and $352.6 million. Disney chairman Joe Roth expanded the film's budget by $3 million to include additional special effects scenes. Frost Billy Bob Thornton as Dan Truman Liv Tyler as Grace Stamper Will Patton as Charles "Chick" Chappel Steve Buscemi as "Rockhound" Michael Clarke Duncan as J. she states that in the first few moments of the film all the main characters are well established. light. the blu-ray .[6] The film was also released on blu-ray in 2010. This additional footage." Further. I don't know what is". "If that isn't screenwriting.[5] Theatrical run Armageddon was released on July 1. and the surviving crew are treated as heroes.Armageddon (1998 film) asteroid is destroyed. and shape—and also of chaos. Ronald Quincy Production In May 1998. Otis "Bear" Kurleenbear Owen Wilson as Oscar Choi Clark Heathcliffe Brolly as Fred Noonan Peter Stormare as Lev Andropov William Fichtner as Colonel Willie Sharp Ken Hudson Campbell as Max Lennert Keith David as General Kimsey Jessica Steen as Co-Pilot Jennifer Watts Grayson McCouch as Gruber Jason Isaacs as Dr. J. and explosion". states that the film is "a work of art by a cutting-edge artist who is a master of movement. saying. It grossed $201. color. 1998 in 3. It ranked first at the box office with an opening weekend gross of $36 million.7 million. It breaks in two and both halves fly past the Earth. a specialist film distributor of primarily arthouse films that markets what it considers to be "important classic and contemporary films" and "cinema at its finest".

as well as the lack of dramatic rhythm or character development.[12] Accolades The film was nominated for four Oscars at the 1999 Academy Awards: 'Best Sound' (Kevin O'Connell.[13] The film received the Saturn Awards for Best Direction and Best Science Fiction Film (where it tied with Dark City). Awards Award 71st Academy Awards Category Best Sound Editing Best Visual Effects Best Original Song Best Sound Mixing Awards of the Japanese Academy ASCAP Film and Television Music Awards Blockbuster Entertainment Awards Favorite Actor . 42 Critical reception Armageddon received mostly negative reviews from film critics. Pat McClung and John Frazier Diane Warren Kevin O'Connell. noting Michael Bay's rapid cutting style: "Much of the confusion. both released in the same year as this film.[9] Todd McCarthy of Variety also gave the film a negative review. writer of Deep Impact.Sci-Fi Favorite Supporting Actor . Worst Screenplay. who mainly took issue with "the furious pace of its editing"."[10] The film has a cumulative 40% "Rotten" rating on Rotten Tomatoes. the brain. in addition to his appearances in Mercury Rising and The Siege. Russell and Keith A. Nominated [15] Nominated Nominated Nominated Nominated Won Won Nominated Won Nominated Nominated Won [16] [17] Most Performed Songs from a Motion Picture Diane Warren .[8] In his original review.[7] The film is on the list of Roger Ebert's most hated films. the ears.Sci-Fi Favorite Actress . Greg P. Ebert stated. Worst Supporting Actress (Liv Tyler).Armageddon (1998 film) is a standard edition from touchstone pictures and has only a few special features. Wester). 'Best Sound Effects Editing'. Wester Armageddon Result Ref. Worst Screen Couple (Tyler and Ben Affleck) and Worst Original Song. According to Bruce Joel Rubin. and 'Best Original Song (I Don't Want to Miss a Thing performed by Aerosmith)'. 'Best Visual Effects'. Hoover. Worst Picture. Greg P. common sense and the human desire to be entertained". Russell and Keith A. a "president at Disney" took notes on everything the writer said during lunch about his script and initiated Armageddon as a counter film at Disney. which resembles a machine gun stuck in the firing position for 2½ hours. "The movie is an assault on the eyes. results directly from Bay's cutting style.Sci-Fi Bruce Willis Liv Tyler Ben Affleck Billy Bob Thornton Favorite Soundtrack BMI Film & TV Awards Best Music Trevor Rabin and Harry Gregson-Williams Trevor Rabin Outstanding Foreign Language Film Winner/Nominee George Watters II Richard R. It was also nominated for seven Razzie Awards[14] including: Worst Actor (Bruce Willis). Worst Director. Only one Razzie was awarded: Bruce Willis received the Worst Actor award for Armageddon.[11] while achieving a 42% aggregate score on Metacritic.

Music 1998 Golden Satellite Awards Best Original Song Best Visual Effects Golden Trailer Awards 1999 MTV Movie Awards Best Trailer Best Action Sequence Best Performance .Female Best Movie Best Movie Song Best On-Screen Duo Saturn Awards Best Actor Best Costumes Best Director Best Music Best Science Fiction Film Best Special Effects Best Supporting Actor Teen Choice Awards Film . in which an anti-gravity device is used to deflect a comet from a collision course with Earth. [19] Additionally. Shannon Erbe. Greg P." stating. Magali Guidasci Michael Bay Trevor Rabin Armageddon Richard R. Robert Roy Pool." was unrealistic. stated that his script. Nominated Wester Bob Badami. Hoover. Pat McClung and John Frazier Ben Affleck Won Nominated Nominated Nominated Won Nominated Nominated Nominated Won Nominated Won Nominated Nominated Nominated Scientific accuracy In an interview with Entertainment Weekly.Male Best Performance .Armageddon (1998 film) Cinema Audio Society Awards Outstanding Achievement in Sound Mixing for a Feature Film 1999 Grammy Awards Best Song Written Specifically for a Motion Picture or for Television Kevin O'Connell. near the end of the credits there is a disclaimer was "much more in line with top-secret research.Choice Actor Kevin O'Connell. Michael Bay Ben Affleck and Liv Tyler Jonathan Hensleigh and J. J. Michael Bay admitted that the central premise of the film. Hoover. Gale Anne Hurd. "that [NASA] could actually do something in a situation like this. "The National Aeronautics and Space Administration's cooperation and assistance does not reflect an . Russell and Keith A. Mark Jan Wlodarkiewicz Aerosmith Richard R. Will Kaplan. Greg P. Russell and Keith A. Pat McClung and John Frazier Nominated Won Nominated Nominated Armageddon Ben Affleck Liv Tyler Armageddon Aerosmith Ben Affleck and Liv Tyler Bruce Willis Michael Kaplan. Nominated [18] Wester Diane Warren Bruce Willis Michael Bay Diane Warren Jerry Bruckheimer. Abrams Liv Tyler Nominated Won Nominated Nominated Nominated Nominated Nominated Nominated 43 19th Golden Raspberry Awards Worst Actor Worst Director Worst Original Song Worst Picture Worst Screen Couple Worst Screenplay Worst Supporting Actress Golden Reel Awards Best Sound Editing Best Sound Editing . a contributing screenwriter.

Armageddon (1998 film) endorsement of the contents of the film or the treatment of the characters depicted therein. In contrast the total energy output of "Big Ivan". postgraduate students from the University of Leicester found that to split the asteroid in two with both pieces clearing Earth. Aldo Nova John Lennon. density. speed and distance from Earth based on information in the film. which was tested by the Soviet Union in 1961. he would need to be in possession of an H-bomb a billion times stronger than the Soviet Union's "Big Ivan". "What Kind of Love Are You On" 4. "Roll Me Away" 6. performed by Jon Bon Jovi. Tommy Shaw Billy Gibbons. "Come Together" 10. Using estimates of the asteroid's size. "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" 2. Our Lady Peace's "Starseed" is a re-mixed version of the original. an article titled "Could Bruce Willis Save the World?" was published in the Special Physics Topics Journal. It found that for Willis' approach to be effective. Paul McCartney Patty Smyth-MacEnroe. Jack Blades. Dusty Hill. including "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" and "What Kind of Love Are You On".000 terajoules. was only 418. would require 800 trillion terajoules of energy. Frank Beard Bob Seger Karl Wallinger Tyler. performed by Journey. 1998 Pop Rock 57:05 Columbia Records Length Label The soundtrack features several new songs recorded for the soundtrack. "Remember Me". "Wish I Were You" 11.[22] 44 Soundtracks Armageddon: The Album Armageddon Soundtrack album by Various artists Released Genre June 23. "Mister Big Time" 9. Jack Blades Steven Tyler. performed by Aerosmith. Prospective managers are asked to find as many inaccuracies in the movie as they can. the biggest ever detonated on Earth. Track listing No. Title 1. Joe Perry. "Sweet Emotion" 8. and "Mister Big Time". "La Grange" 5. Glen Burtnik Raine Maida ZZ Top Bob Seger Shawn Colvin Aerosmith Jon Bon Jovi Aerosmith Patty Smyth Our Lady Peace 3:38 4:42 4:25 5:13 2:51 3:48 3:53 4:23 Artist Aerosmith Journey Aerosmith Length 5:03 5:33 3:15 . following a mathematical analysis of the situation. "Remember Me" 3. "Starseed" Writer(s) Diane Warren Jonathan Cain. Neal Schon. At least 168 impossible things have been found during these screenings of the film.[21] In 2012. "When the Rainbow Comes" 7."[20] NASA shows the film as part of its management training program. Tom Hamilton Jon Bon Jovi.

"Harry Arrives at NASA" 8. Harry Gregson-Williams Chantal Kreviazuk Trevor Rabin Steven Tyler 4:45 3:12 2:40 56:40 45 Tyler) Total length: Chart positions Year Chart Position 1998 The Billboard 200 1 End of decade charts Chart (1990–1999) [23] U. "A. "Finding Grace" 13. "Leaving on a Jet Plane" 13.S.'s Return" 4. "Back in Business" 9. "Armadillo" 14. "Launch" 10. Billboard 200 Position 94 Armageddon: Original Motion Picture Score by Trevor Rabin Armageddon Soundtrack album by Trevor Rabin Released Genre November 10. Rabin was formerly a member of the progressive rock band Yes and Gregson-Williams was a former Hans Zimmer's disciple and protégé. 1998 Soundtracks Original score Film score Sony Label There was also an instrumental score titled Armageddon: Original Motion Picture Score by Trevor Rabin and Harry Gregson-Williams. 1. "Theme from Armageddon" 14. "Harry & Grace Make Peace" 3. "Leaving" 6. "Short Straw" 15. Rabin. "Animal Crackers" (Dialogue by Ben Affleck and Liv John Denver Trevor Rabin Warren. "5 Words" 11.J. "Underwater Simulation" 12. "Armageddon Suite" 2.Armageddon (1998 film) 12. "Oil Rig" 5. "Rockstorm" . "Evacuation" 7.

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"TV Pulls Shuttle Sensitive Material.com/movies/?id=armageddon. "Bruce Willis would have needed a bigger bomb to stop asteroid. Nick (07 Aug 2012).com/search?tbs=bks:1& q=isbn:0819568015). com/ stories/ 2003/ 02/ 03/ entertainment/ main539194. [27] "Armageddon – Les Effets Speciaux | Photos Magiques – Disneyland Paris photos" (http:/ / www. 1999).com/2008/08/armageddon-1998.com. shtml). 47 [23] Geoff Mayfield (December 25. Connecticut: Wesleyan University Press.boxofficemojo. uk/ science/ science-news/ 9458558/ Bruce-Willis-would-have-needed-a-bigger-bomb-to-stop-asteroid-scientists-say. 2003). telegraph.Ketzer. Retrieved 2011-04-29.rottentomatoes.google. BreakTheChain.asp?id=40&eid=56& section=essay). scientists say" (http:/ / www.com – Maps and directions to Armageddon Filming Locations (http://www. Middletown. from a Wesleyan University professor under whom the film's director studied Movie Physics review of Armageddon (http://intuitor. Photos Magiques. ISBN 0-8195-6801-5. . xhtml).html) at Movie Smackdown! (http://www. 2010. com/ walt-disney-studios-park/ lots/ backlot/ attractions/ armageddon. External links • • • • • • • • • • Armageddon (http://www. com/Armageddon/filming_locations) Ketzer. breakthechain.org. disneylandparis.html) Bad Astronomy – The Astronomy of Armageddon (http://www. [24] "Photos of the Shuttle Columbia Disaster?" (http:/ / www. . Bibliography • Lichtenfeld. .allrovi. google.Deep Impact (http://www. kr/ books?id=9w0EAAAAMBAJ& lpg=PP1& lr& rview=1& pg=RA1-PA4#v=onepage& q& f=false).html) Movie Tour Guide.criterion.com/armageddon) . html). CBS News. php). Bruce Willis Movie Yanked From Air" (http:/ / www. Retrieved October 15. [25] Sue Chan (February 3.com/moviephysics/armageddon. Hewlett-Packard Ad. Action Speaks Louder (http://www.com/bad/movies/ armpitageddon. html).com – The Armageddon movie props and costumes archive (http://www.com/m/armageddon/) at Rotten Tomatoes Armageddon -vs. International.Armageddon (1998 film) [22] Collins.com/title/tt0120591/) at the Internet Movie Database Armageddon (http://www.htm) at Box Office Mojo Armageddon (http://www. co. Telegraph.disneylandparis. org/ exclusives/ shuttlepics. com/ gallery/ walt_disney_studios/ backlot/ armageddon.moviesmackdown.parks. Retrieved 2011-04-29. co.badastronomy.com/movies/movie/v158802) at AllRovi Armageddon (http://www. 1999 The Year in Music Totally '90s: Diary of a Decade – The listing of Top Pop Albums of the '90s & Hot 100 Singles of the '90s (http:/ / books. . .com/asp/release. Eric (2007). photosmagiques.imdb.moviesmackdown.com) Criterion Collection essay by Jeanine Basinger (http://www. parks.movietourguide. . cbsnews. [26] "Armageddon – Backlot – Disneyland® Resort Paris" (http:/ / international.

Balrog (Street Fighter) 48 Balrog (Street Fighter) Balrog (M. with the letter being an initial for "Mike". He wears red boxing gloves and boxing shoes. His hairstyle consists of short hair cut in an odd pointing style in the front. is a character from the Street Fighter fighting game series. However.[1] As they felt the name Vega was better suited for the androgynous bullfighter. SFII V (Animaze dub)) Werner Richmond (SFII V (ADV dub)) Paul Dobson (cartoon) Bob Carter (Street Fighter IV. Balrog is depicted as an African American boxer wearing blue trunks with white trim and a torn white shirt under a blue tank top. and changed the . Capcom vs. similar to Mike Tyson's haircuts from the time Street Fighter II was made. Street Fighter X Tekken) Voiced by (Japanese) Jōji Nakata (Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie) Tomomichi Nishimura (Street Fighter II V) Kōichi Yamadera (Street Fighter Zero 3. Street Fighter X Tekken) Seiji Chihara (Japanese dub of Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li) Portrayed by Grand L. Bison) Balrog in Super Street Fighter II Turbo Series First game Created by Voiced by (English) Street Fighter Street Fighter II (1991) Akira Yasuda Joe Romersa ( SFII: The Animated Movie. and is intended as a parody of real-life boxer Mike Tyson. under the suggestion that the character's name and likeness resembled Tyson to the point of infringement. SNK series) Sōnosuke Nagashiro (SNK vs. Bush (Street Fighter film) Michael Clarke Duncan (Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li) Fictional profile Birthplace Nationality Fighting style United States American Boxing Balrog. known in Japan as Mike Bison (マ イ ク ・ バ イ ソ ン Maiku Baison) and M. when the game was to be ported for worldwide audiences. Bison. the developers rotated the names of three of the boss characters for the English localization. Balrog. the character of Balrog is named M. Capcom) Satoshi Tsuruoka (Street Fighter IV. Bison. Conception and development In Japan. they gave him the character's previous name.

Balrog use has a Turn Punch attack. Capcom: SVC Chaos. some character illustrations feature his Japanese name. A character named Mike. Balrog was a CPU-controlled sub-boss in the arcade version who faced only certain characters and was only playable after certain requirements were met. SNK and Capcom vs. he has six punches. Sagat and Hugo. Balrog also appears in SNK vs.[4] In other media In the 1994 anime film Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie. Many of his special attacks. He wears dark green cargo pants instead of his boxing trunks and never actually gets to wear his boxing glove in the film. serving as a representative and informant for Bison during a drug deal in Las Vegas and ends up fighting against E. Balrog hires Cammy to assassinate Chun-Li's father Dourai. Balrog held a grudge against Shadaloo for ruining his boxing career. Like the other members (Chun-Li and Honda). Balrog tells some of his defeated opponents that he's going to "bite [their] ear off". with his official tag partner.[3] 49 In video games Balrog appears in Street Fighter II as the first of four CPU-controlled opponents at the end of the single-player tournament. Gameplay As a boxer. SNK 2. Balrog never actually fights in the TV series and only appears in wearing boxing gear in concept art and during the show's second opening animation. Instead of possessing three punch attacks and three kick attacks like the rest of the cast. Bison. Honda during the final battle. with the kick buttons generally (but not always) used for low blows while the punch buttons are used for high blows. He was made into a regular playable character in the arcade update and subsequent home versions and given his own in-game plot. after refusing to throw a match for the Shadaloo Tong. In Street Fighter IV. unlike many Street Fighter characters. His next major appearance was in Street Fighter Alpha 3. Unlike in the games. he dons his regular outfit from the games. but also selectable as a playable character via secret code. Although usually removed when these illustrations are published outside Japan. Mike is considered to be a prototype of Balrog due to their similar names (when one considers Balrog's Japanese name of Mike Bison) and backstories. Street Fighter X Tekken. super combos and ultra combos consist of dash punches. He also appears in the arcade and home versions of the Street Fighter: The Movie game. This incarnation of Balrog also appears in Capcom vs. Balrog is characterized as a belligerent ghetto-raised boxer seeking the "American Dream" and one of the "Four Devas" (Shitennou "Four Heavenly Kings") of Shadaloo. once more serving Shadaloo in the hopes of making easy money. In the 1994 live-action film version of Street Fighter. Balrog is portrayed as one of Bison's three top men like in the Street Fighter II games. Balrog is unique in that he does not fight with his feet. Balrog was voiced by George Nakata in the Japanese original and Joe Romersa in the English dub. Balrog would become a playable character in subsequent revisions of the game. home stage and endings. Near the end of the film. more specifically the videographer in Chun-Li's news crew. He also has no projectile attacks. He was . the waistband now reads "Champion". a reference to Tyson's infamous "Bite Fight" with Evander Holyfield. Vega. which can pass through projectiles. Although recognized as a separate character.Balrog (Street Fighter) name of the game's final boss to M. Balrog is portrayed by veteran actor Grand L. He appears in the crossover fighting game. appears in the original Street Fighter.[2] In Street Fighter Alpha 3. beginning with Street Fighter II ': Champion Edition. At 6' 5" (195 cm). The 1995 anime series Street Fighter II V features a significantly altered depiction of Balrog where he is a Shadowlaw spy who has infiltrated the FBI. "Bison" on the waistband of his trunks. Bush and is one of the heroes. Balrog was one of the tallest fighters in Street Fighter beside Zangief. who was also an African-American boxer. Balrog appears in Street Fighter IV and Super Street Fighter IV. under the false pretense that Dourai is the Shadowlaw spy.

Balrog is played by Michael Clarke Duncan. com/ articles/ 895/ 895027p1. Game History Series (Vol. com/ fbtekken/ statistics_user. [6] Top 25 Street Fighter Characters .[7] UGO ranked him as 12th on a list of top Street Fighter characters in 2010. "while it’s hardly Street Fighter’s most iconic or famous uppercut. IGN. gamedaily. Retrieved 2009-08-15.com (http:/ / www. . the Dash Upper still packs a pretty nasty wallop. 2009-02-17. geestore. Street Fighter IV Xbox 360 Features" (http:/ / www. page 340 [4] Ryan Clements. GamesRadar.org. [3] All About Capcom Head-to-Head Fighting Game burat ratbu . html) (in Japanese).com. org/ web/ 20051219091936/ www2. Edge.Balrog (Street Fighter) voiced by Tomomichi Nishimura in Japanese and once again by Joe Romersa in the English dub.PlayStation 3 Preview at IGN" (http:/ / ps3. capcom.. [5] "キ ャ ラ ク タ ー ラ ン キ ン グ " (http:/ / web. ISBN 4-88554-676-1. com/ articles/ 949/ 949456p1. 2009-01-14. Adam (2009-02-25). but criticized him by calling him "one of the worst video game bosses ever". org/ web/ 20071105080206/ http:/ / www. He is killed by Chun Li's mentor Gen. . com/ street-fighter-iv-character-profiles/ ). Balrog appears as a computer programmer working for Bison. Archived from the original (http:/ / www.A.[8] GamesRadar wrote in a list of gaming’s most satisfying uppercuts. In the 1995 Street Fighter animated series. html) on 2007-11-05. Street Fighter x Tekken Xbox 360 Features" (http:/ / www.UGO. Retrieved on 2009-02-26 [8] Top 50 Street Fighter Characters . he had significant longevity as a Street Fighter series character and received praise for representing boxing in the game "alongside flashier martial arts". com/ articles/ 125335-the-10-greatest-fictional-boxers-of-all-time/ page/ 2). 2000) (in Japanese). ugo.1). Retrieved 2011-11-05. archive. co. jp/ sound/ topics/ tpcs1_2. Retrieved 2011-11-05.[10] On the other hand. com/ magazine/ feature-street-fighter-iv-unwrapped?page=0. Dempa Publications. com/ articles/ galleries/ black-history-month/ ?page=3). [2] "サ ウ ン ド 制 作 は 先 輩 と 2人 で " (http:/ / web. capcom. [12] Tekken vs Street Fighter (https:/ / fb. Edge stated however Balrog "seems a little useless" in light of Dudley. In the 2009 Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li. 1).Day III (http:/ / stars. All About Capcom Head-to-Head Fighting Game 1987-2000. He appears in one episode only ("Medium is the Message"). noting his similarities to Tyson as well as his role as one of boxing's representatives in fighting games. php?sid=78423) • Studio Bent Stuff (Sept. Balrog was the fourth-least requested Street Fighter side character to be added to the roster of Tekken X Street Fighter. org/ web/ 20090422212227/ http:/ / www. Balrog served as Bison's bodyguard and not a boxer. [10] "The 10 Greatest Fictional Boxers of All Time" (http:/ / bleacherreport. noting that while not the deepest character on the list. "Street Fighter IV Unwrapped" (http:/ / www. GameDaily. citing that he could only punch. Ps3.[5] IGN ranked Balrog at number 15 in their list of top Street Fighter characters in 2008. GameDaily named him one of gaming's greatest black characters.[6] In 2009. Retrieved 2011-11-05. . gamesradar. GamesRadar. . jp/ sound/ topics/ tpcs1_2. Bleacher Report. . Retrieved 2011-11-05. archive. archive. Inc. ign. gamesradar. A. . ign.archive. Retrieved 2008-07-01. 2005-12-19. Retrieved 2011-11-05. Retrieved on 2008-08-15 [7] Swiderski. . where he was voiced by Paul Dobson. html).[12] References [1] "Street Fighter IV character profiles. com/ gamings-most-satisfying-uppercuts/ ?page=2). Web. html). . Gaming's Greatest Black Characters (http:/ / web. html).[11] In the official survey by Namco. [11] Staff (2008-01-09). a boxer introduced in Street Fighter III. "Street Fighter IV: Balrog . edge-online. 50 Reception Balrog was voted 18th in Capcom's own popularity poll of 85 characters for the 15th anniversary of Street Fighter. com/ sf15th2/ sf15rank/ ninkichara."[9] Bleacher Report listed Balrog as the 10th best fictional boxers. 2010-09-28. namcobandaigames. co.ign. com/ games/ top-50-street-fighter-characters?page=4) [9] "Page 2 of Gaming’s most satisfying uppercuts.

Street Fighter Alpha (http://strategywiki.org/wiki/Street_Fighter_Alpha/Characters/Balrog). and Street Fighter IV (http:// strategywiki. org/) .org/wiki/Street_Fighter_IV/Characters/Balrog) entries at StrategyWiki.org/wiki/Street_Fighter_II/Characters/Balrog).Balrog (Street Fighter) 51 External links • Balrog's Street Fighter II (http://strategywiki.org (http://strategywiki.

Bones (TV series) 52 Bones (TV series) Bones Genre Crime procedural Comedy-drama Hart Hanson Emily Deschanel David Boreanaz Michaela Conlin Eric Millegan T. of episodes Producer(s) Production company(s) Josephson Entertainment Original run . 2005 – present Chronology Related shows The Finder External links Website [1] Created by Starring Country of origin Language(s) No. of seasons No. J. Thyne Jonathan Adams Tamara Taylor John Francis Daley Theme music composer The Crystal Method Composer(s) Peter Himmelman Sean Callery United States English 8 155 (List of episodes) Production Executive producer(s) Hart Hanson Barry Josephson Stephen Nathan Ian Toynton Carla Kettner Jonathan Collier Kathy Reichs Emily Deschanel David Boreanaz Running time 43 minutes Far Field Productions 20th Century Fox Television Broadcast Original channel Picture format Fox 480i (SDTV) 720p (HDTV) September 13.

Dr. Temperance "Bones" Brennan (Emily Deschanel). Thyne. Far Field Productions and 20th Century Fox Television. Booth argues for faith. with each episode focusing on an FBI case file concerning the mystery behind human remains brought by FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) to the forensic anthropologist Dr. Jonathan Adams. Dr. Temperance Brennan. Brennan writes successful mystery novels based around a fictional (in the Bones universe) forensic anthropologist named Kathy Reichs.Bones (TV series) Bones is an American crime comedy-drama television series that premiered on the Fox network in the United States on September 13. Temperance "Bones" Brennan: a forensic anthropologist working at the renowned Jeffersonian Institute located in Washington. Army Ranger and Special Forces sniper. She is an empiricist and author of crime fiction based on her experiences. An important ongoing dynamic between Brennan and Booth is their disagreement about science and faith. "I don't know what that means". Bones is a joint production by Josephson Entertainment.C. From left: Tamara Taylor. Brennan is the central character and team leader of the fictional Jeffersonian Institute Forensic Sciences Department. Brennan and her team provide scientific expertise and Special Agent Booth provides FBI criminal investigation technique. He has a son. She and Booth begin a relationship near the end of season six. he is known for his ability to read people's behavior and cues. The show revolves around solving Federal legal cases by examining the human remains of possible murder victims. Despite having no training in criminology. D. Michaela Conlin. In addition to the prospective murder cases featured in each episode the series explores the backgrounds and relationships of its recurrent characters. primarily through her catchphrase. which she starts out hating. David Boreanaz. Parker. He is a former U. 2005. they live together with their daughter. John Francis Daley. in essence. lighten the gravity of the show's intense subject matter. The rest of the main cast includes Michaela Conlin. • David Boreanaz as Seeley Booth: Brennan aids FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth in his investigations involving human remains that cannot be identified without Brennan's skills in forensic anthropology. Its title character. and the unproven. is named after the protagonist of Reichs' crime novel series. a quality unknown to Brennan. God. evidence. Tamara Taylor. and in season seven. and a . whenever a pop culture reference is introduced into conversation. the series is very loosely based on the life and writings of novelist and forensic anthropologist Kathy Reichs. and John Francis Daley.[2] who also produces the show. He gives Brennan her nickname. and atheism. but comes to accept it. Brennan argues for science.[3] The series is currently airing its eighth season and has been renewed for a ninth season. T. "Bones". J. Bones cast. Booth is often used to provide a layman's translation of the scientific jargon-filled dialog.[4] 53 Premise The premise of the show is based on an alliance between forensic anthropologist Dr. Eric Millegan. Temperance "Bones" Brennan and FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth. Her lack of social skills provides most of the show's lighthearted humor.S. The show is based on forensic anthropology and forensic archaeology. Created by Hart Hanson. The series is also known for its dark comedic undertones to. Cast and characters Main cast • Emily Deschanel as Dr. Conversely.

who is also the director of the Jeffersonian Institute. and lacking the qualities of a pure scientist. At first. Saroyan had a romantic relationship with Booth prior to her joining the Jeffersonian and a brief relationship during the show. Michelle. • T. Dr. He also has a daughter with Brennan. Brennan have an uneasy working relationship. Since season four. Angela is the daughter of Billy Gibbons. starring as himself. and caring and constantly tries to draw Dr. he is often lost. and friendly. guest star. Saroyan's trophy recognizing Zack as "King of the Lab" is revealed. Angela is Dr. she has had a teenage adopted daughter. he is said to be on a sabbatical. when a situation calls for social interaction or intuition. she and Dr. Jack Hodgins: an entomologist who is also an expert on spores and minerals but whose hobby is conspiracy theories. • Eric Millegan as Dr. Brennan's team in the third season finale. Camille Saroyan (Season 2–present): is the head of the Forensic Division at Jeffersonian Institute and a pathologist. His way of working leads Hodgins to think of him as subjective. and is currently residing in an asylum. he receives his doctorate in Forensic Anthropology and Mechanical Engineering and becomes a professional forensic anthropologist. it has since been determined that he is not as "crazy" as was initially assumed. she marries Jack Hodgins. "The Titan on the Tracks". Daniel Goodman (Season 1): a former archaeologist turned administrator. and a recurring element in the show involved Zack and Hodgins amicably competing to be "King of the Lab". He has not made any appearances beyond the first season. although nobody has allowed it to significantly impact their relationships with him). where he was revealed to be the serial killer's apprentice. although the antagonism between the two develops into a friendly rivalry as the series progresses. because of her prior relationship with Michelle's murdered father. long winded. 54 . and she gives birth to their son in season six. In the episode "The Pain in the Heart". Jared. Brennan's best friend. Lance Sweets (Season 3–present): a psychologist assigned to Booth and Brennan after Booth arrests her father. Zack is also known as "Zacharoni" and "Z-Man". Zack set up his diagnosis so that he would go to the asylum. • John Francis Daley as Dr. Zack was removed from his position on Dr. he marries Angela Montenegro. Brennan out of the lab.Bones (TV series) brother. However. He is also Hodgins' best friend and lives in the upper part of Hodgins' garage. In the second season. and she gives birth to their son in season six. • Jonathan Adams as Dr. He helps teach Zack how to be socially normal. In season five. As of episode 23. Although well-meaning. guitarist of ZZ Top.[5] In season five. "The Pain in the Heart". Dr. He is a loving husband and father to a pair of five-year-old twin girls. seasons 4–5): introduced as Dr. as he felt he would do poorly in prison. Brennan's graduate student and assistant at the Jeffersonian Institute at the start of the series. Brennan's team specialist in craniofacial reconstruction—helping to determine what their victims looked like before death to help determine their identity—and can generate holograms using her three-dimensional graphics program (The Angelator and later The Angelatron) to simulate various virtual scenarios of a crime to help determine cause of death. • Michaela Conlin as Angela Montenegro: a forensic artist at the Jeffersonian Institute and Dr. She was born in The Bronx and was a coroner in New York City. Hodgins wishes for this status to remain concealed from his bosses because he does not want to be seen as a superior (it eventually came out during an investigation. Zack Addy (Seasons 1–3. • Tamara Taylor as Dr. She is open. His family is extremely wealthy and are major sponsors of the Jeffersonian. Thyne as Dr. friendly. J. He works as a psychologist for the FBI and as a psychoanalyst for the team at the Jeffersonian. helpful.

is the biological father of Russ and Temperance Brennan. She frequently has an on-again. often annoying the other Jeffersonian workers. • Eugene Byrd as Dr. • Michael Grant Terry as Wendell Bray (Season 4–present): He is Dr. which led directly to his death. • Carla Gallo as Daisy Wick (Season 4–present): Daisy is upbeat and eager. Booth arrests Max on murder charges and he is trialed in season three. he signed on and wrote the pilot episode after having an intensive meeting with Josephson about the show. Hanson decided to infuse the show with as much dark [8] humor and character development as possible. Although the show's main character is also loosely based on Reichs. witty. he is shot in the chest by sniper Jacob Brodsky. In the second season. Production Conception The concept of Bones was developed during the latter part of the pitching season of 2004 when 20th Century Fox approached series creator Hart Hanson with an idea for a forensics show. he begins dating Cam. to help him and his partner in their cases. who had purchased the rights to produce a documentary on the forensic anthropologist and author Kathy Reichs. after the character in Reichs' novels. aka Matthew Brennan. so he does not have to constantly explain his Islamic beliefs. Hanson was asked to meet with executive producer Barry Josephson. off-again relationship with Lance Sweets.[2] Reichs has stated that she views the show as somewhat of a prequel to her novels. He dates Angela briefly during season five. • Joel David Moore as Colin Fisher (Season 4–present): Colin suffers from depression and has a very dark sense of humor. In addition . Attorney's Office. he and his wife changed identities to lead an honest life with their children. A known criminal involved with gangs in the '70s.S. producers decided to name her Temperance Brennan. • Ryan Cartwright as Vincent Nigel-Murray (Seasons 4–6): Vincent is an Englishman and a graduate of the University of Leeds. • Ryan O'Neal as Matthew Brennan (Season 2–present): Max Keenan.Bones (TV series) 55 Recurring cast • Patricia Belcher as Caroline Julian (Season 1–present): Caroline is the acerbic. including a criminal record and he was accused of killing his step-father. At the beginning of season eight. where the jury finds him innocent on all counts and is released. His background sometimes adds tension between himself and the other characters. and often meddlesome Prosecutor from the U. • Pej Vahdat as Arastoo Vaziri (Season 4–present): Arastoo starts out by having a fake Jordanian accent. Brennan's top scholarship intern. and has a habit of reciting trivia while working. In season eight. and is finally given the opportunity to reconnect with his children. • Luke Kleintank as Finn Abernathy (Season 7–present): Finn is the youngest intern. Hodgins and Angela name their son after him. and has a dark past. to focus on archaeological work. Although Hanson was reluctant about being involved in making a police procedural. Cam hires Clark as a forensic anthropologist. a holographic projector that provides a way to replace the flashbacks often used by other procedural shows. She is a friend of Booth's and is always willing. the writers constantly involve her in the process of producing the episodes' storylines. Clark Edison (Season 3–present): He is the most serious and professional of the Jeffersonian interns. and incredibly smart. but later drops the accent.[6] As the show is based on the works of Reichs. with the TV show's Temperance Brennan as a younger version of the novels' Temperance Brennan. He sometimes spends time at mental health facilities for treatment. He is from the South. In season six. Another element conceived for the show was the "Angelator". if not eager. and the most organized.[7] In order to make Bones a unique crime drama in the midst of the multiple procedural dramas that already populated network television like the Law & Order and CSI franchises.

suggested Boreanaz for the role.[11] Deschanel was subsequently cast in the role.. Almost every episode title alliteratively alludes to how the victim is discovered in said episode. Clark Edison (Eugene Byrd) and Daisy Wick (Carla Gallo). California. However. The interiors of the Jeffersonian Institute were specially built on a large sound stage at the 20th Century Fox lot in Century City. produced by Maria Alonte McCoy and Billy Gottlieb. after the producers contacted him again to convince him to accept the role.[15] Music The soundtrack album titled Bones: Original Television Soundtrack. "90% of actors would take a step back".[13] Filming Most of Bones is filmed in Los Angeles. Beginning with Season 4.[2] After Deschanel finished the film Glory Road. Boreanaz agreed to sign on and was cast as Seeley Booth. Dana Walden. David Boreanaz stepped closer to Deschanel. the holographic images.[9] Emily Deschanel was cast in the role of Temperance Brennan just before production began on the Bones pilot. Deschanel held her ground rather than retreating. formerly of The Practice)—is much older than the typical grad student.[14] The two-part fourth season premiere was filmed on location in London. . Series creator Hart Hanson described the actors who had auditioned for the role of Seeley Booth as "pretty boy waifs" and immediately responded when the head of the studio. Hanson remarked that. in such a situation.[2] Boreanaz was offered the role but was unenthusiastic about getting involved after a difficult meeting with executive producers Barry Josephson and Hart Hanson. where the fictional Jeffersonian Institute is located. even though he thought the script was well written. the film's producer Jerry Bruckheimer recommended that she audition for Bones. which are created by visual effects.[9] 56 Casting David Boreanaz was the first actor to be cast in Bones. Zack Addy (played by Eric Millegan) was replaced by a succession of lab assistants: Wendell Bray (Michael Grant Terry). Vincent Nigel-Murray (Ryan Cartwright). Los Angeles.[12] Marisa Coughlan guest-starred in a few mid-season episodes as FBI agent Payton Perotta. D. who was brought to the Jeffersonian as a temporary substitute for Booth when he was incapacitated. California. In a tense moment in the audition scene.[16] Broadcast and release Episodes A consistent naming of the episodes occurs. It contains 13 songs recorded by popular artists for the show. Colin Fisher (Joel Moore).C. Arastoo Vaziri (Pej Vahdat). brought a unique visual style to the show that the producers were looking for. like "The Critic in the Cabernet" and "The Dwarf in the Dirt". was released in 2008.Bones (TV series) to their expositional purposes.[10] Deschanel impressed Hart Hanson at her audition with her assertiveness. One—Scott Starett (played by Michael Badalucco. or to the main plot device of the episode. like "The Hero in the Hold" and "The Change in the Game". despite the fact that the show is mainly set in Washington. The external shots are of the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles. United Kingdom.

[25] New York described the show as "the best drama of the new network season" and a "sexed-up variation of all the CSIs".81 [21] 10. 2006 May 16. 2010 September 23. network television season starts in late September and ends in late May. the first season of Bones ranked 60th in viewership among prime-time shows and 53rd among the 18 to 49 year old demographic.26 September 13. Bones finished first among the 18-to-49-year-old demographic and in total viewers in its Tuesday 8:00 pm ET timeslot.7% household rating and 11% household share.9 million. 2009 4 5 6 September 17.40 [19] 8. 2011 November 3. Season Episodes Timeslot (ET) Original airing Season premiere 1 22 21 15 26 22 23 13 Tuesday 8:00 pm (2005) Wednesday 8:00 pm (2006) 2 3 Wednesday 8:00 pm Tuesday 8:00 pm (2007) Monday 8:00 pm (2008) Wednesday 8:00 pm (2008) Thursday 8:00 pm (2009) Thursday 8:00 pm Thursday 8:00 pm (2010) Thursday 9:00 pm (2011) Thursday 9:00 pm (2011) Thursday 8:00 pm (2012) Monday 8:00 pm (2012) Monday 8:00 pm August 30.[17] The second season premiere attracted 8. 2012 Spring 2013 2012–13 TBA TBA The series premiere of Bones attracted an average of 10. However. 2011 May 14. the second season finale of Bones obtained 10. "that old Sam-and-Diane.7% household share and 11% household rating. 2010 May 19. finishing second among the 18 to 49 years old demographic and first in total viewership with 6.90 [18] 9.Bones (TV series) 57 American ratings Seasonal rankings (based on average total viewers per episode) of Bones. The show improved its ranking during its third season. 2006 September 25. 2005 May 17.9 million viewers. 2009 May 20. Maddie-and-David.S.[29] Overall."[27] Following the broadcast of the series' third episode.57 [23] 9.[31] In the 2006-07 television season. 2012 7 8 26 [24] September 17.[28] It was renewed for a second season after its strong performance in ratings in the timeslot following American Idol and on its own without the American Idol's lead-in audience. which coincides with the completion of May sweeps. with a seasonal average of 8. Mulder-and-Scully opposites-attract stuff never feels standard when it's done right. its overall viewership was down from the previous season. .5% household rating and 11% household share. Note: Each U.02 [22] 11. 2008 May 14.4 million viewers and was ranked 51st among the 18 to 49 year old demographic. Fox ordered a full season of Bones. 2008 September 3. Entertainment Weekly notes that Bones has a "pretty standard Crossing Jordan/CSI-style framework" but holds up because of the chemistry between the two lead characters.[26] Regarding the show's procedural structure. Viewership began to steadily increase with its fourth season. placing 51st overall. averaging 8.61 million viewers in its Wednesday 8:00 pm timeslot. 2007 May 19. It tied first in viewership among the 18 to 49 years old demographic with The Price Is Right Million Dollar Spectacular on CBS.90 [20] 10.8 million viewers with 6. Bones improved its ranking to 50th place in viewership among prime-time shows with 9.[30] As a lead-in for American Idol. 2007 2006–07 2007–08 2008–09 2009–10 2010–11 2011–12 Season finale TV season 2005–06 [17] #60 [18] #50 [19] #51 [20] #32 [21] #32 [22] #29 [23] #48 Rank Viewers (in millions) [17] 8.88 million viewers with 3. the same as in the first season.

15. that owns Fox. 2009 on the Fox network and retained its Thursday 8:00 pm ET timeslot.Bones (TV series) 58 Broadcast history Bones premiered on September 13. seemingly irrelevant questions to get to the truth. recent episodes are available on the Global TV website. 2008 as a part of the third season. The potential spin-off series would also be created by Bones creator/executive producer Hart Hanson. Hulu. The fifth season premiered September 17. 2010. The show went on hiatus on November 27. but was delayed to early 2011 due to creative differences. The second season premiered on the Fox network on August 30. on TNT."[38] During Fox's TCA press tour. This began on October 3. News Corporation. As a result.[36] Bones is also available on their official website via Fox On Demand. The character of Walter is described as an eccentric but amusing recluse in high demand for his ability to find anything. The second season finale was aired on May 16. He is skeptical of everything—he suffered brain damage while overseas. Thursday 8:00 pm ET. which is owned by the same parent company. which explains his [37] constant paranoia and his being notorious for asking offensive. 2006 but access is restricted to residents from the United States only. executive producer Stephen Nathan revealed production on the episode featuring The Finder began in February 2011. It consisted of 22 episodes and ended on May 20. were aired back-to-back on January 22. 2008. . In Canada. 2007 in its original premiere timeslot. "Player Under Pressure". ending its second season with 21 episodes. Production on the episode was scheduled to begin in December 2010.[35] Online distribution Fox has released free episodes of Bones and several other primetime series online for viewing on Netflix. was left unaired. The first season finished on May 17. which was originally scheduled to be broadcast as the second season's 19th episode but was pulled by the Fox network in the United States after the Virginia Tech massacre. Off-network syndication of Bones began the week of January 28. "Double Trouble in the Panhandle" and "Fire in the Ice". two new episodes. "I received studio notes on the Bones spin-off idea. with the episode airing in April. The plot involved the discovery of the human remains of a college athlete. 2007. 2009. Spin-off series In October 2010. Bones instead resumed one week later because of preemption by President Bush's farewell address. 2005 on the Fox network and was broadcast weekly in the Tuesday 8:00 pm ET timeslot before it was moved to the Wednesday 8:00 pm ET timeslot in 2006. it was revealed that Fox was developing a potential spin-off series that would be built around a new recurring character that would be introduced in the sixth season. and its MySpace website. Neo-platonists. 2006 and retained its Wednesday 8:00 pm ET timeslot. 2007 because of the 2007–2008 Writers Guild of America strike and returned on April 14. Creator Hart Hanson posted on Twitter (in a humorous manner) regarding the notes he got from the network. One episode. 2009 with a total of 26 episodes. 2009. Impossible dreamers. The fourth season premiered September 3. and seasons 1 to 7 are on Netflix. Unreasonable taskmasters.[32] and eventually aired on April 21. 2008 with a total of 15 episodes. airing in a new timeslot. 2006 with a total of 22 episodes. They want it to be better.[33] The shortened third season finished on May 19. 2008 in the Monday 8:00 pm ET timeslot. 2008 on the Fox network in the Wednesday 8:00 pm ET timeslot with a [34] Originally scheduled to return from hiatus on January two-hour episode that was filmed on location in London. The third season premiered on September 25. The fourth season finale aired May 14. and be based on The Locator series of two books written by Richard Greener. Tuesday 8:00 pm ET.

who is essentially playing a very unlikable character. it's difficult to find just the right person."[49] Accolades Bones has received two Emmy nominations. written by Max Allan Collins. the show "is built on a more traditional and solid foundation: the strength of its characters" and "what sets Tuesday's Bones premiere apart from the procedural pack are stars Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz.[45][46][47] USA Today comments that compared to other crime shows. its characters and concepts have also been produced in print. The Finder was picked up for the 2011–2012 season on May 10. where the spin-off is said to take place. 59 Effect Critical response Reviews for the pilot episode were mixed. Media Life Magazine says that while Bones has "an amazingly clever notion. 2006. That's why when you have Hugh Laurie. one a novel and the other an official guide. Currently. Buried Deep (ISBN 978-1-4165-2461-8). based on 29 critical reviews. for Favorite TV Crime Drama. there are two print books related to the series. its "execution doesn't match the conception" and based on its first episode. 2011 with an order of 13 episodes. for Outstanding Art Direction for a Single Camera Series for "The Hero in the Hold" at the 61st Primetime Emmy Awards and for Outstanding Special Visual Effects in a Supporting Role for "The Twist in the Twister" at the 64th Primetime Emmy Awards.[44] Subsequent seasons have received generally favorable reviews.[51] The series received three nominations at the 38th People's Choice Awards. you love to see him. 2012. rare quality to find. "You want to find people you want to see every single week do one unique character.[43] The Finder was canceled on May 9.Bones (TV series) In the episode. Nathan went on to say regarding the casting of character. on the internet and in short videos for mobile phones.[40][41][42] The three characters were introduced in episode 19 of the sixth season. brilliant even". strangely. for Favorite TV Crime Drama and Emily Deschanel for Favorite TV Crime Fighter. it quickly becomes so derivative of so much else on television—especially. Bones was nominated for two awards at the 37th People's Choice Awards. Florida. Other media Aside from the television broadcast of Bones. The series has also won two Genesis Awards for the episodes "The Woman in Limbo" and "The Tough Man in the Tender Chicken" for raising awareness on the issues of pig slaughtering and industrial chicken farms. and holds a Metacritic score of 55 out of 100. David Boreanaz for Favorite TV Drama Actor and Emily Deschanel for [52] Favorite TV Drama Actress. In fact. Temperance Brennan and Special Agent Seeley Booth's investigation into the skeletal remains left on the steps of a federal building and its connection with a Chicago mob family.[50] Emily Deschanel was nominated for a 2006 Satellite Award for Best Actress – Television Series Drama. Its plot focuses on Dr. Booth and Brennan travel to Key West. 2012 and aired its final episode on May 11. who had inspired the concept of Bones. The book is based on the characters in the television series rather than the characters created by Kathy Reichs. was published by Pocket Star on February 28. while the episode "The Finger in the Nest" received a nomination. And that is a rare. Bones: The Official Companion (ISBN 978-1-84576-539-2) is written by Paul Ruditis and published by . but because it is a unique character."[39] Geoff Stults was cast as the lead character with Michael Clarke Duncan and Saffron Burrows cast as the other two lead characters. as the season's most appealing new crime fighters. And the finder won't be an unlikable character. the show "fails to evolve into a gripping series."[48] On the other hand. X-Files—that one might even call it bone-headed.

2006). 2011. [7] "Kathy Reichs: 20 Things You Need to Know" (http:/ / web. Sweets. asp) on March 16. .com. Fox Broadcasting Company. "Q&A: Bones Creator Hart Hanson" (http:/ / unifiedtheorynothingmuch. Blogcritics. . ew. org/ web/ 20080728010753/ http:/ / au. . 2005). com/ channels/ filmtv/ features/ falltv2005/ bones-hanson.[54] A spin-off series consisting of 26 two-minute episodes. 2006 [59] September 11. Entertainment Weekly. html). [6] Wild. Unified Theory of Nothing Much. 2007). Archived from the original (http:/ / www. fox. 2007. 2007. 2010 [71] October 11. 2012 References [1] http:/ / www. 2009. Daniel Robert (September 13. com/ bones [2] Goldman. "Hart Hanson of Bones" (http:/ / web. 2007. The book includes cast and crew interviews. [3] "About the Show" (http:/ / www. 60 Home video releases Season Episodes Region 1 Region 2 Region 4 Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4 Season 5 Season 6 Season 7 22 21 15+4 22 22 23 13 22 21 15+4 26 22 23 13 22 21 15 26 22 23 13 Region 1 [56] November 28. ugo. which the viewers can also access. 2008 November 17. 2011 [74] October 9. yahoo. tv. archive. . [4] Hibberd. 2012 [66] October 26. 2006. Diane Kristine (January 17. Prior to the broadcast of the second season episode "The Glowing Bones in the Old Stone House". 2011 [75] October 1. which include short videos featuring Booth and Brennan waiting to see Dr. 2009 [68] October 5. its plot revolves around three Jeffersonian Institute lab technicians who use their skills to solve a mystery. released on October 16. called Bones: Skeleton Crew. . yahoo. was produced by Fox and launched through a partnership with Sprint Nextel in conjunction with MasterCard's sponsorship. 2007. org/ video/ article/ challenging-the-crime-genre-an-interview). 2007 [61] December 3. It was released to Sprint TV subscribers in November 2006 and released on the official website of Bones on December 4. Retrieved June 4. 2009 [67] October 27. Retrieved May 16. [8] Wild. com/ bones/ about). "Official: 'Bones' renewed for 9th season" (http:/ / insidetv. [5] "The Man In The Fallout Shelter" (http:/ / www. fox. 2007. archive. [9] Epstein. fox. ugo. "Challenging the Crime Genre: An Interview with Bones Creator Hart Hanson" (http:/ / blogcritics. 2009 [70] October 27.Bones (TV series) Titan Books. com/ channels/ filmtv/ features/ falltv2005/ bones-hanson. 2012 [62] [63] November 18. . . The episodes do not feature the show's main cast. asp). 2007 Region 4 [58] January 11. tv. 2011 [76] November 7. Fox Broadcasting Company. com/ articles/ 2007/ 05/ 31/ digging-up-secrets-with-the-cast-of-bones). Diane Kristine (January 18. 2010 [73] November 9. 2007 Release dates Region 2 [57] October 30. blogspot. com/ 2013/ 01/ 08/ bones-9th-season/ ). UGO. In the episode. 2006. Brennan and her team uses clues from these web pages. 2013). com/ b/ bones/ 549/ kathy-reichs-20-things-you-need-to-know). 2006). 2006 [60] October 15.[53] Fox has made extensive use of the internet to promote Bones. 2008 [64] March 4. Retrieved May 16. com/ bones/ recaps/ season-1/ episode-09). 2013. Eric (May 31. Retrieved January 8. 2009 [69] October 18. IGN. "Digging Up Secrets With the Cast of Bones" (http:/ / www. 2011. com/ b/ bones/ 549/ kathy-reichs-20-things-you-need-to-know) on July 28. Retrieved July 8. Yahoo! Pty Limited.[55] Bonus content was posted by Fox on Bones' official site during the third season. 2010 [72] October 17. com/ 2006/ 01/ qa-bones-creator-hart-hanson. Archived from the original (http:/ / au. profiles of the characters involved in the episode were put up on their own MySpace web page. 2008 [65] October 6. . The blog entries of the characters were created to give insight into the potential suspects to be featured in the episode. Retrieved February 2. James (January 8. episode guides and a background detail on real-life forensics. Retrieved October 28. 2008. Retrieved June 4. org/ web/ 20090316122511/ http:/ / www. ign. .

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Bouncers are often required where crowd size. . However. check legal age. as many United States bouncers are often taken to court and other countries have similar problems of excessive force. and a criminal records background check. the earlier history of the occupation suggests that the stereotype of bouncers as rough. increased awareness of the risks of lawsuits and criminal charges (particularly in the United States and industrialised world) have led many bars and venues to train their bouncers to use communication and conflict resolution skills rather than brute force against troublemakers. tough. to refuse entry for intoxication. doorman Security. employed at venues such as bars. History In the 1990s and 2000s. physical enforcers has indeed been the case in many countries and cultures throughout history. door supervisor or cooler) is an informal term for a type of security guard. federal or state governments have taken steps to professionalise the industry by requiring bouncers to have training. licensing. clientele or alcohol consumption may make arguments or fights a possibility. In the United States. Historical references also suggest that the 'doorman' function of guarding a place and selecting who can have entry to it (the stereotypical task of the modern bouncer) could at times be an honorific and evolve into a relatively important position. or where the threat or presence of criminal gang activity is high.Bouncer (doorman) 64 Bouncer (doorman) Bouncer (doorman or door supervisor) A bouncer standing at the door of a strip club in San Francisco. In many countries. nightclubs or concerts to provide security. California Occupation Names Activity sectors Security guard. entertainment Description Competencies Education required Communication skills. level-headedness Some jurisdictions require completion of training A bouncer (also known as a doorman. civil liability and court costs related to the use of force by bouncers are "the highest preventable loss found within the [bar] industry". judgment. aggressive behavior or non-compliance with statutory or establishment rules.

or dead-drunk patrons. a boy is thrown out of a restaurant because he has no money to pay for his dinner: “ "Here. while reporting on the casual oppression of Christians in Carthage. which was first published in 1875.. the Bouncer selects the gayest of the gay. US saloon-keepers and brothel madams hired bouncers to remove troublesome. and sometimes ejected unwanted people from the house whose gate he guarded.[6] Modern times During the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The term later become a low-ranking [4] clergy title. Plautus. This proceeding was followed by derisive laughter from the other waiters who had gathered near the door.' he was soon enlightened. which he had no power to resent. When liberty verges on license and gaiety on wanton delirium. and felt disgraced and humiliated to think that the waiter who had been so respectful and attentive should have inflicted upon him such an indignity. you waited on this young man. lifting his foot by a well-directed kick. didn't you?" "Yes. Peter. and it was echoed by two street urchins outside.[1][2] In 1 Chronicles 26 of the Old Testament. entitled "Bounced". and pretends he hasn't got any money.bounces him!"[7] 19th century ." "He hasn't paid for his breakfast. all functions they share with the modern concept of the bouncer. including that of Nergal overcoming the seven doormen guarding the gates to the Underworld. ” An 1883 newspaper article stated that "'The Bouncer' is merely the English 'chucker out'. initially a slave. Alger was an immensely popular author in the 19th century. an early Christian author living mainly in the 1st century AD. amongst other 'shady' characters such as gamblers and pimps. pushed him to the door. mentions a "large and powerful" doorman / bouncer as a threat to get an unwelcome visitor to leave. who guarded the door. from "illegal entry into sacred areas" and "maintain[ing] order". called The Young Outlaw. especially with young people and his books were widely quoted. Sam staggered from the force of the bouncing. the Levitical Temple is described as having a number of 'gatekeepers' amongst their duties are "protect[ing] the temple from theft". in his play Bacchides (written approximately 194-184 BC). In Chapter XIV. and protect the saloon girls and prostitutes. and then. Bounce him!" If Sam was ignorant of the meaning of the word 'bounce. though the described temple servants also serve as holy persons and administrators themselves[3] (it is noted that some administrative function is still present in today's bouncing in the higher position of the supervisor).[5] Tertullian. The word "bouncer" was first popularized in a novel by Horatio Alger. landed him across the sidewalk into the street. before he knew what was going to happen. sir. who witnessed Sam's ignominious exit from the restaurant. The waiter seized him by the collar. Jr.Bouncer (doorman) 65 Ancient times The significance of the doorman as the person allowing (or barring) entry is found in a number of Mesopotamian myths (and later in Greek myths descended from them). noted that bouncers were counted as part of a semi-legal underworld. violent. The Romans had a position known as the 'Ostiarius' (doorkeeper). and .

and the "best of food and drink was served. he was asked to leave. which was filled with "ramshackle groups of wooden shanties". many fights. 66 . cabarets.[13] 20th century Bouncers in pre-World War I United States were also sometimes used as the guardians of morality. As ballroom dancing was often considered as an activity which could lead to immoral conduct if the dancers got too close. and theatres. bars."[9] In the late 19th century. who lacked any such shepherds. high-class brothels known as "good houses" or “parlour houses” hired bouncers for security and to prevent patrons from evading payment. a game room and a dance hall... The more expensive.. higher-class brothels were called “parlour houses”...Bouncer (doorman) In US Western towns in the 1870s. bouncers were used to maintain order in the "The Gut". jewellry thieving.[12] During the 1890s.” The “protective presence” of bouncers in high-class brothels was “. Prostitutes worked at the area's 120 bawdy houses in small rooms. and the saloon "bouncer" was generally on hand to discourage [those with too] hearty appetites". with attractively decorated parlours. or bloody fights. bouncers at small town dances and bars physically resolved disputes and removed troublemakers. only some aches and pains [for the troublemakers]. the roughest part of New York's Coney Island."[11] In the 1880s and 1890s.. There were no court costs [for the bouncers or the bar].a lady bouncer by the name of Mickey Steele. San Diego had a similarly rough waterfront area and redlight district called the 'Stingaree'. and An Arizona saloon in 1885. bouncers would physically remove drinkers who were too drunk to keep buying drinks.[10] In the late 19th century. male patrons were expected to act like gentlemen.” The best bordellos looked like respectable mansions.. For security. The bouncers' warnings tended to consist of light taps on the shoulder at first. usually two or three steps down.if any customer did or said anything out of line. A bouncer made sure he did". and they were "run most decorously". where bouncers worked the door at brothels.many saloons lured customers with offers of a "free lunch"—usually well salted to inspire drinking. ". and [the prostitutes working there] scorned those who worked in (or out of) saloons. dance halls... operated by Max Cohen.considered themselves the cream of the crop. Maryland docks hired bouncers to maintain order and eject aggressive patrons.. ". and then progressed to sterner remonstrations.room off a saloon. until Prohibition. To attract business. some of the more reputable venues had bouncers to remind patrons not to dance closer than nine inches to their partners. from the era when bouncers earned their rough and tumble reputation by thus free up space in the bar for new patrons.”[8] In Wisconsin's lumberjack days. fleabag hotels and brothels. bars in the bawdiest parts of Baltimore.. but all were settled on the spot. Huge bouncers patrolled these venues of vice and "roughly ejected anyone who violated the loose rules of decorum" by engaging in pick-pocketing. bouncers also had the unusual role of protecting the saloon's buffet.. In the main bar in one Iowa town. without worrying about lawsuits. The slang term forcibly ejecting brawlers 'snake-room' was used to describe a ". The Oasis club. “Good house”-style brothels “.one of the reasons the girls considered themselves superior to [lower-class] free-lancers.. paying a fee to the procurer who usually was the bouncer or 'protector' of the brothel. a giant of a man who stayed sober to handle any customer who got too rough with one of the girls or didn't want to pay his bill..there were many quarrels.[14] In the 1930s. ". “somewhere in every parlor house there was always a bouncer. into which a bar-keeper or the bouncer could slide drunk lumber-jacks head first through swinging doors from the bar-room. hired "." To maintain the high-class atmosphere at these establishments.

and high drunkenness.[15] In the Weimar Republic in the Germany of the 1920s and early 1930s. while at the same time. unventilated. due to the tendency of groups of hooligans to congregate at pubs and bars before and after games. as expected in the creation of an aggressive or violence prone . doormen protected venues from the fights caused by Nazis and other potentially violent groups (such as Communists).. especially in places like Russia. She was succeeded by a character known as 'Machine-Gun Butch' who was a long-time bouncer at the club". especially in common liberal discourse (see Research section of this article).[22] Hong Kong also features a somewhat unusual situation where some bouncers are known to work for prostitutes. Such scenes were fictionalised in the movie Cabaret. instead of being their pimps. as well as because the group had increasingly been 'demonised'. long-running series of feuds between fan groups like The Blades and groups of bouncers in the 1990s were described by researchers. Bouncers were selected as one of the groups studied by several English researchers in the 1990s because their culture was seen as 'grounded in violence'. such as 'German' dances at dance halls.[17] In early Nazi Germany. because jazz was considered a "degenerate" form of music by the Nazi party.[23] 67 The doorman from the Ohio-Bar in Berlin in 1948 In the 1990s and 2000s. groups of male strangers. bouncers also increasingly barred non-German people (such as foreign workers) from public functions.g. Hong Kong police have noted that due to the letter of the law. low comfort (e.[24] Bouncing has also started to attract some academic interest as part of ethnographic studies into violent subcultures. a number of bouncers have written "tell-all" books about their experiences on the door. Hitler surrounded himself with a number of former bouncers such as Christian Weber. triad-connected reprisal or intimidation attacks against bouncers have been known to occur. high boredom. They indicate that male bouncers are respected by some club-goers as the ultimate 'hard men'.[18] Later during the Nazi regime.[21] In Hong Kong. Hong Kong or Japan. first asking them where they lived and then throwing them in that general direction.[20] Bouncers have also been known to be associated with criminal gangs.[25] Research and sociology Outside studies In the early 1990s. some bouncers in underground jazz clubs were also hired to screen for Nazi spies. Mickey was always considerate of the people she bounced.[19] Bouncers also often come into conflict with football hooligans. In the United Kingdom for example.Bouncer (doorman) a six-foot acrobat from the Pennsylvania coal fields.[16] the SS originated as a group designated to protect party meetings. these bouncers can also be lightning rods for aggression and macho posturing on the part of obnoxious male customers wanting to prove themselves. they sometimes had to charge the bouncer for illegally extorting the women when the usually expected dominance situation between the sex worker and her 'protector' was in fact reversed... an Australian government study on violence stated that violent incidents in public drinking locations are caused by the interaction of five factors: aggressive and unreasonable bouncers. where bouncers may often belong to these groups or have to pay the crime syndicates to be able to operate. The research indicated that bouncers did not play as large a role ". hot clubs).

The group could not fully resolve this issue. ". Some of them appear to regard their employment as giving them a licence to assault people.." Finally.."[26] A 1998 article "Responses by Security Staff to Aggressive Incidents in Public Settings" in the Journal of Drug Issues examined 182 violent incidents involving crowd controllers (bouncers) that occurred in bars in Toronto. the bouncers "... while fulfilling his duties as a bouncer and being required to set aside his academic distance. and relate badly to groups of male strangers.[28] The study has. the crowd controllers enhanced the likelihood of violence but were themselves not violent.rather a perception was needed that he could deal with it if required. the legally required licensing as a bouncer was also found to be expected by employers before applicants started the job (and as licensing generally excluded people with criminal convictions.have been observed to initiate fights or further encourage them on several occasions. especially when they are arbitrary or petty in their manner.[29] One of the main ethical issues of the research was the participation of the researcher in violence. and while conversant with the milieu.. the study did show that ". The research however found that instead of being a part of the occupation. the bouncers had a neutral response. with the new bouncers being 'thrown into the deep end' . The controllers' actions involved gratuitous aggression. however. The study indicated that in 12% of the incidents the bouncers had good responses. and also depended heavily on previous familiarity with violence. Many seem poorly trained. a "culture created around violence and violent expectation". attracted some criticism due to the fact that the researcher. would have been at risk of losing objectivity . and appear to be given a job autonomy and discretion that they cannot handle well.Bouncer (doorman) atmosphere [in bars]. This may be encouraged by management adherence to a repressive model of supervision of patrons ("if they play up. violence itself was the defining characteristic. responses were rated as bad—that is. do have an adverse effect. Various other elements. Beyond studying the bouncer culture from the outside. thump 'em")."[27] 68 Inside studies At least one major ethnographic study also observed bouncing from within.[25] . such as body language or physical looks (muscles. and to what degree he would be allowed to participate. in almost one-third of incidents.[25] The bouncing culture's insular attitudes also extended to the recruitment process.being part of the symbolic 'narratives of intimidation' that set bouncers apart in their work environment." However. which was mainly by word of mouth as opposed to typical job recruitment. The man had previously worked as a bouncer before becoming an academic.. which in fact does not reduce trouble. obsessed with their own machismo. harassment of patrons and provocative behaviour. it required some time for him to re-enter bouncing work in a new locality. and in 36% of the incidents. the crowd controllers' responses were rated as ugly. the group selected a suitable candidate for covert.though it was accepted that this quandary might be difficult to resolve. shaved heads) were also described as often expected for entry into bouncing . As part of the study it eventually became clear that bouncers themselves were similarly and constantly weighing up the limits and uses of their participation in violence. long-term research.edgy and aggressive bouncers. 31 per cent. as part of a British project to study violent subcultures.[25] Training on the job was described as very limited. in 20% of the incidents. Canada.. In the case of the British research project. This does not extend to the prospective bouncer himself having to have a reputation for violence . In practice many bouncers are not well managed in their work.. and exacerbates an already hostile and aggressive situation." The study stated that bouncers: ".the fact that they had been accepted for the job in the first place including the assessment that they should know what they are doing (though informal observation of a beginner's behaviour was commonplace). as the undercover researcher would not have been able to gain the trust of his peers while shying away from the use of force. this kept out some of the more unstable violent personalities).

British research from the 1990s also indicates that a major part of both the group identity and the job satisfaction of bouncers is related to their self image as a strongly masculine person who is capable of dealing with – and dealing out – violence. a typical characteristic of groups that are constantly in the public eye..[37] substantial costs may be incurred by indiscriminate violence against patrons—though this depends heavily on the laws and customs of the country. sometimes bordering on hero worship. their employment income plays a lesser role in their job satisfaction. Well-kept incident logs can protect the employee from any potential criminal charges or lawsuits that later arise from an incident. The camaraderie between bouncers (even of different clubs). In Australia.[34] The same research has also indicated that the decisions made by bouncers.[32] A bouncer at the door of a Norwegian club checking customer identification for proof of age. which has led to a popular misconception that bouncers have (or reserve) the right to use physical force freely. the number of complaints and lawsuits against venues due to the behaviour of their bouncers has been credited with turning many establishments to using former police officers to head their in-house security.[30][31] An ability to judge and communicate well with people will reduce the need for physical intervention. or when restraining a patron who has committed an offence until police arrive. However. to eject drunk or aggressive patrons refusing to leave a venue.. because they are often required to document assaults in an incident log or using an incident form. Many similar decisions taken by a bouncer during the course of a night are [35] also being described as based on experience rather than just personality.. while seeming haphazard to an outsider.Bouncer (doorman) 69 Personality and behaviour Character Although a common stereotype of bouncers is that of the thuggish brute. as well as the ability to work "in the moment" and outside of the drudgery of typical jobs were also often cited. Bouncers also profit from good written communication skills.[32][36] Lawsuits are possible if injuries occur.[38] . while a steady personality will prevent the bouncer from being easily provoked by customers.[32] With civil liability and court costs related to the use of force as "the highest preventable loss found within the industry. a good club security staff member requires more than just physical qualities such as strength and size: "The best bouncers don’t "bounce" anyone. However." (US)[32] and bars being "sued more often for using unnecessary or excessive force than for any other reason" (Canada).[33] Factors in enjoying work as a bouncer were also found in the general prestige and respect that was accorded to bouncers. Bouncer subculture is strongly influenced by perceptions of honour and shame. instead of hiring private firms. they talk to people" (and remind them of the venue rules). The decision to turn certain customers away at the door because of too casual clothing is for example often based on the perception that the person will be more willing to fight (compared to someone dressed in expensive attire).. in many countries bouncers have no legal authority to use physical force more freely than any other civilian—meaning they are restricted to reasonable levels of force used in self defense. often have a basis in rational logic. Use of force Excessive force Movies often depict bouncers physically throwing patrons out of clubs and restraining drunk customers with headlocks. even if the patron was drunk or using aggressive language.

bar and nightclub security staff will have to take a new. In some countries or regions. The more 'impressive' bouncers.if the patron refuses. chat and a friendly but firm demeanor" to resolve tense situations.[45] Nearly one in nine of Britain's nightclub bouncers are also women.[24] Large and intimidating bouncers. Canada In Canada. it can reflect badly on the venue upon renewal of its liquor licence.". among other subjects.[32] Some bars have gone so far as to institute policies barring physical contact.[36] Under the definition of 'reasonable force'. if the police are called too frequently. The course called BST (Basic Standards Training) is a 40 hour program that covers law. The research also found that the likelihood of such encounters increased (with statistical significance) with the number of years the bouncer had worked in his occupation. Alternatives Use of force training programs teach bouncers ways to avoid using force and explain what types of force are considered allowable by the courts. whilst providing an appearance of strong security. bouncers in Western countries are normally unarmed. female security staff. are also considered as better able to deal with drunk or aggressive women. and other issue related to security operation. female bouncers are still a rarity in many countries. less threatening or female bouncers.[42] but they may not have a legal right to carry a weapon even if they would prefer to do so. in the often tense environments they are supposed to supervise. intimidating bouncers.[48] ." This is credited with having "opened the door for women to enter the profession. may also drive customers away in cases where a more relaxed environment is desired. bouncers have the right to use reasonable force to expel intoxicated or aggressive patrons. for example. teach staff to identify conflicts before they become violent."[36] In British Columbia.Bouncer (doorman) According to statistical research in Canada. This has been upheld in a number of court cases. because they may be better able to defuse conflicts than large. women comprise almost 20% of the security industry and increasingly work the door as well. If the patron refuses to leave." However. where bouncers are instructed to ask a drunk or disorderly patron to leave . In Alberta.[39] Despite popular misconceptions.[40][41] Some bouncers may carry weapons such as expandable batons for personal protection.[46][47] 70 Regulation and training In many countries.[44] However. the patron must be asked to leave the premises. where two women who became media celebrities in 2008 for being "Punjab's first female bouncers" were soon sacked again after accusations of unbecoming behaviour.[44] In Australia.[31] In addition. The six-hour 'ProTect' course will. or fire safety.[43] Another strategy used in some bars is to hire smaller. "Only in situations where employees reasonably believe that the conduct of the patron puts them in danger can they inflict harm on a patron and then only to the extent that such force is necessary for self defence. the bouncer can use reasonable force to expel the patron. "it is perfectly acceptable [for the bouncer] to grab a patron’s arm to remove the patron from the premises. bouncers may be required to have extra skills or special licenses and certification for first aid. crowd control. a bouncer must be licensed and lacking a criminal record to gain employment within the security/crowd control sector. First. customer service. government-run training course on correct bouncer behaviour and skills before the end of 2008. apart from having fewer problems searching female patrons for drugs or weapons and entering women's wash rooms to check for illegal activities. However. the bouncers call police. are also often challenged by aggressive males wanting to prove their machismo. such as in India. and how to defuse situations without resorting to force. with the UK's 2003 Licensing Act giving the authorities "discretionary power to withhold a venue's licence if it does not employ female door staff. alcohol distribution. door staff security (bouncers) are required to become certified under the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General Office. using "a smile. bouncers are as likely to face physical violence in their work as urban-area police officers.

[49] 71 New Zealand In New Zealand. or should know. courts have ruled that "a tavern owes a twofold duty of care to its patrons. some members of the industry sees this as a retrograde step. It is to be noted that currently event security is an unlicensed sector in Ireland and one does not require a PSA license to provide a security service at an event. Bars can be held liable for ejecting a customer who they know. clubs and event security. civil and criminal law. However.[51][52]SIA [53] United Kingdom In the UK. such as bouncers. ostensibly on the overall grounds of cost. it must take positive steps to protect patrons and others from the dangers of intoxication. "door supervisors" . The Smart Serve certification program encourages bars to keep Incident Reporting Logs. which teaches them to recognise the signs of intoxication. to use as evidence if an incident gets to court. Republic of Ireland In the Republic of Ireland all potential doormen (Bouncers) must complete a FETAC level 4 course in Door Security Procedures. due to the patron's intoxication].[54] Licenses must be renewed every three years.[37] With the August 2007 Private Security and Investigative Services Act. conflict management. The Smart Serve program is also recommended for other staff in bars who have contact with potentially intoxicated patrons. This allows them to apply for a PSA license (Private Security Authority). The 2010 UK quango reforms includes the SIA amongst many other Quangos the coalition government intended to be disbanded. many of the more professional security companies (and larger venues with their own dedicated security staff) have noted that the course is insufficient for the specific requirements of a bouncer and provide their own additional training. and knows New Zealand law to prevent Security Officers going to Court for using excessive force and assault on Patrons. licensing law. Subsequently some past convictions will disqualify an applicant from working in the security industry. despite the SIA being essentially self-funding via licence payments. including bouncers to be licensed. It must ensure that it does not serve alcohol which would apparently intoxicate or increase the patron's intoxication. drug awareness. As well. the law holds that "customers cannot be ejected from your premises if doing so would put them in danger [e. However the PSA in conjunction with some of the major security companies in Ireland are in the process of regulating the events sector. fearing a return of the organised criminal element to the currently regulated industry. is at risk of injury by being ejected. equal opportunities and discrimination. The PSA vet all applicants before issuing a license. health and safety at work.. One current provider of training is the British Institute of Innkeeping Awarding Body.g. and valets. and includes issues such as behaviour.must hold a licence from the Security Industry Authority. as of 2011. recording of incidents and crime scene preservation. bartenders and servers have to have completed the Smart Serve Training Program. physical intervention. The license issued by the PSA entitles the holder of the license to work on pubs. As a means for continuous . and emergency procedures."[37] In Ontario." Regarding the second requirement of protecting patrons. Bouncers are required to have a COA (Certificate of approval). coat check staff.[50] Singapore Singapore requires all bouncers to undergo a background check and attend a 5-day 'National Skills Recognition System' course for security staff. the person who has the COA has been vetted by the Police and cleared through security checks. search and arrest procedures. Whilst this may alleviate to some extent the financial burden on employers and individuals alike. Ontario law also requires security industry workers. as well as the Courts to show the person is suitable for the job. Like other security work.as they are termed . The training for a door supervisor licence takes 30 hours.Bouncer (doorman) In Ontario.

[62] • Michael Clarke Duncan. nightclubs prior to his wrestling career. Californians must undertake the "Skills Training Course for Security Guards" before receiving a security licence. Under Article 7 General Business Law. DC.[60] • James Gandolfini.[66] • Vin Diesel.[68] • Dolph Lundgren. American actor and writer. Chicago-based gangster. it is illegal for a bar owner to knowingly hire a A bouncer with a bar's hired stiltwalker in the felon for a bouncer position.[65] • Vincent D'Onofrio. former WWE superstar. worked as a bartender/bouncer in his early life. British bare-knuckle boxing heavyweight champion who also worked as a head doorman at London nightclubs. Dutch Mixed Martial Artist and kickboxer. Swedish actor. and martial artist.[58] • Geoff Thompson.[61] • Lenny McLean.[57] • Al Capone. including submitting their fingerprints to the California Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. director. Further courses allow for qualified security personnel to carry batons upon completion of training.[67] • Chazz Palminteri. American actor who worked as a bouncer at an on-campus pub while studying at Rutgers University. British bouncer and author of the book Watch My Back. Under New York state law only a Private Investigator or Watch. American actor on Law & Order: Criminal Intent.Bouncer (doorman) development of standards.[64] • Road Warrior Animal (Joseph Laurinaitis). a professional wrestling tag-team star who worked as a bouncer.[40] • Georges St-Pierre. with some examples being: California: In California.[68] • Ivan 'Doc' Holiday. former bouncer. American actor. • Mr. Northern Irish bouncer and strongman. Canadian mixed martial artist and UFC Welterweight Champion. T. These guards must also complete a criminal background check. American actor who created his 'Vin Diesel' pseudonym to protect his anonymity while working as a bouncer. East Village. former bouncer and twice winner of the "America's Toughest Bouncer" competition.[59] • Glenn Ross. Guard and Patrol Agency can supply security guards/bouncers to bars [56] Notable bouncers • Dave Batista. worked as a bouncer in Washington.[69] . American actor and former bouncer who also worked as a bodyguard for various celebrities. bars and nightclubs are not allowed to hire bouncers without a proper license.[63] • Bas Rutten. 72 United States Requirements for bouncers vary from state to state. Senate Bill 194 requires any bouncer or security guard to be registered with the State of California Department of Consumer Affairs Bureau of Security and Investigative Services. Canadian bouncer and author of The Cooler's Grimiore.[55] New York: In New York State.

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It was entered into the 49th Berlin International Film Festival.278 Breakfast of Champions is a 1999 American comedy film adapted and directed by Alan Rudolph from the novel of the same name by Kurt Vonnegut. 1999 110 minutes United States English $12 million $178. Jr. (Novel) Bruce Willis Albert Finney Nick Nolte Barbara Hershey Glenne Headly Lukas Haas Omar Epps Mark Isham Music by Cinematography Elliot Davis Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Box office Suzy Elmiger Hollywood Pictures • September 17. Cast • • • • • • • Bruce Willis as Dwayne Hoover Albert Finney as Kilgore Trout Nick Nolte as Harry LeSabre Barbara Hershey as Celia Hoover Glenne Headly as Francine Pefko Lukas Haas as George "Bunny" Hoover Omar Epps as Wayne Hoobler . Dwayne Hoover (Bruce Willis) is a wealthy car dealership owner who is on the brink of suicide and is losing touch with reality.Breakfast of Champions (film) 77 Breakfast of Champions (film) Breakfast of Champions Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Screenplay by Story by Starring Alan Rudolph David Blocker David Willis Alan Rudolph Kurt Vonnegut. Jr.[1] Plot The film is a portrait of a fictional town in the Midwest that is home to a group of idiosyncratic and slightly neurotic characters.

"[3] Entertainment Weekly gave the film an "F" rating and Owen Gleiberman wrote. and insisting on pushing almost every scene as frantic comedy weighted by social commentary. he forces his actors to become hams rather than believable characters. Relying on lame visual gimmicks that fall flat. all madness. which continues unabated throughout. "Rudolph botches the material big time. "As it is. in the film Bunny instead plays at the AmeriTel Inn. In his review for The New York Times."[6] In his review for the Los Angeles Times. The result could almost be his version of a Robert Altman disaster — a movie so unhinged it practically dares you not to hate it. Rudolph needed to make a sharper differentiation between the everyday world his people live in and the vivid world of their tormented imaginations. no method. and its ideas not as fresh as they should be. Kevin Thomas wrote. Idaho."[4] In his review for the San Francisco Chronicle. Farber in which the two. Donald C. Jr. Stephen Holden wrote. Vonnegut's reaction At the close of the Harper Audiobook edition of Breakfast of Champions. Jr."[2] Reception Critical response Breakfast of Champions received negative reviews."[8] . Breakfast of Champions is too in-your-face. But it never compromises its zany vision of the country as a demented junkyard wonderland in which we are all strangers groping for a hand to guide us through the looking glass into an unsullied tropical paradise of eternal bliss. makes a one-line cameo as a TV commercial director. there is brief conversation between Vonnegut and long-time friend and attorney. "In many ways. scoring a 25% on Rotten Tomatoes. "Willis' performance. who. disparage this loose film adaptation of the book as "painful to watch. seems to think that what matters is the story. in the novel. as Commercial director Doug Maughan (voice) as TV/radio announcer (uncredited) 78 Production Lukas Haas makes a cameo as Bunny. Dwayne's son. plays piano in the lounge at the Holiday Inn."[7] In her review for the Village Voice. Amy Taubin wrote. "Rudolph."[5] Sight and Sound magazine's Edward Lawrenson wrote.Breakfast of Champions (film) • • • • • • • • • • • • • Vicki Lewis as Grace LeSabre Buck Henry as Fred T. among jokes. too heavily satirical in its look. "Another middle-aged male-crisis opus. soon feels embarrassingly indulgent. Much of the film was shot in and around Twin Falls. Barry Ken Campbell as Eliot Rosewater / Gilbert Jake Johanssen as Bill Bailey Will Patton as Moe the truck driver Chip Zien as Andy Wojeckowzski Owen Wilson as Monte Rapid Alison Eastwood as Maria Maritimo Shawnee Smith as Bonnie McMahon Michael Jai White as Howell Michael Duncan as Eli Kurt Vonnegut. Kurt Vonnegut. in an act of insane folly. For legal reasons. For the film to have grabbed us from the start. it begins on a note of total migraine-inducing hysteria. Peter Stack wrote. Breakfast of Champions is an incoherent mess.

The New York Times.boxofficemojo.allrovi. Amy (September 21.rottentomatoes. org. Retrieved 2009-07-23. Los Angeles Times.Breakfast of Champions (film) 79 References [1] "Berlinale: 1999 Programme" (http:/ / www. .64251.Jerry Maguire as Ron Tidwell † 1997: Anthony Hopkins . . DTL). com/ ew/ article/ 0. ew.. .com/movies/movie/v176057) at AllRovi • Breakfast of Champions (http://www. "Breakfast of Champions" (http:/ / www. uk/ sightandsound/ review/ 318). "Way Too Much Ham In Overdone Breakfast" (http:/ / www. cgi?f=/ c/ a/ 1999/ 12/ 10/ DD79354. • "‡" indicates an Academy Award nomination List of winners and nominees • • • • • 1995: Kevin Spacey . sfgate. villagevoice. Stephen (September 17. [2] Breakfast of Champions CD Unabridged by Kurt Vonnegut.A Simple Plan as Jacob Mitchell ‡ 1999: Michael Clarke Duncan . Retrieved 2009-07-23. com/ 1999/ sep/ 17/ entertainment/ ca-11078/ 2).Amistad as John Quincy Adams ‡ 1998: Billy Bob Thornton . . 1999). Jr (http:/ / www. "Breakfast of Champions" (http:/ / www. aspx) [3] Holden.com/movies/?id=breakfastofchampions. Village Voice. Retrieved 2009-07-23. [8] Taubin. "Sticky-Sweet Hereafters" (http:/ / www.com/title/tt0120618/) at the Internet Movie Database • Breakfast of Champions (http://www. de/ en/ archiv/ jahresarchive/ 1999/ 02_programm_1999/ 02_Programm_1999. . html). . berlinale.The Green Mile as John Coffey ‡ . [5] Stack. [6] Lawrenson. com/ cgi-bin/ article.de. External links • Breakfast of Champions (http://www. Kevin (September 17. [7] Thomas. 1999).00. 1999). berlinale. Peter (December 10. html). latimes. Retrieved 2009-07-23. San Francisco Chronicle. "Breakfast of Champions" (http:/ / articles. com/ 1999-09-21/ film/ sticky-sweet-hereafters/ 1). . Edward (September 2000). bfi. com/ books/ 9780060586232/ Breakfast_of_Champions_CD_Unabridged/ index. Retrieved 2009-07-23. Retrieved 2012-02-28. com/ library/ film/ 091799breakfast-film-review.Apollo 13 as Gene Kranz ‡ 1996: Cuba Gooding. Owen (September 24. Entertainment Weekly. Sight and Sound. Jr. html). Retrieved 2012-01-29. "The Affluent Society? Welcome to the Fun House" (http:/ / www. Notes • "†" indicates an Academy Award-winning performance. harpercollins.imdb.The Usual Suspects as Roger "Verbal" Kint † and Ed Harris . 1999). 1999).com/m/breakfast_of_champions/) at Rotten Tomatoes Broadcast Film Critics Association Award for Best Supporting Actor The Critics' Choice Movie Award for Best Supporting Actor is one of the awards given to people working in the motion picture industry by the Broadcast Film Critics Association at their annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards.htm) at Box Office Mojo • Breakfast of Champions (http://www. . [4] Gleiberman. nytimes.

