Ice-cream Industries occupies important place in India. It is one of the consumer goods industries in products is important popular diet. India is an agricultural based country because of the large number of cattle and large milk production most of the dairy and ice-cream industries has developed and India is well ranked in the world. Ice-cream industry has brought magnificent change in the rural economy. It provides employment to the marginal farmers. Today the competition in ice-cream like Amul, Kwality Walls, Vadilal, Havmor etc. as ice-cream has been a regular edible item the consumption of in more. In 1983 when Indian Government issued a control in which the certain price level was fixed. It has an important role in employment generation and reducing the migration of villagers the town and cities for dinehood. The Industry

Organised (70%)

Unorganised (30%)

Mass Market Havmor Amul Vadilal Dairy Den

Tiny Market Baskin Robbin’s Nivaa’s

INTRODUCTION TO FOODS PVT. LTD. Havmor Food Pvt. Ltd. is the industry where different flavours of icecream are prepared. Havmor Industries is the firm chiefly leading with processing of Ice-cream. But also makes other products. Havmor Industry procedures the different types of flavours of icecream for the people. By observing taste of people. Havmor Industries produce more of those flavours, which are in more demand in market. Havmor Industries is one of the famous Ice-cream producing companies in Gujarat. As today Ice-cream market has been more competitive due to many new entries in the fields but Havmor is still holding its position and command in the Ice-cream market. BACKGOUND AND HISTORY OF HAVOR ICE-CREAM Havmor ice-cream began its branded life in 1944 in Karachi in undivided India. But 1947 it was a popular local brand there. But in 1947, in the make of the partition, its founder Satish Chona had to join the exodus to India, with virtually no movable Assets. Searching for a new turf, he tired out Dehra Dun and Indore and finally settled down in Ahnmedabad. In India he had to again begin his work from the start. selling ice-cream at the Ahmedabad Railway Station. He started

The founder began the brand named Havmor, their slogan was “Achai, Sachai, Safai” Today, Havmor ice-cream is a delicious facet of Western India’s daily life, and part of its market move. It reaches hundreds of thousands of consumer through 8 main outlets and 3800 plus dealers. Pradeep Chona, Son of Satish Chona, today heads the Havmor conglomerate. He has continued his father is quality obsersion and stveak of innovationl.

Pradeep Chona set off a series of changes in Havmor – in technology, in quality and hygiene standards in management in HRD and in the overall corporate environment. This re-engineering was completed by capacity expansions and a flourry of promotional activities, to maintain the company’s market presence in act in competitive firms. GENERAL INFORMATION The firm of organization is Havmor Pvt. Ltd. Company. In this company there is 26 crores turnover. Pts sales are only in Gujarat. Out of all sales, 6% Sales are in only advertisement. The product is competition based. In sales promotion, Dhanteras Scheme is held every year. In company there is no canteen facility and during the work all workers are in their Uniform, Hand gloves and Masks : In company there are 150 employees in production unit. The main product of the Company are candies Organgebarm Big Dady, Colopop. (1) Nouelties. Like Kaju Draksh, Malai Kulfi, Role cut, Kesar, Raj bhog etc. of 100 ml. (2) Family Padas. Butter, Scoteos, Kaju Anjur, Swiss Culae, Vanilla etc. of 500 ml. (3) Department. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Engineering Department. Cold Storage Department. Stores Department. Account, Finance, Marketing Department. Head Office Department. like Zulubar,


(B) Types of the organization : Pvt. Limited Company. (C) Establishment Year (D) Office Address : 1944 : Havmor Foods Pvt. Ltd, Relief Road, Ahmedabad. : Havmor Foods Pvt. Ltd. Asarva Road, Naroda, Ahmedabad. : Panchavati Circles, C.G. Road, Ahmedabad. : V. Ravji’s Vijay Char Rasta, Navrangpur, Ahmedabad. : Vijay Char Rasta Navrangpura, Ahmedabad. : Amul, Vadilal, Dairy Den, Kwality Walls. : 350 : 8 : 25 : 1000 : Navrangpura, Satellite, Panchvati, Rielf Road.

