[ aka hina ] a not hard or difficult; not severe.

[ aka hōra ] a not rigorous or strict; not rude or severe. [ a ] n the first vowel of the Bengali alphabet. elementary knowledge; rudiments of any subject ( the alphabet ( ); A B C.
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[ akan aka ] a thornless; (fig.) free from trouble and difficulty; ); safe and peaceful. adv. in peace and safety; with nothing standing in the way; un troubled; freely. [ akathana ] n bad or abusive language; ob scene words. unspeakable; indescribable. [ akathā ] n abusive or filthy or obscene language (also ).

[ a ī ] a without any debts; not indebted. [ a śa ] n a portion or part; a share; a region or locality ( = the northern region of the country); (astrol.) ⅓ of the zodiac; (geog.) &frac136; of earth's circumference; degree; concern, respect ( = noble in no respect); divine incarnation ( = an incarnation of Vishnu). ̃ n. (alg.) a mantissa. v. to divide into parts or shares; apportion (food, property, task etc.) among others. ̃ a. included in a part or share; relating to part(s) or share(s). ̃ a. taking a share, participating. n. a sharer, a shareholder; a participant, a party. ̃ adv. partly, in part; partially; to some extent. ̃ n. dividing; sharing; apportionment, distribution. a. divisible into parts or shares; to be divided into parts. ̃ n. (sc.) partial n. pressure. ̃ ,̃ a. enjoying a share; having a claim to a share. a share, a shareholder; a claimant to a share; one who is responsible for a part, a partner. ( ) v. to take part (in), to participate (in). n. fraction of fraction; minute fraction; tiny part; bit.

[ akathita ] a untold; unspoken; undisclosed; unrevealed; secret. [ akathya ] a unspeakable, unutterable; ob scene, filthy. ̃ utterance of undesirable or bad language; uttering foul or filthy language. [ akapa a ] a frank, candid, sincere, above board; straightforward; unreserved. ̃ n. frankness; candour, sincerity, ̃ , প adv. openheartedly, frankly, sincerely, candidly. , , [ akampa, akampita, akampra ] a not trembling or trembled, not tremulous; undaunted; unmoved, unshaken, unperturbed; steady. [ akara ī ] n (math.) a rational quantity or number. [ akara ī a ] a that which should not be done. family or house not acceptable for matrimonial alliance. [ akaru a ] a merciless; unkind; cruel; un sympathetic. a

[ a śānkana ] n graduation, marking (a scale). [ a śānkita ] a (of a measuring scale, thermometer etc.) marked with measured distance or degrees, graduated. [ a śānō ] v to descend as an inheritance, to devolve on. [ a śābatāra ] n demi-god, partial incarna tion (of a god.) [ a śita ] a divided into parts or shares; partitioned. ty.

[ akar a ] a earless; deaf.

[ akartabya ] a that which should not be done; improper. [ akart tba ] n lack of ruling or controlling power; lack of authori[ akarma ] n a misdeed, a mischief; a useless act; inaction, absence of work. [ akarmaka ] a (gr. of a verb) intransitive. tive verb. intransi-

[ a śīdāra ] n a partner or shareholder. [ a śīdāri ] n partnership. a. relating to partnership. ( ) partnership agreement. n. same as [ a śu ] n ray, a narrow beam of light (from a small or distant source). ̃ n. fine cotton fabric; silk cloth. ̃ ,̃ a. luminous; radiant. ̃ n. a stream of rays. ̃ n. the sun; the sun-god. ̃ a. having rays; full of rays; radiant. [ a śyamāna ] a that which is in the process of being divided or partitioned. [ a sa ] n shoulder. ̃ , ̃ shoulder blade, the scapula. n. a bull's hump. ̃ ,̃ a. bull-necked; robust, strong. n.

[ akalu a ] n absence of corruption or blemish or sin. rupted; unblemished; sinless.

[ akaca ] a alopecoid; having no hair, bald, baldheaded. [ akañcuka ] a (of fruits) skinless; (of lizards) achlamydeous. [ aka u ] a (of smell or taste) not acrid or bitter or pungent.

[akalu ita] a undefiled, unpolluted; uncorrupted; pure, clean. [ akalpita ] a not imaginary or fanciful; real; unthought-of, unimagined. ̃প a. unpremeditated; unthought-of; not thought-of before.


[ a śī ] a entitled to a share. sharer; participant.

n. a partner or shareholder; co-

[ akarma ya ] a disabled; inefficient; not in working order, unserviceable. ̃ n. incompetence, inefficiency; useless ness. [ akarmā ] a having no employment or occupation; grossly inefficient; idling. an inveterate bungler, an arch-bungler, a muff; a good-for-nothing or worthless fellow; a great idler. [ akar ita ] a (of land) unploughed, uncultivated; fallow. , [ akala ka, akala kī ] a spotless, taintless, un blemished, immaculate; clean, pure. [akala kita] a unstained, unsullied, unblemished; undefiled, unpolluted. same as a. uncor-

[ a śā śi ] n division into respective shares. cording to or di viding into respective shares.

a. & adv. ac,

[ akarō i, akarō ī ] n (zoo.) the acrania. n. an earless or deaf person.

[ a2 ] pfx indicating: negation, contradiction, contrariety, absence, want, non-, un-, il-, im-, in, ir-, dis-, mis-, a-, an-, less; other than or inferior ( ).

a. -

woe. ̃

[ akalyā a ] n harm, injury; spiritual or moral harm; misfortune; a. harmful, injurious; inauspicious; woeful.

, try; negligible.

[ akiñcit, akiñcatkara ] a trifling, insignificant, pal-

[ akīrti ] n ill-repute, infamy; disgrace; a disgraceful or disreputa[ aka akalpanā ] n spontaneous (and not forced or far-fetched) ble act. ̃ a. infamous, disreputable, disgraceful. imagination or (literary) composition. a. not forced or farfetched, spontaneous, facile, easy going. [ akīrtita ] a unsung; not preached or announced publicly, un[ akasmāt ] adv all at once, suddenly, all of/ on (arch.) a sudden; publicized; uncelebrated, unhonoured. unexpectedly, un awares; without cause, unwarrantedly. [ aku ] n an incident; an event; a criminal offence. ̃ n. the place of occurrence (esp. of a crime). [ akāja ] n a useless act; a mischief; a wrong-doing. a mischief maker, wrongdoer. [ akā ya ] a irrefutable. a conclusive evidence. incontrovertible or irrefutable argument. [ aku ila ] a not crooked; frank.

, [ aku ha, aku hita ] a unhesitating; unabashed; ungrudging, without reserve, liberal ( ). , adv. with no hesitation (in the mind), with an open mind; [ akātara ] a (in suffering, danger etc.) unperturbed, undistressed; unflinching; patient, calm; (in toil, fighting etc.) un tiring; (of gift, charity unhesitatingly; ungrudgingly, liberally, freely. etc.) ungrudging, bountiful. adv. unperturbedly; feeling no [ akutōbha a ] a not stricken with fear from any quarter; undistress, un flinchingly; patiently, calmly; soundly, deeply ( daunted. ̃ n. fear lessness. ); untiringly; ungrudgingly; bountifully. [ akula ] a (of families) unrespectable, lowly, unfit for matrimonial [ akāmya ] a undesirable, unwanted. alliance. [ akā a ] a bodiless, incorporeal, disembodied; formless, shapeless; , (poet.) unbodied. ficiency. [ akāra ] n the letter and the vowel sound ; a. (of words) beginning with the letter . n. and other vowels. adv. in the alphabetical order. a. (of words) ending with the vowel sound . [ akāra a ] a unnecessary; purposeless, causeless; baseless; unaccountable; aimless ( ); (of quarrel, war, attack etc.) without adv. without cause; unneprovocation, unprovoked ( ). cessarily, for nothing; groundlessly; unaccountably; aimlessly; without provocation. [ akāra ē ] adv same as (adv.). [ akulana, akulāna ] n deficiency, deficit, shortage; insuf-

[ akulīna ] a not born of a high family; not a high-born; not a man of noble birth (opp. ); (facet.) of mixed breed, hybrid ( ). [ akuśala ] n indisposition.

[ akārya ] n a misdeed; a useless act; a mischief; a wrong-doing; a bungle. ̃ a. impractiable; ineffectual, futile, serv ing no purpose, useless; unpractical. ̃ ,̃ n. ineffectiveness. ̃ a. ineffective, inffectual, useless. [ akāla ] n an inauspicious time; hard times; an unusual time ( ); premature time ( ); inappropriate time; (loos.) scarcity, famine. ̃ n. a gourd grown at an unusual time; (fig.) a useless or stupid person. ̃ , ̃ a. born at an unusual time; untimely or prematurely born. ̃ untimely gathering of clouds. ̃প a. (of fruits) prematurely ripened; (of persons) precocious, pert. ̃প n. premature ripeness; precocity, pertness. ̃ n. untimely rain. ̃ n. premature ageing. ̃ a. gone old prematurely. ̃ n. (myth.) untimely awakening of God dess Durga by Ramachandra; (fig.) any untimely performance. ̃ ,̃ n. premature death. [ akāli ] n a member of a militant sect of Shikhs, an Akali. [ akālē ] adv at an inauspicious time; at an unusual time; aforetime, prematurely; inopportunely. [ akiñcana ] a indigent, extremely poor; distressed, miserable; insignificant; lowly; humble and modest. n. such a person. ̃ n. indigence, extreme poverty; distressed condition, misery; in significance, lowliness; stupidity.

n. a shoreless sea, [ akūla ] a shoreless; (fig.) boundless, endless. a vast ocean; (fig.) an overwhelming or extreme danger. ̃ প n. boundless or shoreless sea; (fig.) great danger, extreme jeopardy; dire straits, hopeless situation. প (fig.) to find a rescue in a sea of danger. (fig.) to sink in a sea of danger. প (fig.) to fall in or run into a sea of danger. (fig.) to get into a great danger; to be in extreme danger. [ ak ta ] a not done or performed or executed; undone, unaccomplished. [ ak takārya ] a unsuccessful. ̃ [ ak tajña ] a ungrateful. ̃ n. failure.

n. ingratitude; ungratefulness.

[ ak tadāra ] a. mas unmarried; celibate. [ ak tāparādha ] a not guilty; guiltless. [ ak tārtha ] a unsuccessful in attempt; disappointed. [ ak titba ] n unsuccess, failure; want of skill, inefficiency, incapacity. [ ak tī ] a unsuccessful; unskilled; inefficient; incapable; worthless or unworthy ( ). [ ak tōdbāha ] a. mas unmarried. [ ak tya ] a of that which should not be done. act, a wrong-doing, a misdeed.

[ ak trima ] a not artificial; natural; not feigned, sincere; not faked or forged; genuine, pure, true. ̃ n. sincerity. [ ak pa a ] a not niggardly or miserly; liberal, generous; without reserve ( ). ̃ n. generousness.


a not adroit or skilful, inexpert.

n. an improper

[ ak a ] a untilled, uncultivated.

a. uncultivable.

[ ak ama ] a powerless; weak; incapable; in effective ( [ ak amā ] n lack of forgiveness or mercy; intolerance.


[ akējō ] a having no ability for any work; not in working order, unserviceable; useless. [ akēśara parāgakō a ] n (bot.) sessile anther. [ akaitaba ] a not false; not deceitful. [ akōmala ] a not soft or tender; not fragile. [ akauśala ] n lack of skill or adroitness; want of tact; want of diplomacy. [ akta1 ] a smeared with ( full of ( , ).
2 1

[ ak a a ] a undecaying; inexhaustible; un failing; imperishable: undying; endless. ̃ n. undying or immortal fame. ̃ n. a quiver having an inexhaustible stock of arrows. ̃ n. the third day of the lunar waxing fort night of the month of Baisakh ( ). ̃ n. any of the very old banyan trees found at different holy places of the Hindus; (fig.) an immortal or deathless person. ̃ n. the abode of the blessed; heaven. ̃ n. the right to dwell permanently in heaven. ̃ n. dwelling permanently in heaven. [ ak ara ] n any of the letters of the alpha bet; a syllable; (fig.) a symbolic letter. ̃ ,̃ n. a scribe; a copyist; a printer or compositor, a writer. ̃প n. acquaintance with the alphabet; commencement of education; literacy; (fig.) elementary knowledge. ̃ n. the characteristic style of handwriting. ̃ n. (pros.) a system of versification in which the number of letters and not the sounds in a line is taken into account. ̃ n. the alphabet. ̃ n. a compositor. n. transliteration. to the letter, word for word. verbatim; (fig.) with strict exactitude, rigorously. [ ak āralaba a ] n rock-salt.


); mixed with, containing,

[ akta2 ] n time, one of a number of in stances (

). a. without an unofficial refer-

[ akrama ] n absence of serial order; disorder serial order; disorderly; unofficial. ence. gic. doing. ̃

[ akri a ] a without work; inactive; lacking in enthusiasm, lethar[ akri ā ] n absence of work; inaction; an improper act, a wrong,̃ a. given to improper acts or wrong-doings.

[ ak i ] n the eye. ̃ n. lens. ̃ n. the socket of the eye. ̃ a. lying within the range of vision; visible. ̃ n. the ball. ̃ ,̃ ,̃ n. the pupil of the eye, the apple of the eye. ̃প n. eyelash, cilium. ̃প n. the retina. ̃প n. cataract of the eye. ̃প n. the , [ akrē a, ākrā ] a unpurchasable; costly or dear or expensive. eyelid. ̃ n. casting of a sidelong glance; squinting. ̃ n. optical [ akrōdha ] n absence of anger. a. free from anger. a. illusion. ̃ n. ophthalmic surgery. not angered or wrought up easily. [ ak ī a ] a not lean or emaciated; not weakened or debilitated. [ aklānta ] a untired, unwearied; untiring, tireless; indefatigable; [ ak ī a ] a axial, pertaining to an axis; angular. persisting, assiduous ( ). ̃ a. indefati gable; indefatigably laborious or hard working, extremely assiduous. [ ak u a ] a unimpaired or unaffected ( ); [ akli a ] a not feeling any tiredness, untiring; indomitable ( unoffended ( ); unhindered, unchecked ( ); unabated ); untired, calm ( ). ̃ a. working untiringly, indefatiga( ); undamaged or untarnished ( ); unquestioned, ble. untrammelled, unhampered, supreme, sovereign ( ); still in force, intact ( ); unused, not at all used ( [ ak a ] n any of the three long cubes marked with dots thrown at ) dice-playing; a die; a kind of seed used as bead; (geog.) the axis of the equator; (geog.) latitude; (astr.) the angular distance of any star or planet [ ak udhā ] n lack, absence or loss of appetite. from the solar orbit, the orbit of a heavenly body; (astrol.) the shape of the zodiac; (zoo.) the sec and vertebra of the neck; an axle; a sense-organ [ ak ōbha ] a not agitated or perturbed; not disgruntled; placid. ( ). ̃ n. the collar-bone, the clavicle; a dice player. ̃ n. n. absence of agitation, grudge or regret. (geom.) a hypotenuse. ̃ n. game of dice; dice play. ̃ n. (geog.) the [ ak auhi ī ] n a division of army in ancient India, comprising axis of the equator, the minor axis. ̃ n. the front portion of a wheel, an 1935 foot-soldiers, 6561 cavalrymen, 2187 fighters on elephant-back and axis; the pole of a cart. ̃ n. an ex pert or clever dice-player. ̃প n. any 2187 charioteers. of the long cubes marked with dots thrown at dice-playing. ̃ n. dice[ aksijēna ] n oxygen. board; arena for wrestling; wrestling ground; gymnasium. ̃ n. (astr.) nutation. ̃ ,̃ ,̃ a. versed in law or diplomacy; clever at [ akha a ] a not divided into parts, undivided; (math.) integral dice-game. n. a lawyer; a diplomat; an expert dice( ); unabated; uncurbed, undisputed, supreme, sovereign ( player. ̃ , ̃ n. (geog.) the parallels of latitude. ̃ , ̃ n. a ); not watery, thickened, curdled (' '); compact, dense string of beads, a rosary. ̃ n. the Axis Powers in the World War II. ( ), ̃ n. integrality, wholeness; indivisibility; oneness, unity. ̃ , a. irrefutable, indisputable; unanswerable. [ ak a i ] n hunter. a. completely spherical. a. unsevered; undivided; [ ak a a ] n an inauspicious moment or time ( ). unrefuted ( ) [ ak ata ] a unhurt or unwounded; unimpaired; unblemished; unre[ akhadyē ] a (coll.) not fit to be eaten; unfit for work, grossly inefserved. ̃ , ̃ a. of a person bearing no wound; unhurt or uninjured ficient; unserviceable. a. good-for-nothing, worthless; or un wounded. ̃ a. fem. having had no experience of sexual union; trashy. possessing true virginity. [ akrūra ] a not crooked; not cruel or merci less; simple, n. (myth.) uncle of Krishna. straightforward.


[ akhala ] a artless, guileless, naive. [ akhāta ] a (of channels etc.) undug or not made by digging; natural. [ akhādya ] a not fit to be eaten; inedible; for bidden to be eaten; (of food) unwholesome; (facet.) worthless ( ). n. inedible or forbidden or unwholesome food. [ akhila ] a entire, whole. n. the world; the universe; the sky. n. the Supreme Spirit. ̃ a. loved or adored by all. ̃ n. the entire world; the universe. [ akhuśi ] a dissatisfied, displeased. sure.

, , [ agā, agākānta, agāca ī ] a (coll.) grossly stupid or ignorant; good-for-nothing. n. such a person. [ agādha ] a unfathomable, bottomless; very deep and extensive ( ); un limited, unbounded ( ); profound; immeasurable, immense ( ). [ agu a ] n harm, injury; offence, fault. a. deprived of good qualities; worthless; unqualified. v. to do harm, to do mischief. [ aguru ] n a kind of fragrant wood (mostly used as incense). ̃ n. a fragrant and cool paste of this wood used as an ointment. [ agōcara ] a beyond the reach of comprehension or of senseorgans; beyond one's knowledge; invisible. adv. without or beyond one's knowledge; behind one's back; unobservedly; stealthily. , [ agōchāla, agōchālō ] a of a disorderly kind; unsystematic, unmethodical; slovenly, careless, messy, irregular. [ agōpana ] a not concealed or secret, un concealed; open. n. absence of secrecy or concealment. প a. not to be concealed. a. [ agau a ] n absence of delay; promptness; celerity; hurry. not minor or secondary; primary; chief, principal. adv. without delay; immediately; quickly. -প n. immediate slip. [ agauraba ] n dishonour, disgrace; discredit, disrepute.

n. dissatisfaction, displeaa. not

[ akhyāta ] a not famous; undistinguished; obscure. ̃ famous, one whose name is not famous, obscure.

[ aga ita ] a (ori.) uncounted; (loss.) countless, innumerable, numberless. [ aga ya ] a uncountable; countless, innumerable.

n. [ agati ] a motionless; immobile, static; helpless, resourceless. [ agni ] n fire; the fire-god; digestive power; hunger; burning; afflica helpless or resourceless person; the unperformed state of a dead pertion ( ). ̃ n. a spark. ̃ n.& a. one who performs the rite of son's obsequies. the resort of the helpless; (loos.) the waysingeing the mouth of the deceased at cremation. ˜ n. the rite of agniout. hotra ( ); cremation of the dead. ̃ a. fire-like; fiery; extremely [ agatyā ] adv having no other course to follow or means to adopt; hot; extremely severe or violent; terribly angry, furious. ̃ n. a great being compelled; perforce, of necessity, necessarily; as a necessary or fire, a conflagration. ̃ n. a pit in which a fire is made or a pit full of unavoidable consequence. to agree to follow or fire, a fire pit; a furnace. ̃ n. the south-east. ̃ same as ̃ ̃ adopt a course as a last re sort or having no alternative. a. impregnated with fire, containing fire; fiery; impetuous ( [ agada ] a free from disease or poison, not ill; healthy. n. a med). ̃ , ̃ n. gun-powder, explosive substance. ̃ n. fem. a icine; an anti dote (esp. to poison). ̃ n. toxicology. woman who has passed successfully through an ordeal by fire. ̃ a. heated with fire; as hot as fire. ̃ a. fire-like; fiery; furious. ̃ a. , [ aganati, agunati ] a (coll.) countless, innumerable. burnt; consumed by fire. ̃ n. & a. one who sets fire to anything; one [ agantabya ] a (of places, etc.) not fit to be visited; out of bounds. who singes the mouth of the dead at cremation. fem. ̃ ̃ n. act of setting fire to; act of singeing the mouth of the dead at cremation. ̃ n. [ agabhīra ] a not deep; shallow; superficial, not profound a conflagration, combustion, the heat of fire. ̃ a. combustible. ̃ প ( ). (lit.) a small fry busa. illuminated or tles in shallow water; (fig.) an empty vessel sounds much. ̃ n. shallow- a. causing or promoting fire or hunger or digestion. ̃ brightened with fire. ̃ ,̃ n. the god of fire, the firegod. ̃প a. ness. cooked with fire; hardened in fire ( ). ̃প n. an ordeal by [ agama ] a not moving, motionless; static; unfathomable, bottomfire (esp. the one which Sita of the Ramayana passed through); (fig.) a less; inaccessible; incomprehensible. crucial test, an extremely dan gerous or unsafe test (cp. baptism of fire). ̃ n. act of mounting or fall ing on a burning pyre. ̃ a. glow[ agamya ] a inaccessible; impassable; in comprehensible, beyond ing as fire. ̃ n. glow of fire. ̃ n. flint. ̃ a. red as fire; crimthe compass or range or reach of ( )̃ fem. of a. promoting fire or hunger or digestion. ̃ n. a fire-emitting , a. fem. one with whom cohabitation or sexual union son. ̃ mythical arrow. ̃ n. promotion or stimulation of appetite or digesis prohibited. n. incest. a. mas. incestuous. n. tion. ̃ n. a shower of fire (esp. from the sky, in stead of rain); a spell an incestuous man. of scorching heat; discharge or firing of gun. ̃ n. any formula of words [ agastya ] n a mythological sage of India; (astrol.) the Canoor spell that makes one determined to achieve an extremely difficult or pus. ̃ n. the first day of the month of Bhadra ( ) when the sage dangerous end; the doctrine of revolution or terrorism. ̃ initiaAgastya asked the bend ing Vindhyas to wait till he came back and he tion in the cult of armed agitation or revolution. ̃ a. full of fire. ̃ never came back (this day has since been regarded by the Hindus as exn. loss of appetite; indigestion. ̃ a. extremely angry or haughty, futremely inauspicious to set out on a journey; (cp. a corbie messenger). a. extremely costly; unpurn. rise of the star Agastya or Canopus (about the 17th or 18th rious. n. furious appearance or state. ̃ chasably dear. ̃ n. the age or times of revolution. ̃ a. extremely day of Bhadra). angry, furious, livid with rage. n. a furious person, a spitfire. ̃ n.


, merable.

[ aga ana, aga anī a ] a uncountable; countless, innu-

[ akhyāti ] n disrepute; notoriety; disgrace; infamy; scandal. ̃ a. disgraceful; infamous, scandalous, notorious.

the flame of fire, the flame. ̃ a. purified by burning in fire; sanctified by undergoing rigorous penance. ̃ n. purification by burning in fire; sanctification by undergoing rigorous penance. ̃ n. cremation by burning the dead. ̃ n. the wind. ̃ n. cremation by burning the dead. ̃ a. fire-proof. ̃ fire-brick. ̃ fire-clay. ̃ a. completely consumed by fire. ̃ n. act of warming up oneself in the heat of fire. ̃ n. a spark. ̃ n. the Hindu rite of maintaining the sacred fire perpetually. ̃ n. one who maintains the sacred fire perpetually and worships with it. [ agnyastra ] n firearm. [ agnyāśa a ] n the pancreas. pancreatic juice.

[ agrē ] adv at first; at the front; at the outset, in the beginning, before, formerly; beforehand; in the presence of, approaching ( ). [ agha ] n sin. ̃ n. that which (esp. an incantation) dispels sin.

[ agha ana ] n an awkward or unexpected incident; nonoccurrence. ̃ n. unusual occurrence. -প a. fem. skilled in bringing about what is impossible. [ agha anī a ] a not likely to happen. [ aghara ] a (of families) having no social dignity, unrespectable, base, lowly, unfit for matrimonial alliance.

, [ aghā a, āghā a ] n a sea-coast or a riverbank unfit for dis[ agnyutpāta ] n emission of fire from a volcano, volcanic erupembarkment; a bad place. tion; raining of fire from the sky; the fall of a meteor; the crash of a thunder. 1 [ aghōra1 ] a terrible ( ); unconscious; fainted. deep or sound sleep. , [ agnyudgama, agnyudgāra ] n emission of fire (esp. from adv. deeply, profoundly. the crater of a volcano). 2 [ aghōra2 ] a not terrible; calm. n. God Shiva ( ). ̃প n. [ agnyutsaba ] n display of fire at merrymaking, a bonfire. one of a religious community practicing dreadful and abominable rites. ̃ n. incantation to invoke Shiva. [ agra ] n the top, the summit; an apex; an end or extremity; the front; [ aghō a ] a (phon.) voiceless. ̃ n. a voiceless consonant (e.g. the front portion; the surface or the portion at the surface ( ); an ). a. first, foremost, primary, leading; chief; anteaim, a purpose ( ). rior. ̃ n. the right of pre-emption. ̃ a. deserving first prefe[ aghrāta ] a not smelled; untasted. rence or consideration or mention; foremost; best; principal. ̃ ,̃ [ a ka ] n a mark or sign; a line; a stripe; a spot; a blemish; (math.) a n. forward movement, advancement; progress, promotion, development, increase; (astr.) progressive motion, progression. ̃ a. moving forward digit, a num ber, a figure; an arithmetical problem, a sum; a counting, calculation; the lap; (of a drama) an act; (zoo) the belly; (bot.) the venter. or to the front; leading; progressive. fem. ̃ ̃ a. born earlier, , v. to do sums; to calculate or count. ̃ a. lying on or senior in age, elder, older. n. the eldest or an elder brother. ̃ n. the in the lap (of); (fig.) under thorough control of. ̃ a. (zoo.) marsupial uvula, the epiglottis. ̃ n. foreknowledge; anticipation. ̃ a. leading, (of an animal, e. g. kanga roo). ̃ n. (zoo.) ventral surface. ̃ n. the chief, best. n. a leader; an inaugurator or initiator; a pioneer. ̃ n. lap; (zoo.) the belly. ̃প n. act of placing figures; act of marking. ̃প imprest money. ̃ n. a Brahmin ( ) who receives offerings on n. (math.) notation. ̃ a. (math.) cardinal. ̃ ,̃ n. mathematbehalf of a dead person's soul and consequently is socially de graded. ̃ ics. ̃ ,̃ n. a mathematician. ̃ n. wife. ̃ a. lying n. (mil.) a pioneer; an escort, a guide; a leader; (loos.) a fore runner, a on the lap (of); (fig.) enamoured of. fem. ̃ ̃ a. situated or precursor, a harbinger. ̃ n. a leader; an army commander. ̃প adv. considering what is before and after; having foresight and hind sight; placed on the lap; (fig.) beloved. pro and con; comprehensively. ̃ a. situated in the front; leading; advanced. fem. ̃ n. the first part or share; top peak; an extremity or end. ̃ n. the queen-consort. ̃ , ̃ a. going first or commencing, leading; moving forward, advancing. ̃ n. advancement. v. to move forward, to advance; to progress. ̃ , ̃ a. situated in the front, on the top or at end, apical. [ agraha ī a ] a unacceptable, not to be taken. [ agrahā a a ] n the eighth month of the Hindu calendar (from the middle of November to the middle of December). [ agrāhya ] a unacceptable; fit to be ignored; rejected. v. to ignore; to slight; to refuse, to reject, (in law) to void. v. to be ignored; to be rejected, (in law) to be voided. [ agrima ] a first; eldest; chief; (of money) payable or paid in advance. ̃ n. the part of cost or charge paid in advance, an advance, earnest money. a. forward contract. n. a price paid in advance. , top. ̃ [ agri a, agrī a ] a first; eldest; chief; relating to the front or payment on account or as earnest money. [ a kana ] n drawing; painting; marking; writing figures; (geom.) act of plotting; construction. v. to mark; to draw or paint; (geom.) to plot; to con struct. n. pencil, chalk, brush, etc. for drawing or painting. a. to be or fit to be marked or drawn or painted or (geom.) plotted or constructed. [ a kita ] a marked; drawn or painted; (geom.) plotted; bedecked, decorated; carved; delineated, described, portrayed ( ); imprinted ( ). v. to mark; to draw; to paint; (geom.) to plot; to bedeck, to decorate; to carve; to delineate, to describe, to portray; to imprint. [ a kī a ] a (chiefly bot. & zoo.) ventral. [ a kura ] n a sprout, a shoot; a sapling; blossom ( ); germ; origination, birth, germination ( ); anything newly born or commenced; a beginning; an end or tip ( , ) v. to nip in the bud. a. sprouted; germinated; published, revealed. v. to sprout; to germinate. , n. germination, sprouting, blossoming; commencement, beginning. [ a kuśa ] n an iron goad used in driving an elephant; any iron rod for striking with; a hook with a long handle. [ a kuśagraha ] n an elephant-driver.


[ a kōpari ] a. adv. & prep on the lap. [ a ga ] n a limb; the body; shape or form; a feature; a part; an essential part; an ingredient, a component, an element; an item ( ); (esp. bot.) an organ; the ancient name of Bihar or of Bhagalpur and adjoining places. ̃ n. convulsion of or pain in the body or any part of it, spasm; tetanus. ̃ n. wearisome or painful physical exertion, tiredness; dirt or soil of the body. ̃ n. the movement of the body or limbs; physical exercise. ̃ ,̃ n. amputation or cutting off of a limb; deduction of a part; mutilation. ̃ , ̃ a. born of one's body. n. offspring; a son. ̃ a. daughter. ̃ , ̃ n. armour, a coat of mail. ̃ n. touching different parts of the body as one recites (usu. mentally) different incantations. ̃ n. different limbs and appendages of the body. ̃ n. expiatory rite of removing the taint of the body. ̃ n. deformity; apoplexy. ̃ n. making gestures, posing; a gesture, a pose; convulsion of a limb or the body, spasm. ̃ n. pos ing; posture. ̃ a. wanting in one or more limbs, crippled; deformed; bodiless, formless, incorporeal. fem. ̃ ̃ ,̃ n. a pose or posture; a gesture; secret communication of one's intention by means of a physical gesture. ̃ n. same as ̃ ̃ n. masseur. ̃ n. fem. masseuse. ̃ n. massage. ̃ n. stretching and straightening the body for removing lassitude and sloth. ̃ n. beautifying the body with cosmetics; any article of cosmetic or toilet. ̃ n. the king of Anga. ̃ n. a state of a federation. ̃ n. hair; wool; fur; feather, a gown. ̃ n. purification of the body (by ablution or by ceremonial washing). ̃ n. massage. ̃ n. beauty of the body. ̃ n. morphology. ̃ n. beautifying the body (with dress or ics). ̃ same as ̃ ̃ n. physical grace or beauty or symmetry. ̃ n. loss of a limb; partial omission or curtailment of anything; mutilation; a defect. ̃ a. deformed; lacking one or more limbs; (of a work) lacking in perfection, defective; bodiless, formless, incorporeal. [ a gada ] n an ornamental armlet, bracelet, etc.; son of Bali, the monkey-king of Kishkindhya (Ramayana). [ a gana ] n a courtyard, the compound of a house. [ a ganā ] n a woman of graceful physique, a beautiful woman; a woman. [ a gā gi ] n mutual attraction of different limbs of a body; correlation; preferential treatment of or partiality towards a member of one's own party. ̃ ,̃ n. intimate friendship; inseparable relation; (phil.) the relation between the whole and its parts; interdependence of parts, relation between form and content; the relation between what is primary and what is secondary. ̃ adv. in the relation of the part to the whole or of what is secondary to what is primary; inseparably. [ a gābara a ] n covering for the body; a garment. [ a gāra ] n coal; carbon; cinder, charcoal; (fig.) a person or thing causing shame or disgrace ( ). ̃ a. carbonaceous. ̃ a. black as coal, very black. ̃ n. an incense-pot, censer. ̃ n. carbon. n. coral. n. organic chemistry. ̃ n. carbon compounds. coal never changes its hue however well it may be washed; black will take no other hue. n. carbonic acid. [ a girā ] n (astr.) one of the stars in the constellation of Ursa Major. [ a gī ] a having a body or form, corporeal; whole; fitted with limbs. [ a gīkara a ] n promising.

[ a gīkāra ] n promise or undertaking; promising; acceptance. v. to promise; to give an undertaking; to accept. [ a gīk ta ] a promised; accepted. [ a gībhūta ] a embodied; included. to include. v. to embody;

, , , [ a guri, a gurī, a gurī a, a gurī aka ] n an ornamental ring for the finger, a ring. [ a gulā ka ] n finger-print. expert. , [ a guli, a gula ] n a finger or a toe, a digit. [ a guli-granhi ] n finger-joint, knuckle. n. a finger-print


, [ a gulitra, a gulitrā a ] n a thimble; a metal cap to protect finger in sewing; a metal hook worn on the tip of a finger by musicians whilst playing on stringed instruments; a covering for the finger tip, made of leather or iron, worn by archers. , n. act of beckoning or pointing with the finger, a beck. , v. to beckon or point with the finger, to beck. a. that which can be counted on the finger; (fig.) very few in number. n. sign or hint made by the finger. n. snapping of the finger. to dictate or direct with the movement of the finger. n. an ornamental ring for the finger, a ring. [ a gu ha ] n the thumb. ̃ , n. showing one's thumb; (fig.) awkward or point-blank refusal; depriving unpleasantly. , [ a gu hānā, a gustānā ] n a thimble, a thumbstall.

[ acakita ] a not frightened or alarmed. [ acak u ] a eyeless, blind. [ acañcala ] a not restless or bustling or fickle or playful or impatient; lasting; unwavering; firm, steady; unworried, un concerned; calm, even-minded. fem. [ acatura ] a not adroit; inefficient; guileless; simple. fem.

[ acapala ] a not bustling or fickle or playful or wanton; steady; firm; demure. [ acara ] a motionless, immobile; stationary, static. [ acaritārtha ] a ungratified, unfulfilled, un satisfied. [ acarcita ] a not practiced or studied; not anointed, unsmeared. [ acarbita ] a not chewed or masticated. chewed, unchewable. a. not fit to be

[ acala ] a motionless, immobile; stationary, static ( ); unwavering; firm, steady; gone out of practice, not current, obsolete ( ); counterfeit or forged ( ); that which cannot be kept going, unmaintainable ( ); invalid; untenable ( ); unserviceable ( ); impracticable ( ); (of persons) cast off ( ). n. a mountain, a hill. , lack of progress; a deadlock, an impasse, a stalemate, standstill. ̃ n. state of being out of practice or currency, obsoleteness. ̃ a. incapable of being introduced or circulated.

[ acalā ] a. fem not fickle; steady, firm, constant ( fem. the earth.


[ acalā atana ] n an incorrigibly reactionary or conservative institution. [ acalita ] a not in vogue or practice, not current; obsolete. [ acali u ] a motionless, immobile. [ acāñcalya ] n absence of restlessness, calm; firmness; steadiness. , transferred. charlatan. , [ acikitsanī a, acikitsya ] a incurable, irremediable; incapable of being redressed; hard to cure. [ acikitsā ] n lack of medical treatment; bad or faulty medical treatment. [ acikitsita ] a not treated medically. [ acikīr u ] a unwilling or reluctant (to do); indolent, lazy. [ acintanī a ] a unthinkable; unimaginable; inconceivable. , [ acintita, acintitapūrba ] a unthought of; un premeditated; unexpected. [ acira ] a of short duration, brief. ̃ a. prompt. ̃ n. a very short time. ̃ adv. soon, shortly; without much delay. ̃ a. prompt in action or execution; not dilatory. ̃ a. short-lived; impermanent, transient; not lasting long; not immortal. ̃ a. not permanent; transitory; perishable, frail, mortal ( ), , adv. soon; without delay; immediately. [ aciraprabhā ] n a lightning. [ acihnita ] a unmarked; undistinguished; uncovenanted ( ). , [ acūr a, acūr ita ] a not pulverized; unbroken; undestroyed; whole, entire. [ acētana ] a unconscious; swooned, fainted; ignorant, foolish; stupefied; inanimate; insensate. v. to faint, to lose one's consciousness, to fall into a swoon. [ acēnā ] a unknown; unfamiliar. [ acē a ] a unendeavouring, effortless; not zealous; inactive; (rare) insensible, be numbed. a. unattempted; untried. less. god [ acālanī a, acālya ] a incapable of being conducted or [ acikitsaka ] n a quack doctor, an ignorant medicine man, a

[ acchōda ] a having crystalline water (' lake in the Himalayan region. ̃প n. the cornea. [ acyuta ] n Krishna ( ); Vishnu ( steady; imperish able, immortal. ).


a. undislocated; firm,

[ achi ] n a guardian, a custodian; a trustee; an administrator. [ achi atanāmā ] n written document by which a person makes arrangements for his effects on death, a will. [ achilā ] n a pretext or plea (usu. a false one); an excuse; a pretence.

[ aja2 ] n the ram; the billy-goat, (astrol.) the Ram. fem. ewe; the nanny-goat.



[ aja3 ] a (dero.) downright. thorough ( , ); entire ( ). প n. a backward and remote village, a grossly backward village, devoid of modern amenities. [ ajagara ] n a python or the boa constrictor. [ ajanta ] a (gr. of words) ending with a vowel sound. cf. opp. ending with a consonant sound. [ ajanmā ] n (ori.) spiritual salvation; failure of crops; scarcity. a. (ori.) existing without being born.

[ ajapā ] n (fem.) incantations that can be recited without strain (that is ' ' etc.); vital breath (' '); a goddess of the tantrists. [ ajamūrkha ] a. n a perfect fool, a perfect dunce. [ aja a ] n absence of victory; defeat.

a. unconquerable.

[ ajara ] a not subject to decrepitude; never aging, ageless. n. a a. never aging or dying; ever young and immortal. a. like one who is ageless and immortal. [ ajala-ashala ] n (fig.) helpless condition, shelterless state.

[ ajasra ] a innumerable; immeasurable; abundant; profuse; ceaseadv. incessantly; always.

[ ajahalli ga ] n (gr.) a noun never changing its gender when [ acaitanya ] a unconscious; swooned, fainted; ignorant, foolish; used as an adjective. n. unconsciousness; ignorance; stupestupefied; in animate; insensate. [ ajāta ] a not yet born; unborn; existing without being born; (dial.) faction; loss or absence of sense. same as socially de graded, born illegitimately, bastard. ̃ a. one whose enemy is not yet born; having no enemy. ̃ a. one whose beard has not yet [ accha ] a transparent; without impurities; crystalline. n. crystal. grown; beard less; (fig.) not yet grown to manhood; very young, minor. [ acchada ] a uncovered; open; roofless; (bot.) leafless.

[ ajānā ] a unknown; unfamiliar; strange. or place (' ', ' '


[ acchidra ] a having no hole or opening; free from defect or loophole; perfect, flaw less.

[ ajānatē ] adv unknowingly; unconsciously; unintentionally; secretly, stealthily, surreptitiously. n. an unknown person

[ ajē1 ] a without birth; existing without being born, self-born. the governing soul of any individual creature (cp. ).



[ acchinna ] a not torn or cut; not split up or divided, unsevered. ̃ a. uncircumcised. , [ acchut, acchuta ] a (of persons) untouchable; unclean.

[ acchēdya ] a incapable of being cleft or split, uncleavable; inseparable. n. a


[ ajānita ] a unknown. ̃ unawares.

adv. unknowingly, unwittingly;

[ añjana ] n an eye-salve; collyrium; antimony; lamp-black; a sty. , eyelid, a sty. [ añjanikā, añjani ] n inflamed swelling on the edge of the

[ ajijñāsita ] a unasked; without being questioned. [ abhijñāsya ] a not to be asked or inquired. [ ajita ] a unconquered, undefeated; unsubjugated. [ ajitēndri a ] a (lit.) having no control over one's senses; of unbridled lust, lascivi ous. [ ajina ] n deer-skin; hide. [ ajihba ] a having no tongue, tongueless.

[ añjali ] n palms of hands folded or cupped together; a present given (esp. to deities) with cupped palms; act of worshipping or serving (' '); the amount that may be held in cupped palms, a handful. v. to offer a present to a deity with folded palms. ̃প n. palms of hands cupped together. ̃ a. having palms of hands folded or cupped together. ̃ n. act of folding or cup ping the palms of hands. [ añji u ] n the sun; an exceptionally bright object.

[ a ala ] a (lit.) not reeling; unwavering, un flinching; firm, steady; unmoved; unshaken, constant; unperturbed; stolid, resolute. ̃ n. firmness, steadiness; stolidness; constancy. ̃ adv. unwaveringly, firmly, [ aju ] n (Mus.) act of washing hands and feet before prayer; ablution. resolutely, steadily. [ ajīr a ] a undigested. [ ajuhāta ] n a cause (usu. a false one); a pretext, a pretence, a plea. , ble. , [ ajaiba ] a inorganic ( ). , ); mineral ( [ ajē a, ajētabya ] a unconquerable, invincible; indomita-

[ ajībajani ] n abiogenesis, spontaneous generation.

n. indigestion; dyspepsia.

[ ajña ] a having no knowledge, unknowing, ignorant, uninformed; stupid; foolish; uneducated. ̃ n. lack of knowledge, ignorance; stupidity; foolishness; want of education. ̃ ,̃ a. caused by ignorance; relating to ignorance. [ ajñāta ] a unknown; unpublished, unrevealed; secret, hidden; obscure; mysterious. ̃ a. one whose family and behaviour are unknown; of un known identity. ̃ a. one whose name is not known; (of persons) not famous, obscure. ̃প a. one whose identity is not known. ̃প a. not known before; hitherto unknown. ̃ n. act or period of living incognito. ̃ n. (math.) an unknown quantity. ̃ , adv. not to one's knowledge, unknowingly; secretly, stealthily. [ ajñāna ] a lacking in knowledge; ignorant; foolish; uneducated; n. lack of knowl edge; ignorance; unconscious, fainted; infatuated. (phil.) illusion, maya. ̃ a. done by mistake or owing to ignorance. ̃ a. caused by ignorance, owing to ignorance. ̃ n. lack of knowledge, ignorance. ̃ n. gloom of ignorance, infatuated condition. ̃ , n. (phil.) agnosticism. ̃ , a. agnostic. n. an agnostic. a. unwise; lacking in knowledge, ignorant. adv. unknowingly; unconsciously; owing to ignorance or foolishness. [ ajñāpana ] n lack or absence of communication. [ ajñāpanī a ] a not to be communicated; not to be made public, secret. [ ajñē a ] a unknowable; unintelligible; incognizable; incomprehensible. [ añcala ] a the marginal portion of a sari hanging loosely; border, brim (' '); a region or locality ( ). ̃ n. (lit.) dear one clinging to the border of the mother's sari; dear one (usu) very dear child. ̃ n. domi nation of wife; influence of the harem. [ añcita ] a worshipped ( ); raised ( ).

ble. [ a imā ] n tenuity, subtlety, extreme thinness or fineness or transparency (which is almost invisible); the supernal power of assuming an extremely thin (and almost invisible) form by means of which gods and demi-gods can move everywhere in visibly. [ a u ] a very small, minute ( ); a little, a bit n. the subtlest or smallest part of anything; just a little amount or portion; a molecule. ̃ n. a micro scope. ̃ n. a lightning. ̃ n. (bot.) spikelet. ̃ a. just a little; infinitesimal; least ( ). [ an a ] n egg; either of the two scrotal glands, a testicle; anything round or oval-shaped. ̃ n. the scrotum. ̃ ,̃ n. the swelling of the scrotum, hydrocele. a. born of an egg, oviparous. n. an oviparous creature. ̃ n. the white of an egg; albumen. , a. egg-shaped, oval; round. n. the ovary of any oviparous creature. [ ata ] a & adv so much or so many; that much. pro. so or that much amount of anything; such a large number of anything; so much, so many. [ atēba ] con. & adv hence, so, therefore. [ at para ] adv henceforth, henceforward, after this, hereafter, then. [ ata a ] n a precipice; a steep bank of a river rising very high above the water-level. , [ atathya, atathā ] a untrue, false.

[ atanu ] a not slender or delicate; gigantic; bodiless, incorporeal. n. Madan ( ), the Hindu god of love.


n. a frog.

[ a u a ] a unbroken; intact, whole; unimpaired, sound ( flawless.


[ a a ] a excessive or loud. n. a very loud or roaring laughter. a. loud and horrible. ̃ ,̃ ,̃ ,̃ n. a very loud noise; an uproar. ̃ ,̃ ,̃ n. a very loud or roaring laughter. [ a ālikā ] n a building; a palace; an edifice. [ a ় hara ] n a kind of pulse, a variety of pigeon-pea. [ a hēla ] a plentiful, immense; profuse; in numerable; inexhausti-

, [ atandra, atandrita ] a sleepless; not sleeping, awake; watchful, vigilant, alert; continually active; untiring; incessant. [ atarka ] n unfair or useless argument, sophistry; casuistry. [ atarkita ] a unthought of; unanticipated, unnoticed, unexpected. sudden or surprise attack. ̃ , adv. in an unguarded state; suddenly; unawares, unexpectedly.

, [ atikrama, atikrama a ] n going beyond; passing over; crossing; transgression; non observance, violation; excelling or exceeding, surpassing or going beyond. v. to go beyond; to pass over; to transgress; to exceed; to excel; to surpass or outdo. , a. that which can be or is to be passed beyond or crossed or transgressed or overcome; violable; surpassable.

[ atikrānta ] a passed beyond; crossed; transgressed; violated; [ atala ] n (myth.) the first of the seven underworlds. a. bottomsurpassed, outdone; passed away, elapsed; past ( ). less, abysmal; unfathomable; extremely deep. ̃ a. abysmal; unfathomv. to be passed be yond or transgressed or violated or overcome or able; extremely deep. surpassed or outdone; to pass away, to elapse. [ atalāntika ] n the Atlantic Ocean.

[ ataśata ] n so many varieties; so many different things or subjects or details, so much of it, all of it, a. so varied; so many; so much. [ atasī ] n a variety of golden-coloured flower, rattle wort; linseed; flax. [ ati ] adv. & prep too; over; beyond; improperly; going beyond; excessively; beyond the compass or range (of), out side. a. very improper or unbecoming; excessive; excellent ( ). n. an improper or excessive amount ( ) pfx. ex-, extra-, hyper-, out-, over-, super-, sur-, trans-, ultra-. ̃ n. exaggerated or useless talk; a myth. ̃ a. of immense size; gigantic. ̃ a. too soft, too tender; very tender or soft. ̃ n. quick passage (from one place to another); passage or forward movement of a planet from one zodiacal sign to another in a shorter period than usual. ̃ a. over-clever, too clever by half; oversmart. ̃ an over-clever person hangs himself; the fox must pay his skin to the furrier. ̃ n. the majority. ̃ a. super heated. ̃ a. very much excessive. ̃ প n. excessive pride or vanity. ̃ প ( ) (lit.) the fall of Lanka was caused by (King Ravana's) exces sive vanity; (fig.) pride will have a fall. ̃ a. melodramatic; unnecessarily over-dramatic. ̃ n. melodrama. ̃ a. far-away; remote. n. a great distance. ̃ n. utmost poverty. ̃ n. puritanism, rigid adherence to moral principle or behaviour. ̃প n. any of the most heinous sins, a deadly sin. ̃প n. a great sinner. ̃প n. (habitual) over indulgence in intoxicating liquor, in temperance. ̃ n. overpopulation. ̃ a. supernatural; supernal. ̃ a. too big; too much. ̃ a. extremely strong or mighty. ̃ n. overgrowth; unnatural growth or development; excessive haughtiness or pride; extreme immoderation or excess. ̃ v. to grow extremely haughty or arrogant. প (lit.) don't grow too high lest a storm makes you tumble down; (fig.) pride will have a fall. ̃ n. exaggeration. ̃ same as ̃ a. very old; decrepit. ̃ n. overgrowth. ̃ n. excessive or heavy fall. ̃ ,̃ a. ultraviolet. ̃ n. extravagance. ̃ a. (usu. dero.) very busy; very anxious; fussy. ̃ n. excessive devotion or reverence (usu. insincere). too much courtesy, too much craft. ̃ a. (geom.) a hypotenuse. ̃ n. over-eating, surfeit; gluttony. v. to over eat; to gourmandize, to dise. ̃ a. voracious, gourmand. n. a gourmand, a glutton. ̃ n. (comm.) slump. ̃ ,̃ adv. beyond mea sure; extremely. ̃ n. excessive vanity. ̃ n. a great man or a man of exceptional uqalities and powers, a superman; a greatly wise man. ̃ ,̃ a. superhuman; supernal; spiritual; divine. ̃ n. exaggeration. ̃ a. exaggerated. ̃ n. a great warrior capable of fighting in numerable enemies simultaneously. ̃ a. extra-territorial. ̃ n. too much greed, overgreediness.

[ ati ha ] a unable to stay or keep steady; unsettled; restless; uneasy; irritated. ( ). v. to make un steady; to unsettle; to make restless or uneasy; to make unbearable; to annoy or irritate. [ atisāra ] n diarrhoea; dysentery. [ atīta ] a elapsed, passed away, gone by; dead; past; former, existed or occurred in the past. prep. past, beyond. n. past times or days; ancient times; the past; (gr.) the past tense. ̃ n. same as (n.). ̃ n. one who knows things or incidents of the past. v. to pass away, to elapse, to be come a thing of the past. [ atīndri a ] a beyond the range of the senses; imperceptible; impalpable; subtle; (loos.) transcendental. ̃ n. impalpability; subtlety; (loos.) transcendentalism. [ atība ] adv very; very much; extremely; exceedingly, excessively. , , , [ atula, atulana, atulanī a, atulya ] a beyond compare; incomparable; matchless; peerless; unequalled; unparalleled. fem. [ atu a ] a unsatisfied; not pleased or gratified; unappeased; discontented. [ atu i ] n dissatisfaction; displeasure, lack of gratification; discontent. [ at pta ] a insatiate, ungratified; unsatisfied; unappeased. n. lack of satiation or gratification, dissatisfaction; lack of appeasement. n. dissatisfactory, causing dissatisfaction or displeasure.


[ atithi ] n a guest. ̃ a. hospitable. ̃ n. a guesthouse. ̃ ,̃ n. hospitality. ̃ n. a hospitable man; a host. [ atipanna ] a lapsed. প v. to lapse. প v. to spend or pass

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[ atipāta ] n passing; spending. (time, life, term etc.)

[ atibāhana ] n spending or passing (time, life, term etc.) v. to spend or pass. [ atibāhita ] a (of time, life, term etc.) spent. to spend or pass. [ atirikta ] a more than what is needed, redundant; supernumerary; supererogatory; additional; surplus; extra, superfluous; excessive; exceeding ( ); (bot.) accessory. [ atirēka ] n abundance; superfluity; excess; surplus. [ atiśa a ] a too many or too much; great, excessive ( adv. very; exceedingly, excessively. large ( ). n. (rhet.) a figure of speech, hyperbole; exaggeration. ); v.

[ atyadhika ] adv very much, too much; exceedingly, in a great degree, ex tremely. a. excessive, great. [ atyanta ] adv very much, too much; exceedingly, extremely. a. excessive, extreme, great. ̃ a. expeditious; extremely swift or speedy. ̃ n. uninterrupted extension or expansion. n. negation; (phil.) complete non-existence or absence. [ atyabhimānī ] a touchy; over-sensitive. [ atya a ] n death; destruction, annihilation ( ); passing away or elapsing ( ); waste; fault; crime; vice, sin; danger or hazard; an unexpected danger, emergency. প n. an emergency certificate. n. emergency reserve. [ atyalpa ] a very little or very few, scanty, meager, inadequate. [ atyāśana ] n over-eating; gluttony. [ atyahita ] n great harm or injury.

[ atra ] adv in or to or of this place, here. ̃ [ atha ] adv thereafter, then.

a. of this place.

[ atharba ] n the last of the four Vedas. a. weak and infirm (esp. with age), de prived of the power of movement (esp. owing to age); decrepit; disabled. [ athāntara ] n (lit.) change of fortune for the worse; distress, worry, anxiety; danger or hazard; difficulty. ness. ̃ [ adak a ] a unskilled; inexpert. ̃ n. lack of skill, unskilfulan un skilled labour or worker.

[ adagdha ] a unburnt, not consumed by fire.

[ ada anī a ] a not to be punished; unpunishable. [ atyācāra ] n oppression; outrage; tyranny; strain ( [ adatta ] a not given, undisbursed. ); intemper ate and irregular habits; taking undue advantage [ adana ] n eating; any edible article; food. ( ). v. to oppress; to outrage; to tyrannize over; to strain; to be of intemperate and irregular [ adanta ] a toothless, edentate. habits. a. oppressed, harassed; per secuted, victimized. a. op pressing; oppressive; outrageous; tyr annizing; tyrannic, [ adamanī a, adamya ] a indomitable, unyield ing; pertial; of intemperate and irregular habits. n. an oppressor; a tyrant; a man nacious; unconquerable; tur bulent. of profligate habits. [ adamita ] a unresisted; unrepressed; unde feated; unsubdued. [ atyājya ] a incapable of being given up or away; not to be aban[ adarakāri ] a unnecessary; unimportant; in essential; dispensadoned or deserted or relinquished or disowned; indis soluble. ble. [ atyādara ] n over-indulgence. [ adarśana ] n invisibility; absence from the range of sight; disap[ atyādhunika ] a most up-to-date; very mod ern; up to the pearance. . v. to go out of sight; to become invisible; to minute; recent-most. disappear. [ atyābaśyaka ] a essential; urgently or abso lutely necessary; very urgent or impor tant. [ atyāścarya ] a most astonishing; very won derful; amazing; miraculous. [ atyāsakta ] a very much addicted (to); strongly or too much attached (to). n. extreme addiction; strong attachment. [ atyāsanna ] a imminent; very near; impend ing; about to happen. [ atyāhita ] n harm, injury; great fear. [ atyukti ] n exaggeration. [ atyugra ] a violent; unrelenting; extremely haughty or indignant; exceedingly bright or hot; very harsh; excessively austere; very strong ( ). [ atyujjbala ] a extremely bright or radiant or shining; extremely brilliant ( ). [ atyutka a ] a most severe or terrible; ex tremely violent; most uncouth; bizarre. , [ atyutk a, atyuttama ] a superexcellent; ex quisite. প god. [ adina ] n an inauspicious day; hard times, difficult days. to fall on evil times or days. [ adīk ita ] a unconsecrated; uninitiated. [ adīpa ] a when or where lamps have not yet been lighted ( ); without light; dark. [ adūra ] a not distant, not far; near, close, yonder. ̃ . n. absence or lack of foresight; imprudence. ̃ a. bereft of foresight; imprudent. fem. ̃ ĩ n. state of being not at a dis tance; nearness, proximity. ̃ a. not in a distant position; proximate; near, yonder. fem. ̃ ,̃ a. having a short or limited range. ̃ . shortsightedness. ̃ n. near future. ̃ same as ̃ adv. not far; near, close by. [ adū ita ] a not corrupted; not defiled; (of water, air, etc.) not polluted.

[ adalabadala ] n interchange; alternation; ex change; mutual transfer; modification. v. to interchange; to alter; to exchange; to transfer mutually; to modify. , [ adahanī a, adāhya ] a incombustible. n. incombustibility. ,

[ aditi ] n (myth.) the mother of gods. ̃

[ atyutpādana ] n (of agricultural produces and factory products) over-production. [ atyu a ] a very hot, too hot; excessively heated.


[ athi ] a unfathomable, bottomless, very deep. [ athaca ] con & adv yet, still; notwithstand ing, nevertheless, nonetheless, in spite of, even then; (usually) but.

n. a son of Aditi; a

[ ad h ় ] a not firm or strong; not steady; wavering; loose. ̃ infirmity, un steadiness; looseness. [ ad śya ] a invisible; imperceptible. v. to go out of sight; to disappear or vanish; to become invisible or im perceptible.


v. to be ruined morally or otherwise, to go to the dogs, to reach a state of ruin. ̃ a. lying or situated or placed under; lower; subor dinate. [ adhama ] a lowest; inferior; vile; mean; des picable, abominable, hateful; insignifi cant; worthless ( ). n. a debtor. n. the part of the body from the waist downwards; (usu.) the foot or the leg. a. worse than the worst; vilest of the vile; most insig nificant or worthless. [ adhara ] n (ori.) the lower lip; (loos.) any of the two lips or both the lips. ̃ n. the corner of the lips. ̃ n. (bot.) a labellum. ̃প n. a lip or lips as ten der as tree-leaves. ̃ the end or ex tremity of the lips. প , প n. (lit.) act of kissing greedily. প v. to kiss greedily. [ adharā ] a incapable of being caught hold of; intangible; elusive. elu sive charm or beauty. [ adharika ] a inferior. inferior service.

[ ad a ] a not seen, unseen. n. fate, luck, fortune; destiny. ̃ adv. as ordained by destiny; as luck would have it; by chance; fortunately. ̃ adv. unluck ily, unfortunately, as bad luck would have it. ̃প n. act of telling or learning one's fortune by means of divination, palmistry, etc., act of trying one's luck (esp. in a game of chance) প v. to tell one's fortune. to try one's luck. প v. to have one's fortune told. ̃প n. masc. Destiny; God. ̃প a. not seen before; novel, new. ̃ adv. as luck would have it; by chance. ̃ n. fatalism. ̃ n. a fatalist. a. fatalistic. ̃ প n. the unseen writing of one's fate; one's destiny. প irony of fate. [ adēkhā ] a unseen. [ adē a ] a incapable of being given, un offerable, that which cannot be given. [ adba a ] n Brahma ( ); Buddha. a. having no second or parallel, absolute. ̃ n. monism; Buddhism. ̃ n. a monist; a Buddhist. a. monistic; Buddhistic.

[ adbitī a ] a having no second or parallel; absolute; matchless; singular, unique; supreme. [ adbaita ] a (theo.) having no second or di versity, monistical; unitarian, nondual, absolute. n. Brahma ( ); God. ̃ n. nondualism, monism, mono theism, unitarianism. ̃ n. a nondualist, a monist, a monotheist, a unitarian. [ adbhuta ] a strange, queer, quaint, odd; un couth; extraordinary; astonishing. n. (rhet.) a description that strikes the reader with its extraordinary strange ness or queerness (also ). ̃ a. endowed with extraordinary capa bilities; one who is capable of per forming miraculous deeds. ̃ a. odd-looking. [ adya ] n & adv today. , a. of today, today's. n. (fig.) over-optimistic calculation; (inc. but pop.) state of having nothing to eat to day, abject poverty. প adv. even today; even now; even at present; as yet. adv. from today; hereafter; till today; till now. [ adraba ] a insoluble, undissolved. [ adrābya ] a insoluble. [ adrija ] a born of or produced from a mountain. ochre.

[ adhastana ] a lying or situated or placed un der; born or grown on a lower stratum; lower; inferior; lower subordinate ( ) প n. a later generation; posterity. [ adhātu ] n non-metal. a. non-metal lic.

[ adhārmika ] a irreligious; impious; unrigh teous; sinful; vicious. ̃ n. irreligiousness; immorality; impiety; unrighteousness. sinfulness. [ adhi ] pfx used in the senses of above, on, over, upon, higher, greater, more, superior, ruling, dominating, etc. over-, super-, sur-, ad-, etc. [ adhika ] a many, much; more; exceeding, more than ( ); additional; superfluous, too many, too much. compar. ̃ ; super. ̃ i ̃ con. & adv. moreover; over and above; fur ther, besides, in addition. [ adhikampa ] n a beat or beating ( ).

n. bitumen; red

[ adriś ga ] n the peak or summit of a mountain. [ adrisāra ] n iron. [ adrōha ] n absence of malignity or malice or envy; amicability; absence of quar rel.

[ adhikara a ] n anything that holds or contains; a container; a place; a vehicle or medium; proximity; a court of justice ( ); domination; possession or occupation; (gr.) the locative case. [ adhikartā ] n director in charge of a (government) department. [ adhikalpa ] n an era.

[ adhikā śa ] a almost all, most; greater num ber or portion of. [ adh ] adv. & prep down, below, beneath, under; in or to the unin most cases, mostly. derworld. ̃ . a. cast or thrown downwards; felled; van quished, defeated; lowered. ̃ n. de scending order. ̃ thrown down, cast or [ adhikāra ] n ownership; possession, occu pation; right, title; hurled down. ̃প , ̃প , n. falling down; downfall; degradation; degene- claim; domination, control; overlordship; authority; expe rience, know); jurisdiction; a public directorate ( ); ration; moral downfall; aban doned state. ̃প a. fallen down; downfal- ledge ( ablity, competency or claim ( ). . v. to len; degraded; degenerated; morally degenerate, abandoned. প occupy, to possess. ̃ n. juris diction. ̃ a. in one's possession; con-


[ adharō ha ] n upper and lower lips, lips. [ adharma ] n any act in contravention of scrip tural or moral laws; a sinful act, a sin; irreligiousness; an unrighteous act; unrighteousness. a. sinful; unrigh teous. to do or commit an unrighteous or sinful act, to do an im moral act. ̃ , a. irreligious; ungodly. ̃প a. unrighteous; sinful. n. committing sins; sinful practice; unrighteous practice. a. sinful; unrighteous; unreligious; impi ous; (loos.) treacherous.

a presiding or controlling deity. inhabited. [ adhirāja ] n an emperor. . holding (an office or a post). obtained. n. report. invo cation. is also the motion-master) of an opera-party. balance. established in a residence. a king. a sovereign [ adhijana ] n the majority. v. v. having owner ship or right or claim or title or n. ̃ a. a director. climbing. [ adhibāsita ] a (of a person) purified cer emonially. the majority community. [ adhigamya ] a accessible. ̃ n. command. governing. acquir able. placed. a lord. a dweller. ̃ n. censured. [ adhik ipta ] a rebuked. [ adhimāsa ] n an intercalary month. [ adhi hātā ] a dwelling or living or existing. to ride. [ adhibēttā ] n a man who marries a second time with first wife [ adhik ta ] a that which has been taken pos session of. [ adhiśā ita ] a placed or laid upon or over. occupied. neglect. seated upon. scolding. [ adhibāsa1 ] n a dwelling-place. adhibāsana ] n ceremonial purifi cation of a person on the eve of a sol emn function ( ). present to guide and control. existent. a sitting. to be established (in an office or a post). one who is present. to live or dwell (in). be entitled to. ̃ n. n. . [ adhiyāntrika ] n a mechanical foreman. occupied.[ adhibāstababāda ] n surrealism. an overlord. acquiwho can fight innu merable enemies simultaneously. to sit upon. occupying. to charge (a bow) with (an arrow. ̃প n. comprehensible. a chief. [ adhirājñī ] n an empress. to be present (in). [ adhirōha ] n an ascent. fem. [ adhinā aka ] n a leader. n. n. etc.) exodermis. the majority prince. a climber. bank still living. [ adhipāla ] n a vice-chancellor (of a univer sity). to inhabit. capable of being stu[ adhiratha ] n chariot-driver. enact ment. an eye-disease. to ascend. 12 ☐ ☐ ☐ [ adhiyantrabāda ] n (phil. a flight of steps. present. thrown. still living. (psy. [ adhibāsa2. a charioteer. a home. censure. procreation. sition of knowledge. a tableland. . to exist (in). settled. placed. earned. placing. a mounter. n. capable of being mas tered. dispossessed. [ adhirōpa a ] n making one mount or ride or ascend. an army commander. ̃ n. var. to appear (in). occupying. . charging a bow with an arrow. n. possessed. legislation. one who holds (an office or a post). neglected.) প a. to place (upon). a prince. to make one mount or ride or ascend. to be situated (in). control ling. to be present (in) to guide and control. known. titular. comprehen sion. a resident. v. adhidaibata ] n a guardian deity. [ adhidēba. a presiding deity. possess ing. an occupier. mastered. attainable. a tumour. realist. a ladder. presiding. a surcerning one's possession or rights or claim or office. n. [ adhitbaka ] n (zool. mounting. ascending. [ adhibēśana ] n a meeting. leadership. n. an owner. a bank. learned. a. pos sessed. a possessor. directing. acquired. adhidēbatā. obtained. a native. [ adhityakā ] n a plateau. a. orchestra-party. riding on. a requisi tion slip. brought under control. [ adhibidya ] a erudite. a proprietor (who posses sion or competency or authority. [ adhik ēpa ] n rebuke. knowable. ascended. n.) the vitalistic theory. any venerable person of the Vaishnava ( ) [ adhibi a ] n toxin. ignored. any performance preliminary to any sol emn ceremony ( ). a warrior on chariot died. [ adhiyācana ] n requisition. of [ adhib tti ] n a bonus. to be seated or placed (in or upon). learned. studied. a ma chine foreman. riding. [ adhipa. a con troller. [ adhiśa ita. a staircase. ̃ . প v. reproached. [ adhijanana ] n birth. a mistress. an elevation. brought under control. [ adhidē a ] n an allowance of money. established over or upon. captaincy. [ adhikrama a ] n act of overlapping. a ses sion. a proprietress. situated. possessing. a president. attainment. reproach.) to inhere. a governor. ̃ . being learnt or known. mounting or ascending or climbing or riding. seated. [ adhibēdana ] n marrying a second time when one's first wife is [ adhikō a ] n a banking establishment. of . scolded. an owner. dwelt. of a. to be in possession or occupation of. holding (an office or a post). ( ). adhipati ] n a master. 1 2 . [ adhiprā abāda ] n (phil. present.) the mechanistic theory. [ adhibardhana ] n overgrowth. [ adhimā sa ] n an abscess. a suzerain. to mount. capable of [ adhiyuga ] n an epoch. fem. [ adhibāsī ] n an inhabitant. [ adhirū h ় ] a mounted. [ adhi hita ] a dwelling or living or staying. a rider. the outer most layer of an animal's skin. [ adhigata ] a attained. [ adhini ama ] n a legislative act. the captain or skipper of a playing team. . fem. a sovereign queen. an abode. community. placed (upon). produc tion. [ adhirājya ] n a dominion of an empire. invocated. placing (upon). a proprietor. . adhiśa āna ] a placed or lying upon or over.

