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Event Ideas

Event Ideas

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great event ideas for you and your family or friends
great event ideas for you and your family or friends

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Published by: faithgirl on Feb 22, 2013
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Event Ideas

All Around The Houses: Enlist the help of church members & get them to prepare some food at their homes . . . without telling you what it is. It could be drinks, desserts, snacks . . . anything they want. Start at one of the homes and progress around to each house to eat whatever has been prepared. At the final location have all the 'hosts' gather for an evening of fun. This got our youth group and our older folk together and it was great fun. We had soup, garlic bread, yorkshire puddings, gravy, banana chips, African punch, sausage rolls, and the last house had a fantastic array of desserts. Added by Fiona Kelly Amateur Olympics: We rented out a local gymnastics club for the night. We didn't tell the students what we were doing but told them to wear "athletic clothing" because we would be doing something physical. We set the night up like an Olympic gymnastics meet. There were four events that the students rotated through: beam, vault, floor and trampoline. There were judges at each event who judged the students on creativity, style, fun factor, etc. They held up scores at the end of each event they did. They also kept track of all the scores for the event. Before we started, the students were divided into teams and had to create a team name and flag. Then they marched into the gym waving their flag. Event Details:

• • •

For the beam we used a low beam that was only a few inches off of the floor. The students had about a minute to do their best and most creative routine on the beam. For the floor we had a CD player and turned on random music that the kids had to create a routine to on the spot (this was the most fun!!). For the trampoline they got judged on how high they jumped, creativity, and style. For the vault they had two tries to get over, under or around it as creatively as possible.

After they had rotated through all the events we had an awards ceremony and gave out medals for each event. We gave away a gold, silver and bronze for each of the 4 events and then we gave an award to the team that had the highest total of points. We’ve done this idea at 2 different churches that we have been in. It was a huge hit at both. Added by Stacy Goebel, Phoenix, AZ Amazing Race, The: This event is incredibly simple, has very minimal set-up cost and is a ton of fun for all from children to college aged students! Everyone seems to be a fan of the reality show “The Amazing Race” where contestants go around the world getting clues and

accomplishing tasks in order to be the first to finish and win the race. In this version of “The Amazing Race” there is only one task to accomplish at the end of the race and endless amounts of riddle solving during the race. Here’s how it works:

1. You need to come up with a phrase that would be great for whatever season, date or event you are playing the race at. (In the example below, the phrase is Goodbye 8th Graders – for a final middle school ministry event for 8th graders.) 2. Take that phrase and split it up into individual letters (into single letters is best, but you can do a couple together also.) 3. Third, create riddle-like clues about the location you intend to hide each letter around your church building or other facility (this works great in larger facilities, if your facility is small, remember to use the outdoors to your advantage!). There is an example at the end. 4. Now that you have your phrase and locations down, simply make enough copies of each letter so that every hiding place has the same amount of letters as teams. At each hiding place should be one sheet of paper per team that has the letter in a huge font that takes up most of the page and then a small strip of paper that has the clue to the next hiding spot. (i.e. 7 teams would need 7 copies of each clue/letter- paper at each hiding place). 5. Now go plant your clues (legal envelopes are great ways to place your clues in the hiding spots) and remember that your first clue will be handed to everyone at the beginning of the game. 6. Get your groups together; explain that the first group to find all the letters and solve the phrase that they make wins the race! Instruct teams that once they have solved all the clues and collected all the letters, they must return to a designated place and unscramble the phrase that the letters spell out. (Be prepared, this can take upwards near 15-20 minutes to do if your phrase is long.) 7. Hand them clue #1 to start with and let them run. First team to solve the phrase at the end – WINS!


1. CLUE #1 – NO LETTER – The sounds of adventure start here in this zone!
(Soundboard in Adventure Zone) ***This is the clue that you handout at the beginning…the students race to the location the clue #1 gives to find clue #2 and the letter “G”***

2. CLUE #2 – G – The things we don’t want, the things we can’t keep we put in
this thing to keep ACC neat. (Dumpster)

***The students race to the location the clue #2 gives to find clue #3 and the letter “O” …and so on*** 3. CLUE #3 – O – In the days of castles, these were lowered to allow entry… nowadays they keep people out. (Gate) 4. CLUE #4 – O – Rock, rock, who has the rock? (Rocks in front of building) 5. CLUE #5 – D – This portal allows one to see children 3-6 years old on Sundays (outside window of Zoofari) 6. CLUE #6 – B – Diapers, diapers everywhere, but not a toddler to make this stink. (changing table in Toddlers) 7. CLUE #7 – Y – Ping-pong the witch is dead??? (underneath ping pong table) 8. CLUE #8 – E – It’s not the movies, but it is a big screen! (Auditorium screen) 9. CLUE #9 – 8 – This is a backdrop for artists, especially master artists. (AZ backdrop) 10.CLUE #10 – T – Show me the money, and your family information card. (Offering box) 11.CLUE #11 – H – You might find a robot in this room, or at least something mechanical anyway. (Mechanical room) 12.CLUE #12 – G – 1 John, 2 John, 3 John, which John could it be in? (Boys and Girls bathroom) 13.CLUE #13 – R – Signs, signs, everywhere are signs…this is a big sign with service times. (ACC sign) 14.CLUE #14 – A – To heat something up quick, you’d put it in this… (Microwave – Kitchen) 15.CLUE #15 – D – Oh, that’s just PERFECT!!! (Perfect sign behind stage) 16.CLUE #16 – E – Getting tired yet? This is where babies sleep when their tired. (Nursery crib)

17. CLUE #17 – R – That old piece of junk…I can’t believe it still runs! (Jamie’s
car) ***Clue #17 leads only to the final letter*** 18.NO CLUE – S

TIPS: You can scramble the order of the letters so that they don’t get each letter in the exact order of the phrase, but I have found that the students don’t pick up on it and it makes your life easier to keep it in order. Remember to remove the answers that are in parentheses in the clues when you

play the game. Although, you do want to have a master list for yourself that has the clues, answers and letters all together so that you can help students who may have accidentally missed a letter somewhere. Make sure the space to unscramble the phrase is big enough for your students to spread out all of their letters. Awake-A-Thon: Begin by printing out pledge sheets for youth. Have them collect pledges based either on hour pledges or flat rate pledges. Have students bring sleeping bags and pillows, etc., and arrange a large room to keep youth and chaperones in. Have plenty of snacks and games on hand. Schedule this for a Fri evening thru Saturday evening. Plan ahead with a variety of games (getting-to-know-you's, team building activities, and other mixers). Make it a rule that NO ONE goes home from beginning to end except in the case of medical emergencies, etc. If you have the equipment, take lots of pictures to show on a slide show set to preselected music every hour on a screen. Each participant raises money for their youth group (or missions project) by staying awake! Each hour they stay awake will be initialed by a chaperone. Have youth total hours and collect pledges the following week. This is a great way to raise money gather for great fellowship! Added by Melanie Guertin Back In The Day: This event was actually done by a Children’s’ Worker, but could be tweaked for teenagers. Have everyone – including teachers/sponsors - come dressed as a Bible character, but not tell anyone who they represent. Decorate your room to resemble a banquet in Jesus' Day, with candles for lighting. Have volunteers fix a meal consisting of only foods from back in Jesus' Day (breads, deer, fruits, vegetables, spices...best of all the chance to taste vinegar!). After enjoying the meal each person has to describe him or her self while others try to guess who they were. Award prizes for best costume (most creative representation of a Bible character) and most thorough knowledge of that character and of Bible days. This is a great opportunity to educate your students on Jesus' lifestyle and minister to them through the characters they chose to come as. Idea from Tara Turner Backwards Halloween: Our congregation donates candy for several weeks - which is then split into about 100 bags. The week before Halloween, our youth group goes into the community, knocks on doors and gives them candy, along with information about our church. (We don't wear costumes.) Leads to a great lesson on how people accept a "free" gift - some appreciate it, others are apprehensive, and others reject it...just like with Jesus. Also good training for students and leaders in outreach and showing genuine care with no strings attached.

They then are told to create a personality and appearance for their banana with the items they get. if any. Admission to the party is one banana per person and whatever monetary cost you determine. the love of bananas . Prizes for games could be Bic-bananas. Have two or three volunteers put a whole banana in their mouth. The contestants place a knee-high over their head (like a bank robber) and are given a banana. Added by Jessica Fletcher Banana Legs This game is played up front with a few people while the crowd watches. napkins. etc. Ginormous Ice Cream Sundae Buy LOTS of bananas. at least wear yellow). one after the other. Have a camera ready! Added by Trish Barnhart Banana Poke This game is played up front with a few people while the crowd watches.Also see Charge 'Em Up on Events page. You can have everyone go from event to event or have "stations" that teams can go to. banana split toppings. outreach. It's better if each group gets different items for variety. . Make and eat banana shakes or banana splits. They must peel the banana with one hand and poke the other in the face (not in eye). beads. You can use as many contestants as desired but it's best with an audience cheering them on. instructing them not to eat it. Tie their left hands together and give each a banana. among other banana-related things. They race to see who can eat the banana through the nylon first. just hold it in their mouth. Have them squish the banana threw the tiny holes in the hose into a trash or grocery bag. Banana Barf This game is played up front with a few people while the crowd watches. foil.you name it! Go bananas! Have everyone come dressed as a banana (or. Try to build the massive sundae in waves and then when it is "official" they all take spoons and begin to eat. . Added by Cecile Kaiser Banana Night: Banana Overload event including additional banana games from our Games pages for camp. Added by Elisabeth Banana Dress-up Each team or group is given a banana and a baggy of random items (felt.BE CREATIVE). Bring 2 students up front. Build a huge ice cream sundae in 80 feet of gutter (use cheap plastic). One volunteer from each group gets up and introduces their banana to the group. Then put a pair of panty-hose over each volunteer's head. and spoons.