Broadcast Film Critics Association Award for Best Supporting Actor 80 2000s • 2000: Joaquin Phoenix .Adaptation. as John Laroche † • Alfred Molina .The Dark Knight (posthumously) as The Joker † • 2009: Christoph Waltz .Blood Diamond as Solomon Vandy ‡ Jack Nicholson .Cinderella Man as Joe Gould ‡ • 2006: Eddie Murphy .The Messenger as Cpt. .The Last Samurai as Katsumoto ‡ Jamie Foxx .Dreamgirls as James "Thunder" Early ‡ • 2007: Javier Bardem .Road to Perdition as John Rooney ‡ • 2003: Tim Robbins .Charlie Wilson's War as Gus Avrankotos ‡ Hal Holbrook .No Country for Old Men as Anton Chigurh † • 2008: Heath Ledger .Crash as Cameron Thayer Ben Affleck .Frida as Diego Rivera • Paul Newman .21 Grams as Jack Jordan ‡ Ken Watanabe .Flags of Our Fathers as Ira Hayes Djimon Hounsou . Tony Stone ‡ .Sexy Beast as Don Logan ‡ • Jim Broadbent .Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World as Dr.Syriana as Bob Barnes † Kevin Costner .Kinsey as Clyde Martin George Clooney .Crash as John Ryan ‡ Jake Gyllenhaal .Iris as John Bayley † • Jon Voight .Million Dollar Baby as Eddie "Scrap Iron" Dupris † Clive Owen .Into the Wild as Ron Franz ‡ Tom Wilkinson .Doubt as Father Brendan Flynn ‡ • 2004: Thomas Haden Church .Milk as Dan White ‡ Robert Downey.Michael Clayton as Arthur Edens ‡ Josh Brolin .Sideways as Jack ‡ • 2005: Paul Giamatti .Hollywoodland as George Reeves Alan Arkin .Collateral as Max Durocher ‡ Morgan Freeman .Invictus as François Pienaar ‡ • Woody Harrelson .The Departed as Frank Costello Casey Affleck .Inglourious Basterds as Col.The Upside of Anger as Denny Davies Matt Dillon .Brokeback Mountain as Jack Twist ‡ Terrence Howard .Little Miss Sunshine as Edwin Hoover † Adam Beach . Stephen Marturin Benicio del Toro .Mystic River as Dave Boyle † • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Alec Baldwin .The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford as Robert Ford ‡ Philip Seymour Hoffman . Hans Landa † • Matt Damon .Closer as Larry Gray ‡ Peter Sarsgaard .The Cooler as Shelly Kaplow ‡ Paul Bettany .Milk as Scott Smith Philip Seymour Hoffman .Tropic Thunder as Kirk Lazarus ‡ James Franco .Gladiator as Commodus ‡ • 2001: Ben Kingsley .Ali as Howard Cosell ‡ • 2002: Chris Cooper . Jr.

The Kids Are All Right as Paul ‡ Geoffrey Rush . Sr.Drive as Bernie Rose Nick Nolte .The Town as James "Jem" Coughlin ‡ Sam Rockwell .Me and Orson Welles as Orson Welles • Alfred Molina .Young Adult as Matt Freehauf Andy Serkis .Beginners as Hal Fields † • 2012: Philip Seymour Hoffman .Lincoln as Thaddeus Stevens Matthew McConaughey .The Fighter as Dickie Eklund † • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Andrew Garfield .Argo as Lester Siegel Javier Bardem .The Lovely Bones as George Harvey ‡ 81 2010s • 2010: Christian Bale .The Master as Lancaster Dodd .Silver Linings Playbook as Pat Solitano.My Week with Marilyn as Laurence Olivier ‡ Albert Brooks .Skyfall as Raoul Silva Robert De Niro . Tommy Lee Jones .The King's Speech as Lionel Logue ‡ Kenneth Branagh .The Social Network as Eduardo Saverin Jeremy Renner .Rise of the Planet of the Apes as Caesar Alan Arkin .Conviction as Kenny Waters Mark Ruffalo .Broadcast Film Critics Association Award for Best Supporting Actor • Christian McKay .An Education as Jack Miller • Stanley Tucci .Magic Mike as Dallas • 2011: Christopher Plummer .Warrior as Paddy Conlon ‡ Patton Oswalt .

and Erik Stolhanske. By the mid 90's. the Broken Lizard members also made their first foray into long-form film. Most recently. best known for its films. Gross-out humor National Lampoon. After graduation. consisting of five friends. At this time. History The group formed at Colgate University in 1990 when Jay Chandrasekhar was asked by a student theater director to put together a comedy show. Chandrasekhar agreed and assembled a sketch comedy troupe which included Kevin Heffernan. Paul Soter and Erik Stolhanske. Charred Goosebeak continues to exist at Colgate to this day. They collaborate on the screen-writing. with Chandrasekhar and Heffernan being the primary directors. the members reunited in New York City and spent the next few years performing at various clubs.Broken Lizard 82 Broken Lizard Broken Lizard Medium Nationality Years active Genres Influences Film United States 1996-present Physical comedy. . Broken Lizard does not have a single executive producer who serves as team captain and chooses its material. including Super Troopers and Beerfest. Its membership dwindled to the five current performers. Kevin Heffernan. shooting the 30-minute 16 mm project. the group's interests shifted away from live material as they became more interested in filmed content. They wrote and acted in Dante's Levels of Hell. Steve Lemme. Broken Lizard spent the next few years performing at clubs and college campuses. under the name "Broken Lizard". to a tribute to Chandrasekhar's pet allergies.com [1] Broken Lizard is an American comedy troupe. Chevy Chase Notable works and roles Puddle Cruiser (1996) Super Troopers (2001) Club Dread (2004) Beerfest (2006) The Slammin' Salmon (2009) Members Jay Chandrasekhar Kevin Heffernan Steve Lemme Paul Soter Erik Stolhanske Website brokenlizard. the members admitted that Chandrasekhar simply made up the name "off the top of his head" when he had their first flyer printed. The Tinfoil Monkey Agenda. acting and productions of their films. The team performed a combination of live stage sketches and short videos under the name "Charred Goosebeak". Its five members are Jay Chandrasekhar. Lauderdale Film Festival. and cemented in the group's minds that they should be creating full-length feature films. a series of interstitial shorts for Comedy Central's "Is This On?" feature. all members of the Beta Theta Pi Fraternity. ranging from a euphemism for loss of virility. Paul Soter. an absurdist media spoof that earned them a trip to the Ft. mostly Greenwich Village mainstay The Duplex. The group offered various explanations of the origin of this moniker over the years. Steve Lemme. Another possible name that was discarded was "Chocolate Speedo".

including Curb Your Enthusiasm. (Chandrasekhar claims his Indian surname caused credit card companies to believe he was a doctor. Broken Lizard was offered a deal with the studio. Shooting began in February 2009. Arrested Development. using a tiny budget cobbled together from family loans and maxed-out credit cards. 2004's Club Dread. This relationship resulted in Broken Lizard's fourth feature. and as of . including the episode "Bollywood Homicide. The movie was released in February 2002 and only enjoyed moderate theatrical success. Soter wrote and directed the film noir comedy film Watching the Detectives. he directed three episodes of Psych. and it eventually aired on the Sundance Channel and IFC. Olivia Munn. as hilarity and shenanigans ensued. But when the rock star decided to sell the home. Undeclared. about two brothers who discover an underground Oktoberfest beer-drinking Olympics and assemble a team to compete. and first wide-release movie Super Troopers.[3] Dave Foley. He likewise appeared in Jackass 2 as the taxi driver in the last main sketch of the movie. Six Feet Under. The film. Soter." in which he also guest starred. It was also accepted for the Sundance Film Festival. As of late May 2010. their first 35 mm full length feature. He directed episodes of the Fox television shows Undeclared. and was also invited to Sundance.) The movie. a unit of 20th Century Fox." Heffernan co-wrote the screenplay to the 2005 film On the One and also acted in the films Sky High and Strange Wilderness.Broken Lizard In 1995. about a group of waiters who are terrorized over the course of a busy night by their unstable boss (Michael Clarke Duncan). Fox Searchlight sponsored and distributed the group's next feature. all signed on to the cast. Heffernan directed The Slammin' Salmon.. and he appeared in Open Water and Big Helium Dog. a compilation of characters and story lines from their own college experiences. and therefore offer him generous cash advances. Broken Lizard had completed their fifth feature. Chandrasekhar directed the 2005 film The Dukes of Hazzard. Planned films as of 2010 • Freeloaders was a planned junction of forces with Counting Crows lead singer Adam Duritz. and Stolhanske also appeared in the film. Jr. was shot in 2000. but it eventually developed a cult following. While adapting the film into an NBC comedy pilot. was quickly accepted for the Hamptons International Film Festival where it won the top jury award. and Cracking Up. Jane Seymour. Stolhanske acted in a number of television shows and films. which starred Cillian Murphy and Lucy Liu. where raucous screenings earned the film a distribution deal from Fox Searchlight Pictures. Freeloaders. which portrays rural highway patrolmen as regular guys desperate to make their jobs entertaining. threatening their sweet situation. After Chandrasekhar directed The Dukes of Hazzard for Warner Bros. 2006's Beerfest. a parody of slasher films that takes place at an idyllic tropical resort. Stolhanske was also in the Plyometrics DVD that was part of the P90X program that fitness expert Tony Horton created. Nat Faxon and Clifton Collins. and The Onion Movie. the group went back to the campus of Colgate University to shoot Puddle Cruiser. Lemme. 83 Other projects Receiving financial support from 20th Century Fox enabled Chandrasekhar to establish a career as a television director. The Golden Starfish. performing a "prank on a prank. Oliver Beene. the friends became determined to do whatever it took to maintain their rock and roll lifestyle.[2] Broken Lizard is now in the post production phase with their latest film. Andy Richter Controls the Universe. Lemme was a co-producer of the movies The Decade and Boxes. In addition. the group put together the script for their next feature. in which each of the members of Broken Lizard also appeared. The film would revolve around five guys and a girl who lived in the lap of luxury in a rock star's mansion. The Slammin' Salmon.

As of January 2008. Broken Lizard's Jay Chandrasekhar and Kevin Heffernan were interviewed by CNET's Jeff Bakalar from The 404. when he started to lose his skills. best known for having directed Friday After Next." The group had already jointly written several drafts of a screenplay. a joint venture between Broken Lizard and Our Stories Films. Heffernan told a crowd in Kansas City. The movie began filming in late spring 2008. As guests on The Bob and Tom Show in September 2009. February 2012. and North Country. and Hades (played by the other three members) made bets on whether or not Plato and Socrates would make it and began getting in their way. to tutor Plato. on the troupe's official website. so the university hired Socrates. had signed on to direct the comedy Tow Truck. [7] • Ambulance Chasers. it was reportedly in postproduction. Pot Quest.[11] • Pot Fest. Olympus together." As of August 2012. the members of Broken Lizard had expressed the intent to work on several projects: • Super Troopers 2. The other projects were no more than ideas at the time. The film was planned to be about two brothers who resurrected a moribund tow-truck business to earn enough money to save their neighborhood from commercial development. Poseidon. Broken Lizard had a general outline and had begun negotiations with Fox. a senior played by Lemme. a western spoof co-starring Willie Nelson and Johnny Knoxville. All they are waiting for is the studio to okay everything.[8] • Take My Wife. Broken Lizard's Jay Chandrasekhar and Kevin Heffernan were interviewed by CNET's Jeff Bakalar from The 404. Fast Food Nation. Kansas that. and the two traveled to Mt. Plato was planning to wrestle for the university in the Olympics. and no official word had been released by then on making any of them.Broken Lizard May 2010.[10] • Nutcracker was to center on the nastiest and dirtiest linebacker in the NFL who. "Come Hell or high water we are making 'Super Troopers 2' by the end of the year.[5] • Marcus Raboy. which had been written by Will Gluck. As of August 2012. reluctantly turned to ballet to get his game back. Syriana.[2] Although rumored at one point to be a prequel set in the 1970s and following the fathers of the main characters in the original film. that they were working on as of late May 2010. The movie would follow Heffernan as a young Plato who was a freshman wrestling student at Athens University. The film was intended to be about five twenty-something pilots who worked for a rinky-dink airline in Alaska. On the road. a comedy intended to tell the story of a couple of ferociously aggressive personal-injury lawyers fighting over a new client. but he was failing his Basic Thought class. This was planned to be the first broad comedy produced by Participant Productions. Jay and Kevin had confirmed that "Pot Fest" WILL happen soon. This movie was mentioned as a sequel at the end of Beerfest. was meant to revolve around an average guy who jokingly swapped wives with a Hollywood superstar. Heffernan had stated that the film would be "pure sequel. A sequel to the 2001 film Super Troopers has been talked about since the original became a cult classic. a company better known for making socially and ecologically conscious films. Zeus.[9] • Greek Road/Rogue Scholars was to be an R-rated comedy set in Ancient Greece. The plot kicked into gear when the guys found out a rival airline was siphoning oil from a nature preserve.[4] • Jay Chandrasekhar and Julia Dray also planned to develop a comedy called Taildraggers. Plato ended up cheating and passing the class. . They have also confirmed that the script is finished. NOTE: Ambulance Chasers was the only film from this section that Broken Lizard's members had confirmed. 84 Other projects Over the past few years. Jay and Kevin had confirmed that "Super Troopers 2" WILL be a sequel. such as An Inconvenient Truth. a comedy directed by Chandrasekhar.[6] • Moustache Riders. Broken Lizard's members mentioned that they were in the process of writing a film. for Universal.

net/ news/ 20060411_after_beerfest_ambulance_calle. html?categoryid=13& cs=1& nid=2568). . . . "Raboy takes wheel of 'Tow Truck'" (http:/ / www. html?categoryid=10& cs=1).brokenlizard. Tatiana (2008-11-11). variety. "Broken Lizard Film Update" (http:/ / www. Killermovies.net . Retrieved 2011-09-13. Retrieved 2011-09-13. The Hollywood Reporter. [5] Brown. html) [9] "Take My Wife" (http:/ / www. hollywoodreporter.myspace.com/therealbrokenlizard) . [8] Moviehole. php?type=news& id=10646).com. "A film site for the brilliant" (http:/ / www. . . 2006-12-11. com/ therealbrokenlizard). variety. CHUD. Jay (2010-04-21). net/ news/ 20040210_3166. Tatiana (2008-03-03). Movieweb. movieweb. .What's next for Broken Lizard? (http:/ / www. com/ t/ takemywife/ ). com/ index. myspace. Retrieved 2008-11-11. . com/ news/ NEIA1QLOej2ZMJ). filmbuffonline. "Adam Duritz. moviehole. "BTwo writers join Broken Lizard comedy" (http:/ / www. FilmBuffOnline. [4] Fernandez. "Nutcracker" (http:/ / www. [7] Posted on 10 December 2009 by Rich Drees (2009-12-10). com/ [2] "Broken Lizard" (http:/ / www. My Space. External links • Broken Lizard's Homepage (http://www. Retrieved 2011-09-13.com/) • Broken Lizard's Myspace page (http://www. [3] Siegle. Retrieved 2011-09-13. Broken Lizard making film" (http:/ / www. . com/ article/ VR1117981789. com/ article/ VR1117995689. moviehole. Variety. 2005 by The MovieWeb Team (2005-09-30). Ambulance called (http:/ / www.com. Renn. Retrieved 2011-09-13. [10] Moviehole. [6] Siegel. com/ FBOLNewsreel/ wordpress/ 2009/ 12/ 10/ broken-lizard-film-update/ ). brokenlizard.net . com/ hr/ content_display/ news/ e3i3a5fb1561d2145a3c62cb86e07626875).com. chud. html) [11] 0 Like0 Dislike0 Sep 30. killermovies.Broken Lizard 85 Filmography • • • • • • • Puddle Cruiser (1996) Super Troopers (2001) Club Dread (2004) Beerfest (2006) The Slammin' Salmon (2009) Freeloaders (2011) The Babymakers (2012) References [1] http:/ / www. Retrieved 2010-05-07.After Beerfest. Variety.

Melissa Etheridge contributed three songs to the film. Nita. Only five of the original characters return for the sequel including Kenai.Brother Bear 2 86 Brother Bear 2 Brother Bear 2 DVD cover of Brother Bear 2 Directed by Produced by Starring Ben Gluck Jim Ballantine Carolyn Bates Patrick Dempsey Mandy Moore Benjamin Bryan Jim Cummings Michael Clarke Duncan Jessie Flower Wendie Malick Andrea Martin Rick Moranis Kathy Najimy Catherine O'Hara Jeremy Suarez Krista Swan Wanda Sykes Dave Thomas Jack Weber Dana Gonzales Matthew Gerrard Dave Metzger Robbie Nevil Music by Distributed by Buena Vista Home Entertainment Release date(s) August 29. But only four of those actors came back to do their original roles which include Jeremy Suarez. the adventures of bear brothers Kenai and Koda continue. 2006. Patrick Dempsey ultimately voiced Kenai. voiced by Joaquin Phoenix in the first film. and Michael Clarke Duncan. [1] This is also Rick Moranis' last role in a film before retiring from acting. Jason Marsden. 2006 Running time Language 73 minutes English Brother Bear 2 is a direct-to-video sequel to the animated feature Brother Bear and was released on DVD on August 29. and Tug. While the first film dealt with Kenai's relationship with Koda. Tuke. Dave Thomas. the end credits still note him as one of the additional voices. this one focuses more on his bond with a young human. was originally announced to voice Kenai. However. but according to Reuters. Rutt. as heard in the first trailer. Koda. In the film. . Rick Moranis.

Koda goes to the village to retrieve Nita. and gets into a fight with Atka. the daughter of the elder of a neighboring tribe. Koda cannot go to the village because they will try to kill him.is living happily with his foster brother Koda (voiced by Jeremy Suarez). The bears Kenai and Koda are on their way to Crowberry Ridge when they meet up with Nita. but Nita tells him that she can. Voice cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Patrick Dempsey as Kenai Jeremy Suarez as Koda Mandy Moore as Nita Rick Moranis as Rutt Dave Thomas as Tuke Michael Clarke Duncan as Tug Andrea Martin as Anda Jeff Bennett as Atka Catherine O'Hara as Kata Wanda Sykes as Innoko Wendie Malick as Siqiniq Kathy Najimy as Taqqiq Tress MacNeille as Hoonah Jim Cummings as Bering and Chilkoot Jack Weber as Young Kenai Jessie Flower as Young Nita . When he was a human child. Instead. He falls off a cliff into shallow water. Koda. and the spirits changing the picture of young Nita and Kenai into two bear cubs. and wants to burn it at Hokani Falls so she can marry Atka (voiced by Jeff Bennett). and they get married. Nita was given an amulet from Kenai. he became friends with Nita. Nita can no longer understand animals. So. so she says goodbye. Kenai makes it there. respectively. she turns into a bear that has same coloring as Kenai. At first. The film ends with Kenai and Nita getting married and Rutt and Tuke finding mates. the bears are off to Crowberry Ridge for the first berries of the season.now a cave bear . Kenai (voiced by Patrick Dempsey) . since neither are human any more. but does not tell him. The pair's past friendship collides with the present as Kenai and Nita must undertake an excursion as bear and woman. races up a mountain and is finally found by Nita. Koda tells Kenai that he asked the spirits to change him back into a man. Nita misses Kenai. and if he ever thought of changing back.Brother Bear 2 87 Plot Picking up several months after the events of the first film. and burn the amulet. but finally agrees. where the spirits come. who heard it all. Koda asks his mom in the spirit-land to turn Kenai back into a man so he can be happy. They make it to Hokani Falls. Kenai's haunted by memories of his childhood friend Nita (voiced by Mandy Moore). However. she has to do it with Kenai (the person she received it from) to send the bond back up to the spirits. Having just awoken from hibernation. Kenai tells Nita that he cannot because he does not want to leave Koda. Kenai's childhood friend. Unfortunately. and Kenai is told by Rutt and Tuke (voiced by Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas). Kenai refuses. to whom he gave a special amulet many years ago. He replies that he has thought about it. she asks if he misses being human.

bcdb.Feels Like Home – 3:30 7.Koda's Wish to the Spirits – 1:38 9. Melissa Etheridge and Josh Kelley . 2006. Dave Metzger . Dave Metzger .Nita Confesses Her Fear – 0:55 6.Father and Daughter – 0:54 Dave Metzger .I Love You Too – 2:42 10.Welcome to This Day [Reprise] – 1:33 References [1] "'Brother Bear' DVD Press Release" (http:/ / www. It includes the following tracks: 1. Melissa Etheridge and Josh Kelley . Dave Metzger . Melissa Etheridge . May 26. 4.Opening: Brother Bear 2 – 0:34 Melissa Etheridge .com/disneyvideos/animatedfilms/brotherbear2/) • Brother Bear 2 (http://www.It Will Be Me – 3:35 8. rock. 2.Welcome to This Day – 2:40 Dave Metzger . 2006.Brother Bear 2 88 Soundtrack Brother Bear 2 Soundtrack album by Various artists Released Recorded Genre Label August 15. 2006 External links • Official website (http://disney.The Dream – 2:08 Dave Metzger . "Walt Disney Home Entertainment".com/title/tt0465925/) at the Internet Movie Database . 3. ultimatedisney.go. 2006 2006 Pop. 5.Nita's Transformation – 1:23 11. com/ brotherbear2-pressrelease.imdb.cgi?film=90695) at the Big Cartoon DataBase • Brother Bear 2 (http://www. It is available only on digital outlets such as iTunes and walmart. Dave Metzger .com. retrieved May 27. html) by Walt Disney Home Entertainment. soundtrack Walt Disney The soundtrack to Brother Bear 2 was released August 15.com/bcdb/cartoon.

000 $29. California Senator Jay Billington Bulworth (Beatty). Oliver Platt.202. Don Cheadle. . It co-stars Halle Berry. co-produced. as he runs for re-election while trying to avoid a hired assassin. Jones 20th Century Fox May 15. Paul Sorvino. 1998 108 min. and directed by Warren Beatty. and Isaiah Washington.884 [2] [2] [1] Written by Starring Music by Cinematography Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Box office Bulworth is a 1998 American film co-written. Jack Warden.Bulworth 89 Bulworth Bulworth Promotional movie poster for Bulworth Directed by Produced by Warren Beatty Warren Beatty Lauren Shuler Donner Pieter Jan Brugge Warren Beatty Jeremy Pikser Aaron Sorkin James Toback Warren Beatty Halle Berry Oliver Platt Don Cheadle Paul Sorvino Jack Warden Isaiah Washington Christine Baranski Amiri Baraka Ennio Morricone Vittorio Storaro Billy Weber Robert C. The film follows the title character. United States English $30.000.

Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Warren Beatty as Senator Jay Bullington Bulworth Halle Berry as Nina Oliver Platt as Dennis Murphy Don Cheadle as L. and an increasingly adoring public. formed in the 1960s and 1970s. Bulworth negotiates a $10 million life insurance policy with his daughter as its beneficiary in exchange for a favorable vote from the insurance industry. His frank. Bulworth is losing his bid for re-election to a fiery young opponent.S. all before his impending assassination.D. he even starts rapping in public. his campaign managers. Bulworth hides out in her family's home. have lost favor with voters. Nina reveals she is the assassin he indirectly hired and will now not carry out the job. He is pursued by the paparazzi. so he has conceded to moderate politics and to accepting donations from special interests. Becoming romantically involved with young campaigner Nina (Halle Berry). he contracts to have himself assassinated within two days' time. though he and his wife have been having affairs openly for years. they must still present a happy facade in the interest of maintaining a good public image. After ending up in a night club and smoking marijuana. his insurance company. Bulworth's leftist views. potentially offensive remarks make him an instant media darling and re-energize his campaign. Bulworth happily accepts a new campaign for the presidency right before he is shot in front of a crowd of reporters and supporters by an insurance representative fearful of Bulworth's push for single-payer health care. Bulworth begins speaking his mind freely at public events and in the presence of the C-SPAN film crew following his campaign. Turning up in California for his campaign extremely drunk.Bulworth 90 Plot A veteran U. Paul Sorvino as Graham Crockett Jack Warden as Eddie Davers Isaiah Washington as Darnell Joshua Malina as Bill Feldman Sean Astin as Gary Barry Shabaka Henley as the Bartender Christine Baranski as Constance Bulworth William Baldwin as Constance's lover (cameo) Larry King as Himself (cameo) Michael Clarke Duncan as Bouncer (cameo) George Hamilton as Himself (cameo) . In addition. Knowing that a suicide will negate his daughter's inheritance. Nina's protective drug-dealing brother. Senate Democrat. Tired of politics and his life in general and planning to commit suicide.

Beatty also sought guidance from the writer Elaine May.[8][9] The film grossed $29. but she was committed to working on the film Primary Colors with her former comedy partner. "after 20th Century Fox backed out of producing Dick Tracy. Due to family issues.Bulworth 91 Production Warren Beatty assembled a team of three writers: Aaron Sorkin. Jeremy Pikser. the director Mike Nichols." disclosing only the barest outline of the story and essentially duping Fox into bankrolling the project.[3][4][5][6][7] It currently holds a 75% approval rating at Rotten Tomatoes. Reception The film generated a great deal of controversy but received a positive reception from film critics. Box office The Los Angeles Times commented that Bulworth did "extremely well" on a limited release.. Bulworth was made in complete stealth and released by Fox only after protracted contractual wrangling. and James Toback.100 Laughs Bulworth [10] . As Peter Swirski reports in his award-winning study of this film. Pikser contributed to the writing process remotely.. only for a brief period of time. Beatty used the leverage of a lawsuit to wangle unprecedented artistic freedom. communicating by phone and fax.884 worldwide at the box office. and practically without any publicity.202. Awards Award 71st Academy Awards 56th Golden Globe Awards Category Best Original Screenplay Best Screenplay Best Picture Best Actor 1998 Satellite Awards 1998 Writers Guild of America Awards Best Actor Best Screenplay Recipients and nominees Result [2] Nominated Warren Beatty and Jeremy Pikser Warren Beatty and Jeremy Pikser Bulworth Warren Beatty Warren Beatty Warren Beatty and Jeremy Pikser Warren Beatty and Jeremy Pikser Warren Beatty and Jeremy Pikser Bulworth Halle Berry Nominated Nominated Nominated Nominated Nominated Nominated Won Nominated Nominated Nominated Nominated Chicago Film Critics Association Awards 1998 Best Screenplay Los Angeles Film Critics Association 1998 Golden Lion Awards 1999 NAACP Image Awards Best Screenplay (1998) Best Film Outstanding Actress Outstanding Supporting Actor Don Cheadle American Film Institute 100 Years.

The Cincinnati Enquirer. sfgate. com/ 1998/ apr/ 20/ entertainment/ ca-41055). Retrieved 2010-12-04. "The Competition Is Only on the Surface" (http:/ / articles. The Los Angeles Times. Chicago Sun Times. Retrieved 2010-12-04. Retrieved 2010-12-04. [2] "Bulworth" (http:/ / www. deseretnews. Richard (1998-05-27). .htm) at Box Office Mojo . [7] Guthmann. com/ cgi-bin/ article. [10] AFI's 100 Years.com/movies/movie/v158810) at AllRovi Bulworth (http://www. "Mixed Early Returns" (http:/ / articles. Richard (1998-04-20).. . Retrieved 2010-12-04.com/movie/bulworth?q=Bulworth) at Metacritic Bulworth (http://www. Deseret News.. DTL#ixzz17650rjiW). The Los Angeles Times. San Francisco Chronicle. [6] "And ending will likely offend target audience" (http:/ / www. com/ apps/ pbcs. [8] Welkos. com/ 1998/ may/ 19/ entertainment/ ca-51169). . Entertainment Weekly. Retrieved 2010-12-04. dll/ article?AID=/ 19980522/ REVIEWS/ 805220301). .the truth sets a senator free" (http:/ / www. The Los Angeles Times.allrovi. . com/ 1998/ may/ 27/ entertainment/ ca-53670). Retrieved 2010-12-04. Audiences Still Flocking to 'Impact'" (http:/ / articles. afi. html).00.rottentomatoes. com/ freetime/ movies/ mcgurk/ bulworth.imdb.com/title/tt0118798/) at the Internet Movie Database Bulworth (http://www. 1998-05-22.100 Laughs Nominees (http:/ / www. cgi?f=/ c/ a/ 1998/ 05/ 22/ DD19624. ew. Retrieved 2010-12-04. com/ article/ 700000256/ Bulworth.com/m/bulworth/) at Rotten Tomatoes Bulworth (http://www. "Weekend Box Office. htm). . . [9] Natale. (1998-05-19). latimes. suntimes. [3] "Bulworth" (http:/ / www.com/movies/?id=bulworth. [5] "No apologies for 'Bulworth'" (http:/ / cincinnati. latimes. Box Office Mojo.metacritic.. html). com/ ew/ article/ 0.283251. Retrieved 2012-06-28.Bulworth 92 References [1] Natale. [4] "Bulworth" (http:/ / rogerebert. . com/ Docs/ 100Years/ laughs500. "Hilarious `Bulworth' -. html). Robert W. com/ movies/ ?id=bulworth. boxofficemojo. latimes. Retrieved 2010-12-04. pdf) External links • • • • • Bulworth (http://www. .boxofficemojo. Edward (2010-10-10).

Barkley Running time 42–45 minutes Alliance Atlantis CBS Productions (2004–06) CBS Paramount Television (2006–09) CBS Television Studios (2009–present) Distributor King World Productions (2006–07) CBS Television Distribution (2007–present) Format Created by Production company(s) Jerry Bruckheimer Television . of seasons No.CSI: NY 93 CSI: NY CSI: NY CSI: NY intertitle Genre Mystery Drama Police procedural Anthony E. J. Lenkov Wendy Battles Zachary Reiter Danny Cannon Andrew Lipsitz Sarah A. Buckley Sela Ward Theme music composer Pete Townshend Opening theme Country of origin Language(s) No. of episodes "Baba O'Riley" by The Who United States English 9 194 (List of episodes) Production Executive producer(s) Ann Donahue Carol Mendelsohn Anthony E. Zuiker Carol Mendelsohn Ann Donahue Starring Gary Sinise Melina Kanakaredes Carmine Giovinazzo Vanessa Ferlito Hill Harper Eddie Cahill Anna Belknap Robert Joy A. Zuiker Jerry Bruckheimer Pam Veasey Jonathan Littman Peter M.

The series is the second indirect spin-off from the veteran series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and directly from CSI: Miami during an episode in which several of the CSI: NY characters made their first appearance. lab technician Adam Ross. Mac's former second-in-command. The show is filmed at the CBS Studio Center with many of the outside scenes shot in and around Los Angeles. whose work is driven by her empathy for the victim. Former team members include the late Detective Aiden Burn.C. Cast and characters . Currently the show airs on Fridays at 9pm/8c on CBS. Taylor's team probes cases similar to their Las Vegas and Miami counterparts and consists of Detective Danny Messer. and his newest partner. Detective Jo Danville.CSI: NY Broadcast Original channel Picture format CBS 480i (SDTV).. CBS renewed the series for a ninth season which consists of 17 episodes airing Fridays at 8pm/7c. CBS announced that the season nine finale will air on February 22. on CBS. and all production is now done under the purview of CBS Paramount Television. D. Against a backdrop of simmering ethnic and cultural tensions. The company dissolved after season three in 2007. who was Flack's girlfriend. scenes are filmed on location in New York City. and the late homicide Detective Jessica Angell. in the UK it airs on Channel 5 on Saturdays at 10pm with repeats usually shown on 5USA.[4] On May 13.[7] On December 6. 1080i (HDTV) Original run September 22.[3] Occasionally. 2004. 2012. and Dr. 2013. Detective Lindsay Messer. [2] Originally. 2012.[8] Plot A spin-off from CSI: Miami. 2004 – present Chronology Related shows CSI: Crime Scene Investigation CSI: Miami External links Website [1] 94 CSI: NY (Crime Scene Investigation: New York) is an American police procedural television series that premiered on September 22. The CSIs also work with Medical Examiner Sid Hammerback. after two aired episodes. The show follows the investigations of a team of NYPD forensic scientists and police officers as they unveil the circumstances behind mysterious and unusual deaths as well as other crimes. CSI: NY was produced in partnership with the Canadian media company Alliance Atlantis. an experienced investigator from Washington. 2012. and hardcore homicide Detective Don Flack. the time-slot was changed back to 9pm/8c. Detective Stella Bonasera. Sheldon Hawkes. Detective Mac Taylor. the third installment of the CSI franchise follows a New York City forensics team/police officers headed by tough former Marine Major.[5][6] On October 10.

He grows close to and marries CSI Lindsay Monroe. he stated he was unable to throw it away because it contained her breath. Jo Danville Det. Aiden Burn Det. causing chronic insomnia. The death of his wife. Supervisor CSI Level 3 CSI Level 3 Chief Medical Examiner Lab Technician CSI Level 2 Homicide Detective CSI Level 2 CSI Level 3 Asst. seeking to protect Danny. Danny proves his merit and earns the respect of his colleagues. Her northwestern work ethic and willingness to roll up her sleeves and tackle any job is a welcome addition to the team where she is quickly put through rookie training by Mac on their first case. Supervisor Main Main Recurring Recurring Main Main Main Main Main Main Main Main Main characters • Detective First Grade Mac Taylor (Gary Sinise) is the head of the NYC Crime Lab and the leader of the CSI team. Ellie. Mac Taylor Det. but he soon returns to the team (season 8. . Danny is promoted to the rank of sergeant at the end of season seven. and her philosophical point of view is that everyone is innocent until the science proves otherwise. She develops a friendly. Buckley Hill Harper Eddie Cahill Vanessa Ferlito Melina Kanakaredes Det. • Detective Third Grade Lindsay Monroe Messer (Anna Belknap) worked as a CSI in Montana and finally realized her dream of moving to a big city like New York. and was at one time an excellent baseball player. once saying that he had wanted to serve the country more than anything else in the world. Claire Conrad Taylor. Sid Hammerback Adam Ross Dr. in which the teenaged Lindsay witnessed three friends die. in the 9/11 attacks troubles him to this day. • Detective Third Grade Danny Messer (Carmine Giovinazzo) grew up in a family under surveillance. after a year. • Detective First Grade Jo Danville (Sela Ward) comes from Virginia. Danny formulated his own set of hybrid ethics. but later (season 8. It was also noted in the first season that he kept a beach ball in his closet that once belonged to his wife. Lindsay Messer Dr. At the end of the season seven. Don Flack Det. She also has background in criminal psychology. sparring relationship with CSI Danny Messer. Mac has dated casually. He was born in Chicago and considered working for the Chicago Police Department before he moved to New York City. episode 2). She has a college-age son. blending the world of lawbreakers with the world of lawmakers.CSI: NY 95 Actor Character Position 1 2 3 Seasons 4 5 6 7 8 9 Gary Sinise Sela Ward Carmine Giovinazzo Anna Belknap Robert Joy A. Over the years. Danny Messer Det. Tyler. with whom he has a daughter. He served as a major in the United States Marine Corps with experience in the 1983 Beirut barracks bombing and Operation Desert Storm. and works patrol training rookie officers. Since then. He later enjoys a relationship with Medical Examiner Peyton Driscoll. Her field of expertise is DNA evidence. Sheldon Hawkes Det. Later she marries Danny (after which he stops using his private nickname for her. from her previous marriage to a fellow FBI agent. but remains 'married' to his work. Danny had a short-lived career in the music business. His elder brother Louie. and an adopted daughter. J. though she asks to slow down so she can focus on testifying at the trial of a horrific murder. though she makes the painful decision to return to England. Lucy Messer. Stella Bonasera CSI Level 3 Supervisor CSI Level 3 Asst. where she worked for the FBI. he takes a leave of absence from the NYPD Crime Lab to work for a private DNA lab attempting to identify the remains of those who died on 9/11. is beaten into a coma by young mobsters he once ran with. episode 4) voluntarily gives up his promotion and returns to the crime lab. the country of her birth.

He has few relationships but they run deep: an ex-girlfriend he wanted to marry. Buckley) is a lab tech originally from Phoenix. He is a witty detective who has very little patience for the "bad guy. He left surgery because the pain of losing two patients was too intense.[10] 96 • • • • • • . a psychopathic fugitive. Adam hints that his father was "a bully". NYPD Homicide Detective First Grade Don Flack (Eddie Cahill) comes from a long line of law enforcement officials. and a new. He bridges the gap between old-school NYPD and the new generation of CSI. though she leaves the CSIs with enough implicating evidence she knew would result in a conviction. and intelligence. he dabbles in various subcultures. CSI Stella Bonasera in particular develops a soft spot for the much younger Adam. who grew up moving from foster home to foster home due to the death of her mother in a traffic accident when Stella was just two years old (episode 5. he is not a detective. from Second Life gaming to dating a Suicide Girl.D. Medical Examiner Sid Hammerback M. She is a half-Greek. Laboratory Technician Adam Ross (A. (Robert Joy) is described as an "off-the-charts genius" who only recently traded in a career as a chef to become medical examiner. and is always willing to lend an ear to Danny's problems.J. and she watches over them like an elder sister as much as a supervisor. despite doing all that medical science could do to save them." and his techniques are sometimes considered borderline. she caves into his puppyish crush on her and takes him to bed. Sid is extremely perceptive and sincerely cares for the well-being of his coworkers. who had allegedly raped the same victim previously. though effective. She is later murdered and burned by Pratt. His specialty is trace evidence.24 "Grounds for Deception"). He has a habit of over-talking and over-sharing. Crime Scene Investigator Sheldon Hawkes M. which former ME Hawkes refers to as "going to that creepy place.02 "Grand Murder At Central Station") after becoming obsessed with a rape case.[9] She considers planting evidence to implicate a suspect. Detective Third Grade Aiden Burn (Vanessa Ferlito) is a Brooklyn native who has the ability to adapt to new situations very quickly. and while the team is grieving and recovering from shared tragedy. the CSI team becomes her real family.CSI: NY "Montana") and bears their daughter Lucy Messer. Because of this. He was a child prodigy who graduated from college at age 18 and was a board-licensed surgeon by the age of 24 and had several years experience in the emergency room. He is best friends with Danny Messer. Although he is a CSI. recent love that is strong enough to weather some serious workplace fallout. He sometimes accompanies the CSIs to crime scenes to aid in reconstruction or evidence collection. (Hill Harper) is a former medical examiner with the NYC Office of the Chief Medical Examiner (OCME). Lindsay is awarded the Police Combat Cross by the NYPD for killing Shane Casey. determination.D. who is later shot and killed. J. D. in the Messers' own apartment while Lucy and Danny were in mortal danger. the character is written out by being dismissed from the team (episode 2." Despite any eccentricities on his part. He has two college-aged daughters and at least two ex-wives. Despite being an NYPD strongman. long-term relationship with Detective Jessica Angell. half-Italian orphan. Because the actress wanted to leave the series. Pratt. and that he developed Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder traits in order to deal with his painful childhood. Flack is emotionally mature and sympathetic to those in need. Stella (due to actress Melina Kanakaredes not renewing her contract for season seven) resigns from the NYPD Crime Lab and moves to New Orleans to run the NOPD Crime Lab. although she later throws the medal into a trash can. Arizona. Detective First Grade Stella Bonasera (Melina Kanakaredes) is devoted to her job due to her strong personality. He develops a serious. and is a textbook modern geek. Outside the office.

CSI: NY 97 Guest stars CSI: NY has cast a number of celebrity guest stars.[11] including: • Dianna Agron • Mädchen Amick[12] • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Vanessa Minnillo[24] • Pat Monahan and Train[33] Criss Angel[13] Ed Asner[14] Alex Max Band Matt Barr Ryan Bittle Jamie Chung Sasha Cohen[15] Misha Collins James Badge Dale Chris Daughtry[16] Jackson Davis Kat Dennings[17] Michael Clarke Duncan Peter Fonda[18] Robert Forster[19] Cassidy Freeman[20] Edward Furlong[21] Nelly Furtado[22] Kyle Gallner[23] Aimee Garcia Brian Hallisay Taylor Handley Kam Heskin Kim Kardashian[24] Kid Rock[25] Mia Kirshner Andrew Lawrence Joey Lawrence[26] Rachelle Lefèvre Kellan Lutz Lee Majors[27] Maroon 5 Natalie Martinez[28] Matias Masucci Marlee Matlin[15] John McEnroe[29] Joey McIntyre[30] Bonnie McKee[31] Michaela McManus Ryan McPartlin Katharine McPhee[32] .

2007 [61] March 4. 2006 September 26. 2008 DVD release dates Region 2 [53] February 20.CSI: NY • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Rob Morrow[34] Kathleen Munroe[35] Nelly[36] Craig T. 2005 [52] [51] October 18. Season Episodes Originally aired Season premiere Pilot Season finale Region 1 [51] October 18. B. 2010 [58] [56] March 1. Nelson[37] Judd Nelson Jaime Ray Newman[38] Ne-Yo[39] Edward James Olmos[40] Julia Ormond[41] Danica Patrick[42] Aaron Refvem Carlo Rota[43] Deanna Russo Rex Ryan[44] Charles Shaughnessy[45] Ashlee Simpson[46] Octavia Spencer Suicide Girls D. 194 original episodes of the series have aired.22. 2005 [51] October 17. 2007 May 21. 2007 [51] September 23. 2007 [52] [57] February 13. 2009 May 17. "Yahrzeit". 2005 September 20. 2007 [59] February 7. 2006 [51] October 9. 2006 [52] [55] [56] March 1. 2010 [62] [56] March 1. 2008 2 3 4 . 2007 May 18. guest star Ed Asner received an Emmy nomination for his role in episode 5. 2004 September 28. Sweeney[47] TJ Thyne Skeet Ulrich[48] La La Vasquez[24] Emmanuelle Vaugier[49] Pete Wentz[46] Paul Wesley Mykelti Williamson[50] Rumer Willis[41] Shailene Woodley 98 In 2009. 2006 May 16.[14] Episodes and DVD releases As of February 2. 2010 Region 4 [54] February 7. 2009 [63] October 19. 2005 May 17. 2010 [60] [56] March 1. 2004 1 23 24 24 21 September 22. 2013.

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Region 2 DVD releases followed a pattern where each season was progressively released in two parts (each of 11 or 12 episodes [with the exception of season four. co. au/ DVD/ csi-ny-season-7/ dp/ 6137875). Amazon. 2012. com. co. au/ DVD/ csi-ny-complete-season-3-6-disc-box-set/ dp/ [62] "CSI: New York – Complete Season 4 (DVD)" (http:/ / www. tvshowsondvd. au/ DVD/ csi-ny-complete-season-4-6-disc-box-set/ dp/ 808599).com. co. 2012). ezydvd. Mac Taylor (Gary Sinise) who suspects that the murder of a New York undercover cop is linked to the Miami crimes. amazon. [57] "CSI: NY – Complete Season 1 (6 Disc Box Set)" (http:/ / www. amazon. au/ DVD/ csi-ny-complete-season-1-6-disc-box-set/ dp/ 788572). When he arrives in the Big Apple. [55] "CSI: New York – Complete Season 1 (DVD)" (http:/ / www. Retrieved July 12. 2012. [61] "CSI: NY – Complete Season 3 (6 Disc Box Set)" (http:/ / www. is included on both CSI: NY season 1 and CSI: Miami season 2 DVDs. Amazon. Retrieved July 12.com. EzyDVD. ezydvd. . co. html). Retrieved August 8. Retrieved July 13. au/ DVD/ csi-miami-complete-season-2-6-disc-box-set/ dp/ 791770).com. au/ DVD/ csi-ny-complete-season-5/ dp/ 6107740).com. 101 [56] Dates for re-released slim-line full-season packaging. Mac's career is jeopardized when an internal investigation is opened against him. Retrieved December 29. Amazon. [54] "CSI: Miami – Complete Season 2 (6 Disc Box Set)" (http:/ / www. [68] "CSI: New York – Complete Season 7 (DVD)" (http:/ / www. 2012. amazon. amazon. EzyDVD. with special features split up) before finally being sold as a single box set. com. uk/ CSI-New-York-Complete-Season/ dp/ B005ZQB4HW/ ref=sr_1_1?s=dvd& ie=UTF8& qid=1342107813& sr=1-1). uk/ CSI-New-York-Complete-Season/ dp/ B0036ORELA/ ref=sr_1_1?s=dvd& ie=UTF8& qid=1342105909& sr=1-1). 2012.CSI: NY [51] "CSI: NY DVD Release Dates" (http:/ / www. co. Retrieved July 12. Retrieved July 12. leads Horatio to believe that the killer lives in New York. in which part 2 had 9 episodes]. EzyDVD. Horatio is assisted by Det. Rick (December 6. 2012. 2012. Amazon. uk/ CSI-New-York-Complete-Season/ dp/ B0036OREL0/ ref=sr_1_1?s=dvd& ie=UTF8& qid=1342105315& sr=1-1). 2012. [65] "CSI: NY – Complete Season 5" (http:/ / www. [58] "CSI: New York – Complete Season 2 (DVD)" (http:/ / www. EzyDVD. 2012. EzyDVD. au/ DVD/ csi-ny-complete-season-2-6-disc-box-set/ dp/ 789762). [63] "CSI: NY – Complete Season 4 (6 Disc Box Set)" (http:/ / www. in which a husband and wife were murdered in their upscale home. Amazon. com. Amazon. Retrieved July 12. uk/ CSI-New-York-Complete-Season/ dp/ B0036OREKG/ ref=sr_1_4?s=dvd& ie=UTF8& qid=1342102649& sr=1-4). [66] "CSI: New York – Complete Season 6 (DVD)" (http:/ / www. Retrieved July 12. Retrieved July 12. com. co. [60] "CSI: New York – Complete Season 3 (DVD)" (http:/ / www. TV Shows on DVD. zap2it. amazon. "MIA/NYC NonStop". Retrieved September 16. 2012. • "Cold Reveal": Stella becomes a murder suspect in a Philadelphia cold case when Detective Scotty Valens (of Cold Case) visits the lab and tells her that her DNA matches the evidence. com/ frominsidethebox/ 2012/ 12/ cbs-midseason-rules-of-engagement-and-golden-boy-debut-csi-ny-ends-early. ezydvd. EzyDVD. Retrieved July 12. amazon. Retrieved July 12.com. Retrieved July 12. Retrieved July 12. All half-seasons have been discontinued. com. [59] "CSI: NY – Complete Season 2 (6 Disc Box Set)" (http:/ / www.com. uk/ CSI-New-York-Complete-Season/ dp/ B0036ORELK/ ref=sr_1_2?s=dvd& ie=UTF8& qid=1342106417& sr=1-2). [71] Porter. uk/ CSI-Crime-Investigation-Complete-Season/ dp/ B000B8412E/ ref=sr_1_4?s=dvd& ie=UTF8& qid=1342206497& sr=1-4). com/ showatch/ csi-new-york/ listings/ ). ezydvd. Retrieved December 7. • "Manhattan Manhunt": A crossover episode that begins on CSI: Miami's "Felony Flight" concludes with escaped serial killer Henry Darius murdering a group of teens in a luxury apartment where he tries to steal millions of dollars from a high-tech security vault. Up through season five. com/ shows/ CSI-NY/ 8428). ezydvd. [69] "CSI: NY – Season 7" (http:/ / www. Retrieved July 13. amazon. 2012.

Season Episodes Timeslot Season premiere 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 23 24 24 21 25 23 22 18 17 [6] Friday 9pm/8c Wednesday 10pm/9c September 22. 2010 September 23.34 — Broadcast history United States • First run – Broadcast on CBS from September 2004 to May 2010 on Wednesdays at 10pm/9c. and a video game based on the show. 2005 September 20. Spike TV airs the show in the daytime (1–3pm) and early evening (5–7pm). which coincides with the completion of May sweeps. The story. 2013 TV season 2004–2005 2005–2006 2006–2007 2007–2008 2008–2009 2009–2010 2010–2011 2011–2012 2012–2013 #21 #22 #25 #28 #17 #23 #37 #38 — Rank Viewers (in millions) [1] 13. 2010 May 13. Russell visits New York in a joint effort to find Christine.[9] Spike TV began sharing the rights to air CSI: NY with TNT.S. 2006 September 26.73 [8] 10.92 [4] 11. 2012 [8] February 22. CSI: NY has spawned a series of comic books and novels. Nielsen ratings Seasonal rankings (based on average total viewers per episode) of CSI: NY on CBS: Note: Each U. 2011 May 11. 2008 September 23.71 [5] 13. Mac's beliefs are put to the test and his decisions put his team in a difficult position. which is part of the CSI: Trilogy.50 [6] 12. 2009 September 24.59 [2] 14. begins on CSI: Miami ("Bone Voyage").04 [3] 13. leaving TNT to air the show in primetime. and concludes on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation ("The Lost Girls"). 2009 May 26.[7] • Repeats – Spike TV acquired the rerun rights to CSI: NY in November 2004. Both A&E and Spike TV share the rerun rights to the crossover episodes (with CSI: Miami) "Felony Flight" and "Manhattan Manhunt". from September 2010 onward on Fridays at 9pm/8c (except for the first two episodes of Season 9 which aired at 8pm/7c). • "Seth and Apep": A crossover episode that begins on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation's "In Vino Veritas" concludes when D. 2011 September 28. Mac's girlfriend.CSI: NY • "Hammer Down": Ray Langston of the Las Vegas crime lab tracks a human-trafficking ring that specializes in black-market organ harvesting to New York. continues on CSI: NY. 2007 May 21. 2004 September 28. network television season starts in late September and ends in late May. 2005 May 17. who went missing in Las Vegas.B. where he assists Mac in attempting to free a hostage taken by the criminal group. 2007 September 24. 102 Reception Franchise Like CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and CSI: Miami. 2008 May 14.[10] .66 [7] 10. 2006 May 16. 2012 Original airing Season finale May 18.

2011. Retrieved July 29. 2006). 4. 2011. 2011. and repeats are shown on satellite channel TV1. [10] Pavan (June 23. [2] "ABC Television Network 2005–2006 Primetime Ranking Report" (http:/ / abcmedianet. 2010. Retrieved June 1. "2010–11 Season Broadcast Primetime Show Viewership Averages" (http:/ / tvbythenumbers. 2007. ABC Medianet. • In New Zealand the show airs on TV3 Saturdays at 8:30pm. [3] "ABC Television Network 2006–2007 Primetime Ranking Report" (http:/ / abcmedianet. Other releases Online sales Country Store Available seasons No longer available No longer available United Kingdom Demand 5 France United States Germany Hong Kong TF1 vision iTunes Store 1. Retrieved November 6. 2009). (May 31. 3. NCIS & Dancing With The Stars" (http:/ / tvbythenumbers. Retrieved May 31. [7] Gorman. [9] "The Futon Critic: Spike TV Highlights – April 2007" (http:/ / www. 2012. Bill (June 16. aspx?id=20070308spiketv01). TV by the Numbers. 6. TNT Adds CSI: NY" (http:/ / www. . Retrieved November 6. (June 1. Retrieved August 18. 2008). com/ news. The Futon Critic. for a week after the broadcast date. TV by the Numbers. 5. (June 2. Retrieved July 3. 5USA. aspx?id=060209_05). 2009). 5. com/ 2010/ 06/ 16/ final-2009-10-broadcast-primetime-show-average-viewership/ ). both shows end in May/June. CSI: NY and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation are ready to run the cycle again. 2012). zap2it. ABC Medianet. 2011). [5] "ABC Television Network 2008–2009 Primetime Ranking Report" (http:/ / abcmedianet. ABC Medianet. and also on Demand 5. TV by the Numbers. Channel 5 does not split up the seasons with breaks for Christmas. . 2. 2009. com/ web/ dnr/ dispDNR. 2007. 4. 2009. com/ web/ dnr/ dispDNR. (March 8. Bill (May 25. "Remembering Ed McMahon. [8] Gormam. Sitcoms Online. (May 30. [4] "ABC Television Network 2007–2008 Primetime Ranking Report" (http:/ / abcmedianet.CSI: NY 103 Australia and New Zealand • In Australia Nine Network airs new episodes of CSI: NY. Channel 5 broadcasts the newest season of CSI: NY from January alongside the newest season CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. aspx?id=053007_08). United Kingdom • First run – Broadcast on Channel 5 at 10pm on Saturday nights. html). aspx?id=053106_05). 7. etc. zap2it. aspx?id=052808_06). sitcomsonline. "Complete List Of 2011–12 Season TV Show Viewership: Sunday Night Football Tops. 6. 2007). Retrieved May 31. 2007. Bill (June 1. 3. com/ web/ dnr/ dispDNR. 2010). com/ blog/ 2009/ 06/ remembering-ed-mcmahon-wgn-pulls. Retrieved May 25. CSI: Miami begins to run from July and when that finishes in December. WGN Pulls Hillbillies. [6] Gorman. 2007). (May 28. and the Universal Channel. Retrieved July 9. com/ web/ dnr/ dispDNR. ABC Medianet. com/ web/ dnr/ dispDNR. They run the season each week until it reaches the last episode. com/ 2012/ 05/ 24/ complete-list-of-2011-12-season-tv-show-viewership-sunday-night-football-tops-followed-by-american-idol-ncis-dancing-with-the-stars/ 135785/ ). aspx?id=060105_05). and 7 No longer available References [1] "ABC Television Network 2004–2005 Primetime Ranking Report" (http:/ / abcmedianet. thefutoncritic. ABC Medianet. "Final 2009–10 Broadcast Primetime Show Average Viewership" (http:/ / tvbythenumbers. Followed By American Idol. 8 and 9 VOXnow Deltamac 2. zap2it. com/ 2011/ 06/ 01/ 2010-11-season-broadcast-primetime-show-viewership-averages/ 94407/ ). • Repeats – Are shown on Channel 5. 2005).

com/primetime/csi_ny/) at CBS CSI: NY (http://www.com/title/tt0395843/) at the Internet Movie Database CSI: NY (http://www.imdb.com/episodes/newyork/) at CSI Files .com/show/36471) at Yahoo! TV CSI: NY Episode Guide (http://www.com/csi-ny/show/24125/summary.html) at TV.csifiles.yahoo.cbs.CSI: NY 104 External links • • • • • CSI: NY (http://www.tv.com CSI: NY (http://tv.

U. The film stars Bokeem Woodbine and Cynda Williams. Daryl drives his buddy to the bank.754. and Vanessa tells Daryl she suspects her ex-lover Ahmad (Basil Wallace). English $6. Plot Back in L. Daryl is unemployed when he meets Vanessa Dietrich (Williams). Callaway Editing by Distributed by Charles Bornstein Live Entertainment (Theatrical) Artisan Entertainment (DVD) United States: February 27. who gets him work as a limo driver. What Daryl doesn't know about Ahmad and Vanessa may turn out to be his undoing. and during that period his girlfriend (Cynda Williams) marries. and a pal offers to bankroll the business. He's sent back to the slammer for a long stretch. Vanessa and Daryl are targets of a hitman. 1998 97 min.958 [1] Release date(s) Running time Country Language Box office Caught Up is a 1998 American crime-drama film written and directed by Darin Scott.S. plans to open a nightclub.A. unaware he's taking part in a robbery. Daryl Allen (Bokeem Woodbine).A. . after serving time on drug charges. who narrates. Released after five years.Caught Up (film) 105 Caught Up (film) Caught Up Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Music by Darin Scott Elaine Dysinger Peter Heller Darin Scott Bokeem Woodbine Cynda Williams Marc Bonilla Cinematography Thomas L.

[2] By the end of its theatrical run. boxofficemojo.422. Box Office Mojo.com/movies/movie/v160613) at AllRovi Caught Up (http://www.Weekend Box Office Results" (http:/ / www. ranking number ten for the weekend box office. The following weekend.754. although opening in nine more theaters.boxofficemojo.com/m/caught_up/) at Rotten Tomatoes .com/movies/?id=caughtup. It peaked at #30 on the Billboard 200 and #6 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums.rottentomatoes.Caught Up (film) 106 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Bokeem Woodbine as Daryl Cynda Williams as Trish Harlin/Vanessa Jason Carmichael as Rob Jeffrey Combs as Security Guard Michael Clarke Duncan as Big Black Shedric Hunter.htm) at Box Office Mojo Caught Up (http://www. dropping to sixteen in the ranks. . com/ movies/ ?id=caughtup.103. com/ movies/ ?page=weekend& id=caughtup.allrovi. External links • • • • Caught Up (http://www. 1998 by Noo Trybe/Virgin Records.[1] Soundtrack A soundtrack containing hip hop music was released on February 24. Its opening weekend the film was able to gross $2.imdb.com/title/tt0119988/) at the Internet Movie Database Caught Up (http://www. htm). Jr. boxofficemojo. Retrieved 2009-05-10. References [1] "Caught Up (1998)" (http:/ / www.958. Retrieved 2009-05-10. as Jerome Marcus Johnson as Strap Joseph Lindsey as Billy Grimm LL Cool J as Roger Courtney McLean as Bob Jeris Poindexter as Larry Clifton Powell as Herbert/Frank Lowden Damon Saleem as Trip Snoop Dogg as Kool Kitty Kat Tony Todd as Jake Samples Basil Wallace as Ahmad Chris Brown as Sonny Release Box office The film opened in 713 theatres on February 27. the film acquired a total of $6.631. [2] "Caught Up (1998) . Box Office Mojo. the film was only able to pull in $1.024. htm). .

Colt. Chuck and Sarah meet over dinner. Casey arrives and crashes his Crown Vic through the restaurant window and helps Chuck and Sarah escape. In the car. Meanwhile. 2008 Guest actors • • • Michael Clarke Duncan as Colt Bonita Friedericy as Diane Beckman Tony Todd as Langston Graham Directed by Written by Featured music "Chuck Versus the First Date" is the second season premiere of the action-comedy series Chuck. . which is due to go online. stealing the Cipher and blasting Casey with a toxic gas. led by Mr. Plot summary Main Plot The episode begins as Chuck is being dangled out an open window by a formidable mercenary named Mr. and his first goal is to ask Sarah out on a real date. Later. Casey informs Chuck and Sarah that the cipher was stolen again and Chuck had to remain the Intersect. Chuck and Sarah's date is going well. It first aired on September 29. Casey manages to administer an anti-toxin and sets off in pursuit. he turns out to be an enemy agent. However. freeing Chuck from his responsibilities as the Human Intersect. Chuck begins making plans for his future.Chuck Versus the First Date 107 Chuck Versus the First Date "Chuck Versus the First Date" Chuck episode Episode no. Chuck's time as the Intersect is coming to a close as the CIA and NSA have completed construction of the new Intersect. when the courier arrives. 2008. He soon realizes that everyone at the restaurant is an enemy operative. but not before Colt punches Casey. Now free to return to his life. Sarah and Casey arrive and force Colt to flee. Unknown to both. Chuck flashes on one of the patrons. though he is conflicted about the order. Before he can be dropped. while Casey prepares to deliver the Cipher to a government courier and motivate himself to carry out his execution of Chuck. Season 2 Episode 1 Jason Ensler Josh Schwartz Chris Fedak "Hip to Be Square" by Huey Lewis and the News "Returning to the Fold" by The Thermals "Foux Du Fafa" by Flight of the Conchords "Dropped" by Phantom Planet "The Power of Love" by Huey Lewis and the News "The Twist" by Frightened Rabbit Production code 3T7251 Original air date September 29. but as they are about to kiss. Casey's termination orders against Chuck are activated by their supervisors. Diane Beckman and Langston Graham reveal the Cipher is the last part of the new Intersect. Colt after attempting to recover a stolen piece of the Intersect called the Cipher. which she accepts. leaving Chuck behind with the Cipher.

Chuck answers the knock at his door and Sarah is there with the news the Intersect has been destroyed.Chuck Versus the First Date Later. Casey warns him that the future doesn't always turn the way you expect it. Colt. Casey manages to catch Chuck as he falls. and the entire chamber explodes violently. On August 27. killing Graham and everyone in the room. Colt's mercenaries then arrive and Casey is forced to surrender. Chuck informs Casey that he has Colt's address. Jeff. interrupting the fight between Colt and Sarah. Lester wins. "confirmed" by Morgan himself after Colt allows Chuck to make a call. Lester and Anna all interview after Morgan also declines the position. Production Due to the 2007-2008 WGA strike. Casey complies.[2] . he smiles and shows admiration for Chuck. When Chuck is called away for a mission. while Chuck returns to work at the Buy More.[1] Actor Michael Clarke Duncan was announced as a guest appearance on June 9. but Casey stalls. Sarah arrives and tries to force Colt to surrender. but follows Chuck's intel and he and Sarah track Colt down to an apartment building. Chuck flashes on the wound on Casey's face. who has determined that Chuck has to die. since Chuck can identify him. saying that he had a future. but while Chuck makes preparations Casey is once again ordered to execute him. knowing that finding the cipher reactivates Chuck's elimination order. He asks Chuck "don't you want me here to catch you when you fall?" Chuck answers that he'd be happier if Casey was doing his job. who is stunned and horrified when she sees Chuck fall. While the mercenaries are distracted. but on arrival discovers it is a trap set by Mr. and Chuck was out of the spy life. Chuck steals the Cipher again and flees to the roof. but Chuck declines so he assigns Morgan to interview and choose from the candidates. Casey lowers his weapon and sneaks out of the apartment again. 2008. but as he activates the computer the message: "FULCRUM THANKS YOU" appears on the screen. but Beckman and Graham fear the Intersect data is too dangerous to be left in Chuck's head and insist Casey carry out his execution orders. 108 Buy More Big Mike offers Chuck the assistant manager's position vacated by Harry Tang. Graham leads a team of agents to the Intersect room to upload it into them. and arrives on the rooftop. but he casually drops Chuck from the roof. and attacks Sarah. As a result. this is confirmed when she has a bad feeling and learns that Chuck isn't at the Buy More. and while Casey believes that Chuck was wrong. he leaves the task in Morgan's hands who decides the position with a "cage match" between Jeff and Lester in Buy More's storage cage. Chuck and Sarah decide to try to have their date again with a quiet evening at home. where he is cornered again by Colt. Meanwhile. Sarah believes he's right but they were too late. He voices his objections and points out that Chuck has served with honor and shows promise as an analyst. the series' freshman season ended in January. However NBC was quick to renew the series for its second season. 2008 it was announced that NBC had picked up the "back nine" of Chuck's second season. Casey and Sarah arrive at Colt's old hideout. left by Colt's ring. Chuck receives a service call at the Nerd Herd desk. 2008. Chuck manages to bluff Colt into thinking they are surrounded using a Call of Duty battle plan developed by Morgan earlier in the day. and becomes the store's new assistant manager. and sneaks into Chuck's apartment through Chuck's bedroom window. the first season of Chuck was cut short despite having received a full 22-episode pickup. Unknown to either. bringing it to a total of 22 episodes. As Colt is being cuffed. only for Chuck to arrive with Casey and Sarah's fire team and apprehend the mercenaries.

Colt's mercenary team. allowing him to identify the team and its Burbank-area hideout. com/ news/ 2008/ 08/ nbc_goes_all_the_way_with_chuc. Scott Krinsky. The first one being "Hip To Be Square". php'' (http:/ / www. reprising Director Graham in a flashback scene. • This episode was the final appearance as a recurring character by actor Tony Todd. Cultural References • Throughout the episode. • The morning after the cipher is stolen. com/ 2008/ 06/ 09/ chuck-cameos-to-include-stars-of-green-mile-night-court/ )] and Night Court] [3] Den of Geek Interview (http:/ / www. Julia Ling and Ryan McPartlin were added to the opening credits. Todd reprised his role as Graham in the season five episode "Chuck Versus The Baby".com/shows/chuck/chuck-versus-the-first-date-1217807/) at TV. denofgeek. fights an opponent in a dimly lit cage called the "Thunderdome.com .imdb. the demise of his character had to be hastened. com/ Michael+ Clarke+ Duncan/ articles/ 9/ Chuck+ Reveals+ Spoilers+ Season+ 2) [2] Casting Update: June 9. zimbio. revealing all the patrons are part of Mr.com/title/tt1185867/) at the Internet Movie Database • "Chuck Versus the First Date" (http://www. both songs play via Chuck's alarm clock. com/ movies/ 410537/ tony_todd_interview_candyman_transformers_3_platoon_chuck_and_his_brand_new_projects. 2008: "Chuck" cameos to include stars of [[The Green Mile (film)|Green Mile (http:/ / remote.tv. Max Rockatansky. the second being "The power of love". html) External links • "Chuck Versus the First Date" (http://www. • It is stated that Lester has his own Wikipedia entry. [3] Flashes • Chuck flashes in the restaurant. lohudblogs. Vik Sahay. • When Morgan describes his plan for the Compound level on Call of Duty. Todd would later make a guest appearance in "Chuck Versus the Cougars". • There are two Huey Lewis and The News songs in this episode. where the main character. In a later interview Tony Todd explained when he joined the cast of 24. This references Die Hard where McLane uses the same metaphor to describe the ordinance that Hans and his team have. Chuck awakes to 'the power of love'. he describes have enough ammunition to orbit Arnold Schwarzenegger. Morgan constantly refers to Call of Duty. References [1] Development Update: August 27. and the onlookers have scaled the sides of the cage to watch and cheer. tvweek. • Chuck flashes on the impression left by Colt's ring on Casey's cheek. 2008: http:/ / www. • Lester and Jeff's cage match is a refence to the Australian film Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. This is the theme song from to Back to the Future." Both characters are suspended from the ceiling by elastic bands.Chuck Versus the First Date 109 Production details • Mark Christopher Lawrence.

(Vinnie Jones) comes to town in search of blood. Lucia (Lori Heuring) and Shark (Jonathan Sachar) battle an unstoppable evil empire led by Erlik (Michael Clarke Duncan) in the city of Los Angeles. John Sachar. Erlik (Michael Clarke Duncan) and his men Saw (Billy Zabka). . Callan (Brian Austin Green) along with the help of weapon experts Riot (Tim Abell). It was released direct-to-video.Cross (2011 film) 110 Cross (2011 film) Cross Promotional Directed by Produced by Patrick Durham Patrick Durham John Sachar Judy Marie Durham Patrick Durham John Sachar Tanner Wiley Brian Austin Green Jake Busey Lori Heuring Susie Abromeit Tom Sizemore Billy Zabka Gianni Capaldi Patrick Durham John Sachar with Vinnie Jones and Michael Clarke Duncan Written by Starring Distributed by Sony Pictures Release date(s) • Country Language May 31. Callan must stop him before he destroys the world. and Tanner Wiley. London gangster English (Gianni Capaldi) and Slag (Branden Cook) aided by the evil Doctor (Robert Carradine) aim to defeat Callan by helping Gunnar. Plot Given incredible power by an ancient Celtic Cross. War (Patrick Durham). Backfire (Jake Busey). When an ancient Viking called Gunnar. 2011 United States English Cross is a 2011 American action fantasy film written by Patrick Durham. Detective Nitti (Tom Sizemore) plans to find Callan and his team before they do his job for him.

Nitti Vinnie Jones as Gunnar William Zabka as Saw Robert Carradine as Greek Lori Heuring as Lucia Tim Abell as Riot Jake Busey as Backfire Gianni Capaldi as English C. Thomas Howell as Jake Susie Abromeit as Sunshine Danny Trejo as Lexavier Roman Mitichyan as Ara Tanner Wiley as the Deviant Andre Gordon as Ranger Branden Cook as Slag Judy Marie Durham as April External links • Cross (2011 film) [1] at the Internet Movie Database References [1] http:/ / www.Cross (2011 film) 111 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Brian Austin Green as Callan Patrick Durham as War Michael Clarke Duncan as Erlik John Sachar as Shark Tom Sizemore as Det. com/ title/ tt1046245/ . imdb.

B. Plot Four coeds are about to graduate from a secret academy.S. The plot revolves around the lesbian love story between one of the heroes and the villain.B. (Discipline. 2005 Running time Country Language Budget Box office 91 minutes United States English $3.D.E. and Strength).S.. David Mullen Editing by Studio Angela Robinson Samuel Goldwyn Films Destination Films Anonymous Content Screen Gems (Sundance) Distributed by Release date(s) January 22. Beauty.B.E. despite the fact that she earned a perfect score on her D. by coincidence. The D.E.B.B. is the subject of Amy's thesis. (2004 film) D. a criminal mastermind who.B.B.S.E. is a 2004 American action-comedy film written and directed by Angela Robinson. Her personal life takes a back seat to the re-emergence of Lucy Diamond (Jordana Brewster).S. Stern Music by Cinematography M.B. test and is now an honor student at the academy. 2004 March 25.5 million $97. (Jill Ritchie). who tends to draw her gun at the slightest provocation.S. are sent by the very revered head of D.E. .E.B.S. Amy has broken up with her boyfriend Bobby (Geoff Stults). Energy. It is an expansion of a short film D.E. the chain-smoking and promiscuous Dominique (Devon Aoki). Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Angela Robinson Andrea Sperling Angela Robinson Sara Foster Jordana Brewster Meagan Good Devon Aoki Jill Ritchie Steven M.S.S.E. (2004 film) 112 D. that made the festival circuit (including the Sundance Film Festival).S.B. and Amy (Sara Foster). The film is both a parody and an emulation of the Charlie's Angels format.E. As the film opens. The other team members are the somewhat naive Janet who wishes for nothing but to get her stripes as a true D. a Homeland Security agent.E.446 [1] D. The team is headed by the somewhat obsessive Max (Meagan Good). where they have been trained to become spies in the paramilitary group D. Candidates are selected through a test hidden in the SATs that measures an applicant's ability to cheat and lie. who is doubtful about being a spy.

has committed the crime solely for an opportunity to see Amy again.B. catch the two women in bed just as they are about to make love. effectively replacing Max. The next day. Finally. plan to crash the D.B. Lucy senses Amy's attraction and leans in to kiss her — only to be interrupted by a shocked Janet. Amy's tie. Miss Petrie organizes a nationwide manhunt to find Amy. Lucy has no choice but to bring Janet along or risk discovery. and the squad gets locked inside an airtight vault. who. but must follow Amy as they respond to a bank heist orchestrated by Lucy. and Amy and Janet going the other. she and Scud. When the other D. returning all the money and priceless artifacts she has ever stolen.S. deserting Amy. they praise Amy for being the only federal agent who has ever encountered Lucy and lived to tell about it. Lucy tries to reassure Amy that everything will be fine. Max is furious.S from looking foolish. who suggests running off to Barcelona together. and is further troubled at learning Amy might be a lesbian. Miss Petrie is ready to exile her. The date is a disaster. the Russian who Lucy had a horrible date with. Max storms out in disgust. by now supportive of Lucy's devotion to Amy. Amy shares her art school dream with Lucy. Tearfully. escape the spiked-ceiling trap and arrive in the basement to find Lucy's signature diamonds scattered all around.E.S. At the bank. and Lucy asks Amy to come with her. Little do they know that Diamond has simply been set up on a blind date by her chief henchman and best friend." They assume Amy has been kidnapped. The other D. who anonymously tips Max to their location.S. she falls out of the vault.E. who insisted there would be a trap. arrive. where Lucy is waiting for her.S. A shootout erupts.B. year-end dance. where Amy is to be made D.S.S and attempts to explain herself. and Diamond escapes in the chaos. Mortified. since none of the material she studied for her thesis reveals this) into lowering her guard and disappears the moment Amy's attention wavers. A chute opens under Amy's feet.S. Amy blackmails her into silence by telling her that she can withhold her stripes if she tells anybody. saying that they should stick to the original scheme and say Amy was kidnapped and during her time with Lucy she was in captivity. where Amy can attend art school and Lucy will rent sailboats to tourists.S. Janet is indignant. (2004 film) Miss Petrie (Holland Taylor). They kiss. but Amy knows that it won't. Lucy instead charms Amy (who is surprised to learn Lucy is gay. She is there to meet an ex-KGB assassin named Ninotchka Kaprova (Jessica Cauffiel).D. Amy returns to the D.E.B. However. to survey Lucy. Bobby and Janet. with Amy trying to convince Lucy to come quietly. Amy and Max bicker over the best approach to rescuing the hostages and capturing Lucy. followed by Dominique.B. and her obvious doubts about being a spy. Amy arrives in the bank's basement. leaving the other three behind. with whom she is quite taken. Despite Scud's protests.E. Amy agrees to comply. They fight. splitting up into two groups with Max and Dominique going one way. Lucy and Amy are seen by a jealous Ninotchka. Everyone leaves the room. They arrive at the restaurant Les Deux Amours expecting to witness criminal dealings. Lucy is intrigued by Amy's intellect. Amy and Janet get separated and Amy literally runs into Lucy in a large storage room.B. although Max says she will never forgive her and tells Janet she can forget her stripes.E. until Lucy gains the upper hand and forces Amy to go out with her for a night of fun.E.E.B. 113 . Janet ends up bonding with Scud while Lucy further charms Amy. Amy rushes blindly forward after an argument with Max. her breakup with Bobby. Lucy fights her way to the auditorium. but accidentally alerts Diamond to the spies overhead.B.E. despite Scud's disapproval. They quickly end up in a standoff.E. but Max steps in with an alternative to save Amy's reputation and thus prevent the D. Meanwhile. though Janet seems to know exactly what has happened. Endgame. Scud (Jimmi Simpson). they encounter Janet outside the house. home.B.B. Janet desperately tried to keep Amy apprised of the situation by calling. The D. Lucy returns to the squad's residence that night to talk to Amy. claiming that Amy is violating protocol. of the year.E. Bobby shows up to confront Amy about their breakup. The D. Miss Petrie meets with Amy and promotes her to squad leader. Lucy does everything she can to win Amy back. follow her. They drive to an underground club called The Junk Pit. and a note spray-painted on the wall reading "I have the girl. but Amy never hears any of Janet's phone messages. Lucy takes the two D. Amy is fascinated to discover that much of Lucy's deadly reputation has been carefully manufactured and she isn't as ruthless as she seems.

Their characters of Walter Sherman and Leo Know. a spin-off of the series Bones.S. Amy retracts her entire speech. but catches Amy's eye and smiles hopefully.E. She lets them go and misdirects Bobby. would be on the latter series. in college as a sideline to her writing (Robinson stated this in an extra on the U.B. Lucy and Amy drive off together into the night. and editor Angela Robinson began to draw comics about the D.B. Petrie Michael Clarke Duncan as Mr. and the security squad so that Amy and Lucy can make their escape.S. played respectively. (2004 film) where she is just in time to hear Amy publicly give her speech about how awful it was to be Lucy's captive. including the Sundance Film Festival. DVD entitled "Infiltrating the D. Phipps Jessica Cauffiel as Ninotchka Kaprova Aimee Garcia as Maria Scoot McNairy as Stoner Production Inception Director. which toured a number of film festivals. the leader of the school. . Lucy seems upset. and admits that the days she spent with Lucy were the best days of her life.D. but Max has by this time reconciled herself with the fact that her best friend is in love.E.S. who agrees before he has even finished speaking."). with Amy's head resting on Lucy's shoulder and Lucy's arm wrapped around Amy as they both smile lovingly at each other.B. Max and the squad catch up to them.S. before running offstage. Fox canceled the series after the show's first season.000 grant from Power Up to make a 10-minute short based on the concept. 114 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • Sara Foster as Amy Bradshaw Jordana Brewster as Lucy Diamond Meagan Good as Max Brewer Devon Aoki as Dominique Jill Ritchie as Janet Geoff Stults as Bobby Matthews Jimmi Simpson as Scud Holland Taylor as Mrs. She received a $20.E. Max then awards Janet with her stripes. Scud then starts to ask something of Janet. Post film collaborations Micheal Clarke Duncan and Geoff Stults would work again on The Finder. writer. She and Lucy find each other in a storage room very like the one in which they first met. and they share another long-awaited kiss.

S.S.B.B. Retrieved on 2009-10-09. (2004 film) (http:/ / www. Retrieved on 2009-10-09. boxofficemojo. com/ movies/ ?id=debs.[3] Awards and nominations Year Festival Award Category/Recipients Angela Robinson Angela Robinson (Nominated) 2005 Black Movie Awards Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role Meagan Good (Nominated) 2004 Berlin International Film Festival Reader Jury of the "Siegessäule" 2005 Black Movie Awards Outstanding Achievement in Writing References [1] D.S.446.B.E.S. rottentomatoes. [2] D. com/ m/ debs/ ) at Rotten Tomatoes. (http:/ / www. com/ movies/ ?id=debs.E. htm) at Box Office Mojo.com/movies/movie/v286692) at AllRovi .E.E. maxing out at a mere 45 theaters.B.E.[2] Box office D.S.com/title/tt0367631/) at the Internet Movie Database • D.D.B. [3] D. (http://www.S.E. (http://www.allrovi. did not receive a wide release. boxofficemojo.B. garnering a 40% "rotten" rating at Rotten Tomatoes based on 58 reviews.S. htm) External links • D. (2004 film) 115 Reception Critics D.B.E. After 21 days.imdb.S. received mixed reviews. (2004) (http:/ / www.B. it amassed only $97.E.

Reviews of the film were generally mixed or average. whereas the various artists soundtrack album.718 Daredevil is a 2003 American superhero film written and directed by Mark Steven Johnson. Based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name. Manhattan setting of the film and the comics. Despite this. Elektra. The film began development in 1997 at 20th Century Fox and Columbia Pictures. Colin Farrell plays the merciless assassin Bullseye.Daredevil (film) 116 Daredevil (film) Daredevil Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Mark Steven Johnson Avi Arad Gary Foster Arnon Milchan Mark Steven Johnson Daredevil by Stan Lee Bill Everett Ben Affleck Jennifer Garner Michael Clarke Duncan Colin Farrell Graeme Revell Screenplay by Based on Starring Music by Cinematography Ericson Core Editing by Studio Armen Minasian Dennis Virkler Regency Enterprises Marvel Films Horseshoe Bay Productions 20th Century Fox • Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Box office February 14. Graeme Revell composed the Daredevil score which was released on CD in March 2003. the film stars Ben Affleck as Matt Murdock. a washed up fighter who is Matt's father. was released in February. Johnson chose to shoot the film primarily in Downtown Los Angeles despite the Hell's Kitchen.179. the film still enjoyed a profitable theatrical run and became February's second biggest release. Rhythm and Hues Studios were hired to handle the film's CGI needs. David Keith plays Jack "The Devil" Murdock. also known as the crime lord Kingpin. 2003 103 minutes United States English $78 million $179. and Michael Clarke Duncan plays Wilson Fisk. a blind lawyer who fights for justice in the courtroom and out of the courtroom as the masked vigilante Daredevil. The film was successful enough to allow a spin-off film. Jennifer Garner plays his love interest Elektra Natchios. Daredevil: The Album. . before New Regency acquired the rights in 2000.

a businessman that has dealings with Wilson Fisk (Michael Clarke Duncan). a rich executive who is also the Kingpin of New York City's Underworld. as Kingpin proves to be a surprisingly powerful combatant. Upon discovering that Fisk is the Kingpin and Bullseye's employer. Fisk hires the Irish hitman Bullseye (Colin Farrell). however. Matt (Scott Terra) was blinded after toxic waste was spilled over his eyes while he was taking a shortcut home from school after discovering that his father.Daredevil (film) which was released in 2005. having been tipped off by Urich. In 2004. Daredevil tries to stop Bullseye. and that Matt will be waiting for him when he gets out of prison. but is attacked by Elektra. but Matt taunts him that he can't reveal his secret identity. Believing Daredevil to have done good things for Hell's Kitchen. Bullseye pleads for mercy. stopped being an enforcer and went back to boxing. Daredevil blocks the attack and hears an FBI sniper stationed on the neighbor building preparing to fire. but refrains from killing him. As the bullet is fired. blaming himself for his disability. who knows his secret identity. After recovering slightly. to which Fisk says it was just business. Wounded. instead allowing him to be arrested by the police. who only defends innocent people and does not require monetary payment. In order to avenge his father's death. who operates in Hell's Kitchen. his new career was short-lived and he was murdered after refusing to turn in a fixed fight by the same mobster that had employed him earlier. Bullseye discovers that loud noise is Daredevil's weakness and prepares to kill him with a spiked piece of wood after incapacitating him. she removes his mask. and discovers his secret identity and innocence of her father's death. who is forced to flee before he can kill Daredevil as the police arrive. Matt finds the strength to overpower Fisk. After a violent battle. Matt. Forced to fight Bullseye alone. going after the criminals that escape the conventional means of justice. The confrontation gets off to a bad start for Daredevil. Before being taken away. Matt meets Elektra Natchios (Jennifer Garner). Matt uses his sharpened senses to train himself in martial arts. The accident. His strength is renewed at the possibility that Elektra might . His father. Elektra is overpowered and murdered by the hitman. Elektra swears to take revenge on him as reporter Ben Urich (Joe Pantoliano). Matt used his abilities to become a crime-fighter known as "Daredevil". One day. where he is looked after by his confidant Father Everett (Derrick O'Connor). former boxer Jack "The Devil" Murdock (David Keith). however. Angered. Daredevil fights Bullseye. but Bullseye ultimately succeeds in killing Nikolas and framing Daredevil in the process. who had been investigating Daredevil's activities. Having taken down the Kingpin and gained some closure over his father's murder. he tells Matt that Bullseye will be going after Elektra next. Lying on the floor. Matt questions Fisk as to why he killed the people he loved. who had followed him to the church. who have discovered he was the Kingpin. Matt goes back to his day-to-day routine. wounded but alive. When Nikolas tries to bail on his dealings with Fisk. Elektra is the daughter of Nikolas Natchios (Erick Avari). but is overpowered by Daredevil and thrown from the church's top floor. had become an enforcer for a local mobster. makes his way to a local church. including an entire sub-plot involving a character played by Coolio. wounded. though brokenhearted over the loss of Elektra. who never misses a shot. to kill him. overwhelming Daredevil for the majority of the fight. discovers his secret identity. who plans to use her extensive training in martial arts to avenge her father's death by killing Daredevil. for the humiliation of being beaten by a blind man. He lands on the hood of Urich's car. Daredevil goes after Bullseye. Daredevil makes his way to Fisk's office to face him in combat. Daredevil moves out of the path of the bullet and pulls Bullseye's hands into the path of the bullet. also enhanced his other senses and gave him a sonar that allowed him to "see" through sonic vibrations. Fisk—who had also discovered Daredevil's secret identity after overpowering him—swears revenge on Matt. 117 Plot Matt Murdock (Ben Affleck) is a blind lawyer who lives in New York City's Hell's Kitchen and runs a firm with his best friend Franklin "Foggy" Nelson (Jon Favreau). incorporating approximately thirty minutes back into the film. an R-rated director's cut of Daredevil was released. The director's cut was intended as an improvement over the theatrical version. even causing him to miss a shot. After wounding him. As a child. However. As a result.

