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table pc, pricelist, china, android , wholesale, order, import , fob
table pc, pricelist, china, android , wholesale, order, import , fob

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Published by: btalera on Feb 22, 2013
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Highton Electronics CO.,LTD HiTON is one famous brand in the industry of Tablet PCs and mobile pcs.

Model Pictures
Highton UMPC Manufacturer Co., Limited

Intel based UMPC / Tablet PC

HT-1060=10.2 inch +intel atom N270 1.6Ghz cpu+windows xp OS+1GB Ram+ 160G HDD +wifi+bluetooth +

☆ 10" intel Slim Design HT-1060,

HT-560=5inch touch screen+Intel Z510 cpu+windows xp OS+1G ram+ 8G SSD +wifi+Bluetooth+0.3M camer

5" intel, HT-560

HT-760=7inch touch screen+Intel N270 cpu+Linux/winxp OS+1G ram+ 16G SSD +wifi+0.3M camera+ built-

7" intel
built-in GPS and 3G

HT-960=8.9inch touch screen+Intel n270 cpu+windows xp OS+1G ram+ 16-128GB SSD +wifi+Bluetooth+0.3

HT-1061 VIA based UMPC/Tablet PC .2 inch +intel atom N270 1.9" intel HT-960 HT-1061=10.6Ghz cpu+windows xp OS+1GB Ram+ 160G HDD +wifi+bluetooth (O 10" Itablet PC.

6Ghz cpu+windows xp OS+1GB Ram+ 160G HDD +wifi+bluetooth + 1.9 inch touch +VIA 1.7" VIA ☆HV-702 HV-701=7 inch touch +VIA 1.3M ca .3M cam 7" VIA HV-701 UM901=8.2Ghz cpu+windows xp OS+1GB Ram+ 16GB SSD +wifi+bluetooth + 0.

3inch touch screen+Arm926 533mhz cpu+windows CE5. UM901 ARM based Tablet PC HA-420=4.3inch touch screen+Arm926 400mhz cpu+windows CE5.0 OS+128M sdram+ 2G nandflash + lan p .9" VIA iPad.0 OS+128M sdram+ 2GB nandflash +wifi HA-420 HA-422=4.8.

Suppo HA-423 HY-G80=4.0+64m sdram+64M nandflash+wif.3 inch+samsung S3C2440A 400Mhz cpu+WIN CE5.0 OS+64M sdram+ 4G SD + la .3inch touch screen+Samsung S3C2443 533mhz cpu+windows CE5.HA-422 HA-423=4.

HY-G80 HM-440=4.3M camera+ .3inch touch+Fashion Slide Design +Marvell 624mhz cpu+windows CE6.0/Android OS+256M Ram New!!!! HM-440 HM-540=5inch touch+Marvell 624mhz cpu+Android OS+128M Ram+2G Inand HDD+WIFI+1.

New!!!! HM-540 .

HM-541 HA-727 HA-723=7 inch touch+samsung S3C2440A 400Mhz cpu+WIN CE5.0+64m sdram+64M nandflash+wifi .

com .the full amount is available by T/T or paypal or Western Union before t 3.HA723 HA-720=7 inch touch screen+Arm926 533mhz cpu+windows CE5.our paypal account is masonwang88@tom. 2.0 OS+128M sdram+ 4GB nandflash +wifi+ Cheapest 7" Arm with GPS HA-720 Remarks: 1.Price term:the above price is based on FOBShenzhen or FCA HK.Lead time : samples : 1~10 working days .The above price is not include original operation system licence cost 5. .Payment Terms: For Sample order. Mass quantity : 10-30 working days after receive the deposit and 4.

The valid period is 15 days after quotation HiTON is one famous brand in the industry of Tablet PCs and mobile pcs. We should be your best choice .we must send products to you. if we receive your money. if we can If you buy UMPC and Tablet PC.6. We are genuine China supplier.

