ETE/EEE 426 (Section 1) ASSIGNMENT# 1 Last date of submission: 19th February, 2013 (Tuesday

1. A light‐beam is directed into a glass fiber whose refractive index is 1.468. How long will it take the light to travel through the fiber if its length is 10km and light travels in a perfectly straight line along the fiber center? 2. In an optical fiber, the core refractive index is 1.4533 and the cladding index is 1.4458. What is (a) the critical propagation angle (b) the acceptance angle and (c) the numerical aperture of the fiber. 3. Critical angle for a glass‐air interface is 42°. Calculate the refractive index of the glass. 4. Calculate the energy of a single photon at (a) 850nm (b) 1550nm. 5. Suppose an LD material’s energy gap equals 0.8052eV. At what wavelength does this laser diode radiate? 6. How much will a light pulse spread after travelling along 12km of a step‐index fiber whose NA=0.275 and n1=1.427? 7. For a specific fiber, NA=0.275 and n1=1.481. Find the critical propagation angle. 8. Find the number of photons‐per‐second emitted from a laser diode radiating at 850nm, if its power is 1mW. 9. Sketch a graph to show the transparent windows in modern optical fibers.

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