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Guide to Working in Dubai by WorkAbroad.ph

Guide to Working in Dubai by WorkAbroad.ph

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Table of Contents
I. II. III. IV. V. VI. VII. Aim High in Dubai Dubai: A Free City in the East Dubai Facts and Figures What Are the Job Opportunities In Dubai? How to Apply for a Job in Dubai Working and Living in Dubai Cost of Living in Dubai

2 | Guide to Working in Dubai

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VIII. Learn Basic Arabic IX. X. XI. XII. What to Do and Not to Do in Dubai Labor Law in United Arab Emirates Where to Seek Help in Dubai Disclaimer


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Through the years. The robust economy of Dubai resulted to thousands of job opportunities for foreign workers so it is not surprising that it has become a haven for Filipino workers. Majority of OFWs in Dubai works in oil and gas companies and luxury hotels. about 80% of its population is composed of foreigners and only 17% are UAE locals. Though a mix of culture is very evident in the city. parks and other amusement centers to have fun after a hard day of work. Dubai has become a premiere destination of foreign workers including overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) who are seeking for greener pastures.3 | Guide to Working in Dubai I. . the two main industries in Dubai that offers attractive compensation packages. Aim High in Dubai! Dubai is the largest city in United Arab Emirates (UAE) and is regarded as one of the richest cities in the world. Aside from the job opportunities. Compared to other cities in the Middle East. Dubai is the most diverse and open to other cultures. the presence of Arabs tradition and Muslim religion remains to be respected and Non-Muslims are expected to observe them. In fact. OFWs would usually gather in groups during their day-offs and enjoy going to malls. another reason why Filipinos prefer Dubai among other cities in the Middle East is the leisure it offers.

Practice Your Religion Islam remains to be the official religion in Dubai and it impacts the custom and tradition practiced by its local citizens. Hindu. Buddhist. Recent statistics show that aside from Muslims. everyone is expected to respect the Muslims in their fasting and prayer activities. dress in non-traditional attire and simply enjoy the beauty of the city. Dubai: A Free City in the East! Dubai is an open city which is an advantage to foreign workers including OFWs. during the Ramadan season. .4 | Guide to Working in Dubai II. Non-Muslim groups are allowed to go to their respective house of worships. Unlike other cities in the Middle East. However unlike other cities in the Middle East. However. They also organize Christmas parties and simbang gabi. Dubai allows people of other nationalities to practice their own religions. Filipino Christians in Dubai usually gather to spend Christmas together. the population of Dubai is also composed of Christians. Sikh. it allows a foreigner to practice their own religion. and Baha’i. During Christmas season.

Wear Comfortable Clothes! You can wear comfortable clothes and non-traditional Muslim attires in Dubai. . Muslims practice fasting during Ramadan so do not eat. etc. school alumnus. The acceptable length for short pants is up to the knee so it covers the whole leg area. wearing too revealing clothes. The chapters abroad are composed of people from thesame provinces here in the Philippines. skimpy outfits and shorts remain to be prohibited as some locals find it ill-mannered.5 | Guide to Working in Dubai You Can Eat Pork! Eating pork is not prohibited for non-Muslims in Dubai. brotherhoods. However. make sure your shoulders are not exposed. If wearing a blouse. You can find several restaurants and supermarkets that sell pork products. However. Chill Out with Friends! Dubai is also a fun city as they have amusement parks. drink water nor chew a gum in front of them as they find it disrespectful. it is not advisable to eat pork during the Ramadan season. Most OFWs hang-out with their groups or chapters (commonly used term) in malls and parks during their day-offs. malls and bars where Filipinos gather and relax.

