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My Very First Love

My Very First Love

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Published by Karina Ecay

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Published by: Karina Ecay on Feb 22, 2013
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4 My very first love C: Carly, N: Ned C: I first met Ned when I was just ten years old. He was sixteen, er, very good-looking, and of course he had a girlfriend… a really beautiful girlfriend. I hated her. N: Hmm. I can remember Carly when she was only ten. She played in the street. She played on the corner near my house. I was sixteen. I had a girlfriend – she didn’t like you, did she Carly? C: Hmm, no… because she knew I liked you!!! You married her, didn’t you? Four years later… I was fourteen, I cried and cried… I remember it well. N: yeah – I was only twenty. I wasn’t ready. It was a big mistake – a big mistake. C: You moved to London and had Michelle, your daughter. N: Yeah – my little Michelle, she´s great… C: Yeah, she’s lovely… and I finished school and then I went to college. I didn’t marry… I had one or two boyfriends but nobody special. And two or three years later, my brother had a party. He invited you, and you came… and when I saw you, all the old feelings came back, and you told me you were divorced… N: Yeah, I was divorced and at my parents’ house again. You were twenty-one, and just… wonderful! And we just fell in love. C: Yes, that’s what happened. That was three years ago – now I’m twenty-four, we’re married and we have a new baby, and Michelle is with us too. I’m so lucky… I married my very first love. Do mothers know best? E: Eric, L: Lori E: Our story is easy. We didn’t do anything. It was our mothers who did it all! L: Yes. You see, our mothers are friends. They met one summer by the lake. They both have little summer houses there. And, of course, they talked a lot about their children. E: …and they decided that they wanted us to meet. L: We both thought this wasn’t a very good idea! E: When my mom said to me “I know a nice girl for you” I just thought, “No way”. L: Me, too! You see, my mom did this a lot, and it was usually terrible. E: But we finally said “OK” – just for some peace. L: I took my sister with me… E: …and I took my best friend, Steve. L: But I was so surprised! Eric was wonderful! E: And of course, I thought the same about Lori. We all had a great time by the lake that summer. And at the end of the summer I knew I was in love with Lori. L: That was four years ago, and our wedding is in the fall. Our mothers are very happy, and we are, too! E: Yes. Sometimes mothers know best!

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