(of deities) invisible presence. ̃ n. with one's face or head hanging down. to worry. scatter-brained. studied. uncleaned. studiousness. speakership. uneasy. present-day. tamed condition. de praved. [ adhōbindu ] n the nadir. [ adhyāsa2. buttocks. student. taught. [ adhyārōpa ] n (rhet. modern. absorbedly). governed or ruled (by). [ adhbara ] n an ecclesiastical sacrifice (esp. erudite. of re- [ adhyādēśa ] n an ordinance. supervision. a lord. fidgety. an ad visor. fidgetiness. spiritual. well studied. miserable. n. an em peror. an officer in charge. a sovereign ruler. surfeit. a ruler or director. adhyāpanā ] n act of teaching. sustained ef fort. condemned to hell. spiritualism. domination. [ adhunā ] adv in recent times. n. not trembling. condemned to hell. a subject that has been studied. [ adhī amāna ] a that which is being read or studied. to fidget. v. ̃ cent times. subsided. fem. be side oneself. worth reading. a [ adhya ana ] n reading. readable. restlessness. [ adhairya ] a impatient. sitting. [ adhōgata ] a gone downwards. descent. downward direction. (usu.) imaginary ascription of foreign qualities to a person of a thing. con cerned. an owner. ̃ n. absorbedly). metaphysics. (of a book). restless. to be beside oneself. a lord or a master ( ). downfallen. anxious. . . alarmed. a president or speaker (of a legislative assembly). [ adhōbā u ] n downward wind. 2 1 13 ☐ ☐ n. now-ex tinct.) imaginary ascription of foreign quali ties to a person or a thing. degraded. adv. to teach. fart. atavistic. a principal (of a college or institution). a. to hang one's face or head down. a superintendent. ̃ a. descend ing. n. having looks fixed at the tip of one's nose whilst practising yoga. ̃ . an overseer. [ adhōgati. a supervisor. stricken with misery. [ adhōbadana ] a having one's face or head hanging down. subjection. ̃ n. worried. attribution. spirituality. act of eat ing a second time before the food taken previously has been digested. sub serviency.. fem. a chief. anxious. physical. impatient. overlordship or mas tership. [ adhyātma ] a pertaining to the Supreme Be ing. eagerness. brought down. knowl edge about the soul. subordination.) to work as a professor or lecturer (in a college etc. instructed. ☐ . deterio ration: depravity. [ adhōnamana ] n degradation. worried. [ adhīk ā ] n overseeing. adhōgamana ] n going downwards.) a professor or lecturer (of a college etc. knowledge about God. (inc. a metaphysi cian. distress. subjugated. learned. tamed. adv. anxiety. turbulent. illusion. ̃ a. [ adhyā a ] n a chapter. [ adhūta ] a unshivering. deteriorated. misery. a spiritualist. presidentship. [ adhīśa. fem. ̃ n. [ adhīna ] a brought undercontrol. impatience. fidgety. engaged in studying or read ing (esp. subjectivistic. distressed. a. superintendentship. adhyāsana ] n placed or seated upon or over. a canto. agitation. nowadays. alarm. a subjectivist. the under world. প . subjective. ̃ a. subservient (to). descended. n. bound by obligation (to). perusal. [ adhyāsa1 ] n ascription. subsidence. going down. n. . [ adhōd i ] a looking downwards. [ adhōlōka ] n same as [ adhauta ] a unwashed. fem. worry. persevering. unconquerable. in accordance with the ). indomitable. dis tressed. agitated. of spiritualis tic. pos teriors. dependent. [ adhōbhubana ] n the netherworld. dependence. studious. var. (usu. v. engaged in studying or read ing or perusing. fem. [ adhōdēśa ] n the lower portion or part. downfall. depraved. at present. . [ adhyabasā a ] n perseverance. [ adh ya ] a difficult to vanquish. প v. subjectivism. act of reading. included. subordi nate ( ). or ad vising or instructing. [ adhyārū h ় ] a mounted (on).[ adhisañcāra ] n atavism.). [ adhbaryu ] n a priest who is versed in the [ adhyak a ] a manager. (phil. subjugation. subject (to). to instruct. presidency. eagerness. [ adhyāpaka ] n a teacher. steady and still. worry. to advise. illusion. excited.) transference of epi thet. eager. downfallen. ̃ n. n. uneasiness. deteriorat ing. domina tion. dependence for maintenance or subsistence. spiritual ism. perused. principalship. superintendence. the post or office or function of a chief executive. study. . ̃ a. adhīśbara ] n a great king. ̃ a. [ adhīra ] a restless. a. uneasy. ea ger. anxiety. impatience. study. a chief executive.). domination. ̃ n. pertaining to the individual soul. subsiding. fear. superintendence. excitement. [ adhyaśana ] n over-eating. getting down. perusal. fidgetiness. restlessness. studying or reading (esp. being seated. [ adhīk aka ] n a superintendent. obliga tion. an instructor. dependent for maintenance or subsistence. (phil. etc. [ adhōgāminī ] fem of [ adhōgāmī ] a going downwards. প a. one who has knowledge about God or the soul. a. with downcast looks. to become restless or impatient or eager or anxious or alarmed or ex cited or agitated. a.) . [ adhyāpana. a section. a master. metaphysical. readership. [ adhīta ] a read. the Hades. of a rest less turn of mind. a. dominated. ̃ a.

[ anadhīta ] a that which has not been read or studied. n. quotation. [ anatidūrabartī ] a situated at not a great dis tance. not perceived. anadhya ana ] n rest from study. (gr. deficiency. retardation. [ adhyāh ta ] a (gr. firm. unaffiliated ( ). pangs of love. [ anagha ] a sinless. unattained. [ anatikrama. ineligible. irrevocable ( [ anati ] a (chiefly used as a pfx. ab sence of consent. independence. quoted. [ ananukara ī a ] a incapable of being imitated. v. [ ana ga ] a bodiless. not very tall ( ). backwardness. ̃ n. a. [ ananugata ] a not obedient. not con trolled or dominated by. a reader. muddy. incorpo real. [ anadhik ta ] a not taken possession of. [ anadhigamya ] a unknowable. [ anadhika ] a not exceeding.) not much or many. in possession of. ) [ anadhi hita ] a not placed upon or over. without much delay. not appointed (to a post. [ ananumōdana ] n absence of permission or sanction. fit to be read. unwarranted. without any right or claim or authority or competence. ̃ n. unstable. inaccessible. office etc. to intrude. (of deities) present invisibly. uncon quered. not surmounted. a. middling. (poet. innocent. in a short time. still. a day or rest from study. inca pable of being crossed. not estab lished (in a place etc. [ ana ana ] n want. not crossing. disagreed. not present. not a very long time. to interfere without authority. officious ness. rejected. [ ananumata ] a unpermitted. unsanctioned. unimaginable. unread. not agreeable to. not acquired. unperceivable. ̃ before long. [ adhyāhāra. intrusion. transitory. adhyāhara a ] n (gr. to thrust one's nose in. [ anaccha ] a not transparent.). unembodied. unlearnt. [ anankurita ] a not yet sprouted or germi nated. impassable. penury. not reached or gone through. inexistent. never ় ). mounted. a stu dent. free dom. [ anatibilambē ] adv not long after. shortly. ungerminated. before long. ̃ opacity.) obscurity. incapable of being overcome ( ). not transgressed or violated or infringed. [ adhyu ita ] a inhabited. having no right or claim. [ adhyētā ] a engaged in study. in competent. turbidity. . n. [ anatidīrgha ] a not very long ( ). [ ananubhabanī a ] a incapable of being felt. [ anak a ] a having no wheel. unsprouted. 14 ☐ ☐ ☐ . happy. ultra vires. unapproved ( ). Shiva ( ). unbeaten. not excessive or superfluous. to transgress. to trespass. Madan ( the god of love. . unsanctioned. [ anagna ] a not naked. shortly. unstudied. [ anadhikāra ] n absence of right or claim or possession. not entitled.). that which can be or should be omitted. stolid. n. shortage. ̃ n. disapproved. interference without competence or qualification. [ anagrasara ] a not developed or advanced. to infringe. absent.) left out as an ellipsis. unfavourable. [ anatīta ] a not yet gone by or past. [ ananubhūta ] a unfelt. to be re tracted. not conjecturable. to butt in. to interfere without com petence or qualification.. uncome-at-able. to act officiously. that has not been passed beyond or over. [ anatipūrbē ] adv not long before. a. disallowed.) an ellipsis. ̃ n. turbid. not very far. unapproachable ( ). [ adhruba ] a inconstant. unau thorized ( ). incapable of being passed beyond or over. [ anak ara ] a illiterate.) unrealized. ere or . doubt ful. a. incapable of being learnt ( ). not captured or seized. to encroach. disapproval. prohibited ( ). not subordinate to. colonized. inimitable. n. free from danger. incomprehen sible. (fig. holy. meddling. not subject or subservient to. not gone through. sorrowless. unpermitted. [ adhyāsita. variable. not seated upon or over. n. unlettered. unrightful. [ anatidūrē ] adv not at or to a great dis tance. insuperable. unapproved. moderate. not assented to. soon. n. Krishna ( ). unoccupied. secure. not overcome. unread or unstudied. to meddle. . a short time. [ anadhigata ] a unearned. opaque. pecuniary distress or stringency. unauthorized. [ anadhyabasā a ] n lack or absence or perseverence. bull. uncertain. not crossed. [ anadhyā a. a school holiday. unrightful. anatikrama a ] n not passing be yond or over. [ ana ় ] a motionless. pleasant. [ anadhīna ] a not depending on. immobile. tres pass. ignorant. pure. safe. a. not trans gressing or infringing or violating. disobedient. changeable. [ anatikāla ] n not a long time. [ anatītabālya ] a of one who has not yet passed his childhood or boyhood. love-sickness. without authority or claim or possession. unautho rized interference. to be read or studied. .) act of making a word or words elliptic. a. ̃ n. [ ananukūla ] a adverse. in violable. backward ̃ or absence of progress. fixed. [ ananumē a ] a incapable of being guessed. adhyāsīna ] a placed or seated upon or over. v. [ ana bāna ] n ox. lack [ anatibist ta ] a not very extensive or broad or wide or spacious. not without a cover. dirty. not more than. a shaft or shafts of the god of love. pov erty. state of being not dependent or controlled or dominated or subservient or subordinate. a. rejection. adv. a short while ago.

fem. inad vertence. Shesha ( ) the thousand-headed king of snakes. desperate. contrariety to one's desire or liking or intention. ̃ a. fem. not aristocratic. not shut up. not related. not at tending to any work other than. want of opportunity. not besieged. hydra-headed. anabalambana ] a having no prop or support. unrestricted. ̃ a. ̃ sleeping the sleep that knows no breaking. innocent ( ). প 15 ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ . detached. ̃ প. inexhaustible. irredeemable ( adv. independent. intent. non-stop. ̃ . [ anabalamba. [ anabasita ] a not finished or completed. [ anapanē a ] a indelible. the fourteenth day of the lunar fortnight of the month of Bhadra ( ). ̃ a. having no alterna tive. cence. extraordinary.̃ a. ̃ প a. [ anapatya ] a childless. uninformed. having no leisure or respite. heed less. neglectful. [ anabahita ] a inattentive. of unsettled mind. of endless or inexhaustible strength or virility. carelessness. absolutely independent. incessant. not to be found in anybody else. negligent. then. looking at nothing other than. unique. with undivided attention. carelessness. unveiled. impec cable. not barricaded or blockaded. everlasting or eternal sleep. [ anapakāraka. [ anabasara ] n absence of leisure or respite. [ anaparādha ] n absence of sin or crime. [ ananyōpā a ] a having no means or re source other than. ̃ প a. in advertence. ̃ n. ). . ̃ n. cultivated. . mentally wavering. [ anabakāśa ] n want of leisure or respite or break. (continuously) busy. [ anabagata ] a unaware. innoa. fem. im perishable. supreme. un- [ anapēk a ] a not depending on or subject to. engaged in or performing no task other than. Vishnu's sleep on the person of Ananta ( ) the snake-king. ̃ a. irremovable ( ). negligency. faultlessness. unmindful. impeccabil ity. a regress.) not governed by the law of causation. careless. unsettled. everlasting. irre mediable ( ). unintentionally.̃ a. unwary. [ anabagu hita ] a not veiled. adv. fickle or unsteady. ̃ n. ̃ n. un finished or incom- plete. of endless mani festations. doing no work other than. unparalleled. without systematic train ing. [ ananya ] n no other than. inexperience. uncommon. having no other. unknown. of unimpeachable beauty.̃ a. [ anabhijña ] a inexperienced. low born.̃ n. dead. unlimited. a medicinal root. [ anabhijāta ] a not born of a good family. solely engaged or absorbed in. continuity. [ anabacchēda ] n absence of intermission or respite. ̃ n. doing no harm or injury. un desired. unanticipated. fickle minded. un settled state. igno rant. im peccability. eternity. innocent. incessant or endless current or flow. (log. singular. [ anabacchinna ] a without intermission or re spite. an armlet. [ anapagata ] a not removed. ̃ adv.) a de fect in argument caused by working back from one thing to another espe cially from effect to cause. ̃ a. adv. inadvert ently.) death. solely engaged in. intent on. everlasting. inattentive. প a. contrary to one's desire or intention. [ ananbita ] a (gr. [ anapēk ita ] a not awaited. solely or absorbedly engaged. inexpert. [ anabarōdha ] n freedom from confinement or siege or restriction. eternal. ̃ n. [ ananuśīlana ] n lack or absence of system atic practice or a. unguarded. solely occupied in. ̃ a.) death. [ anabhiprā a ] n lack of desire or intention. ̃ n. [ anabashita ] a restless. unremit tingly. unimpeachability. same as ̃ ̃ . an ornament. lack of skill. in tently. ̃ a. impeccable. unremitting. unbiased. [ anabarata ] a ceaseless. ̃ a. innocence. fixed with close at tention to nothing other than. lack of time for doing some par ticular work. disagreed. blamelessness. un bolted.) lacking in sequence or agreement. use of the person of Anantadeva ( ) by Vishnu as his bed. ineffaceable. not gone. not practised. splendid. ̃ প. disapproval. a. engaged in no oc cupation or endeavour other than. [ anabadya ] a blameless. compelled by absence of any al ternative. con tinuous. issueless. unresolved in pur pose. & con hereafter or thereafter. [ anabashā ] n lack of order. unexpected. having no help or resort or patron or protector other than. beautiful. boundless. disorder. unexecuted. Shesha ( ) the king of snakes. sole. afterwards. [ ananba ī abya a ] n (gr. not dispelled. flawlessness. of end less forms or shapes. [ ananu hita ] a unperformed. same as প (a). sleeping eternal sleep. unimpeachable. not to one's liking. singu lar. [ anabhiprēta ] a disapproved. a. changing one's mind every moment. ̃ n. (fig.training. [ ananta ] a endless. a religious penance ob served on this day. unaccomplished. a. impartial. (fig. having no way or means or alternative other than. flawless. unique. for ever. ̃ . inatten tion. wavering. unstable. [ anabadhāna ] n inattention. irrelevant. always. not devoted to anything other than. [ anapaca a ] n absence of waste or wasteful ness or improvidence. not depending on or subject to anything. resolute. not having a good pedigree. inces- [ anabaruddha ] a unconfined. anapakārī ] a not injurious or harmful. not on the alert. ever. n. ̃ a. having no refuge. ̃ a. not high-born. fickle-mindedness. harmless. having nothing in the mind other than. outstanding. fem. santly. continually. unhindered ( ). having nothing to fall back on. of endless or countless variet ies. ̃ n. inadvertent. ̃প a. [ anantara ] a. faultless.) an interjection. gazing steadfastly. restlessness. incoherent. Vishnu ( ). fem. ̃ n. careless. eter nal. continuous. (phil.

pure and untouched.) ̃ n. [ anamanī a ] a unbending. abandoned. ̃ n. in experienced. ̃ n. [ anarthaka ] a futile. Buddhist community. unsuitable. a meteor. [ anabhila a ī a ] a undesirable. aggression pact. charitable home or refuge for the helpless. unprovoked or unreasonable ( adv. un familiar. [ anaha k ta ] a not proud. unceremoni ous. . ̃ n. peril. fem. having no desire for. many or much. that which can not but be admitted. not adorable. unthatched. unfriendly. having no roof. inflexibility. hunger-strike. lacking in selfknowledge. showering or emitting of fire. absence of longing. one who makes provi sion for the future. [ anarthadarśī ] a & n. revenue.) nonrealization or non-re covery. a. in vain. [ anādi ] a having no beginning or cause or origin. undesired. showering or emitting fire. [ anabhibhabanī a ] a unconquerable. [ anaśbara ] a imperishable. ̃ a. [ anala ] n fire. obstinate. ̃ a. having no kindred or rela tions. mischief. [ anastaga ] a (astr. [ anambara ] a having no cover. abundant. un yielding. mishap. full of mischief. abstinence from food (till one's death) under a solemn vow. inflexible. not con founded or overwhelmed. given to action. [ anasū a ] a free from malice or envy. [ anarthakara ] a injurious. untiring. n. [ anastamita ] a not set. incessantly. imperi- [ anasbīkārya ] a undeniable. the sky. active. [ anāgata ] a not yet come or arrived. [ anabhilā ī ] a unwilling. un). God. ruin. rigid. disapproving. [ anātha ] a having none to help or protect. harmful. free. pessimist. slight. [ anarha ] n unfit. [ analasa ] a not lazy or indolent. a. diligent. ̃ . very old or ancient time. famished. [ anarthapāta ] n occurrence of an accident. not disappeared or declined. [ anabhila ita ] a undesired. not desirous of. n. [ anabhibhūta ] a unconquered. [ anākā k ā ] n lack or absence of desire. considerably large in number or amount.[ anabhibyakta ] a not expressed. contrary to one's opinion. [ anādikāla ] n time immemorial. indomitable. excessively. unadorned. immunity. [ anaśana ] n abstinence from food. money. [ anādā a ] n (of dues. inde structibility. [ anākrama a ] n non-aggression. contrariety to one's desire. tough. [ anabhilā a ] n unwillingness. profuse. fluent. not evolved. [ anātmajña ] a ignorant of one's own self. n. [ anākrānta ] a unassailed. inexpert. lively and energetic. n. not conceited or arrogant. ] a unsmelt. trouble or unhappy occurrence ( ). adv. . unwontedness. an immoral or abominable practice. [ anala k ta ] a not decorated or ornamented. befalling of danger or reverse or ruin. not moving or acting in accordance with one's sta tus or power or circumstances. claims. unneces sary. (hyg. given to unscriptural or indecent or abominable practice. reverse. uncultured or indecent practice. an orphanage. absence of desire. as radiant or lus trous as fire. ☐ n. [ anācchādita ] a uncovered. fasting. [ anartha ] n harm. without provoca tion or reason. etc. [ anāghrāta . unembar rassed. danger. fu ture. to treat with neglect or disrespect. disrespect. ̃ shability. one having fore sight. unrestrained. helpless. unwonted. [ anabhyāsa ] n lack of practice or training. unworthy of be ing treated with cordiality or care or at tention. unrealized. useless. simple. ̃ n. a [ anācāra ] n unscriptural or unholy prac tice. n. unrelated. immortal. orphan. unattractive. indomi table. stricken with starva tion. unbendingness. fem. necessarily. a non- [ anākramya ] a incapable of being attacked. bare.) circumpolar. still to come or happen. causing reverse or ruin. ̃ n. unsanctioned. injury. indestructible. implicit. [ anādi a ] a not ordered or commanded. unattacked. hard. [ anā ় mbara ] a unostentatious. raining of fire. such a man. unhin dered. raining fire. a.) immune. [ anākar a ī a ] a uninviting. 16 ☐ ☐ [ anargala ] a unbolted. [ analpa ] a not small in number or amount. ̃ a. not to be confounded or over whelmed. (loos. ̃ n. bare. not stuckup. immortality. self-born. [ anātmī a ] a having no blood-relation or matrimonial relation (with). v. fem. un wanted. industrious. dev astating. flu ently. [ anabhyasta ] a unaccustomed. [ anabhimata ] a disapproved. starvation. (pop. [ anādara ] n lack of cordiality or care or at tention. ☐ ☐ n. unpractised.) hunger-strike. naked. one who helps or pro tects the helpless. fem. not yet happened. not manifest. neglect. outstand ing. God. [ anabhī a ] a not desired. rigidity.

) unrealizable. having neither origin nor destruc tion. ̃ a. etc. spon taneous. [ anābi k ta ] a undiscovered. fallow. to refuse to consent. uncul tured. [ anikēta. [ anārambha ] n non-commencement. done or accomplished or attained or obtained easily. un natural. strange. untrust worthy. to starve. anāmikā ] n the ring-finger. disinterested ness. [ anāhita ] a (phys. to fast. a. ty. not sheltered. unwounded. [ anālōcanī a ] a that which should not be or will not be discussed. ̃ n. lack of consent. capable of being done or performed or attained or ob tained without effort or difficulty. (of stringed instruments) unstruck. [ anārōgya ] n state of ill-health. such a man. unlit. discourteous. [ anāhūta ] a uncalled. such a man. supern. a. adv. unwillingly. obtain able without effort or difficulty. [ anābādi ] a uncultivated. v. rare. . revenue. anābāsī ] a non-resident. uncalled-for. notwithstanding unwillingness or reluctance or lack of consent or disagreement or lack of in terest. clean. [ anā āsa ] n a state demanding no exertion or offering no difficulty. [ ani śē a ] a inexhaustible. dry. ̃ . [ anāhāra ] n state of going without food. n. starvation. adv.) anhy-drous. demanding no exertion or offering no difficulty. [ anābi a ] a inattentive. [ anālōcita ] a undiscussed. unwanted. effortlessly. reluctantly. dishon est. (chem. discovered. a. unmixed. a. done without effort or strain or difficulty. recovery from illness. absent-minded. needless. fluous. naked. ̃ a. pure. n. shelterless. without origin. unplayed (' '). impious. [ anāb i ] n shortage or absence of rain. barbarian. undesigned. absence of attachment or in terest. claim. not yet in vented. . effortless. non residential. ☐ a. not deliberate. fasting. ̃প a. [ anālōkita ] a not lighted. recovered from ill ness and difficulties. facile. [ anābila ] a not dirty or muddy. not found out. unreliable. redundant. revealed. n. 1 [ anāmā1 ] a nameless. ̃ same as প 17 ☐ ☐ ☐ [ anādyanta ] a having neither beginning nor end. on fast. same as ̃প ̃ adv. helplessness. [ anādē a ] a (inc. [ anābya ] a not navigable. lowborn. ̃ a. easiness. not discussed or talked about. ̃ a. irremediable. fem. easy. money. [ anā atta ] a not brought under control. untraced. to disagree. to express disrelish. helpless. without con sent or agreement. open. without strain or exertion or difficulty. slighted. one whose face is an ill-omen. unconcerned. [ anāśra a ] a having no shelter or refuge. [ anāmukha. disorderly. such a thing or incident or state. sinis ter-looking. [ anārtabā ] a. n. easily obtainable. [ anārdra ] a not wet. need lessness. physical soundness. not bright. clear. fasting. not (yet) undertaken. [ anāmā2. indifferently. [ anāmnī ] fem of 1 [ anā ata ] a not wide or large. self-born and immortal. [ anicchā ] n unwillingness. ̃ [ anāshā ] n lack of trust or faith. ̃ a. [ anābāsika. obscure. [ ani s ta ] a not secreted. of dues. not fit to be dis cussed or considered. anāmukhō ] a having a face so in auspicious that one should not look at it. lowborn. uncivilized. queer. unculti vable. not ex tended. [ anāsakta ] a having no attachment for or in terest in. indifferent. limpid. not imminent or impending. [ anāpya ] a not obtainable. n. endless or impersihable ( ). fem not yet attained puberty. unadulterated ( ).[ anād ta ] a not received with cordiality or care or attention. ☐ ☐ ☐ . neglected. . to ex press unwillingness or reluctance. [ anārya ] a non-Aryan.) uncharged. unconcernedness. beyond one's reach or power. reluctance. easily. anikētana ] a homeless. ̃ [ anābaśyaka ] a unnecessary. 2 [ anāsbādita ] a untasted. peaceful. vote of no-confidence. not enlightened. uncome-at-able. no-confi dence. ̃ a. helpless. unmastered. bi zarre. going without food. [ anāb ta ] a uncovered. [ anās i ] a outside the created world. [ anādya ] a having no beginning. n. uninvited. accomplished eas ily. a no confidence motion. . got easily. non-arable. rudely discourteous. gift of doing spontaneously. drought. one whose name is not known or famous. un known. unconcealed. disin terestedly. bare. unenjoyed. ̃ a. spontaneously. [ anāhata ] a unhurt. v. shelterless. [ anāsanna ] a not near or approaching. go ing without food. [ anārabdha ] a not (yet) begun or commenced. indifference. not drained out. easy skill or gift. ̃প adv. free from illness. not turbid. not tasted or enjoyed previously. unintentional. to go without food. indifference. done or performed reluc tantly or unknowingly. uncivilized. unbidden. [ anāma a ] n absence of illness. easy. incurable. befitting a non-Aryan. lack of cure. un cultured. unreliabilin. obtained or earned without effort or strain or difficulty.

[ anir ē a ] a indiscernible. [ anīka ] n army. uncontrolled. anything harmful or injurious. . unassessable. unfixed. beautiful. one who causes harm or mischief. [ aniśca a ] n uncertainty. not ascertained or determined. an unbeliever. transient. imperma nence. [ anibāra ] a unpreventable. [ aniruddha ] a unobstructed. indiscipline. a. [ anītijña ] n ignorant of moral principles or ethics. refusing consent. perishable. indefinite. dubiousness. irregular. unreliable. act of causing harm. indeterminately. ̃ n. flawless. anidrārōga ] n sleeplessness. non-observance. [ ani hā ] n lack of devoutness or faith or trust. [ anirūpa ī a ] a indeterminable. in determinate. [ ani a ] n harm. in cessant. transience. ineluctable. ). shapeless. praise worthy. 18 ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ [ animi a. unassessed. the sky. . un settled. [ ani iddha ] a unprohibited. to be harmed. a. [ anibāra ī a ] a unpreventable. irresistible. a. free. [ anirdēśa ] n absence of direction or directive. not assessed. beautiful. unrestrained. unfinished. to devise harm (to). inexorable. tempo ral ( ). not reliable. ineffable. not determined. irregular. inevita). mortal ( ). not selected. transitory. inextinguishable. that cannot be ascer tained. causeless. ̃ n. [ anibārya ] a unpreventable. indifferent. lack of dexterity or skill. same as [ anirbācita ] a not elected. unfixed. unwanted. premonition or presentiment (of evil). [ ani ama ] n lack of rule or system or disci pline. uncertain. [ anirūpita ] a undiscerned. immorality. unblem ished. [ anidra ] a sleepless. [ anīkinī ] n a division of the army (=&frac11. unskilled. always. unfixed ( ). to harm. ̃ n. loose. [ anīpsita ] a undesired. vigilant. uncontrolled. ungainn. uncertain. doubtful. not dependable. motion less. ̃ n. unavoidable ( [ animantrita ] a uninvited. ̃ n. an evil doer. wake- [ anir īta ] a undiscerned. an athe- (' [ ani ata ] a not regulated. unskilful. disin terested. n. atheistic. doubtful ness. occurrence of harm or injury.) indeterminate. doubtful. in determinable. & n. without certainty. doubt. ̃ ist. [ aniścita ] a uncertain. a. v. mental act or thought of devising harm (to. steadadv. [ anirdhārita ] a not ascertained. ̃ a.) grandson of Krishna. ma levolence. armed force. . doubtfulness. atheistic. groundless. ly. changeful. with no winking. for an indefinite period. non-dependence. indefinite. animē a ] a not winking. athe ism. inevitable. steadfast '). unexecuted. ̃ . [ ani antrita ] a not regulated. a. uncertainty. foreboding. v. ungainliness. want of control or restraint. continuous. uncontrolled. ̃ a. harmful.) not winking ( ). anindya ] a unblamable. blazing (for ever). hesitatingly.[ anicchuka ] a unwilling. a. unextinguished. troops. [ anirbā a ] a (theo. same as ̃ a. not chosen. continually. irresistible ( ble. a soldier. indescribability. v. [ anindanī a. doubt. same as n. possessing an irreproach able or unimpeachable or immaculate character. disagreeing. [ anindita ] a (ori. not resisted. sine die. unbidden. adv. outstanding. [ anila ] n wind. ̃ a. battle. settled or fixed condi tion. fulness. unhindered. [ anidrā. a wrongdoer. incessantly. ̃ [ anipu a ] a lacking in dexterity. air. lacking in re straint or discipline. unregulated. indeterminate. [ anibandhī ] a (chem. unfixed. dubious. ̃ v. frail. to behave fitfully or in a disorderly manner. ̃ n. dubiousness. [ anirbhara ] n non-reliance. fast. disorder. unsystem atic.). (math. v. absence of re gard or reverence. to violate rule. breeze. irresistible. insom nia. exquisitely beautiful. unsystematized. amorphous. injury. mischievous. war. non-stop. not steady. ̃ adv. adv. not settled or decided. . lack of sincerity. unprevented. [ anirbāpita ] a not put out. [ anīśbara ] a godless. with a steadfast gaze.̃ same as ̃প n.) deprived of salvation. [ anirdi a ] a not fixed or settled.th of an ).) unreproached. fire. faultless. disor derliness. blame less. [ animikha ] a (poet. with a steadfast gaze. tem porality. undefined. to cause harm (to). with eyes not winking. [ anīti ] n lack or absence of principle or morality. undefinable. not indecent. to be given to irregularity. [ anidāna ] a having no cause or ground. uncertain state. unexpected. প passage without any impediment or obstacle. in effability. unsys tematic. transitoriness. [ anibaddha ] a not arranged or laid properly. ̃ n. injurious. n.) amorphous. to harm. in expressible. unassessed. apprehension of harm. unchecked. not craved or longed for. irre proachable. ˜ n. beyond reproach. unrestrained. (myth. irregularity. [ anitya ] a not permanent or eternal or ev erlasting. [ anirbacanī a ] a indescribable. incapable of being fixed. to do mischief. reluctant. mischief. [ ani panna ] a not accomplished or done. [ ani antra a ] n lack or absence of control.

act of pursuing or following after.) not strong. . to be devoted to. [ anutpanna ] a unborn. n. clever at imitating. copied. ( ). licensed. mimicry. etc. fond of imitating or mimick ing. to copy. [ anucita ] a improper. ordered. helpful. younger. v. system atic succession.[ anīha ] a lacking in energy or effort. [ anukūla ] a helpful. help. imitating. to follow faithfully. making similar. to depend on. retinue. [ anucchēda ] n a paragraph. ever. a permit. a substitute. to be favourable. a servant. repeti[ anuja ghāshi ] n (physio. reflection. n. favourable. worthy of being imitated. imitation. continually.) fibula. in regutenance. . [ anuja ] a younger. favoured. opportune. commission. unutterable. etc. a programme. (of scent. to help. recol lection. according to [ anujjbala ] a not bright. diffused. [ anucārī ] a following. a companion. recapitulation. benignantly. [ anujībī ] a one who attends on or serves. one who or that which follows or obeys or conforms to. ̃ n. atten dant. after. [ anugamana ] n going or coming after. given to imitating. such a person.. ̃ n. ̃প adv. going or coming after. following. to favour. a follower. unbecoming. ̃ . an at tendant. gentle. apa thetic. enjoined. consent. help. quiet. [ anuccārita ] a unpronounced. a list of contents. . sanc tion. obliged. allowed.. ̃ a. untold. ̃ n. ̃ (gr. propi tiousness. flavour. strewn. complying. weak. helpfulness. [ anukalpa ] n a secondary injunction. ̃ n. low. to help. unuttered. propitious. not mentioned. untold. preferen tial treatment. ad herent. imitable. [ anugāmī ] a & n. a a. attending. shortness. v. v. mim icry. imitating. 19 ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ [ anugha aka ] n (chem. kind ness. not grown or pro duced. [ anucara ] a accompanying. n. mas. [ anucintana. younger. conducive. employment. ̃প n. propitious. ̃ . v. to mimic. not loud. ̃প n. inappropriate ( ). dim. [ anucikīr ā ] n desire to imitate. every.) the imperative mood. & n. unjust. ̃ n. not ex pressed. (zoo. following after. theory of substi tution. unpronounced. commanded. unspoken. high or elevated. an al ternative. kindly. n. always. an attendant. a catalyst. dependent. attending. a follower. deed. [ anukampā ] n compassion. propi tiousness. [ anukīr a ] a scattered. [ anuccāra ī a ] a not proper to be pro nounced. a suite or train of com panions or attendants. fem. to adhere to. ̃ n. following. [ anukara a ] n imitation. (of a book) a preface. [ anujībya ] a worthy of being resorted to or served. good grace. per mitted. unuttered. v. to obey. dull. travesty. mimicked. (of an act. an in junction. apery. obeying or following. obeying. seriatim. to be obedient to. an onomatopoeia. soft. a. to ape. aping. to follow. ̃ n. sympathy. etc. taste. not haughty. pricked by conscience. act of copying. a deputy. con forming to. a licence. adv. v. afterthought.) a catalyser. sequentially. one who solicits favour. polite. one who curries favour. ̃ n. servant. compunctious. n. kindness. ̃ n. [ anutpādī ] a unproductive. a younger brother. [ anukta ] a unspoken. ̃প n. to accord preferential treatment to. imitative. not pun gent. [ anucca ] a not tall. shelter etc. n. dependent for maina. benign. an onomatopoeic word. same as ˜প a. fem. graceful. n. [ anutapta ] a repentant. kind. ̃ a. (gr. [ anug hīta ] a received in favour or grace. desirous of imitating. substitution. act of filling up gaps. not allowable. an imita tor. [ anukrama ] n serial order. a. under (one's) breath. [ anuga ] a going or coming after.) tibia. enjoying favour (of). making similar (to). a. [ anugrāhaka. contrite. to follow after. unjustifiable. a depen dent. born later. ̃ a. faculty of imitation. re currence. sequence. ̃ a. followed (after). favour. ̃ a. n.) sub ject having third case-ending in the passive voice. a favourite. apathy. following faithfully. following. pa tronizing. lack of [ anu ] pfx denoting: behind in time or po sition. a follower. lar order of. tion. permission. pl. merciful. light. habitually imita tive. [ anugra ] a not harsh or severe. ̃প licensing officer. understood. cataly- ☐ . a command. mimicking.̃ adv. to treat with kindness or mercy. following the se rial order. [ anuk a a ] adv at every moment. [ anujñā ] n an order. & n. [ anuk ta ] a imitated. unspeakable. favourable. in explicable. [ anutkar a ] n absence of excellence or ame lioration or improvement or develop ment or increase. undeserv ing. treating preferentially. n. mercy. [ anukāra ] n imitation. ̃ lowness. expansion. anugrāhī ] a conducive. n. exemplary. mild. be nignity. imitative ness. act of supply ing word or words in blank spaces. a follower. energy or effort. a mimic. following. fem. in soft or low voice. n. to become propitious. ̃ a.) an article. an attendant. partiality. favoured. follow ing or pursuing. n. favourableness. similar. sequential. to treat gracefully or propitiously. penitent. graciously. [ anukīrtana ] n publicity or eulogy or praise or glorification at a subsequent time. duration. to be helpful. working after the example of. devoted. to be in conformity with. [ anugata ] a obedient. fem. a foreword. a patron. sis. to imitate. anucintā ] n mental reproduction of past incidents etc. a minion. [ anugraha ] n grace or favour. a section. a licensee. spread about.

̃n. low and grave tone. failed. not come or sprung out of. unexcited. unspoken. to consider. in a nasal tone or voice. calm.) cleistogamy. contri tion. injurious. not northern. resounded. ☐ . regret. [ anupakāra ] n harm. [ anuddh ta ] a not raised or lifted. importunate solicitation. v. lost. failure. not uneven. n. ̃ a. unsuccessful ( ). [ anupak ta ] a not benefited. not proud or vainglori ous. to reflect. a Vedic hymn or in cantation. narrow mindedness. [ anudāra ] a illiberal. to so licit importunately. unresponsive. [ anudyama ] n lack or absence of enterprise or effort or persevea. hereafter. request ing earnestly. lack of drive and initiative. [ anudbā ī ] a (chem. ̃ n. solici tation. [ anudhyāna ] n continuous thinking or reflec tion or recollection. [ anudhyē a ] a worthy of being thought of or reflected on or recollected continu ously. imploring. not good. that which should be considered. to ascertain. penitent.) bass. unparalleled. re flected on.) non-volatile. . rence. unprotuberated ̃প a. to repent. [ anuna a ] n entreaty. [ anunmīlana ] n (bot. penitence.) a nasal sound or a let ter representing this sound (e. matchless. lacking in progress. [ anunāda ] n an echo. remorse. low and grave-toned.) coccyx. ascertaining. unsprouted. n. harmful. harmful. not cited or quoted. consider ation. undeveloped. to do (one) an ill turn. [ anunnata ] a not high or tall or upgraded or elevated. fem. to supplicate. [ anudāna ] n a (government or official) grant. best. sought. n. su preme. injurious. giving attention to. [ anudghātī ] a level. lacking in drive and initiative. প a. reflection. [ anudghā ita ] a unopened (as a door. sounding simulta neously. resonant. a penitent. final. polite. to en treat humbly (and repeatedly). to attend to. immediately following. then. indo lent. earnest request. unsurmounted. having a similar sound. chase. plucked. not rescued.). not traversed the whole length ( ). [ anudbigna ] a not worried. [ anudita1 ] a (of the sun. [ anunē a ] a worthy of being entreated. (cp. to harm. silent. unprotuberant. a. inferior. [ anudita2 ] a unmentioned. entreating. unconquered ( ). pursued. . v. well-wishing. in the wake of. lost. প to fail in the examination. to beseech.[ anutsāha ] n want of enthusiasm or energy or encouragement. [ anunāsika ] a speaking through the nose. not growing or springing. pursuit. attended to. n. to search. unmanifested. bad. a. a repenter. resounding. to implore. reverberant. ̃ n. beseeching. echoed. [ anudina ] adv day after day.g.) not risen. ungenerous. a. a resonator. [ anudgata ] a not come or sprung or grown out of. missing. bass. ̃ a. [ anuttara ] a that which or one who has nothing or none to follow. lengthwise. (gr. low.) cleistogamous. n. [ anuddhata ] a not arrogant or rude. to solicit. lid etc. plain. ascertained. [ anutrikāshi ] n (anat. humble. to pursue. a similar sound. a. reverberated. [ anudhābita ] a run after. narrow minded. having a similar sound. not aimed at. to chase. the depressed or backward class. beseeching. [ anutāpa ] n repentance. not (yet) appeared. harmful ness. [ anudhābana ] n running after. . niggardly. modest. afterwards. unsuccess. nasal. echoing. not yet grown to womanhood. that which is to be consid ered or deliberated on. not projecting. injury. not bulbed. of un known wherebouts. repentant. a resonating device. [ anupa ] a incomparable. unworried. [ anupada ] adv at every step. a. to deliberate. mischief. [ anuttīr a ] a unexpired ( ). pursuing. [ anuttama ] a (ori. প a. [ anudhbani ] n echo. worth imploring or beseeching or supplicating. considered. missing. sounding simulta neously. [ anuttējita ] a unimpassioned. backward. reso nated.) unrevealed or undiscovered ( ). moon. later on. deliberated. solicitious. everyday. to en treat. not inso lent or haughty. unrevealed. lack or absence of spring ing or sprouting. humble (and repeated) entreaties. unenthusiastic.) not best or excellent or superb. illiberality. follow ing. ☐ ☐ ☐ [ anudyōgī ] a unenterprising. not en terprising or perseverent. to fol low hotly. . deliberation. [ anuddi a ] a of unknown whereabouts. [ anuddēśa ] n absence of trace. to request earnestly. প v. worthy of being the subject of solicita tion. wishing well. a sound-box. n. resonance. suppliant. etc. [ anudhyā ī ] a thinking or reflecting or recol lecting continuously. lazy. search. [ anunmīlita ] a (bot. প v. not responding or an swering. chased. dis service. প n. resonance. not protuberated. uncrossed ( ). . not concerned. contrite. 2 1 [ anudbhūta ] a not grown or born. adolescent. one who has not yet at tained full lustre of youth. that which or one who deserves well-wishing. to seek. [ anudairghya ] a longitudinal ( ). not issued or resulted (from). absence of worry or anxiety. a. not bulbed. un told. [ anudātta ] a not loud-voiced. well-wishing. . a sympathetic vibra tion. to run after. v. 20 ☐ [ anudbhinna ] a (of bulbaceous plants) not come or grown out of the soil. unfledged. to injure.

relevant. embedded. [ anuprasha ] a crosswise. rience. [ anupta ] a unsown. to invigorate. unmitigable.) propor tion. connected. [ anupalak ita ] a unnoticed. excellent. removal. fumigated. [ anupadī ] a following. pursuit. comply ing. প n. to infiltrate. searching for. unjust ( ). resolution. insufficiency. need. strong. a. to serve. of a. attending on or serving. removal to a new place. ) or its essentially subsidiary parts (i. similar. (geom. [ anuprēra ā ] n invigoration. un equalled. leaving for a new place. helplessness. indecision. inappropriateness. transversely. to imitate. in the coastal or littoral region. attached. imitative. inappropriate ( ). n. plement. follow ing or pursuing. of attending on or serving. (given to) telling or narrating a thing repeatedly. absence of expe. unceasing. rep etition. to be inspired. ing due order or suc cession. absence of ac quirement. phosphorescence. translator. stimulated. outset. infiltration. effort. power. প n. dint (' '). sourceless. v. [ anubāsita ] a perfumed. [ anuprabi a ] a entered or gone into. go ing into the depth or heart (of). enthusiasm. not instructed or briefed. non-exis tent.) any of the letters (esp. anaesthesia. relation. . [ anupala ] n a measure of time (=&frac16. to [ anupaśamanī a ] a not possible to alleviate or assuage. adv. in the ratio of. to toe the line. n. penetration. a. to stimulate. incessant. a scandal-monger. a trice. lack of realization. insensibility. realiza tion of the inner significance of. unseen. context. a it effective. intimation. an instant. pursuit. one who has realized the inner significance of. n. unsuitable.) a conjugate diam eter. incompetent. correlation. in curable. attending. to fumi gate. at the rate of. an imitator. [ anuprā ana ] n invigorating or inspiring. pursuing. instruction. resolution. retraducer. ̃ n. unplanted. [ anuprā ita ] a invigorated. প v. inseparable. a [ anupā a ] n want of means or resource. fumigation. undeserved. attempt. unacquired. (given to) imitating. [ anubala ] n grace. contextual connec tion. in proportion to. an inspiration. to pursue. traduction. fol lowing or attending or accompanying. trans verse. imi tation. in sufficient ( ). outset. context. rate. serial order. untaught. translating. motion etc. (given to) traducing. without stopping. obedience. interpretation. and ) of a musi [ anupūraka ] a complementary. unre.) an alliteration. introduction. corresponding. an incentive. inexistence. = &frac115 part [ anupalabdha ] a not realized or compre hended. acquiescence. supplemen tary. consequential. infil trated. [ anubēdana ] n imparting knowledge of. relation. প প a. in competence. v. to invigorate. help less. [ anubartana ] n coming or going after. one who speaks of or narates a thing re peatedly. to pursue. repetition. to comply with. introduction. compassion. a. non-existence. প or capabilities or competency may permit.subserviency. unworthy. v. to succeed. countenance (' '). (of a problem etc. প . unfelt. inexistent.) moving or raising. to be the imita tion or repetition of. [ anupūrba ] n due order or succession. var. a stimulus. occa sion. a supple ment. latitu dinally. follow[ anubāsana ] n perfuming. unadored. en trance. submissive. request. in filtrator. of [ anupāsita ] a unworshipped. favour. v. latitudinal. [ anupāna ] n anything to be taken along with a medicine to make [ anubāda ] n translation. crosswise. [ anubibhāga ] n a section.) conjugate. endeavour. fem. unsuitabi lity.) moving or raising. (gr. leewards. v. peerless. succession. unbecoming. related. to absent onself. a clause. best. a. to be non-existent aids or renders as sistance. information. of a second). piercing into. subservient. [ anubaddha byāsa ] n (geom. adv. before the wind. encourage ment. penetrated. to succeed. fem. a patron (' ').e. a fol lower.e. undeserv ing. fume. succession. [ anub tti ] n coming or going after. want. [ anupapatti ] n inconsistency. a jiffy. subservient to. (gr. not [ anubartī ] a following. compliance. lacking. to acqui esce in. across. seeking.) syntacti cally connected. to stimulate. incomparable. to be lievable. sympathy. [ anupama ] a incomparable. inc. (mus. adv.) a transverse section. to inspire. to obey. [ anuprabēśa ] n going into. n. anupayōgī ] a unfit. [ anupayukta. absent. endeavour. a fillip. to follow. a note) having no direct or es sential connection with the chief note (i. contextual connection. [ anubidhi ] n a proviso. invigorav. an inspiration. unbecomingness. a sub-section. follow ing or pursuing. unworthiness. unjustness. [ anuprāsa ] n (rhet.) absence of solution. or inexistent in. ̃ (geom. (geog.[ anupadi a ] a unadvised. a comcal composition. [ anuprabha ] a phosphorescent. untutored. (of a question. a stimulus. v.obeying. irrelevance. imitation. tion. gone into the depth or heart (of). strength. about to be started. to per- [ anubiddha ] a joined. 21 ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ . [ anupashita ] a not present.) ratio. of suffixes) which are lost or dropped when added to words. to inspire. compliant. absence. n. as much as one's strength or power [ anupāta ] n (math. en lightenment. follow. n. point. accompa nying. [ anubandha ] n start. point. n. pierced into. [ anubāta ] a leeward. to imbue with. to repeat. motion etc. unfitness. incom prehension. set in. (of a question. in spired. [ anubēla ] adv near the shore. experienced or suf fered or undergone. one who wanting. to remove to a new place. to attend on.

one who dyes or applies colour.) a syllogism. warranting complaint. to feel. (geom. one who has affection or a liking (for). ̃ adv. [ anumāna ] n supposition. in one colour). anuyātrika ] a going after. approval. loving. consequent. ̃প n. an accompaniment.) inference. re quested for. reproached. to approve. a. in one colour). ( [ anurañjana ] n giving satisfaction. authorization. accepted. v. permitted. to au thorize. [ anumāpaka ] a serving as a ground for sup position or conjecture or inference. consent. state of being occupied or engaged earnestly. serving as criterion. confirmation. af fectionate. [ anuyāta ] a gone after or followed after. a pass. & n. nourish ing affection or love or attachment (to wards). to approve. to acquiesce. accusable. to reprove. ac cording to or by order. [ anumata ] a agreed. to take permission. agreeable (to). a guess. not feeling. n. perceptible. approval. delightful. [ anurādhā ] n the seventeenth of the twenty-seven zodiacal stars [ anumōdana ] n consent. to confirm. order. [ anurāga ] n attachment. commission. subsequent to. devotion. (rhet. [ anurūpa ] a similar. perceived by sense. one who blames or censures or re proves or reproaches or admonishes or complains or accuses. tioned. sec ondary. affection. liking. dyeing or colouring (usu. acquiescence. [ anuyātra. to ad monish. [ anumānasiddha ] a inferential. perceivable. applicable to a widow fol lowing her husband to death). authorization. permissive. to learn. [ anurathyā ] n a lane. [ anumānabākya ] n (log. after the example of. devoted (to). & n. similarly. fem. to reproach. approved. [ anubhaba ] n knowledge. complaint. according (to). command. [ anumara a ] n voluntarily burning oneself to death (on the funeral pyre of a deceased husband). follower. re proach. ad dicted (to). [ anuyōgya ] a blamable. fem. a thing asked for. v. to take leave. to sanction. sake. deduced. following faithfully or with fidelity. adv. love. [ anuyōktā ] n one who blames.[ anubrata ] adv unceasing. to complain. [ anubhūta ] a realized.) inferred. [ anumita ] a supposed. devotion. guessing. conjecturable.) a Sanskrit figure based on guessing akin to prosopopoeia or vi sion. resembling. a criterion. [ anuyōga ] n blaming. taken as a hypothesis. accused. felt. to authorize. reverberation. a consequence.) a corollary. implored. to entreat. to blame. [ anubhāba ] n influence. leave. rever berated. conse quent upon. that which can be or should be perceived or felt. (log. v. subsidiary. addiction. ap proved. accu sation. a companion. engaged or occupied earnestly (in). n. to give consent to. feeling of happiness. reproof. like. to order. or authorization or sanction. intuition. commis sioned. to cen sure. similar. one who gives delight or pleasure. in keeping (with). war ranting reproof or reproach. [ anumasti ka ] n (anat. to suppose. without intuition or sense. unction. a. supported. a complain ant. a. to permit. solicita tion. [ anurañjaka ] a. ad dicted (to). for the sake of. pleased. imploration.) to infer. to realize. (in pl. conjec tured. follow ing. addic tion. (rhet. tears. following. an attendant. realization. attachment. authorized. or addicted or at tracted (to). deduction. . attachment. a hypothesis. feeling. delight or pleasure ). sense-perception. [ anurañjita ] a delighted. same as [ anumē a ] a capable of being supposed. a ser vant. at traction. an accuser. to im plore. embracing death in the aforesaid man ner (esp. sanction. v. faithful following. indicative of ap proval or consent. (to). realization. at the request of. attached (to). subject to approval [ anuruddha ] a one who has been requested. con firmed. [ anuyā ī ] a going after. proneness. to request. n. attending on. corresponding. a fellow-traveller. account. a permit. to solicit. conjec ture. per missive note. v. sighs. deducible. to consent. to perceive. n. one who is at tached or devoted. accompanying. [ anumōdita ] a permitted. commis sioned. letters-patent. loyal. admonition. agreed. echoed. addic tion. ̃ adv. [ anubhūmika ] a horizontal. constantly. [ anurakta ] a inclined or attracted (to). mas.). censured. fem. consented. out of attachment or devotion or love. [ anurata ] a devoted (to). to com mission. imitated. un thinking. [ anuyukta ] a blamed. on ac count of ( ). preference. in Hindu as tronomy. following faithfully or with fidelity. fem. to deduce. feeling. percep tion. doting (on). suc cessive. n. censurable. (log. to grant leave to. a. cast in the same mould. to grant. subordinate.) the cerebellum. to seem to appear. affection. sanction. sanctioned. one who authorizes. pre ferring. at the instance of. adv. 22 ☐ ☐ ☐ . a. serving. amour. v. at traction. goose-flesh etc. devotion. [ anumati ] n premission. one who approves or sanctions. ordered.) retinue. inclination. [ anura ana ] n resonance. v. ordered. resounded. [ anurōdha ] n a request. frowning. governing power. a letter of authority. [ anubhū ] n (astro. love.) physical expression of permanent emo tions (such as. inclined (to). entreaty. ac cording (to). having affection (for). (log. sancপ. consequent upon. attached (to). to conjecture. according to. a prayer. to sanction. according adv. fem. to guess. sympathetic vibra tion. fidelity. done after the example of. [ anura ita ] a resonated. accordingly. ̃ প a. following faithfully. dyed or coloured (usu.) perigee. ̃ a. an echo. to agree to. censure. v. & n pleasing. n. inferable. a narrow lane or alley. guessed. ̃ a.

(of ob stacles etc. sluggish. & n. executed. efficient in or engaged in searching or examining or investi gating. [ anuśi ya ] n a disciple's disciple. pursues or imitates. celebration. condu cive. in due or regular succession.) insurmountable. anulla ghya ] a impassable. to observe (a rite etc. . in imitation of. performed. a piece of simi lar writing. inactive. . ̃ n. fol[ anuśīlana ] n repeated study or practice or training or cultivalowing. imitation. succession in similar shape or appearance or with similar behaviour or qualities. a canon. initia[ anulikhana ] n similar writing. similar shape or appearance or behaviour or qualities. pursued. serially. a. [ anusūci. v. inves tigating. a dye. in troduction. connected. association. [ anu hē a ] a that which is to be or should be done or performed. a piece of transliterated or dictated writing. anulēkhana ] n dyeing or colouring or daubing or besmearing or perfum ing. well-informed. kindness. attachment. to be fol lowed or imitated. copying a writing. im- itating. (fig. taking down dictation. examination. com punction. love. such a per son. a. (of rites etc. to ren der. in conformity with. a copy. . n. imitation. consequent upon. tedly. pursuit. ' '). a reprov. [ anusandhā aka. repetition. subject to or requiring repeated study [ anusiddhānta ] n (geom. celebrated. an unguent. [ anulāpa ] n telling repeatedly. a. an edict. infertile.) lazy. a. having a meaning. [ anusāra ] n accordance. pursuant of. a researching. to hold. a copy. [ anulēkha ] n same as a scribe. a commencer. [ anulēha ] n (poet. fondness. lethar gic. [ anulamba ] a altitudinal. an anointment.) a Sanskrit metre (e. [ anu hātā ] a one who introduces. barren. helpful. consequent. relation. to come after in similar shape or appearance or with similar behaviour or qualities. fem. a per former. indolent. ̃ a. propitious. to celebrate. attraction. anusūcī ] n a schedule. agenda. . n. [ anusmāraka ] n a reminder. adherence. ☐ ☐ ☐ . remorse. a sub-heading. [ anu a ] a not warm or hot. succession. in accordance with. advice. a. marriage of a man with a bride of a lower caste (cp.). a. to regret. [ anulēpa. [ anus ta ] a followed. anuśōcanā ] n regret or peni tence. one who fol lows. in quisitive. be smeared. frigid. tautology. an introducer or initiator. an investiga tor. dictated writing. inquiry. to repent. a colour. [ anuśōcana. [ anusmara a ] n recollection. a doer. having the acumen to delve into. tion. pursuance. ac cording to serial order. [ anusara a ] n following. a command. inquiring. problems to be worked out by students. supression. cold. [ anu upa. imitation. v. regrettable. according to. indicating. amour. examining. succeeded by another in simi lar shape or appearance or with similar behaviour or qualities. conformity. conforming. accordingly. connection. re n. anusbāra ] n one of the nasal sounds or the letter representing it ( ). coloured. that which has been or is being studied or practised or [ anusūra ] n (astr. to go or come after. vertical. [ anu hāna ] n commencement. fol lowing. or ini tiates or begins. to search. a copyist. adv. repeated recitation. comes after. affec tion. to recollect. a set of [ anusūcaka ] a signifying. to pursue. re gretted. ex ecution. [ anulōma ] n serial order. function or cer emony. succeeded. [ anu hita ] a done. [ anulipi ] n a piece of similar writing. a. to follow or succeed. performance. a transcript. repented. imitated. an amanuensis. ☐ a. [ anullikhita ] a not referred to or mentioned. rendered. repentance. [ anusandhāna ] n search.[ anurbara ] a not fertile. cultivated. an inquirer. v. [ anusandhē a ] a that which is to be or should be searched or researched or examined or inquired after or investigated. searcher. an organizer.) perihelion. a ritransliteration. not alluded to. fol lowing. a perfume. curiosity. one who does or per forms or executes or renders a work. morganatic mar riage). anusandhā ī ] a searching. an examiner.) ob served. to examine. pursuance. or practice or training or cultivation or exercise. to imi tate.) a corollary. daubed. pursuit. a memento. beginning. n. affection. fem. due or regular succession. a transcript. related. organize. ˜ a. a piece of transliterated or tual. a searcher. not to be transgressed or violated. [ anu a ga ] n love. investiga tion. omission. ̃ প a. eager to search or learn. accompained. a. arid. research. g. to ar range for. a set of exercises. contrition. [ anusandhitsā ] n inquisitiveness. ceremony etc. [ anulla ghanī a. that which should be or is to be studied or practised or cultivated re pea. v. প ̃ n. tion. to ex ecute. [ anuśāsana ] n instruction. pursuance. to investi gate. an order. anu ubha ] n (pros. fem. a facsimile or duplicate copy of written matter. teaching. context. exercise.) attachment. pursuant. 23 ☐ . to perform. to remorse. adv. [ anuśīr a ] n (chiefly in book-keeping) a mi nor head or heading. n. an injunction. . v. [ anulipta ] a dyed. engaged or employed or oc cupied (in). worth doing or performing. com pany. favourable. as sociated. transcription. cultured. curious. to duction of written matter. [ anusbara. [ anullēkha ] n absence of mention or refer ence. to study or practise or undergo training or cultivate repeat edly. conse quence.

under. the heart. depth or bot tom ( ). [ -anta ] sfx to form present participial ad jectives (e. in many ways.) urinal bladder. substrata. [ antara ga ] a having blood relation or friendship. false. < .) [ ant sha. amount. incompetence. ̃ adv. many a one. ̃ [ anaitihāsika ] a unhistoric. & prep. unbecoming ness. n. duration or ex panse ( ). inside. unjustness.̃ . untruth fulness.[ anusm ti ] n recollection. many a one. in various di rections. pro. (cp. difference. ̃ a. ̃ n. break-up. [ anūdita ] a (ori. destructive. [ antaka ] n Yama ( ) the god of death and Hades. dissimilarity. difference (esp. numerous and various. (loos. ̃ untruthful. mas. a traitor. [ ant sīmā ] n inner lines. fem. view). im morality. [ antara a ] n internment. late at night. limit. blow or thrust. worthless. [ ant prabi ha ] a infused. supernatural. useful sub[ anaikya ] n lack of unity or agreement. < ). other. inane. [ anaipu ya ] n lack of skill or dexterity or proficiency. of nu merous and various kinds or types or [ ant salila ] a containing water within (esp.) insulating. self-absorbed. insulation. much. [ anūka ] n (anat. adv. a border or limit ( . ). ˜ ̃ n. very much. ̃ প a. but rare) said or men tioned afterwards. one who is culpable of treason. the inner portion of a dwelling-house. [ ant sāra ] n essential core or kernel of anything. a guard of the zenana. [ ant ] pfx denoting. canals etc. [ ant sāgarī a ] a submarine. great.̃ . প too deep for comprehension. sewn or strewn together. [ anusyūta ] a ever attached. end.) an interior angle. manifold. destruction. a bog. emp̃ ty. inelegance. : any of these letters.) translated. . hol low. contrariety. an insu lator. ̃ [ śūnya ] a having no essential core or useful substance. termination. ̃ [ ant prakō hāshi ] n (anat. 24 ☐ ☐ [ anta ] n death. [ ant prabēśana ] n literary interpolation. one whose intention or intrinsic nature can hardly be ascer tained. [ ant śbasana. [ ant kō a ] n (geom. [ ant kar a ] n (anat.) in-centre. hidden from the sorts. a quisling. [ anēka ] a more than one.) an inner ear. adv. ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ n. a liar. hand in glove. antasha ] a lying within or in-be tween. a. largely. depth. depth. very intimate. pro. fem. & n. g. [ antarakalana ] n (math. [ anaitika ] a immoral. [ ant pātī ] a lying or situated within. incongruity. [ antaraka ] a (phys. plurality.) differential calculus. ̃ a. fem pregnant. [ antakāla ] n the time of death or termina tion. a country with many rivers. God. dis cord. that which is rec ollected.) not more than. a. n. unhistorical. [ ant srābī ] a endocrine. useless. in many respects. in consistency. antatapak ē ] adv at least. [ ant stara ] n a substratum (pl. n. too much. [ anusraba a ] n (chem. . etc. a swamp. [ antara ] n the heart. intention or intrinsic nature ( ). many. of opinion). flowing through it. the life beyond death or the next world (' '). (obs. [ anūrdhba ] a (of numbers. disagreement. a. fem. [ ant kō ī a ] a intracellular. subterra nean river. ing. ̃ . end. secretly) his own country or party or family. . ̃ n. distance.) an ulna. ant śbāsa ] n inhalation. প marshy land. but pop. one who knows the mind. enceinte. [ ant pura ] n a zenana. iverse). an internal limb or part. secret. (coll. close intimacy. within. fem. ̃ . dissolute. hidden. mainfold. [ anaisargika ] a unnatural. প n. ). [ antara ipuni ] n a secret pinching of the heart of a person which is only known to the pincher and the pinched and no body else. keeping constantly to the zenana. stance of anything.) the universe (' ' the lord of the unexcess. difficult to fathom or gauge. unrevealed. one who is inimical to or rises against (esp. most. a woman who keeps to the zenana. fem. various. fem. to a great extent. indecorousness. [ anaicchika ] a involuntary. [ ant śīla ] a lying in the depth or heart of a person or thing. one who keeps to the zenana. [ anūpa ] n a marsh. a terminus. the mind. different. destroy- . termination. attached insepa rably.) in the family way. [ ant kēndra ] n (geom. interior. endo crine gland (also a. many per sons. [ anaucitya ] n impropriety. n.̃ a. [ an ta ] a untrue. causing the end of.) percolation. [ ant śulka ] n excise. insincere ( ).) Lord of the bed-chamber. many persons. [ ant sattbā ] a. a surreptitious prodding or pinching. [ antata. intervening distance. [ ant śatru ] a any of the sense-organs (these are regarded as veritable enemies of man). (loos. a gynaeceum. ̃ n. a harem. dissension. inti mate ( ) ̃ n. undersea.) ani mosity or opposition. lying in. [ anū h ় ] a unmarried. numer ous. etc. compulsory.

included (in). a. [ antarjñāna ] n (psy. interval of. [ antarīk a ] n the intervening region be tween any two planets or stars. at a distance. [ antarnibi a. a loin-cloth. insight. amidst. (capable of or used to) moving or dwelling in the sky. rivers. [ antarbigraha. a civil war. the interior. internal quarrel. a hindrance. [ antarā ] n (mus. [ antarbhukta. [ antarasha. driven away. [ antarbīja ] n kernel. [ antargranhi ] n see [ antarglāni ] n mental agony. vanishing away. antarbhūta ] a included or comprised (in). [ antarindri a ] n the mind. [ antarbāha.) a cape. amongst. vanished. improvement of the mind. [ antarb ta ] a introvert. a headland. antarā ita ] n an internee. mestic quarrel. [ antardbāra ] n a secret door. [ antarbibāda ] n same as [ antarbibāha ] n marriage within one's own group. n. concealment. [ antard i ] n intuition. mental reaction. comprised (in). v. confined within fixed bounds under government order.) the intermediary part be tween the refrain and the final devel opment of the music of a song. introspective. fem. inherent. প the Cape of Good Hope. over whelmed. [ antarghāta ] n sabotage. প in land transport. removed or screened from. an impediment. antarī aka ] n any garment for the lower part of the body. distance. . (thoroughly) covered. . the sky. within. ̃ a. [ antardīpana ] n enlightenment of the mind. pertaining to or strife.) an included angle. [ antarbēdi. a valley.) subconsciousness. heartburning. [ antarā a a ] n internment.) introspection. having intution or insight or introspection. removed. [ antardhāna ] n disappearance. [ antarbhūmi ] n (geol. interned. [ antarjali ] n the Hindu rite of keeping immersed the lower part of the body of a dying person in a holy river etc. subterranean. by Hindu ascetics. [ antarāla ] n a place screened from the view. in the heart of. interim ( ). antarbēdī ] n a strip of land be tween two 25 . [ antardarśana ] n (psy. . subcons- ☐ a. stationed or lying or living behind the screen or in a hiding.. antardāhana ] n extreme mental agony. sabotaging. n. [ antarjātī a ] a international. [ antarbibhāgī a ] a inter-departmental. . deep-rooted. [ antarina. unrevealed. a. causing extreme mental agony or heartburning. death. antarnihita ] a placed or lying (usu. a bar. heartburning. . indoor. at an . secret. [ antarbirōdha ] n internal feud or dissension. [ antarā a ] n an obstacle. a barrier.) an in-circle. a hiding. a. latent. inland.) sub-soil. heart. a point beyond the range of ( )̃ a. [ antargū h ় ] a concealed within or in the mind or in the heart. aerial. included or comprised in. cious. in terned. [ antarbēdanā ] n suppressed feeling of pain or agony. a. ̃ [ antarita ] a disappeared. প Cape Comorin. domestic quarrel [ antarjagat ] n the realm of the mind. [ antarbā ijya ] n inland trade. [ antarbarga ] n a sub-order. to melt into thin air. antarbāhī ] a afferent. dormant ( ). in termediate. introver sion. development of mental powers and qualities. [ antarātmā ] n (phil.) intro spection. [ antarjbālā ] n mental agony. [ antarbā pa ] n suppressed tears. a short loin cloth usually worn [ antarē ] adv at heart. a. ̃ or causing sabotage. antarashita ] a lying in the depth of one's [ antardaśā ] n secondary influence of differ ent planets. innate. [ antarīpa ] n (geog. . to die. to disappear. evanescence. [ antardāha. lying within or in between. to vanish. . the depth of one's heart. .) the invisible immortal and guiding soul that every individual possesses. hidden from the view. envy. endogamy. a. [ antarbartī ] a lying or situated within or in between. [ antarī a. [ antardēśa ] n the inner part or region. the indwelling spirit. mortification. the inside of a room. begone. intuitive or in trospective. a saboteur. inward. the heart. the realm of ideas or thoughts. a promontory. imperceptibly) within or in the heart. ̃ a. [ antarbāsa ] n an undergarment. deep-seated. [ antardbandba ] n inner strife. inside. in the depth of. antarbiplaba ] n an internal feud. [ antarbhauma ] a underground. (geom. [ antarg ha ] n a small room within a larger one. the inland. [ antarb tta ] n (geom. in terned. a do[ antargata ] a lying or situated within or in between. (psy. between. over cast.