[9] • Jennifer Garner as Elektra Natchios: Daughter of billionaire Nikolas Natchios and the love interest of Matt Murdock. except with a Braille inscription. Jessica Alba.[5] Affleck said Daredevil was his favorite comic book as a kid. and since then her father has had her become highly trained in martial arts. Joe Quesada considered it "serendipity in action" that Affleck is the lead role. they had modelled it on Affleck. Farrell was attached to the role in December 2001. being "I didn't want someone else to do it. but he opted to take a role in another film. because I was afraid that they would go out and do it different from the comic and screw it up. Guy Pearce said that he was offered the role but turned it down. in which Urich assures him that he will not publish his article about Matt's true identity. Farrell had to read Frank Miller's Daredevil comics to understand Bullseye "because the expression on the character's faces in the comic books. he vows to seek justice.[6] and explained why he took the role by saying "Everybody has that one thing from childhood that they remember and that sticks with them. giving the choices of Jennifer Garner. Terra was officially announced as a part of the cast in March 2002. she witnessed the murder of her mother.[1] In a February 2011 interview. During the credits. stating that "comic-strip stuff isn’t really my cup of tea."[2] Matt Damon also revealed that he was offered the role. For the role of Elektra. Bullseye is hired by Kingpin to kill Nikolas and Elektra Natchios."[8] • Colin Farrell as Bullseye: An assassin with perfect accuracy and deep-rooted pride of it. he has trouble with local bullies and a close bond with his father. commenting that it was about taking what he knew as a fan and faithfully getting it on the screen. Mía Maestro and Rhona Mitra. He was blinded as a youth in an accident with bio-waste that also drastically heightened his remaining senses and gave him a "sonar-sense".Daredevil (film) still be alive after he goes to where they had their first kiss and finds a necklace like the one her mother gave her.[4] As a fan. and Daredevil dives into the night. is shown to still have his perfect aim despite his injuries after he impales a fly on the wall with a nearby syringe needle. 118 Cast • Ben Affleck as Matt Murdock / Daredevil: An attorney-at-law with a disability.[11] with Garner finally becoming the actress to land the role. "I think she's strong and cool and beautiful and smart. At night. Salma Hayek. Garner explained "the red would never have worked for hiding a harness. She'd be a good role model. and takes justice into his hands. Matt meets Urich one last time. Bullseye. Lucy Liu. but when Daredevil gets involved and causes Bullseye to miss his target."[12] Garner noted that the costume would be different as Elektra often wears red satin.[10] Garner said of the character. so imagine if I hadn't had anything. as when he and Kevin Smith did the Guardian Devil series."[3] Colin Farrell was also considered until Affleck signed. Affleck made sure he had read every single issue of Daredevil. and just the way they move sometimes. His father is killed not long after and at that moment. really. having been moved to a prison hospital and severely bandaged up after his confrontation with Daredevil.[5] and Farrell was encouraged to keep his Irish accent as this version of Bullseye is [8] from Ireland. many actresses were looked into with considerations including Penélope Cruz. Natalie Portman. After this. They throw me around so much on the rooftop [that] I got cut through the leather. and I know this sounds ridiculous. Affleck was cast in October 2001. and Katie Holmes. forever the "Man Without Fear". This changes in different ways after the accident. Vin Diesel was considered to portray Daredevil before him.[4] Mark Steven Johnson credits Joe Quesada with talking him out of using the traditional Bullseye costume for the film."[8] • Scott Terra as Young Matt Murdock: As a youth. which allowed him to perceive his surroundings. Jolene Blalock. This story was that for me."[7] He also stated another reason.[10] A short-list was eventually made. Matt becomes Daredevil. but in the film she wears black leather. and the . At a very young age. but you have to protect your skin a little bit. he makes it his own personal vendetta to take Daredevil down. He claimed that he and Ben "loved that comic book but I just didn't quite believe in the script or the director at the time. he makes a silent promise with his father to "stick up for the long shots".

where he sometimes goes to find solace. which was praised by Ain't It Cool News' Harry Knowles. each notable for their work on the Daredevil comics. producer Gary Foster said that in comparison to other comic book-based films before it. Frank Miller. But it's not exactly a character you can do method acting for.[16] Favreau would later go onto direct the Marvel-produced Iron Man and its sequel. edgier. • Erick Avari as Nikolas Natchios: The father of Elektra. • Derrick O'Connor as Father Everett: A priest of Matt Murdock's local church. and power-lifted with one or two reps a day. Pantoliano was cast in March 2002. with intention of having the Natchios family murdered. darker . while Kingpin has always been portrayed as white. Also. By 2000. Kingpin is the murderer of Matt's father... and the man responsible for the hiring of Bullseye.[8] The director's cut version also features Jude Ciccolella and Coolio in a sub-plot removed from the theatrical version. that's not like the comic book. he weighed 290 pounds."[13] • Michael Clarke Duncan as Wilson Fisk / The Kingpin: By appearance.Daredevil (film) exaggerations of the character I'm playing […] he's so over-the-top that you do draw from that.[18][22] Prior to shooting." strongest comic scripts Marvel had received. During the film. under the moniker of Kingpin. but in fact he is the sole person running organized crime. and Chris Columbus was chosen to direct the film. 119 Production In 1997."[8] • Jon Favreau as Franklin "Foggy" Nelson: Matt Murdock's legal partner and best friend.[24] . he is murdered by the Kingpin when he does not take a fall for a fight. running around New York killing people with paper clips. Tanoai Reed appears uncredited as a thug in Josie's Bar. the negotiations failed to work out so Marvel set the project up with Sony's Columbia Pictures.[9] • Leland Orser as Wesley Owen Welch: The number two of Wilson Fisk.. Keith was officially announced as a part of the cast in March 2002. Duncan provided the voice for Kingpin in Spider-Man: The New Animated Series. During this time 20th Century Fox allowed the option to expire. with 20th Century Fox handling the distribution. he goes on to uncover a lot of information about the two. as well as eating whatever he wanted. In 1998..[20] New Regency entered negotiations with a more satisfying offer. Iron Man 2 while also appearing as Happy Hogan. Favreau joined the cast in February 2002. this film would be "more [23] while Marvel Studios executive Kevin Feige felt the script was one of the character-driven . he is also used as a form of comic relief. he is an overweight corporate head that takes the name Wilson Fisk. Marvel was facing bankruptcy. but he does not like to be involved in the activities of the Kingpin. Stan Lee. • Ellen Pompeo as Karen Page: The secretary at Matt Murdock and Franklin Nelson's law firm. also have cameo roles throughout the film.[18] During this time. • Joe Pantoliano as Ben Urich: An investigative journalist whose articles notably relate to Daredevil. you know. 'Hey.. and the Kingpin. 20th Century Fox optioned the rights from Marvel Enterprises. he would lift weights for 30 minutes a day.' But I want them to get past that and just see the movie for what it is and see me for what I am—an actor. and Kevin Smith.[19] before Mark Steven Johnson got signed to write the screenplay.[18] as the two companies reportedly could not come to an agreement over Internet rights. Duncan's biggest concern was that he is black. Despite this. Sony decided to cancel the project. In order to do this. He was asked to gain 40 pounds for the role in order to fit the physique of Kingpin. who is murdered by Bullseye on behalf of the Kingpin.[15] He spoke on the fan's loyalty to the source material by saying "they watch movies to say. In 1999. so Disney began negotiations in order to acquire the rights.. Chris Columbus and Carlo Carlei co-wrote a script together.[17] • David Keith as Jack Murdock: Father of Matt Murdock and a boxer. Michael Clarke Duncan signed on for the role in January 2002. though he had been attached far earlier. • Lennie Loftin as Detective Nick Manolis: A NYPD cop who considers Daredevil an urban legend.[14] When Duncan was cast.[21] Mark Steven Johnson was rehired and his script was turned in during 2001. attaining the character rights from Marvel in 2000 to produce the film.

"[5] Throughout the film. Avi Arad asked Revell to concentrate more on the emotions of Daredevil and Elektra. Revell tried to avoid too much individual motifs but some characters would have an identifiable sound. a viral e-mail drive was started. while Mark Steven Johnson wanted to stay clear from any gothic and action movie clichés. and cufflinks. who also worked on the sonar-sense which became referred to as the "shadow world"." which they felt was perfect for a depiction of Hell's Kitchen.[27] He was attracted to the focus of "human-ness" on Daredevil. while Kingpin would have bass beats. an in-store promotion at Wal-Mart. #1-#8) was an influence on the film. Core noted that the appeal came from the "beautiful.[25] When the look of the film was being decided. Joe Quesada's artistic take in Guardian Devil (Daredevil vol. You just shoot that. 2. as the superhero relies on it in order to form his 'sonar sense'. The mutating of the nerve was done by Rhythm and Hues Studios. was released in February 2003.[33] . Manhattan. describing the director as "positive" and "responsive" when it came to experimenting (as opposed to feeling "locked in a box of preconceptions") which he felt lead to "cool stuff". and the film's cinematographer. and was created by Encore. where participants would be entered in a contest where they could win prizes such as Daredevil T-shirts. Shadow world was made using just CGI except in a scene where Elektra and Matt Murdock are in the rain.Daredevil (film) 20th Century Fox wanted to start filming in Canada in order to save money. Varèse Sarabande put together the score record. torn emotionally and physically by his superhero status. and was released on March 4.[29] and a weeklong Daredevil segment on Entertainment Tonight. which at the time was seen as a growing trend. a subsidiary of Navarre Corporation. coupled with Ben Affleck's disinterest in filming in Canada (after having filmed there for his previous film. 2003. after they found a preferred area for shooting around downtown Los Angeles' Arcade Building. Revell thoroughly enjoyed working with Johnson.[26] The sound plays an integral part in the film. which was done using CGI over film. a marketing campaign with Hamilton Watch Company. This was considered great by Johnson. The idea was to encourage online ticket booking. Ericson Core.[31] The Game Boy Advance game was released on February 14.[30] As part of an online form of marketing. there was also a tie-in with Kraft. with Johnson noting that they would "literally take out a scene from the comic book that Joe did […] Here's Daredevil on the cross.[32] The soundtrack to the film. then pass an e-mail on to someone else. Daredevil: The Album. To enter the drawing. it's that scene from 'Guardian Devil'. in comparison to the studio's choice where the filming would be done in Montreal or Vancouver. as well as one in the second quarter of the Super Bowl. like Bullseye would have guitar undertones.[26] The score to Daredevil was written by Graeme Revell. the user had to book tickets for the film online. old brick buildings and great rooftops. 2003. as it would aid his performance. Game Boy Advance games. Mark Steven Johnson opted to use direct scenes from the Daredevil comics. This plan was contended by Johnson. Post-production sound was done by supervising sound editor John Larsen and sound designer Steve Boeddeker and is heard taking place immediately after Matt's optic nerve is seen mutating. who designed the watch Matt wears in the film. Guitarist Mike Einziger of Incubus collaborated with Revell for any additional rock elements. Due to their insistence. The Sum of All Fears) they were able to change the studio's mind. which would effectively make him blind. you know. Ben Affleck had to wear "cataract milky-blue" contacts.[28] 120 Release Marketing Aside from expected TV commercials during such TV hits as Friends and Law & Order.

Daredevil (film)


Box office
Daredevil opened theatrically on February 14, 2003, on 3,471 screens.[18] The film took first place in its opening weekend, grossing $45,033,454. At the time, it became the second biggest February release, behind Hannibal.[34] By the second weekend the film saw a 55.1% decline in takings but managed to maintain the number one spot, beating new release Old School by $639,093.[35] By the third weekend release, Daredevil saw a further 38.5% drop in sales, and so fell to third place at the box office.[36] The film grossed over $102 million in North America, and over $76 million in the rest of the world, totalling the film's worldwide takings at just over $179 million, grossing over double its budget of $78 million.[37] Avi Arad addressed the top spot success by saying "we are five for five with record-breaking box office successes [with Blade, X-Men, Blade II then Spider-Man] and have two more Marvel releases slated for this summer [which are X2 and Hulk]. It's a testament to the broad appeal of these characters before mainstream audiences outside of the core comic fans. These super heroes have been successful within the Marvel pantheon for decades; it only makes sense that their translations to the big screen are just as fruitful."[38] Due to the film's violent scenes, Daredevil was banned in Malaysia. 20th Century Fox had appealed to Malaysia's censorship board to change its decision, hoping that the film would be due for release in Malaysia on February 27, 2003.[39] Malaysian newspaper The Star also noted that the ban was due to the film theme being "focused on the dealings of a secret society," as well as some sensuality. The article criticized the Film Censorship Board of Malaysia for having these reasons to ban the film, but at the same time allowing films such as Final Destination 2, which contained violent content, and Infernal Affairs, which focused on the dealings of a secret society, before suggesting that the board should have considered banning The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers for "having scenes containing violence using weapons and hands," a direct quotation of which the article cited as being another reason why Daredevil was banned.[40]

Daredevil received mixed reviews from critics.[41][42] Review aggregate website Rotten Tomatoes reported that 45% of critics gave the film positive feedback, based on 211 reviews,[41] At the website Metacritic, which assigns its own subjective rating out of 100 to each review, the film has received an average score of 42, based on 35 reviews.[42] Film critic Roger Ebert gave the film 3 out of a possible 4 stars and called the film good, despite noting the almost typical superhero background. Of the actors, he stated that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner were suitable for their roles, while Michael Clarke Duncan's presence alone was menacing. He finished by saying "I am getting a little worn out describing the origin stories and powers of superheroes […] Some of their movies, like this one, are better than others."[43] Houston Chronicle's Bruce Westbrook considered it "the best Marvel movie to date, it's as well-written and character-driven as some of today's Oscar contenders, and its story doesn't stall with hollow flamboyance."[44] The Austin Chronicle's Kimberly Jones praised the film, the actors, and felt that though an unproven director, "Johnson has just signed his meal ticket with this marriage of big brains, big brawn, and–most happily–big heart."[45] Empire's Kim Newman gave the film 3 out of 5 stars, and felt people "will like the characters more than the film," before adding that there are enough strong moments to guarantee a good viewing.[46] The Guardian's Peter Bradshaw stated that the film held "unconvincing touches" but was more enjoyable than Spider-Man and as dark as Tim Burton's Batman.[47] BBC film critic Nev Pierce believed the film had spectacular set-pieces, but felt there was no strong narrative arc to keep the viewer interested.[48] The Wall Street Journal's Joe Morgenstern considered the film to be neither original nor great but felt it maintained "many grace notes and interesting oddities."[49] The Globe and Mail's Rick Groen said the film was "not woeful, not wonderful, merely watchable."[42] The Philadelphia Inquirer's Steven Rea thought the film brought a variance of humour and violence, but felt it didn't work as well as it could have.[42] James Berardinelli felt the film was merely a satisfactory superhero film.[42] TV Guide's Frank Lovece noted that for a superhero film the characters are more grounded to reality, respectively, but also felt it was "a movie for grown-ups, not kids."[50]

Daredevil (film) Particularly negative reviews included the one by The New York Times' Elvis Mitchell, who said the film was "second-rate and ordinary,"[41] while Variety's Todd McCarthy considered it "a pretender in the realm of bona fide superheroes."[51] Time Out's Trevor Johnston praised Ben Affleck, feeling he "persuades us of the pain of sightlessness and supersensitive hearing," but also felt writer/director Johnson's construction fails all involved in the film.[52] Slate's David Edelstein believed Johnson copied a lot of Batman, and concluded by saying "that's not so bad: The movie looks best when it looks like other, better movies."[53] The Chicago Tribune's Michael Wilmington thought the film grabs the attention, but felt it does not reward it.[42] The New York Post's Lou Lumenick panned the film, describing it as a "mind-numbing, would-be comic-book franchise, which often seems as blind as its hero -- not to mention deaf and dumb."[42]


Director's cut
A director's cut of the film was announced for a spring 2004 DVD release. This version contained new additions like previously unseen footage and a removed subplot, and was to be a bit darker with an R rating. The film, released in 2.35:1 widescreen format, was released with DTS and Dolby Digital sound. The new version of the film has newly recorded commentary to accompany it, featuring Mark Steven Johnson and Avi Arad. A "Making of Director's Cut" featurette also accompanied the film. The release date of the DVD was later pushed back to November 30, 2004.[54][55] On September 30, 2008 the director's cut was released on Blu-ray.[56] The DVD release of the director's cut removed the wealth of bonus material included on the theatrical cut's DVD release, but it was restored for the Blu-ray release (although the Blu-ray release only contains the director's cut). One of the biggest changes to the film was the addition of a subplot involving a drug addict played by Coolio. While this subplot was missing from the theatrical version of the film, it is present in the novelization by Greg Cox, published in 2003. Kevin Feige commented on this version of the film, believing "the people who had other opinions [of Daredevil] will be won over by this new version."[54] Reviewers like Empire's Danny Graydon seemed to reaffirm this opinion by considering this version a "considerable improvement on the original version," notably preferring the more violent undertones, a lesser focus on the romance, and the equal focus of Daredevil and his lawyer alias Matt Murdock and the subplot involving Coolio. Some gripes still remained though, as Graydon felt Affleck did not suit himself in the Daredevil outfit, and that Michael Clark Duncan as the Kingpin was done in an over-the-top manner.[57] IGN's Jeff Otto and Andy Patrizio also deemed this version an improvement over the original. They felt this version was more loyal to the Frank Miller feel of the Daredevil world, with more focus on themes such as Murdock's struggle with his Catholic upbringing. On the whole they felt the film would be far more pleasing to the fans, and overall better than the theatrical release.[58]

Kevin Feige has stated "there are many more stories to be told with old Hornhead and we'd love to tell them someday."[54] Avi Arad has also said that a sequel will begin development once the rights go from 20th Century Fox to Marvel Studios.[59] Director Mark Steven Johnson showed interest in returning to direct with the Born Again storyline, as well as suggesting Mr. Fear as a possible villain.[60] During 2004, Ben Affleck shot a cameo role for the spin-off film, Elektra, at the request of Daredevil co-star Jennifer Garner.[61] In October 2004, Affleck stated he would only return in the lead role if Fox would renegotiate to tell the darker stories of Daredevil, and showed interest in a Kevin Smith graphic novel which included Mysterio, as well as the Born Again storyline.[62] However, in November 2006 Affleck stated that he would never reprise the role, having felt "by playing a superhero in Daredevil, I have inoculated myself from ever playing another superhero... Wearing a costume was a source of humiliation for me and something I wouldn't want to do again soon."[63] It is possible that Affleck made this decision because, although met with considerable praise for his performance, he received a Razzie award for his role as Daredevil.[64]

Daredevil (film) In July 2006, Michael Clarke Duncan showed interest in returning for the role of the Kingpin, but stated that he would not be willing to gain weight as he felt "comfortable" being down to 270 pounds. However, he jokingly showed willingness to change his mind if he was offered $20 million. Duncan suggested that the character is portrayed to have been training a lot in jail in order to become faster in combat against Daredevil, also working as a way to fit his weight loss into the story.[65] Duncan would later go on to reprise his role as the Kingpin in an episode of the animated series: Spider-Man: The New Animated Series. In July 2008, Jason Statham had expressed interest in appearing as Daredevil in the future. Statham requested "just give me the chance, I would love to be Daredevil." Frank Miller commented in agreement "I think he should be Daredevil too."[66] In October 2008, 20th Century Fox executive Tom Rothman said that "a Daredevil reboot is something we are thinking very seriously about." Rothman added that "what it really needs is, it needs a visionary at the level that [The Dark Knight Trilogy director] Chris Nolan was. It needs someone, it needs a director, honestly, who has a genuine vision."[67] In February 2010, reboot news was further reported by Deadline Hollywood who announced 20th Century Fox and New Regency are looking to develop the reboot with News Corp. Vice President Peter Chernin producing and David Scarpa writing the script. Intentions are said to move forward so that the film rights to the character would not revert back to Marvel.[68] On March 15, 2011, it was announced that filmmaker David Slade would be directing the reboot,[69] but he later had to drop out due to other obligations. Fringe writer and producer Brad Caleb Kane was hired to pen the Slade-directed film.[70] Vin Diesel showed interest in playing the role of Kingpin. Later, it was announced that should a sequel or reboot not start filming by 10 October 2012, the rights to the Daredevil franchise would revert from Fox back to Marvel. In early August 2012, Fox scrambled to find a replacement for David Slade, who dropped out of the director's chair due to scheduling conflicts. The studio briefly met with Joe Carnahan, for the job—however, Carnahan said on Twitter that his pitch, described as a hard-boiled '70s thriller, had gone up in smoke. Several sources commented that Fox had given up on the reboot, and were prepared to let the rights revert to Marvel and their parent company, Disney. Marvel has stated they would love to do a Daredevil reboot, and that it was a definite possibility Marvel Studios would produce a Daredevil reboot independently should the rights revert. On October 10, 2012, the film rights reverted back to Marvel Studios.[71] On September 3, Duncan passed away, precluding him from further reprising his Kingpin role.[72][73]


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Val Kilmer Malcolm McDowell Geoff Zanelli Narrated by Starring Music by Cinematography Herb Kossover Studio Electric Eye Entertainment Corporation Fathom Studios Freestyle Releasing • Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Box office December 12. Adler Marc F. Despite winning the Best Feature award at Anima Mundi.840 [1] [2] Delgo is a 2008 American computer-animated fantasy film produced by Fathom Studios. .840 in theatres against an estimated budget of $40 million. television rights. Delgo was Anne Bancroft's final film. Jennifer Love Hewitt Anne Bancroft Chris Kattan Louis Gossett Jr.Delgo (film) 127 Delgo (film) Delgo Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Written by Marc F. according to box office tracking site The Numbers. Adler Scott Biear Patrick J. Jones Sally Kellerman Freddie Prinze Jr. 2008 94 minutes United States English $40 million $915. The film was released independently with a large screen count (over 2.[4] Delgo grossed just $915. and it is dedicated to her. Adler Jason Maurer Marc F.S.[1] which began development of the project in 1999. Cowan Carl Dream Jennifer A. a division of Macquarium Intelligent Communications.[3] the film's box office was one of the lowest-grossing wide releases in recent history. 20th Century Fox acquired the film rights for international and DVD distribution[5] and Cartoon Network purchased the U.000 screens) and a small marketing budget.

and he makes one last attempt to end Delgo. it turns out Raius wasn't dead. meanwhile. but is soon after mortally injured. because Bogardus opposed an all out war with the Lokni. Then. Just as Bogardus dies. whom she has taken prisoner. Kyla convinces the Nohrin generals to direct their troops to stop fighting the Lokni and instead pick them up and fly them away from the battlefield. he gives in to his desire for revenge against the Nohrin as a whole. Filo. Delgo realizes that he was the Nohrin soldier who spared his life many years ago during the first war between the Nohrin and the Lokni. during the celebrations. Later. But then he meets Princess Kyla of the Nohrin and develops a tentative friendship with her. Everyone turns to look at Filo. Delgo goes off to face Sedessa and find King Zahn. However. Sedessa's army of monsters join in the battle. the spear breaks in mid-air. the winged humanoid Nohrin settle on Jhamora with the permission of the ground-dwelling Lokni. out of nowhere. Later. sending Sedessa's minions fleeing for their lives. Filo then directs an entire stampede of large animals onto the battlefield. who then poisons the Queen and almost kills Zahn as well. Delgo and Kyla's friendship blossoms into romance when they finally kiss. He also puts the past behind him by saving her rather than letting her fall to her death. The parents of Delgo. She is subsequently banished. They are too late. Nohrin King Zahn is horrified by the war and admonishes Sedessa. and her wings are clipped off. for the war has already begun. as King Zahn Val Kilmer as General Bogardus Malcolm McDowell as General Raius Michael Clarke Duncan as Elder Marley Eric Idle as Spig Kelly Ripa as Kurrin Burt Reynolds as Delgo's father Brad Abrell as Spog Mary Matilyn Mouser as Baby Delgo David Heyer as Talusi John Vernon as Judge Nohrin . as Delgo Jennifer Love Hewitt as Princess Kyla Anne Bancroft as Sedessa Chris Kattan as Filo Louis Gossett Jr. He finally manages to master the stone magic. are killed in the resulting conflict. a Lokni. Delgo and his friend Filo are blamed and arrested. but not before he throws his spear at Delgo. Together they hurry back to try to stop the war from taking place. Bogardus meanwhile fights and defeats Raius. Once Delgo grows up. But some of the Nohrin. Meanwhile. In the Nohrin prison. is raised by Elder Marley. Sedessa then attacks Kyla. however. When she is kidnapped by Nohrin General Raius. Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Sally Kellerman as the Narrator Freddie Prinze Jr. led by would-be conqueror Sedessa. Delgo meets Nohrin General Bogardus. and defeats Sedessa. The two struggle and Sedessa finally falls. who has come to Delgo's aid. who has finally mastered his slingshot. who was forced to illegally gamble with his weapons by Raius. believe in the superiority of their own race and try to take land away form the Lokni. who tries to teach him how to use the power of magical stones. her artificial wings being of no use. Delgo.Delgo (film) 128 Plot After having left their own world due to a loss of natural resources. and Bogardus escape into some underground caverns and eventually reach Sedessa's stronghold and rescue Kyla. who is actually working for Sedessa. He is subdued by a Nohrin. Delgo.

discrimination. and some of the crew members started to get offers from Hollywood studios (at one point Adler started hiding the identities of the crew with fancy aliases). Animators would post their work daily on the message board system and fans could see the directors' and producers' input as well as subsequent changes to the scenes. A partnership with Dell provided Fathom Studios with the hardware required to render Delgo. John Vernon. making this his final film.[17] . prejudice. the film is dedicated to her. rather than just an offer letter. and fifty-six sets". On the film's end credits. Fathom's head animation director. Marc Adler said that the film sets itself apart from other recent computer-animated films because it is not a comedy and also because it is "a very human story told in a non-human world". [10] According to Adler. the filmmakers had to travel to where the actors were with all their equipment rather than have the actors come to them to record their voices. the voice of Judge Nohrin.[1] The movie was produced by Fathom in conjunction with Electric Eye Entertainment Corporation."[8] Fathom launched a "Digital Dailies" feature on the movie's official website.[15] Once the cast had signed on. died in 2005.[6] In a 2001 interview.[7] Maurer said that "the inspiration for the story really came from all of unrest we have in society today. burgeoning animators. and film enthusiasts about the procedures involved in the making of a computer animated movie. one of the challenges with modeling the background elements was that "We couldn't even use most of the off-the-shelf systems at the time in creating the background assets because they were based on Earthly vegetation.[12] Adler recruited main crew members locally from "Savannah College of Art and Design.[9] allowing fans to follow the production as it happened. died in 2005."[7] Adler said that the they were "contacted by professors from the many universities who use the Digital Dailies in their classrooms". animation work began in 2001.[12] Adler said that their team created eight main characters. hate crimes.[12] Students from the drama department of North Atlanta High School acted out some of the scenes to create reference material for the animators.Delgo (film) 129 Production Fathom Studios began development on Delgo in 1999."[14] The filmmakers put together kits with artwork and actual replicas of the stones used in the film to send to the actors. although the original intent of the dailies was to allow the crew to "be able to offer commentary to other staff members who do not work the same hours". at least twenty "secondary characters". he also said that offering a learning experience to the public was an important reason for their creation. Chief Animator and Artistic Director Derek Winslow went on record in the January 2001 issue of US weekly stating that "Delgo would be his finest creation" and "would outperform Shrek at the box office". the voice of villainess Sedessa.[13] According to Warren Grubb.[11] The dailies "were receiving a half-million hits a month". on [16] their backgrounds. specifically his album covers for Yes and Asia. "twenty-two creatures. Additionally. before production finished. as well as numerous background characters. The directors acknowledge the influence of artist Roger Dean.[15] Anne Bancroft. Georgia Tech and smaller digital outfits".all of those terrible things. "By granting public access to our film as a work-in-process we are helping to educate students. We wanted to tell a story where our heroes overcame these things personally and facilitated change among entire peoples. violence . thirty plants.

including the three largest animation festivals in the world: SICAF (Korea).[29] Aside from the passing of Bancroft. Kevin Foster. 2010. Rotten Tomatoes reports that only 12% of critics gave positive reviews based on 39 reviews. causing attention to be drawn away from the film for almost a year.[28] Tom Keogh of The Seattle Times praised Bancroft's "excellent voice work" and noted the film was a "busy but decent animated fable that feels like a Star Wars or Lord of the Rings spin-off". A Blu-ray was released on October 5.2 million in the United States). Cartoon Network has basic cable rights. the film had several other setbacks which delayed its release. the president of Fathom Studio’s parent company Macquarium. based on 10 reviews [24] panning the film for its fantasy clichés among other failings. In addition.S.[21] In 2012.[31] . Academy Award-winner Anne Bancroft was commended for her performance as the antagonist in what became her final film role. at the time. this averages to approximately 2 viewers per screening. with the site's consensus stating that "Delgo features a blend of plot elements from earlier (and superior) fantasy films. a record formerly held by the 2006 film Doogal ($7. earning $511.000 made worldwide.[27] Universally. with just over $915. on August 4. six deleted scenes."[23] Metacritic.[22] Delgo is also the lowest-grossing computer-animated film of all time.[30] MGM was originally expected to release the picture but an executive restructuring altered these plans. The DVD extras include an audio commentary from the directors.S.[19] Reception Box office Delgo is notable for producing. calling it "a complete misfire. and Anima Mundi (Brazil). Annecy (France). Critical response Reviews of the film have been largely negative. 2009. the worst opening ever for a film playing in over 2. The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure became the new holder of this record.[18] Delgo received the "Best Feature Film" award at 2008's Anima Mundi.920 at 2. featurettes. indicating "generally unfavorable".000 on its opening weekend. with an average score of 3.[20] According to Yahoo! Movies. earning only $445. Leonard Maltin's bestselling publication "TV Movies" gives the film a BOMB rating.000 theaters. died of heart failure during production. and the short "Chroma Chameleon".6/10.160 screens in the United States." [25] and Campus Circle[26] gave the film acclaim.160 sites. based on a normalized rating from 100 top reviews from mainstream critics. Fox has non-theatrical rights for the world with the exception of U. The DVD was released in the U. gave the film an average score of 27/100.Delgo (film) 130 Distribution Distributor-for-hire[1] Freestyle Releasing distributed the film in 2.[5] Awards The film was accepted by numerous film festivals. with weaker animation and dull characters. television (not including PPV and VOD). citing a unique look and it was widely Critics from Newsday accepted by parents for its positive influences.

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Thudd the Euoplocephalus Jamie Kennedy . Voice Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Alec Medlock .Spazz the Dilophosaurus Hatchling Malcolm McDowell .Mora Alan Shearman .Shanise the Female Corythosaurus George Segal .Stinktooth the Tyrannosaurus Kathy Griffin . whose dark power can endanger all of Dinotopia. he befriends the beloved young dinosaur "26" (known from the miniseries). this is the first related animated version. They soon have to stop Ogthar in time to save Dinotopia. United States English Dinotopia: Quest for the Ruby Sunstone is a 2005 American animated film directed by Davis Doi. Plot The 12-year old orphan Kex Bradley stows away in a lifeboat. the Ruby Sunstone is destroyed. In the process.Albagon the Elderly Dryosaurus Tara Strong .Mayor .26 the Young Chasmosaurus Masasa Moyo .Dinotopia: Quest for the Ruby Sunstone 133 Dinotopia: Quest for the Ruby Sunstone Dinotopia: Quest for the Ruby Sunstone DVD cover of Dinotopia: Quest for the Ruby Sunstone Directed by Produced by Written by Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Davis Doi Steven Squillante Robert Winthrop Sean Roche James Gurney (creator) Scott Arundale Bruce Cathcart SD Entertainment Hallmark Entertainment GoodTimes Entertainment May 17. 2005 75 min. Here.Skybax Captain Kimberly Brooks .Ogthar Alyssa Milano . but after being washed overboard he finds himself on Dinotopia. hoping to see the world. They get in trouble fast as the evil Ogthar is released from his stone prison and recovers the Ruby Sunstone.Female Skybax Patrol Michael Clarke Duncan .John Gregg Berger . Based on the Dinotopia series.Rhoga the Parasaurolophus Wayne Knight .Kex Bradley Diedrich Bader .

during which a crate filled with disco records was blown up on the field. and a near riot ensued. on May 2. com/ bcdb/ cartoon. During the climax of the event. Sensing an incipient anti-disco backlash[6] and playing off the publicity surrounding his firing (Dahl frequently mocked WDAI's "Disco DAI" slogan on the air as "Disco DIE"). "The Loop". WLUP Promotion Director Dave Logan and station sales manager Jeff Schwartz. com/ title/ tt0372238/ [2] http:/ / www. 1979. American League rules called for the game to be made up at the teams' next meeting in Chicago. cgi?film=132890 Disco Demolition Night Disco Demolition Night was a promotional event that took place on Thursday.Calvin 134 External links • Dinotopia: Quest for the Ruby Sunstone [1] at the Internet Movie Database • Dinotopia: Quest for the Ruby Sunstone [2] at the Big Cartoon DataBase References [1] http:/ / www. but an estimated 90. The records would be collected. 1979 was to have featured a single night game.Dinotopia: Quest for the Ruby Sunstone • Rollin Woodford . Off-ramps to the stadium from the Dan Ryan Expressway were closed when the stadium was filled to capacity and beyond. Dahl also recorded his own parody: Do You Think I'm Disco?. It was held during the twi-night doubleheader baseball game between the Chicago White Sox and the Detroit Tigers.[1] The event has been characterized as the "emblematic moment" of the anti-disco "crusade"[2] and "the night disco died. July 12.9). 1979 the Detroit Tigers-Chicago White Sox game at Comiskey Park was rained out. 97. Dahl and Meier. along with Mike Veeck (son of then-White Sox owner Bill Veeck). about double the average for a Thursday night game that year."[3][4][5] Prelude Chicago disc jockey Steve Dahl was fired from local radio station WDAI when it switched formats from rock to disco. Dahl was subsequently hired by rival album-rock station WLUP. Dahl created a mock organization called "The Insane Coho Lips Anti-Disco Army" to oppose disco. Thousands of people climbed walls and fences in order to enter Comiskey Park. bcdb. commented freely on the "strange people" wandering aimlessly in the stands. Dahl and broadcast partner Garry Meier regularly mocked and heaped scorn on disco records on the air. and blown up by Dahl. a satire of Rod Stewart's disco-oriented hit Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?.[10] White Sox TV announcers Harry Caray and Jimmy Piersall. White Sox management was hoping for a crowd of 12. placed in a large crate in center field.000-seat stadium. who were broadcasting the game for WSNS-TV. The single game date was switched to a twi-night doubleheader. Illinois. at Comiskey Park in Chicago.000 turned up at the 52. It ultimately proved to be one of the most notable promotional ideas and one of the most infamous since "Ten Cent Beer Night" in Cleveland in 1974. July 12.[7][8][9] Meanwhile. rowdy fans surged onto the field. the last series before the All-Star Break. Thursday.000. Mike Veeck recalled that the pregame . to kick off a four-game weekend series. while others were denied admission. devised a promotion that involved people bringing unwanted disco music records to the game in exchange for an admission fee of 98¢ (the fee represented the station's location on the FM dial. Event The turnout for this promotion far exceeded all expectations. imdb.

emerged and proceeded to center field. The scoreboard simply flashed. mostly wandered around aimlessly.[11] When the crate on the field was filled with records. WSNS-TV took the event off the air and aired a movie instead. The next day.[13] After Piersall concluded his interview with Gleason. American League president Lee MacPhail ruled that the White Sox had failed to provide acceptable playing conditions and forfeited the second game to the Tigers 9-0.[13] Eventually. Six people reported minor injuries and thirty-nine were arrested for disorderly conduct. For White Sox outfielder Rusty Torres.[13] Some lit more fires and started small-scale riots. though Tigers manager Sparky Anderson let it be known that his players would not take the field in any event due to safety concerns. sat on the grass. along with Lorelei Shark. Disco Demolition Night was the third time in his career he had personally seen a forfeit-inducing riot.[13] Bases were stolen ― though one of the ushers managed to take first base and bring it out of the ballpark before any of the rioters could touch it[13] ― along with chunks of the field itself. the field was cleared by the Chicago Police in riot gear. He had played for the New York Yankees at the last Senators game in Washington in 1971 and for the Cleveland Indians at the infamous Ten Cent Beer Night in Cleveland in 1974. The event was deemed newsworthy worldwide. attended the event. and the bodyguards hopped into a jeep which circled the warning track before leaving the field through the right-centerfield exit and the televised broadcast cut to a commercial break. Some pulled down the batting cage. Some began to throw their records from the stands during the game. The remaining games in the series were played.[13][14] thousands of fans immediately rushed the field. Dahl. Piersall."[13][14] Michael Clarke Duncan. Shark. When detonated. After the first game (which Detroit won 4-1). who soon realized that long-playing (LP) records were shaped like frisbees.[18] Veeck and Caray used the public address system to implore the fans to leave the field immediately. but for the rest of the season fielders and managers complained about the poor condition of the field.[14][13] Gleason.Disco Demolition Night air was heavy with the scent of marijuana. the explosives blasted a hole in the outfield grass surface and a small fire began burning. dressed in army fatigues and helmet." After a short while. who was in the midst of doing a pregame interview with local sports columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times' Bill Gleason. Dahl. ran from security and police and threw records into the air. He also had a silver belt buckle stolen during the ensuing riot[17] and stole a bat from the dugout.[13] In the announcers' booth.[13] was commenting on the event and ranted against the rioters and Steve Dahl. once on the field. often striking other fans.[14] many were already wandering in the outfield as soon as the broadcast came back on the air. a Chicago native and 21 at the time. most of the fans left the field. staff stopped collecting them from fans.[16] though a number of participants burned banners. wrecked it[15] and ran it across the outfield.[6] 135 . though also very critical of what was going on.[10] The field was so badly torn up that the umpires decided the second game couldn't be played. He was among the first 100 people to run onto the field and he slid into third base. but to no avail. and also threw beer cans and even firecrackers from the stands.[13] kept his cool and described the rioters as "happy kids showing off. The crowd. "PLEASE RETURN TO YOUR SEATS. The large box containing the collected records was rigged with explosives. WLUP's first "Rock Girl". Dahl led the crowd in chants of "disco sucks" and a countdown prior to triggering the explosives.[13] After Dahl left and the White Sox started warming up for the second game.[12] and bodyguards.

Retrieved 2008-11-20. [2] Ward. December 11. p. "Disco demolition: Bell-bottoms be gone!" (http:/ / sports. [3] Campion (2009). producer and guitarist for the disco-era group Chic. Neal (2000). p. said regarding the general anti-disco movement: "It felt to us like Nazi book-burning. 1995.). Stokes. Geoffrey. Mike was blacklisted from Major League Baseball for a long time after his father retired. Daily Herald.[24] In Popular Culture Chicago based Pop-Rock band Fall Out Boy posted a photo to their Facebook page on February 4. Simon & Schuster. com/ Riots/ What-was-it-like-to-be-in-Comiskey-Park-for-Disco-Demolition-Night) [14] Disco Demolition . youtube. progressives and puritans. 2013 of the band burning vinyl copies of their old records on the former site of Comiskey Park. April 22. .July 12. This is America. com/ chicago/ postcards-from-disco-demolition-night/ Content?oid=1148642) [5] The Night Disco Died . did not believe Disco Demolition Night itself was discriminatory. quora. stating simply that he felt those involved were "idiots". Phil (October 9. southsidesox. his son Mike was the actual front-office promoter behind it. As Mike related.com [10] Behrens. ESPN. 2004). Tucker. "The second that first guy shimmied down the outfield wall. p. Mike Veeck apologized to Casey for the event.Disco Demolition Night 136 Aftermath Although Bill Veeck took much of the public heat for the fiasco. Billboard 101 (16): 10. ISBN 0-380-79215-X. php?tool=print& id=265550). Ken (1986). "The worst thing is people calling Disco Demolition homophobic or racist. ISBN 978-0-671-63068-3."[22] Dahl."[6] However. 2009). the second game of this doubleheader is the last American League game to be forfeited. com/ watch?v=o98PcPvS-54& feature=related) . uk/ news/ world/ americas/ disco-inferno-680390. html). 2004. on July 12. com/ espn/ page3/ story?page=behrens/ 040809). The attacks on disco gave respectable voice to the ugliest kinds of unacknowledged racism.com. 2005).Thirty Years Ago! . com/ de/ life_in/ leisure/ brazils-alchemist-of-funk-abrtropical-superstar-jorge-ben-jor-brings-the-funk-to-germanybr-9736. "the following year disco had peaked as a commercial blockbuster". [9] Interview with Ben Jor (http:/ / www..[2] Steve Dahl said in a 2004 interview with Keith Olbermann that disco was a fad "probably on its way out. [12] Rosenthal.YouTube (http:/ / www. Darryl Strawberry. Harry Wayne Casey. Andy (July 12. I knew my life was over!"[11] According to the 1986 book Rock of Ages: The Rolling Stone History of Rock and Roll. rockers and reactionaries. [11] Karlen.South Side Sox (http:/ / www. It just wasn't.We weren't thinking like that.. forcing the Los Angeles Dodgers to forfeit the game to the St.Quora (http:/ / www. 82–84 [4] Postcards From Disco Demolition Night | Feature | Chicago Reader (http:/ / www. espn. But I think it hastened its demise". As a result.[23] The last game to end in this manner in the National League was on August 10. redorbit. com/ 2009/ 7/ 12/ 946430/ the-night-disco-died-july-12-1979) [6] "Disco inferno" (http:/ / www. 532. when a baseball giveaway promotion at Dodger Stadium went awry. . expatica.com)."[10] To this day.[21] The book A Change Is Gonna Come states that "The Anti-disco movement represented an unholy alliance of funkateers and feminists. independent. Dakota Sadie And Me. go. Set to Be Back in The Loop" (http:/ / www. 2001.[20] Years later. rejects the notion that prejudice was his motivation for Disco Demolition Night. Rock of Ages: The Rolling Stone History of Rock and Roll (1st ed. html) Expatica. [13] Riots: What was it like to be in Comiskey Park for Disco Demolition Night? . Paul Saints At The Bottom Of The Bush Leagues With Bill Murray. however. Louis Cardinals.com. the home of jazz and rock and people were now afraid even to say the word 'disco'. Harper Paperbacks. "The miracle of Disco Demolition night". C. sexism and homophobia. References [1] staff (7-12-2009). The photo coincided with the band's reunion announcement.03. Ed. chicagoreader.[19] Nile Rodgers. "Johnny B. The Independent. ESPNChicago. "No anniversary party for disco debacle". Slouching Toward Fargo: A Two-Year Saga Of Sinners And St. [8] "WLUP Chicago Reminisces". . 1989. USA Today. the singer for disco act KC and the Sunshine Band. Rod (July 12. [7] Beaton. com/ modules/ news/ tools. co. Chicago Tribune (redorbit. 1979 .

google.The Photos. com/ chicago/ columns/ story?page=disco/ 090712). "Disco Demolition: Bell-bottoms be gone!" (http:/ / sports. 2011). com/ sports/ cs-060520cubicle. "Love may have bloomed again on set for 'Garden State' star". chicagotribune.com. Clerisy Press. 2006). [24] Snyder.. ISBN 1578604524. "From the Cubicle" (http:/ / www. Lawrence Journal-World. ljworld. Page 2 (http:/ / www. 2009).com/issue09/disco-demolition-night/) . go. com/ focal/ disco/ photos/ ddpic23.com's Disco Demolition story page (http://whitesoxinteractive. [18] Caldarelli.htm) • Disco Demolition Night News Headlines (http://www. espn.outernetweb. John (March 16. "The Night Disco Went Up in Smoke" (http://www. 2006). Adams Media. [19] "'Countdown with Keith Olbermann' Complete Transcript for July 12. The Little Book of Big F*#k Ups: 220 of History's Most-Regrettable Moments (http:/ / books. External links • Whitesoxinteractive. jpg [16] Disco Demolition Night . [22] Werner. 365 Oddball Days in Dodgers History (http:/ / books. com/ books?id=2-SrRW5l74IC& pg=PA154& lpg=PA154& dq=last+ forfeited+ game+ in+ the+ american+ league+ sox& source=bl& ots=rof5jwQrR5& sig=h05jNn0tyCBlxmKWU2s8_24uv88& hl=en& sa=X& ei=XtJXUOjLIsiYygHb9oHIDQ& ved=0CDoQ6AEwAQ#v=onepage& q=last forfeited game in the american league sox& f=false).com. Ken (April 15. [23] Lytle. . MSNBC. A Change Is Gonna Come: Music. . 2004.print. . Chicago Tribune. 2006). .com/focal/disco/coholips/index. Joe (2009-07-04).. ISBN 1440512523. . Retrieved 2009-07-07. Bill (September 28. 154. p. Craig (January 9. [21] "Disco demolition promoter apologizes" (http:/ / www2.html) • Story about Disco Demolition Night (http://swindlemagazine.html). 137 Further reading • LaPointe. University of Michigan Press. Retrieved 14 September 2012.com/2009/07/05/ sports/baseball/05disco. com/ id/ 5429592/ ns/ msnbc_tv-about_msnbc_tv/ ). 2001. ISBN 0-472-03147-3.com/History&Glory/ DiscoDemolition. espn. . Associated Press. outernetweb. google. html) [17] Zwecker. com/ books?id=mmZO7XSc7i4C& pg=PP6& lpg=PP6& dq=1995+ dodgers+ forfeit& source=bl& ots=VESPqPkUcL& sig=Rj3XIC4VH--neFF6mNtxNKQAQkc& hl=en& sa=X& ei=SdNXUNScBqG7ygH1h4H4Aw& ved=0CDIQ6AEwAA#v=onepage& q=1995 dodgers forfeit& f=false).Disco Demolition Night [15] http:/ / www.go. Race & the Soul of America.7421730.com/focal/disco/headlines/index. outernetweb.nytimes. Andy (July 12. New York Times. com/ focal/ disco/ photos/ index1.0. Chicago Sun-Times. 2010). msn.html) • More about the Insane Coho Lips (http://www. July 12. com/ news/ 2001/ jul/ 13/ disco_demolition_promoter/ ?print). July 13. [20] Behrens. Adam (May 20. msnbc. column). 2004" (http:/ / www.outernetweb.

[1] The game's introduction explains that the only thing keeping each of them from taking over the realm is their hatred of each other.A. The three heroes must undo their mistake by joining forces to right the wrong they caused. makes an appearance in the game. each with his or her own unique abilities: the fighter Rannek. A great red dragon. Synopsis Characters and setting There are three playable characters in Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone. Once there.[1] and a half-drow. Xbox and Windows PC. leads the group to these mines. It is set in the Forgotten Realms campaign setting for Dungeons & Dragons (D&D). he is a playable character during a portion of one battle. is the second. can cast spells over long range. but the gameplay only vaguely models D&D's structure. The story develops as the three heroes battle two orc armies near the jewel-rich Gemspark Mines. general of the Githyanki. is a master of melee combat. The story was written by R. half-wood-elf rogue named Zhai easily vanishes into the shadows before sneaking up on her enemy for the kill. The hero of many of Salvatore's novels.[1] the sorcerer Illius.[2] The two villains are equally enemies of the heroes and of each other. sent by Ygorl.Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone 138 Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone Developer(s) Publisher(s) Platform(s) Stormfront Studios Zono Inc. The first villain—Ygorl—is the leader of the Slaad army. they unwillingly release Ygorl and Cireka from the Demon Stone and into the world. 2004 Action Single player Release date(s) Genre(s) Mode(s) Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone is a video game that was released in 2004 for PlayStation 2. Salvatore and features the voices of Patrick Stewart as Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun and Michael Clarke Duncan as Ygorl.[1] Cireka. Drizzt Do'Urden. the great mage Khelben Blackstaff sealed them both within a Demon Stone. Atari Windows PlayStation 2 Xbox November 16. . Fearing that the realm would be at the mercy of whichever villain was victorious.

Zhai. When they find the portal. but Ygorl forces himself and Cireka through the portal before Illius can succeed.[1] Critical reception . Bosses overpower characters in one-on-one fighting but can be defeated with the combined power of all three heroes. Rannek. Rannek uses a sword and breaks things with his gauntlets. there are several tasks that require the use of various skills. where Ygorl waits for them. Ygorl arrives with his Slaad horde.[1] There are many fighting moves. As the three leave. The three work together to slay Caminus. Ygorl arrives riding Caminus and attacks Khelben's tower. Salvatore wrote the game's script. a human fighter. Illius fights with a staff and uses magic (the game's most powerful ranged attack.Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone 139 Story R. The portal takes them back to Gemspark Mines. one could be found in the possession of the Yuan-ti people. they visit Illius' mentor. Gameplay Players have control over all three characters and can change character at any time (after all three main heroes arrive). Zhai uses two daggers and becomes invisible in shadows—this is useful for sneaking up on enemies and killing them. as that would be where she would feel most comfortable. After fighting their way past Ygorl's hoard. Ultimately. There. After evacuating the nearby wood-elf village of Cedarleaf. As he comes to the aid of wood elves captured by the orcs. and Illius are driven into the nearby Gemspark Mines by a dragon.A. They are welcomed back at Cedarleaf as heroes. Khelben Blackstaff. The tower is destroyed as the three escape. then pursue Ygorl through the portal. a half-drow. After they defeat the Yuan-ti and claim the Demon Stone. ultimately slaying him. As the three battle the Githyanki. attacked by Cireka and her Githyanki soldiers. Although much of the game is hack-and-slash.[3] which begins with Rannek. the other two can throw knives (Zhai) or axes(Rannek)). they accidentally release the warlords Ygorl and Cireka from their imprisonment in a Demon Stone. they use a portal that leads to Limbo. Cireka is killed by the dragon. a drow that does not follow the normally cruel ways of his people. The three escape from the warlords and decide to join forces to imprison them again. Here. Illius tries to imprison the two warlords in the Demon Stone. stumbling across a battle between two orc armies. Inside the mines. and Ygorl flees through another portal. the heroes engage in a final duel with Ygorl. having survived the assault on his tower. Caminus. Khelben Blackstaff arrives through a portal. half-elf named Zhai and a sorcerer named Illius join the battle. He says that they will need a new Demon Stone. hoping he can help them find Cireka. they go to see Drizzt Do'Urden. they also find Cireka and her Githyanki hoard ready to make use of it. He directs them to an abandoned portal in the Underdark. The three follow the warlords through the portal to the lair of Caminus. He brings them the king's thanks and the offer of the untamed land of Vasa to be their own. and players must use each character's skills to play the game effectively. for advice. There.

Ward Drizzt.[1] Demon Stone was nominated for two awards by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA). Heather Newman of the Detroit Free Press called the game "extraordinarily cinematic".Male – Nominated [6] [6] [6] The game received a positive response from critics. voiced by Christopher Nissley Khelben. Heather (July 21. 2012. [5] "Demon Stone 2004" (http:/ / www. 2005). 2004).. . and the sound effects "highly realistic". . it is too short and the hack and slash element becomes "repetitive". 2012. Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences.Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone 140 Reception Review scores Publication Allgame Score [4] Awards Entity British Academy of Film and Television Arts British Academy of Film and Television Arts Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences [5] [5] Award 2004 Games – Audio – Nominated 2004 Games – Original Music – Nominated 2005 Outstanding Achievement in Character or Story Development – Nominated 2005 Outstanding Achievement in Visual Engineering – Nominated 2005 Outstanding Character Performance . voiced by Patrick Stewart[7] Rannek. and the sound. Tom (September 26. 2012. highbeam. "Hectic hack and slash" (http:/ / www. 2005. php?id=46595). "Heather Newman Column" (http:/ / www. adding that "the dialogue and story line Salvatore crafted substantially contributed to that feel. voiced by Dan Riordan Ygorl. highbeam.J. com/ doc/ 1P2-208690.[1] She praised the graphics as "excellent". org/ awards-database. . 2012. Retrieved December 15. com/ doc/ 1G1-134278983. asp)."[3] Judy Siegel-Itzkovich of the Jerusalem Post gave the game four and half stars.[5] and four awards by the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences. Retrieved October 22. html). interactive. [6] "2005 Interactive Achievement Awards" (http:/ / www. voiced by Michael Clarke Duncan[7] Zhai. html?sq=demon+ stone). highbeam. T. Judy (April 1. com/ doc/ 1P1-107346500. Retrieved December 15. allgame. 2012. the voice acting "high quality".[6] Characters • • • • • • • Cireka. html). The Washington Post. calling the music "rousing and dramatic". Jerusalem Post. 2005). "Reviews" (http:/ / www.[1] She concluded by saying that while fans would love the game. – via HighBeam Research (subscription required) [2] Ham. html). bafta. voiced by B. British Academy of Film and Television Arts. . . 2004. Retrieved December 15. com/ game. voiced by Vanessa Marshall References [1] Siegel-Itzkovich. – via HighBeam Research (subscription required) [4] Deci. – via HighBeam Research (subscription required) [3] Newman. "Demon Stone (DVD-ROM Edition) Overview" (http:/ / www. voiced by Robin Atkin Downes Illius. 2012. . Retrieved October 18. . Detroit Free Press.J. Retrieved October 22. org/ awards/ 2005_8th_awards.

Retrieved October 18. .com/game/forgotten-realms-demon-stone) at MobyGames . "Michael Clarke Duncan and Patrick Stewart are going gaming" (http:/ / www. Daily Variety. 2004). – via HighBeam Research (subscription required) 141 External links • Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone (http://www.mobygames. Fritz.Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone [7] Feiwell. 2012. Ben (May 24. com/ doc/ 1G1-118106531. Jill. highbeam. html).

They then." To conclude the transaction. transport the egg by wagon back to her father. gives his son George a Dragon Horn. When George encounters the princess. whom she has named Smite. in company with other companions. (alternative title: Dragon Sword) is a 2004 Sci-Fi Channel Historical fantasy film based in a medieval England. and begins with (uncredited) Val Kilmer. Synopsis George (James Purefoy). as it is part of his plan to take over the kingdom. a previous friend of King Edgaar's and an amputee from his own previous run-in with the mother dragon. He then kidnaps her to force her to marry him. where Lunna's cousin is a nun. Garth. wishes to retire from soldiering. which lays an egg and then seemingly dies a few days later. betrothed of the unwilling princess. he agrees to help the land's owner. a knight returned from the Crusades. and she says she will not marry him because she does not love him. The princess's betrothed. he attempts to destroy the egg but she knocks him unconscious each time he tries. and the mercenary El Cabillo. The princess has been kidnapped by a female dragon. and a friar is an old friend of George's. catches up with them at the convent. Also in search of the princess are Garth (Patrick Swayze). find a wife. the princess decides to guard the egg. Rather than escaping. . King Edgaar (Simon Callow). and loosely based on the legend of Saint George and the Dragon. Shaw American World Pictures (AWP) 2004 93 min United States English George and the Dragon. which she believes holds the last dragon on earth. which "sounds a note only a dragon can hear". Along the way they stop at a convent. a title which passes through different men.George and the Dragon (film) 142 George and the Dragon (film) George and the Dragon (Dragonsword) DVD cover Directed by Produced by Tom Reeve Michael Burks Frank Huebner Jeremy Saunders Tom Reeve Michael Burks Piper Perabo James Purefoy Patrick Swayze Michael Clarke Duncan Gast Waltzing Written by Starring Music by Cinematography Joost van Starrenburg Editing by Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Misch Bervard Jonathan P. and settle on "an acre of land with two head of cattle. whose daughter Princess Lunna (Piper Perabo) has disappeared. George's father Sir Robert (Paul Freeman).

led by the El Cabillo. George pursues with King Edgaar's horse and his blessing to marry his daughter. who then reveals himself to the group as Tarik (Michael Clarke Duncan). Garth and George are fighting. the baby dragon hatches. the leader of the mutiny. This is the lance of his father still lodged in the beast. while taking shots at each other. The combatants all flee. Garth knocks George from his steed and they fight. He asks God's forgiveness for what he must do and promises to make this as painless as possible for the dragon. The Princess Lunna realizes that George did not actually kill the dragons. George is last to the door of the keep but debris prevents his escape. George emerges from the keep with a bloodied lance. Believing that George has slain the dragon the men are overjoyed. overcome with sorrow for both the dragon's death and George's betrayal. The scene shifts to the castle courtyard a roar is heard. Within the keep the mother dragon seems preoccupied with her child and George is largely frozen lest he attract the mother dragon's attention. The Princess Lunna however is not and. and King Edgaar's men and Sir Robert's men arrive to join the fray. During this fight. George slowly approaches the lance and takes hold. They kiss and presumably live happily ever after. In the castle courtyard the former combatants all listen in silence as the dragon makes much noise within the keep. 143 Cast Actor James Purefoy Piper Perabo Patrick Swayze Role George Princess Lunna Garth Michael Clarke Duncan Tarik Bill Treacher Jean-Pierre Castaldi Rollo Weeks Paul Freeman Stefan Jürgens Phil McKee Caroline Carver Joan Plowright Simon Callow Carl Chase Bill Oddie Elmendorf Bernard Wryn Sir Robert Bulchar McNally Sister Angela Mother Superior King Edgaar Arrd Odo . George notices a lance protrudes from the mother dragons side. This conflagration is interrupted as the wall of the castle keep explodes across the screen. Garth has also pursued. Garth has the advantage and as he raises his sword for the killing blow the mother dragon leaps from the water and swallows Garth whole. but turn to find themselves facing a mutual enemy: the former second-in-command of El Cabillo. The mother dragon has returned. But El Cabillo's men revolt against him. There is a chase along the shore of a large body of water but George is not alone in the chase. The Princess Lunna fears the worst for both George and the dragon she has named herself. as they wish to capture the Princess and claim the reward.George and the Dragon (film) Mercenaries arrive. They fight him off together. While they are all fighting. flees on horseback. the monk Elmendorf is killed saving the Princess from a flying spear. a Moor who was a close friend of George's seen at the beginning of the film before the two part ways.

com/title/tt0306892/) at the Internet Movie Database • Official site (http://www.georgeandthedragonmovie.George and the Dragon (film) 144 References External links • George and the Dragon (http://www.imdb.com/) .

C. The sequel was panned by both critics and viewers alike. and to be with Ursula (Julie Benz) and Junior. the "new George" states that the studio is "too cheap to pay Brendan Fraser. mostly with animal arguments. and introducing Christopher Showerman as "George". When the narrator (voiced by Keith Scott) shows a surprise reaction of the actor playing George. but Jr. A. George also wants to teach Jr. It was directed by David Grossman. 2003 87 minutes United States English George of the Jungle 2 is the 2003 direct-to-video sequel of the 1997 Disney film George of the Jungle. Jones) ride in on Shep. The movie focuses on George trying to save Ape Mountain from his evil arch-nemesis Lyle (Thomas Haden Church)." George is currently in a situation where he isn't able to keep track of whether to help the animals. John Cleese. Michael Clarke Duncan. Redford Narrated by Starring Music by Cinematography David Burr Editing by Studio Alan Cody The Kerner Entertainment Company Jay Ward Productions Walt Disney Pictures • Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language October 21. . how to vine swing. Plot The film opens with an animated segment. The live portion begins when George (Christopher Showerman) and his son Junior (Angus T. Jones Kelly Miller John Kassir Michael Clarke Duncan John Cleese Christopher Showerman J. Julie Benz. and stars Thomas Haden Church. Angus T. Jones. Christina Pickles. written by Jordan Moffet.George of the Jungle 2 145 George of the Jungle 2 George of the Jungle 2 DVD cover Directed by Produced by Screenplay by Based on David Grossman Gregg Hoffman Jordan Kerner Jordan Moffet George of the Jungle by Jay Ward Bill Scott Keith Scott Thomas Haden Church Julie Benz Christina Pickles Angus T.

Beatrice Stanhope (Christina Pickles). who is gambling in Las Vegas. in a bigger box as George got advice from Brendan Fraser. The women attempt to capture them. Lyle and Beatrice arrive and tell George that they won't destroy the jungle and will give back the deed if he hands over Ursula and Junior. As she punches him leaving him dangling on the side of the bulldozer. Lyle. he orders bulldozers to destroy the jungle. angered by his defeat. so George defeats him easily with something he learned when he was younger. Rocky jumps along as the women get up to face him. Kowalski jumps over to try and help defeat George. where Ursula is currently unconscious in a hammock. Lyle has sent his agents over already to destroy the jungle including his attractive but evil women. But George doesn't give up easily and continues to distract the women so Rocky can get in the bulldozer. As Lyle has the deed. Lyle's women are searching an old granny instead of cranny. after convincing from Ape. of which they find more than they anticipated. pinching Lion's ear. while Beatrice has bought lots of expensive items. The final bulldozer is guarded by Sally and Kowalski. With the women confused he jumps on their shoulders five times each. They get away from the rather attractive two. As they turrn in to the bulldozer they see Rocky. Beatrice is in a plot with Lyle Van De Groot (Thomas Haden Church) to steal the deed to Ape Mountain. Ape. and Rocky the kangaroo attempt to find Ursula and Junior and take them back to the jungle. they get a hypnotist to hypnotise her into forgetting George and thinking Lyle is her husband. Lyle and his agents. who played George in the previous film). Afterwards. an attendant stops the women by holding them down briefly and they are unsuccessful in capturing George and Ape. George kisses Ursula. grabbing Lyle and 146 .George of the Jungle 2 prefers vine surfing. This would prove to be a great mistake. Pressumably dead or knocked out. this time. Sally (Marjean Holden) and Kowalski (Erika Heynatz). he then kicks the two women in the jaw which sends them flying across the jungle. They go through George's underwear. George wanting to spend some time with Ursula doesn't impress some the animals including the Mean Lion (voiced by Michael Clarke Duncan). They encounter Sally and Kowalski who have come to capture them. George. George finds Ursula. Rocky has to think promptly as to how to stop the two women. which knocks him out. picks Lyle up and hangs him from a tree branch by his underwear. After getting Shep to take them back to the treehouse. but he goes with them to see Ape in Las Vegas. insults the narrator. After Kowalski literally kicks George off. in mud unable to escape. has the deed to Ape Mountain. holding them at gun point. Discovering Ape doesn't own the deed to the mountain. screaming for their lives. Ursula's mother. None of Lyle's accomplices are heard or seen again. Smacking them into the hard ground they groan and squeal before Rocky leaves the poor women buried up to their breasts. in order to get Ursula as his wife. Ape (voiced by John Cleese). Meanwhile. leaving the Mean Lion to have the advantage to take over the jungle as the new king. Junior and the others head back to the jungle (hiding. he and the others fight by methods of catapulting coconuts and elephant poo (or "zug-zug") from palm trees. to coax Ursula and her son to come back to San Francisco. When George discovers the bulldozers heading through the jungle. and igniting them by lighting gorilla farts. but George. they find out that the Mean Lion has taken over. but George does. Despite almost capturing George. As George's head comes in to contact with several trees and Sally and Kowalski grin with delight seeing their foe suffer. After another chase involving animal patrol and the police happens on the roof. who doesn't recognize him due to the hypnotism. he tries to reason with Sally but fails. After several failed attempts by her mother and friends (who are also in plot with her) to convince Ursula to leave George and go back to San Francisco. thus breaking the hypnotic spell. Secretly. and get rid of the driver. break into George's room. making Ape lose. Junior swings into the bulldozer and shuts it down before it hits the treehouse. they think they have won. After George manages to climb on the bulldozer. As Ape. so coconuts aren't thrown at them as they can't hit women. After Ape throws a suitcase at them disarming the women they chase after them. when they realise they make a run for it. and three of the Swahilian explorers from the previous film arrive for Junior's birthday. Their guess is that George's brother. who responds by pulling his giant hand from the sky. George gives his son a spear. They almost give up but eventually they find the deed as Sally and Kowalski grin with delight. George and Rocky try and escape to the Jungle. so Lyle cheats in a game of poker. who wants the throne for himself. Beatrice tries to convince George to let Ursula and Junior go back to the US. The bulldozer is heading towards the treehouse. After they come crashing down in an open bit of land. he makes Ape work off his debts from the gambling by working in his theatre for the next 17 years.

he belongs to the animals. When she's kicked out of the bulldozerand lands in an open piece of ground. Water Buffalo (voice) . He loves his family and has to put up with his wife's mother. Ursula is a pretty blonde woman who is also not particularly bright. but can be annoying at times. Lyle is his arch enemy that tries to take Ursula away from him. he belongs to Ursula. with a tight fitting black jumpsuit and boots. • Angus T. One of Lyle's women that is also rather attractive. She isn't the nicest of people but will put up a fight. After Ursula's friends are snapped out of their hypnosis. • Marjean Holden as Sally. One of Lyle's women that is rather attractive. George Jr. • Christina Pickles as Beatrice Stanhope.George of the Jungle 2 carrying him off to the sky. In the last scene when she's trying to defeat George she does show that she can be loyal helping her friend as she jumps over the otherside of the bulldozer. When being jumped on she grunts bit then squeals when the middle of her legs hits the hard ground. Christopher Showerman does not receive top-billing. he belongs to Junior. She is mistaken and is kicked in the jaw and thrown across the jungle. He tries to get Ursula to go with him but fails on every occasion. Ursula's mother who sides with Lyle and is an arrogant woman. George is a well built man who isn't the brightest person. Voices • • • • • • • • John Cleese as an Ape named Ape (voice) Michael Clarke Duncan as Mean Lion (voice) John Kassir as Rocky. She follows Lyle's orders and tries to fulfill her orders but doesn't usually succeed.. However when she kicks George in the groin and thinks she has won. she also wears a green camouflage jacket at times. Lyle is George's arch enemy and a fairly pathetic character that is also very immature. she does seem to try to suggest she surrenders. • Erika Heynatz as Kowalski. She has long dark brown hair and wears lots of make up with a bright red dress and boots. but at all times. The film ends with George vine surfing and Junior swinging back to the treehouse for lunch. 147 Cast • Thomas Haden Church as Lyle Van de Groot. Despite portraying the film's main character. She tries to persuade Ursula to go back with her. but whose heart is in the right place. She squeals as she's being jumped on. Armando (voice) Keith Scott as Narrator Kevin Greutert as Tookie (voice) Kevin Michael Richardson as Grouchy Ape. Jones as George Jr. before George crashes into the side of the treehouse when swinging. and from 5 til 9. She shows off her breasts quite a lot wearing a low cut jumpsuit. is a young boy trying to be like his dad. King of the Jungle. She stands by George and rejects Lyle. • Christopher Showerman as George. George and Ursula get married again. Prince of the Jungle. After seeing Sally smacked into the ground for good she tries to escape but sadly she is defeated by Rocky the kangaroo when he pounds her into the ground and knocks her out. George tells them from 9 til 5. She has long blonde hair and wears lots of make up. But Rocky takes no notice of her and she is finally defeated after being pounded into the ground and is knocked out. • Julie Benz as Ursula. Queen of the Jungle. but doesn't have a personality to match. Chimp (voice) Tress MacNeille as Tiger (voice) Dee Bradley Baker as Little Monkey.

with a score of 5/10. 2010 [2] [1] God of War Collection NA AUS EU April 30. 2007 AUS May 3. action-adventure . com/ m/ george_of_the_jungle_2/ ) . rottentomatoes.com/title/tt0322389/) at the Internet Movie Database God of War II God of War II North American box art. depicting Kratos overlooking the Palace of the Fates. 2010 August 28.Rotten Tomatoes. 2007 October 25.[1] References [1] George Of The Jungle 2 (http:/ / www. External links • George of the Jungle 2 (http://www. Developer(s) Publisher(s) SCE Santa Monica Studio Sony Computer Entertainment • JP Capcom Director(s) Producer(s) Writer(s) Cory Barlog Steve Caterson Cory Barlog James Barlog Marianne Krawczyk Gerard Marino Ron Fish Mike Reagan Cris Velasco God of War Kinetica (PS2) Bluepoint Engine (God of War Collection and Saga) PlayStation 2 PlayStation 3 (God of War Collection and Saga) PlayStation 2 • • • • • • • • NA EU JP Composer(s) Series Engine Platform(s) Release date(s) March 13.George of the Jungle 2 148 Reception The film received negative reviews as it holds a 20% "Rotten" on Rotten Tomatoes. 2007 April 27. 2012 God of War Saga NA Genre(s) Hack and slash. 2007 November 17. Retrieved on 4-28-2012. 2009 April 29.imdb.

avert his betrayal. the King of the Olympian Gods. snowy mountain and prison of the Titan Typhon. It was first released for the PlayStation 2 (PS2) video game console on March 13. It focuses on combo-based combat. It is the second installment in the God of War series. God of War II has been regarded as one of the best PlayStation 2 games and action games of all time. achieved through the player's main weapon—Athena's Blades—and secondary weapons acquired later. and the sequel to 2005's critically acclaimed God of War. wild boars. Synopsis Setting As with other games in the God of War franchise. Located on the island is the Bog of the Forgotten. undead legionnaires. The game features quick time events that require the player to complete various game controller actions in a timed sequence to defeat stronger enemies and boss fights. In addition to its vastly similar gameplay. the new God of War who killed the former. The player can use up to four magical attacks and a power enhancing ability as alternative combat options. Tartarus. and is where Jason of the Argonauts was killed by the mole cerberus. and his Spartan army: the Rhodes army is being overrun and the city features the massive statue. guardians. the Colossus of Rhodes. Complex magazine named God of War II the best PlayStation 2 game of all time. IGN listed the game as the second best PlayStation 2 game. and other beings of Greek mythology. and the army of the Fates. populated by the Olympian Gods. Flying in the sky over the ocean are griffins and ravens. the sixth chronologically. the game's events are set between the games Betrayal and God of War III. sirens. The Island of Creation is a vast island located at the edge of the world and home to the Sisters of Fate. Rhodes is a war-torn city under assault by Kratos. retrieves the Titans from the past. God of War II is set in an alternate version of Ancient Greece. is a large. located somewhere in the ocean between Rhodes and the Island of Creation. minotaurs. puzzles. Unsuccessful at killing Zeus. beast lords. the Island of Creation and its locales. Titans. and a brief scene of Mount Olympus. including sentries. who strips him of his godhood. and was the best-selling game in the UK during the week of its release. as part of the God of War Saga. undead barbarians. the game features improved puzzles and four times as many bosses as the original. The player controls the protagonist Kratos. the Lair of Typhon. Just before the Palace of the Fates. and take revenge on Zeus. The game is loosely based on Greek mythology. and both IGN and GameSpot consider it the "swan song" of the PlayStation 2 era. a brief scene in the Underworld. and high priests. The mountain features several enemies. cerberuses. The island is full of deadly traps.God of War II Mode(s) Media/distribution Single-player DVD-9 (PS2) BD. along with God of War. as part of the God of War Collection for the PlayStation 3 (PS3). and leads them in an assault on Mount Olympus. The brief scene in the Underworld shows that it is a fiery realm. Kratos is betrayed by Zeus. The game has sold more than 4. which houses the gorgon Euryale. nymphs. cyclopses. minotaurs. Several locations are explored in the game: the ancient city of Rhodes. satyrs. God of War II. and Gorgons. is the Great Chasm. and is set in Ancient Greece with vengeance as its central motif. With the exception of flashbacks. he is saved by the Titan Gaia who instructs him to find the Sisters of Fate. and enemies. also for the PlayStation 3. the home of the Sisters. Slowly dragged to the Underworld. Download (God of War Collection and Saga) 149 God of War II is a third person action-adventure video game published by Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) and developed by SCE Santa Monica Studio. 2012. Ares. The Lair of Typhon. rabid hounds. Kratos uses the power of the Fates. juggernauts.2 million copies worldwide as of June 2012. lead by the Dark Rider. as well as Prometheus. 2009. Players also solve puzzles and the game features platforming elements. The gameplay of God of War II is very similar to that of God of War. heroes. The remastered version was re-released on August 28. was remastered and released on November 17. who will allow him to travel back in time. In 2012. a giant whole in the Earth . including harpies. the God of War. 2007. including Gorgons.

several Titans—including Gaia (Linda Hunt). the Sisters try to change the outcome of Kratos' battle with Ares. and Susan Silo respectively). revealed to be a loyal Spartan soldier. finally free of eternal torture. Prometheus falls into a fire and dies. Kratos frees Pegasus with the power and then flies to the Island of Creation. but Kratos . requiring Kratos to infuse the blade with the remainder of his godly power. including the Kraken. Atlas also reveals that the Blade of Olympus is the key to defeating Zeus and helps Kratos to reach the Palace of the Fates.[3] Kratos' wife Lysandra. who states he was forced to intervene as Athena refused to do so. and allow him his revenge on Zeus. Kratos is slowly dragged to the Underworld. the soldier tells Kratos that Zeus has destroyed Sparta in Kratos' absence. Atropos. which will grant him access to the island. Typhon (Fred Tatasciore). Kratos fights and kills Theseus to awaken the gigantic stone Steeds of Time. Carson). Kratos battles them. Finally on the island. After evading traps and defeating more enemies. Lakhesis and Atropos. The gods Hades and Poseidon appear in flashbacks of the Great War. Just before reaching the island. Before he dies. but is saved by the Titan Gaia. the King of the Gods and the main antagonist. Cronos. also in search of the Sisters. Zeus kills him with the blade and destroys the Spartan army. but Kratos refuses. He eventually encounters the imprisoned Titan Atlas. He blinds Typhon with it to escape and then returns to free Prometheus. Zeus then grants Kratos a final opportunity to be loyal to the gods. Gaia tells Kratos that she once raised the young Zeus. Kratos is further motivated and frees a phoenix. Kratos encounters the Titan Prometheus. Other characters include Athena (Carole Ruggier). the Goddess of Wisdom. prevent his death. and Clotho (Leigh-Allyn Baker. The steeds were a gift for the Sisters from Cronos in an attempt to change his own fate. the Barbarian King. during which a giant eagle suddenly drains him of his powers and animates the Colossus of Rhodes. With the aid of Pegasus. She instructs Kratos to find the Sisters of Fate. and the Sisters of Fate—Lakhesis. Kratos joins the Spartan army in an attack on Rhodes. who is chained in mortal form and tortured at Zeus' directive for giving fire to mankind. the insane Icarus (Bob Joles). and in the final cutscene alongside Zeus and Hermes on Olympus. After Kratos explains his intent. and the Titan Rhea appear in flashbacks. riding the creature to the Sisters' stronghold where he confronts two of them. During this. Zeus offers Kratos the Blade of Olympus in order to defeat it. Mount Olympus is a giant mountain where the palace of the Olympian Gods sits at its peak. Kratos finds the lair of Gaia's brother Typhon. credited as the Last Spartan). Although now human. 150 Characters The protagonist of the game is Kratos (voiced by Terrence C. Zeus (Corey Burton). their child Calliope. who initially resents Kratos for his current predicament. but is mortally wounded. who eventually betrayed the Titans as vengeance for the cruelty inflicted on his siblings by Zeus' father. Kratos encounters an unseen foe. Debi Mae West. Imprisoned under a mountain. some of whom are also seeking the Sisters of Fate. Typhon is angered at the intrusion and traps Pegasus. who can alter time. Prometheus begs to be released from his torment. the gorgon Euryale. Atlas reveals that Gaia and the other Titans seek revenge on Zeus for their defeat in the Great War. an undead version of the Barbarian King (Bob Joles). the gorgon Euryale (Jennifer Martin). is still haunted by nightmares about his past and is shunned by the other gods for his destructive ways. Atlas (Michael Clarke Duncan). the God of War. The eagle reveals itself to be Zeus. After they refuse his request to alter time. Prometheus (Alan Oppenheimer). Perseus. forcing Kratos to explore on foot. so Kratos confronts Typhon to steal his magical bow. While battling the statue. Kratos defeats the Colossus. Kratos encounters and defeats several foes. while the immolation releases the power of the Titans which Kratos absorbs. Ignoring Athena's warnings. Plot Kratos. Outraged. including an undead version of his old foe. and Cronos (Lloyd Sherr)—heroes Theseus (Paul Eiding) and Perseus (Harry Hamlin). Minor characters include the boat captain (Keith Ferguson) and a loyal Spartan soldier (Josh Keaton. and Icarus. Tartarus is the prison of the dead where the Titan Atlas holds the world on his shoulders.God of War II that leads to Tartarus. a Spartan warrior who became the God of War after killing the god Ares.

the blade's power is reduced and the magic is relinquished after an encounter with Zeus. 151 Gameplay The gameplay of God of War II is very similar to that of its predecessor. Kratos. but Athena sacrifices herself by impaling herself upon the blade. which.[4] Platforming elements require the player to climb walls. such as Typhon's Bane that acts as a bow and arrow for better range. the remaining Sister. It is a third-person single player video game viewed from a fixed camera perspective. Kratos declares that the rule of the gods is at an end. ends the battle. or gold. The player controls the character Kratos in combo-based combat. The player also collects red orbs by killing foes and destroying certain inanimate objects. Unlike the previous game. featured in the previous game is replaced by Rage of the Titans. Green orbs replenish the player's health. platforming. Before she dies. Kratos acquires new weapons—the Barbarian Hammer. neutrally colored chests. a quick time event (QTE) feature. Although Kratos begins the game with Athena's Blades and the magic ability. and puzzle game elements. and each chest contains orbs of the corresponding color. blue. and Icarus' Wings. The player performs a sequence of actions on the game controller shortly after an image of its circle button appears as an on-screen prompt. red orbs provide experience for upgrading weapons and magic—allowing new and more powerful attacks—and gold orbs replenish the Rage meter for Rage of the Titans. and the gods watch as their former foes climb Mount Olympus. then travels back in time and rescues the Titans just before their defeat in the Great War. while others are more complex. who come mostly from Greek mythology. the Rage meter—which allows usage of the ability—does not have to be full in order to use the ability. and the game features four times as many boss fights and improved puzzles than the original. Kratos retains the relic Poseidon's Trident from the original installment—which allows him to breathe underwater as parts of the game require long periods of time there—and acquires several other relics. and balance across beams to proceed through sections of the game. blue orbs replenish magic allowing further usage. such as Gorgons. the Amulet of the Fates slows down time dramatically. For example. is initiated when the player has weakened a strong foe. . God of War. Zeus was afraid Kratos would usurp him. which provides temporary invulnerability and increased attack damage.God of War II kills them both. Additionally. with each being required to advance through certain stages of the game. The player guides Kratos through various environments while fighting enemies. Rage of the Gods. The blades can be swung around to attack enemies. the player can find Gorgon Eyes and Phoenix Feathers in plain. the Golden Fleece.[6] The player finds chests colored green. also called context sensitive attacks. Some puzzles are simple. Athena reveals that Kratos is Zeus' son. at maximum power. as in the original game. Kratos learns to use up to four magical abilities.[5] Kratos' main weapon is Athena's Blades (also known as the Blades of Athena): a pair of blades attached to chains that are wrapped around Kratos' wrists. standing on the back of Gaia. Many of the combination attacks used in God of War reappear. Kratos ignores Athena's pleas and attempts to kill Zeus. swing on ropes. Some enemies were created specifically for the game. the Spear of Destiny. Kratos surprises Zeus. Additionally. and periodically. This allows for limited control of Kratos during a QTE cinematic sequence. such as undead legionnaires (soldiers). such as the Amulet of the Fates. He returns with the Titans to the present. just as Zeus usurped his father. failure usually results in damage to the player's character. giving him a variety of ways to attack and kill enemies. such as moving a box so that the player can use it as a jumping off point to access a pathway unreachable with normal jumping. this does not affect Kratos and allows him to solve puzzles that can not be solved in normal game time. such as finding several items across different areas of the game to unlock one door. red. and finally incapacitates him. the Blade of Olympus—offering alternative combat options. seizes the Blade of Olympus. if successful. Cronos. he will destroy Olympus. as by killing Zeus. As the game progresses. Poseidon's Rage. In combat. then confronts Clotho. The Eyes and Feathers increase the length of the health and magic meters. jump across chasms. declares to Zeus that he has brought the destruction of Olympus. Athena intervenes and begs Kratos to stop. He kills her using her traps and acquires the Loom of Fate in order to return to the point at which Zeus betrayed him. The special ability.

allows players to set difficulty levels and choose their own opponents to improve their skills.[6] The quick-time sex mini-game returns from the original installment in the form of an encounter with two women in a bathhouse. he said. "Kratos Will Return". Barlog said that the game will feature new creatures and heroes from the mythology and he wants to put more boss battles in the game. The player can additionally find three large chests: two of the chests provide an additional increment to the health and magic meters.[14] In an interview with IGN in February 2007.[8] As in the original. he said that they are working for a similar balance of puzzle solving. kill all enemies without being attacked)." He said that although he loves the idea of teaching things through storytelling (in this case Greek mythology). said that for God of War II. they are basing the magical attacks on elements (e. "The story has not yet been completed. Set-pieces and large scale epic moments were reworked "so that each battle you have really feels epic and unique.[6] 152 Development A sequel to God of War was first referenced at the end of its credits.g." it does not appeal to him to work on." He said that he feels that God of War is a single-player experience. Derek Daniels. Game Director of God of War and now Creative Director of its sequel. "you can't let your story get bogged down by that.[7] Several urns are hidden in the game which. players will see "a larger view of Kratos' role within the mythological world." Barlog also hinted that another sequel would be made. but that they did not differ greatly from the style of the previous game. He said that the combat system has been updated so that it flows smoothly between attacks and switching between weapons and magic. as well as usage of the abilities found in the urns during the first playthrough. and to feature more epic moments as opposed to cinematics during gameplay. the player's power. Barlog said that "there are possibilities for that but it is not something we are doing right now. but there are no plans "as of right now. expand on several elements. air and earth). and is similar in function to the QTE feature. and combat seen in the first game. Jaffe said that they did not want to include the Roman numeral number two (II) in the title for this reason. He said that the mythology is so large that "the real difficulty is picking things that really fit within the story of Kratos as well as being easy to swallow for audiences.[10] David Jaffe. both Jaffe and Barlog said that they did not view God of War II as a sequel. their goal is to make the magic an integral part of the combat system and to make it more refined. called Arena of the Fates. The player may unlock bonus costumes for Kratos.g. upon completion of the Challenge mode. Daniels said that for God of War II. he studied the mythology extensively.[9] God of War II was officially announced at the 2006 Game Developers Conference (GDC). finding eighteen of an item maximizes a meter and thus. As for a PlayStation Portable (PSP) installment. A new mode."[11] Barlog said that in the game. Barlog said there were many additions to the game.[16] Both . the game includes a challenge mode: completing the game unlocks the Challenge of the Titans (seven trials). behind-the-scenes videos. and art galleries of the game's development as rewards.[12] Unlike God of War where magic had a small role." He also said that he likes the idea of a trilogy." but not something he has time to work on and it is Sony's decision whether or not to make a PSP installment. Completion of each difficulty level unlocks additional rewards. the lead animator of God of War. exploration. In an interview with Computer and Video Games (CVG) in June 2006. and they will be using elements that worked in that game as a base for the overall balance. respectively. Game Director Cory Barlog said that while working on the first few drafts of script. but they did not want the title to convey the impression it was an expansion pack. unlimited magic) for use during bonus play. which requires players to complete a series of specific tasks (e.God of War II respectively. he said that he thinks it "would be freaking awesome.[13] Commenting on multiplayer options. but rather a continuation of the previous game. was succeeded by Cory Barlog. The end has only just begun. Barlog said that his goals for God of War II were to continue the previous game's story.g. and the third chest contains an abundance of red and gold orbs."[15] In another interview with IGN. and although multiplayer "would be cool. which stated. For puzzles. will unlock special abilities (e."[12] Senior Combat Designer.