Telugu. Tagalog and Chinese Emirati Dirhams Php11.450. Bangladeshi (9%) and Filipino (3%) 280. Hindi. Tamil. Pashto.262.000 Indian (51%). Dubai Facts & Figures Area: Population Expatriates Population of Filipinos in UAE Languages Other Languages Spoken: Currency: Average Exchange Rate (Dirham to Peso) as of August.6 | Guide to Working in Dubai III.000 *recent Wikipedia entry about Filipinos in UAE Arabic. English Urdu. Bengali. Malayalam.00 +971 + 4 (971 is the country code of UAE while 4 is the area code in Dubai) Philippines is 4 hours ahead of Dubai .000 . 2012 Area Code Time Difference 4. Pakistani (16%).114 km 2.

Holiday dates change every year. . Please note that Islamic festivities are according to Islam calendar which is determined by various moon phase sighting.7 | Guide to Working in Dubai Major Industries Oil and Gas Petroleum Construction Information and Technology Hotel and Restaurant Gaming and Amusement National Holidays International New Year's Day Prophet Mohammed's Birthday Leilat al-Meiraj (Ascension of the Prophet) Start of Ramadan Eid Al Fitr (End of Ramadan) Al-Hijira (Islamic New Year's Day) UAE National Day January February June July August November December Note: The dates posted are based on the 2012 National Holidays in Dubai.

lowest crime rate is recorded in the city. Due to the strict rules and regulations being implemented by the government of UAE. Contrary to popular beliefs. If in case a foreign worker committed a crime in Dubai. he/she will be sentenced according to their law or will be deported back in their country of origin.8 | Guide to Working in Dubai Low Crime Rate: Dubai is considered as one of the safest cities in the world. Dubai also has a winter season with an average high of 23 °C (73 °F). . Dubai Weather: Dubai has a tropical climate. Expect extremely hot weather during the summer season with an average high of 42 °C (108 °F).

Radiologist. Building Electrician. Barber. Beautician English Teacher. F & B Manager. Job Opportunities in Dubai In demand jobs in Dubai are usually offered in the top three players in the city: Oil and Gas. Bartender. Housekeeper. Mason. Caregiver. Programmer. Plumber. CAD Operator and Draftsman. Cashier. Nurse.9 | Guide to Working in Dubai IV. Installer. Math Teacher. Construction and Hospitality industry. Room Boy. it is advisable to apply in companies which belong to the top three industries mentioned above. Housekeeper and Account Specialist Domestic Helper. Foreman. If you are looking for a company in Dubai that offers high salary and competitive benefits. AV Technician. Medical Technician and Laboratory Technician. Electrician. Graphic Designer. Caregiver. Science Teacher and University Instructor. Commis. Physical Therapist. Physician. Family Driver. Architect. Life Guard. Sales Lady and Safety Officer Trade and Repair Services Hotel and Restaurant Community Services and other Personal Services Education Health and Social Work Others View the complete list of job opportunities in Dubai . Waitress. Account Executive. Butler. 2010’s Top Industries in UAE according to the Ministry of Labor Building and Construction In Demand Jobs from WorkAbroad. Sues Chef. Barista. Installer.ph’s Data Engineers. Caretaker. Pharmacist. Crane Operator. Salesman. Supervisor. Computer Technician and Upholsterer Waiter. Designer. Receptionist. Massage Therapist. Office Staff. Laborers. HVAC Technician.

