Dallas ISD’s savings account, called fund balance, is one indicator of the financial health of the district.

We ended Fiscal Year 2012 with an unassigned fund balance of $189 million. We estimate that at the end of the current school year, the district will have approximately $230 million dollars in its fund balance. This is a significant financial rebound from just a few years ago when the unassigned fund balance was approximately $29 million dollars. Considering that the district spends about $100 million dollars each month educating more than 157,000 students, one can see the need to have a healthy fund balance. The Texas Education Agency recommends that school districts have an amount of savings equal to three months of expenses. With the addition to its savings in 2012-13, Dallas ISD is well on its way to the recommended amount of $300 million dollars. However, the increase to the savings account will be done in balance with the educational needs of students as well as staff compensation.

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