(E) Factory Address

(F) Caters (G) Parlours

(H) Haavmor Enterprise

(I) Competitors (J) No. of Employees (K) No. of Restaurants (L) No. of Parlours (M) No. of Outlets (N) Outlet Centres

Ltd. Plant Location : The plant location of Havmour Foods Pvt.PLANT LAYOUT AND LOCATION. Havmors Industries has managed itself very well. is as under. water electricity and other important infrastructure are easily available. Rupum Cinema Relief Road Ahmedabad – 380 001 Phone : 2535 7373/74 . Its management is very good the plant is situated at a suitable place where the thing required for production and other works are easily available. Modern Industries Estate Naroda Road Ahmedabad – 380 025. There the location should be at such a place where raw materials and facilities like. and other things required for preparting the ice-cream are easy available. Havmor’s Industries is a benefiting an exemplary industries in every respect. If the raw materials required for production is not supplied then it affects the industry negatively. Havmor Foods Pvt. flavours. The Location of Registered Office Nr. The raw materials. Ltd.

PRODUCTION PROCESS Introduction to Production Production is a process of conversion of raw materials into finished goods with the use of different resources. Many processes are undertaken in creaming before milk and milk products reach the hands of the final consumer. PROCESS OF MANUFACTURING ICE-CREAM The process of manufacturing ice-cream passed through various stages the following chart shows how ice-cream reaches us after manufacturing. These steps collectively are said as process. And the production process is the combination of certain steps to obtain the final product. Ice-Cream Manufacturing Ice-Cream Filling Marketing Channel Cold Storage Transportation by A/C isolated Vehicles Distributors Dealers Customers .

. Lamp. cream is mixed by angering plant help to give its property. Emulss are mixing one side the mixture of all the things is used to make ice-cream. (2) Pasteurizing : In the process of pasteurizing the ice-cream mix arranges in to heating machine pasteurizing process means to rise temperature for germ by pasteurizing heating process. (3) Dyeing : After stabilizing and pasturing the ice-cream. Milk.PRODUCTION CHART Production Chart Deputy Manager Assistant Manager Execitove Manager Supervisor Workers Production Process : Step – 1. In this process milk. sugar are heated between 65 to 68 C then the temperature is stabilized. Stablizer. (1) Bending : First of all for making ice-cream mix all the item Sugar. milk power.

The shifts are divided as follows: (1) 06-30 A. The workers of factory get holiday on Thursday and after every six months the holiday shifts to Sunday and so on.M. to 02-30 P. The cold storage shifts starts at 6-30 a. to 10-30 P. PERSONAL DEPARTMENT Personal Management is a vital part of the organization. As Havmor is basically on icecream factory. while the other one is in charge of cold storage.M.m.M. The office staff comes at 9-00 a.M. .M. and the Supervisor at 11-30 a. Bach shift is of 8 hours of these 2 shifts work on the mixing or manufacturing unit. but what is still move important of people who are working on these factors. There are in all 350 members who are either divided fetch wise or production wise or category wise. to 06-30 P.m. Timely incentives are given to motivate the workers. They are paid fair wages and bonus (20%) is also given every year. It only remains closed on Sunday.m. while the workers come by 8-00 a.m. (3) 10-30 P. It means the utilization not only of physical factors. The workers here are given good facilities.(4) Freezing : After the process of Dying ice-cream is preserved in the freezer for a minimum time of one hour. There are 3 shifts for the workers in Havmor.M. There is no holiday in the office. (2) 02-30 P. The work should be continuous.

This helps them in getting motivation. (1) Resignation (2) Retirement – 58 to 60 years. The employers here are taken good care.EMPLOYEES BENEFITS AND FACILITIES. Some special programmes such as meeting at quality circles are also done to know the hidden qualities of the employees and they are motivated special skill identifications programmes are also held for this purpose and prizes are also given. A part from these the workers are occasionally taken to picnic or movie shows. The actual selection process starts with retention of the employees and then he is promoted and at last he is retired. On special occasions all family are invited to the factory. Separation can be done in 3 ways. (3) Termination. They are paid well and on the other hand many other benefits are also given. . The advertisement for recruitment are given in all news papers or by references the salary of a workers is decided by 3 ways by Government of by length of work or by performance.

TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT Different types of training and development schemes are taken for the executives of Havmor Food. Training is given to th3e lower or bottom level management while Development Programmes are meant for top level Management. cap. a bicycle or other gifts such as 25% on Havmor products. The employees here are provided with uniform. There is a suggestions her in which the suggestions of the employees are taken into account. Employee safety is taken at most cases. masks and Gloves. Not only if the suggestions are worth while they are rewarded with prizes such as 1 tola Sona. The problems of employees are heard and steps or measures are taken at grass root level. .