Specifications We Small bulk price (USD) ased UMPC / Tablet PC 10" 10 inch Intel ipad Tablet PC UMPC.11b/g.0/pc for 3-9pcs. 310.LTD .OS.LAN On board 10/100MB LAN 11. USB GPS is optional z cpu+windows xp OS+1GB Ram+ 160G HDD +wifi+bluetooth + 1.upgradable to 2GB RAM is optional.0/PC. 305.5h battery life.CPU: Intel Atom Mobile N270 1. And built-in Bluetooth. Sound System: High definition Audio support 2.3M camera. Built-in 1. 5. up to 250GB or 320GB HDD is optional.0 ports.5G HSDPA/WCDMA card (Optional). 1.Power: 3cell 2200mah polymer battery. 8.1 channel output.2.5inch 160G SATA HDD..Built-in 3G module is optional 15. 1.Dimension:280mm(W)*180mm(D)*24mm(H). Limited dustry of Tablet PCs and mobile pcs.: support Windows XP/WIN 7/Linux 3. 7.3M camera +3G module 315.0/pc for 10pcs. 12.1*Microphone jack. 14. Thermal cooling thermal system with smart fan.0 +windows xp OS+1G ram+ 8G SSD +wifi+Bluetooth+0.2*Mini PCI-E slots: one for WIFI. er Co.0/pc for 1-2pcs.35W Adapter.Slots: 1*DIMM Slot.3M camera+external GPS .I/O Ports: 3*USB 2. And Two Audio jacks.11b/g WIFI wan port.Display: 10. 802. 6.. USB GPS+USD30. the other one is for 3G/3.2 inch Touch Screen..1*Headphone jack. 4.1*4in card reader 10.Lan port:10/100M Ethernet access+ 802. 1024*600 pixels.1*Internal Microphone . 1*RJ-45 port for LAN.6G FSB533 (BGA) Chipset: Intel 945GSE+ICH7-M 2. Built-in 3G module+ USD80.1*DC-In jack.03kg weight (Including Battery).Memory: 1GB DDR2 RAM 667/533 MHz . 9.1*VGA port.Security: Kensington Lock 13.Storage: 2.

Humidity: 20% ~ 80% 15. USB GPS +USD30. 3.: support Windows XP /windows 7/linux. Chipset: Intel 945GSE+ICH7 2. Operating Humidity: 20%-80%.rear camera is optional.0*2 14. 425.Lan port:10/100M ethernet access+ 802.Hard Disk: 1" SSD(PATA) 8GB, 16GB is optional.Car charger and car holder is optional 14.0.LCD: 5" TFT ( 800*480) touch screen 6.Display: 7 inch Touch Screen 16:9.5A.CPU: Intel Atom N270 1.5mm/40mw stereo ouput.1*VGA port. 430.3M camera (Front).Temperature: 5°C ~ 35°C.(32GB SSD is optional) 6.1*Microphone jack. 10.0 ports. Wireless Denote 13.Blutooth function Support BT 10. u+windows xp OS+1G ram+ 16-128GB SSD +wifi+Bluetooth+0.3 mega pixel 12.6GHZ processor.Network Interface: USB adapter 7.I/O Ports: 3*USB 2. Built-in 3G+75.3M camera .0/pc for 10pcs. 4.WIFI Wireless LAN 802.built-in 3G module is optional.Memory: 1-2GB DDR2 RAM (2GB RAM is optional) 5. Charge Denote. 12.0/pc for 10pcs. 8. 18. 128MB Video Memory 9. about 2-3 hour battery life.0/PC . 15.0/pc for1-2pcs. 7.0/PC. builtin GPS+20.3M camera+ built-in GPS (Optional)+ built1. 409.Led Denote: Power Denote.Sound System: 3.Storage device: Micro SD (T-Flash) 9. 3G module +80. 5.1Ghz.5hrs 17. 32GB SSD+USD35.Power supply: 3cell 2200mah lithium battery. 359.Memory: DDRII memory 1GB on board 4.11b/g WIFI Wlan port.4V 1850mAh Weight 350g Stand-by time 2. 800*480 pixels. 3.: 0-40 degree.0/pc for 3-9pcs.0/pc +Linux/winxp OS+1G ram+ 16G SSD +wifi+0. 11.CPU: Intel Atom Z510 1.Power Adapter Power adaptor: Input 100-240V Output: 12V 2.built-in 3G module (optional). SRS stereo Audio.Switch Control Power On/Off Button 16. Operating Temp.built-in 0.1*Headphone jack.USB GPS is optional. 13. 350. 1*RJ-45 port for LAN. Size: L160 * W95* H22mm Lithium Battery 2-cell Lithium polymer 7.built-in GPS (optional).0/pc for 3-9pcs.0/kit. 335. Graphics Card: Integrated Intel GMA 950 128M.1*DC-In jack.Dimension:227mm(L)*127mm(W)*26mm(H). DC19V/3A.1*SD/MMC card reader.11b/g 11.Audio: Speaker*2 + headphone + stereo Mic 8.OS Support: Windows XP or Linux 3. car charger+car holder+USD15.Storage: 16-32GB SSD.5mm/-56dB MIC input. Storage Temp: -20-60 degree.0/pc for 1-2pcs.OS.Chipset Intel US15W 2.Camera Webcam: 0.1.USB Port USB2.