God of War: Chains of Olympus.[32] Marketing As a pre-order incentive. Keythe Farley was the Voice Director alongside Kris Zimmerman and Gordon Hunt. Linda Hunt returns as the narrator. The bonus materials.[26] Both God of War and God of War II were re-released in North America on November 17. which had PS2 backwards-compatibility.[22] and sold more than 4. and includes a diary of the game's production. 2007. the game sold 833. under the title God of War II: Shūen no Jokyoku (ゴ ッ ド ・ オ ブ ・ ウ ォ ー II 終 焉 へ の 序 曲 ). who is revealed to be the Titan Gaia. Clash of the Titans.[24] On April 6. respectively. and God of War: Ghost of Sparta— was released as part of the God of War Saga under Sony's new line of PlayStation Collections for the PlayStation 3 in North America. called it a "depraved promotion stunt". 2007. 2009. who had voiced Zeus and the gravedigger.[23][24] God of War II was released in North America on March 13. 2010.[30] On November 2.[25] It was released in Japan on October 25 by Capcom.[30] PlayStation Plus subscribers can download a one hour trial of each game.[21] The game sold over one million copies in the first three months after release.[23] and the God of War Collection—which includes God of War II—sold more than 2. who voice Kratos and the boat captain.[3][19] 153 Release Upon release. 2010. and the second disc is dedicated to the game's development. 2008. which featured remastered ports of both games to PlayStation 3 format with up-scaled graphics and support for PlayStation Trophies.[24] The North American version of God of War II was packaged in a two-disc set.[27] This collection was released in Japan on March 18. Famed actors Michael Clarke Duncan and Leigh-Allyn Baker lend their voices for the characters Atlas and the Sister of Fate. return. Sony held a media event that featured scantily clad women and a dead goat[34] in Athens as part of the game's marketing campaign. the Daily Mail learned of the event from the UK Official PlayStation Magazine. 2012.2 million by June 2012.[20] It was the highest-selling game in the UK in the first week of release. Carson and Keith Ferguson. In North America. who had voiced Poseidon. and reported that Member of Parliament and anti-video game violence campaigner Keith Vaz said he would understand if the incident resulted in . and was the first product containing PS2 software to be made available via download.[35] The following month. and Carole Ruggier also returns in her final voicing of the character Athena. God of War Collection was released as a digital download on the PlayStation Store. the game became available in the PlayStation 2 line up of Greatest Hits.4 million units.[29] The "God of War II Bonus Materials"—content included on the second disc of the original North American PS2 two-disc set—was included with the retail version of the collection." Barlog assured that the game would be playable on the newer platform.[33] On March 1.[31] On August 28.[17][18] Four of the voice actors from the previous installment return to reprise their roles. and instead voice the characters Theseus and the Titan Typhon respectively.God of War II Jaffe and Barlog said that the reason God of War II appeared on the PlayStation 2 instead of the PlayStation 3—which was released four months prior to God of War II—is because "there's a 100 million people out there that will be able to play God of War II as soon as it launches. respectively. however. Corey Burton assumes the role of Zeus. Although removed early in the game's development.[4] The European/Australian PAL version was released as two different editions: a single disc standard edition and a two disc "Special Edition" with different box art and a bonus DVD. God of War II was commercially successful in multiple markets. God of War III. but do not reprise those roles. and Fred Tatasciore. Australia on April 29.[25] and May 3 in Australia.[28] and the UK on April 30.[25] in Europe on April 27. the remastered version of God of War II—along with God of War. as part of the God of War Collection. Actor Harry Hamlin was chosen to voice the character Perseus because of his previous portrayal of the same character in the 1981 feature film. Cam Clarke is credited for the voice of Hercules. Both Paul Eiding. including Terrence C. Lakhesis. twice as many copies as the next-best selling game. The first disc contains the game. are not included in the digital download version.209 copies by the end of March 2007. the demo disc of God of War II was made available to all customers who pre-ordered the game.

71%[37] Metacritic [38] 93/100 Review scores Publication 1UP. He also said that God of War II's gameplay." He also criticized the difficulty of unlocking . with some ingenious puzzle designs" and the "scale of some of the levels is unbelievably massive.com Eurogamer GameSpot IGN Score A [39] [40] 9/10 [41] 9.2/10 [4] 9. citing an example that players can now quickly navigate wall climbing." Although he said that the combat mechanics were practically identical to the original.[41] Matt Leone of 1UP said that the game's strongest aspect "is how it excels as both a story and an action game. "finds a comfortable middle ground" between hardcore and casual players." and the "learning curve is just right."[43] GameZone said that despite the issue of clipping. such as being able to drop down the walls. in comparison to the original installment.[41] GameTrailers said that in terms of visuals.[42][43] The game has been praised for its story and improvements over its predecessor. He said that the balance "always feels spot-on." and it is the story that "allows the game to feel like a true sequel.[40] Navarro said that both the sound and graphics were "superb" and that the technical graphics are impressive for the PlayStation 2.God of War II a boycott of Sony products.. and said the art direction is "once again absolutely outstanding. than what happens to him."[4] Reed praised the amount of detail and said that "at no stage did we ever see even a hint of frame-rate drop or v-syncing glitches." and has been regarded as one of the best PlayStation 2 and action games of all time."[39] Roper praised the game for its scale as well as its variety in environments.7/10 God of War II received "universal acclaim.[34][35] 154 Reception Reception Aggregate scores Aggregator Score GameRankings 92. like the original." He also said that the game's story is interesting because it is more about what happens around Kratos. stating it is "for good reason as it was already perfect the first time out. Chris Roper of IGN said that God of War II is "one of gaming's most intense and engaging experiences available. he said that the game is one of the most "polished and refined experiences.in gaming." He also said that playing the game on the PS3 sharpens up the visuals." [4] Kristan Reed of Eurogamer said that "God of War II sports one of the most satisfyingly honed game designs we've ever come across. "there aren't that many PlayStation 2 games in the same league as God of War II. such as gameplay and graphics.[42] Roper said that there were a couple of puzzles "that seemed a little rough around the edges and whose otherwise straightforward solution suffered a bit from imperfect implementation. Furthering his praise of the gameplay.. he had no complaints. Sony said the event had been sensationalized with hyperbole and that the article contained several inaccuracies." adding that the magic attacks were more useful than those in God of War. but apologized for the event." He said that God of War II "is practically devoid" of the minor flaws of the original." He said that the game would not overwhelm players and that it motivates them to improve their skills. the game is "unbelievably gorgeous".[36] In response.[40] Alex Navarro of GameSpot said that the game was "fantastically paced.

of IGN wrote that the score. Mike Reagan and Cris Velasco."[41] GameTrailers criticized the invisible walls."[4] Reed.[44] and UGO awarded it PS2 Game of the Year.[49] Spence D. "If you can find a flaw in God of War II.[50] At the 2007 Spike Video Game Awards.[47] In November 2012. 2007." but that it was aimed more towards the gaming experience of God of War II rather than being a stand alone musical experience. Marino.[45] At the 2007 Spike Video Game Awards.[46] In 2009. "is an impressive orchestral accomplishment within the ever-growing and constantly changing arena of videogame composition." They also cited inconsistency issues in regards to navigation. the game was nominated for Best Action Game and Best Original Score. said. and each composers' contributions seems slightly more distinctive than the previous installment. IGN named God of War II the second best PlayStation 2 game of all time—five ahead of its predecessor. He criticized the ending as it leaves players hanging and said a few of the bonus challenges "aren't all that great."[40] Navarro said the "combat is overly straightforward at times and still prone to button mashing.[39] 155 Awards and accolades Both IGN and GameSpot consider God of War II to be the "swan song" of the PlayStation 2 era. Complex magazine named God of War II the best PlayStation 2 game of all time—where God of War was named the eleventh best—and also consider it better than its successor." but he did state that regardless of refinement. stating that "There are places you should be able to go that you simply can't. the score was nominated for Best Original Score.[51] . as some requirements are "punishingly hard for most everyone. it'll be down to personal taste.[43] Leone said his "only real" disappointment is that he does not feel as if the game is evolving the series. 2007 Contemporary classical music 66:41 SCEI God of War II: Original Soundtrack from the Video Game." and said that it was "a bit disappointing" that more wasn't done to the combat system. and said that it features a wide variety of ominous orchestral pieces. God of War III. Dave Valentine of Square Enix Music Online gave the soundtrack an eight out of ten. was released on CD by Sony Computer Entertainment on April 10.[48] Other media Soundtrack God of War II: Original Soundtrack from the Video Game Soundtrack album by Various composers Released Genre Length Label April 10.[4][41] In 2007. however. Ron Fish. God of War II was awarded PlayStation Game of the Year at the 25th annual Golden Joystick Awards. composed by Gerard K. "you can never quite replicate the wow factor of the original—even if it ends up being a better game.God of War II some of the bonus content.

"Ashen Spire" 23. "The Barbarian King Returns" 16. "The Battle for Olympus" 25. "Death of Kratos" 7. "Theme Of Fates" (Bonus Track) Total length: Velasco Marino . "Waking the Sleeping Giant" 10. "Kratos and Atropos" (Bonus Track) Fish 30. "God-Like" 28. "Atlas Remembers" (Bonus Track) Music Marino Reagan Marino Marino Reagan Marino Marino Reagan Velasco Reagan Marino Velasco Fish Fish Velasco Fish Reagan Marino Fish Fish Velasco Marino Marino Marino Junkie XL Shadows Fall George "Tragic" Doman Marino Length 2:59 3:10 2:13 2:22 2:02 4:12 1:57 3:14 1:49 2:12 2:19 3:20 2:35 2:07 2:00 2:19 2:00 2:07 3:37 2:46 2:16 1:06 0:56 3:11 4:24 2:43 2:14 4:11 1:33 3:36 2:11 66:41 29. "Atlas" 20. "An Audience with Cronos" 15. "The Isle of Creation" 13. "Palace of the Fates" 21. "Typhon Mountain" 9. "Battle for the Skies" 11. "Pursuing Destiny" (Bonus Track) 31. "The End Begins" 8. "Battle in the Bog" 18. Title 1. "Phoenix Rising" 22. "The Glory of Sparta" 3. "The Bathhouse" 6. "The Summit of Sacrifice" 14. "Junkie XL Colossus Remix" 26. "The Way of the Gods" 4. "Athena" 24. "Colossus of Rhodes" 5. "Bog of Lost Souls" 17. "Blood of Destiny" 27. "Main Titles" 2.God of War II 156 Track listing No. "Crossing the Lowlands" 19. "Exploring the Isle" 12.

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Hal is given a ring that grants him superpowers and must confront the evil Parallax. which was subsequently rewritten by Michael Goldenberg. • June 17.172 Green Lantern is a 2011 American superhero film based on the DC Comics character of the same name.Green Lantern (film) 160 Green Lantern (film) Green Lantern Theatrical poster Directed by Produced by Screenplay by Martin Campbell Donald De Line Greg Berlanti Greg Berlanti Michael Green Marc Guggenheim Michael Goldenberg Greg Berlanti Michael Green Marc Guggenheim Green Lantern by John Broome Gil Kane Ryan Reynolds Blake Lively Peter Sarsgaard Mark Strong Angela Bassett Tim Robbins James Newton Howard Story by Based on Starring Music by Cinematography Dion Beebe Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Box office Stuart Baird DC Entertainment De Line Pictures Warner Bros. Most of the live-action actors were .851. Mark Strong. The film stars Ryan Reynolds. with Martin Campbell directing a script by Greg Berlanti and comic book writers Michael Green and Marc Guggenheim.[4] Green Lantern tells the story of Hal Jordan. who threatens to upset the balance of power in the universe. Blake Lively. Peter Sarsgaard. The film first entered development in 1997 as a vehicle for writer/director Kevin Smith and went through various incarnations until Greg Berlanti was hired to write and direct in October 2007. a test pilot who is selected to become the first human member of the Green Lantern Corps. 2011 [1] 114 minutes United States English $200 million [2] [3] $219. Martin Campbell was brought on board in February 2009 after Berlanti was forced to vacate the director's position. Angela Bassett and Tim Robbins.

Sinestro steals the yellow ring and places it on his finger. Jordan saves Ferris from Hammond. where the movie begins in the third act. Sinestro requests that the Guardians forge a ring of the same yellow power.[6] Reynolds called the film "an origin story to a certain degree. Believing the only means to fight fear is by fear itself. The film was converted to 3D in post-production. Bradley Cooper. Jordan saves the senator and the party guests. They split the universe into 3600 sectors. but I've never really followed it before. Green Lantern was released on June 17. In the present day. Jared Leto and Justin Timberlake were other top contenders. Shortly afterward. who escapes and crash-lands on Earth and commands his ring to find a worthy successor. Cast • Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan: A test pilot for the Ferris Aircraft Company who becomes a Green Lantern and the first earthman ever inducted into the Green Lantern Corps. after being summoned by his father Senator Robert Hammond to a secret government facility. and in the epilogue. Hammond successfully kills his father by burning him alive before Jordan learns of Parallax coming to Earth. where he meets and trains with Tomar-Re and Kilowog and Corps leader Sinestro. but ultimately did not audition. consumes Hector's life force. At home he says the oath and is later whisked away to the Green Lantern Corps home planet of Oa. scientist Hector Hammond performs an autopsy on Abin Sur's body. Parallax escapes from his prison and nearly kills Abin Sur. causing his green suit and eyes to change to yellow. Jordan appears and reveals that fear will turn the users evil if it's power is used so the Guardians reject Sinestro's plan and Hal leaves to go save Earth. The film received generally unfavorable reviews from media critics and underperformed at the box office according to analysts. Upon returning to Earth. Hammond attempts to kill his father by telekinetically sabotaging his helicopter at a party. by telling him to take the lantern and speak the oath. "I've known about 'Green Lantern' my whole life. Jordan lures Parallax away from Earth and toward the Sun. beings called the Guardians of the Universe used the green essence of willpower to create an intergalactic police force called the Green Lantern Corps. A cocky Ferris Aircraft test pilot Hal Jordan is chosen by the ring and transported to the crash site. Jordan quits and returns to Earth. 2011. 161 Plot Millions of years ago.Green Lantern (film) cast between July 2009 and February 2010 and filming took place from March 2010 to August 2010 in Louisiana. The movie starts when it starts. keeping the power ring and lantern.[5] Reynolds said. destroying Parallax. only to become the embodiment of fear itself. Meanwhile. and the adventure begins". where Abin Sur appoints him a Green Lantern. Later the entire Green Lantern Corps congratulates him for his bravery. After discovering that he was only chosen due to his father's influence.[10] while Brian Austin Green. preparing to concede Earth's destruction to Parallax in order to protect Oa. He loses consciousness after the battle and falls toward the sun. but it's not a labored origin story. Parallax arrives. Kilowog. with one Green Lantern per sector. Sinestro tells Jordan he now bears the responsibility of protecting his sector as a Green Lantern. and then wreaks havoc on Coast City. One such Green Lantern. who believes he's unfit and fearful. We find out Hal is the guy fairly early on. a Green Lantern fan. including his childhood sweetheart Carol Ferris. but is saved by Sinestro. the Guardians tell Sinestro that Parallax was once one of their own until he desired to control the yellow essence of fear. However. I fell in love with the character when I met with Martin Campbell". defeated the being Parallax and imprisoned him in the Lost Sector on the ruined planet Ryut. A piece of Parallax inside the corpse enters Hammond giving him telepathic and telekinetic powers at the cost of his sanity.[7] Alternatively Chris Pine[8] and Sam Worthington[9] had been in discussions for the role. Abin Sur of Sector 2814. Back on Oa. With new-found strength. campaigned for the part. and Tomar-Re.[11] • Blake Lively as Carol Ferris: .

that means business [personality]. Hector Hammond: A scientist who is exposed to the yellow energy from the fear entity. granting him psionic powers. but initially he’s quite a heroic figure. slightly suspicious and not sure of him because obviously Hal is the first human being who’s made into a Green Lantern. It's eccentricity on top of eccentricity". film closely follows the early comics. I’m not 300lbs. He was entertaining. spiraling around. Diane Kruger and Jennifer Garner.[21] • Temuera Morrison as Abin Sur: A Green Lantern who crash lands on Earth and recruits Hal Jordan as his replacement.[14] • Peter Sarsgaard as Dr. Keri Russell. Parallax. Lively explained. About filming with Ryan Reynolds...[16] • Mark Strong as Thaal Sinestro: [17] Strong affirmed that the film will follow the origin story.[18] 162 • Angela Bassett as Dr.. Sinestro starts out as Hal Jordan’s mentor. .[15] Regarding his preparation for the role.. That's the best workout you can ever do because it's all core. He's certainly very strict and certainly unsure of the wisdom of Hal becoming a Green Lantern". Sarsgaard stated. Amanda Waller: A former congressional aide and government agent. gymnastic acrobats from Cirque du Soleil and used aerial stunt rigs created for The Matrix. "I actually did hang with this biologist from Tulane that was I think just the most eccentric guy they could find. so thrilling—and nauseating".. "Our director likes it real—the fights close and dirty. Quantum of Solace).[20] • Tim Robbins as Robert Hammond: A United States senator and the father of the movie's villain." but added that her character does have "that intellectual. "He's got shades of gray. Hector Hammond. The Bourne Ultimatum.[19] About the differences between the comic book and film character Bassett said. So I would like to do justice to the Sinestro that was conceived for the comic books”.[12] One pseudonymous writer citing unnamed sources said Lively was among five leading contenders that included Eva Green. "the A Green Lantern and Hal Jordan's mentor. our suits are CGI so we had these grey suits with things on them so it was cool and working with Martin Campbell again was great too".[22] Morrison said it took four to five hours to put on the prosthetic makeup for the character.Green Lantern (film) The vice president of Ferris Aircraft and a long-time love interest of Hal Jordan.. that causes his brain to grow to enormous size. Strong said the character "is a military guy but isn't immediately bad. “That widow's peak and thin mustache was for some reason originally based on David Niven. and he and I actually worked on my lecture that I give in [Green Lantern]. "We did the whole scene together where I give him the ring. Morrison commented. It's the kind of person he is that lends himself to becoming bad over the course of the comics being written. that bright." About his character Sarsgaard remarked. "Well.. [She's] getting it done and in the trenches nothing fazes her".[13] About her stunt work in which she rehearsed with stunt coordinator Gary Powell (Casino Royale. You do that for ten minutes and you should see your body the next day! It's so exhilarating.[23] • Taika Waititi as Thomas Kalmaku: Cast of Green Lantern at the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con International.” He also revealed that the outfit and other aspects of the character very closely follow the character's early days. I'm 40 feet in the air. that no-nonsense.

the studio abandoned Reynolds' concept. it’s a completely computer-generated character. who had then just finished writing Superman Lives.[27] • Michael Clarke Duncan as the voice of Kilowog: A drill sergeant trainer of new recruits for the Green Lantern Corps. the Green Lantern Corps and Justice League in possible sequels. eventually changed the direction of the film into that of a comedy. "You could say that I’ve mentored Queen Elizabeth I as [Sir Francis] Walsingham.Green Lantern (film) An Inuit engineer at Ferris Aircraft. which he also wrote and directed. Duncan. by 2004. casting agent saw his performance in Boy.[29] • Clancy Brown as the voice of Parallax: A former Guardian of the Universe who was imprisoned by Abin Sur after he was exposed to the yellow energy of fear. Jon Tenney plays Martin Jordan. ‘Haven’t they made that film?’ They said.[30][31] Gattlin Griffith. Smith turned down the offer. They’re all very different people to me. Goyer was offered the chance to write and direct either a Green Lantern or Flash film after Warner Bros.[36][37] He finished the script for Green Lantern: Birth of a Hero in June 2007. with him starring as John Stewart and performing screenwriting duties. stated. part lizard. Carol Ferris and Hector Hammond respectively as children. I don't [know]. approached cult filmmaker and comic book writer Kevin Smith. not-white or not-black. I would love to be that guy. a comic book fan and personal fan of the John Stewart character. and [Leon] Trotsky has mentored Frida Kahlo and now Tomar Re is going to mentor Hal Jordan." Rush compared the role to previous roles where he played a mentoring figure. leaked on the Internet. but he opted to direct the latter. an aircraft designer and father of Carol Ferris and Mike Doyle is cast as Jack Jordan. was impressed with his screenplay for Batman Begins. with a potential 2010 release date. believing there were other suitable candidates to make a Green Lantern movie. Warner Bros. but there is a kind of theme I suppose". revealed a story that included the hero's origin and included the characters Carol Ferris."[25] • Geoffrey Rush as the voice of Tomar-Re: A bird-beaked member of the Green Lantern Corps who teaches Hal Jordan how to use his cosmic powers. 163 Production Development In early 1997.[32] Warner Bros.[28] About the character. Sanders portrays Carl Ferris. Hal Jordan's older brother. You don’t get to do that in a live-action film. Robert Smigel had completed a script which was set to star Jack Black in the lead role. Hal Jordan's father. receiving positive feedback from Warner Bros. an idea for a trilogy. a fan of the comic book. Waititi said he was cast after a Warner Bros.[38] However. and in October 2007. pitched Warner Bros. But I can’t imagine Tomar Re setting up an office on Harley Street in London.[35] Actor-writer Corey Reynolds. Greg Berlanti signed to direct the film and co-write it with comic-book writers Michael Green and Marc Guggenheim.’ I saw the artwork and I said. Jeena Craig and Kennon Kepper play Hal Jordan. ‘No.[39] A draft of the trio's 2008 script. and actually in one of the comic books he and Superman fought to a tie". "When I got the offer for it I said. to script a Green Lantern film. and I was sort of mentoring King George VI in The King's Speech. However. half-fish. . Because I had voiced an owl in Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole and I’d voiced a pelican in Finding Nemo and I thought I could really improve on that now by being half-bird.[33][34] David S. Waititi – who has a Jewish mother and Maori father[24] – says the production "had an opening for a role in the film for someone who wasn't. Jay O.[26] Rush stated he was not initially familiar with Green Lantern but was drawn to the part after seeing the concept art explaining. Additionally. "He's a real type of tough guy who knows everything. Reynolds intended to introduce Hal Jordan. the studio dropped the comedy idea following poor fan reaction from the Internet.

.[15] and Mark Strong was in negotiations to play Sinestro..[5] but the production moved to Louisiana. Amanda Waller.[12] Peter Sarsgaard was in negotiations to portray Hector Hammond. "It’s been interesting because we finished a draft just before [Johns'] 'Secret Origin' [story arc] started up. and in February 2009.[21] The following month. but when you're writing in the Modern Age."[41] 164 Pre-production By December 2008. why the hell was Abin [Sur] flying in a space ship when he's a Green Lantern? You don't ask that question back in the Silver Age.[2] Green Lantern was initially scheduled to begin filming in November 2009 at Fox Studios Australia. Guggenheim said that the script would contain characterizations inspired by the Denny O'Neil-Neal Adams run on the comic in the 1970s. 2010 in New Orleans.[48] Principal photography began on March 15.[5] A website reported on January 7. Tim Robbins joined the cast as Senator Hammond. He added that he and his co-writers also looked to the 2000s Geoff Johns stories. where. Blake Lively was cast as Carol Ferris.[22] Filming School bus marked with Green Lantern's fictional "Coast City" used in a shot in the Carrollton section of New Orleans.[47] The start date was pushed back to January 2010. "So I’ve been reading 'Secret Origin' with a real interest in seeing 'OK. Berlanti was forced to vacate the director's position when Warner Bros. 2010.. For example.. and appeared "to set up Hector Hammond as Hal Jordan's . saying. before being moved to June 17. On July 10. a government agent who is a staple of the DC Comics universe. that a crew-member had written on her blog that the film was greenlit the day before and that filming would begin in 10 weeks. New Zealanders Temuera Morrison and Taika Waititi had joined the cast as Abin Sur and Tom Kalmaku. announced that Reynolds had been cast as Hal Jordan/Green Lantern.[19] .[49] Nine days after filming began.[17] In February.. 2011. the writers had written three drafts of the screenplay and Warner Bros.[44] Bradley Cooper.[42] However. May 2010 With a production budget of $200 million. how did Geoff solve this problem?' There are certain elements just for anyone trying to retell Hal’s origin for a modern day audience has to address and grapple with. Martin Campbell entered negotiations to direct. Sinestro.[46] Also in January. Warner Bros.[43] The release date was set as December 2010. Angela Bassett joined the cast as Dr. was preparing for pre-production. and Dave Gibbons' work in the early 1980s. you have to answer these things. New Orleans Lakefront Airport's Art Deco Terminal Building used as set for Ferris Aircraft headquarters. July 2010. first major nemesis. on March 3. 2010 test footage was filmed in Madisonville involving stunt cars.Green Lantern (film) Kilowog. respectively.[45] Justin Timberlake[45] and Jared Leto[5] were the producers' top choices for the starring role in July 2009. attached him to This Is Where I Leave You."[40] Shortly afterward.[45] Ryan Reynolds. and Guy Gardner in a cameo appearance.

2011. the older brother of Hal Jordan. separating his shoulder and was in "lots of pain".[61][62] Marketing Marketing/Promotion of the film cost $100 million. what are we going to do here?' Really. The soundtrack was composed by James Newton Howard.[28] Also in April it was reported that Warner Bros. The soundtrack was published by WaterTower Music.[57] Rating The film was rated "PG-13" for "intense sequences of sci-fi violence and action" by the Motion Picture Association of America. the film's marketing campaign was delayed. it's mind-blowing. and we suffered for it. 'Well. we'll all sit down and say. We can't afford . Jordan. Sue Kroll. Jon Tenney revealed that he would play Hal Jordan's father. California.[51] 165 Post-production Geoff Johns confirmed on his Twitter account that the film had ended principal photography on August 6. 2010 and entered post-production. the studio's worldwide marketing president stated. "It's daunting. "Part of the reason the response to the first trailer was lukewarm was that the big-scale sequences weren't ready to show. 2011.[56] In March 2011 it was reported that Geoffrey Rush had joined the cast as the voice of the CGI-created character. director Martin Campbell when asked about the film's effects-heavy epic scale commented. Tomar-Re. "One of the nice things is.[53] When asked about the constructs created from the power rings Campbell stated. as a result.[54] The studio also confirmed to MTV News that the film would have a 3-D release. The Extended Cut adds an extra seven minutes of footage to the running time. 2011 at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. it's as much as your imagination can go to make the constructs".[59] and two days later the film was released in North America and the UK.Part 1[65] and became available online in November 2010.[58] Release The world premiere of Green Lantern took place on June 15.[55] In January 2011 it was reported that Green Lantern had begun re-shoots for key scenes at Warner Bros.[26] In April 2011. test pilot Martin H.[64] The first full theatrical trailer for the film was shown before screenings of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows . Michael Clarke Duncan entered negotiations to voice Kilowog. who also worked on the other Warner Bros/DC Comics based films Batman Begins and The Dark Knight with Hans Zimmer. Studios in Los Angeles.300 visual shots. quite honestly".[60] Home media Green Lantern was released on DVD and Blu-ray on October 14. (there are) something like 1. The footage was widely released online in November 2010 with thirty seconds of footage airing the following day on Entertainment Tonight. In July 2010 it was reported that Ryan Reynolds was injured while shooting scenes for the film. just the process. California.[63] The first footage of the film was shown at the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con.[50] In the same month it was reported that Mike Doyle has been cast for the role of Jack Jordan. Soundtrack The soundtrack was released in stores on June 14.[30] By June 2010 filming had begun at New Orleans Lakefront Airport.Green Lantern (film) In April 2010. raised the visual effects budget by $9 million and hired additional visual effects studios to bolster the ranks of the team that had been working overtime to meet the film's June 17 launch.[52] In an interview with MTV News.[66] This initial trailer was met with a poor reception from fans and.

[76] According to the box office data and analysis website Box Office Mojo. and the support of fine performers like Peter Sarsgaard .000 internationally bringing its worldwide total to $219. overproduced. the goofy and the downright derivative.[73] 166 Reception Box office Green Lantern opened on Friday June 17. but fell 22% on Saturday for a weekend total of $53.[74] The film went on to gross $21. This despite Mr.6/10 and the consensus being "Noisy. 1 spot.172 in the U. which assigns a weighted average score out of 1–100 reviews from film critics.[82] Another review aggregator. based on 221 reviews with an average rating of 4. Interactive produced a tie-in video game. stating..601. and Canada as well as $103. 2011 in North America.172. Reynolds's dazzling dentistry.4 million in 1.1% decline..[77][78][79] The Hollywood Reporter stated that Green Lantern needed to make approximately $500 million to be considered financially solid.[81] Critical reaction Green Lantern received generally unfavorable reviews from critics. Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters."[84] Manohla Dargis of The New York Times said. However. hard-body physique and earnest efforts.1 million.[71] Roller coaster Six Flags debuted two roller coasters named Green Lantern at Great Adventure and Magic Mountain in 2011 to [72] coincide with the film's release.6 million its opening day.[68] Animation In March 2010 Comics Continuum reported that an animated Green Lantern film was in the works at Warner Bros. including the first ring wielders. Metacritic. Green Lantern grossed $116. earning it the No. Video game Warner Bros. for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 by Double Helix Games. Animation and would be part of a direct-to-video project that was timed for release of the live-action Green Lantern movie in the summer of 2011.250. Nintendo Wii. The film has a 26% approval rating on the review-aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes.851.[80] Some commentators believe this may in part reflect decreased interest in superhero films among the general public.[70] The animated movie entitled Green Lantern: Emerald Knights was officially announced in June 2010 instead. "Green Lantern is bad. The Hollywood Reporter reported that the footage wowed the audience.180 midnight runs."[67] In April Warner Bros.Green Lantern (film) to do that again. Green Lantern squanders an impressive budget and decades of comics mythology". Timm did hope the live-action film would renew interest in a sequel.[3] Many industry analysts felt that Green Lantern "failed to perform to expectations". which was the largest second weekend decline for a superhero film in 2011. and Angela . earning $3.S.. A four minute cut of the WonderCon footage was later released online. that a sequel to the Green Lantern animated movie had been discussed but cancelled because of the picture not achieving the immediate success that they had hoped for.. the producer revealed Green Lantern Corps. The Green Lantern animated project would likely take a look at the origins of the [69] In an interview with Bruce Timm. and thinly written. Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS by Griptonite Games. Mark Strong .[75] In its second weekend Green Lantern experienced a 66.[83] Justin Chang of Variety gave Green Lantern a negative review. debuted nine minutes of footage at the 2011 WonderCon in San Francisco. "Martin Campbell's visually lavish sci-fi adventure is a highly unstable alloy of the serious. calculated an average rating score of 39 based on 39 reviews.

although "somewhat disappointed" with the opening-week box office of the film.[100] However at the October 2011 New York Comic Con Geoff Johns. It also doesn’t take itself too seriously. a beautiful leading lady. "Green Lantern does not intend to be plausible. stated that "There is the hope" that a Green Lantern sequel will still be produced and that.[96] and in June of that year Warner Bros. hired Greg Berlanti. Todd McCarthy of The Hollywood Reporter gave it a positive review. that's what you get.. After Green Lantern was released a trade account reaffirmed that Warner Bros. Michael Green and Marc Guggenheim. to write a treatment for the second installment."[90] Kenneth Turan of the Los Angeles Times said. assaulting the audience with sensational special effects.' DC Entertainment. It intends to be a sound-and-light show. a colorful villain."[86] Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times had mixed feelings..[98] A scene in the film's end credits implying a resurgence of the yellow power of "fear" strongly suggests a planned sequel. it works in fits and starts as its disparate parts go in and out of effectiveness. all of whom worked on the Green Lantern screenplay. "More science-fiction space opera than superhero epic. they retained Michael Goldenberg to write the screenplay."[101] Ryan Reynolds is reportedly expected to reprise his role in the upcoming Justice League film. based on the sequel treatment.[99] In September 2011. a likable hero."[87] British newspaper The Telegraph named The Green Lantern one of the ten worst films of 2011. but the professionalism of the production make it watchable in a comic book kind of way".Green Lantern (film) Bassett". dismayed by disappointing receipts was considering abandoning plans for a sequel. still intended to move forward with a sequel.[88] Conversely. If that's what you want.[89] Reviewer Leonard Maltin felt that "the film offers a dazzling array of visual effects.[85] Christy Lemire of the Associated Press called it a "joyless amalgamation of expository dialogue and special effects that aren't especially special. chief creative officer at Warner Bros.[91] 167 Accolades Award 2010 Scream Awards [92] [93] Category Most Anticipated Movie Choice Movie Actor -Sci/Fantasy Ryan Reynolds Winner/Nominee Result Won Nominated Nominated Nominated 2011 Teen Choice Awards [94] Choice Movie Actress -Sci/Fantasy Blake Lively 2011 Scream Awards Best Superhero [95] Favorite Movie Actor Favorite Superhero Favorite Action Movie Actor Ryan Reynolds as the Green Lantern 38th People's Choice Awards Ryan Reynolds (along with The Change-Up) Nominated Ryan Reynolds Ryan Reynolds Won Nominated Possible sequel In 2010 Director Martin Campbell confirmed the possibility of a Green Lantern trilogy. the Associated Press reported that Warner Bros. and a good backstory. "It will be live-action again — I guarantee. stating.[97] In August 2010. saying the film "[s]erves up all the requisite elements with enough self-deprecating humor to suggest it doesn't take itself too seriously".[102] .

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and remained a fixture of the title until its cancellation with issue #25 in 2010. [1] Genius Level Intellect Groot (also known as the Monarch of Planet X) is a fictional character who appears in comic books published by Marvel Comics. Groot went on to join the Guardians of the Galaxy in the series of the same name. including animated television series. noble being in 2006. Groot was featured in a nightmare that the young Peter Parker had. Art by Clint Langley.H. He appeared again. He will star in Guardians of the [2] Galaxy vol. Guardians of the Galaxy. The character was reconfigured into a heroic. the character first appeared in Tales to Astonish #13 (November 1960). Groot reappeared in 2006 in the 6 issue limited series Nick Fury's Howling Commandos.Groot 173 Groot Groot Groot with Rocket Raccoon. alongside fellow Guardian Rocket Raccoon. in Sensational Spider-Man #-1 (July 1997). 16 years later. Created by Stan Lee. 1) #13 (Nov 1960) Created by Stan Lee Jack Kirby Dick Ayers In-story information Alter ego Species Groot Flora colossus Team affiliations Guardians of the Galaxy S. in The Incredible Hulk Annual #5 (November 1976).L. and. and to enhance his strength. a part of the Marvel NOW! relaunch. Publication information Publisher Marvel Comics First appearance Tales to Astonish (vol. and appeared in the crossover comic book event Annihilation: Conquest. and Dick Ayers. He appeared in its follow-up. and trading cards. to rebuild himself. He went on to star in its spin-off series. Paranormal Containment Unit Notable aliases Abilities Monarch of Planet X Can absorb wood to feed.D. alongside five of the other monsters from the early Tales to Astonish issues. sentient tree-like creature. He is set to appear in the 2014 live-action film Guardians of the Galaxy. Groot originally appeared as an invader who intended to capture humans for experimentation. 21 years later. Jack Kirby. the limited series The Thanos Imperative. An extraterrestrial. He can also control trees and is resistant to fire. toys. and was created by Stan Lee. and appeared in the Annihilation: Conquest and Annihilation: Conquest . . Groot appeared in issues #6-8 of Avengers Assemble as a member of the Guardians. Groot starred in backup features in Annihilators #1-4 (Mar-Jun 2011) and Annihilators: Earthfall #1-4 (Sept-Dec 2011).I. joining the team of the same name. Groot has been featured in a variety of associated Marvel merchandise. Publication history Groot first appeared in Tales to Astonish vol. Jack Kirby. 3. and Dick Ayers.Star-Lord limited series. 1 #13 (November 1960).E.

detonated his ultimate weapon – The Terrigen-Bomb. the Negative Zone forces. He then battled Thanos alongside the Guardians after Thanos woke from death. Groot seemingly died buying his team some time to escape the battle. However. Due to Groot's lineage. Groot aided the team by destroying a first generation Badoon "Monster". However he was seemingly destroyed by termites used by Leslie Evans. When the original plan of laying explosives in the Spire failed. Groot was forced to sprout inside the Spire.Groot 174 Fictional character biography Groot is an extraterrestrial plant monster who initially came to Earth seeking humans to capture and study. a giant mechanoid made from the corpses of the Badoon's fallen enemies. which uncreates the creatures reality and reimposes our own. Groot played a part in Annihilation: Conquest. The Shi'Ar.L.T. at which time he may be the last remaining member of his race. He can control trees. a war between The Shi'Ar and The Inhuman/Kree where at the end of the war the Inhuman King of the Kree. a doorway to a universe analogous to our own where there is no death – The Cancerverse. using highly-advanced quantum science Groot and Maximus developed a Feedback Loop. Xemnu made a duplicate of Groot that was used to fight the Incredible Hulk. taking on threats like the Badoon. During his time with the Guardians of the Galaxy Groot took part in all of the team's missions. The resulting explosion punched a hole in space/time known as The Fault. Blastaar. and he was able to regrow. where he lost his arm in battle. he survived as a sprig offshoot. growing to colossal size and filling a large portion of the building. The first creature to come through was a giant squid that instinctively attacked the Inhuman city of Attilan.C. Groot came up with the idea for a weapon to use on the creature and with the help of the Inhuman prince. growing back to full size. and again Groot sacrificed his life for his friends. and participated in an assault on the Babel Spire. he was later captured by S.) where he helped protect Moondragon from attacking U. with the ability to rebuild himself and enhance his strength. He then accompanied the Guardians to the capital planet of the Universal Church of Truth (U. Mantis was able to remix his sap in a way as to make it extremely flammable. He is able to sprout. Following this attack. rulers of the Cancerverse. he regenerated his body from the twig. the Cancerverse version of the Avengers. a rising threat in the galaxy. igniting himself. and also appears to be resistant to fire. A cutting of Groot was kept by Rocket Raccoon. taking on the Defenders of the Realm. using them to attack others. Currently. Blackbolt. During the battle with the Badoon. Maximus.I.D.E. massively increasing his mass but also severely inhibiting his movement.C. .H. but Squirrel Girl was chosen instead. the resulting fire destroying the Babel Spire. Groot was able to grow that back very fast. In time. though. and began regrowing under the [4][5] care of Mantis. He then joined the new Guardians of the Galaxy (or as Groot would have it "Groot and Branches"). Groot is travelling with Rocket Raccoon after the disbandment of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Next. Groot played a pivotal part in the War of Kings. He briefly applied for the position of nanny for Luke Cage's child. and assigned to their Paranormal Containment Unit. Groot fought the Magus. Groot was present during the final battle between Lord Mar-Vell and Thanos. He is highly intelligent and has a tremendous grasp of quasi-dimensional super-positional engineering. each time regrowing from a sprig. followers. the Avatar of Life and an agent of the Many-Angled Ones.T. Groot has been seemingly killed on three occasions. however the Hulk destroyed him. Powers and abilities Groot can absorb wood as food. unmaking the creature. coming from an ancient and ennobled sap-line and being the scion of an elite royal house. nicknamed the Howling Commandos. Groot has received the finest education from the most gifted of tutors. However. The Magus and The Cancerverse. Groot then helped the Guardians infiltrate the Cancerverse.[3] Through unknown means.

com/character. Newsarama. The Hollywood Reporter. 2012. Archived (http:/ / www. though Groot did genuinely seem to be assisting Maximus with highly-advanced engineering. It has yet to be determined whether Maximus' claim is true or merely another manifestation of his madness. The mature form of Groot's species is robust and heavyweight. 2012. hollywoodreporter. Makes Surprise Appearance'" (http:/ / www. voiced by Michael Clarke Duncan. 2012. newsarama. External links • Groot (http://comicbookdb. It is this hardened nature of Groot's larynx that causes people. webcitation. Groot (http:/ / www. which causes the organs of acoustic generation to become stiff and inflexible. . Retrieved 15 October 2012. . to misinterpret him as merely repeating his name. Film • Groot is set to appear in the Marvel Studios film Guardians of the Galaxy. 2008 [6] New characters and more in Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes season 2 (http:/ / dailypop. 2012.[8] References [1] Guardians of the Galaxy vol. Robert Downey Jr. comicbookresources.marvunapp. 2014 release. com/ ?page=article& id=41610). 2 #1 [5] Greeting the Guardians: Rocket Raccoon. wordpress. Comic Book Resources.php?ID=11400) at the Comic Book DB • Groot (http://www. Archived (http:/ / www. [8] Kit. com/ comics/ rocket-raccoon-groot-100723. Retrieved July 16. McNiven & Wacker Relaunch the "Guardians of the Galaxy"" (http:/ / www. 2 #17 [2] Richards. Dave (14 October 2012). Retrieved September 9.[1] 175 In other media Television • Groot (along with the other Guardians of the Galaxy) appears in The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes episode "Michael Korvac".htm) at the Appendix to the Handbook of the Marvel Universe .com/Appendix/groottta. who are oblivious to the subtle nuances of his speech. com/ news/ story/ 19342/ marvel_remembers_michael_clarke_duncan). May 14. • Groot will appear in the second season of Ultimate Spider-Man. org/ 69gDu8lmx) from the original on August 4. html). com/ heat-vision/ comic-con-2012-marvel-movies-robert-downey-jr-349346). org/ 6AYJWIns2) from the original on September 9.Groot Maximus the Mad.[6] voiced by Troy Baker. [3] Incredible Hulk Annual #5 [4] Guardians of the Galaxy vol. asserted that whenever Groot is saying his trademark "I am Groot!" he has actually been saying any number of things. . Black Bolt's brother. Borys (July 14. which is scheduled for an August 1. webcitation. 2012). com/ 2011/ 09/ 11/ new-characters-and-more-in-avengers-earths-mightiest-heroes-season-2/ ) [7] "Marvel Remembers Michael Clarke Duncan" (http:/ / marvel. September 6. 2012.[7] His voice work was completed shortly before his death in September 2012. "'Comic-Con 2012: Marvel Names 'Avengers' Follow-Ups. "NYCC: Bendis.

Kilowog is renowned throughout the Green Lantern Corps as the primary trainer of the Corps' newest recruits. Owing somehow to this genetic similarity to and affinity for each other that all Bolovax Vikians possessed. In the middle of a particularly arduous training session. and a member of the Green Lantern Corps. albeit in a friendlier way). Kilowog was able to rescue the entire population of his homeworld (billions of beings) by storing their collective life essences within his ring upon that world's annihilation. Crisis During the Crisis on Infinite Earths (referred to as a "great crisis"). from the planet Bolovax Vik. deciding to follow the example of their estranged brethren The Controllers and create their own Green Lanterns to directly combat the Anti-Monitor. The Guardians of the Universe recruited Kilowog.Kilowog 176 Kilowog Kilowog Publication information Publisher DC Comics First appearance Green Lantern Corps # 201 (June 1986) Created by Steve Englehart Joe Staton In-story information Place of origin Bolovax Vik Team affiliations Green Lantern Corps Rocket Red Brigade Justice League Notable aliases Abilities Dark Lantern Power ring. the Green Lantern of Space Sector 2814. who would often use the word "poozer". fatally wounded in battle. the ring-recruited successor to the slain Abin Sur of Ungara. Fictional character biography Origins A towering alien with a brutish cross of porcine and bull-doggish appearance.[1] In addition to serving with distinction as the Green Lantern of that sector. Superhuman strength and endurance Kilowog is a fictional superhero from DC Comics. The Crisis saw the immortal Guardians ethically divided (a faction of six Guardians broke away from the majority. Kilowog and his new recruit helped the Guardians confront Abin Sur's murderer. Kilowog was trained by Lantern Ermey (reference to Gunnery Sergeant R. Technological genius. one of whom was the future renegade Sinestro. which means "useless rookie" (a word Kilowog would later adopt. commended Kilowog on his abilities. as his race lived a highly communal lifestyle. telling him that he had the makings of a great leader. Bolovax Vik was destroyed. located in Space Sector 674. This was a powerful blow to the giant Green Lantern. Kilowog also began to spend extensive periods of time on the Green Lantern Corps' home planet of Oa instructing new recruits on how to handle and best utilize their power rings. a gifted genetic scientist. Ermey had Kilowog and his fellow rookies help stop an attack on a group of Lanterns. the hive mind interstellar malefactor known as Legion. Ermey. . Kilowog acted as the first trainer to a young Hal Jordan. but five of them were killed shortly after they chose their first and only recruit. In this capacity. and to be alone was one of the worst things imaginable. Lee Ermey).

numerous Green Lanterns were sent to stop the supposedly insane Hal Jordan. Around this time. While adventuring with the GLC of Earth. Shortly after this adventure. than the world was obliterated by the renegade Green Lantern Sinestro. They tapped into arcane forces and based on the unusual nature of the Bolovax Vik afterlife. Adrift following the destruction of his Sector and the end of his role training new GLs for the Guardians. They ultimately became the Green Lantern Corps of Earth. the Guardians informed the remaining GLs that the Corps was now theirs to administer. Kilowog was instrumental in the creation of the Soviet Union's first super-powered [2] force. The Corps as well suffered hundreds of casualties. Kilowog was disintegrated with a blast by Jordan's ring. the Corps was finally and completely destroyed when they voted as a body to execute the captured Sinestro for crimes against the universe. and a shaken but undeterred Jordan stole the energies of the Great Battery. Kilowog relocated to Earth with his former pupil Jordan and the group of GLs that had decided to make their base there. the Zamarons. The remaining guardians sacrificed themselves by merging their life forces into the final green lantern ring. The only Guardian left to bestow the ring was Ganthet. but he was helped back to his senses by fellow GL Arisia. though. this set in motion a chain of events that led to the dissolution of almost all power rings. as the society of Bolovax Vik was somewhat similar to a communist system. Kilowog found a world in Space Sector 872 which would make a suitable "Bolovax Vik II". Based on Xudar.[3] Emerald Twilight When the Corps began to expand again. to whom he confessed his love. they called themselves the "Brotherhood of the Cold Flame". as they knew Kilowog's race enjoyed being in crowds. the Rocket Red Brigade. some 16 billion beings. . The trauma of this drove Kilowog temporarily insane.R. they converted the soul of Kilowog into the Dark Lantern in order to send him after Jordan. He was created by some of the remaining Green Lanterns who had lost their rings when Hal Jordan went mad. The very last Green Lantern to oppose Jordan was Kilowog himself. who made an effort to be near him. Kilowog returned to Oa to train the new generation of Green Lanterns.[4] Dark Lantern The enigmatic being known as Dark Lantern seemed strangely familiar to those closely acquainted with the legacy of the Green Lantern Corps when he first made his presence known on Earth. 177 Earth years Before leaving. He attempted to prevent his old pupil from entering and absorbing the power of the Great Battery itself. and the flawed communist nations of Earth. During the Emerald Twilight arc. though. While his appearance at first frightened most humans. Kilowog is allowed to be one of the honor guard at Superman's funeral. Moved to action. During his time in the USSR.S. Kilowog briefly became a celebrity following his defeat of the villain Black Hand on live television in a battle over Anaheim Stadium. they were no longer bound by their former assignment to one particular Space Sector and could deploy themselves as they saw fit. when he was approached by a KGB agent and invited to live in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. The Guardians then decided to end their direct leadership of the Corps. Boodikka was one of their number. No sooner had he done this. Kilowog ultimately became disenchanted with the U. and left for another dimension with their former mates. and all 16 billion Bolovax Vikians were permanently killed. he tapped into his ring and reconstituted the entire population of his world. He was also supported by other Green Lanterns.Kilowog Guy Gardner of Earth) and their ranks depleted for the first time in millions of years (only 22 of the 36 Guardians survived). leaving nothing but a seared skull and ashes. This goodwill was soon squandered. on Oa.S. which destroyed the Corps.

Kilowog was seen on Mogo. who promptly attack the living Lanterns.[8] War of the Green Lanterns Kilowog and Arissa accompany Guy Gardner on a mission to the 'unexplored sectors'. he convinced his old friend Tom Kalmaku to help correct his sins against the Green Lantern Corps. The threat is swiftly neutralized by Superman and Batman. He. In Superman/Batman #30 (2007) Kilowog is deeply affected by a force that has turned most of the super-powered aliens allied with Earth hostile against all humans.[6] Kilowog is attacked by the reanimated Ermey. whom Ermey himself had just slain. Oa is invaded by a swarm of black power rings. or the force controlling him. In the Infinite Crisis storyline. Blackest Night During the Blackest Night event. Kilowog battled his Sinestro Corps counterpart.[7] Gaining the upper hand. He also torments Kilowog over the death of the current class of Green Lantern rookies. Ermey departs for his new objective. who mercilessy berates him for not preventing his death. later Ion) played a key role in the Rann-Thanagar War and its aftermath. that turn all the deceased Lanterns in the Oan crypt into Black Lanterns. the Black Lanterns are given new instructions: to devour the Central Power Battery.[9] When Krona launches his attack on the Green Lantern Corps by infecting the power battery with Parallax. though. once again in the service of the Guardians of the Universe. forcibly placing a new ring on Kilowog's finger to bring him under his control. Krona quickly deduces the reasons for his greater resistance. in Green Lantern Corps #11 (2007) Kilowog is pushed. Soon after this. his spirit was recalled to life by Kyle Rayner and Ganthet. Ermey attempts to rip out Kilowog's heart. a concept Kilowog is becoming increasingly unable to process. They also avenge the death of several Lanterns. just a regular Green Lantern. Kilowog (along with fellow Green Lantern Kyle Rayner. but is interrupted by the announcement that Black Lanterns' rings have reached one hundred percent power. and for saving the life of Sinestro. Kilowog arranges for the robotic Lantern Stel to take over his duties. apparently from a Despotellis-infected Mogo. It is later revealed that Kilowog and other alien heroes are being affected by Despero and an alien armada. The three defeat a powerful telepath. When the conflict moved to Earth. Kilowog was on the front line during the battle of Mogo. After the war's climax. Kilowog defeated the villain and removed his ring. During the Sinestro Corps War. citing the deaths Sinestro had caused as being Kilowog's fault. Kilowog then joined his fellow Green Lanterns in their attempt to protect the Central Power Battery.Kilowog When Jordan became the Spectre. attempts to violently sway Superman into hating all humans. training new recruits (or "poozers" as he often refers to them) for the newest incarnation of the Green Lantern Corps.[11] . After the Black Lantern threat is defeated Kilowog decides he does not want to be the drill instructor anymore. and reformed the Corps in the wake of Hal Jordan's rebirth. Kilowog fell victim to the deception. but a very confused Man of Steel does not fall for it. Once again. Subsequently. Kilowog is the only alien Lantern not to fall under Krona's influence due to his past experience with the entity. Kalmaku used Hal's old power ring to rebuild Oa and the Great Battery as shown in Green Lantern Legacy: The Last Will and Testament of Hal Jordan. eating dinner with energy constructs of his family members. acting with imagery of his dead people. Kilowog retakes the role of Green Lantern drill sergeant. joined by the rookie Lanterns he had just killed. into a xenophobic hate against the Guardians and the Corps. Arkillo.[5] 178 The New Corps Recently the Guardians were reconstituted.[10] However. This allowed the vengeful spirit of Kilowog to rest.

[16] (Hal Jordan is apparently unaware of the blind Green Lantern. Kilowog is killed by Nekron. Kilowog possesses the natural super strength and durability of his species. Kilowog tends to eschew the "giant boxing glove" fighting style of Hal Jordan and mainly uses his ring to fly and to absorb any enemy's attacks long enough for him to get close enough to batter them into unconsciousness. Other versions Flashpoint In the alternate timeline of the Flashpoint event. Kilowog briefly attempts to resign from the Corps after the Guardians discharge Hal Jordan and allow Sinestro to at least provisionally remain a Lantern. According to the 2005 miniseries Green Lantern: Rebirth. The Great Power Battery.Kilowog Following the war. which is taken over by the robotic GL 'Stel'. In addition to his power ring. Kilowog is one of the thousands of Green Lanterns to participate in a rescue mission. This energy has been harnessed and focused by the Guardians and is tapped by each GL's power battery. Kilowog's ring is the only one that Hal Jordan knows of that makes a sound when being used. he has shown an affinity for creating astoundingly complex machinery using the ring. Rot Lop Fan. Kilowog's corpse is one of many on display in the Planetary headquarters.[15] Powers and abilities As a Green Lantern. Under Mind Control. is the repository for billions of years' worth of willpower in energy form. Kilowog possesses the same power ring and power battery used by all GLs. but is convinced to rethink his decision by Salaak due to the obvious upheaval the Corps will have to undergo in future due to the destruction of Mogo. In terms of combat. as well as a powerful intellect that surpasses many of his fellow corpsmen. who can only make sounds with his powers). and is therefore as limited or limitless in abilities as the wielder. By applying willpower and concentration.[12][13] 179 The New 52 Kilowog is back to being drill instructor of the Green Lantern Corps. All who participate are slain.[19] . the ring is literally able to accomplish anything of which the wielder can conceive. Kilowog instead retires from his dutis as a drill instructor.[17] Fourth Reich In an alternate future where the Earth is controlled by Nazi supermen.[18] Planetary In an alternate universe ruled by evil versions of the 'Planetary' heroes.[14] He and Salaak have also uncovered the Guardians' plans regarding the Third Army. located on Oa. This in turns feeds it to their individual power rings. Kilowog even managed to combine all of these abilities to hold his own against Superman easily. In Kilowog's case. and is part of the team that breaks John Stewart out of prison when the Alpha Lanterns sentence him to death.

saves Jordan from a free-fall. where Kilowog was one of several Green Lanterns attending the trial of John Stewart for the crime of destroying an entire planet. . but rather join in the crowd's vocal abuse of Stewart. This portrayal of Kilowog casts him in a more jovial light. although at no loss of his significant competence as a Lantern." he was in Hal Jordan's army when he was brainwashed by Despero. the now powerless Green Lanterns are ordered to give up their rings. His only appearance in Justice League Unlimited has been as one of the many angry Green Lanterns in "The Return". and when John found him. Kilowog discovers that his ring still has some power left.[20] He travels through Frontier Space on the Interceptor with Hal Jordan and is one of the strongest agents in the fight against the Red Lantern Corps. He has no lines here (nor do most of the Lanterns). who are enraged at Amazo for seemingly destroying Oa. when they discover that Sinestro framed Jordan for Kanjar Ro's murder. he was caught. Kilowog is later shown to be upset that the Guardians assigned Sinestro to train Jordan. even demanding that he return Abin Sur's ring to him. and a few other GL's. Kilowog is initially distrustful of Hal Jordan. After a battle with Despero's forces on Kalanor. This was a wrinkle of his teammates' behavior that Kilowog believed to be wrong.to eat almost anything. He has no lines. and Hawkgirl to Kalanor to join the fight against Despero that Katma and John have already been participating in. • Kilowog is a main character in Green Lantern: The Animated Series voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson. He was later revealed to be alive and was in Hal's Power Ring. In this episode he and The Flash are shown to be very friendly with each other. since the job usually went to Kilowog. but he didn't have the courage to say so until Hawkgirl confronted the Lanterns for abandoning John. were not there to support John. In determining how to fight Despero and his Flame of Py'tar. he. After Jordan knocks Sinestro back to the surface. and went to the trial to speak in John's defense. reprising his role from Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters. Kilowog crushes his hand and ring.and willingness . Later Jordan saved Kilowog while chasing Kanjar Ro and starts to trust him. • Kilowog appeared in the Duck Dodgers episode "The Green Loontern" voiced by John DiMaggio. be it ice cream still in the container or a VHS copy of Old Yeller.appearance was in the episode "Hearts and Minds". Kilowog arrived at Earth badly injured. J'onn. Katma. In "The Eyes of Despero. but Kilowog's actions in the episode still prove quite impressive. but he does show up to take place in the large line-up of willing executioners once the Lanterns find Amazo. as the Py'tar is alive and suffering under Despero's reign. his mention of Katma Tui sent John off to find Katma. most substantial ." Kilowog was present when the Reach invade Oa. • Kilowog appeared in the Batman: The Brave and the Bold episode "Day of the Dark Knight" voiced by Diedrich Bader. the man of a thousand talents).and to date. declaring them both "delicious!"). Kilowog refuses and Sinestro holds Kilowog in front of the yellow battery saying that Kilowog "wasn't going to survive this anyway".Kilowog 180 In other media Television • Kilowog has appeared in a few episodes of Justice League. despite being given it. The bomb ends up not being used. along with Kyle Rayner. The first appearance by Kilowog was "In Blackest Night". Thanks to him and Batman. voiced by Dennis Haysbert. a complex explosive that he himself ends up constructing to exact perfection (leading to Flash's new title for him: Kilowog. Kilowog suggests a carbon bomb. is among the grievers at Superman's funeral in the episode "Hereafter". Kilowog brings Flash. and he and Flash went to go find John's lantern battery so Kilowog could recharge (it is here that Kilowog expresses an ability . Jordan saves Kilowog from Sinestro. Films • Michael Madsen voices Kilowog on Warner Premiere animated feature Green Lantern: First Flight. He was taking in a prisoner when Guy Gardner's antics caused that prisoner to go into rage. Also. unfortunately. The Lanterns. J'onn J'onzz brought Kilowog back to health. In "Revenge of the Reach. However. Kilowog then realized that John deserved his trust and support. After Sinestro uses the yellow battery to destroy the green battery. His next .

or try to stop the`player from reaching Sinestro if the player has chosen a Villain. 4) #65 (April 2011) [12] War of the Green Lanterns: Aftermath #1 (July 2011) [13] War of the Green Lanterns: Aftermath #2 (August 2011) [14] Green Lantern Corps (vol. His segment of the film involves his training and how he gained his current position. (January 1987) [3] "SUPERMAN: THE MAN OF STEEL" #20 (February 1993) [4] Green Lantern (Vol. Kilowog will appear as a non-playable character in the Metropolis City Hall duo instance. php?action=fullnews& id=1045 External links • Kilowog entry in the Book Of Oa (http://www. Henry Rollins provides the voice for Kilowog. Kilowog puts Hal through his training course in ring-slinging. Kilowog is pleased at how well he trained the new recruit.The Green Lantern #1 (June 2011) [18] "Justice Society of America" (vol. 2011. 181 Video Games • Diedrich Bader reprises his role of Kilowog in Batman: The Brave and the Bold – The Videogame. He was featured in the third trailer for the film. like hammers that will pound on the enemy players.40 (June–August 2010) [19] "Planetary JLA: Terra Occulta" One-Shot (November 2002) [20] http:/ / www. Kilowog fights using the Brawling skills. As before. However. 2) #41 (October 2009) [8] Green Lantern Corps (vol.[21] • Kilowog appeared in the Green Lantern live-action movie directed by Martin Campbell and released June 17. References [1] Blackest Night: Tales of the Corps #3 [2] "Green Lantern Corps" #208. 3) #12 (August 2012) [15] Green Lantern Corps (vol.html) .April 2011) [10] Green Lantern Emerald Warriors #8 (March 2011) [11] Green Lantern (vol. 3) #169 [6] Blackest Night #1 [7] Green Lantern Corps (vol. • Kilowog appears in Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson. • Charlie Campbell voices Kilowog in DC Universe Online. com/ news. 3) #14 (November 2012) [16] Green Lantern: Rebirth #6 [17] Flashpoint: Abin Sur . Kilowog can also be unlocked to use in Legends PVP matches. comicbookmovie. saying he has never seen a human before and stating that Hal "smells funny". and will use powers based on solid light constructs.Kilowog • In the anthology film Green Lantern: Emerald Knights. com/ fansites/ GraphicCity/ news/ ?a=44180 [21] http:/ / www. where he will join the player in the final fight against Sinestro if the player has chosen a Hero. enabling a slow but brutal fighting style. 2) #42-46 [9] Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #2-7 (Nov.glcorps. 3) #50 [5] Green Lantern (Vol. 3) #38 . where players can use an iconic hero or villain to use in short player versus player matches.org/kilowog. when Jordan defeats Parallax single-handedly. 2010 . worldsfinestonline. and his voice was performed by the late Michael Clarke Duncan. php/ news.

Kingpin is one of the most feared and powerful crime lords in the Marvel Universe. he had made enemies such as the Maggia crime syndicate and the terrorist group HYDRA. Fisk became Don Rigoletto's bodyguard and right-hand man. immediately becoming one of the most powerful figures in New York's underworld. With the criminal world in chaos. and was created by writer Stan Lee and artist John Romita. Eventually. and the Punisher. but eventually became the archenemy of Daredevil. IGN's list of the Top 100 Comic Book Villains Of All Time List ranked The Kingpin as #10. He was eventually discovered by crime lord Don Rigoletto. After earning enough money. . the Punisher. While the Kingpin enjoyed a long tenure in his new position. a supervillain in the Marvel Comics Universe.Kingpin (comics) 182 Kingpin (comics) The Kingpin Kingpin drawn by David Mazzucchelli. The Kingpin (Wilson Fisk) is a fictional character. Publication history The character first appears in The Amazing Spider-Man #50 (July 1967). Fictional character biography Wilson Fisk began his life as a poor child in New York City. Publication information Publisher Marvel Comics First appearance The Amazing Spider-Man #50 (July 1967) Created by Stan Lee John Romita. In-story information Alter ego Wilson Fisk Team affiliations HYDRA The Hand Notable aliases Abilities The Brainwasher. There. Daredevil. Sr. bullied by his classmates due to his obesity. The character is a major adversary of Daredevil. including peak-level strength. using his new-found strength to intimidate the bullies into joining his gang. Harold Howard • • • • Genius-level intellect Exceptional martial artist Expert strategist and tactician Great physical attributes. he started a spice business in order to regain his wealth. and Spider-Man. Fisk began training himself in physical combat.[1] The name 'Kingpin' is a reference to the title crime boss in mafia slang nomenclature. Fisk returned to New York and started gang wars. causing him to flee to Japan. Fisk was able to step in and take back control. Fisk killed Don Rigoletto and took control of his criminal empire.[2] He continues to be a dangerous and recurring opponent of Spider-Man. in an attempt to bring down the Maggia. Sr. There the Kingpin appeared as an adversary of Spider-Man. The two groups teamed together to oppose Fisk. who based his physical appearance on actor Sydney Greenstreet.

183 . Richard told his parents he would travel through Europe. regained control of his New York mobs. Fisk set Bullseye against Daredevil again. and climaxed with a physical battle between Fisk and an enraged Spider-Man in Peter Parker. Richard Fisk. had died in a skiing accident. during the course of this storyline Fisk's scientists also created the supervillains the Answer and the Spot to battle Spidey and the Cat. he became the manager and director of the Las Vegas faction of HYDRA. He eventually met a woman named Vanessa. It turned out that Richard Fisk was still alive. and when the door was opened he defeated the henchmen.[11] Kingpin also provided superpowers to the Black Cat. Later. until the existing New York gangs lured him back to New York in hopes of getting files he was known to have on the various high ranking individuals which contained "irrefutable evidence of various crimes" against them.[7] Under duress. In addition. He then turned over his files as he had agreed. he sent Bullseye to assassinate Crossbones' employer.[10] Some time later Kingpin learned Daredevil's secret identity when Murdock's ex-girlfriend Karen Page. After graduating. Fisk rehired Bullseye to investigate a New York drug war. In retaliation. Fisk had a surprise for her as a part of plan to get revenge on Spider-Man. who had become addicted to drugs. intent on toppling his father as the kingpin of crime.[9] He secretly promoted mayoral candidate Randolph Cherryh. he posed as a legitimate businessman. who proved to be Richard in disguise. Jonah Jameson.Kingpin (comics) Fisk attempted a coalition of the New York mobs after hearing that Spider-Man had apparently gone out of action. this was not what really happened. whom he married and had a son with. The drug dealer subsequently sold the information to Fisk. but was foiled by Spider-Man in his first confrontation with the web-slinger.[5] At his wife's behest. and the family moved back to Japan. the Red Skull.[8] He then maneuvered Daredevil into battling the Hand. However Spider-Man made a web barrier filled with air.[3] While Fisk was a powerful crime lord. After Bullseye killed Elektra. one who made donations to charities.[4] Richard Fisk did not find out that his father was a criminal until he was in college. who then used his influence to destroy Murdock's civilian and professional life in the Daredevil: Born Again story arc. and he witnessed the apparent "death" of Vanessa. He and Jameson were locked in a room which was filled with water. the Schemer. His wife Vanessa was then kidnapped by crime lords who put out a contract on his life. However. and ordered the abduction of J. and battled Spider-Man in this encounter. and feared her lack of powers would make her a liability to him. her new powers would also negatively affect anyone who stayed in close proximity to her for an extended time. Kingpin survived an assassination attempt by Crossbones. The Spectacular Spider-Man #100. and seemed like a generous. He then returned to a life of crime. Fisk then sent Elektra to kill Foggy Nelson. Only months after he left. the Kingpin agreed to turn over his files to the authorities incriminating his former lieutenants. He set Bullseye against Daredevil. Frederick Foswell met the Kingpin and was captured. sold the information to a drug dealer in return for a fix. This story arc contributed to the break-up of Spider-Man and the Black Cat. Spider-Man was knocked out by gas while fighting the Kingpin. eventually causing death. The attempt failed. He unsuccessfully attempted to kill Spider-Man once more before retiring from crime.[5] Fisk contended against his rival gang-leader. He temporarily retired from crime. wealthy man. and when she found out. and hired Bullseye as his assassin. who at the time was dating Spider-Man. who was angry after learning the truth about his father. and was masquerading as a rival crime lord known as the Schemer. Fisk later divested himself of his criminal empire. Kingpin hired scientists to provide her with defensive bad luck powers that would cause mishap to befall anyone that attempted to harm the Cat in combat. Foswell was shot and killed while protecting Jameson. they received news that Richard. He then hired Elektra as his assassin. He was forced to abandon his scheme to elect Cherryh mayor when Daredevil found Vanessa alive but amnesiac and returned her to him. However unknown to the Cat. she threatened to leave him if he did not give up his life of crime. Vanessa did not know that Fisk was a criminal when she married him.[6] At one point.

Learning of this from Nick Fury. who declared himself the new Kingpin. placing him in the same jail as Murdock with hopes that the two would kill each other. Broken and beaten. the enemies were forced to team up in order to survive a prison riot which was directed at them. Finally.[19] He finally succeeded in getting Matt Murdock arrested.[14] However. in a bloody Caesar-like assassination bid. and was given an eye transplant which restored his eyesight. Daredevil forgave him for what he had done. Fisk was put in jail. almost managed to regain his empire through sheer will.[18] He later hatched a scheme to be freed and regain his wealth by giving the FBI proof in the form of the nonexistent "Murdock Papers" that Matt Murdock is Daredevil. A sniper attempted to hit Spider-Man. He offered a deal to Iron Man . broken and alone. for once. Fisk was constantly under attack from the Hand. while Murdock escaped. Murdock sacrificed the deal. Fisk seemed set to be used as an errand boy by all his old employees but instead went on the run. legally clean master criminal. who was working with his son Richard. as his status in prison is threatened for collaborating with Stark. leave the prison as Kingpin had planned. Vanessa killed Richard and fled the country with Fisk's remaining wealth while the Kingpin recuperated in an unnamed eastern-European country. Fisk began his own cable television station. The fight ended with the Kingpin shot point-blank in the knee by gunfire from Bullseye intended for Murdock. Samuel Silke. but the FBI betrayed him at the last minute and arrested him as well. rendering the Kingpin blind. claiming it was a base of Captain America's. news of which would quickly spread through the Underworld. Having made so many enemies who were in prison.consideration on his sentence in exchange for information about Captain America's Resistance base. but was defeated by Daredevil. and Fisk succeeded in manipulating the FBI into gravely wounding Daredevil and providing them a sample of Daredevil's DNA. his plan backfired when Daredevil convinced her of the truth. partnering with an apparent Texas millionaire the Kingpin thought could be easily manipulated. or any number of criminal organizations with which he had had intimate contact. Spider-Man vowed to return and kill the Kingpin the second his aunt died. telling Fisk that he was just a criminal "while we are conquerers. Ironically. HYDRA stole the vast majority of his assets. Government was hard pressed to get rid of this expensive. using the Kingpins' new status as a blind man to rally supporters.[12] After that. the Kingpin was given the ultimate humiliation: instead of killing him. weakening his power. dangerous.S. However. HYDRA. the Kingpin was the one being played as his "partners" were actually the terrorist group HYDRA. who was also incarcerated.[21] 184 . He spent time in Japan rebuilding his empire and fighting the X-Men before he finally returned to take back New York. and gives information to the Secret Avengers instead. However. the Kingpin was brought up on a federal indictment and Daredevil tricked him into getting into a fight at a bus depot. He confronted the Kingpin in prison and badly beat the Kingpin in a fight in front of the prison's inmates. and after getting revenge on Silke by crushing his head. When the Kingpin tried to fight back. The U. While there he manipulated Maya Lopez (also known as Echo) into thinking that Daredevil killed her father (although Fisk was actually responsible) to get her to kill Daredevil. Daredevil began to spread the word through the underworld that the Kingpin had become a HYDRA stooge.[15] Fisk eventually lost his criminal empire to one of his employees.[20] Fisk also appeared in the Civil War War Crimes one-shot. he first sets up Iron Man by revealing a gathering of supervillains by Hammerhead to create a new criminal empire.[13] Bailed out of jail by a rival. bombed his businesses across the city and even sent a helicopter gunship to blast his skyscraper offices.[16] In the aftermath. He tells Ben Urich to give the feds the location of the Night Nurse. the only medic for injured superheroes. and she shot him in the eyes in retaliation. refusing to let Bullseye. only to hit the "secondary target" of Aunt May. Spider-Man tracked down the hit to Kingpin. He decided to let the Kingpin live for a time under the humiliation of his defeat." With his empire crumbling. he betrays him. or go to jail.[17] He returned.Kingpin (comics) and the Kingpin then defeated the Red Skull in personal combat. He also put out a hit on Spider-Man and his loved ones after Iron Man convinced Spider-Man to unmask in public as a means of demonstrating his support for the Superhuman Registration Act.

since they ruled Los Angeles with efficiency and vision. Fisk meets with the Runaways. which her past self declined. just in time to stop the hitman. a young mother of two. He finds himself trying to overcome his former life as a crime boss. who orchestrated the events so the Runaways can travel back to 1907 and ensure that she would come back to the present with them. Kingpin has also targeted Daredevil's friends to frame Norman Osborn for their recent misfortunes to further his attempts on manipulating Daredevil's actions. which ended with the removal of Peter and Mary-Jane's marriage from all memories. who then brutally attack him. after Matt Murdock returns to America with his name cleared. as the woman she became got her last wish by having her husband and Daredevil constantly at war with each other all over again. after killing Hiroshi. it reveals he has spent the past year living a normal life in a small Spanish fishing village. Fisk is later seen visiting his wife's grave and mourning her death. 185 Return of the King Kingpin returns in the Daredevil arc. He and his army of ninjas are defeated when the Runaways refuse to give it after they stole it. discovering that it was a device invented by the Pride. However.[22] Informed of May's survival by Mephisto as a nurse at the hospital.[24] Dark Reign During the Dark Reign storyline. He has Foggy Nelson disbarred as an attorney for standing up to a judge on his payroll for an unfair ruling of overturning a jury's verdict. only to later find Marta and her kids murdered by Lady Bullseye. getting all charges dropped in exchange for Fisk leaving the country and giving up his American citizenship. Fisk begins hallucinating visions of his dead wife Vanessa. Murdock delayed the case enough so Fisk would not be able to attend his wife's funeral. he completes Vanessa Fisk's last wish and takes on Fisk's case. When he asks why. Murdock told Fisk they had to end their vendetta now as otherwise the Vanessa that the Kingpin had loved would be lost forever. "Return of the King". stabbing him through the shoulders with two katanas.[26] . he is thwarted by Daredevil. Kingpin frees and recruits the Owl to help him with it. Fisk later temporarily returned to New York to "[wrap] up some loose ends that he had to deal with. and the Hand. Mary Jane goes to check on Anna. Although the charges were dropped due to the evidence being too tainted to be brought to court."[23] In his revenge against the Hand. the situation changes so nobody (including Fisk and with the exception of Mary-Jane and Deadpool) knows Spider-Man's secret identity. There he meets and falls in love with Marta. but if you want a specific cause. Lady Bullseye replies "The reasons are far too numerous. he decides to send a masked hitman after Anna Watson. at some point later. the ninja-lord who ordered the family's assassinations. It turns out that Fisk's actual plan to is to take the leadership of the Hand. He orders Lady Bullseye to disguise herself as a member of the Hand and kill two corrupt cops and a judge. Though Daredevil survived [25] The the fight with Bullseye.Kingpin (comics) However. The Kingpin is undeterred and states that he has Daredevil "where he wants him". Spider-Man saves Mary Jane and unmasks the hitman."[22] In Runaways. he never tried to take their territory nor did they invade his. Kingpin later creates an alliance with Lady Bullseye to destroy Daredevil. There. ask Daredevil. who taunts him. revealing he knew all about their parents. making it seem that Daredevil ordered it and making Norman Osborn send Bullseye in retaliation. who takes the leadership for himself. He makes a deal with the Runaways to secure a mysterious object for him in exchange for protection from the government.During the course of the One More Day storyline. who goes after her. He also causes Dakota North to lose her private investigator's license. It is later revealed that Fisk was hired by an elderly woman named Lillie McGurty.

He is self-educated to the university graduate level in the field of political science. Kingpin takes both Shadowland. He once fought Captain America to a standstill in hand to hand combat. officially taking his place back as the crime lord of New York City. but he prefers to use such things as a last resort. and depended less on science fiction-like weaponry. While he has been shown as being able to hold his own against Spider-Man.[30] Like all other New Yorkers. Kingpin and Lady Bullseye later perform a ritual that brings back Ghost Rider to attack the Hand. jujutsu. and even crush one of Spider-Man's web shooters without making any great effort. When Spider-Man went all out against Fisk after the attack on Aunt May. As Fisk became less Spider-Man's nemesis than Daredevil's. this is also known as his "obliterator cane". and hapkido. much like a sumo wrestler and he is almost as strong as it is physically possible for an ordinary human to be. Contrary to all appearances. The Kingpin is a master of many forms of armed and unarmed combat. most of his body mass is actually muscle that has been built to extraordinary size. Kingpin is also a master manipulator. Skills. he is incredibly strong and durable. under his rule. His signature move is the bear hug.[29] It was revealed in Spider-Island that Fisk has gained Spider-Powers. the Kingpin is intellectually formidable and is a master tactician and a highly skilled planner and organizer. he lost those powers when the situation was resolved. as demonstrated by heightened reflexes.Kingpin (comics) 186 Shadowland During the Shadowland storyline.[27] After Daredevil is dethroned from Shadowland. Kingpin could use far more advanced paraphernalia. and the Hand. possessing remarkable strength concealed by his somewhat corpulent appearance. for fear of killing them. Fisk was easily and decisively beaten. he became more of a naturalistic mafioso than a comic-book criminal mastermind. especially in sumo wrestling. .[28] "Big Time" During the "Big Time" storyline Kingpin hires a new Hobgoblin to steal some experimental vibranium from Horizon Labs. rip limbs from people (demonstrated under a handshake). However. occasionally going so far as to lead superheroes into taking down criminal rivals that pose a threat to his position. and the ability to wall crawl. He is an extraordinarily skilled martial artist. Due to his wealth and intellectual industry.[31] leave imprints in concrete walls after punching them. Aside from his remarkable physical advantages and special paraphernalia. Fisk sometimes carries a walking stick that conceals a laser beam weapon capable of firing a blast of concussive force sufficient for vaporizing a handgun (or a person's head) at close range. particularly sumo. Kingpin approaches Iron Fist and Luke Cage telling them that they will need to take down Daredevil soon. He has been shown to be strong enough to hurl people across a room. He is extremely skilled and knowledgeable in the organization and management of criminal and legal business operations. abilities and equipment The Kingpin has no superhuman powers. He typically wears Kevlar armor under his clothing. crush a man's skull with his bare hands. this is because Spider-Man has strong psychological inhibitions against using his superhuman strength against non-powered opponents. He typically wears an ornamental diamond stick-pin that conceals a highly compressed chamber of sleeping gas that is effective if sprayed at close range directly into his victim's face.

he is confronted by his angry staff. provided the cure herself. Dirigible is clearly the leader of the group. This version is an African American male. He appears in the Marvel/DC Comics crossover comic. although his attack injures Osborne. Dirigible is killed by Gwen Stacy. Alongside Red (Norman Osborn). gaining control of the Mountain States and killing the domain's former master. However. • The Kingpin has a small role in Marvel vs. This version is described as a "man of the people" who fought his way to the top. Wilson Fisk is known as Dirigible. he is unable to take the ship when Peter deflects the cannonballs by using his webbing to throw them back at the Vanessa. but the Kingpin actually formed an alliance with Batman and Spider-Man to save the city. Age of Apocalypse In the Age of Apocalypse. but Talia al Ghul. who had tried to dismantle it merely as a distraction so that he could spread his fear toxin throughout New York.[32] Crossovers • In the second Batman/Spider-Man crossover. Ra's attempted to get his revenge by denying Fisk the cure for Vanessa's cancer. who threatens to expose him as the Kingpin. Kingpin is forced to partner with Ra's al Ghul in a plan that would destroy New York City. as he is seen giving orders to his three teammates. recognizing in Vanessa a kindred spirit. • In the second Batman/Daredevil crossover book. In this book. throwing Fisk into the sea when he confronts the captain directly. Assassins #1 (April 1996).Kingpin (comics) 187 Other versions 1602 In the Marvel 1602 universe. the Owl. a wealthy businessman who bought his way into the Marauders. firing Perry White and replacing him with J. and he is eventually killed and has his territory taken over by Ashley Barton. when he purchases the Daily Planet. a human terrorist group serving Apocalypse that makes up for their lack of mutant powers using technology which allows them to fly and emit explosive blasts. and Arcade. As it turned out. Eventually. • The Amalgam Comics character The Big Question (Enigma Fisk) is a combination of the Riddler of DC Comics and Kingpin. Ra's gave Vanessa her cancer to force Kingpin to aid him. who attacks the ship taking Peter Parquarh and Sir Norman Osborne back to England. as both of them loved men that society would regard as monsters. Kingpin almost lost his entire criminal empire to the Scarecrow. However. Old Man Logan A future Kingpin appears in a possible future timeline in which the United States has been carved up between the various supervillains. even rejecting Fisk's 'offer' to explain how he got his name. DC. Magneto. Wilson Fisk is a pirate captain of the HMS Vanessa. he attacks the human refugee camps of Wakanda. . Ra's' daughter. especially Lois Lane. Hawkeye's daughter and the current Spider-Girl. but is defeated when Spider-Man and Superboy arrive before he can do any significant damage. Jonah Jameson. in exchange for a cure to Vanessa's cancer. Kingpin is shown to be a formidable physical match for Batman. He also bullies workers. known as the King's Pin.

