What is a Smart Card?
• Standard credit card-sized with microchip embedded on it • Two types
–Memory-only chips –Microprocessor chips

What is a Smart Card? • Can hold up to 32.000 bytes • Newer smart cards have math co-processors –Perform complex encryption routines quickly .

. • 1970. • 1974.History • 1968.Roland Moreno invents integrated chip card and patents it in France.Japan patent different version. • 1977.Motorola produces first smart card microchip.German inventors patent combination of plastic cards with micro chips.

Motorola develops first single chip microcontroller for bank in France. • 1992. . • 1991.AT&T declared its contactless smart card.History • 1979. • 1996.First university campus deployment of chip cards.ATM cards with smart chips tested and smart chips placed on telephone cards. • 1982.Germany uses smart card for health care.

Construction of Smart Cards .

Construction of Smart Cards .

Construction of Smart Cards .

Construction of Smart Cards Vcc RST CLK I/O GND Vpp RFU RFU .

Examples of Smart Cards .

Examples of Smart Cards .

Examples of Smart Cards .

Java Rings Ring Shaped Smart Cards .

Interfaces of Smart Cards Antenna .

Interfaces of Smart Cards .

Different Smart Card Readers .

Portable Smart Fingerprint Authentication Card Reader .

What are Biometrics? Biometrics are the science of measuring physical or behavioral characteristics that are unique to each individual and also verifies that an individual is who she claims to be. .

but the basic principles used by them were similar. . The development of fingerprinting became the international methodology among police forces for identity verification. They did not use the advanced technological tools we have today.History of Biometrics • Biometric verification was used thousands of years ago by the people in the Nile valley. eye color. They identified individuals through unique scars and a combination of features such as complexion. and height. •Then in the nineteenth century criminology came up with a variety of measuring devices being produced.

Biometrics Face Hand Geometry Fingerprint Signature Retinal Voice Iris .

Biometrics .

Future •Health Services •Education •Transportation •Welfare •Entitlement Documents •Telecommunications .

Future .

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