Adaptor: Input 100-240V ~ 50-60 Hz 1.(16-128GB SSD Optional) 5.Power input DC 18.11 a/b/g/ WiFi 312.0/pc for 1-2pcs. 9.HDD: 160GB SATA HDD.Memory: DDR2 1GB 667Mhz RAM. 8.3 mm 15.0/pc for 3-9pcs. 370. Power Adapter 100-240V AC 60W.Battery 1700mah.16:9 TFT display.Keyboard Touch Screen.LAN:10/100 Base-TX 315. 4. 5.OS: support Windows XP / Linux/ windows 7.0/pc for 1-2pcs.2 inch Rotatable touch screen.3M pixels 303.Video Card Intel GMA950 7. 2* USB2. Display controller: VX700 integrated. Output: 19V 3.CPU: Intel Atom N270 1600MHz.5A. 3.Card Port MMC/SD card slot.7A. 1* earphone jack.5A.LCD 8./PC z cpu+windows xp OS+1GB Ram+ 160G HDD +wifi+bluetooth (Optional) + 1. 6. with digital keyboard support external keyboard Mouse & Touch Pad Built in touch pad.two shortcut key and support USB mouse 10.USB Port USB2. built-in 3G Module +USD78.0/pc for 3-9pcs. UniChrome ProII 6.Camera: 1.Display Resolution max 1024*600 pixels.9"TFT Touch Screen 1024*600 pixels.Working time: about 160 minutes after full charged. Dimension: L250 mm*W168 mm*H 21.upgradable to 2GB RAM.1.0/pc for 10pcs.Stand-by time 2hrs.5V/3.OS:supporting Windows XP/WIN 7 , 3.Output 18.Audio ports:MIC IN and AUIDO OUT.Battery: Aptitude lithium 3CELL-2200mah battery.3M camera + 1.Built-in 3G module is optional (the price is not including it) 375. 1*VGA external display port.Built-in Camera COMS Camera 0.Memory: 1GB DDRII Ram.0 ports.LCD screen: 10. 2. 14.can be rotated 180 degree into tablet pc.0/pc for 10pcs. 1* network cable (RJ-45) jack.3M Pixel 13.1* microphone output.I/O ports: 1* microphone jack. 373.Wireless network card: 802.11b/g 8.Hard Disk 16GB SSD. 10. 4.1 * Mic input.CPU:Intel atom N270 1.0*3 11.6GHz,Chipset Intel 945GSE+ICH7M 2.CDMA SIM slot 12.WIFI Built in WiFi 802.5A 12. 7.Connection components 1* Ethernet Lan Port & VGA Connector. 1* card reader (SD/MS/MMC/MS-pro) ased UMPC/Tablet PC . Supports AC97.5V DC 3.Keyboard: US keyboard 11.