45 years old. Attractive.twitter. 10195127    Final Interview:   DECEMBER 01. 201 LDM Bldg..1738 Email: isd@isdphilippines. Previous experience working in a STAR HOTEL. Waitress: 5'2. 207-LB-101311-AOE POEA Awardee Top Performer Hall Fame Award of Excellence  5439 Curie Street. No.  POEA REG.  Must have experience handling Alcoholic Beverages (liquors. Demonstrated ability to supervise a multinational workforce of culinary staff. etc.30 years old Minimum height: Waiter: 5'4. 2012  • WAITER / WAITRESS Physically fit. 551-9676 Fax: 551-9675 Get the latest updates  www. wines. 551-7452.9605 / +6332.com/isdphil   Rm. Experience in food industry.com   . POEA License No. Previous experience in a 4-5 star hotel or fine dining restaurant local or overseas Previous experience as a Head or Captain Waiter is an advantage/preferred.  Communication skills in written and spoken English. Inc. part of the Emirates Group is the world’s largest in-flight catering operation. Job site located at the Executive Airline Lounges in Dubai International Airport. Attractive.com/ISDPhilippines  www. Cebu City  +6332. with Pleasing Personality 21 . Previous experience in a 3 . servicing around 120 airlines from Dubai International Airport.) Bartenders in fine dining or hotel are encouraged to apply. height: 5’4.5 star hotel or fine dining restaurant local or overseas Experience on Alcoholic Beverages is an advantage (liquors. fine dining or airline catering unit Knowledge of food types. Legaspi St. Strong practical knowledge and experience in food safety and occupational health and safety.    • SOUS CHEF Relevant experience in a 4 or 5 star hotel is an advantage High standard of verbal and written communication in English. with Pleasing Personality Max age is 35 years old Senior Waiter min.253. Palanan Makati City An ISO 9001‐2008  Certified Comany  Phone: 833-1241.isdphilippines.) • SENIOR WAITER / • SENIOR WAITRESS Physically fit.  • TEAM LEADER HOUSKEEPING Age must not be older than 36 years old Must have previous experience in hotel as housekeeping leader or supervisor.com www. Senior Waitress: 5'2. Knowledge of ISO 9000 standards.256.facebook.Emirates Flight Catering. wines. kitchen items and equipment.   ● NO PLACEMENT FEE ● NO PROCESSING FEE ● NO SALARY DEDUCTION ●   International Skill Development. • SENIOR COOK 24. • QUALITY ASSISTANT A University degree or Diploma holder. etc. Working knowledge on quality management systems.

Employers in Dubai team-up with POEA-licensed agencies in the country to process applicant's documents and visa. The agency will be responsible in securing that your employment contract is according to what the law states both in the Philippines and in UAE. 2. UAE View Here To See The List Of Agencies In The Philippines Register at Workabroad .ph has more than 5. improve your skills and make thorough research on how to get a job in Dubai! 1.10 | Guide to Working in Dubai V. The leading job portal in the Philippines. In a progressive city like Dubai. How to Apply for a Job in Dubai Getting a job abroad has become stiffer as qualification is now high. employers expect more from Filipinos as we are known for having great skills both in practical work and in communication. Apply through a POEA-Licensed Agency Look for a job opening from a legitimate recruitment agency.000 job openings (as of October 2012) in UAE which are posted by POEA-licensed agencies.workabroad. Aside from OFWs. www. Register in Overseas Jobsite Online Signing up in an online job portal would help you speed up your job application in Dubai. So if you want to get a job in Dubai. level up your application. View the Latest Job Openings in Dubai. there are other foreigners in Dubai who also seek job opportunities which makes job hunting much tougher.

you are not allowed to extend your stay for more than the period stated on your visa. Your employer will be the one who will process and issue you a WORK PERMIT or WORK VISA for you to be a legitimate foreign worker.11 | Guide to Working in Dubai VI. A work visa is valid for two years or the total years indicated in your work contract. Having a work visa allows you to also live in Dubai. IMPORTANT REMINDER: Using Tourist or Visit Visa for employment in Dubai and in any other parts of UAE is ILLEGAL. Aside from work visa. However. However. . An employment visa is issued to visitors who have arranged employment before coming to Dubai. Dubai also issues Employment Visa which is valid for 30 days only. the employer must process and issue a work visa within the period stated only. Working and Living in Dubai First and foremost. you must have an employer in Dubai to be allowed to work there.