. v. (fig. God. anbi a ] a searched. serial order. ̃ n. ̃ n. [ andhisandhi ] n creek and corner.) sufferance caused by ex treme poverty. ( ). Goddess Durga ( ) ̃ tion. ̃ . n. near. like a blind. delight. last. born of a Shudra ( ) family. nearness. family. a one's livelihood. low-born. n. remainchyle. . actual. food and drink. ̃ n. fem. andaramahala ] n the inner parts (esp. ̃ n. [ andha ] a blind. ̃ a. rice-eater. having a are secluded. (psy. ̃ a. ̃ a. ̃প n. a zenana. one who has enslaved himself to another for one's food or maintenance. investigation. [ andhakāra ] n darkness. like a blind person. extremity. introversion. ̃ n. dark. ̃ n. to vanish. the interior.) a prop for a helpless or incapable person. to disap- [ anna ] n boiled rice. ˜ a. hope. word-order. falast honours. a black proper correla tion or sequence. agreeing. mine. final. thought of one's daily bread preys heavily on [ antika ] a adjacent. significant. v. dis tress caused by scarcity of food. appropri ate. ( ). last mo ments. built up or nourished by food ( )̃ n.) to [ anbē a a ] n search. deprived of . foodless. syn tax. [ antra ] n bowels. nearness. researched. to be on the look-out for. gloomy. the last letter of a word.) rice eating. bread-problem. du rite of providing food and drink for the soul of the dead. to be stunned. completely dark. mean. of the time of death or terminaa.) sequence. extreme. a. enteric fever. lost to view. ̃ n. food-problem. . dark. ̃ প n. utter studying them. n. without food. chastate. [ antarhita ] a departed. a place or institution for charitable supply of rice low-born person. a searcher. food or earning one's liveli hood. ̃ a. close.) inscribed. ̃ n.) to grope in the dark. the Hinimity. ̃ n. [ annābhāba ] n want or shortage of food or rice. bread-problem. proximity. dejection etc. to be come dark. or der. ( ). n.) utterly ignorant. provision for maintenance. procuring food or earn ing ing. base. indiscreetly. the aesophagus. indigent circumstances. inquiry. (lit. ̃ a. to knock senseless. to darken. ̃ প n. a. [ antya ] a last. secret intention. to investigate. enveloped in or overcast with darkness. (fig. rice-eating. rice-meal as diet. heedlessly. ̃ var. n. (fig. food. to be in the dark (about). v. a stupendous heap of boiled rice.̃ n. logi cal inference. sought after. the Chandala ( ) community. fam ine. chables. v. (' '). darkened with gloom. ̃ n. blind faith. the effort to earn one's livelihood is all-absorbing. proximate. a blind person. concord. [ antyē i. low. the depth of subsistence. proxthe mind or weighs heavily on the spirits. relation. gloom. [ andara. a depressed class. n. intestines. ̃ n. a low caste. a. antyē ikri ā ] n funeral rites. & fig. research. such a person. food-problem. sightless. the extreme. the apartments of a house in which women [ anbartha ] a real. rice and curry. in ferior. ̃ a. v. adjacency. full of food. hole. ̃ n. [ anbita ] a possessing or endowed with ( ). 26 ☐ blind. ultimate. one of the Shudra ( ) or or food. ̃ a. to look for. ultimate. one [ antima ] a final. the [ antēbāsī ] n a pupil or student or disciple (esp. to make (something) investigated. base. one of a low-caste Hindu community known as the Durga ( ). the food passage. the Chandalas ( ) who in former days burned dead bodies professionally Hindu rite of a child's tasting rice for the first time. [ antaryāmī ] a aware of or competent to know other's mind. ̃ n. blinding darkness. design. food and drink. ritable or gratuitous supply of food. one who supplies or gives food. ̃ n. ̃ adv. (hist. ̃ n. fem. absence of light. (absolutely) depending on food or boiled rice for [ antastala ] n the bottom or the interior of anything. ̃ n.) a substratum (pl. ignorance.) to be quite ignorant (of).) having utterly ignorant. to beat about the bush. etc. (gr. obse quies. tis. ̃ a. utter darkness. n. ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ .) a stick by the help of which a blind person moves. name appropriate to one's qualities or nature or proper ties.[ antarmādhurya ] n sweetness of the heart or soul. full of food or rice. v. ins and outs. relating. & n. a blind person cannot distinguish be tween day and night or between bright ness and gloom. ̃ n. ̃ n. connecting. secrets. utterly dark. a dark pit. v. v.) to make a stray or random at tempt to hit. agreement. of a dwelling-house). food and clothand dwelt in the outskirts of villages for they were regarded as untouing. blindness. . engraved. [ antarmukha ] a introspective. ̃প a. one who main tains. to be en gaged in search or research or investi gation. to inquire. ̃ n. ̃ ̃ n. a researcher. (fig. spiritual. distressed. ̃ a. ̃ . a gynaecium. (lit. (gr. to take an off-chance.) to be at one's wit's end to find a means of escape from danger. dying who supplies or gives food. [ antarlikhita ] a (geom. [ antaścarma ] n dermis. (fig. hernia. [ anbē ita. one who boards gullet. almost [ anbē aka ] a engaged in search or research or investigation. pear. v. Goddess at his master's house). that which is to be searched or sought or researched or in vestigated. connected. darkest. n. a seeker. starving. related. blindly. ̃ n. a blind man's prop. utterly dark. syntactic ( ). extremely [ anbīk ā ] n discussion about the teachings of the Vedas after dark. fem. thinking out means of procuring one's heart. extremely dark or gloomy. a. de pressed or obsessed. ̃ n. (loos.̃প n. etc. full of darkness or gloom.) the Blackhole Tragedy. sub strata). ̃ n. to search. to darken. concordant. scarcity. overwhelm or bewilder (a person). introspec tion. utter dark ness. (fig. of [ antastara ] n (geol. enteri[ anba a ] n succession.) afferent. a. n. (fig. inward sweetness. the time of death or termination. rashly. rice. an investigator. death-bed. ̃ n. ̃ [ antastbaka ] n dermis. to re search. bread-prob lem is the chief problem.

against. ̃ adv. a wrongful or harmful act. a wrong-doer. a different man ner or way. improper[ apagata ] a gone away. [ apaca a ] n loss. a wrong-doer. ̃ n. [ anyā a ] n impropriety. ̃প a. disobeying. a miacts.) a symbion. [ apakēndra ] n (sc. unjustness. ̃ adv. injustly. corruption. a wrong. the others. a. subsided. with drawal. preoccupied state. slander. un prejudiced. violation. ̃ প a. different.. mas. ̃ প a. fully. contrarywise. a mischief. con trary. same as প প (n. ex ception. desirous of evil (to others). ̃ adv. unnatural. [ apak a ] a base. preoccupied by some other thought. ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ . & con. a different or another state or attitude or manner. [ apak ta ] a harmed. interdependence. injury. violation. apagamana ] n flying away.) downward attraction. un cooked. same as প প (a. to com mit a crime. relative. justness. in a different way or manner. a crime. misuse. wastage. প injure. [ apacāra ] n straying from one's own reli gion. n. subsidence. disagreeing. elsewise. calumny. mean. ab-. unboiled or parboiled or uncooked state. [ apakri ā ] n a misdeed. unjust. at or in or to a different place or topic or subject. any other. n. ̃ adv. (bot. adul tery. same as ̃ n. [ apakarma ] n a misdeed. by one belonging to a dif ferent kind). an-. one who lives by unfair means or wrong-doing. a. dispelled. a mischief-maker. vice. a wrong. fled away. inattentive ness. doing otherwise. to do a wrong. dys-. reciprocal absence or negation.) প প . flight. somebody else. non-aligned. ̃ n.̃ a. ̃ a. a scandalous act. etc. [ anyūna ] a not less than. in a differ ent way. immature.) [ anyapu a ] a. [ anyāyya ] a improper. proper or unreasonable or wrongful act. unbecom ingness. to do a mis deed. adulter ous. fem. impropriety. & n. mal(e)-. to do disservice (to). one who or that which causes unnatural death. ̃ . degen eration. disservice. ̃ . [ apacikīr ā ] n malignity. ̃ n. immaturity. withdrawn. one or any one of the two. unreasonableness.) centrifugal. improper. ̃ adv. injury. the other. [ apakāra ] n harm. ̃ a. a crime. out-. a foul or malignant act. unreasonably. a. taking bad or faulty or prohibited diet. n. anti-. প a. reciprocity. infringement. ̃n. [ anyōnya ] n mutual. a. wretched. n. a. i-. ill-fame. correlative. symbiotic. departed. n. to do injustice. according to a different view. n. unbiased. in a dif ferent or other way. to in fringe. apo-. a wrong-doing. same as . done by some other person. inferior. the crow. to harm. of a different or other kind(s). contra-. v. ̃ n. [ apakala ka ] n a false imputation. having another or a different meaning. ̃ adv. down. unseemly. holding a different opinion. to act im properly or unjustly or unreasonably or wrongfully. state of being wasted or squandered away. parboiled. star). malevolent. a wrongful or disgraceful act. one or any one of several persons. v. the cuckoo. downfall. n. a river. malignant. deterioration. ex-. such a person or crea ture. harmful. depending on one another or each other. under. harm. v. to violate. departure. absent-mindedness. a criminal. disobedience. a different meaning. a symbiont. [ apagu a ] n demerit. a malefactor. ill will. ̃ n. to fritter away. base. unreasonable. screant. waste. প a. degener ated. v. to misuse. symbiosis. a crime. a mischief.[ apakar a ] n (ori. ̃ . [ apaghāta ] n death by accident. otherwise. pernicious conduct or behaviour. infringement. n. bad. unnatural death. প প n. attachment to some man or woman other than one's husband or wife. de crease. from or by the other or others or another. decay. same as ̃প a.) an unfavourable or malignant planet (or [ anyāsakta ] a (of a husband) attached to some woman not one's wife. interdependent. প a. unfaithfulness. doing mischiefs or wrongful n. ̃ প a. formerly beth- ☐ ☐ [ apa ] pfx off. [ apakka ] a unripe. a fault. non alignment. wasted. antagonistic. & n. absent-minded. things. reciprocal. etc. unrea sonable ( ). inattention. 27 ☐ ☐ ☐ rothed or mar ried to somebody else. from. adv. even-handed justice. brought up by another (esp. inferiority. & con. wrongful. ̃ . several and various. to disobey. ̃ n. a wrong-doer. counter-. প centrifugal force. [ apagraha ] n (astrol. an unjust act. a different opinion. rely. in attentively. a misdeed. . in a different manner. repealed. to do or act otherwise. impartial. a harmful or wrongful act. a. the contrary. [ apaca ita ] a ill-spent. to be contrary to. to waste. opposite to. প a. in attentive. to [ apakīrti ] n disrepute. ̃ adv. malevolence. guilt. to make some mischief. wrongfully. & pro. misused. defect. contradictory. & pro other. freedom from prejudice or bias. unripeness. ̃ a. wrongful. n. a-. a.̃ a. neutrality. distorted. mutual dependence. n. wrong fulness. n. a. etc. ̃প ̃ . passed away. decline. injustice. injured. notoriety. death by accident. প n. abs-. pl other. accidental hurt or injury to one's person. squandered away. an unreason able act. mutuality. bad. absentmindedly. প v. ☐ [ anya ] a. ̃ n. ˜ a. reciprocal. just. undesirable. প a. a. curbing corruption. acting unjustly or improperly or un reasonably or wrongremoval. unjust. [ apagā ] a going downwards or seawards. bringing up another (esp. baseness. to throw away. in the least. & pro. ̃ a. a. acting or doing otherwise. opposed to each other or one an other. change of state or attitude or manner. প n. relative differ ence. sundry. not thoroughly boiled. dis-. or. disagreement. to be in violation of. fem. non-. at least. neutral. blemish. unbecoming. unboiled. injurious. [ anyārtha ] n another meaning. a mis deed.̃ a. unfaithful. ̃ . in or of a different manner or way. প v. one not belonging to one's kind). ̃the anti-cor ruption department. an unjust or immoved. away. v. [ apak apāta ] n impartiality. a misdoer. ugly. & n see [ anyānya ] a. to squander away. some other. such a person or creature. [ apagama.

degenerated. misconduct. extrava gant. to spoil the holiness or purity of. to remove. misused. প v. given to ill-spending or squandering away or misuse. a young of any creature. transfer. [ apabarga ] n salvation. ( [ apabhra a ] a fallen. not versed in scriptures etc. weakened. to be insulted or humiliated or disgraced. unskilful. mis use. to wipe out. dispelling or allaying. deleted. illness. refutation. unmar ried. unfitness. removal. abuse. un studied. misuse. perversion. emaciation. incompetent. wasteful.. decreased. প v. to spend wrongfully or impru [ apa ya ] a not marketable or fit to be sold. indisposition. to misapply. to be treated with insolence. base race or com munity. philoprogenitiveness. [ apana a. to misuse. practice of ill-spending or misusing or squan dering away.[ apacita ] a decayed. divided by a common measure. enfeeblement. humiliated. apod. [ apam tyu ] n death by accident. to blame. removed. indis posed. প v. neglect. [ apabāda ] n ill-repute. প a. good-for-nothing. allayed. alteration. affront. [ apadēbatā ] n an evil spirit. প a. [ apa hita ] a not perused. wasted. unlearned. abuse. to abuse. elimination. defamation. disregard. to dishonour. elimination. dispelled. eliminated. on the wane. embar rassed. childless. প n. [ apatnīka ] a one whose wife is dead. ̃ a. [ apathya ] n diet that is injurious for a pa tient. bad or faulty or prohibited or in jurious or unwholesome diet. corrupt or incorrect ). (coll. [ apabartana ] n (alg. stav ing off. waning. profanity. making no discrimination between one's own children and those of other people. allayed. slowed down. beaten off. squandered away. in competent. apana ana ] n removal. প v. to outrage. to refute. impure. squandering away. to dispel. uselessness. a. a ghost. disgrace. ̃ ̃ a. incapability. unchaste. to slander. refuted.) division by a common measure. unhallowed. affronted. in dignity. to profane. contempt. to give a bad name. eliminated. to misuse. insulted. a demon. to elimi- 28 . to insult or humili ate or disgrace. dispelled. change. [ apabyabahāra ] n misuse. dimin ished. [ apadasha ] a (of posts or positions) not of a high rank. stricken with illness. to be embarrassed. প a. scandal ous. insulting. [ apapā ha ] n wrong or distorted reading. dislodged. প v. unlettered. wastefulness. in capable. [ apanē a ] a removable. revocable. a ghastly illusion. a. to spend money imprudently. vulgar ization. ill-spent. wasted. wiped out. unfit. decrease. [ apada ] a having no feet or legs. un educated. trashy. waste. wastage. inexpert. disrespect. প v. calumny. unchasteness. base-born. deletion. (of money etc. [ apatha ] n a wrong or bad or improper path. [ apamiśra a ] n adulteration. '). [ apajāta ] a degenerate. [ apa ita ] a lacking in erudition or learn ing. effaceable. paren tal affection. to desecrate. unnatural death. to disgrace. dimness. to embarrass. prodigality. to defame. driven or chased away. প a. impurity. vulgar dialects descended from a classical language. to delete. [ apabitra ] a unholy. to de fame. unfit. dently. to af front.) to be in sulted or dishonoured or affronted or disgraced or defamed. to be spent wrong fully or imprudently. to misspend. [ apadārtha ] a worthless. to calumniate. a vicious or mischie vous move. [ apabhā a ] n ill-repute. avoidance. to spend ill. an apparition. misspent. disgraced. unsaleable. avoided. ̃ adv. prodigal. to squander away. same as প ̃ a. v. [ apabāra a ] n concealment.) squandered away. [ apabya a ] n wrongful or imprudent spend ing. ̃ graceful. unread. dishonour. profane. [ apayaśa ] n ill-repute. [ apacchā ā ] n a phantom. [ apapra ōga ] n misapplication. unholi ness. improper means or conduct. to waste. প প [ apabāhita ] a removed to a different place. infamy. [ apanōdana ] n removal. unclean. love for one's children. to insult. ̃ a. to put to shame. difraction. extravagance. just like one's own children. to be misused or abused. to alleviate. decay. shifted. not specialized in. de leted. misreading. ̃ n. waste. same as প প v. [ apabhra śa ] n corrupted or incorrect form of a word. [ apacē ā ] n endeavour to do a wrongful or harmful act. infamy (' [ apabhā ā ] n obscence or slang or vulgar language. unclean state. insulted. [ apacī amāna ] a that which is being decayed or ill-spent or wasted or diminished. weakness. a child. waste. প v. one who has not yet taken a wife. ̃ n. dis- [ apanīta ] a removed. unskilled. to ravish. worthlessness. প v. not treating differently from one's son. disgrace. [ apajñāna ] n slight. [ apa u ] a inexpert. bad name. out of countenance. a ghost. concealed. katabolism. dishonoured. ill-spent. squander ing away. discreditable. lack of dexterity or skill. to waste. [ apañjarī ] n an invertebrate. a vile or blamable or dis graceful move. bad name. প n. [ apatya ] n a son or a daughter. প a. dele tion. ̃ . incorrect ness. to al lay. staved off. dis graced. elimi nable. misuse. misbehaviour. ̃ n. . transferred. spendthrift. that which has not been gone through. diminished state. extrava gance. de famed. incompetence. slander. [ apamāna ] n insult. প v. to be wasted. to of fend one's dignity. liberation. insolent. corruption. incompetence. a degenerated or nate. defama tion. to make unclean. revocation. প n. useless. ̃ n.

a sinner. pro. to sin. প in the after noon. pro fuse. [ aparigraha ] n non-acceptance. slovenly. unacquainted. fem. incessant. [ aparip kta ] a (phys. unchange able. on the other hand. refusal. প over-eating. ̃ adv. untired. unpremeditated. unfamiliar. প n. [ aparimārjita ] a not refined or revised or cleaned. প n. unwedded. unholy.) unsaturated. non-stop. immoderate. raw. im provident. unskilled. creature or thing). untroubled. apē ē ] a. worldly. owed (pop. প n. countless. not subjugated.. fixity. dinginess. a callow youth. [ aparibē ita ] a not surrounded or en circled. unchanging state. coming after ( ). strange. over indulgence. ̃ a greenhorn. fem (also used in masc. ̃ n. [ aparimā a ] a immeasurable.) ill-omened. unchanging. insa tiate. & adv. [ apariśuddha ] a impure. [ apariśōdhanī a ] a unrepayable. un familiar. lack of knowledge (in or of). unfaded. greenness. প a. [ aparicchanna ] a untidy. offending. fixed. a criminal. slovenliness. unfa miliarity. [ apariśrānta ] a not tired out or wearied or fatigued. a. in addition. fem.). a creeper of the clitoria genus or its flower. lively. young. [ aparibartana ] n absence or lack of change or alteration or modification. non-ac quaintance. exces sive ( ). one whose intelli gence or judgement has not yet at tained maturity. imprudent. turned down. [ apariśōdhita ] a unrepaid. un restrained. inexpert. a defect. [ aparājita ] a undefeated. [ aparipāka ] n indigestion. aparit pta ] a not thoroughly sat isfied or gratified. to commit a fault. immature. [ aparijñē a ] a unknowable. in correct. প [ aparādhīna ] a not dominated by other. innumerable. one who commits a fault. unfatigued. প yesterday afternoon. n. minor. uninterrupted. unrefined. প n. প প an unknown person. প v. lack of knowledge (in or of). ̃ n. feeling of guiltiness. in numerable. [ aparipūr a ] a not thoroughly filled or ful filled. [ aparibāhī ] a non-conducting. ☐ ☐ ☐ . terminating ( ). fem of প absolute or su preme. rashness. [ aparijñāta ] a unknown. mundane. consciousness or sense of guilt. under-age. dingy. on the other side. [ apari īta ] a unmarried. প of প ̃প adv. reseeing. unculti vated. [ apari āmadarśī ] a lacking in foresight. (phil. boundless. ̃ immensity. unlucky. unfolater. not fa tigued. [ aparig hīta ] a unaccepted. excessive. guilty conscience. never-fading.̃ a. [ aparitu a. ignorance. unchangeability. strangeness. dirty. inexperience. (fig. ominous. invari able. incogni zance. fem. want of fore sight. puerile. plentiful. rash. unbridled. not enclosed. unrefined. ̃ a. lack of moderation. a sin. invincible. unclean. unripeness. প n. non-cultivation. [ aparikli a ] a unwearied. [ aparityājya ] a incapable of being forsaken or deserted given up or avoided or dis owned. imprudence. firm. প var. [ apa ā. unbeaten. [ aparicita ] a not familiar. non conductor.) a Sanskrit metre. & pro. another ( ). n. ̃ ̃ a. too many or too much. ungratified. absence of full satisfaction or plea sure. immea surableness. entire. unaltered. immutable. unripe. plentiful. impurity. refused. ̃প a. profuse. unvaried. (pros. childish. ̃ .) other than the [ aparā ] a. inaus picious (usu. প tomorrow after noon. ̃ n. unfulfilled. ungratified. [ aparikalpita ] a not planned or designed. elsewhere. re jected. an offender. inexperienced. outstanding. [ aparimē a ] a immeasurable. immature. [ aparipakka ] a not fully ripe. tender. tender-aged. unlearned. [ aparimita ] a immeasurable. [ aparāhna ] n afternoon. [ aparicchinna ] a undivided. green. fem. moreover. not turning away (from). embryonic. cheerful. untiring. incompleteness. more than enough. fixity. to commit an offence or crime. fem. [ apara ] a other. of প n. ama ranthine. strange. [ aparimlāna ] a fadeless. unknown. improsomebody else ( ). matchless ( ) [ aparādha ] n a fault. on the other hand. unsatisfied. in temperance. constancy. immatu rity. continuous. young. unbeatable. firmness. [ aparibartita ] a unchanged. attributed to the appear ance or presence of a person. sinful. sinful. [ apari ata ] a not fully grown-up or devel oped. lack of skill. uninformed. untidiness. in an unplanned or unpre meditated manner or way. [ aparica a ] n non-acquaintance. প con. countless. op posite ( ). uncultured. প adv. not planned or de signed beforehand. & con.) impure ( ). guilty. প this afternoon. further. not thoroughly experienced or skilled. tireless. [ aparājē a ] a unconquerable. a crime. প a. constancy. ̃ n. প [ apariśīlana ] n lack of study or practice. unsophis ticated. guilt complex. unwearied. unrestricted. unenclosed. criminal. a stranger. criminal. not disinclined. প a. incognizance. surfeit. unacquainted. unparalleled. n. un conquered. fem. innumerable. unalterable. uncleanliness. vidence. unclean. re jection. dirtiness. [ aparā mukha ] a not averse (to). firmness. an offence. an appellation of Goddess Durga ( ). illusory. a guilt. 29 ☐ ☐ . incognizable. immu tability. a. constant. unlimited. unreturn able. frivolous. undeliberate. unrecognizable. unsatisfied. such a person. un studied. last. verdant.

misappropri ated. a disaster. apahnuti ] n concealment (of truth). '). taint less. not manifest or apparent. [ apaśāsana ] n misrule. withdrawal. to shift. profuse. plentiful. to remove. a pilferer. impure. প v. [ aparūpa ] a unprecedented. direct.) direct speech or narration. [ aparōk a ] a perceptible. [ aparisruta ] a not filtered. a mishap. apahārī ] a.) a figure of speech in which the object of comparison is concealed under the analogy (' . to remove. mentality etc. to take away to a different place. [ aparisphu a ] a not fully perceptible or ex pressed. a danger. a hazard. [ apasri amā a ] a receding.) direct or immediate perception. bad government. [ apari k ta ] a uncleaned. . unpurified. a sto len glance. [ apalaka ] a (of eyes) unwinking. to loot. wind that passes through the anus. with eyes unwinking. an abductor. to retreat. removal. uncovered. a man unfit or not worth consideration for matrimonial alliance. প adv. narrow. odd. ̃ a. exces sive. apetalous. writing. im purity. to be dispelled or ex pelled. [ apā ktē a ] a debarred from dining to gether with the members of one's own caste. an obscene or vulgar word. to shift. dim. theft. fallacious inference. socially cast out. theft. laughed to scorn.) not perspicuous or lucid or explicit. carried off. guiltless. wind passed through the anus. imme diate. [ apahāraka. a cant phrase. to rob. to withdraw. looking steadfastly. [ apahata ] a killed. [ apar ā ] n. [ apābara a ] n unveiling or uncovering. [ apar a ] a leafless. opened. unexperimented. squint. gone away. to dismiss. (phys. removal. ̃ n. murdered. প v. carrying off or lift ing. going out. books etc. pilfered. impure. hard-read ing. aparihara ī a ] a unavoidable. amazing. not affected by sin. [ apasūra ] n (astr. .) to diverge. প same as প (see প ). retreating. snatched.) divergent.) unintelligible. with steadfast gaze. abduction. plunsteals or plunders or robs or abducts or carries off. a glance from the outer corner of the eye. to carry off. not worth reading. transfer. abducted. filch ing. & n a thief. to dispel or expel ( ). thievish. [ apah ta ] a stolen. to steal. প (phil. [ apā aba ] n lack of skill or dexterity. un gainliness. with drawing. mocked at. প (gr. to withdraw. within one's reach. [ aparihārya. awkwardness. প v. unfiltered. to misappropri ate. one who or that which has never commit ted any sin. to with draw. [ aparisīma ] a limitless. [ apācya ] a indigestible. exit. to move to a different place. to retreat. plundered. ugly.[ apari kāra ] n uncleanliness. the wind that prevails within the lower part of the body. outcaste. a robber. simper. lifted. (of look) steadfast. a side-glance. [ apahara a ] n stealing. too much or too many. not roundabout. [ apahasita ] a laughed at. inevitable. [ apasa sk ti ] n degenerate culture. derous. (fig. not vitiated. pilferage. de stroyed. প angle of divergence. a hin drance. in dispensable. untried. an ogling or leering glance. ruin.) to diverge. harm. প v. to go back. dismissal ( ). visible. [ apaśabda ] n a grammatically incorrect word. derided. [ apā a ] n destruction. untidy.) not suitable for reading.) the ablative case. vulgar speech. suggestio falsi. to remove. a murderer. removed. plunder. fart. [ apasārita ] a shifted. boundless. unrefined. unclean. a slayer. to move to a different place. robbed. untidiness. endless. 30 ☐ ☐ [ apasiddhānta ] n wrong conclusion. a. un bounded. [ apahantā ] n a killer. one who a. (phys. ( [ apalāpa ] n suppression or concealment ( ). (rare) insufficient inadequate. per verted or corrupt taste. loot. loss. to move away. [ apasāra a ] n taking away to a different place. movement. ridiculed.) aphelion. প . misappro priation. dismissed. [ apādāna ] n (gr. re treat. (phys. (phys. untidy. transferred. to go away. [ apāpa ] a sinless. [ apāna ] n the wind of the lower space. [ aparyāpta ] a more than sufficient. (fig. ). [ apāb ta ] a unveiled. a plunderer. denial. perished. one who misappro priates.-of teaching.) divergence. [ apasara a ] n leaving for a different place. robbery. to pilfer. a robber. [ apātra ] n an unfit or undeserving or in competent or improper or base or vile person or thing. [ aparisara ] a not wide. a false statement. (rhet. withdrawn. [ apasārī ] a (phys. [ apāka ] n indigestion. slain. denial [ apahāsa ] n derisive or scornful laughter or smile. to plunder. to re cede. queer. withdrawal. incomparably beautiful. obscene. to transfer. strange. [ apā ga ] n the outer corner of the eye. indecent. to move away. to shift. . not spa cious. [ apahnaba. . opening the door (of). in distinct. to go out. wonderful. an impediment. untested. [ aparīk ita ] a unexamined. a looter.) to diverge. a lifter. unclean. [ apā hya ] a (of books etc. looted. injury. abundant. without any intervening agency. a corrupt word. a destroyer. an appellation of Goddess Durga ( ). fem a woman who has not eaten even a tree-leaf during her penance. [ apahartā ] n a thief. dis pelled or expelled. to abduct. ̃ n. to lift.

wonderfulness. unrevealed. defiled. unspoken by man ( ). not very hot or scorching. anticipation ( ). a. desirable. [ apraka a ] a unrevealed. coy. not in the proper frame of mind. non-completion. incapable. [ apinihiti ] n (phon.) improper fraction (with numerator greater than denominator). a. [ apūr a ] a not full or filled. expecunfriendliness. dependent. [ apūra a ] n non-fulfilment. [ apracalita ] a gone out of use. to go out of use. impure.) an undesirable or un wanted dependent for maintenance. an infant. extramundane. a. conversely. dull. [ apēk a ī a ] a one who or that which is or should be awaited.) a counter-argument. to be come obsolete or antiquated. [ aprak tisha ] a off one's natural state. to care for. aputraka ] a sonless. con. in comparison to or with. wonder ful. unsanctified.) childless. undernourished. ̃ n. originality. preternatural. novelty. supernatural. unprecedentedness. in famy. anticipant. malnutrition. (Vaishnava lit. fuddled (esp. [ apēk a ] a depending on ( quorum. [ apālana ] n bad government. unfinished. polite. [ apauru ē a ] a not man-made. concealment. a. concealed. apēśādāri ] a non-professional. [ apē a ] a that which is not fit to drink. drunkenness. imcomplete. inferior. thin.) aberration. unpub lished. concealed. to go out of fashion or currency. [ apāraga ] a not going or moving to or to wards the coast. boundless. obsolete. celestial. (math. of nourishment. to expect. [ apu a ] a undeveloped.) solemn or divine ac tivities in an incorporeal or non-mani fest existence. incorrect. expectant. that which should not be revealed or manifested or disclosed or published. n. dead. [ apra idhāna ] n inattention. to await. un fulfilled. one who has lost one's father or is without one's father. un drinkable. [ apūrba ] a that which has no previous exist ence. supernatural.) cryptogamous. expectation. endless. going out of use. spurious. imperfection. unsatisfied ( ). [ aprak ta ] a not genuine. undisclosed. not brazenfaced or shameless. unfin ished state. not in vogue. same as (a. one who or that which is or should be expected or an ticipated. a child. to rely on. unusualness. divine. adv. one who has no room tancy. [ apracalana ] n obsolescence. discredit. (alg. not saucy or pert. men tally upset or deranged. a boy or girl. non-disclosure. wrong. a minor. with drink). ̃ ̃ n. awaiting. (loos. unusual. [ apēk amā a ] a in the state of waiting or awaiting. [ apracura ] a insufficient. [ apica ] con moreover. quarrel. relatively. a good-fornothing fel low. preternatural. misrule. cowardly. [ apēk ā ] n await. incompletion. new and strange. unhallowed. [ apragalbha ] a not proud or haughty or unto wardly. to wait for. not preached or propagated. inexpedient. tarry. [ aputra. to 31 ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ . excellence. novel. untrue.[ apāra ] a shoreless ( vast. non-fulfilment. waiting for. inadvisable. [ apu ya ] n lack of virtue. imperfect. anticipated. .) miracles. to anticipate. a lad or lass. also. unlim ited. refutation. pri vate ( ). non-manifesta tion. uncommon. disap peared. [ apauru a ] n unmanliness. crazy. cowardice. imcompleteness. [ apuru a. ungratified. n. [ apēra a ] n (astr. scanty. besides. uncirculated. প v. secret. waited for. de prived of one's selfcontrol. ̃ tively. in addition. mean. ). প [ apēk aka ] a waiting. & n. grand. [ apāryamānē ] adv in case of failure owing to inability or incapability. ). lean. want. expected. [ apēśādāra. mild. state of not being in current use. anurous. [ aprakhara ] a not sharp or strong. [ apu pa. out standing ( ). bad. apu paka ] a unflowering. minor. state of being not current. underage. bad blood. [ apōha ] n (log. base. uncom monness. excellent. unloving. flower less. unpublished. ). . [ apuccha ] a tailless. unprecedented. [ apārthiba ] a unearthly. re moval (of doubt etc. [ aprak a ] a not good.). maladminis tration. undone. careless ness. original. of. [ aprakāśa ] n non-revelation. reli ance ( for love in one's heart. vanished. caring for or de pending on ( ). [ apra a a ] n lack or loss of love or friendli ness or attachment. unable. obsoleteness. not current. lack [ apēk ita ] a awaited. excited.). a baby. [ apracārita ] a not made public. shame. . non-appearance. on the other hand. unreal. [ apit ka ] a fatherless. unable.) a function. infant. waiting (for) or tarrying. [ apūta ] a not sacred. (cp. undisclosed. condi tional. tongue-shy. further. desired. [ apōgan a ] a good-for-nothing. unmanifested. shortage. v. immaterial. apuru ōcita ] a unmanly.) epenthesis. unholy. ̃ n. than. not ample or pro fuse. (bot. প n. im mense. an tiquated. not garrulous. craziness. unrevealed. modest. neglect. . unannounced. false. compara [ apāraka ] a incapable. [ apu yi ] n (coll. drunk.

uselessness. (loos. incredulous. apratidbandbī ] a unrivalled. not believed. [ apradīpa ] n black-out. non-es sential. [ apratihata ] a unresisted. [ apratīti ] n incredulity. subordinate. in comparable. uninterrupted. [ apratikārya ] a that which cannot be re dressed. superfluous. dis engaged. [ aprati ha ] a not settled or established. doubting. irresistible ( ). non plussed. immense. want. refutation. not established or substantiated. [ apratikāra ] n absence of redress. [ aprab tti ] n disinclination. non-realization. obscure. inappli cability. disbelieved. rightfulness. [ apraśamita ] a not subdued or neutralized or pacified. unnecessariness. sober. inappotions etc. bad name. second ary. unlimited. abeyance. im penetrable. disproof. abashed. n. unnecessary. irremediable. matchless in combat. intangible. unimportant. matchless. [ apra ōjana ] n needlessness. [ apramē a ] a immeasurable. non-perception. not renowned. (gr. unconvinced. ne glect. unerring. one who has not lost one's self-control. to become embarrassed or abashed. composed. [ apratyak a ] a transcendental. [ apratya a ] n lack of belief or conviction. calm. indigence. different. [ apratikūla ] a not unfavourable or antago nistic.[ apratarkya ] a that which cannot be settled by discussion or debate. siteness. im mense. vigilance. a. by chance. [ apratibidhāna ] n absence of remedy or re dress. im proper ( ). inap posite. innumerable. unfounded. irremediable. in evitable. lacking in presence of mind. come into the limelight. indirect. match less.) unused. posed. [ aprab tta ] a not engaged or employed. careful ness. unique. inaptness. incom prehensible ( ). [ apratīka ] a without a symbol. uncounted. friendly. ̃ adv. invis ible. one who or that which is [ aprayatna ] n lack of effort or endeavour or enthusiasm or assiduin an uncertain state or position. unavoidable. of light or lamps. [ apratyāśita ] a unexpected. [ apramā ita ] a unproved. peerless. 32 ☐ a. not famous. not expressed. to be put out of counte nance. unique. not anticipated. [ apratiratha ] n a matchless warrior. having no lamps burning. ̃ n. [ apratima ] a incomparable. countless. unopposed. apathy. inauspi cious. disreputable. inapplicable. not drunk or in toxicated. unlooked-for. boundless. placid. [ apra ōga ] n non-application. narrow. sobriety. accidentally. incredulity. unthought of. disreputable. favourable. profuse. dull-witted. [ aprabāsī ] a not living in a foreign country. [ apratyāśā ] n lack or absence of expecta tion. redundant. [ apratipatti ] n lack of influence or power. laxity. n. [ apratibidhē a ] a that which cannot be re dressed. impervious. v. [ apraśa sanī a ] a not praiseworthy or com mendable. unsuitable. disbelieving. doubted. beyond logic and reason.) an im pervious rock. misapplica tion. censurable. [ aprathita ] a not celebrated or distin guished. [ apramā a ] n lack of proof or evidence or justification. uncertain [ aprayukta ] a inapplicable. unprevented. doubt. undiscussable. destitute ☐ . needless. noncomprehension. non-currency. in aptitude. dearth. helpful. . [ apratibha ] a embarrassed. not well-known. [ apratiruddha ] a unresisted. pro[ apratirūpa ] a without equal. [ apradhāna ] a not principal or chief. [ apratidbandba. [ apraśasta ] a not wide or spacious. unpreventible. non-rem edy. lack of praise. a. [ apratirōdhya ] a irresistible. inapt ( state or position. needlessness. not vindicated or justified. accidental.) an indi rect object. [ apratibandha ] a unobstructed. shortage. uncountable.) mis applied. unprevented. suddenly. not living abroad. same as and—(of institu). need. superfluity. careful. sudden. [ apratī amāna ] a not revealed or disclosed. unpreventible. not praised or eulogized. a. a. correct ness. disbelief. a. unparalleled. matchless. a. insufficiency. not perceptible by sense-organs. vigilant. distaste. absence of ne cessity. unestablished. undebatable. [ aprabēśya ] a impermeable. (loos. not laudable. redundance. disrepute. [ apramita ] a unmeasured. doubt. imperceptible. unobstructed. (geol. misuse. [ apramatta ] a not maddened.) unfounded. not respectable. irrecoverable. [ aprati ēdhya ] a that which cannot be pre vented. diffidence. copious. unhindered. minor. [ apramāda ] n absence of mistake. un limited. not to be disputed or called in question. [ apratula ] n lack of abundance or plenty. [ apratipanna ] a unproved. un ruffled. [ aprabala ] a not strong or stout. un expectedly. un obstructed. out of countenance. n. not allayed. unwill ingness. nonprevention. unparalleled. incurable. censured. lack of be lief or conviction. lack of use. unfavourable. one who could not yet assert himself or ity. obscurity. fuse. unhoped-for. unhindered. unop[ aprayōjya ] a not applicable. use less. unconditional. unsuitable.

). non-acquisition. contrariety. dilapidation. fem. sadness. [ aprāmā ika ] a not proved or vindicated.) evolution. known. powder. ̃ a. waste. [ abakāśa ] n leisure. dealing one a fatal blow. v. time or space be tween. disgusting. [ abak ēpa. to receive information or intimation of. [ aprāk ta ] n unnatural. nonprocurement. absent. baseness. to become acquainted with or apprised of. to be disagreeable (to). & a. waste. to learn. full of ( having an interval ( ). one who does disagreeable or unpleas ant deeds. loss. [ aphalana ] n lack or absence of fruition. [ aprastuta ] a not made or prepared. absence. [ abagā h ় ] a immersed. [ aba1 ] pfx indicating: certainty.. irrelevance.) allegory. non-receipt. displeasure. a defect. vacation ( ). rareness. adv. detachment. rare. [ abagata ] a informed. tank.) depreciation. encircling. dusting with medicinal powder. disliked. lack or absence of harvest. [ abagāha. fem. inexhaustible ( ). scarce. fem. vexed. [ aphuranta. unacquirable. gloom. (phil. underage. unacceptable. [ aprasiddha ] a not famous or renowned or well-known. dis tasteful. unproved. antagonistic ( ). (fig. a frag ment. interval. to be aware of. knowledge. offended. middle etc. unready. lack of fame or reputation or renown. to be acquainted with. fem. abagāhana ] n bathing by immersing one's body in a river. to be disliked by.) now (' '). a division. bounded by ( ). ̃ a. unpleasantly. one who deserves no love or affection. [ abagun hana ] n a cover for the head and face (used by women). barren. separation. ̃ n. n. section. unprepared. [ aprīti ] n lack of affection. melancholy. ruin. ̃ a. minor. one who has not ob tained or received or earned or ac quired or realized or attained. undes ired. morose. ̃ n. [ aphalā ] a unfructiferous. aphurāna ] a unending. de posited. [ aprāmā ya ] a not provable. sad. dissatisfaction. disgusting. n. awareness. fem. gloomy. unauthentic. one who is rude in speech. below the age of legal majority. taunt. saddened. opportu nity ( ). etc. [ abaghāta ] n a fatal blow. [ aprāpya ] a unavailable. ̃ a. non-realization. veiled. [ abagu a ] n absence of virtue or good quali ties. temporary) cessa tion. one who has not yet come of age. unprocurable. irrelevant ( ) n. ). distaste. [ abak a a ] n depreciation. to be disconcerted. (of prop erties etc. with a discon tented or heavy heart.̃ [ abacita ] a (of flowers etc. picked. a fault or a blemish. endless ( ). to know. parted. [ abaca a ] n plucking or picking or gathering flowers etc. expanse. a. i-. lack of con nection or relation. respite. one who is an object of dislike or hatred. absence of cur rency. unpleasant. 2 1 [ aba2 ] adv (obs. malicious. inexistent.) plucked. n. same as [ aprāpti ] n non-availability. interval. ̃ . a hood. cessation. ̃ a. pulverization. apo-. a veil. in formation. abak ēpa a ] n scattering. ̃ . unpleasant ness. bad blood. to intimate. obscure. a portion. ̃ n. room. unrelated. of fended state. one who or that which cuts off or separates or detaches or divides.̃ a. wasting.) deeply involved. & n. causing temporary cessation or inter val. mixed. to be come embarrassed. to have a bath. unfruitful. insufficiency. to take a bath. [ aprāpta ] a that which has not come into possession of. (rhet. one who or that which has penetrated. [ aprāsa gika ] a unconnected. ̃ a. not current. scope. ). disagreeableness. de-. adulterated ( limited by. wasted. bath. unspeakable. cast downwards. out of coun tenance. without exception. with a bad grace. to come to know. & n. v. ground into dust. aware. malice. (of books etc. unnatural death. separated. minor.. [ abak ipta ] a scattered. bantered. necessary time for ( ). ̃ . v. decadence. unfavourable. casting downwards. taunted. depositing. jeered at. downwards. in all. ill-spent. de preciated. a. limiting. [ apri a ] a disagreeable. [ abaktabya ] a that which cannot or should not be uttered. unknown. adv. [ aprācurya ] n lack (of). learnt. erosion. inadequacy. [ abacūr ana ] n reducing to powder or grinding into dust. not relating or pertaining to the matter at hand. . sunk. a limit or boundary. depreciation ˜ ̃ . [ abacētana ] a subconscious ( [ abacchinna ] a possessing. ridicule.) [ abacchēda ] n cutting off. to fall from grace (of). . displeasure. displeasing. supernatural. deposition. un productive. non-attainment. lack of preparation or readiness. gathered. dissatisfied. ir relevant. shortage (of). on the whole. engrossed. ridiculed. dearth. 33 ..̃ a. ob-. to apprise of. [ aprācīna ] a not old or ancient. ab-. artificial. ̃ n. antago nism. adv. (usu. embarrassed. to be put out of countenance. one who has not yet attained youth. acquainted. to acquaint.[ aprasanna ] a displeased. jeer. (arith. v. disagreeable. not related to the subjectmatter. pulverized. unattainable. v. un common. inferior ity. infructuous. one who or that which deals one a fatal blow or causes unnatural death. au fait. a part. un derage. to inform. one who speaks harshly or dis agreeably or reserve. [ aphu anta ] a not boiling. v. un friendly. reduced to powder. & n. & poet. bathed. unpleasant. in ward. . concealed. dust. fem.) a chapter or section. not blooming. melancholy. bad harvest.

humbly. v. an em peror. to appear in the role of. to appear or arrive. [ ababuddha ] a enlightened. dispicable. settled.) in bad taste.̃ a. an exploit. to dismount. fall. [ abatīr a ] a one who or that which has come down or gone down or de scended or alighted or climbed down or dismounted. cognized. per ceived. to come or go down wards. to fix. v. base. to disregard. [ abapatana ] n falling down. ap pointed. unrestrained. to pay attention or heed to. '). the earth. adv. the world. to deliberate. the doctrine of incar nation. flown down to or to wards the ground. a stimulant. to get out of any vehicle. to be relegated to a lower class. a personation ( = Satan personated). discerned. v. downfall. [ abadhūta2 ] a determined. 1 2 [ abadhauta1 ] a washed or cleansed (care fully). a preamble. disregard. fixation. . unfastened. awak ening. (of birds etc. [ abanibanā ] n lack of amity. abadhautika ] a pertaining to an cho) individually or collec tively. obscure. a prelude. discernment.) to fly down to or towards the ground. with one's head bending down. fixable. to put up (a proposal) or raise (a question). (in law) barred by limita- ☐ প same . (loos. [ abadhi ] prep from. . to ig nore. fixed.) a syn cline. fixed. humiliated. a. to discern.). a. un bolted. getting out of a vehicle. con temptible. to come or go down. ̃ n. a lad der. stooping. degradation. discern ible. 2 [ abatāra ] n incarnation. please hear (' '). to climb down. (of books etc. to de scend. 1 34 ☐ [ abajñā ] n slight. [ ababōdha1 ] n special or specialized or eso teric knowledge. [ abanata ] a bent down. disrespected. to cognize. to climb down. tri fling. to re press. introduction etc. vulgar. discerned. cer tain. to alight. weighing in mind. to act as (in a play). to determine. low ( ). depravity. to alight. same as [ abata sa ] n an ornament. to step down (from a position. n. n. to appoint. disagreement. etc. enlightenment. v. ground.) an ugly and odd-looking person. to get out of any vehicle. unutterable. [ abani. [ abatala ] a concave. v. determined. awakened. sure. caused by disregard or contempt. to get down. [ abadhē a ] a warranting attention or delib eration or careful hearing. depressed. an escalator. scorned. [ abatāra a ] n bringing down. [ abada śa ] n any pungent food that excites thirst (chiefly taken with drinks). descending. the world. a perfor mance. the whole of the earth. up to. n. (of words. settlement. since (' ). [ ababāhikā ] n the basin of a river. fem. to introduce. state of being awakened. repressed. unconfirmed. contemptuous. imp. n. inevitable ( ). to pay no regard to. a. scorn. brought down. a crowbar etc. low ness. v. depraved ( ). 1 [ abadhūta1 ] n one of a class of anchorites who worship Shiva ( ). base. n. to take one's birth upon the earth. disembarked.. humbled. to dis mount. an introduction. an achieve ment. ̃ tion. abadhāra ā ] n determining. degraded. a staircase. neglible. o hear. ̃ adv. ̃প n. [ abanamana. state of being bent or brought down. a flight of steps.). down fall. to hear atten tively. depressed ( ). [ abaddha ] a united. cerned. v. a. to disembark. to step down (from a position etc. abanī ] n the earth. certain. depression. repressible. a preface. baseness. one who has got out of any vehicle. appointed. (geol. a personification ( = kindness personified). . contempt. disre garded. n. as প [ abapatana-kō a ] n angle of diffraction.). an avatar. ap pointed. depression. to settle. bad blood. [ abadhāna ] n careful attention. a king. . unprevented. [ abadhāra a. illfeeling. ̃ . stepping down (from position etc. loose. fixing or settling. [ abadāra ī ] n a digging instrument such as a spade. arising out of contempt or ne glect.) a preface. disrespectfully. disre spect. the surface of the earth. degradation. contemptu ously. deliberation. a staircase. (of a celestial being) to become incarnated. cognized. meekly. alighting or climbing down or dismounting. consideration.) flying down to or towards the ground. a ladder. a great or commendable deed. [ abadhauta2. putting up a proposal or raising a ques tion for consideration. to consider. a. neglected. settled. (pop. descent. abana ana ] n bending or bringing down. v. [ abadāna ] n an act performed. relegation to a lower class.) to fly down to or to wards the ground. to descend. an incarnation. land. an antic. introduction. end. (of birds etc. dis[ abatara a ] n going or coming downwards. decline. (of birds etc. put out of countenance. (rare) to pass over or come through. (of a ce lestial being) incarnated (' '). an introduction. a prologue. settled. ̃ n..) the universe. deterioration. a feat. hearing attentively. to slight.. unfit for utterance. inevitable. termination. slighted. cognizable. [ abanamita ] a bent down. a flight of steps. till ( a. an emperor. rites ( [ abadhya ] a one who or that which should not or cannot be killed or slain. cognized. cognition. unlocked. unob structed. fixed. disembarkment. an escalator.) one who adds to the glory of or brings credit to ( ). unbound. expression etc. a king. an appetizer. (fig. disgraceful. ̃ n. sure. status etc. [ abadhārita ] a determined. [ abadamana ] n repression. neglect. [ abadya ] a unspeakable. bent or stooping state. putting up a proposal or raising a question for con sideration. ̃ n. one who or that which has ap peared or arrived. down fallen. to get down. to disembark. determination. [ abadhārya ] a determinable. position. limit. to neglect.

maintenance. abamardana ] n oppression. v. [ abar ita ] a unshed (' ). frail. to have recourse to for . closed. obstructed ( ). to bethe zenana.̃ court. rarely. false) ascription. the purdah sys tem. or state. hanging or suspended vertically. [ abamar a. come visible. v. fem deprived of strength. ̃ a. a landing permit. smear ing or daubing or [ abarē-sabarē ] adv (coll. [ abarmada. a ladder.) the mini mum. ab sent. insufficient. v. ( ). to detain. unruly. vainglory. seeing or observ ing. [ abala ] a weak. to wallow (in). block ade. [ abara ] a inferior. & n. easily. no ticeable. (usu. worth seeing. a [ abalā ] a. a limb. ̃ n. sorrow. dead. [ abarjanī a. ̃ n. taking counsel. junior.. nerveless. restrictions or fixed posi tion). completely destroyed. to shut. observable. a priswhich is to be taken by licking. & n one who slights or ne glects. liberamaintenance. ̃ n. be yond expression. women as a class. to roll to and fro (on). past. rolling or rolled to and fro (on). infirm. help. anointing. state of being written off. without a shelter or help. in ferior. indocile. n. (on). [ abarē ya ] a unworthy of cordial reception. [ abamantā ] a. & n (phys. non-existent. adv. v. a means for maintenance or accomplishing some thing. vanity. to view. ☐ ☐ . oblitesupport. imprisonment. carefree manner vient. unmanageable. body. a prop. one who has accepted or taken upon oneself or adopted. [ abartamāna ] a inexistent. having recourse to for support. one who or that which obstructs or hinders or blockades or besieges or im prisons or detains.. woman. younger. [ aba aba ] n body. [ abamarśa. to daub. maintenance. help. wallowing. to adopt. to take. ment. readiness. a part. to resort to. a. to imprison. transplantation.) deductive. consider ation. to come within or into view. after (one's) death or departure. to unloose. resorted to for support. to hinder. intractable. on the ground). a. ̃ a. occa sionally. v. tion (from trouble. acquittal. weak. initiation. a. n. blockaded. a. shelter etc. help. seldom. ̃প n. a form. efforthe lower division. fem. ure. in evitable. ̃ n. uncontrolled. descent. extermination.) infrared.) deduction. weak. an ointceptable. to look at. a constituent. subordinate. a siege. short. maintenance. abamar a a ] n extinction. to ob [ abalōkana ] n looking at. to fall flat imprisoned. [ ababhāsa ] n manifestation. to confine. প v. struct. without toil and trouble. to be seen or observed. paralysed. to ration. that which can or should be licked. confined. v. to block or blockade. during (one's) absence. a base metal. ̃ n. accepting or adopting ( ). feeble. a portion. barri caded. a paint. . looked at. a. help. hanging or suspended vertically. viewed. to blockade. neglect. ̃ a. [ abaśa ] a benumbed.̃ . extinction. zenana lap. falling flat (on). [ abalamba ] n a support. an unguent. woman living in the zenana. unrestrained. an appella[ abalun hana ] n falling flat (esp. extirpation. a. besieged ( ). adopted.. '). slight. abamarśana ] n realization. without a shape or form. torpid. resort ing to (something or somebody) for support. a small causes . un tamed. fit to be the practice of keeping women con fined in the zenana so that they canseen. a pretence. a flight of steps or stairs. fem most excellent. destruction. to be concealed or [ abarū h ় ] a alighted. pow erless. neglected. . v. to frus trate. to observe. tion of Goddess Durga. descended. ̃ n. [ abalupta ] a extinct. disobedient. to accept. [ abar anī a ] a indescribable. a. shelter etc. lost to view. absence of hesitation. not be seen by outsiders. v. eradication. not cast or thrown ( n. ̃ adv. absence of strain or effort. to besiege. to be destroyed com pletely. ̃প a sub-inspector. [ abarā ] a. low. supreme. deductive method. to be come extinct. abarjya ] a that which cannot be rejected or discarded. bodiless. to descend. [ abalōhita ] a. checked. a fighanging or suspended vertically. unwelcome. to disappear. to lick or on. [ abaruddha ] a shut. refrac tory. tlessly. conto close. a. v. ̃ n. to imprison. 35 ☐ ☐ ☐ n. adoption. a covering. to check. n. beyond control. unhesitatingly. cealed or screened off (' '). [ abalēha ] n licking or lapping. a container or case. a. shelter etc. maintenance. a prop. acceptance. [ abarōha ] n getting down. pride. superb. to see. ̃ n. take upon. assis tant. fem. to be numb. [ abamata ] a slighted. base. unavoidable. licking. without strain or effort. unsubdued. to anoint. in a carefree manner. accepted. . to choke. without a means for [ abamōcana ] n releasing (as of an arrow from a bow). hindrance. to be siege. play fully. unreckoned. choked ( ). ineffable. corporeal. departed. ease. infor mation. [ abarōpa a ] n implantation. promptness. holding oneself in ( ). wallowing. readily. any article of food or medicine [ abarōdha ] n obstruction.2 [ ababōdha2 ] n inauguration.) at times. dishonou rable. ̃ n. to get down.. frustrated ( ). promptly. ̃ n. shelter etc. an es calator. having a n. descent. a support. to obstruct. a subordinate judge. insensi tive. ̃ n. duty. exposition. ̃ a. (log. benumbed. subser[ abalīlā ] n dalliance. to paralyse. de tention. inferior. [ abalōpana ] n writing off. a help. screened off. unac[ abalēpa ] n smearing or daubing or anoint ing. secluded in seen. to re lease. one who refuses to reckon. illu sion. v. n. (log. to smear. v. (alg. to make insensitive. [ abama ] a deficient.

heedlessness. inattentively. a dwelling place. unruly. [ abaśya2 ] adv surely. silent. languorous. ̃ n. inevitably ( ). bereft of sprightliness or enthusiasm (owing to exhaustion). recreation. undoubtedly. unyielding. n. [ abasara ] n leisure. [ abahanī a ] a that which cannot be carried or borne. of course. wearied. unimportant. a critical posi tion. n. disre garded. carelessly. n. obligatory. position. circumstances ( ). weary. residue. (of work or duty) en forced. easily. heedful. ungovern able. situation. a. end ( ). closed. fem. v. in an orderly manner or for display). tired. to exhaust. untamable. abahu. financial condition. temperament. v. disregard. neglectfully.[ abaśi a ] a remaining. matter without es sence or existence. wonderful or strange event. 2 1 1 cumstances. death. ̃ n. unavoid ably. [ abaśya ] a intractable. [ abahāra ] n theft. relaxation. ̃ a. to slight. to wonder. close. ̃ a. uncontrolled. liv ing. badly off. [ abasā aka ] n liquidator. unsubjugated. [ abahasita ] a ridiculed. 2 ☐ ☐ [ abāka2 ] a speechless. ultimately. location. absorbedly. mabahu ] adv (obs. suffering. aston ishing. ̃ a.̃ adv. প leave prepara tory to retirement. [ abaśē a ] a a remainder. dumbfounded. lassitude. presence. eas ily. nui. unsubdued. that which must be done. rude or vulgar speech. at last. fatigue. a different state or condition. [ abahēlā ] n neglect. worthless. aurora (phil. (comm. stationed. at once. aware. . n. v. just now. immaterial. residual. ̃ a. untamed. to be struck dumb. without fail. disobedient. n. taunted.) a discount. ̃ n. [ abā āli ] n. in a different or changed condition. attentively. at present. residence. extreme tiredness. trifling. [ abahēlita ] a neglected. a situation. placed. an outstanding portion or thing. tiresome. to ne glect. condition. [ abahi. weariness. a position. indecent. the last stage. compulsory subject for study. inevitable. alert. . mood ( ). to end. impecunious. dwelling. dependent on circumstances. to terminate. finis. inex plicable. slighted. unsubdued. [ abā mukha ] a having one's face or head hanging down. to come to an end. indigent. to ter minate. amazing. residence. ignored. fatiguing. a sur plus. ̃প . to weary. a remainder or resi due. n. ̃ n. ̃প a. a surplus. [ abashāna-dharmagha a ] n stay-in-strike. ̃ n. uncontrollable. armistice. ex hausting. ̃ a.) presently. at length. to fatigue. [ abasahana ] n sufferance. inevitability. slightingly. dead. inattention. unspeakable. wellto-do. obligatory. ̃প a. ̃ a. [ abāka ] a stunned or made speechless with amazement. of course. stupefied. opportunity. in the end. even-minded. position ( ). to meet with death. ̃ . ended. ̃ adv. tight corner. certainly. worthless or unsubstantial thing. n. pe riod of stay. heedlessly. in affluent circumstances. v. to retire (from). to come to an end. amazed. [ abahita ] a attentive. residing. [ abashāna ] n stay. ̃ a. change of fortune. contrary to customs or charac[ abastu ] a unsubstantial. located. coldly. established. v.̃ a. location. mocked. deprived of spirit or enthusiasm (owing to exhaustion). [ abācya ] a unutterable. stupefying. any teristics or prac tices of the Bengali. any thing unutterable or unspeakable or in explicable. without effort or strain. man datory.) without effort or strain. a. apos tasy. sap less. [ abasanna ] a tired. with ease. disobedient. closing balance. a residue. absorbed. [ abaśībhūta ] a one who or that which has not yielded or submitted. obscene or indecent words. to disrespect. a portion left out. ̃ . ̃প n. unwaver ing. to be reduced to a state. concluded. careful. weary. in different or changed cir cumstances. laughed at. estab lishing ( ). exhaustion. past. a site. rich. respite. ex hausted. v. transfer or removal or withdrawal of soldiers from the front to the camp. to better one's fortune or circumstances. dumbfounding. con. to end. compulsory. that which is not a reality. conversion to another religion. dwelling. int. v. ̃ adv. retired (from an employment or office). leavings ( ) adv. ̃ a. [ abasāna ] n termination. circumstantial. negligible. poor. [ abashita ] a situated. n. ̃. by all means ( ). mute. one who or that which cannot be disciplined or subdued. the rest and others. & a a non-Bengali. remnant. languor. ̃ n. [ abaśīk ta ] a one who or that which has not been tamed or brought under con trol. at one's leisure. state of being stationed or placed or laid or es tablished. termination. ̃ adv. to pay no attention or heed to. ̃ retirement. watchful. surplus. to fall into a state. wealthy. exhaustion. australis. in the cir- ☐ ☐ [ abashāpana ] n placing or laying (esp. irksome. exhausted. finished. needless to say.) the universe considered without having relation to God. [ abasita ] a terminated. incidental. slight. re tirement ( ). laid. wearisome. worth less. wearied. despised. unsubjugated. illu sion. disrespect. entirely oc cupied. time or space between. cease-fire. to disregard. liquida tion. . but.প a kind of savoury snack. reduced to a state. astonished. obscene. [ abasāda ] n tiredness. end. the lower region or part. ̃ adv. by all means. [ abācī ] n the south. [ abahēlē ] adv (poet. fatigued. outstanding. now. compulsorily ( ). 36 ☐ [ abashā ] n state. selfpossessed. [ abaśi ā śa ] n remainder. to attach no importance to. composed. conclusion. being compelled by circumstances. loss of spirit or enthusiasm (owing to exhaus tion). that which has to be studied compulsorily. weariness. fatigued. ̃ v. fatigue.

undetachable. incessantly. impudent. un ruly. [ abāntara ] a irrelevant. ̃ . [ abidbāna ] a not learned. unpractical. calm. extraneous. composed. undisposed of. abā ubhuka ] a (bot. non-existent. faithful. inevitable. unchanged. unbounded or liberal hospital ity. unrestrainable. travel as you like. ̃ n. abāstabika ] a unreal. undistorted. unperverted. open ( ). [ abāndhaba ] a having no friends or relations. exact copy. unvendible. unsevered or undivided condi tion. precise. maged. adv. unperturbed. indocility. whole. [ abicchinna ] a unseparated. untamed. ̃ n. in domitable. unmixed. n. [ abikrē a ] a unsaleable. ̃ adv. undisputed. unfalteringly. unseverable. cheeky. [ abikalpa ] a having no alternative or substi tute. incessant. [ abāra ] a irresistible. unaltered. digressing. [ abina a ] n lack of modesty or politeness or civility. untrueness. inseparation. ). not well-known. un. igno rant. firm ( ). recalcitrance. discourteous. inexperience. a bad rule. free trade. composed. whole. unaltered. unprevent- [ abicchēda ] n inseparation. unshaken. . perfect. [ abādhya ] a (ori. n. obstinate. not exist ing. faithfully to the model. [ abik ata ] a unhurt. entirety. . [ abār a ] a (phys. unshaken. undistorted. untrue. to misjudge. continu ously. unmoved. untoward.) achromatic. freely. unchanged. unchanged or unaltered state. not vacillating. unmixed. improper. no [ abārita ] a unresisted. foolish. haughty. continually. not primary or chief. known. collected. . continuous. [ abidita ] a unknown. unjust. unbridled or facile imagination. un controllable. turbulent. [ abidyā ] n ignorance. a. facsimile. unimpeded. cessation or inter ruption. secondary. [ abicak a a ] a imprudent. unruffled.) illusion. fanciful ( ). foolish ness. inadvis able. uninterrupted. without let or hindrance. stolid. calmly. free access. ̃ n. abicalita ] a unmoved. [ abicyuta ] a undetached. way ward. unin formed. continuousness. impracticable ( not violating. unrestrained. unreality. unrestricted travel. inexperi enced. [ abijñāta ] a unknown. a true or [ abitarkita ] a undebatable. door. without oppo sition or impediment. not distracted. [ abikala ] a (ori. not desultory or discursive. an act or direction contrary to scriptural in structions. unimpas sioned. un barred. resembling in all respects. ̃ adv. unopposed. not restless. ceaselessness. incognizable. adv. inalienable. [ abik ta ] a that which is in the natural or original state. unaware. one who assesses improperly or incor rectly. [ abāra ī a. impudence. unimpaired. unputrefied. ̃ wavering. adv. [ abik ipta ] a not scattered. free ( ). undistorted. unperturbedly. entire. immod est. [ abikrānta ] a lacking in prowess or valour. firm. unrestricted. undeviated. unaware. friendless. obstinantely disobedient. not famous or well- 37 ☐ ☐ ☐ . compactness. unquestioned. unwise. true to the model ( ). haughtiness. unseparated. unchecked. an unscriptural direction. unputrefied. falseness. [ abijñē a ] a unknowable. refractory. facilely. unre strained. indiscretion. unmanageable. disobedience. illusoriness. incivility. impertinence. [ abikhyāta ] a not famous. abārya ] a irresistible. [ abidhē a ] a not conforming to the rules or scriptures. non-existence. absence. unfalteringly. pure. unbridled. to judge unfairly or incorrectly or with partial ity. misjudgment. immaterial.) anaerobic. un perturbed. [ abicāra ] n injustice. ̃ dence. indiscreet. recalcitrant. such a state. impru- . unpreventible. open unseparated. unin formed. indocile. whole. weak. undaobscure. inseparability. unyielding. unin terrupted. ceaselessness. [ abidhi ] n an irregularity. abiding. unagitated. [ abidyamāna ] a not present. saucy. facile. uneducated. obstinacy. imprudence. immodesty. continuous. v. ̃ n. [ abidhāna ] n an unjust regulation. [ abā ujībī. cowardly. undamaged. untowardness. a. complete. laissez faire. discourteousness. continuity.[ abādha ] a unobstructed. imperti nent. a black ordinance. waywardness. ex actly. inexis tence. im practicability. to assess unfairly or incorrectly or with prejudice. inexistent. n. entire. [ abāstaba. timid. undi vided. free. to do injustice. fancifulness. precisely. প a. (phil. n.) irresistible. inseparable. unperverted. dispassionate. lack ty. a. having no dis taste or allergy or apathy towards. a. imprudent. il lusory. ible. [ abicala. unstrayed. unprevented. insepa rability. unity. unchanging. united. uninterruptedly. without obstruction or restraint or restriction. one who does injustice or misjudges or misconceives. achro matism. ̃ n. adv. in separable. inevitable. [ abikrīta ] a unsold. absent. conforming to. unwavering. [ abikāra ] a that which or one who is in the natural or original state. in an unshaken voice. uncorrupted.) not defective or crippled. beside the mark. in tact. of wisdom. calm. immateriali[ abijña ] a unwise. freedom from putrefaction. unin terrupted. unmoved. exact. inexisn. & n. unfair or wrong decision or assessment.tent. impolite. unre stricted. inexis tence. inevitable. not celebrated. false. unsevered. unjustly. [ abik ubdha ] a unperturbed. calm. incessant. uncorrupted.

indis criminately. impudent. mixed. [ abirata ] a ceaseless. [ abibēcanā ] n injudiciousness. lack of consideration. in discriminate. perfidy. disar ranged. a. insufferable. quickly. [ abinyasta ] a not laid or placed in an orderly manner. accord. not genuine. continu ally. non-stop. unholy. accordant. . unremittingly. composed. hard to bear or suffer or toler ate. not mindful of worldly interests. adv. constant. small. unanimity. not dequickness. tireless. immediate. ig norant. [ abimukta ] a not freed. a doubter. a. without dispute or hostil ity. over-sure. unscrupulous. nonperishable. in phil. lacking in conscientious ness. peace profusely. always. adv. dious. layed. uniformly. indivisibil ity. amity. friendly. not partitioned. unjust. not hostile or antagonistic or contrary. dense. (dero. peaceful. non stop. incessant. undis puted. n. alacrity. unanimously. continuous. [ abibhājya ] a indivisible. without break. adv. n. unre mittingly. not differentiated or distinguished. unopposing. peace. [ abinaśbara. continuously. no-confidence. with out respite or pause. non-stop. disbelieving. not much heard of. untiringly. un faithful. unchallenged. mistrust. v. unscrupulous. ignorant. ̃ a. compatible. to look on with distrust. unreliability. quick. lacking in conscien tiousness. non destructible. igno rance. [ abirala ] a compact. peace lov- [ abismara ī a ] a unforgettable. ̃ adv. a. [ abināśa ] a not subjected to decay. pure. unpractical. friendly. [ abisambāda ] n absence of hostility or oppo sition or dispute. friendliness. not to be consid ered. unliberated. in a ceaseless or end less stream. uniform. a. unwedded. amicability. 38 ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ . confused. disbeliever. eternal. memorable. fem. incessantly. injudicious. equally. unremittingly. amicability. indis creetness. unanimously. [ abibēcaka ] a injudicious. [ abi a ī ] a indifferent to secular interests. agreement. brief. thoughtlessness. inconsider ateness. incredible. extra-mundane. adv. favourable. un daunted. dis trustful. inde structible. impru dent. in disarray. imperish ableness.). adv. inces. continually. amicably. disbelief. adulterated. to have no faith or confi dence in. imprudent. unopposedly. contia. intol erable. universal truth. in cessant. [ abim śya ] a indiscreet.) a sceptic. unbelievable. santly. [ abiśuddha ] a impure. not astonished or surprised. a. not alarmed. adv. ̃ n. [ abiśruta ] a not famous or well-known. ̃ a. congruous. a. having no respite or [ abist ta ] a not spread out. one who is (indiscreetly) undoubting. not taken by surprise. unopposed. everlasting. [ abiyukta ] a not separated or severed. unscrupulousness. conforming. to distrust. profuse. undisputedly. untrustworthiness. immodest. concise. indis cretion. without stop ping. a. not separated or severed. thoughtless. without differentiation. indiscreet. unscrupulousness. a. in discretion. peacefully. [ abistīr a ] a not spacious or wide or exten sive. thoughtless. [ abinīta ] a impolite. to disbelieve. promptness. [ abiśrānta. con stantly. a. in correct. প adv. imprudent. without delay. indiscreet. (phil. untrustworthy. immortal. injudiciousness. [ abimiśra ] a unmixed. [ abibēka ] n lack of conscientiousness. (esp. a. abiśrāma ] a untiring. adundant. [ abiruddha ] a unopposed. undelayed. incessant. igno rance. not detached or disconnected. disorder. one who acts indiscreetly or injudiciously or imprudently or rashly. un thinking. without rest. incessantly. promptly. fem. imperti nent. [ abihita ] a unscriptural. discourte ous. n. compact. inconsiderate. rash. [ abiśbāsayōgya ] a incredible. [ abi ahya ] a unbearable. ceaselessly. not deferred. continuously. lack of conscientiousness. immediately. fem. ̃ n.) sceptical. incredulity. continuously. unbelievable. im proper. lack of or der. continual. equality. incredulous. unclean. ill-arranged. adv. suspicion. haughty. corrupted. ̃ [ abiśbasta ] a untrustworthy. remittent ( ). [ abisma a ] n absence of astonishment. unworthy of credit. continuous. pause. indestructibility. indisputable. unfaithful. in a friendly manner. un reliable. unremit ting. conforming. disrespectful. accordant. a spinster. congruous. [ abism ta ] a unforgotten. n. nuous. unreliable. in discreet. [ abibhakta ] a undivided. always.. in no time. [ abiśa kita ] a not afraid or scared. a conviction or faith. [ abibāhita ] a unmarried. harmony. incessant. n. impru dence. unadulterated. unremit ting. brisk. equal. imprudence. per fidiousness. to suspect. indiscretion. erroneous. abun dantly. [ abirāma ] a non-stop. adv. thoughtlessness. unremitting. continually. ceaseless. same as (adv. & n. inadvisable. a bachelor. continual. lacking in n. obscure. not opposing or contrary. untrustworthy.) un doubting. continual. favourable. [ abiśē a ] n absence of distinction or dis crimination. undisputed truth. not contrary or hostile or antagonistic. unanimous. want of conviction or faith. in peace. unity. abināśī ] a imperishable. suspi cious. [ abilamba ] n absence of delay. uniformity. perfin. undecaying. to treat with suspicion. perfidious.fully. [ abirōdha ] n absence of opposition or hos tility. n. incessantly. ing. compatible. amity. . a. precise. continuously. briskness. without opposition or hostility or dispute. [ abiśbāsa ] n distrust. unlawful. unquestionable. con tinuous. adv. done promptly. prompt. one who is not subject to decay or destruc tion. inces santly. narrow.

absence of depravity. disorderly. stu pid. lacking in arrangement. unpractical. [ abyabhicāra ] n absence of laxity or straying. unauthorized. ̃ n. ̃ n. unknown. unfairness. a charity school). discussible. unexpressed. hesitant. out of use. demanding no fees. insensible. unchanging. fickle-mindedness. flowerless. fallen into desuetude or disuse. lacking knack in business enterprise. [ abyaktika ] a impersonal. constant. ab ntaka ] a attached directly by the base without stalk. infailibility. (gr. unspoken. conjunction or interjection). sessile. a preposition. changeable. illegitimate ( ). adjoining. indistinct. adjacency. ̃ a. abēk ā ] n viewing. want of arrangement. not having any practice or training. unknowable. [ abda ] n an era. steady. absence of change. [ abaidha ] a unlawful. ̃ n. [ abyāpaka ] a not extensive. compactness. a sharp-shooter. prohibitedness. impropriety. incompetence. unchanging. investiminded. illegiti macy. observable. incom prehensible. fem. ̃প a. viewed or observed or re viewed or discussed or investigated. [ abyabasā a ] n lack of practice or training. প immediately afterwards. n. a judge.) latent. un enterprising. প adv. God. [ abyājē ] adv not hypocritically. useless. n. [ abīra ] a destitute of heroism or valour. [ abēk a a. absence of worry or anxiety or eagerness. unfailing marksman ship. fem. ̃ a. com posure. un knowable. ̃ n. illegal. unknown quantity. in consolable ( ). discussion. immediacy. algebra. not amenable to reason. [ ab i ] n scanty rainfall. [ abya a ] a not expendable. that which is to be or should be [ abyabasha ] a disordered. without exception. a crypto gam. . improper. mute. unused. fallen out of use. n. a. [ abyākhyāta ] a unexplained. an observer. . tressed ( ). immortal. 39 ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ . prohibited. [ abēdanika ] a anaesthetic. unfailingness. undepraved. unsteady. observed. cowardly. unno ticed.) an indeclinable word (i. discussed. observation. [ abyabahāra ] n non-use. n. dis use. an unfailing marks man. [ abujha ] a inconsolable. ̃ n. at once. slow-witted. gates. infal lible. uncomplaining or inno). calm. changeless. unobserved. unserviceable. a. unsettled or un principled in action. mismanagement. surefire. sharp-shooting. constancy. fickle [ abēk ita ] a viewed. honorary ( ). wavering. [ abōdhagamya. unspeakable. [ abēlā ] n unsuitable or inconvenient hour or time. foolish. ultra vires. sure to succeed. sincerely. an anaesthetic. abēdya ] n unknowable. non-application. inexhaustible. contiguity. cent ( [ abōlā ] a dumb. open to inves tigation. [ abēk aka ] a one who views or observes or discusses or investin. unfair ( ). a reviewer. [ abyartha ] a unfailing. ing or judging fem. unsteady. unbusinesslike. adv. [ abaidya ] n an inefficient physician. lenitive. abē īsambaddha ] a unplaited. not lax or stray ing. fickle. inapor reviewed or dis cussed or judged or investigated. a.) cryp togamous. stupid. not stricken with anxiety. destitute of heroes and hero ines ( ). absence of interval. investigation. just before. obstinate. composed. unable to speak. [ abyabashā ] n disorder. uselessness. (phil. . inextensive. undecaying. the Abso lute Being. incompe tent. late afternoon. inexperienced. without delay. abōdhya ] a unintelligible. out of or der. not befitting a hero. lack of enterprise. (gr. drought. [ abdhi ] n a sea. foolish. stalkless. imme[ abēdana ] n anaesthesia. [ abyakta ] a undisclosed. (bot. [ ab nta. mysterious. immediate. incognizable. unpaid. reviewed. sure aim. inaus picious hour or time. ̃ n. imprudent. n. anjacent. sharp-shooting. nature. un lawfulness. plicable. ̃ a. lacking in composure or decision. a dead shot. unreasonable. a sure aim. [ abēdanī a. illegality.[ abīk ita ] a unseen. illicit ( ). un[ abyabahita ] a contiguous. good or unfailing marksmanship. scriptural opposition. unheroic. [ abyākula ] a unperturbed. a quack-doctor. e. absence of rain.) a system of forming a compound word by add ing a noun to an indeclinable word. . a. immediately. [ abē ībaddha. unworried. ̃ n. an investigator. dull headed. n. free ( = a free school. inex pressible. a viewer. [ abījapatrī ] n (bot.) acotyledon. next. not ardent or enthusi astic. indescribable ( ). God. improper hour or time. absence of ex ception. a year. calmness. illicitness. ̃ n. [ abōdha ] a without the sense of understand ing. . an ocean. diately before. imperishable. [ abyagra ] a not eager. steadiness. cool and col lected. a. review. [ abyabah ta ] a unused. [ abyabadhāna ] n absence of intervening space or time. unuseful. [ abēk yamā a ] a in the process of being viewed or observed [ abyabahārya ] a not fit to be used. pain-killing. [ abaitanika ] a not drawing any pay in lieu of service. n. not anxious or eager. [ abēk amā a ] a engaged in viewing or obser vation or review[ abyabashita ] a lacking in decision. desuetude. the Absolute Being. gated. lack of authority. not away from.