about 0. USD340.1.1GB Ram +USD9.0/PC).: with wifi.supporting USB mouse and keyboard 15. 16G SSD.11b/g.3M camera (Optional.I/O: 2*USB2. 6400mah battery.price is for 8GB SSD.3200mah 2-3 hours battery. 7. 3.0/PC).0/PC).SD card port: Work with card reader 13. HSDPA express card +USD50.Audioi: Speaker + earphone 11.2G.Input equipments:Touch screen.16GB+USD16.Memory: DDR2 /1G @533MHz SODIM notebook memory 5.3M camera .Audio system: AC97 Integrated audio.Power:12V 35W,auto-switch 100-240V 14. 14.Expanded port: VGA + USB 10.ACDsee.50/PC) 11.USB:USB2.Powerpoint.Battery: Lithium-polymer Rechargeable Battery.68Kg Net weight.SRS stereo audio 12. 8.0/PC.resolution:800 x 480 7.Dimension: 20*12.0 ndows xp OS+1GB Ram+ 16GB SSD +wifi+bluetooth + 0.1*RJ-45. ☆325 for 20pcs.0.Dual built-in microphone. 3.0 for 1-2pc.Size:200*120*35cm .1*Headphone output.Lan: Built-in 10M/100M Ethernet 9.camera.System:supporting Windows XP /linux 2.bluetooth.built in bluetooth moudle.0/PC.3M camera + super capacity USD345.0/PC.50/PC) 10.(Optional.+USD3.Build in functions: WIFI.CPU: VIA C7 -M 772 Esther. 2 Ports 9.0/pc for 3-9pcs.Hard disk: SSD hard disk. indows xp OS+1GB Ram+ 160G HDD +wifi+bluetooth + 1.(optional.0/pc for 1-2pcs.Express Card for 3G module GPRS/UMTS/HSDPA/CDMA EVDO is optional (3G HSDPA express card+USD50.HDD: 8-32GB SSD (optional. GPS+USD28.0/pc for 10pcs. 5.Office software: Support OFFICE.8KG 325.Chipset: VIA VX700@400MHZ 4.WLAN: wifi.RJ-45: 10/100M WLAN network card 8.DC: AC Charger 12.0/PC.built-in 0.CPU:VIA C7-M 772 1.Integrated graphics Graphics memory.Memory:512M-1GB RAM DDR2 (optional.7*2cm.2Ghz+ VIA VX700 chipset .0/PC 3G based on Better configuaration .1*SD Card slot.Bluetooth +USD3.0/PC).IEEE802. 16GB 6. 1*microphone input.800*480.5G HSDPA module +USD80.video/Audio:VIA S3G UniChrome Pro II Display core. L2 cache: 128KB 3. for 3-9pcs. 16. 4. 1. 320. Weight: 0. 1. USB GPS+USD30.O/S:supporting Windows XP/LINUX/ WINDOWS 7. 323.50/PC). 2.1*Express card slot 13. PDF.Touch Screen.1*VGA port.32GB SSD +USD50.Display:7 inch TFT.128M Display capacity. WPS and other office software.Battery:3000MAH Built-in Li-ion battery. 6.0" high-resolution color TFT LCD.0 ports. Car charger+holder +USD13.wifi+USD3.Bulk order is with 512MB. Camera.Display: 7. 17. 6-8hours 6400mAH Lithium batteries is optional (6400mah battery+USD9.