Banana Surgery Have a team peel and cut up a banana into equal parts. or whatever. nuts. (Don’t tell them what comes next until they're done. banana. Add a little cooking oil for extra slip and slide. Had we not mixed a little oil and water with it. Start the "contest" and keep the one guy stuffing down bananas as long as possible.Round Two: blindfolded Idea from Young Life Banana Split-N-Slide Everyone remembers their very first slip and slide out in the yard on a hot summer day. The team with the best. Get approximately 50 feet of plastic tarp and items that would be found on a banana split (ice cream. Here's a variation. banana pieces and maraschino cherries). Alternate people in chairs with people on the floor. strawberry syrup. Payback time. Added by Tammy Straub Banana Stuff (aka Blind Banana Stuff) This game is played up front with a few people while the crowd watches. Pile items on top of the tarp and spread it out. etc. the contestant will be handed another.) aren't as easily put back together. Blindfold all three. Recruit four hungry volunteers. chocolate syrup. syrup. Variations: Blindfold the people in the chairs.) Then tell them they must put the banana back together using pins. found in bulk at Sam's Warehouse). whipping cream and finally. When his blindfold is removed and he realizes he was the only one. a cherry into the person's mouth. Bring three guys to the front to see who can eat the most bananas in five minutes while blindfolded. . As soon as one banana is peeled and eaten. If you do this with a big group. it's funny. we wouldn't have been able to slide very well. Idea by Cristin Banana Splits in the Mouth This game is played up front with a few people while the crowd watches. needles. caramel syrup. Have students line up and take off one at a time! We've done this with just Hershey Syrup (about 50 lbs. reconstructed banana wins. tape. Two people stand up in chairs while two others lie on the floor at their feet. Instruct the crowd to cheer for their favorites Then have associates silently remove two of the blindfolds and let the guys rejoin the crowd. reputations. People in the chairs try to make a banana split in the other persons mouth by dropping ice-cream. The point: Things taken apart (relationships. use a video feed to a big screen and time the "surgery" so it doesn't drag.

not come back with a stockpile of items.).Idea from Young Life Option: Adapt songs to have a "Banana-a—long" ato include favorites like: "My Old Kentucky Banana. See Bananarama. also on Events page. . Clean Up Your Own Backyard (like Dodge Ball." etc. Your team must stay together. The team that brings back the biggest or best item back is the winner. Teams must trade the items. etc. Capture The Flag. Rules: You must trade each item you receive for the next item. Bananarama: Have a scavenger hunt where each team is given a banana and a list of things to measure with in banana lengths: Sample items: The height of a stop sign a garage door the length of a Chevy Height of a Staff person width of a sidewalk someone's waist the banana area of a window (window banana length x window banana width) Bigger and Better Hunt aka Trade Up: This is a scavenger hunt where you send out each team with a coat hanger (or another small item if you wish) and you instruct each team to go door to door in the neighborhood asking people if they will trade for something bigger (strictly the size) or better (quality. buy any game supplies you need. it doesn't matter. especially if people wear white. Play games under a "black light. but trying to throw all the balls on the other side)." "On Top of Old Banana. It's just fun to play under the black light. No money or anything else can be offered on the side. value. Here are some of the specific black light games from our web site: • • • • Glow-in-the-Dark Dodgeball (Click Here) Black Light Basketball (Click Here) Black Light Dodgeball (Click Here) Black Light Volleyball (Click Here). or anything. Each team will come back with one item and judges will determine the winner. Idea by Christy Black Light Bash: For this black light event." like Hockey. a bunch of glow sticks and five to ten dark t-shirts for an object lesson.

and then afterward we’ll come back together for a final word. You don't want someone following the kids around with a black light. Have them walk out through the center of the audience with the lights normal (you can see the writing a little bit). or just through the center of the room. 2. swearing. The model agency says that these models are good people. You'll have the black lights on now and everyone will see their "sin. but we try to do things our own way. Wow. lust. right?" Have the students "model" them on a mock runway or stage. . switch to your black lights so the kids can see the back of the shirts as they walk back toward the stage. Pre-select some student leaders up front to don the new "black light" wear. He's laid out a great plan for us. Transition Statement: I don't know about you. lying. no matter how private our sin is. Have the "models" stop and strike a pose when back on the stage. it's not like we wear our sins on our shirts. ASK A FEW: What are sins? Sin is just a word for "when we do things our way instead of God's way. CLICK HERE for a quick training article on how to maximize your small groups using our small group format—a great resource to equip your small group leaders. disrespecting authority.) Have the models exit the stage (then you can have them change out of the shirts). there's someone who always sees it. "We just brought these models in from Norway to show you our fashionable new T-shirt line. bring everyone together. I just had to take their word for it.it just sends a totally different message. Let's break up into small groups. let's go around the circle and everyone quickly share their favorite thing to do an the weekend. break open a glow stick for each of your four or five dark t-shirts and write the name of a sin on the back of it (ex. ASK A FEW: We just saw a bizarre fashion show. Small Group Questions: 1." (Note: this only works if you have the black lights hung and rigged pretty well and all lighting can be controlled from the back. premarital sex. What were some of the sins we saw written on people's backs. stealing. An Object Lesson: Ahead of time.like we're trying to expose their sins. I mean. Say something like. with their backs (and the writing) facing the audience. gossip). AROUND THE CIRCLE: (a light opening question to warm up the group) Before we get started. That's pretty embarrassing. That's sin. but there have been some times in my life that I'm glad my sin wasn't written on my shirt for all to see.After the games are done. Have it so their backs are facing away from the audience and the audience doesn't see what's written on the back of the shirts. But let's be honest. 3. drug abuse. but then when the first model turns to go back to the stage.

a bunch of glow sticks and five to ten dark t-shirts for an object lesson. stick around and talk with me or one of the staff tonight." like Hockey. And as I pray. ASK A FEW: The verse says that He is "faithful and just" to forgive us. [9] But if we confess our sins to him.4. buy any game supplies you need. we are only fooling ourselves and refusing to accept the truth. but trying to throw all the balls on the other side). Play games under a "black light. especially if people wear white.) So how do we get rid of sin? 9.) 6. Capture The Flag. maybe there are some of us in this group that have something to confess or talk about more. he is faithful and just to forgive us and to cleanse us from every wrong. it doesn't matter. . He keeps His word. what are we doing if we "say we have no sin?" 8. ASK A FEW: What are some of the "sins" that you think are common in the teenage world today? 5. or anything. ASK SOMEONE: Which of these sins does God NOT see? (The answer is none--He sees them all.) Small Group Wrap Up: Let's close in prayer. It's just fun to play under the black light. PRAY Idea by Brandon Swonger Black Light Bash: For this black light event. I encourage you. What does that mean? (He always will. ASK SOMEONE: (Remind students to look at what the verse says. if that's you. ASK A FEW: So why do you think that people try to hide sins from God or pretend that He doesn't see them? Read the following two verses: 1 John 1:8-9 (NLT) If we say we have no sin. Clean Up Your Own Backyard (like Dodge Ball. Here are some of the specific black light games from our web site: • • • • Glow-in-the-Dark Dodgeball (Click Here) Black Light Basketball (Click Here) Black Light Dodgeball (Click Here) Black Light Volleyball (Click Here). ASK SOMEONE: According to the verse. 7.

Pre-select some student leaders up front to don the new "black light" wear. right?" Have the students "model" them on a mock runway or stage. That's sin.like we're trying to expose their sins. "We just brought these models in from Norway to show you our fashionable new T-shirt line. it's not like we wear our sins on our shirts. Say something like. switch to your black lights so the kids can see the back of the shirts as they walk back toward the stage. or just through the center of the room.it just sends a totally different message. He's laid out a great plan for us. and then afterward we’ll come back together for a final word. You don't want someone following the kids around with a black light. break open a glow stick for each of your four or five dark t-shirts and write the name of a sin on the back of it (ex. AROUND THE CIRCLE: (a light opening question to warm up the group) Before we get started. Have it so their backs are facing away from the audience and the audience doesn't see what's written on the back of the shirts. 2. drug abuse. stealing. gossip). What were some of the sins we saw written on people's backs. lust. I mean. Transition Statement: I don't know about you. Wow. premarital sex. ASK A FEW: What are sins? Sin is just a word for "when we do things our way instead of God's way. bring everyone together. You'll have the black lights on now and everyone will see their "sin. with their backs (and the writing) facing the audience. swearing. I just had to take their word for it. Let's break up into small groups. ASK A FEW: We just saw a bizarre fashion show. disrespecting authority." (Note: this only works if you have the black lights hung and rigged pretty well and all lighting can be controlled from the back. but we try to do things our own way. Have the "models" stop and strike a pose when back on the stage. CLICK HERE for a quick training article on how to maximize your small groups using our small group format—a great resource to equip your small group leaders. The model agency says that these models are good people. let's go around the circle and everyone quickly share their favorite thing to do an the weekend. but there have been some times in my life that I'm glad my sin wasn't written on my shirt for all to see. An Object Lesson: Ahead of time.) Have the models exit the stage (then you can have them change out of the shirts). no matter how private our sin is. . But let's be honest. but then when the first model turns to go back to the stage. Small Group Questions: 1. 3. lying. Have them walk out through the center of the audience with the lights normal (you can see the writing a little bit).After the games are done. That's pretty embarrassing. there's someone who always sees it.