SECTION – II : MARKETING. Though Havmor is not a large scale unit. Havmor Food has established a new strategy. The marketing department cannot accomplish goals by itself it must team closely with other department in the organization. business unit called micro marketing division in the rural markets of India. This is only because of their marketing skills. INTRODUCTION OF MARKETING: Havmor has keen successfully doing this marketing scenario for the last 56 years. . The goal of Havmor marketing is to create customer’s satisfaction profitable by building value – laden relationships with important customers etc. it has been successfully is leaving an impage or felling of satisfaction in consumer’s mind.

Kamal Desai under there are three regional affairs respectively in Ahmedabad. He works directly under General Manager Mr. General Manager (Mr. Diren Desai) Marketing Manager (Mr. Kamal Desai handles the Marketing Department of the Company. Chona and the rest marketing work is govern by Mr. Rajkot and Surat which are not hot market of the company under the three regional affairs there crosses distribution 800 retailers under distribution work to make available ice-cream to the altimeter consumer. Kamal Desai) Regional Manager Manager (Ahmdabad) Distributors Retailers Customers Regional Manager (Surat) Distributors Retailers Customers Regional (Rajkot) Distributors Retailers Customers . Also 7 executives Havmors parlours in Ahmedabad work directly under the regional Manager in charge the whole scene become understandable with the help of following diagrams.ORGANIZATION OF MARKETING DEPARTMENT. Dhiren Desai basic ideas of packaging and designing comes from Mr. The Marketing Manager Mr.

Demand Measure Past Sales Kind of Output’ Expected Growth Sales Production Production Inbuilt Exercise Marketing Chart Marketing Service Manager . The main sources of measuring the demand unit taken into account the past sales in the different reasons and measures demand. production and lost but not the least through in built exercise or in build data.DEAMND FARECASTING Fore casting demand is a very important task in marketing. Different company has different techniques and so has Havmor. The other techniques used by Havmor are expected growth input. Sales promotion.

From the view point of companies marketing mix. The company can always give a good & healthy product to the customer. It is for the entire segment. (2) Concentrated Marketing. Havmor has very extreme position in the market. For this target the company has preparing all possible activities. it has not defined any particular segments. those customer are satisfied the product which is made in Havmor Company gives product which made in vegetarian product. In Havmor. works is must basis on “ACHCHAI. So. (1) Undifferentiated Marketing. Because of it. Hovmor gives 100% ice-cream to consumer. . Positioning : Positioning is the way product is define by the consumer on important attribution. It is a place a product occupies in a consumer’s mind relative to the cooperating products.Office Manager Advertising Manager Sales Manager Physical Distribution Manager Targeting market is a set of buyers haring common need on characteristic that a company decided to serve the firm can adept one for the three market coverage through eyes. The financial condition for this target is very good. The target of Haavmor is to cover all the market in India. This is a position of the Havmor. SACHCHI & SAFAI”. But we can say the company has concentrated and differentiated marketing strategies.

Opinion. Rejected Repeated Repeated Legal to Other Brand Swisher Not yet Loyal Brand Light User Regular User Heavy User . Targeting : Target Market Unaware Non-tried Aware Tried Navgation Opinion Natural Favourable.TARGETING & POSITIONIONG.

Inversion .Credit Period . Product .Price list .Features .Channels .Sales .Public relation .MAKRETING MIX Once the company has decided on its overall competitive marketing strategy. The marketing mix consists of everything the firm can do to influence the demand for its product. The many possibilities can be collected into four groups of variables known as the “Fowo Ps” : Product. it is ready to being planning the details of the marketing mix.Design .All ounces Place Promotion . We define marketing mix as the set of contradictable tactical Marketing tools that the firm blends to produce the response it wants in the target marketing.Packing Price .Transportation .Direct Marketing .Quality . Marketing Mix. The marketing mix is on of the major concepts in modern marketing.Advertise . price.Product variety .Location .Coverage . once and price and promotion.Discount .

18. 9. 21. 23. Royal Gulab Vanila Stawberry Fresh Pineapple Tuti Prufi Chocolate Real Manago Chocolate Chips Fresh Strawberry Kaju Draksh Butter Scotch Bonanza Black Coffee Black Current Orange Tank Swiss Caoke Kesar Pista Kaju Anjir Lonavati Alaround Carnival Fresh Stawberry Almond Rajbhog Kesar Malti. 13. 26. 16. 28. Raja Rani Cassata Cut Fifty Fifty Topo Cones Chock Vanilla . 27. 2. 22. Three-in-one. 8. 10. 11. 29. Slice Ice-Cream 24.PRODUCT PORTFOLIO 1. 14. 7. 5. 20. 19. 6. 12. 3. 25. 15. 4. 17.

