February 22, 2009

For riders taking the ferry over from the Seattle ferry terminal please access the dock via the special bicycle only entrance just north of McDonalds. Your bib number is your ferry ticket and must be presented at the gate. The ferry LEAVES at 7:55, 8:45, 9:35 and 10:35 am.

Chilly Hilly Route is Counterclockwise Around Bainbridge Island
L = Left
Miles 0.0 0.2 0.4 0.6 1.2 2.5 3.2 3.6 4.4 4.9 5.0 7.8 8.3 8.8 8.9 9.1 10.6 11.0 12.1 12.3 13.3 14.3 14.6 R L R L R BC R L L R L L L R X L L R R R L

R = Right

X = Cross

BC = Becomes
Miles 14.8 15.9 16.9 17.2 19.0 19.3 19.4 19.5 20.5 22.1 25.0 25.7 26.2 26.9 27.7 28.7 31.4 32.0 32.3 32.4 32.5 32.6 32.7 L L R BC L L R L R L R CS R CS BC CS R R L R L R

CS = Continue Straight

Winslow Ferry Terminal (Port-o-potties) Winslow Way (Mechanic) Ferncliff Ave NE Wing Point Way Park Ave (BC - Grand Ave NE) Ferncliff Ave NE (BC -Lofgren Rd) Moran Road Manitou Beach Dr (take right fork) Falk Road NE Valley Road Sunrise Dr. NE (Mechanic) NE Lafayette Ave Euclid Ave NE Phelps Road Frog Rock Hidden Cove Road Highway 305 (use caution!!!) (Port-o-potties) Manzanita Road NE Bergman Road Peterson Hill Road NE Miller Road Arrow Point Dr. Battle Point Park (Rest Stop) Fundraiser
for the B.I. Rope Skippers Club

Frey Road Battle Point Drive Miller Road Fletcher Bay Road Bucklin Hill Road American Legion Hall – Cider Stop Free food and drink (Port-o-potties) Bucklin Hill Road Lynwood Center Road NE Baker Hill Road Crystal Springs Rd(BC - Pt White Dr N) Pleasant Beach Road (Lynwood Center Port-o-potties) NE Oddfellows Road NE Blakely Ave NE Halls Hill Road Rockaway Beach Road NE Eagle Harbor Dr NE Wyatt St NW Grow Ave NW Winslow Way W Madison Ave Bjune Dr SE Brien Dr SE Finish Line Festival – you made it!
Enjoy the Chili Feed and other concessions that are fund raisers for local charity groups.

(Port-o-potties & Mechanic) 14.7 L Arrow Point Dr. – back out the way you came in.

Rider Day of Event Emergency Number (206) 841-9665

To get back to the Seattle ferry, continue on the road through the finish line, back up to Winslow Way, and take a right. At Olympic Dr SE, take a right and you are at the ferry. The trip back is FREE. Return ferry times are listed on the front of the map.

Special thanks to the Chilly Hilly 2009 Sponsors

B.I. Cycle Shop

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