Audio Format:MP3/WMA/WAV/AAC/OGG 13.7V 1550MAH. 7).Memory: SDRAM 128MB 6.Battery: Lithium-lon Rechargeable Battery 3.support 20G-120G(2)support Usb keyboard and mouse(3)support CDMA (4)clock (5)calculator 17.Touch Screen.Pixel 1024*600 VGA: VGA out LAN: 10/100M Ethernet Access WiFi 802.0 2.Earphone.Hand writting pen.NandFlash: 2GB 7.0 OS+128M sdram+ 2G nandflash + lan port+wifi+external . Memory: 1 GB RAM.System:Windows CE5. HDD: 160GB Display LCD: 8. 2).Up to 4 hours 16.Camera: Built-in 2.0M mhz cpu+windows CE5./pc for 3-9 pcs 320.Officesoftware:WORD/PDF/EXCEL/TXT/PPT/JPG/BMP/GIF/TIF/PN 135.Video Format:WMV/ASF/AVI/MP4/DIVX 14.6).0/pc for 1-2pcs. 9).AC adapter+car charger.flash.Battery(2 pcs).User manual.1*USB host.11b/g.5).WLAN: IEEE802.0 Card Slot Sd/mmc/card reader Camera 1.11b/g and bluetooth.3D simulation etc. 11. 7.Navigator: Built-in GPS module with sirf III (optional) 9.8CM 329.CPU: VIA C7M 1. USB Port 4 high speed usb 2.0/pc for 10pcs 12.6Ghz processor. G and customized desktop 130.4V rechargable Li-Polimy Dimension:26*16*2. 8).3 inch TFT.3).USB cable.Car holder+car unit 4).WI-FI 9.0M pixels camera (optional) 10.Game :NES(Nintendo)./pc for 1-2pcs.External Storage: SD/MMC Card slot (UP to 8GB) 15.9 inch touch screen. 325.0 OS+128M sdram+ 2GB nandflash +wifi+internal GPS+2. CD driver mhz cpu+windows CE5. 5.480*272 pixels 4. ARM based Tablet PC 1.Add-In applications:((1)OTG./pc for 10pcs. OS:supporting windows xp.CPU:ARM926 533MHZ 3. 1*mini USB slave.Accessories: 1).Gift box.Display:4. 8.3 mega pixel Audio Stereo audio output and Microphone input Speaker Buil in stereo speaker Mic Buil in Microphone Electronic AC110-240V Battery: 2200mAh.0/pc for 3-9pcs.Conversation software: MSN/E-mail/Skype VOIP 139.

MP3. 4.mpeg .7CM C2443 533mhz cpu+windows CE5. 145.(optional) 7.USB and USB HOST :support connecting U disk .1. supporting:Standard ADSL connection such as MSN.H. 2.Office(word/excel/powerpoint).2GB flash. support mobile mouse. you can find newest information of ours on our website 20.IPAQ Support PDA module.avi .wav.0 3.WMA.480*272 pixels. support audio: mp3 ..3 inch.touch screen panel.mp2 .operating systems 5.0/pc for 1-2pcs .263. SKYPE and others.DIVX).Support software: 98. .NET 4.Supports USB wireless network card. 9.DC5V/1A 11. 8.IPQA GAMES Offer 3D.0/pc for 10pcs 3gp.Electronic dictionary.LCD type:4. 6. 10-channel SiRF Star III chipset(Built-in GPS Module.DC partner support OTG function 14.mp4 .3-inch (16:9) LCD:Resolution:480*272 touch screen.Skype.bare dimension: 12*7. 12.Display 4.High quality recording and Build-in high-quality MIC.wma . 5.GPS Function(optional): Portable GPS global positioning system.supporting max 2GB SD. GIF format 13. 10.standby time is more than 8 hours. MSN. 6.Peripherals manipulation through the fuselage USB interface.ASF.HDD: 64MB Nandflash.0 OS+64M sdram+ 4G SD + lan port+wifi .1*CVBS.5-3 hours Power adapter : 110-240V 50/60Hz. streamline design./pc for 1-2 pcs.cancel and other manipulating 17. 99.which can support 4-hour film playing 19. so you can enjoy worry-free driving and tourism (Expand GPS module. simulator games. 139.MP4 95.5*1. mobile keyboard operation.Card-reader: SD/MMC .CPU: Samsung S3C2440A .WAV.Supporting WIFI. 3.support PMP software: AVI(XVID.0/pc for 3-9pcs.mov. Flash ROM: 2GB.Widescreen Cinema support multiple video and the classic film Xpress tours./pc for 3-9 pcs. Supporting Windows 1.WMV.SDRAM:128M.mpg .Built-in rechargeable Li battery 2800mah.built-in Windows CE .With GPS) 0Mhz cpu+WIN CE5. 10./pc for 10pcs (128M SDRAM. 8.Game systems onboard 9..support MP3.Firmware upgrade we will go on researching other new functions .SiRFIII Chipset) 7.OS:supporting Windows CE 5..1*earphone.WMA etc.Coulometer can check how much capacitance in your PMP-PC whenever you want 16. 5. 15. avi\ wmv\asf\3gp\ divx \ h.I/O: 1*SD/MMC card slot.reader and other USB equipment 18.20 Channel. Built-in 10M/100M ethernet Lan Port. BMP.support JPEG. Net Weight: 285g 149.Appearance Thin fuselage.0+64m sdram+64M nandflash+wif.400MHz 2.264 player directly do not need conversion tools 11..11 b/g.File management Support copy.stick .Bare product net deminsion: 190*85*19mm .support video: asf .Memory: 64MB.built-in WIFI Marvell 8686 802.Battery: 1000mAh.CPU:ARM926 400Hz.work about 2.