41. 48. 45. 36. 39. Sandwich Ice-cream Malai Kulfi Rolicut BPK Roll Cut Supper Sunder Choco Roll Ready Big Cups 49. 40. 37. Vanilla Butter Scotch Bonanza Kaju Draksh Kesar Pista . 42. 52. 51. 44. 33. 31. 38.30. 53. 47. 32. Stawberry Chocolate Butterscotch Kesar Pista Candies 34. 50. 35. 46. ColaPop Double Hit Mini Chocolate Kaju Candy Rasberry Dolly Mango Dollley Chocolate Chopaty Kalfi Zulu Bar Nobilities 43.

places. used or consumption that might satisfy a want or need uncludes Physical objects. In Havmor company ice-cream is packed in 50 ml. The company produces perishable so augmentation is not needed. 4 litre packs which may be cardboard or transparent plastic bowls blow shape. . 200 ml.Product Planning. Additional consumer service and benefits built around the care actual product is called augumented product. 1 litre. In Havmor ice-cream milk Suagar Milk power and mandatory standard for fat the government in ice-cream constitute. A product is anything that can be ordered to a market for affvition acquisition. services person. organization ideas.

(1) Quantity : Havmour business philosophy is to provide good viability product on the customer at the favorable price company always keep in mind that company gives the quality product. The packaging is important factor in the selling.PRODUCT DECISION Product planer need think about product the below levels. (2) Features : In the product of the Havmor there are certain features to attract customer is good fest and better best quality product. (4) Brand Name : The Brand name and place is very important role in the selling of product brand name ‘Havmor’ (5) Packing : Company is using variety of which are suitable for perishable product. Company packed the ice-cream such away the people are attract to buy it. (3) Design : The company product design is attract to the product which attract it and make competition with other companies product. .

PACKAGING & LEBELING. however Havmors factors have made packaging an important tool. The advantages of Packing are as follows: (1) (2) By aluminum foil packaging the food item can remain fresh for a long time. There factors include all acting attention describing the product making the sales. strawberry shape thirst in cup candies are sold using sticks. Good packaging and good looking ones would able to sell more. (3) And there all details of the product on the packing and its best on the packing and its best before date etc. . In recent lives. the primary function of the package was to contain and protect the product. The Havmor uses hard cardboard for family flocks. transparent plastics bowl for new flavored ice-cream 2000. Packaging means the activities of designing and producing the container or wrapper for a product. Traditionally packaging decisions were based primarily on cost and product favors.

E. (3) Maturity : In this stage scale is growth slows or houels of sales result in over capacity leading to greater competition and reducing prices. increasing advertising and sales promotion. .1 in Gujarat. life cycle is and made available for purchase. E. (1) Introduction : The firest stage of product. 1 in Gujarat. (4) Declining : Product sales decline here technological advances shifts in consumder tastes and increased competition may be the possible causes of decline in sales and profit.g. However is in this stage. Vadilal. Recently Vadilal is No. Amul. E.PRODUCT LIFE CYCLE Product life cycle means the cones that a product sales and profit turnover of life time each and every product sold in the cycle generally the produce life cycle has fine distinct stage. It wants to be No.g. Havmor.g. (2) Growth : In this stage product sales skirt climbing quickly. Gocool etc. In this stage the profit are negative or less due to how sales and high distribution and promotion expenses.

features and that the organization should there for devote it’s energy for its improvements. product improvements. (3) Concept Development and Testing : The idea that consumer will favour products that offers the most quality. (1) Idea Generation : The systematic search of new product ides. (4) Marketing Strategy Development : . company’s sales people’s brains of its scientific Engineers manufacturing people while external sources include customer competitors suppliers and others. performance. (2) Idea and Screening : Screening new product idea in order to spot good ideas and drop poor one as soon as possible. major sources of which are internal sources like company executive. product Modification and new branded through the firm’s own R & D efforts. Testing new product concept with a group of target consumers to find out if the concept have strong consumer appeal.NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT In this the development of orginal products.

. (6) Product Development : A strategy for company growth by offering modified or new product to current market segments. Havmor is known that the product is must well designed and attractive for customer to change selling in market. Developing the product concept into a physical product in order to assort that the product idea can be turner into a workable product. (5) Business Analysis : A review of the sales costs and profit projection for a product to find out whether their factors satisfy the company’s objectives.Designing an initial strategy for a new product based on product concept.

