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Abrantes, Rusell R.

Abrantes, Rusell R.

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Champion, English Category
Champion, English Category

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Published by: Excedy Caayohan Lampara on Feb 22, 2013
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CSM: Timeless Pursuits of Excellence by Russell R. Abrantes A man, in his desire to obtain much knowledge about the world he live in devises and invent things in which he knew could make his life a better way to live. He counts it all success whenever he feel satisfied in some sense, technically to fulfill all he needs. His intuitive and empirical mind as he take a bigger step for discovering great and new things out of ordinary and old one. An instance, wherein he takes risks and persistently experiment or create things would possibly make him a great man, although he fails, but his persistence will greatly help him to invent technology or device that would basically serves and benefit all living things. Nowadays, typical people use and live to these increasing trends of technology. Schools and institution, in old day taught children using traditional method, but now with these technologies, it made a great impact of the generation today. An institute whose passion for excellence keeps on burning, train and mold the youth of today towards higher learning and quality education. On line with these, the college that has been known for numerous achievements in achieving excellence in science and mathematics greatly maintained the ideals, vision and mission of the institute. The CSM has been part of making the institute the leading university of the southern Philippines. No wonder, students from any part of Mindanao came here to obtain a degree they want. They sacrifice the time together with their family just to finish an undergraduate course in MSU-IIT. However, expectations of all have been met because all faculty and staff work hand in hand to be able to produce well-trained graduates and a productive citizen of this country. The College of Science and Mathematics, faculty, staff especially professors manage to uses the advances of technology to serve the students well. As for teachers, who still enliven the traditional method of teaching couldn’t help but to make use of computers to improve the methods of teaching. In fact, students have been trained not on facts but also to pursue higher learning. CSM is a good training ground for each student whose interest for learning takes no
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limit. No wonder, students in this college send there and abroad to compete or present any paper that would add to the existing body of knowledge. As well know, education is a lifelong journey institute or the CSM in particular whose goal is to make MSU-IIT a widely known university here in the Philippines and abroad. Now, the fruitful years of producing graduates who works or land a job anywhere in the world, never forget to look back the school they owe so much, for helping them to become better person. In this way, MSU-IIT has been known for taking credits with these people, who never failed to honor and increase the good reputation of the institute and for the college as well. The CSM, with its unhesitation for continually achieving greater goals and achievements, celebrates the year of excellence in propagating the dynamically contributes in research, society and for the country. A week-long celebration of reminiscing good memories and future achievements! Against all odds, the college has been striving to give the students quality education and modernized tools for experiment, research and academic activities. The professors and students go hand in hand in making this institution a better one. As for now, the CSM also celebrates the success and the victory they’ve gone through, not just in the academe but also well s for sports, recreation and much more. As the saying goes, “No matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop”, can be picture out to the people who made the success behind this college. Nothing more, nothing less, CSM is the best!

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