I encourage you. "Bring Your Own Utensil. ASK A FEW: So why do you think that people try to hide sins from God or pretend that He doesn't see them? Read the following two verses: 1 John 1:8-9 (NLT) If we say we have no sin. And as I pray. ASK A FEW: What are some of the "sins" that you think are common in the teenage world today? 5. ASK SOMEONE: (Remind students to look at what the verse says.) 6. The catch is. give suggestions of utensils they can bring: wooden spoons. What does that mean? (He always will. egg beaters .4. stick around and talk with me or one of the staff tonight. Everyone has to use the utensil they brought with them. . ASK A FEW: The verse says that He is "faithful and just" to forgive us. if that's you.) Small Group Wrap Up: Let's close in prayer. whatever you want. maybe there are some of us in this group that have something to confess or talk about more.) So how do we get rid of sin? 9. serving forks. spatulas. PRAY Idea by Brandon Swonger Bring Your Own Utensil Dinner: That's what you advertise it as . show a slide presentation at the end of the night). When you're pumping the event. He keeps His word. . Give prizes afterward for the following: • • • • • • Most Creative Utensil Most Functional Utensil Sloppiest Eater Neatest Eater Largest Portion Consumed Smallest Portion Consumed .. what are we doing if we "say we have no sin?" 8. [9] But if we confess our sins to him. he is faithful and just to forgive us and to cleanse us from every wrong. 7. ASK SOMEONE: Which of these sins does God NOT see? (The answer is none--He sees them all. no silverware." and you don't tell them anything else. we are only fooling ourselves and refusing to accept the truth.. Take pictures with a digital camera (if you have the capability. . . Serve a spaghetti dinner for the event. ASK SOMEONE: According to the verse.

one for each side of the car. and "things about God" and our church's address and slogan are plastered all over my car. only turn it into a two-week competition with two teams . The kids feel unified whenever they see it around town. had them all stand in the parking lot. using brooms as sticks. Charge 'Em Up: Have your congregation donate new 9-volt batteries to your youth group for a few . This idea was submitted by Jake & Vicki Hookham: My 1986 Olds Delta 88 was white and crying out for some ghetto (it looks like a grandma car. Again give each team a side of the car and let them lay into it with sledgehammers and/or block splitters. Our variation: If you have more than one hooptie owner. We surprised the skaters and painted the car with it. and that's exactly who died right before it was donated to me). then brought the car. you can break your group up in teams and have a contest for most original “restoration” job. I invited them beforehand. To pull in a couple of unchurched skaters. I told them I needed their help to paint something big. Week Two: Take the windows out and give kids turns smashing the car.Enjoy! Broom Hockey: Reserve your nearby ice rink and go play hockey with mere tennis shoes on. Everyone had lots of fun. Week One: Same "decorating" idea as above. a huge insurance liability policy. but a great activity for your group. Car Restoration – Ghetto Flava: Got a big ol' hooptie or an ugly little junker that still runs? This isn’t really a game. This can last at least an hour! We then used this to talk about sacrifice (it was a weak link. told them to wait for me while I went to the car to get it. even providing stencils for some of the students to decorate the car with. Australian youth worker Chris Bowditch's variation: Same as above. but it was there). The main idea was to launch the new year. got all the colors of house paint I could. Smart youth worker tip: Just make sure you let the neighbors know what's going on (otherwise they may call the police)! Also see Car Stuff on Outdoor Games page. and to 'smash' the students expectations about what people who are involved in a church do. and a small ball as a puck.

.treasurechest/dn/default. The neighbors were shocked.. Also.(I did it again. the more exciting the teens will find it! (Or Just use butcher paper and roll out the frame of the board almost as big as the room!) Print huge Chance and Community Chest cards on colored paper.. (NO PUN INTENDED)..plenty of ministry to be had by all!!! The reason this worked was because we didn't do the expected-try to convert people. Mass reproduce the Monopoly money on matching colored paper. Nichols Chicagopoly.. are always looking for fun events. . Give the game a specific amount of time. Have the teens bring icons for their game pieces (Stuffed Animals.. Use your creativity (or. Use fuzzy dice if you can find them. We had one teen bring in a tire!). paper. count the money of each team and award the winners. Kevin Flick just added this great idea to Jonathan's Resources Event Page last week. Sacramentopoly: A Personalized Youth Event Those of you who are running a weekly program. First team to cross GO! First team in jail. in Jesus' name.They really couldn't believe it. Split the teens into small groups as teams and have them work together. Use construction paper for the different colors.. etc. whether for a youth group or an outreach.) to show GOD's love so practically! Also see Backwards Halloween on Events page. in your neighborhood surrounding the church building. The youth were really charged.. The larger the board. Monopoly Night: This event gives you the opportunity to be creative and build a custom event for your own youth group.cfm and print off monopoly money (free). title each space with street names that the teens live on. Then. using recognizable streets and industries from your city. and a pen to take down the neighbor's prayer request. We just met a need (batteries in smoke detectors) and offered to pray for them. Take really wide paper (we use paper that is used for covering tables) and construct a gigantic Monopoly board.use the city or the youth group's name if you wish. etc.weeks. hand them out (or install them yourselves).... Call the event what you want.hasbro.take along a clipboard. The batteries are for their smokedetectors. have your student leaders use their creativity and own the event). Lincolnoply.com/monopoly/pl/page.. Idea by Marty A.. Give away prizes for certain things: First team to own a Monopoly.. the sky is the limit! At the end. Print off one page then you can use your church's printer for the rest. buy play money or go to http://www.

Each team receives: . Sometimes we list the items with descriptive words so they have to figure out what is needed on the list. Have a chaperone judge it.Check out more great events on Jonathan's "Events" Page: http://www. lights) group of live Christmas Carolers Extra points if you get a homeowner in the video with said object. person dressed as Santa. giving extra points for creativity. The rule is that everyone on team must be captured on the video (in front of the item) to get "credit" for their team. (60 minutes or so .html Christmas Light Project: Similar to Video Scavenger Hunt on our Events page. Each group must create a documentary movie while getting the items on the list. hang out and eat Christmas cookies. Give each team a given time to acquire decorations and decorate their tree. and Mrs. Suggested list: • • • • • • • • • • • house with all white lights a baby doll in a manger camels three wise-men Mr. like a mini movie. etc. . This works at night. enough time to judge the trees at the end.com/events/index. . See below description for suggestions. Extra points for house with the most different colored lights Idea by Tara Spradley Christmas Tree Scramble: This is a fun event where you’ll need transportation for each team (unless you are within walking distance). Have students bring flashlights. The unique part of the event is that the group must add a dramatic flair to the video. We ask everyone with camcorders to bring the necessary equipment so we can watch the videos when we get back. teams go out with video camera to capture on video a list of Christmas Decorations.thesource4ym. Claus Snowman wooden nativity luminaries (candles.

For these points. Starter kit of decorations Goal: Decorate your team's tree. Grab. or develop the pictures for a PowerPoint slide presentation (many places will develop pictures on CD) the next week. to get a picture of. this is a scavenger hunt where each team has a camera (disposable or not) and a vehicle to get around town in (with adult sponsor drivers) Give them a list of items.1. Economy (money efficiency). You may: • • • • • buy decorations with your teams money trade decorations with a stranger use only decorations that do not need to be returned to their previous owner make decorations out of recycled materials trade decorations with another group You may not: • • • • • • take decorations from your house or a friend’s house (everything must cost you something) use decorations that need to be returned sabotage another team’s decorations spend your own money use pyrotechnics damage your tre Idea by Scott Kobewka Click. get. You can develop the pictures at a one-hour place and see results that evening. $5 for supplies 3. worth different points. take a picture of… 20 a tree in bloom 20 a farm animal 20 a "House For Sale" Sign 30 a license plate from Ohio or Kentucky 30 a "CLOSED" sign on a business's door 30 a church van or bus (not LaBelle's) 30 a house with a car parked in the yard 40 a house with 3 cars parked in the driveway . Winners can be served pizza and pop first by losers. Creativity. Trees will be judged on Beauty. A fake tree 2. and Get Hunt: Kind of like the Disposable Camera Rally on this Events page. and “Pizzazz” (over-the-top uniqueness). or do.

get a worker to put sprinkles in his/her hair while singing "I Feel Pretty" …for 250 pts. Sing "American the Beautiful" under Wal-Mart's American flag Get any stranger's autograph and ask them if anyone's ever told them they look like a famous person Ask a golfer. his/her favorite movie sound track song At an Ice Cream Shop. and an orange under their chin holding a package of cat litter holding and feeding a baby doll doing a cartwheel wearing a (rival team) baseball cap on a swing …for 75 pts. Whatcha Gonna Do" Idea by Tammy Cox Commitment To Purity Ceremony: After a sermon series or small group discussions about sexual purity. a pear in their left hand. on the golf course. Bad Boys.40 any type of scoreboard 50 a house that still has Christmas decorations Put in your sack…for 25 points each Chop Sticks Wendy's Chili Cup Pack of McDonald's ketchup Subway wrapper Napkin with a logo Straw 1984 penny To-Go box Menu Dime wrapper Picture of someone in your group…for 50 pts. wearing a restaurant employee's apron Things to do…for 150 pts. Get a policeman in uniform to sing the theme to COPS. picking their nose on a toilet …for 100 pts. organize a . to tell you his best Tin Cup golf story Rub a bald man's head while singing "Jeannie in a Bottle" …for 200 pts. Get a stranger to sing the theme song from "Gilligan's Island" Get an autograph of a Fireman and ask if he's ever seen "101 Dalmatians" Get a construction worker to let you wear his tool belt and you both sing "YMCA" Get a video store worker to perform with your group. holding an apple in their right hand. "Bad Boys.

