Sales Presentation Techniques

~ Palak and Vinay

• Present the products and services to customers.Need of Sales presentation • Completely and clearly explains all aspects of the salesperson’s proposition as it relates to a buyer’s needs. .

• Motivates the people • Selling to the for verbal government. Written • Less expensive • Used for selling high business-to-business value industrial goods. Oral 2.Types of Sales Presentations 1. . selling. interchange.

Effective Sales Presentation • • • • • • • Planning Use technology Adapt presentation Benefit plan Don’t overload Prospect’s language Convincing .

Techniques of Presentations • • • • • Stimulus response method Formula method Need.satisfaction method Team selling method Consultative selling method .

• Works when seller is a novice or does not know the buyer well Eg.No need identification through talking and listening. standardized message conveyed to every prospect.keep suggesting items until the buyer responds. like the McDonalds order taker.Stimulus Response Method – (Suggestive selling or Canned Selling Presentation) • Memorized. .  Limitation.

Customer needs are not identified. o – comprise of 4 stages (AIDA). o – mental state selling.  Limitation.Formula Sales Presentation o – more formal and planned. . like a telemarketer.

o Most challenging and interactive method. listens then suggests.Need. o Understand the customer needs through Features  Advantages  Benefits . like a financial planner.Satisfaction Method o Let the customer do the talking.Salesman probes.

Wipro. HP. . Used for building long term relationships. • Eg.Team Selling Method • • • • • Multiperson sales teams Multiperson buying centres Expensive method Used for major accounts. IBM.

Consultative Selling Method • Problem solution presentation. • Solving customer’s business problems. • Eg.Wipro and SAP. .

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