If in case the family member fails the medical exam.00 for 1 year and AED 360. a foreign worker who wants to sponsor his/her child. As of July 2009. he/she will be sent back to the country he/she originally from.00 to AED 10. The cover of the medical examination for visit visa applicants is same to the work visa applicants.00 for the period of three years. spouse or any first degree family member should have a minimum salary of AED 3.00.000. .12 | Guide to Working in Dubai Pointers Regarding Sponsoring a Family Member: • • • • • An OFW in Dubai can apply for visit visa for a family member. The cost of visit visa is AED 120. The family member will undergo a medical examination before he/she will be issued a visit visa.000.

List of diseases that would make an OFW unfit to work in Dubai: Infectious category: • • • • HIV/AIDS reactive Hepatitis B surface antigen.13 | Guide to Working in Dubai List of Diseases Not Allowed in Dubai The United Arab Emirates is part of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) along with Bahrain. HCV reactive Microfilaria positive and malaria blood film positive. Kuwait. Qatar and Saudi Arabia. VDRL/TPHA reactive Non-Infectious Category: • • • • • • • • Chronic renal failure Chronic hepatitis failure Congestive heart failure Hypertension Diabetes mellitus Known case of cancer Psychiatric disease and neurological disorders Physical disabilities. calcification (granuloma) pleural thickening.e. X-ray showing active PTB. To be able to work in the GCC countries like UAE. color blindness. Oman. tuberculosis lymphadenitis. i. known leprosy patients Tuberculosis – any type. pleural effusion. including minimum fibrosis. deafness . Pulmonary scar. past evidence of PTB or healed. you must pass the medical examination required by the Gulf Cooperation Council-(GCC) Accredited Medical Clinics Association (GAMCA).

To get through the daily expenses. There are employers in UAE who also provides allowance that cover housing. There are Filipinos in Dubai who look for bed spacers Rent in cheap apartments in Dubai that offer less expensive rooms.900 (Php11.6600) per month For a studio-type apartment: AED900-AED9.400. . expenses can be managed if you have DISCIPLINE. live with groups. health insurance and food to help you with your monthly budget. They live in groups in order to minimize their daily expenses. it is advisable to store food (grocery) at least once a week. If you live in groups. Dubai is considered as one of the most stable economies in the world which explains why the cost of living in the city is quite high than other cities in the Middle East.14 | Guide to Working in Dubai VII. There are restaurants that offer cheap-price food. Cost of Living in Dubai In Dubai.Php6. “sharing” is common for Filipino workers. But according to Filipinos in Dubai. Choose a place located near your workplace. transportation.000Php16. below is the summary of cost of living in Dubai: Basic Needs Housing Average Price For bed-spacer: AED400AED600 (Php 4.500) per month Food More or less AED500 (Php5000) per month Tips To minimize your housing expenses.

100 – Php2.80 – Php 63. Purchase a car only if you’re granted a stable job and residential visa.80 – Php25.00 (Php 21. Take vitamins and maintain proper diet to avoid getting sick. Look for an employer who offers health insurance. Hospitalization • • • Gasoline AED600 (Php6. Look for an apartment that offers FREE wifi Look for an apartment that offers free electiricity/water fee.8) per ride Abra (Water Taxi) – AED2.500) per month – (Applicable to those who live in room sharing) • • • • .80 (Php19. Buy according to what you need. In case the employer do not issue a health insurance. Take a bus ride when going to work.Php2.00) per ride Health Insurance: AED850 (Php 9. Check-Up and Fees: AED100-AED200 (Php1. Don’t buy and use too many and unnecessary gadgets.100) per consultation for those with no insurance. • • Tips Choose a place located near your workplace to minimize the transportation expenses. • • • Internet Water and Electricity FREE in some housing/apartment AED5 (Php51.80 – AED5. Schedule your use of laptops and charging of cellphones. apply for one.80– AED2. Bring jacket.500.AED250 (Php1. shoes and clothes for winter season before going to Dubai.100) per month • Clothing AED50-AED100 (Php550 – Php1. Taxi Flag Down Rate: AED10.100) per piece.30 (Php 19.3) per ride.00 (Php 110) Train: AED1.00) per hour in internet shops.15 | Guide to Working in Dubai Basic Needs Transportation Average Price Bus Transportation: AED1. Free in some flat/Apartment AED150 .350) per annum. Avoid buying branded clothes if necessary.