OS: Windows CE 6.: 1*USB host. 160.WMA.with small keyboard.Operation System: Windows CE 5.support SWF flash. Built-in outlook email. 3.SKYPE 13. 5. 7. date. 11.TIF.3M camera+built-in 3G module . 12.3 inch TFT touch screen.JPG.Support to browse internet.3GP.Built-in WIFI antenna(SAMSUNG A20).1*MIC.Support to read Word.E-book reader 17.excel.MP4… Support audio software: MP3.AVI.Fashion Slide Design.I/O.0/pc for 1-2pcs.Network port & support to connect outside keyboard and soft keyboard in system 8.EXCEL.output:DC 5V. wireless internet 9.for 1-2pcs. Available colors: black or white.Main Features: 1.11b/g 10. 2.Support the ethernet.7V Lithium-Polymer Batter .can receive and send emails.Built-in 64M flash memory and support MINI SD card(1GB~4GB) 5.1*USB slave.take photos and web-camera, 7.Built-in microphone recording.Calendar 20.Paint brush.PNG.support to read U-disk.0 internet brower.LINE IN function 19. Ebook.3 inch Touch screen( 480X272) 4. Wight: about 310g. 135/pc for 3-9pcs 130/pc for 10pcs n +Marvell 624mhz cpu+windows CE6.0/pc for 3-9pcs Built-in Flash player.Electronic dictionary.Wifi: 802.0/pc for 10pcs support txt. +Android OS+128M Ram+2G Inand HDD+WIFI+1.4. 12.support JPG.0 / Android. wire internet 10.AVI.Picture browser:BMP.3GP.CPU: Marvell PXA303 XSCALE 624MHZ.ppt. 9.WAV.Software manager: to add or remove application .GIF pictures.5*81*24mm.PNG 18. 4.1/2.working up to 4 hours.CPU:SAMSUNG S3C2443 533MHZ.System setting: to set system time.PDF.Mp3/4 player 6. network.1*SD/MS/MMC Card Reader slot. Support office software: word.Network dial-in : ADSL dial-in 16.receive and send Email.Support double camera.MSN.Support USB1.480*272 pixels. Movie:WMV.supporting music:MP3. Dimension: 150.0/Android OS+256M Ram+2G HDD+WIFI 1. Support IE6.WAV.Display: 4. sound and so on 139/pc.MP4. Frequency: 5060Hz. 3.Storage: 2GB inand HDD.powerpoint document 14. Calculator.MPEG.WMV.0HOST 11.0 2. beautiful and comfortable to use. Power adapter: Input. Support video software: MPG. 2A current. Battery: built-in 2800mAh/3.Memory: 256M RAM DDR 6. 155.Game:support network games 15. 165.BMP.WMA. 8.ASF.AC 100V-240V. Adobe PDF viewer.built-in speaker.