a parent. (Make sure first of all. Enjoy eating the cookies when you're done (even though they might taste funky)! Idea by Jenessa Vande Griend Disposable Camera Rally: A crazy scavenger hunt where each team has a disposable camera and a vehicle to get around town in (I recommend adult drivers). coach or teacher . specifically the Growth page for topical agendas on purity. cook them. trying to collect ONE ingredient from each house. some kids bought them themselves. Options are . giving your students an opportunity to publicly commit themselves to sexual and relational purity until marriage. . Without a recipe they must prepare their cookies.com for other ideas and resources. usually not a boyfriend or girlfriend). Young people are asked to remember that the ring is not nearly as important as the promise they are about to make to themselves. Each student also brings a person of accountability with them to support them in this decision (A close friend. that you have vehicles. an agenda called “The Wedding. Allow the students to come up with a ring for the ceremony. to God.) The team will be given a list with several items needed to make cookies.” and an agenda on “Pre-Wedding Intelligence Gathering”. Also. to get a picture of. worth different points. Note: check out Lifeway. and bring them back to the facility. Idea by Colleen O'Dowd Cookie Mission Impossible: Split group into teams. Then the rings are placed on the ring finger of their right hand. and to their future spouse. Give them a list of items. or rings that have been passed down in their families. guardian. bake the cookies. You can allow them to buy one and only ONE item from a store. and an oven for each team to use. The first team to collect all items. the teams must go to the location where there oven is waiting. wins.“Commitment to Purity” ceremony. and arrive at the facility.click here for a link to our topical curriculum page. . Others used rings they already have. only to be replaced someday with a wedding ring. The students pledge to stay a virgin until marriage. Once the items are collected. For example: flour sugar baking soda chocolate chips butter brown sugar salt cookie sheet bowl Each team must go door to door in your community. You can develop the pictures at a one-hour place and see results that evening. Some parents bought their kids rings. or develop the pictures for a PowerPoint slide presentation (many places will develop pictures on CD) the next week.

endless!!! Sample List: Mandatory Category (Must have all of these to qualify for prize!) A PICTURE OF: o o o o A creative introduction picture for that particular team 3 team members being pushed in a shopping cart Someone in group chugging out of a 2 liter bottle of Pepsi Entire team hanging upside down 1000 point items A PICTURE OF: o o o o o o o Team member hugging a stranger Lady scolding child A guy coming out of the girl's bathroom A grocery clerk singing Two teenager's kissing (can't be team members) Someone ordering fast food Lady walking her dog. 1500 point items A PICTURE OF: o o o o o o o Person peeling out in a car (team vehicles not included) A fireman in uniform A team member rubbing a bald mans head Someone (other than a team member) buying "Depends" Little kid singing Someone giving a stranger a noogie Team member hugging a gas station attendant 3000 point items A PICTURE OF: o o o o o o A dog relieving himself on a fire hydrant A traffic accident Old lady on the ground yelling "I've fallen and I can't get up" A police car (other than the one at the traffic accident) with its lights on Someone crawling out of a manhole Entire team coming out of a VW bug Dive-In Movie: .

hopping. We barbequed threasher shark that night and advertised it as the event where "you eat the shark!" During the movie some of the guys swam around acting like sharks and scaring people.enjoy! Duct Tape Fest: Be sure to encourage attendees to show up with some sort of duct tape accessory or outfit.) Everyone floats in the pool while you watch JAWS. All the lights are out except the pool lights. Duct Tape Shuffleboard: Use wrapped duct tape rolls to slide to a target on a slippery floor. Strong Arm: Hold a jumbo roll of duct tape with a straight arm at a 90° angle from your body for as long as you can (go for a record). earning points for walking backward. Award prizes for most creative and most functional. Three chances to hit target. without using your hands or dropping the roll. . Head Stacker: With five rolls of duct tape.What better week than The Discovery Channel's SHARK WEEK to pump an event like this. The sky's the limit with this one . or dancing. walk 10 feet. Duct Tape Bowling: Roll rolls of duct tape toward a bowling pin(s) or other target. Fishing with Duct Tape: Make a duct tape line and hook (ball of sticky-side out duct tape) and try to remove paper fish from a bucket.to check out their web site click here. Crowning achievement: Place a roll of duct tape on your head like a crown and pass it through a line of people. Have everyone bring their air mattresses. Pyramid Power: Make a pyramid of fifteen rolls of wrapped duct tape on their sides. Use the church's video projection unit and project it onto a huge screen at the edge of the swimming pool. Two chances to hit target. Set up “stations” where students compete in the following: 3-Legged Friends: Loosely duct tape your leg to a friend's leg and walk around for 10 minutes. Must stand in place for 15 seconds. the best white water rafting camp in California . (I got a big raft from my friends at Rock'n Water. Juggle: Juggle three rolls of duct tape. placing the roll on each person's head. stacked on your head.

etc. the group sacrifices this meal portion to the Lord and prays for needs in that church family's home as well as others in the group. Prepare them for the evening. What would your family say you’re like first thing in the morning? What’s the weirdest thing you like to eat? Which family member spends the most time in the bathroom? What goofy or funny thing does your parent/son/daughter (respectively) do to make you laugh? After an argument. The teens then get to eat together with the host families. first course. 6.) Added by Hallt Family Night: Each family is asked to bring a dish to share (Pot Luck). 8. second course. drinks. It is amazing how much families can learn about each other in 2 hours.Duct Tape Challenge: teams of 3 tape the smallest to a wall to see who can be held up the longest. The evening ends with a prayer service. 2. Go around the table and share the results of the questionnaires. The students from the youth group introduce each family member and tell something special about each one (depending on the group size. It is an awesome time of sharing. SAMPLE Family Night Questionnaire (Feel free to customize your own): 1. 7.) the host (different families) shows the group the part of the meal that they have prepared. At the end of the dinner go back to the church for games and fun but when the group arrives the hosts have all backtracked and set up the meal at the church. This worked well to hammer the idea home of spiritual disciplines to our teens. (See Duct Tape challenge on our Upfront page. dessert. After dinner. 9. The kicker is that instead of eating it. At each stop on the way (appetizer. 3. CLICK HERE. Added by John . who in the family is most likely to apologize first – if at all? What does your parent/son/daughter do for your home or family that helps you most? Name one of your favorite things about your parent/son/daughter. 4. At each stop a different verse is read and adults give examples of how God has worked in their life. or just around each table). each family member is given a questionnaire to fill out – see below. 5. this can be done in front of the whole group. letting them know that they will be fasting and praying until the end. How have you seen your parent/son/daughter mature or grow in the past year? Share a time when your parent/son/daughter did something that made you proud? Idea from Eileen Horan Fasting and Prayer Dinner: Get your group together and tell them only that you are going to have a progressive dinner with the theme of Prayer and Fasting. The student then serves his/her family members.

or frog legs (purchased at most supermarkets).) Round 2: Clothespin Slime Fill two kiddie pools with slime (mix flour. (The top however many depend on how many you have playing. The top 4 move on to Round 4. But the best place to start would be to click on our GAMES page and then click on SICK AND TWISTED GAMES. The top 8 to catch and eat the most mustard marshmallows move on to the next round. The volunteers dip marshmallows in mustard. talk to your local malls about donations. water. Round 3: Worms & Pennies Contestants must place their hands in a bucket of live worms and find as many pennies (pre-placed) at the bottom as they can. this could bring out a ton of new kids! The sky is the limit for what events to actually use. After everyone’s cleaned up. We recommend a certain amount – like 10. The fastest two times go to Round 6. Before the event. You’ll see a ton of great ideas. The students slide through the slime. If you don't have a budget for a good prize. hold their arm straight out and drop them to the contestant's mouth below them. including a few games starting with the words “Fear Factor” in their title. and green food coloring). Drop in a ton of clothespins. pigs feet. film contestants telling everyone why they think they will win or what their strategy is going into it. of course. run across the room and drop it into the empty container. Make t-shirts for all the contestants and have a cool grand prize for the champion. Round 4: Fear Factor Cuisine Fill a large bowl with your choice of sardines. They must transfer as many food items as possible in the amount of time given but can only transfer one at a time. The student has a designated amount of time to grab a sardine (or whatever you choose to use) in their mouth. The first 3 to transfer their 10 items across the room go on to Round 5.Fear Factor/Faith Factor: How about an evening where you host your own “Fear Factor” competition? With good marketing. water. Round 5: Slimy Slip & Slide Take a Slip and Slide and pour buckets of slime over it (flour. Round 1: Mustard Marshmallows Have contestants lay on their backs. and green food coloring). The top 6 with the most clothespins moved on to Round 3. grab a flag at the other side and bring it back to where they started. have a speaker talk on "Fear vs. Round 6: Board Walk . Place a chair at the head of each contestant with volunteers from the audience standing on the chairs. They can only grab one flag at a time and must get as many as they can within a designated amount of time. Place another empty container at the other end of the room. Have contestants pull clothespins out with their feet and pin them somewhere on themselves. Faith". Have students sign up ahead of time and warn them in advance to wear clothes they don't mind getting dirty. This can be an outreach or Halloween event.