At the end of the series. There he was badly beaten and gang raped by five men. PunisherMAX gives several additional elements to Fisk's background.[36] PunisherMAX A more realistic version of Kingpin appears in a storyarc in the Max version of The Punisher. Eventually. Fisk eventually kills Rigoletto and the other bosses. Richard. Fisk drugged his father and watched him eaten alive by starving rats. He keeps his wife in hiding. cunning and utterly ruthless.[33] Somehow. stands idly by as Rigoletto slits the boy's throat. his wife was dead. he appears in Marvel Zombies 3 as a leader of the zombie horde. while in reality it was only for himself. he kills and devours five of the members. An infuriated Kingpin decides to confront Spider-Man but is quickly dispatched and devoured by Spider-Man. showing no concern for his son's fate. satisfying his hunger (and those of other infected characters) by cloning uninfected humans as a source of food. The Punisher kills the group instead. Marvel Zombies The Kingpin appears in Marvel Zombies vs. but this attempt is short lived when he is eliminated by the zombified superheroes in an ensuing battle. similar to how his mainstream counterpart is represented. At some point in his criminal career. planning to invade Earth-616. While working as an enforcer. When he arrived home.[35] Marvel Zombies Return An alternate version of Kingpin appears in Marvel Zombies Return. As a child. A realistic version of Bullseye is his main henchman. he later resurfaces as one of the undead villains in Marvel Zombies who makes an attempt to devour Galactus. The Kingpin becomes the Punisher's target as tries to have him killed by his successive henchmen Bullseye and Elektra. Also like the mainstream version. He took photographs of the rape and mailed them to Big Lucky. was regularly beaten and abused by his father. able to squeeze someone's head until their eyes pop out. He is a highly formidable hand to hand combatant. establishing his reputation in the criminal world. he uses a Glock handgun. Rigoletto takes Richard hostage and threatens to kill him but Fisk. He does so.[34] Despite seemingly being killed again. starting with the first issue of PunisherMAX #1. Fisk arranged for Big Lucky's wife to be gang-raped by a dozen drug-addicts and winos. where he summons the Sinister Six to steal a sacred tablet from the college where Peter Parker attends.[37] Like the mainstream version he is incredibly strong. who comes from Hell's Kitchen. Vanessa [39] grows to hate Fisk and vows to have him killed. the Kingpin eventually manages to ambush and seriously wound The Punisher at a confrontation at the Punisher's old family home. Because of this. the leader of whom was "Big Lucky". Kingpin is struck in the side of the head with the . After killing a stray dog that Fisk had adopted. this version of the Kingpin works as a bodyguard for mob boss Rigoletto. In order to finally kill the Punisher. Fisk comes up with the idea to create a figurehead "Kingpin of crime" who would be a target for the Punisher in order to flush him out. however at the cost of his son's life : during his final confrontation with Fisk. This version of Fisk is also married to Vanessa and has a son. leaving his men to run for their lives. and Fisk was waiting for him and tortured him for one whole night before killing him. The Army of Darkness #2 with his underlings. But when the zombified Spider-Man is transported to their world. taking over the mob and actually becoming the "Kingpin" he was originally supposed to impersonate. Fisk was convicted and sent to Attica. who broke out of jail. Rigoletto and the other mafia bosses approve of Fisk's plan.Kingpin (comics) 188 House of M Wilson Fisk appears in the House of M. He is said in this version to be of Irish ethnicity. During the fight. Fisk later reflects that he had always thought that he was trying to advance his criminal career for his son's sake.[38] At the beginning of the story arc. he eats her when his plan is defeated. he is employed at the beginning of his criminal career as a bodyguard/enforcer by mob boss Rigoletto. Fisk. When he was released. willing to work with the Punisher to try and save humanity from the zombie attack. who is depicted here as a young child.

his wife Vanessa Fisk also exists but is in a comatose state. and Shang-Chi. his employee Electro manages to knock out Spider-Man with electricity.[44] In his first appearance. and manages to play his enemy against Spider-Man. Kingpin. When Kaine was being taken away by the police. although he is still able to manage his criminal empire from within the prison. Nelson had been unaware of this (it is not stated how much Nelson knew about Murdock's alter ego Daredevil or the circumstances of his death). and refused to represent Fisk further. and shoots Vanessa in the back of the head.[45] . Nobody and Crazy Eight. It is unclear why Vanessa is in a coma. This is part of the oppressive regime imposed by the mayor's secret master. The two spirits tell him that he can only come to the "light" if [42] he renounces his criminal past." The Punisher stumbles home to recover from his injuries." and flushes his ashes down the toilet. who show the unrepentant criminal his dark past. although he made the mistake of betraying Kaine in the process. and he. and the Enforcers. feasting on gourmet cooking. and The Enforcers manage to unmask him. They then throw him out a window. He continues to use costumed villains as agents and assassins including Spider-Girl foes Mr. He returns to his Tower. The Kingpin knows Spider-Man to be a teenager. Fisk was sent to prison. Moon Knight. Her eulogy to him was: "Goodbye. Foggy Nelson. Matt Murdock. Her death came at the end of a play for territory by another crime boss. and tortures him with this knowledge many times. Iron Fist. He is the head of New York corporate crime. just as he's about to deliver the fatal blow. He is seen with Mayor Waters. who states: "Your city. creating the superhero Darkdevil. Kaine attempted to revive Daredevil with sorcery. Spider-Girl intervened and saved Fisk. She then takes the ashes to a bathroom.[40] Vanessa Fisk has her ex-husband cremated. who is saying that he hasn't eaten solid food in ten years. This causes Fisk to lose the appeal in question. revealing him to be a teenager. and lives in luxury within his cell. Spider-Man: Reign Fisk appears in a vegetative state in the first part of Spider-Man: Reign. The Kingpin is trying to remedy this with an ancient tablet that he had stolen.Kingpin (comics) claw of a hammer. Black Cat. who was taken into custody. At some point. it was stolen and lost by the Black Cat as revenge. you son of a bitch. When a gang war started. thick set bald man who usually wears a white suit and carries a cane.[43] Ultimate Kingpin In the Ultimate Marvel continuity. my world. Fisk has finally succeeded in killing Daredevil. such as the McDonalds in Times Square. In the universe. were on their way to court for his latest appeal when Kaine attacked Fisk. the Kangaroo. Nick Fury cuts power to the city soon afterwards. Captain Jeanne De Wolfe was secretly working for the crime lord before being killed by the Punisher. but ended up bonding him with the demon Zarathos and Reilly Tyne (son of Ben Reilly. Unfortunately for the Kingpin. Fisk and his lawyer. Fisk is slain by a bomb while still in prison. Kaine asked Nelson why he represented the man who murdered his partner. It is left ambiguous as to what he decided. a ruthless murderer and notorious for bribing his way out of any prosecution. but is told by the guard that his ex-wife ordered that he was not to be let in. Kingpin remained mostly unchanged. Kingpin is then shot in the back of the head by the Punisher. He also finds competition in another crime lord called Hammerhead.[41] 189 MC2 In the alternate future portrayed in the MC2 comics. From then on. He is still a large. often with the assistance of bribed guards. Elektra. He has a reputation for simply owning many parts of New York. His employees include Electro. his assistant. The Kingpin was seen mourning her death in Ultimate Spider-Man Annual #2. possibly indicating an affair. the Scarlet Spider). While dying he has a vision of his wife and son. before collapsing at the steps of his house.

his henchman Hal Hunter sets Spider-Man up for a heist.[50] In "The Big Brainwasher". He later finds out Jessica Drew is the Spider-Woman and shares this knowledge with the world. • Kingpin appeared in the 1981 Spider-Man TV series voiced by Stanley Jones.[51] • Kingpin appeared in the Spider-Woman episode "The Kingpin Strikes Again". and one of Kingpin's henchmen with a jackhammer used the contraption to shake the surface the heroine was sticking on. Spider-Man stops him. In "Return of the Kingpin". unmasks him. Though initially thwarted by the timely arrival of Spider-Woman. Hoping to reinstate himself as the Kingpin. which owns the company that carries the licensing rights of the Spider-Man movie franchise. and tortures and humiliates him with this information. He's eventually captured. Kingpin has opened a club that Mary Jane has gotten a job at where she takes pictures of city officials and the camera mesmerizes them to enter a room where Kingpin has them brainwashed. Spider-Man and the rest of the Knights persuade Daredevil to let her go on the condition that Fisk leaves the country. he is attacked by Mysterio. he has Moon Knight assaulted and taken away. and all three are subdued.Kingpin (comics) The Kingpin purchases the holding firm GG Enterprises. the Moon Knight (whose assassination Fisk had ordered) escapes death from the Kingpin's men and turns himself in. Instead. In that episode.[52] . As such. while Fury and Howlett. he brainwashes Captain America. In retaliation.[46] Fisk. she uses a robot to make everybody (including the Kingpin) think he made a mistake. who then tricks Iceman so both heroes would steal a secret weapon for him. By purchasing the GG. are shipped off to separate unknown locations. Kingpin and his henchmen kidnap J. and Fisk's lawyers were able to clear his name. Hammerhead. while all three are serving during World War II. holding her at bay. In "King Pinned". and Caesar Cicero when his scientist Dr. Kingpin now technically owns Spider-Man's likeness. In that episode. a crazed Daredevil breaks into Fisk's offices and threatens to murder his comatose wife by snapping her neck. citing it as the only reason he would allow Spider-Man to continue to roam free. At the same time. Kingpin calls a truce with Silvermane. Military police arrive to arrest them.[49] 190 In other media Television • Kingpin has appeared in the 1967 animated Spider-Man episodes "King Pinned" and "The Big Brainwasher".[47] Following the events of Ultimatum. who throws him out a window. Fisk is grazed by a bullet. Unfortunately for Fisk. saying the Kingpin ordered his kill. despite the latter's protests that he's Canadian. The scientist who developed the brainwashing technique betrays the Kingpin by brainwashing him but the Kingpin eventually reveals that he had already taken precautions and had just pretended to be brainwashed waiting for a chance to capture the scientist. Here Foswell is a spy for the Kingpin. and torches Daredevil's offices. furious that the heroes had broken into his house and threatened his wife. he was first seen trying to loot a bank with a band of capable henchmen.[48] Fisk's grandfather appears in Ultimate Origins attempting to loot a house with Nick Fury and James Howlett (Wolverine). He ties him to a stool. In the end. Jonah Jameson when his newspapers were exposing his drug counterfeiting business. and that Spider-Man's school to be blown up while class is in session. As Kingpin pleads with Daredevil not to turn something that he only saw as 'business' into something personal. she herself was foiled when she left herself wide open to attack by sticking to a wall. Fisk returns to New York. In "Wrath of the Sub-Mariner". orders their deaths. evidence implicating Fisk in his crimes were lost. In both instances. • Kingpin appeared in the Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends episode "Pawns of the Kingpin" voiced by Walker Edmiston. Fisk is finally arrested as he tries to leave the country. causing Spider-Woman to fall into a cell. Everett has developed a fluid that dissolves metal. Daredevil grudgingly agrees. After Iron Fist betrayed the Ultimate Knights team's intentions to him. Fisk is later declared dead by the media. he had Spider-Man captured.

his headquarters is simply located in New York (in the Chrysler Building. Here. The Kingpin has proven to be more than a match for Spider-Man. He finally manages to capture the Six American Warriors (save Captain America who is in statis in a vortex with the Red Skull) and Spider-Man. and is then hospitalized. He's the mastermind behind the creation of the Spider-Slayers and is responsible for the creation of the Insidious Six. works for him until he was arrested at the end of the Daredevil saga and contemplates how long until his son takes his revenge on him like he did with his father. Initially. the animated equivalent of the Sinister Six. revealing himself to be working with the Red Skull's son (as he was the Red Skull's adopted son). both of them successfully escaped and due to Kingpin's weight. The Kingpin tries to attack Electro. This series also described an origin for the Kingpin as seen in "The man without fear. Dr. culminating in one robbery where his father escaped but Fisk.Kingpin (comics) • His most prominent appearance is in Spider-Man: The Animated Series voiced by Roscoe Lee Browne. Kingpin remained at large throughout the series. His final appearance is in the Spider Wars saga. but after Smythe nearly betrayed the Kingpin because he believed Kingpin was going to kill him for placing his son in jail during the Daredevil two-parter. and recover the Six Keys needed to gain access to the Doomsday Complex from them. During the 'Six Forgotten Warriors' saga he reforms the Insidious Six and tries to gain access to the Doomsday Device. Fisk emulated his father's goal and climbed to a position of seniority within the mob. hampered by his already-considerable weight. His physical abilities are generally depicted the same as his comics counterpart. which he dubs "Crime Central"). He's also involved in a power struggle with crime boss Silvermane. Spider-Man had the Kingpin behind bars after a confrontation in one of the Kingpin's helicopters. who was seeking revenge for his father's murder at Kingpin's hands. Though he loved her. Kingpin has a global criminal organization. Another alternate version was shown to be the lawyer of that dimension's Peter Parker. Wilson Fisk was influenced by his father. In this series. He maintained a strained relationship with his wife Vanessa. who was well-aware of his activities and wanted him to let it all go. 191 . His bodymass is stated in this continuity as being only "2% fat". As a boy. eluding capture and even capturing Spider-Man on occasion. but is easily defeated. The Kingpin's main associate here was at first Alistair Smythe. though he proved just as underhanded as his counterparts. except in one instance when he toppled a huge robot. When the copter crashed. Fisk did not name his father at his trial and was sentenced to prison. Fisk assisted his father in robbing banks and jewelry stores. as opposed to just being a crime lord in New York. The Doomsday Device turns the Red Skull's son into Electro. although an alternate dimension's version was arrested in the series finale. Spider-Man soon realized he was scammed (evidenced when he learned that the first FBI agent he met is just a movie actor) and with the help of Harry Osborn and the real FBI. who sought employment as a mob criminal. but he is often occupied with manipulating superpowered characters to do his bidding. he operated behind the scenes until the "Framed/The Man Without Fear" two-part episode. When older. the Kingpin is depicted as an African-American and uses a red diamond-studded cane capable of shooting lasers. she eventually left him after being briefly kidnapped by Silvermane. removing all record of his earlier arrest – effectively making his former life "cease to exist." He then exacted revenge against his father. This Kingpin is fairly close to the comics version. He has had his police file destroyed. he fell from Spider-Man's hand. The Kingpin is freed when the Red Skull and Captain America are released and begin fighting. the Kingpin manipulated Spider-Man into thinking he worked for the FBI and assigned the superhero to steal a chip from the mob (they were actually innocent scientists). Herbert Landon replaced him. a statement followed by the declared possession of "350 pounds of muscle". where he resolved to survive. He is told by Silver Sable that one of his men is working against him. However the Chameleon uses sleeping gas on them. However. Richard. In addition. who was implied to have been killed by the Kingpin's henchmen." somewhat different than the comic book version. In adulthood. adopting the alias "Kingpin". where his identity was revealed to Spider-Man with the help of Daredevil. was captured by police. • Kingpin appears in the Spider-Man: The New Animated Series episode "Royal Scam" voiced by Michael Clarke Duncan. he is the main antagonist of the series and the most recurring villain. the superhero saved him and had him trapped behind a crate long enough for the FBI to arrest him. In this show. His son. It was also revealed that his real name was Wilson Moriarty.

learning that Daredevil is Matt Murdock. the Kingpin. he would lift weights for 30 minutes a day. having realised that he is 'not the bad guy' and thus has no right to kill his foes. In order to do this.expressing regret that Daredevil came to him injured rather than fighting him in his prime. Fisk became a crime boss in his own right and successfully hid his criminal activities from the public. his crimes. thus allowing him to better 'see' his opponent. attempting to frame Natchios as the Kingpin in the process by leaving a fake paper trail.Kingpin (comics) 192 Film • In the live action 1989 television movie The Trial of the Incredible Hulk.' But I want them to get past that and just see the movie for what it is and see me for what I am—an actor. Having learned of his assassin's failure. Daredevil then breaks Fisk's legs. source material by saying "they watch movies to say. Duncan signed on for the role in January 2002. leaving a signature red rose at the scene of Michael Clarke Duncan as the Kingpin in Daredevil. as well as eating whatever he wanted. David Banner (Bill Bixby) is unjustly arrested after interrupting an assault on a New York City subway by two thugs in the employ of Wilson Fisk. though he had been attached far earlier. After he supposedly kills Elektra. Duncan's biggest concern was that he is an African-American. Michael Clarke Duncan played the character. while Kingpin had always been portrayed as Caucasian in [54] He spoke on the fans' loyalty to the the comics. whom Fisk met prior to Nicholas Natchios' death. the Kingpin appears to be an overweight corporate head that takes the name Wilson Fisk. In the film. Banner and Murdock eventually learn about each other's secret lives as the Hulk and Daredevil.before he unmasks him. but refuses to kill him despite having the opportunity. but the Kingpin himself escapes. the Kingpin started out as an enforcer for a mob boss named Falon. the Kingpin is portrayed by John Rhys-Davies. Attorney Matt Murdock (Rex Smith) agrees to represent him. Bullseye is defeated by Daredevil after he reveals during the fight that Fisk is really the Kingpin. severely beating the hero. Though Bullseye is successful. He was asked to gain 40 pounds for the role in order to fit the physique of Kingpin. • In the 2003 feature film Daredevil. that's not like the comic book. Despite this. unknowingly revealing his role in Murdock's father's death as well. in which capacity he was hired to kill Jack "The Devil" Murdock after he refused to throw a fight. the Kingpin is prepared for the subsequent confrontation with Daredevil. hoping to use information gleaned from Banner to bring down Fisk's organization. Fisk also wants Natchios' family killed and hires Bullseye to kill Natchios' daughter Elektra. He hires Bullseye to kill Nikolas Natchios after Natchios attempts to leave his organization. Daredevil nevertheless manages to trigger the sprinkler system in Fisk's office. Years later. Daredevil leaves the Kingpin for the police and Fisk threatened to tell everyone .[53] When Duncan was cast. respectively. although Bullseye also states an interest in killing Daredevil for free after the hero made him miss a target. but in fact he is the sole person running organized crime. 'Hey."[55] In the film. The pair is able to thwart Fisk's plans." running all crime in the city. he weighed 290 pounds. and power-lifted. although the media picked up on reports of a "Kingpin.

D. • He is also included in the game The Amazing Spider-Man vs. The Game Boy adaptation of the game saw Jigsaw replacing the Kingpin as the final boss in the game. However. the Kingpin confronts Punisher and tells him that his real enemy is a Japanese Yakuza group called the Eternal Sun. • The Kingpin appears in Spider-Man 3 voiced by Bob Joles. The Lair of Kingpin. His strength and aggression amplified by the Venom symbiote.[57] In the game. Daredevil interrogates the Kingpin at his penthouse.L. Spider-Man encounters him and his Tech Soldiers at one of the bridges which was road blocked by S. the Kingpin swears that he will eventually get out of prison and kill Daredevil. • In Spider-Man: The Video Game. he jokingly showed willingness to change his mind if he was offered $20 million. Mega-CD. • Kingpin appears as one of the primary characters in Spider-Man: Web of Shadows voiced by Gregg Berger.I. where is the main villain and the final boss to beat. Fisk then tells the gang members to break out their bosses (who are being held present at the press conference). He and his Tech Soldiers retreat back to Wilson Fisk Industries. Peter (Spider-Man) sees Fisk and gets shots of him with some gang members of the Apocalypse Gang.[56] 193 Video games • Kingpin appears as the final boss of The Punisher video game for the NES. Kingpin and his Tech Soldiers arrived where Kingpin convinced Black Widow to let Tinkerer come up with a device to stop the Symbiote . Sega Master System and Sega Game Gear. Spider-Man then goes to the Kingpin's penthouse and after defeating the gang members and their bosses.Kingpin (comics) who Daredevil really was. the last boss of stage 3. • The Kingpin is a boss in Spider-Man: Battle for New York (a video game loosely based on the Ultimate Spider-Man universe) voiced by Stephen Stanton. the Kingpin tells him that although Daredevil knows his secret identity. until the lawyer pointed out that revealing to his prison inmates that he had been beaten by a blind man was the equivalent of suicide. although no body is found and Spider-Man wonders if he survived the fall. the Kingpin was one of the main villains. Nevertheless. however the police never find his body. Kingpin was the final villain. he fights the Kingpin. Fisk lies to the reporters by saying that Daredevil's arrest was a "media distortion". • In July 2006. The Kingpin for the Mega Drive/Genesis. Punisher had suspected him of being behind the attempts on his life and being allied with the Gnucchi's and the Russian Mob. In the post-credits scene. At the end. Following Bullseye's defeat. also working as a way to fit his weight loss into the story. he puts out a warrant out for Daredevil's arrest to the criminal underworld (which is later revealed as a fraud). and the Dragon Tail Gang. Duncan suggested that the character is portrayed to have been training a lot in jail in order to become faster in combat against Daredevil.H. the Kingpin is seemingly killed. When Spider-Man freed Tinkerer from Ryker's Island.[58] • The Kingpin is featured in the 2005 video game The Punisher voiced by David Sobolov. but stated that he would not be willing to gain weight as he felt "comfortable" being down to 270 pounds. the Arsenic Candy Gang. Duncan showed interest in returning for the role of the Kingpin. • In The Punisher arcade game. with the hero simply responding that he will be waiting. He is featured in one of the games many sidequests. Agents when the Symbiote Infection occurs. If a player finishes the game. an Operation Wolf style first-person shooter. Daredevil can't reveal Wilson Fisk's secret to the police. the Kingpin is plotting his revenge against the Punisher for the embarrassment he caused him. After Daredevil defeats him. He establishes a crime spree by hiring Vulture to build high-tech armors and gliders for his minions and even sets up a gang war between the Rolling Sevens Gang and the Park Avenue Gang. where it is revealed that Daredevil eliminated his competition when he was setting up his master plan. • The Kingpin is the main villain and the final boss in the video game adaptation of the Daredevil movie for the Game Boy Advance. He is shown to own a building called Wilson Fisk Industries.E. Spider-Man causes Kingpin to fall to his apparent death. At a press conference.

Comics. com/ top-100-villains/ 10. #50 [19] Daredevil volume 2. In both Black Suit endings. [2] top 5 enemies of Daredevil (http:/ / www. #30 [17] Daredevil volume 2. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds. #86-87 [21] The Amazing Spider-Man. No. 376-378 [13] Daredevil #297-300 [14] Daredevil Vol 2. html). After listening to his plans. comicbooked.ign. • Kingpin appears as a villain character in Marvel Super Hero Squad Online. com/ top-5-enemies-of-daredevil). Retrieved 2011-02-06. Kingpin tells Black Widow that the Tinkerer is ready as Black Widow appoints a symbiote-controlled Wolverine to bring her Spider-Man dead or alive. issues 25-30 [23] Daredevil #116 [24] Daredevil #118-119. Spider-Man tells Kingpin that they are transferring Tinkerer to his building. ign.Kingpin (comics) Invasion. 194 Theater Kingpin can be seen in Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark robbing a bank with Hammerhead before being stopped by Spider-Man.com. Kingpin calls up Spider-Man to give him his missions. #10 [15] Daredevil Vol 2. The Army of Darkness #2 [34] Marvel Zombies #5 [35] Marvel Zombies 3 #4 . #79 [20] Daredevil volume 2. 180-181 [11] Daredevil #227-#233 [12] Captain America #373. #46 [18] Daredevil volume 2. In the PSP and PS2 version. where Chun-Li arrests him after giving him a savage beating. 3) #69 [33] Marvel Zombies vs. Kingpin grants the Tinkerer access to his facilities and informs him that he will make some calls to obtain a specific castle in Italy and a girl from Tinkerer's favorite tool catalog. Music • The alias of Kingpin. Wilson Fisk. • Kingpin appears in Chun-Li's ending for Marvel vs. #170-171 [5] Amazing Spider-Man #83-85 [6] Amazing Spider-Man #197 [7] Captain America #147 (Mar 1972) [8] Daredevil #170-172 [9] Daredevil #174-175 [10] Daredevil #177-178. has been used by English band "Wilson Fisk"[59] References [1] "Kingpin is Number 10" (http:/ / comics. #15 [16] Daredevil Vol 2. comicbooked.The List: Daredevil #1 [26] Daredevil#502-504 [27] Shadowland #2 [28] Shadowland #5 [29] The Amazing Spider-Man #648-651 [30] Spider-Island: The Amazazing Spider-Girl #1 [31] Ultimate Spider-Man #10 [32] Wolverine (vol.com [3] Amazing Spider-Man #50 [4] Daredevil vol 1. 500 [25] Dark Reign . Around the part where Spider-Man deactivates and reactivates the defense systems outside of Wilson Fisk Industries. 538-542 (May 2007 to Aug 2007) [22] Runaways: v2. .

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Po is unwittingly named the chosen one destined to bring peace to the land. and stars the voice of Jack Black along with Dustin Hoffman.560 Kung Fu Panda is a 2008 American computer-animated martial arts-action-comedy film produced by DreamWorks Animation and distributed by Paramount Pictures.Kung Fu Panda 196 Kung Fu Panda Kung Fu Panda Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Screenplay by Story by Narrated by Starring John Stevenson Mark Osborne Melissa Cobb Jonathan Aibel Glenn Berger Ethan Reiff Cyrus Voris Jack Black Jack Black Dustin Hoffman Ian McShane Angelina Jolie Seth Rogen Lucy Liu David Cross Randall Duk Kim James Hong Michael Clarke Duncan Dan Fogler Jackie Chan Hans Zimmer John Powell Music by Cinematography Yong Duk Jhun Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Box office Clare Knight DreamWorks Animation Paramount Pictures • June 6. Michael Clarke Duncan and Jackie Chan. the plot revolves around a bumbling panda named Po who aspires to be a kung fu master.[1] . 2008 92 minutes United States English $130 million $631. Seth Rogen. Set in a version of ancient China populated by anthropomorphic talking animals. When an evil kung fu warrior is foretold to escape from prison. Dan Fogler. Angelina Jolie. Ian McShane. James Hong. Randall Duk Kim. Lucy Liu. It was directed by John Wayne Stevenson and Mark Osborne and produced by Melissa Cobb.744. much to the chagrin of the resident kung fu warriors. David Cross.

including Chinese audiences who were impressed with the film's faithfulness to their culture. and good humor. Shifu tries to dispatch Po by ridiculing him into quitting his training with the Furious Five. the old tortoise Oogway. Mantis. Po. a panda. who extracts a promise from Shifu to train Po and then ascends to heaven in a cloud of peach blossoms. Shifu is greatly alarmed. who Shifu loved very dearly. which is said to hold the secret to limitless power. .114 theaters. after receiving helpful advice from Oogway. the highest grossing animated film of the year worldwide. Still unable to grasp the basics of kung fu and confessing a crippling self-loathing. Shifu's mentor. He then holds a kung fu tournament for the Furious Five so that Oogway may identify the legendary Dragon Warrior. is a kung fu fanatic who idolizes the Furious Five—Tigress. grossing $20. his foster daughter. However. has a vision that the evil snow leopard Tai Lung. Meanwhile. Because he works in his goose[3] father Mr. The film became DreamWorks's biggest opening for a non-sequel film. The film currently garners an 88% "Certified Fresh" approval rating from review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes. One day. fat panda" could be the Dragon Warrior. To the surprise of everyone present.Kung Fu Panda The idea for the film was conceived by Michael Lachance. and sends his messenger. Shifu learns of Tai Lung's escape and informs Oogway. Po arrives after the doors to the arena close and is unable to enter. ironically picking his locks with a feather from Zeng. Monkey. as proved when he somehow ascends ten feet to a high shelf to retrieve some almond cookies. He is Shifu's adopted son. Po has been unable to achieve his dream of becoming a kung fu master himself. Oogway chooses Po. Ping's noodle restaurant. a fictional land in ancient China inhabited by anthropomorphic animals. including Tigress. 2011. and Shrek Forever After. however. to prevent Tai Lung's escape. 2008. The film was originally intended to be a parody. who similarly despise and mock Po for his lack of skill in kung fu. Tai Lung escapes from prison as foreseen by Oogway. along with a television series.2 million on its opening weekend. resulting in the number one position at the box office. which also improves the giant panda's strength of spirit. Kung Fu Panda 2. Using food as positive reinforcement. a DreamWorks Animation executive.3 million on its opening day and $60. Po crashes into the middle of the arena at the moment when Oogway is to point out the Dragon Warrior. Desperate to see the Dragon Warrior be chosen. and Crane—a quintet of kung fu masters trained by the red panda Master Shifu to protect the valley. after Oogway refused him the Dragon Scroll he turned on the valley and his masters. Po endures his grueling training and slowly begins to endear himself to the Five with his tenacity. The computer animation in the film was more complex than anything DreamWorks had done before. Viper. However. and also had the fourth-largest opening weekend for a DreamWorks animated film at the American and Canadian box office. Unwilling to believe that a "big. Po despairs that he has no chance of defeating Tai Lung. As with most DreamWorks animated films. Shifu. will escape from prison and return to the Valley of Peace to take revenge for being denied the Dragon Scroll. discovers that Po is capable of impressive physical feats when motivated by food. was released on May 26. Hans Zimmer (collaborating with John Powell this time) scored Kung Fu Panda.[2] 197 Plot The story is set in the Valley of Peace. and has since received very favorable reviews from critics and most of the movie-going public. Forced to take a cumbersome noodle cart to the tournament. behind Shrek 2. Zeng. A sequel. and Shifu was left extremely embittered and now treats The Five. distantly and harshly so that history won't repeat itself. Po straps himself to a set of fireworks and rockets into the sky. culinary skill. He visited China to absorb the culture and get to know the China National Symphony Orchestra as part of his preparation. but director Stevenson decided instead to shoot an action comedy Wuxia film that incorporates the hero's journey narrative archetype for the lead character. Kung Fu Panda opened in 4. Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness later that same year as a part of a franchise. Kung Fu Panda premiered in the United States on June 6. Shrek the Third. Shifu successfully trains Po to incorporate these feats into a makeshift yet effective kung fu style. It is only then that Po discovers who Tai Lung really is. the one kung fu master worthy of receiving the Dragon Scroll and capable of defeating Tai Lung.

• Angelina Jolie as Tigress. • Jackie Chan as Monkey. He is a happy-go-lucky Chinese goose who runs a noodle restaurant along with his son. The Five and Po follow Shifu's direction. who doesn't want to follow his fathers footsteps. a Chinese mantis and another member of the Furious Five. but the scroll reveals nothing but a blank. a Gee's golden langur and a member of the Furious Five. 198 Cast • Jack Black as Po. only to be overwhelmed and defeated by Tai Lung's nerve strikes. Distraught. Po proves to be a formidable challenge for Tai Lung as he tries to protect the Dragon Scroll. In the end. He is the adoptive father of Tai Lung and foster father of Tigress. Realizing that this concept is the entire point of the Dragon Scroll. he is adept with a staff. • Ian McShane as Tai Lung. Shifu decides that Po is ready to receive the Dragon Scroll. Po returns to confront Tai Lung. very nearly killing him. who was denied the Dragon Scroll by Grand Master Oogway because of the true darkness in his heart. In despair. He is also a die-hard fan of the Furious Five and kung fu. who is Po and the Five's sifu. Shifu's mentor. a Red-crowned Crane and another member of the Furious Five. Though the Dragon Scroll eventually falls into Tai Lung's hands. Po is praised by the Valley of Peace and earns the respect of the Furious Five. Po finds his father who. and Po ultimately defeats him using the secret Wuxi Finger Hold. knowing that his mistake has been corrected and that the valley is safe once more. • Randall Duk Kim as Grand Master Oogway. Like Sun Wukong. • Dustin Hoffman as Master Shifu. • Lucy Liu as Viper. • Dan Fogler as Zeng. in an attempt to console him. a tiger with an extremely short temper and the leader of the Furious Five. after which he escaped and returned for revenge. explaining that things become special if people believe them to be. . a Green Tree Viper and another member of the Furious Five. • James Hong as Mr. After rampaging the Valley of Peace for being denied the scroll. Tai Lung was defeated by Master Oogway and sent to Chorh-Gom Prison for 20 years. Po's father. the Monkey of Chinese folktales. but eventually reconciled with him. in whose noodle shop they are co-workers. he becomes the Dragon Warrior after defeating Tai Lung. Po finds a half dead Shifu. Shifu orders Po and the Five to evacuate the valley while he delays Tai Lung as long as possible in a fight to the death. who finally expresses his belief in him. he is unable to understand or accept its symbolic meaning. and finally attains inner peace. He is a Galápagos tortoise. especially as Po's fat renders Tai Lung's nerve strikes useless. She is Shifu's foster daughter and was the most hostile to Po's receiving the Dragon Warrior title. Ping. a muscular snow leopard. a Chinese goose who is Shifu's messenger. • David Cross as Crane. thus he joins the Furious Five who accept him as a true kung fu master. as well as being the son of Mr. and Po's unorthodox style is deeply confusing to his traditionally-trained enemy. an old red panda. • Michael Clarke Duncan as Commander Vachir. accident-prone giant panda. even though they know he won't come out alive. He is the former adoptive son of Shifu. a Javan rhinoceros and the leader of the rhino guards of Chor-Gom Prison. reflective surface. an energetic yet immature. Ping. reveals that the long-withheld secret ingredient to his famous "secret ingredient soup" is nothing. who fully acknowledge him as a true kung fu master.Kung Fu Panda At the same time. the Furious Five set out to stop Tai Lung themselves. • Seth Rogen as Mantis. who has reached the palace and gravely injured Shifu.

the animators took a six hour kung fu class.[8] Initially. it screamed complexity.[4] Reportedly inspired by Stephen Chow's 2004 martial arts action comedy." said Manninen. was to make "the best looking film DreamWorks has ever made".[12] The end credit sequence also features hand-drawn characters and still paintings in the background. Lucy Liu and Ian McShane would join Jack Black in the cast.[17] Producer Melissa Cobb said that originally Po was "more of a jerk. although he and Dustin Hoffman did spend [17] Lucy Liu said that the film a day together.we love martial arts movies. We lucked out. Kung Fu Hustle. but every once in a while you get a gem. which Cobb said helped with the scene where their characters face off. Jackie Chan. Let's really make sure that our kung fu is as cool as any kung fu ever done. DreamWorks Animation announced the film alongside Jack Black. Production designer Raymond Zibach and art director Tang Heng spent years researching Chinese painting. DreamWorks Animation announced that Dustin Hoffman. architecture and kung fu films to help create the look of the film. sculpture. she reportedly laughed and wished him "good luck".[10] Stevenson's aim for the film. That doesn’t happen very often. they can be as good as any genre movie when they're done properly […] Let's try to make it a real martial arts movie albeit one with a comic character and let's take our action seriously. Even the production people. "the movie was still a high concept. because great martial arts movies are really beautiful-looking movies and then let's see if we can imbue it with real heart and emotion. "When we started talking." Liu said that when she was presented with the project .[12] The opening.[10] Zibach said some of the biggest influences for him are the more artful martial arts films such as Hero. so that we can take our place in that canon and make sure it's a beautiful movie. he mostly worked "in isolation". We all seemed like we were on the same page. offbeat colors to evoke the natural landscape of China..[9] the co-directors wanted to make sure the film also had an authentic Chinese and kung fu feel to it. and there really was a sense of harmony on the animation. Let's not give anything up to the big summer movies. how can you make this movie tangible? How can you find smart ways to bring this world to life in a way that makes it a great movie and not feel like the complexity becomes the driver of the story.[6] In November 2005. "We've had some productions that were stressful.[17] According to Jack Black. the idea was to make it a spoof. I wasn't interested in making fun of them. [18] "was quite different because it was such a long process. Hidden Dragon. [11] The hand-drawn animation sequence at the beginning of the film was made to resemble Chinese shadow puppetry." —co-director John Stevenson on the comedic approach to the martial arts film. but this one ran very smoothly and DreamWorks is [sic] this production as a template on how they would like future productions to run. a DreamWorks Animation executive. believing in the film. who was selected to be the main voice star.[12] The computer animation used throughout the film was more complex than anything DreamWorks had done before. you will be working on dumpers for most of your career.[7] The idea for the film was conceived by Michael Lachance." —Dan Wagner. We launched off saying. but the story and the emotion being the driver?"[16] In preparation.. But for everyone that looked at it.Kung Fu Panda 199 Production ". [4] Publicized work on the film began in October 2004. which took four years to make. but co-director John Stevenson was not particularly keen on it so instead chose the direction of a character based wuxia comedy.[5] In September 2005. When the head of production handed the script to VFX Supervisor Markus Manninen. because I really think martial arts movies can be great films. I tell animators. which uses bright." but that the character changed after they heard Jack Black.[14][15] The rest of the film is modern computer animation. which was directed by Jennifer Yuh Nelson and produced by James Baxter. Head of Character Animation. was praised by The New York Times reviewer Manohla Dargis as "striking" and "visually different from most mainstream American animations". Kung Fu Panda was a gem.[13] Other reviewers have compared the opening to the evocative style of Genndy Tartakovsky's Samurai Jack. House of Flying Daggers and Crouching Tiger.

591 in the United States and Canada and $416. 2008.548 units. 2008 at Leicester Square in London. Kung Fu Panda was the fourth highest-selling film and the first highest-selling animated film of 2008.[31] Peter Howell of The Toronto Star awarded the film two and a half stars." and the review called the film "consistently diverting" and "visually arresting".594 for a $8.309. stating the picture "provides a master course in cunning visual art and ultra-satisfying entertainment".[25] Reception Critical response Kung Fu Panda has received positive reviews from critics.[36] Kung Fu Panda was the highest-grossing non-Shrek film from DreamWorks Animation in the United States and Canada.[19] where it received massive and sustained applause at the end of the film's screening.[27] Richard Corliss of Time Magazine gave Kung Fu Panda a positive review. The film has an approval rating of 76% from a select group of critics and an approval rating of 83% from users of the site.612.[35] It closed on October 9.130 for a $14.127 average from expanding to 4. which sold 7.[24] The DVD double pack release of Kung Fu Panda also includes a short animated film Secrets of the Furious Five..[21] and on June 26. based on 33 reviews.744.[22] Home media Kung Fu Panda was released on DVD and Blu-ray on November 9. 2011 as a Best Buy exclusive. "At once fuzzy-wuzzy and industrial strength. Kung Fu Panda sets itself apart from the modern domestic animation trend with its sheer beauty [. if not entirely to delight".. grossing $60.Kung Fu Panda they already had artwork of her character as well as a "short computerized video version of what she would look like when she moved.114 theaters[33] and performing much better than analysts had been expecting.[20] Kung Fu Panda later had national premieres in the US on June 1.] the film enters instant classic status as some of the most gorgeous animation Hollywood has produced since the golden age of Disney.[23] and on 3D Blu-ray on December 6.413. Los Angeles. Rotten Tomatoes reported that 88% of 164 critics gave the film a positive review. grossing $215. considering it to have a "lack of story" that "frequently manages to amuse. for the UK. 2008.[23] With 7."[18] 200 Release The film held its worldwide premiere at the 61st Cannes Film Festival on May 15. "Blazing across the screen with eye-popping. 2008 after 125 days of release. 2008 at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. the tacky-sounding Kung Fu Panda is high concept with a heart.[34] In its second weekend.969 overseas for a worldwide total of $631.[37] .434. sublime artwork. Tom Charity of CNN criticized the action for "[tending] to blur into a whirlwind of slapstick chaos" and considered the character of Po similar to others played by Black.642 DVD units sold in 2008.[30] However.560.642 average from 4.[32] Box office The film topped the box office in its opening weekend.[13] Chris Barsanti of Filmcritic.[34] It also was the highest-grossing opening for a non-sequel DreamWorks Animation film at the time.486.136 theaters. right before WALL-E. before being surpassed by How to Train Your Dragon in 2010. California.[26] Metacritic reported the film had an average score of 73 out of 100.com commented. the film retreated 44% to second place behind The Incredible Hulk grossing $33.239."[29] Michael Phillips of the Chicago Tribune called the film "one of the few comedies of 2008 in any style or genre that knows what it’s doing".[28] The New York Times said.

then I take all the money to the Oscars and bet it on Pixar.[39][40] The Chinese director Lu Chuan commented. some people within China have questioned the quality of China's domestic animations. Kung Fu Panda won 11 Annie Awards (including Best Picture) out of 16 nominations. becoming the first animated film to make more than 100 million Yuan in Chinese box offices."[41][42] With the film's success at the Chinese box office. saying "Each year. the movie is nearly perfect. I do one DreamWorks project.[38] It made nearly 110 million Chinese Yuan by July 2.[43][44][45] 201 Accolades Kung Fu Panda had been nominated for the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature[46] and the Golden Globe Award for Best Animated Feature Film. 2008."[48] By contrast. This was parodied by Jack Black at the 81st Academy Awards. The fact that such a successful film based on Chinese culture was created by the American film industry has led to some Chinese introspection. albeit amid controversy.Kung Fu Panda Kung Fu Panda was also well received in China.[47] But both awards were won by Pixar's WALL-E instead.[49] Awards Award Academy Awards 36th Annie Awards Category Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Annie Award for Best Animated Effects in an Animated Production Annie Award for Best Animated Feature Annie Award for Best Character Animation in a Feature Production James Baxter Philippe Le Brun Dan Wagner Annie Award for Best Character Design in an Animated Feature Production Annie Award for Best Directing in an Animated Feature Production Annie Award for Best Music in an Animated Feature Production Annie Award for Production Design in an Animated Feature Production Annie Award for Best Storyboarding in an Animated Feature Production Nico Marlet John Stevenson Mark Osborne Hans Zimmer John Powell Tang Kheng Heng Raymond Zibach Jennifer Yuh Nelson Alessandro Carloni Annie Award for Best Voice Acting in an Animated Feature Production Dustin Hoffman James Hong Ian McShane Annie Award for Best Writing in an Animated Feature Production Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards Best Animated Feature Jonathan Aibel Glenn Berger Name John Stevenson Mark Osborne Li-Ming 'Lawrence' Lee Outcome Nominated Won Won Won Nominated Nominated Won Won Won Won Nominated Won Nominated Won Nominated Nominated Won Nominated . Its American creators showed a very sincere attitude about Chinese culture. "From a production standpoint.

Sound Effects. Dialogue and ADR Ethan Van Der Animation in a Feature Film Ryn Erik Aadahl Mike Hopkins Jonathan Klein Adam Milo Smalley Peter Oso Snell Wayne Lemmer Paul Pirola P. Hooker Dan O'Connell John Cucci Best Animation/Family Outstanding Translated Film Best Family Film Favorite Voice from an Animated Movie Favorite Animated Movie Best Animated Film Animated Motion Picture Favorite Family Movie Choice Summer Movie: Comedy Outstanding Animated Character in an Animated Motion Picture Jack Black Dan Wagner Nico Marlet Peter Farson Melissa Cobb Jack Black 202 Nominated Nominated Nominated Golden Trailer Awards Huabiao Awards National Movie Awards Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards Online Film Critics Society Producers Guild of America People's Choice Awards Teen Choice Awards Visual Effects Society Nominated Won Nominated Won Nominated Nominated Nominated Nominated Nominated Nominated Outstanding Animation in an Animated Motion Picture Markus Manninen Dan Wagner Nominated Alex Parkinson Raymond Zibach Outstanding Effects Animation in an Animated Motion Picture Markus Manninen Alex Parkinson Amaury Aubel Nominated Li-Ming 'Lawrence' Lee Soundtrack .K.Kung Fu Panda Chicago Film Critics Association Awards Golden Globe Awards Golden Reel Awards Best Animated Feature Golden Globe Award for Best Animated Feature Film Best Sound Editing . Foley.

"Kung Fu Fighting". "Peach Tree Of Wisdom" 6. This marked the first collaboration in eight years for the two. who had previously worked together on DreamWorks' The Road to El Dorado and the action thriller Chill Factor. "Panda Po" 16. "Po vs. composer Hans Zimmer scored Kung Fu Panda.Kung Fu Panda 203 Kung Fu Panda Soundtrack album by Hans Zimmer & John Powell Released Recorded Genre Length Label June 3. "Let The Tournament Begin" 3. "Oogway Ascends" Length 4:44 1:59 2:57 7:06 1:53 4:05 2:18 9:51 1:28 3:23 4:47 2:31 2:41 3:22 2:39 2:04 . Although Zimmer was originally announced as the main composer of the film. "The Dragon Warrior Is Among Us" 4. "The Bridge" 11. "Dragon Warrior Rises" 15. the ending credit was sung by Rain. during a test screening. "Tai Lung Escapes" 5.[50] The soundtrack also includes a partially rewritten version of the classic song. Title 1. "Accu-flashback" 7.[51] Track listing No. CEO of DreamWorks Animation SKG Jeffrey Katzenberg announced that composer John Powell would also be contributing to the score. "Training Po" 10. in some versions. "Impersonating Shifu" 8. in addition. 2008. 2008 2008 Soundtrack 60:16 Interscope PDI/DreamWorks Records Columbia Records Sony Music Soundtrax Producer Hans Zimmer John Powell As with most DreamWorks animated movies. "The Dragon Scroll" 13. A soundtrack album was released by Interscope Records on June 3. "The Sacred Pool Of Tears" 9. "Hero" 2. Timbaland also contributed to the soundtrack. Zimmer visited China in order to absorb the culture and got to know the Chinese National Symphony as part of his preparation. Tai Lung" 14. performed by Cee-Lo Green and Jack Black for the end credits. "Shifu Faces Tai Lung" 12. Furthermore.

and meeting other Kung Fu masters. while making mistakes."[62] Online games Two popular online games The Adversary and The Field of Fiery Danger were created by Playniac to accompany the movie release. 2008. The story features a new villain with a mysterious weapon so powerful it threatens the very existence of kung fu. learning about the history of Kung Fu.5 out of 10 from IGN. a new character named Jun is introduced.[61] In 2009. as well as multiple consoles. It was released in 3-D and was directed by Jennifer Yuh Nelson (who directed the 2-D opening sequence of the first film) with the original cast returning.[54] It is written by Hanten Okuma and illustrated by Takafumi Adachi.[55] In the manga. November 24. "Kung Fu Fighting" (Performed by Cee-Lo Green and Jack Black) 18.[57] In the series. The game received mostly positive reviews. which Po. was released on Thursday May 26.[58] Video game A video game adaptation of the film was developed and published by Activision on June 3. The Adversary is based on the moment where the main character Po. Television series A television series titled Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness is airing on Nickelodeon since its premiere on November 7. but with Tai Lung portrayed as the leader of various gangs that surround the Valley of Peace.[56] From the cast of Kung Fu Panda.[59] The game follows the same basic plot as the film. and Po must additionally confront his past. The Field of Fiery Danger is based on scenes where Po accidentally falls into the pit of fire spouting tubes and also the moment where the Kung Fu master Shifu realises that the only way to get through to Po. However the Windows version has been discontinued. Manga A manga based on the film has been released in Japan in Kerokero Ace magazine's September 2008 issue. . Holiday special The Kung Fu Panda Holiday Special was aired on NBC Wednesday. Po continues to defend the Valley of Peace from all kinds of villains. must defeat.[52] to very good reviews (Rotten Tomatoes rating of 83%). 2010. Ping. 2011. it won the International Animated Film Society's Annie Award for Best Animated Video Game. it scored a Metacritic rating of 76% from critics[60] and a 7. Kung Fu Panda 3 is expected to be released in 2016.Kung Fu Panda 17. A second sequel tentatively titled Kung Fu Panda 3 has been announced as a co-production between DreamWorks [53] Animation and Shanghai-based Oriental DreamWorks. "Kung Fu Fighting (East Asian Edition only)" (Performed by Rain) 19. Both games have 20 challenging levels and were featured as game of the week on the Nickelodeon web site. "in recognition of creative excellence in the art of animation. "Kung Fu Fighting (East Asian Edition only)" (Performed by Sam Concepcion) 20. "Kung Fu Fighting (Russian Edition only)" (Performed by Mumiy Troll) 2:30 3:27 2:20 2:33 204 Sequels A sequel. only Lucy Liu and James Hong are reprising their roles of Master Viper and Mr. 2011. who possesses some basic martial art skills which can be upgraded as the game progresses. voiced by Jack Black. is with food. Kung Fu Panda 2. attacks a punchbag and underestimates its response. The game was released on Microsoft Windows.

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2008). at 5:30 P. January 30. thefutoncritic. prnewswire. org/ ).metacritic. New CG-Animated Series. (ET/PT)" (http:/ / www. Metacritic. Erik (June 9.htm) at Box Office Mojo Kung Fu Panda (https://www.com/kungfupanda?ref=ts) on Facebook . October 25.kungfupanda. 2008. . Retrieved September 1. annieawards. [62] "Kung Fu Panda dominates the Annie Awards" (http:/ / www. com/ news-releases/ html). "Kung Fu Panda Review" (http:/ / xbox360. 2010 [59] "Kung Fu Panda Video Game Demo Now Available on Xbox Live Marketplace" (http:/ / xbox360.com/movies/movie/v354676) at AllRovi Kung Fu Panda (http://www.com) Kung Fu Panda (http://www. . [60] "Kung Fu Panda" (http:/ / www. ign. com/ news/ 2010/ 09/ 07/ 20100907nbc01/ ). 2011. . 2010 Retrieved 26 September 26. Retrieved September 1.boxofficemojo.imdb. Retrieved October 26. May 1. 2008. . GameSpy. NBC via The Futon Critic. 2009. html). html). . Nov. Retrieved February 5.rottentomatoes. 2009. IGN.bcdb. 2008. 2011. 2012. com/ games/ platforms/ xbox360/ kungfupanda). September 9.com/m/kung_fu_panda/) at Rotten Tomatoes Kung Fu Panda (http://www.com/title/tt0441773/) at the Internet Movie Database Kung Fu Panda (http://www.com/movie/kung-fu-panda) at Metacritic Kung Fu Panda (http://www. [58] NBC and DreamWorks Animation Bring One of a Kind Animated Programming to Audiences at Home For the Holidays with New Original Specials Scared Shrekless and Kung Fu Panda Holiday Special (http:/ / www. PR Newswire.cgi?film=65706) at the Big Cartoon DataBase Kung Fu Panda (http://www.Kung Fu Panda [57] "Megahit Martial Arts Panda is Back as Nickelodeon and Dreamworks Animation Premiere Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness. gamespy. metacritic. Monday. The Annie Awards.M. com/ xbox-360/ luxoflux-next-gen-project/ 870948p1. Retrieved March 27.com/bcdb/cartoon.allrovi. [61] Brudvig. 7.com/movies/?id=kungfupanda.facebook. 207 megahit-martial-arts-panda-is-back-as-nickelodeon-and-dreamworks-animation-premiere-kung-fu-panda--legends-of-awesomeness-new-cg-animated-series-monday-nov-7-at-53 nbc-and-dreamworks-animation-bring-one-of-a-kind-animated-programming-to-audiences-at-home-for-the-holidays-with-new-original-specials-scared-shrekless-and-kung-fu-pa External links • • • • • • • • Official website (http://www. com/ articles/ 880/ 880257p1.

of seasons Candi Milo United States 2 Starring .Loonatics Unleashed 208 Loonatics Unleashed Loonatics Unleashed First Season DVD Box Cover Genre Post-Apocalyptic Science Fantasy Comic science fiction Action-Adventure Steampunk Dystopian fiction Mystery Comedy Drama Format Created by Animated television series Adam Trevor Grant Joseph Louis Grant Developed by Written by Andy Rex Adam Trevor Grant David Brauton Joseph Louis Grant Clint Taylor Tom Kling Andrew Austin Directed by Dan Fausett Kenny Thompkins Curt Walstead Clint Taylor Andrew Austin Creative director(s) David Brauton (season 1) Andy Rex (season 2) Michael Arnold Charlie Schlatter Jessica DiCicco Jason Marsden Rob Paulsen Kevin Michael Richardson Candi Milo Narrated by Country of origin No.

He targets the Loonatics. knocking it completely off its original axis. Later. Animation that ran on the Kids' WB for two seasons from 2005[2] to 2007 in the United States. A mysterious character known as Optimatus reveals that the meteor's striking Acmetropolis in 2772 was not an accident but a deliberate attempt to destroy Acmetropolis. The series was loosely based on the Looney Tunes cartoon characters. The newly formed team is known as the Loonatics and reside on the 125th floor of a large tower. with the characters designed in an anime inspired style. She becomes their supervisor. These characters are the descendants of the classic Looney Tunes characters. the impact of the meteor and its resultant shock wave gives off supernatural cosmic energies that give some inhabitants superpowers while incapacitating others. and XHGC in Mexico. 2005 – May 5. of episodes 26 (List of episodes) Production Executive producer(s) Sander Schwartz Producer(s) Ron Myrick Miguel Gaban 30 minutes Broadcast Original channel Original run Kids' WB September 17. Descendants of other Looney Tunes are unverified. hoping to destroy them all. the Loonatics stopped a second attempt with a space rock — he plans to attack the planet a third time. Optimatus decides to use his powers for good.the first attempt caused the energy release that gave the Loonatics and others their powers. Story The first five episodes of Loonatics Unleashed occur in the year 2772. "Acmegeddon. Cartoon Network's Boomerang in Australia.Loonatics Unleashed No. However. Despite his failure in destroying the planet . must save the galaxy once more. A second story arc begins: Optimatus returns. in the two-part season-ending episode. Zadavia and all of Acmetropolis. Zadavia and the Loonatics. instead of destroying the planet. It is still broadcasting on Clan TVE. It is the first ever Looney Tunes cartoon series not to recapture the style of the original shorts. now joined by Sylth Vester and Tweetums. Kids Central (now known as Okto) in Singapore. dispatching them for the purpose of combating any and all threats to Acmetropolis and its citizens. as an "action-comedy. Southeast Asia and Latin America. Before the series finale ends. Season 2 introduces many new characters and possible Looney Tunes. They successfully save Acmetropolis along with the rest of the solar system and send Optimatus to an unknown location in the universe via wormhole. with the series described by Warner Bros. and as old villains reunite. 2007 External links Website [1] 209 Running time Loonatics Unleashed is an American animated television series produced by Warner Bros. A mysterious and powerful woman called Zadavia calls upon six of the affected residents to form a team of superheroes. though implied in certain situations. the year that a meteor strikes the fictional city-planet of Acmetropolis. . Teletoon in Canada. according to multiple press releases and official sources. Cartoon Network in the UK." Optimatus returns and is revealed to be Zadavia's brother." Loonatics Unleashed is meant to be a mixture of the Looney Tunes shorts' irreverent style of humor and a modern action animated series.

He can also be extremely opportunistic. These characters are the descendants of the classic Looney Tunes characters. Lexi Bunny • Voice Actor: Jessica DiCicco Lexi is the trendy female rabbit. He is very boastful and has a habit of attempting to re-invent himself (such as requesting name changes for himself. She could also be in love with Ace and does seem to care deeply about him. the first time being in the pilot episode "Loonatics on Ice" when Zadavia tells them about the freeze. hints or advices that even Ace and Lexi will follow without question. his sword. Lexi however was predictably repulsed by Pierre's stench and creepy mannerisms. and Bugs Bunny's descendant. he does so accordingly less. Danger Duck • Voice Actor: Jason Marsden Danger Duck (or just Duck) is the spotlight hungry. and wears an orange uniform. or attempting to add a cape to his uniform). afraid she was too good. Duck longs to one day lead the Loonatics but he tolerates the leadership of Ace. who observed her placing a Pterosaur back into the Acmetropolis Zoo (it was implied that he released the animals to be able to recruit Slam to his illegal fights arena) and attempted to flirt with/hit on her by complimenting her looks.Loonatics Unleashed 210 Characters The main characters of the series. Ace was a martial arts stunt double in films. An adept martial artist and swords-hare. Before gaining his powers. though as possible descendants. did not accept her. according to multiple press releases and official sources. Duck worked as a swimming pool cleaner. Daffy Duck's descendant. It's unknown if there's any relation between Ace & Lexi. This is an ironic statement as she along with all the other Loonatics would eventually encounter Pierre Le Pew (the evil human parody of Pepe Le Pew). Ace loves to play with his opponents before he wins. Ace became a little worried after hearing that Lexi went to Melvin's proposal. Even though this is clear. as revealed in the second season is a weapon from the planet Freleng (link to Friz Freleng) called the Guardian Strike Sword. egotistical member of the Loonatics. Before gaining her powers. he dreamed of becoming a lifeguard. Lexi mutters about how wearing a sweater would make her look chubby. is unclear. An example of his concern about Lexi can be seen in the episode "It Came From Outer Space". Ace Bunny • Voice Actor: Charlie Schlatter Ace is smart. Lexi occasionally expresses concern about her looks. and with pink on her uniform. This was first seen at the episode "A Creep in the Deep". who wears his uniform with yellow accents. Though this may be more of a close familial bond as they may be siblings. especially her "Brain Blast". He may have a romantic relationship with Lexi as Bugs has with Lola in the past. Before getting his powers. once trying to be Slam Tasmanian's wrestling manager simply . He is usually shown up by other characters or angering them with his antics. Lexi can greatly amplify her powers. savvy. cunning and proeminence in the series and also by sometimes giving orders. She is the co-leader alongside Ace since they are close or even equal in almost everything. as Melvin insists that he will take Lexi. as his ancestor. it is implied that Duck is the second-in-command due to his power. Descendants of other Looney Tunes are unverified. Lexi was a student at Acmetropolis University who tried to join the school's cheerleading squad. generating enough power to disturb other sound frequencies and even to cause explosions. and true to form. if any. A further example is in "The World Is My Circus" after being mutated by the DNA scrambler of RingMaster and Otto she says that they can't keep fighting and the Pepe Le Pew look is not her. Lola Bunny's descendant. The captain. when underwater. in cases of someone who has the ability to a level where they could be a potential threat to him and his team dealing with them. it may be moreover a close family bond. a born leader. and he became protective of her. However. Her relation to Ace.

Rev. Like his ancestor. sometimes annoying or confusing others. Tech does not have an English accent. 211 Slam Tasmanian • Voice Actor: Kevin Michael Richardson Slam is the group's gluttonous. Rev Runner • Voice Actor: Rob Paulsen Fast-talking Rev is a head-spinningly quick character. Tech relies on scientific doodads with the distinctive difference that he makes them himself. called Twisted Spinner (The Terror from Somewhere). he proves his worth from time to time. Coyote's descendant. like his ancestor. he seems to be used most often as comic relief. His specialties include constructing equipment and conducting surveillance. which he uses mainly to blow or blast his enemies away. Before gaining his powers. Coyote • Voice Actor: Kevin Michael Richardson Tech is the team's technician and Wile E. he is rarely called Danger Duck by his team mates and is almost always referred to as just Duck. though seemingly unaffected by the meteor that struck Acmetropolis. Throughout the series. and the Road Runner's descendant with red on his uniform. more slowly than an average anthropomorphic roadrunner (although. As shown at the episode "A Creep in the Deep". Before gaining his powers. effectively translating anything important." Also. Rev can actually talk. descendant of the Tasmanian Devil and has purple on his uniform. He was the first Loonatic shown to have previously known a villain (Mallory "Mastermind" Casey from the Acme Institute). who only made a "meep-meep" noise. Before gaining his powers. talk as fast as him). growls (in "Family Business" and "The Music Villain") and even howls (also in "Cape Duck"). Slam was a professional wrestler. muscle-bound heavyweight. though usually at high speed. he speaks better English. when underwater. The other Loonatics will sometimes mention what Slam said. However. but sometimes whimpers (in "Cape Duck"). like his brother Rip. as his ancestor did. His uniform contains the color green. he retains his rapid speech when swapping powers with Tech after an incident with a DNA scrambler in "The World is My Circus. . In the second season. Of all the characters. Tech is rather obsessed with his creations. but is implied to be dialogue the audience is not meant to understand. where his urge to achieve perfection led to numerous screw-ups. Rev was a delivery boy for Quick Wrap Sandwich Shack and an inventor. Unlike his ancestor. In numerous episodes. that is. Danger Duck can exhibit its full power in the shape of a powerful energy stream he calls "Aqua Dense". Tech E. it is shown that without his powers. Caring deeply for his creations. he is often unhappy when they are destroyed or severely damaged. despite or perhaps due to his arrogant personality. but still does not seem fluent in the language. speaks at a normal speed. then haggling with Slam over how much each of them should get (with preference that Duck receive 90% and Slam 10%).Loonatics Unleashed for profit. and that they actually work the way he built them. as seen when he exclaims in "The Menace of Mastermind" (after Mastermind tampers with his gizmoes) "What has that ghastly woman done to my babies?!". curiously. his parents. Tech was a student at the Acme Institute. His speech sounds like simple grunting of English.

Lexi Bunny Jason Marsden .Time Skip Vivica A.Mallory Mastermind Mikey Kelley .Optimatus Joe Alaskey . Fox . Coyote Additional Voices • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Charlie Adler .General Deuce Cree Summer .Additional voices Kaley Cuoco .Ace Bunny Jessica DiCicco .Queen Athena .Professor Zane. Sagittarius Stomper Serena Williams .Ophiuchus Sam. Queen Grannicus Rob Paulsen . Misty Breeze.Pinkster Pig Dan Castellaneta . Dare Billy West . Pierre Le Pew Phil LaMarr .Drake Sypher Daran Norris . Leghorn (1st Time) David Faustino . Fidel Chroniker Bob Bergen .Massive Jeannie Elias . Ralph Runner Khary Payton .Gunnar the Conqueror Maurice LaMarche . Dr. Leghorn (2nd Time) Kevin Michael Richardson . Tech E.Zadavia.Rip Runner Tom Kenny . Sylth Vester.Melvin the Martian. Rupes Oberon Candi Milo .Black Velvet Mark Hamill .Alien Dad. Gorlop.Dr.Additional voices Bill Farmer .Loonatics Unleashed 212 Principal Voice Actors • • • • • • Charlie Schlatter .Additional voices James Arnold Taylor . Royal Tweetums.Slam Tasmanian.Adolpho Florence Henderson .Weather Vane Tim Curry .Mr. Harriet Runner.Otto the Odd Jeff Bennett .Ringmaster Grey DeLisle .Electro J. Stoney the Stone Dee Bradley Baker . Mr.Apocazons Michael Clarke Duncan .Rev Runner. Fudd.Additional voices Bootsy Collins .Boötes Belinda Jim Cummings .Bugsy the Bug Simon Templeman .Danger Duck.

com/ kids/ shows-LoonaticsUnleashed [2] George Gene Gustines (2005-06-06). com/ 2005/ 06/ 06/ arts/ television/ 06loon.com/title/tt0476918/) at the Internet Movie Database • Loonatics Unleashed (http://www. org/ web/ 20070101020217/ http:/ / kidswb. The New York Times.archive.org/templates/ story/story.teletoon. The Complete Second Season August 14.net/article.php?ID=1788) • National Public Radio Talk of the Nation interview about Loonatics Unleashed (http://www. "It's 2772.com • "Loonatics Promo Short Gives First Look at New Series" (http://web.org/web/20070101020217/http://kidswb. html).toonzone.Casting and Voice Director Reception The show received negative reviews from critics. External links • Official website (http://web.Theme Song Singer (Season Two) • Jamie Simone . warnerbros.php?language=en& brand=teletoon&init=chunk&func=php|templates/show.tv. archive. DVD release DVD name The Complete First Season Release date March 13. No Additional Features. Who Loves Ya. Retrieved 2010-10-30. scoring about 5/10 on IMDB. nytimes. Tech E. Coyote?" (http:/ / www.com/kids/ shows-LoonaticsUnleashed) • Loonatics Unleashed (http://www. the show was also greeted with negative criticism from audiences familiar with the original versions of the Looney Tunes characters.php|/tv/loonaticsUnleashed/loonaticsUnleashed_en.com/shows/loonatics-unleashed/) at TV. 2007 References [1] http:/ / web.npr.org/web/20070213014540/http:/ /news. Although having a large fanbase. .archive.Loonatics Unleashed 213 Crew • Bootsy Collins . xml&xVar=) Category:28th century .warnerbros.php?storyId=4794080) • Loonatic Unleashed Teletoon Site (http://www.imdb.com/teletoon3/teletoon. 2007 Ep # 13 13 Additional information Features: Loonatics Unleashed: Villain Invasion.

Father of the Bride Halle Berry (as Angela Lewis) .The Santa Clause • Cameron Diaz (as Tina Carlyle) .Sister Act Rosie O'Donnell (as Doris Murphy) .The Crush • 1995: Kirsten Dunst (as Claudia) .I Know What You Did Last Summer .My Girl Ice-T (as Scotty Appleton) .Species Lela Rochon (as Robin Stokes) .A Time to Kill • 1998: Heather Graham (as Rollergirl) . In 2011.New Jack City Campbell Scott (as Victor Geddes) . where an academy of outstanding directors honors a silver screen newcomer with extraordinary talent.My Cousin Vinny • 1994: Alicia Silverstone (as Adrian Forrester) .Sleepless in Seattle Jason James Richter (as Jesse) .Jerry Maguire • 1997: Matthew McConaughey (as Jack Brigance) .Dying Young Kimberly Williams (as Annie Banks) .Friday Vivica A.Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story Ross Malinger (as Jonah Baldwin) . the awards were split into Male and Female categories. it was renamed Best Breakout Star. Winners • 1992: Edward Furlong (as John Connor) .Trainspotting Renée Zellweger (as Dorothy Boyd) .The Bodyguard Kathy Najimy (as Mary Patrick) .Powder Natasha Henstridge (as Sil) .From Dusk till Dawn • • • • • • • • Sean Patrick Flanery (as Jeremy "Powder" Reed) .Four Weddings and a Funeral • Mykelti Williamson (as Bubba) .Waiting to Exhale Chris Tucker (as Smokey) .Boomerang Whitney Houston (as Rachel Marron) . Larry Flynt Ewan McGregor (as Mark "Rent Boy" Renton) .Terminator 2: Judgment Day • • • • • • • • • • • • Anna Chlumsky (as Vada Sultenfuss) .MTV Movie Award for Best Breakthrough Performance 214 MTV Movie Award for Best Breakthrough Performance This is a following list of the MTV Movie Award winners and nominees for Best Breakthrough Performance.The People vs. In 2012.Independence Day Courtney Love (as Althea Leasure) . it was later renamed Best Breakthrough Performance but was turned into a non-voting category.Boogie Nights • Joey Lauren Adams (as Alyssa Jones) .Free Willy • 1993: Marisa Tomei (as Mona Lisa Vito) .Forrest Gump • 1996: George Clooney as (Seth Gecko) .The Mask • Hugh Grant (as Charles) .Chasing Amy • Rupert Everett (as George Downes) . In many years.My Best Friend's Wedding • Sarah Michelle Gellar (as Helen Shivers) .Interview with the Vampire • Tim Allen (as Scott Calvin) . Fox (as Jasmine Dubrow) .A League of Their Own Ralph Fiennes (as Amon Goth) .Schindler's List Jason Scott Lee (as Bruce Lee) .

High Fidelity • Patrick Fugit (as William Miller) .Blow . Where's My Car? • Female Breakthrough Performance: Erika Christensen (as Caroline Wakefield) .The Fast and the Furious • Female Breakthrough Performance: Mandy Moore (as Jamie Elizabeth Sullivan) .Coyote Ugly Zhang Ziyi (as Jen Yu) . Hidden Dragon • 2002: (separate awards) • Male Breakthrough Performance: Orlando Bloom (as Legolas) .Exit Wounds • Colin Hanks (as Shaun Brumder) .Varsity Blues • Ray Allen (as Jesus Shuttlesworth) .MTV Movie Award for Best Breakthrough Performance • Jennifer Lopez (as Selena) .Any Given Sunday • Female Breakthrough Performance: Julia Stiles (as Kat) .He Got Game • Joseph Fiennes (as William Shakespeare) .Selena • 1999: (separate awards) • Male Breakthrough Performance: James Van Der Beek (as Jonathan "Mox" Moxon) .Traffic • • • • Aaliyah (as Trish O'Day) .The Sixth Sense • Wes Bentley (as Ricky Fitts) .Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone • Paul Walker (as Brian O'Conner) .Crouching Tiger.American Pie Carrie-Anne Moss (as Trinity) .American Beauty • Jason Biggs (as Jim Levenstein) .Almost Famous • Tom Green (as Barry Manilow) .Scary Movie Piper Perabo (as Violet Sanford) .Save the Last Dance • Jack Black (as Barry) .Romeo Must Die Anna Faris (as Cindy Campbell) .Cruel Intentions Shannon Elizabeth (as Nadia) .Boys Don't Cry • 2001: (separate awards) • Male Breakthrough Performance: Sean Patrick Thomas (as Derek Reynolds) .The Mask of Zorro 215 • 2000: (separate awards) • Male Breakthrough Performance: Haley Joel Osment (as Cole Sear) .The Green Mile • Jamie Foxx (as "Steamin" Willie Beamen) .The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring • DMX (as Latrell Walker/Leon Rollins) .Lethal Weapon 4 • Female Breakthrough Performance: Katie Holmes (as Rachel Waggner) .Dude.The Matrix Hilary Swank (as Teena Brandon) .Elizabeth Brandy (as Karla Wilson) .Orange County • Daniel Radcliffe (as Harry Potter) .She's All That Catherine Zeta-Jones (as Elena Montero) .Halloween H20: 20 Years Later • Chris Rock (as Detective Lee Butters) .I Still Know What You Did Last Summer Rachael Leigh Cook (as Laney Boggs) .American Pie • Michael Clarke Duncan (as John Coffey) .10 Things I Hate About You • • • • Selma Blair (as Cecile Duvall) .A Walk to Remember • Penélope Cruz (as Mirtha Jung) .Shakespeare in Love • Josh Hartnett (as John Tate) .X-Men • Ashton Kutcher (as Jesse Montgomery III) .Disturbing Behavior • • • • Cate Blanchett (as Elizabeth I) .Road Trip • Hugh Jackman (as Wolverine) .

28 Days Later • Female Breakthrough Performance: Lindsay Lohan (as Anna Coleman) .Austin Powers in Goldmember Nia Vardalos (as Toula Portokalos) .National Lampoon's Van Wilder • Female Breakthrough Performance: Jennifer Garner (as Elektra) . Henson (as Shug) .The Longest Yard • 2007: Jaden Smith (as Christopher Gardner.Igby Goes Down • Derek Luke (as Antwone Fisher) .Daredevil • • • • • Kate Bosworth (as Anne Marie Chadwick) .Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl Evan Rachel Wood (as Tracy Louise Freeland) .The Exorcism of Emily Rose • Taraji P.Lost in Translation Keira Knightley (as Elizabeth Swann) .Secretary Beyoncé Knowles (as Foxxy Cleopatra) .The Village Emmy Rossum (as Laura Chapman) .) .Four Brothers • Jennifer Carpenter (as Emily Rose) .Coach Carter Elisha Cuthbert (as Danielle) .The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Scarlett Johansson (as Charlotte) .Antwone Fisher • Ryan Reynolds (as Van Wilder) .Diary of a Mad Black Woman • Female Breakthrough Performance: Rachel McAdams (as Regina George) .Wedding Crashers • André "3000" Benjamin (as Jeremiah Mercer) .Napoleon Dynamite • Zach Braff (as Andrew Largeman) .8 Mile • Nick Cannon (as Devon Miles) .The Pursuit of Happyness . Jr.Drumline • Kieran Culkin (as John "Igby" Slocumb.Garden State • Freddie Highmore (as Peter Llewelyn Davies) .) .Blue Crush Eve (as Terri Jones) .Friday Night Lights • Tyler Perry (as Madea in drag) . Jr.The Princess Diaries • Shannyn Sossamon (as Jocelyn) .A Knight's Tale • Britney Spears (as Lucy Wagner) .Crossroads • 2003: (separate awards) • Male Breakthrough Performance: Eminem (as Jimmy "B-Rabbit" Smith) .MTV Movie Award for Best Breakthrough Performance • Anne Hathaway (as Princess Mia Thermopolis) .You Got Served • Cillian Murphy (as Jim) .Hustle & Flow • Romany Malco (as Jay) .Finding Neverland • Tim McGraw (as Charles Billingsley) .2 Fast 2 Furious • Omarion (as David) .Freaky Friday • • • • Jessica Biel (as Erin) .The 40-Year-Old Virgin • Nelly (as Earl Megget) .X2: X-Men United • Shia LaBeouf (as Stanley "Caveman" Yelnats IV) .The Girl Next Door Bryce Dallas Howard (as Ivy Elizabeth Walker) .Holes • Ludacris (as Tej Parker) .Thirteen • 2005: (separate awards) • Male Breakthrough Performance: Jon Heder (as Napoleon Dynamite) .My Big Fat Greek Wedding 216 • 2004: (separate awards) • Male Breakthrough Performance: Shawn Ashmore (as Iceman) .Mean Girls • • • • Ashanti (as Kyra) .Barbershop Maggie Gyllenhaal (as Lee Holloway) .The Day After Tomorrow • 2006: Isla Fisher (as Gloria Cleary) .

The Hangover Logan Lerman (as Percy Jackson) .Little Miss Sunshine Lena Headey (as Queen Gorgo) .MTV Movie Award for Best Breakthrough Performance • • • • • • • • • • • • Emily Blunt (as Emily Charlton) .Twilight • Ben Barnes (as Prince Caspian) .Slumdog Millionaire • Bobb'e J.The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian • Taylor Lautner (as Jacob Black) .Precious Jay Chou (as Kato) .True Grit Olivia Wilde (as Quorra) .Hairspray • 2009: (separate awards) • Male Breakthrough Performance: Robert Pattinson (as Edward Cullen) .The Blind Side Zach Galifianakis (as Alan Garner) .Tron: Legacy • 2011: Chloë Grace Moretz (as Hit Girl) .Hairspray Chris Brown (as Michael "Baby" Whitfield) .Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist Vanessa Hudgens (as Gabriella Montez) .This Christmas Michael Cera (as Evan) .Superbad Megan Fox (as Mikaela Banes) .Twilight • Dev Patel (as Jamal Malik) .Stomp the Yard Justin Timberlake (as Frankie "Nuts" Ballenbacher) .Up in the Air Quinton Aaron (as Michael Oher) .300 Columbus Short (as DJ Williams) .The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo • Liam Hemsworth (as Gale Hawthorne) .The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Hailee Steinfeld (as Mattie Ross) .Star Trek Gabourey Sidibe (as Claireece "Precious" Jones) .Transformers Jonah Hill (as Seth) .Mamma Mia! • 2010: Anna Kendrick (as Natalie Keener) .The Descendants • Elle Fanning (as Alice Dainard) .Slumdog Millionaire Amanda Seyfried (as Sophie Sheridan) . Kirk) .Superbad Christopher Mintz-Plasse (as McLovin') .Role Models • Female Breakthrough Performance: Ashley Tisdale (as Sharpay Evans) .Kick-Ass • 2012: Shailene Woodley (as Alex King) .The Social Network Xavier Samuel (as Riley Biers) .High School Musical 3: Senior Year • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Miley Cyrus (as Hannah Montana / Miley Stewart).Super 8 • Melissa McCarthy (as Megan Price) .The Devil Wears Prada Abigail Breslin (as Olive Hoover) . Thompson (as Ronnie Shields) .Bridesmaids • Rooney Mara (as Lisbeth Salander).Hannah Montana: The Movie Kat Dennings (as Norah) .The Green Hornet Andrew Garfield (as Eduardo Saverin) .Alpha Dog Nikki Blonsky (as Tracy Turnblad) .Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief Chris Pine (as Captain James T.High School Musical 3: Senior Year Freida Pinto (as Latika) .The Hunger Games .Knocked Up 217 • 2008: Zac Efron (as Link Larkin) .Superbad Seth Rogen (as Ben Stone) .

.Minoriteam 218 Minoriteam Minoriteam Title card Genre Created by Superhero. with a total of 20 episodes. 2006. 2006 External links Website [1] Running time Minoriteam is an animated television series on Cartoon Network's late night programming block. Adult Swim. and ended on July 24. over the course of one season. The series officially started on March 20. of episodes 1 20 (List of episodes) Production Executive producer(s) Todd James Adam de la Peña Producer(s) Peter Girardi Sandi Yi-Trimble 11 minutes Broadcast Original channel Picture format Original run Adult Swim 4:3 SDTV November 6. 2005 – July 24. of seasons No. The pilot episode premiered on November 6. 2005. 2006. comedy Peter Girardi Todd James Adam de la Peña Written by Directed by Adam de la Peña Peter Girardi Todd James Adam de la Peña Starring Dana Snyder Nick Puga Rodney Saulsberry Enn Reitel Keith Lal Todd James Caroline Hu Peter Girardi Hope Moore Adam de la Peña No.

In the episode "The Assimilator". Dutton is a bookish and bespectacled Professor of Women's Studies. and his magic word to transform into his bearded. He is always screaming at the top of his lungs. Dave Raj is an ex-professional skateboarder. His mask is a Sombrero pulled halfway down his face with eye holes cut in it. turban-clad alter ego is "Abrakazoom!".a white-bearded. While not fighting crime Dave sometimes smokes a hookah. He sometimes says "Krishna. a talent that comes in handy when flying on his magic carpet. He vigorously pursues sexual relationships with what he calls "booty" (especially white women) but is uninterested in an exclusive relationship. The show's artwork is largely an homage to Jack Kirby ("King Kirby" is thanked in the show's end credits). leans more to the stereotype of Northeast Chinese people. give me strength!" when surprised. His father is a space-alien from the planet Blackton. Jewcano is also the member of Minoriteam who spends the most time in his civilian garb (or merely has his civilian garb shown on-screen more often than his teammates' garbs). while the animation style parodies the limited animation of the Marvel Super Heroes Show of 1966. • !Jewcano! (Enn Reitel) . moustached Mexican who fights crime with the Leafblower 3000. In addition. the deadliest weapon in the entire universe. • El Jefe (Nick Puga) . • Fasto (Rodney Saulsberry) . He is paraplegic. which was destroyed by Balactus. T-shirt and cut-off jeans-clad African-American who is known as “the fastest man that ever was. His non-stereotypical self. Chinese Human Calculator (Dana Snyder) .an Indian convenience store owner who is immune to bullets and fire because of his lead-lined skin. he seems to have the power to seduce or charm all white women in the immediate area. He has a terrible personality and powerful mental abilities.” In addition. who join forces to fight against a bunch of villains who are mostly discriminatory concepts. In his non-stereotypical real life. • Non-Stop (Keith Lal) . which otherwise makes his design reminiscent of Dr. The opening tag declaring that Minoriteam is broadcast "FULLY COLORED" is both a racial reference and an homage to the "IN COLOR" or "IN TECHNICOLOR" line opening many old cartoons. Wang). . Richard Escartin is the handsome billionaire CEO of his own oil company. Wang. Fu Manchu. He has no known non-stereotypical real life. In his non-stereotypical real life. however. mostly with his mustache and queue.a green-masked. he has faked accidents to obtain legal settlements and is a compulsive gambler. Dr.Minoriteam 219 Plot The plot of the show revolves around five male superheroes. bare-chested. Characters • Dr. wimpy young accountant Neil Horowitz dates Mika. massively muscular man in a yarmulke (which he can throw like a deadly frisbee a la Wonder Woman's tiara) and a Star of David leotard with the powers of the Jewish faith and the fiery fury of an erupting volcano (after being knocked into a volcano accidentally by Dr. In his non-stereotypical real life. Fasto's statuesque black younger cousin and loves soul food.is an overweight. El Jefe is also 1/18th Viking.the leader of the Minoriteam. Landon K. Wang gives the team "tea" to drink and then tells them that it is his urine. each of whom is based on a racial or ethnic stereotype. He also owns and operates a laundromat where he charges extra to get your clothes back from the machines. His depiction as Chinese.

He has had gambling problems in the past and his life's goal was to become a minion. pipe-smoking ladder with a stool at the top who is impossible to scale/climb (unless you're white and were born into a rich heritage). one-dollar bill. They are: • The White Shadow (Adam de la Peña) .A talking potted houseplant representing planted evidence.A steaming turd in a police uniform.An anthropomorphic loop of rope familiar with obscure legal 'loopholes' that allow the White Shadow organization to skirt the law. this mimics the beliefs of some who see corporations as difficult to scale for minorities. monstrous appearance.a giant robot-like man with an eraser on his head and a costume patterned off a Scantron answer sheet.An eagle-sized bird with a skull head. His form refers to the idea that standardized tests are biased against minorities. is based in Corporate City. Its most important members appear in almost every episode. the "most evilest organization known to Man".a green-caped. He is blond and has blue skin. and tendency to refer to himself in the third person with poor grammar. The White Shadow organization. • Steven Skullbird . including a collective of villains comprising numerous. • Racist Frankenstein (Adam de la Peña) . usually seen working with Dirty Cop. one-armed man portraying a stereotypical bureaucrat. • Middle-manager Tom Severson (Dana Snyder) .A pretty. bespectacled. • The Corporate Ladder (Todd James) .S. His racist personality and purple robe are reminiscent of the Ku Klux Klan. Its mission is to promote white supremacy and racism and oppress minorities.Minoriteam 220 White Shadow The five heroes team up to fight characters who are mostly racial stereotypes.the leader of this organization of supervillains which is named after him. His catchphrase is the recurring threat. ignorant. • Stuck Up Girlfriend (Hope Moore) . a corrupt and often racist policeman. mind of a racist. over-the-top Caucasian stereotypes. Racist Frankenstein is also seen calling him Kevin. monotonous voice. • The Plant .A nebbish. its name is a parody of Steven Spielberg (its evil intent is not specified). mocking Grundy's heavy southern accent. He speaks with a robotic. Hates Black people and even black-colored objects. spoiled & arrogant young girl (reminiscent of Paris Hilton) Episodes Season 1: 2005-2006 . He has a one-eyed golden helmet in the shape of the "Great Seal" pyramid on the U. what some have considered the Freemasonry/Illuminati Pyramid. • Dirty Cop . blond. white. usually in a yuppy-style pink sweater. Secondary villains featured in some episodes have included: • Corporate Loophole . which might be his real name. He frequently makes fun of White Shadow's leadership." Though his name is a direct reference to Frankenstein's monster. "Racist Frankenstein hit Blacks with hands!" • The Standardized Test (Peter Girardi) . He was also responsible at one point for sending the White Shadow and several members of the organization to prison. Dresses like the stereotype of a WASP. he is a closer parody of the depiction of Solomon Grundy from the Superfriends animated series."Body of a monster.

2006 111 It is said in the book of prophecies that if the Bahamas win 69 gold medals in the Universal World Games. El Yo attacks the team with a giant salsa puking Piñata. 2006 103 The White Shadow uses a celestial object called the White Hole to travel back in time and try to prevent Minoriteam from coming into existence. 2006 112 A grape-flavored fog turns everyone's worst nightmares into reality. to go and save Fasto from the dead Nordic women. 2006 106 After a racist bomb blows Fasto right past black Heaven and lands him in Nordic Heaven (Valhalla). Wang what life would be like if he never existed. the White Shadow and company get a little bored without the Minoriteam to fight. The Minoriteam does battle with The Corporate Ladder and The Standardized Test along the way. 1 "Tribe & Prejudice" March 20. Inspired by Through the Looking-Glass. who is immune to the fog due to his alter-ego's excessive cannabis use. Jewcano learns the White Shadow's secrets. is audited by the IRS. with his 1/18 Viking blood. During the ceremony. Upon searching the catacombs beneath the construction site they soon discover the true plan set forth by the White Shadow and his army of Zombie Pilgrims. it's up to El Jefe to confront his father and defeat him in a grueling wrestling match. This leads White Shadow and his minions into using their 'powers' to try to win the games. 2006 109 One woman holds the key to saving summer when questionable weather forecasting becomes deadly. Special Guest Voices Peter Graves and Dicky Barrett. 9 "Space Driftin" May 8. the world will come to an end. 8 "Women's Suffrage" May 8. After years of shady schemes and poor funds he finds his own corporation is in trouble. Non-Stop. With help from a Stephen Hawking-like character. the "most evilest organization known to Man". 2006 107 The White Shadow tricks the Minoriteam in to entering a mirror world where everything is backwards. Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War battle field at Petersburg. Special Guest Voice Chris Elliot. the ancient Egyptians and Moses. due to it being built on a Pilgrim burial ground. 6 "Illegal Aliens" April 24. The team is quickly put on trial for not being racist. The Minoriteam must stop him before he uses deadly search engines to uncover their true identities. 3 "Heaven Can Wait" April 3. etc. 2006 104 Corporate City holds a lifetime achievement award in honor of El Jefe.Minoriteam 221 # Pilot Title "Operation Blackout" Original airdate November 6. After Fasto and Jewcano are captured. 10 "Universal World Games" May 22. El Jefe is the only one. 7 "And Justice for Some" May 1. is the only one who can save the day. the Minoriteam is called in to investigate. 4 "His Story" April 10. 2006 110 An interdimensional space hippie comes and shows Dr. His plan is to stop black businesses from gaining power. the Sistine Chapel. A spoof of It's a Wonderful Life. Special Guest Voice Kevin McDonald. 5 "Tax Day" April 17. Minoriteam must disguise themselves as Chekbanian athletes to keep the White Shadow from destroying the world. Minoriteam discriminates against her as badly as one would expect the White Shadow to do. . 2006 102 The White Shadow. 2006 108 The White Shadow has a new secret weapon – a tool known to technology aficionados as the Internet. Code 100 The Minoriteam set out to rescue successful black entrepreneur Sebastian Jefferson after The White Shadow kidnaps him. El Jefe's father and famous wrestler. 2 "El Dia Gigante" March 27. In order to stop them. an organization "even more evilest". 11 "FOG" June 5. 2005 Prod. 12 "The Internet" May 29. 2006 105 After the Shysta Gumfat Indian Reservation Parking Lot Tribe's construction of a new casino is halted. the team goes back also to try to stop it.. They visit: the Maya. 2006 101 The Minoriteam is abducted by other-worldy creatures who wish to learn more about stereotypes. Back on Earth. Eskimos crossing the Bering Straits.

Wang's secret tea. relies on super-speed to rob banks. 2006 113 222 As far back as he can remember.". Special Guest Voice Michael Clarke Duncan. While Fasto shirks his crime-fighting responsibilities to go on a date as Landon. thereby copying their powers. 2006 114 Fasto's loyalties are put to the test when his mild-mannered alter ego. is romantically pursued by a beautiful fellow professor who hates Fasto. He does so and uses that name. madman. he befriends them and shakes their hands. and investigates a mysterious can of black-eyed peas. Wang take off for a first-class vacation paid for in part by a settlement from a fake accident staged by Dr. an incomplete Minoriteam tries to capture a criminal. 2006 115 Every villain has a back-story. Fasto learns about his true past. 2006 118 The White Shadow awakens an intergalactic evil: Balactus. They discover a flight section far beyond first class where White Shadow & his friends are living it up. a villain who can transform into anything he touches. 19 "Behold Balactus. but they have already suffered urban decay. Part 2" July 24. Jewcano. Fasto's father's spirit emerges from the can of black-eyed peas and summons 3 other spirits from his home planet. au/ actions/ catalogue. They adopt disguises which are mostly rich minority stereotypes to crash it. 17 "The Assimulator" July 10. Special Guest Voice Michael Clarke Duncan.[2] References [1] http:/ / adultswim. in exciting flashback form. Racist Frankenstein gets his head stuck in the Corporate ladder. 18 "Behold Balactus. 15 "Le Black Coq" June 26.Wang's "tea" turns out to be his urine. and Dr. 2006 117 The White Shadow introduces the Assimulator. "Leslie Ira . com/ shows/ minoriteam/ [2] "Minoriteam Collection" (https:/ / www. As Minoriteam fights in vain to stop him from destroying Earth.. Corporate Ladder always wanted to be a minion. com. who coincidentally. the devil. White Shadow recounts the rise and fall of The Black Coq to his visitor." But Balactus tells WS that he will destroy ALL of the Earth. Madman Entertainment. . Fasto goes to the "Projects of Solid-tude". 14 "Landon In Love" June 19. "Gold Digger" aka "Maria". 2006 116 Fasto. It is available on iTunes as well as through the "Build Your Own DVD" feature on the Adult Swim website. Dr. He is sent out to destroy the Minoriteam by turning them against each other and to steal Dr. 2006 119 Series finale. to impel Balactus to leave Earth just as Balactus is about to destroy it. who tell Fasto that he can use his black rage to run faster than light to go back in time and learn the true name of Balactus. Wang. El Jefe does not appear in the episode because in his normal life as a CEO. destroyer of worlds. Follow his rise from a step-stool in White Shadows boardroom to a full-blown minion. On August 18. Watch as. As he meets the members. DVD release Minoriteam has not been released on DVD in the United States.. Meanwhile. He is arrested and searched supposedly because he looks like a terrorist. also from the can of black-eyed peas.Minoriteam 13 "Evilfellas" June 12. Why did WS unleash the most powerful black being in the Universe? "Three (sic) words. The White Shadow and Minoriteam team up but fail to stop Balactus. Part 1" July 17. do?releaseId=13548& method=view& webChannelId=11). black on black crime. Blackton (destroyed by Balactus). but Assimulator proves to be a challenge since he has all their powers. . The Assimulator is a parody of the Super Adaptoid. 16 "Tremendous Class" July 3. Landon. The episode is a parody of Casino and Goodfellas told as 1980s flashbacks. he was attending a child's birthday party and in any case would have been able to afford Tremendous Class for himself. and one-time successful restaurant owner John Le Coq is no exception. Later they confront him. which is believed to be where he gets his intelligence. 2010 the entire series was released on DVD by Madman Entertainment in Region 4. Nonstop makes the mistake of attempting to pass airport security in full costume.

imdb.adultswim.com • International rescue! (http://www.guardian.html) • Minoriteam (http://www.theguide).com/title/tt0495788/) at the Internet Movie Database • Minoriteam (http://www. 2006 .tv.com/cartoons/Other_Studios/C/Cartoon_Network_Studios/Minoriteam/) at the Big Cartoon DataBase • Minoriteam (http://www.Minoriteam 223 External links • Official website (http://www.uk/media/2006/nov/25/tvandradio.com/shows/minoriteam/index.bcdb.co.com/shows/minoriteam/) at TV. The Guardian. November 25.