Bengali. Kam essa'a? Motasharefon/ Motasharefatun Arabic TIP: Although most employers speak English. Learn Basic Arabic 16 | Guide to Working in Dubai People living in Dubai are from different parts of the world which explains why language in Dubai is diverse. other languages are also spoken in the city like Urdu. sab'a. Thank you! You're welcome! What's your name? My name is (Your name) Can You Say It Again? Sorry (for a mistake) What time is it? I love you One. Nine. thalatha. Tamil. Six. . Malayalam. thamania. 'ashara. Seven. Five. khamsa. tis'a. ithnaan.VIII. Ten What time is it? Nice to meet you! English Sabah el kheer Masaa el kheer Kaifa haloka/ haloki Ana bekhair. sitta. Four. Tagalog and Chinese. Basic Phrases in Arabic Language: Good morning! Good evening! How are you? I’m fine. English is widely spoken too. Three. Telugu. Two. shokran! Shokran Al’afw Ma esmouk? Esmee (Your Name) A’ed men fadlek? Aasef! Kam essa'a? Uhibbok/ uhibboki wahed. Thank you. Eight. Pashto. it is advisable to study Arabic for you to be able to communicate well with Arab co-workers. Due to the mixture of culture. Although Arabic remains the most commonly-used language among locals. Hindi. arba'a.

Protect your skin from sunburn using sunscreen. Use your right hand when greeting and handling things to local citizen of Dubai. What To Do and Not To Do in Dubai When going to an Arab city like Dubai. make sure you have researched their basic rules and regulations in order to avoid trouble from the law enforcement or much worse. clubs and pubs. So here are some Do’s and Don’ts that you must remember before going to Dubai: • • • • • • • Do’s • Always bring your passport and which serves as your residential visa and labor card while you’re in Dubai. always bring a copy of your marriage certificate wherever you both go. Apply for a liquor license first before you purchase alcohol in supermarkets and licensed bars. If you are with your spouse. . Give space and respect Muslims in practicing their religion.17 | Guide to Working in Dubai IX. wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from sunlight. Change your money in authorized money changing stores and banks only. Also. get deported. Using of left hand is considered disrespectful for some Muslims. It is much better to drink bottled water being purchased in supermarkets than drink tap water.

In case of having an argument with a fellow person in Dubai. do not eat and drink water in front of them during Ramadan as they find it offensive and disrespectful. make sure that you have your doctor’s prescription and letter of permission with you in order to avoid being questioned. Do not touch. Wear appropriate swimsuit when on a beach or resort. hit or tap someone else’s head in Dubai as some locals find it offensive. In case of carrying pills or other medicines. do not walk in any place in Dubai without a shirt. military camps. avoid swearing and using offensive hand gestures as you may get detained. Do not carry pornographic materials. Avoid taking pictures of government-owned establishments like airport. Also. it is prohibited for an unmarried person to live with someone in the opposite sex under one roof. alcohol and drugs upon entering Dubai. Dubai is very strict when it comes to drugs even to over-the-counter medicines. For men. Do not wear revealing clothes like short skirts and plunging neckline blouses in public places. However. Do not drink and drive. Avoid practicing Public Display of Affection (PDA) with your partner in public places. Don’ts • • • • • • • . According to Sharia Law. Do not eat in public places during Ramadan as Muslims practice fasting. Do not apply for an employment in Dubai using visit or tourist visa as you will get detained and deported once caught. etc.18 | Guide to Working in Dubai • • • • • • • Do not take pictures of local citizens of Dubai most especially women wearing their traditional attires. you can get fined or arrested by appearing drunk in public places. Non-Muslims can purchase alcohol in supermarkets and clubs.