Each team is given $5 to spend as they wish. Obviously the team that has the most points wins. is to get the most amount of receipts. Secure a 2x4x16 board on top of a few cement blocks (not too high. The one to walk across the quickest and with the most flags wins the Fear Factor Event. It’s always good to talk to Sparky and encourage him. reach down and pull off as many flags as they can. hardy fish (ask the meat guy at the grocery store). For the finale. If you charge two you could break even or even come out ahead. while being sprayed from all sides with super soakers. Five Buck Receipt Rush: This event requires little planning and is always very fun. Zip line of death: Insert string through fish gills and run him down the zip line! Ring of fire of death: Small hula hoop with matches taped to it. feed him treats. depending on how many kids are on each team. If I do have extra money I sometimes surprise them and by them all sodas. .Use a stopwatch or watch with seconds hand for this competition. use the Blender of Death: Blend Sparky up. keep him in your pocket. Have the students walk across it. Have as many students as possible actually deliver the food to the pantry. This keeps the team together and helps prevent them from whipping out a receipt they had from the day before. They often have specific items that are needed more than others. Have as many teams as you do vehicles. It really is best to call your food pantry. If they fall off they are eliminated. it is also a service event. The contest however. Sometimes it requires a bit of a budget. teams can walk or be driven. I advertise that the winning team gets pizza at our local cheap pizza joint. or the place you are donating the food to. Students collect items off the list. Throw Sparky through it! Bed of nails of death: Bed of nails. Also it's good to have them draft a letter saying that the “food hunt” is a legitimate activity. Added by Renee Bendeck Fish Night (starring Sparky the Stunt Fish): This involves Sparky the Stunt Fish. Give them a list of non-perishable food items to find with point values assigned to each item (see below). The team that gets the most receipts and makes it to the meeting spot (the pizza place) by a certain time is the winner. Food Pantry Scavenger Hunt: Break your group into several teams. This will appease the losing teams a little more. I also have a rule that every receipt given must be witnessed by a staff member and signed by them. All food collected is then donated to your local food pantry. you don't want a law suit!). Depending on your neighborhood. each from a different store or restaurant. I usually charge a dollar and end up in the red. smash Sparky. The total dollar amount of these receipts must be less than $5. However. as Sparky will be performing several incredible stunts. Incorporate him when ever possible throughout this event. Purchase a BIG. Tie several football flags to the 2x4.

soap. . vegetables. dance (okay .) Cooking products 20 pts (cooking oil.) Condiments 15 pts (mayonnaise. etc. waiters. fruits. wherever you normally meet! I recommend selling tickets ahead of time for promotion. . teen center . paper towels.) Dry cereal Crackers Spices 10 pts 10 pts 10 pts Paper goods 10 pts (t. Candy 1 pt per bag or bar Sugary snacks 2 pts (cookies. jelly. etc. etc. etc.) Baby products 20 pts (diapers. etc. . A fun twist is to . chips. Spam. You can rent a facility or just fix up the youth room. etc. sugar. pickles. granola bars. . Hamburger Helper. meats.) Large cans or jars 20 pts (soups. elbow macaroni. catsup. napkins. etc.. fruits. some of us can't do that!). vegetables. etc. peanut butter. formula. jam. wipes. spray. Get staff or student leaders to be the DJ. etc. mustard. cups. you need to rely on what people have in their cupboards. flour.) Toiletries 20 pts (deodorant.) Small cans or jars 15 pts (tuna. The challenge is really to accumulate the most points while collecting food for the shelter. Rice-a-Roni) Oatmeal 5 pts Pasta 5 pts (noodles. or Ball for students.When doing the hunt. Little Debbie type snacks) Healthy snacks 5 pts (Real fruit snacks. fruit flavored snacks.) Box dinners 5 pts (including mac-n-cheese. olives. and other unopened baby products) Idea by Trish Kapelke Formal Dinner: Hold a formal dinner. graham crackers. paper plates.p. laundry and dish detergents.

you and any coleaders will leave their home as you found it. and self-respect to servanthood (likening the youth staff pampering the girls to Jesus washing his disciple's feet). Be sure and follow-through by moving any furniture back. You can work the "spa" one of two ways: Buy spa products like masks. have them wash their hair before they come or wash it at your host home. both on Events page. etc. Brush up on basic massage techniques because on the scheduled Friday evening for 4 or 5 hours. Submitted by Sally Anderson Also see Prom A La Mode (Post-Prom Party) and Ten Dollar Prom. Find a host-home. etc. foot scrubs. we get one night. etc. Assure the host that whether they stay in their home during the event or not. or demo tubes of body and nail products. cleaning up any rooms used. Decide ahead of time who will provide towels. It doesn't take much prepatory work and even if you don't charge the girls. Bring in real beauticians/cosmetologists or skin care consultants who are willing to donate their time to give professional spa care and advice to the girls." We charge the girls $2 and a snack to share. depending on the potential number of attendees. You can make the focus outreach. Sponsor Project Esther for mom's and daughters or combining the women's ministry and the youth group girls' ministry. For a large group. Or you can recruit a Mary Kay or Avon consultant to donate discontinued items. . not to mention quality girl-time before the big dates. provide flyers for the girls to hand out. Ideas for having a different "beauty" focus on your Project Esther evening: • • • Sponsor Project Esther the night before high school prom focusing on pampering and last minute needs for the girls. at any retailer like Wal-Mart. Either way. When you announce it give away free coupons to girls who wouldn’t normally attend your youth ministry. Can also be used as a fund-raiser or prom alternative ("Grad Nite"). Or this could be a bridge-builder between two or more different youth groups. how much you spend on spa products and things to do are dependent upon attendance.have everyone dress up and then just serve pizza or fish and chips (those of you in the UK). requiring your plugged in girls to bring unchurched girlfriends.Spa Night: Project Esther: Spa Night's motto is. samplers. If you’re going to offer scalp massages. plan on spending approximately $75. Girls: Project Esther . Paint their nails and let them put cleansing masks on. "Esther got a whole year. the girls come over and receive massages by female youth staff. self-image. This is a great event to tie in anything from inner and outer beauty. nail polish. where the atmosphere is relaxing and comfortable. Look for sales! You may also opt to tell the girls to bring their own favorite products and a beauty secret to share.

Their job is to be the first team to get from their designated point to the FINAL MEETING PLACE while the STAFF HUNTERS travel around in their vehicles "hunting" them. depending on how many attend. Icing on the cake: provide every STAFF HUNTER with a person in their passenger seat with a video camera. Teams are only vulnerable to STAFF HUNTERS within one hundred yards. Remember to be creative! Added by Kristin Welch. Arrange teams and drop each team off at separate designated points. Idea from Paul Ikonen . Let me explain. they can TRANQUELIZE the team by saying "gotcha!" Then the entire group MUST lie down on their mattress for 2 minutes. or until the STAFF HUNTER releases them. The teams are only safe from the STAFF HUNTERS when the entire team is jumping up and down on the mattress. facials. they need to keep their eyes open for STAFF HUNTERS and immediately throw their mattress down and start jumping on it if they see them. This is a good low-pressure opportunity to invite college-aged girls and women you think would be great at mentoring girls. give out coupons to girls to schedule a time to get together where you give them free manicures or massages. slaps it on water bottles. you can take your event logo and main info. IL Great Mattress Run. print it on labels and put it on the water bottles yourself. again.and the STAFF HUNTER is the judge of distance. A lot friendlier than the old half sheet flyer. Then take the cases to middle or high school parking lots with coolers on hot days and hand out free water bottles. Each group has one mattress each. If you don’t find a store that will do this or you don’t want to pay that cost. etc. you get to build an even stronger relationship with them. The: This is a fun EVENT where teams have to carry a mattress a mile or two across town WITHOUT getting caught by STAFF HUNTERS. So the entire trek.With your left over supplies. Tips: • • • It is best to split the Jr. The first team to the FINAL MEETING PLACE wins. Maximize the one-on-one time you have while painting a girl's toe nails. If the STAFF HUNTERS catch the team within one hundred yards NOT jumping on their mattress. High and High School girls into two different rooms or on two different evenings. The footage makes a great video. Original idea by John Tempest Great Way to Advertise Your Event: Some stores take artwork and. edited and put to music the next week. each the exact same distance from the FINAL MEETING PLACE. for a charge. Make it a group/team effort. When they turn in their coupon for the service.

2. Once you make the Jell-O. We had no injuries." You could almost market it as just that. you’re in luck.a lot of the videos are pretty raunchy). We told the kids to wear clothes that could get messy. . “Okay. It was normal wrestling. Jell-O wrestling. It is slick and it is wrestling. To try this web site for some “no chill” jello CLICK HERE. An event like this could bring out a ton of new students. but we were very careful. If you don't have a professional Karaoke machine. so use caution. Karaoke Night: Find a friend with a laser disc player or a Karaoke machine and rent some Karaoke Discs (screen the songs beforehand. . you can shoot the person singing and place them on the screen in a wipe mode or mixed in. (Note: Cleanup was anything but easy!) We had guys vs. Use your own judgement for safety. you can hook up a laser disc player to a sound system and a 19" TV that the person that's singing can see. Find a store near you that sells bulk foods and purchase large quantities of instant Jell-O. You can make it in a bunch of large rubber/plastic garbage cans in a big walk-in fridge. or just "kick it. Assign a teacher to judge on creativity.always good for a laugh. Kickin' It: It's an all night party with plenty of activities and plenty of time to hang out. I don’t have access to a walk in fridge or I don’t have a connection with a local grocery store that will let us use their milk fridge. send the music through a set of earphones (so the person singing can't hear themselves too well). and humor. Have the video input split so it is projected on a large screen behind the person. Some of you might be thinking. Hilarious Method: Have the music play through the earphones only during a song or two so you only hear their voice out loud. energy.Human Music Videos: Take familiar praise and worship songs and assign a song to each team and ask them to create and perform a music video. enough to make 80 gallons. and we did the event outside for easy cleanup. . OR . . . Here's how you do it: 1. If you have the ability. Idea by Yohsuke Miki Jello-O Wrestling: That's right. but in Jell-O. If you use a video mixer and a camera. girls. scoop this stuff in baby pools and you're ready to go. guys and girls vs. Well .