In factor. if you are in good mood. The dining are speciaous comfortable and interestingly decorl. it is a plat to cheers up you spirits. Hovmor restaurants are a great place to elaborate it and if you are in a sad mood.RESTAURANT Havmor restaurants in Ahmedabad and Baroda are centrally located to provide easy access to all and offering ample parking place. The restaurants are located at : (1) Havmor Navrangpura Phone (079) 65216262 (079) 26871152 (2) Havmor (S. Highway) Phone (079) 65216262 (079) 26871155 (3) Havmor Baroda Phone (0265) 2225555 (0265) 2225556 (0265) 2228550 (4) Havmor Bhopal Phone (02717) 645551 .G.

G. Highway Phone (079) 65216262 (7) Havmor Vastrapur Phone (079) 65426969 .PARLOR (1) Havmor Baroda Phone (0265) 2225555 (0265) 22225556 (2) Havmor Panchwati Phone (079) 26403535 (3) Havmor Navrangpupra Phone (079) 2643355 (4) Havmor Satellite Phone (079) 26763232 (5) Havmor Vijay Char Rasta Phone (079) 26446565 (6) Havmor S.

(8) Havmor Gallops. Phone (079) 64501111 (9) Bhavmor Bhopal Phone (079) 645151 (10) Havmor Thaltej Phone (079) 64506464 (11) Havmor Municipal Market Phone (079) 65223366 (12) Havmor Relief Road Phone (079) 25357373 25357374 .

The both cover all lots costs for producing. (2) Havmor management must decide who within the organization should set prices. Havmour Food Pvt. distributing and selling the products and delivers a far role of return for the efforts and risk. Have 2 factors affecting prices decision. (A) Internal factors : (1) Marketing mix strategy : Havmor has made own marketing mix strategy. Beverages : Acrabed Water Ice-cream Vanila 15 15 . Ltd. price is only one of the marketing mix tools that a company users to achieve its marketing objectives.PRICING Price is the amount or services or the same of the valuer that consumers exchange for the benefitws of having or using the product or services. (2) Cost : Havmor has estimate the cost set the floor for the price that the company can change for its product.

20 27 5 6 10 15 . PRICE LIST.Chocolate Chocolate Chips Fresh Strawberry Cookie Cream Hazenut Lonavati 27 30 30 30 35 35 Candies : Orange Bar Mini Chocobar Clasic Chocobar Zulubar Slice Ice-cream : Malai Kulfi Carsata Cut (B) External Factors : (1) Pure Competition : A market in which buyer and seller trade in a uniform commodity no single buyer or seller has much affect on the going market price. (2) Monopoly Competition : A market in which many buyer and sellers tracle over a range of pricing role than simple market prices.

Whole sales and retailers are included. 4. While deciding channel of distribution. Company sales product to relief and retailer sales into customer.Havmor cone Chic Choc Butter scotch Novalties : Bounsaball Choco Sundae Sandwich Ice-ream Super Sundal Malai Kulfi THEORY : 12 15 15 12 16 20 22 25 After the production the next problem priced by producer is that of selling and distribution because production is made to established the need of consumers through which good flow. (1) Direct distribution (2) One level channel (3) Two level channels : : : Company sales it direct to consumer by its retail shop. 3. Company Distribution . 2. Product characteristics Consumer or market factor Company factor Seasonal factor CHANNEL OF DISTRIBUTION Distribution channel is a set of independent organization involves in the process of making a product or service available for use for consumption or business. 1. In the world of marketing of Havmor they consider four factor very important. From the producer to the consumer is called chalet of distribution.

1. Refrigerator Vans are used to transport the product to different states or cities and Cooling Vans are for transportation locally. Transportation is one of the efficient function of marketing. 2. Cooling Vans. Havmor Industries has separate vehicles for transportation of the products those vehicles are designed for taking separate food items. DISTRIBUTION CHART Producers Agents Whole sailors .Distribution Restaurants & Paalove Consumers Dealers TRANSPORATION Transportation means delivering the final goods to the places where consumers are ready to buy them. Refrigerated Vans. Efficient transportation helps in reduction of cost of production and earning more profit and above of all consumer satisfaction.

quickly and of a low cost per prospect. It can contact and influence numerous people simultaneously. ADVERTISEMENT. Magazines : . Havmor user medias of advertisement only for giving Advertisements within Gujarat. The main objective behind in the commencement of such educative parlors are to provide convince to customers. Major Media used by Havmor Print Media : 1. News paper : Gujarat Samachar Sandesh Times of India Indian Express Chitralekha Line Star Abhiyan Gruh Shobha 2.Retailers Consumers The location of the parlors must have enough to cover market. It can deliver the prospects that cannot be approached by salesman. Hence it is called more means of communication. Advantages of Advertising : (1) (2) (3) The offers planned or controlled message. The company has sits main concentration on Gujarat.