vulgarity. v. des titute. seized. [ abhāba ] n non-existence. an expedition.) hindrance or an ill omen. accessible. unmannerly. ̃ a. n. inefficient. to approach for shelters or refuge. inextension. abhorrence. to approach for the pur pose of sexual intercourse. to take shelter or refuge in. a luck- 40 ☐ n. un breakable. [ abha a ] n fearlessness. poor. infrangible. ̃n. unimaginable. pro-. ill luck. unmannerliness. not de rived from. [ abhikri ā ] n an experiment. to escape. [ abhigraha. ̃ n. needy.̃ n. [ abhābī ] a needy. fem. circum-. not subject to decay or destruction. one who or that which has found a shelter or refuge in. unfrustrated. want. re moving or to remove want. an analysis. unim peded. [ abyāpta ] a not spread or pervaded or dif fused or circulated extensively. [ abyutpanna ] a not erudite. to acquit. obtain ment. removal of want or need or poverty. [ abhājana ] n an unworthy person. slanginess. plunder. exemption. a distressed or destitute person. unopposed. n. a challenge to a fight or a duel.[ abyāpakatā ] n absence of extensiveness or extensive circula[ abhāgya ] a luckless. uncivil. to make up for deficiency or deficit. [ abha gura ] a not brittle or breakable. [ abhikrama a ] n going forwards or setting out (esp. (arith. an attack. dearth. dis taste. vulgar. earned. . [ abhadrā ] n (dial. meeting or supplying wants or needs. uneatable. to (leave one's seat and) go forward to receive a visi tor. making up for defi ciency or deficit. not versed or adept in. irrever ence. lack of polish. unmannerly. a degenerated Brahman. tion. (rare) a non-Brahman en dowed with the qualities of a Brahman. united. dauntless. abhigraha a ] n an attack. fem. un polished. unfortunate. abhak a ī a ] a unfit or prohibited to be eaten. [ abhagna ] a not broken. undeterred. n. scarcity. centripetal [ abhakti ] n absence of devotion. abhābya ] a incapable of being thought of beforehand. sack. . [ abhadra ] a discourteous. unforeseen. ̃ a whole number. making up for deficiency or deficit. unfortunate. an expedition. ̃ . looted.) [ abha āra ya ] n a sanctuary. release. onward direction.) gravitational attrac tion. fem. . [ abhak ya. [ abhigrasta ] a attacked. discourtesy. [ abhikar a ] n (mech. force. to-. . pitiable. . প v. unlucky. to be exempted. unpremeditated. one who or that which has had sexual intercourse with. inconceivable. [ abhigama. want of faith or confidence. need. loot. rudeness. stricken with want. ̃ . indigent. [ abhabya ] a unmannerly. undivided. courage. whole. v. poverty-stricken. to go towards or forward or near. not having a liking or fondness or attachment for. relieved of want or poverty. plundered. approaching. apathy. to be released or ac quitted or relieved. having no faith or confidence. ill-mannered. unfit for human consumption. for birds and animals. assurance that no harm shall be a. ungentlemanly. state of not being spread or pervaded or diffused or cir culated extensively. assurance or pledge of safety or se curity. [ abhikēndra ] a (mech. [ abhābita. sexual inter course. discourte ous. peri-.) centripetal. unthink able. destitute of the qualities or status of a Brahman. non-Brahman. incapable of being anticipated or expected. an uncalled for piece of business. [ abhigata ] a gone towards or forward or near. want is at the root of corruption. absence. that which removes fear. ascension. irreverent. not anticipated. ungentle manly. a wretch. approaching for the purpose of sexual intercourse. abhigamana ] n going towards or for ward or near. [ abyāhata ] a unhindered. ̃প n. uninter rupted. an integer. [ abyāpāra ] n a useless work. receipt. [ abhigāmī ] a one who or that which is go ing towards or forward or near. প n. discourtesy. unbroken. a luckless per- ☐ ☐ ☐ . one who or that which moves without hindrance or im pediment or interruption or frustration or prevention or opposition. [ abhak yabhak a a ] n eating or consumption of forbidden food. rude. [ abhik ēpa. a plane or projection. [ abyāhati ] n escape. to relieve. ̃ a. approach. one who or that which has ap proached. deficit. a. lack. esp. to free from poverty or indigence. v. less or unlucky person. gravity. unimpaired. to face an enemy). fem. to assure that no harm shall come. v. inextended. a shelter or refuge. ̃ n. acquittal. [ abyū h ় ] a unmarried. approaching for shelter or refuge. [ abhāgā ] a luckless. to exempt. [ abhikara ] n a municipal rate or tax. relief. financial want. to have sexual intercourse with. a. deficiency. amazingly novel. unfailing. obtained. [ abrāhma a ] n a non-Brahman. unprevented. courageous. abhik ēpa a ] n a projection ( = a conical projection). ̃ v. abhābitapūrba ] a unthought of (be fore). a. [ abhak ita ] a uneaten. incompetent. an unfit or incompetent or worthless person. unlucky. indigent. un expected. to approach. [ abhi ] pfx denoting: front. un expected. done. n. incivility. inextension. inedible. fear less. unrefined. ̃ n. accession. n. ungentle manliness. ̃ a. accessibility. ambi-. swallowed. (cp) necessity knows no law. an onset. an appellation of Goddess Durga ( ). to remove a want or wants or a need or needs. [ abhakta ] a not devoted. to release. going forward (after leaving one's seat) to receive a visitor. uninterrupted. approachable for the purpose of taking shelter or refuge in. . shortage. son. sheltered. . axis of projection. [ abha ga ] a unsevered. not properly or correctly derived. proximity. indigence. approach. [ abhābanī a. going for ward for the purpose of fighting. absolution. unsevered. unmannerliness. ap proachable. spacious ness. to wards. one who or that which has approached for the purpose of sexual intercourse.

fem. a striker. felicitated. gentlemanly. care. v. n. obeisance. [ abhinibēśa ] n close attention. performed (on the stage). a keep sake. প same as প n. a. [ abhijñā ] n final knowledge. to curtsey. [ abhipanna ] a fallen in danger. ̃ dictionary. wise. fe licitous eulogy. ̃ n. (log. embarrassed. courtesy. au fait. acted. to feign or simulate. affliction. aristocratic. (gr. greeting. government by the aristocra. n. ̃ n. trusteeship. bewil- 41 ☐ [ abhighāta ] n a stroke. novel. [ abhijñāna ] n an identifying token. a v.). simulation. an adver sary. [ abhidhā ] n an appellation. congratulation. un precedented. ab sorbed. to felicitate. & n one who acts or plays. (gr. evolu tion. meaning (of a word) to be established or proved or verified. a return blow. ̃প n. [ abhibāsana ] n immigration. staged. learned. (log. to evolve. fem. adora tion '). insult.) the primary meaning of a word. ap proved. sor row. ̃ . significance. abhibhāba ] n (thorough) defeat. enacted. a name. to congratulate. to be diffused. ab sorption. af flicted. to be the guardian or custodian or caretaker or curator or trustee or regent of. to play one's part. an enemy. pur pose. bewilderment. designed. an immi grant.) a mark of emphasis on words. transport. expression of happiness by eulogy. to look after. attentively. thought etc. [ abhibāsī ] a immigrant. same. intentness. pur port. an antagonist. mortified.[ abhinētrī ] fem of [ abhicāra ] n rites performed according to the prescriptions of the Tantra in order to harm others. intended. n. v. the confused state of the mind. to welcome. re ceived with honour. an ad dress. ̃ cy. new-fangled. [ abhinīta ] a (of a drama or dramatic role) played. profound knowledge. n. [ abhidhē a ] a one who or that which is to be named as. ticalness. a regent. with close or rapt attention. diffusion. a trustee. dishonour. a hit. [ abhina a ] n a dramatic performance. non plussed. n. ̃ n. an appellation. [ abhitāpa ] n intense heat. ̃ n. the roughly. expert. worthy of being played or acted. intention. [ abhijāta ] a high-born. a lexicon. ̃ adv. to manifest or express or de velop thothe primary mean ing of a word. acting of the role of a dramatic character.) denotative. dis grace. diligent ap plication of mind (to). ̃প n. (vast) experience. [ abhinētā ] n (in a film or drama) an actor. [ abhinandita ] a congratulated. a letter of con gratulatory or welcome address. gradual manifestation or development. [ abhiprā a ] n desire. naming. (of two persons) inseparably united (in feeling. [ abhinaba ] a new and strange. [ abhinandana ] n felicitation. one who n. aimed. seasoned. [ abhibyakti ] n thorough manifestation or ex pression or development. specialized or expert knowledge. faced with hazard. [ abhibyāpti ] n state of being extended or scattered or spread thoroughly or all over. ̃ n. opinion. a superintendent. deeply engrossed. a. new fashioned. wholeness. v. uniform. to do obeisance to. wisdom. the primary meaning or property of a word. ̃ a. an assailant. guardianship. meant. similarity. man nerly. signified. a title. intently. to superintend. the aristocracy. black art. [ abhinibi a ] a intently attentive. the aristocratic class. the compiler of a [ abhibādaka ] a one who greets or salutes or courtesies or makes obeisance. n. venerable. intent. honoured. (gr. [ abhijña ] a (vastly) experienced. design. sameness.) the denotation of a word. [ abhibhaba. a caretaker. to protect. a killer. v.) the denotation of a word. uniformity. welcomed. absorbedly. one and undivided. iden[ abhijana ] n aristocracy. to felicitate. one [ abhinna ] a not separate or different or dis similar. veteran. [ abhibyāpta ] a thoroughly extended or scat tered. bow. fem. stricken. one who performs these rites. (' [ abhibandanā ] n welcome and worship. an actress. superintendence. spread or scattered all over. to extend or be scattered or be spread thoroughly or all over. custody.mate. [ abhidhāna ] n a dictionary. one who gives shelter or refuge. well versed (in). a name. similar. a high or noble family. [ abhinēt ] a. v. one who has come for refuge or shelter. ecstatic trance. fem. specialized. a title. [ abhijñāta ] a known by sign or mark or in vestigation. . dif fused. a hit ting or striking back. a letter of introduction. [ abhiprēta ] a desired. identical. evolved. a custodian. the theory of evolution. [ abhinē a ] a that which is to be or can be acted or played. a curator. a welcome. appella[ abhibyakta ] a thoroughly manifested or ex pressed or develtive. protectorate. feigning. [ abhibhūta ] a (thoroughly) overcome with emotion. purported. or that which strikes or hits or kills. a lexicog rapher. regency. an address. aim. affectation. of noble birth. fit to be staged. to acclaim. ☐ ☐ ☐ . meaning. [ abhitapta ] a burnt in fire. [ abhibādana ] n salutation. v. a blow. (log. begone ( = woe-begone). aris tocrat. and the same. [ abhibhābaka ] n a guardian. an identity card. embarrass ment. not detached or severed. acclaimed. object. a bo som friend. wise. ecstasy. novelty. identified. entirety. (rare) a family.) oped. to bow. incantation. [ abhibhā a a ] n a public speech or a platform speech. to sa lute. [ abhibādya ] a one who or that which is to be or should be saluted or greeted or paid obeisance. new and amazing. to congratulate. intia very close and dear friend.

[ abhiśa sana ] n impeachment. a com plaint. appointed. pleas ant. ing. hending. purpose. bride. to install. [ abhila a ī a ] a desirable. fem. (of a lover) going to assignation. in a huff. imprecation. ). ex cess. pleasant. (loos. [ abhi ēcana ] n drenching. remorse.) whose person has been washed as a part of a ceremonial. [ abhiyōjana ] n adaptation. to accuse. ap pointment. vain. motive. calumny. state of one's feel ing being hurt. [ abhihata ] a struck. [ abhisāra ] n lover's appointed meeting. abhīka1 ] a fearless. [ abhimanha ] n ophthalmia. exalted. idol. abhisandhi ] n (chiefly evil) inten tion. vowel mutation. covetable. huff. solicitation. & a. accusing or pursuing by law. doubting. like. a. [ abhirūpa ] a similar. self-con ceited. immersion. covetous. a.) vowel-change. tability. to intend.) normal. a charge-sheet. called. bath. (excessively) self-respecting. [ abhimāna ] n pride. intendto be desirous of. brave. streaming. v. design. installed. to defeat or overcome (thoroughly). to curse. wished for. queen. v. [ abhi ikta ] a one (usu. 1 [ abhī. [ abhilamba ] a (phys. .) purpose. to desire or choose. overgrown. [ abhiruci ] n desire. fem. the cer emony of crowning. (arch. sensitiveness. de feated. to imprecate. disas ter. ☐ . to immerse. n. attachment. malediction. desirous. touchy. inten tion. ̃প n. [ abhisantapta ] a stricken with remorse. wish. driven back. adv. a request. self-esteem. [ abhihita ] a named. v. beautiful. egotism. & a. [ abhiśāpa ] n a curse. perished. oozing. one who sets out on an expedition or an adventure some exploration. to [ abhilā a ] n desire. convert etc. to wash ceremonially. wish. adaptable. a lover's journey to the place of assignation or to the trysting place.). to charge. a. to over whelm. a complainant. intention. to trounce. to desire. of (a. fem. to. fem. ablution (after a sacrifi cial rite). ( ) as you please. to embarrass. bathing. coronation. a king. to pro nounce or pass an opinion. n. gratifying ( ). proud. dignified. installation. to intend. wounded. a. of fem. to prosecute in a court of law. ̃ n. envy. adap- [ abhis ti ] n convergence. a. wishful. entertaining. ini tiation. bride. nominated. doubtful. grief. imputation. choice. adapted. legal prosecution. beloved. abhi aba a ] n distillation (of wine etc. v. conver gent.). to employ. & a adventurer. hurt. amour propre. [ abhiyācana ] n a prayer for grant of some thing. a test. . to bring a charge. to accuse. employment.) var. a plaintiff. charge. vanity. ap proach ( a. [ abhisandhāna. oozing. coveted. n. design. to [ abhimata ] n desire. v. a love tryst. a. to be very fond (of). defamation. to induct. coronation.) maudlin. disparagement. excessive attachment or ad diction. expedi tionary. [ abhisyanda ] n exudation. overgrowth. opin ion. enthronement. [ abhisampāta ] n a curse. ego tistic. to enthrone. liking. ablution. going to the place of assignation. running. induction. var. very fond of. v. thin-skinned. cho sen. to bring an action against. flow. [ abhiyōga ] n accusation. to wish (for). to bewilder. misfortune. noble. wish (for). one whose feelings are hurt. easily stung. of fended. offended state of mind. . queen. bride groom. pleasing. in the direction of. to initiate. impreca tion. v. [ abhi ēka ] n ceremonial washing of the person of a king. allegation. a. ceremo nial washing. to prosecute before a court. [ abhirata ] a excessively attached or ad dicted (to). to covet. stream (as of water). [ abhi a ga ] n embrace. bound for. face value. bathed. male diction. to bathe. dear.) testing. immersed. pleasure. fearful. intention. moving towards. [ abhisraba a ] n osmosis. fem.dered. handsome. dignity. . beaten. (setting out on) an adventuresome exploration. n. to be excessively attached or addicted (to). intended. (of eyes) weeping. to adapt. charged. to lodge a complaint. scandal. [ abhiyōktā ] n an accuser. vili fication. a. on the eve of their installation or initiation. to al lege. of [ abhiyāna ] n an expedition. pleasure. a. act of bathing. to ap point. 42 ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ [ abhiśa kā ] n apprehension. men tioned. overfondness. tiff. referred to. in tended. to beset. ruined. v. [ abhi aba. initiated. [ abhīk a a ] n (chem. sensitive. idol. n. [ abhimukha ] n the direction leading to. towards. self-respect. to com plain. [ abhila ita ] a desired. ablution. abundance. such a person. [ abhisantāpa ] n mortification. morti fied. [ abhiyātrā ] n expedition. to bring an action. a lover a. fear. actionable. apprehensive. (loos. dauntless. facing. attack. var. [ abhiyātrī ] n. [ abhisara a ] n act of following. ˜ a. appreপ [ abhiśruti ] n (phon. convert etc. [ abhirāma ] a pleasing. prosecuted in a (civil or criminal) law-suit. approved. [ abhiyukta ] a accused. v. a. driven away. to im precate. bridegroom. flowing. warded off. exuding. umlaut. . employed. v. n. to curse. entitled. bathing. doubt.

unity. [ abhyarhita ] a received with honour. unfed. boding ill (for). such. rejection. one who or that which has come into prominence or power. a visitor. uneaten. [ abhōjya ] a that which cannot be or should not be eaten. making up discrimina tion. attain ment of one's objective. adv. wor- [ amani ] a like that. without guilt or offence. [ abhōgya ] a that which or one who cannot be or should not be enjoyed or used. v. such ( ). habitual. a recep tion committee. towering. untasted. to rise. aspired to. a. thriving or prospering or flourishing. cloudkissing. identity. coming into prominence or power. [ abhyutthita ] a risen from sitting or recum bent position. such a man. (of two persons) inseparably united. to abstain from eating. fem. impenetrability. inedible. [ abhyudāhara a ] n a counter-instance or counter-example. new. without price or payment. longing for constant practice. a. [ abhyutthāna ] n getting up from sitting or re cumbent position. for nothing. & n.̃ n. . inseparable. impregnable. unmanliness. to flourish. [ abhrāntacittē ] adv confidently. bathing after having one's body rubbed with oil or any oily substance. [ abhēda ] n absence of difference or distinc tion or dissimilarity or discrimination. . welcome. robbery. snatch ing. the accom plishment of (one's) aims. regularly. very lofty. into. intended. a hail. n. ̃ a. a re volt. un erring. flourishing. calling on or at. one who or that which has come into prominence or power. [ abhra ] n cloud. received cordially. oneness. . without ap proval or consent. (sudden) ap pearance. longed for. [ amata ] n absence of approval or consent. one who or that which has been accorded a recep tion or welcome. so so. just. cherished. inhuman. (of time) not gone by or passed. without em ployment. familiar. condiment. n. inti mate. against one's ap proval or consent. coming into promi nence or power. a skyscraper. danger. that which has not happened. used covering. n. [ ama gala ] n absence of welfare or well-be ing. a. within. an objective. similarity. abhyāgamana ] n approach. unction. an evil omen. the sky. . [ abhūta ] a that which or one who has not (ever) come into being. ̃ . [ abhyāgama. skyhigh. honoured. [ abhyupagata ] a approached. ominous. [ abhyudita ] a risen. arrival or as semblage or gathering of guests [ amanu ya ] a (of a human being) devoid of human qualities. v. prosperous. never born. fem. a. ̃ a. [ abhya ga. flourishing. attack. unwarranted ( ). inhumanity. [ abhī a ] a desired. one who or that which has appeared or surfaced (suddenly). adv. worthlessness. caller. internal. misfortune. a fairly good or well. arrival. without accompani ment. such. (to be) mastered by non-acceptance. one who or that which accepts philosophical identity. ing. accustom[ amanōna ana ] n refusal to nominate or select or choose. very lofty. [ abhyantara ] n the inside. towering. one who has not eaten. empty-handed(ly). to get up. disapproval. without cause. habit. to keep fasting. n. advent. [ amana ] a. one who practises or studies or learns n. soaring. undetachable. a. that which gratifies or fulfils. [ abhīpsu ] a earnestly desirous. [ abhyagra ] a impending. unwarrantedly. to flourish. [ abhīpsita ] a earnestly desired. presence. regularly studied. unerringly. novel. abhyāgatajana ] n a guest. unworthy of being called a human being. near. adored. eating. a. n. & adv like that. n. a visit. inedible. coming. like that. ̃ . acquired. habituated. attained. to go without food. ( [ abhrānta ] a not incorrect. in. rise. similar. or visitors. longing (for). [ amatsara ] a not stricken with envy or mal ice. ̃ n. uneatable. to rise. wished for. thriving or prosper ing or flourishing. evil. [ abhyarthana. just so. a counter evidence. gratis. plundering. to prosper. aspiration. same as প [ abhukta ] a that which has not been eaten. to thrive. harm. middling. a desired object. an inten tion. like. abhyañjana ] n rubbing the body with oil or any oily substance. without effort. shipped. [ abhyuda a ] n rise. ̃ a. piercing the clouds. wont. to come into prominence or power. ̃ . ̃প n. acclimatized. ̃প a. without [ abhyasta ] a practised. [ abhōktabya ] a not eatable. eminent. to prosper. for nothing. without cause. to thrive. . [ abhyarthita ] a greeted.̃ . sinis ter. instantly. impervious. ac customed. unborn. sky-kissing. advent. a. applying collyrium to the eyelashes. unfailing ). acclimatiza tion. unfit for con sumption. [ abhyāgata. right. not beside oneself. good for-nothing. hailed. the interior. [ abhyāhāra ] n robbing. [ abhōktā ] n an abstemious or temperate eater. insur gent. to rise in revolt. an aspirant. at once. unmistakeably. a purpose. adv. so. to come into prominence or power. committed. a counter.. ̃ a. [ amatta ] a not drunk. to appear (suddenly). to revolt. (̃ ). unprecedented. a. insurgence. abhyarthanā ] n greeting or hailing. & adv. to. prosperous. vacantly. to remain unfed.[ abhīpsā ] n earnest desire. unconsumed. adv. pledged. mica. infal lible. v. not intoxicated about. reception. 43 ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ . aimed at. v. unenvious. earned. identical. shooting through the sky. come near. inside. impervi ousness. correct. impen etrable. just like that. fasting. lack of human qualities. support etc. [ abhyupēta ] a promised. [ abhyāsa ] n practice regular study or exer cise. gratification or fulfilment of one's desire. disapproval. prosperity. a. longed for. cause less. a greeting.

neglect. to become immortal. heaven. to deny to accept or comply with. ̃ n. non-acceptance. [ amalina ] a free from dirt. too much. ̃ a. to violate. affectionate.) whole ( =a whole number). v. to violate. ̃ a. celestial. (of one) avoiding or shunning company. disagreement. un stained. an appellation of Lord Bud dha. rejected. to refuse to treat with respect or honour. non-avail ability ( ). candour. undecaying. heedless. [ amitra ] n one who is not a friend. unfaded or unfading. untrodden. duct. inadvertent. to disobey. disap proved. ambrosia. indifferent. non-obser vance. rough. unaccepted. (math. inadvertence. [ amitrāk ara ] a unrhymed. pure. scarcity. prodi gality. the cabinet. a. ce lestial. to treat with indifference. an inhuman or beastly hu man being. crude. to refuse to nominate or select or choose. house etc.[ amanōnīta ] a not nominated or selected or chosen. violation ( ). unforgivable. a god. [ amānu a ] a superhuman. immeasurable. ̃ a. practice and cona. প a. beastly. immensely spirited or powerful.) a courtier. the abode of gods. flawlessly white.) milk white. negligence. realm of Indra ( king of gods. heedlessness. ̃প n. careless ness.) not in habited or frequented by human be ings. amiable. immoderate. [ amānya ] a not warranting respect or obedi ence. [ amanhara ] a not slow. [ amila ] n dissimilarity. affectionateness. free from gloom. [ ami a. n. surfeit. unpretentious. [ amas a ] a unsmooth. a. n. n. a base fellow.) . an ad versary. amar a a ] n anger. lov ing. ̃ n. merci less. intem perance in eating. unassuming. free-spoken. to be everlasting. garrulous. a. mod est. unforgiving. to neglect. to neglect. ̃ n. impatient. [ amitābha ] n one with boundless splendour or glory. immod erate. merciless. 1 2 [ amānanā ] n disrespect. to show disrespect (to). a brute. ̃ n. an imperishable tree. intolerant. extravagance. blank verse.) ama ranthine ( ). heaven. superhuman ( ). unadulterated. coy. amiability. [ amartya ] a unearthly. unman nerly. immense. a cabinet minister. un limited. ̃ n. extravagant. to neglect. un available. inhuman. unblem ished. modesty. to pay no attention (to). [ amar a. [ amiśra ] a unmixed. a celestial tree.) not easy-going. ̃ n. ̃ . care less. boundless. dissension. uninhabited. depopulated. n. heavenly ( ). inhuman. immmortality. lavish in expenditure. a. prodigal. [ amarā1 ] n the placenta. divinity. disobeying. snow-white. (fig. ̃ n. disrespecting. one who disobeys or violates. un mindful. imperishability. drink. [ amānaba ] a (of a place. uncivil. [ amātya ] n a minister. to take no heed (of). frankness. to reject. open-heartedness. clear. an enemy. not to accord cordial treatment. [ amala ] a free from dirt or stain. delicious as nectar. a. infringe ment.) simple ( ). a foe. lack of forgiveness or mercy. immensely powerful. same as . unrestrained in speech. violating. unmixed. a.) nectar. imperishable. in temperate. same as (a. full of difficulties and hazards. sub-human. [ amitācāra ] n intemperance in food. (of a human being) unworthly of being regarded as a human being. negligent. v. genuine. a high govern ment official. v. to slight. indignity. godhead. genuine. iras cible. guileless. intemperate. impecca bly white. heav enly. [ amiśuka ] a shy of society. a deathless creature. v. [ amaladhabala ] a exquisitely white. ̃ . immortaliza tion. [ amarātmā ] a endowed with immortal soul. a gourmand. . neglect. [ amārjita ] a unpolished. disrespect. scarce. over-indul gent. amarādhīśa ] n Indra ( ) the king of [ amardita ] a not trampled. overeating. slight. (of a human be ing) deprived of humanity. genial. to disapprove. un blemished. (of a creature) not human. ambrosial ( ). ̃ n. extra-mundane. wrathful. de serted. uneven. dis cord. ̃ n. unadulter ated. wasteful expen diture. unamiable. ̃ n. [ amārjanī a ] a unpardonable. a councillor of the state. gods. roughness. absence of smoothness. bonhomie. to be blessed with immortal or celestial life. to cause indignity (to). [ amā ika ] a candid. politeness. divine. ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ . vulgar. untarnished. polite. the body of ministers of officials. disgrace. as sweet or ☐ [ amaryādā ] n lack of cordial treatment. undying. in human. ) the [ amarā2 ] n the abode of gods. a. (cp. full of ups and downs. irritable. [ amā sala ] a not fleshy. not slow or gently mov ing. to disregard. quick. wrathful. ̃ a. pure. a guzzler. angry. ingenuousness. ̃ a.) the body of courtiers. courteous. ̃ n. given to excessive or intem perate eating. [ amābasyā ] n the new moon. not expected of a human being. ingenuous. angry. [ amanōyōga ] n inattention. [ amarādhipa. unmolested. a god. un couth. (loos. open-hearted. [ amara ] a immortal. ami ā ] n (poet. brutal ( ). su perhuman. deathless. [ amita ] a unmeasured. 44 ☐ . intolerance. eternal. non-observance. indecorous. not thrashed. unevenness. divine. speedy. disregard. the abode of gods. extravagance. geniality. (cp. disobedience. non-human. coarse. [ amanda ] a not bad. indiffer ence. rough. unrefined. unmindfulness. a celestial or heavenly or divine being. spendthrift. v. an immor tal being. frank. ne glect. immis cible. [ amāniśā ] n the night of the new moon. impolite. to take no care of. excessively talk ative or garrulous. a glutton. angered. [ amarābinyāsa ] n placentation. to be inattentive or unmindful or in advertent or heedless or negligent or indifferent. celestial. undecayed or undecaying ( ). inclement. violation. . ̃ a. (math. ̃ a. excessive. n. (loos. heaven. inattentive.

& pron.̃ n.) acidity caused by indigestion. ̃ a. waterbrash. (path. tory ( [ amōgha ] a infallible. debarred from calling for the services of a priest to perform religious rites on one's behalf. same as ̃ adv. to treat with indifference or slight. amrita. not soiled or tarnished. unwarrantedly. feigned. restricted. formless. an ambrosial stream. n. without cause. inappro priate. immortal. a drawn game. ̃ n. carelessness. a. the mango. that which gives or supplies water. ̃ n. ̃ . the ocean.̃ n. [ amōcanī a. bubble of water. God Shiva. done without care or effort. n. ex tremely sweet or delicious or invigo rating food. ̃ . voluntarily.) lacking firmness of character. negligently. neglect. the firmament. ambrosia. not saddened or gloomy. pl. fruitless. [ amūlapratyak a ] n (psy. n. [ amuka ] a a certain. false. invaluable. unfounded. ̃ a. same as ̃ with ease or spontaneity. [ ayathārtha ] a untrue. reared in neglect. one whose words are as sweet or delicious or invigorating as nectar. unfading. a. nec tar-like. acidosis. infallibility. ̃ . ̃ a. a drawn match. conch. ful. [ amūla. done of the im mortals. or removed. possessing a mixed taste of sour and sweet. ̃ n. ̃ a. a. n. ̃ a. ̃ a. mother Godn. (rhet. carelessly. imperative. groundless. sour ness. ex tremely sweet or delicious or invigo rating. ambrosial. pron. ̃ n. ambrosial. one not definite. ̃ n. (of a priest) guilty of con ducting religious rites on behalf of an person. .) hallucination. kept or maintained in neglect. [ amlōdagāra ] n sour eructation. impure. [ amlīkara a ] n acidification. heaven. excrement. exuding or oozing nectar. the cloud. hap hazardly. ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ .̃ a. 45 ☐ ☐ ☐ [ amudra ī a ] a unprintable. ̃ n. ̃ a. ̃ n. (path. fem. glibly.) an acid. earned or [ am ti ] n a kind of sweetmeat. heart-burn. ̃ a. effortless. compulsive. a certain [ amukta ] a in bondage. without hesitation. n. ̃ a. ̃ n. sour. a stream of nectar. anything tasting sour. ̃ truth. expressionless ( .̃ a. a me dicinal plant. [ amu ita ] a unshaven. ̃প . a container of life-giving or invigorating element. nectarlike. unfreed. heaven. unperturbed. ambālikā. act of conducting religious rites as a priest on behalf of an person. unnecessary. [ amlajāna ] n oxygen. attained without effort. ̃ n. the sea. extremely sweet or delicious or invigo rating. to neglect. the lotus. [ ayājanī a. not asked for. dess Durga. unembodied. [ amlāna ] a unfaded. nectarlike. . unsolicited. [ ambhōja ] a water-born. [ amēruda ī ] a (zoo. [ ayathā ] a baseless. unjustly. slight. ̃ প n.) acidity caused by indiges tion.̃ a. perfumed with amber gris. ̃ a. acidity of the stomach. [ amla ] n the sour taste. [ amēdhya ] a unholy. [ ayācaka ] a not asking or soliciting. such and such. unfit for use in a scriptural sacrifice or as altarage. ̃ n. acidity caused by biliary disturbance. [ ambara ] n the sky. such a priest. acidimetry. gratuitously. [ amūlya ] a priceless. . the tamarind. ̃ n. person. extravagant ( ). unreal. that which or one who carries water.) excommunicated. exaggerated ( ). of words) sweet but acid and biting. cloth. ̃ a. [ am ta ] n nectar. volun tary. ambhōnidhi ] n the ocean. inexact. the abode of gods. unreal. ̃ a. indifference. ̃ adv. three consecutive days usually of Ashara ( ) for Hindu widows to fast as religious observance. the pitcher containing nectar. impurities. conch. same as ̃ ̃ n. ̃ a. niggardly. not withered ( ). the moon. ̃ a. acidity. ̃ a. ambergris. groundless. extremely sweet or delicious or invigorating. fantastic. ̃ a. a sari. placed indecorously or [ am tā śu ] n the moon. the spring or well of nectar. the abode [ ambhōdhi. the sour taste. full of nectar. un[ amē a ] a immeasurable. of . . [ ambā. n. Goddess Lakshmi. unwarranted ( ).) invertebrate. [ ayathāyatha ] a inaccurate. n. n. false ( ). the lotus. a drop of nectar. ̃ a. water-born. [ ambala ] n a kind of sour broth taken as table-delicacy. the cloud. ̃ n. [ ambu ] n water.[ amīmā sita ] a undecided. amōcya ] a that which cannot be dispelled gratuitous. un asked. adv. ̃ n. (cp. fair-spoken. waterbrash. v. that which showers nectar. n. [ ayatna ] n lack of care or effort or attention or interest or cordiality. close-fisted. such. a piece of loincloth to be worn by women. too costly to be purchased. ambikā ] n mother. water-carrying. [ amūrta ] a incorporeal. loincloth ( ). ). waterbrash. n. . not proper. bolted. (fig. ayājya ] a debarred from offer ing religious sacrifice. [ ayācya ] a var. inappropriate [ amēdhābī ] a lacking in intelligence. unfailing. amūlaka ] a rootless. not to be or not fit to be printed. dull( ). ne glectful. ̃ adv. wasteheaded. peremp). ̃ . immense. (psy. for nothing. unliberated. false. the sea. [ ayācanī a ] a unworthy of being asked for. unin telligent. (chem. প advice gratis. tobacco perfumed with ambergris. a god ( ). baseless. unjust. sweet sounding but caustic. unhesitating. nectarine. stingy. born or grown ly. [ amūlada ] a (alg. ̃ .) infinite. [ ayācita ] a uncalled for.) irrational. [ am tōpama ] a comparable with nectar. an unresolved question. a.

a. the morning sun. ̃ n. fallacious argument. oh. n. disinclination. an setting out on a journey. silently. [ aragha a ] n a draw-well. [ aruci ] n loss of appetite. a. agenetic. un tenable by reason. a deserted house. any medicinal sublimate. absence of attachment or affec tion. hav ing more bad quali[ ayugma ] a not even. grown in the for- [ ayōdhya ] a not combatable. ̃ a. flint. n. an ill omen for a journey. . ̃প n. [ arajaska. unpaired.) a part or measure thereof of the ecliptic esp. (astr. not [ arati ] n absence of amorous or sexual desire. a course. auspicious time. ̃ a. . dis agreeable. noiselessly. disgraceful. [ arabu ] n an enemy. [ ayōni ] a one who has no birth. unjustness. powder of any medicinal subli mate. not kept. [ arak ita ] a unprotected. divested of law and order. a foe. n. dis taste. illogi cality. a fallacy. discreditaa. . (of promises. ̃ born of a womb. the newly-risen sun. unworthy. bad or mischievous advice. disorderly. arajā. impropriety. unworthi ness. destroying or liquidating the enemy. [ araba ] a noiseless. ranger. ̃ forest products. [ ara i ] n matchwood. a. ferocious. a vast or extensive forest. a. forest. disunion. a. [ a aska hina ] a as hard as iron. having none of the virtues but only lots of vices. duction. unfit.) (used in addressing a fe male) O. a bushman. separa. ayōgabāha bar a ] n ' ' and ' ' of the Bengali alphabet. ̃ . disability. arrow. an iron-tipped ☐ [ a ana ] n a path. virtue. disconnecobeyed. [ a askānta ] n magnet. liv ing in a wood. a. fem. not famous. a forester. a wrong or an open city. n. not nected. ̃ . not fit to be kept or main tained or guarded or protected or de fended. [ aru a ] n the sun. . anar chy.̃ a. lacking in power of appreciation. arasika ] a incapable of appreciat ing. arajā ] a (of a girl) whose mention. disconrequests. n. ̃ n. an apparatus for drawing water from a [ ayuta ] a. ber. of a. not observed. the ground. the distance between the vernal equinoctial point and the first point in the Aries. separation. a. & n. . purple or crimson colour. magnetic power. florid. illogical ity. tion. sanguine. wit is meant for the witty alone. . crimson. [ ayauna ] a asexual. lawlessness and disorder. defenceless. disrelish. unfitness.) not complied with. purple. ̃ . . (astr. the earth.) precession. not kept properly or safely or securely. born spontaneously. v. inglorious. n. incompetent. devoid of the sense of humour. detached. [ ayaśa ] n disrepute. glow of the morning sun.) the name of the charioteer of the sun. [ aritra ] n ( ) helm. still. loadstone. ̃ a. a homestead. extremely hard. & n ten thousand. distasteful. fem. unpalatable. in auspicious journey. unconquerable. [ arandhana ] n the Hindu festival of abstaining from cooking observed on the last day of Bhadra ( ). . unreasonableness. lawless.) solstice. the ecliptic. unreasonable. iron-tipped. silent. injunctions etc.) any inauspicious conjunc tion of stars. crimson eyed. disjointed. a ☐ ☐ [ a ōmukha ] a iron-headed.) the sun's movement or course. . a pas sage through a military array or a battle order. a witty remark that falls flat on a person devoid of humour. n. ̃ n. one who subdues or conquers or has subdued or has con quered one's enemies. turmoil. disabled. odd. ̃ n. n. to cry in the wilderness. [ a i ] int (poet. reddened. purpled. impro priety. ̃ . [ arabinda ] n a lotus. (astr. est. (cp. unat tached. ab sence of government in a society. merit. crimsoned. . a. illogi cal. [ a ōmala ] n rust on iron. [ arājaka ] a anarchical. alcohol. ̃ n. separated. illogi cal. [ ara ya ] n wood. sepa rate. abstaining from cooking. n. a route.̃ . ☐ [ a askar a ī ] a magnetic. [ ayukta ] a not joined or connected or at tached. [ arug a ] a not sickly. apathy. cruel. ble.) the interval between the two sol stices. (astr. (astr. ̃ . adv. unmarried girl who has just reached her puberty. [ ari a ] n fermented wine. aramya ] a not pleasing or attrac tive or beautiful. uncared for. improper. purple-eyed. (astr. odd numties than good. [ a asa ] n iron. unsuitability. incompetence. fem. afforestation. an adversary. political or social disorder. ̃ . un deserving. woody. ̃ n. ̃ n.[ ayātrā ] n occurrence or object considered portending evil for one Hindu girl who is too old to have her marriage deferred any longer.) abiogenetic. [ arama ī a. flintwood. 46 ☐ [ arak a a ] n not keeping or maintaining or guarding or protecting or defending. any of the two tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. an instruation has not yet started. ̃ n. jungle. apathy. to cry in vain. unreasonableness. disunion. unreasonable. ̃ a. not lovely. too strong to be fought with. a. [ aragu a ] n good quality. ☐ [ ayōgya ] a unsuitable. damaging. [ ayōga ] n lack of contact or relation or union. fem. not diseased. asexual repro- . ̃ . [ arasajña . strong aversion (chiefly to food and pleasure). unsuitabil ity. the letter that cannot stand alone. who has not yet attained her puberty. a dwelling. [ ayauktika ] a untenable by reason or con trary to reason. unmerited. [ arāti. disreputable. rudder. [ ayōgabāha. well. scriptures. or ders. causing aversion to food and pleasure.̃ a. fem. discredit. (myth. & n. such a person. good luck. unguarded. ari ] n an enemy. sophistry.

v. ̃ প n. sunrays. saving or hoardto acquire. to at tain. to be acquired or at tained. n. vacant look. ( ). ̃ n. one having an inordinate lust for (to). penniless. that is. ̃ .) a dim star in the Ursa Major. ̃ n. meaning lessness. insolvent. same as ̃ . finance officer. ̃ n. a. conversant with the meaning of [ arthābhāba ] n lack or want of money. avari). v. sent in accordance with order or indent. presump tion. strength or competency. rich. a different interpretation. to worship. ̃প a. adored. signifying. 47 ☐ ☐ ☐ . comfort and hap piness ( . act of obtain ing or earning money. [ arthāntara ] n difference in interpretation.n. n.̃ n. honoured. purpose ( ). ̃ n. po litical economy. ̃ n. ̃ v. n. grossly short of money. political economy. acquisition. foxglove. provi sion or possession of [ arjana ] n earning or acquiring or attaining. v. interpretation. gross shortage of money. economics. pauperism. (poet. dawn. a commu nicant. of finance. political economy. to adore. 2 [ artha 2 ] n money. signify ing that. money. ̃ n. object. treasury. mea[ arthāpatti ] n (log. nonsense. the swallow-wort ( ). appropriateness of unchecked.̃ . ). having a purple or crimson glow. worshipful. political science. ̃ a. attainment. inflow or influx of money. to earn. a hindrance. homage. mammonish. not re strained or obstructed. or training conducive to earning money. fem. to pay homage to. to interpret. a sea. ̃ n. richness of im port. exwhich should be or is to be worshipped.̃ n. very pain ful. ̃ n. [ ar āri ] a ordered for. extremely agonizing. finan cial crisis. to provide or procure money (for). ̃ . [ arcana. money-mak ing. ̃ n. n. ̃ a. monetary aid or grant. misinterpretation. ̃প . pau city of fund. (rhet. light. the n. economics. arcanā ] n worship. money. any branch or subject of learning ( ). fund. meaning. in come. ̃ a. adorable. investment of money. amorphous. ̃ প . politics ( ). [ arjita ] a earned. interpretation or expla nation n. beaming. an ob stacle. ̃ n.) to worship. financial [ arcaka ] n a worshipper. [ arcita ] a worshipped. sun-plant. same as ̃ n. ̃ n. a. lack of money. [ arci māna ] a glowing. ure of speech which corroborates the general by the particular or the particular by the gen eral or the cause by the effect or the ef fect by the cause. avaricious.) a circumstantial source of proof.) the ( ). [ ar aba ] n an ocean. such a person. n. significance. economics. & n one who earns or acquires or attains. [ arthāt ] con that is to say. sacrifice. ̃ n. honourapenditure. ̃ n. ey. ̃ পপ a. ̃ inference. money. ̃ n. pre sents and address with er. ̃ a. (myth. ̃ n. made to order. ̃ same as 2 2 [ argha ] n worship. mammonish. reverend. another or a different meaning or significance. ̃ n. realization of meaning. ̃ n. consideration or determination of meaning. 1 [ artha1 ] n meaning.) a figure of speech akin to metonymy.) a figv. cupidity. finance secretary. miserly. ̃ n. ̃ n. wealthy. significant. cutting to the quick. difference in purple glow. devising means of earning money. crystal. (chiefly [ arcā ] n an idol. worship (used as a cor relative of as in morbid) desire for money. venerable. indented. (rhet. a philosopher. not dis pleased. want or shortage of money. suggestive. wealth. economics. behalf [ arundhatī ] n (astr. weight or weighti ness of significance. loss of money. the ruby. ̃ n. to help with money. principles of econom[ argala ] n a bolt. meaningless. a. cult. ̃ n. (' '). crimson or words. ex pense. ̃ n. ̃ v. ̃ n. money-earning. an unbodied gem. a kind of ningful. ̃ n. an economist. . different interpretations. cious. ̃ a. ̃ n. to give the meaning of. provision or procurement of money. one who has insight into reality. signifying. one who or that ̃ n.—cp. ̃ n. offerings. to grant mon etary aid. rosiness. same as [ arjuna ] n a stye on the eyelid. a Mammon-worshipper. helpful in earning [ arūpa ] a shapeless. ̃ n. unprovided with money.̃ a. bearing some mean ing. same as ̃ ̃ a. a bar. a barrier. cian. corroboration. act of spending money. solvency. wealthy. gerly) desirous of earning or acquiring money or wealth. well-to-do or solvent. ̃ n.devoted wife of sage Vasistha ( ). in solvency. ̃ a. ef fort to earn or procure monthe solar year. a priest.̃ n. ̃ n. political economy. conveying meaning. politics. thirsty for money. ̃ a. bereft of money. digi talis). procurement or collection or acquisition or earning of [ arcya ] a var. to explain. rich. acquired. ing or accumulating money or wealth. ̃ n. same as [ aruntuda ] a heart-rending. to expound. to gain. moneyearning. not annoyed. avaricious. professional training. adoration. daybreak. a kind of tree (the juice of its bark is used as a cordial medicine. avaricious. cost. ̃ a. ̃ a. formless. un impeded. n. unembodied. earthly or secular prosperity. (ea[ arōgī ] a free from illness. that which is earned or v. প interpretations. consistency in meanings. to procure or col lect or acquire or raise or earn [ arjaka ] a. the margosa-tree. a fine. pecuniary hardship or trouble. a kind of china rose. ̃ [ arka ] n the sun. the ministry ble. a metaphysia. ̃ n. significant. that which fetches money. ̃ n. avarice. an economist. pecuniary worry. of money. altarage. rosy. ̃প n. donation. end in view. purpose. hale. ics. one which an honourable person is received. a sea-going vessel or ship. ̃প a. ̃ n. [ aruddha ] a not closed or barred. attained. ̃ n. ̃ পপ n. import. pecuniary loss. a trea sur[ arghya ] n offerings. to possess money or funds (for). n. a ray or beam of light. the thing de sired [ aru a ] a not angry. ugly. power of wealth. ̃ n. thirst for money. ̃ a. sunrise. the sun. money-sav ing. ̃ ̃ learning beauty. same as v. gain. any thing offered in homage who is unscrupulously greedy of money.

a hemi sphere. sharing or divid ing equally in [ ardhāśana ] n underfeeding.̃ a. younger. halfshut. to deck. to award. deserving. semicircular. half-truth. to orna ment. cost. [ ardhādhika ] a (of moon or planet) gibbous. [ ardhārdha ] n a quarter.) pride. placing or de positing. half the way. [ ardha ] n any of two unequal parts ( ).) to make rhetorical. told in part.) one who or that which is coming after. the crescent moon. di vided into two parts ( ). middle-aged. ̃ n. that which is [ ardhōda a ] n an auspicious annual conjunc tion of stars in Paus asked for or begged. ̃ a. a dresser. ̃ n. প v. ̃প n. a desirer. (facet. ̃ a. half-disclosed. adornment. one who has the crescent moon on one's fore head. (fig. backwardness. halved. fem. [ ala ] n a sting (esp. indistinct. ̃ a. bald. to decorate. recumbent. inompletely done. ̃ a. bet ter half. [ arbuda ] a. one whose intelligence and knowledge have not matured. incomplete utterance. [ ardana ] n killing. ̃প a. an ignoramus. an accuser. modern. [ ardhōkti ] n inarticulate or suppressed utter ance. money. half pronounced. crescent. to give. (in lit. (in lit. offered. immature. ( ) florid. to adorn. a share. a candi date. one half of the night. bestowed. 48 ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ n. awarded. award. the plaintiff and the defendant. [ arpa itā ] a. ̃ a. v. the middle of the way. dressed. & n one hundred million. backward. moon and stars) half-risen. imperfect nutri tion or feeding. fifty. price. half dead. handing over or making over. incom plete. an ornamental dress. to decorate. to dress. commit ted. to paint. a tumour. ̃ n. state of being younger or new or modern. a rich man.) a n. ̃ a. [ arthōdbhēda ] n exploring the meaning of. [ ardhēndu ] n the crescent moon. in what sense. (bot. & a. that which is to be or should be given or of fered or placed or deposited or handed over or made over or committed to or bestowed or awarded or invested (with). ̃ a. [ arśānō ] v to devolve on. depos ited. [ arthi-pratyarthī ] n the accuser and the ac cused. a complain ant.) a hus band. a moiety. a painter. in part.) rhetoric. to ornament. wealthy. [ ala k ta ] a ornamented. arha ā ] n worthiness. act of beating in this man ner. bestowal. a per son. dying. [ ardhā śa ] n one of two equal parts. a deity the right half of whose body is that of God Shiva ( ) whilst the left half is that of Durga ( ). to offer. . Lord Buddha. decoration. to bestow. adorned. (facet. ̃ n. of a scorpion). made over. & n one who gives or offers or places or deposits or hands over or makes over or commits (to) or bestows or awards or invests (with). a moiety. to deck. to dress. inexpe rience. [ arbācīna ] a (often dero. half-articulate.) simple. (in lit.) to bring pride or glory to ( ). invest ment. [ ardhōccārita ] a uttered inarticulately or in a suppressed manner. un wise. unrhetorical. full of figures of speech. lack of wisdom. halftold.) to seize (a person) by the neck and drive out by pushing. ̃ n. ̃ a. to come upon or influence or make responsible by way of contact. ( ) or Magh ( ) considered a holy occasion for the Hindus for ceremonial bathing in the Ganges. dero. ˜ a. glory. furnished with artistic workmanship. ( [ arha ] a worthy. ̃ n. artistic works or touches.) half-educated. v. [ arthī ] a one who is asking or praying for. babbling. almost dead. to decorate with a badge or mark of honour. ability. ̃ .̃ n.) rhe torical. (fig. to invest (with). reclining. halfarticulate. [ ardhōdita ] a (of the sun. divided into two parts. to place. decorated with a badge or mark of honour. half-ex pressed. a decorator. a mark of honour. fem. foolishness. a starvation diet or meal. the half risen moon. ̃ n. প v. node. [ arhat ] n a Buddhist or Jain anchorite who has attained salvation or is worthy of attaining it. half revealed. mumbled. to make over. foolish. deco rated. new. ̃ v. halves. handed over. (in lit. [ arha a. par tially done. (usu. a. appellations of Shiva ( ). ̃ n. ). ̃ n. a killer. প a. value ☐ . (in lit. act of painting or dressing. ornate language. to contami nate. a moiety. ̃ a. half. beauty. a. the art of rhetoric. such ous of ( ). (astr.) use of rhetoric.. . partially. half. [ ala kāra ] n an ornament. ̃ n. ̃ a. act of dressing or painting. ̃ a. (bot. adorable. solicitous ( ). ̃ a. to hand over. to earn [ arpa a ] n giving or offering. partial ( ). a half. desirn. half. on account of [ arthōpārjana ] n earning money. n. to commit (to). ̃ . half. ̃ n. wife. one who accuses or com plains. a petitioner. immaturity in age or intelligence and knowledge. (of a flag) at half-mast.) nodulous. ̃ n. invested. fem. [ arthē ] prep for. twelve minutes (see ). committal. cres cent-shaped. adv. half-done. worshipful. ̃ n. half an hour. to paint.) to use rhetorical language.) partial eclipse. -able ( ). par tially closed. ̃ a. [ ala kara a ] n ornamentation. (in lit. (facet. fem. in completely. the half of a quantity or dose or musical metre. in distinct. halfburnt. a plaintiff. more dead than alive. [ ardhā ga ] n half of the body. to deposit. to adorn. wor ship. ̃ n. rich. a half part or share. a.[ arthita ] a one of whom anything is asked or begged. a semicircle. adoration. any thing worn to display physical grace and beauty. [ ala kartā ] n one who ornaments or adorns. প [ arpita ] a given. midnight. an applicant. ̃ a. association etc. painted. inexperienced. to beat or thrash in this man ner.) act of driving out by pushing by the neck. placed.

unnoticed. small ness in number or quantity. caregradually. not erudite.) unaspirated ( ). violated or in fringed. an aisle. [ alak a ē. without being seen. n. short-sighted. idleness. . imprudent. not yet ac cepted. n. shortage. transgressed. that which must be com[ alaukika ] a superhuman. cirrus. stealthily. clairvoy ant. illiberal. undiscernible. a. the sinister look of the goddess of misfortune and miending. a pitcher. sinister. ab sence of elision.̃ n. a little. not an auspicious moment. illiberal. ̃ প . [ alubdha ] a untempted. ). nar [ alabhya ] a that which cannot be obtained or got or earned or rowness. want of foresight. ̃ n. shortness of duration. unseen. sud denly. un seen. unobtainable. the transi tory fire-red curve produced by whirl ing a piece of live coal or wood. pro. ̃ n. sery. steady. shortly af ter. inad equate. . ̃ profitless. by degrees. [ alakātilaka. [ alāta ] n a piece of live coal or wood. out of the ordi[ alagna ] a not attached or joined. alōkasāmānya ] a not imperceptibly. influence of the goddess of misfortune and misery. . ̃ a. not disobeyed. an inauspicious sign. n. a trustee. imperfectly edu cated. indolent. the scorpion. having not obtained entry. abashed.[ alaka ] n a forelock. non-infringement. common or easily available in the world. un common. a circle of fire. but little. ̃ প n. unworldly. falsehood. untrue. impassable. indigence. misfortune and misery. of short duration. . slowly. idle or indolent by nature. not loosely moving. not overstepped. that which cannot be or should not be overstepped. only a few. portending evil. gawky. a. [ alīka ] n untruth.) disorderly. the sky or heaven (' '). ) the god of riches. [ alajja ] a unabashed. discon nected. short-sightedness. effortless ness. baseless. undiscernibly. n. a custodian. furtively. [ alpa ] a small in number or amount. narrow[ alabdha ] a not obtained or got or earned or attained or gained or minded. unobservedly. [ alasa ] a idle. [ aligali ] n lanes and bye-lanes. attained or gained or found. shameless. [ alābha ] n absence of profit or gain. separated. nook and corner. 1 2 . [ alakta. ̃ a. a few. a. . a. nary. a terrace in the front part of a building. a woman or [ alipāna ] n drinking wine. sinister. a ringlet. inviolable. a. not vio lated. ungainly. extra-mundane. n. a fringe. habitually idle or indolent. im perceptibly. insufficient.̃ less. [ alōkasādhāra a. to get under the evil influence of the god dess of a. [ aliñjara ] n a large earthen cask or jar. illiberality. a small number of persons [ alappē ē ] a (in raillery) one who is not to live long. [ alak mī ] n the goddess of misfortune and misery. imprudence. brazen-faced. alaktaka ] n lac. poor. adv. short-lived ( ). dull-headed. utter poverty. to empty ( ). adv. dull-headed. lazy. [ ali1 ] n the bumble-bee. [ alōkasundara ] a of unearthly or superhuman beauty. loss. in an unguarded moment or state. lacking in foresight. delicate ( ). the liquid dye of lac. adv. [ alikhita ] a unwritten. [ alak ya ] a invisible. unattainable. of being constantly in) misfortune and misery. an ex tremely narrow path. shortness. ̃ n. sloth. & vul. (state [ aluka ] n not subject to elision. a firebrand. ̃ n. insufficiency. [ alak a a ] n an ill omen. not possible or available in the plied with ( ). tresses of forelocks or curling hair. inexperienced. ̃ a. alōlita ] a not loose. tight. sluggish. ̃ n. of rare or uncommon beauty. [ alakānandā ] n a celestial river. indolence. supernatural. or things. dullheadedness. scarcely. ing. (the state of being in) misfortune and misery. wine ( [ ali2 ] n a guardian. impassability. not found. a. before long. stealthy.) a com pound of words in which the first word does not drop its casen. existing for ever. imperceptible. embers. inauspi cious. laziness. a short time. less than what is necessary or usual. adv. ̃ . প v. that which cannot be crossed over by leap world. invisibly. short. (gr. furtive. want 49 ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ . ̃ a. [ alakā ] n the kingdom of Kuvera ( king of Alaka. to be stricken with misfortune and misery. a little. [ alinda ] n a balcony. minimum. ill-omened. fem. a verandah. a sinister woman or girl. rarely. unperceived. scanty. a drinking bout. the colour or tint of lac. non-violation. not greedy. goat's hair. [ alōla. ̃ . lacking in experience. dis obeyed. ̃ n. seldom. furtively. [ alaba ē ] a (dial. inadequacy. an Indian river which is actually a part of the Ganges. extra ordinary or rare or superhuman. ̃ a. non-transgres sion. unobserved. narrow in [ ala a ] a without decay or destruction. a bit. dyed with liquefied lac. stealthily. unnarrow ( ). ̃ a. fem. in a short time. [ ali-achi ] n the guardian of a minor per son and the trustee of his or her prop erty (usu. a short while. little by little. unprofitable. vain. unnoticeably. ̃ a. alak unē ] a ill-omened. the mother or an elder brother). a. inviola bility. insufficiently. bit by bit. Kuvera. ̃ adv. girl who brings misfortune and misery. outlook. [ ala ghana ] n act of refraining from over stepping or disobeying. unseen. inauspicious. an invisible place ( ). false. slothful. alakātilakā ] n painting on one's face with sandal-paste. short lived. [ alōkad i ] n clairvoyance. eternal. (gr. knowledgeable. a curling tress of hair (' '). become addicted to such practices as may bring misfortune and misery. effortless. [ alak ita ] a unnoticed. a place screened from the view.

not fre quent. profane.of birth prior to salvation (it is the emblem of the offi cial flag of Inquillity. ̃ a. ̃ a. intang[ aśē a ] a endless. saucy. ungentleness. such [ aśarīrī ] a bodiless.) unaspirated. oesophagus. [ aśuci ] a desecrated. controlled. craving for trifles. arro gance. a. [ aśāśbata ] a not eternal or ever-lasting. ̃ n. unpurified. amendment. in thousand and one ways. unrefined. sinister. naughtiness. impure. an inauspicious moment or time. wrong. ̃ প n. lightning. naughti ness. disturbed state. in civility. ̃ a. [ alpāhāra ] n temperance in eating. ill at ease. possessing but a little learning. ̃ n. worried. cheap. purifi cation. worry. a small dose or quantity. [ aśiba ] n evil. not involving much. firm. Ashoka pillar (it is the of ficial emblem of India). sinister. ungoverned. all-know ing. an inscription of Ashoka. ̃ a. 50 ☐ ☐ of experience. [ aśi a ] a uncivil. small in number. adopting numerous and various ways. indecent. temperate. naughty ( ). more or less. home less. unruly. a. disability. indecorum. food and clothing. mean-minded. im pudence. gradually. not in conformity with scriptural decrees. n. illwishing. impracticable. harmful. imperfect educa tion. ☐ ☐ ☐ . a bit. not courteous. brave. eightieth. evil. ̃ adv. uninstructed. control. reserved in speech. re stricted diet. any of the religious and moral edicts of Ashoka inscribed on stone-pillars. a su pernatural spirit. imparting unscriptural or harmful teaching. lightly. un- [ aśāstra ] n any book other than the scrip tures. ̃প a. decrepit. ̃ . unintelligent. ̃ n. the [ aśānta ] a not calm or tranquil. ̃ of the stone-pil lars of Ashoka on which his edicts are inscribed. unedu cated. ghost. ̃ a. not alarming. at a low price. eter nal. unrest. porten tous. narrowness of outlook. unclean. unholy. lying beyond the reach of one's power. inability. without much trouble or expense. light repast. ried. foreboding evil. powerless. contrary to or not included in the scriptures. grossly disobe dient or recalcitrant. aśōcya ] a that which or one who is not to [ aśāsana ] n absence of rule or government. . [ aśara a ] a unsheltered. rudeness. a. [ aśabda ] a noiseless. incompetency. reticence. in numerous and various ways. rude behaviour. ominous. discourtesy. [ aśithila ] a not loose. foulness. baleful. anxiety. narrow-minded. ̃ . im pure. unscriptural. impudence. n. foul. a little learning. [ aśani ] n thunderbolt. ̃ n. a. im pudent. ̃ ( ). unwora. cor rection. a contre temps. anxious. evil. uncontrollable. reticent. discourtesy. unlimited. a. not disci plined. not to be lamented. gullet. not involving much or giving much trouble. food. imcompetent. troubled. impertinent. numerous and various kinds oracle.̃ a.[ aśik ā ] n lack of education or training or instruction. ̃ n. unrectified. uncome at-able. profanity. of. in trepid. unending. moderate. [ aśuddha ] a unholy. one attached to a book). a meal. ̃ adv. [ aśubha ] n a harm or bale. thunderclap. transient. imperfectly educated. purging impurities. প adv. a bad start. imauspicious. young. in bad taste. incorrectness. ̃ a. a crash of thunder. ˜ same as ̃ a. unholiness. un cleanness. impure or unrefined state. n. thunder. baleful. ̃ n. unholi ness. impolite. [ alpē ] adv not involving much. rectification. power lessness. ̃ n. im politeness. a kind of flower or its tree. a repast. taciturnity. ̃ n. ̃ n. harshness. restless. ungovernable. a. taciturn. incapabil ity. intrepid. fem. unclean. a sin. a flamboyant). a. infinite. ill-mannered. an error. n. disquieted. [ aśa ka ] a fearless. alimentary canal. unembodied. a list of errata or corrigenda (esp. any book containing unscriptural teaching. indecency. [ aśōcanī a. unshaken. one who eats less. fem. sauciness. by degrees. unscriptural. . improper. without much trouble or expense. a. form less. lack of discipline or be grieved for. helpess. n. ̃ adv. absence of calm or tran. [ aśākha ] a branchless. disabled. that which or one who is not to be feared. [ aśōcita ] a unlamented. ̃প . impertinence. a little. ominous. indisci pline. boundible. undignifiedness. short-lived. numerous and various. unn. ̃ . illib eral. un afraid. impertinence. impolite. incivility. a few. unamended. ̃ a. an article of food. contrea. a person. slowly. an evil. uncleanness. impurity. resortless. agitation. disquiet. lack of decorum or de cency. a little learning is a dangerous thing. sinister. minor. fearless. tight. of few words. adv. octogenarian. ̃ . [ aśakya ] a that which cannot be accom plished. a supernatural voice. unshaken. an octogenarian. cease less ( ). unsanctified. . just a little. ̃ n. untrained. a. a harmful book. doddering. a less. bad or improper or harmful education or training or instruction. untamed. impurity. evil. one in which Sita in the Ramayana was kept as a captive). dia). undaunted. [ aśakta ] a unable. incorrect. not much or many. mean minded. cheaply. arrogance. [ aśīti ] n eighty. illiter ate. incorporeal. unsanctified state. (gr. same as ̃ ̃ প n. re strained or temperate or moderate in eating. bale. [ alpāśa a ] a mean-minded. er roneous. ̃ . wild ( flamboyant. n. not gentle. ruffled grove (esp. undaunted. any [ aśālīna ] a indecorous. unworried.̃ a. rough. ̃ n. of tender age. dull-witted. & a. bit by bit. pert. nu merous and various. n. still. little by little.. unlamentable. ̃ . (loos. same as ̃ a.) illbreeding. প adv. ̃প . a few. an n. sinister. a voice from heaven. supernatural. ̃ . n. ̃ a. incapable. temps. sauciness. ̃ n. discourteous. haughtiness. [ aśana ] n act of eating. ̃ n. victuals. ̃ a. erroneousness. an unhappy incident or misfortune. doing harm (to). the symbolic wheel introduced by King Ashoka il lustrating the stages consoled. প n. the great Maurya emperor of India. dis consolate. ̃ a. an cient. inconsolable. desecra tion. [ aśōka ] a free from grief. unconven tional.