. Announce: “Your mission tonight is to kidnap a LO from the address specified and take it on adventures around the city that you will capture on video camera!” Rule #1: The game is called “Kidnapped”. M&M's. and . so we can pay for “hospital” costs.at someone's house where their basement or large room is set up like a movie theater Swim (at a person's house. even a local hotel if you can pre-arrange) Bowling Lazer tag Roller-skating Costume parties (theme driven) Door prizes Prizes for who brings the most friends Movie. or simply "hang out.) Kidnapped Gnomes: Similarly named “Roaming Gnomes” has at least a 20 year history (Google “roaming gnomes” to find hilarious stories).This event requires enough vehicles to haul your entire group around. The tradition is that a Lawn Ornament (e. even a local hotel if you can pre-arrange) GOOD food (nachos. gnome. Pepsi. rabbit. Purchase (or have donated) 5 LO gnomes and put them at 5 pre-arranged houses. Continental breakfast in the a.g.. KICKIN' IT Calvary Youth's All Night Party Plenty of Stuff to do . not “Murder”.a neighborhood pool. At the end of the adventure.) is kidnapped and taken on adventures that are recorded on pictures or video.m. pizza. Then go to different fun places where kids can participate. Rule #2: Everyone in the group must appear in at least one scene with the LO. etc. the LO returns home happy and content and has pictures to show its family of where it has been. starting at your normal meeting place." Possible locations/activities: • • • • • • • • • • • Movie. Tell us if you damage it. After a couple of hours. and Plenty of Time to Just Kick It! Then plan activities for all night. and enough caffeine to help keep the drivers awake! Start at your normal facility with an open gym/facility or some fun organized games.at someone's house where their basement or large room is set up like a movie theater Swim (at a person's house. switch to the next location. enough drivers that can handle driving all night.a neighborhood pool. maybe even the houses of 5 adult volunteers. Treat your LO well.

police officer. Keep it G-rated so we can give a copy of the video to the family of your LO. Video Tape your LO doing the following. This is the . and while you’re at it. the better. equipped with only a $100 bill per team. personnel. fire dept.) Working behind the counter at a fast food joint Posing by a house with a “For Sale” sign & saying why they like this house LO doing a TV commercial for a product END THE VIDEO WITH A GROUP HUG AND FAREWELL STATEMENT FROM THE LO Prizes will be awarded for: Blockbuster Award: Most Points MTV Award: Single funniest scene Director’s Award: Funniest overall video Youth Leaders: Drive around before the event and get the addresses of houses with LO’s. voice and some personality: 50 Points Each Drinking coffee at a coffee shop Shopping for vegetables at a grocery store Playing on a swing set Going to school Dancing or playing an instrument Driving a car as if in a speed chase Trying to get in a store that has a “Closed” sign up 100 Points Caught in the act of trying to escape Eating with chopsticks Having a conversation with another LO about the experience Being interviewed by a reporter about his/her adventures so far 200 Points Asking a stranger for a date Posing with a community or emergency worker (paramedic. but don’t get arrested. and a video cameraman recording the whole thing! Many of you have seen shows like “LOST” where they drop someone off in the middle of nowhere and make them find where they are and find their way home. Added by Kristin Clark Lost: An All Day Event They’ll Never Forget Ever looking for another event besides the proverbial mini-golf? Well maybe your group would like “LOST.the more scenes that include lots of people. give the LO a name. Write the addresses on a slip of paper and have each team pick one from a hat. an envelope of crazy instructions. etc. Rule #3: Have fun.” Imagine dropping off your students at a far off unknown location in teams of eight.

use these ideas at your own risk. “I couldn’t have planned the discussions that happened after this day. (Note: . including the driver. and it takes a lot of pre-planning. ride the subway.” LOST INSTRUCTIONS Here are the instructions that Dale included in each packet. On their journey they had to go through Chinatown and order a specific item in their packet that was written in Chinese.” An event that can kick off discussion after discussion about how we’re “lost” or searching for the right path. The teams would score points by the following: 1. Each team got out and received a packet. You will want to note Dale’s safety precautions and evaluate your own. “Each team had two staff people who each had cell phones. CA. Each team of eight students had two staff members. Interested? Keep reading. “LOST. They got a glimpse of what it was like to feel lost! They had to call a cab. This mixed students up with other students they hadn’t met of different ages and genders. I would have opened up all the envelopes at the beginning and cheated!’” I asked Dale how he kept this event safe. Each team had a staff person video taping the entire day. Who had the most money left 3. riding BART (the subway) into San Francisco to Ghiradelli Square. This is an event you can do for pretty cheap. When they booked the cab. These included original instructions and individual assignments in each envelope. and a hat full of the girls names. buy chocolate in Ghiradelli. each with cell phones. order Chinese food and try to break a $100 bill! We asked them questions like: What would you have done if you were dropped off alone? One student said. We kept a 1 in 4 staff ratio. Who got to their final destination first 2. and for only $12 bucks a kid. You are entirely responsible for the safety of your youth group. Who guessed the closest to the final destination Dale’s group started in Walnut Creek. ‘I have to be honest. ride a cable car. Dale said.they had to get a cab that fit six people. Students couldn’t stop talking about it. they had to ride a taxi. They dropped them all off in a town called Walnut Creek. The entire group took their church bus towards an unrecognizable destination.” but with your youth group.” There you have it. Use wisdom while planning this event. But it does take a lot of work. Here’s what Dale did: He divided his group into teams of eight. placing blindfolds on all the students. 30 minutes out. because I wouldn’t let them split up from their staff person. The packet had several numbered envelopes in it and one $100 bill. Then each team had to call three designated times throughout the day. He divided teams by picking names out of two hats: a hat full of the guys names. WARNING: Do not cut corners on the planning of this event.same idea as “Lost” and “The Great Race. and a cookie in the San Francisco Shopping Center. It takes a good staff ratio to ensure safety.

buy tickets. LOST 2002 ENVELOPE #1 Your first assignment is to get to the Walnut Creek Bart Station. you made it to the Walnut Creek Bart Station.Info. Secondly.) . head towards the SAN FRANCISCO SHOPPING CENTER… Once your team is off the train you may open envelope #3. Your first assignment is to call Dale @ 408-555-3572 to check in. You’re on your own on that one! LOST 2002 INSTRUCTIONS Where are you? Where are you going? How are you going to get there? These are all questions you need to answer today. (The team that is closest gets a fantastic prize. but how you get there is up to you. Line When you get to the Walnut Creek Bart Station. It is too far to walk. The map below might be a good way… (925) 555-3950 (This was an actual number. do you know whom you are making this journey with? Your first assignment is to write down everyone's name… What city are you in? Where do you think the finish line is? Be specific. I don’t know all the specifics so please don’t email me and ask me how he did assignment # 4 and what the clue was.These are just to give you an idea.) Once this page has been completed you may open envelope # 1. You cannot change your answer once it’s written. One of your leaders has an envelope with all the necessary information for your journey. You must record all of your expenses. You must complete each assignment before opening the next. But first. open envelope #2 LOST 2002 ENVELOPE #2 Congratulations. Your team must travel together.I just changed all numbers for this article. LOST 2002 . board the Bart and get off at Powell Street in San Francisco! WC 11:17a 11:37a 11:57a 12:17p 12:37p Powell 11:54a 12:14p 12:34p 12:54p 1:14p When you have arrived at the Powell Station. You have been given enough money for the day. but you need to spend wisely.

Find a place that sells cookies. LOST 2002 ENVELOPE #5 Get to Ghiradelli Square. all in the theme of looking like a rockstar--glamorous) Event Description: Divide your Youth into groups of 5-8 people.. have everyone on your team take a bite. You can get there any way you want… options include Cable Car. store or facility and do a clean up day with your youth group. Added by Dillon Burroughs Makin' Music Videos: Supplies Needed: • • • several video cameras (one for each team) blank tapes for each camera various costume props for each team to use(i. sunglasses. Give each group a video camera and let them choose a song from a pile of CD's that you have collected. walking or a Taxi! (Try the latter. Have someone eat it and then open envelope # 6.ENVELOPE #3 Go to the San Francisco Shopping Centre. take out trash. Each group will need . etc. it should be the quickest!) Buy a piece of candy from any store in Ghiradelli Square. vacuum. You’ll be amazed at relationship that could develop. Purchase a cookie. the idea has sparked interest in doing this for others as well. Get there any way that you can! Muni (the trolley) is a good option but it's up to you!!!! Call Dale (408) 555-3572 so he knows you are in the home stretch. Congratulations! You made it! Love Your Neighbor Project .. clean toilets. Our youth facility is right next door to the local Pregnancy Care Center. crazy shirts and dresses. Who “lives” near your church or youth facility that you can be a good neighbor to? Give them a call and offer to do something for them (anything!) for free. Now it’s a tradition in our youth group.Outreach: Call up a local “neighborhood” ministry. Even better. LOST 2002 ENVELOPE #6 The final leg of your journey!!!! The church bus is near pier 17. To help apply “love your neighbor as yourself” our youth group volunteered to clean their entire building for free. and even take some pictures in the process.. We do it once a semester and have become very close with their “neighbor” in the process. With fifteen teenagers it took less than two hours to sweep. Your entire team must touch the bus to finish.e. LOST 2002 ENVELOPE #4 Go ride the Cable Car to Chinatown. mop.

. has red hair has a 4. have your volunteers dress up in costumes. There should be a penalty for teams that are late (they lose one signature a minute). sing or pretend to sing. This works best if your group has already been meeting for a few weeks and has built a little bit of momentum. It's great because it allows the youth to see the adults in their church in a different light and know them on a more personal basis. Let them know that this is a contest to go get as many of their friends as possible back to the meeting place by a given time (usually a little over an hour). Added by Scott MacDougall Man Hunt: This is a great event to market your group and try to increase group size. Give each group an hour to come up with their masterpiece then all meet together and watch each others'. dress up as a skater. Have prizes for the winning team! Idea by Jared Strapp Mall Manhunt: Find as many people (20 or more) from your church as possible to go out to a certain mall (preferably a large one) a half an hour before the youth group comes.) just to add more fun.! It was a hoot! We've also written "crimes committed" by each individual (stole candy from a baby. For more fun. We had a gentleman. Give each team a list. break them into teams of 4 or 5 and hand out a packet of sheets to each team with all of the faces of people who are hiding in the mall photocopied onto each sheet. and dance to the song they have chosen in their very own Music Video Clip. etc. Within a certain time frame (an hour is best) the teams must track down as many people as possible and have them sign under their picture. usually sharp dressed.0 is on the football team . Upon arriving with your youth group. but don't tell anyone what it is. Advertise a Man Hunt. The list could look something like this: • • • • Find who who who a high school student . Have enough transportation available for twice the amount of students that you normally have.to act. They turn out very funny! You can even have some of your leaders act as judges. The winning team is the one who arrives back at the meeting point on time with the most signatures. Divide everyone into teams and give them instructions. . etc.