California American [2] B. U.Omarosa Manigault 224 Omarosa Manigault Omarosa Manigault Born [1] February 15. 1974). 2013. . February 15.[6] and returned for the series' seventh season.[4] A former political consultant who worked for then-Vice President Al Gore during the Clinton Administration.A.[3] is a reality game show and reality show personality.[5] she was a contestant on the first season of Donald Trump's original American version of The Apprentice. Broadcast Journalism (Central State University) [graduate studies] (Howard University) [graduate] Businessperson Residence Citizenship Education Occupation Years active 2004–present Known for Spouse(s) Partner(s) Reality TV participant Aaron Stallworth (2000–2005) Michael Clarke Duncan (2010–2012. making her the only contestant in the history of The Apprentice format to compete in three seasons. Beverly Hills.S. Ohio. 1974 Youngstown. Celebrity Apprentice. his death) Omarosa Manigault (born Omaroseonee Manigault.[1] known mononymously as Omarosa. the first series of its TV series sequel.[7] In October 2012 it was announced that she will participate in an All-Stars edition of the show which will commence airing on March 3.

[20] In June 2010. Manigault was invited to the first season of The Apprentice's sequel show. in order to attend Howard University. "Historically. Since her participation on the first season of The Apprentice. suffered "the biggest slaughter in the history of The Apprentice" in a challenge to sell artwork against a team led by Morgan. which included R&B singer and producer Al B. 2012. and Oxygen's prank show Girls Behaving Badly. his second place finish was partly due to his failure to garner effective cooperation from Omarosa.[19] On Celebrity Apprentice. she became the only former Apprentice participant to be invited back to the series. she soon became the "woman America loved to hate"[15] and was named by E! as reality TV's No. In this. Church in Los Angeles.[17] Shortly after the Oprah fiasco.Omarosa Manigault 225 Early life Manigault was born in Youngstown. Manigault claims the show's producers manipulated the footage to make her look like the villain. NBC's Fear Factor (coming in fourth place in the final [16] challenge).[1][11] In 2011. The show aired on TV One. We don't come across well. after serving as the project manager of the team that. she quickly became embroiled in a personal feud with Piers Morgan.D. in communications. She was eventually fired in the tenth episode. With her controversial behavior. They are constructed reality.[14] Television career Manigault first came to public attention in 2004 after becoming a participant on NBC's reality TV Series. blacks have been portrayed negatively on reality television.C. It was on Oprah's show where the often contentious Manigault accused fellow Apprentice participant Ereka Vetrini of calling her the "n-word". D.[14] She is currently finishing her degree at Payne Theological Seminary. She has also been a guest on several talk shows. Manigault enrolled at the United Theological Seminary in Ohio to pursue a Doctor of Ministry [13] She received a preacher's license in February 2011 from her church (Weller Street Missionary Baptist degree. 1 bad girl. she earned a bachelor's degree in broadcast journalism[8] in 1996 at Central State University[9] in Wilberforce." She added.[8] including VH1's fifth season of The Surreal Life. Manigault's brother.[16] However. a claim Vetrini has denied. "These shows are constructed. California) and was formally ordained on February 27. including a controversial appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show. Ohio. where she pursued both a master's degree[9] and a Ph. and starring business mogul Donald Trump. Manigault has appeared on more than 20 other reality shows. Omarosa infamously no-showed her would-be guest appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! show after she reportedly objected upon seeing a polygraph machine.[8] After graduating from The Rayen School in Youngstown. Jack was also murdered. She later moved to Washington. Manigault and Donald Trump collaborated again to create a new dating show called The Ultimate Merger. Ohio. according to Trump. produced by Mark Burnett. Celebrity Apprentice.[18] In January 2008. nor do they portray actual reality.[10] Manigault's father was murdered when she was seven years old. 'Is that really how all blacks are?' Because they are trying to say that this is representative of our people.[21] . She raised $49 in total for her charity. In August 2009. They don't happen. You've got to start looking and saying. The Apprentice. Sure! as one of the contestants.[12] Career Manigault worked in the office of then-Vice President Al Gore during the Clinton Administration as Deputy Associate Director of Presidential Personnel."[15] African-American Kwame Jackson was runner-up in the show. and said.

Huff Post. 2008). com/ 2012/ 01/ 24/ omarosa-manigault-stallworth-reality-weekly-celebrity-apprentice_n_1228136. html). Stuart. .20149982. and she reverted to her original last name. Retrieved March 27. html).. 2012. com/ p/ news-articles/ south-florida-times/ mi_8179/ is_20050722/ omarosa-fires-husband/ ai_n50543974/ ?tag=content. [17] Silverman. . net/ Omarosa-The-Life-After. People. performed CPR. Los Angeles Sentinel. Stephen M. [7] Soll. 2012). . Come Up for Oxygen!" (http:/ / www. .628084. html?hpt=hp_c2) CNN [5] "The Surreal Life's Omarosa" (http:/ / www. 2005. ew. Retrieved 4 September 2012. Jennifer (12 January 2004). people.00. . shtml). "The Hired Man" (http:/ / www. ew. Entertainment Weekly. [18] http:/ / www. html). People. Associated Press (Yahoo! News). people. Historical Dictionary of African-American Television (http:/ / books. com/ people/ article/ 0. July 22 – 28. and revived him.[23] On August 13. realitytvworld. Retrieved July 4. nydailynews. Retrieved July 5. 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Daniel R. "Omarosa's Brother Murdered in Shooting" (http:/ / www. . Manigault'" (http:/ / www. Couple's Secret Engagement Revealed (http:/ / www.[28] References [1] Williams. she found that Duncan was suffering a heart attack. nbc. . com/ books?id=zVFgqEAMcngC& pg=PA27& lpg=PA27& dq=Howard+ University+ Omarosa+ Manigault-Stallworth+ graduate& source=bl& ots=mtkhZMasmp& sig=PXTrGQYHFBrkLatOvAqCXZ38kTA& hl=en#v=onepage& q=Howard University Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth graduate& f=false) (1st ed. . Retrieved March 4. html). . "Omarosa. . Retrieved 2012-09-03. [12] Corneau. [22] "Omarosa Fires Husband?" (http:/ / findarticles. p. Retrieved February 24. html). though they did confirm other facts of the incident. Dayton Daily News. Entertainment Weekly. html). . New York Daily News. [21] Kinon. . [13] "Reality TV villain Omarosa entering a seminary" (http:/ / news. and died on September 3. 2004). html). (April 13.[24][25] In July 2012. com/ The_Celebrity_Apprentice/ candidates/ omarosa. [6] Elliott. 2004) Jet. Kam (Sep 10 – 16. Allison (2011-10-11). Retrieved March 27. htm). [14] Alexis Garrett Stodghill (3:12 PM on 02/27/2012). google. people. html). 2010. "'Celebrity Apprentice' recap: 'Selling out'" (http:/ / popwatch. 2010. . html) Huffington Post [4] Michael Clarke Duncan planned to marry next year (http:/ / www. . "Oprah Fans Outraged by Omarosa Segment" (http:/ / www. "Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth" (http:/ / movies. . Us Weekly. "Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth Lands New Editor Position. Entertainment Weekly. [15] "Omarosa". aspx).00. saving his life.[26][27] He never fully recovered from the heart attack.. People. 2008). [3] Omarosa Speaks After Michael Clarke Duncan Death. [9] "The Apprentice" (http:/ / www. Retrieved May 20. php [19] "The Celebrity Apprentice: Omarosa" (http:/ / www. Sets Return To 'Celebrity Apprentice'" (http:/ / www. [8] Williams. Retrieved June 19.. whom she had first met in the produce section of a Whole Foods supermarket. com/ popwatch/ 2008/ 03/ celebrity-appre. August 14. . This was not confirmed by fire officials. . 60. com/ specials/ life-and-style/ reality-tv-star-omarosa-has-been-ordained-as-rev-manigault. html). Retrieved 4 September 2012. 2010. 2009. The Grio. [16] Coleridge. [11] Tom Gliatto. Cristina (June 17. com/ 2012/ 09/ 04/ showbiz/ michael-clarke-duncan/ index. 2010. php). [10] Armstrong. 27. ISBN 0810853353. [2] Fearn-Banks. lasentinel. she married Aaron Stallworth and changed her last name to Manigault-Stallworth. "Omarosa Manigault-Stallwort is back and has teamed up with Donald Trump to create new dating show" (http:/ / www. huffingtonpost. com/ people/ article/ 0. com/ 2012/ 09/ 04/ omarosa-michael-clarke-duncan-engaged-wedding-wed_n_1854058. com/ ew/ article/ 0. 2012. Kathleen (2006). cnn. 2009. 2009). ew. com/ s/ ap/ 20090814/ ap_en_ce/ us_people_omarosa). Retrieved March 16. Jill Smolowe (3 May 2004). . "Reality TV star Omarosa has been ordained as 'Rev. Manigault confirmed that she was dating actor Michael Clarke Duncan. 2009. "Omarosa The 'Life After' TV Villain of All Time" (http:/ / www. "'Celebrity Apprentice' recap: 'Selling out'" (http:/ / popwatch. 2005. p. They separated in 2005[22] and later divorced. thegrio.

Retrieved September 3. External links • Official website (http://www. com/ entertainment/ gossip/ michael-clarke-duncan-hospitalized-suffering-heart-attack-article-1. [25] "Michael Clarke Duncan & Omarosa Gush About Their New Romance" (http:/ / www. 2010. nydailynews. Trump Team Up For Dating Show" (http:/ / www. 2012. 2012. uk/ 2012/ 07/ 13/ green-mile-star-michael-clarke-duncan-heart-attack_n_1671454. World Entertainment News Network. com/ entertainment/ michael-clarke-duncan-dead-54-green-mile-actor-dies-months-suffering-heart-attack-article-1. September 4. Retrieved September 3. 1150806). 2012. 2012. com/ 2010/ 09/ 13/ omarosa-manigault-stallworth-dating-michael-clarke-duncan). hollywoodlife. . . September 13. [24] "Omarosa & Michael Clarke Duncan Come Out As A Couple" (http:/ / www.Omarosa Manigault [23] "Omarosa. [26] "Green Mile Star Michael Clarke Duncan Suffers Heart Attack" (http:/ / www. Nancy (July 13. Associated Press.com. "'The Green Mile' star Michael Clarke Duncan hospitalized after suffering heart attack" (http:/ / www. aspx?storyid=73630& catid=70). 2010. . 2012. co. Retrieved September 3. OK Magazine. 2012). com/ news/ ksink/ story. 1113978). com/ news/ michael-clarke-duncan-omarosa-gush-about-their-new-romance). 227 [28] "Michael Clarke Duncan dead at 54: ‘Green Mile’ actor dies nearly two months after suffering heart attack" (http:/ / www. New York Daily News. huffingtonpost. Retrieved September 3.com/name/nm1524098/) at the Internet Movie Database . Retrieved September 3. New York Daily News.omarosa.imdb. [27] Dillon.com) • Omarosa Manigault (http://www. TodaysTHV. July 13. todaysthv. nydailynews. . 2012. . html). 2012. okmagazine. Huffington Post. August 13. .

His addiction has led him into a life of lies and deceit. Eddie’s life looks perfect. Vancouver and Cologne and was co-produced and distributed by Universal International Pictures. The film stars Schweiger.One Way (film) 228 One Way (film) One Way Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Reto Salimbeni Til Schweiger Reto Salimbeni Til Schweiger Michael Clarke Duncan Lauren Lee Smith Eric Roberts Cinematography Paul Sarossy Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Universal International Pictures • • 21 October 2006 (Hollywood Film Festival) 25 January 2007 (Germany) 116 minutes Germany One Way is a 2006 crime drama/psychological thriller film written and directed by Reto Salimbeni and produced by Til Schweiger.[1] Eddie is engaged to Judy Birk (Stephanie von Pfetten). Eddie thinks his infidelities are victimless crimes and justifies them with his business success. Although struggling with his dark side. Synopsis Eddie Schneider (Til Schweiger) is a charismatic and successful creative director at a top advertising agency in New York. his pitching skills are legendary.[2] The Birk family bring in their top lawyer to make . Michael Clarke Duncan. and he never loses an account. New York City. After winning a huge pitch for the agency. but internally he battles an addiction to sex with no success. Lauren Lee Smith and Eric Roberts. A master of communication. Eddie discovers his co-worker and friend Angelina (Lauren Lee Smith) has been raped by Judy’s brother Anthony (Sebastien Roberts). the boss’s daughter. The international production was shot in Toronto.

Taking this into consideration. movieweb. Eddie finds himself in prison. facing trial with no way out. com/ )). References [1] "One Way: Synopsis" (http:/ / www. Unfortunately being right doesn’t equal being given justice. Only Angelina sees The General – he is a powerful. allrovi. Even after he’s exposed as an obsessive adulterer in court. it’s a miracle that at the end of the film there is positive hope for the protagonists that they’ll face a better future. . com/ )). allrovi. 2011 . Movies ( Rovi (http:/ / www. revenging. .[2] Emotional Justice Reto Salimbeni and Til Schweiger about One Way (Extracted from the publicity booklet) Reto Salimbeni: "One Way is about emotional justice – it’s about knowledge that everybody carries inside – about what is right and wrong. com)). At the last moment an army general (Michael Clarke Duncan) saves her life. Especially when it comes to women’s abuse. Yahoo! Movies ( Yahoo Website (http:/ / movies. com/ movie/ 1809425779/ details). guiding angel of heaven and hell. 2011 [2] "One Way (2007)" (http:/ / movies. his victim Angelina is devastated and tries to commit suicide. Helped by her new guardian angel. An unpredictable story. Eddie is cut out of the world he created for himself. In a heart-gripping climax Judy comes to Eddie’s rescue providing evidence to prove his innocence. Vancouver and Cologne (interiors). there is a huge discrepancy between what people feel the deserved punishment would be and what sentences the legal system gives. com/ movies/ movie/ release/ one-way-e200014). yahoo. violence against woman and friendship. Movies ( Movie Web (http:/ / www. Eddie refuses to testify against Angelina and he looks doomed to suffer a lifelong jail sentence. that portrays betrayal." Til Schweiger: "One Way is an intense film. retrieved August 20. When Anthony is found not guilty. her father (Art Hindle) fires him. retrieved August 20.[3] With no support from former family and friends. New York. but he has to face his inner demons. movieweb. demanding Eddie testifies in court on his behalf. 2011 [3] "One Way" (http:/ / www. An ethereal force. The General. ." Accolades Til Schweiger (best male actor) and Reto Salimbeni (best screenplay) were nominated in the pre-selection for the German Film Award. retrieved August 20. Angelina takes brutal revenge on Anthony and orchestrates the assault so that Eddie is the main suspect.One Way (film) sure Anthony is found innocent – but to ensure his freedom Anthony blackmails Eddie with evidence of Eddie’s countless affairs. Judy finds out about Eddie’s affairs and breaks off the engagement. com/ movie/ one-way/ synopsis). To maintain his perfect life and upcoming marriage – Eddie helps Anthony get off the hook. yahoo. 229 Locations One Way was shot in Toronto. that keeps the tension rising till the last shot.

One Way (film) 230 External links • One Way (http://www.com/movies/movie/v346531) at AllRovi Online Film Critics Society Award for Best Supporting Actor The Online Film Critics Society Award for Best Supporting Actor is an annual film award given by the Online Film Critics Society to honor the best supporting actor of the year. Winners 1990s Year Winner Film Boogie Nights Role Jack Horner 1997 Burt Reynolds Rupert Everett Anthony Hopkins 1998 Billy Bob Thornton Ed Harris Jason Patric 1999 Haley Joel Osment Wes Bentley My Best Friend's Wedding George Downes Amistad A Simple Plan The Truman Show John Quincy Adams Jacob Mitchell Christof Your Friends & Neighbors Cary The Sixth Sense American Beauty Cole Sear Ricky Fitts John Coffey John Horatio Malkovich Mike Wallace Michael Clarke Duncan The Green Mile John Malkovich Christopher Plummer Being John Malkovich The Insider 2000s Year Winner Traffic Almost Famous High Fidelity Shadow of the Vampire Erin Brockovich Gladiator Film Role Javier Rodriguez Lester Bangs Barry Max Schreck Edward L.imdb.com/title/tt0484382/) at the Internet Movie Database • One Way (http://www.allrovi. Masry Commodus 2000 Benicio del Toro Philip Seymour Hoffman Jack Black Willem Dafoe Albert Finney Joaquin Phoenix .

. 2 Collateral Closer Kinsey Sin City Crash Cinderella Man Brokeback Mountain A History of Violence Little Children Little Miss Sunshine Dreamgirls The Departed The Departed No Country for Old Men The Assassination of Jesse James..I. Charlie Wilson's War Into the Wild Michael Clayton Freddy Riedenschneider Frank Whitaker Gene John Laroche John Rooney Sméagol/Gollum Chuck Lane Samwise Gamgee Shelly Kaplow Dave Boyle Sméagol/Gollum Jack Lopate Bill Max Larry Gray Clyde Martin Marv Officer John Ryan Joe Gould Jack Twist Richie Cusack Ronald James McGorvey Edwin Hoover James "Thunder" Early Frank Costello Sgt.Online Film Critics Society Award for Best Supporting Actor 2001 Steve Buscemi Ben Kingsley Jude Law Ian McKellen Tony Shalhoub 2002 Dennis Quaid Alan Arkin Chris Cooper Paul Newman Andy Serkis 2003 Peter Sarsgaard Sean Astin Alec Baldwin Tim Robbins Andy Serkis 2004 Thomas Haden Church David Carradine Jamie Foxx Clive Owen Peter Sarsgaard 2005 Mickey Rourke Matt Dillon Paul Giamatti Jake Gyllenhaal William Hurt 2006 Jackie Earle Haley Alan Arkin Eddie Murphy Jack Nicholson Mark Wahlberg 2007 Javier Bardem Casey Affleck Philip Seymour Hoffman Hal Holbrook Tom Wilkinson Ghost World Sexy Beast A. Sean Dignam Anton Chigurh Robert Ford Gust Avrakotos Ron Franz Arthur Edens . Artificial Intelligence Seymour Don Logan Gigolo Joe 231 The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Gandalf the Grey The Man Who Wasn't There Far from Heaven Thirteen Conversations About One Thing Adaptation Road to Perdition The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Shattered Glass The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King The Cooler Mystic River The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Sideways Kill Bill: Vol.

O'Brien Lancaster Dodd Lester Siegel Wink Thaddeus Stevens Dr. Tony Stone Sergeant J. Hans Landa Malcolm Tucker Walter Kovacs / Rorschach Capt. King Schultz 2012 Philip Seymour Hoffman The Master Alan Arkin Dwight Henry Tommy Lee Jones Christoph Waltz Argo Beasts of the Southern Wild Lincoln Django Unchained .Online Film Critics Society Award for Best Supporting Actor 2008 Heath Ledger posthumously The Dark Knight Robert Downey Jr. Sanborn 232 2010s Year Winner The Fighter The Social Network Winter's Bone The Kids Are All Right The King's Speech Beginners Drive Film Role Dicky Eklund Eduardo Saverin Teardrop Paul Lionel Logue Hal Bernie Rose 2010 Christian Bale Andrew Garfield John Hawkes Mark Ruffalo Geoffrey Rush 2011 Christopher Plummer Albert Brooks John Hawkes Nick Nolte Brad Pitt Martha Marcy May Marlene Patrick Warrior The Tree of Life Paddy Conlon Mr. T. Philip Seymour Hoffman Eddie Marsan Michael Shannon 2009 Christoph Waltz Peter Capaldi Jackie Earle Haley Woody Harrelson Anthony Mackie Tropic Thunder Doubt Happy-Go-Lucky Revolutionary Road Inglourious Basterds In the Loop Watchmen The Messenger The Hurt Locker The Joker Kirk Lazarus Father Brendan Flynn Scott John Givings Col.

It is the second-largest submarine sandwich shop chain in North America.000 Quiznos stores closed.[3] Between 2007 and 2009. Colorado. South Korea.000 Quiznos shops located in the United States.[4] . Mexico. Ecuador. Southeast Asia and Central and South America. including Europe. and 100 more scattered across the world. Bahrain. Singapore. Oman. Dominican Republic. The Philippines. Central America. In the Middle East. by 2012. in Brazil. The chain also said it plans to expand to locations in over 40 countries and territories. which specializes in offering toasted subs. They are now attempting new strategies to grow the chain back. the Middle East.Quiznos 233 Quiznos Quiznos Type Industry Founded Private Fast food restaurants 1981 Headquarters Denver. Egypt and the United Arab Emirates. the United Kingdom. Venezuela and the Middle East. Qatar. other food products US$130 million (2004) QIP Holder. 1. after Subway. Quiznos plans to open 15 of its sandwich shops in Kuwait under a master franchise deal.S. Greg MacDonald (President) Submarine sandwiches. Schaden (Chairman and CEO). Colorado. Key people Products Revenue Owner(s) [1] Richard E. There are over 4. Iceland.com [2] Website Quiznos is a franchised fast-food restaurant brand based in Denver. Sint Maarten. Salads. Quiznos has outlets in Saudi Arabia. Ireland. U. LLC d/b/a Quiznos quiznos. 300 in Canada. although they may be served untoasted at the customer's request.

but were unsuccessful in launching the chain in either country. For example. The take-over was accepted in early 1980. many competitors began offering similar sandwiches. the subs feature a Quiznos sub with steam emanating from it with the slogan. Actor Michael Clarke Duncan formerly provided the voiceover for all Quiznos commercials. rodent-like. New Zealand. this business offered to buy the larger and better located "Sandwich World" operation.[5] In 2002. and a newer one. One of the commercials features a woman saying "It's not . toasty". "Love what you eat". Hussain "Jeff" Jaffarie. "Mmmm. On September 18. the store manager at the time. Terrell Braly. along with a group of investors. If the customers are not satisfied. Nationally. toasty". The new owners of changed the name to "Quiznos" and began a The first Quizno's Subs restaurant franchising operation. Quiznos has also been known to take advantage of underground advertising phenomena in localized areas. mail the form along with their receipt. converted a closed Sinclair gas station located at 1275 Grant Street in Denver.[7] as well as Quiznos ads in Canada featuring hockey commentator Don Cherry. Dubbed the "Prime Rib Cheesesteak Challenge". In June 2006. singing creatures called Spongmonkeys.. the aforementioned one. In 1979. Subway and Boston Market began offering toasted subs Boston Market in 2005 and Blimpie in 2006. This slogan. Quiznos revealed their new slogan: "Eat Up".[6] Although Quiznos may not have originated the concept of toasted sandwich.. spoken as "Mm mm mm mm mm . they were one of the first advertisers to put ads on the back of famous San Francisco eccentric and alien protester Frank Chu's sign. Other ads included several ads in early 2004 featuring bizarre. Advertising The company's first major advertising push was a successful advertising campaign during the 2002 Super Bowl. "Footers Restaurant". and they will receive a coupon for a free sandwich. Colorado. One ad in 2003 depicted a man (a then-unknown Jim Parsons) who had been "raised by wolves" by suckling at a mother wolf's teat (an ad which was pulled after the Super Bowl XXXVIII halftime show controversy). into a sandwich shop called "Sandwich World". Early TV spots advertised the innovation of toasting sandwiches. In 2005.. Quiznos launched the most aggressive advertising campaign aimed at Subway.. are used interchangeably. then they can fill out a form. Quiznos launched a series of ads featuring Baby Bob. The claim is that the Prime Rib Cheesesteak has twice the meat of Subway's Cheesesteak.Quiznos 234 History In 1978. Quiznos was a privately held limited liability company. a competing venue. as compared to the inventor of pants (humorously contrasted with men wearing bushes). Wendy's acquired the rights to the brand for franchises in Australia. customers were asked to compare the brand new Prime Rib Cheesesteak against Subway's Cheesesteak sandwich. began the practice of toasting sandwiches in a pizza oven that had been provided by Tombstone Pizza. 2006. and later. opened across the street. As of 2009. Owned by Jimmy Lambatos and Todd Disner.

Quiznos was shown competing with the fictional "Wrong Way" restaurant whose logo. Coca-Cola went on to sign an exclusive agreement to provide soft drinks to the competing Subway franchise. including lawsuits in New Jersey and Wisconsin.[15] The Toasted Subs Franchisee Association (TSFA). In subsequent advertisements. Wendy’s. and intended to raise money for Baber's family. and even its sandwich competitors Subway and Blimpie. The TSFA in turn filed an injunction on December 15. and toaster look similar to Subway's. Quiznos franchisees filed a lawsuit seeking class-action status in Michigan. until 2005. a group of franchisees. Baber attributed mistreatment by Quiznos to driving him to suicide.[13] It has faced more lawsuits from franchisees than bigger chains.Quiznos lacking any meat. Quiznos sent letters to 300 franchises saying mystery shoppers would be coming to test their services. the Quiznos at Downtown Crossing. according to the lawsuit. posted Baber's suicide note on its website.[11] In June 2004. NC In 2002.[10] Months later.[12] Quiznos has been the target of several lawsuits related to its treatment of franchisees. Towards the end of 2007.[13] On November 27. Quiznos said it sold 234 “trade areas” in the state of New Jersey to franchisees. In May 2008. The Coca-Cola Company was originally the primary soft drink supplier for the franchise. Burger King.[17][18] . Piotrowski and Blickman countersued and won the lawsuit in 2009.[8] After a Subway marketing promotion for $5 "foot long" sandwiches. At that time. California. the store was closed. Quiznos attempted to terminate the TSFA's franchises. in the District Court of Colorado. As a result. Bhupinder Baber. name. Quiznos began matching the promotion. and that's what real women need". Elisa Whitehall said she had yet to open a Quiznos in the location she bought and Quiznos refused to return her $25. but none of these locations ever opened. committed suicide after a legal battle with the company. The company sued franchise owners Richard Piotrowski and Ellen Blickman for not putting enough meat in a prime rib sandwich.[13] Three years after handing over her check for the licensing fee. 2006. flatbread sandwiches available for $2.000 licensing fee. Judge Morris Hoffman called the meat-weighing exercise and subsequent termination letters a “charade” aimed at bolstering a national ad campaign against rival Subway. Quiznos in turn signed an exclusive deal with PepsiCo (except in Canada and on college campuses that have exclusive deals with Coca-Cola) and Dr Pepper Snapple Group (to serve Dr Pepper).[9] 235 Lawsuits and controversies An older Quiznos in Charlotte. Quiznos unveiled "Sammies". 2006. such as McDonald’s. In 2003 and 2004.000 franchisee fee.[16] In 2006. was at the center of a hepatitis scare. collecting the $25.[13] One lawsuit filed in New Jersey that sought class-action status. small. Boston. the Seattle Times reported that the company initially ignored the plight of a Quiznos employee who took over operations of one Quiznos store after the true owner abandoned it.[14] In his suicide note. according to an analysis by the legal research firm Thomson West. franchise owner of two Long Beach. Quiznos locations. Quiznos was offering large deli sandwiches called "Deli Favorite Varieties" for the same price. said that the astounding growth record of Quiznos is merely a facade. In February 2007.

Industry analysts and former franchisees say. Subway had a 7 Key: Green = Countries currently with Quiznos restaurants percent failure rate. a fact that prospective franchisees say they were never told. according to restaurant consulting firm Technomic Inc.000 of its current and former franchisees. and disputes among franchisees that agreed to. Also at issue was the chain’s supply chain and food costs.[4] Analysts who follow the company say it is clear that the chain is nearing default on its loans and scrambling to restructure $875 million in debt.000. marketing and advertising funds. the steepest decline of any major fast-food chain. Former franchisee Brett Freifeld said these measures do not address the company's biggest problem: Owners have to buy everything from Quiznos – from meat and payroll services to toilet paper – at prices so high that it is hard to make a profit."[13] About 1. 'You must be rolling in the money. he realized he had a debt of $750. "If they only knew. locations and whether royalties are owed.[4] In contrast.[4] Recently. LLC and other entities with ownership or control of the Quiznos chain had violated U. Quiznos also plans to build 400-square-foot (37 m2) restaurants inside convenience stores. Quiznos was close to reaching a settlement over the multiyear class-action lawsuit that covers nearly 10. The case comprises four separate class-action lawsuits dating back to 2006 which consolidated in 2009 — involved allegations by attorneys for franchisees that Quiznos Franchise Co. "Customers used to come into the store and say to me. Fredrick N. The cost to Quiznos has been estimated from $100 to $200 million USD. Westerfield was running three Quiznos in Wisconsin. [19][20] 236 Finances and profitability One lawsuit cited a memorandum drafted by a Quiznos lawyer in 2003 that stated “40 percent of Quiznos units are not breaking even”.[4] As a single example of an unprofitable franchise. After spending $14.S.[21] . but did not open. however. He closed all his stores in 2005. that the changes will not work.[13] The Small Business Administration said 25 percent of Quiznos franchises with SBA loans failed.000 Quiznos locations nationwide closed between 2007 and 2009.'" recalled Mr. Quiznos announced a new lease-to-own strategy to regrow the chain where aspiring restaurateurs can own the restaurant after two to five years. Quiznos has denied all claims made in the lawsuits and the settlement agreement involves no finding or admission of liability. 2010. racketeering and corruption statutes.[21] Quiznos had an estimated 14 percent drop in sales during 2010 and the loss of 600 restaurants.Quiznos As of July 1. Westerfield.000 in personal savings to keep the stores running.

[11] Holt. Retrieved 2011-06-28.com" (http:/ / www. . "Quiznos class-action case close to settlement | Nation's Restaurant News" (http:/ / www. com/ menu/ sammies. com/ news/ 3473271/ detail. BNET. 2010. 2010). March 24. . com/ article/ quiznos-class-action-case-close-settlement). php?id=6429& na=1). [2] http:/ / quiznos. deseretnews. com/ blog/ retail-stores/ as-lawsuit-settlement-nears-quiznos-and-franchise-owners-need-to-hug-it-out/ 798). Seattle Times. Shirleen (February 4. November 2. nytimes. denverpost. [5] Kyle Wagner (2004). . 2004). dispatch. Nrn. com/ business/ ci_18721934) (August 2011) [22] Struggling Quiznos sandwich chain working with creditors on debt restructuring (http:/ / www. [7] Stevenson. Retrieved 2009-08-31. com/ live/ media/ site36/ 2006/ 1215/ 20061215_010137_BZ15_QuizSuicideNote. nrn. Shirleen (2005-03-24). proquest. . [18] Renee McGaw (January 9. Seattletimes. denverpost. Quiznos.com. Retrieved August 1. . [8] "Quiznos. com/ doc/ 9658180/ Order-After-Trial). The Columbus Dispatch. August 31. employees take over". . denverpost. 2009). Community. 2006). were handing ownership to Avenue Capital Group. Retrieved October 5. com/ research/ stocks/ private/ people. 2012. BusinessWeek. Kristi (December 15. scribd. . "System not a go at all Quiznos" (http:/ / search. Scribd. 2010. . thebostonchannel. aspx). . . Retrieved August 1. Quiznos and Franchise Owners Need to Hug it Out" (http:/ / www. .com. quiznos. com/ mobile/ ci_4842595). com. "Quiznos loses case over treatment of franchisee" (http:/ / denver. . seattletimes. msnbc. 2011-12-21. Slate. Associated Press. au/ business/ bitter-lesson-in-quiznos-affair/ story-e6frgafx-1111114210762). Denver Post. html). [14] Arellano. . Denver Business Journal. com/ html/ localnews/ 2002170453_quiznos04. "Shirleen Holt. "Shirleen Holt. Retrieved 2011-06-28. Associated Press. The Australian. Retrieved 2011-06-28. 2010. 2004 [13] Julie Creswell (February 24. Retrieved 2011-06-28. 2005" (http:/ / community. Fastcasual. 2010. com/ live/ content/ business/ stories/ 2010/ 07/ 13/ quiznos-activates-strategy-to-bounce-back. Zig Zag Restaurant Group" (http:/ / www. slate. . . CCMP Capital Advisors LLC and Consumer Capital Partners. June 29. while restructuring their $875 million USD debt in an attempt to forestall filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. "Fast-food shop owner takes off. nwsource. [4] Denise Trowbridge (July 13. [12] Hundreds "Show Up For Quiznos Hepatitis Clinic" (http:/ / www. [15] Bob Baber Suicide note (http:/ / extras. Seattle Times. [21] Quiznos chain faces tough finance issues (http:/ / www. [17] "Quiznos V.[22] References Notes [1] "The Quizno's Corporation: CEO & Executives" (http:/ / investing. com/ article/ 595087240/ Quiznos-makes-switch-from-Coca-Cola-to-Pepsi. html). 2004.Quiznos 237 New owners During the approach to Christmas 2011. [9] "Quiznos makes switch from Coca-Cola to Pepsi" (http:/ / www. Retrieved August 1. August 29. [20] Post a Comment (2010-07-01). com [3] "Quiznos planning to open shops in Kuwait" (http:/ / www. "Manager who never quit sees Quiznos store shut". . com/ archive/ ?date=20050324& slug=quiznos24). 2007. . com/ breakingnews/ ci_19593686) Denver Post. 2005). Seth (February 23. asp?privcapId=33545). com/ id/ 39971159/ ns/ business-consumer_news/ t/ quiznos-planning-open-shops-kuwait/ ). mnginteractive. html). pdf) [16] ""Quiznos franchisees fight back" By Fred Minnick 15 Dec 2006" (http:/ / www. WCVB-TV – The Boston Channel. a hedge fund controlled by billionaire Marc Lasry. February 16. "Quiznos activates strategy to bounce back" (http:/ / www.com. msn. Retrieved 2011-06-28. [19] sandwich guy (2010-07-27). 2007).nwsource.com. Retrieved 2011-06-28. "As Lawsuit Settlement Nears. html). html). bizjournals. The New York Times. com/ denver/ stories/ 2009/ 01/ 12/ story9. "The Creatures From the Sandwich Shop" (http:/ / www.nwsource. com/ id/ 2095868).com. [6] "Bitter lesson in Quizno's affair" (http:/ / www. "When Disillusion Sets In" (http:/ / www. . nwsource. Retrieved 2011-06-28.seattletimes. "Quiznos fires 8 franchisees" (http:/ / www. com/ 2007/ 02/ 24/ business/ 24quiznos. fastcasual. bnet. com/ docview/ 410750742?accountid=28458). Denver Post. html?sid=101). com/ article. theaustralian.com. the Denver Post reported that Quizno's owners. [10] Holt. 2005" (http:/ / seattletimes. businessweek.

among Highest Penalties in Franchise History (http://www.quiznos.Quiznos 238 External links • Official website (http://www.org/Radio_Episode.info) • Bluemaumau website.bluemaumau. a Franchise industry blog.com/) • Toasted Sub Franchisee Association (TSFA) website (http://toastedsubs.bluemaumau. with entry titled 'Judge Determines Quiznos Terminations Are a Charade' (http://www.org/ 9221/quiznos_settlement_finalized_among_highest_penalties_franchising) (August 2010) .org/6631/judge_determines_quiznos_terminations_charade) • Backed into a Corner (http://thislife.aspx?episode=287). an April 2005 story about the Seattle shop (with RealAudio) from This American Life • Quiznos Settlement Finalized.

Racing Stripes 239 Racing Stripes Racing Stripes Theatrical poster Directed by Produced by Frederik Du Chau Broderick Johnson Andrew Kosove Edward L. Pictures (USA/Canada) Momentum Pictures (UK) Summit Entertainment (International sales) Universal Pictures (international home video distributor) January 6. the movie was filmed in Pietermaritzburg and Nottingham Road. . 2005 (Australia) January 14. Although set in Kentucky. Wegner Kirk De Micco Frederik Du Chau Frankie Muniz Hayden Panettiere Bruce Greenwood Mandy Moore Dustin Hoffman Whoopi Goldberg Wendie Malick Fred Thompson Mark Isham Screenplay by Story by Starring Music by Cinematography David Eggby Editing by Studio Distributed by Tom Finan Alcon Entertainment Warner Bros. South Africa.754. McDonnell Lloyd Phillips David Schmidt David Schmidt Steven P.475 Racing Stripes is a 2005 sports comedy film directed by Frederik Du Chau. the director of Quest for Camelot. 2005 (United States) 102 minutes United States English $30 million [1] Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Box office $90.

Nolan responds to Clara's mockery by placing a personal bet on the race. but he is convinced that he is destined for the nearby racetrack. • Gary Bullock as John Cooper. In spite of losing ground half way round the course. Cast Live actors • Hayden Panettiere as Channing Walsh. even though he isn't a real racehorse (a fact he doesn't realise for three years). He also prevents Channing from riding. an old nanny goat who takes Stripes under her wing. a Shetland pony who used to help Nolan Walsh train racehorses. Voice actors • Frankie Muniz as Stripes. died in a racing accident. • Dustin Hoffman as Tucker. but is approached by Woodzie who offers to pay. Stripes befriends a gorgeous white mare. and if her horse Pride wins. • M. as he believes it's too dangerous. a zebra who wants to compete in the Kentucky Open. After losing a late-night race with thoroughbred Trenton's Pride. Stripes is even more determined to be a racehorse. Champion Horse Breeder Clara Dalrymple. though the thoroughbred stallions at the racetrack bully Stripes. The other farmyard animals (led by Goose the Pelican) disable Channing's motorbike so that she has to ride Stripes to her job at the racetrack. for whom Nolan used to train horses. the Circus Sorano (a traveling circus) accidentally leaves behind a baby zebra. who names him "Stripes". Nolan can keep Sandy. He presents his prize wreath to Tucker. several years before. an old racetrack gambler who sympathises with Channing's frustration at not being allowed to ride. • Wendie Malick as Clara Dalrymple. Channing has a similar ambition: to become a jockey. and they attack him as he talks to Sandy on a riverbank.especially Franny the goat . • Mandy Moore as Sandy. Thoroughbreds Sir Trenton and his son Pride decide to teach Stripes a lesson the night before the race. Emmet Walsh as Woodzie. a Shetland Pony who has helped coach champion racehorses in the past. Sandy. via two blowfly friends and Goose who act as messengers. Nolan can't afford the entry fee. he retired from training after Channing's mother. • Whoopi Goldberg as Franny. Years of training horses who never give him any thanks for his help has left him grumpy. Stripes is coached through the race by Tucker. Nolan's former employer. The other farmyard animals try to educate Stripes about life on the farm. but her enthusiasm eventually wins him over. and Goose strategically poops on Clara's glamorous hat. • Bruce Greenwood as Nolan Walsh. Clara Dalrymple's trainer. Her father refuses to let her train. a retired thoroughbred-racehorse trainer. Stripes finds the fire to catch up and win. but his farmyard friends . and he agrees to train Stripes. helped by Tucker. They agree that if Stripes wins. saying he doesn't belong on their racetrack. who the thoroughbreds are keeping hostage at the stables. . fearing that she will hurt herself. Channing's father has been unwilling to train horses since his wife was killed when her racehorse stumbled. where she works as a cleaner. In the morning his farmyard friends rouse him and liberate Sandy. nastily challenges Nolan to enter his Zebra in the Kentucky Open. They mow a rustic-looking track in a cornfield and begin to train.Racing Stripes 240 Plot In a rush to pack up during a thunderstorm after blowing a tire. She is determined to race just like her mom and has a natural talent for it. After dark she and Stripes have their first taste of the racetrack together and are seen by old punter Woodzie who spots their potential. Nolan will go back to work for her. Nolan is determined not to let his daughter race. At the races.convince him he has a chance. a white filly who is a professional jumper and Stripes' love interest. The foal is rescued by Nolan Walsh. and leaves it in the care of his teenage daughter Channing. Stripes loses enthusiasm after finding out he's a zebra. also a jockey. Nolan takes the zebra home to his ramshackle farm.

The visual effects supervisor was Dion Hatch. Twilight Run (2:27) 11. the farm's lazy Bloodhound and family pet. Taking the Inside Rail . Run Like The Wind (2:04) 10. • Kyle Alcazar as Young Pride. then the computer-animated anthropomorphic animals and the two horseflies named Buzz and Scuzz. 1. Pride.and who also happens to be Pride's sidekick. then finally January 2005 The done in filming live action. South Africa in September 2003. Upstaged By A Zebra (2:46) 12. Sir Trenton's son. a horse who bullies Stripes. It was A Dark And Stormy Night (4:05) 3. • Snoop Dogg as Lightning. and the animation supervisor was Alexander Williams. They Will Come (2:21) 15. a pair of horsefly brothers who are old friends of Tucker's. who also co-wrote the first of the two original songs on the CD (both heard in the movie over the closing credits). the Walsh farm's pea-brained rooster. Fleeing his boss after a botched assassination. as having no purpose other than to carry on the Trenton legacy. The film's score was composed by Mark Isham. Soundtrack The soundtrack album was released 2005-01-11 on the Varèse Sarabande label. • Michael Clarke Duncan as Clydesdale. A Pelican Named Goose (1:19) 7. This premise storyline in the style similar to the 1995 family comedy film Babe. • Michael Rosenbaum as Ruffshodd.Sting (4:16) 2. Kentucky wrapped on December 2003. who is a bully. but at the end of the movie he realises that his father was wrong about Stripes. Visual Effects The bulk of the visual effects work on the film was carried out by the Santa Monica based company Digiscope. then the filming in Scottsville. • Jeff Foxworthy as Reggie. • Jansen Panettiere as Young Stripes.and tells Stripes that he is a good racer. Alcon Entertainment announced the live action/animated family film called "Racing Stripes". I'm A Racehorse! (2:51) 5. Tucker Lays It Out! (2:25) 8. The Blue Moon Races (3:39) 6. • Joe Pantoliano as Goose. • Joshua Jackson as Trenton's Pride. and the released on Summer 2004. Glory Days (3:18) 14. A Brave Decision (1:48) 13. a Clydesdale horse who acts as MC for the Blue Moon Races. a former mob hitman American White Pelican from New Jersey. Filming began in Kwazulu-Natal. Goose Makes A Hit On The Iron Horse (2:10) 9. At Home On Walsh Falm (5:01) 4. 241 Production In December 2002. an arrogant black thoroughbred stallion who sees his son. Goose crash-landed on the Walsh farm. • Steve Harvey and David Spade as Buzz and Scuzz. • Frankie Manriquez as Young Ruffshodd.Racing Stripes • Fred Thompson as Sir Trenton. If You Build It. Out Of Africa (1:06) .

com. 20.Racing Stripes 16.Box Office Data.[3] References [1] "Racing Stripes . Flixster. grossing nearly $50 million in Canada and North America a final total of over $90 million worldwide.com/title/tt0376105/) at the Internet Movie Database • Racing Stripes (http://www. . boxofficemojo. Box Office Mojo. 23.allrovi. External links • Official site (http://racingstripesmovie. the film was a commercial and financial success. Cast Information" (http:/ / www.com/movies/movie/v291999) at AllRovi . Rotten Tomatoes gave the film a score of 35% based on 98 reviews. [3] "Racing Stripes (2005)" (http:/ / www. . 18. 22. 17. 21. [2] "Racing Stripes (2005)" (http:/ / www. htm). php). Amazon. Rotten Tomatoes. . rottentomatoes. Spring Training (2:31) Ambushed! (4:48) Filly In Distress (1:05) Race Day (1:03) They're All In! (1:12) The Big Race (7:19) In The Winner's Circle (1:54) It Ain't Over Yet .warnerbros.Bryan Adams (3:18) 242 Reception Critical response Overall reaction to Racing Stripes was mixed. com/ movies/ ?id=racingstripes. "An entertaining children movie that ought to be tolerable for adults. The Numbers. with the consensus stating. 19."[2] Box office Despite reviews being mixed. Movie News. com/ movies/ 2005/ RCING.com/home. Retrieved 2011-10-08.imdb.html) • Racing Stripes (http://www. the-numbers. com/ m/ racing_stripes/ ).

com/ m/ redemption_road_2011/ . redemptionroadmovie. com/ [2] http:/ / www. it received a limited theatrical release in the United States on August 26. who is escorted across the state by a man named Augy (Duncan) so that he can collect his recently-deceased grandfather's estate. rottentomatoes. Set in Tennessee. imdb. 2011.Redemption Road 243 Redemption Road Redemption Road Directed by Starring Mario Van Peebles Michael Clarke Duncan Luke Perry • Release date(s) • Running time Country Language April 17. it is about a debt-straddled blues guitarist (Morgan Simpson). After a position reception at film festivals such as the Nashville Film Festival and Hollywood Film Festival in 2010. Cast • • • • • • • Michael Clarke Duncan as Augy Morgan Simpson as Bailey Luke Perry as Boyd Tom Skerritt as Santa Taryn Manning as Jackie Kiele Sanchez as Hannah Melvin Van Peebles as Elmo External links • Official website [1] • Redemption Road [2] at the Internet Movie Database • Redemption Road [3] at Rotten Tomatoes References [1] http:/ / www. 2011 (United States) 95 minutes United States English Redemption Road is a 2010 film directed by Mario Van Peebles and starring Michael Clarke Duncan and Luke Perry. 2010 (Nashville Film Festival) August 26. com/ title/ tt1470020/ [3] http:/ / www.

Wilson 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 William Sadler Robin Williams Lance Henriksen Gary Sinise Brad Pitt Brent Spiner Vincent D'Onofrio Ian McKellen Michael Clarke Duncan Willem Dafoe Ian McKellen Andy Serkis Sean Astin David Carradine Mickey Rourke Ben Affleck Javier Bardem Heath Ledger (posthumously) The Dark Knight Stephen Lang Andrew Garfield Avatar Never Let Me Go .Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actor 244 Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actor The following is a list of Saturn Award winners for Best Supporting Actor (in a film): Year Actor Motion Picture Young Frankenstein Train Ride to Hollywood Star Wars Magic Love at First Bite The Shining Clash of the Titans The Sword and the Sorcerer Twilight Zone: The Movie Repo Man Fright Night Aliens The Running Man Big Back to the Future Part III Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey Aladdin Hard Target Forrest Gump 12 Monkeys Star Trek: First Contact Men in Black Apt Pupil The Green Mile Shadow of the Vampire The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Kill Bill: Volume 2 Sin City Hollywoodland No Country for Old Men 1974/75 Marty Feldman 1976 1977 1978 1979 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 Jay Robinson Alec Guinness Burgess Meredith Arte Johnson Scatman Crothers Burgess Meredith Richard Lynch John Lithgow Tracey Walter Roddy McDowall Bill Paxton Richard Dawson Robert Loggia 1989/90 Thomas F.

Chester (uncredited) Patricia Moyes (uncredited) School for Scoundrels or How to Win Without Actually Cheating! by Stephen Potter (uncredited) Billy Bob Thornton Jon Heder Michael Clarke Duncan Jacinda Barrett Sarah Silverman Ben Stiller Christophe Beck Written by Based on Starring Music by Cinematography Jonathan Brown Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Box office Leslie Jones Dan Schalk Media Talent Group Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Dimension Films • September 29. starring Billy Bob Thornton and Jon Heder. 2006 100 minutes 108 minutes (Unrated cut) United States English $35 million [1] [1] $23.Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actor 2011 Andy Serkis Rise of the Planet of the Apes 245 School for Scoundrels (2006 film) School for Scoundrels Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Todd Phillips Hal E. The film is based on the 1960 British film of the same name. and directed by Todd Phillips.685 School for Scoundrels is a 2006 American feature/comedy film. The film was released on . Chester Daniel Goldberg Geyer Kosinski Craig Mazin Todd Phillips Bob Weinstein Harvey Weinstein Todd Phillips Scot Armstrong School for Scoundrels by Hal E.947.

the first diploma ever issued by him. P's car.Lesher Jacinda Barrett . Roger is determined to stop him once for all.000 to anyone who quits or disobeys the orders given to them. To overcome his lack of self-esteem. he decides to take action to get Amanda back. Roger begins to develop a sense of personal pride and finally asks Amanda for a date where he uses tricks he learned during the course. Roger uses his authority as a meter reader to impound Dr.Ian Matt Walsh . The film closes with a summary of what happened to most characters after the film's events. Roger heads to the right gate and boards the plane to Miami in the last moment.Walsh Horatio Sanz . he finally exposes Dr. The classmates even warn Roger that Dr. Dr. but Roger refuses. but a noticeably different plot and tone. subject to ridicule from co-workers and regular denizens.Diego Todd Louiso . P will destroy him if his progress is too fast. Roger learns of Dr. With the aid of Lonnie and classmates. including humiliation. When meeting Roger after some time. P's duplicity.Ernie . just like he has done to one of his former students. P starts competing with Roger for Amanda. 2006. He approaches her with a false story that he is a successful and child-loving surgeon whose wife has died. P invited Amanda to Miami. P/Dennis Sherman Jon Heder .Lonnie David Cross . After a competitive tennis match in which Roger humiliates him. Roger at first doesn't know that Dr. he signs up for a course taught by Dr. it's revealed that Dr.Roger Michael Clarke Duncan . P grants him a diploma for successfully passing his course . Amanda finally realizes she was wrong and returns to Roger. P has sent him to the wrong gate. P enlists the talents of Roger's classmates to break into Amanda's apartment and paint graffiti on the walls so he could frame Roger as a stalker.Eli Jon Glaser . He heads for the airport where Dr. nobody intends to quit the course because Dr. Amanda (Jacinda Barrett). P and his assistant Lesher (Michael Clarke Duncan). P. but was truly faking) and that his wife is still alive. Wanting to prove that he's still got his edge. Cast • • • • • • • • • • • Billy Bob Thornton . and Amanda. He also invites Roger to attend one of his future courses as a guest.one for him and one for Amanda. When Roger begins to see what's happening. is immediately attracted and starts dating him. P tells him he is a winner and grants him two tickets . P isn't a doctor or surgeon (he wanted to use a defibrillator on Roger who just fainted. who was also humiliated by Dr. who dreams of dating the foreign graduate student who lives in his building. P's plans for Amanda from a depressed former student.Dr. P is a fraud. although his actions are futile. However.School for Scoundrels (2006 film) September 29. Lonnie (Ben Stiller). Some tasks they are required to do are quite cruel and primitive like the task to start a conflict or even a fight with somebody they meet just to prove they are fearless. P (Billy Bob Thornton) where Roger and his classmates are constantly bullied by Dr. Dr. After learning that Dr. P gets Roger fired from his job. P says he won't give a refund of $5. who is a voluntary caretaker for animals. The remake has a similar theme to the original film.Becky Ben Stiller . He shows Roger a fascicle full of evidence that Dr. who uses multiple identities and false stories to attract or distract his victims. P when he led his girlfriend away. After realizing he was again tricked by Dr. Dr. and in retaliation Dr. 246 Plot Roger (Jon Heder) is a downtrodden meter reader.Amanda Sarah Silverman . While participating. who likes to use outrageous and unethical methods on them. However.

Lois Andrew Daly as classmate Jim Parsons as classmate Aziz Ansari as classmate Joe Nunez as classmate Nicole Randall Johnson (uncredited) .602.rottentomatoes. in the original 1960 film.Little Pete Dan Fogler . were written by the real author named Stephen Potter.Zack Luis Guzmán .Bee Bee Joanne Baron .[1] The film received mainly negative reviews.com/movies/movie/v333380) at AllRovi School for Scoundrels (http://www. before eventually grossing $23. Both films feature a tennis game between love rivals as a set-piece.allrovi.685 worldwide. accumulating $8.Sergeant Moorehead DeRay Davis .metacritic. The Lifemanship books. rottentomatoes.Benny Malika Haqq (uncredited) .imdb.htm) at Box Office Mojo • School for Scoundrels (http://www. Stephen Potter. unfocused attempt at a romantic comedy that's neither romantic nor funny. with Rotten Tomatoes giving the film 25% and a consensus of "School for Scoundrels squanders its talented cast with a formulaic. actual works on which both films are based.947. com/ m/ school_for_scoundrels/ ) at Rotten Tomatoes External links • • • • Official website (http://www."[2] References [1] School for Scoundrels (http:/ / www.Shanice Teddy Coluca (uncredited) .com) School for Scoundrels (http://www. Reception School for Scoundrels came in at #4 at the North American box office in its opening weekend. P is a homage to the headmaster of the fictional Yeovil College of Lifemanship.com/title/tt0462519/) at the Internet Movie Database School for Scoundrels (http://www. boxofficemojo.com/movie/school-for-scoundrels) at Metacritic .boxofficemojo.com/movies/?id=schoolforscoundrels.333.School for Scoundrels (2006 film) • • • • • • • • • • • • Paul Scheer .Margaret 247 Similarities between original and remake The character of Dr.schoolforscoundrels-movie. htm) at Box Office Mojo [2] School for Scoundrels (http:/ / www.com/m/school_for_scoundrels/) at Rotten Tomatoes • School for Scoundrels (http://www. com/ movies/ ?id=schoolforscoundrels.

Bill Paxton. John Ritter. Ellen Burstyn. Lois Smith. Winners and nominees 1990s Year Winners Cast members Kevin Bacon. Dennis Farina. Robert De Niro. Deirdre Costello. Tony Goldwyn. Leonardo DiCaprio. Luis Guzmán. Jonathan Hyde. Philip Baker Hall. Dwight Yoakam Mark Addy. Frances Fisher. Burt Reynolds. Kate Winslet Hank Azaria. Walsh. Winona Ryder. Guy Pearce. J. Bill Paxton. Madeline Kahn. Russell Crowe. Stellan Skarsgård. Ed Harris. Geoffrey Rush. Minnie Driver. Jürgen Prochnow. Gene Hackman. Rene Russo. Fyvush Finkel. J. Emily Woof Don Cheadle. John Travolta Maya Angelou. Heather Graham. Bruce Jones. Julian Wadham Marvin's Room Shine Sling Blade 1997 The Full Monty Boogie Nights Hume Cronyn. Anthony Hopkins. Julianne Moore. Robin Williams Kim Basinger. Hugo Speer. James Cromwell. Samantha Mathis. Leonardo DiCaprio. Walsh. Bob Hoskins. Bernard Hill. Robert Carlyle. Kevin Dunn. Kathleen Quinlan. Robin Williams 1995 Apollo 13 Get Shorty How to Make an American Quilt Nixon Sense and Sensibility 1996 The Birdcage The English Patient Naveen Andrews. Gloria Stuart. Nicole Ari Parker. Billy Zane . Matt Damon. Mark Wahlberg. Mary Steenburgen. Jean Simmons. Ricky Jay. Thomas Jane. Danny Nucci. Tom Wilkinson. Ralph Fiennes. Paul Barber. Lesley Sharp. Confidential Titanic Ben Affleck. William H. Noah Taylor. G. John C. Googie Withers Lucas Black. Powers Boothe. Armin Mueller-Stahl. Gary Sinise Danny DeVito. Kate Nelligan. Melora Walters Good Will Hunting L. Tom Hanks. Alfred Molina. Dan Hedaya. Bernard Fox. Emma Thompson.Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture 248 Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture The Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture is an award given by the Screen Actors Guild to honor the finest acting achievements in film. E. Kate Winslet. Steve Huison. Paul Sorvino. Christine Baranski. David Hyde Pierce. Anne Bancroft. David Paymer. Gene Hackman. Delroy Lindo. Hal Scardino. Kevin Spacey. Reilly. Colin Firth. Marshall. Victor Garber. Philip Seymour Hoffman. Robert Duvall.A. Annabeth Gish. Nathan Lane. Ed Harris. Larry Hagman. Gwen Verdon John Gielgud. Kristin Scott Thomas. David Paymer. Billy Bob Thornton. David Strathairn Suzy Amis. Dan Futterman. Alfre Woodard Joan Allen. Brian Bedford. Diane Keaton. William Snape. Juliette Binoche. Dianne Wiest. David Warner. Danny DeVito. Lynn Redgrave. James Gandolfini. Natalie Canerday. Macy. Meryl Streep. T. Kathy Bates. T. Edward Herrmann. James Woods Hugh Grant. Willem Dafoe. Robert Ridgely. Alan Rickman. James Hampton.

Johnny Depp. Marisa Paredes Annette Badland. Christopher Lee. Nick Stahl. Clive Owen. Bonnie Hunt. Graham Greene. Noah Taylor Jamie Bell. Judi Dench. Hugo Weaving. Amy Irving. Kate Nelligan. Gary Lewis. Michael Gambon. Ed Harris. Peter Riegert. Barry Pepper. Ewan McGregor. Judi Dench. Imelda Staunton Roberto Benigni. Sean Bean. Lena Olin. Kate Hudson. Sissy Spacek. Christopher Plummer. Tom Hanks. Nicoletta Braschi. Charles Dance. Sam Rockwell. Miguel Ferrer. Albert Finney. Nicole Kidman. Giovanni Ribisi. Kristin Scott Thomas. Jane Horrocks. Erykah Badu. Geoffrey Rush. Michael Caine. Richard E. Michael Jeter. Chris Cooper. Erika Christensen. Joseph Fiennes. Tomas Milian. Luis Guzmán. Allison Janney. Thora Birch. Julianne Moore. Delroy Lindo. Charlie Sheen Jane Alexander. Sophie Thompson. Jacob Vargas. John Leguizamo. Moffett. Helen Mirren. Philip Seymour Hoffman. Derek Jacobi. John C. Harry Dean Stanton Jeremy Blackman. Mary Kay Place. Jason Robards. Elijah Wood 2000 Traffic Almost Famous Billy Elliot Chocolat Gladiator 2001 Gosford Park Jim Broadbent. Oliver Reed Eileen Atkins. Michael Caine. April Grace. Jennifer Connelly. Jeremy Northam. Horst Buchholz. Bob Balaban. James Wilby A Beautiful Mind In the Bedroom The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Moulin Rouge! Paul Bettany. Andy Serkis. Maggie Smith. Paul Rudd. Catherine Keener. Barry Pepper. Anna Paquin. Susan Lynch. Brenda Blethyn. Frances McDormand. Benjamin Bratt. Jim Broadbent. Mena Suvari Orson Bean. Dennis Quaid. John Wood Russell Crowe. Peter Gallagher. Tom Wilkinson. Melora Walters 249 2000s Year Winners Cast members Steven Bauer. Kelly Macdonald. John Malkovich. Amerigo Fontani. Patrick Fugit. Antony Sher. Clifton Collins Jr. Jason Lee. Jeremy Davies. Wes Bentley. Ian McKellen. Jason Gray-Stanford. Doug Hutchison. Derek Jacobi. William Wise Sean Astin. Tom Sizemore Ian Bannen. Colin Firth. W. Giustino Durano. Philip Baker Hall. Jamie Draven. Leslie Caron. William H. David Morse. Charlize Theron Patricia Clarkson. Alfred Molina. Austin Pendleton. John Rhys-Davies. Richard Roxburgh . Michael Douglas. Grant. Vin Diesel. Tom Hanks. Russell Crowe. Ryan Phillippe. Peter Stormare. Kathy Baker. Cameron Diaz. Liv Tyler. Jeffrey DeMunn. Topher Grace. Marisa Tomei. Kevin Spacey. Simon Callow. Sergio Bini Bustric. Fionnula Flanagan. Adam Goldberg.Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture 1998 Shakespeare in Love Life Is Beautiful (La vita è bella) Little Voice Saving Private Ryan Waking Ned Devine 1999 American Beauty Being John Malkovich The Cider House Rules The Green Mile Magnolia Ben Affleck. Philip Seymour Hoffman. Macy. Julie Walters Juliette Binoche. Richard Harris. Philip Jackson. Djimon Hounsou. Hugh O'Conor. Emily Watson. John Cusack. Ian Holm. Geraldine Somerville. Martin Clunes. Giorgio Cantarini. Tom Hollander. Catherine Zeta-Jones Fairuza Balk. Billy Boyd. Adam Goldberg.. James Cromwell. Orlando Bloom. Giuliana Lojodice. Joaquin Phoenix. Reilly. David Kelly. Billy Crudup. Luis Guzmán. Tom Cruise. Connie Nielsen. Cate Blanchett. Michael Clarke Duncan. Melinda Dillon. Don Cheadle. Matt Damon. Alfred Molina. Alan Bates. Ricky Jay. Tobey Maguire. Anthony Rapp William Mapother. Ewan McGregor Edward Burns. Dominic Monaghan. Judd Hirsch. Carrie-Anne Moss. James Brolin. James Nesbitt Annette Bening. Stephen Fry. Jim Carter. Benicio del Toro. Celia Weston. Josh Lucas. Viggo Mortensen. Gwyneth Paltrow. D.

Harry J. Brad Dourif. Christopher "Ludacris" Bridges. Susan Misner. Denise Faye. Miranda Otto. Bernard Hill. Julianne Moore. Lennix. Joe Prospero. John C. Karl Urban. Paddy Considine. Terrence Howard. Dominic West. Morgan Freeman. Billy Boyd. Mark Pellegrino Rose Abdoo. Laura Linney. Elijah Wood Emma Bolger. Hugo Weaving. Tilda Swinton Toni Collette. Gwen Stefani Julie Christie. Miranda Richardson. Thomas McCarthy. William Fichtner. Taraji P. Marshall Bell. Cate Blanchett. Michelle Williams Bob Balaban. Ian Holm. Miranda Otto. Heath Ledger. Robert John Burke. Tim Robbins Elizabeth Banks. Jake Gyllenhaal. Larenz Tate Linda Cardellini. Sandra Bullock. Liv Tyler. Jude Law. Kate Beckinsale. Sandra Oh Alan Alda. Michelle Williams Thomas Haden Church. Johnny Depp. John Corbett. Tobey Maguire. Cara Seymour. Thandie Newton. Colm Feore. Don Cheadle. Sean Penn. Ian McKellen. Viggo Mortensen. Laurence Fishburne. Sophie Okonedo. Robert Downey Jr. Ian McKellen. Clifton Powell. Paula Jai Parker. David Wenham. Virginia Madsen. Paul Giamatti. Cate Blanchett. Leonardo DiCaprio. Bruce Greenwood. Ekaterina Chtchelkanova. Christopher Lee. Samantha Morton Kevin Bacon. Mýa. Terrence Howard. Patricia Clarkson. Isaac Hayes. Deidre Goodwin. Ryan Phillippe. Bobby Cannavale. The Hours The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2003 The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King In America Mystic River Seabiscuit The Station Agent 2004 Sideways The Aviator Finding Neverland Hotel Rwanda Million Dollar Baby Ray 2005 Crash Brokeback Mountain Capote Good Night. Liv Tyler. Raven Goodwin. Ian Holm. Orlando Bloom. Meryl Streep Sean Astin. Gary Stevens Paul Benjamin. Joaquin Phoenix Clint Eastwood. David Strathairn. John Rhys-Davies. Alex Borstein. Patricia Clarkson. Andy Serkis. Nicole Kidman. DJ Qualls Nicolas Cage. and Good Luck Hustle & Flow Sean Astin.. Elijah Wood Gia Carides. Cate Blanchett. Reed Diamond. Danny Huston. Richard Gere. David Wenham. Ray Wise Anthony Anderson. Karl Urban. Jeff Daniels. Sean Bean. Reilly. Lainie Kazan. Andy Serkis. Andrea Martin. Taryn Manning. Randy Quaid. Macy. Billy Boyd. Queen Latifah. Dustin Hoffman. Lucy Liu. John C. Elise Neal. John Rhys-Davies. Nia Vardalos 250 . Clifton Collins Jr. Frank Langella. Regina King. Kate Winslet Don Cheadle.. Ed Harris. Jamie Foxx. Chris Cooper. Nick Nolte. Joey Fatone. Anne Hathaway. Jeff Bridges. Tate Donovan. Peter Jacobson. Orlando Bloom. Viggo Mortensen. Matt Ross. Claire Danes. Allison Janney. Henson. Chris Cooper. Peter Dinklage. Djimon Hounsou. Philip Seymour Hoffman. Marcia Gay Harden. Grant Heslov. Renée Zellweger. George Clooney. Catherine Keener. Freddie Highmore. Bernard Hill. Catherine Zeta-Jones Adaptation. Meryl Streep. Nick Roud. Kerry Washington Christopher "Ludacris" Bridges. Stephen Dillane. Larenz Tate. Chris Cooper. Luke Spill. Hugo Weaving. Brendan Fraser. John Noble. Radha Mitchell. Reilly. Dominic Monaghan. William H. Alec Baldwin. Jeff Daniels.Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture 2002 Chicago Christine Baranski. Jennifer Esposito. Hilary Swank Aunjanue Ellis. Dominic Monaghan. John C. Brian Cox. Taye Diggs. Anna Faris. Matt Dillon. Michael Constantine. Dianne Reeves. Reilly. Terrence Howard. Sarah Bolger.

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Anne Hathaway. Amanda Seyfried. Octavia Spencer. Natalie Portman. Celia Imrie. sagawards. Kyle Chandler. Michael Sheen. Mike Vogel Bérénice Bejo. Robert Forster. Armie Hammer. Jean Dujardin. Jennifer Ehle. James Cromwell. Derek Jacobi. Eddie Redmayne. Jennifer Lawrence. Wendi McLendon-Covey. Kristen Wiig Beau Bridges. Hal Holbrook. Bryan Cranston. Samantha Barks. Hugh Jackman. Timothy Spall Vincent Cassel. Daniel Huttlestone. Geoffrey Rush. Sissy Spacek. Mark Wahlberg Annette Bening. Mila Kunis. Melissa Leo. Adrien Brody. Scoot McNairy. Rachel McAdams. Ellie Kemper. Jack McGee. Guy Pearce. Bryce Dallas Howard. Helena Bonham Carter. Clea DuVall. James Spader. George Clooney. Russell Crowe. Ahna O'Reilly. Maya Rudolph. Michael Gambon. Mark Ruffalo. Allison Janney. Max Minghella. John Goodman. Marion Cotillard. Chris Tucker. Viola Davis. Melissa McCarthy. Anupam Kher. Christian Bale. Colin Firth. Josh Pence. Julianne Moore. Helena Bonham Carter. Rory Cochrane. Chris Lowell. Andrew Garfield. Mary Steenburgen. Winona Ryder Amy Adams. Dev Patel. Alan Arkin.Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture 252 2010s Year Winners Cast members Anthony Andrews. Justin Timberlake Jessica Chastain. Josh Hutcherson. Emma Stone. Chris Messina Judi Dench. Cicely Tyson. Matthew Lillard. Mia Wasikowska Jesse Eisenberg. Aaron Tveit. Christopher Denham. Tate Donovan. Sacha Baron Cohen. Victor Garber. Penelope Ann Miller Rose Byrne. Bill Nighy. Barbara Hershey. Carla Bruni. com . Colm Wilkinson Daniel Day-Lewis. Kerry Bishé. Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Robert De Niro. Owen Wilson Ben Affleck. Shailene Woodley Kathy Bates. Sally Field. Jill Clayburgh. Tommy Lee Jones. Ronald Pickup. Chris O'Dowd. Judy Greer. John Goodman. Penelope Wilton Isabelle Allen. Tom Wilkinson. Jacki Weaver 2010 The King's Speech Black Swan The Fighter The Kids Are All Right The Social Network 2011 The Help The Artist Bridesmaids The Descendants Midnight in Paris 2012 Argo The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel Les Misérables Lincoln Silver Linings Playbook External links • SAG Awards official site [1] References [1] http:/ / www. Maggie Smith. David Strathairn Bradley Cooper. Matt Lucas.

The Shawshank Redemption. 1990s . The Contender. Pulp Fiction. Moneyball. Superlatives Superlative Actor with most awards Actor with most nominations Actor with most nominations without ever winning Film with most nominations Oldest Winner Oldest Nominee Youngest Winner Leading Actor Daniel Day-Lewis Russell Crowe. Crash. 1999) 82 82 28 Youngest Nominee 14 11 11 * Affliction. Jerry Maguire. 2008) Haley Joel Osment (The Sixth Sense. Sean Penn Leonardo DiCaprio 3 4 4 2 The Birdcage. Silver Linings Playbook Winners and nominees Notes • "†" indicates the winner of the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor • "‡" indicates a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. Forrest Gump. Lincoln. As Good as It Gets. 2012) Hal Holbrook (Into the Wild. 2011) Nicolas Cage (Leaving Las Vegas. 2008) Heath Ledger (The Dark Knight. 2008) Heath Ledger (The Dark Knight. Crash. 1996) Jamie Bell (Billy Elliot. 2012) Hal Holbrook (Into the Wild. 2001) 60 79 32 82 82 28 Christopher Plummer (Beginners. The King's Speech. Good Will Hunting.Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role 253 Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role The Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role is an award given by the Screen Actors Guild to honor the finest acting achievements in film. The Birdcage. 1999) 2 Several films* 2 Jack Nicholson (As Good as It Gets. No Country for Old Men. Sean Penn George Clooney. Leonardo DiCaprio. The Contender. 2008) Haley Joel Osment (The Sixth Sense. Denzel Washington The Shawshank Redemption 3 4 3 Supporting Actor — Chris Cooper Chris Cooper 1 3 3 Overall Daniel Day-Lewis Russell Crowe. No Country for Old Men Christopher Plummer (Beginners. 1998) Robert Duvall (Get Low.

Jackson Chazz Palminteri Gary Sinise John Turturro 1995 Ed Harris Kevin Bacon Kenneth Branagh Don Cheadle Kevin Spacey 1996 Cuba Gooding.Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role 254 Year Winners and nominees 1994 Martin Landau Samuel L. Brown Amistad As Good as It Gets Boogie Nights A Civil Action Affliction Waking Ned Devine Shakespeare in Love A Simple Plan Dan Taylor ‡ Herb Stempel Gene Kranz ‡ Henri Young Iago Mouse Alexander Roger "Verbal" Kint † Rod Tidwell † Agador Albert Goldman Jerry Lundegaard ‡ David Helfgott (young) Sean Maguire † John Brown John Quincy Adams ‡ Simon Bishop ‡ Jack Horner ‡ Jerome Facher ‡ Glen Whitehouse † Michael O'Sullivan Philip Henslowe ‡ Jacob Mitchell ‡ The Cider House Rules Wilbur Larch † American Beauty Magnolia Col.J. Frank Fitts Frank "T. Jr. Hank Azaria Nathan Lane William H." Mackey ‡ John Coffey ‡ Cole Sear ‡ Michael Clarke Duncan The Green Mile Haley Joel Osment The Sixth Sense 2000s . Macy Noah Taylor 1997 Robin Williams Billy Connolly Anthony Hopkins Greg Kinnear Burt Reynolds 1998 Robert Duvall James Coburn David Kelly Geoffrey Rush Billy Bob Thornton 1999 Michael Caine Chris Cooper Tom Cruise Ed Wood Film Role Bela Lugosi † Jules Winnfield ‡ Pulp Fiction Bullets Over Broadway Cheech ‡ Forrest Gump Quiz Show Apollo 13 Murder in the First Othello Devil in a Blue Dress The Usual Suspects Jerry Maguire The Birdcage The Birdcage Fargo Shine Good Will Hunting Mrs.

Sr. The Hours Frida Far from Heaven Mystic River The Cooler Seabiscuit 21 Grams The Last Samurai Million Dollar Baby Collateral The Notebook Sideways Finding Neverland Cinderella Man Crash Syriana Crash Brokeback Mountain Dreamgirls Little Miss Sunshine The Departed Little Children Blood Diamond . Masry ‡ President Jackson Evans ‡ Max Schreck ‡ Sheldon Runyon Commodus ‡ Gandalf ‡ John Bayley † Sam Monroe Jake Hoyt ‡ Don Logan ‡ Frank Abagnale.Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role 255 Year Winners and nominees Erin Brockovich The Contender Shadow of the Vampire The Contender Gladiator Film Role Edward L. ‡ John Laroche † Richard Brown ‡ Diego Rivera Frank Whitaker Dave Boyle † Shelly Kaplow ‡ Tom Smith Jack Jordan ‡ Katsumoto ‡ Eddie "Scrap-Iron" Dupris † Max Durocher ‡ Noah Calhoun (older) Jack Lopate ‡ Peter Llewelyn Davies Joe Gould ‡ Graham Waters Bob Barnes † John Ryan ‡ Jack Twist ‡ James "Thunder" Early ‡ Edwin Hoover † Billy Costigan Ronald James McGorvey ‡ Solomon Vandy ‡ 2000 Albert Finney Jeff Bridges Willem Dafoe Gary Oldman Joaquin Phoenix 2001 Ian McKellen Jim Broadbent Hayden Christensen Ethan Hawke Ben Kingsley 2002 Christopher Walken Chris Cooper Ed Harris Alfred Molina Dennis Quaid 2003 Tim Robbins Alec Baldwin Chris Cooper Benicio del Toro Ken Watanabe 2004 Morgan Freeman Jamie Foxx James Garner Thomas Haden Church Freddie Highmore 2005 Paul Giamatti Don Cheadle George Clooney Matt Dillon Jake Gyllenhaal 2006 Eddie Murphy Alan Arkin Leonardo DiCaprio Jackie Earle Haley Djimon Hounsou The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Iris Life as a House Training Day Sexy Beast Catch Me If You Can Adaptation.

Sr. Philip Seymour Hoffman Dev Patel 2009 Christoph Waltz Matt Damon Woody Harrelson Christopher Plummer Stanley Tucci Milk Tropic Thunder Doubt Slumdog Millionaire Inglourious Basterds Invictus The Messenger The Last Station The Lovely Bones 2010s Year Winners and nominees 2010 Christian Bale John Hawkes Jeremy Renner Mark Ruffalo Geoffrey Rush 2011 Christopher Plummer Kenneth Branagh Armie Hammer Jonah Hill Nick Nolte 2012 Tommy Lee Jones Alan Arkin Javier Bardem Robert de Niro Film The Fighter Winter's Bone The Town The Kids Are All Right The King's Speech Beginners My Week with Marilyn J. ‡ Lancaster Dodd ‡ Philip Seymour Hoffman The Master . Hans Landa † Francois Pienaar ‡ Cpt. Tony Stone ‡ Leo Tolstoy ‡ George Harvey ‡ 2008 Heath Ledger (posthumous) The Dark Knight Josh Brolin Robert Downey.Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role 2007 Javier Bardem Casey Affleck Hal Holbrook Tommy Lee Jones Tom Wilkinson No Country for Old Men Anton Chigurh † 256 The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford Robert Ford ‡ Into the Wild No Country for Old Men Michael Clayton Ron Franz ‡ Ed Tom Bell Arthur Edens ‡ The Joker † Dan White ‡ Kirk Lazarus ‡ Brendan Flynn ‡ Jamal Malik Col. Jr. Edgar Moneyball Warrior Lincoln Argo Skyfall Role Dicky Eklund † Teardrop ‡ James Coughlin ‡ Paul ‡ Lionel Logue ‡ Hal † Laurence Olivier ‡ Clyde Tolson Peter Brand ‡ Paddy Conlon ‡ Thaddeus Stevens ‡ Lester Siegel ‡ Raoul Silva Silver Linings Playbook Pat Solitano.

Beginners) Geoffrey Rush (Shakespeare in Love. The Hours) Philip Seymour Hoffman (Doubt. This is the first and only time in SAG Award history that the eventual Oscar winner went un-nominated by the SAG. The Master) Tommy Lee Jones (No Country for Old Men. Del Toro did win the SAG Award for a Leading Role. Seabiscuit) External links • SAG Awards official site [1] . This happened in: • 1995: Harris (Apollo 13) lost to Spacey (The Usual Suspects) • 1998: Duvall (A Civil Action) lost to Coburn (Affliction) • 2000: Finney (Erin Brockovich) lost to Benicio del Toro (Traffic).Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role 257 Trivia This SAG Award is a pretty good predictor for the Academy Awards. Adaptation. • 2001: McKellen (The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring) lost to Broadbent (Iris) • 2002: Walken (Catch Me If You Can) lost to Cooper (Adaptation) • 2005: Giamatti (Cinderella Man) lost to Clooney (Syriana) • 2006: Murphy (Dreamgirls) lost to Arkin (Little Miss Sunshine) Multiple nominees 2 nominations • • • • • • • • • Alan Arkin (Little Miss Sunshine. Crash) Ed Harris (Apollo 13. Skyfall) Kenneth Branagh (Othello. Lincoln) Christopher Plummer (The Last Station. Argo) Javier Bardem (No Country for Old Men. My Week With Marilyn) Don Cheadle (Devil in a Blue Dress.. The King's Speech) 3 nominations • Chris Cooper (American Beauty. Only on seven occasions over the past 18 years did the winner of the SAG Award for Best Supporting Actor not win the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.

2001 94 minutes Canada English US$16. who works as a mailman. Gino and Arliss have continued their search for the dog. the titular Spot. Talia is taken to the hospital to have it surgically replaced. The film was shot in Vancouver. Canada. • March 2. out to kill Agent 11. As payback. The mailman dislikes dogs and has volunteered to take care of James.See Spot Run 258 See Spot Run See Spot Run See Spot Run Directed by Produced by John Whitesell Andrew Deane Tracey Trench Robert Simonds George Gallo Gregory Poirer Dan Baron & Chris Faber Andrew Deane Michael Alexander Miller George Gallo David Arquette Angus T. he sends his two bodyguards. Jones Paul Sorvino Michael Clarke Duncan John Debney Written by Story by Starring Music by Cinematography John S. but he eventually starts to play with the boy James and Gordon like a normal dog. the dog is sent to a training facility in Alaska. the young son of his neighbor Stephanie (Leslie Bibb). As they go after the Mafia boss. only to learn that it is a trained FBI dog that has escaped from a witness protection program and is targeted for killing by a crime boss. Agent 11. Gino and Arliss. British Columbia. whom James names "Spot" doesn't want to catch balls or frisbees because Murdoch told him not to play when he was a puppy. Later. After Agent 11 escapes. Gino and Arliss try to kill the dog while he is with Gordon and James at . For protection. the dog attacks him and rips off one of his testicles. Plot Agent 11 is a crime-fighting bullmastiff used by the FBI. Sonny Talia. Bartley Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Cara Silverman Village Roadshow Pictures Warner Bros. he meets Gordon Smith (David Arquette).000 See Spot Run is a 2001 Canadian-American comedy film about a mailman who takes in a stray bullmastiff.000. he partners with his master Murdoch in Seattle.

4. but James convinces Stephanie that Gordon is a good guy. The FBI agents try to take Spot back. 6.Milo Z "Hampster Dance" .[1] Soundtrack 1.. The dog escapes and finds Gordon and James again. 2. Rotten Tomatoes gave the film a rotten rating of 23%. 9. Jones as James Michael Clarke Duncan as Murdoch Paul Sorvino as Sonny Talia Leslie Bibb as Stephanie Anthony Anderson as Benny "Benjamin" Sarah Jane Redmond as Agent Sharp Enzo the Dog as Boodles Constance Marie as The Neighbor (uncredited) Joe Viterelli as Gino Steve Schirripa as Arliss Kavan Smith as Ricky Reception The film received negative reviews. but is outsmarted. Talia returns and attempts to kill the dog. 5. We're gonna settle this man to man!" 259 Cast • • • • • • • • • • • • David Arquette as Gordon Smith Angus T.Vitamin C .Young MC "At Last" . in a higher voice.Barry Manilow "Bust a Move" . and they end up together. 3. although he gives Murdoch a lick goodbye. One of the film's last scenes is of Talia in prison. but in the end they decide to let him decide with whom he wants to live. When the FBI finds out that Spot is living with Gordon. they take him back. based on 76 reviews. captured and imprisoned. "Atomic Dog" . Sandman" . but he outsmarts them. "I'm gonna catch you in the yard. 7.See Spot Run a pet store. and Talia threatens.Etta James "Mr.George Clinton "Can't Smile Without You" .Stevie Wonder "As Long as You're Loving Me" . Stephanie returns and is very upset with Gordon for what had happened. One inmate calls him "Music Man".The Chordettes "Dog" .Hampton the Hampster "For Once in My Life" . He chooses Gordon and James. 8. his testicles being been replaced by metal balls (the other one having also been bitten off by Agent 11) that constantly clack together.

behind Hannibal and The Mexican.com/title/tt0250720/) at the Internet Movie Database . com/ m/ see_spot_run/ ).7 million USD in its opening weekend. . com/ title/ tt0250720/ ). Retrieved 2011-07-30.imdb. Despite this the film was a success and went on to gross over $43 million worldwide [2] References [1] "See Spot Run" (http:/ / www. IMDB.See Spot Run 260 Box office The film opened at #3 at the North American box office making $9. External links • See Spot Run (http://www. which opened at the top spot. imdb. rottentomatoes. . [2] "See Spot Run" (http:/ / www. Rotten Tomatoes.

[3] .[2] is a 2005 American crime thriller film written. produced and directed by Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez.Sin City (film) 261 Sin City (film) Sin City Theatrical release poster Directed by Frank Miller Robert Rodriguez Special guest: Quentin Tarantino Elizabeth Avellan Frank Miller Robert Rodriguez Frank Miller Sin City by Frank Miller Jessica Alba Clive Owen Mickey Rourke Rosario Dawson Bruce Willis Jaime King Devon Aoki Benicio del Toro Michael Madsen Alexis Bledel Carla Gugino Brittany Murphy Josh Hartnett Rutger Hauer Elijah Wood Nick Stahl John Debney Graeme Revell Robert Rodriguez Produced by Written by Based on Starring Music by Cinematography Robert Rodriguez Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Box office Robert Rodriguez Troublemaker Studios Dimension Films • April 1.753.820 Sin City. 2005 124 minutes United States English $40 million [1] [1] $158. also known as Frank Miller's Sin City. It is a neo-noir based on Miller's graphic novel series of the same name.