Support office software: word.WMA.support JPG. 3. Support video software: MPG.Display: 5 inch TFT touch screen.working up to about 4 hours.1*usb slave. Frequency: 5060Hz.BMP.output:DC 5V.support SWF flash.WAV.WMV. 2. 7.CPU: Marvell PXA303 XSCALE 624MHZ.1. Power adapter: Input. Adobe PDF viewer.Built-in 3G module (WCDMA/HSDPA/CDMA2000/TD-SCDMA) optional. Built-in outlook email.5W speaker.3M camera.3GP.5mm earphone.support Φ3. 8. 4.Wifi: 802. 185/pc for 3-9pcs Built-in Flash player. Ebook.built-in 8Ω/1. 11.Memory: 128M RAM DDR . 2A current.excel.but need to use our own software. . 6.TIF.MP4… Support audio software: MP3.Storage: 2GB INAND HDD. 12. 5.GIF pictures.0 internet brower.OS: Android (default) / Windows CE 6.11b/g 10.I/O: 1*USB host.0 .ppt.AVI.PNG.With 1. 180/pc for 10pcs support txt. Battery: built-in 2800mAh/3. 188/pc for 1-2pcs. Support IE6.1*SD/MMC Card Reader slot.1*MIC.can receive and send emails.800*480 pixels.7V Lithium-Polymer Batter .AC 100V-240V. 9.

119. high-fidelity output by 3D surround speakers. ASF.0/pc for 10pcs.0/pc for 3-9pcs.Can support AVI.0/6. 7.800*480 pixels. DAT video decoding/Encoding. ImageViewer. Support flash player Computer support: Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP File System: FAT/FAT32 File System 7.0 3.Nandflash Storage: 2GB Flash HDD(standard. 600MHZ.CPU: TI OMAP3 ARM CORTEX A8. 10.0/pc for 1-2pcs. 5.built-in wireless 802.. PDF.Speaker: Built-in . WAV.0/pc for 10pcs. DIVX4 / 5.USB interface designed to connect a USB device. 264. MPEG4. Support LRC lyrics synchronized display. WMV. Optional up to 16GB) .Memory: 256M RAM DDR . Excel.0 interface and full-speed USB HOSTI/O ports: 1 USB slave sockets 1 earphone/line in sockets 1 mic Card Port: 4 in 1 SD CARD(512MB-8GB) Mouse control: Touch panel 9.11b/g Wireless 8.Audio input: Microphone . Support for electronic books. DVD.39kg with battery. PNG. RMVB. adjustable;volume.Expanded storage: SD card upto 16GB 5. MPEG2. PPT browsing. can support 16GB 6. 2.0+64m sdram+64M nandflash+wifi . H. MPEG1/2/4. JPG. included stereo. Skype. Office Office (Word. etc.Weight: 0. PowerPoint). built-in GPS+15. PNG (maximum support 4000 × 3000) Software: IE. support playback MP3.Audio Type(file): MP2\MP3 stereo\WMA\WAV\OGG\AAC\AAC+\PCM\ADPCM\BSAC \Q10 video Encoding/ Decoding.USB port: High speed USB2. 8.0 Optional 3. MSN. WMV.OS: Windows CE 6.Operating system: Windows CE 5. Media Player. can work 5-8 hours. QQ. GIF. Flash player. game softwares. H. AVI. RM. 205.0/pc for 1-2pcs. MPEG4. WMA audio file formats. Video Frame Rate: Max 30fps/25fps (PAL) E-book: TXT 129.11b/g/ module. 189.Memory: 64M 128M/256M/512M optional 4.Display: 7 inch TFT touch screen. BMP. XVID.0/PC A 400Mhz cpu+WIN CE5. DIVX. Email. WMV9. electronic album.LCD Screen: 5" digital touch panel. VCD.Max Resolution: 480*272 or 800*480 pixels 6. 12.1.Built-in GPS receiver (optional) . 11.Storage: 2GB T-Flash.Audio output: Build-in stereo speaker 10. 9.0/pc for 3-9pcs.. games and so on 3D and JAVA: Support. Image formats: GIF. support WMA\MP3\ADPCMDirect encoding recording. Output: DC5V/2A Built in Battery: Lithium 2200mAH Working time: 3 hours(standby time 24 hours) 1. Video formats (document): ASP @ L5wuthout QPEL and GMC.264 and other video file playback. FLAC Lossless format support.CPU: Telechip 7901 ARM 480MHz with 480MHz DSP(32bit Dual Core ARM926EJ-S / ARM946ES)(8901 600MHz Dual Core Optional) 2. 4.DVB-T( or CMMB)chipst: Dibicom Power Adapter: Input: AC200-240V. 125. etc. stocks.Two-channel headphone port. Picture support: JPG.5cm 208. Battery: 3000mah Rechargeable lithium battery . Dimension: 18*11*1. built-in bluetooth module. MP @ ML.GPS Chipset: Sirf3 or ublox5 11. BMP.Wireless connetion: 802.