guests and all. spoon. and it paid for itself every single weekend since. Juniors team with sophomores. They'll come up with better ideas than we could. This low budget film was released in June 04. Have an award or a trophy for winning classes. who "chats online with babes all day" and his Uncle Rico who wishes he could go back to high school and play football again. For lack of a better description. Choose what kind of food you will serve (Chinese. then get someone to write out the menu in that language. Added by Noelle Bonk Variation: You could use this idea on any random night. Option: Seniors and freshmen team up to bring as many kids as they can from their classes. and after a certain time take it all away and bring the next course. water.). After it's over let everyone get seconds so they end up getting a full meal. along with a small promotion of what your group is like. get these people and bring them back at the designated time. Italian. This event is a fun night where everything evolves around the theme of Napoleon Dynamite. Use the tips from the article referenced above to make it an event at which your students will have a “killer time!” Before you plan for this night you may want to CLICK HERE so you can prepare by reading Jonathan’s 5 Tips to Make Your "MOVIE NIGHT" Flop! You could also use this event as an excuse to put a "student event-planning team" together to help you plan the event. Use some of these ideas to jumpstart their thoughts: • Give prizes for the best Napoleon Dynamite costume . have a Napoleon Dynamite Reunion Night. Kip. They get those four things. Ukrainian. Do class competitive minutes. Have fun games and activities when everyone gets back. Napolean Dynamite Night: Even those who haven't seen this movie know that "Napoleon Dynamite" took America by storm in 2004. inviting everyone back.Teams go out in the transportation provided (half empty cars and vans). Mystery Supper (Missions Emphasis Meal): This dinner could be just for fun and fellowship for in conjunction with your missions emphasis month or one night to simply kick off a specific missions focus. CLICK HERE for our more detailed review of the film. etc. List 12 things including fork. His family life consists of an even geekier brother. etc. a prize. juice. and use nonsense words instead of other languages. Have people fill out an order form with three courses of four things. Give the winning team. You might get only cutlery or all food and no cutlery. Teenagers went to the theatres to see it-some up to 20 times. Napoleon Dynamite is the story of a geeky kid named Napoleon who decides to help his new friend Pedro win the class presidency in their small town high school. knife. So plan a Napoleon Dynamite Night or. if you've already done one of these nights.

You'll want to list some guidelines about content. etc. “meet one another. or a combination of these. The event could be a great outreach event to bring out some new kids. with their own kids waiting on them. etc. We tried to reach out to students outside the group by talking to some local schools with film classes or drama classes. their parents. UK Also see Parents' Night Live! on Topical Curriculum GROWTH page. We let them in on the competition. We cook something simple that the girls help prepare before hand. Book (or form) a youth band and provide desserts. Use this event to "just have fun" and invite kids back to your youth group. in shirt. and tie wait on their parents. Provide refreshments and have greeters who will take coats and welcome parents into the room or guide them to the registration table (if you use one). let you know how you may get involved. Idea from Lee Jones. the making of.• • • Serve "tater tots" Have the Napoleon Dynamite dance contest Show the extra features on the DVD: deleted scenes. The Sky is the limit with this. and to have fun with your teenager. Go to your local trophy store and by 12 cheap "Oscar" trophies to do a whole Oscar night. The boys. and hopefully get them into the gathering on Sundays. trousers. The key is plugging this months ahead of time so students can make videos to submit for the evening. the youth ministry. gowns. songs by the kids and testimonies from older men and women from the church. give you a glimpse into (name of your youth ministry). Just For Fun Mummy Wrap: . We have had good success with getting to know parents. Have one or two students briefly share their appreciation for: something God has done in their life. at Easter we advertise a meal for them. length. Added by Marcel Kurtz Parent Appreciation Dinner: To know the parents of my students. Thank parents for coming and tell them the focus for the evening is to.). Oscars Night (aka "See You at the Oscars!"): Outreach event Hold a formal night (tuxes.” Share about a recent event or service that went particularly well or at which God did something significant in a students’ life. Have the videos due at least 2 weeks before the event so you can screen them and prepare the awards. etc. etc. Parent Night Live: These are ideas for a Parent-Student meeting. We had one teacher give extra marks if the kids did it. They hear the word preached.

Write the answers on cards held face down in their laps. Where does your son/daughter enjoy shopping for clothes the most? (15 points) Bonus: When was the last time your son/daughter was embarrassed by something you did? (25 points) . • • • Tell them about upcoming events. and costs.Supply each family team with two rolls of toilet paper. Let them know if you need drivers or chaperones for any of these events. times. Sample Questions Student Questions: 1. Next. local coffee shop. If your parents could look like any movie star. who would it be? (10 points) 3. etc. Who in your family (not just immediate) does your son/daughter resemble most? (5 points) 2. locations. you can have the audience vote by applause for the most creative or thoroughly wrapped mummy. Who is your son/daughter’s favorite teacher? (10 points) 4. using the entire two rolls of toilet paper as a bandage.) to winners. Award the winner with an economy pack of toilet paper. Share upcoming opportunities to support upcoming fundraisers. Games The Parent Game This game is to be played like the old Newlywed Game. The parents go to a “sound proof room” while their kids answer questions. Have everyone in the family wrap the mommy – I mean. dates. Which parent is the most frugal with money? (15 points) Parent questions: 1. Bring the parents back and score each one. Announcements Here’s your opportunity to do one of the things parents crave youth workers to do most: communicate. Which house rule does your son/daughter most dislike? (10 points) 3. Provide flyers and use sign-up sheets. Award gift certificates (TCBY. At the signal students “mummify” a parent as quickly as possible. mummy (either parent or guardian is fine). the students leave and the parents answer questions. Which relative does your parent look forward to visiting at Christmas? (10 points) 4. movie tickets. How did your parents meet? (5 points) 2. Four parent/student teams will compete by answering a series of questions. The first team done wins. If there’s a tie.

I decided my office. Supply each father/student team with a large jar of baby food. Puzzle Find Service Project: This is a service project for your student leaders or a small group . spit. Players should face one another in chairs about six feet apart. purity. You can add a few optional props. We have an awesome year planned. etc. refer to that. Put down plastic or newspapers to catch the mess.) We are interested in your student being a whole person – mentally. Babies usually throw. Arrange a service project for your group—you could volunteer to clean someone’s home or even something like cleaning a supply closet in your church. . We will be talking about God and how He fits into our every day lives. However. family. For example. and socially. these remarks are intended to clarify any questions about the spiritual instruction you’re giving their kids. storage room and tables needed a major clean-up. a plastic bib. Father’s Revenge!” At the signal. and baby bottles. Wrap-Up Here are some suggested closing comments. with a creative twist. Put the bibs on the fathers.” The goal is not necessarily to get all of their food in the “baby’s” mouth. Each week we (will) talk about subjects teenagers feel are important or problem areas.) (If unchurched parents are present. we try to focus on one area that is neglected at times: the spiritual. So. The dads will be fed. “If you have ever tried to feed a baby you will appreciate this game. decision-making. Throughout the year we will have (name a few planned activities). too. peer pressure. the student takes a spoonful of food and attempts to feed their “baby.Father’s Revenge Choose three fathers and students willing to get messy. and a flexible plastic spoon. Students can count on fun and friendship with adults who are somewhere between their peers and their parents! (Name of your ministry) has a serious side. why not put the group . Reward all contestants with an appropriate prize. divorce. spill. or drool most of their food all over dear old dad. That’s why we present to you tonight. Tell the audience. Thanks for coming to Parent Night! Also see Parent Appreciation Dinner on EVENTS page. . Tweak to make them fit your personality and communication style. Your teens will NOT be coerced or beaten over the head with “religion. but at least onto their face. physically. such as baby music. rattles.” but asked to think about their relationship with God. (If you break up into small groups or host small groups on a separate evening. Thanks again for coming tonight and for allowing your son or daughter to be involved here at (name of your youth ministry).

you can get away with going to all these locations together. you can divide the group and go to different courses at different times and save the last course. then appetizers. one house for the main course.to work by having a clean-up (we called it "Service Night"). the kids will rake all the leaves together and just start diving into them for fun! (Is your liability policy up to date?) It is a great service project as well as some fun for the teens. usually large houses. If you have a group of up to about 30 or 40. one house for salad. a puzzle piece was hidden. . maybe appetizers. Each house needs to be able to fit this amount of people (we've emptied out living room furniture and brought in tables for the main course. And. then go to main course. for a big location where you can fit everyone. then salad. one house for dessert.who cares? Pick a neighborhood in need and go to work! It is so much fun. And if people ask why. and we’re pretty excited about Jesus. had an opportunity to witness through our service to the neighborhood (many times the people we are serving come out and talk and/or offer money which we refuse and tell them “we do this for Jesus – not for money”. However. the trick added was that at each clean-up area. The "REGRESSIVE" dinner switches the order of the courses. but start by picking an elderly person in their congregation. The kids had to collect all the pieces to form a puzzle. "Free food in my office. It's like the age old "progressive dinner" where you go from location to location. and we leave an ideal opportunity for the couple in the neighborhood to talk to their neighbors about Christ after we’ve left the neighborhood! It works great and is a lot of fun!" NOTE FROM JONATHAN: I think one of the best ways we can point to Christ is through “acts of service. from time to time. added by Jerry Smith Side note: Walt from Illinois says that they do the same thing.” Regressive Dinner: Basically this is a night of eating and fellowship.). eating different courses of a meal." We worked first. of public works in our city.” I’m not talking about handing out tracks or “door knocking”… I’m talking about good ol’ fashion helping people in need. divide up into groups of 68 and then run from house to house raking up their leaves to be picked up by the dept. then enjoyed good grub afterwards! Added by Bethany Searle Rake and Run!!!: Each year. we get a list of elderly people from our parish. etc. The "progressive" dinner does each course in order: one house for appetizers. If you don't have a list. Mine spelled out. You may start with dessert. one house for drinks. If you have even larger groups. Walt writes: "This way we have helped a couple in need. “Because that’s what Jesus would have done. Over the years the kids and elderly have become more relaxed around each other and often the elderly will bring candy or drinks out for the kids. we simply answer. rake their yard AND their whole neighborhood. etc.