̃ . to attach no importance to. incapable of being purified or sanctified dishonourable. . forty-eighth. choked with tears. indecency. bawdy talk. n. expecting her lover to come to her bed-chamber. ̃প . the eight manifestaconcretion. a. tearful.) a mare's nest. a solemn ritual performed by the princes of an cient India to have their sins con doned. untiring. ̃ a. ̃ adv. same as ̃ n. the cavacontaining eight chapters. benzoin. same as ̃ a. ̃প a. having a blubbered face. obscure. discredita- [ aśbattha ] n an Indian fig-tree. to refuse to miser able for having quarrelled with and sent back her lover. horse. nonverend or venerable.) chief snakes. unadorned. [ aślē ā ] n (astr. profan ity. unrectified. stricken with anger and jealousy on observing on the person disgusted. ̃ n. ̃ n. blubof a horse. not worthy of faith or confidence. tearfully. the mule. fossil. ̃ a. with tears. ̃ a. unbefittingness. (of voice) choked with tears. enjoying 51 ☐ equerry. a horse-cart. indecorousness. blasphemous. v. decorum. ̃ n. unrepayable. lasciviousness. indecent. full of tears. a medicinal plant. a. ̃ n.).) the times. or ride a horse. obscene. zinc. a verse containing eight couplets. a. blubbered. full of tears. mare. ̃ a. worried owing to sudden absence of her lover. & n. having no knowl edge of the Vedas. a hoax. irreverence. copper. ̃ ̃ n. gold. un heard-of-before. v. [ aśru ] n tear. same as প ̃ a. ̃ n. ̃ v. a horse trainer. a horse-breaker. ̃ ̃ প n. unweariedly. fem. multiplied by eight. a. ̃ n. [ aśō a ī a. ˜ a. moist. the flow of tears. apa. termina tion or end of the adv. ̃প n. (pop.̃ n. lry. any collection of eight. same as ̃ ( ) n. . same as ̃ n. unsanctified. a. ̃ . fem. blubbering. rocky. one who in dulges in obscene or bawdy talk. a horse-drawn carriage. a rider. n. relating to the horse. a. tions of Goddess Durga ( ). in a sobbing voice. to check tears. ̃ n. sweetheart (namely. eightfold. (mech. an [ aśrōtri a ] n a Brahman who has not stud ied the Vedas. unheard-of.) the ninth of the zodiacal stars. forty-eight. drenched or moistened with tears. ̃ n. rock. ̃ n. a horse's hoof.) unworthy of be ing heard. ̃ ̃ n. ̃ n. [ aśbārōha. tears. ̃ see ̃ n. & a. & a. a book n. a colt. প of one's per son owing to the birth or death of a relative. not rea. ̃ rienced about horses. a mare. [ aśrābya ] a (of words etc. obscene or blue literature. a professional care taker of horses. harm. ̃ n. undecorated. (rare) in audible. a veterinary surge[ aśrē a ] a harmful. im proper. [ aśma ] n stone. eight. [ aśrānta ] a untired. a stable. fem.of her lover signs indicating that he had been to another woman. horse manship. ceaselessness. a mere nothing. bell-metal. [ aśbētakā a ] a not white-skinned. silver. equine. tireless[ aśōbhana ] a unbecoming. vulgar or filthy language. to shed tears. a horse-doctor. ̃ n. unrefined. unfavourable. a plant used as perfume. filly). either of the twin brothers who are physicians of ˜ a. & a. about 745 watts. im propriety. forty-eighth. ̃প adv. abominable. a. aśō ya ] a not absorbable. horse-necked.) fiddlesas ticks! (int. ninety-eighth. lascivious. ̃ . contre temps. ̃ n. a foal (fem. skilled in horse-breaking or horse training. about horses.) eight moods of the heroine or the v. ̃ n. ̃ n. ̃ n. the eight metals. a horse's rein or bridle. ̃ a. ̃ n. to treat with contempt. ̃ . [ a a ] n. like a congenial. ̃ ̃ a. full of stones or rocks. to weep. inauspi cious. ̃ n. indecent.) an octagon. unrequited.). impurity. ̃ n. oc tagonal ̃ a. to despise. driving or riding a horse. indefatigably. (cp. ̃ a. evil. ninety-eight. the eight minor goddesses. . fighting on horse back. equine. ̃ n. to fossilize. tireless. obscenity. [ aślīla ] a obscene. ̃ n. bronze. galloping) a. same as প ̃ an eques trian. (myth. bitumen. a groom. ̃ n. indeco rous. wantonness. going to as signation. pornography. ̃ (a. feeling thy. mounted on a horse. in eight ways. ☐ ☐ a. one expea. a tear[ aśba ] n the horse.) the horse-shaped wife of the sun-god. having a ing. ̃ a. ̃প প n. want or loss of faith or confidence. the eight heaven. (lit. [ aśraba ī a ] a same as incorrigible. same as প ̃ n. baleful. ̃ adv. suffused or flooded period of personal impurity. deceived [ aśraddha ] a without faith or confidence in. a horse soldier. its flower. ̃ n. ̃ n. or reclamation or rectification or correction. bale. equestrian. requital. [ aślāghanī a ] a not praiseworthy or com mendable. the pace (usu. fem. lead and iron. ̃ adv. fos silized. unbecomingness. a tear. n. ̃ a. fem. ̃ neck curved like that of a horse. in a voice choked with tears. tearful. ̃ . indecent. n. (rare) non repayment. [ aśbārū h ় ] a mounted on a horse. a. moistened with tears. ̃ n. farriery. n. unreclaimed. a move in chess in bered. or refined or reclaimed or rectified or corrected or repaid or re quited. ☐ . (geom. a peepul-tree. ̃ n. inces sant. not on.) horsepower. ficus religiosa. eightfold. a a. obscene or filthy words or talk. eight [ aśbinī ] n the first of the twenty-seven stars according to Hindu astronomy. ̃প n. wanton. unrepaid. fossilization.) the eight (geol. ̃প a. weeping. (path. a skilled horesman. a star considered inauspicious by astrologers. (cp. by her lover. to drive fore. which the two knights are placed in a position where the opponent's king [ aśruta ] a unheard. blubbering. n. ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ [ aśōdhana ] n lack of purification or sanctifi cation or refinement put faith or confidence in. & a eight. indecency. evil. on horseback. n. disgust. ble. to stop weepcreeper of the clitoria genus. a farrier. tears. an octave. not purified. fem. (scriptural) impurity tears. ̃ n.adv.) lithos phere. incessantly. ̃ n. with tearful eyes. abomi nation. disservice. ̃ n. equestrian. shedding [ aśauca ] n uncleanness. guardian deities of the eight points of the earth. (myth.̃ a. the horse-sacrifice. unheard-of is checkmated. aśbārōha a ] n horse-riding.̃ n. apathetic. withania somnifera. eight times. octagonal. experienced drop. in this ritual a horse was given in sacrifice. ̃ a. irreverent. ̃প n. a horseman. n. lacking in ness. untiringly. the period of duration of this personal impurity. unbefitting.

solitariness. the custom according to which the newly-wed groom comes back to the father-in-law's house with his wife on the eighth day of marriage. n. re nunciation of worldly ties and inter ests. ̃ n. & a. ̃ n. & a. incoherence. licentiousness. impropriety. freedom from or absence of doubt. [ asannamya ] a (phys. solitary.) nonSanskritic. unassociated. the eight infallible weapons of the eight princi pal gods. sixty-eighth.) a mere nothing. two eyes. fall (' [ asakāla ] n inopportune time. ̃ n. incoherent. time and again. [ a āśri ] a octagonal. [ asa yama ] n lack of self-control. ̃ a. termi nation. surely. two great toes. abandoned. eight years old. irrel evant. [ asa kōca ] a absence of hesitation. two knees. incontinent. ̃ a. lambling ( . absence of contraction. the breast or bo som. indulging in sensual enjoyment. eighth. two hands. disconnected. a. [ asa kīr a ] a not narrow. . a. a form of collective religious chanting by the Hindus continuing for twenty-four hours at adv. indigent. twenty-four hours. not united or joined. confidently. eighth. ˜ a. unrea sonableness. confident. [ asa sk ta ] a unconsecrated. incompressibility. detached. ). innu merable. frankly. not contracted. incoherence. having eight branches or departments ( ). ). tight. [ a ābi śa ] a twenty-eighth. fem. po[ asajjana ] n a dishonest or wicked man. di vested of clothing. simultaneous hurling of . the eight manifestations of Shiva ( ). the throat or speech. liber ally. separate. sensual. & a. ̃ n. sporadic. thirty-eight. a. the eight demi-gods (see ). ̃ n. twenty-eight. ̃ n. a whole day and night. a fiasco. & a thirty-eight. fem. disjointed. seventy-eight. a. n. and the backbone. a. exceeding by eight. the eighth day of either fortnight of a lunar month. a. of eight kinds. of or in the eighth year. one whose garments are about to fall off one's body. ̃ n. unjustness. (of a sheet of paper) octavo. unconnected. a mythological oc topod said to be even stronger than the lion (cp. a.) a ridiculously deformed person. obscene lan guage. octopod. fem. ̃ a. a mani festation of Durga ( ). two hands. precipitation of a highly explosive condition. incoherent. fem. eight-angled. fem. a hoax. [ asa śōdhita ] a unrectified. ☐ ☐ ☐ . open ness. fem. seventy-eighth. a. [ asaccaritra ] a unchaste. without doubt. unamended. & a. uncorrected. ty.) incompressible. unrelated. unat tached.. ☐ domi neering control over her lover. eighteen years old. [ asa śli a ] a unattached. unaccompanied. lacking in self-con trol. ̃ n. lonely. [ a ā ga ] n the eight limbs of the body (namely. thirty-eight. open. the Supreme Being. de tached. ir relevant. n. freely. lack of restraint. uncoordinated. ̃ a. ̃প ̃প a. uncon cerned. scattered. number less. infinite. a.[ a ā śita ] a divided into eight. of the eighth year. sensual indulgence. one-eighth. unrefined. ˜ a. the eight superhuman qualities attainable by ascetical or austere practice. doubt less. [ asa yōga ] n absence of union or connec tion or relation or communication or contact. bare. ̃ [ a ādaśa ] n. evening. (facet. a manifestation of Goddess Durga ( ). fifty-eight. many times. ceaselessa stretch. [ asa skāra ] n want of reform. the breast and the nose). [ asa kucita ] a unhesitating. irrelevance. confidence. fem. twenty-eighth. octopus. not lacking in breadth. [ asa ga ] a companionless. the forehead. & a eighteen. uncontrollable. n. a mare's nest. eight years old. [ asa yata ] a unrestrained. unconnected. [ asa śa a ] a undoubting. n. ill-off. intem perance. ̃ n. ̃ n. n. inelegant. end. impertinent. night'). liberality. throughout the whole day and night. which causes the de struction of the universe. frank. profligacy. n. irrel evance. uncounted. licen tious. [ asa sakta ] a unattached. [ a ōttaraśata ] a one hundred and eight. loose ( ). fifty-eighth. immoral. (of languages etc. fi nancial uneasiness. vul gar. wild. sixty-eight. lack ing in restraint. ̃ n. [ a ābakra ] n an ancient sage whose body was ridiculously misshapen at eight places. un controlled. and separated from her lover as he has gone abroad). ̃ n. an octagon. inconsistency. an octopod. always. the eight terrible manifestations of Shiva ( ). n. unjustifiable. the eight systems of yoga. (pop. ̃ n. frankness. the eighth part. adv. wide. liberal. [ asacchala ] a financially uneasy. [ a ātri śa ] n. eight-handed. not a conjunct let ter. [ asa gata ] a unreasonable. adv. poor. hardship or diffi culty. an octagon. [ asak t ] adv more than once. & a. undressed. unhesitatingly. sure. unfair. n. incontinent. [ asa shāna ] n non-provision. doubtlessly. [ a ādhika ] a more than eight. ˜ a. inconti nence. ̃ n. & n. profligate. impertinence. unjustifiability. ly. again and again. or alter natively. repair or con ditioning. intemperate. not dressed or tended. unchasteness. countless. n. a man lacking in proprie- 52 ☐ ☐ [ a āśra ] a octagonal. inconsistent. octagonal. a speech in a language other than San skrit. the spider. ☐ ☐ [ asamb ta ] a not covered. confident. free. of &square. unjust. hard-up. . un doubted or undoubting. ̃ verty. vulgar language. unbridled. im proper. ̃ n. a. fem. ̃ n. ˜প a. [ asa yukta ] a unattached. fem. incontinence. im morality. wanton ness. asa khyaka ] a innumerable. indigence. ̃প n. uncovered. [ asa lagna ] a disjointed. un numbered. sensualism. [ asa hata ] a not concentrated or united. n. [ asa khya. countless.

un hesitating. to dissatisfy. depraved. (phil. [ asatsa ga ] n evil company. unseasonal or un timely rain. woman. wicked. unguardedness. ac ceptance of improper or unlawful gifts. wickedness. partiality. a wild or aboriginal race. a. [ asamapunda a ] n heterostyly. different. ̃ ̃ an untruthful person. 53 ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ n. ̃ a. inexistence. disjointed. [ asatarka ] a inadvertent. unsocial. [ asad śa ] a dissimilar. [ asatpathābalambī ] a one who has taken to evil ways and means. [ asadācāra ] n indecent or dishonest or evil practice. (phys. unsatisfactory. displeased.) variable velocity. wickedness. to behave discourteously or rudely or unculturedly. a. a. [ asadgrāhī ] a one who accepts improper or unlawful gifts. a friend in need. ̃ adv. [ asandigdha ] a unsuspicious. [ asaphala ] a unsuccessful. ill-feeling. irrelevant. [ asantu i. bad conduct. born or pro duced in Assam. ̃ n. unchaste. above suspicion. to displease. ignored. bad. discourtesy. [ asamartha ] a incapable. incompetent. variable velocity. nonexistence. bad blood. aggrieved state. unbecoming. at an inauspicious time. untruth. [ asadācara a ] n rude behaviour or treatment. [ asamatā ] n inequality. falsehood. discourteous. unsuspecting.) virtual ( ). n. [ asamakak a ] a unequal (esp. a. . [ asamadarśī ] a not taking an impartial view. incompetence. unfriendliness. partial view or judgment. un truthful. ill-disposed. immoral. un civilized. detached. improper. undu lating. an unseasonal fruit. dissimilar. [ asamañjasa ] a asymmetrical. careless. lack of civilization. ne glected. [ asadbhāba ] n inexistence. illtreatment. disproportion ate. sure. [ asadb tti ] n dishonest or evil practice or occupation. dis ability. unfer mented. a character [ asamabēga ] n (mech. dissimilar. [ asatī ] a. certain. rude ( ). inca pability. such a [ asabhya ] a uncivil. caste marriage. ̃ . aggrieved. dishonest. [ asama a ] n inopportune or unsuitable time. absence. unsatisfied.̃ [ asatya ] a untrue. in one's ab sence. [ asapatna ] a one who has no enemy. a. a lie. wild. [ asamarē u-prasū ] a heterosporous. abortive.) unpolarized. unevenness.). [ asandhita ] a not joined or tied (together). discon tented. unfaithful to one's husband. [ asannidhāna ] n distance. doubtless. non-existent. rugged. in an unguarded mo ment. in dulging in wickedness. unseasonably. virtual nonentity. aboriginal. during or in hard times. viewing or judging with partiality. unbecom ing.) inexistent. credulous. to indulge in wicked ness. uneven. dissatis fied. un guarded. [ asama ] a unequal. [ asadupā a ] n unfair means. practice of accepting unlawful gratifi cation. n. v. indulging in telling lies. to make discontented or ill-disposed. rude. time of stress. rough. v. wrongdoing.[ asat ] a dishonest. given to in decent or dishonest or evil practice. dissatis faction. [ asamajananakō ī ] a heterogamous. to aggrieve. [ asattā ] n non-existence. false. at an inopportune or unsuitable time. different. [ asabar a ] a not belonging to the same caste. ̃ n. no match for. untruthfulness. want of amity. incautious. unlike. discontent. asantō a ] n displeasure. given to accepting un lawful gratification. endowed with . of or about Assam or its people or their language. disabled. quarrel. difference. unjust. [ asadupadēśa ] n mischievous or harmful counsel or advice. to behave ill-manneredly or indecorously. [ asandihāna ] a unsuspicious. [ asamarūpatā ] n absence of uniformity. evil ( ). undue. wicked. a. grievance. in time of need. par tial. ̃ . unhesitatingly. practice of accepting bribes. incivility. not treated with hospitality. adv. [ asatk ta ] a not accorded cordial recep tion. n. [ asantu a ] a displeased. n. fem. v. primitive. unsuspiciously. varying. undoubting.̃ n. ̃ n. ill disposition. difference. fem unchaste. same as (a. free from misgivings. inability. n. inauspicious time. united. unsocialness. a liar. unable. rudeness. dis similarity. Assamese. [ asamatala ] a not smooth or plain. uncul tured. with mind free from suspicion or doubt or hesitation. one who does not keep one's promise or word. lack of cul ture or refinement or polish. incongru ous. absence of proxim ity or nearness. in congruity. ̃ a. adv. incongruous. [ asatkarmā ] a given to doing wicked or dis honest acts. to behave or treat rudely. uneven. abuse. . obscene ( ). [ asamani ata ] a asynchronous. not doubting. careless ness. [ asadbyabahāra ] n discourteous or rude behaviour. act or habit of telling lies. evil designs. [ asamak ē ] adv at the back of. [ asami ā ] n an Assamese. in strength). dissatisfied. inter- [ asaduddēśya ] n bad intentions. rug gedness. hard times. n. dissimilarity. unpolished. ☐ ☐ [ asamabartita ] a (astr. lack of caution. misuse. unbefitting. the Assamese language.

disproportion ate. asamāpta ] a unfinished. ̃ n. non cooperative. unexecuted. improbability. defenceless. [ asaha ] a (ori. dishonour. unrelated. disjointed or detached state. ill-off. cluded or terminated. undignified. to insult. [ asamasattba ] a (psy.). [ asambhrama ] n indignity. slighted. [ asamp kta ] a unrelated. a. fretn. (rare) indifference. [ asam ddha ] a not prosperous. unconnected. unfora. same as a. slight. restless. unrelated. unat tached. un forgiving. . to neglect. n. absence of relation or connection. reckless. dishonourable. neglect.) heterogeneous. [ asambhābita ] a unexpected. absurdity. uncon cerned. ̃ a. . ( [ asamarthita ] a unsupported. rashness. the impossible. treated coldly. restlessness. unfinished. rugged. affront. a.) a very brave person.) an clining. disagreeing. [ asampūr a ] a incomplete. [ asamā ga ] a lacking in physical proportion or symmetry. insufferable. disre gard. incoherent. asahayōgitā ] n non-cooperation. unsanctioned. reluctance. absence of attachment. unanticipated. state of being not finished or ended or concluded or terminated or completed. inappropriate. absence of connection or relation or attachment or affiliation. [ asambhābanā ] n impossibility. impetuous. born or pro duced in Assam. a. intolerable. irrelevance. weak. incapable of endur ing. not full. reluctant. un bearable. not ended or consentient. [ asahya ] a unendurable. straight. irrelevant ( ). intolerant. slighting. slighted. companionless. ̃ n. unapproved. unaccomplished. state of not being full. insult. imperfect. impa tient.) not frank or candid or forthright. unat tached. v. inco herent. ment of In dia.[ asamarthana ] n want of support or sanction or confirmation. ̃ n. dissent ing. unlikely. unfinished. fem not completing. to deny cordial re ception or acceptance. impatience. helplessness. unconnected. same as (a. fem. daredevil. [ asampanna ] a unfinished. disap proved. incoherent and nonsensical. intolerable. irrel evant. 54 ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ . to dissent. complete fearlessness. desultory. uncommon and astonish ing. a. insult. [ asambandha ] a unrelated. defencelessness. dissimilar. crookedness. insulting. undone. not not nobly born. tortuous. undulating. . disrespect ful. imperfection. fretfulness. incoherence. a. [ asammāna ] n dishonour. un opposed. refuse to give consent. unimpeded. n. want of consent. not over. [ asamāna ] a unequal. unconfirmed ). প (gr. impetuosity. n. detached. un forgiving. disgrace. [ asampādana ] n not performing or accom plishing. the Non-cooperation Movea. not bestowed. [ asahā a ] a helpless. of or about Assam or its people or their language. to decline. improper. . unwill ingness. unjust. unaffiliated. slighting. not affluent or wealthy. to receive or ac cept coldly. v. completely fearless. unperformed. [ asamāpita. not aristocratic. rashness. uncon cern. [ asarala ] a (of lines etc. undignified. [ asamādara ] n absence of cordial reception or acceptance. ig nominy. incomplete. rambling. [ asahayōga. to dishonour. [ asam ddhi ] n lack of prosperity or affluence. in sulted. tortuosity. ful. incompletion. [ asāmbidhānika ] a unconstitutional. over-bold. rash. uncon nected. [ asamīk yakārī ] a lacking in due consider ation. to dis regard. absurd. dissident. neglected. non-forbearance. not completed. insult ing. unjust. not well-to-do. [ asambaddha ] a (rare) not tied together. proposals etc. disapproval. ignominious. ̃প a. fishy.) not straight. intolerable. unfinished state. [ asambhaba ] a impossible. n. de ceptive. (of human nature etc. endowed with rare daring. the Assamese language. rash. [ asamād ta ] a received or accepted coldly. improb able. curved. disrespectful. to slight. asymmetrical. uneven. incompleteness. (of plans. n. ignominious. desultoriness. insufferable. insufferable. free from collision. a. to disrespect. unaccomplished. ̃ givingness. de[ asamāpikā ] a. disrespect. curved. not sanc tioned by the constitution. outstanding. outstand ing. [ asamasāhasa ] n a rare feat of daring. improbable. non-cooperating. [ asambādha ] a unobstructed. to slight. disjointed. a man of rare courage. disrespected. [ asamparka ] n absence of connection or rela tion. dishonourable. unlikelihood. fishiness. to be unwilling or reluctant. not consented to. incompletion. [ asambhōga ] n non-enjoyment. intolerant. disgrace ful. [ asammata ] a unwilling. unlikely to occur. to infinite verb. a.) crooked. intolerance. ̃ a. curvedness. [ asamprīti ] n absence or lack of amity or friendliness. dis regarded. a verb in its participial form. indig nity. lonely. unbearable. v. incapable of tol eration or forgiveness. unforbearing. dis. ̃ a. ̃ n. n. unberarable. n. a. overdaring. same as (a. wrongful. disrespect. [ asami ā ] n an Assamese. dissent. state of being incoherent and nonsensical. deformed. unbecoming. to neglect. injudicious. act of dis agreeing or declining. disgrace ful. [ asamīcīna ] a indiscreet. [ asambhrānta ] a not respectable or honourable. (rare) state of not being tied together. reck lessness. a. solitary. to disagree. Assamese.) intolerent. [ asamarpita ] a not given or handed over. ̃ [ asahi u ] a impatient. undig nified. absence of due consid eration. slight. neglect. a. un completed. an impossible or uncommon incident.

a. torpid. ailment. swords manship. uncouth. (vul.) particularity. false. [ asāma ika ] a untimely. to back bite. unachievable through meditation. disagreement. time infinite. wicked. uncooked. causing unhappiness. through extraordidark-complexioned. failed.) accomplishment of a seemingly impossible task (esp. particular. [ asulabha ] a not easily available. the in substantial world. profound. 55 ☐ ☐ ☐ . incongruity. n. (log. aversion. ex traordinariness. ̃ v. pointless ( ). [ asāmarthya ] n lack of strength or power or competence. free from prejudice etc. liberality. a de mon. প n. wielding the sword in a fight. ( ). ness. uncareful.[ asāk āt ] n the state of being out of sight or view. insensibility. disadvantage. con siderable depth. difference. failure. attainment of the unattain able. (bot. ̃ . a. siness. [ asāmañjasya ] n lack of proportion or symme try. vaporiness. [ asād śya ] n dissimilarity. sky-coloured. distressed. embarrassed. torpidity. a sword-fight. [ asu ] n life. in advertent. a sword-dance. ̃ . black. ̃ . infinite. unrealizable. ̃ n. half-baked. cosmopolitan. ̃ a sword-and-buckler duel. futile. ̃ n. futile. ̃ n. [ asita ] n the black colour. ̃ n. coy. [ asāra ] a unsubstantial. profundity. unrealized. the scabbard of a sword. inadvertence. asābadhānī ] a uncareful. unusual. insensible. do I not feel the urge for it. a sword-play. [ asukha ] n unhappiness. see also v. immense. n. disagree ment. worthless. [ asupta ] a not asleep. inconvenient. a sword-fight. incomplete. through carelessness or inadvert ence. unknowingly. fem. vapoury. ̃প n. dishonesty. corruption. the five constituent elements of the temporal body. ̃প n. profound ( ). inequality. insensateness. oppressive. unbounded. ungraceful. apathy. ̃ a. the inane and unmeaning world. uncommonness. unseasonal. unusual. superhu man state. (loos. uneato lose one's grip on oneself. ̃ a. corruptness. impracticable. diable. trouble. unmannerly. dark-complexioned. in one's absence. in competence. unobservedly. nonsectarianism.) ensiform. indisposed. unlikeness. uncon sciousness. extraor dinary. ugly. to be off one's balance. [ asādhita ] a unaccomplished. pecu liarity. ̃ n. hindrance. universality. unusual ness. insensate. rare. pointlessness. deep-blue. the eternal world or adv.) one of a superhuman race hostile to gods. (log. discomfort. not negligible. unconsciously. disinclination. unheeding. unperformable. n. dis pleased. even be yond the pow[ asiddha ] a unboiled. to be unsteady. able. [ asura ] n (myth. [ asārthaka ] a unsuccessful. sick ness. adv. sorrowful. sick. a porpoise. troublesome. dishonest. unreal ized. uneasy. a. incontinent. dis tress. diseased. the beyond ( ). worthlessness.) a man of gigantic appearance or superhuman strength. endless. considerable. the sword and the buckler. open to all. marrowless. ̃ n. making the im possible possible. one armed with a sword. unfulfilled. [ asundara ] a not beautiful. lack of success or fulfilment. secretly. bad. even gods cannot do. bereft of sensibility. unat tainable. unguarded state. vast. ̃ n. a monster. black. the dark fortnight of a lunar month. distressing. a dol phin. learning or practising swordcraft. the blade of a sword. distress.. a swordsman.) unable to restrain natural discharges or evacua[ asusha ] a unwell. unhappy. n. unlikeness. (cp. dis tressed. unguarded. disproportionateness. v. [ asādhya ] a incapable of being done or ac complished or attained or realized. irrelevance. ungainly. distinguishing. n. awake. inability. ̃ a. ̃ n. disadvanta geous. spe cific. a giant. illness. the sky. ness. grief. the black colour. distinc tive. ̃ . distinctiveness. at one's back. realization of the un realizable. lack of pith or marrow or sap. benumbed. non-commu nalism. rareness. (of argu ments etc. incoherence. deep blue. fencing. unfulfilled. cor rupt. [ asāmājika ] a not pertaining to the society. dear. openness to all. stealthily. loss of sensation or feeling or consciousness. universal. sapphire. ̃ n. ̃ n. incapability. wickedness. not cheap. tions. ̃ n. rare. a rarity. impediment. un easiness. disunity. inadverlife. displeasure. a. uncommonness. ̃ n. careless [ asīma ] a unlimited. the heaven ( ). unexecuted. a sword player. [ asāmya ] n dissimilarity. ungainly. liberal. [ asubidhā ] n inconvenience. ailing. very deep ( ). the edge of a sword. cosmopolitanism. ill ness. [ asābadhāna. the sugar-cane (for its leaves resemble swordblades). [ asu hu ] a ungraceful. un happy. extraordinariness. adv. ̃প n. ̃ . (fig. incurable ( ). incaution. unacer of gods. [ asādha ] n unwillingness. civil. troubled. swordcraft. inattentive. lack of compromise. do I not con ceive a desire for it. ̃ n. a monster of a man. a disease.. ill. [ asāmāla ] a off one's balance. dif ference. incommodious. off one's guard. superhuman. disability. bad- [ asāmpradā ika ] a non-sectarian. freedom from preju dice etc.̃ n. insensately. shy. inat tention. tently. inop portune. asceticism etc. a sword-play.) a Titan. discomfort. am I unwilling ? [ asādhāra a ] a uncommon. causing discomfort. incautious. ailment. sapless ( ). irremefem.) unten. complished. [ asā ় ] a bereft of sensation or feeling or consciousness.) not general. difficult. unsocial. ̃ n. indisposition. nary efforts). a swordsman. futility. ̃ n. incongruity. incommodiousness. unawares. [ asāmarika ] a non-military. asymmetry. falsity. not in keeping with the rules. unso ciable. [ asi ] n a sword. careless. unsteady. non-com munal. [ asāmānya ] a uncommon. unsubstantiality. to wield the sword in a fight. formali ties and traditions of the (or chiefly a particular) society. considerableness. to speak ill of or slander a person behind his back. ̃ n. unusualness. unsuc cessful. [ asādhu ] a evil. extraor dinary. negligibility. negligible. diffi cutly. pithless. falseness. uncomfortable.

act of laying down arms.) adventitious. bluntness. never practise surgery. in a great hurry. [ astēbyastē ] adv in haste. [ ashāna ] n a vicious or miserable place. a wound caused by a weapon. the sober.. ̃ incivility. group. thickness. floating. a. ̃ . sand etc. ̃ n. to operate (upon). false. arms ( ).) dialectics. vapoury. encounter in a battle.) weapons. n. foreign. to surrender. end. intolerable. ing in an armed fight. [ ashā ī ] a impermanent. existence. [ asū aka ] a slandering. ̃প . ̃ n. [ astrāgāra ] n an armoury. cynical. skinny. ̃ a. the discharge of a missile. [ a-starībhūta ] a unstratified. relinquish or give up one's arms. ̃ same as ̃ n. crudity. presence. asēbanī a ] a (of medicine etc. armed ( ) [ asaira a ] a incapable of being brooked. ̃ n. armoury. throughout the day. ̃ v. envy. not calm or placid. a weapon. [ as rēla ē a ] n one ethnically belonging to the Australoid [ astrāghāta ] n the blow of a weapon. ̃ a. tralian. . . disorderliness. arms. to withdraw a missile thrown. existent. ̃ প. grudge. to mis place. প v. [ asauhārda. lean. to cut open with a lancet. the rising and setting (of the sun). ̃ n. ̃ n. not durable. a slanderer. clumsiness. or giving up one's arms. languages of Australasia. art and science of using weapons. a cynic. impoliteness. from dawn to dusk. & n. to n. lining. to strike with a ism. about to set. grossness. asauhārdya ] n lack of amity or friendliact of with drawing a missile thrown. act of taking up arms. material sewn to the inner surface of a garment. passing ( ). weapon. n. ̃ son. gaunt. ̃প . v.) one who or that which is used as an in strument ( ). extraneous. weapon. setting. to take up arms. decline. ̃ v. ̃ a. ness. unbearable. প ̃ . ̃প a. ate (upon). (bot. cease-fire. skin-and-bone. a place to be avoided or not to be visited. n. unbecom ing conduct. in existent. to refrain from us ing weapons. to [ as a ] a not created. the language of Australia. never seeing the light of day. moon etc. act of warding off or counteracting a missile [ asaujanya ] n discourtesy. present. ̃ v. n. an armed pera. [ asūryampaśyā ] a. going to set. to unarm. act of striking with a [ asū ā ] n malice. in a flurry. to lance (a boil etc. fall. cynical. ̃ n.). an Australasian. n. existence. temporariness. absent. to lay down arms. to oper- ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ . same as ̃ n. [ astyartha ] n implication of existence or presence. not expressed or signified or said. indecorousness. un gainliness. transience. same as ̃ a. plaster. unmarked. lacking in keen perception or acumen. movable property. set ting or going below the horizon. ̃ v. going below the horizon. [ ashi ] n bone. temporary. act of arming oneself. indecency. skeleton. liv ing in the harem. perishability. v. disarmed. presence. ̃ v. ̃ n. presence and absence. [ astōnmukha ] a about to go down below the horizon. ̃ n. act of encounter. jealousy. unarmed. malicious. a. illusory. [ as rēlēśī a ] a Australasian. 56 ☐ ☐ . [ as rēli āna. jealous. short-sighted. [ askhalana ] n lack or absence of the guilt or a lapse or mistake. ̃ implication or implying of existence or presence. perishable ( ). mark of such a wound. to arm one self.) an imaginary mountain behind which the sun goes down whilst setting (also . ̃ . an armed person. surgery. (collec. of spontaneous ori gin. to lay down one's arms. ̃ n. short-sightedness. clined. a malicious person. ˜ n. lack or absence of felling or shedding. to the gynaeceum. existence and inexis tence. an Aus- [ astrāhata ] a struck or wounded or hurt with a weapon. a tool or instrument for cut ting. lack of cordiality. n. unspeci fied. envious. a bad place.) not to be taken. ̃ a. ̃ v. living in a surgeon.[ asūk a ] a not fine or refined or subtle.̃ n. ceilings. bone-like. blunt. insta bility. [ ashābara ] a (of property etc. act of relin quishing coming out in the public. ̃ n.) that which has set or gone below the horizon. not sedate or the arms. (fig. the discharge of a missile. use of arms. ( ). [ asti ] v is n. setting. ̃ a. to discharge or hurl a missile. denoting presence or existence. ungentle. [ astrī ] a armed. shower of missiles. (phil. ̃ a. coarseness. containing [ astra ] n a missile. de cline. surgery. ̃ n. theism and atheism. one who is skilled in using weapons. malicious. as rēlī a ] a Australian. adv. an evil place. ̃ n. lack of keen percep tion or acumen. a wrong or improper or un suitable place. [ astara2 ] n a mixture of slaked lime. ). alien. crude. ̃ n. imperma nence. n. military power. want of durability. fem not ever sighted by the sun. gross. to ward off or counteract a missile thrown.) movable. [ ashānika ] a not native or local. [ ashāna-kushāna ] n a foul or filthy place. ̃প n. ̃ n. ̃ a. esse. n. ̃ n. to disarm. ̃ প n. used for coating walls. thrown. moon etc. a shower of missiles. skeleton. coarse. v. tran sient. boring etc. a wound caused by a weapon. thick. in esse. [ asēbya. প the surgical ward. to deposit in or commit to the Ganges (or other holy waters) the bone or bone-ash of a deceased person (as the final part of the obsequies). to discharge or hurl a missile. [ asūcita ] a unindicated. power of [ asaumya ] a unlovely. bones and ribs. ̃ প v. esse. ̃ . (of the sun. [ asau haba ] n lack of grace or beauty. throwing missiles. 2 [ astrōpacāra ] n surgical operation. act of refrain ing from using weapons. the setting of the sun. unstable. ̃ a. to operate (upon) surgically. any of the [ asta ] n (myth.

agi tated. [ asbabhābī ] a abnormal. [ asp a ] a untouched. pride. forgetfulness. the serpent. gainsaid. un touchability. conceit. slim. [ asmāra ] n amnesia. not worth re membering. ̃ . to boast. babbling. self-conceit. arrogance. stiff. thin. egotism. uncom- 57 ☐ [ aspanda ] a not throbbing. bony. of inarticulate speech. unnatural. nonmalig nant. harm less. harm less. to gainsay. inelastic ity. ̃ n. suspended throb bing. inoffensive. ̃ a. to deny. abnor mal. denial. not facile. innocent. intangibility. a side. [ ahamikā ] n (psy. (phil.) dimness. a. freedom from malice. to refuse. arrogance. vanity.bony. v. irresolute. not clear. ̃ n. ̃ n. repudiated. ̃ a. haughtiness. incessantly. a diffi cult or intricate problem. v. n. fretting. fretful. ailment. unnatural. n. unpretentious. to refuse. egotism. to dissent. self-conceit. dirty. halting. unsteadiness. vainglorious. ̃ n. abominableness. un touchable. haziness. lack of affection. opaqueness. not memorable. ̃ n. always. an appellation of Shiva ( ). day in and day out. n. in an undertone. expression etc. always.) the double rule of three or unitary method. uncomfortable. . a non graduate. [ asbāshya ] n ill-health. rejected. untasted ( ). restless ness. impatience. indifferent. undecided (in action or purpose). impatience. turbid. [ asra ] n an angle. vainglorious. a. discomfort. excitement. [ asmara a ] n non-remembrance. lack of clarity (of thought. impatient. [ asp śya ] a that should not be touched. dirtiness. impetuous. absence of facile ness. changefulness.̃ . ̃ n. fickle-minded. [ asbīkārya ] a unacceptable. ̃ adv. indistinctness. agitated or perturbed state. illegible ( ). [ ashūla ] a not fat or thick. an arm. unstableness. not gross or coarse. transcendental. n. uneasy. ̃ a. uncertain. irresolution. perturbed. [ ashairya ] n impatience. not complied (with). to disavow. lack of movement. an undergra- [ asmitā ] n egotism. faltering. fine. [ asbacchanda ] a uneasy. inarticu lately. inarticulateness. maddened with pride. [ aha kāra ] n self-conceit. denied. unclaimed property. be wilderment. non-compliance. a. detrimental or [ ashira ] a restless. ashitapañcaka. to decline. not vibrating. excited. illness. obscurity. intangible. unhealthy. changeful. ̃ . uncertainty. [ ashiti ] n movement. (loos. ̃ of transpar ency. gaunt. vanity. pride. neglect. frivolous. per petual enmity as that existing between the snake and the mongoose. (in the Puranas) name of Gautama's wife whom Ramachandra freed or re deemed from a curse. dissent. ̃ . .̃ . [ ashitapañca. arrogant. [ asphīta ] a not swollen or inflated. arrogant. not clear. in decision. a snakecharmer.) non-violent non-cooperation. [ asnēha ] n unfriendliness. profane. [ asbāmika ] a without an owner. [ ahalyā ] a (of land) not yet cultivated or ploughed or tilled ( ). [ asrōta ] n lack or absence of flow. ̃ a. [ ahanā ] n the dawn. incessantly. ̃ adv. illegibility. ashitapañcama ] n arith metic of infinites. not desirous. ̃ fortable. an osteologist. indifference or unconcern. . to repudiate. rarity. to deny. fickle. obscure. unsteady. unstable. [ aha ] pro I. barmy. [ ahi sa ] a free from malice. change. [ asphu a ] a unbloomed. [ aspa a ] a indistinct. to disown. inar ticulate ( ). dissented. mod est. translu cent ( ). ̃ n. daily. v. [ asbaccha ] a not transparent. lack [ aharaha ] adv every day. the ego. proud. egotism. [ asbābhābika ] a unusual. having little flesh. not throbbing. to brag. [ aharniśa.̃ a. free from malice or ferocity. opacity. still. to take pride in. to decline. [ asbīkāra ] n refusal. n. [ asbīk ta ] a refused. ̃ unfavourable to health. [ ahi ] n the snake. dis avowed. inadmissible. [ asmaddēśē ] adv in our country. abnormalcy. not in easy circumstances. discomfort.) ahimsa. a. indistinctly. restlessness. [ ashitishāpaka ] a inelastic. proud. declined. insolent. inarticulate ( ) unexpressed. fickle-mindedness. unnatu ralness. ̃ a. uneasi ness. (pol. [ asbasti ] n uneasiness. (arith. vanity. frivol ity. unhygienic. ̃ unusualness. delicate. n. subtle. absence of desire or longing. dis owned. repudiation. mumbling. frivo lous. a. ̃ n. of . inoffensive. ̃ n. oblivion. n. motionless. non-accep tance. fretfulness. ownerless. instability. duate. trouble. [ aha k ta ] a self-conceited. vainglory.) selfishness. turbidity. [ asnāta ] a unbathed. [ asnātaka ] a undergraduate. all the time. a. haughty. dim ( ). vague. not covetous or avaricious. opaque. rejection. undertoned ( ). lean. [ asp ha ] a having no desire or longing. profanity. abomi nable. one who is ornamented with snakes. ☐ n. non-vio lence. unrevealed. unclean. batty. to reject. vanity. vaguely. ̃ n. hazy. aharniśi ] adv day and night. ̃ n. haughty. vanity. rare. self-conceit. oste ology. ̃ n.̃ osteological. stringency. self. low and indis tinct ( ). self-conceited. ̃ n. non-violent. restlessness. vagueness. indis tinct ( ) obscure. whis peringly. fretting. same as [ asmaddēśī a ] a of or relating to our country. uneasy. a puzzle. uneasiness. king of snakes.) egoism.

vile ( ). ground less. [ ānkā ] v to draw. any of such signs affixed to alphabeti cal letters. legal. noise. the law. to write. . custody. ̃ v. hard ( . criminal law. same as ˜ n. spontaneous. a law-minister.) ripening or growing early. harmful practice. control. to gripe.[ ahita ] n harm. maleficent. a lawyer. aversion. bad.) . drawn. & a out. a legislature. প n. āusa ] a (chiefly of paddy) ripen ing in the rainy season or in autumn. ̃n. described. gone to the dogs.̃ n. 1 2 [ ā1 ] n the second vowel of the Bengali alphabet. purview. n. to trace. without provocation.̃ n. v. . a legislature. the ceremony of taking the last meal by a Hindu bride or bridegroom on the [ ā ] int expressing: dismay. ̃ a.) a fief. sunshade. [ āō āja ] n sound. unreasonable. a legal ad viser. [ a ] int expressing: surprise. delineated. n. an or dinance. a legislative council. disinterested or selfless devotion. to delineate. . according to or in keeping with the law or laws. (cp. a solici tor. slight ( ). able. delight. anxiety. legislation. [ āōlāta. ̃ a. reasonless. three hours . a spinster. a rule. evil minded. ̃ . perverted. act of drawing or tracing or painting or marking or writing or describing or de lineating.) to pronounce or recite (usu. live coal. [ āu ānō ] v to stir (milk) whilst boiling. [ ānkana ] n act or manner of painting. voice. jurisdiction.(cp. an attorney. is it so? [ alāsa ] a an atlas. starting from ( . harm. to draw a line. n. a woman who remains single after the conven tional age for marrying. marked. the law. lawful. rules and regulations. ̃ adv. the ministry of law. legitimate. care. unac countable. to hold in a tight grasp or embrace. tion up-. one's mother's mother or aunt. [ ā i ] n a finger-ring. flowers etc. counsel. an opium-eater. prejudicial practice. one's wife. adv. legal. [ āina ] n a law. etc. ̃ n. pain etc. ̃ a. ̃ a. a jurist. including ( ) contrary to ( ). n. relief. [ āuśa.) a skylight. ̃. law-abiding. ̃ n. not delighted or happy. painted. unjustified. a ring. fright. a pleader.) a bay-window. to cause to draw or trace or 58 ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ . partial. [ ahindu ] n a non-Hindu. & n. [ āō ় ānō ] v (chiefly facet. a regulation. malignant. a painted picture. āōlāda ] n fruit-trees and other immovable [ ā3 ] pfx denoting: a little. oh. reach. guardianship. without cause or provocation. āibu ় ō ] a unmarried. [ āiba ় . in part. to pass a bill. to grapple (doggedly). same as (adv. n. (arith. [ āōtā ] n (rare) shade. one who advises on legal points. to do a sum. unac countable. unjustified. prog eny. one who causes harm or injury. unwholesome. regret. [ ānkaśi ] n a pole with a hook fixed to one of its ends. v.) day. n. ̃ a. to feel or become extremely uneasy. charcoal. fem. [ āu a ] adv. [ āi ] n mother. [ āi ō ina ] n tincture of iodine. ( ) under one's power or tutelage or guard ianship. statutory. a barrister. a lawbook. a law-book. (cp. a tendril. to make a rule. the fixed part of a day (usu. a. incomplete. ̃ a. to embrace (tightly). [ ānka ] n a mark or line. pl. n. for nothing. to mark. one who ma ligns. incorrigibly de praved or abandoned. or for other purposes. ̃ adv. [ āōrānō ] v (of boils etc. implying nega [ āōsata ] n a large holding of land held in fee under a landowner. a system. [ ānka ় ā ] n a hook. evilintentioned. offspring. to describe. [ ā2 ] int expressing: surprise. a. non-( ). to inflame. bewilder ment.̃ a. [ āō āji ] n a small window in the upper part of the wall. [ ānka ় i ] n any hook-shaped object or sign. lawful. & adv. disagreeable. traced. vexation. v. n. to grasp. & alg. [ ahna ] n (used as a sfx. malevolent. ̃n. a. enact ment. out ( ). legiti mate. always. one who is not a Hindu. consternation. ) etc. [ āimā ] n one's mother's mother or aunt. unsuit. thing). the whole code of laws. for nothing. a ring-like handle. ̃ . adv. ̃ . to leg islate. ̃-প . grappling. ahōrātri ] adv day and night. legally or law fully. (loos. (re peated) pronouncement or recitation. [ āi hāi ] adv feeling extreme uneasiness (owing to excess of any[ ā rā ] n burning coal. ex tremely uneasy. used for plucking fruits. to paint. re[ ahaituka ] a causeless. cinder. versed in law. [ āi ō ] n a woman whose husband is alive. [ ahōrātra. ). ). through property. ̃ v. civil law. the whole code of laws. thorough ( ). a ] a not pleased or glad. desirous of doing harm. an act. difficult. night immediately preceding their wedding-day. a legisla tor. [ ahiphēna ] n opium. to enact a law. 3 . a sum. a legislative assembly. act of holding fast as in an embrace. up to ( . a legal practitioner. suspense. [ ā ā ] n a ring. martial law. v. written. ̃ [ ah n. to scratch. legally or lawfully. jurisprudence. lawful. ). during the whole of. a statute.. injurious.) a problem. [ āōrata ] n a woman. injury. partially. a. the poppy-plant. a lawgiver. an advo cate. according to or in keeping with the law.) to swell and be come painful. [ ahētuka ] a causeless. peatedly). harmful. [ ā śika ] a of a part or parts or a share or shares. ah. ̃n.

[ ān a ] n tightness. to sense. cessive attention to (usu. to presage. same as [ āndhi ] n stormy wind. a. to ignite. to take fire. to conjecture. v. thus boiled. firmness. ān aku ় ā.) compactness. dark. glow. to en kindle. প v. tight fasten ing or fixation. to be equal to. winding. a very small kind of lizard akin to the iguana. [ ānjanāi ] n a sty. seeds. . ☐ ☐ . barren woman's son. [ ān uni ] n tightness. ☐ ☐ adv. to bolt ( ). absence of light. molasses. ̃প n. [ ānjalā. esp. প the last straw that breaks the camel's back. [ āncila ] n a wart. smelling of fish. [ āmśa ē ] a smelling of scales of fish. a stye. (of speech etc. restraint. a labour-room ( finement of a woman at childbirth. . [ ān ā ] v to fasten tightly. system. [ ānca ় kāma ় ] n act of scratching and biting. v. degree of ignition. fem. clothes. upon a cursory or slight examination. one's se cret intention or design or mental dis position ( ). consame [ ānca ় ā-ānca ় i ] n act of mutual scratching with fingeras nails or claws in a fight. tense. to cut to the quick. [ ānta ় i ] n entrails. to (be able to) contain [ ānkābānkā ] a zigzag. tricks and stratagems. n. to grieve or hurt a person by pricking his or her weak point. tension. draw. to fix ( ). tension. entrails. [ ān asān a ] a tight. to comb (hair). an ticipation.) with due preparation and precaution and by providing against probable contingency. gloomy. ānjala ] n palms of one's hands cupped together. to set on fire. to tighten. a presage. order. ānkubānku ] n fidget. Euphoria longana. rev. kempt. fem. excessive strictness or rigour. [ āncala ] n an expanse of a part or an end of a loin-cloth (esp. a hint. cessive tightness. shut. to take fire.) due arrangement. tortuous. . to shut. close-fitting. to ogle. an object of pre cious hope and consolation amidst ut ter misery. a danger. to be affected with slight stress or burden (of). gloom. by rinsing after a meal. ̃ [ ānkhi ] n an eye. longan. scales of a fish. strong wind. the amount that a cup thus contains. close-fitting. to contrive ( ). to guess. a. agony. igni tion. guess. a. [ āmśaphala ] n a kind of small fruit having similarity to litchi. etc. 2 [ ān i2 ] n the stone of a fruit. a handful. [ āmśānō ] v to harden by boiling in lique fied sugar. extreme sorrow or dejec tion. to make [ āndaru-pēndaru ] n (facet. a scratch. tear. ex to cope with ( ). [ ānkupānku. [ ānta ] n intestines. ). v. to startle. equally). v. to close ( . conjecture. higgling. ān aku ় ē ] a childess. [ āntu ় ] n a lying-in room. to ig nite. or hold. [ āndisāndi ] n. (any) thin membranous excrescence on some in sects. to put on ( ). an eyelid. ). ability to etc. . to conjecture. to wink or blink v. (fig. tight. ignorance. intestines. compactness ( serve ( ). bites and scratches. to wear. প v. to have capac ity or room for ( ). to guess. to surmise. a thin mark or line. a mole. (of a boy) very much de pendent on his mother. not loose. a storm. (sing. [ āmśa ] n fibre. fumbling. a monstrosity (a term of abuse). (said of a man) very obedient to women or to one's wife. there's many a slip betwixt the cup and the lip. combed. v. deprived of light. startle. ̃a.) an Indian Christian ludicrously imitating the Eu ropeans in his daily life. [ ānca ় ] n an instance of scraping or dig ging with the fingernails or claws. everywhere. fumblingly. closed. to with (usu. n. one's own) interests ( ). [ āncānō ] v to wash one's mouth. strictness. grain of wood. silver-lining. & derog. to an ticipate. [ ānca ় ānō ] v to scratch or dig with finger nails or claws. [ āntarasa ] n gastric juice. to get a hint (of). henpecked. to affix ( ). (any of the) threadlike membranes in some fruits. to anticipate. catgut. [ āntipānti ] adv at the head and at the foot of a bed. a cause of disturbing something (' '). drawing or writing carelessly or unmindfully. . one worn by women).) a cursory or slight examination or effort ( ). [ āncalā ] n an ornamented border of a woman's loin-cloth. pl loopholes.paint or mark or write or describe or delin eate. 1 [ ān i1 ] n a bundle. vital or inmost part ( ). fruits etc. tight. [ ānca ] n the ignited state of an oven. treacle. [ ān aku ় . to be equal to. [ āncā ] v to surmise. to contend . ex[ ānkhara ] n a letter of the alphabet. heat. close-fitting gar ment. surmise. [ āndhāra ] n darkness. v. ̃ n. n. to sense. [ āntakānō ] v to feel sudden alarm. meandering. ān aku ় i ā. a. প a 59 ☐ tight-fitting to start (work ☐ [ ān ubān u ] n effort in spite of incapability. to cause or force to contain or hold. scratched or dug with the finger-nails or claws. to ig nite. [ ānkibuki ] n a scribble. (at). to tighten. to hint. [ ān ō ] a tight. rigour. ). a blotch. nap of cloth. a. mental suffering. fidget.

var. [ ākā k ī ] a desirous. to long sky. born or grown in aim. the firmament. ̃প n. that amazement. the at mosphere. ̃ a. an echo. attracta. a. the heavens. a fool's paradise. ̃ n. ̃ n.) very lofty. [ ākārānta ] a (of words) ending with the vowel or the vowelsound [ ākārika ] n a summons bailiff.) stretched up to the ears. thor ough. the state of having no ostensible for. magnet. a. . always. coll. ākā hā ] n inferior or worthless timber. ākakhu ē ] a (of a person) waste ful. the firmament. person. ing. rough dia mond. sky kissing. squandering. border of the sky. n.) an ignoble or base person. [ ākachāra. v. prodigal. ̃ a. a picture or photograph of the sky or any part of it. of mines. [ ākā k ita ] a desired. [ ākā ā ] a uncut. ̃প n. the canvas or the expanse of the sky. the Galaxy. means of living. (accts. প to be at a loss to think out. a dump. (fig. প an ig noble person can never continue in a noble company. casual subsis tence. (gr. (of a sky. [ ākāramātrika ] a (of musical notation) using the postas the measure in notation. to be over head and ears in debt. 1 [ ākāra2 ] n the vowel or its sound. craft. ākacāra ] adv frequently. untimely. ̃ n. ̃ . a mineral ore. a. aery. pull. an aeroplane. to wish. . the horizon. [ ākaja. [ ākāla ] n famine. which attracts or draws or pulls. a penniless ☐ 2 [ ām a ] n any article of non-vegetarian food such as fish or meat. ̃ a sky scrastring of a bow) drawn up to the ear of the shooter whilst taking per. ad dition of the vowelsound or the vowel itself to consonants. spendthrift. aerial. the sky or ether. ethereal. the (whole) expanse of the heavens.) almost completely submerged or sunk ( ). form. (fig. very poor. (fig. a pauper. touching the [ ākar a ] adv (stretched or drawn) up to the ear. n. radio broadcast. প to be worried with numberless puzzling [ ākalana ] n calculation. mineral. an ethereal route. [ ākālika ] a grown or ripened out of season. v. a. . to eat and drink to excess. [ ākāśa ] n the sky. to desire. (fig. the swallow wort. (of one's eyes etc. fending for oneself in a resourceless condition. to be struck with drawn or pulled. the word to complete a sentence.. [ ākar a ] n attraction. a unrefined.̃ a. thoughts crowding pell-mell into one's mind.) unhusked. [ ākāra-prakāra ] n appearance and bearing. . a quarry. from heaven to the underworld. n.) credit. ākabbari ] a of Emperor Akbar or his reign.) an aerial. spite. animos ity. the celestial sphere. often. malice. the practice of somehow making [ ākā k a ī a ] a desirable. [ āmstāku ় . sky-scraping. very lofty. not thoroughly husked. a store or repertory. touching the sky. arrant ( foolish ( ). ākanpra ] a trembling or throb bing or vibrating slightly. [ ākā a2 ] a downright. . ākhaja ] n grudge. Calotropis gigantia. celestial. v. wishing for. ̃ n. living or moving in the sky or ether. a day-dream. ̃ a. [ ākāra-parimāpa ] n contour survey. unhealthy competition (over trifling things). ̃ n. in a large degree. [ ākanda ] n a kind of tree. [ ākā ha. of or in the sky. of [ ākan ha ] adv (filling) up to one's throat. every now and then. the Milky Way. প প any large tree-leaf used for a dinner plate and then thrown into the dustbin. the skyline. an oracle. wished for. an airfor. suddenness. ̃ mineral. a dustbin. ̃ প n. hard times. [ ākabari. [ ākampa. of mines. unexpected. an air route. aerial. the sunplant. [ ākampita. pull. n. worth less. ex treme ( ing everything. n. a. ̃ n. shortlived. unexpectedness. 60 ☐ ☐ [ āka ় i ā ] a penniless. unexpected প of a pole set up every evening by the Hin dus during the month of Kartik or chance occurrence. n. aery. (fig. to overfeed. includ[ ākar a a ] n attraction. flying in the sky. ( ) in reverence to their deceased forefa thers or gods. [ ākaku ē.) to build castles in the air. ). credit balance. [ ākacā-ākaci ] n mutual envy or jealousy. supernatural or divine voice from the sky. a light suspended from the top [ ākasmika ] a sudden. ̃ a. ̃ n. [ ākara ] n a mine. [ ākāmānō ] a unshaved. ☐ ☐ . ̃ প same as প ̃ . to surfeit. a wish. ̃ a. . 1 2 [ ākāra ] n shape. maximum. used in cut ting or dressing or cooking articles of non-vegetarian food. .̃ n. ̃ [ ākā k ā ] n a desire. . a celestial voice. ce lestial. ākampana ] n a slight trembling or thrill or throbbing or vibration. worthy of being desired or wished radio.) necessity for a same as ̃ n. ̃ n. everywhere. ̃ both ends meet. an airship. a balloon. affection. figure. ̃প a. a tendril. āstākun ় ] n a place for deposit ing household and other rubbish. (radio. love. appear ance. the [ ākān ় ā ] a (of rice etc. a source or ori gin. a longing. abruptness. the post consonantal symbol of consonantal [ ākāra-i gita ] n gestures and postures. scarcity. প adv. out-and-out. . [ ākāma ] n bad or unworthy work.) to drop from the blue. fem. any object by which something is প n. ). ethereal. smelling of fish or meat. a visionary project. ( ). ̃ a. lodestone. (rare) unearned ( ). ̃ v. transient.

a title. ̃ n. wattles etc. considerateness. aptitude or talent for selection and rejection. to chatter. an in road. ̃প n. ̃ n. ̃ n. heavenly. [ āga ় ma-bāga ় ma ] n rapid and big but idle talk. an assailant. [ ākrānta ] a attacked. history. a story-teller. concluding. mentioned. overflowing. good practical sense. ̃ a. bear ing. ardently. to invade. 1 [ āklānta ] a extremely tired or fatigued. eager solicitation. to be paying or profitable in the long run. [ ākhē aka. ardency. a. ( [ ākhāmbā ] n uncouthly tall and thick as a pillar. ability to appraise or assess. a story. ̃ n. to march forward. v. costly. [ ākuñcana ] n slight contraction or shrivel ling or wrinkle or curl or contortion. (rare) ploughed. [ ākhēra ] n consequence. [ āk yamā a ] a that which is being attracted or drawn or pulled. imminent. entitled. shaped. ̃ n. the headman or the keeper of a place where the Vaishnavas assemble for re ligious worship. outward. [ ākharō a ] n the walnut. [ ākhā ] n an oven. overflow. to the letter or literal ( ). exadv. ardency. named. [ ākhara ] n a letter of the alphabet. [ ākiñcana ] n indigence. the sense of propor tion. bewilderment. an attacker. a tale (esp. to be non plussed. fig. top most. craving. endeavour. wrath. denomi nated. a solution prepared by boiling water with spices for cooking some dishes. a denomination. [ ākha ় ā ] n a gymnasium. scattered. aerial. physical). appear ance. confusion. play-acting. hearth. known. wise. fas tened. pulled. an outhouse. charmed. [ ākrā ] a high in price. extreme distress or anxiety or worry. form. faculty of judg ment. [ ākuti. (facet. scattered. to attack. [ ākhyā ] n an appellation. ac curately faithful. divine. anger. ̃ n. renowned. by pro fession or birth). to puff. v. oppressed. [ ākula ] a extremely distressed or anxious or worried or uneasy. fire place. dramatic rehearsal. pros and cons. ̃ n. [ ākrama a ] n an attack. to fall upon. formal. a titlepage (of a book).) a club or society. eager. eager ness. ̃ a. inroad. ākhē ika ] n a hunter (esp. [ ākhōlā ] a not open. maliciously or 61 ☐ ☐ . n. celestial. invaded. fervent. chatter.) a haunt of vice.. that which can be or is to be attacked or invaded. said. an invader. fervently. a den. foremost. the topmost branch of a tree. adv. eagerness. a narrative. [ āk ipta ] a cast. literal ). flung. [ ākrama ] n a forcible passage. muscular). a name. tilled. humble prayer or desire. [ āga ় ] n an unfixed door usually made of straw. shut. wit. [ āk a ] a attracted. an invasion. de nominated. period ). considerate. termi nal. ̃প adv. ̃ unarranged or dishevelled or tousled hair. the frontdoor of a house. zeal. drawn. owing to malice or grudge. demeanour. designated. [ ākulibikuli ] n restlessness owing to worry or anxiety. about [ āgata ] a one who or that which has come. prowess. the end. a. last. a legend. [ āk ti ] n appearance. grief. to be narrated. entitled. a theme. intelligence. malice. a narrative. ardent. a fable. fits. v. impending. eagerly. termination. [ āk ēpa ] n convulsion (esp. restlessness. a designation. ̃ n. ̃ n. ̃ n. [ ākuñcita ] a slightly contracted or shriv elled or wrinkled or curled or con torted. named. called. dear. treme distress or anxiety or worry. ̃ a. refrain of a song. celebrated. esp. [ ākulā1 ] v (poet. before and af ter. ākūti ] n ardour. spoken. to extol in disin genuous advertisement. [ ākha ] n sugarcane. v. hard times. ̃ n. effort. the future. of high prices or expensive living. arrived. bestrewn. rise. affected with convulsion (usu. ̃ n. ̃ to arrive shortly. ̃ grudgingly. to be at one's wit's end. a hurdle. common sense. utter poverty. having a definite or spe cific form or shape. stricken ( affected. ap pearance and nature. be spattered. a. a. fervidity. capriciously and obstinately insist ing or demanding. [ ākīr a ] a strewn. earnestness. music. closed. agi tated with sorrow. the wisdom tooth. [ ākhyē a ] a having a specific appellation. pertaining to appearance [ ākhu i ] n capricious and obstinate insis tence or demand (as of a or shape or form. an aggressor. very anxiously or worriedly. one who attacks. a fer vent prayer. . act of desig nating or denominating. ̃প n. [ āga ] n the forepart. extremely aggrieved or distressed. defeat. the penalty paid or the loss suffered on account of folly. a story. historical or legendary). child). [ ākrāmaka ] n same as [ ākrōśa ] n grudge. shape. enticed. designated. a place where the Vaishnavas assemble for religious worship. naming. tied. a place or institu tion where people assemble to practise anything esp. sorrow. nonplussed. nonplus. ̃ a. [ āk arika ] a relating to a letter or letters of the alphabet. a stove.ethereal. to be struck with be wilderment or confusion. a. ̃ n. invasion. of meat. (dero.. nonplus. narration. . etc. en treaty.) to become or make dis tressed or anxious or worried or eager or nonplussed or overflowing. [ ākulita ] a struck with extreme distress or anxiety or perplexity. perplexity. to flat ter with praise. fervidity. [ ākkēla ] n understanding. fervidity. bamboo. a tale. a narrator. lamentation. to step forward. [ ākhani ] n stew.

at first. a finger. to con sider the pros and cons of a thing. to set fire to. relating to coming or arrival. the controller of im ports. a bolt for the door. going or coming for ward. vi rago.̃ প v. a. leading. cracking or to crack the knuckles. [ ā kika ] a relating to mathematics. [ āgrāsana ] n aggresssion. প volcanic eruption. [ āgu ] n the first. arrival. made of sire. to receive or sustain a shock. advancing. wretched. an injury. eager. emitting or producing fire. a. to go forward.) situated in the front. [ āgāgō ় ā ] adv from beginning to end.[ āgantuka ] n a visitor. coming. . ̃ . aggressive or im perialistic policy. v. to take the lead. of the front. rolling. (fig. to manage or pro tect ( ). aggressive. n. to proceed. whitlow.) a sud den increase in wealth or power or im portance. ̃ . impregnated with fire. ̃ n. produced or [ āgunakhāki ] n a woman of fiery temper. v. a wound. [ āghā a.̃ n. (fig. zealous. ☐ ☐ ☐ [ āgul ় pha ] adv as far as the ankle. the past. [ ā gō a ] n a ring for the toe. a vineyard. advance.) extremely unfortu nate. burnt). Shiva's ( ) wife. প a toe. n. an Afghan. un fastened. in front. an active volcano. āghā ā ] n an unused or improper place (usu. . [ āgalā2. act of dealing a blow or striking or hitting or giving a shock or wounding or in juring or beating. ). ̃ n. import trade controller. [ āgē ] adv at first. v. inclined (to). a caller. [ ā gika ] a relating to the body or a limb or limbs. প v. dramatic motion. adventi tious. re volving. adv. (rare) a container. (phil. to progress. a highly irritable or done by the body. a. first of all. relating to calculation. a. in advance. burnt wood. tomorrow. ̃প . ̃ n. 1 2 ( 2 [ āgā1 ] n top ( ). ā gi ā ] n a woman's bodice. esp. igneous rock. incoming or inward regi ster. tently desirous. coal (esp. bamboo etc. n. wistful. whirled round. before. on a river-bank) for landing. capable of withstanding or resisting. a knuckle. before and after.) to be heated or enraged. (bio. to look before and after. ˜ n. one who or that which deals a blow or strikes or hits or gives a shock or wounds or injures or beats. mooring. from head to foot.̃ a. proceeding. al pha and omega. auger. প v. প intolerable hunger. ). of the past. to hit. 62 ☐ ☐ ☐ [ āgāma ] a advance. to guard. math ematical or arithmetical. furiously angry. to go ahead. continuously or always in front. a shock. [ āghāta ] n a blow. import duty. end. straw. v. of the be ginning. ̃ n. the beginning. [ āgama ] n the esoteric scriptures of the Hindus (viz. . extremely scarce ( ). v. an incendiary bomb. to beat. n. n. from beginning to end. al pha and omega. n.) im port. done or executed or acted by gestures and postures. at first. first. ̃প . [ ā ura ] n grape. ̃ a. an unfixed door (usu. (pop. [ āguna ] n fire. a. [ āgāmika ] a incoming. প (fig. a bra. borer. āgalānō ] v to restrain. n. n. [ ā gāra ] n cinder. (comm. grape-juice. structure. fire-arm(s). in front and at the back. in a towering rage. zeal. to keep watch over. [ āghrā a ] n smelling or sniffing. future. n. to be beaten. form. aggran dizing. an inhalant. [ āgānō ] v to proceed. প day after to morrow. an intent de[ āgala ] n a door. ̃ প adv. to advance. to shock. irascible woman. a stranger. & n. the little finger. a barrier.) any of the sources of knowledge. from top to bottom. a. earnestness.). ̃ n. extremity adv. to go or come forward. intent. in the beginning. to receive or sustain a blow. (gr. ̃ adv. perforator. প fingerprint. . to wound. to strike. a shrew. bare. circling or whirling. in the past. in vasion. coming ( ). ( ) (in impreca tion) may the Devil take (him). burning with rage. an extinct vol cano. a newcomer. a volcano. unbolted. preceding. to deal a blow. the thumb. zeal or affection or wistfulness. bathing etc. ̃প adv. [ āghūr ana ] n act of being turned or rolled or whirled round. a guest. ̃প n. to take or catch fire. open. n. [ āgraha ] n eagerness. aggrandizement. [ āgā2 ] n a title of honour applied to a Musalman. wistfulness. to injure. [ ā i ā. to her father's house as told in the Hindu legend. first of all. v. ় [ āgunē ] a fiery. in1 [ āgalā1 ] a uncovered. [ ā ula ] n a finger or a toe. to become in flamed. in advance. etc). ̃ . a dormant vol cano. [ āgāra ] n a house. the past and the future. igneous. to be struck or hit. . to hesitate.) insertion of an extra letter or syllable in the middle of a derivative word. charcoal. forward. pre ceding. . & poet. an inclina tion. any of the songs about the coming of Uma ( ). to be shocked. tip ( ). ̃ a. a. ̃প v. [ āgamana ] n coming. [ āgunadara ] n exorbitant or extortionate price. vine.) an inhaling or gan. produced by fire. next. to hesitate. a room. a hurdle. act of beating. a hit. ad vance. in tentness. v. adv. ̃ a. a store. [ āgara ] n carpenter's boring or drilling tool. a crater. gestures and postures as parts of dramatic act ing. in the past.) artistry. income. grapery. to be wounded or injured. [ āgāmī ] a that which is to come or happen in future. [ āgilā ] a (obs. turned. a stroke. exces sive eagerness or wattles. fiery. ̃ adv. to point or pointing with fingers. n. to give a shock. [ āgnē a ] a of fire. earning ( . arrival.

observance. nowadays. [ ācchā ] int well. over whelmed. causing surprise. since one's birth. queer. [ ācamakā ] adv suddenly. today. per (sing.) 3rd. established customs and practices. contrary to custom or practice. ☐ . pervaded. a woman teacher of the Vedas or scriptures. ̃ . a. . a knees. to temporize. dumbfounded. [ āca ā ] a uncultivated. প adv. to procrasti nate. pick led slices of mango. fit for use. n.) were. after meals). at present. a ritualist. a. drowsy. adv. well-man nered. custom. same as ̃ ☐ ☐ ☐ [ ācakā ] a not measured or counted. [ ācāra1 ] n sauce. . a. covered. fal low. same as ̃ ̃ . this day. . unawares. garment. mater nal grandfather. . unfiltrated. queer. observant of religious or scriptural rules and prescriptions. shower. [ ācha ] v (2nd. [ ājala. per. ājali. surprisingly. [ ācakāna ] n a kind of long coat or gown for men (orig. v. to give a good or sound drubbing. ). that which is to be practised or observed. [ ā-cha ় ā ] a unflayed. today's. [ ājanma ] adv & a. yes. fem. comatose. v. āchēna ] v.) are. [ āchōlā ] a unskinned. unploughed. [ ājaba ] a queer. to the knees. ever since one's birth. ̃ a. ̃ n. rites. [ ācchanna ] a covered. reaching down to the [ ācchādana ] n covering or roofing or clothing or concealing. for life. good. one who has failed to observe or does not observe prescribed religious or scrip tural rites. [ ājāda ] a free. impious. fine. per. clothes. to throw or fling to the ground violently. a. v. perfect ( ) adv. to act (towards). observant of the rules of con duct. unploughed. a tutor. nowadays.) was. to fall to the ground with force. thor oughly (usu. concealed. (coll. [ āchila ] v (poet. good manners or conduct. treatment. a cover.) are. now. till today. [ ācchādaka ] a. unscraped. ̃ adv.) 2nd. a wonderland. Persian). [ ācara a ] n conduct. roofed. .) is. for life. such long arms. queerly shaped. [ ācābhu ā ] a very strange. possessing arms that are long enough to reach down covering or roofing. 3rd. inde pendence. observance of these rules and prescriptions. world. wonder-inspir ing. mango pickles or preserves. not observing reli gious or scriptural rites. [ ācamana ] n washing one's mouth and hands (esp. mutual knock ing to the ground as in wrestling. to day. (pl. a person with due regard for rituals and religious prac tices. con cealed. ājula ] a open. ̃ a. n. formal purification of one's body with water before reli gious worship as prescribed in the Hindu scriptures. code of conduct. [ āchi ] v (sing. [ ācō a ] a uncultivated. n. procrastination. pickle. 63 ☐ [ ācāra2 ] n religious or scriptural rules or prescriptions.) am. cockand-bull. (sing.) unsifted. ̃ a. to this day. unexpec- [ ācha ় ā ] n a spell of sprinking. [ ācha ় ānō ] v to throw or dash to the ground violently (esp. when washing clothes).̃ n. conduct and behaviour. uncut ( ). practice ( ). today. behaviour. till death. to give a good licking. unscratched. ̃ . flouncing. that's right. [ āja ় ānō ] v to uncover. to practise. rules for conduct or behaviour or dealing. [ āchinu ] v (poet. ̃ adv. freedom. v. unexpectedly. [ āchān ā ] a unhusked ( ). ̃ adv. ̃প . [ ājānu ] adv down to the knees. practice. to tumble. the wife of an acharya ( ) [ ācālā ] a (of wheat. water for such washing or purification. the present time. [ ācambitē ] adv suddenly. a lid. v. fem. shortly in future. fantastic. behaviour. clothed. (pl. dealing. [ āja ] adv today. to open. Indian Na tional Army. v. suddenly. concealed. to announce this call formally. [ āchā ় i-pichā ় i ] n writhing or wriggling violently (in pain or grief). a strange the strange [ ācārya ] n one who teaches the Vedas. clothing. ̃ a. unexpectedly. [ ājāna ] n a call to Muslims to attend prayer-meeting in a mosque. [ āchānkā ] a unstrained. [ āchilē ] v (poet. during the whole of one's life. of the present time. [ āchā ় ] n a throw or fall to the ground with force. were. or queer inci dent. & n that which or one who covers or roofs or conceals. throughout the whole of one's life. per.) fine ( ). uncovered. (pl. Free India. a spell of light [ ācha ় ā-ācha ় i ] n throwing continuously to the ground with force. [ ājā ] n the father of one's mother. [ ācañcala ] a slightly stirred up or agitated or excited.tedly.) 1st per. pulses etc. to rinse and wash. (pl. a scriptural teachers. independent. excellent. a woman teacher.̃ a. ̃ a. (iron. conduct. to beat soundly. of today. 2 1 [ ājagubi ] a incredible and impossible.) ̃ a. ̃ a. [ āchē. n.) were.) are. to deal (with).) was. to behave. rice. (sing. a teacher. that which is to be covered or roofed or clothed or [ ājībana ] adv & a. strange. un awares. overcast. at present. a tutoress.