The Hard Goodbye After a one-night stand. Benicio del Toro. Sin City opened to wide critical and commercial success. Michael Madsen. That Yellow Bastard (Part I) On the docks of Sin City. even the police. Hartigan's partner. Junior shoots Hartigan in the shoulder and tries to escape. killing anyone.[4][5] 262 Plot The Customer Is Always Right (Part I) The Salesman (Josh Hartnett) walks onto a penthouse balcony where The Customer (Marley Shelton) looks out over Basin City. Broads & Bullets. is interrogated by Marv. Hartigan catches up and shoots off Junior's ear. The film stars an ensemble cast including Jessica Alba. Brittany Murphy. Bob leaves and Nancy lies down in Hartigan's lap. aging police officer John Hartigan (Bruce Willis) tries to stop serial child-killer Roark Junior (Nick Stahl) from raping and killing eleven-year-old Nancy Callahan (Makenzie Vega). after the squad is killed. He flees the frame-up as the police arrive. Bruce Willis and Elijah Wood. As the sirens approach. Bob (Michael Madsen) tries to convince Hartigan to walk away. Hartigan passes out. Clive Owen. The intro of the film is based off the short story "The Customer is Always Right". He offers her a cigarette and says that she looks like someone who is tired of running and that he will save her. He awakens in the basement to find Lucille has been captured after looking into his story. Lucille is gunned down by the leader of an arriving squad of cops. . The Hard Goodbye: About a man who embarks on a brutal rampage in search of his one-time sweetheart's killer. His parole officer. who has bribed the police to cover up his son's crimes. Rosario Dawson. fighting off the pain caused by his bad heart. third. Marv (Mickey Rourke) awakens to find Goldie (Jaime King) has been killed while he slept. Lucille (Carla Gugino). he has been paid off by Roark Sr. she dies in his arms. The two share a kiss and he shoots her. Rutger Hauer. reasoning his death is a fair trade for the girl's life. He learns that the killer's name is Kevin (Elijah Wood) and escapes. hand. Marv interrogates several informants. gathering particular recognition for the film's unique color processing. who reveals that the Roark family was behind the murder. Marv kills the priest after he insults Goldie but is attacked by a woman who looks like Goldie. Hartigan knocks him out. and the mob. which is collected in Booze. now recovered. Carla Gugino. Jaime King. She tells Marv that the killer is a cannibal and that Goldie was a prostitute. Marv goes to the Roark family farm and is subdued by the silent stalker who killed Goldie. warns him to give up on this mission. and fourth books in Miller's original comic series. He says he’ll never know what she was running from but that he’ll cash her check in the morning. and That Yellow Bastard: Follows an aging police officer who protects a young woman from a grotesquely disfigured serial killer. The Big Fat Kill: Focuses on a street war between a group of prostitutes and a group of mercenaries. as well as several henchmen. who. that gets in his way of finding and killing her murderer. Bob. Marv finds out that Cardinal Patrick Henry Roark (Rutger Hauer) arranged for Goldie's murder. vowing to avenge her death. Junior is the son of Senator Roark (Powers Boothe). shoots Hartigan in the back. the fifth book in the comic series. which rendered most of the film in black and white but retained or added coloring for select objects.Sin City (film) The film is primarily based on the first. Mickey Rourke. working up to a corrupt priest (Frank Miller). which he dismisses as a hallucination. among others. the police. and genitals. Hartigan heads into the warehouse where Junior is holding Nancy. The film was screened at the 2005 Cannes Film Festival in-competition and won the Technical Grand Prize for the film's "visual shaping". Nick Stahl.

Hartigan confesses to all charges leading to his parole and searches for an adult Nancy (Jessica Alba). Jackie Boy flees to Old Town. Sin City's prostitute-run red-light district. destroying it before it can be taken to the cops for evidence. the letters stop and he receives a severed finger instead. a young prostitute. After eight years. They realize Jackie Boy is actually Detective Lieutenant Jonathan "Iron Jack" Rafferty of the Basin City police. though he refuses to confess. The mercenary runs away in the sewer with Jackie Boy's severed head but Dwight and Miho are able to retrieve it and return to Old Town. he justifies his life for Nancy's as a fair trade. That Yellow Bastard (Part II) Hartigan is recovering in a hospital when Senator Roark informs him that Junior is in a coma and the Roark legacy is in serious jeopardy. Dwight follows and sees them harass Becky (Alexis Bledel). When Jackie Boy threatens Becky with a gun. yellow man. also witnesses the scene. He receives a weekly letter from Nancy.Sin City (film) Marv goes to Old Town. Meanwhile. Hiding at a hotel. the two men ate the prostitutes to 'consume their souls'. if he tells anyone the truth. He eventually convinces her that he is not the killer. Marv is taken to a hospital where cops threaten to kill his mother to get him to confess to killing Roark. Her current boyfriend. the prostitutes' leader and Dwight's on-and-off lover. Wendy. Kevin. who confesses his part in the murders. He confronts Cardinal Roark. Knowing that Senator Roark will never stop hunting them. they will die. Manute (Michael Clarke Duncan). giving him a chance to kill Junior. The other prostitutes gun down the mercenaries while an injured Becky escapes. Again. the deformed man returns. He is sentenced to death in the electric chair. Miho (Devon Aoki). Marv kills the cardinal but is then shot and captured by his guards. Dwight takes the bodies to a tar pit. Wendy visits him on death row and thanks him for avenging her sister. who had been stalking him and was the attacker Marv previously dismissed as a hallucination. to learn more about Goldie and is captured by her twin sister. the head mercenary. Hartigan commits suicide to ensure Nancy's safety. a martial arts expert. Hartigan will be framed for Junior's crimes. revealing himself as Junior Roark. but activates an explosive he placed inside the head. as promised. He eventually finds her at Kadie's Bar. Gail (Rosario Dawson). where he is attacked by an ex-IRA mercenary hired by mob boss Wallenquist. The mob is moving to invade with Manute leading. Marv is executed the next day. Dwight trades Jackie Boy’s head in exchange for Gail. not knowing he is being followed by a deformed. Dwight (Clive Owen) violently warns him to leave Shellie alone. He realizes he was set up to lead the yellow man to Nancy and the two escape in Nancy's car. kills Jackie Boy and his friends. and their victims. disfigured by years of surgery to regenerate his body parts. Kevin was the cardinal's ward. Hartigan goes to jail. considered a "hero cop" by the press. A grateful Nancy promises to write letters every week while he is in prison. Hartigan follows and fakes a heart attack. kidnaps Gail. He nearly drowns in the tar before Miho saves him. Becky has been threatened with the death of her mother by the mob and has betrayed the prostitutes. 263 The Big Fat Kill Shellie (Brittany Murphy) is being harassed by her abusive ex-boyfriend Jackie Boy (Benicio del Toro). . She and Marv return to the farm where Marv kills Kevin. their truce with the prostitutes would end and the mob would be free to wage war on Old Town. where she has become an exotic dancer. Junior attacks Hartigan and takes Nancy to the Roark farm to finish what he started eight years before. If the cops learn how he died.

Rodriguez flew Miller into Austin to be present at this test shooting. was eager to adapt Sin City for the screen. . is strongly implied. but judging by her reaction to him. and Miller was very happy with the results. This footage was later used as the opening scene for the completed project. Lt. and (according to Rodriguez in the DVD 'extras') to recruit Bruce Willis and others to the project. In the elevator she encounters The Salesman. fearing a similar result. a long-time fan of the graphic novels.Sin City (film) 264 The Customer Is Always Right (Part II) An injured Becky departs from a hospital. Jack "Jackie Boy" Rafferty Jason Douglas as Hitman Tommy Flanagan as Brian Rick Gomez as Klump Carla Gugino as Lucille Josh Hartnett as The Salesman. calling her by name. and she abruptly ends the call with her mother. Rodriguez shot a "proof of concept" adaptation of the Sin City story "The Customer is Always Right" (starring Josh Hartnett and Marley Shelton). Her fate is not revealed. and make a "translation. dressed as a doctor. not an adaptation". follow the source material closely. John Hartigan Elijah Wood as Kevin Production Proof of concept After his experience with Hollywood on the RoboCop sequels. Cast (in alphabetical order) • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Jessica Alba as Nancy Callahan Devon Aoki as Miho Alexis Bledel as Becky Powers Boothe as Senator Roark Jude Ciccolella as Liebowitz Michael Clarke Duncan as Manute Rosario Dawson as Gail Benicio del Toro as Det. talking on a cell phone with her mother. Rodriguez.[6] In hopes of convincing Miller to give the project his blessing. His plan was to make a fully faithful adaptation. Miller did not want to release the film rights. known in the screenplay as "The Man" Rutger Hauer as Cardinal Patrick Henry Roark Nicky Katt as Stuka Jaime King as Goldie and Wendy Michael Madsen as Bob Frank Miller as Priest Brittany Murphy as Shellie Nick Offerman as Schlubb Clive Owen as Dwight McCarthy Mickey Rourke as Marv Marley Shelton as The Customer Nick Stahl as Roark Junior/Yellow Bastard Makenzie Vega as young Nancy Callahan Patricia Vonne as Dallas Bruce Willis as Det. He offers her a cigarette.

he recalled Rodriguez's speech during production of Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams: "This is the future! You don't wait six hours for a scene to be lighted. simply "Based on the graphic novels by Frank Miller". you grab a light and put it over here.[8] . there is no screenwriting in the credits. Three sets were constructed by hand: • Kadie's Bar. digital has grown in popularity). Alexis Bledel's blue eyes and red blood. having the actors work in front of a green screen. • Shellie's apartment. While the use of a green screen is standard for special effects filming. and Elijah Wood's white glasses. such as dialogue trimming. In Roger Ebert's review of the film. which also split the books into the four separate stories. Nick Stahl's yellow face and body. Much of the blood in the film also has a striking glow to it. and red lips. Clive Owen's red Converse shoes and Cadillac. but also to make it appear more like the original comic.Sin City (film) 265 Digital backlot This is one of the first films along with Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. removal of some nudity."[7] The film was noted throughout production for Rodriguez's plan to stay faithful to the source material. and minor deleted scenes. that allowed for the artificial backgrounds (as well as some major foreground elements. the use of high-definition digital cameras is quite noteworthy in this film's production. The combination of these two techniques made Sin City at the time (along with Sky Captain. where all of the major characters make an appearance at least once and also the only location in which all objects are in color.[6] Rodriguez. an aficionado of cinematic technology. Jaime King's red dress and blonde hair. several stand-ins were used before the actual actors were digitally added into the film during post-production. new colorized objects. as a result. The front door and kitchen are real. Casshern and Immortel (Ad Vitam) to be shot primarily on a digital backlot. as in film noir tradition. This technique also means that the whole film was initially shot in full color. unlike most other comic book adaptations. Rodriguez stated that he considered the film to be "less of an adaptation than a translation". The film was color-corrected digitally and. Filming Principal photography began on March 29. has used similar techniques in the past. You want a light over here. Rutger Hauer's green eyes. live-action films (since then. Michael Clarke Duncan's golden eye. Marley Shelton's green eyes. 2004. This technique was used again on another Frank Miller adaptation. the corridor in the next shot is real. Colorization is used on certain subjects in a scene. The film employed the Sony HDC-950 high-definition digital camera. 300. which was shot on film. The background becomes artificial again when the interior of the elevator is shown. you make one out of thin air and put your characters into it. while bathroom and corridors are artificial. which was produced the same way) one of the few fully digital. Mickey Rourke's red blood and orange prescription pill container. treated for heightened contrast so as to more clearly separate blacks and whites. Several of the scenes were shot before every actor had signed on.[6] As a result. There were several minor changes. and was converted to black-and-white. • The hospital corridor in the epilogue. You want a nuclear submarine. Although the first shot of walking feet was done on green screen. such as Devon Aoki's red-and-blue clothing. These scenes were later added in the release of the Sin City Collectors DVD. red dress. slightly edited violence. This was done not only to give a more film-noir look. such as cars) to be added later during the post-production stage.

Sin City (film) 266 Music The soundtrack was composed by Rodriguez as well as John Debney and Graeme Revell. also refusing to take full credit.[11] Several critics including Ebert compared the film favorably to other comic book adaptations. Credits Three directors received credit for Sin City: Miller. The song was heavily featured in the film's publicity."[14] There were several reviews predominantly focused on the film's more graphic content. I kept thinking of those clean-cut young American guards at Abu Ghraib. Miller and Rodriguez worked as a team directing the rest of the film. Despite having no previous directorial background. Miller would not accept this. and brilliant. "The Big Fat Kill" and "That Yellow Bastard") were each scored by an individual composer: Revell scored "Goodbye". That is exactly the mentality Rodriguez is celebrating here. Yes. murder. identifying Who Framed Roger Rabbit as its chief cinematic predecessor.[17] In a more lighthearted piece focusing on the progression of films and the origins of Sin City. Rodriguez. O. this is his private experience. there will be no reason for anyone to make a comic-book film ever again."[16] The New York Times critic Manohla Dargis claimed that the directors' "commitment to absolute unreality and the absence of the human factor" made it "hard to get pulled into the story on any level other than the visceral". stating that "the problem is. as he certainly could not have done it without Rodriguez. Miller and Rodriguez have pushed the form as far as it can possibly go. Credit is given for Rodriguez's "scrupulous care and obvious love for its genre influences" but Dargis notes "it's a shame the movie is kind of a bore" where the private experience of reading a graphic novel does not translate. decapitation. Miller was substantially involved in the film's direction. as well as being featured on the film's DVD menus. Debney scored "Kill" and Rodriguez scored "Bastard"."[15] Other critics focused on especially negative elements: "scenes depicting castration. Rodriguez felt that they should both be credited as directors on the film. rape and misogyny. decided to resign from the Guild so that the joint credit could remain. When the Directors Guild of America refused to allow two directors that were not an established team to be credited (especially since Miller had never directed before). The film's three main stories ("The Hard Goodbye". William Arnold of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer described it as a celebration of "helpless people being tortured. particularly Batman[12] and Hulk. Because of this (and the fact that Miller's original books were used as storyboards). providing direction to the actors on their motivations and what they needed to bring to each scene. Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino. the last for directing one scene in the film. not ours"."[7] Online critical reaction was particularly strong: James Berardinelli placed the film on his list of the "Top Ten" films of 2005.. Another notable piece of music used was the instrumental version of the song "Cells" by the London-based alternative group The Servant. Scott. criticizing it for a lack of "humanity". uncompromising and extreme. Fluke's track "Absurd" is also used when Hartigan first enters Kadie's.[9] Reception Critical response The film opened on April 1. receiving a 78% "Certified Fresh" rating at Rotten Tomatoes.. 2005.[10] Roger Ebert awarded the film four out of four stars. Sin City is their movie. Rodriguez first planned to give Miller full credit. "Sensemayá" by Silvestre Revueltas is also used on the end sequence of "That Yellow Bastard". including the promotional trailers and television spots. Additionally. torture.[13] Chauncey Mabe of the Sun-Sentinel wrote: "Really. Rodriguez co-scored with the other two composers on several tracks. argued that "Something is . fellow Times critic A. being acclaimed by reviews. describing it as "a visualization of the pulp noir imagination.

unrated. it does come in Steelbook packaging. On January 29. was released by Alliance in Canada. The initial Region 2 release only features a 7-minute featurette on the film. Shortly after. 2009. on December 13.[1] Accolades Mickey Rourke won a Saturn Award. Bonus material included an audio commentary with director Rodriguez and Miller. 2005. novelty without surprise". The film saw a sharp decline in its second weekend. and a third commentary featuring the recorded audience reaction at the Austin. which is region free. Although it does not feature the reproduction of "The Hard Goodbye" book.7 million. extended" versions. Home media The Region 1 DVD was released on August 16. and the three books it is based on. the film ended its North American run with a gross of $74. unrated. known as the "recut. sin without guilt and. Then. Overseas." with regard to the increasing use of digitisation within films to replace the human elements. the same DVD/book package was released in a limited edition giftbox with a set of Sin City playing cards and a small stack of Sin City poker chips not available anywhere else.Sin City (film) missing – something human. a Blu-ray edition. the film grossed $84. the special edition DVD was released. Don't let the movies fool you: Roger Rabbit was guilty. but is now available at most retailers in the United Kingdom. and Sexiest Performance for Jessica Alba. He applauds the fact Rodriguez "has rendered a gorgeous world of silvery shadows that updates the expressionist cinematography of postwar noir" but bemoans that several elements of "old film noirs has been digitally broomed away". Ultimately. . along with the 147-minute "recut.1 million on its opening weekend. dropping over fifty percent.[18] 267 Box office Sin City grossed $29. unrated. a Online Film Critics Society Award. featuring both the 124-minute theatrical release. This version of the film was initially exclusive to HMV stores. The film was in competition for the Palme d'Or at the 2005 Cannes Film Festival. a commentary with Rodriguez and Tarantino.1 million against its $40 million negative cost. Best Kiss for Clive Owen and Rosario Dawson. 2005.6 million. extended" edition. Also included were various "behind-the-scenes" documentaries and features. death without grief. extended" edition (this edition restored edited and deleted scenes that were missing from the theatrical edition). 2009 a United States Blu-ray release was confirmed for April 23. resulting instead in a film that "offers sensation without feeling. unrated.co.[20] The film also received three nominations at the 2005 Teen Choice Awards[21]: Choice Movie: Action/Adventure. It is a 2-disc edition featuring both the film's "theatrical" and "recut. for a worldwide total from theater receipts of $158. extended" edition was finally released in the United Kingdom. the "recut. The single-disc edition was released with four different slipcovers to choose from and featured a "behind-the-scenes" documentary.[19] Sin City was nominated at the 2006 MTV Movie Awards in three categories: Best Movie.uk released another limited edition which housed the film. a Chicago Film Critics Association Award and a Irish Film & Television Award for his performance. Choice Movie Actress: Action/Adventure/Thriller for Jessica Alba and Choice Movie Bad Guy for Elijah Wood. in a hard case. Amazon. In October 2007. ultimately. The special edition was a two-disc set. as well as a pocket-sized version of the graphic novel "The Hard Goodbye". winning the latter. Texas Premiere. defeating fellow opener Beauty Shop by more than twice its opening take. 2008. On October 21. HMV stores had limited quantities of the four slipcases. and Rodriguez won the Technical Grand Prize for the film's visual shaping.[4] Graeme Revell's work in the film was honored with a Best Film Music Award at the BMI Film & TV Awards.

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Sister. season 4) Rick Hawkins (seasons 5–6) Camera setup Running time Production company(s) Videotape. Sister The main cast of Sister. Sister (from left to right). entire run) Sy Rosen (seasons 1–2) Brian Pollack & Mert Rich (season 3) Leslie Ray & David Steven Simon (both. Sister" (main title theme) Kurt Farquhar (seasons 1-2 and 4–6) Paul A. Sister (TV series) 270 Sister. of seasons No. Sister (TV series) Sister. of episodes Picture format . Multi-camera 22–24 minutes de Passe Entertainment Paramount Network Television Distributor Paramount Domestic Television (1998-2006) CBS Paramount Domestic Television (2006-2007) CBS Television Distribution (2007-present) Broadcast Original channel ABC (1994–1995) The WB (1995–1999) 480i (SDTV) Starring Opening theme Composer(s) Country of origin Language(s) No. Randy Petersen and Kevin Quinn (entire run) Kurt Farquhar (seasons 5–6) "Sister. Format Created by Teen/family sitcom Kim Bass Gary Gilbert Fred Shafferman Tia Mowry Tamera Mowry Tim Reid Jackée Harry Marques Houston RonReaco Lee Deon Richmond Theme music composer Tim Heintz. Tia Mowry with Jackée Harry as Tia and Lisa Landry and Tim Reid with Tamera Mowry as Ray and Tamera Campbell. Kreiling (season 3) United States English 6 119 (List of episodes) Production Executive producer(s) Suzanne de Passe Suzanne Coston (both.

[1] The series was picked up by The WB and aired on that network from September 6. Premise In the pilot. Tamera Campbell (Tamera Mowry) is the boy-crazy twin from the suburbs. though characters and music artists performed popular music periodically in later episodes (e. The premise is similar to the movie The Parent Trap. the series starred twin sisters Tia and Tamera Mowry. the first season used a mix of original recordings and versions using studio singers. in which a pair of separated-at-birth twins has a chance encounter at summer camp. he never found them because they had been adopted by two different people. The series ran from April 1. episodes from the second season used the latter. Also. In the sixth season episode "Father's Day". Production For the first five seasons. Racelle suddenly stopped writing. Gary Gilbert and Fred Shafferman. when one day they come face-to-face after 14 years apart. For some of the episodes in the fifth season.Sister. Tia with Tyreke Scott (RonReaco Lee) and Tamera with Jordan Bennett (Deon Richmond). Sister was produced by de Passe Entertainment and Paramount Network Television. The girls' neighbor is Roger Evans (Marques Houston). it was included but was dropped by the middle of the fifth season. who were separated and adopted at birth. the use of Motown and other music in the series largely ended after the season two episode "Playing Hooky". In the final season when the girls go off to college. After their unexpected encounter in the department store. 1995 on ABC. When he searched for his twin daughters. 1999. 1999 271 Sister. Racelle told him that she would later join him in Tel Aviv without telling him of her pregnancy. and learn that he is white and a famous photojournalist. Ray reluctantly allows Tia and Lisa to move in the house because Lisa was about to take a job in St. because they never got the chance: she had been asked to paint a mural in Florida and he had been assigned "the opportunity of a lifetime" in the Middle East. an annoying teenager who is infatuated with both of them. the series would often have Tia and Tamera. After six months. previously . where her adoptive father Ray (Tim Reid) owns a limousine service. Matt never married their mother. Matt Sullivan. Sister is an American television sitcom about identical twin girls Tia Landry and Tamera Campbell (Tia and Tamera Mowry). due to poor ratings.g. Tia and Tamera would address the audience on some of the goings on in the storyline involving them and occasionally other main characters. and was canceled by the network after two seasons. the twins are reunited during a chance encounter shopping at a clothing store at the mall with their adoptive parents. During the ABC run. The first two seasons also occasionally used popular Motown (who actually was the former parent of co-producers de Passe Entertainment) and other songs in some scenes.. Marques Houston's former group IMx. along with Jackee Harry. Roger disappears from the series without any explanation. Marques Houston and Tim Reid. either together or separately. breaking the fourth wall by talking directly to the viewer. The sixth season was the only season that did not include it. When the girls' mother died. 1995. Tia and Tamera ended up with steady boyfriends. through May 23. where her adoptive mother Lisa (Jackée Harry) works as a seamstress. Sister. Sister (TV series) Original run April 1. Matt was not allowed to see them because he couldn't prove he was their father. Racelle Gavin. Created by Kim Bass. By the fifth season. with RonReaco Lee and Deon Richmond joining the cast in the fifth season. After the series moved to The WB. which would have separated the girls. 1994 – May 23. and who evolves from a nerdy pest to a handsome gentleman. Tia Landry (Tia Mowry) is the intelligent twin from inner-city Detroit. 1994 to April 28. Louis. usually Roger. the breaking of the fourth wall was limited mainly to certain episodes and usually only in the teaser scenes and featured increasingly less often by the fourth season. the twins meet their biological father.

and in the season four episode "Slime Party". "Fashions by Lisa". which burns down because of a faulty popcorn machine in the season four episode "Sis-Boom-Bah". and the Republican Party. Houston was also a member of the R&B group Immature (later known as IMx). date Tia and/or Tamera on occasion (only twice by their choice). At the end of Season 5. which are typically at Ray's expense. Sister (TV series) Immature. while dancing (only to find out that they were both thinking of their high school crushes while kissing). often directed at Tia and Tamera. lustful. who later joins and becomes a police escort at her college. in the season four episode "When a Man Loves Two Women" in particular. Around the time the series began. His advances were ill-received. or "chardonaked" instead of "chardonnay". She is the adoptive mother of Tia. Though Ray is Tamera's adoptive father. after which her business is once again run out of Ray's house. Until season three. Tyreke. and reckless than Tamera. he asks out both Tia and Tamera. Houston's real life persona was written in as his character's cousin in the season five episode "A Friend Indeed". however. in which Tamera answers all of the questions in a category on Coolio with ease while appearing on a teen-oriented game show). Ray is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity. in the season five episode "A Friend Indeed")." when she threatens to quit her job as a scab worker at Food Boy when the store's manager and Lisa's ex-boyfriend Terrence denies her the night off on the night of a Coolio concert when she got tickets. after going through a growth spurt. Roger eventually matures into the twins' confidante. The Journey. • Tamera Ann Campbell (Tamera Mowry) – is Tia's total opposite in terms of personality. and Tamera sometimes has Tia to pose as her. She often cracks jokes throughout the episodes. He runs his own limousine service. Tia is often involved in many of Tamera's schemes. and mature. responsible. along with several other girls at Roosevelt High. however. Lisa moves her business to a cart in a local mall. She marries Victor Sims in the finale. Roger appears infrequently with little to no explanation (Marques Houston's mother was suffering from cancer at the time). Roger did. and the repeated chorus by the various members of the household was "Go Home. but was rejected. • Raymond Earl "Ray" Campbell (Tim Reid) – Tamera's father. • Roger Evans (Marques Houston) – is Tia and Tamera's annoying neighbor. performing their single "Tamika" from the group's 1997 album. like saying "breast" while trying to say "rest". She is prone to bouts of depression. Tia is a straight-A student. Tia's main boyfriend is Ray's mechanic. She has also voiced her penchant for the Hush Puppies shoe brand on several occasions. sometimes even being more impulsive. Roger!" Roger also often made sexual innuendos. and attended University of Michigan instead. who often seduce him. though he and Lisa once accidentally kissed in the season one episode "The Concert". She graduates from high school at the top of her class and she had aspirations to go to Harvard University. he clearly aligns with Tia's personality as they are both intellectual and have more dignified personalities than Tamera and Lisa. A recurring joke when he is being seduced is that he often accidentally says something about the woman's body while talking to them. and a big fan of Coolio (as evidenced in the season three episode "Paper or Plastic?. Roger is not seen or mentioned again (it is presumed that he is still in high . She is highly impulsive. For a number of episodes in Season 5. 272 Characters Main characters • Tia Andrea Landry (Tia Mowry) – is honest. during which she consumes high quantities of food (though it is also a running joke that Lisa has a hearty appetite even when she is not depressed). Lisa ran her fashion design business. though they break up for a time in the sixth season. He dated Lisa for a time during the fourth season. after Tia and Tamera graduate from high school. though she is more aligned with Tamera's personality.Sister. out of Ray's house. and at some points even becomes a love interest for a short amount of time. Tia and Tyreke's relationship started in the fifth season. His biggest weakness is attractive women. usually to have Tia take a tough school exam in her place. and less intellectual than her sister.is a fashion designer by trade. In the third season episode "History a la Carte". • Lisa Landry Sims (Jackée Harry) .

Cheater". He played Tia's cousin. in which she asks Tia why she was in Tamera's class. has appeared in three episodes of the series. Steve appears only in the second season. The teacher was right behind her. especially their fashion choices and on her last time on the show. After a long absence. a kid visiting a "Mall Santa" in "Christmas". He goes to college with the girls. she is seen smoking with her friends in her car in "Smoking in the Girl's Room". Richard Lawson appears in the final season as Lisa's boyfriend. and they get caught. the girls find out that Rhonda is nice and she evolved over the summer becoming mannish-looking (the character was played by Larry Wrentz in that episode). Denise. Sister (TV series) school while Tia and Tamera are in college. At the twins' high school graduation.J. He can be sexist at times.Sister. after receiving his GED. One of the reasons he and Lisa broke up was because of his weakness for gorgeous women. A high school drop-out. one of a revolving door of friends Tia and Tamera would have during the series—who appears in the first season. "You Are So Beautiful" in which. he seems to attract more pretty women. Tahj. though she appeared in an earlier . when Tamera asked her to take the test for her. • Rhonda Coley (Bianca Lawson) – Rhonda is the popular girl in Tia and Tamera's high school who always made fun of Tia and Tamera. Like Ray. Victor Sims. • "Stinky" Steve Peiser (Victor Togunde) – is the manager of Rocket Burger. He appears in Season 5 as a recurring cast member and is a series regular in Season 6. many women are attracted to him. he is introduced in the episode "Joey's Choice". In one episode. Like Tyreke. Anna Slotky's Denise Mondello is the other. in which he played T. Sarah isn't seen or mentioned again. as well as Tamera can be toward men. • Jordan Bennett (Deon Richmond) – Jordan is Tamera's boyfriend during the final two seasons of the series. he appears in Season 5 as a recurring cast member and is a series regular in Season 6. in "Get a Job". After the third season. The character is one of only two recurring characters from the show's ABC run to appear on the show during the show's run on The WB. though he and Tia briefly break up in the sixth season. and is just as impulsive as Tamera. but unlike Ray. he is permitted to graduate with the girls and Jordan. He is goofy at times. In "Field Trip". was employed at Rocket Burger. as it is made clear in earlier episodes that Roger is a year younger than them). Roger sings "Never Say Goodbye. She seems to have less trouble than other people in knowing which twin was Tia and which was Tamera as seen in the season one episode "Cheater. Henderson. • Sarah (Brittany Murphy) – Sarah is Tia and Tamera's best friend. After Season 2. • Terrence Winningham (Dorien Wilson) . where they attend college in the sixth season." • Tyreke Scott (RonReaco Lee) – is Tia's boyfriend during the final two seasons of the series. like Tia and Tamera. Rhonda is not seen or mentioned again. In the season two episode "Single White Teenager" (the characters first appearance in production order." Terrence is never seen or mentioned again. he was written back into the series as he appears in the final episode as a guest at Lisa's wedding and sings a song for her. Tahj Mowry. • Denise Mondello (Anna Slotky) – Denise is one of Tia and Tamera's friends who appears in the show's second and third seasons. his character from fellow WB sitcom Smart Guy. In the episode "Dream Lover" in which that occurred. with the exception of the season four premiere episode. 273 Minor characters • Tia and Tamera's real life little brother. Bianca's father. over summer break she changed her appearance. and later attends and gets a job as a security guard at the University of Michigan. Tia has a recurring romantic dream about Steve that disturbs her. the fast food restaurant Tia and Tamera work at during season two and early season three. that plays on the nickname given to him (behind his back) by Tia and Tamera and other Rocket Burger employees "Stinky Steve". and appeared in a cross-over role in "Child's Play". After the season three episode "Big Twin on Campus. Tia and Tamera coin a song that is a play on the song "Whatta Man" by En Vogue and Salt-n-Pepa.Terrence is the manager of the local Food Boy supermarket who dated Lisa during season two and early season three and was very briefly engaged to her in the season two episode "I Do?". she catches him flirting with a sexy clerk at a beauty shop. however.

Sister, Sister (TV series) episode in season two), Denise was paired with Tamera as a science partner while Tia was sick, and later started to dress like Tia and Tamera as well, even claiming she was going to start being called by her middle name of Tonya in order to match theirs, causing panic by Tia and Tamera, only to find out that it was a joke. The character is one of only two recurring characters from the show's ABC run to appear on the show during the show's run on The WB, Dorien Wilson's Terrence Winningham is the other. Steve (Steve Monroe) – Steve is one of the twins' guy friends in the third season, who is depicted as being not very bright and is revealed in the episode "The Tutor" to be a player on Roosevelt High's basketball team. Ernie (Arvie Lowe, Jr.) – Ernie is one of Tia and Tamera's guy friends in the third season, and is revealed to be a drama club member in the episode "Private School". Jimmy "Soupy" Campbell (Sherman Hemsley) – "Soupy" is Ray's father, who was introduced in the season three episode "Grandpa Campbell", who was often in shady dealings. He states in that episode that he got the nickname "Soupy" not because his surname is Campbell (which would be a play on the Campbell's soup brand), but because of the tight situations he gets himself into, claiming "[he is] always in hot water". Ray did not have a good relationship with his father initially, and often disapproved of his decisions, but they started to have somewhat of an understanding by the end of his first appearance on the show. "Soupy" appears in two additional season three episodes "Christmas" and "Summer Bummer", and makes his final appearance in the season five episode "Shoeless", with Soupy acting as "the fairy godfather" to Tia's Cinderella as she couldn't go to Jordan's graduation party. Carl Mitushka (Fred Willard) – Mr. Mitushka is the vice principal of Roosevelt High and the founder of a conservatory for young musicians. In his last two appearances, he tries a bit hard to "be cool" with the students. The character appears in the season three episodes "The Piano Lesson", "The Candidate" and "The Audition". Dave Barnes (David Strickland)- A Security guard at the mall where Lisa works. He is often shown to be slightly incompetent and loses his job in one episode. Patrice (Vernee Watson-Johnson) – Patrice is Lisa's best friend from the inner-city neighborhood that Lisa and Tia previously lived and is the mother of Tia's childhood friend Darnell, who is introduced in the season four episode "Boy from the Hood". Patrice, who has known Lisa since childhood, has a personality similar to Lisa, which sometimes irritates Ray as much as Lisa's antics typically do. Mike (Jamil Walker Smith) – Mike is a student at Roosevelt High, seen only during the fourth season, who is also one of the very few male friends Roger is seen to have, presemably as he is most likely in the same year. Marlon Baker (Aaron Lohr) – Marlon is a student at Roosevelt High, seen only during the fourth season, who is a jock and plays on Roosevelt High's hockey team as seen in the episode "Some Like It Hockey". He often makes fun of various students, most often Tia and Tamera. The character's portrayer, Aaron Lohr, previously appeared on Sister, Sister as a different character, an older teenager whom Tia goes out on a double date with (joined by Tamera and Roger) in the season one episode "Wedding Bells and Box Boys". Clark (Christopher "Kid" Reid) – Clark is the manager of the bookstore/coffeeshop Book 'Em, Joe and is Tia's boss at the hangout during the fifth season, who is shown to be sarcastic. Diavian Johnson (Alexis Fields) – Diavian is the twins' best friend in the seasons five and six. Dot (Senta Moses) - Dot is a friend of Tia and Tamera's during season five. Victor Sims (Richard Lawson) – Victor is one of Ray's friends, who later becomes Lisa's love interest and later her husband in the series finale. Due to the series ending, we will never know if Victor adopted Tia. Richard is the father of Bianca Lawson, who played Rhonda in the third season. Vivica Shaw (Rolanda Watts) – Vivica is Ray's ex-girlfriend, who Ray broke up with because she was cheating on him. Vivica was constantly trying to mess Ray up out of anger. Because he made her lose her other date so she was dateless. She was supposed to have moved to Chicago, but she started a limo business to get him back. It is also obvious that Vivica and Lisa are rivals. In the same episode where she started the limo business she was arrested, because none of her three drivers (Kim, Mo'nique, and Chant'e) had a license. Steven (Chad Haywood) – Diavian's boyfriend in season five, who is shown not to be very bright.


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Sister, Sister (TV series) • Matthew "Matt" Sullivan (Tony Carrero) – Matt is Tia and Tamera's birth father. He appeared in one episode as their teacher and they came to his museum. He started talking about Racelle Gavin and they said they knew her, and he showed them a picture of her. Eventually, he figured out that Racelle Gavin was their mother which meant he was their father. But Tamera didn't go for it because he was white and she was mad that he wasn't there for them. But he tried to explain that he was trying to find them. At the end, Tamera was really happy with him. And in the end Matt accidentally took a wacky picture and Lisa said "Matt, you'll fit into this family just fine." • Little Ray – Little Ray is a stray Orange tabby Cat that Lisa adopted during the first season and named him after Ray. Ray hates Little Ray. Little Ray is shown in the second season, riding with Ray, then Ray tells him to get out and jumps out the window, but at the end of the episode he comes back. Little Ray is not seen or mentioned again.


Special guest appearances
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 702 Flex Alexander Jon B. Milton Berle BLACKstreet Orlando Brown Kobe Bryant Nikki Cox Cylk Cozart Terrell Davis Ja'net Dubois Michael Clarke Duncan Donald Faison Kirk Franklin Tyrese Nicci Gilbert (of the R&B Group Brownstone) Mýa Sherman Hemsley Taraji P. Henson D. L. Hughley Immature Shar Jackson Wesley Jonathan Montell Jordan Casey Kasem • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Lisa Leslie Phill Lewis Brian McKnight Christina Milian Kel Mitchell Goodie Mob Tahj Mowry Brittany Murphy Next Mary-Kate Olsen Ashley Olsen Kyla Pratt Beverly Peele John Ratzenberger Christopher "Kid" Reid Daphne Maxwell Reid Reynaldo Rey RuPaul Merlin Santana Molly Shannon Chaz Lamar Shepherd Jeremy Suarez Ethan Suplee Kenan Thompson Gabrielle Union Barry Watson Malinda Williams Vesta Williams WC William Allen Young

La'Myia Good (formerly of the R&B girl group Isyss) •

Sister, Sister (TV series)


Season Episodes Original air dates First air date 1 2 3 4 5 6 12 19 22 22 22 22 April 1, 1994 November 16, 1994 September 6, 1995 September 4, 1996 September 10, 1997 September 13, 1998 Last air date September 6, 1994 April 28, 1995 May 15, 1996 May 14, 1997 May 17, 1998 May 23, 1999 Nielsen ratings Ranking Avg. ratings share No. 33 No. 60 No. 142 No. 135 No. 149 No. 133 11.2 (estimated) [2] 10.1 [3] 3.0 [4] 3.4 [5] 3.0 [6] 3.6

Sister, Sister reunion movie
As for a Sister, Sister reunion, the twins are both game for reuniting the cast, as they said in an interview back in June 2012. They were thinking of doing a "Twins in the city" plot, like the twins in New York City.[7]

Theme song and opening sequences
Theme song
The series' original theme song was written and composed by Tim Heintz, Randy Petersen and Kevin Quinn. Season one was the only season using the full version, with the short middle instrumental portion, vocalizations and the line "Living underneath one roof, no it won't be trouble-proof" dropped in season 2, though the short instrumental and vocalizations were restored in season 3. A new theme song was used starting in Season 5, composed by Heintz, Petersen, Quinn and Kurt Farquhar, who composed the music score for most of the series (save for Season 3, when the score was composed by Paul A. Kreiling), and performed by Tia and Tamera Mowry. The season 5 version of the theme began with the end of the original theme prior to the start of the theme song. An instrumental version of the final theme was used as a closing theme for the final two seasons, though with the exception of the episode "Designer Genes", it was generally played over a blooper reel during the closing credits.

Opening titles
The opening sequence used in the first two seasons, designed by Twin Art, opens with the sound of two spanks and crying babies over a black screen as animated crying babies appear with the word "separated" between them, then showing Ray and Lisa each holding babies representing Tamera and Tia with the word "adopted" appearing between both. The main cast are shown in front of a white background with various animations around them, ending with Tia, Tamera, Ray and Lisa at a couch with an animated roof over it (pushed overhead by Ray), which morphs into the title logo. The sequence was shortened with the theme song in season two and modified to include Marques Houston as Roger, who became a contract cast member that season (Houston, as Roger, is shown peeking from an animated door which Tia and Tamera promptly close on him). Seasons 3 and 4 used a computer-animated sequence by Pittard-Sullivan, with the main cast's video headshots in a stop-motion effect, opening with two babies drifting away from each other into two backgrounds: one, the city (which is actually the pre-September 11, 2001 Manhattan skyline, despite the fact the series was set in Detroit) and the other, a country road with the word "separated" between them, then showing Ray and Lisa each holding babies in a similar manner as the previous sequence with a rotating "adopted", then showing the cast in front of different backdrops (some which include cutouts of objects). It ends with the cast (sans Marques Houston) walking into each

Sister, Sister (TV series) other, then getting themselves together over changing cloud backdrops, one which features two roadsigns, before the title logo appears. The cast's surnames are animated and in a variant of the show's logotype. This was the only time the intro remained exactly the same, though by season four, the intro became a bit outdated as Tia and Tamera dropped the wavy hair, tams and plaid outfits for trendier fashions and Roger stopped wearing braids. The final two seasons used a music video-style sequence, designed by Paramount Digital Design; Marques Houston remained in the sequence despite his appearances on the series decreasing midway through the fifth season, and Houston was replaced in the sequence by RonReaco Lee and Deon Richmond for the sixth season. Because virtually the same sequence was used as the season before, viewers may notice that in the final part of the second version of the sequence before the title logo when the cast dances together that Richmond and Lee do not appear in the black-and-white shots and are digitally inserted in the regular shots with Tia and Tamera Mowry, Tim Reid and Jackée Harry.


U.S. broadcast and cable syndication
After being picked up by The WB in 1995, reruns of the first two seasons of Sister, Sister were broadcast in early primetime as part of the network's then-newly launched Sunday night lineup during the 1995-1996 season, in addition to the first-run episodes of the series that aired on the WB's Wednesday night schedule.[1] The series has been aired on various broadcast television networks in the U.S. after the series finale on The WB Television Network. From September 1998 to September 2002, Paramount Domestic Television (now CBS Television Distribution) distributed the series to Fox, WB and UPN network affiliates around the United States, airing depending on market. The N aired reruns of Sister, Sister from April 2002 until April 2004. Disney Channel aired edited versions of the series from September 9, 2002 until May 28, 2007. From June 11, 2007 to April 9, 2010, reruns of the show ran on ABC Family, which is a sister channel to Disney Channel via the Walt Disney Company division Disney/ABC Television Group.[8] When the series first debuted on ABC Family, it replaced Step by Step, but was knocked off two weeks later then returned in the early morning. The series has also aired on BET from July 2009 to January 10, 2010, initially airing on weekdays, before moving to Saturday mornings when the series returned after a brief break; the series was slated to return to BET on Saturday mornings starting in October 2010, but other than a special marathon that aired in September 2010, this did not [9] occur. The show also aired on WGN America from September 11, 2007 until May 2009, first on weekday afternoons and Saturday mornings, then moved to a weeknight graveyard slot.[10] Incidentally, the series aired in first-run form on WGN from the show's move to The WB in 1995 until the series ended in 1999, shortly before WGN ceased to carry WB network programming on its national superstation feed (Sister, Sister, along with 7th Heaven, The Parent 'Hood and The Wayans Bros. are the only WB series to air in both first-run broadcast and off-network syndication on WGN America). As of August 2009, Gospel Music Channel began airing the series. The series also began airing on Centric since early 2011, first airing as a part of the network's weekday lineup, then airing sporadically in marathon stunts; it currently airs weekday middays. In promotion of the series Tia & Tamera in 2012, Style began airing reruns of Sister, Sister. Disney Channel airings had most episodes edited for content deemed by the channel as unsuitable for its pre-teen audience; the edited Disney Channel versions were also the syndication package of the show that aired on sister network ABC Family, with the exception of the season two episode "Tattoo" that was omitted from Disney Channel airings. GMC also airs episodes with content the channel deems inappropriate usually muted or removed entirely, ranging from mild suggestive dialogue said by Roger to tame phrases such as "shut up", "butt", "dumb" and "pervert"; whereas the airings on other channels were the original syndicated prints.

It also aired in Ireland.Tim Reid (Nominated) 1999 .K. DVD releases CBS DVD (distributed by Paramount) has released the first and second seasons of Sister. 2009 TBA TBA TBA TBA Awards and nominations • Emmy Awards 1997 . Sister (TV series) 278 International syndication In Australia. On October 21. the series was aired on Nickelodeon and the Seven Network.Sister.George Spiro Dibie (Won) • Image Awards 2000 .Outstanding Lighting Direction (Electronic) for a Comedy Series .Outstanding Individual Achievement in Lighting Direction (Electronic) for a Comedy Series .Tia & Tamera Mowry (Nominated) • Kids' Choice Awards 1998 .Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series .George Spiro Dibie (Nominated) 1996 .George Spiro Dibie (Nominated) 1995 . Sister.Tia & Tamera Mowry (Nominated) 1998 .Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series . Sister was aired on Nickelodeon.Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series .Tim Reid (Nominated) 1996 . but was taken off on October 30.Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series .Tia & Tamera Mowry (Won) 1999 . Sister on DVD in Region 1. Sister used to air on Nickelodeon in the late 1990s and early 2000s. 2008 May 19. the cause for this is unknown. Sister. 2009.Favorite Television Show (Nominated) .Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series . Nickelodeon aired Sister Sister again in 2009 but only showed episodes from the first four seasons. In Brazil. It does not currently air in Ireland any more. and on Channel 4 between 1995 and 2000 as the channel had the terrestrial rights to the show.Outstanding Comedy Series (Nominated) 1996 . It does not currently air in either countries anymore.Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series .Tia & Tamera Mowry (Won) 2000 .Outstanding Individual Achievement in Lighting Direction (Electronic) for a Comedy Series . in the United Kingdom. DVD Name The 1st Season The 2nd Season The 3rd Season The 4th Season The 5th Season The 6th Season Ep # 12 19 22 22 22 22 Region 1 October 28.Favorite Television Actress . 2009 it debuted on open television Rede Record.Outstanding Comedy Series (Nominated) 1998 .Outstanding Youth Actor/Actress .Jackée Harry (Won) 2000 . on Nickelodeon and RTE Two. There is no word on future releases of the four remaining seasons. In the U.Jackée Harry (Won) 1999 .

Sister (TV series) 1997 . com/ Hollywood/ 4616/ ew0604. . fbibler.Tia & Tamera Mowry (Won) • Young Artist Awards 1999 . html) on October 29. com/ cgi-bin/ article. [6] "TV Winners & Losers: Numbers Racket a Final Tally of the Season's Shows" (http:/ / web. October 2.Best Performance in a TV Comedy: Leading Young Actress . Retrieved November 7. 2010). In With New at Fox.Best Youth Comedian in a TV Show .com/shows/sister-sister/) at TV.SitcomsOnline. fbibler. html).com. Krista Sherre (Nominated) 1996 .Verner.com (September 2.Favorite Television Actress . org/ web/ 20091029011819/ http:/ / geocities. . Blog. . com/ News/ Tia-Tamera-Mowry-1038336. html).sitcomsonline. . 2012.Best Performance in a TV Comedy: Guest Starring Young Performer .Deon Richmond (Nominated) 1997 . Los Angeles Daily News (via HighBeam Research). cgi?f=/ c/ a/ 1998/ 05/ 25/ DD61876.com. Sister (http://www. 1998. 'Sister. Includes Spoof 'Ugly Betty.Best Youth Comedienne in a TV Show .Tia & Tamera Mowry (Won) 1996 . html) External links • Sister.Best New Family Television Series (Nominated) 1995 . com/ 2010/ 09/ bet-fall-2010-schedule-has-3-new.chez.Favorite Television Show (Nominated) 1995 .com. com/ tvstats/ recent_data/ 1996-97. May 23. Sister (http://www. May 25. chez. chez. html) [9] Pavan -. html). . Retrieved November 7.Sister. Archived from the original (http:/ / www. ABC Family Adds 'Sister'. com/ doc/ 1P2-25004779. aspx). [10] 'Fresh Prince' Comes to TBS in May. [8] Fox and The CW Upfront 2007–08: Fall 2007 Schedule.com News Blog" (http:/ / blog. highbeam. sitcomsonline. archive.. geocities.Best Performance by a Young Actress: TV Comedy Series .Tia & Tamera Mowry (Won) 1996 .Tia & Tamera Mowry (Nominated) 1996 .chez.chez.White' (http:/ / www. com/ tvstats/ recent_data/ 1994-95. Sister Reunion — Today's News: Our Take" (http:/ / www.Victor Togunde (Nominated) 1995 .Best Performance by a Young Actress: Guest Starring Role TV Series . [3] "Complete TV Ratings 1995–1996" (http:/ / fbibler. chez. com/ blog/ 2007/ 05/ fox-and-cw-upfront-2007-08-fall-2007.com.Tia & Tamera Mowry (Nominated) 1995 . sitcomsonline.Tia & Tamera Mowry (Nominated) 279 References [1] Out with the Old. [5] "Final Ratings for '97–'98 TV Season" (http:/ / www.Favorite Television Actress . html). sfgate. [4] "Complete TV Ratings 1996–1997" (http:/ / fbibler. html). sitcomsonline. 2009. [7] "Tia and Tamera Mowry Talk Season Finale. html). DTL& type=chart).Best Performance in a TV Comedy Series: Supporting Young Actor . 2011. . WB Network (http:/ / www. tvguide..com . .imdb.com.SitcomsOnline. fbibler. TVGuide.com.Marques Houston (Won) 1995 . Network TV Fall Preview Specials for 2010 .Best Youth Comedian in a TV Show . "BET Fall 2010 Schedule Has 3 New Sitcoms. com/ tvstats/ recent_data/ 1995-96. '8 Simple Rules' (http:/ / www.Favorite Television Actress . Robin Marie (Nominated) 1997 . TV Land Awards Preview. 2012.tv. com/ blog/ 2007/ 04/ fresh-prince-comes-to-tbs-in-may-sister. Babies. Sister' to WGN in the Fall. sfgate. 1995 [2] "Complete TV Ratings 1994–1995" (http:/ / fbibler.com/title/tt0108927/) at the Internet Movie Database • Sister. and a Sister. com/ Hollywood/ 4616/ ew0604.Selico.

2004.[2] The complete series was released on DVD as Spider-Man: The New Animated Series: Special Edition on January 13. 2003. 2003 Chronology Preceded by Followed by Spider-Man Unlimited The Spectacular Spider-Man External links Website [1] Original run Spider-Man: The New Animated Series (also known as MTV Spider-Man) is an American animated series featuring the Marvel comic book superhero Spider-Man.Spider-Man: The New Animated Series 280 Spider-Man: The New Animated Series Spider-Man Genre Superhero Action/Adventure Science fiction Format Created by Animated series Stan Lee Steve Ditko (characters) Voices of Neil Patrick Harris Lisa Loeb Ian Ziering Angelle Brooks Keith Carradine Country of origin United States Canada 13 Production No. which ran for one season. starting on July 11. Eight months later after the series finale. of episodes Running time 30 minutes Production company(s) Mainframe Entertainment Marvel Studios Broadcast Original channel MTV ABC Family (Jetix) (reruns) July 11 – September 12. The show was made using computer generated imagery (CGI) rendered in cel shading and was produced by Mainframe Entertainment (Executive Producer Brian Michael Bendis. and YTV. Initially. episodes aired in reruns on ABC Family as part of the Jetix USA television programming block. 13 episodes. Four separate DVD volumes containing three episodes each were also released from 2004-2005. which is sold as a personalized DVD in which the purchaser's face is revealed under . this series was intended to be an adaptation of the Ultimate Spider-Man comic book. who also wrote the Ultimate Spider-Man comic book) for Sony Pictures Television and broadcast on MTV. Spider-Man was voiced by Neil Patrick Harris. who re-edited the footage from many episodes into one feature. The entire series was licensed by Marvel and Sony to DigiKids/Sentimental Journeys.

and Ian Ziering as Harry Osborn. But in the When Sparks Fly episode. Aunt May does not appear in this series (except for a photograph in Peter's bedroom). Peter Parker was originally supposed to wear baggier clothes to hide his superhero musculature. Peter has graduated from high school and is attending Empire State University (although in the films he attends Columbia University). because MTV executives feared that the appearance of any old people would deter their target youth audience from watching. As a result. strobe light images as the emergency power struggles to kick in. while still managing to hide his physique (and the costume he wore under his clothes) as Spider-Man. Peter's street clothes were redesigned to be close-fitting and contemporary. The series employed a device which became a calling card for the show. Harry craves for revenge on Spider-Man. Still burdened with the desire to use his incredible. Lisa Loeb as Mary Jane. Spider-Man: The Animated Series on Fox Television. she made several prominent appearances in the first animated series and was a regular character on NBC's Spider-Man and Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends in the 1980s. Almost in all of this series. spider bite-derived powers to do good. Harry intends to help Spider-Man trap Electro. but cost-effective difficulties with the CG format prevented folds from being put into his everyday attire. Every cellphone in the series is a bar style from Sony Ericsson. with Peter shedding his clothes and suiting up as Spider-Man in a series of frozen. Some of these scenes were visually creative. 281 Synopsis The CGI version of Marvel's popular superhero features the voice talents of Neil Patrick Harris as Peter Parker/Spider-Man. he finds it hard balancing his responsibilities of being a superhero with schoolwork and his romance with Mary Jane Watson.Spider-Man: The New Animated Series Spider-Man's mask. Credits Voice talents Role Voice actor Spider-Man/Peter Parker Neil Patrick Harris Mary Jane Watson Harry Osborn Lisa Loeb Ian Ziering . where Peter Parker could apparently move so fast as to almost instantly change into his costume at will. and The Spectacular Spider-Man on Disney XD. The police interrogation room sequence from "Law of the Jungle" is frequently cited as one of the best. By contrast.

Richard Daimian's bodyguard in Sword of Shikata. • Harold Perrineau Jr. His character appeared for one scene in the next episode but did not have any dialogue. flamboyant. Peter tries to save Max from both his overly-aggressive desire for recognition and acceptance. . provided the voice of Officer Bar in Heroes and Villains. • James Marsters (Spike of Buffy the Vampire Slayer) voiced Sergei. Jonah Jameson in Spider-Man: The Animated Series and Uncle Ben in The Spectacular Spider-Man. • Kathy Griffin provided the voice of Roxanne. Jameson spent most of his appearances berating Spider-Man and adding political spin to his activities. in Tight Squeeze and Mind Games: Part 1. • Cree Summer provided the voice of Professor Williams in Law Of The Jungle and When Sparks Fly. one of the Gaines Twins in Mind Games 1 and 2.Spider-Man: The New Animated Series 282 Recurring characters • Angelle Brooks provided the voice of Indira "Indy" Daimonji. she often acted as a foil for Mary Jane and Peter's romantic interest at the Empire One Television Studio. An original character created just for the series. McGinley of Scrubs fame appears as Richard Daimian in the episode Sword of Shikata. Guest voice talents • Stan Lee provided the voice of Frank Elson in the penultimate episode of Mind Games. • Ethan Embry provided the voice of Max Dillon/Electro in Head Over Heels. Consistent with his appearances in the comics and films. • Virginia Madsen provided the voice of Silver Sable in the episode "Spider-Man Dis-Sabled". • Keith David is the voice of FBI Agent Mosely in Royal Scam. • Rob Zombie provided the voice of Dr. This version of Max Dillon was a high school contemporary of Peter. Law of the Jungle. • Clancy Brown. provided the voice of Turbo Jet. voices Raymond. Jonah Jameson was played by Keith Carradine and appeared in five of the thirteen episodes. • Jeffrey Combs is the voice of Dr. Jameson is so passionate about this that he even appears on a competitor's news broadcast to denounce Spider-Man. as well as his own self-hatred recognizing aspects of these tragic flaws within himself. • John C. Sword of Shikata. • The series also introduced a new version of Max Dillon/Electro. • Michael Dorn voiced Kraven the Hunter in Mind Games 1 and 2. a villain possibly based on Rocket Racer or Blue Streak in Heroes and Villains. played by Ethan Embry who appeared in three episodes. The character showed an intense. • Tara Strong provided the voice of Christina in Head Over Heels. • Newspaper publisher J. Zellner in Flash Memory (episode 1x09). • Michael Clarke Duncan reprises his role as The Kingpin from Daredevil in Royal Scam. usually in front of Peter Parker. • Eve lent her voice to Cheyenne/Talon (based on Black Cat) in Keeping Secrets. Curt Connors/The Lizard in episode 3. Law of the Jungle. • Jeremy Piven provided the voice of Roland Gaines in Mind Games 1 and 2. The character appeared in seven of the thirteen episodes. except grunts. MJ. the leader of a high-tech gang of mercenaries called Pterodax. and Mind Games 2 • Gina Gershon provided the voice of the ronin Shikata in Sword of Shikata. • Edward Asner. pursuing him publicly to MJ's consternation. • Devon Sawa provided the voice of Flash Thompson in Flash memory. During this arc. who also voiced J. The Party and When Sparks Fly. and unabashed affection for Peter Parker. and Harry.

As the serum affects Doc Connors' brain. "The Sword of Shikata" 2. "Mind Games: Part 1" 13. Spider-Man must stop his beloved professor as he begins seeking revenge on those who have harmed him. Doc Connors.J.including Harry! 4 4 "The Sword of Shikata" July 11. 2003 Peter's professor. 2003 . "Keeping Secrets" 5. who steals from the wealthy and gives to the poor. "Heroes and Villains" 3. Christina attempts to kill M. The air dates have not been changed. MTV aired the episodes out of order. "Law of the Jungle" 4. including Peter and his new crush Indy. a female thief who's behind a series of high-risk robberies in the city. 2003 Spider-Man is duped by the infamous Kingpin into stealing the TX-1 super-chip. No longer able to distinguish fantasy from reality. a modern-day Robin Hood armed with a homemade propulsion system. injects himself with reptilian DNA. 2003 Spider-Man is out to catch Talon. Things get complicated when Spidey learns Talon's true identity – she's his best friend Harry's new girlfriend! 6 6 "Tight Squeeze" July 18. 2003 Spider-Man battles Turbo Jet. Their demand is simple: they want Spider-Man! Peter will need to use his cunning and cleverness to figure out a way to appease the agents without revealing his alter ego. vengeful Lizard.S. "When Sparks Fly" 10. "Spider-Man Dis-Sabled" 8. 2003 The master martial artist/swordswoman Shikata is sent to capture Spider-Man for a wealthy man's collection of rare animals. The Region 4 chronology is in this order: 1. designed to decrypt the confidential satellite transmissions that drive the world's financial markets. 8 8 "The Party" August 22. Spidey's life gets even harder as the public rallies around Turbo Jet – and against Spider-Man. "Tight Squeeze" 6.Spider-Man: The New Animated Series 283 Episode guide Note: What follows is the chronology according to the Region 1 DVD release. "The Party" 9. 2 2 "Royal Scam" August 15. which slowly changes him into the angry. "Head Over Heals" 7. jolting her own brain with electricity and altering her reality. 3 3 "Law of the Jungle" July 18. 7 7 "Head Over Heels" July 25. 1 EP# 1 Title "Heroes and Villains" Writer(s) U. Shikata determines that Spider-Man is too noble a foe to simply capture and they must fight to the death! 5 5 "Keeping Secrets" July 18. "Mind Games: Part 2" Season 1: 2003 No. 2003 Three ex-KGB agents take a group of people hostage. The crown malfunctions. in order to limit the competition for Spider-Man's eternal affection. Original Airdate July 11. "Flash Memory" 12. 2003 Peter Parker's lab partner Christina reads his mind with her new invention: an ESP crown. Now he must find a way to get it back. "Royal Scam" 11.

but Spider-Man apprehends them by overcoming their brain blasts with his own superhuman will power. Spiderman: Extreme Threat (January 25. • Dr. a girl he has a crush on. He corners the Twins – but things take a turn for the worse when they once again use their telepathy to trick Spider-Man. 2004 and One Video is January 25. Spider-Man: The Mutant Menace 2. Spider-Man: The Ultimate Face-Off 4. a high-voltage villain that threatens the campus. 2003 284 Dr. Zellner takes Flash's suggestion that he experiment on an already intelligent candidate: Peter Parker. Part Two" September 12. Zellner is similar to Spencer Smythe • Christina . 2003 Spider-Man realizes that the diabolical Gaines Twins have brain-blasted him into believing that MJ has died at the hands of Kraven the Hunter. 2003 Electro returns from his seeming death and tries to make Sally. Only Spider-Man can stop him from exacting his revenge on the students. Shikata is similar to Calypso and Elektra. As payback for the years he spent in jail. Kraven attacks MJ with one of his poison darts. 2005) Villain appearances • • • • • • • • • • Electro: in episodes 8 and 11 The Lizard: in episodes 3 and 13 Silver Sable: in episodes 10 and 12 Kingpin: in episode 2 Kraven the Hunter: in episodes 12 and 13 Pterodax is similar to the Vulture. Now she will stop at nothing — including killing Mary Jane. 10 10 "Spider-Man Dis-Sabled" August 8. as her life slowly slips away. Part One" September 5. Turbo Jet is similar to Rocket Racer. Will guilt cause Peter to hang up his Spider-Man suit forever? VHS Releases This Video has Three Videos in June 1. and Flash immediately displays dramatic spikes in intellect. 2005. Harry. Talon is similar to the Black Cat. escape from an armored transport convoy. This time Indy is seriously wounded. 11 11 "When Sparks Fly" August 8. Peter is out for revenge. 2003 The Gaines Twins. Spider-Man rushes to her side too late. become an electrical being just like him. The Gaines Twins are similar to Mysterio.Villain exclusive . along with the IQ boost comes a potentially fatal side effect. a brother and sister with uncanny telepathy. Now. 9 9 "Flash Memory" August 29.Spider-Man: The New Animated Series Peter Parker's nerdy high-school friend Max is hazed in a deadly fraternity prank that turns him into Electro. just as Spider-Man reveals to MJ that he's really Peter Parker. 13 13 "Mind Games. 2003 Peter covers a press conference and inadvertently videotapes incriminating evidence against Silver Sable. Spider-Man: High Voltage Villans 3. 1. With only minutes to find an antidote. Later. Kraven the Hunter confronts Spider-Man. and Indy — to get the tape back. Zellner tests his "smart drug" on Peter Parker foe Flash Thompson. 12 12 "Mind Games. However. an Eastern European assassin for hire.

tv.sonypictures.com/spider-man) Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story DVD cover Directed by Produced by Written by Pete Michels Kara Vallow Part I: Gary Janetti Chris Sheridan Part II: Alex Borstein Part III: Steve Callaghan Seth MacFarlane Alex Borstein Seth Green Mila Kunis Mike Henry Patrick Warburton Lori Alan Drew Barrymore Rachael MacFarlane Noel Blanc Phil LaMarr Ali Hillis Busy Philipps Tori Spelling Kiefer Sutherland Edd Gould Larry Kenney Lynne Lipton Michael Clarke Duncan Ron Jones Mike Elias Starring Music by Editing by .com/homevideo/spider-man-thenewanimatedseries/index.imdb. com/ onair/ spider-man [2] "Spider-Man on TV" (http:/ / uk. html). Retrieved 2010-09-09. ign.tv. com/ articles/ 785/ 785521p4.com/title/tt0290983/) at the Internet Movie Database • Spider-Man (http://www. IGN.net/spideytac/) • Free full episodes of Spider-Man: The New Animated Series on Hulu (http://www. .hulu.Spider-Man: The New Animated Series 285 References [1] http:/ / www. External links • Spider-Man: The New Animated Series (http://www.com (http://spiderman.ugo.com • DVD website (http://www.toonzone. mtv.com/tv/animation/mtv-spider-man/) • Spider-Man: The New Animated Series @ Marvel Animation Age (http://marvel.html) • MTV Spider-Man at UGO.com/shows/spider-man-the-new-animated-series/) at TV.

After this. the Greased-Up Deaf Guy. we then see an advertisement for a new movie. and another film. David Bowie. The DVD contains commentaries and a sneak preview of American Dad!. the film begins. Season 4 Episode 28/29/30 Pete Michels Gary Janetti Chris Sheridan (1) Alex Borstein (2) Steve Callaghan (3) 4ACX05 4ACX06 4ACX07 May 21. the film's main plot point concerns Stewie Griffin trying to find who he thinks is his real father after seeing the man on TV. Fox had several scenes cut out.." starring Susan Sarandon and Vince Vaughn . He travels to San Francisco. 2006 Directed by Written by Production code Original air date Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story is a 2005 direct-to-DVD animated comedy film set in the Family Guy fictional universe. the Evil Monkey. Goode". 2005 (DVD) May 21. The shortened and separated versions of the three segments – "Stewie B. "Bango Was His Name. FOX eventually aired the special as three separate episodes for the Family Guy season 4 finale in May 2006. Everyone goes into the theatre where Channel 5 reveals they have hired Glenn Quagmire to provide them with a bootleg copy of the film."The Littlest Bunny". only to find that the man is him from the future. new scenes put in. 2006. and "Stu and Stewie's Excellent Adventure" – were aired on May 21."People Who Look Like They Never Sleep. where celebrities such as Drew Barrymore dates the Kool-Aid Man. 2006 (TV) Running time 88 minutes 66 minutes (TV) United States English [1] Country Language "Stewie B. Released on September 27. and the Griffins.. Plot Opening The straight-to-DVD version shows the premiere of the film. and other scenes altered to make it only 66 minutes long. .Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story Studio Fuzzy Door Productions Stoopid Monkey 286 Distributed by 20th Century Fox Release date(s) September 27. Oh!" "Stu and Stewie's Excellent Adventure" Family Guy episode Episode no. Oh!". Goode" "Bango Was His Name. 2005.[2] The film was written to be a feature-length direct-to-video film based on the series.

Peter becomes extremely popular. in which he rants about things that bother him. At a motel in New Jersey. however. Stewie attempts to be a good boy by smothering Brian with affection. Learning that Quagmire is going on a cross country tour in which he plans to have sex with a different woman in every state of America. Tom takes advantage of the situation and presents footage of the accident at the news station. . Meanwhile. Brian attempts to cure Stewie of his alcoholism by taking him out for a night of drinking at the Drunken Clam. when Stewie is revived by Lois.as it was mentioned in the previous episode he wanted a VHS Player to replace the old one they first used in "A Very Special Family Guy Freakin' Christmas". Stewie does everything he can to steal Brad's glory. Stewie then believes that he may be his true father. In jealousy.Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story 287 "Stewie B. The council ordered Global Television must apologize to its viewers for not warning them about the violence from a scene where Elmer Fudd kills Bugs Bunny with a rifle during a July 23. Stewie crashes Brian's car through the wall of the bar. The next morning. He ends up in hell where Steve Allen seems to try and rape him (but only needs help with his shirt collar). were written on a napkin Stewie held in the TV version) and realises his lonely existence in the world. overshadowing Tucker. the recurring sales/insurance man deters Peter easily. manages to turn on a porno movie so he can arouse himself to the point where he’s able to use his erect penis to call 9-1-1. is shown to the viewers seconds later checking in at a hotel in San Francisco). To solve this problem.M. Peter is fired and Tom is rehired as the anchor. but Jim Kaplan. As a last resort he tries to kill Brad by rigging a lifeguard chair with dynamite and luring Brad beneath it with marzipan.will not give Peter pornography to rent. blowing up the legs of chair causing it to fall on Stewie. if she smokes. Lois even advises Chris to find a girl who smokes ("Remember. Quagmire is handcuffed to a bed and mugged by the latest woman. calls him and hangs up after one ring. however. Quagmire. It recognizes. then Roger Moore. Stewie's detonator malfunctions. shown in his mansion holding a napkin with Stewie's number on it.Lackluster Video . Peter vents his frustration in front of Tom Tucker. who is fired after attempting to distract Peter during filming. While drunk. At one point. Then Stewie and Brian drive off with his RV leaving Quagmire at the motel. that the scene was intended to satirize the violence found in that type of cartoon program. Peter and Lois are trying to get intimate. Lois takes Stewie to swimming lessons where Stewie meets Brad."[3] "Bango Was His Name. hosting a segment called What Really Grinds My Gears. Oh!" Peter buys a TiVo box for his TV . Peter and Lois decide to teach the children how to find dates. At the end Stewie says it is good he stopped drinking now so it would not have any repercussions later in life. The gag was somewhat tongue-in-cheek since Family Guy itself is an animated program that sometimes contains violence. 2011. Stewie spots a man in San Francisco on the news that has the same face and hairstyle as him. Goode" When the Griffins go swimming at the Quahog Community Pool. and wishes that there were someone else to whom he could relate (this person. Brian finally goads Stewie into reverting to his old. Goode". following Brian's way of coping. a child about his age who is "The Star Swimmer". Controversy This episode when broadcast in Canada was subject to a complaint to the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council in 2011. airing of the Family Guy episode "Stewie B. Stewie starts drinking heavily. Stewie has a hangover and has the words "Property Of Roger Moore" emblazoned on his chest (the initials R. who looks like Stewie but is an adult. Brian and Stewie hitch a ride in his RV. After learning the new video store . she pokes!"). who gives him a job at Quahog 5. violent ways by crushing a spider web and eating the spider. Knowing Stewie is Peter's son. he believes it is a sign for him to be a good boy. but are constantly interrupted by Chris and Meg. The Council stated "The panel finds that the scene was definitely somewhat gruesome and uncomfortable to watch. however. Peter tries teaching Stewie to swim and attempts to toss him into the pool despite Stewie begging to be put down.

Pepper vending machine. but was stopped by Stu. Stewie and Brian manage to get a rental car and arrive in San Francisco. Meg bids farewell to a boy to whom she's been talking to. The Afterparty Another DVD addition in which Tricia Takanawa talks with the fans and asks them how they liked the film. Brian talks about how he met his fans and competed in the Iditarod Dog Race. Stewie stows away with him. Navy singing and dressing like Cher for "If I Could Turn Back Time". who forces Peter and Lois into a rest home so she can inherit their home. who mentions that the meaning of the word "douchebag" was changed due to the popular President Douchebag. Stewie travels back in time to the day of the accident and prevents himself from getting crushed by the chair. Stewie. However. revealing that memories of the experience will re-surface when Stewie is twenty. considering how much she likes his name: Ron. travels back in time to Chris' wedding and kills Vanessa. His life now ruined. Stu reveals he cannot tell anyone about his time and leaves for his time.S. it's revealed that Meg will have a sex change after college and become Ron. they find a Dr. During this episode. . tells Stewie that he is on vacation (people from Stu's Time prefer to take vacations in periods of time rather than places in the world). his childhood teddy bear in a filthy apartment. Chris threatens to list many criminal charges on Lois if she doesn't give Chris a cookie) and marry a foul mouthed chain smoker named Vanessa. on future Lois's advice. However. The next day. 288 "Stu and Stewie's Excellent Adventure" "Stu". and Cobain because he didn't want to live to see his music be bastardized by corporate greed). and shows video footage of her trying to beat up a policemen and of her having an argument in a convenience store over her wanting to taste chips. however repulsing the Navy-men causing them to abandon and sink the ship. future Stewie gets vaporized by present Stewie. Meg talks about her entertaining the U. As the family packs up and heads for home. Stu laments the day of his near-death experience at the community pool. and Kurt Cobain. while going back in time to prevent the tower from falling. but they realize it was RC Cola and they do not drink it. After this. Stewie remodels Stu's apartment and gets him to lose his virginity to his co-worker. Vincent van Gogh. Stewie mysteriously leaves Brian and confronts the man from TV on a cable car. who all committed suicide by shooting themselves—Hemingway because he was overwhelmed by his genius. Disgusted with the way his life will turn out. Lois talks about how she was a prostitute. Chris then talks about his guest appearance on The West Wing. Stewie learns he will not become ruler of the world but rather "a 35-year-old Parade magazine-reading virgin". Fran tells everyone about it since it involved only eight seconds of sex and forty minutes of Stu crying. Returning home. They visit Lois at a retirement home for a loan and get a new time-travel watch. and is shocked to discover that the man is actually Stewie from 30 years in the future. Stewie talks about his appearances in those "damn" talk shows. which generated completely negative feedback. Brian was seen in heaven with Ernest Hemingway. he finds that his apartment is in flames due to the stress-relieving candles Stewie put there. costing Stu his job for having relations with a co-worker. he did not believe he had to pee in the suit and almost died. After wandering through the desert. van Gogh because he couldn't reconcile his feelings with society's feelings. thus creating a paradox. as Stewie's future self is called. Tricia asks the family what they did during the show's cancellation from Seasons 3 to 4. thus creating a paradox. Stewie learns he will also work at the Quahog Circuit Shack and still lives with Rupert. Brian will die from eating a chocolate bar out of the garbage (Stewie attempts to vandalize his old friend's grave. Peter talks about how he did several part-time jobs which involved wearing costumes which he kept peeing in because he thought it was like an astronaut suit.Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story Stewie crashes the RV in the desert after going insane from ingesting an entire bottle of "West Coast Turnarounds". and Chris will become a police officer (At one point. Stu passes off Stewie as a Nicaraguan boy named Pablo to everyone until Stu can send him back. Fran. causing him to repress and preventing him from taking any risks. but when he finally did become an astronaut.

The Digital Fix .Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story 289 Cast • Seth MacFarlane as Stewie Griffin/Peter Griffin/Brian Griffin/Glenn Quagmire/Tom Tucker/Stuart "Stu" Griffin/Additional voices • Alex Borstein as Lois Griffin/Tricia Takanawa/Vanessa/Condoleezza Rice • Seth Green as Chris Griffin/Additional voices • Mila Kunis as Meg Griffin/Additional voices • Patrick Warburton as Joe Swanson • Lori Alan as Diane Simmons • Drew Barrymore as Herself • Mike Henry as Cleveland Brown/Herbert • Rachael MacFarlane as Katie Couric/Bonnie Swanson/Britney Spears • Noel Blanc as Elmer Fudd • Phil LaMarr as Ollie Williams/Additional voices • Ali Hillis as Additional voices • Busy Philipps as Meg Griffin (singing voice)/Additional voices • Jennie Garth as Kelly Taylor • Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer (not seen.au). retrieved 5 November 2012 External links • Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story (http://www. additional voices • Larry Kenney as Lion-O • Lynne Lipton as Cheetara • Michael Clarke Duncan as Stork References [1] Miller.allrovi. Michael (23 January 2006). The State Hornet.com/content/id/57610/ family-guy-presents-stewie-griffin-the-untold-story-in-september-artwork-added. Nate (23 October 2005).cfm?NewsID=3618).com/movies/movie/v330790) at AllRovi • Lacey. TVshowsonDVD. Family Guy Presents Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story in September .thedigitalfix. com. only voice is heard) • Edd Gould as Jesus. The Age Company Ltd. Family Guy . html). http:/ / www. ca/ english/ decisions/ 2012/ 120301. [3] National Conventional Television Panel (2 February 2012).imdb. [2] Idato.Artwork added (http://film. Dave (8 July 2005).com • Foster. html).html).com/ newsitem. (theage. voice of Sacramento State since 1949.com. theage. . Canadian Broadcast Standards Council. "DVD Reviews" (http:/ / www. Gord (29 June 2005). statehornet. com/ weekly-scoop/ article_026bdaff-c02c-534c-8154-40b56b1d8ad7.com/title/tt0385690/) at the Internet Movie Database • Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story (http://www. cbsc. Family Guy Presents Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story (http:/ / www.DVD movie officially announced! (http://tvshowsondvd. au/ news/ dvd-reviews/ family-guy-presents-stewie-griffin-the-untold-story/ 2006/ 01/ 23/ 1137864848861. php.

Various Saturday Night Live alumni also make appearances. before his death in 2009. Sacha Baron Cohen. Amy Adams. Michael Clarke Duncan. Reilly. Gary Cole. Wally Dallenbach. directed by Adam McKay and starring Will Ferrell. and Andy Richter. Larry McReynolds and Darrell Waltrip) and NASCAR on NBC (Bill Weber. Jr. The film also features John C. Leslie Bibb. Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby was also Pat Hingle's last film. Jane Lynch. also make cameos as themselves. .Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby 290 Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby Theatrical release poster Directed by Produced by Written by Starring Adam McKay Jimmy Miller Judd Apatow Will Ferrell Adam McKay Will Ferrell John C.177 Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby is a 2006 comedy film. Racetrack scenes at Texas Motor Speedway were shot at Charlotte Motor Speedway in Concord. and Benny Parsons). using a Porsche Cayenne outfitted with camera mounts on all four corners of the car. Reilly Sacha Baron Cohen Gary Cole Michael Clarke Duncan Leslie Bibb Jane Lynch Amy Adams Andy Richter Alex Wurman Music by Cinematography Oliver Wood Editing by Studio Brent White Apatow Productions Relativity Media Mosaic Media Group GH One Columbia Pictures • Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Box office August 4. North Carolina.5 million $162.966. Jr. as do the broadcasting teams of NASCAR on Fox (Mike Joy. 2006 108 minutes 121 minutes (Unrated cut) United States English $72. Real life NASCAR drivers like Jamie McMurray and Dale Earnhardt.

while working as the pit crew of Dennit Racing driver Terry Cheveaux (Adam McKay) at the beginning of the film. Lucius Washington (Michael Clarke Duncan) had rebuilt his engine from spare parts donated by other independent drivers. referring to an earlier scene where Reese and Ricky leave each other again. Ricky is challenged by his rival and a homosexual French Formula One driver. Reese shows up during Career Day at Ricky's school. Jr. Desperate to regain his dominance. Before leaving. but is reduced to use a bicycle and ride the bus after accidentally losing his license for crashing his pick-up truck into a customer's shopping cart and into the Sheriff writing Ricky a ticket for the previous incident. While recovering from his injury. Yearning to be married to another top NASCAR driver. When Ricky was only ten years old. On lap 182. Heading towards the race's final laps. Ricky ends up running around on the track in his helmet and underwear to think that he is on fire. and is raised solely by his strict Christian mother. With Ricky's life at its lowest point. despite starting mid-race in last place. With Ricky heeding Susan's advice to race at the Talladega 500. which he certainly is not. Jean Girard (Sacha Baron Cohen). but because of his nature to drive fast. is absent. Ricky is forced to start the race from the back of the starting grid after his pit crew chief and close friend. and Carly before the start of the race. While he and Cal are on top of the racing world. . Ricky replaces him and ends up finishing in third place. who outperforms Ricky on the track and becomes Dennit Racing's next top driver. Carly plans to marry Cal before Ricky returns to his old home that evening. Reese leaves Ricky with the knowledge that the mantra around which he had originally used during his childhood years was in fact meaningless. Determined not to give up. he and Girard are disqualified for getting out of their cars and Cal officially wins Talladega 500 by default after finishing in third place during the wrecks. Lucy (Jane Lynch). who accuses Cal of damaging his life. but Cal refuses and instead pulls ahead of Ricky. Ricky and Girard ends up making contact with each other and somersault down the front straightaway heading towards the finish line. Ricky manages to make amends with Cal. you're last!". a quote that Ricky commits to memory. In no time. On the final lap of the race. Ricky later meet up with Reese. Reese told Ricky: "If you ain't first. but is forced to take aback after Reese walks out on him once again. Reilly) on his team. while his alcoholic father. he and Susan fall in love with each other. Cal Naughton. Girard. Ricky manages to pass all the other drivers except Girard. (John C. Ricky's tests at Rockingham Speedway shows that he has lost his touch and fails to regain a spot on his team. Lucy. Carly (Leslie Bibb). Ricky eventually manages to allow Dennit to field an additional car and arranges to have his best friend. Reese (Gary Cole). and Texas Ranger in the parking lot to reunite for a dinner party during which Ricky and his extended family plan to get thrown out of Applebee's. Walker. Cal receives orders from Dennit to get Ricky out of the race. Ricky quickly soars to the top of NASCAR by achieving fame and fortune at Dennit Racing and meeting his future wife. Ricky finally regains his confidence. Ricky pushes himself too hard during the race at Charlotte Motor Speedway and ends up going airborne. Although Ricky wins the foot race. the replacement driver of Ricky's Wonder Bread car runs into Cal on Dennit's orders. A final scene during the film's closing credits depicts Cal and Lucius working as NASCAR mechanics fixing Ricky's car. When Ricky runs into his assistant. Ricky and Girard sprint on foot to the finish line. which causes a massive wreck that wrecks every driver except Ricky and Girard. but his invitation was immediately refused by Ricky. Ricky and Cal finally reconcile their friendship and family. she convinces Ricky to return to NASCAR not because of his desire to live up to the expectations of those around him. Fifteen years later. With his retraining and the guidance of Reese. Cal invites Ricky to his wedding to Carly. Reese was thrown out of the school. Ricky persists in the belief that he is paralyzed. Ricky takes his two sons.Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby 291 Plot Ricky Bobby (Will Ferrell) is a NASCAR driver who was born to go fast. Susan (Amy Adams) at a bar. Susan. a fact that Ricky only realizes after accidentally sticking a knife in his leg while attempting to prove that he is paralyzed. Walker and Texas Ranger (Houston Tumlin and Grayson Russell) to his old home and takes his old job as a pizza delivery boy. Reese suddenly re-enters Ricky's life and attempt to teach Ricky to drive by using unusual methods to get Ricky back to normal speed. which allows Ricky to slingshot around Cal and ends up in the lead with Girard. While paramedics attempt to take Ricky to the hospital. but after giving his vulgar speech.

and Jack McBrayer as Hershell. Ricky's best friend and teammate. • Sacha Baron Cohen as Jean Girard.. Ricky's rival and a homosexual French Formula One driver. Susan falls in love with Ricky and helps him to get back to NASCAR. The FOX team appears during Ricky's race at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Ricky's three pit crew members. Jr. Cameos as themselves • Dale Earnhardt. Girard's appearance bears a loose resemblance to that of former French Formula One World Champion Alain Prost. Ian Roberts. • David Koechner. • Mike Joy. Girard drives the #55 Perrier car. circa the early 1990s. In the film. dominating" on the Formula One circuit in a SPEED broadcast segment. • Adam McKay as Terry Cheveaux. Ricky's drunk and alcoholic father. Reilly as Cal Naughton. Jr. He also appears in a deleted scene at the garage in Talladega. By coincidence. another NASCAR film. in a crowd asking for Ricky's autograph. Kyle. Dennit. His son. #26. Ricky's two sons. Ricky drives the #26 Wonder Bread car during his soar to the top of NASCAR and the #62 "ME" car during the race at the Talladega 500. Reilly would later reunite with Ferrell to co-write Step Brothers. • Gary Cole as Reese Bobby. and Glenn. Speed Channel commentator • Will Estell as trophy presenter to Cal at the winner's circle in Talladega 500 after Ricky and Girard are disqualified. Ricky's assistant and love interest. Reese attempt to teach Ricky to drive by using unusual methods to get Ricky back to normal speed. • Greg Germann as Larry Dennit. after which Ricky gives McMurray the finger. now Earnhardt Ganassi Racing. is currently used in Sprint Cup racing by Bobby Labonte. Old Spice. #47. Earnhardt tells Ricky not to tell the other drivers his opinion of Ricky. Ricky's pit crew chief and close friend. • Molly Shannon as Mrs. takes over the team halfway through Ricky's career. eccentric. Sr. was also the number used by Jamie McMurray (who cameos as himself in the movie) during his time at Roush Racing from 2006 to 2009. Larry. which was a sponsor of the team McMurray had raced for at the time. The number of Ricky's Wonder Bread car. a member of Ricky's pit crew and driver for which Ricky replaces him at the beginning of the film. • John C. • Jane Lynch as Lucy Bobby. Jr. Reilly played a car chief in Days of Thunder. Girard's husband and a world-class trainer of German Shepherds • Ted Manson as Chip. a NASCAR driver who only believes in winning after childhood advice given to him by Reese. NASCAR on Fox commentator • Darrell Waltrip and Larry McReynolds. who are also gay. sponsored Tony Stewart from 2001 to 2010. original owner of Dennit Racing and Ricky's team. who loses to Ricky at Texas Motor Speedway when Ricky wins by driving in reverse.. commenting that he got it at Target. Girard spends time before each race with his world-class horses. • Leslie Bibb as Carly Bobby. Jr. Ricky's long-suffering father-in-law • Rob Riggle as Jack Telmont. • Amy Adams as Susan. NASCAR on Fox color analysts. while Cal's sponsor. • Jamie McMurray. the new owner of Dennit Racing who plans to trick Girard to make up Ricky's costly on-track antics during the race at Talladega 500. Cal's car number. Girard is described as "talented. which is the car number currently used by Michael Waltrip and Mark Martin.. where Waltrip comments on the likeliness that Ricky will be . • Michael Clarke Duncan as Lucius Washington. Ricky's wife. • Pat Hingle as Larry Dennit. the younger Dennit's alcoholic wife • Andy Richter as Gregory. Ricky's strict Christian mother.Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby 292 Cast • Will Ferrell as Ricky James Bobby. • Houston Tumlin and Greyson Russell as Walker and Texas Ranger Bobby.