0 2.mp2 .1*SD/MMC card 119.For big bulk Mass quantity : 10-30 working days after receive the deposit and confirming order details.0/pc for 10pcs 14.support PMP software: AVI(XVID.CPU: Samsung920T-S3C2440A .1.bare dimension: 200* 110 * 20 mm hz cpu+windows CE5. 7.Officesoftware:WORD/PDF/EXCEL/TXT/PPT/JPG/BMP/GIF/TIF/PN G and customized desktop 15.Conversation software: MSN/E-mail/Skype VOIP 145.Touch Screen.but you can use SD card to transfer datas).Built-in AV-IN video input: with video cameras can be composed of reversing video systems 11.OS: Windows CE 5. 5.. 6.Memory: 64MB 5.NandFlash:4GB.800*480 resolution 4.MP4 3gp.800*480 pixels.0/pc for 3-9pcs.WAV.mpeg .1*CVBS.Card-reader: SD/MMC .MP3.0 OS+128M sdram+ 4GB nandflash +wifi+internal GPS+Av-in+lan 1.Two USB port design: synchronously connect two USB devices 150.263.H.Add-In applications:((1)OTG.0/pc for 3-9pcs.Dimension: L*W*H(194 * 124 * 18mm) BShenzhen or FCA HK.1*earphone.WLAN: IEEE802.flash.Battery: Lithium-lon Rechargeable Battery 3.11b/g 8. ration system licence cost om.0 3.0/pc for 1-2pcs slot.Audio Format: MP3/WMA/WAV/AAC/OGG 16..Office(word/excel/powerpoint).. .Navigator: Built-in GPS module with sirf III (optional) 10.WMA.price is for 4GB).Electronic 110.Video Format: WMV/ASF/AVI/MP4/DIVX 17.mp4 .400MHz 2.LCD type:7 inch.(Optional) 7. Lan:Built-in 10M/100M Ethernet 155.0 host (can't work because there is USB wifi. support audio: mp3 .CPU:ARM926 533MHZ 3..Game :NES(Nintendo).supporting max 2GB SD.ASF. l amount is available by T/T or paypal or Western Union before the shipment. 8.built-in WIFI Marvell 8686 802.wma .System: supporting Windows CE5.HDD: 64MB Nandflash. 115.com .3D simulation etc.0/pc for 10pcs dictionary.Display:SHARP 7 inch TFT.avi .mov. 9. 4.External Storage: SD/MMC Card slot (UP to 8GB) 18.mpg .Memory: SDRAM 128MB 6.I/O: without USB2.touch screen panel. 12.Support software: MSN. 13.wav.7V 2300MAH.(1-8GB.DC5V/1A 11.11 b/g.DIVX)..support 20G-120G(2)support Usb keyboard and mouse(3)support USB flash disk (4)support USB CDMA Modem (4)clock (5)calculator, 20.support video: asf .Up to 4 hours 19.work about 4-5 hours Power adapter : 110-240V 50/60Hz.Battery: 4cell 4000mAh.WMV.0/pc for 1-2pcs. 10.

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