Thursday and Friday are considered weekends. 8 hours a day. Contract must be sent and signed by the applicant before he/she go to UAE. Muslim employees only work from 9 a. Both the employer and applicant must agree with what is written in the contract. However. In case the applicant has issues. A foreign worker will also receive full wages during the period of recovery that should not exceed six months. the work environment and their offers before you sign any contract with the employer. It is also important to do your research about the company. During the month of Ramadan. Employer must shoulder the hospitalization cost of a sick employee. . to 1 p. A foreign worker is entitled to a 14-day leave with pay per year. Employees who are able to finish five years of continuous service are entitled to a 21-day paid vacation leave. Labor Laws in Dubai It is very important that you know the labor laws of the country you are going to for you to be aware of your rights as a foreign employee. Salary • • • Leave Working Days and Hours • • Work Contract • • • • Health • • • Benefits There is no fixed salary or minimum wage per job title in UAE except for Domestic Helpers which gets no less than USD500 or its peso equivalent.19 | Guide to Working in Dubai X. only the Arabic version of a contract is valid in UAE. a residence permit. Work days are Saturday-Wednesday.m. health insurance and food and housing allowance.m. There is also NO INCOME TAX in Dubai . Minimum period of an employment contract is 2 years. a foreign employer must have an English version of his/her contract. Non-Muslim employees are allowed to report to work but are entitled to overtime pay. A foreign worker must be provided aside from his work visa. he/she must inform the employer immediately to fix it before he/she sign the contract. Legally.

United Arab Emirates . United Arab Emirates P.O. Sector 94. Street 8. Number: + 971 4 2207100 Mobile Number: + 971 50 6544047 Fax Number: + 971 4 2207800 UAE Ministry of Labor Toll Free: 800-665 (For any concerns regarding employment) Tel Number: 047023333 (Dubai) Embassy of the Philippine Republic United Arab Emirates Address: Villa No. Zone 2 Abu Dhabi. 8. 2 Al Qusais 3 Dubai. Box 94778 Tel. Where to Seek Help in Dubai Consulate General of the Republic of the Philippines For Dubai and Northern Emirates Address: #35 Beirut St. No.20 | Guide to Working in Dubai XI. Ext.

UAE according to your concerns: Kinds of Concerns Passport Renewal Authentication /Notaries/Civil Registry Civil Registry Police/Court/Emergency Cases OEC/ Labor Matters OWWA/Welfare/Household Service Workers or Helpers Cases Pag-Ibig Fund SSS Membership Trade (Import/Export) Embassy Fax Number Email Numbers 02 639 0006 Local 215/200 02 639 0006 Local 217 02 639 0006 Local 218 050-207 9988 056 .ae *Please leave your full name and mobile number In case of emergency. the public may call the following: POLO Hotline OWWA Hotline 056 659 4977 050 141 3697 .659 4977/02 658 2889 02 639 0023/0561085459/055-2220613 02 639-0026/ 050 357 6308 050 572 8693/ 050 1681983 04 223 6526 02 639 0002 auhpe@philembassy.21 | Guide to Working in Dubai Below are the direct numbers of PHL Embassy.

com http://www. The publisher made sure that the information presented is accurate.facebook. reach us on: Resources: http://www.com/workabroadph | www.ph Other E-Book you Might want to Read: For feedback and suggestions.22 | Guide to Working in Dubai XII.OFWGuide. the publisher cannot guarantee that all information is up to date and true at all times due to the fact that policies and regulations are never constant. reliable and up to date.workabroad.ae | http://www.gov.com | . However.ph | http://www. Copyright August 2012 by WorkAbroad. The reader of this e-book agrees that the publisher cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect losses that may be incurred as a result of the information presented in this document.dubaifaqs.mol. Disclaimer Disclaimer: The information contained in this e-book is for information purposes only.

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