subjection. sir. for safeguarding all sides. er. intolerable procrastination. ̃ a. a command. obstruction. whole day and night. ˜প n. a. ̃ n.) income and expenditure. a hiding. ̃ v. planted. to recline. ̃প a. (dial. to break or tear into pieces. subservient. a small lizard akin to the iguana. enclosed. in length and breadth. ̃ n. very clevv. & n eighteen. [ āñjāma ] n execution. not mixed with capsicums or chillies. ˜প . a detenu. n. same as ̃ same as ̃ n. [ ā ānabbi ] a. a regional lan guage. the twentya. a decree. [ ā aka ] n a bar. adv. very weak. ˜ n. meaningless. a whole sale market. detention. or clogged. child) born in the eighth month of conception. ̃ . [ ā aghā a ] n all sides. ̃ . (of the days of a month) eighth. n. with full force. yes. (of the days of a month) eighteenth. useless. ( 1 [ ā hālō ] a glutinous. confined.̃ sidelong look or glance. ̃ . a. stricture. a perch for birds. affixed. ̃ n. a soci ety. to contribute such an amount of money to the temple of Jagannath at Puri as will be sufficient to provide food for one vo tary. an entrepot. willingness. a depot. & n. to lie down obliquely. [ ā ় ta ] n a warehouse or godown of a wholesale dealer. in obedience to or in accordance with an order. indicat ing: response. uneasiness. ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ [ ājjānō ] v to sow. right sir. glue. & n eight. with might and main. to talk nonsense. ob structed. (whilst talking to superiors). [ ājhālā ] a not pungent. adv. a permit. [ ā akānō ] v to confine. & n seventy-eight. int. v.) beating someone black and blue. thirty-eight. . (of rice etc. meal. to permit. & adv. প v. 2 4 [ ā ় 2 ] n a kind of salt-water fish. a thatched room with eight roofs and no wall. of a room for hanging clothes. [ āñjumāna. act of carrying out or complying with an order. worn or used all day round or ordinarily. hindrance. region alism. v to remove stutter from utterance. [ ājya ] n ghee as offered in religious sacri fice. āñjumana ] n an association. [ ā a ] a. ̃ n. 5 [ ā ় ] n a central market-place. [ āñcalika ] a local. ̃ a. to prevent. adv. n. a place on the river-bank for getting into or alighting from a boat. confined. gluey. [ ā āttara ] a. to be [ ā ় 4 ] n. a horizontal pole suspended from the ceiling etc. & n. subordination. . a writ of command. crosswise. v. to restrain. ). gum. a screen. sir? as you please. ̃ . a decree. . one who orders or commands or permits. ̃ a. straightening or stretching one's body and removing inertia or lethargy or weariness. ̃প n. a cross-beam. to straighten.̃ n. . . checked. a kind of flute usu. a fair. v. a position or place which is intercepted from the view. ordered. ☐ ☐ v. worthless. to arrange [ ā api hē. to give an order or command or permission. [ ā akā ] n obstruction. v. (pop. [ ājhō ় ā ] a not clipped or pared down. act of disobeying an order. confined. ˜ ̃ v.) ̃প n. regional. acknowledgment. breadth. bound to carry out one's orders. a. ins and outs. ā hāśa ] a. up-and-doing. hackneyed. one who orders or com mands. ā aki ā ] n a fixed quantity of food offered daily to Lord Jagannath at Puri and then distributed amongst his votaries. consent etc. & n.) imperfectly husked. to carry out or obey an order or command. to order. ̃ v. a meeting. clayey ). rick ety. width. int. [ ā ় a5 ] a squint. & n ninety-eight. the eigh teenth day of a month. v. [ āñjani ] n a sty or stye on the eyelid. [ ā hā ] n any glutinous or adhesive or vis cid substance. to imprison. & n. v. made of bamboo or reed. en closed. v. n. trash. half ( ). restriction. to fix ( a. ̃ প same as প ̃ n.) one who carries out or obeys an order or command. detained or confined or obstructed. obedience. indicating: a polite response. sir. a store house. paste. subordinate. ̃ adv. (fig. [ āñjā ] n the interim period between the delivery of a child and the next con ception. . & n. a 64 ☐ [ ā hārō ] a. a. sticky. to plant. detained. to become obstructed or confined or de tained. forty-eight. impeded. not worth a straw. fem. subservient or subordinate (person). act of or dering or commanding. & n twenty-eight. a club. [ ā akē. to detain. a bar. supply rangement. 2 [ ā ā2 ] n coarse flour. viscid. adhe sive. to knead flour. ˜ প a. .[ ājēbājē ] a of little or no value. obstructed. [ ā ānna ] a. to obstruct or con fine or detain. restrained. commanded. (coll. inquiry etc. sown. ̃ n. n. detained. (of the days of a month) twenty-eighth. . not sheared or pruned. subject to one's orders. ar- [ ā ় 1 ] a a device or a thing that intercepts the view. to im pede. to become blocked [ ājñapti ] n an order. n. ̃প n. what's your pleasure. hindrance. the owner or keeper of a warehouse. a cover. to com mand. v. (in utterance) a stutter.) common place. sixtyeight. permission. the Hindu ceremony of distributing eight kinds of fried snacks on the eighth day of a child's birth. performance. a storehouse. to be beside oneself (with joy). (whilst talking to superiors). to check. restraint. to obstruct. ̃ প a. ̃ a. confinement. nonsensical. প v. obedience. provision. obliquely. a. [ ā āśa.. oblique ( ). & n fifty-eight. (also n. the eighth day of a month. thorough wash ing and bleaching of clothes. obedient. n. an entrepot. imprisoned. same as ̃প a. yes sir. ̃ . ā api ē ] a efficient in every thing. prevented. ☐ [ ājñā ] n an order. a writ. ̃ n. n. concealment. an injunction. a written order. v. ̃ a. (of a eighth day of a month.

to join in an assembly of idle talkers. sluggish- n. a screen. [ ātithya ] n hospitality. self-reproach. . to be obstinate in one's resolution. [ ā ় ānā ] n an Indian musical mode. selfrealization. ̃ n. to take up abode (usu. ̃ n. into or to be in distress. a regular club goer. self- 65 ☐ ☐ [ ātatā ī ] a one who assails. [ ā ় ā ] n a measure of grain (= about 75 kgs). self-denying. an umbrella. adv. ill-feeling or rivalry. to become a guest (of). ̃ n. [ ātara ] n attar. a horizontal pole suspended from the ceiling etc. cover. to put out of view. ex posed. open. . a rendezvous. eclat. selfconsciousness. ̃ n. uncovered. n. ̃ repression. spiritual or meta physical knowledge. simple. quarrel. ̃ tened. [ āttīkara a ] n (esp. self-compla cent. ̃ a. ̃ wholesale mer chant. ̃ a. kept to one's own self.̃ n. self-complacency. ̃ n. ̃ a. in bio. ̃ [ ā ় mbara ] n pomp. to go in hiding for overhearing. an ☐ [ ā ā ] n a dwelling-place. hiding. self-content. [ ā hya ] a wealthy. self-like. hospitableness. dread. selfpossessed.̃ n. bloated or puffed up with pride. a refuge for the sick and the distressed. great fear. perma nently) to settle. n. a self-tormentor. a self-tor turer. by or of one's own self. termina tion of friendship. ̃ n. a spiritualist. v. up in oneself. to conceal one's own identity. ̃ a. corrup. a club. ̃ a. প . [ ā ় ā3 ] n a rive-bank. n. danger. act of clearing oneself of a charge. not pompous or showy. ̃ n. burning-glass. rich in ( . a parasol. self-sacri fice. to con ceal. ā abika ] a molecular. in concealment. fond of indulging in idle talk with others or of haunting clubs where such talk is indulged in. ̃ paddy and not by boiling it. self-tormenting. their meeting place or talk. belonging to or related to one's own self. de void of pomp and grandeur. hesitation due to shyness. ̃ প n. sui cide. ̃ . ̃ n. ̃ n. across. that with which a host entertains a . panicky. domes tic discord. splendour. ̃ n. 2 [ ātti ] n display of kindredship or affec tion. ̃ a.̃ a. [ ā aba. selfglorifica tion. self-abnegation. ̃ n. ̃ a. mutual [ ātiśayya ] n state of being overmuch or too many. thinking about one's own interest or welfare. selfrealizing. panicstricken. a station or stand ( ় ). a place for assemblage. clean up of one's own self. stretched out. internal discord or dissension. n. sunburnt. acceptance of one's hospitality as a guest. ̃ . self-accusation. self-centred. hiding. secrecy. rescue or salvation of one's own self. frigh). to hide. sunlight. ̃ a. introspection. n. too much abundance or intensity. [ ātapa ] n sunshine. self-absorbed. confidentially. assailant. vanity. concealment. [ ātithē a ] a hospitable. sound of war-trumpet. of a room for hanging clothes and other things. v. fem. pompous display. ☐ [ ā ় āā ় i ] adv crosswise. vanity. grandeur. mutual etc. self-praise. self-interested. self-tor ment. ̃ a. . otto. indulging in or involved in internal strife. an autobiography.wholesale merchant. one's own fault. panic. self-. a. ̃ প v. grudge. self dedication. to hide. possessing spiritual or metaphysical knowledge or wisdom. a son fem. se cretly. [ ātaśa. suicidal. in posses sion of. in camera. civil strife. ̃ n. v. to go out of view. v. in pos session of spiritual or metaphysical knowledge. egocentric. v. ̃ n. the sun. ̃ a. [ ā ় āla ] n a device or a thing that inter cepts the view. heat. a large fan. inertness. to go in hid ing. hospitality. [ ātata ] a spread out. inert. one who indulges in [ ā hākā ] a not covered. to indulge in informal and friendly talk with others. to go behind the screen. ̃ n. roar of clouds. a place or institu tion for practising anything ( ় ). practice or capacity of self-examina tion or introspection or self-realization. ̃ n. rich. act of assailing. ̃ প v. selfsacri ficing. ̃ a. in pos session of spiritual or metaphysical knowledge n. terrified. [ ātma ] a own. ̃ a. self-condemnation. ̃ a. excess. ̃ n. ̃ ̃ n. concealment or disguise of one's own self or identity. ̃ ̃ n. self-centred. one who is about to kill. self-conceited. selfrice obtained by sunning or is in volved in internal strife. internal discord. of ̃ n. mal ice. to hide. [ ātura ] a sick. ātasa ] n fire. [ ā ় a ] a benumbed. obstinacy. n. the keeper or the chief person of a club. v. rivalry. a daughter. ̃ ness. a crossbeam. self-con ceit. one who thinks only about himself. ̃ n. & n two and a half times. possessing self knowledge. preoccu pied with self-interest. necessity knows no law. [ ā ় i2 ] n a hiding. [ āta ka ] n terror. [ ā ় ā hēkā ] n a measure of Indian music. a meta physician. ̃ . v. ̃ n. wholesale business. self-examining. ̃ a. spiritual meditation. like one's own self. selfrestraint. n. self-denial. envy. [ ā ় āni ] n a large umbrella. ̃ n. ̃ a. a habitat. 2 3 2 [ ātaśikāca ] n flint-glass. afflicted. to terminate friendship with. affluent. an as sassin. a cover. act of justifying one's own conduct. ̃ same as ̃ dial. [ ā ubīk a ika ] a microscopic. hesitant. fire works. self-killing. ̃ a.) assimilation. the commission of a . absorbed in one's own self. remorse. self-conceit. self-inflicted pain. a (fixed or permanent) meeting place. in a hidden place. to get n. ̃ n. ̃ n. n. pride. aside. n. concealment. pfx. distressed. ago nized. offering one's own self. fem. wrapped [ ātapatra ] n a sunshade. ̃ a. introspecting. a container for otto. [ ātāntara ] n distress. done or performed by one's own self. a po sition or place intercepted from the view. extended. . ̃ n. one who kills himself. to eavesdrop. to go into hiding. a lying-in room (also ). self-torture. fem. self-torturing. diago nally. spiritual or metaphysical knowledge or wisdom. an otto-pot. self-control. self-examination. ☐ [ ā ় āi ] a. misery. a haunt. self-sacrifice. ̃ guest. self-torture. masochism. a company of informal and friendly talkers. meditation about atman or God.

friend and foe. introspec tion. self-supporting. ̃ n. self-absorbed. ̃ a.̃ n. ̃প n. a supporter. sense of self-respect or self-esteem. salvation of one's own soul. . self-directed. self examination. self-confident. প highly concerned about one's own interest whilst apa thetic to that of others. a. self-de votion.̃ a. vain. self-respect. selling out oneself. [ ātmādhīna ] a working for oneself indepen dently of external aid. v. one's own side or party or team or supporters or people etc. ̃ n. self-protection. civil strife. ātmānbē a a ] n an endeavour to acquire theological or spiritual knowl edge. kith and kin. self-satisfac tion. ̃ প n.̃ n. to rectify oneself. dissimulating. selfish. ̃ n. self-defence. to con ceal one's own identity. ̃ n. one's own good or welfare. . selfishness. ̃ . self-re strained. ̃ a. ̃ . natural disposition. a relative. ̃ same as ̃ n. collectedness. selfa. to defend oneself or plead for oneself. selling one's soul. endeavouring to acquire theological or spiritual knowledge. to surren der. ātmāpahārī ] a guilty of false personification. self-absorbed. one's own likeness. ̃ n. to check or restrain oneself. self-praise. independent. [ ātmāhuti ] n self-immolation. self-discipline. self-revelation. to dedicate oneself. self-assertion. internal discord. v. self-preservation. ̃ n. misappropriation. [ ātmānusandhāna. to commit suicide. beside oneself. ̃ a. devotion to God or atman. the heart. absorbed. v. be longing to one's own family or clan. প . killing oneself. self-deception. ̃ n. ̃ n. self-immolation.̃ a. self-gov ernment. ̃ a. to sacrifice oneself. self-like. of or in or according to this mode. internal discord. full of self-re spect or selfesteem. public appearance. misappropri ated. propre. self-sacrifice. to praise one's own self. self-as sured. [ ātmāśra ī ] a working by oneself without external aid. self reliance. ̃ . ̃ a. the mind. absent-minded. to yield or give up oneself. [ ātmāparādha ] n one's own fault or crime. self-correction. intro spective.̃ a. egotistic. [ ātmīkara a ] n assimilation. working for oneself. (phil. ̃ প n. one who has lost self-possession. v. ̃ a. ̃ n. self-forgetfulness. to die. ̃ a.̃ n.̃ a. ̃ n. self-re [ ātmārāma ] n the soul. engaging one's own self. a term of endearment with which a pet parrot. [ ātmābhimāna ] n self-conceit. surrender. to ca pitulate. knowledge about one's own self consciousness. n. domestic strained. to defend oneself. ̃ n. committing suicide. ̃ n. soliloquy. ab sentmindedness. self deception. self-contradictory. self-governed. ̃প n. selfrestraint. life. selfconfi dent. one's own thinking power or intellect or knowl edge. to be beside oneself. own use. ̃ a. self-examination. fem. to misappropri ate. n. self-absorbed. given to self praise or boasting. 66 ☐ rel. selfhood. boastful. manifestation or de velopment of one's own self. friendship. sharing common characteristics. to lose self-possession. capitulation. related by blood. প প v. to introduce oneself. gr. to cower. to defend oneself. a guardian deity. like one's own self. selfish. ̃ প n. ̃ n. ̃প n. near and far ones. . one's own power.) devoted to God or atman. self-edu cated. self-defence. friends and relations. vanity. ex tremely selfish. attainment of one's own desires. filched. appro priated to one's (usu. প v. ̃ n. self-torture. self-devoted. self-pos sessed. suicide. self-effacement. complacency. power of the spirit. ̃ v. ̃ প a. ̃ প a. related to or connected with one's own self. self-love. n.) the conscious im mortal independent and active guide of every being which is present in theA body but is not an inseparable part of it. happy only to attain one's own desires. self-dis cipline. in dependent. to protect or preserve oneself. relationship. ̃ n. devoid of self-respect or self-esteem. v. ̃ প a. self-killing. self-appointment. v. n. undesirable and servile submission to somebody or something for some gain. the body. ̃ প n. God. ̃ n. the Supreme Being. extreme self-interest. self-ab negation. v. a friend. devoted to God or atman. ̃ n. civil strife. devout. ̃ n.̃ n. [ ātmāpahāraka. self-consciousness. same as ̃ a. . self-purifica tion. ̃ . ̃ a. (rare) conviction. v. appropriating to one's own use a. self-restraint. sexual excitement generated by one's own body. selfdevoted. v. self-de voted. selfdenial. self conceited. fem. ̃প a. ☐ ☐ sacrifice. devout. auto-erotism. v. ̃ a. a self-murderer. ̃ . or magpie is addressed ( ). selfcontrol. ̃ প . ̃ a. the soul. (Sans. selfishness. self-confidence. ̃ n. প v. introduction of one's own self. devoutness. ̃ n. to forget oneself. one's own people. self-identify. self-oblivion. ̃ প n. self-devotion. self-government. self-confidence. unlawfully). ̃ প n. spiri tual knowledge. a blood-relation. self-reli ant.̃ n. boasting. self determination. self-reliant. ̃ a. self-sacrifice. self-conceit edness. self-centred. a kins man. ̃ same as প ̃ n. same as প ̃ selfhood. self-continent.) a mode of conjugating verbs. in dependent of external aid. to filch. kinship. ̃ n. self-defence. vanity. amoura. checking oneself. introspection. like one's own self. ̃ n. oneself and others. the atman. self-criticizing. a. self-respect. or parakeet. a. ̃ n. self-realiza tion. self-advertise ment. ̃ a. knowledge about God and atman. given to or involved in internal discord or civil strife or domestic quarrel. life as imagined as a bird enclosed by the prison of a body. ̃ n. to blow one's own trumpet. ̃ n. self-scrutiny. ̃ . in dependent. n. self-repugnance.̃ n. self applause. adv. ̃ .̃ same as ̃ ̃ n. self-contradic tion. self-assess ment. ̃ n. ̃প n. boastful. self-help. one's own man. extremely selfcentred or self loving or selfish. ̃ n. self-esteem. ̃ n. (rare) self-devoted. ̃ a. ̃ n. ̃ adv. ̃ . a. self-re straint. knowledge about one's own self. ̃ n. ̃ n. the mind. overwhelmingly self-interested. ̃ . ̃প n. self-esteem. vain.̃ ̃ n. self-taught.̃ n. [ ātmī a ] a one's own. ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ . theology. ̃প n. conti nence. to appropri ate to one's own use. fem. self-sacri fice. nature. selfish. self-control. self-reliant. ego tism. self-praise. ̃ . v. blood relation ship. domestic quarrel.[ ātmā ] n (Hindu theol. extremely selfish. egotistical. self-repugnant. ̃প n. selfreliant. ̃ n. subjective. self-govern ing. self-conceited. self dedication. self-oblivi ous. sub jectivity. .̃ a. a. ̃ . one's own happiness. filching. ̃ same as ̃ n. ̃প v.

[ ādarinī ] a. Vishnu ( ় ) and Maheswara ( ). ̃ n. original. really. ̃. emergency force. untied.) substi tution of a letter or word for another. [ ātmōpama ] a like one's own self. respect. emergent. unbro ken. undressed. ̃ n. (dero. honour. [ āthibithi. intolerable excess. petted. [ ādala ] n similarity (esp. [ ādāba ] n (Muslim) greeting with gesture. fem. fuss. to honour. প a child spoilt with excessive indulgence. first. in fact. a copy-book. esteemed. primordiality. a direc tive. [ ād ta ] a received cordially. any one of the three principal Hindu gods: Brahma ( . ̃ n. v. (gr. & n. [ ādima ] a first. petted. or facet. to enjoin. [ ādu ় ] a uncovered bare. ̃ n. primary ( ). ̃ প n. [ ādēkhalā. (gr. in the least. a blackie. Apollo. [ ādi a ] n ordered. filthy. ̃ exem plary. source. a command. Sol). the aborigines. to appreciate. husband. conduct. the pet child of over-indulgent parents. treated with too much indulgence. an injunction. to be decreed by an oracle. ̃ প n. social communication or relation. invitees and others). ̃ n. [ ātyantika ] a excessive. af fection. [ ādara ] n caress. hearty reception and kind attention (to guests. good ners. practice. matrimonial relation. commanded. on a smaller scale. love. the fundamental cause. extreme. well-received. the solar region. Shiva ( ). ̃ n. origin. . eroti cism. as a matter of fact. in comp. ̃ n. in truth. eti quette. an outline. [ ādarśa ] n a pattern of excellence. to a court of jus tice. the first epic. aboriginal. bare body. in real ity. exemplary. to collect. one who orders or 67 ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ . embryonic cell. total. প v. a. [ ādā ] n ginger. an ideal. a prototype. to repay.̃ a. [ ādālata ] n a court of justice. a model. winning or earning ( )). warm wel come. [ ādēśa ] n an order. fem. fairs. [ ādāna ] n receiving or accepting or taking. in fact. Valmiki. a. really. of a letter or word) to be substituted for another let ter or word. nature. of appearance). un clothed. [ ādā a ] n realization or collection (of bills. to di rect. the Supreme Being.প . (rhet. to order. to pay. actual. fundamental. forms of ceremony or decorum. conventional laws of courtesy. cour teous. in truth. a model school. smart. petty ostentatious activity. ̃ n. of the nature of a model. a dark-skinned man. a speci men. emergency power. collection. a. a. [ ādiganta ] a extending up to the horizon. treated with cordiality. to fondle. honoured. a faint appearance or shadow. direction. one whose hair is undressed or untied or dishevelled. ̃ a. n. the primary cause. ̃ n. feigning igno rance. ̃ n. equal to one's own-self. a woman having no veil over her head. to sacrifice oneself. well appreciated. to realize. conversant with or observant of forms of ceremony or decorum. a role model. obeisance. ̃ n. self-dedica tion. ideal. real. Adam. .) [ ādā ় ] n a place for depositing household and other rubbish. real ization. doggedly. the fun damental tissue system. to caress. to dedicate one's life. pri mary. a person. [ ādurē ] a treated with or brought up with excessive indulgence. adv. ̃ n. ideal. v. ̃ a. (used as a sfx. [ ātya ika ] a signalling death or danger. to receive cordially. of an ideal char acter. to realize. cordial recep tion. vast. v. ̃প n. full. the first cause. giving and taking. esteem. decreed. প an ordinary man should not meddle in big af- [ āditya ] n the name of the sungod (cp. a dump. the first poet. the fundamental tissue. entire. [ ādarā ] n a rough or preliminary sketch. at all. exchange. ̃. [ ādityama ala ] n the orb of the sun. unadul terated. to command. pure. to collect. true. the first progenitor or ancestor of a clan or family. . to permit. to respect. naked. ideal. an ordinance. courtesy. taxes etc. of pressing necessity.) and the like. ̃প n.). ordained. ̃. primordial. behaviour. payment or repayment. fashionable. a profile. worthy of being re ceived cordially or appreciated or es teemed. immense. appreciation. v. to en gage in something adv. [ ādikhyētā ] n simulation.n. ̃ a. a god. an imi tation of something usu. custom. a prototype. .[ ātmōtkar a ] n elevation of one's own self or soul. প a model book. original. ̃ প a. model. প an ideal man. [ ādamaśumāra. a decree. to treat with cordiality. ̃ n. directed. [ ādaba ] n etiquette. permission. primitive. [ ādama ] n (according to the Bible and the Quran) the name of the first man. a. (law) Original Jurisdiction. . genuine. indecently or indecorously greedy. the Su preme Being. cordiality. [ āditē a ] n a son of Aditi ( ) the mother of gods. selflike. born or cre ated first.). a coloured man. judicial. āthēbyathē ] adv in a confused hurry. v. ̃প n. having an exemplary character. a pampered child. to be or dered or decreed or permitted. [ ādami ] n a man. [ ādapē ] adv in reality. v. at daggers drawn. birth. selfelevation. greediness. to decree. ̃ a. an cient times. ̃ a. fem beloved. [ ātmōtsarga ] n self-sacrifice. et cetera ( ). the Supreme Being. extremely dirty. primitive ness. a person or thing to be copied. to es teem. ̃ n. as a matter of fact. welcome. helter-skelter. ̃ . self-advance ment. an archetype. sex-passion.̃ n. equinoctial colure. ādēkhalē ] a inordinately covet ous about some object as if he or she has not seen anything like it before. pertaining or relating [ ādi ] n beginning. ̃ n.) the emotion of love. correct in demeanour. v. primordial. ādamaśumāri ] n census. [ ādata ] a whole. fondness. the sun. āthēbēthē. endless. in ordinately greedy. a dustbin. commerce.

act or state of stooping in obeisance. to stoop in obeisance. primitive: primordial. more dead than alive. (obs. pre dominance. ˜প n. [ ādraka ] n ginger. & poet. n. a warrant. not yet used. a half-piece. to govern. taken. প v. seized. ānakō ] a queer. a directive. mental and physical ailments. disordered. a half-rupee. [ ānacāna ] a anxious. injunction or direction. ̃ . half-dead. mental. প a. [ āna ] a & adv. from top to bottom. ̃ adv. intellectual. [ ādha. ̃প a.) another. [ ādhar apatra ] n a writ for arresting a person. suzerainty. all through. or ganic. parboiled. a. a. inclination. thunder- ☐ [ ādri amā a ] a in the state of being received or treated cordially or with respect. a writ of command or decree. brand-new. fresh. one who is capable of eating too much. [ ādh ta ] a caught hold of. প a. [ ādhikya ] n excess. carrying out an order or decree. obedient to an or der. bling. metaphysi cal.̃ ments. a cause. same as [ ādē ā ] a & n. a half-piece of brick. strange. [ ādyanta ] n beginning and end. half-plate. all over. a crack-brain. [ ānaka ] n a large drum. . n.). ̃ n. indistinct. a nest. thun der-cloud. instillation. indistinct. supremacy. & lit. [ ādhāra1 ] n container. (phy. new. n. fortuitous. half baked. suzerainty. from beginning to end. ̃ a. almost dead. from proudly by an extremely poor person. content. anxi ety. bound charge.commands or decrees or directs or permits. [ ādhuta ] a slightly trembling or vibrant. crack-brained. n. a source. to stoop. a receptacle. bent down. [ ādhikārika ] n an officer (esp. from beginning to end. uneasy.) the Supreme God dess associated with God in the work of creation. [ ādhyātmika ] a originating in the soul. bio logical. facet. inclined plane. [ ānata ] a stooped. (inc. [ ādhyāna ] n recollection. stooping in obeisance. me grim. a. the [ ādhibhautika ] a originating from the four (or five) eleprotozoa. sufficient to satisfy only half the hunger. cranky. fem. Goddes Durga ( ). to bend down.) in the beginning. mo dernity. v. a crank. [ ādhō ā ] a unwashed. new. known. of birds). a. fem born or created or origi nated first. of another kind. partial. Na ture. n. per taining to natural disasters such as flood. elemental. mentally defective. primeval. to bow down. [ ādhidaibika ] a supernatural. [ ādhirājya ] n imperiality. (usu.) half a seer. [ ādhi ] n anxiety. [ ādyā ] a. with the head bending or stooping low. 68 ☐ . [ ādhē a ] a. meditation.) a very old-fashioned aged woman. predominance. half-burned. unbleached. ous. প . ☐ [ ādhalā ] a half. cur rent. one with a screw loose. rule. a gluttonous person. at first. [ ānakā. [ ādhipatya ] n mastery. a permit. re ceiving or taking. a. half-roasted. ac cepted. 2 1 [ ādhāra2 ] n food (esp. from first to last. best. ☐ ☐ ☐ [ ādhunika ] a of present times. a wardrum.) charge. a. a high-rank ing officer). a haunt. having a screw loose. solemn obse quies performed in memory of the de ceased on the day pertaining to organic life. govern ment. & n. half a cubit long. [ ādya ] a first. arrested. (Hindu theol. brickbat. hemicrania. to dominate. to lord (it) over. [ ādau ] adv (ori. a dwelling place. partly ripe. held. suffering from worries and anxieties. obeisance. intemper ance. ādhā ] n & a. fem. worry. un- [ ādhāna ] n placing or depositing. to rule. a case. n. theological. (pop. top to bottom. ̃ same as (n. modernism. inclined. প n. প a. relating to God or the Supreme Being. the work to be done first (also see ). captured. abundance. ̃ n. n.. ̃ n. obeisant. a. half. decree. rifeness. a. [ ādhuli ] n a coin of the value of half a ru pee. famine etc. প a. half-fed. & n that which is worthy of be ing placed or deposited or produced. half-done. following the period of mourning. overlordship. migraine. ̃প n. to in cline. prime. remote days. modern. overlordship. one who obeys or executes an order or de cree. [ ādhō ] a half. half ripe. in the least. crazy. unsoiled. sounding. one who eats too much. spiri tual. and current) at all. one who orders or com mands or decrees or enjoins or directs or permits. but cur rent) ̃ n. mum- ☐ . ̃ n. primordial. infusion. [ ādyikāla ] n very ancient times. done per functorily. to the extent of being half-fed. psychic. elemental. fem. halved. [ ānakōrā ] a quite new. adv. mentally distressed or afflicted. an insig nificant amount hoarded very cau tiously and [ ādyōpānta ] adv from beginning to end. untarnished. contain ing half a maund (of things). adv. a. babbling. in obedience to or in accordance with an order or decree. . un familiar. spiritu alism. a. ̃ a. chief. free charge. (now obs. primary. installation. restless. untried. bungled. ̃ n. ˜ adv. re ceived. a ves sel. from first to last. effected or produced by living organism. middle aged. a store. putting on. an ewe-lamb. act or state of bending down or stooping. [ ādhunikīkara a ] n modernization.

sincere. one who brings or fetches. absentminded. unskilled. due succession.) one's all children. pleasant. causing joy. tualness. support. faithful adherence. real. mental. patronage. merry.) approximate. a. [ ānētā ] a & n. cheerfulness. [ ānupadika ] a coming or going after. a wave of delight. [ āntarika ] a cherished or lying in the heart. overall. a trap. (facet. [ ānāra ] n pomegranate. v. ānupūrbya ] n sequence. the rhinoc eros etc. (rare) hidden. assistance. clothed. a pleasure-grove. marshy. ̃ n. merriment. [ ānana ] n face. severe cruelty. four pice. an ec stasy of delight. visceral. the eaves and like parts. love. [ ānutō ika ] n a gratuity. in due succes sion. dressed up. (loos. hearty. kiddies. n. list less. [ ānandōcchbōsa ] n an outburst of joy. beside oneself with joy. [ ānuśāsanika ] a (pol.) viscera. ̃ a. [ ānamana ] n bending down. [ ānamya ] a pliant. producing joy. v. cordiality. enning to end. spinach and vegetables.̃ a. capable of being bent or bent down. ̃ a. full of joy. can did. a musical instrument with one string held in one hand and played with a plectrum by the other. ānarthakya ] n futility. (loos. lack of ex perience or skill. affection. associated. [ ānantarya ] n immediacy.. a good turn. obedience. to do (one) a favour. cordial. adjacency. [ ānā2 ] v to fetch. [ ānukūlya ] n aid. to make merry. n. a heap. [ ānamra ] a gentle. [ āna ana ] n bringing or fetching. [ ānandita ] a delighted. to come and go (esp. [ ānamita ] a bent down. fetch. fealty. [ ānt prādēśika ] a inter-provincial. ̃ a. serial suc cession. ignorant. v. frequenting. [ āntarayantra ] n (anat. to submit (to). [ ānu a gika ] a accompanying. [ ānupātika ] a proportional. bending down or curving slightly. [ āntara ] a mental. percus sive ( ). scriptural. to gladden. v. fol lowing. skyey. concomitant. glad. delight. a mesh.) concerning an order or ordinance or edict. endless ness. ̃ n. likeness. serial. pleasure. inexperienced. tire. Goddess Durga ( ). [ āntarik a ] a of or in the sky. inclined. inward.[ ānaddha ] n any instrument of percussion. tied up. help. . favour. 2 1 [ ānamanā ] a unmindful. [ ānāgōnā ] n coming and going (esp. candour. 1 2 1 v. . in due succession. 69 ☐ [ ā ila ] a very rich. happy. unmindfully. . to bring. fem. n. joyful. [ ānā ় i ] a inexpert. courteous. to frequent. [ ānānō ] v to cause to be brought or fetched. uninter ested. gladness. incidental. aerial. from begin a. awkward behaviour. [ ānurūpya ] n similar state or appearance. (of musical instruments etc. nook and corner. to patronize. deserving obei sance or respect. a bundle. ethen. to assist. fidelity. ̃প n. v. heartiness. secondary. happy. [ ān śa sya ] n lack or absence of cruelty. probable. con gruity. pleasant. flexible. genuine. ̃ . ় [ ānāca-kānā ় ca ] n the outlying and usually neglected parts of a house etc.) mouth. overwhelmed with joy. bluish. to rejoice. lackadaisically. formal. [ ānāja ] n vegetables (usu. in nooks and by ways. unconcerned. frequently). ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ . pleasant. delight etc. to . sincerity. untrained. slightly bent or stooping. a. [ āntarjātika. green. [ ānamana ] a unmindful. to aid.) ̃প n. v. kindness. inefficient. ceremonial. the sky. antarjātī a ] a international. [ ānīla ] a slightly blue. fetched. gladdening. foolish. merry. come-and-go. ab sent-mindedly. infinitude. cheerful. [ ānanda ] n joy. [ ānīta ] a brought.) having the mouth covered with hide. inherent. fre quently). mercifulness. to pry. ̃ n. the cloud. prying. to bring. de lightful. in nooks and eaves. fondness. any of the terrestrial animals fond of bathing in water such as the buffalo. delightful. [ ānartha. [ ānantya ] n infiniteness. to be happy. abstracted. প oath of allegiance. ̃ a. to own allegiance (to). to de light. a delightful woodland or grove. of n. heav enly. [ ānupūrb. one-sixteenth part or share. [ ānūpa ] a watery. absentminded. pineapple. pleased. ineffec [ ānā ] n an anna. delightful. [ ānurakti ] n attachment. agreement. [ ānamanē ] adv listlessly. adv. to do (one) a good turn. serially. similarity. (in a federal state like India) inter-state. [ ānugatya ] n allegiance. polite. interminableness. resemblance. from beginning to end. inner. 1 2 [ ānā a ] n a snare. to sup port. [ ā ā ] n an egg. atmospherical. to be delighted or pleased. ̃ n. [ ānandāśru ] n tears of joy. or dero. prox imity. entertained in the mind. inefficiency. arranged ( ). [ ānārasa ] n ananas. happiness. [ ānu hānika ] a ritual. complete. to help. contiguity. heartfelt. [ ānumānika ] a inferential. প adv. ānarthya.

swinging.) incidence. object. slightly copper-coloured. typhoid (fever). remon[ āpisa ] n a place where work or business is carried out. approxi mate or conjectural. alighted. a friend or relaadv. [ āpila ] n (in law) a prayer for retrial. by about one's own interests. to discuss. one and all. or of one's own self. [ āpanā ] n one's own self. ̃ a. ̃ n. (math. ̃ adv. for the nonce. [ āpāna ] n a place for drinking (wine esp. to dis sent. a. appellant. [ āpaśōsa ] n regret. surmise or conjecture. degeneracy. careless pending on or deduced by guessing. প v. [ āntrika ] a intestinal. v. seeking refuge in ( ) ় [ āparāh ় nika ] a of or in or during the after noon. half-ripe. a. ̃ . dangers and diffi culties. [ āpagā ] n a stream flowing into a sea. at the present time or actual time in question. প vibration. on one's own. to oscilপ var. dissent. প . an alehouse. of প প of or by one's own self. প preservation is the first law of nature.) the n. প v. [ āndāja ] n guess. .) to dig one's own grave. appearing as hard or difficult at first [ āpajātya ] n privation or lack or absence of national or racial or or for the time being (but not actually so). self-seeking. one's near and far ones. to vibrate. incidental. [ āpi gala ] a brownish. an arrival. to expostulate. seemingly sweet or sweet for the time being onmarket or markets. approximately ( ). thoroughly. [ āpatti ] n objection. open to excep tion. everybody. conjecture. ̃ n. objectionable. half-boiled. of a shop or shops. to protest. a happening. eat to please yourself but dress to please oth ers. [ āpākā ] a unripe. to stir. among friends and relations. high and low. relating to agreement. seemingly. troubled or distressed. প (phys. [ āpakhōrāki ] a in the state when one has to pay for one's own food. or difficult. in diffi culty or distress. distress. half-roasted. ̃ a. to the cursory view or consideration. ̃ n. a fall. a public[ āpatana ] n falling. stirred. to the pure all things are pure. alighting. misery. an appeal. ̃ n. repentance. movement. ̃n. an office. [ āpatkāla ] n time of danger or distress or calamity or emergency. to attend office. uncertain. imperilled. প v. not thoroughly ripened. n. friends and relatives. cogi tation. selfish. vi brated. degeneration. paly. by guess. more or less. house. one's own. spon taneously. to appeal. occurrence. ̃ adv. dangers and harms. coming. a trader. occurrence. an accident. at the first [ ā-pa ় ā ] a unread. to raise an objection. to agitate. ly. to [ āpakka ] a imperfectly ripened. discussion. by [ āndōlana ] n agitation. (loos. logic. প n. appar[ āpa a ] n a shop. প প প eat ac cording to your own taste but dress ac cording to the taste of others. spontaneously. sight. ap parent motion. pl. ̃ . (chiefly in math. Achyranthus aspera. [ āpā ] n a medicinal plant. point of incidence. ̃ descent. endan gered. 2 . āpsē ] adv of one's own. to cogi tate. [ āpāta ] n the present or the actual time in question. a course or measure (usu. fallen prefer an appeal. for the time being. 70 ☐ [ āpannasattbā ] a pregnant. calam ity. chagrin. absorbed. son or thing. n. to repent. a. প [ āpī ় na ] n pressing or squeezing or hug ging or oppressing v. cogitated. uneducated. [ āndōlita ] a swung. in a party). প to a good soul all are good. [ āpasē2. oscillated. v. angle of incidence. [ āpana ] a one's own. প a. one's own. one's own people. প প (fig. ̃ a. seemingly alluring or fas cinating. [ āpani1 ] pro the honorific form of [ ānba ika ] a relating to concord or syntax. a shopkeeper. regret. to [ āpatita ] a arrived or come by chance or accident.) an incident ray.) affected with. [ āpā ura ] a palish.) gastroenteritis. of a ent expansion. n. to become chagrined. political agitaপ among one's own people. any unpleasant perthoroughly. ex postulation. involved in danger. ̃প a. প acquitted or released on appeal. half-cooked. to প v. commercial. [ ānbīk ikī ] n the science and art of reason ing. প n. n. stir. 1 discussed. ̃ a. duodenal. a pregnant woman. detive. [ āpanta ] n one's own self. strance. pressed or squeezed or hugged or oppressed [ āpada ] n danger. own. absent-minded. [ āpani2 ] n one's own self. (chiefly used as a sfx. [ āpāmara ] adv including even the meanest or the lowest. [ āpatika ] a accidental. protest. ̃ n. a. a bar. half-baked. incidence. friend and foe. enteric. of its own. 2 [ āpanna ] a endangered. a wineshop. a river. on one's late. to have a thing cogitated in one's mind. a. an incident. to re monstrate. involved in ( ). প a. one's own man. imperilled. to swing. spontaneously.[ āntarbidyāla a ] a inter-school. apparently or seemingly hard familial good qualities. agreeable or pleasant for the time being. ̃ a. not thoroughly honest) that may be adopted in time of danger or disas ter or emergency. own. without any out ward aid. raw. enteric fever. [ ānyatrikatā ] n alibi. involved ☐ [ āpakāō āstē ] adv for one's own self.প adv. n. an (down). ̃.প n. প n. a market. ̃ a. ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ প self- n. an appellate court. oscillation. adv. the time being. pl. tion or movement. to go to one's office (daily or regularly).

to gyrate. to tie. (phil. bent down. reliable. relative den sity. an opiumeater. [ āphi ] n opium. spherical) on the skin. a. a.̃ a. bragging. be sieged. refuse. [ āpluta ] a flooded. [ ābarta ] n a whirling motion or shape.̃ n. n. ). enclosed ( ). covering.[ āpīta2 ] a that which has been drunk thoroughly. a veil. a tax or duty imposed on this manufacture or sale. n. n. āphō ā ] a not yet bloomed. a distiller. to the extent of one's utmost power and ab[ ābarjana ] n casting off or giving up thor oughly. a ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ . in volved. ̃ n. compromise. a tumour. a worker who works till he succeeds. a. a cover or covering. tied. [ ābaddha ] a bound. bathing. to felicitate. an eddy.) carrying. to the last breath. প v. [ ābarita ] a (poet. act of felicitating. to besiege. relative velocity. ̃ 71 ☐ . self ̃ with self-interest. [ āpta1 ] a obtained. de sires etc. [ āpyā ita ] a received and treated hospita bly. to entertain. stirring or churn. [ āphalōda a ] a. a tumbler. revolu tion. honour. a vortex. drunk to the dregs. need. প n. [ āphu anta. [ ābarjita ] a cast-off. to strike out a compro mise. inundated. the air that pervades the world. nec essary. [ ābalusa ] n ebony. repetition. trustworthy. প n. citated. fatigue. tooth and nail. a [ āprā a ] adv. cast-off. comparativeness. . drenched. an African Negro. to brag. repeated. [ āplaba. ̃ n. ̃ n. returned. controlled or regulated. preoccupied [ ābaraka ] a that which covers or screens or veils. প adv. to beset. return. sweepings. in sisting childishly or capriciously on having or doing something. till death. a screen. a whirlpool. beset. bathed. (fig. free from errors. ̃ a. to mortgage. to do one's utmost. & adv till fructuation. screened. ̃ same as ̃ same as ̃ n. whirling. a. inundation. extremely self-seeking. essential. confidential clerk.) a source of knowledge. to shut. v. meteorology. [ ābaśyaka ] a necessary. ̃ . atmo sphere. an outcast. a. to re[ āphasānō ] v to bluster. ing. a cover or cov ering. to be re peated. fretting or chaf ing or an expression of chagrin at fail ure. to rotate. a screen. a cover. n. a woman's) dignity. a.ing. āplāba. to eddy. relating to excise tax or the excise de partment. forcing to bend ilities. a group or series ( . প n. ̃ n. n. realized. inundated. to return. ebon. to tear one's hair. pawned. confined. authoritative ( ). ̃ a. [ ābalya ] n weakness. screen. relating to alco holic spirits and other intoxicating drugs or to their manufacture and sale. utmost effort. not as ebony. a veil. ̃ n. gyration. a fanciful claim preferred to an affec tionate person. to fret or chafe or express volve. [ ābaha ] a (chiefly used in comp. clearly visible. n. whirling or revolving or gyrating or re turning. [ āpta2 ] a (used as a pfx. a whirl. in sci ence) relative. parboiled. entertained. amicable settlement. [ āpēk ika ] a comparative. rotating. to bind. modesty. a ( ). revolv[ āphagāna ] n an Afghan. of Afghani stan or Afghans. v. a screen. (fig. ̃ a. v. to settle amicably. the excise department (also ). (in the process of being boiled but) not yet boiling. [ āpōśa ] n compromise. African. a pestle for churning. control ling or regulating. having considered or con sidering it neces[ ābō āba ] n any of the conventional and usually illegal paysary. meteo rologist. shut. to demand or claim unreasonably. ̃ n. a lid. a. a lid. by arrangement. advice of one's own friends and relatives. a presumptive truth. flooded. conducting. zation (of aim. a dug. ̃ . indistinct. a teat. the theory of relativity. [ ābaru ] n (usu. need.) an undesirable or mean person. a. v. rotated.) covered. closely re lated as friends and relatives ( ). drenched. ☐ n. relativity. whirling or revolving or rotating. a lid.̃ n. producing [ ābakhōrā ] n a large drinking-glass or tall cup. relative humidity. ̃ n. ments exacted by landowners from tenants. [ āpīna ] n an udder. to confine. rotation. প n. [ ābarjanā ] n things thrown away or left as worthless. revelation. ̃ n. attained. a veil.). a whirl. ebon-coloured. down. a revealed truth. chagrin on account of failure. . . an unreasonable demand or claim. till attainment or reali. whirling or revolving or a. ne cessity. a yashmak. the public department entrusted with the charge of collecting this tax or duty. sale or manufacture of alcoholic spirits and other intoxicating drugs. to in volve. ̃ n. প v. excise duty (also .) own. lethargy. [ āpyā ana ] n hospitable reception and treat ment. mortgaged. ). weather-chart. a collec tion ( ). veiled. [ āba ] n an excrescence (usu. to compromise. feliপ same as প [ ābara a ] n covering or screening or veil ing. n. to whirl. entertainment. n. even at the risk of one's life. [ āphrikāna ] n an African. [ āban ana ] n allotment. an a priori truth. of Afghani stan. (esp. ̃ adv. ̃ . [ ābadāra ] n a childish or capricious insis tence on having or doing something. rolling. to receive and treat hospitably. a deluge. gyrated. & a as long as one lives. unblown. specific gravity. a veil. a. one's own relative or friend. chastity. entertaining with amusements. one whose desires have been gratified. necessity. to pawn. blustering or [ ābali ] n a row or line ( ). black .) overwhelmed or be gone ( ). bathed. essential. drained. drowsiness caused by fatigue. amicably. to enclose. 2 1 2 [ ābagāra ] n a manufacturer of or dealer in alcoholic spirits and other intoxicating drugs. tor pidity. to insist childishly or capriciously on having or doing something. gratified ( ). rolling friction. revolved. āplābana ] n a flood.

̃ a. [ ābālya ] adv from childhood or infancy. to appear before the public for the first time. sion ( ). to petition. hiding). to revolve. enclosed. n. confounded. a wall. a human habitation. to come into view (esp. resident ( ). dispassionate. perplexitation or call. prayer. traditional and ever-ex istent. peared or arrived. [ ābirbhūta ] a one who or that which has come into view or ap[ ābē ana ] n surrounding or enclosing. unfastened. [ ābi a ] a thoroughly engrossed or ab sorbed (in) ( ). one who or that which has come into existence. revolv ing or being revolved. [ āb tta ] a read or studied over and over again. incoherent and nonsensical. ̃ ̃প n. a petition. pain[ ābēśyatā ] n (phy. to recite. environment. n. coming into existence. [ ābē aka ] a surrounding. mental uneasiness. a wall. ̃ n. ̃ n. a gesture made with one's palms and solicited or entreated. n. to arrive. to appeal. to recur. [ ābāra ] adv again. relat ing to invifingers for invoking a god or goddess. weather forecast. a passionate or im passioned outburst. (of a deity) in stalling oneself somewhere. enclosing. to appear. ̃ same as [ ābāhana ] n invocation. ̃ n. continuing or exist ing from time immemorial. (of hair) not done up. environment. to apply. v. musicians) who have appeared before the public for the first time. in arith. to invite. state of being covered or encircled or pervaded.) recurring decimal. nonplussed. . an enclosure. introspec tive. moreover. (airth. a fence.) coming out or being revealed. defilement. troubled state of the mind. arable. ing. ty. that which has returned or recurred. begone ( ). int. manifested. repetition. a circurmference. n. n. background music. men tal confusion. fem. for the first time or from hiding). return. revolved. to invent.) induction coil. a cover. turbid. to solicit. a habitation. residential school. men women and children. that which encloses. ābi kri ā ] n discover sciousness down to the in animate straw.) that which has come out. pervasion. v. [ āba-bāndhā ] a untied. anxiety. to be revealed or manifested. rapt in ( ). to put in an application. that which en closes. disorderly ( ) . a. meteorology. an applicant. a fence. a fence. once more. . [ ābāsa ] n a dwelling-place. to cover. cultivated. ever since the beginning. a residence. a home. a wall. a plaintiff. tak ing possessprinkle over one another esp. ̃ n. ☐ . born. ̃ n. a wall. to fem. v.n. the thing invented. ever since one's childhood. passionate. an enclosure. . a. en circled. arrival. recited. n. a person. v. to lodge a com plaint. non sense. invocatory. recitation. v. infiltration. a house. ̃ a. scandal she wears as a jewel on her vented. solicita tion. the atmosphere. (of flowers etc. ̃ turbidity. n. during the Holi ( ) festival. mental suf fering ( ). muddy. appeal ( ) v. n. unfortunate. ābāgē ] a ill-fated. [ ābāpanika ] n reeler. expressing uncertainty or distrust or negation ( . state of suspense. actors etc. that which is to be discovered or inornament. [ ābila ] a defiled. to call. [ ābēdaka ] a one who submits an applica tion. [ ābāpana ] n the art of weaving cloth. filthiness. invitation. to take birth. a. covering. repeated. [ āb ta ] a covered. a fence. [ ābēga ] n tremendous or extraordinary ve locity or force ( ). devoid of passion. to per vade. [ ābēśa ] n confounded state of mind. an application. [ ābi k ta ] a discovered. encirclement. encircled. delirium. invented. an outburst of passion.) first appearance be fore the public. (of authors. actors. of books etc. overcast or pervaded with ( ). a caretaker (chiefly of a Buddhist monastery). foulness. n. to overcast. an appli cation. land developed for agriculture. to re turn. surroundings. [ ābōlatābōla ] n incoherent talk. to read or study over and over again. ̃ adv. (phy. advent. and also ( ). to surround. at[ ābira ] n a kind of perfumed and coloured powder that the Hindus tachment. love (' '). [ ābahamāna ] a existing or continuing since the beginning. fit to be invoke. a. an enclosure. to install oneself. [ ābāgā. a discovery. to come out. to pray. for the first time or from [ ābēśa-ku alī ] n (phy. 72 ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ). [ ābrahma ] adv starting with or from Brahma ( ). a plaint. a settlement. recurrence. an abode. foul. one and all. rapture. tremendous excitement of passion (' '). outburst of passion or emotion ( ). ̃ . (esp. (of a student) living in a students' hostel. one who has turned one's eyes inwards.) induced. invention. (esp. entrance. (of flowers etc. appearance (esp. all creatures and objects starting with Brahma ( ) or the Su preme Con. rapt atten tion. trance. ob session. filthy. [ ābirbhāba ] n coming into view (esp. a petition. ābi kara a. fit for or developed for culti vation. recital. over whelmed (with) ( ). a. to represent. reading or studying over and over again. birth. passion ( ). surroundings. a call. one who is foolish or helpless). ̃ n. an inventor. discoverer. a. (of authors. an cover. nonsense rhymes. well worth dis covering or inventing. an ignorant or dull-headed person. cultivated land. to dis[ ābhara a ] n anything worn for personal em bellishment. to repeat. an enclosure. revealed. painters. - [ ābāla ] n a boy or a child or an underage person (esp. ̃প a. engrossment.) inductive capacity. [ ābāda ] n cultivation. a.) unbound. weather report. manifestation. possessed (by) ( ). sudden). a petitioner. impassioned. to come. (of a deity) one who has installed oneself. surrounded ( ). overcast or pervaded with ( ). [ ābi kāra. ters. that which encloses. to en circle. revolution. [ ābē ita ] a surrounded. tillage. [ ābēdana ] n representation.) recurring.

causing prosperity. ailment. [ āmānata ] a deposited. slight or indirect suggestion. . a conversation. anger. a greeting. to cajole. ̃ n. an intro ductory talk. ̃ n. contact. n. cy. sorrel. ☐ [ āmana ] a late autumnal. coaxing. excessive. 1 [ āmā1 ] a half-burnt. emblic myrobalan. beshrew me. to look haggard. āmalakī ] n emblica. shine. sur name. beaming.) import. [ ābhā ā ] a not broken. adv. Devil take thee. deposit. dried slices of green mango preserved in salt or in salt and mustard. an attorney. income. assistance. raw ( ). .) bacillary or biliary dysen tery. a lo cality or village where cowherds live. ̃ n. credited. glow ing. to hint. a cowherd. . pertaining to or indicative of the family. one who greets. full of [ āma ় ā ] n the hog-plum. [ āmātisāra ] n dysentery. amoebic dysen tery. fullness. v. deliberation. not ground. not excessively sweet. bureaucratic. tionary. āmalaki. a. all through one's life. assem blage ( ). not perfectly burnt ( . to coax. a prologue. the n. nettlerash. addressing and talking to. ̃ n. cajolement. [ āma a ] n disease. a place for public audience. credited. attack ( ). [ ābhā ] n rubbing the body with oil etc.. expanse. import trade. the thing or money deposited or credited. a legally appointed representative. [ ābhōga ] n a kind of concluding note in the Indian musical modes. censure etc. [ āmadhura ] a slightly sweet. [ ābhijātika ] a of aristocrat or aristocracy or noble birth. to overlook. greeted. ridicule. [ āma2 ] n the common people. reproach.). (comm. unbaked ( )̃ a. (of food) cooked but somewhat raw. help. to deposit. 3 1 [ āma ] a uncooked. [ āmarula ] n a variety of spinach having sour taste. a ceremony pertaining to or causing well-being. [ āmānna ] n uncooked rice. anointment.) a person concealing his or her merits. I'II rather die. ̃ n. 4 ☐ 2 ☐ ☐ [ ābhidhānika ] a lexicographical. [ ābhijana ] n noble birth. (loos. āmarśana ] n touch. fem. to flatter with some mo- ). ̃ n. aristocratic. attention. flash. to greet. unburnt. [ āmalānō ] v to become painful gradually. the compiler of a dic- . pleasantly sweet.. ̃ n. indulgence ( ). praying to the spirits of one's forefathers to bless the present occasion. late autum nal crop of paddy. aristocracy. suggested. one who gives a call to come. of or for the common people. [ āmadāni ] n (comm. time. ̃ lasting till death. lustre. a lexicogra pher. n. credit. [ ābhāsa ] n faint or indistinct presence (' '). dysentery. pre served essence of ripe mango. to pay no heed to. ̃ a. a host. to have a shriv elled look. unbroken ( unground ( ). flattering with some end in v.) to import. shame. placed in one's custody. n. delivered as or mentioned in a speech. familial. [ āmantrita ] a invited. an introduction. ̃ same as a variety of mango that looks green and should be sour but is actually ripe and sweet. n. regime. ̃ n. to invite. [ ābhimukhya ] n state of being towards. [ ābhyuda ika ] a pertaining to progress or promotion in life. glow. au- . . [ āmara a ] adv. n. [ ābhā a ] n a preface. to place in the custody of. tinge. [ āmala ] n region. a thin cake made of the sweet juice of ripe mango by drying it in the sun (used as food). shining. ̃প n. to refuse to consider. heed. weighing some thing in the mind. [ āmari. [ ā mara ] int indicating : light imprecation. power-of-attorney. ̃ n. v. an address. confrontation. & a till death. a hint ( ). a call to come. a shadow. ̃ [ āmalaka. n. to call. bureaucra- [ āmalā ] n an office-clerk. beam. go to hell. bashfulness. consultation. [ ābhīra ] n a member of the cowherd class. age. state of being in front or face to face of. heraldry. n. by indirect suggestion. rule. dysentery. tumn rice (also ). tive or design. now I'II die happily. [ ābhijātya ] n noble birth. ( [ ābhūmi ] adv down to the ground. cyst. to attach no importance to. hints. act of en joying. to appear faintly or indistinctly. (in other cases) to bring. ̃ glow. . ̃ n. v. [ āmarśa. deposited. a. expan sion. control. a variety of ginger smelling like the mango. urticaria. see . [ āmantra a ] n invitation. aristocracy. called to come. conversa tion. counsel. a. [ āmar a ] n mercilessness. ̃ view. a government office. abundant.[ ābhā ] n glow. performed on the eve of wedding etc. a. blood coming out with the stool of a dysen tery patient. [ ābhāsita ] a indicated. per taining to deposit or credit. continuing till the end of one's life. import duty. to have an emaciated and wizened face. sorrow etc. [ āma adā ] a plentiful. period. (fig. glaze. n. the mango ginger. ̃ . [ āmantra itā ] n an inviter. possession. ā mari ] int indicating: praise. v. ̃ n. by hints. to give a hint. 73 ☐ [ āma4 ] n the mango. a. completeness. having prostrated oneself ). to credit. [ āma1 ] n mucus. taunt. gath ering ( ). a speech. a prefa tory note. advice. a talk. onrush. sweetish. 3 [ āmāni ] n the water in which cooked rice has been soaked overnight.

n. prolonging life. ̃n. to [ ā ā ] n a nurse-maid or waiting-maid. the tamarind-tree. (geom. ̃ প n. ̃ n. a touch. amusement. 2 [ ā ama2 ] n season. strenuous. the part of the belly in which mucus collects. radically. full of pomp and grandeur. to spend beyond one's means or income. [ āmūla ] adv to the root. bragging. to take one's ease. arduous.) cheek. a. luxury. ̃ প n. to express delight or joy. [ ā u ] n the span of one's life. a rectangle. ̃ a. princes and courtiers or noble men. trouble. later. longevity. . fem. rejuvenating. [ ā ati1 ] n state of a married woman whose husband is alive. profit able. extremely sweet fragrance. gladness. egoism. fun. ̃ n. ̃ . an effort. ̃ see a. a touch of simi[ ā anā ] n a mirror. to take pos session of. a. ̃ [ ā udha ] n weapon. mastery. ensuing. lifetime. n. prolongation [ āmla ] a acid. the tama rind-tree. amusement.[ āmāra ] pro my.) rectangular but having unequal sides. ̃ n. vivacious. acid fer mentation. an iron armour. according to this science. an institution ( ). [ āmāśa a ] n dysentery. width. easy-going. next.) a wealthy nobleman or high-born person. ̃ n. [ ā atta ] a brought under control or taken possession of. subjugated. breadth. jolly. pl. effrontery. bulk-modulus. a supervising officer. the future. n. delighted. ̃ n. pl. [ āmōda ] n delight. ̃ a. an Ameer. that which bestows long life. non-vegetarian. a. ̃ [ āmra ] n (for. out of hand. ̃ n. (geom. vanity. brought up amidst ease and luxury. v. n. n. labour. borne on the person of the wife) indicating this marital state. boast. recreations. right time. lifetime. [ āmi ] pro I. be festive. toilsome. to take rest. funny. of . merri ment. perfuming. a. ease loving. high style of living or ostentatious show of wealth. thor oughly. pomp and grandeur. breadth. relat- ☐ ☐ . living in a high style or making an os tentatious show of wealth. an abode. to seize. pleasant drowsiness or rapt attention [ ā amā ] n a grant of rent-free land made by Muslim princes to ( ). sportive. completely. fem. oblong. the span of one's life. ̃ . any of the symbols (usu. amusing. 1 delightful. and-branch. minis[ ā udhaśālā ] n armoury. fem. width. sour. ). volume or its measure. a speculum. out of control. mine. same as n. breadth. an exertion of strength or power. the soul. let us play. v. ̃ n. hold. very large. merry. budget-head. a mango-grove. humorous. fem. [ āmina ] n a land surveyor. . after-image. delighted. to indulge in amusements. impudence. n. . arsenal. of an Amir or emirate. the ulti mate part of anything passing away. relating or pertain ing to this science. subjec tion. egoism. income-tax. ̃ n. to indulge in or enjoy amusement. subjugation. rejoic ings. (accts. time for bearing fruit. sour. per fumed. acidic ( ). possession.) an oblong. [ ā ana bā u ] n trade wind. subject. life. a. non-vegetarian food or diet. audit. self-knowledge. [ ā ati2 ] n length. to fill with fragrance. to control. roota. auditor. ̃ same as ̃ n. thorough. n. imp. to bring under control. tamed. 2 1 [ āmira ] n (Mus. amusing. ̃ carnivorous. v. come. easy. to re lax. ing to a surveyor.) dysentery.) the mango. [ āmēja ] n subtle presence or slight trace. self-importance. 1 2 [ ā a1 ] v 2nd pers. wide. a coat mail made of iron. to tame. [ ā ēndā ] a coming. merry. ̃ a. to break a wild horse. future. ̃ . (rare) far-reaching fragrance. radical ( ). domination. [ ā ata ] a extensive. uphill. comfort. bulk elasticity. amirate. [ ā āma1 ] n width. [ āmi a ] n meat. to subjugate. control. suitable time. extended to the root.̃ . n. amusements. . ̃ n. ter-in-charge. ̃ a. length. prolongation of life. a house. after-taste ( . beyond control. [ āmbā ] n audacity. an estate of land held under this grant. [ āmāśā ] n (coll. scented. [ ā atī ] n. joy. fem. of life. rec reation. earnings. exhaustion.̃ n. [ ām tyu ] adv till death. to master. sprightly. iron. acid. income and expenditure. long-lived. festivi[ ā asa ] a of or made of or caused by iron. larity. a. till the end of one's life. budget. fa tigue. budget session. [ āmudē. cheerful. [ ā ēśa. la borious. fem a married woman whose husband is alive. pl. vaunt.) debit and credit. (cp. extension. rev enue. (coll. an officer-in-charge. . ̃ প n. sweet-scented. ̃ n. . jolly. an altar. ̃ a. religious preach ers and to learned people. profit. men of high and wealthy class. rejuvena tion.) to cut one's coat according to one's cloth. audacious ambition. to poke fun (at). a. strain. [ ā urbēda ] n the traditional Hindu science of medicine as taught in the Atharva Veda. ̃ n. ̃ n. arms. exten sion. to dominate. an Amir. the ego. [ ā a2 ] n income. an endeavour. āmōdapri a ] a given to merriment. seizure. to make fun. that which prolongs life. to make merry. v. to live within one's means. (accts. a title of some Mus lim kings. to rejoice. v. sportive. rejuvenation. vanity. expanded. gay. ̃ [ ā atana ] n area or its measure. witty. mastered. High. fem. wide-eyed or large-eyed. controlled.) credit side. dominated. ̃ n. ty. ā ēsa ] n ease. 74 ☐ ☐ ☐ a. a looking-glass. ferrous. pride. seized. involving effort. [ ā āsa ] n pain. an ayah. ̃ [ āyukta ] a in-charge.

to or prepara tion has been made. ). implanting. ). [ ārātrika ] n (act of) greeting a deity by waving a lamp. placed. incenser etc. to at tribute. be stowal. at the same time. an infirmary. to plant. adorable. sound health. to sit 2 1 [ ārak a ] n police or military station. of course. [ ārōgya ] n recovery from ailment or ill ness. imputed.. shame. for a function. in future. to bestow. or not. ( .̃ n. to string (a bow). relaxation. a different person or thing [ ārādhya ] a worshipped. juice. n. other. v. coming. that which has been made ready. hate. once more. still then ( ). to commence. to assign. attri bution. wild. v. v. oh. ever ( ). worshipful. Ara bic. v. on. an Arabian. enough ( ). once again. ̃ a. assigned. a planter. to come round. originate. to cure. imposition. . attributed. fur ther. essence. to be cured or soothed. ̃ n. a garden ( . ascribing. concluding section of the Brahmanas ( ) which are parts of the Vedas. dif ferent ( . a wor shipper. [ āraji. in addition to that ( ). to recline. [ ā ōga ] n a committee (esp. an Arab. holla. to impose. eh. angry.[ ārabdha ] a that which has been undertaken or begun. on the other hand. last ). to begin. born or grown or living in forests. same as ( ). to place. wild. to pray to. ārādhana. the Ara bian nation. moreover. the police force. pro. seated on. ̃ n. moreover. coming round. such a face. to com mence. forest grown. yet in return ( [ āraśi ] n a mirror. a roar. . past. to lie down. . . n. imputation. to cure. asto nishment. arrack. to mount. to mount. bestowed. a policeman. rest. to im pute. n. mounted. birth. deserving to be worshipped. a peti tion. the Arabs. relieved. reddish. a purpose. প v.). placing. a police picket. v. n. n. a prologue. ). প v. introductory. implanted. a public one) set up for investigation etc. starting. the other person or thing. a devotee. v. engaged in defence. another [ ārāba ] n a (high) sound or note. [ ārambha ] n commencement. ̃ . to relax. to give ease and comfort. scarlet. a commis sion. eddy. [ ā ōjana ] n preparation. to give relief. the police. tumult. more. no more ( ). be stowing. things necessary for a purpose. adv. still now. n. act of planting. ( ). pleasure. [ āramāni ] n an Armenian. used in addressing or hailing. planted. ̃ . to attribute. one who assigns. [ ārū h ় ] a mounted. before his or her face. to take rest. ascription. a. v. v. hi. প a. n. happi ness. cure. . the language of Armenia. ever before or after ( ). [ āradāli ] n an orderly. recovery. ascribed. adv. crimson. ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ . mounting a thing or per son upon something. [ ā ōjaka ] a. an easy-chair. a speculum. another. ̃ a. & n. stringing a bow. a. incenser etc. (of a bow) strung. to file or submit a petition or plaint. Armenian. blood-red. a plaint. a person (esp. to impose. v. āraktima ] a slightly red. imposing. the Arabs. disgust. [ ārāma1 ] a recovered from illness. certainly ( . to ascribe. . on the other occasion. emplacement. gum arabic. [ āra i ] n whirlpool. imposed. such eyes. one who strings (a bow). & n one who makes prepara tion for or collects the [ ārabhamā a ] a in a state of being com menced or undertaken. a saint of ancient India) living in forests. [ āra ] conj and. প v. a hospital. imposi tion. fond of ease. same as [ ārōpa ] n ascription or attribution of a quality of one thing to another. to be cured. more ( ). anger etc. inception. ̃ a. subjugation. n. cured. ̃ v. to introduce. . Armenian. living in forests. a. ). still more. [ āra ya ] a of or relating to a forest or for ests. bestowal. to enjoy ease and comfort. ̃ n. [ ārē ] int expressing : fear. [ ārakta. an imputer. a. request. n. to enjoy ease and comfort. spirit. else. deep attach ment. thurible. assigning. homeguard. 2 75 ☐ [ ārati2 ] n greeting a deity by waving a lamp. service. to worship. things so collected. and others. an Arabian. sylvan. a looking glass. [ ārāma2 ] n ease. a. v. ( ). introduc tion. an outpost. [ āraba2 ] n an Arab. to assign. to begin. n. or introduces. placing. be sides. with reddened or blood-shot eyes. deep red. the language of Arabia. assignment. attributing. sylvan. to impute. another person or thing. to take birth. a. imputing. to enjoy pleasures. to start. n. start. an imposer. to [ ā ōjita ] a that for which necessary things have been collected start. assignment. time. to implant. an office bearer. at present. ārji ] n a prayer. with face (or cheeks) flushed on account of shame or anger. to recover. thurible. be ginning. now ( ). since then [ ārādhaka ] a one who worships. impu tation. all other. a task under taken or commenced. making or becom ing ready. one who com mences a. a guardsman. or ( ).] n worship. a (great) noise. origin. being worshipped or in the state of being worshipped. ̃ a. v. before his or her face. tincture. [ āraka ] n extract. simultaneously. v. next.[ ārādhanā. defence force. but ( [ āraśa ] n a throne. to be introduced. again ( ). prayer. ah. a forester. to ascribe. implantation. one who bestows or places. to get relief. and also ( ). to make preparations (for). a forest dweller. comfort. to bring round. restoration to health. health. 1 2 [ ārati1 ] n end. a. to bestow. one who organises or makes preparation about to com mence. collection of things necessary to serve a. Ara bian. easeloving. relat ing to inception or beginning.

humid.) induc tion. avoiding company. ̃ n. a stair-case. dampness. not touching. (fig. moistness. ̃ adv. [ āla apakā ] adv suddenly. emplaced. 76 ☐ ☐ ☐ . (cp. softness. to scale. soft. fem. embarking. [ ārdraka ] n ginger.) Aryanism. ̃ n. oppressed. [ ār a ] a relating to (Hindu) sages (esp. a. unfastened. fi nancial aid. afflicted. a. to become lax. ̃প n.) to embark. fi nancial powers. as used by Hindu women to paint the borders of their feet. ̃ n. affliction. ̃ n. to build a dyke. [ ārmēcāra ] n an armature. insincere or un called-for ( ). to relax. tics. uncareful. a remount depot. a. buttock esp. a rider.) husband. ascended. light ( incoherent or insincere ( ). embarkation. (chiefly of words and their meanings) ungrammatical but cur rent being used by the sages esp. an Aryan. ̃প n. vener able. an escalator. to ride. of notes) gradually increasing in pitch. [ ālabata. [ ālamāri ] n an almirah. [ ārjaba ] n straightness. [ ārtanāda ] n groaning. sharp point of anything such as the barb of an arrow. a stair. a flight of steps. to ascend. v. cry of pain or grief or affliction etc. of an cient India.) archaic. mounted. suddenly and though- . a dyke. . in a pite ous tone or voice. an embarkation per mit. a passen ger. inductive method. ālatārāpa ] n stapler. detached. to board (a ship. a use which is ungrammatical but considered correct. adv. unmindful ( ). lax. isolated ( ). a purpose of wa tering. (coll. seasonal. [ āryābarta ] n upper or northern India where the ancient Aryans settled. (log. of a woman ( ). of ancient India). scaling.) not bringing into contact with the mouth state of being oppressed. a climber. aggrieved. boarded. of or belonging to the Arya Samaj ( ). in a doleful or mournful voice. climbing. ascension.) prick ( ).) defi[ ārya ] n the Aryan race. unexpectedly. straightforwardness. distressed. [ ālapanā ] n painting on the floors or walls of a house or temple usu. bare. [ ār is a ] n an artist. moisture. to dam. [ ārdrā ] n the sixth of the twenty-seven zo diacal stars according to Hindu as tronomy. wetness. board ing (a ship. ̃ n. n. v. to entrain. sorrow. relief of the distressed or afflicted or oppressed or endangered persons. riding. ̃ n. a piteous cry or wailing. moist. time or duration of menses. an an tenna. a Vedic community [ ālabōlā ] n hubble-bubble with a long flexible smoking-tube. economic. ālabāta ] adv of course. not touching. uncon trolled ( ). of noble [ ālabāla ] n a ridge of earth raised round the root of a tree for the birth. a ladder. a. (usu.) a tuft of long hair maintained by a con servative Brahman on his crown. [ āla kārika ] a figurative. [ ālagōcha ] a detached. (facet. [ ālaguci ] n first efforts of a child to stand on its feet ( ). [ āla2 ] n a ridge of earth set up around a piece of agricultural land. out spoken. ̃ a. to climb. ailment. & dero. ☐ [ ārtaba ] n menstruation. ̃ . ̃ n. [ ālanā ] n a rack or stand for clothes. distress. tlessly. . naked.. untied. fastener. decorative. [ ārdra ] a wet. ascent. ̃ n. hats etc. any of the rhymed arithmetical formulae. mount ing. board ing.) entrain ment. a gaberdine.) a note which increases gradually in pitch. relief work. involved in danger. grief. [ ālatā ] n lac-dye esp. a dam. the [ ālatō ] a not forceful or firm.) an artistic posture or affectation. a venerable person. [ āla1 ] n the sting of insects etc. eating and drinking vessels etc. the people who spoke the Aryan nitely. ̃ n. [ ārthika ] a financial. sun-ray. rhetorical. being used by ancient sages. open. an author of a treatise on rhetoric or poe2 1 2 [ ālakhāllā ] n a loose cloak or gown. certainly. [ ārthanītika ] a pertaining to economics. ascent. uncovered. finan cial distress or straits. damp. a painter. [ ārta ] a sick. mounting or climbing or riding or placing oneself upon. a rhetorician. (mus. pain. with lique fied pigment of rice-powder. [ āryā2 ] n a kind of metre used in Sanskrit verse. piteously. best. relat ing to ornament.̃ adv. (log. [ ārti ] n illness. [ ālapina ] n a pin. stricken with grief or sorrow.) inductive. altitude. (of hands. ̃ n. to place oneself upon. pecuniary difficulties. unbolted. zinc ox ide etc. state of being involved in danger. honesty. financial year. railway train etc. [ āryāmi ] n (facet. language. candour. ̃ n. uprightness. softened with affection tears etc. grade. civilized conduct and behaviour.) intense (whilst eating or drinking). to set up a ridge of earth around a piece of agricultural land. humidity. ̃ n. [ ār a ] n art. ). Aryanism. upright or vertical position. avoiding contact ( mental agitation or urge. loose-tongued. menstrual. carefully and softly ( ). an awl. ). n. pecuniary help. pecuniary. [ ālatārāpha. (loos. a cupboard. to mount. [ ārka ] a solar. ̃ a. (mus. founded by Dayananda Saraswati. pertaining lightly ( to financial policy. monetary. aloof ( ). hygro phyte. civilized. an outcry of grief or pain or affliction. ). to give indul gence. boarding a carriage. softened state. v. this sign over Bengali consonant letters to indicate a preceding '-r' sound. loose. [ ālagā ] a unbound. helping the distressed or af flicted. son of the father-in-law. railway train etc.[ ārōha ] n height. (poet. ̃ n. Aryan.