) The film is presented on standard DVD in four different configurations.[4] Home media Blu-ray was released on November 17. Bob Jenkins. each standard DVD carries Dolby Digital 5. Ferrell is back in freewheeling form." [3] Box office The film grossed $47. becoming the #1 film at the box office. 2007. 2006 and standard DVD and PSP UMD on December 12. scene selection.042.1 tracks in English and French with optional English and French subtitles. after Bruce Almighty. clever gags. and Parsons believes the reporter has had a stroke when he mistakes a black man for Larry Bird Elvis Costello and Mos Def. guests at Girard's party. NASCAR on NBC commentator • Benny Parsons and Wally Dallenbach. NASCAR on NBC color analysts.215 in its first week. Speed news anchorman Rick Benjamin.[2] British magazine Total Film gave it a perfect five-star rating. Talladega Nights is one of the films of the year. Rotten Tomatoes reports that 72% of critics gave the film a positive review. It is the second-biggest opening weekend ever for an original comedy. NASCAR on Fox field reporter. and excellent ensemble performances put it squarely in the winner's circle. Speedway (with footage of the film used as intros when special features.. They appear with Weber at the Talladega race. As for the audio. The menu gives the viewer the choice of Super Ferrell at the premiere of Talladega Nights. As of April 26. but is not credited 293 • • • • Release Critical reception Reviews for the film were positive. etc. Parsons is heard commenting about a reporter who first claims to have spotted Kenny Rogers in the stands (which none of them believe).40:1 aspect ratio) or pan & scan presentations. Talladega Nights' mix of satire. with the consensus being "Though it occasionally stalls. Jr. giving consumers the choice between either theatrical or unrated versions and anamorphic widescreen (2. • Bill Weber.177 worldwide. with the following verdict: "Forget the recent blips. More than just the year's funniest film.966. September 12.Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby black-flagged for driving around the track with a giant view-obstructing Fig Newtons sticker on his windshield. Speed news correspondent Greg Biffle in a Special Feature. the film has grossed an estimated $162. 2006. seen interviewing Ricky in pit lane at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. and the biggest opening for a film starring Will Ferrell."[1] It has a 69 rating at Metacritic. 2006. is chosen) or Short Track (without video intros. . • Dick Berggren.

294 Real-world homage In homage to Talladega Nights. before skidding to a stop on the apron just beyond the pit-road exit. bounced off and destroyed Ryan Newman's hood. In 2011. Will Ferrell Returns to Talladega and a theatrical trailer. Spanish. interviews with Ricky. however this changed at the last moment the day of filming because Ford Motor Company refused to lend its likeness to the film. Ricky & Cal's Commercials (However. and Sirius and NASCAR Spot. Edwards then climbed out of his car. the main character (referred to as "The Boss") is forced to drive a jeep with a tiger in it so they could learn to overcome their fear. Ricky & Cal's PSAs. Busch had spent the majority of the season with little or no sponsorship after leaving racing powerhouse Penske Racing and joining James Finch's underfunded Phoenix Racing.1 tracks in English and French and an uncompressed PCM 5. bonus race footage. In Saints Row. In terms of technical aspects. gag reel. and Thai subtitles. a 'line-o-rama' feature with alternate dialogue from the film. an interview with Jean and Gregory. the scene where young Ricky steals his mother's station wagon. this edition carries the unrated cut and presents the film with a widescreen transfer at its 2. on the final lap of the 2009 Aaron's 499 (one of two Sprint Cup races at Talladega Superspeedway). and commercials. Will Estell's character was originally to depict the CEO of Ford Motor Company presenting the winning Talladega trophy to Reilly's Naughton. Korean. Busch's girlfriend Patricia Driscoll spent months getting permission from Sony and Will Ferrell as well as other trademark and license holders. This. Jr. Edwards turned backwards. The scenes are not present in the deleted scenes either."[6] The reaction and apprehension about the spoof on NASCAR film was such that Alabama author and writer. Portuguese. causing the wardrobe department to remove the Ford hat that Estell was wearing in order to have his character show no affiliation to the auto company. deleted and extended scenes along with bonus race footage. and DVD-ROM content. Carl Edwards climbed out of his wrecked automobile after Brad Keselowski made contact with his car on the final lap. In 2012. went airborne. along with English. The Blu-ray release is available on a dual-layer disc with the majority of features presented in high definition including: nine deleted/extended scenes."[5] Edwards was later asked about this on Larry King Live. Walker & Texas Ranger. as Keselowski and Dale Earnhardt. three interviews. NASCAR on Fox play-by-play commentator Mike Joy commented how it was "shades of Ricky Bobby. French. Cal. and the scene which shows what happened to Ricky's pit crew. Chinese.Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby Extras for the standard DVD editions include a retrospective '25 Years Later' commentary track featuring most of the main cast. a gag reel. right down to the cougar painted on the hood and the rear bumper tag "I Wanna Go Fast". and Carley. The unrated disc contains additional deleted scenes ("Cal Calls Ricky" and "What'd You Do Today?"). he responded. and jogged to the finish line to a standing ovation from the crowd. . Busch's real-life fall from grace during the 2011-12 Sprint Cup off-season after being fired from Penske has been [7] compared to Ricky Bobby's. The first 1 million 60GB and 20GB PlayStation 3 units included a free Blu-ray copy of the film. There are also three extras not presented in high definition: Daytona 500 Spot.1 audio track in English. then flew into the catch fence. Kurt Busch ran his #51 car with the "ME" paint scheme used by Ricky Bobby at the end of Talladega Nights during the 2012 Aaron's 499 at Talladega. featurettes.40:1 theatrical aspect ratio and includes Dolby Digital 5. the video game Saints Row the Third spoofed the scene where Ricky has to drive with a live cougar in the passenger seat so he can learn to ride with fear. crossed the finish line. He did that at the end of Talladega Nights. line-o-rama. The "Unrated & Uncut" DVD omits two scenes and one part that shows that are present in the theatrical version. NASCAR Chase for the Nextel Cup Spot. "I'm kind of a Will Ferrell fan. Cal is not seen in any of the commercials).

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and produced by Warner Bros. of seasons No. cartoonnetwork. comedy-drama. com/ Website [1] Original run Teen Titans was an American animated television series based on the DC Comics characters of the same name. superhero. developed by David Slack. anime Animated series Glen Murakami David Slack Scott Menville Tara Strong Greg Cipes Hynden Walch Khary Payton Performed by Puffy AmiYumi United States English 5 65 (List of episodes) Production Opening theme Country of origin Language(s) No. of episodes Executive producer(s) Producer(s) Running time Sander Schwartz Glen Murakami 22 minutes Production company(s) DC Entertainment Warner Bros. 2003 – January 16. 2006 External links http:/ / www. It . The show was created by Glen Murakami. Television Distribution Broadcast Original channel The WB Television Network (2003–2004) Cartoon Network (2003–2006) The CW (2007–2008) July 19. Animation Distributor Warner Bros. Animation. science fiction.Teen Titans (TV series) 296 Teen Titans (TV series) Teen Titans Genre Format Created by Developed by Starring Action.

while the English theme songs means it will be a serious episode (with the exception of "Nevermore"). The group's base of operations is Titans Tower. appear throughout the series. but the episodes weren't shown in order. and their limitations. On different episodes. and Cyborg. the series was terminated by new Warner Bros. Many characters from the comics. the actor who provided the voice of Aqualad. 2003. the series is also character-driven. sung by the J-pop duo Puffy (called "Puffy AmiYumi" in the United States to distinguish it from Sean Combs). TitansTower. According to Wil Wheaton. not WB. The series revolves around main team members Robin (the leader). Several days after this initial [4] posting. Warner Bros. The film premiered at San Diego Comic-Con International and was shown on Cartoon Network first on September 15. 2007. and fans were urged to express their support for the show to Cartoon Network. At the end of the third season. Animation announced a feature called Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo. Seasons two and four are based upon two of the most popular New Teen Titans arcs. they did however air Season 3 for the first time. it was announced that the series would be revived as Teen Titans Go! in April 2013 and air on the DC Nation block. While it is an action cartoon. as well as the Doom Patrol heroes and villains. and hangar/garage space. and Speedy. It sits on an island just offshore from a fictional West Coast city. primarily the stories told in the early-1980s The New Teen Titans comic book series by Marv Wolfman and George Pérez. the Teen Titans. Andrea Romano revealed in an easter egg on the season 3 DVD that the Japanese theme song means it will be a silly episode. 2006. Feature Animation executives who made the decision not to renew the series based on its sixth season pitch. and its animation style is heavily influenced by anime. and the final episode "Things Change" aired on January 16.com reported that prospects for a sixth season were looking extremely unlikely. Raven. 2012. examples are then shown. with a focus on the main characters’ struggles with being teenage superheroes. Starfire.Teen Titans (TV series) premiered on Kids' WB on July 19. Kids' WB never aired Season 4 nor Season 5. they did re-air Seasons 1-2 for the final time in 2007. scenarios and themes were drawn from the 1980s DC Comics series The New Teen Titans. but didn't continue to air through other seasons for unknown reasons. Many characters. 2006 and then aired on The WB Television Network on September 16.[5] Wheaton's story was contradicted by series story editor Rob Hoegee who stated that the decision came from Cartoon Network. including Aqualad. 2006. .[6] After the series finale. before converting into The CW on September 17. the series' theme song's lyrics alternate between English and Japanese. and builds a similar Tower to serve as home base. The DVD was released on February 6. was based on the TV series. On June 8. with the film Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo serving as the series finale. which introduces many Titans from the comics into the series for the first time. However. 2006. Beast Boy. their mutual friendships. this one is set into the cliff on which the city is built Teen Titans frequently uses self-referential humor.[2] 297 Series run Teen Titans is based on the DC Comics superhero team. a command center. This is especially true in the final season. training/workout facilities. the location is never stated in any episode (though geographically it seems to be based on San Francisco). the animated series characters are all depicted as being in their actual mid-teen years. a large T-shaped structure that combines living quarters. In mid-November 2005. Bumblebee. on the East Coast. a second team of Titans comes together in Steel City. instead of a free-standing structure on an island. "Judas Contract" and "Terror of Trigon" respectively. word came that Cartoon Network had officially terminated the show. but is identified as "Jump City" in the Teen Titans Go! comic series.[3] While in the comics the characters are portrayed in their late teens to early 20s (resulting in the comic series at one point even dropping the word "Teen" from its title to reflect its older characters). being that there were never any plans for a sixth season. Teen Titans Go! (2003–2008). This can be accessed by going to the special features menu on disc 2 and selecting the + sign on Más's chest. A comic book series.

it was revealed that due to the success of the shorts.[9] Episodes Season List Season 1 2 3 4 5 Episodes 13 13 13 13 13 Originally aired 2003 2004 2004 2005 2005 – 2006 2006 DVD release dates [10] February 7.[7] 298 DC Nation The series was revived as a series of new shorts in 2012 for the DC Nation programming block on Cartoon Network. Herald. Gizmo (season 5). 2006 [11] April 10. Ashley Johnson – Terra Scott Menville – Robin. 2008 February 6.Teen Titans (TV series) Towards the end of 2011.E. Dubbed New Teen Titans. Teether Hynden Walch – Starfire. Hot Spot Ron Perlman – Slade Tara Strong – Raven. 2006 [10] September 12. the shorts began airing on March 3. Kole. Blackfire. Kitten. Derrick Wyatt has stated the next arc would feature the Titans setting up International Towers. Such rumors were based on of reports that Greg Cipes. 2012. Such rumors have since remained unverified. the series would be revived as Teen Titans Go! and air as part of the DC Nation block in April 2013. Adonis. and battling the monster from the Season 5 Finale. Nightwing. The new series will be more comedic than the original.V. 2012. the voice of Beast Boy on the show. Internet rumors speculated that a sixth season of the show was in the works.[8] Teen Titans Go! On June 8. 2007 Teen Titans Motion Picture Trouble in Tokyo Cast Principal voice actors • • • • • • • Greg Cipes – Beast Boy. Red X Khary Payton – Cyborg. Madame Rouge. 2007 [12] November 20. The shorts feature the Titans in chibi forms instead of the originals.I. had stated that work on a new season was underway and that a live action Teen Titans film was planned for release at the end of 2012. The principal cast members from the original series returned to voice the lead characters. Elasti-Girl. 2007 [13] July 22. Private H. Jinx ("Titans Together"). Argent .

See-More. Master of Games • Keith David – Atlas • Diane Delano – Pantha • John DiMaggio – Brother Blood. Superspy. Plasmus. André LeBlanc • Xander Berkeley – Warp. Ternion. Silkie. Armadillo Man • Greg Ellis – Malchior. Overload (2nd time). Wildebeest (2nd Time). Alien Dog. Joaquim. Trigon (2nd Time). Mento. Soto.I.V. Adventurer • Alexander Polinsky – Control Freak • Judge Reinhold – Negative Man • Kevin Michael Richardson – Mammoth. Gnarrk. Guardian of the Cave. Punk Rocket • Mike Erwin – Speedy • Takayo Fischer – Chu-Hui • Quinton Flynn – Lightning • Will Friedle – Fang • Billie Hayes – Mother Mae-Eye • James Hong – Professor Chang • Tony Jay – Narrator (in "Transformation") • David Johansen – Ding Dong Daddy • Tom Kane – Bob • Tom Kenny – Mumbo. Larry. Billy Numerous • Malcolm McDowell – Mad Mod • Peter Onorati – Robotman • Rob Paulsen – The Source. General Immortus • Kimberly Brooks – Sarasim • Clancy Brown – Trident • S. Game Show Host. Scott Bullock – Thunder • Rodger Bumpass – Doctor Light • Cathy Cavadini – Cironielian Chrysalis Eater • Thomas Hayden Church – Killer Moth (1st Time) • Dave Coulier – Tramm • Jim Cummings – Wildebeest (1st time).Teen Titans (TV series) 299 Additional voices • Dee Bradley Baker – Cinderblock. Space Monster. Fixit • T'Keyah Crystal Keymáh – Bumblebee • Virginia Madsen – Arella • Jason Marsden – Red Star. Spike • Michael Clarke Duncan – Krall • Jeff Bennett .Anchor. Headmistress • Rino Romano – Cron • Stephen Root – Val-Yor • Michael Rosenbaum – Kid Flash • Glenn Shadix – Brain.E. Monsieur Mallah • Alan Shearman – Galfore . Guardian of the River • Bumper Robinson – Hot Spot (2nd Time) • Freddy Rodriguez – Más y Menos • Henry Rollins – Johnny Rancid • Andrea Romano – H.

(The Flying Graysons. some fans debated which Robin leads the Teen Titans. Many times throughout the animated series. Cyborg. and calls himself "Beast Boy Wonder". The Titans have even been seen sleeping in their costumes. In episode 12 ("Apprentice") of season 1. "I already have a father. There’s the witch girl.And the whole "Who’s Robin?" controversy is really kind of interesting to me. In particular. A picture of him very similar to the one of Dick Grayson on the cover of #38 of the Detective Comics by DC Comics then shows up. I sort of am. "It was really important to me that little kids watching it could identify with characters.. John and Mary Grayson) a reference to how Dick Grayson became Robin. in the episode "Haunted" when Raven goes into Robin's mind. he commented that he "might be like a father to him (Robin)" Robin then said.Teen Titans (TV series) • • • • • • • • • • David Sobolov – Cron Gary Sturgis – Trogaar Keith Szarabajka – Trigon (1st Time) James Arnold Taylor – Overload (1st Time). Timmy Tantrum Lauren Tom – Gizmo. the Teen Titans characters maintain their superhero identities at all times." There's the we [sic] just wanted it really clean like that. Robin has taken on Grayson's identity of Nightwing. Like. it is implied that Robin is Dick Grayson. there’s the robot guy. This probably shows that he is referring to his former mentor Batman. Beast Boy's natural appearance is a dead giveaway. after Robin brought the first stolen object to Slade. And just really set Robin apart from Batman. When he attempted to steal a second object for Slade. and Raven does not take another identity. while Robin is fighting off a thief in a dark alley. Starfire's name is a translation of her given name from her planet of origin (somewhat like Superman and Kal-El). There’s the alien girl. "Oh. Further there are similarities to Robin's costume to that of Dick Grayson's in Batman: The Animated Series.. although it was never confirmed or denied until Teen Titans Go! #47." After that. which revealed that Robin's secret identity is Dick Grayson. I know it’s kind of important to have secret identities and stuff like that but we wanted everything to be really. Also. he clearly states the he works alone after the robber asks why he was not with Batman. Cyborg's real name is public knowledge. There’s the shape-changing boy. So if it seems like I’m avoiding the question. Because I don’t think it’s really important. . Starfire and Beast Boy traditionally do not have secret identities. he fought on the rooftop of a building labeled Wayne Enterprises. there is a clip of two acrobats falling from a trapeze.. In episode 4 of season 4 ("The Quest"). In another episode where Starfire is thrust into the future.. In "Fractured". iconic.Voice Director Secret identities Unlike most other superhero television series. In the episode "Go". And that was important to me. We just wanted it simple. Cash Russi Taylor – Melvin. Guardian of the Trees 300 Crew • Andrea Romano . Robin's alternate dimensional counterpart Larry gives as his real name Nosyarg Kcid ("Dick Grayson" spelled backwards). In the comics however. My big concern is just trying to make Robin cool. Beast Boy wears Robin's suit whilst he is away. there were bats flying out of the ceiling window. really. Raven. though the series hints at the concept of an alter ego or secret identity but rarely explores it. We wanted it like old Star Trek. My concern is how do I make Robin a really . Jinx Tracey Walter – Puppet King Wil Wheaton – Aqualad Marc Worden – Killer Moth (2nd Time) Keone Young – Katarou. And I thought that the minute you start giving them secret identities then kids couldn’t project themselves onto the characters anymore.

E. Speedy. just as she had in the comic books. who never had a secret identity (though the mainstream continuity Teen Titans Vol. this Speedy has the same costume design and voice actor (Mike Erwin) as the Teen Titans incarnation. while Starfire's name. The comic series Teen Titans Go! has recently been going into the background of the characters further: • #45. the fifth season focuses on the Brotherhood of Evil. Lastly. • #47. Raven points out that he is green with pointed ears and fangs. each season features several episodes devoted to the series' mythology. however connect Teen Titans to the DCAU because Batman will appear and he is voiced by Kevin Conroy. The second season adaptation of "The Judas Contract" introduces Terra. The fourth season very loosely adapts the "Terror of Trigon" arc. 3 has shown she has taken the name Rachel Roth as an alter ego in the normal world). The first season introduces Slade. appeared alongside his mentor.the same actor who voiced the Flash in Justice League Unlimited. However. showcasing Raven and her relationship with her father. Also notably. is spoken aloud on-screen amidst a line of Tamaranian language in the episode "Betrothed" (the fifth season origin-episode "Go!" mentions that Starfire is a translation of her Tamaranian name). however.Beast Boy and Cyborg's origin. does. Drawing Inspiration: An Interview with Glen Murakami. though older in appearance. Kid Flash was voiced by Michael Rosenbaum in his appearances in the show . a nod to his name Victor Stone in the DC Comics. The policy is never an issue with Raven. in which Doom Patrol members refer to Beast Boy by his real name. And I feel that way about all the characters. Garfield. The follow-up series. Green Arrow. and the apparent war that takes place between them and the Titans.I. In the final episode. . who first appeared in the episode "Winner Take All" along with Aqualad and others." While most episodes are not connected with a central plot. he encounters a high school student who looks and sounds exactly like Terra. but her identity is never firmly established. 301 Continuity Teen Titans has never been established to be a part of the larger DC animated universe or The Batman animated series. the superhero team to which Beast Boy belonged before joining the Titans. Batman himself makes a very small cameo in Teen Titans Go! comic #47. an arch-rival of Robin and the Titans. • #46. The third season focuses on Cyborg's rivalry with Brother Blood and the H. April 2004 The policy of not mentioning the characters secret identities is broken in the fifth season. academy. who eventually betrays the Titans to Slade." — Glen Murakami. In "Go" the Titans ask Beast Boy about his mask and he states it hides his true identity. in Justice League Unlimited. Teen Titans Go!. How can I keep all the characters really iconic and really clean. and ends with the creation of the Titans East team. based on the East Coast. he "has no secret to hide".Teen Titans (TV series) strong lead character without all that other stuff. He eventually realizes that he must move on with his life and leave both her and the past behind. Both Batman and Alfred Pennyworth appear in DC Nation's New Teen Titans "Red X Unmasked. the demon Trigon. Koriand'r.V. longtime enemies of the Doom Patrol.Robin's origin. The backgrounds and real names of Cyborg and Starfire are alluded to in earlier seasons: Cyborg chooses the alias "Stone" in the episode "Deception". Series producer Bruce Timm stated the series would not cross over with Justice League Unlimited. the Titans continue to call him Beast Boy.Starfire's origin.

During DC's 52 event. Titans Companion 2 by Glen Cadigan.. and they let the show evolve with the audience. but that was not our mission. but those shows really are directed more towards the nine to fourteen age group. the series has had an impact on the comics that initially inspired it. However.. 2004 However.[17] Impact on the comics Much like X-Men: Evolution and Batman: the Animated Series. Torres notes that the progression and deeper themes of the show widened the appeal to a much broader audience: . Some fans of the comics criticized the series for having a "childish nature".[19] In addition.... would later be used in her design for the Young Justice television series. —Sam Register. The characters Mas Y Menos were brought into the comics during 52 as new recruits to the Titans. Executive Producer and Cartoon Network V. Sam Register responded to criticism regarding the style of the show with a statement slightly contradicting Murakami's statement about wanting Robin to "be cool" with his metal-tipped boots: Justice League is awesome and Samurai Jack is awesome and we buy a lot of anime shows that are great. .[25] Cinderblock was brought into the comics during a battle with the newest roster of the Titans.[23] Writer Will Pfeifer brought Billy Numerous into the comics for a brief cameo during his tenure on Catwoman.[22] The most recent Aquagirl wore a costume with a similar design to the cartoon version of Aqualad. the show maintains a loyal fan base. the TV series often showed the heroes in cartoon states. [15] Years after its finish. [The show] started out skewed a lot younger. Now if the fanboys happen to like the Teen Titans also. Early into the series' run.[24] Following the death of the original Gizmo. —J. and later made a small cameo in the Final Crisis limited series.. [the show] got into some darker story lines. and they introduced a lot more characters.[14] The Teen Titans were based on their DC Comic iterations. Teen Titans Go! writer J. Joto was renamed "Hotspot" to match his cartoon counterpart. the future Cyborg shown in the Titans Tomorrow storyline had the same armor pattern that was worn by his animated counterpart.[16] Teen Titans was named the 83rd best animated series by IGN. Beast Boy adopted the purple and black outfit he wore on the show[18] and several years later was also given the pointed ears and fanged teeth originated by the series. CBR News interview.[20] Raven also adapted her animation costume design in One Year Later. a second Gizmo inspired by the cartoon's adolescent version was created for the DC Special: Cyborg mini-series. that's great.P. specifically her grinning white and red cat mask. and has recently experienced a resurgence of popularity thanks to its addition to the cartoon lineup on Boomerang. but along the way.[21] During 52.Teen Titans (TV series) 302 Reception The show received mixed reviews.The main mission was making a good superhero show for kids.. I think the producers discovered it was reaching a wider audience. so they expanded on it. (who was an adult in the comics). while the series' creators initially stated that younger children were the intended audience for the series. May 8. Torres.[26] Elements of the show's redesign of Cheshire.[27] .. and the six and seven and eight-year-olds were not gelling with the Justice League and some of the more of the fanboy shows.

php?id=3) (http:/ / www. dvdempire. [13] "Teen Titans: The Complete Fifth Season DVD-Video" (http:/ / www. com/ billy-numerous/ 29-57037/ all-images/ 108-199177/ tn_billynum_in_dcu/ 105-871741/ ) [25] DC Special: Cyborg . com/ tv_shows/ titans/ index. dvdempire. dvdempire.Teen Titans Video . [12] "Teen Titans: The Complete Fourth Season DVD-Video" (http:/ / www. . dvdempire. com/ Exec/ v4_item. com/ listings/ boomerang/ 3042). me/ DerrickJWyatt/ q/ 350448791616242928) Return of the TeenTitans . html). Retrieved 2010-05-22.5 inch action figures (including "Teen Titans Launch Tower Playset". November 15. [4] Teen Titans' Sixth Season Looks Unlikely (http:/ / titanstowermonitor.IGN (http:/ / www. dvdempire. Titans [5] [6] [7] [8] Tower Monitor blog post. dvdempire.com. cartoonnetwork. Retrieved 2007-04-24. com/ assets/ whos who/ aapanels/ teentitans3OYL/ titans_52_21. org/ web/ 20031203162516/ teevee. com/ fansites/ johnarturo/ news/ ?a=61229) [10] "Teen Titans: The Complete First Season DVD-Video" (http:/ / www. comicbookmovie. 5 inch action figures. . doc) interview transcript Transcript of TitansGo.5 inch "Comic Book Hero" mini figures. [11] "Teen Titans: The Complete Third Season DVD-Video" (http:/ / www. 3. Retrieved 2008-04-02. com/ Exec/ v4_item. jpg Final Crisis #1 Teen Titans #38 Aquagirl A28 (http:/ / www.com.com. "T-Sub Deluxe Vehicles"). 2010-05-22. "J. . "Teen Titans Command Center". asp?userid=99365681249545& item_id=1274510& searchID=213038). Retrieved 2007-04-24. titansgo. ign. ign. com/ top-100-animated-tv-series/ 83.Teen Titans (TV series) 303 Toys Bandai released a line of action figures based on the Teen Titans animated series. com/ Exec/ v4_item. Retrieved 2009-01-24. Teen Titans" (http:/ / tv. net/ archive/ 2003/ 10/ 31/ index. TwoMorrows Publishing. dvdempire. asp?userid=99365902819426& item_id=1359265& searchID=213038). archive. IGN. .5 inch plush Super-D Toys.Adapting the Animated Antics of the Teen Titans". com/ Exec/ v4_item. com/ uploads/ 0/ 3664/ 174767-87954-titans-east_super. LocateTV. titanstower. net/ interviews. comicvine. 2005 Wil Wheaton’s Rabio Free Burrito Episode 4 (http:/ / www. teevee. "T-Vehicles". [14] Geoff Duncan (October 31. "Battling Machines". com/ videos/ 2012/ 02/ 15/ exclusive-the-titans-face-3d) [9] PRESS RELEASE: All-New TEEN TITANS GO! Joins DC Nation in 2013! (http:/ / www. ISBN 1-893905-87-X.org. com/ assets/ whos who/ aapanels/ teentitans3/ aquagirl_A28. Retrieved 2006-10-15. [17] "83. [18] Titans 52 (http:/ / www. "Drawing Inspiration: An Interview with Glen Murakami" (http:/ / www. titanstower. Titans Companion 2. comicbookmovie. html). comicvine. com/ fansites/ johnarturo/ news/ ?a=61229) [3] Walko. html). org/ archive/ 2003/ 10/ 31/ ) on 2003-12-03. jpg) [20] [21] [22] [23] [19] http:/ / i. dvdempire. [16] "Boomerang TV Schedule" (http:/ / www. Titans East. and various allies and villains. and 10 inch figures. blogspot.com. html [2] ComicBookMovie. . com/ source/ animated/ behindglenpace4. Glen. . titanstower. com/ 2005/ 11/ teen-titans-sixth-season-looks. . formspring. asp?userid=99365681249545& item_id=770197& searchID=213038). [15] Cadigan. 2009-01-23. Torres .com . Retrieved 2007-08-17. com/ preview_images/ dcnew/ oct09/ 4/ tt_cv76_solicit.net's interview with Rob Hoegee (http:/ / www. html). Bill (2004-04). 2003). p. net/ files/ transcripts/ wilw_tt-cancelled. 6. The line included 1.PRESS RELEASE: All-New TEEN TITANS GO! Joins DC Nation in 2013! (http:/ / www. ""Teen Titans": Robin the Cradle" (http:/ / web. asp?userid=99366281287642& item_id=1401525& searchID=).com. 216. newsarama. TitansTower. locatetv. titansgo. jpg) [24] Comic Vine (http:/ / www.com. Archived from the original (http:/ / www.[28][29] Awards and nominations 2005 Annie Awards • Outstanding Storyboarding in an Animated Television Production (Nominated) 2004 Annie Awards • Outstanding Music in an Animated Television Production (Nominated) • Outstanding Storyboarding in an Animated Television Production (Nominated) 2004 Motion Picture Sound Editors Awards • Best Sound Editing in Television Animation (Nominated) References [1] http:/ / www. Amongst the characters included in the line were the main members of the Teen Titans. jpg http:/ / media. teevee. .

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Inc. (season 6–present) Nickelodeon Animation Studios Advantage Audio (post production sound services) Distributor MTV Networks International . of seasons No. of episodes Running time Production company(s) Frederator Studios Billionfold.) No.The Fairly OddParents 305 The Fairly OddParents The Fairly OddParents Genre Slapstick Adventure Fantasy Black comedy Format Created by Voices of Animated television series Butch Hartman Tara Strong Daran Norris Susanne Blakeslee Grey DeLisle Ibrahim Haneef Muhammad Gary LeRoi Gray Frankie Muniz Jason Marsden Carlos Alazraqui Jim Ward Dee Bradley Baker Dionne Quan Faith Abrahams Rob Paulsen Laraine Newman Tom Kenny Jane Carr Jay Leno Kevin Michael Richardson Eric Bauza Opening theme Ending theme Composer(s) Country of origin "The Fairly OddParents" by Butch Hartman and Ron Jones "The Fairly OddParents" (instrumental) Guy Moon United States Canada 8 (season 9 in production) 126 (aired) 157 (segments) (List of episodes) Production Executive producer(s) Butch Hartman Fred Seibert Scott Fellows (season 6) 30 minutes (approx.

U. Remy's parents are constantly ignoring him. in "Teeth for Two. suspecting that Timmy has fairy godparents. Mr. He is joined by his fairy and ex-boyfriend of Wanda. The series is produced by Frederator Studios and. a large rulebook that defines what children can and cannot wish for and how fairy godparents must behave. but reveals to Timmy that he only takes out his anger on him because of his rough home life and abusive parents. has two fairy godparents. Remy Buxaplenty. according to "Da Rules". For example. Inc. The series started out as cartoon segments that ran from September 4. As the series progressed. Cosmo and Wanda were once Crocker's fairy godparents. as the rule doesn't apply to people who currently have their own or once had fairy godparents). It is the third-longest-running Nicktoon. more villains were added. He is also jealous of his loving parents. and the third Nicktoon to have a 9th season. often described like Arnold Schwarzenegger. or else they will be taken away from him (although he doesn't remember. Season 9 began development in August 2012. proving he is somewhere in-between as a protagonist and an antagonist. for wishing them out of existence. 2001 on Oh Yeah! Cartoons and was later picked up as a series. much to Cosmo's annoyance. and is due to air in 2013. 2001 – November 25. He is dangerous to Timmy because. his teacher. an enormous and tough fairy with an Austrian accent. inadvertently causing problems that Timmy must fix. claiming he punches many others). which led to him getting fairies. Puppy External links Website [1] 306 The Fairly OddParents (sometimes abbreviated FOP) is an Emmy-award winning American and Canadian (since Season 6) television series created by Butch Hartman for Nickelodeon.F." he states that Cosmo and Wanda are his closest friends. behind SpongeBob SquarePants and Rugrats. Billionfold.F. a vicious boy who claims to be the toughest student in school. 1998 to March 23. Cosmo and Wanda. Timmy is also loathed by his unwished wishes. Juandisimo also constantly tries to woo Wanda.Present Chronology Related shows SpongeBob SquarePants The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius Danny Phantom T. 2008 . At his school. who grant his every wish.The Fairly OddParents Broadcast Original channel Picture format Nickelodeon SDTV 480i (2001–2010) HDTV 720p (2009–present) Audio format Original run Stereo Original Series March 30. Plot A young boy. In the beginning of the series. Remy is very jealous of Timmy for having two fairies while he only has one. Well into the series. as of season 6. firmly believes in fairy godparents and has been searching for them a very long time. 2006 Revived Series February 18. Juandisimo Magnifico. he is often bullied by Francis. Timmy is introduced to his archenemy. Crocker. personally dislikes Timmy and his fairies (although.Timmy Turner. nobody else can know about his fairy godparents. behind SpongeBob SquarePants and Rugrats. Jorgen Von Strangle. Timmy's babysitter Vicky was the main antagonist. .

Turner.[2] Alec Baldwin (Older Timmy). and Britney Britney • Jay Leno as the Crimson Chin and Nega-Chin • Tom Kenny as Cupid • Jim Ward as Mr. and AJ's Dad • Ben Stein as the Pixies • Chris Kirkpatrick as Chip SkyLark and Skip Sparkypants • Adam West as Himself and Catman • Gilbert Gottfried as Dr. Bucky McBadbat. Ben Stein (The Pixies). Bickles. Dr. Daran Norris as Cosmo. Turner Susanne Blakeslee as Wanda. Gilbert . Mr. Chompy the Goat. Baby Poof. and Happy Peppy Gary • Tara Strong as Blonda Fairywinkle #2. Scott Bullock as Flappy Bob • Alec Baldwin as Older Timmy • Butch Hartman as Dr. Chad. Doug Dimmadome. the April Fool. Santa Claus. Happy Peppy Betty and various • Faith Abrahams as Francis • Dionne Quan as Trixie Tang • Rob Paulsen as Mark Chang. and Pappy • Susanne Blakeslee as Anti-Wanda. Princess Mandie. Some other famous stars were Norm Macdonald (Norm the Genie). Principal Geraldine Waxelplax. Tooth Fairy. Rip Studwell (other appearances) • Laraine Newman as Queen Jipjorrulac • Robert Costanzo as Easter Bunny (other appearances) • Dana Carvey as Schnozmo Cosma Guest stars Throughout the course of the show. Tad. Chris. Rip Studwell. many celebrities have guest starred on The Fairly OddParents. Anti-Cosmo. Mr. Vicky's Dad. Mrs. Turner Grey DeLisle as Vicky Ibrahim Haneef Muhammad and Gary LeRoi Gray as AJ Frankie Muniz and Jason Marsden as Chester McBadbat Carlos Alazraqui as Denzel Crocker Recurring cast • Daran Norris as Jorgen Von Strangle. Bender and Wendell • Norm Macdonald and Robert Cait as Norm the Genie (other appearances) • Eric Bauza as Foop • S. George Washington. King Gripploun. Chris Kirkpatrick of NSYNC (Chip Skylark).The Fairly OddParents 307 Cast Main characters • • • • • • • Tara Strong as Timmy T. and Chet Ubetcha • Jane Carr as Mama Cosma • Tony Sirico as Big Daddy • Kevin Michael Richardson as Dark Laser. AJ's Mom. Nana Boom-Boom. and Sheldon Dinkleberg • Grey DeLisle as Tootie. Some of the most notable are recurring characters Adam West (Catman) and Jay Leno (The Crimson Chin and a parody of himself in one episode). Vicky's Mom. Jackie Mason (the Sand Man). and Blonda Fairywinkle #1 • Casey Kasem as Tom Sawyer • Carlos Alazraqui as Juandissimo Magnifico. Mayor. Veronica.

2001. which began airing on March 30. Nickelodeon UK aired nine Oh Yeah! Cartoons shorts in three episodes.E. 308 Production history Early origins (1998–2001) Producer Butch Hartman originally created The Fairly OddParents as a seven minute short film entitled "Fairy Godparents. The film was a success and many products were merchandised. but since he ran out of blue ink. Bush (a U. Tina Turner (also one of their godkids). and Mrs. Wanda was originally going to be named "Venus". in the half hour after Invader Zim.The Fairly OddParents Gottfried (Dr. . 2006. Ratings skyrocketed. However. and the designs are notably different (including Timmy's parents.F. Hartman wanted Timmy to wear a blue hat." Remy hires a scientist to help Timmy with his math who uses a wheelchair and uses a computer to communicate. was aired. and Tom Arnold (Santa).[4] However when The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie was released. references have been made to other public figures. Mr. Gene Simmons & Paul Stanley (themselves). including Bill Gates (shown as a child with Cosmo and Wanda as fairy godparents).S." Early popularity (2001–2004) The Fairly OddParents was immediately popular. She also calls Timmy by his name as opposed to the more often used "twerp". who are only seen from the neck down with their faces hidden in the pilot episodes and appear to be more intelligent than they appeared to be in the proceeding series. Originally.[3] Other than SpongeBob. Unlike the half-hour series. Cosmo was originally voiced by Saturday Night Live alumnus Phil Hartman. or not to be. Nick's ratings soared. On April 11. Arnold was also parodied in the Fairly OddParents where he was labelled "Arnold Schwartzen-German". "To be. Since then. which is a spoof from the movie "Last Action Hero" and Hamlet. Butch Hartman made six more short films for the show in Season 3. no matter what time slot Nickelodeon placed the show in. and he is significantly more intelligent than he appears to be in the proceeding series. resembling Stephen Hawking. The series attracted a wider than anticipated audience. In fact. yet still easily duped by Vicky's abhorrent actions). Annihilated!". a feat only matched by SpongeBob SquarePants. Turner. Wanda is shown to be less intelligent and less of a nag. in which Timmy makes copies of himself. in which Vicky uses Wanda's wand. Her middle name was and still is "Venus. He also quoted. Vicky is much less evil than in the original series. After Abra-Catastrophe!. and President George W. Other notable differences include the voices like Timmy Turner. SpongeBob gained much more popularity than Fairly Oddparents. These stories include "Where's the Wand". A second Fairly OddParents TV special was made. Sylvester Stallone (parodied as Sylvester Calzone). creator Butch Hartman created a new project for Nickelodeon called Danny Phantom. Steve Irwin (the Bad Parent Hunter. Though not featured as guests on the show. Abra-Catastrophe!. Early 2002 and 2003 was the first peak of popularity for The Fairly OddParents. president was depicted in one episode. but instead named her Wanda. it was later Nickelodeon's highest rated show. there have been other specials. due to his large physique and thick accent." one of 39 short cartoons in the first season of Fred Seibert's Oh Yeah! Cartoons. Michael Clarke Duncan (Rockwell in the episode Crash Nebula).R." appearing to be a parodied Arnold Schwarzenegger. titled Channel Chasers. a self parody of "The Crocodile Hunter"). Each episode lasts for about 7 minutes. appealing to all ages. Patrick Warburton (M. greatly increasing its lead-in rating from Invader Zim. Billy Crystal (parodied as Billy Crystal Ball). Bender and Wendell). and "Too Many Timmys". the animation in the shorts are not as smooth. The show saw its quick rise to the top in Australia and United States in summer of 2002 and 2003 when the show's first TV special. Brendan Fraser (Turbo Thunder). instead of Tara Strong. and it briefly passed SpongeBob SquarePants. agents). and he bore resemblance to then-president Bush). Nickelodeon agreed to a six episode order (consisting of two 11-minute stories) of "The Fairly Oddparents". he decided to make it pink. who was voiced by another actress (Mary Kay Bergman). Britney Spears (parodied as Britney Britney). In the episode "Remy Rides Again. There is also references to "Jorgen Von Strangle.

EST beginning on Monday. Wishology. March 10 after a rerun of the Fairly OddBaby special. More new episodes began airing on February 11. 2011. on his forum that Nick granted Fairly OddParents twenty more episode slots and that the show resumed production. and they are the last episodes of the season. 2008. This is the first Fairly OddParents movie to be nearly three hours long (or.m and September 18 at 11:30 EST.R. aired in three one-hour installments during the first weekend of May 2009.M. throughout the month of July and August 2011.S. and to carry the show to at least the year 2011.S. becoming the top entertainment program across broadcast and basic cable TV for the year among kids. 2008. The Fairly OddParents have appeared in a $50 Best Western travel card over the 2006 summer period and again over the 2007 summer period. Love Triangle premiered on the 12th and "Spellementary School" and "Operation Dinkleberg" premiered on the 26th. four new episodes aired each day at 5:00 p. and ending on Thursday (3–13) of that week.[6] Revival and tenth Anniversary (2008–present) After a one year hiatus. Fairly OddBaby. as part of the lead-up to the 2008 Summer Olympics.[7] A huge hit.F. but there were not definitive plans to do so. including a live action TV movie called A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up. 2006. It was also announced that new specials have aired in the Fall of 2011. And on August 10–14 there was a premiere of brand new episodes of the Fairly Oddparents at 6:00 P. Nickelodeon announced on TV that they would begin the broadcast of a television movie called Fairly OddBaby as the beginning of at least 20 episodes of Season 6. Timmy Turner! in July. A new episode premiered on September 11 at 11:30 a. Fairy Idol. The featured headgag is that of Dudley Puppy's. School's Out! The Musical. It aired on July 10. more episodes aired between seasons 7 and 8. (The movie aired on different days in November throughout other countries). est.m. excluding commercials. A theatrical movie was planned for release by Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon Movies. After the airing of A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up. "Meet the OddParents". the "Jimmy-Timmy" crossovers. It has been confirmed that new episodes will air around 2012. Starting with the double length episode titled "When L. This was the tenth Fairly OddParents special. though in the U.S. Anti-Poof and the live-action movie Grow Up Timmy Turner!. Followed by the recent 1 hour length movie called "Timmy's Secret Wish" that aired in November during the week of Thanksgiving. but it was eventually dropped because of a management change by Paramount. The Fairly Oddlympics aired on August 1. The special followed all of the new episodes aired in succession and was only episode length itself. 2011. Crash Nebula.The Fairly OddParents like The Secret Origin of Denzel Crocker.E. 2009 at 7:00 pm est.F. but none has been officially . Puppy. with "The Jerkinators (The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 3)" as the actual season finale of the fifth season. 309 End and resumption of production (2005–2008) Nickelodeon ceased the production of the show late in 2005. the episode "Timmy the Barbarian!/No Substitute for Crazy!" was shown after The Jerkinators as the 5th season finale. Attack" airing in October. However. 2007. the main character of another popular Butch Hartman television series named T. 2009 and it followed a week of brand new Fairly OddParents episodes airing from July 6 to July 9. 2009 – October 23. Another Fairly OddParents special was released on Nickelodeon called Anti-Poof. Hartman announced on February 2. On October 19. Another premiere week aired through August 11–15. although the script was written. The fairly oddparents aired one new episode February 6 part of Super Secret Crush Weekend. The third announced title.O. 2008. Timmy Turner! which premiered on July 9. Another new episode week aired from May 12–16. 2009. 2009 @ 4/3c. Four new episodes of The Fairly OddParents aired during Super Stuffed Nicktoons Weekend. In February. Fairly OddBaby aired on February 18. Butch Hartman made the official announcement on his forum on January 24. Currently Fairly Odd Parents Episodes air only on Saturday and Sunday mornings. 2008. which began on August 8.[8] Also. 2008. It premiered on July 10.U. 144 minutes) and to be presented in HD and widescreen. Wishology. aired in December where Timmy's Godparents are seen by Timmy's parents. Hartman stated on his [5] [5] website that he would like to release the movie on DVD one day. The next three Fairly OddParents movies.

2012 N/A The Fairly OddParents special episodes . In Episode 1. 2001 March 1. 2002 November 13. 2003 November 21. while the final two productions of the trilogy both aired in 2006. 2009 February 12. 2005 March 21. 2012 Last airdate April 7. and Timmy Turner faces Evil Goddard in Jimmy's World). Their first encounter consisted of Jimmy and Timmy ending up in their opposite dimension. In Episodes 2 and 3. Timmy Turner!" called "A Fairly Odd Christmas". Anti-Cosmo from Fairly OddParents and Professor Finbarr Calamitous from The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius was the main antagonist. "Farm Pit". 2011 November 29. the season 7 has completed its run. and taking on their sudden conflict that the other character would normally face (where Jimmy Neutron faces Mr. 310 Crossovers The Fairly OddParents has crossed over with The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius in the Jimmy Timmy Power Hour trilogy. The first production of the trilogy was released in 2004. and appear in the others' dimension: Jimmy's friends get to appear in 2D animation and Timmy's friends appear in CGI animation. a villain created by Jimmy and Timmy to battle because they were bored. the cross over features the mixed adventures with the cast of The Fairly OddParents and The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius. 2002 November 8. the only season 7 episode that was unaired in the US as of August 2011. with the airing of this episode in US. 2004 February 18. 2012. Denzel Crocker from The Fairly OddParents is the main antagonist. 2003 May 7. 2003 June 10. 2012 December 23. was first aired on August 5.The Fairly OddParents announced. Episodes Seasons Season Oh Yeah! Cartoons Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4 Season 5 Season 6 Season 7 Season 8 Season 9 Episodes/(segments) 10 / (10) 7 / (13) 13 / (24) 20 / (31) 19 / (28) 21 / (34) 20 / (24) 20 / (39) 6 / (6) 26 First airdate September 4. 2008 August 12. 2008 July 6. 2001 December 24.[9] and also was confirmed a sequel to the 2011 live-action TV movie "A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up. 1998 March 30. 2012. 2009 August 5. Shirley. that was premiered on November 29. 2002 January 20. Expanding into three total one-hour specials. is the main antagonist. Crocker in Timmy's World. more characters were given significant roles. In Episode 3. In Episode 2.

Timmy Turner! 2011 2012 2013 Timmy's Secret Wish A Fairly Odd Christmas Sparky Jimmy Timmy Power Hour saga .The Fairly OddParents 311 Year 2001 2002 2003 2003 Special Christmas Everyday! Scary Godparents Information Stupor Highway Love Struck! 2003 The Secret Origin of Denzel Crocker! 2004 2004 2004 2008 2008 2008 2009 2011 2011 2011 2011 2013 The Big Superhero Wish! Crash Nebula Shelf Life Fairly OddBaby The Fairly Oddlympics Merry Wishmas Anti-Poof Love Triangle Invasion of the Dads When Losers Attack Meet the OddParents Sparky Fairly OddParents TV movies Year 2003 2004 2005 2006 2008 2009 TV Movie Abra-Catastrophe! Channel Chasers School's Out! The Musical Fairy Idol Fairly OddBaby Wishology Notes Three parts Three parts Two parts Two parts Two parts Three double-length parts One-hour movie Two parts 1½ hour movie Two parts 2011 A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up.

present) only reruns from seasons 1 to 3 Disney Channel (2005–present) only reruns from seasons 1 to 3 Nickelodeon (2006–present. seasons 4-onwards)  Hong Kong  Spain  Italy Nickelodeon (Hong Kong) ATV Home Disney Channel Fox Kids Jetix Nickelodeon K2 Frisbee Super! KidsCo NTK NHK Nickelodeon (Israel) Disney Channel (Israel) Nickelodeon (Greece) Disney Channel (Greece) Nickelodeon (UK and Ireland) Nicktoons (UK and Ireland) CBBC Disney Channel (Scandinavia) Disney XD (Scandinavia) Nickelodeon (Denmark) Nickelodeon (Finland) Nickelodeon (Norway) Nickelodeon (Sweden) Channel  Russia  Kazakhstan  Japan  Israel  Greece  United Kingdom  Ireland  Iceland  Denmark Faroe Islands  Finland Greenland  Norway  Sweden Aland Islands Arab World  China MBC 3 (Middle East) CCTV-14 CCTV-1 .The Fairly OddParents 312 Year TV Movie 2004 Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 2006 2006 When Nerds Collide The Jerkinators Broadcast History Country/Region  United States  Canada Latin America Nickelodeon YTV Fox Kids (2002-2004) Jetix (2004-2009) Disney XD (2009 .

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cfm?ReleaseID=657348). 2010. 314 External links • • • • • The Fairly Oddparents at Frederator Studios (http://www.com/odd/) The Fairly OddParents quiz (http://kaudi.php?id=177) Production blog (http://frederatorblogs. Retrieved June 28. .frederator. National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. viacom. [10] "The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Announces Winners of the 37th Annual Daytime Entertainment Creative Arts Emmy Awards" (http:/ / www.com .bcdb. 2010. pdf) (PDF).com/take-a-fun-quiz/quiz-about-the-fairly-odd-parents.The Fairly OddParents [9] "Nickelodeon Unveils Plans at Annual Upfront for More than 650 New Episodes Across Every Genre (NYSE:VIAB)" (http:/ / ir. June 25.com/shows/the-fairly-oddparents/) at TV. tv/ mediacenter/ _pdf/ day_0910_creative_arts_winners.html) The Fairly OddParents (http://www. emmyonline.imdb. .com/content.com/cartoons/Other_Studios/N/Nickelodeon/ Nicktoons_Productions/The_Fairly_OddParents/) at the Big Cartoon DataBase • The Fairly OddParents (http://www.tv. com/ releasedetail.com/title/tt0235918/) at the Internet Movie Database The Fairly OddParents! (http://www.

2012. who died of complications due to a heart attack in early September 2012. 2012 to May 11. entitled "The Finder". The backdoor pilot.[2] It is a spin-off of another Fox television series. of seasons No. Bones.S. TV series) 315 The Finder (U.S.[3][4] It also served as the final television performance of Michael Clarke Duncan. 2012. Fox cancelled the show. On May 9. 2012 Chronology Related shows Bones The Finder is an American procedural drama television series created by Hart Hanson that ran on Fox from January 12.The Finder (U. The series originally aired on Thursdays at 9:00 pm.[1] and moved to Fridays at 8:00 pm beginning April 6. It is loosely based on The Locator series of two books by Richard Greener. aired in its sixth season. . TV series) The Finder Promotional poster Genre Created by Starring Drama Hart Hanson • • • • Geoff Stults Michael Clarke Duncan Mercedes Masohn Maddie Hasson Theme music composer John Fogerty Opening theme Country of origin Language(s) No. of episodes "Swamp Water" United States English 1 13 (List of episodes) Production Executive producer(s) • • • Location(s) Running time Hart Hanson Daniel Sackheim Barry Josephson Florida 43 minutes Production company(s) Josephson Entertainment Far Field Productions 20th Century Fox Television Broadcast Original channel Picture format Original run Fox 720p (HDTV) January 12 – May 11. 2012.

Walter is paranoid. The character of Walter is an eccentric but amusing recluse in high demand for his ability to find anything. suspicious and quirky. Army (former). Masohn plays Isabel Zambada. Impossible dreamers.S. bartender and pilot) in supporting roles. He owns the bar. seemingly irrelevant questions to get to the truth. 2011. which explains his constant paranoia and compulsion to find things—and for asking offensive. leaving the series. Creator Hart Hanson posted on Twitter (in a humorous manner) regarding the notes he got from the network. The Finder was picked up for the 2011–12 season on May 10. He suffered brain damage after surviving a roadside bomb explosion. Geoff Stults was cast as the lead character with Michael Clarke Duncan and Saffron Burrows (as Ike Latulippe. the main characters of Bones travel to Key West. He is skeptical of everything. • Michael Clarke Duncan as Leo Knox.[5] Production on the episode began in early 2011. where The Finder is said to take place. According to Leo. a juvenile delinquent who helps with their investigations.[12] . and "The Lacey Confession". • Mercedes Masohn as Deputy U.S. and Hasson plays Willa. TV series) 316 Cast • Geoff Stults as Major Walter Sherman.[7][8][9] The three characters were introduced in episode 19 of season 6. with the episode airing in April. Walter's catchphrase. she and Walter have a "friends with benefits" arrangement. a widower and former attorney. Marshal. Leo is also known for his quoting of religious literature." He has a habit of sometimes taking before-and-after polaroids of clients. • Maddie Hasson as Willa Monday. Florida. airing on Thursdays at 9:00 pm ET.[1] Saffron Burrows did not appear beyond the backdoor pilot episode. while Leo Knox calls it "Akashvani". Walter has the knack of also finding out things that his clients didn't want to know. "The Ends of the Earth". seeing patterns where others wouldn't. a Deputy U. because the network decided to re-conceive the role. "I received studio notes on the Bones spin-off idea. and sometimes bodyguard. Unreasonable taskmasters. is "I'mma risk it. a Romani and Willa's cousin.S. He calls Walter's power "Akashvani". particularly Buddhism. Neo-platonists. but it also somehow resulted in him now being able to find anything. FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth calls Walter's gift "The Finder Power". Production on the episode featuring The Locator began in February 2011. While Walter's antics frequently get on her nerves. Hart Hanson. U."[6] In the episode. occupying the Bones time slot when it is on hiatus. Development Fox developed a quasi spin-off series for Bones that was built around a character introduced in the sixth season. and he also serves as Walter's manager and legal advisor. in Bones. he owes Walter his life.S. a Romani juvenile delinquent • Toby Hemingway as Timo Proud.[10] The series premiered midseason 2012.The Finder (U. In the backdoor pilot. as such. Marshal Isabel Zambada. and based on The Locator series of two books written by Richard Greener: "The Knowland Retribution". The series was created by Bones creator/executive producer. They want it to be better. with an order of 13 episodes.[11] Mercedes Masohn and Maddie Hasson joined the cast as the two female leads. Due to Brain damage suffered overseas in Iraq.

Walter turns to Deputy U. 2012 1ATT07 [17] 6. Walter learns Frank has lost something more meaningful than memorabilia. 2012 1ATT04 [16] 6. The episode begins with Willa's probation officer coming to quickly inspect her living quarters at the bar.22 Preston Miller (guest star Jonathan Slavin) is a magician who seeks Walter's help in finding his assistant who vanished after a failed disappearing act attempt. 2 "Bullets" Terrence O'Hara Matt MacLeod January 19. Marshal Isabel Zambada (Mercedes Masöhn) for insider information about the missing colonel. Meanwhile at the Ends of the Earth bar. an all-star baseball athlete. 2012 Episodes No. But all is not as it seems and Walter's life. 2012 After recovering one of John Fogerty’s (guest-starring as himself) beloved guitars. it all gets interrupted by a newsflash on TV about a missing girl.58 Walter looks for the bullets that were involved in the murder of a police officer twenty years ago. being his paranoid self.87 Isabel’s new boyfriend Frank (guest star Lance Gross).50 1 "An Orphan Walks Into a Bar" Daniel Sackheim Hart Hanson January 12. Meanwhile. 3 "A Cinderella Story" Adam Arkin Sanford Golden & Karen Wyscarver January 26. Leo enlists Isabel's help in looking after Willa. however she ends up having to stay due to the harsh weather. viewers (million) [13] 5. going as far as making punch and asking Isabel to come over. . which links the lost plane to a high-level drug dealer and illegal cargo.08 The episode revolves around Hurricane Catherine. family and friends face a very real threat from a woman code named 'Pope' (guest star Peta Wilson). 2012 1ATT09 [18] 6. Dr. However. Alongside Special Agent Judy Green (guest star Ever Carradine). Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production code 1ATT01 U. which is currently in Florida. boards the bar up and calmly begins preparing to stay in. Col.S. Jack Hodgins ropes Walter into searching for an 'Alien' Spacecraft that was seen and videoed by a pilot of an incoming Space Shuttle who is now dead (due to him not keeping quiet).S. TV series) 317 Series overview Season Episodes Originally aired Series premiere 1 13 DVD and Blu-ray release date Series finale Region 1 Region 2 Region 4 N/A N/A N/A January 12. and Walter steps in to help find his stolen collectibles. (guest star Eric Roberts) 7 "Eye of the Storm" Alex Chapple Aaron Ginsburg & Wade McIntyre March 8. Lance Sweets investigates whether Walter is fit to participate in Federal investigations. Then. but in the process. Bradshaw's life back after he was discredited by a shadowy government agency.The Finder (U.S. 5 "The Great Escape" Seith Mann Emilia Serrano February 9. Walter. 6 "Little Green Men" Dwight Little Will Pascoe February 23. Meanwhile. he and Leo (Michael Clarke Duncan) uncover the real purpose of the flight and help the teenage boy find closure. Meanwhile Willa and Timo attempt to get their marriage arrangement dissolved by the notorious Uncle Shad. a teenager on parole from juvenile detention and employed at the bar as part of her probation. Leo and Walter bring her in on the case. But when Walter forms an unlikely connection with the missing father. Walter and Leo find clues leading to a counterfeit money ring. gets robbed. to earn Willa’s trust. 2012 1ATT10 [19] 7.44 Walter's investigation of a missing shoe ends with a fairytale ending. 2012 1ATT05 [14] 6. The hurricane forces Walter to find the girl while remaining in his bar. 2012 1ATT03 [15] 8. 4 "Swing and a Miss" Kevin Hooks Aaron Ginsburg & Wade McIntyre February 2. he not only locates the fallen aircraft. Iraq veteran Walter Sherman (Geoff Stults) helps a teenage boy (guest star Brett Davern) locate his missing father. he also assists Walter in his finding endeavors. thereby getting the other pilot. But in the process. 2012 May 11.18 The Jeffersonian's Dr. owner Leo and Walter keep a watchful eye on Willa (Maddie Hasson). a military pilot and war hero whose plane vanished after embarking on an undisclosed mission.

However. 2012 1ATT11 [24] 4. Walter determines the man had been talking with somebody else just moments after calling his family and sets out to find the conversation itself. International broadcasters Country / Region  Canada  China  Hong Kong  Indonesia  Malaysia  Philippines  Singapore  Taiwan  Thailand  Vietnam  Portugal  Turkey  Poland  New Zealand  Japan FOX Portugal FX FOX Poland TV3 NZ Fox Japan February 15. and uses this to help heal his still-mourning family. Willa struggles with her soon-to-come arranged marriage to Timo. but to find an inheritance left behind for his daughter. 2012 Note Simsubbed against the Fox broadcast in most areas . 9 "The Last Meal" Milan Cheylov Josh Friedman April 13.00 Shortly after a shoot out. a notorious crime boss seeks Walter's help but finds this job proves to be extra dangerous. Walter is hired to recover the music for the distributor. 10 "The Conversation" Jim Hayman Patrick Massett & John Zinman April 20. 2012 1ATT08 [20] 4.31 Walter is asked by a young girl to find her recently-disappeared father. smokey flavor.19 After discovering that a painting he found was a forgery. 2012 March 22. 2012 1ATT13 [25] 4. but eventually agrees to help—not to look for the killer. Walter refuses to seek him out.The Finder (U. TV series) 8 "Life After Death" David Boreanaz Nkechi Okoro Carroll April 6. Walter begins the search for the original. 2012 March 26. Walter's brother Langston Sherman also shows up to bring him to their dying father. Initially uninterested.97 A friend of Isabel asks for Walter's help to find her father's killer. 2012 Global Fox Asia Channel Premiere January 12. who tasks him with finding the love of his life. Meanwhile Leo is depressed as the birthday of his daughter arrives and he once again contemplates his desire for revenge. 11 "The Inheritance" David Straiton Sanford Golden & Karen Wyscarver April 27. but there's one problem: she is in the Witness Protection Program. 2012 January 28. 2012 February 17. In the course of the investigation. However. primarily because he believes he is under a voodoo curse. Walter learns more about the dead rapper's final moments. the origin of his songs. Walter instead decides to find the dead rapper despite all evidence of his death. Walter searches for the chef behind the dish and source of its unique. 2012 1ATT06 [22] 4.45 Walter is asked to find a meal for a man and his wife's anniversary. 2012 1ATT12 [23] 3. 2012 November 1. The situation becomes more complicated when he and everyone at the bar ends up in a life or death situation between The "Smoke Monster" (Lost reference) chef and a mob boss. 13 "The Boy with the Bucket" Vahan Moosekian Hart Hanson & Patrick Massett & John Zinman May 11.03 318 When a DJ begins playing new songs from a rapper who was gunned down ten years ago.S. 2012 1ATT02 [21] 3. 12 "Voodoo Undo" Daniel Sackheim Matt MacLeod & Emilia Serrano May 4.

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distributed by Urban Entertainment. starring the voices of Blair Underwood and Michael Clarke Duncan. strengthens after an accident with one of Gregory's inventions grants him the superpowers of Jason's comic book hero. known throughout their town as "The Fletcher Flops". Carson Archie Gips Blair Underwood Michael Clarke Duncan Distributed by Theatrical: Urban Entertainment Distribution: Kidtoon Films Home video: Warner Home Video TV: Starz Kids & Family Release date(s) • Running time Language March 2. released onto DVD by Warner Home Video and airs on the Starz Kids & Family network often. had a limited theatrical run making it the first flash animation ever to be theatrically released in the United States. It also took top honors at the prestigious 2005 Giffoni International Film Festival. The Golden Blaze. after Mexico's Magos y Gigantes in 2003. 2005 94 minutes English The Golden Blaze is an animated film released in 2005[1] written by Archie Gips and directed by Bryon E. The film is animated and stylized like a comic book. Main cast • • • • • • Blair Underwood as Gregory Fletcher/Golden Blaze Khleo Thomas as Jason Fletcher/Sure Shot Michael Clarke Duncan as Thomas Tatum/Quake Ricky D'Shon Collins as Leon Neil Patrick Harris as Comic Shop Owner Sanaa Lathan as Monica . Plot The bond between son Jason Fletcher and father Gregory Fletcher. and the second. The feature.The Golden Blaze 321 The Golden Blaze Directed by Written by Starring Bryon E. It was produced by Kidtoon Films. Carson.

a 1999 film based on the Stephen King novel.com" (http:/ / www. a 1996 serial novel by Stephen King • The Green Mile (film).shtml) The Green Mile The Green Mile may refer to: • The Green Mile (novel). starring Tom Hanks and Michael Clarke Duncan . Retrieved 20 January 2007.com/20050415/features/ blairunderwood. External links • Interview with Blair Underwood about the film (http://www. com/ title/ tt0449029/ ). .blackfilm. The Golden Blaze (2005) (V).The Golden Blaze 322 References [1] "imdb. imdb.

1999 (United States) 188 minutes United States English $60 million $290. and James Cromwell. The scene shifts to 1935.The Green Mile (film) 323 The Green Mile (film) The Green Mile Promotional poster Directed by Produced by Screenplay by Based on Starring Frank Darabont Frank Darabont David Valdes Frank Darabont The Green Mile by Stephen King Tom Hanks David Morse Bonnie Hunt Michael Clarke Duncan James Cromwell Thomas Newman Music by Cinematography David Tattersall Editing by Studio Distributed by Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Box office Richard Francis-Bruce Castle Rock Entertainment Warner Bros. and emotional. John reveals extraordinary powers by healing Paul's . One day. Best Picture. and the supernatural events he witnessed. and Dean Stanton (Pepper). The film tells the story of Paul's life as a death row corrections officer during the Great Depression in the United States. Pictures • December 10. Paul Edgecomb (Greer) begins to cry while watching the film Top Hat. where Paul (Hanks) works with fellow guards Brutus "Brutal" Howell (Morse). The film is told in a flashback format and stars Tom Hanks as Paul Edgecomb and Michael Clarke Duncan as John Coffey with supporting roles by David Morse. and Paul tells her that the film reminded him of when he was a corrections officer in charge of death row inmates at Cold Mountain Penitentiary during the summer of 1935. a giant black man convicted of raping and killing two young white girls. John Coffey (Duncan). Plot In a Louisiana nursing home in 1999. Best Sound. Harry Terwilliger (DeMunn). he is shy. The film was nominated for four Academy Awards: Best Supporting Actor for Michael Clarke Duncan. Bonnie Hunt. and Best Adapted Screenplay.374 [1] The Green Mile is a 1999 American drama film directed by Frank Darabont adapted from the 1996 Stephen King novel of the same name. arrives on death row. soft-spoken. However.701. His elderly friend Elaine (Brent) shows concern for him.

• Michael Jeter as Eduard "Del" Delacroix. a violent prisoner named "Wild Bill" Wharton (Rockwell) has arrived.The Green Mile (film) urinary tract infection and resurrecting a mouse. John "takes back" the sickness in Hal's wife and regurgitates it into Percy. Mr. promising that afterward. For his last request on the night before his execution. She is soft spoken and a good cook. he will transfer to an administrative post at a mental hospital. 324 Cast • Tom Hanks as Paul Edgecomb. This is apparently a side effect of John giving a "part of himself" to Paul. he notes that he requested a transfer to a youth detention center. He enjoys antagonizing the guards and even urinates on Harry. Brutus calls him Wild Bill. at one point. and wonders how long it will be before his own death. volatile inmate on the Mile. who then shoots Wharton to death and falls into a state of permanent catatonia. but cannot get rid of him because of his family connections to the governor. Brutus is described as a gentle giant: He is the biggest of all the guards. The secondary protagonist of the film. his fellow guards dislike him. • Bonnie Hunt as Jan Edgecomb. Paul asks John what he should do. Jan is Paul's wife. he breaks three bones of an inmate's hand out of annoyance." He is said to just fall out the sky. A sadistic bully." Percy Wetmore (Hutchison). An agreement is made. Elaine questions his statement that he had a fully grown son at the time. • Michael Clarke Duncan as John Coffey. However his political connections keep him safe from harm. . When John is asked to explain his power. The main protagonist of the film. and John is executed. he asks Paul not to put the traditional black hood over his head because he is afraid of the dark. to be executed for multiple murders committed during a robbery. • Doug Hutchison as Percy Wetmore. He is a kind but stern man. and also the most kind-hearted. He is hated by everyone he comes into contact with. John takes Paul's hand and says he has to give Paul "a part of himself" in order for Paul to see what really happened to the girls. but Percy then deliberately sabotages the execution: Instead of wetting the sponge used to conduct electricity and make executions quick and effective. Percy is then admitted to Briar Ridge Mental Hospital as a patient rather than an administrator. Jingles. He demands to manage the execution of Eduard Delacroix (Jeter). has recently begun working on the mile. a sadist with a fierce temper. who is shown to have died at the end of the movie) to be a punishment from God for having John executed. Meanwhile. Del's mouse resurrected by John. and John psychically senses that Wharton is also responsible for the crime for which John was convicted and sentenced to death. He is married and has one grown son. and says he is "rightly tired of the pain" and is ready to rest. John watches the film Top Hat. John tells him that there is too much pain in the world. he enjoys brutalizing the inmates. to which he is sensitive. He adopts a mouse. he merely says that he "took it back. In the wake of these events. • Sam Rockwell as "Wild Bill" Wharton. Percy deliberately sabotages his execution. and murder. causing the execution to malfunction dramatically. Jingles. As an ederly Paul finishes his story. • David Morse as Brutus "Brutal" Howell. he leaves it dry. a Cajun inmate sentenced to death for arson. He is sentenced to death after he is found with the corpses of two white girls. the most violent. is also still alive — but Paul believes his outliving all of his relatives and friends (including Elaine. Mr. causing him to die in excruciating pain. Later. and Paul explains that he was 44 years old at the time of John's execution and that he is now 108. shakes his hand. He hates Percy. He heals people's sickness and pain by just "taking it back. if he should open the door and let John walk away. Paul interrogates John. but must keep the peace to keep his job. Paul agrees. At one point he seizes John's arm. rape. he heals the terminally ill wife (Clarkson) of Warden Hal Moores (Cromwell). where he spent the remainder of his career. and loves it more than anything in the world. When John is put in the electric chair. who says he "punished them bad men" and offers to show Paul what he saw.

• Dabbs Greer as Old Paul Edgecomb • Gary Sinise as Burt Hammersmith. John Coffey's defense attorney. He is shown to be a conservative man who enjoys his job. Soundtrack The official film soundtrack. Casting Hanks and Darabont met at an Academy Award luncheon in 1994.[2] Duncan has credited his casting to Bruce Willis. primarily instrumental tracks from the film score by Thomas Newman. Harry is the oldest guard. His wife has terminal cancer. Baby" by Billie Holiday. Stephen King stated he envisioned Hanks in the role and was happy when Darabont mentioned his name. and "Charmaine" by Guy Lombardo and His Royal Canadians. the executioner. Tennessee and Blowing Rock. "Did You Ever See a Dream Walking?" by Gene Austin. "I Can't Give You Anything but Love. North Carolina. • Eve Brent as Elaine Connelly 325 Production Darabont adapted the novels into a screenplay in under eight weeks. with whom he had worked on the film Armageddon one year earlier. • Patricia Clarkson as Melinda Moores. He has a wife and two children. According to Duncan. Much like Paul. . and is expecting a third child. A trustee of the prison. • William Sadler as Klaus Detterick • Bill McKinney as Jack Van Hay. He believes that John is innocent. He stated he was in tears by the end of it. was released on December 19. and after he read the script. Dean is the youngest of the guards and is soft and at times naive. • Jeffrey DeMunn as Harry Terwilliger. • Barry Pepper as Dean Stanton. 1999 by Warner Bros. Hal's terminally ill wife. A Cherokee man who rarely speaks. West Hollywood. His crime is murdering a man in a dispute over a pair of boots. • Graham Greene as Arlen Bitterbuck.The Green Mile (film) • James Cromwell as Warden Hal Moores. Hal is soften spoken but stern when needed. but knows he could never receive a fair trial.[2] The film was shot at Warner Hollywood Studios. Willis introduced him to Darabont after hearing of the open call for John Coffey. Cromwell was moved and agreed. California.[2] Darabont wanted Cromwell from the start. • Harry Dean Stanton as Toot-Toot. It also contains four vocal tracks: "Cheek to Cheek" by Fred Astaire. It contains 35 tracks. and on location in Shelbyville. He has a wife and two daughters.[2] Morse had not heard about the script until he was offered the role. Music from the Motion Picture The Green Mile.

The Green Mile (film)


The film received positive reviews from critics with an 80% "Certified Fresh" approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.[3] Roger Ebert gave the film 3 and a half stars out of four, writing "The film is a shade over three hours long. I appreciated the extra time, which allows us to feel the passage of prison months and years."[4] Forbes commentator Dawn Mendez referred to the character of John Coffey as a "'magic Negro' figure"—a term coined by Spike Lee to describe a stereotypical fictional black person depicted in a fictional work as a "saintly, nonthreatening" person whose purpose in life is to solve a problem for or otherwise further the happiness of a white person.[5] Lee himself berated the character as one of several "super-duper, magical Negro[es]" depicting a skewed version of the black male, claiming it was due to the prominence of white decision makers in the media companies.[6]

Awards and nominations
1999 Academy Awards[7][8] • • • • • • • • • Nominated – Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role – Michael Clarke Duncan Nominated – Best Picture – David Valdes, Frank Darabont Nominated – Best Sound Mixing – Robert J. Litt, Elliot Tyson, Michael Herbick, Willie D. Burton Nominated – Best Adapted Screenplay – Frank Darabont Won – Best Supporting Actor – Michael Clarke Duncan Won – Best Supporting Actress – Patricia Clarkson Won – Best Action/Adventure/Thriller Film Nominated – Best Director – Frank Darabont Nominated – Best Music – Thomas Newman

2000 Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films

2000 Broadcast Music Incorporated Film & TV Awards • Won – Film Music Award – Thomas Newman 2000 Black Reel Awards • Won – Theatrical – Best Supporting Actor – Michael Clarke Duncan 2000 Blockbuster Entertainment Awards • Won – Favorite Actor – Drama – Tom Hanks • Nominated – Favorite Supporting Actor – Drama – Michael Clarke Duncan • Nominated – Favorite Supporting Actress – Drama – Bonnie Hunt 2000 Bram Stoker Awards • Nominated – Best Screenplay – Frank Darabont 2000 Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards • Won – Best Screenplay, Adaptation – Frank Darabont • Won – Best Supporting Actor – Michael Clarke Duncan • Nominated – Best Film 2000 Chicago Film Critics Association Awards • Nominated – Best Supporting Actor – Michael Clarke Duncan • Nominated – Most Promising Actor – Michael Clarke Duncan 2000 Directors Guild of America • Nominated – Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Motion Pictures – Frank Darabont 2000 Golden Globe Awards

The Green Mile (film) • Nominated – Best Supporting Actor – Motion Picture – Michael Clarke Duncan 2000 NAACP Image Awards • Nominated – Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture – Michael Clarke Duncan 2000 MTV Movie Awards • Nominated – Best Breakthrough Male Performance – Michael Clarke Duncan 2000 Motion Picture Sound Editors (Golden Reel Awards) • Nominated – Best Sound Editing – Dialogue and ADR – Mark A. Mangini, Julia Evershade • Nominated – Best Sound Editing – Effects and Foley – Mark A. Mangini, Aaron Glascock, Howell Gibbens, David E. Stone, Solange S. Schwalbe 2000 People's Choice Awards • Won – Favorite All-Around Motion Picture • Won – Favorite Dramatic Motion Picture 2001 Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (Nebula Award) • Nominated – Best Script – Frank Darabont 2000 Screen Actors Guild Awards • Nominated – Outstanding Performance by a Cast • Nominated – Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role – Michael Clarke Duncan


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External links
• • • • Official website (http://thegreenmile.warnerbros.com/) The Green Mile (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0120689/) at the Internet Movie Database The Green Mile (http://www.allrovi.com/movies/movie/v181271) at AllRovi The Green Mile (http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/green_mile/) at Rotten Tomatoes

The Island (2005 film)


The Island (2005 film)
The Island
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Produced by Michael Bay Michael Bay Kenny Bates Walter F. Parkes Caspian Tredwell-Owen Alex Kurtzman Roberto Orci Ewan McGregor Scarlett Johansson Steve Jablonsky

Written by

Starring Music by

Cinematography Mauro Fiore Editing by Distributed by Paul Rubell Christian Wagner DreamWorks (U.S.) Warner Bros. (International)

Release date(s) Running time Country Language Budget Box office

July 22, 2005

136 minutes United States English $126 million
[1] [1]


The Island is a 2005 American science fiction/thriller film directed by Michael Bay, starring Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson. It was released on July 22, 2005, in the United States, and was nominated for three awards, including the Teen Choice Award. It is described as a pastiche of "escape-from-dystopia" science fiction films of the 1960s and 1970s such as Fahrenheit 451, THX 1138, Parts: The Clonus Horror, and Logan's Run. The film's plot revolves around the struggle of Ewan McGregor's character to fit into the highly structured world he lives in and the series of events that unfold when he questions how truthful that world really is. The film cost $126 million to produce. It earned only $36 million at the United States box office, but earned $127 million overseas, for a $162 million worldwide total. The original score for the film was composed by Steve Jablonsky. It was also the first film directed by Michael Bay that was not produced by Jerry Bruckheimer.

The Island (2005 film)


In the year 2019, Lincoln Six Echo and Jordan Two Delta live with others in an isolated compound. Their community is governed by a set of strict rules. The residents believe that the outer world has become too contaminated for human life with the exception of one island. Every week a lottery is conducted and the winner gets to leave the compound to live on the island. Lincoln begins having dreams that include memories that he knows are not from his own experiences. Dr. Merrick, a scientist who runs the compound, is concerned and places probes in Lincoln's body to monitor his cerebral activity and record what he sees. While secretly visiting an off-limits power facility in the basement where his friend, technician James McCord, works, Lincoln discovers a live moth in a ventilation shaft, leading him to deduce that the outside world is not really contaminated. Lincoln follows the moth to another section, where he discovers that the "lottery" is actually a guise to remove inhabitants from the compound, where the "winner" is then used for organ harvesting, surrogate motherhood, and other purposes for each one's sponsor, who is identical to them in appearance. Merrick learns that Lincoln has discovered the truth, which forces Lincoln to escape. Meanwhile, Jordan has been selected for the island. Lincoln and Jordan manage to escape the facility, where they emerge in an Arizona desert. He explains the truth to her, and they realize that all the residents are clones of wealthy and/or desperate sponsors, who are kept ignorant of the real world. Merrick hires French mercenary Albert Laurent to hunt them down, and explains that he needs the clones conscious in the compound, as otherwise their organs inevitably fail. Lincoln and Jordan find McCord in a bar. McCord gives them the name of Lincoln's sponsor in Los Angeles, and helps them to the Yucca railway station, before being killed by the mercenaries. Jordan's sponsor, model Sarah Jordan, is in a coma because of a car accident. Lincoln's sponsor, Tom Lincoln, explains some of the situation, causing Lincoln to realize that he has gained some of Tom's memories. Tom agrees to help expose the truth about the organ harvesting, but secretly informs Merrick about the situation by telephone. Merrick sends the mercenaries to their location, but Lincoln tricks Laurent into killing Tom, allowing him to assume Tom's identity. Merrick, having realized a cloning defect was responsible for Lincoln's memories and behavior, decides to eliminate the four newest generations of clones. Lincoln and Jordan, however, plan to liberate their fellow clones. Posing as Tom, Lincoln returns to the compound in order to destroy the holographic projectors that conceal the outside world from the clones. With help from Laurent, who has moral qualms about the clones' treatment, Merrick is killed and the clones are freed. The film ends with the clones seeing the outside world for the first time.

• Ewan McGregor as Lincoln Six Echo, a clone of Tom Lincoln, a Scottish automotive experimental designer, who sponsored his clone for a new liver since his viral hepatitis is destroying his liver. Although both characters were played by the same actor, Lincoln Six Echo is portrayed as kind, gentle, and generous, while Tom Lincoln is arrogant, selfish, greedy, and a womanizer in the past. Echo spoke with a American accent, while Lincoln spoke with Ewan McGregor's actual Scottish accent. • Scarlett Johansson as Jordan Two Delta, clone of Sarah Jordan, a supermodel for Calvin Klein (among other brands), who also has an apparently three year old son. About to be harvested for organs as her sponsor was severely injured in a car accident, but escapes with Lincoln, with whom she has taken up a friendship. The real Jordan is never seen on-screen, only in advertisements, but, it is stated later that Sarah Jordan died while in her coma. • Sean Bean as Dr. Merrick, owner of Merrick Biotech and creator of the cloning technology • Djimon Hounsou as Albert Laurent, a French private military contractor and GIGN veteran hired to bring back Lincoln Six Echo and Jordan Two Delta • Steve Buscemi as James "Mac" McCord, a maintenance supervisor at Merrick Biotech and friend of Lincoln Six Echo

tabletop touchscreen display capable of detecting several forms of input. The design was actually proposed by a technology adviser at MIT. California. a pregnant clone who works with Lincoln Six Echo and is being used as a surrogate mother • Kathleen Rose Perkins as Laurent team member • Phil Abrams as Obgyn • Katy Boyer as harvest surgeon at Merrick Biotech • Randy Oglesby as harvest surgeon at Merrick Biotech • Yvette Nicole Brown as harvest nurse at Merrick Biotech • Glenn Morshower as medical courier pilot • Michael Canavan as extraction room doctor at Merrick Biotech • Mary Pat Gleason as nutrition clerk at Merrick Biotech • Whitney Dylan as client services operator at Merrick Biotech • Mitzi Martin as tour guide at Merrick Biotech • Don Creech as god-like man in Lincoln Six Echo's dream • Shawnee Smith as Suzie. Michigan. which features a large. was rumored to be a large version of Microsoft Surface. a nervy clone who works with Lincoln Six Echo • Brian Stepanek as Gandu Three Echo. • Siobhan Flynn as Lima One Alpha. an easily frustrated clone repeatedly disciplined for his frequent volatile outbursts • Noa Tishby as community announcer. who makes public information announcements to the clones. customer at Aces & Spades • Trent Ford as Calvin Klein model in commercial with Sarah Jordan • Mark Christopher Lawrence as Los Angeles construction worker • Kim Coates (uncredited) as Charles Whitman. cloned from a football player • Ethan Phillips as Jones Three Echo.The Island (2005 film) • Michael Clarke Duncan as Starkweather Two Delta. with Michigan Central Station one of the notable locations.[4] Ruins in Rhyolite. Nevada . • J.[3] Product placements The computer in Merrick's office at the Institute. who appears on television and has also been cloned. who aimed for the production of a believable vision of futuristic technology. director of public relations for Merrick Biotech. a clone. • Tom Everett as the President of the United States. The city parts of the movie were filmed in Detroit. P. 330 Filming Filming locations The ruined buildings where Jordan and Lincoln sleep after leaving the subterranean compound are in Rhyolite.[2] Other portions of the film were shot in the Coachella Valley. Manoux as Seven Foxtrot. Nevada. McCord's girlfriend • Chris Ellis as bartender at Aces & Spades • Don Michael Paul as customer ar Aces & Spades • Eric Stonestreet as Ed the trucker.

the film was considered a box office bomb. while the car that Tom Lincoln owns is a 2002 concept car. Bay thinks he needs to throw in a car crash or a round of gunfire to keep our attention. Ultimately.[5] Epstein notes that research polls showed little awareness of The Island's impending release amongst its target audience and that trailers bore little relation to the film's plot."[10] Similarly. The Calvin Klein advertising that Jordan sees in the street. and use the future as a way to critique the present. resolving them in a storm of bullets. in which she recognizes her sponsor. He writes. Many reviewers noted that the The Island seemed like two separate films. Aquafina is distributed in the island bars to the clones at leisure. Whether they work together is a good question.[12][13][14] than you might expect. but they're of central importance. Voss is distributed as breakfast water to the clones on the island. all of the island clones use Puma shoes. or story (which were all acceptable for a summer movie) but the marketing campaign.251 in foreign markets. Sarah Jordan. the ice cream stands in Los Angeles are Ben & Jerrys. Salon's Stephanie Zacharek also praised the actors but felt that when the film "[gets] really interesting. "What really failed here was not the directing. The film went on to gross $35."[8] He gave the film three out of four stars and praised the performances of the actors. "[the first half] is a spare. the virtual gaming simulation used by Lincoln Six Echo during a scrimish with Jordan Two Delta displays a large Xbox logo.[7] Critical consensus was that the film was well acted and had impressive special effects but didn't deal with the ethical issues it raised as well as it could have. the Cadillac Cien.0735 in over 3. However. creepy science fiction parable. 331 Release Box office The Island grossed $12. It has a 40% "Rotten" rating (based on 185 reviews) at Rotten Tomatoes.409. in particular Michael Clarke Duncan: "[He] has only three or four scenes. along with Nigel Phelps' production design. he felt the story lacked in surprises and blamed "attention-deficit editing by Paul Rubell and Christian Wagner" for actions sequences that he felt lacked tension and were "joltingly repetitive"." On the critical side. car chases and more explosions than you [9] can shake a syringe at."[11] . and at the same time dumber than it could be.949. he says the film "never satisfactorily comes full circle" and missed the opportunity "to do what the best science fiction does." Critical reception The Island received mixed reviews from critics." Variety's Justin Change called the film an "exercise in sensory overkill" and said that Bay took on "the weighty moral conundrums of human cloning.130." She felt the film had enough surprises "to make you wish it were better. the information booth in Los Angeles is a MSN search booth.[6] and scored 50/100 (based on 38 reviews) at Metacritic. and he brings true horror to them." He noted McGregor and Buscemi as highlights of the film. Both halves work.100 theaters its opening weekend. The New York Times reviewer.818.913 domestically and $127. Scott. and then it shifts into a high-tech action picture. Roger Ebert said. A. acting.O. is the actual advertising for the Eternity Moment fragrance by Calvin Klein in which Johansson also appeared. said "[the] film is smarter Reviewers were critical of the excessive product placement in the film. All computers used by the clones on the island are Apple iMacs.164. for a worldwide total of $162.The Island (2005 film) The boat featured at the end of the film is a 118 WallyPower. the beer drank by Tom Lincoln is Michelob Ultra from Anheuser-Busch. which Edward Jay Epstein of Slate Magazine blamed on poor publicity.

2012. metacritic. salon. why Michael Bay's The Island failed at the box office..4. slate. accusing the filmmakers of plagiarizing Dick's 1964 novel. Filming in Palm Springs. but declined after The Island was released. [6] "The Island Movie Reviews . rottentomatoes.The Island (2005 film) 332 Copyright infringement controversy The creators of the 1979 film Parts: The Clonus Horror. Stephanie (22). then spinning it off again in 2008) was in talks to option the novel after DreamWorks' rights expired. new copies of the DVD were distributed with 5. com/ entertainment/ movies/ review/ 2005/ 07/ 22/ island). com/ page/ filming-in-palm-springs/ 126939). It remains unclear if the story inspired The Island.1 Surround[19] (the packaging was later revised to indicate that the English audio on the disc was only in stereophonic sound. They do throw in some action scenes from Blade Runner. suntimes. variety. The Penultimate Truth. . imdb. which was also about a colony that breeds clones to harvest organs for the elite. but. . Ratings. .[15][16] According to a 2007 interview with Clonus screenwriter Bob Sullivan. com/ movie/ the-island). Chicago Sun Times.1. dll/ article?AID=/ 20050721/ REVIEWS/ 50711003). Retrieved 8 April 2011. ." (http:/ / www. . com/ / the-island-not-microsoft-surface/ ). Credits. Box Office Mojo. Retr