10. and finally ended with an obstacle course through the park carrying an egg in a spoon. Slurping baby food through a straw. A bottle or can. DIAPERS. brick. Note: Be sure to have a huge trash recepticle. Tribes are required to stay together and will be tied together at the waist. A weed. 1. A Rock. Material or piece of clothing. Supplies should be dispersed at various points on your camp grounds. 9. but cannot come from a trash can. Plastic item. or stone. or a plastic or paper bag. Challenge: All items needed for challenges are located at various points in the (name of) camp area. Unscramble Bible Verses. feel free to pop on our GAMES page and choose your own. 4. or book. You will need to find each item listed below. wood. The first tribe to gather . A stick or dead branch.More Than A Survivor Weekend: This idea. then Water Sponge Relay. or construction material (small). Wear rubber gloves and DO NOT PICK UP ANY BROKEN GLASS. Added by Charlie Wallis Survivor Party: For this event/game students are broken up into tribes.Fun event of just "hanging out" and getting to know each other. You can almost always find these items around the church's parking lots or even in empty lots or parks near the church. Newspaper. Set a time limit so teams can win without all of the items. 5. A piece of paper. Bible math. Cardboard. toy.) Idea from Candace Miller Survivor . for all of the trash collected. Bubble Blowing contest. Grab Bag relay with baby bottle slurp. 7. 8. 2. Toilet Paper races. Then each team competes in different games for points. 3. is intended for a weekend retreat that starts in the late afternoon or early evening. 6. You can go to either end of the church property or empty lots. submitted by Jamie Vaughan. magazine. Each tribe makes up a name and picks out a certain colored bandana. DEAD ANIMALS. or ANYTHING THAT MIGHT BE CONTAMINATED. We played play dough charades. Scavenger Hunt: Gather Supplies Teams have 5 minutes to elect a tribal leader and tie members of their tribe together at the waist. Added by John Scavenger Trash Hunt: Here is a good way to clean up your church and have fun. You will have ten minutes. How to play: All items must be trash. (if you don’t know any of these games. whether that be a trash bag or garbage can. Food wrapper. Come back as soon as you have all items or when the whistle blows. Divide into teams or pairs. Make sure you use gloves and safety precautions.

Note that some may have to run twice to make sure that the teams are equal in number. Members in each tribe are partnered in twos. When tagged the next 2 run to the tent and do the same as above. and take down the tent. about 50 feet from tribes. takes out and sets up the tent. Challenge: Place your tent at the tent set up area. plan a strategy and review tent set up. The first team to complete. grabs hands and yells as loud as they can. Winners get to pick tribal bandanna and tribe name first. Roll up the tent. climb out of the tent. They go inside the tent. Run to the line and tag the next group of two from their tribe. At the leaders whistle signal. sits down in a straight row. . • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Ziplock bag of leather gloves Ziplock bag with 3 matches Ziplock bag with 2 garbage bags Ziplock bag of rope Water bucket Coffee Can with holes for fires Tent Propane Stove Ziplock bag w/challenge instructions Ziplock bag with length of leather Ziplock bag with 2 dice Ziplock bag with 20 lengths of yarn Ziplock bag with material for flag Zipclok bag with compass Ziplock bag with net Ziplock bag with 12 balls Popcorn container Ziplock bag with 2 plastic cups Bag of Popcorn Dunk Bag Ziplock bag with Paper Plate Tribal Torch (candle holder w/ candle) Saran Wrap Cooking pot Measuring cup Plastic 5 gallon bucket Spoon 2 bowls Duct tape Cutting board Pup Tent Relay Race Teams have 10 minutes to elect a tribal leader. Tribes line up in a straight row. They unzip the flap. zip it closed.ALL items and return to the (name of main meeting area/lodge) wins this challenge. the first group of 2 from each tribe runs to the bag. They may take their tent out and practice set up with their tribe.

plus elect a tribal leader. Supplies Needed: Gather all items required for SAFE fire building. Supplies Needed: Saran wrap.) Note: every member of the tribe does not have to find all of the words. (Note to Staff: Provide a word search of your choice for tribal members." The first tribe to burn through the string wins. Challenge: Build a fire large enough to burn through the string that has been tied to a stake at your fire site. Devotions Around Campfire Saturday Morning 7:30---Breakfast 8:00---Morning Devotions 8:30---Challenges Resume 8:35---Fresh Water Challenge Teams have 15 minutes to elect a tribal leader and complete this challenge. If no tribe finds all of the words after 10 minutes the game ends and the tribe with the most words wins. On surface of the ground stretch a piece of plastic wrap across hole and secure it with rocks. Say. depending on the region your in. rocks. Challenge: Be the first tribe to find all of the words on the attached word search. Find the Survivor (Words) You have 2 minutes to elect a tribal leader and plan your strategy. Place cup in hole.Supper (or dinner. Give each team only one match. gather wood and required safety items.) After Supper: Build a Fire Teams have 10 minutes to plan strategy. Gather all of your items and take to your tribal table. Challenge: How to survive without fresh water? Make your own little cloud! Dig a hole in moist ground deep enough to put a cup in. In the center of the saran place a small stone to weigh it down so you are . the tribe as a group has to find all of the words. cup with tribe name on it and a stick to dig with. If your match blows out you may send 1 person to the leader to get 1 match. "You have been given 1 match for your fire. At the whistle the troop leaders will inspect all equipment and will approve or disapprove your advance to your fire site.

The heat from the sun will cause the moisture to evaporate from the soil and collect as condensation on the saran. Leave it sit in the sun all day. Challenge: The playing field consists of posts in rows. beets. spiders (chocolate candy). etc. You would need to give your group directions on whatever type of knot you use. prunes. salami. Tribes take turns tying a piece of yarn of one post to another post in order to eventually make a square. then the second piece of yarn. 9:45---Don't Fence Me In You have 5 minutes to elect a tribal leader and plan your strategy. frog eyes (olives). 9:30---Cats Tails Hang long strands of yarn all over the camp grounds. One by one each tribe picks an opposing tribe and draws a paper. . lima beans and peas. Each person may bring only one piece of yarn to tie to the cat at a time. using an specified knot. cow brains (plain yogurt). Each tribe has a different color of yarn. You have 5 minutes to elect a tribal leader. At least one member of the opposing tribe must eat the food listed or that tribe is out. The winner is the team with the longest tail after 5 minutes. cricket legs (pretzels). all other members search for the pieces of yarn for their tribeˇ¦s color. The tribe "owns" each square they are able to close off during their turn.creating a run off over the cup. plan your strategy and review the type of knot that has been selected for your tribe members to use. At the leaders whistle signal. (Note to Staff: Some groups required their teams to use only the overhand knot. Supplies Needed: Baggie with pieces of yarn. The yarn has been hung in the camping area. The Tribe who "owns" the most squares wins. to the cat's belt loop. muenster cheese. Challenge: Listed on pieces of paper in a bowl are various African delicacies. The first person to find a matching color piece of yarn runs back to the cat and ties it. the member ties it to the first piece of yarn. 8:50----Would You Eat It? You have 5 minutes to elect a tribal leader and plan your strategy. Each time an additional piece of matching color yarn is found.) Challenge: Make the longest tail. carrots. onions. It will drip into the cup. When it is down to 2 tribes: if an opposing tribe refuses to eat a food the challenging tribe must eat the same food or it is considered a tie. Your tribe yarn color is: _____________ One person from each tribe is chosen at the cat. The cat from each tribe stands in the center of area.

Olympic/sports. . bucket and tribal bandanna for blindfolding Challenge: Each tribe is given 12 balls. Each person in the tribe takes their turn tossing the ball at the bucket. Supplies Needed: Net. Tribal leaders may not touch any member any time during the competition. If your netting falls off the entire tribe must stop and put it back on. Challenge: Build a lean-to that will protect 2 people from a storm that is coming in from the South. Survivor theme) through the P. system. they must give verbal directions only. Leader will yell. plan your strategy and gather supplies. One member stands 15 feet away with a bucket.A. and any other items you can find in nature or in your tribal supplies. Supplies needed: 12 balls. compass. a tribe is only as fast as its slowest member and as good as their eyes (tribal leader). "1-2-3!" and give the whistle signal for the next set of team members to toss. If the weather is cold you may substitute 2 pieces of paper instead of the 2 tribal members. Tribal members will line up relay style. rope Challenge: Pick one leader to give directions and guide tribe members through an obstacle course. The member holding the bucket tries to catch the ball in the bucket while blindfolded. Who ever comes out driest wins. In this challenge. if possible. tied together and covered with netting. The first tribe to successfully complete the course with all of its members across the finish line wins. assortment of rope. dramatic. The tribe that catches the most balls wins. 11:15---Lunch 12:00----Blindfold Obstacle Course You have 5 minutes to plan your strategy and elect a tribal leader. We will test the construction by placing 2 tribal members in the structure and throw a bucket of water on it. Supplies Needed: 2 trash bags. tribal bandannas.10:15---Build a Shelter Elect a tribal leader. 10:50-----Can You Catch It? You have 5 minutes to elect a tribal leader. Play appropriate music (think movie scores. You have 30 minutes to complete this challenge. On leader's whistle the first person in each tribe will toss their ball while their partner tries to catch it. This will be a very fast paced game and tribes must keep up. The tribal leader may not help put the netting back in place but they can give verbal instructions. etc. The tribe members will be blindfolded. Tribal members may shout directions to help her catch it.

Idea submitted by Jamie Vaughan .

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