Conservative Future National Election: Polls open Monday 4th to Friday 15th March

I’ve been a member of Conservative Future since I helped establish the Braintree branch six years ago and since then have become involved in a number of election campaigns, served as the chairman of Essex area Conservative Future and been elected as a District Councillor in my home town. In my eyes Conservative Future is an organisation which although it admittedly suffers reputational difficulties and sometimes doesn't function as we all hope is still a great organisation. It’s fantastic for meeting new like minded people, for learning new skills and for being involved in the excitement of election campaigns. I have thoroughly enjoyed being involved in first Braintree Conservative Future and then Essex Conservative Future and now hope to get involved nationally as Deputy Chairman Political.
I’m regularly involved in Conservative Future social action projects, campaign days and debating events.

A major project I would like to undertake, with an eye to the fast approaching 2015 election, is to One of my main aims if elected is build a nationwide campaigning strategy and plan. to ensure that I cut back dramatically on the number of decisions taken at my level and This will be a plan built around the ensure that anything that can be wishes and plans of local branches with a focus to ensuring we have decided at branch level, is. the infrastructure and organisation in place to mobilise volunteers to I also want to expand the where they’re most needed. opportunities available to members in terms of training and skills so that being involved in Conservative Future can deliver real tangible benefits to those involved. If elected I will meet each region and area in an attempt to formulate this campaigning strategy.

I hope you’ll look through my five action points overleaf and I hope you will choose to vote for me when the online ballot opens on Monday 4th March. If you have any questions please visit my website,, or email me at

Stephen Canning Candidate for Deputy Chairman Political


Feel free to contact me at


Building a locally focused campaign infrastructure

With the 2015 General Election fast approaching Conservative Future needs to ensure it has a campaigning infrastructure that is capable of moving volunteers around the country to where they’re most needed and most effective. This will require effective nationwide planning and cooperation, but what it should not involve is top down decision making. I will ensure that I travel to each region and area over the course of my term to find out exactly how they want to they locally want to campaign and the areas they want to target. Working alongside those elected to represent their areas we can try and build a nationwide campaigning strategy that does not prescribe but is based upon the ideas, needs and plans of branches at ground level. This will be combined with a database of volunteers who are willing to travel to where their


Recognising activists campaigning efforts

Conservative Future members dedicate hours and hours of their time to campaigning on behalf of the party they love. They do it for a range of reasons including the love of elections, the joy of knocking up on the doorstep or the excitement of the campaign. It’s not unreasonable however to ask that they should be able to get something in return. During my term I’d like to establish a system for recognising and supporting members who selflessly donate their time to campaigning. As well as offering certificates of recognition to candidates for the time they spend campaigning it will also work with them to help organise transport arrangements for their trips. Support will also be provided to branches who wish to organise campaign days but need extra organisational or promotional support to enable them to make their day success.

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Providing the skills that members need

Members of Conservative Future are varied and diverse and as such all have a different range of ambitions. Conservative Future should be able to support them in their ambitions and provide them the training and skills they need to achieve what they want. As such I will work to provide a range of training courses across the country such as campaign training, dealing with the media, financial skills, writing and journalism and anything else that may help support our membership.

Ensuring that volunteers remain well briefed

I will organise briefing sessions across the country to ensure that Conservative Future members are well briefed and aware of party policy and to ensure that activists who are volunteering to take the message to the doorstep are kept in the loop.

Encouraging and supporting local candidacy

Many members of Conservative Future take a keen interest in their local communities and are very active locally. I want to encourage and provide support to all those members who wish to stand as parish, district or county councillors. One form this will take is as a peer mentoring scheme where more experienced councillors can provide the support that younger candidates and councillors may need as they start out. I will also look to seek additional campaigning support and training to younger councillors.


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