(mech. lethargy. v. with light. a beacon. to em brace. [ ālānō ] n to dishevel or spread out (as hair). an abode. [ ālima ] n (Mus. to greet. 1 2 [ ālibandhana ] n setting up a ridge of earth around a piece of agricultural land. a conventional one in Indian classical music) in detail. (fig. v. to shake off lethargy by moving one's limbs. lighted. in substantial thing.) fulcrum. dark. v. . whilst [ ālī h ় ] a licked.) a crouchant position. depiction. to open ( ). damming. procrastination. a. a friendly chat. ālulita ] a (of hair) loosened and spread out. photo-elec pampered boy or young man of a rich family spoilt by over-indulgence. conversa tion. grease oil etc. a of light. ̃ a. illuminated. to talk. [ ālubōkharā ] n a variety of plum or prune of which jelly is prepared. to make one's acquaintance (with). acquainted. ( ). casting a glance. a house. lethargic.) a home. shooting an ar row) with a knee folded in the front and the other stretched out behind. a residence. portrait. familiarity. to brighten. pompous but without basis. a flash [ ālāla ] n a wealthy man. sightly. chiaroscuro. [ ālādā ] a (also adv. a shelter. a building. a parasitic creeper. greeting. illumiv. [ ālāpita ] a talked or spoken to. ̃ n. photo-electricity. in dolence. [ ālō ] n light. lustre. ob servation. [ ālu2 ] n potato. lighted. propped. decoration of a stage etc. greeted. a paint. illumination. v.) a word forming a part of the return salute. gloomy. [ ālābhōlā ] a simple. suspended. to converse. conference. a peg or stake to which domestic animals are tethered. building a dyke. [ ālasya ] n idleness. pro crastination. salt-free. discus sion. disorderly. diffused. [ ālāpacāri ] n conversation. a place. ̃প . a flash of light. adv. n. 2 - [ ālāi-bālāi ] n all sorts of misfortune or harm.) a ray of false hope or delusion. ̃ same as ̃ n. a dam. phy. a shel ter. fem.) (of talks) meaning less. nated. artless. [ ālā ntālā ] a (coll. for ☐ . supported. . to be up and doing. to hug. a flash of light. a store. yam. to lighten. a hug. tasted. hanging. blowsy. to untie and spread out. [ -ālu1 ] sfx denoting nature. ̃প a.) different. ̃ n. [ ālōkana ] n seeing.̃ n. ̃ n. a photograph. confer rable. to show light to. tric. lightless. & High. hugged. separate. effulgence. demonstration. given to idleness. ̃ n. extinct.[ ālamba ] n a support. lazy. to discuss. to unloose or un tie. hung. a reposi tory. gratis. discussion. propensity etc. batata. ālēpana ] n smearing or painting (with). n. a. [ ālēpa. detached. will-o'-the-wisp. lustre. [ āliñjara ] n an earthen jar for water. laziness. to shake off lethargy by moving or stretching one's limbs. supported. a posture (adopted esp. effulgence. slothful. discussion. full 1 [ āli1 ] n a ridge of earth set up around a piece of agricultural land.̃ প n. idleness. acquaintance. (mus. ̃ a. ̃ n. optics. [ āli gita ] a embraced. a resort. pendant. intimacy.). [ ālē ā ] n ignus fatuus. to build a dyke. [ āluni ] a (of cooked food) deficient in salt. tousled. a prop. to give up idleness. প [ ālāpī ] a given to cultivating acquain tances. conference. a lamp.) a learned man. [ ālāpa ] n conversation. a wash. fem. a. light (" [ āluthālu ] a (of hair) unkempt. to yawn. ̃ . lazy. "). [ ālāna ] n a pillar or post to which an el ephant is tethered. lightsome. talk. to illu minate. a. a prop.) to give hope.) acquaintance and speaking terms. photography. a beam. splendour. ̃ n. optical illusion. golden dreams. splendour. plain. (fig. sluggish. held. whilst sunning). [ ālulā ita. a of light. [ ālīna ] a passed out of existence. to yawn. a painted portrait. ̃ n. to ruffle. to cultivate ac quaintance (with). to spread out (as paddy etc. interplay of light-and-shade. talk. a ray. v.) delusion. sloth.) the person that is the object of a sentiment. any substance to smear with (such as ointment. sheltered. worth seeing. ̃ n. (cp. to glorify. guile less.) introductory singing or playing of a tune (esp. the light of will-o'-the-wisp. discussable. ̃ n. a beam. sloth. sociable. (coll. 77 ☐ ☐ 3 [ ālā ] a illuminated. (mus. a lantern. acquainted. (rhet. tendency. flooded with light. ̃ a. [ ālēkuma ] n (Mus. to ruffle. light as an energy. dilatoriness. a [ āli gana ] n embracing or hugging. evils. a lighthouse.) to sing or play a tune in detail. to light up. ̃ a. ̃ n. sweet . an em brace. to confer. (fig. showing. to dam. ̃ n. (of dress etc. tasteless. to set up a ridge of earth around a piece of agricultural land. [ ālō-āndhāri ] n a mixture of light and shade. talk. [ āla a ] n (for. dyke. প v. a repertory. indolent. potato.) lacking in trimness. (fig. v. nothing. to promise good. potato. . unkempt. [ ālōka ] n light. [ ālasē2 ] a idle. [ ālēkhya ] n a painting. light house. 3 n. a photographer. brightened up. 1 [ ālasē1 ] n a parapet around the roof of a building. [ āluphā ] a obtained for nothing or without payment. a dwell ing place. a dwelling house. slothful. a.) insipid. dishev elled. high-sounding. to dishevel. a ray. ̃ n. bright with light. dishevelled.

). words that hearten with hope or promise or assur ance or consolation or confidence etc. to brighten up. consideration. beyond expectation. [ āśābari ] n an Indian musical mode. a surprise. alarm ing. suspicion. 2 2 [ ālō ় ka ] n one who or that which stirs or churns. as tounded. ālōcana ] n discussion. won derful. dread. with out delay. praise. an aim. an exciter. disappointed. hopeful. প v. alarm. illu minated. ). ̃ n. sky-blue. to take a person by surprise. to place confidence (upon). [ āścarya ] a astonishing. that which excites or inspires hope. a wonder or marvel. (of a subject) under discussion. to agitate. the sky . ̃ a. speedy ( ). to appre hend. to churn. [ ālō-chā ā ] n a mixture of light and shade. to look forward to. to discuss. to hearten with hope or assurance. hoped for. desiring. to ponder. ex pected. quick. an affair. a residence (usu. chiaroscuro. fugacious. ̃ . occurring in Aswin ( ). [ ālōla ] a slightly excited or agitated. of or grown or produced in Aswin ( ).̃ a. fleetfooted. v. confidence. প adv. ̃ n. discuss ible. [ āśakārā ] n indulgence. an affaire de coer.) a recep tacle. that which has venom in its fang. unhoped for. astounding. excita tion. to aston ish. a [ ālō ় na ] n stirring or churning. deliberated. around. apprehended. [ āśā2 ] n hope. ̃ . frustrated. brightened up. readily shed or fallen. hopeful. apprehension. astonished. desired. fright. environs. v. to doubt. [ ālō āna ] n a woollen wrapper for the body. recollec. deliberated. to be astonished. in the neighbourhood. [ āśrama ] n a hermitage. son. delibera tion. a stage of life ( ). to rely (upon). . fem. a. con sidered. প . an agitator. a purpose. [ āśaraphi ] n a gold coin. wonder-struck. wonder ful. worthy of discussion. frightening. speedily. received. immedi ate ( ). an educa tional or religious one) ( ). glowing. to suspect. [ āśa sana. a small one). a deliberator. one who is easily or quickly pleased or appeased. of sky-blue colour. dreaded. a de sire. an emblem of bene diction. a pestle for churning with. the firmament. swift-footed. amazed. [ āśa kita ] a feared. suspected. unexpected. great differ ence. n. [ āśbāsa ] n heartening with hope or prom ise or assurance or consolation or con fidence etc. cherishing hope. a. ̃ n. a. [ ālōcanā. azure. expectation. up to expec tation. a mis giving. excited. v. to trust. neighbourhood. benediction. ̃ a. in the outskirts. ̃ a. & n. 78 ☐ ☐ ☐ [ ālō ় ita ] a stirred. pole apart. to dread. [ āśamāna ] n the sky. a. [ āśbina ] n the sixth month of the Bengali calendar (from the middle of September to the middle of October). an intention. love. pondered. v. ̃ n. quick-moving. v. ̃ a. ̃ n. one who recollects. a wrapper. [ āśa kā ] n fear. a hope. agitation. expectation. a container ). a. benison. to hope. [ āśanāi ] n illicit love. swiftfoot. to brighten up. doubtful. optimism. [ ālōcita ] a discussed. assurance. to cherish hopes. ̃ n. moving or rolling or lolling with greed ( ). ̃ . hopes and confidence. n. ̃প to wait in expectation. bright ened. [ ālōcanī ] n a subject or subjects for dis cussion. a. v. frustration. a cottage ( ). a residential institution (esp. to deliberate. op timistic. an appellation of Shiva ( ). out skirts. of the sky. [ ālōma a ] a full of light. to illuminate. to excite. surprising. to surprise. hopeless. a part of the horizon ( ). [ āśapāśa ] n surroundings. an object of dread or suspicion or doubt. doubt. v. astonishing.̃ a. to be discussed or de liberated or considered. ̃ n. heartening with hope or promise or assurance or consolation or confidence etc. early. to [ āśaiśaba ] adv since infancy or childhood or boyhood. &square. queer. an optimist. [ āśisa ] n blessing. [ ālōcanī a ] a submitted or placed for dis cussion. a queer object. āśīrbāda ] n blessing. ̃ venom ous snake. surprising. dis appointment. to consider. one who blesses. benediction. ̃ a. possibility. to be come illuminated. doubted. ̃ n. [ āśīrbacana. a place or an institution where discussions are held. re ception. churned. hither and thither. v.. ̃প a. 2 ☐ ☐ ☐ [ ālōkita ] a illuminated. on all sides. amaz ing. suspicious. to revolve in mind. to stir. ̃ a. over-indulgence. queer. [ ālōcya ] a same as [ ālōcyamāna ] a what is being discussed. ̃ . n. n. to strike with astonish ment or wonder. duties or rites to be performed by inmates of a hermi- [ āśa kanī a ] a dreadful. same as same as [ āśbasta ] a assured. immediately. colour. disap pointed. the heavens. praised. . vastly different. benedictory. agi tated. to expect. a shawl. n. trust ( . an asy lum or refuge ( . sunned rice. to deliberate. a love-affair. āśa sā ] n hoping. expectant. [ āśu2 ] adv early. v. lightsome. a.̃ a. benition. treat with indul gence or over-indulgence. to assure. ( [ āśa a ] n (mostly used as a sfx. prospect. light-and-shade play. n. a heart or character. reliance. an expectation. [ ālōcāla ] a rice obtained by sunning paddy and not by boiling it. ̃ প a. quickly. heartened with hope or promise or assurance or consolation or confidence etc. [ āśī2 ] n a serpent's fang. delibera tion. the snake. v. a. marvellous. to fear. v.

. refugee. attachment to (worldly) pleasures and interests. sarcas tic. ̃ n. a seat. to begin ( ). [ āsamudra ] a & adv. taking shelter (in). [ āsachē ] a coming. asylum or refuge or residen tial institution. fantastic. desire for company or union. n. final. nett ( ). to brighten up a to a dependant or a per son under one's protection. about to die. proximity.) endo[ āsaba ] n distilled spirit. for maintenance). union. atten tion. to make one's debut. a protege. kindness and affection same as v. reception with honour ( ( ). shelter. alcoholic bever age. false. pure. to attack. a mace. to come up. a party ( ). a. to be useful. [ āsaka ] n (obs. to brighten up a party. one who lives in a her mitage or [ āsañjita ] a adhered or adhering to. ̃ n. to come by. affection ate and kind to comes interesting. ̃ n. attachment. a meeting. unadulterated ( ). goods and chattels. ˜ ̃ a. sitting. fallen from one's religious order. n. parturi ent. row. love. a sarcasm. approaching. ˜ a. [ āsa ga ] n sexual intercourse. the party warms up or be ter or aid or sup port or protection. (esp. shelterless. 1 2 [ āsā1 ] n a stick (usu. v. fem. a place for sitting or placing ( ). fem. in each of the stages of life. sheltered. protection ( office or post ( ). to set in ( ). to appear. a con tainer. to take one's seat. critical time. genuine. to be earned. supportless. v. same as ̃প a. v. nourished or flourished in shelter or support or protection (of). v. to 79 ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ [ āsala ] a genuine. same as ̃ same as imate. of or living in a her mitage [ āsatti ] n union. prin cipal or capital ( ). to go or resort to for shelter or aid or support posture of squatting. to give pro tec[ āsanna ] a imminent. actual. a residence ( ). deeply or pro foundly attached to (worldly) pleasures and interests. a field. a staff. party. a. sardonic. collocation). desire to enjoy. extending from the ocean to the Himalayas. addiction. a resort. to ac crue ( ). profit. (gr. next. a dwelling house. ̃প . to be of use. amalgav. . a com petition ( son who has been given help and protection. to take place. a posture of sit ting . & n. n. v. to get loose. last. real. a store. fem. a protectorate.function ( ). wine. v. one in any of the stages of life. to be filled with ( ). ̃ ing delivery. adjacency. attachment. a cock and-bull story. extending up to the ocean. shelter. to make one's appearance before the public or in society. social intercourse. or asylum or refuge or residen tial institution. v. ad dicted to. in actuality. lum or refuge or residential institution. sup port. coming. that which has come ( ) n. to ad vance. & fig. [ āsabāba ] n furniture. to feel like crying or weeping. company. principal or capital money or amount. to take shelter (in). arrival. supported. or pertaining to the life in acquirement. n. authentic. to make a party ripple with interest. one who seeks shelter. প v. desirous of sexual intercourse or of company or union.) love. [ āśrita ] a adopted. an [ āśra a ] n adoption. death. one who main tains or protects those who ask for maintenance or shelv. v. one who gives shel ter or protection. a pun. a possessor. a sceptre. v. ̃ প n. sheltering. to come down. furniture and fittings and all other n. [ āsana ] n anything used for or intended for sitting upon. a. impending or imminent danger. pervaded.tage or asylum or refuge or residential institution. ̃ a. devotion. in math. to come up to ( ). ̃প n. attachment. ̃ a.̃ a. primary ( ). to be serviceable. original ( ). to arrive ( ). diffu sion. to commence. to come off ( ). pervasion. to enter ( ). cohabitation. & ). Glycomis pentaphylla. approximate value or standard.̃ n. act of coming. desire for sexual intercourse. a thick one). adopting any of the stages of life. [ āsaśēō ় ā ] n a kind of wild herb. adv. the to adopt. a tournament. the eleventh hour. a. & a. pro duced or growing or occurring in Ashara ( ). aid. movable goods. ̃ same as ̃ . deprived of alcoholic. or protection. to rise. to be excited with ( ). a queer or fantastic tale. help. . to take mated. support or protec tion. tomor- [ āsā2 ] v to come. [ āśli a ] a embraced. to squat. amalgamation. to be able to speak. & adv. v. union. to approach. [ āsara ] n a gathering. nearworthy of being adopted. the field. dying. acquisition. to come upon ( ). in an advanced stage of preg nancy.) approximate. n. de voted (to). adv. attached (to). attached. a per. ̃ n. [ āślē a ] n an embrace. fem. [ ā ā h ় ] n the third month of the Bengali calendar (from the middle of June to the middle of July). (worldly) pleasures and inter ests. to be detached. proxtion. to come about ( ). a club. . true. permeated. tropic. a [ āśra ārthī ] a seeking shelter. প n. to be on the point of ( ). the time of same as ̃ n. deep love. in truth. ̃প to furnish. a sitting. the party becomes crowded. a soci ety. & [ āśra ī ] a one who adopts or takes shelter. [ āsakē ] n variety of pancake made of a thin paste of liquefied rice-powder. to occur. in fact. to come or draw near. ̃ a. to crop up ( ). the time of dan ger. the last mogoing or resorting to for shelter or aid or support or pro tection. ̃ n. [ āsakta ] a greatly enamoured (of). a match. un adulterated. to give shelter. protected. adoption. resorted to. devo tion ( ). having a deep love (for). sheltered. to be struck with ( ). those who seek shelter and protection. impend ing. to reach. to be supplied with ( ). of or in or during the month or Ashara ( ). to come up. united. pro found attention. duties to be per formed [ āsañjana ] n adhesion. ̃ a. ensuing. worthy of being resorted to for shelter or aid or ment. ˜ a. n. to shelter. . . to come up. a. ). come-and-go. v. amalgamation.) the monsoon. a. a dependent (esp. an inmate of a hermitage or asy (cp. pure. (bot. to get up. attachment. (poet. ˜ n. n.) proximity of related words within a sentence it. to re move. fellowship. a. an embodiment (of) ).

a wound. . placed. a staff. attained. regard. [ āsphō a. ̃ n. one who is an ob ject (of) ( ). a rider. to strike the tent. mildly. a bedsheet.) to beat severely. arrival. a heavy shower. haughti ness. to be ready for a fight. āstara a ] n bed. a carpet or any simi lar article (esp. āsurika ] a of or like the mytho logical demons. downright ( ). [ āsta ] a whole. v. unholy. restriction. playing or sounding. a bailiff. performed. to stream down. strewn with ( ) to flow down. an obla tion. stark ( ). ̃ . thrashed. wounded. moved vio lently. enjoying. theism. n. to dismount. (in wrestling) slapping on one's own arms etc. an accused. [ āsrāba a ] n decantation. de canted. a meeting. fem. [ āsīna ] a seated. accumulation. with no haste or flutter. demoniac. to move violently. also ).. to sit upon). āsōbāra ] a mounted on an el ephant. sacrificial fire. v. [ āspada ] n one who or that which contains or holds or deserves. v. to pre pare oneself for a duel. lightly. to en ter. fit to be procured or collected or amassed or accumulated or (temporarily). (of stringed musical instru ments) played or sounded. [ āsikta ] a slightly wet. (fig. ̃ int. respect. arrived within reach. a bedcover. āsphō ana ] n collision. ̃ . water-drop(s) ). to rely (on). v. limita). [ āshā ] n confidence. to come out. trust. thorough. a form of marriage in which the bridegroom purchases the bride from her parents in exchange of money. an in junction. to come [ āstē ] adv slowly. wonderful. v. entire. alas. v. [ āshāna ] n confidence. to stepping lightly or noiselessly ( ). a shelter. one who is thus mounted. [ āstara2. a cov erlet. v. perfor mance or execution (of a work). a. gigan tic. reliance. to be about to end. acquire ment. as an indication of preparing to at tack. [ āsēcana ] n watering or wetting thoroughly. one who procures or collects or accumulates or earns or prepares. mitigation ( ). sound of clashing or thrashing. [ āsādita ] a obtained. a temporary one). v. unboiled. uncut. n. . a blow. parboiled. [ āsbāda ] n taste. to be about to be . compiler. . n. [ āsphālita ] a brandished. to be devoted (to. trust. gently ( ). [ āshābāna ] a confident. to throw down the gauntlet. situated. 2 a. faithful. a [ āstābala ] n a stable (for horses. tasting. helter skelter. to have faith (in). n.) staffs and maces.). n. enjoyment. . perexhausted. n. . reverence. moving vio lently ( ). executed. v. amassing. in an undertone ( come in. to vaunt. to have regard (for). to brag. preparation. tasting. relief. sympathy etc. [ āharit ] a slightly green. faith. received. present. āst ta ] a spread out. attainment. v. of or like a demon. arrogance. and dimmer. [ āsāsōn ā ] n a sceptre. unbroken. giant-like. ̃ ficed as burnt-offering. terrible. sitting. treaded ( ). a procurer. the istic. [ āsāna ] n termination. to come back. real ( ). noiselessly. receipt. v. one who earns. to fetch. imperti nence. a collector. fit to be tasted. fussily (see come. a. expressing: praise or ridicule. [ āstika ] a having faith in God and in life beyond death and in the scriptures. to trust. to emerge. clash. a hurt. stay. v. [ āhā ] int expressing sorrow. [ āsāmi ] n a defendant in a criminal case. [ āsō āra. a stroke. n. en joyed. bereave ment. (cp. [ āspardhā ] n effrontery. to brandish. smitten. a. a. [ āstīr a. to bluster. presence. enjoyable. elephants etc. boasting. to boast. a theist. to depart for good. injury. end. not thoroughly or properly boiled. relished. [ āstānā ] n haunt. [ āsphālana ] n brandishing. tasted. savour. steering along. experienced. thrashing. [ āsāna ় i ] n a thick stick. extending. same as ). (chiefly dero. to come along. [ āsāra ] n torrential rain. stratus. one who prepares. [ āhaba2 ] n a place for oblation. oh. a person having such faith. [ āsiddha ] a half-boiled. an injunction. [ āsura. bragging or boasting or vaunting. [ āshā ī ] n the first line of a song or its music. a.) Titanic. titanic. [ āskandita ] n the gallop of a horse. fit to be sacri- .get down. 2 [ āhara a ] n procurement. an accumula tor. easy supply ( ). to challenge. an an thology. impudence. a beating. devoted. . inflow. beaten. covered by. thoroughly wet. to alight. an abode. (loos. to have faith in religion. devotion. expe riencing. subsidence.) astonish ing. audacity. struck. [ āsādana ] n obtaining. carefully. [ āsēdha ] n (personal) restraint. . v. ( tion ( etc. n. greenish. an orna mental cloth placed on the back of an elephant for the rider to sit upon. v. horse n. relish. 80 ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ [ āhata ] a hurt. or facet. arrived. to beat up. to set up an abode (esp. to return. to bring along. ha. ah. earning. earned or prepared. collection. a dwelling place. to get dimmer [ āstina ] n a sleeve. injured.). vile. drenched. to leave behind. compilation. to have confidence (in). to descend. vaded with. to take shelter a. stretched out. acquired. in[ āstēbyastē ] adv in a great hurry. bring with one self. a hermitage. faith. [ āstēsushē ] adv leisurely. .

v. a Europe- ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ . subject to one's will or desire. wilful.[ -i ] sfx denoting: certainty ( ( ). [ indura ] n the rat. to desire. . new. . founded. n. adv. meaningful. to in vite. [ āhitu ika ] n same as . a signal ( ). [ i gita ] n a sign. (of words) beginning with or sound. 81 ☐ - n. shortage or scarcity of food. a beck oning. ̃ a. coddling. requiring labour. v. to call. ̃প a. n. op tional. āhē ় i ā ] n (amongst the Rajputs) the ceremony of hunting in the forest on the first day of spring. invoked. delight. inexperienced. ter mination of dinner or eating. one who eats. a summons. v. ☐ [ iurōpī a. the En glish language. ̃ n. food. a hunting clan. n. . one who is spoilt by coddling and over-indulgence. dinner or food and enjoyment. prescribed daily prayer of God. language etc. [ indārā ] n a draw-well. a summoner. to give indulgence. [ āhēri ā. to express de light. ̃ a. a meal. raw. amassed. voracious. a document contaning a person's last wishes. at pleasure. inclination. to ask to come. to gesticu late. (of the Bengali society or the people of Bengal) having a ridiculous mixture of what is English and what is Bengali in style. ̃ diurnal rotation of the earth. [ i rēja. to signal. [ āhbāna ] n invitation. according to one's desire or pleasure. an ar ticle of food. .) a maintainer. called. ikebana. a gesture. to make a sign. Anglo mania. a. intention. ̃ n. excessive admiration of English cus toms and ways. willingly. joy. [ icchā ] n will. [ i gaba ga ] a (of the Bengali language as used by Bengali Anglomaniacs) hav ing a ridiculous mixture of English and Bengali words. for dining or eating. a burnt-offering. āhēli ] a pure. fem. i ōrōpī a ] a European. ̃ to give up eating and sleeping (when one is troubled with anxiety or misgiving). [ ika ় i-mika ় i ] n an indoor game of chil dren. to become prematurely clever. will-force. intentional. to wink (at). i guda ] n a species of thorny plant. (fig. v. to eat a meal. ̃ a. [ āhika ] n a snake-charmer. ̃ n. suffering etc. grief. ̃ n. to give a hint. convener. suggestive. v. to eat. handed over. Englishness. allusive. [ inca ় ] n an unripe jackfruit (cooked as food). a hint. one whose will is law. address. [ āhita ] a deposited. ̃ n. a call. genuine. beside oneself with joy. cane sugar. an appellation of God. one who likes to be coddled and indulged and feigns inno cence. a Eurasian. indulgence. a. starvation. willingly. n. to fondle. (of the people of Bengal) one who has visited England and has become an Anglomaniac. accumu lated. a cowherd. n. [ āhnika ] a daily. an. wilfully. [ āhārya ] a fit to be procured or collected. to feed. [ i ] int expressing: anger. small-pox. fem. eating. a. the English. to become precocious. es tablished.. want of food. to be come impudent as a result of over-indulgence. dependent on one's pleasure. to rejoice. . pleasure. sorrow. a. adv. invita tion. wish. Anglicism. to intend. prepared. an oblation.. will-power. ☐ [ āhāra ] n eating. liking. (of words) ending in or --sound. the En glish. English. a summons. seeking food or dinner. oil [ iunāni ] a Greek. [ āhlāda ] n delight. v. i rāja ] n an Englishman. . [ iuni ana ] n a union a Union Board. eh. molasses (obtained from sugarcane juice). to give food. [ ik u ] n the sugar-cane. invocation. ̃প adv. [ āhira ] n a member of the cowherd class. according to one's will or pleasure. voluntarily. & adv. collected. edible. ̃ n. v. fem. ̃প n. power to prevent one's death till one desires to die. the sugar-cane plant. voluntarily. of high and pure origin. n. প v. ̃ n. an inviter. [ āh ta ] a procured. n. masc. to invoke. to summon. to like. to hint at. earned. precocious. a. a wink. a caller. an invocator. ̃ same as ̃ n. manner. invocation. prema turely clever. to choose or please. unadul terated. an ad dresser. ̃ adv. desire. volition. pertaining to conven tional Muslim therapy. ̃ . English. n. a Brahman who keeps the holy sac rificial fire burning always. juice of sugar-cane. v. [ āhuta ] a sacrificed as burnt-offering. v. given. v. v. gesticulation. প. [ āhbā aka ] a one who invites or calls or summons or addresses or invokes. food and lodging. food. fem. [ i ga-bhāratī a ] a Anglo-Indian. ̃ ̃ . phrases. to dine. n. to address. n. choice. [ i lyān a ] n England. significant. n. . post-consonantal symbol. victuals. ). placed.. [ i gudi.̃ n. a. Anglomania. [ āhuta ] a invited.̃ n. such a girl or woman. a feeder. the mouse. to coddle. summoned. sentences etc. . a. ob tained. asked to come. diurnal. ̃ n. as one pleases. . n. of En gland. to signal. n. প a. Anglophilia. n. to sit for saying the pre scribed daily prayer to God. English. only [ ikāra ] n the symbol affixed to conso nants whilst adding the sound to it. to say the prescribed daily prayer to God.[ iurēśī a ] a Eurasian. a call. [ āhēla. option. Anglophobia. a. fem. eatable. produced from the seed of this plant. an Anglo-Indian. to one's lik ing. compiled. to beckon. [ i ] n the third vowel of the Bengali al phabet. at all ( ). n. ̃ n. [ ikēbānā ] n the Japanese art of flower decoration. gladness. to wish. bed and board. one who gives food. emphasis ( ). gladdened. n.

̃ n. a digit of the moon. ready. with numberless humble entreaties. as worshipped by Hindu women in the month of Agrahayana ( ). caddish ( ). here ends. dishonour. [ ināmēla ] n enamel. on all sides. to enamel. baseness. meanness. to violate one's chastity or to have one's chastity violated. [ inakāra ] n denial (esp. during the interval. ̃ a. settlement. of a charge). [ it pūrbē ] adv hereinbefore. [ indārā ] n a draw-well. thing to do. v. brick-kiln. confusion. the full moon (personified). n. ̃ n. [ ijārā ] n lease.54 cm. ̃ inc. in this direction and that.) other. inferior or lower in status ( ). [ iñjina ] n an engine. on all sides. ̃ n. ere now. who has the moon for an ornament on his forehead.̃ n. [ it ] n (gr. an Indonesian. v. loss of prestige. the abode or city of Indra ( ). a chronicle. in all direcforehead of Shiva ( ). possessing a moonlike face. [ ini ] pro (applied to persons deserving respect) he or she. in elaborate detail. ☐ . (pop. v. v. same as [ itib tta ] n history. Id. icchuka ] a willing. . (fig. accord ingly. Jove). reciprocal. form of প Chinese. ̃ প same as ̃ ̃ a. ̃প n. n. [ ityādi ] adv and so on. ̃প inc. esp. pertain ing to engineering. [ itara ] a (ori. of late.̃ . v. in the mean time. chas tity. vulgarity. ̃ n. to finish. other than ( ). what [ itu ] n the sun-god (esp. īda ] n one of the chief Muslim festi vals.̃ something). [ intijāma ] n good arrangement. nolens volens. ˜ n. deci sion about what is to be done. adv.) death of a great man. the place or building where Muslims assemble to say prayer. a. [ iñci ] n an inch. like Indra (in might or status or wealth). ̃ . ̃ n. an appellation of to put an end to. [ itōmadhyē ] adv meanwhile. to lease. in diverse directions or places. one who has the moon for his ornament. enamelled. [ ini ē-bini ē ] adv (dero. . ̃প . (little) difference. and so forth. n. conclusion. (loos. ̃ n. the office or status of Indra ( ).) fall of Indra. . [ icchu. v. [ indirā ] n a name of Goddess Lakshmi ( ). a tip. of mod ern times. ̃ . ̃ adv. Shiva ( ). to stammer. ungenerous or narrow ( ). [ intājāra ] n waiting for eagerly. brick-laying. to settle up. to procrastinate. nonplus. but pop. a brick-field. stammering. inclining (to). and such others. [ indibara ] n the blue lotus. ̃ n. honour. & a. paltriness. ̃প .) base or mean. ever one pleases. প tit for tat. a tip for a tap. Jupiter. to throw bricks and brickbats. nowadays. et cetera. to arrange. . [ itastata ] adv here and there. ̃ n. mutual. to dishonour or to lose honour. to behave or speak vul garly. Indo-China. the rainbow. [ ida. a. this person. a such and such-like. engi- [ i a ] n brick. Shiva ( ). a. [ indō ] pfx Indo-. ̃ n.) exaggerating to a great extent. in all places. [ ināma ] n a reward. termination. [ intākāla ] n death. hither and thither. consenting. equity. . omission. completion. a creeper from the extract of which the legentions. fem. but pop. fem. n. ̃প n. on the occasion of Id. 2. refuse. [ iñjini āra ] n an engineer. a historian. desirous. to conclude.) brickbat.) rape. v. one this is all (that the writer has got to say or write).̃ .) the bow of Indra ( ).) a letter used to indicate some inflections but not actually pronounced when any of the said inflections is added to a word. [ i ় ā ] n an artery on the left side of the spine. meanwhile. n.̃ n. a chronicler. the decision that this is the right dary celestial wine was made. (lit. a lease-deed. (lit. everywhere. violation of chastity. a chronice. dignity. correct or right decision. in this way or manner. neering. wormwood. Zeus. intending. agreeing. ̃প n. a historian. ̃ a. ̃ a. leasehold. hesi tation. v. pettiness. irregularly. vul gar ( ). ̃ . ̃ n. to hesitate (to do (in beauty). a lessee. form of [ itikathā ] n a tale. to spoil or lose one's prestige. ̃ n. the king of gods. a legend. . ̃প n. [ ijjata ] n prestige. fem. [ indra ] n the king of gods and goddesses (cp. eager ex pectation. having a liking for. quandary. v. same as a. to complete. Indobewilder ment. the digit of the moon on the on this side and that. ignoble conduct. one who has defeated Indra ( ). all this. 82 ☐ ☐ ☐ [ inasāpha ] n justice. before this. lack of gener osity. inaspēk ara ] n an inspector. one who is conversant with history or well versed in history. ̃ n.̃ n. ̃ a. [ ityanusārē ] adv according to this. caddishness. In donesian. ̃প n. to throw stones at. [ idānī ] adv at present. Heaven. present-day. ordinary or common ( ). thinly. v. (chiefly used at the end of a correspondence) woman whose face resembles the moon (in beauty). & n. one whose face resembles the moon over. narrowness. bricks and brickbats. an ap pellation of God [ iti ] n end. heretofore. recent.willy-nilly. . the [ itihāsa ] n history. Paradise. [ ityabasarē ] adv seizing the interim oppor tunity. to behave basely or meanly or nar row-mindedly. an office or status as mighty or wealthy as that of Indra ( ). history. ̃ . n. to deny. ˜ n. a leasehold. in the meantime. (loos. [ inasapēka ara. প a. all [ indu ] n the moon. to pelt with bricks and brick bats. ̃ . to dilly-dally. ̃ n.

jugglery. the language of Iran or Per sia.) to intensify the severity of. conscientious. [ iliśa ] n a variety of freshwater river fish. ̃ n. faithful (in reli gion). repression of sensual appetites. attainment of one's object. ̃ n. perfidious. perceptible by the senses. the cow. ̃ n. austere self-restraint. the bow of Indra ( [ ilēka rika ] a electric. to fuel. [ indralupta ] n a bald. to crack or make a joke. a house built for observing the Muharram. to enkindle or inflame with pas sion. ̃ same as ̃ ̃ n. i ā ki ] n (dero. when personified). having fidelity. ̃প . a piece of brick or brickn. cherished. n. to gesticu- .̃ . ). ̃ same as ̃ n.) a friend. ̃ n. [ indrā ī ] n the wife and consort of Indra ( ). ̃ n. be loved. v. to beckon. [ ilali. an edifice. [ indragāra ] n a draw-well. ̃ . resolution. a natural fire rising out of the sea. desired. dero. magician. a holy amulet safeguarding the person who puts it on. ̃ n. [ iranmada ] n the flash of lightning. ̃ n. will. conscientious ness. [ i aka ] n brick. the name of one's deity of worship. a tutelary god. a.̃ a. v. the beryl. [ irāni ] a Iranian. a deity of one's worship. water. Persian. . devout. n. fidelity. pompous [ ilāhi ] n (Mus. to remember. [ i a2 ] a intended. ̃ n. sen sual desires. ̃ n. of the same family ( ). elec tricity. ̃ . [ illata ] n filthiness. ̃ n. speech (esp. a. sense-organs collectively. wine. [ imāna ] n religious faith.) God. ̃প a. Yankee. [ irābāna ] n the sea. . conscientiousness. a compan ion. pl. . .) a guardian angel. to be heed ful of. state of being within sense perception. lief. . to pay heed to. continence. ̃ n. a spiritual teacher and guide. a private one). a Persian. a witty or pert person. recollection. what-do-youcall-it. beyond sense perception. the elephant. the hilsa.) a Yankee. ben eficial. voluptuous.̃ n. piety. [ i āra ] n (usu. [ imārata ] n a building. a guru. n. one's kinsmen both from father's side and mother's side. honesty.̃ a. [ ibādatakhānā ] n a room or house of worship (esp. ̃ n. sea-fire. [ irābatī ] n the river Ravi in the Punjab. illi ] int exclamatory word indicat ing distrust or disbe- [ indrā udha ] n the rainbow. an Imam. serein. n. faithless. waggery. late. ̃ n. . . a. ̃প . to stoke. libidinous- ☐ ☐ ☐ v. licentiousness.̃ . desire. thoughts about one's welfare. ̃ n. food. ̃ . [ irā ] n the goddess of speech. ☐ [ i ā ki. ̃ n. to make a sign. concupiscence. related by blood. [ imāma ] n the religious head or chief priest of Muslims. [ indragōpa ] n a species of insect of red vel vety colour. [ iśakāpana ] n (of playing-cards) spades. [ i u ] n an arrow. the leopard cannot change its spots. 83 ☐ ness. honesty. heed. an intended work. ̃ a. lewd ness. (cp. an intended or desired or cherished thing ( ). brick-built.court of Indra ( ). magical. to bear in mind. [ indhana ] n fuel. [ irādā ] n determination. to remember. [ indranīla.) friends and companions and associates. [ indrabajrā ] n a Sanskrit metre. great( ). . indrama i ] n the sapphire. [ ilēka ] n any one of the arithmetical sym bols affixed to numerical figures to in dicate money or weight. an Iranian. (collec. to recollect. meanness. 1 2 [ i a ] n an oblation. etc. treacherous. that cannot be perceived by the sense organs. to feed with fuel. weal and woe. dear or be loved person. (fig. conjuring. the earth.̃ . the emerald. n. stoker tindal. a. [ imana ] n a mode of Indian classical music.̃ n. . ̃ n. indranīlaka. pl. a son of Indra ( ) ̃ as large and powerful as that of Indra ( ). [ ilā ] n the earth. fi delity. ̃ a. to bat. wine. ̃ a. n. [ iśārā ] n beckoning.) brickbat. grand. baldness. v. drizzle. electrical. sensual plea sures. [ i ēra mūla ] n a medicinal herb. ̃ . water. [ i ē ] int indicating: failure to remember something. [ indrajāla ] n magic. devoutness. 1 [ i āda ] n remembrance. attention. continent. Iranian. n. limit. piety. conscience. worshipful. an American. ̃ n. self-control or self-restraint of sensual appetites. a dear or beloved person. to wag. ̃ n. a yard-measure about 33 inches or 84 cms in length. mystical incantations which are recited when worshipping one's deity. ̃ . ( ). honest. given to indulgence of sensual appetites. gesture. re alization of one's desire. power of speech personified. faithful ness (in religion). ̃ n. dirtiness. a spell. gratification of the senses. to encour age. lewd. one who or that which is wor shipped. practise waggery (upon).̃ n. one whose army is [ i āri ] n an earring. concupiscent. (loos. ̃ . pious. the function or power of sense-organs. [ i attā ] n (reckoning or) number or quan tity. baseness. death of one's kinsman or beloved person. Persian. v. ̃ same as ̃প a. dear. [ i āni a ] n benefit and harm. reckoning. ̃ n. ☐ [ indri a ] n a sense-organ.

devo tion to God. ̃ adv. to [ īśbarōpāsanā ] a worship of God. ̃ a. pro. God-given. ̃ a. longing. an overlord. de vout. divinity. divin ity. godhead. God's grace. ̃ . to relinquish. benefit. a. ̃ a. a. Jewish. ̃ n. termite (also প ). ī īkā ] n an eyeball of an el ephant. ̃ . a god. impatience. God's mercy. ̃ a. desire. ̃ n. ̃ adv. (in card-playing) the king and the queen of trumps. ̃ . īśbarādēśa ] n God's commandment. an ant[ īr ā ] n envy. theistic. its symbol is ( ). created by God. ̃ a. amazement. love of or to wards God. . very little. a king. sacrifice for public welfare. theism. austerities and medita tions leading to communion with God. v. to draw up a will. an appellation added to the name of a deceased person. out of ill-will or spite. [ īhā ] n effort. ̃প a. athe inspired. giving up. [ unki ] n a peep. n. its duration. ̃ adv. moderate warmth. n. the earthly or mortal life. God's grace. [ istāhāra ] n a circular. devoutness. temporal. [ īk a a ] n sight. a written docu ment directing the disposal of one's ef fects at death. piety. ̃প n. ̃প a. a sacrifice. obser vation. a [ īśbarēcchā ] n the will of God.. ̃প n. godhead. to vine commandment. [ ī ā ] n a plough-stilt. faithful to god. pain. by the handbill. a will প n. su premacy. a master or lord. godliness. (frequent or . [ ī anmātra ] a just a little. [ īpsu ] a desirous of obtaining. a communique. īśitba ] n godhead. a deity. to cease (from). a master. di vine meditation. Plantago ovata usually taken for clearing of bowels. ̃ a. [ ui ] n white ant. divinity. n. [ ī ikā. spiteful. public works. a notice. hill. derision. the wife of Shiva. ̃ a. n. & n. to peep and pry (frequently or repeatedly). seeing or sighting. '). pro. a king.̃ n. ̃ a. [ ī adu a ] a moderately warm. by the grace of God. theirs. up to. malice. abandonment.̃ n. di vinely n. lukewarmness. v. [ istaka ] adv. the head of an order etc. a will. ̃প n. (of words) beginning with or --sound.̃ a. a plough-tree. ̃ n. ̃ প. ̃ same as death. they. being impelled with or eaten up by white ants. to will. spite. ̃ n. ironing. the Creator. through God's grace. ah. n. an eye. devotion to iron (clothes). [ īśbarājñā. pl. termination. [ u ] n the fifth vowel of the Bengali alpha bet. tepidity.[ i āpatti ] n realization or attainment of one's desire. fem. adv. probate. inspired by God. in this world. de vout. a. an owner. [ īpsā ] n desire to obtain. [ isa ] int expressing : amazement. a pamphlet. attempt. a testament. desirous. ̃ n. of Goddess Durga. ̃ a. a husband. 2 2 [ istiri ] n a smoothing-iron. not fully open. will of God. istic. envious. a name etc. its. far be it. sorrow etc. God. disgust [ īśāna ] n a name of Shiva ( ). to get attacked with white ants. from beginning to end. [ ihā ] pro this (thing or animal). profit. a tall species of grass of which mats are made. caused by [ uila ] n a written document directing the disposal of one's effects at envy or malice. attacked . luke warm. malicious. ̃ প n. ̃ n. ob served. & prep from. the earth. ̃ n. [ istaphā ] n end. a ploughshare. n. ̃ the handle of a plough. ̃ a. [ ī ] n the fourth vowel of the Bengali al phabet. it. a god. a cre ator. a furtive glance. 1 2 [ i i1 ] n an oblation. [ u ] int expressing: pain. [ iha ] adv in this place or time. God forbid. v. ̃ a. [ īk ita ] a seen. [ i i2 ] n desire. [ īkāra ] n the symbol ' ' affixed to con sonants whilst adding the -sound to it. devoted to God. death. ̃ . wor ship of God. sighted. ̃ . an overlord. to abandon. a little short of. ˜ a. [ īpsita ] a desired. pious. a prying. one who loves God. [ īśbara ] n God. ( ). repeated) peeping and prying. queath. give up. calender. God willing. v. ̃ n. a.̃ . n. spiritual union with God. or directed by envy or malice. this (' [ ī atbakra ] a slightly bent or curved. from start to finish. pious. ̃ n. [ īśbarādhīna ] a dependent on the will of God. resignation. godli ness. divine will. longed for. partially or slightly separated. (of words) ending in or -sound. these. pl. to look and peer about inquisitively. [ isabagula ] n a medicinal seed. a furrow. [ ī adūna ] a a little less than. a lord. their. till.̃ . divine service. tepid. প [ ī adaccha ] a translucent. to resign. pro. ̃ n. endeavour. ̃ n. relating to God. an atheist. noticed. v. . domination. [ ī adbhinna ] a in partial bloom. God-sent. [ īśitā. devoted to God. divine. faith in God. piety. desire. a diment. worship of God. a. devotion to God. [ ihudi ] n a Jew. [ isadanta ] n a molar tooth. the Jewry. a. present ( ). ̃ . cessation. to be[ īśa ] n God. a painter's brush. relinquish. God Shiva. ̃ . [ ī adbikaśita ] a in partial bloom. 84 ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ . the north-east. God-fear ing. fire or heat of envy or malice. the world. a theist.̃ n. ̃ . [ i āpūrta ] n digging of wells or building of temples and similar works for public welfare. ( ).

loud. প [ uncu ] a high. ̃ a. ̃ n. a high school. a. haughti ness. loud noise. a guffaw. eructa tion. of or like a pleader ( ). (of words) beginning with or -sound. n. to hiccup. ̃ n. ̃ a. ̃ n. upper middle class. exaltedness. ☐ ☐ ☐ [ ukha ় ānō ] v to uproot. a. ticular letter of the alphabet. 1 [ ugarānō ] v to disgorge. high price. loftier. ambiwrathful. v. agitated. ̃ n. ̃ [ uccāra a ] n act of speaking. [ ukuna ] n the louse (pl. to belch out.) to be compelled to confess or give back. restlessness. ̃ a. haughty. mutual recrimina tion. height. to advocate. ̃ . an appellation of Goddess Durga ( ) mode of speak ing. ̃ n. ̃ প a. worried. non acceptance. not to re spond. to eruct. [ uccakita ] a anxious. to engage a pleader. a. restless. roughness. to elevate. ☐ [ unki2 ] n a hiccup. to remain silent. ̃ a. on tenter hooks. uneven. extirpation. pungent. strong ( . voice. right. a square deal. wrath. indomi table. & n. sharp. [ umhu ] int expressing: unwillingness. proper. a saying. in a harsh and angry voice. utterance. not to pass any comments. ̃ n. severity. ˜প n. very angry or hot-tempered. harsh ( ). highest. altitude. scurf. hot-tempered.) high. to keep quiet. ̃ a. n. one who performs terrible or cruel deeds. ̃ . a chanically in an answer-paper what has been crammed. at a high rate. (fig. raising. to retch. high spirited. [ ukti ] n speech. vomited. suitable. sudden ( ). practising severe pen ance parts of the mouth that becomes most active whilst pronounc ing a paror asceticism. terrible. of a stern and forbidding appearance. (astr. over-ea gerness. to utter. magnanimous. ̃ high and low. fortunate (in case of women: unfortunate). becoming. disgorgement. ̃ n. bragging. ̃ n. making a loud noise. response. slight pain. hot ( ). but ill-luck in case of women). ̃ n. (facet. just and equi table treatment. raised. dear. . & n. aforesaid. restless. ). stool. anger. a termagant woman. [ uka ় ā ] n parched paddy coated or sweet ened with sugar or molasses. ̃ adv. aspiring. large-hearted. See also 85 ☐ [ ukila ] n a pleader. super. oven. retching. agitation. [ uccābhilā a ] n ambition. a. ̃ a. fierce ( ). n. noble. ☐ ☐ a.̃ adv. ̃ n. to [ uccākā k ā ] n ambition. ̃ n. equitable. dignified or pompous ( ). elevated ( ). violence. প to write down meact of tormenting. n. belching out. eructed. ar ticulation. ☐ ☐ ☐ . born of a high family. to support. laughter. a. a termacute. outspoken. anxiety. costly ( ). bandying of words. v. fem. pronunciation. highborn. raucous. bashfulness. aspiring. to pronounce. ambispew. [ uccasbara ] n a loud voice. oppression. the Aguri. ̃ a. ̃ v. a statement. v. superior. irascible. harshness. worthy. clamour. tallness. to vomit. to raise. undu lating. [ ugra ] a violent. (of words) end ing in or -sound. dung. afore mentioned. an apophthegm. lescent ( ). to say. adv. angry-looking. harsh-and-angry-voiced.) the as cending node. to elowhen conceived as the goddess of wrath. to speak out. utterance. [ uccābaca ] a uneven. tall. ing. n. noble ( ). fierce looking. generous. [ ucca a ] n act of plucking or collecting ( [ ukhā1 ] n a dixie or cooking-pail usually with a concave bottom. reasonable. v. . high rate. adoadv. or derog. ̃ a. belched tious. fem. exalted. a lawful or legal representative. to act as a pleader for. cruel. mentioned. state of being socially high. in a rough or rude [ uccāra ] n excrement. প kind of pseudo-spiritual practice undertaken to persecute an en emy. faeces. angry. nobly born. high or higher education. spewed. to elevate. [ ucca a ] a violent. ). aspiration. to be compelled to give out or confess secrets. v. [ ukta ] a said. harsh-tongued. compar. choleric. collection. an multitude. a pronouncement. ̃ n. severe. socially high ( ). [ ucca ] a (for.) a supporter. angry looking. ̃ a. fierceness. extirpation. to extirpate. cruelty. (gr. place of articulation. raucously. fierce. higher. elevation. ̃ . sharpness. heat. v. in a loud voice. undulating. loud. state of suspense. fem.̃ n. loftiest. exalted ( ). lice).v. nobleness. rough. to put in first appearance shyly or furtively. [ ucā ana ] n anxiety. se nior ( . high sounda. to be a pleader. [ ucita ] a just. a. a loud laugh. a shrew. fem. to raise. to begin to appear. to plead for. loudness. a. ̃ a. give back stolen goods. a. ̃প a. .̃ a. persecution. belonging to the up per class. uprooted. rough ( ). high or handsome or fat or big salary. sud denly. any thing in favour or opposition. to be com pelled to [ uccā ana ] n eradication. tious. terrorist. elocution. quick-tem pered. a. an advocate. to be said or mentioned. tall. ̃ a. high-pitched. anxious. to articulate. fem. extremist. strong scented. highminded. out. n. over eager. ̃ a. ). to peep. High. heap. upper class. se vere. loud ( ). elevated. ̃ n. vomiting or spewing. not to say anything in favour or opposition. to look shyly or furtively or surreptitiously. dis gorged. [ uncakapālē ] a having a protuberant or bulg ing or convex forehead (such a fore head indicates luck in case of men. statement and counter-statement. 2 of fierce looks. lofty.) any of the gant. a loud noise or sound. to take up the profession of a pleader. aspiration. on the tiptoe of expectation. upper ( ). act of agitating. v. ̃ a. high and low. com menting. ̃ same as [ ucakkā ] a in the state of growing up or at taining maturity. [ ukhi ] n dandruff. [ ukāra ] n the symbol ' ' affixed to a con sonant whilst adding the -sound to it.

eject ment. [ uccārita ] a spoken. (fig. shine. act of over flowing or filling. [ ucchinna ] a eradicated. act of swelling up or bulging out. to evict. thrown up. resuscitation. to brighten (up). extermination. overfull. lim rule). illuminated. dazzling. beauty. v. a. [ ucchala. manifested. flow-tide and ebb-tide. developed. beautiful. of a glossy light dark com plexion. [ ujāna ] n a course against the current. not disciplined. office of the prime minister. overfull. (poet. to bulge out. [ uccāra ī a. gradual rise or ascent. radiance. to eradicate. v. to swell (' '). n. to illumine. rising gradually. extirpated. over flowing. [ ujjbambha a ] n manifestation. to [ ucchbasana ] n act of bursting out. eviction. shining. change.. impassioned. ignorant. re turned to predominance from a state of extinction. a. n. to breathe fresh life into. to glorify ( . bringing back or coming back to life or consciousness.) to rise upwards. v. uneducated. an ejector. feeding of left-overs in stories about one's familiarity with big persons. v. in a loud voice. another person's plate. v. a cringing dependant. filled to the brim. ucci ় ē ] n a kind of insect akin to the v. eviction. to shout. orts. abolition. an eradicator. a bursting forth. waywardness. swelled. a swelling. to swell. uncontrolled. . adv. ucchriti ] n height. to extirpate. eject ment. respiration. to eject. to ex tirpate. [ ucch khala ] a disorderly. ela tion. n. eradicable. [ uccāśa a ] a noble-minded. Bohemian. a. breath. [ ujabuka ] a stupid. bright ened. adv. a. disorderliness. extirpation. swelling. to become glo rified. overflowed. one who eats the scraps of food left in [ uju ] n (amongst Muslims) formal wash ing of one's person before another person's plate. to abolish. vivified. n.) effect (on the reader's mind) produced by the (final) union of lovers. splendid. resuscitated. flow and ebb. abolition. swelled up. swelled up. a. a. n. beautified. n. in the process of be ing elated or developed. ejection. destruction. the prime minister (usu. ). that 86 ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ . fit to be ejected or evicted. ujabēga ] n an Uzbeg. ejected. praying and other religious services. which sucks up or af flicts. filled to the brim. swollen. breathing. an abolitionist (as of slavery). pro nounced. . heightened. aspira tion. to eradicate. [ uccai sbara ] n a loud voice. leavings of food in the plate after eating (also ). swollen. destruc tion. disgorged. extirpable. destruction. . resplen dent. indiscipline. overflow. [ ujjībita ] a infused with a new life. impassioned. scraps of food. great delight. (rhet. going or moving upstream. splendorous. overflowing. eviction. not washed after eating ( ). destroyed. a. extirpation. surging. to be all-pervading. n.) the horse owned by Indra ( of gods. overflowed. to abolish. ̃ n. glory. a chapter of a book. to brighten. an upstream course. v. glorified. to become illumi nated. [ ujjībana ] n infusion of a new life. full of ardour. to swell up. ̃ n. lighted. that which has come in con tact with v. [ ucchē ] n bitter gourd. to resuscitate. manifestation. [ ucchiti ] n eradication. splendour. glorious. seized with over mastering emotion. extirpation. altitude. an extirpator. [ ucchēda ] n eradication. [ ujānō ] v to go upstream. act of swelling or welling up. eradication. [ uccaiśrabā ] n (myth. . utterable. n. aspire. luminous. to become vivid. n. to exterminate. . to overflow. exterminated. swelled. opened. [ ucchidyamāna ] a in the state of being eradicated or extirpated or ejected or evicted or ex terminated or destroyed or abolished. to illuminate. radiant. a variety of kitchen vegetable having bitter taste. one who or that which eradicates or extir pates or ejects or evicts or destroys. high-souled. [ ujabēka. over flowing. v. that which is in the process of being said or uttered or pronounced. to bring back to life or consciousness. swelling up. . ̃ same as [ ucchō a a ] n act of sucking up. bright. development. a. revival. of a complexion more fair than dark. lawless. upstream. wayward. brought back or returned to life or consciousness. bursting forth. luminousness. forenoon. to destroy. [ uccāśā ] n high-hope. abolition. n. an evictor. shining. lustre. cricket. ascending. fit to be destroyed or abolished. [ ucchra a. brightness. ambition. evolution. act of being predominant again from a state of extinction. act of eradicating or extirpating or eject ing or evicting or destroying or abolish ing. to revive. [ ucchbāsa ] n strong emotion or passion. premiership. v. in Mus[ ucchi a ] a (of food) left or remaining in the plate after eating. ̃ a. unregulated. to call or say loudly. dissolute. n. to be lively. dis soluteness. v. swelled. evicted. [ uchala ] a swelling up. lustrous. [ ucchbasita ] a swollen. vivid. [ ujjbala ] a illuminated. revived. a destroyer. overflowing. to try to establish one's importance by fabricat ing cooked food ( ). Bohemianism. to make vivid. vividness. uccārya ] a that which should be or can be said or uttered or pro nounced. a shout. a. mo tional imbalance. a.) to de stroy root and branch. swelling. lively. lawlessness. kistan. ) the king [ ucci ় ā. bulged out. state of being all-pervading. welled up. to regenerate. splendent. washing one's person. elevation. regen eration. ucchalita ] a all-pervading. elocuted. an abolisher. to vivify. with a shout. an emotional or passionate outburst. v. to eject. an inhabit ant of Uzbe- a. uncouth. radiated. ucchrā a. abol ished. want of control or regularity. re generated. to eject or evict from hereditary homestead. wild. to uproot. swelled. . stream. welled up. up- [ ujira ] n a minister of state esp. to swell up. to de stroy. state of being thrown up or disgorged. to infuse a new life into. development. act of af flicting. enkindled. same as . to extirpate. dazzle. self-willed. against the current. seized with emotion. uttered.

to [ utkala ] n Orissa. an inverse or reverse movement. infringement. terrible. to mention ( ). [ utkira a ] n engraving. flourishing. frivolous. to heave. ultra-. wavy. worried. anxiety etc. re version. fre quently. preter-. cot tage-industry. super-. extra-. প n. tion. [ utkīr a ] a engraved. fly ing. [ u ় āni ] n a scarf. elevated. (comm. [u flight. [ u ় nta ] a moving through or in the air. to an nounce. ̃ n. ̃ orating or increasing. worried. given to slipping away frequently from one's [ utkan ha ] a having one's neck craned in inquisitiveness. in sus pense. spendthrift. u ় idhāna ] n paddy grown in unculti vated land from seeds driven by wind. elevatedn. a thatched [ utkan hā ] n state of having one's neck craned in inquisitivehut. extremely eager to go away. developing. improvement. fluttering ( ). extreme eagerness. in grim suspense or in extreme eahusband's house ( ).̃ [ utkōca ] n a bribe. development. [ u ় ukku ] a flying. made public. to collect ( ). to raise. eagerness. . suspense. supra-. to lift. pierced. to cause to mount or ride. to bring to an end ( ). disor derly transposition) of words within a sentence. to pluck or cause to be plucked. inci dental ( ). [ utkar a ] n excellence. the first stage or beginning of rise or flourish or pros perity. to ex tract or cause to be extracted ( ). the practice of subsisting on glean ing. cross ing by leaping 87 .) [ u habandi ] n a temporary or periodical lease of agricultural n. a briber. fluctuation.) boom [ utkar a hō ā ] v to be all ears. insincere ( ). [ u hita ] a (of land) developed for agricul ture or habitation. a. a going out. an unusual and severe disease which queer ( ). & n. adolescence. best. to proclaim. ̃ a. flippant ( ). growing. a. who accepts a bribe. spendthrift.. an nounced. (of rumour. non-. subsistent on gleaning. a float. lauded. to abolish ( ). to improve. development. out-. n. unnecessary. death. anti-. anxiety. rising.. ̃ প (fig. act of becoming illumi nated or brightened (up) or glorified or vivid. preposterous. extreme eagerness. [ utkrama ] n an inverse or reverse order. [ uñcha ] n act of gleaning as a means of one's livelihood. rise and fall. going beyond etc. thrown up ashore. to develop. tree leaves etc. growth. quoted or extracted from. to eject ( ). [ utkrānta ] a that which has been crossed by leaping over. a mean livelihood.. up-. carving. increase. increase. to bribe. a squanderer. প inscription. superiority. gerness. squandering. act of improving or developing or ameliv. thrown up. a modesty scarf. to include ( ). [ utkūlita ] a brought up or hauled up ashore. news etc. to cause to enter ( ). disorder. unexpected ( ). such as are untrue) passing from man to man. earning a living by shifts. anxious. n. eccentricity. painted. con trary. shifting cultivation. the moon. eagerness. [ u ় ti ] a flying. n. laudav. to evict. ̃ same as [ u ় unē ] a extravagant. queer. a-. is difficult to cure. ̃ v. and slump. subsistent on gleaning. publicity. n. at every step. [ utkalikā ] n a wave. esp. flourish. ness. reversion. very restless or impatient ( ). undulating. to build or construct. ☐ ☐ ☐ amelioration. to promote ( ).) eccentric. an nouncement. to make public. u ় naca ē ] a possessing the habit of a ness. to [ utkīrtita ] a proclaimed. a move against or departure from the or der. [ u hatē basatē ] adv every now and then. growing. rever sion of order. violation. glorification. ̃ . capable of or given to flying. hideous. soaring or flying. [ utkar a ] a all ears. anxiety etc. [ ut ] pfx denoting: above. in creasing. leapt over. [ u hanta ] a rising. perforated. [ u ় u-u ় u ] a extremely eager to fly in the air. extravagant. bribery. . taken from. lice). n. inversion. ̃ a. to haul up. laud. [ utkīrtana ] n proclamation. suspense. odd [ u akō ] a unknown ( ). [ u hānō ] v to cause to ascend or climb. ̃ n. shot up or come up (from). anxiety. excellence. ˜ n. to increase. a leaping over. to remove ( ). [ u hati ] n rise. [ utk a ] a excellent. raised. flourishing stage. inversion. an ex ception. worry. act of brightening (up). [ utkalita ] a anxious. worry. to pick up. in-. billowy. ( ). a spendthrift. [ utka a ] a severe. [ u aja ] n a hut thatched with straw. to close down ( ). morning shows the day. drawn. act of getting up or climbing or ascending or rising. [ u ় naca ī. dead. unbe lievable. trans-. [ u ় upa ] n a raft. a bud. very eager to hear. practice or act of somehow mak ing both ends meet.illumination. [ u hana ] n act of swelling. land. death. [ u ় i. ameliorate. thriving. [ utkēndra ] a (chiefly in math. etc. [ utkuna ] n the louse (pl.) transposition (esp. flying fish. carved. ̃ n. causeless ( ). excessive. (gr. very restless or impatient. a ana ] n going up or moving in the air. current. one n. ̃ n. an ex travagant man. monstrous. an inverse course. n. a going upwards. a state in the Indian Union. wasteful.

to destroy. vexa tion. to extract. oppressive. a nuisance. ̃ প n. [ utk ēpaka ] a (of a thing) throwing up or launching some( thing. (fig. begotten. an oppressor. (fem. [ uttrasana. [ utpatana ] n origination. generated. going or rising upwards. to originate. to oppress. ascended. to eradicate. launch ing or sending up. [ utala. a mountainside. doubt.) a factor. gen eration. [ utpatha ] n a contrary way. ̃ n. appearance. to produce. guess. dismay. harassed. extirpation. to pester. produced. origination. extirpated. to eradicate. an noyed. that which helps to produce. v. intimidation. removal. tion. to root out. dis tress. প v. sprung (from). extrac). originated. utalā ] a anxious. creative. hullabaloo. lap. annoyance. one who or that which has got up. into the tured. a going out. to make mischief. generative. stricken with suspense. eradication. to be produced. generative. production. a fountain-head. [ utpādī ] a that which is created or begot ten or generated or produced or manu factured. [ utpādya ] a that which is to be or can be created or begotten or generated or produced or manufactured. created. to be made. restless. erratic. production. (math. প v. to eject. n. act of begetting. made. প v. the thing which throws up or launches a rocket. to annoy. a tableland. destroyed. to pester. n. casting or tossing up. extractable. a fall. both ersome. flourish. [ utpatita ] a originated. one who extracts. [ utprēk ā ] n (rhet. oppressed. [ utpanna ] a born. digging up. a [ utsa ] n a fountain. pro duce. . to grow. [ utpī ় na ] n persecution. [ utphulla ] a blooming. to oust. impatient. off the track. shooting up or coming up (from).) evicted. one who or that which distresses or ha rasses or annoys or vexes or pesters. ̃ n. ̃ a. প v.) one who evicts or displaces or removes or destroys. appearance. [ utpādana ] n creation. harassment. worried. to shape. uttrāsa ] n great fear or dread. an evil way. capability of producing. to be born. taking to or taken to a wrong path. eradicated. diverging. pesterment. of means used to launch or toss up an aircraft or space craft or to give it a higher speed or range. output. ). ̃ n. to evict. risen. to generate. a manu facturer. to traverse [ utpā ana ] n act of uprooting.) a figure of speech akin to simile and sustained metaphor in which it seems as if one thing has been transposed to another. ̃ . [ utarōla ] n tumult. to displace. a. cleaving. alarm. place of origin. to annoy. destruction. eradicable. irritation. [ utpipāsu ] a extremely thirsty. an annoyance. ready-witted. gone astray. to manufacture. ̃ n. extirpation. [ utkhāta ] a dug up. air. following a con trary way. 'as though' etc. produc tive. to reach. creation. a spring. annoying. a generator. a comparison introduced by 'as if'. lifted. erratic. to pass a test ( . ̃ a. displacement. having pres ence of mind. death. [ utpadyamāna ] a in the state of being born or being produced. 88 ☐ ☐ over. to vex. ca pable of producing or generating. vexatious. to pass through or spend or pass ( ). a slope. destruction. to result (from). flown. ̃ a. cleft. grown. freed from bondage. to destroy. in flight. product. to ha rass. (' '). n. rising or coming into view. flight. [ utpādaka ] a one who or that which creates or begets or generates or produces or manufactures. n. leaping over. ̃ a. manufacture. to beget. eccen tric. ha rassing. n. [ utkhanana ] n digging. to disturb. ☐ ☐ ☐ . [ utpā aka ] a. . ready-wittedness. [ utarānō ] v to come down. pestering. a natural calamity. ( ). artesian well. excited. ascension. manufactured goods. 1 [ utpāda1 ] a having heels over head. dug up. a plateau. productivi- a. a beget ter.) creative. [ utpī ় ka ] a persecuting. v. eradication. going up in the air. distressed. vexed. [ utpāta ] n a disturbance. to extirpate. (fig. & n one who or that which uproots or extirpates or eradicates. uproar. to become success ful. mischievous.) persecuted. ̃ a. a source. a producer. eviction. an mischief. a cascade.) to evict. utk ēpa a ] n throwing up. gone up in the air. highly delighted or exultant. taken to an evil way. a source. to trouble. [ utpiñjara ] a freed from a cage. প same as প [ utpādita ] a created. to tease. anxious to remove. to extirpate. a pest. pestered. [ utpā anī a ] a that which is to be or can be extirpated or ex. to distress. uprooted. supposition. প প same as প [ utpētē ] a troublesome. depraved. a. uprooted. to be created. ( to uproot. a projecting or hurling de vice. produced. (fig. [ utk ēpa. a means of throwing or tossing up missiles etc. a creator. ejection. a persecutor. productive ). [ utpādikā ] fem of ty. a hill-side. surmise. birth. the source. produce.) eviction. [ utk ipta ] a thrown up. to dig up. anxious. [ utarāi ] n a descent of a mountain or hill..[ utkrōśa ] n a species of bird akin to the eagle or osprey. a wrong path. (fig. to cleave. ejected. gradual development or heightening. to descend. manufacপ প n. flying. oppression. restless tracted. to create. [ utpatti ] n origin. ejectment. to per secute. fem. annoying. [ utsa ga ] n the fold of the body of a person sitting. to arrive at. deviated. [ utpī ় ita ] a (also used as n. প total produce. coming into view. in the process of being created or begot ten or generated or produced or manu factured.