3. . Out Door Advertisement :  Hoardings  Slogans  Advertisement’s base on festivals or occasions. Other Medias :        Stikers Posters Wall Paintings or Printings Tattoos Containees Banners Mobile Van with hoardings. Trade Journals : News Week India Today Business Today.

Advertising can be defined as marks paid communication of goods. (2) Sales Promotion : Sale promotion means short term incentives to encourage purchase or sales of product or services. services or ideas by an identified sponsor. (1) Advertisement : Advertising means any paid form of non-personal presentation or promotion of ideas goods or services by identified sponsors. .PROMOTION MIX In a promotion mix there parts are involved : (1) Advertisement. (2) Sales Promotion (3) Public Relations.

displays discounts. contests. Sales promotion offers reasons to buy. includes samples. price offs. It includes consumer promotions such as samples coupons. premium etc. premiums. (2) (3) Sales Promotion : Consumer Promotion Low Price Value Addition Dhamterash Scheme Monthly Basis . advertising. specialties. the sales promotion of a product of the company may require many steps as : Setting Sales promotion objectives. rebels. cash. patronage rewards. Sales promotion includes a wide variety of promotion tools designed to stimulate earlier or strong market response.Sales promotions consists of short-term incentives to encourage purchase of sales of a product service. Setting sales promotion tools. they are used to converts desire into wants. to retailers and whole sellers. free goods etc. point of purchase. Business Promotion tools includes organizing conventions tade show etc. price on packing (rebate) premiums. Trade Promotion tools includes contests. Sales Promotion Tools : (1) Consumer Promotion tool. refund. Whereas advertising offers reasons to buy a product or services. games etc.

In the modern time the Havmor is also producing goods as best as its competitors. Christmas. Dairy Den etc. Now Havmor is making a good profit with its newly introduced ideas and varieties. aiming the best at the lower price possible COMPETITORS : Havmor is producing many products of their own facilities. They have many competitors in market. Valentine Day. New Year (4) Public Relations : Public relations means building goods relations with the customers by giving goods offers and by organsing events and not by compromising on quality. the Havmor industry produce ice-cream in modern way. at present Amul is best. . So. Vadilal. The Anand is in above of all it has huge plants on different Havmors and many outlets through out the country.Children Day. The main competitors are Amul. Havmor has taken measures to increase the verities and the production scale also.

TAJ BUSINESS HOTELS TAJ RESIDENCY UMMED AHMEDABAD. Bill Clinton. To. Mr. It has got an achievement from former president of America. Pradip Chona . It has the highest no. Havmor industry has been working for last 86 years.ACHIVEMENTS Havmor has got the certificate for highest sales during the year. of ice-cream flavors and got other certificate sin the production of other food item.

FUTURE PLANS Future is uncertain. The good future plan is the sign at developed good company. The range of ice-cream served by Havmor company were thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated by former president of America Mr.Director of Havbmor Food Pvt. Pradip Chona. Every business firm of organization should have plans about future activities. Ltd. . Havmor want to open more Restaurants in Ahmedabad & Baroda under the supervision of Mr. It also want to make separate team wing for restaurant. Nr. Rupam Cinema Relief Road AHMEDABAD. Dear Mr. Habmor it is advisable to make assumption about future events. Bill Clinton during his stayed at Taj Residency Ahmedabad. Chona. We may not predict about the future event.

Our Industrial visit to Havmor was co-operating and friendly and the guide gave us all the information. It gives more value to consumers than profit. We want Havmor has been worked up to its real meaning of its name “HAVE – MORE” BIBLOGRAPHY . CONCLUSION Havmor has 35% of the market of ice-cream at Gujarat in its hand. In 2010 Havmor wants to start a new plant in Naroda. Havmor has earned its place. Havmor is improved a lot in the couple of years. but in Gujarat.Expansion in the percentage of shares in market up to 40% interned of 30% share along with the Society is the main future plan of Havmor.

google. 249-268. Market segmentation – marketing management 8th edition by Kotter. havmor. .com www. : WEBSITES : www.Broadcast : Marketing Management by Koller and Philip 13th www. Human Resource Management by Aswathappa 3rd Edition.economictimes. No.

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