প v. [ uttara ] n an answer. the part of the body from the head to the waist. (gr. to evict. v. [ uttara ā h ় ā ] n the twenty-first of the twenty-seven zodiacal stars according to Hindu astronomy. an examinee's written answers. to remove. v. answered. (loos. suc cessor. to dig a tank for public welfare. given as a present. the future. . in charity. to excite. v. ceremony. ̃ n. posterity. to evict. (facet. eviction. ̃ a. to answer. given. ut terly depraved. the head. argument. incitation. solution. future. bandying of words. to hold a festival. ̃ see ̃ ̃ a. utsāra a ] n removal. posterity. ̃ tions. the Andromeda. the twelfth of the twenty-seven zodia cal [ utsādana ] n extirpation. to ruin. haughty. that which or one who is to be or can be of a late age. encouragement. ̃ n. . [ uttarā a a ] n (astr. thrown up.) landing or alighting. [ uttāpa ] n heat. n. of fered. ( ). n. lying v. to ruin. n. utsēcana ] n act of besprinkling with water. ). excitement. & a. [ uttarōttara ] adv successively. the upper part of the body. removal. north-western. po ets or scholars . one who en courages or inspires. a bedcover. cious. প ages. to thuse. to give a sound drub bing. ardour. a reply. gone to the dogs. a fiesta. ̃ a. to eradicate.) the first person. প v. abandoned. to reply. ̃ n. perseverance. Northern India. summer solstice. [ uttamāśā antarīpa ] n the Cape of Good Hope. & n one who relinquishes or sacrifices or dedisolution of a problem. extremely angry or enraged. to respond. impe tus. a counter. [ utsaba ] n a festival. a garment of or founded for public welfare. argument and counterdedicate. [ uttapta ] a extremely hot or heated. enthusiastically. response. v. a landing place. a succession certificate. to warm up. one after an other. [ utsēcaka ] n enzyme. post-( . to besprinkle with water. to heat. excited. ̃ ̃ n. [ uttara ga ] a full of waves. to dedicate a book. eradication. a chief assistant. or foundation for public welfare. dedication. fem. 89 ☐ ☐ . a.̃ n. enthusiasm. an heir. applied. excited. convexity. dedicated. destroyed. ̃ n. & a. to the bad. a landing ground. 1 2 [ uttarāśā1 ] n the north. loss of enthusiasm. to evict. to sacrifice or dedicate one's life. a. dedicatory. as a hereditary right.[ utsanna ] a perished. best. festiv ity. ̃প n. to eject. প [ uttamar a ] n a creditor. an en courager.) a sound drubbing. to ex cite. incitement. energetic. con clusion. [ uttarādhikāra ] n right of succession. the upper part of the body. ̃প n. to respond. a. more and more. a rejoinder. ̃ a. a. a. to come to a [ utsarga ] n ritual or religious offering. n. the Tropic of Cancer. a retort. anger.) the summer solstice. by degrees.̃ adv. that which or one astronomy. stars according to Hindu as tronomy. supine. deserving encouragement. fem. an answer to a question. by way of inheritance. to go to the bad. removed. to relin quish. to incite. worthy of being encouraged. in terest. gift ern. evicted. ejection. gone [ uttamā ga ] n the principal part of the body. heatproof. encouraged. ̃ প n. ex citement. a book containing cates or gives in char ity. perse vering. in the religious practices) according to the Tantras (̃ ). refutation or objection. fem. answer scripts. ̃ n. deli[ uttala ] a convex.) very good. the coming age or প v. v. n. [ uts a ] a forsaken. to uproot. sacrifice. proud. a. ˜প n. act of enthusing. [ uttāna ] a lying or sitting or situated with the face upturned.̃ n. ̃ n. to deprave. act of throw ing up or ̃ n. wise men or schol ars of a later driving upwards. a. encouraging. fermentation. angered. enthusiastic. Vedanta ( ). the twenty-sixth of the twenty-seven zodiacal stars according to Hindu ejection. sacrificed. north-west. larrup or whack. fit to be who is to be or can be eradicated or destroyed or evicted or ejected or removed. ex citation. Upper India. relieving oneself of. [ uttara a ] n crossing or passing over. ̃ . dedication. the north. zeal. [ uttarāsya ] a facing the north. ̃ a. [ uttama ] a (also adv. [ uttarāśā2 ] n hope of receiving a reply or response. to north-east. ̃ ̃ n. billowy. north frigid zone. a money-lender. a bedsheet. people of a later age. ̃প n. to encourage. sacrificed. dedicated. (law) an appeal. fes tive and gay. to beat or drub soundly. ̃ a. warmed-up. [ utsāra. annual obsequies. ̃ n. n. assisting (esp. a scarf. that which is to be or can be thrown up or driven upwards. ̃ n. ̃প n. as cension. to extirpate. fem. up per ( ). [ utsāha ] n zeal. [ utsārita ] a removed. an inheritor. en thusiastic. fem. ̃ adv. a succes sor. northv. zealous. act of answering or responding or reactv. promotion. to retort. ̃ a. n. sac rifice. ˜ n. [ utsarjana ] n relinquishment. [ uttarāpatha ] n the part of India lying be tween the Himalayas and the Vindhyas. ̃ n. [ utsikta ] a besprinkled with water. presented. to anger. to react. & geog. driven upwards. to go to the dogs. a. fine. v. [ utsēka. inherit ance. & n. excellent. act of giving &square. given ing. ̃ . to be ruined. to give in charity. de struction. ̃ প a convex mirror. a. to sacrifice. enthused. to flat on one's back. act of answering or responding or retorting. warmth. heated. to answer. gradually. ardour. ̃প n. ̃প n. letting out solution. one who answers or re sponds or retorts. charitable gift. encourage ment. zealously. later. a covering. arrogant. . a list of answers or to destroy. a [ utsarjaka ] a. an swerable. v. v. callousness. a fête. ar rival. increase of en thusiasm or energy. ̃ age. ruined. v. going upwards or climbing. fem. reaction. ̃ n. to de stroy.

elevated. to be ac cepted by the stomach. prospering. a hill in Orissa. to provoke. to stand in opposition. ̃ . incitement. to instigate. to accomplish. flourishing. strong diarrhoea. v. n. to develop. that which is to be or can be raised or moved or brought forward or proposed or men tioned.) the stomach. utthānaśaktihīna ] a having no strength to get up or rise. incited. to eat up. [ uttōlana ] n act of raising or lifting or hauling or heaving. to execute. billowy ( ). excit ing. loitering aimlessly or in a disorderly manner. to lie or re main in the belly or stomach. acceleration. [ utturē ] a in or of or coming from the north. to observe.̃ a. to be over or up ( ). uda3 ] n water. inciting. [ uttīr a ] a one who has passed over or crossed or got over or spent. to elapse. womb. diarrhoea. ̃প n. ̃ a. to accelerate. topsy-turvy. n. stimulated. (comm. flourishing. grown. ̃ adv. from sunrise to sunset. to mention. to rise out (of). extreme ( ). to agitate. প v. a. uttējanā ] n encouragement. to pass ( ) to escape. stirring. the abdomen. a living. the inside ( ) ̃প . . rising. to overflow. heaved. . a bay.̃ a. [ uttējita ] a encouraged. all day long. (first) appear ance or coming into view ( ). provocation. a. northerly ( ). confused. agitating. swelling up. risen. stimulating. bringing forward or moving or proposing. rise and fall. [ uthala. rising out (of). n. to excite. n. n. in suspense.-of markets) boom and slump. ex tremely agitated ( ). bil lowy ( ). naked. rising. to be produced. [ udgrība ] a extremely eager. swal lowed. ac celerating. disorder or ailment of the stomach. to be successful (in). hauled. observed. rise. suddenly and for the first time). [ udajāna ] n hydrogen. coming into existence. instigation. dawning ( ). v. overflowed. very tall or high or elevated. glut tony. swelling up. brought for ward. perplexed. enterprising. as [ uttyakta ] a extremely annoyed or vexed or disgusted or harassed or made restless. provoked. ̃ n. elevation. very strong ( ). rising in re bellion. to be raised. the time of sunrise. প v. mover. successful ( ). to spend ( ). awakening ( )̃ . stimulant. born. n. wildly. [ udbhrānta ] a agitated. [ uttōlaka ] a one who or that which raises or lifts or hauls or heaves. to get over. northern. upturned. 90 ☐ [ utthāna ] n getting up. a trouble-maker. v. swallowed. flourished. provocative. [ udalā ] a uncovered. v. . surging up. lofty. surged up. in a bewildered manner. insurgence. (loos. ̃ a. [ utthāpita ] a raised. full of curios ity. quickened. indispensable food. on the point of rising. to get rid of. facing upwards. ̃ n. opposing. swollen. execution or accomplish ment (of a task etc. anxious. acceler ated. distractedly. inci tation. stimulation. [ utthānaśaktirahita. to oppose. etc. n. ap pearing (esp. to haul. rise ( ) sunrise ( ).) rise and fall. bed-ridden. to rise in rebel lion. embar rassed.). [ uttējana. instigating. excited. emergence. to quicken. to stimulate. first sensation ( ). filling the stomach with foodstuff. received in the belly or stomach. প a. [ udara ] n the belly. n. to move. dropsy. northward. moved. a le ver. excite ment. one who in cites or stirs up discontent or trouble. to be mentioned. food. increase and decrease. to pass over. accom plished. north ern. northern part of coun try. to find food. to be excited or incited. rising out (of) or growing or being pro duced or being born. a [ udaka ] n the north. [ uda a ] n dawn. escaped ( ). to surge up. wrought-up agi tated. development.) a mountain from the top of which the sun rises every morn ing. in a confused state. haughty. to heave. maddened. flourishing. eaten. to rise. flourish. [ udadhi ] n an ocean. প a. quickening. mad. v. proposed. developing. to be born. bare. excitation. risen in rebellion. water-jar. [ utthāpaka ] a. standing in opposition.) প v. gluttonous. liveli hood. one who mentions. [ utthāpana ] n raising. voracity. প tension. . a rebel lion. one whose mind or heart is agitated or embar rassed or distracted. de mented. 3 [ udaka. [ uttu ga ] a very high or tall. adv. v. eaten. unable to rise. & n one who raises. same [ utthita ] a one who has got up. monstrous. uthāla ] a surging up. n. very high ( ). arrogant. stupefied. a debut. distracted. vo racious. appropriated. consumed. produced. to be brought for ward or moved or proposed. lifted. ̃প n. ). quickening. monstr- [ utti hamāna ] a endeavouring to rise. overflowing. to earn a living. (fig. v. to propose. [ udagra ] a sever. a sea. cer emony. (myth. to be elevated. to cross. ̃ . v. to revolt. mention. mentioned. on the point of flourishing. to grow. one who brings forward or moves or proposes. ̃ a bellygod. ̃প n. to incite. to raise. getting up. [ uttha ] a risen (from) ( ). to get up. the time from sunrise to sunset. a pitcher full of water. to raise. agita tion. flourishing and downfall. ly ing in the belly or stomach. ☐ a. v. v. sunrise and sunset. rising. . rising and falling rap idly. ̃প n. produced (from). to en courage. fluctuation. aquatic. to swell up. born (of) ( ). to lift. undulation. diarrhoea. the whole day. to bring forward.[ uttāla ] a very high ( ous. [ uttōlita ] a raised. that which has been passed over or crossed or elapsed. executed. instigated. প a. raised. given to too much eating or interested in eating only. to swallow. overflowing. to flourish. [ udyapana ] n observance (of a rite. developed. state of being el evated. [ uttējaka ] a encouraging. to earn (one's) bread. . [ udaja ] a water-born.

developing. noble-hearted. ly ing in the north. fem. to dis gorge. manifesting. v.) to utter. [ udāma ] a uncontrollable. loftiness. to eruct. (fig. to eructate. to eject. powerful. desired. ascended. very naughty. a [ udābarta ] n inversion of one portion of in testine within another. [ uddāma ] a indomitable. a stroke. [ udāsa ] n indifference. ̃ n. indomitable. [ uddīpaka ] a enkindling. [ udārā ] n (mus. pococurante. nobleness. dis covery. to belch. issue. [ udita ] a risen. up and coming. ready to punish. uncontrollable. born. revealed. [ uddīpana ] n act of enkindling. prac tice of stoical asceticism. exponent (of) ( ). fem. aloofness.) involution. mentioned (esp. vomiting. uncontrolled. to cite an example. an illustration. brought to light. wayward. (usu. as a precedent). a pulley. to give an instance. exem plary. to vomit.) the sword of Damocles.) announcement or preaching in a loud voice. to rise. seedy or listless ( ).̃ a. emanated.) utterance. naked. noblecharactered. a. the desired place. ascending. vomiting. unperturbed. unrestrained. vomited. to uncover. facet. [ udāhara a ] n an example. found out. indifference to worldly interests. chanting of the Sama Veda. [ udīr a ] a risen. revealed.) an nounced or preached in a loud voice. ̃ . to hiccup. [ udgata ] a born. illustrative. disinterested. (as) for instance. callous. to be inflicted. a. recklessness. lack of restraint or control. liberal. uttered. pococurante. high-souled. uncovered. magnanimous. a booby. ̃ প adv. inciting. production. in or using this tone.[ udātta ] n (esp. ejection ( ). a. [ udgīta ] a sung in a loud voice. disinterestedness. penalization or condemnation of a wrong man. a. spo- 91 ☐ ☐ ☐ [ udōmādā ] a stupid and careless. act of inspiring or encouragement. unconcern. kindness. sceptre. [ udghāta ] n undulation. stoical. to eject. to eruct. violent. magnanimous. distracted. belched out. ble. [ udgāra ] n a belch. discov ered. (rare) indifference to worldly interests. flou[ udda a ] n a raised staff. spiritless. reckless. sprouted. to sprout. ruggedness. rising up. to grow. risen up. provoking ( ). [ udghō a ā ] n proclamation. develop ment. a chapter or section of a book. free dom from affection or perturbation. inspiring. to be born or produced. (fig.̃ .) baritone. open-hearted. [ udāna ] n one of the five vital winds preva lent within the human body ( lies in the throat). incentive. callousness.̃ a. selfwilled. indiscipline. indomitableness. facet. impetuous. generosity. lofty. (cp. ema nated. to come out or up. disgorged.̃ . stupid. [ udāra ] a high. a pococurante. northern. intussuscep tion. opened. to belch. indifferent. magnani mous. pococurantism. ejection. [ udgira a ] n eructation. [ udī amāna ] a rising. to unbolt. unbounded. in music) a high and deep tone. generous. (as) for ex ample. [ udō ] a dull-witted. stoical. ̃ . a. practising stoical asceticism.) announcing or preaching in a loud voice. issued. unbounded. produced. holding a hid eous staff or sceptre. callousness. revelation. liberal. to unlock. to vomit. belching. impetuosity. [ udīra a ] n pronouncing. indiffer ent to worldly interests. (cp. (fig.) ism. refer ence. traced. v. [ udgīr a ] a eructed. to illustrate. grown. making a scapegoat of. growth. to emanate. a. singing in a loud voice. to discover. directed (towards). incitation. a mallet. callous. uncontrollato flourish. to bring to light. [ uddi a ] a alluded (to). ema nation. vio lence. eructated. speaking. প one doth the scath and another hath the scorn. unbolted. an instance. [ udghātana ] n (arith. waywardness. noble ( ). lib eral. [ udōma ] a naked. [ udgama ] n birth. ̃ n. magnanimity. uncovered. to open. to issue. the desired meaning. pronounced. singing in a loud voice. in different to worldly interests. [ udghā ana ] n uncovering or opening or un bolting or unlocking. free dom from narrowness. noble minded. open. n. ejected.) uttered. a device for drawing water from a well. worldly interests. eructation. lan guid. [ udghā ita ] a uncovered. in tractable. one belong ing to an order of ascetics who are in different to worldly interests or prac tise stoicism. risen up. disinterestedness. unattached. (usu. to quote a precedent. suddenly and for the first time). a raised sceptre. a blow. to reveal. [ udghā aka ] a one who or that which uncov ers or opens or unbolts or unlocks or reveals or discovers. a punishment about to rished. stoical. v. a precedent. callous. noble. [ udgītha ] n a part of the Sama Veda con taining hymns and songs. to exemplify.̃ . the high (and open or free) sky. bare. to be revealed. animation. (chiefly pol. lib erality.) bass. munificent. unlocked. to eructate. sprout ing. manifestation. প an incentive. high. disinterested.) an exponent. n. ̃প same as [ udgātā ] n a singer of the Sama Veda. intractableness.̃ a. a dull ard. n. ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ .) the scale of deepest tone. . mu nificence. chari table. ken. n. risen. v. laid bare. of and a. charitableness. wayward. ad dressed (to). unrestrained. kind. open hearted. to be born. [ udāh ta ] a cited as an example. ̃ . liberal. a. v. n. ap peared (esp. [ udīcī ] n the north. noble. open. to ap pear. to grow. intended. (fig. allusion. reckless. noble. precedential. vio lent. (facet. flourishing. disgorgement. a hiccup. ty. indifferent to stoicism. to ascend. free. the aurora borealis. ̃ n. lacking in discipline. grown. to rise up. to rise up. to come up. unaffected. holding a raised staff or rise. animating. stoicism. a. encouraging. n. rise. aimed (at). free from narrowness. [ udūkhala ] n a mortar for grinding or husk ing corn. (cp. noble-natured.

[ udbāstu ] n a refugee, an evacuee; a piece of adjoining land in front of a homestead; a deserted or evacuated homestead. a. one who [ uddīpita ] a enkindled, incited, excited; animated; manifested; has evacuated. প n. refugee rehabilitation. n. developed. প v. to enkindle; to incite or excite; to animate; to refugee problem. manifest; to de velop. [ udbāha ] n marriage, wedding, bridal. ̃ n. act of giving in mar[ uddīpta ] a.inflamed, blazing, flared up; en- kindled; illuminated; riage. a. married, wedded. a. one who marries, marrying; incited, excited; animated; made or become violent; im- passioned; mani- one who wishes to or is going to marry. fested. v to inflame, to flare up; to enkindle; [ udbāhu ] a one who has raised one's arms upwards; one with arms to il lumine or illuminate; to incite or ex cite; to animate; to make violent raised up wards. or im passioned; to manifest. [ uddēśa ] n aim, direction ( ); search for ( ); trace ( ); intention, purpose ( ); information, news ( ); whereabouts or address ( ). a. aiming; directing; searching; intending; inquiring. [ uddēśya ] a aimed (at); searched; intended; addressed, spoken to. n. an intention or purpose; a design; an object or end; a motive ( ); (gr-to a sen tence) a subject. ̃ a. (chiefly dero.) motivated. ̃ a. motiveless; purposeless; aimless. [ uddhata ] a rude; insolent; impudent; saucy; haughty, arrogant, bumptious, high and mighty; formidable; proud, vainglori ous, stuck-up; obstinate, headstrong. [ uddhara a ] n act of rescuing; act of lifting or reclaiming; quotation from a writing etc. ̃ n. quotation-marks (" "). [ uddhāra ] n rescue, deliverance ( ); uplift, emancipation ( ); rec lamation, development ( ); re covery ( ); removal esp. by extracting or lifting ( , ); a quotation from a writing etc. v. to rescue, to deliver; to uplift, to emancipate; to reclaim, to de velop; to recover; to remove (esp. by extracting or lifting); to quote from a writing etc.). ̃ , ̃ ,̃ n. a res cuer, a deliverer, a saviour; an up lifter, an emancipator; a reclaimer; a recoverer; a remover; one who quotes. ̃ n. rescue work; rescue operation. ̃ n. (gr.) quotation marks, inverted commas (" " or ' '). প , v. to be rid of an awkward or difficult situation; to be rescued; to be saved. ̃ n. a rescue-home. n. a home or camp for homeless or res cued persons; a rescue-home. [ udd ta ] a quoted (from a writing etc.). from a writing etc., an excerpt, an extract; a quota tion (from a writing etc.) [ uddh ticihna ] n quotation marks. [ udbigna ] a worried; concerned, anxious. [ udbindu ] n ascending node. [ udbuddha ] a made wise, enlightened; awak ened; inspired; reanimated. [ udbēga ] n worry, concern; anxiety; sus pense. ̃ ried, with out anxiety. ,̃ a. unwor-

[ udbējaka ] a causing anxiety or concern; worrying. [ udbējana ] n act of causing anxiety or con cern; act of worrying; worry, concern; anxiety; suspense. [ udbējita ] a worried; harried; stricken with anxiety. , [ udbēla, udbēlita ] a washing or inundating the bank or shore; overflowing; swol len; overwhelmed; seized with (anxi ety); brimming with (emotion). [ udbōdha ] n awakening of knowledge in one's mind, enlightenment; recollec tion. ̃ a. & n. (of) one who or that which enlightens or awakens knowl edge (in); (of) one who or that which incites or excites or inspires; (of) one who or that which enkindles; (of) one who or that which brings back to mind. ̃ n. act of awakening knowledge (in), enlightenment; awakening; com mencement or inauguration or open ing. an open ing song. [ udbyakta ] a expressed with an emphasis, emphatic. emphasis. n.

[ udbha a ] a good and popular or traditional but of unknown au); not included in any book, un written ( ় ); a. passage quoted thorship ( (pop.) queer, odd, quaint ( ); bizarre, fantastic ( ). n. that which is quoted; , a. queer, odd, quaint, grotesque, fantastic; unheard of; strange, outlandish. n. a strange or quaint thing. [ udbhaba ] n origination, origin; birth; act of coming into existence or being. a. originating (from); born (of or in) ( ). v. to [ udbhābaka ] a inventing, inventive; creating; creative; devising or designing. n. an inventor; a creator; a deviser, a contriver. [ udbhābana ] n invention; creation; act of de vising or designing, excogitation. v. to invent; to create; to de vise or design, (often humorously) to excogitate. a. inventive; imagi native; same as [ udbhābita ] a invented; created; devised or designed, excogitated. [ udbhābya ] a (of) that which can be or is to be invented or created or devised or designed or excogitated.

[ uddhamana ] n vomiting or retching; disgorgement, ejection. [ udbartana1 ] n upliftment, uplift; develop ment; progress; survival. survival of the fittest. [ udbartana2 ] n act of anointing with per fumes; perfume for anointing; mas sage. [ udbartita ] a uplifted; developed; survived; anointed with perfumes; (of muscles, joints etc.) rubbed or kneaded. [ udbā ī ] a volatile. property of evaporat ing rapidly. n. volatileness or volatility; the
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[ udbandhana ] n hanging by the halter (for kill ing or selfkilling). ̃ n. a halter for hanging, a hangmans's rope. die by hanging.

[ uddīpanā ] n incitement; an inspiration; an incentive; encouragement; animus; im petus; enthusiasm, exuberance. প a. that which should be or can be enkindled or incited or inspired or given an incentive or encouraged or animated or manifested or developed.

[ udbāsana ] n abandonment; abandoning one's country; evacuation; banishment.

[ udbhāsa ] a manifestation, exposition; glow; shine; beautiful appearance or show. ̃ a. illuminant, illuminative, illumi nating; brightening; manifesting, ex pressing. ̃ n. illumination; act of brightening (up); manifestation, expo sition. a. illumined, illumi nated; brightened (up); manifested, ex posed; expounded. v. to il luminate; to brighten up; to manifest, to expose; to expound. [ udbhijja ] n that which grows up from un der the surface of the ground, a plant or vegetable. a. produced or derived from a plant, vegetable. n. vegetable oil. n. a plant or veg etable that cannot be discerned with the naked eye, a microscopic plant or vegetable, a micro-organism. a. vegetarian. n. a vegetarian. [ udbhida ] n a plant or tree or vegetable or herb etc. that grows up from under the surface of the ground. ̃ n. the flora. ̃ , ̃ ,̃ n. botany. ̃ ,̃ ,̃ n. a botanist. ̃ n. herbivorous. ̃ n. the plant kingdom. (inc.) same as (see ) [ udbhinna ] a germinated or germinating; sprouted or sprouting; manifested or becoming manifest; grown up or grow ing up from under the surface of the ground. v. to germinate; to sprout; to become manifest; to grow up from under the surface of the ground. ̃ a. fem. (of a girl) in the bloom of youth, in the first flush or glow of youth. [ udbhūta ] a produced, born; manifested, re vealed, appearing to the view; risen; evolved. fem. v. to be produced or born; to come into exist ence; to be manifested or revealed, to come into view; to rise; to evolve. [ udbhēda ] n manifestation, revelation, expo sition ( ); act of coming into view; act of blooming ( ); act of sprouting ( ); union, confluence ( ). a. grow ing up from under the surface (of the ground etc.).

[ udyōktā ] a. & n one who makes prepara tions for or gets ready for; one who undertakes an enterprise; one who is on the point of undertaking or is about to undertake. [ udyōga ] n act or state of being on the point of; preparation; endeavour, ef fort; enterprise; assiduity; industry. v. to be on the point of; to make preparations, to get ready; to endeavour; to (be about to) under take an enterprise. a. enterpris ing; endeavouring; assiduous; on the point of, ready (for). v. to be on the point of, to get ready for; to undertake an enterprise; to endeavour; to be assiduous; to come forward; to take the initiative. [ udratha ] n the pin of the axle of a chariot or carriage; a cock. [ udrāba ] n loud noise or report. [ udrikta ] a incited, excited; roused. [ udrēka ] n incitement, excitement; rousing. v. to incite, to excite, to rouse. v. to be incited or ex cited or roused. to feel hungry. [ udhāō ] n act of flying through the air, flight. a. vanished; missing; passed out of sight (' '). v. to disappear, to vanish; to be missing; to pass out of sight. [ unapānjurē ] a unfortunate, wretched; ex tremely weak, rickety. [ unāśi ] a. & n (coll.) seventy-nine. [ uni ] pro (hon.) that person, he or she. [ uniśa ] a. & n nineteen. n. slight or negligible or insignificant differ ence; hair-splitting difference; partial ity. v. to treat with par tiality; to make a slight difference. a. v. to differ slightly. n. the nineteenth day of a month. (of days of a month) nineteenth.

[ udyata ] a about to, on the point of; ready, prepared; enterprising , [ ununa, unāna ] n an oven, a furnace; a stove. ( , '); raised ( ). fem. v. , v. to light the oven, to make a fire. to raise; to make enterpris ing or energetic or active, to energize, to activize. v. to be on the point of, to be about to, to be ready or [ unnata ] a prosperous, wealthy, well-to-do ( ); fortuprepared. n. readiness, prepared ness; preparations. nate; flourishing; ameliorated, improved; advanced, pro gressed; uplifted; high, tall, lofty; el evated; raised; great; noble. v. to raise, to [ udyama ] n enthusiasm, earnestness; perse verance; enterprise; elevate; to develop, to up lift. ̃ a. possessing a noble char acter. ̃ endeavour, effort; preparation; readiness. ̃ ,̃ n. failure of enterprise a. possessing a tall body. ̃ a. high-minded, high-souled. ̃ a. holdor effort; waste of energy. ̃ a. enthusiastic, earnest; persevering; ening one's head high; un bending, unyielding; dignified. ̃ a. same as terprising; energetic; preparing oneself, in the state of get ting high so ciety, the upper class; cultured society; ready. ̃ n. enthusiasm, elan; earnestness; perseverance; drive and progressive society; the well-to-do class. an advanced initiative, push and thrust. ̃ same as ̃ , a. com munity. ̃ same as lacking in enterprise, unenterprising; unenthusi astic; lethargic; unperse[ unnati ] n prosperity; good fortune; flour ish; amelioration, improvement, ad vancement; progress; uplift; promo tion; development; tallness; loftiness; elevatedness; (geom. geol.) rise, height, altitude, elevation; greatness, noble ness. ,̃ v. to prosper or cause [ udyāna ] n a garden; a grove; a greenhouse; a park. ̃প , ̃প n. to prosper; to flourish or cause to flourish; to improve; to advance or a keeper or caretaker of a garden, a gardener; a horticulturist. ̃প n. cause to advance, to progress or cause to progress; to get promotion; to gardening; hor ticulture. ̃ ,̃ n. a gardenhouse; a villa. ̃ n. be up lifted or to uplift; to be developed or to develop; to rise or cause to rise. v. to prosper; to flourish; to improve; to advance or horticul ture; gardening. ̃ n. a garden-path. ̃ n. one who looks progress; to be uplifted or developed, to rise. ̃ a. prospering; prosperafter a garden, a gardener. ̃ n. a garden party. ous; flourishing; improving; progressing; progressive. [ udyukta ] a enterprising; endeavouring; per severing; making [ unnaddha ] a tied and hung up, put up ( ); swollen. preparations. [ udyamī ] a enthusiastic, persevering; enter prising. v. to make an en terprise or effort; to persevere. vering.


[ unnamana ] n act of raising or lifting up; act of bringing forward or moving (a proposal etc.); uplift, upliftment; ad vancement, progress; development; improvement. [ unnamita ] a raised, lifted up; elevated; brought up, moved; uplifted; ad vanced, progressed; developed; im proved. [ unna ana ] n act of raising or lifting; eleva tion; prosperity; flourish; amelioration; improvement; advancement, progress; uplift; development. ̃-প n. de velopment plan, plan for development. ̃ a. developing. ̃ v. to raise, to lift; to elevate; to cause to prosper or flourish; to ameliorate; to improve; to uplift; to develop. [ unnāsika ] a treating everything and every body disdainfully, supercilious, high brow. [ unnidra ] a sleepless; watchful, alert, vigi lant. lessness; watchful ness, alertness, vigilance. n. sleep-

a. maddened; enraged; excited; divested of self-possession; intoxi cated, mad, insane. a. mad, in sane; enraged; excited; divested of self-possession; intoxicated; madden ing ( ). fem.

[ unmārga ] n an evil or prohibited path, a wrong course; misconduct; wrong-do ing, act of committing sin(s). a. ad dicted to an evil or prohibited course; misbehaving; given to wrong-doing, sinning. ̃ same as (a.). [ unmīlana ] n opening of eyes; eye-opening; opening; unfolding; blooming; exposi tion, manifestation. v. to open eyes; to open; to unfold; to ex pose, to manifest. [ unmīlita ] a open-eyed; opened; unfolded; blooming; exposed, manifested. same as [ unmukta ] a unbolted or uncovered, open; unsheathed; released, liberated, set free; at liberty, unrestrained; un bounded; frank, candid. v. to open; to unsheathe; to release, to set free. ̃ n. opening, uncovering; openness. v. to open one's heart. [ unmukha ] a craned in eagerness; eagerly ex pectant, looking forward; anxious; on the point of, about to ( ); ready, prepared. ̃ n. craning (one's neck) in eagerness; eager expectancy; anxiety; state of being on the point of; readiness. [ unmūlana ] n extirpation, uprooting, eradica tion; eviction, ejection, removal; de struction, extermination. v. to extirpate, to uproot, to eradicate; to evict, to eject, to remove; to destroy, to exterminate. a. eradicable; destroyable. [ unmūla itā ] n an extirpator, an eradicator; an evictor, an ejector, a remover; a de stroyer; an exterminator. fem. [ unmūlita ] a extirpated, uprooted, eradi cated; evicted, ejected, removed; de stroyed, exterminated. same as , [ unmē a, unmē a a ] n opening or unfolding; bloom; incitation, incitement; slight exposition or manifestation; rousing or state of being roused, awakening; birth (esp. embryonic). a. opened; unfolded; blooming; slightly exposed or manifested; roused, awakened; born (esp. in embryonic form). v. to open; to unfold; to cause to bloom; to incite, to expose or manifest slightly; to rouse, to awaken; to cause to be born (esp. in embryonic form). [ unmōcaka ] n & a. one who unveils or un folds. [ unmōcana ] n act of untying or uncovering or unveiling; act of setting free, re lease. v. to untie; to uncover or unveil; to set free, to release. [ unmōcita ] a untied, freed from bondage; uncovered or unveiled; unfolded; set free, released, liberated. same as

[ unnīta ] a raised, lifted, elevated, flour ished, prospered; ameliorated; im proved; advanced, promoted, pro gressed, uplifted; developed. v. to raise, to lift, to elevate; to cause to flourish or prosper; to ameliorate; to improve; to cause to advance or progress; to uplift, to make better, to upgrade. [ unnētā ] a. & n one who raises or lifts or elevates; one who causes to flourish or prosper; one who ameliorates or im proves; one who causes to advance or progress; one who uplifts. [ unmagna ] a risen from underwater etc.; floating. [ unmajjana ] n act of rising from underwater etc.; act of floating. [ unmatta ] a insane, mad; crazy; maddened, de mented, frenzied; excited; impassioned; frantic; furious; unreasonably attached or addicted (to); drunken, extremely in toxicated; bereft of self-possession, be side oneself; delirious. fem. ̃ n. insanity, madness; craziness; craze; dementia; frenzy; excitement; fury; furiousness; unreasonable attachment or addiction; drunkenness; extreme intoxi cation; loss of selfpossession; delirious ness. ̃ ,̃ a. almost insane. adv. frantically; furiously. [ unmathana ] n thorough stir or churning; thor ough kneading or thrashing or massag ing; act of killing, slaughter; rout. v. to stir or churn or knead or thrash or massage thoroughly; to kill, to slay; to rout, to mop up. a. stirred or churned or kneaded or thrashed or massaged thoroughly; in turmoil; killed, slain; routed; mopped up; swelling up or agitated owing to external attraction. [ unmada ] a mad, insane; lunatic; maddened; frenzied. fem.

, [ unmanhana, unmanha ] n thorough stir or churning; act of killing, slaughter, rout. v. to stir or churn thoroughly; to kill, to slay; to rout; to mop up. [ unmāda ] n insanity, madness, lunacy; dementia. a. mad, insane, lunatic, demented; frantic; violent ( ). v. to madden; to enrage; to excite; to divest of self-possession; to intoxicate. v. to become in sane, to go mad; to become enraged; or become excited or frantic; to lose self possession, to be beside oneself; to be intoxicated. n. a lunatic asylum; a mental hospital. ̃ a. mak ing insane; maddening, enraging; ex citing, intoxicating. ̃ a. mad, in sane. ̃ n. act of making mad or in sane; act of enraging or exciting; act of depriving of self possession; intoxica tion. a. making insane; maddening (' '); enraging; exciting; depriving of selfpossession; intoxicat ing. n. violent excitement or agitation; great enthusiasm; mental distress. same as

[ upa ] pfx expressing : nearness, adjacency, excellence, similarity, shortcoming, shortage, subordination, subjection, incompleteness, sub-, under-, etc. [ upakan ha ] n outskirts; neighhourhood, vicinity. [ upakathā ] n a tale; a legend; a folk tale. [ upakanda ] n pseudo-bulb. [ upakara a ] n an ingredient; an elemental or constituting material (esp. a raw one); an equipment; an implement; an apparatus; an


accessory; an article (esp. of food and clothing) offered in religious worship. [ upakartā ] a doing good (to); benignant; benevolent; helpful; useful. n. a benefactor; a helper; fem. প

[ upacaryā ] n act of waiting on, attendance; nursing; medical treatment. [ upacānō ] v to overflow.

[ upakāra ] n a good turn, benefaction; be nevolence; good service; help; favour. v. to do good (to), to do a good turn (to); to benefit; to help. ̃ , প a. doing good (to), benignant; beneficent; (not used of persons) effi cacious; benevolent; helpful; useful. fem. প , প প n. active goodness; good; use; helpful ness; usefulness; benefit; beneficence. প to come of use, to be use ful some time or other, to come in handy. প a. deserving help or favour.

[ upacāra ] n any of the articles given in reli gious offering; things or materials nec essary for worship or used in worship; religious service or ceremony; medical treatment; surgical operation; figura tive expression or its explanation. ̃ n. (med.) an operation theatre. [ upacikīr ā ] n disposition to do good, be nevolence; the will to do good to oth ers. [ upacikīr u ] a benevolent. [ upacita ] a amassed, accumulated, col lected; nourished; developed; pros pered, flourished; (of property etc.) in creased in value; appreciated. প n. amassment, accumulation; collec tion; nourishment; development; flour ish; increase in value, appreciation; (bio.) anabolism. [ upacī amāna ] a in the process of being amassed or accumulated or collected; in the process of being nourished or developed; prospering; prosperous, flourishing; (of property etc.) increas ing in value. [ upacchā ā ] n a ghost; a phantom; (astr.) a penumbra. [ upajanana ] n origin, birth; a coming into existence; production. [ upajā ] v (poet.) to be born or produced or to generate. [ upajāta ] a originated, born; produced.

[ upak ta ] a benefited; helped. [ upakēndra ] n epicentre.

same as

[ upakrānta ] a begun; commenced; started, undertaken. [ upak a a ] n damage or waste (esp. due to long use); wear and tear; depreciation. [ upak āra ] n an alkaloid. [ upagata ] a present; arrived; near, adjacent; having attachment to or attraction for; having enjoyed sexual intercourse (with); mated; obtained, attained; learnt. , [ upagama, upagamana ] n presence; arrival, ap proach, act of going near; a happening, an occurrence, an incident; attachment; sexual intercourse, mating; act of ob taining or attaining; what is obtained or attained; knowledge. প a. ap proachable; worthy of being sexually united or mated; obtainable, attainable; knowable. [ upagiri ] n a small hill, a hillock; an artifi cial hill. [ upagīta ] a sung; extolled; celebrated. [ upaguru ] n a venerable person (who is not a preceptor or teacher); one who depu tizes or assists a preceptor or teacher. [ upagraha ] n a satellite; a minor planet; a moon; (coll.) an undesirable dependant or companion; (coll.) a source of trouble. [ upaghāta ] n a blow; harm; injury; destruc tion; extermination; extinction. [ upaca a ] n a collection, an assemblage, a multitude; prosperity; improvement; nourishment; increase of value (of property), appreciation; (astrol.) the third, sixth, tenth and eleventh houses of the astrological zodiac. [ upacarita ] a (esp. of deities) entertained with offerings or presents; worshipped or served; (rhet.) metaphorically signi fied.

[ upajāti ] n a metre used in Sanskrit versi fication; a sub-caste, a subclass; a tribe or tribal; a backward tribe; an aborigi nal tribe. প a. tribal. [ upajila ] v (in poet.) was or were pro duced or generated. [ upajībikā ] n livelihood; a profession, a trade. [ upajībī ] a living upon; taken to a particu lar profession or trade. [ upajībya ] a acceptable as a livelihood or profession or trade; acceptable as a means to satisfy one's demand; to be depended on. n. livelihood; a profes sion; a trade; a means to satisfy one's demand; a shelter; a prop; leit-motif, basic idea ( ). [ upajñā ] n an instinct. [ upa ় ānō ] v to uproot, to extirpate, to eradicate, to pull up; to exterminate. a. uprooted, extirpated, eradicated; ex terminated. [ upa aukana ] n a gift or present given to ex press respect or amity. [ upadarśaka ] n an overseer; door-keeper, an usher. [ upadala ] n a faction; a faction within a party. [ upadiśyamāna ] a one who is being advised or instructed; one who is the object of ad vice or instruction. [ upadi a ] a of one who has been advised or instructed, of that which has been said by way of advice or instruction, ad vised, instructed, taught, counselled, directed. , [ upadēbatā, upadēba ] n a demi-god; an appa rition, a ghost; an evil spirit. [ upadēśa ] n counsel, advice; instruction, teaching; precept; admonition. প v. to counsel, to advise; to in struct, to teach; to admonish. ̃ same as প ̃ a. worthy of receiving advice or


[ upakrama ] n state or being on the point of or about to; endeavour, effort; beginning, commencement, start, outset. প v. to be about to or on the point of; to endeavour; to be about to com mence. প v. to be about to be or on the point of being; to be about to be commenced. ̃ n. beginning, commencement, outset; an introduc tion, a preface, a prelude. ̃ a. that which should be begun or undertaken.

[ upakūla ] n coast; shore, beach; bank. ̃ coastal. ̃ n. coasting-trade; coastal trade. ̃ orarian.

a. littoral; orarian, a. orarian. n. an

a. overflowing; overflowed.

n. a by-product.

instruction or teaching. ̃

a. giving or containing advice or teaching, প same as প

[ upanyasta ] a placed, deposited; pledged; ar ranged. [ upanyāsa ] n a novel, a book of fiction; a long story; a romantic tale, a romance; a preface or introduction; a al. ̃ ,̃ ,̃ n. a novelist. [ upapati ] n (masc.) a paramour, a gallant. [ upapatti ] n argument, reasoning, infer ence; proof, demonstration, justifica tion; knowledge; solution; accomplish ment, execution; origination, origin; attainment; provision. [ upapatnī ] n. fem a concubine. [ upapada ] n (gr.) the first of two words compounded into one; (gr.) a system of forming compound words by adding a suffix denoting an agent (usu. পপ প ). [ upapātaka ] n a venial sin, a minor sin. [ upapādaka ] a. & n one who or that which decides or solves or accomplishes or executes or proves or justifies or dem onstrates. [ upapādana ] n decision, solution; accom plishment, execution; proving, justifi cation, demonstration. পপ v. to decide, to solve; to accomplish, to execute; to prove, to justify, to demon strate. পপ same as পপ (a.) [ upapādya ] a that which is to be or can be decided or solved or accomplished or executed or proved or justified or dem onstrated. n. (geom.) a proposition to be proved, a theorem. পপ quod erat demonstrandum (Q.E.D.). [ upapura ] n outskirts of a town, a suburb; a township. suburban. [ upapurā a ] n a minor or secondary Purana. [ upa-prakara a ] n a sub-clause. পপ

didactic, instructive, in structional.

[ upadbīpa ] n a peninsula.

প প

a. penin sular.

[ upadraba ] n a disturbance, a trouble; annoy ance, irritation, pesterment; oppression; a raid; a danger, a mishap, calamity. প v. to disturb, to trouble; to pester; to oppress; to raid. ̃ a. & n. one who disturbs or gives trouble to or pesters or annoys or oppresses or raids. [ upadruta ] a disturbed ( pressed; raided; laid waste. ); troubled; pestered; op-

[ upadharma ] n an irrational or false faith or re ligion; a superstition believed to be a part of religious worship; a fetish; an unscriptural but traditional religious practice. [ upadhā ] n (gr.) the penultimate letter of a word; a trick; a means; a test or testing of courtiers' honesty. [ upadhātu ] n a metalloid; a sulphate of metal; an excrescence or secretion of the body (e.g. hair tooth sweat lymph milk menses etc.) [ upadhāna ] n a pillow; act of holding; act of placing or depositing. [ upadhārā ] n sub-section. [ upadhūpana ] n fumigation. [ upanagara ] n outskirts of a town, a suburb; a small town, a township. , [ upanada, upanadī ] n a stream that runs into another, a tributary, an affluent. [ upana ana ] n the ritual ceremony of invest ing a Brahmin or Kshatriya or Vaishya with the holy or sacred thread. [ upanāma ] n a nickname, an alias; a sur name; an appellation. [ upanā aka ] n (in novels, plays etc.) a char acter second in importance only to the hero; the subordinate or secondary hero or leader. [ upanidhi ] n a thing committed to somebody's care; or valuable thing kept or deposited in one's care. [ upanibēśa ] n a colony. প প v. to colonize, to set up a colony. প a. set up as or set up in a colony, colonized. [ upanirbācana ] n a by-election. , [ upani ada, upani at ] n the Upanishads; the philosophical portion of the Vedas, the Vedantic philosophy; Sanskrit philo sophical treatises giving an exposition of the Vedas. [ upanihita ] a deposited on trust, entrusted. [ upanīta ] a brought; ushered; arrived; at tained; (of Brahmins, Kshatriyas or Vaishyas) invested with the holy thread. প v. to be brought or ushered; to arrive, to attain; to be in vested with the holy thread.
1 2

[ upaplaba ] n a natural calamity or disaster; a danger; a pest; an insurrection or insur gence; a coup d'etat. [ upapputa ] a stricken with natural calamity or disaster; encompassed with danger, endangered; pestered; torn with insur rection; trouble-infested. [ upabana ] n a garden, a park; a grove; an ar tificial forest. [ upabāsa ] n abstinence from food, fast; starvation; a fast enjoined by religion. প v. to go without food; to ab stain from food, to fast; to go hungry, to starve; to observe a religious fast. প a. abstaining from food, fast ing; starving; observing a religious fast. [ upabi a ] n subsidiary poison; a toxin; an artificial poison. [ upabi a ] a seated, sitting. প be in office; to oc cupy a seat; to be sitting. one's seat. shya. [ upab tta ] n an ellipse. প a. ellipti cal in shape. প v. to remain seated; to v. to sit, to take

[ upabīta ] n the holy thread of a Brahmin or Kshatriya or Vai-

[ upanētā1 ] n a bringer; an usher. [ upanētā2 ] n a deputy leader, an assistant leader.

[ upabēda ] n any of the four minor or sub sidiary Vedas: they deal with (1) the art of healing, (2) archery, (3) music and aesthetics and (4) architecture or masonry. [ upabēśana ] n act of sitting, act of taking one's seat. v. to sit, to take one's seat. প

[ upanētra ] n. pl spectacles, eyeglasses.


[ upadē ā ] a imparting advice or instruc tion. an adviser; an instructor, a teacher; a preceptor.

n. a counsellor;


[ upabēśa itā ] a. & n one who sits or causes to sit. [ upabhukta ] a enjoyed; eaten or drunk; used. [ upabhōktā ] a. & n one who enjoys or eats and drinks or uses. [ upabhōga ] n enjoying, enjoyment; eating or drinking; using. প a. enjoy able; eatable or drinkable; usable; that which is to be enjoyed or eaten and drunk or used. [ upamantrī ] n deputy minister. [ upamahādēśa ] n sub-continent. [ upamā ] n likeness, similarity, comparison, equal ( ); (rhet.) a simile. প v. to liken, to com pare. ̃ a. having no equal or par allel; without comparison; unparal leled. ,

[ upayōjana ] n act of making suitable; act of accommodating, accommodation, ad justment, adaptation. প v. to render suitable; to render accommodat ing, to accommodate, to adjust, to adapt. [ upara ] n the top of anything; the upper portion of anything; surface; roof; overhead space. a. upper; upward; extra. prep. up, on, upon, above, over, overhead, upwards. ̃ ,̃ a. superior. n. a superior officer; a boss; (fig.) God. প - প a. superficial, cursory; shallow, not deep; consecutive ( ). adv. superficially or cursorily. ̃ a. of or on the top or surface; upper. ̃ a. disposed to kick up a row, quarrel some; aggressive, intruding, obtrusive; assaulting on person. ̃ adv. com ing forward to quarrel or assault (esp. without provocation), aggressively, ob trusively. ̃ n. (in chess.) a move suggested by a non-playing spectator; a counter-move; (fig.) an action to foil another. ̃ a. superficially (and usu. officiously) cunning, act of parad ing one's cunning (esp. precociously). ̃ n. a higher or upper storey of a building; (fig.) the higher or wealthier or nobler stratum of the society, the up per class. ̃ adv. upstairs; to or in the upper class. ̃ a. of or in the upper storey; (fig.) of the upper class. ̃ n. the high-ups; man of the upper class. ̃প a. officious, obtru sive, intruding; aggressive. ̃ প n. the opposite face of a thing; antipodes. [ uparata ] a abstained or abstaining (from), refrained, ceased, given up; (of wordly interest) renounced; dead, deceased; gone by, passed. প n. renuncia tion, renouncement; abstinence, cessa tion, act of giving up; death. [ uparatna ] n a thing as bright as a gem; a cheap gem; an imitation gem.

[ upamātā ] n. fem a woman as venerable as one's mother; fostermother; wet nurse. [ upamāna ] n the object with which some thing is compared; (log.) analogy. [ upamita ] a compared, likened. [ upamiti ] n a simile, an analogy; (log.) knowledge obtained with the help of analogy, analogical knowledge. [ upamē a ] a comparable; compared. compared, an ob ject of comparison. [ upamēru ] n consequent poles.

n. that which has been

[ upayācaka ] a asking for or soliciting per sonally; volunteering; [ uparantu ] adv in addition, moreover, over and above, besides; unsolicited; too ready or prompt, forward. n. one who asks for or soliinto the bargain. cits personally; a volunteer; one who is too ready or prompt. প [ uparā rapati ] n vice-president. adv. unsolicitedly. [ upayācana ] n act of asking for or soliciting personally; act of volunteering; act of being too ready or prompt. [ upari1 ] adv. & prep. & a on, upon, above, over, overhead, upwards, up per; surfacial; superficial; then, there after. প - প a. consecutive. adv. superficially, cursorily; one upon an other; one after [ upayācikā ] a. & n. fem of প n. fem. a woman who another; consecutively. ̃ a. superior. প superior service. comes forward to ask for love or sexual intercourse. প a. above-men tioned, referred to above. ̃ a. situ ated or [ upayācita ] a asked for or solicited person ally, volunteered. placed upon; situated above; surfacial; ascended; superficial. ̃ a. flying or moving in the air, aerial. ̃ a. superior; higher. ̃ n. surface; the [ upayukta ] a suitable, deserving, worthy ( ); fitting; n. (astrol.) befitting; becom ing; proper ( ); right, appro priate, just; ade- upper face of a thing; (loos.) the upper storey or deck. ̃ malig nant influence. ̃ a. super-imposed. ̃প a. superposed. ̃প n. quate, sufficient; fit, competent; expedient; evenly bal anced, equal. n. the top; the surface; the upper part; the space প v. to suit, to deserve, to be worthy; to be fitting, to become, superposi tion. ̃ above. ̃ adv. on the top of; on the surface of; in or on the upper part; to fit; to be proper or right or appropriate or just; to be adequate, to suffice; to be competent; to be expedi ent; to be evenly balanced; to over, on. ̃ a. written above. ̃ , ̃ a. placed or situated above, equal. ̃ , প n. suitableness, suitability, deservingness, worthiness; lying or standing above. fitness, becomingness; propriety, rightness, ap propriateness, justness; 2 [ upari2 ] a (used as a pfx.) extra, irregular, additional, super-, sur-, eligibility; ad equacy, sufficiency; competency, com petence; expediency; state of being evenly balanced, equalness. by way of ille gal gratification ( ). n. a perquisite; a tip; a bribe; an illegal or irregular gratification. প n. an extra income; [ upayōga ] n good, benefit; necessity; ser vice; use, usefulness, a perquisite; an illegal extra income; a bribe; a tip. প n. a surtax. utility; assistance, support; eating, enjoyment; applica tion; suitableপ , প n. extra expenses; overhead charges. ̃প ness. ̃ n. utilitarian ism. ̃ a. utilitarian. n. a utilitar ian. same as প ̃ n. an extra profit or excess profit; an extra in [ upayōgī ] a suitable, fitting; fit, compe tent; deserving, worthy; come; a bribe; a tip. becoming; ser viceable, useful; proper; adequate, suf ficient; expedient, [ uparē ] adv. & prep on, upon, over, up, above, upwards, overhead, applicable; favourable, helpful. প n. suit ableness, suitability; high up, in the sky, upstairs. fitness, compe tency, competence; deservingness; becomingness; serviceability; useful ness; propriety; adequacy; sufficiency; expedience, ap[ uparōdha ] n an earnest request; importu nity, solicitation; recplicability; use; favourableness, helpfulness. ommendation; sake ( ). প v. to swallow the (bitter) pill reluc tantly in order to comply with a re quest.



[ uparyukta ] a above-mentioned; mentioned above or earlier. [ uparyupari ] adv one after another; one upon another. a. coming or occurring one after another; placed one upon another; consecutive ( ). [ upala ] n a pebble; a stone; a gem, a jewel. , [ upalak a, upalak ya ] n an end in view, a pur pose; an aim; an occasion; an opportu nity, a pretext, an excuse. প -

[ upasa h ta ] a concluded; terminated, closed, ended. n. conclusion; termina tion. [ upa-sabhāpati ] n vice-chairman.

[ upalak a a ] n a presage; an omen; an omi nous sign; a prelude; state of being at the point of commencement; an inci dental (as opposed ter. to an essential) characteristic or feature. [ upalak a ā ] n (rhet.) a figure of speech akin to metonymy or synecdoche. [ upalak ita ] a purposed; aimed at; pre saged; taken as an occasion or oppor tunity; advanced as a pretext or ex cuse; inferred or deduced (from). [ upalabdha ] a felt, perceived; understood, re alized, learnt; attained, obtained, ac quired; (loos.) appreciated. [ upalabdhi ] n feeling, perception; understand ing, realization, cognition; attainment, acquirement; (loos.) appreciation; (psy.) senseperception. প v. to feel, to perceive; to understand, to realize, to cognize, to learn; to attain, to obtain, to acquire; (loos.) to appreciate. [ upalabhya ] a knowable, cognizable; attain able; capable of being accomplished; that which is to be learnt or attained or accomplished. [ upalipta ] a besmeared, bedaubed; anointed; plastered; (bot. & bio.) accreted. [ upalēpa ] n smearing or anointing or plas tering; an ointment; a plaster; (bot. & bio.) accretion. ˜ n. smearing or anointing or plastering. [ upaśama ] n relief; alleviation; abatement, subsidence; cessation; intermission; re pression of one's own senses. প v. to relieve; to alleviate, to allay; to mitigate; to abate, to cause to sub side or cease or intermit; to repress one's own senses. প v. to be relieved; to be alleviated or mitigated; to abate, to subside; to cease; to inter mit; (of one's senses) to be repressed. ̃ a. relieving; alleviating, allaying, mitigating; causing abatement or sub sidence or cessation or intermission; causing repression of one's senses. ̃ a. that which is to be or can be relieved or alleviated or allayed or mitigated or abated or made to cease or made to intermit or repressed. প a. relieved; alleviated, mitigated, al layed; abated, subsided; ceased; inter mitted; (of one's senses) repressed. [ upaśa a ] n lying down. [ upaśākhā ] n a sub-branch; a section. [ upaśirā ] n a thin or delicate vein; a sub sidiary vein. [ upaśi ya ] n a minor disciple; a disciple of a disciple. [ upaśulka ] n a toll. প n. a toll collector.

[ upasēbana ] n act of enjoying, enjoyment; worship; attachment; addiction. [ upasēbā ] n enjoying, enjoyment; attach ment; worshipping; worship; addic tion; occupation of a servant or em ployee, service. [ upasēbita ] a enjoyed; worshipped; treated with attachment, fawned upon; taken or tasted as an addiction; (of a wife) enjoyed by a man other than one's hus band; served. [ upasēbī ] a in the practice of enjoying or worshipping; having attachment (to); addicted (to); given to adultery, adul terous; serving, in the service (of); at tending upon. [ upaskāra ] n materials; positing of some new quality; care; cleansing; (gr.) introduc tion of words in order to complete the sense of an incomplete sentence. [ upask ta ] a supplemented; collected; beau tified; embellished, decorated; dressed, toileted. [ upastrī ] n a concubine, a mistress. [ upasha ] a proximate, in the vicinity of; neared; situated or lying on the top (of). n. the male or female genitals, the penis or the vagina. ̃ n. con trol of sex appetite or sexual desire; continence. [ upashāpaka ] a bringing in, ushering; pro posing, moving, introducing; submit ting (a petition etc.). n. an usher; a proposer, a mover, an introducer; one who submits (a petition etc.). [ upashāpana ] n bringing in or ushering; pro posing or moving or introducing; act of submitting, submission. প প v. to bring in, to usher; to propose, to move, to raise, to introduce; to submit. প প n. brought in; proposed or moved; introduced; placed; submitted. [ upashita ] a arrived or assembled in the place in question; present; now exist ing, current; impending. প v. to bring in, to usher; to propose or in troduce. প v. to be present; to exist, to be current. প v. to put in or make an appearance, to ap pear, to come, to arrive; to assemble; to be present; to be current. ̃ n. one who can deliver an extempore speech, an extemporizer. ̃ n. pres ence of mind, ready wit. a. ready witted. প n. arrival; assemblage; presence; attendance; existence at present, currency. প n. an attendance register. [ upasparśaka ] n a sub-tangent.

[ upaśōbhita ] a adorned, beautified, decked. [ upaśrē i ] n a sub-class. [ upasa hāra ] n conclusion; termination, close, end; concluding part or remarks; closing part. প v. to con clude; to terminate, to close, to end.


[ upasarga ] n any of the accompanying com plaints of a disease; morbidity; a symptom (esp. of a disease); a trouble, a disturbance; an impediment, an ob stacle; a calamity; (gr.) a prefix. [ upasāgara ] n a bay, a gulf. প n. a gulf-stream.

[ upasēka ] n act of alleviating or abating by sprinkling with wa[ upasēcana ] n act of sprinkling water upon; act of wetting.

[ upasēbaka ] a in the practice of enjoying or worshipping; having attachment (to); addicted (to); given to adultery, adul terous. n. an enjoyer; a worshipper; one who has attachment (to); an ad dict; an adulterer.

[ upasbatba ] n income or profit from landed property, business firm etc.; revenue. [ upahata ] a hurt; wounded; attacked; over whelmed. [ upahasita ] a ridiculed, taunted, laughed at, mocked. প [ upahāra ] n a presentation; a complimen tary gift, a present. v. to offer as a present.

[ upānta ] n outskirts; an approach; vicinity; border, extremity; any penultimate or post-ultimate object. প a. lying in the outskirts; penultimate. প n. marginal note. প (gr.) the penultimate letter of a word. [ upābartana ] n returning or retreating; a turn ing round; rotation, act of whirling. [ upāb tta ] a returned, retreated; turned round; rotated, whirled. [ upā a ] n a means, a way, an expedient; a method ( ); a contriv ance, a device; income, earnings ( ?); a remedy ( ); a measure; a means to relieve or help, support ( ). প v. to devise means or method; to earn; to remedy; to devise means to relieve or help, to find a support for. [ upā a-upakara a ] n. pl ways and means. [ upā ak ama ] a capable of earning. [ upā ajña ] a able to find out means; re sourceful. [ upā ana ] n a present, a complimentary gift; a reward. , [ upā abihīna, upā ahīna ] a resourceless; hav ing no means; helpless. [ upā āntara ] n an alternative means; an al ternative. ̃ without an alter native, having no alternative. [ upā ī ] n one who earns (esp. money), earning. [ upārambha ] n beginning; outset; start. [ upārjaka ] a one who earns (esp. money). an earner. a. left

[ upahāsa ] n ridicule, taunt; a joke; con tempt. প v. to ridicule or taunt, to laugh at, to mock, to jeer; to crack a joke; to treat with contempt. প n. an object of ridicule or taunt, a ridiculous person; a laughing stock; a laughable person; a contempt ible person. প a. ridiculous, fit to be taunted or jeered at; laughable; con temptible. [ upah ta ] n given or offered as present, presented; given or offered; collected. [ upahrada ] n a lagoon. [ upā śu ] a lonely; deserted. [ upāk a ] n (geog.) a minor axis; spectacles. [ upākhyāna ] n a story; a tale; a fable; a fairy tale; a narrative; an episode; an anec dote. [ upāgata ] a arrived within the approaches of, neared; present; current; existing; one who has or that which has been obtained or attained. [ upāgama ] n approaching or nearing, ap proach; presence; act of obtaining, ob tainment; attainment. [ upā ga ] n an accessory limb; a part of a limb; an excrescence; a text regarded as a part of or accessory of the Vedas; an epilogue or appendix. প n. appendicitis. [ upācārya ] n (of a university) a vice-chan cellor. [ upātta ] a accepted; admitted, supposed (for the sake of argument), earned, ob tained. n. (log. etc.) a datum. প [ upādāna ] n a (raw) material, an ingredient; a constituent. the material cause.

[ upārjana ] n earning (esp. money); win ning; gaining or obtaining; acquire ment; earning, income ( ?) প v. to earn; to win; to gain, to obtain. ̃ a. capable of earning. ̃ , ̃ a. engaged in earning. [ upārjita ] a earned; won; gained, obtained, acquired. [ upārthana ] n canvassing votes; canvassing. [ upālambha ] n reproof, reproach; censure, reprimand. reproved, re proached, censured. [ upāśra a ] a fit to be a shelter. refugee; taking shelter; resorting to. প protected. প a.

[ upādhāna ] n a pillow. [ upādhi ] n a title; an academic degree or appellation given to the recipient of a degree; a designation; a surname; a quality or property that distinguishes an individual from the class, a denota tion. ̃ , ̃ a. titled; a degree holder. ̃প n. a diploma, an academic certificate. [ upādhyak a ] n a vice-principal. [ upādhyā a ] n surname or title of an upcountry Brahmin; a professor or reader; a teacher; an instructor; a pro fessional teacher or reader of the Vedas. প , প n. fem. a fe male professor or reader; a lady teacher; an instructress. প , প n. fem. the wife of a profes sor or reader or instructor or of a pro fessional teacher of the Vedas. [ upānat ] n (rarely in use) shoe, boot, slip per. ̃ maker. n. a shoe-

[ upāsaka ] a engaged in worshipping or adoring or praying; devoted (to); en gaged in religious meditation; engaged in serving or flattering a person in the hope of getting some benefit in return; admiring. n. a worshipper, an adorer; one who prays; a devotee; one who meditates; a servant, a flatterer; an admirer. [ upāsa ga ] n a thing or an object always ready to hand; a quiver. , [ upāsana, upāsanā ] n worship; adoration; prayer; devotion; religious meditation; act of serving or flattering a person in the hope of getting some benefit in re turn; admiration; solicitation. প v. to worship; to adore; to pray; to be devoted to; to be engaged in reli gious meditation, to meditate. [ upāsita ] a worshipped; adored; medi tated; served in the hope of getting some benefit in return; admired; solic ited.


[ upādē a ] a pleasant, delightful; enjoyable; tasteful, delicious, dainty, pleasant to eat. ̃ n. pleasantness, delightful ness; enjoyableness; tastefulness, deli ciousness, daintiness.

n. one who takes shelter; a a. taken or given shelter;

n. a money-earner;

[ upāsya ] a worthy of being worshipped, adorable; warranting devotion; worthy of being meditated upon; worthy of being served or flattered; warranting admiration or deep attachment or ad diction. [ upāhāra ] n a light repast, tiffin, snack. [ upāh ta ] a collected; brought; imagined; fancied. [ upu ় ] a lying with face on the ground, prostrate. v. to prostrate; to turn turtle. প

[ umadā ] a wealthy, rich; excellent; bril liant. , [ umarāha, umarā ] n (Mus.) a very rich man; a nobleman. ).

[ umā ] n the name of the wife of Shiva ( [ umānō ] v to heat; to agitate. , Uma ( ).

[ umāpati, umāśa kara ] n Shiva (

[ upēk aka ] a & n. one who disregards or rejects or neglects; one , [ ura, ur ] n the bosom, the breast; the chest. n. a who attaches no importance to; one who treats with contempt or indiffe- sternum, a breast bone. rence or inatten tion; one who ignores or overlooks. , , [ uraga, ura ga, ura gama ] n a reptile; a serpent; a , [ upēk ā, upēk a a ] n disregard; rejection; neglect; consnake. fem. , , tempt; indifference, heed lessness, inattention. প v. to disre[ uraja ] n either of the two mammary glands in a woman, the fegard; to reject; to neglect; to at tach no importance to; to treat with in male breast. difference or inattention; to pay no at tention or heed to, to take no care of; to ignore; to overlook. প a. neg ligible; contemptible; not [ uramāla ] n a handkerchief; a thigh-plate (esp. of a horse). deserving any notice; ignorable. [ urōgāmī ] a crawling. [ upēk ita ] a disregarded; rejected; ne glected; treated with indifference or in attention; unheeded; uncared for; ig nored; overlooked. n. either of the [ urōja ] a born of or produced from the breast. fem. প two mam mary glands in women, the female breast. [ upēta ] a endowed with, invested with, possessed of (e.g. প ) having or possessing qualities, qualified). [ upōdghāta ] n beginning, start; a presage; a preface; a prologue, an introduction. [ upōsa ] n abstinence from food, fasting, fast. প v. to fast; to go without food. প a. fasting, going or gone without food; hungry. প a. going without food, fasting. [ upta ] a (of seeds) sown, sowed. [ ubarānō ] v to be surplus. [ ubā ] v to evaporate; to vanish; to disap pear. [ ubu ] a seated on one's heels, squatted; high, elevated. to sit on one's heels, to squat.

[ urdi ] n a distinctive garb for members of a body; a uniform. [ urdu ] n the Urdu language, Urdu. ̃ or professes to know Urdu. n. one who is proficient in v. n. fertin.

[ urbara ] a fertile, productive; prolific. fem. to make fertile, to fertilize. ̃ n. fertility, productivity. ̃ lization. [ urbaramasti ka ] a fertile-brained, ingenious. fertile brain, resourceful ness, ingenuity.

n. act of sowing.

[ urbaśī ] n the name of the chief dancer of heaven celebrated for her ageless youth and undying beauty. v. [ urbī ] n the earth (esp. when personified as the mother of all created beings), Mother Earth. ̃ n. a mountain. ̃ n. a tree; a plant. [ ulaki ] n a design marked on the skin by puncturing with a needle and inserting pigment; tattoo, a tatu. v. to tattoo, to tatu. ̃a. tattooed. [ ula ga ] n naked, nude; bare; uncovered; unsheathed ( candid, frank ( ). fem. , );

[ ubha1 ] pro both. ̃ a. amphibious, am phibian. an amphibian. the amphibia. ̃ n. am bivalence. a. ambivalent. ̃ a. (bio. & zoo.) androgynous, bisexual; (gr.) of common gender. n. an an drogynous creature; (gr.) common gen der or a word in this gender. [ ubha ] a high; loud; upturned ( ). ̃ adv. (obs.) at a high speed, with breakneck speed. ̃ adv. at the top of one's voice. ̃ n. tumultuous noise. ̃ a. having one's tail turned up. [ ubha a ] pro two persons or things, two; both. a. both. ̃ adv. on or from or for both or either directions or sides or parties. a. facing or looking both ways; double-faced. fem. ̃ adv. on or from or for both persons or parties or sides or di rections. ̃ adv. in both ways or methods. ̃প n. both sides. ̃ a. (zoo. & bio.) hermaphroditi (al.) &square; n. a hermaphrodite. ̃ n. a dilemma. [ ubha ārtha ] a ambiguous, equivocal, having both or dual meanings.
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[ ula akambala ] n a medicinal herb, abroma angusta.

[ ula i2 ] adv (poet.) having turned upside down.

[ ulasa ] n (poet.) delight, joy; gladness; hi larity; merriment. [ ulasā ] v to be delighted or gladdened. [ ulasita ] a (poet.) delighted, gladdened.

[ ulu1 ] n a sound made by Hindu women. by moving their tongues , )

within their mouths on any festive occasion. (also
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[ ulu ] n a kind of reedy grass (usu. ). ̃ . n. a variety of reed; (fig.) an in significant or indigent person; (fig.) an innocent or


[ upu ় hasta ] a open-handed, munificent, generous; ready to pay off (debts etc.). প v. to be reluctant to pay or (esp.) to repay; not to pay off a debt.

[ umēda ] n hope, desire; expectation. a. cherishing a hope, desirous, expect ant. n. a candidate (for a job etc.). n. soliciting for a job etc.; offer ing oneself as a candidate; candidature.

n. mea sure, weight; quantity. ) the hus band of

[ ulēmā ] n a Muslim scholar or learned man, an ulema. [ ulkā ] n an aerolite or aerolith, a shooting star, a meteor; a spark, a scintilla; a torch. ̃প n. the fall of a meteor to the earth. ̃ প n. meteorite; a meteor. ̃ n. the fox; ignis-fatuus, will -o' the -wisp; a woman whose face is ever ruddy with anger; a fire-vomiting re male ghoul. [ ulla ghana ] n act of crossing by leaping or vaulting over, act of leaping or vault ing or vaulting over; transgression, violation, in fringement, disobedience. v. to cross by leaping or vaulting over, to leap or vault over; to transgress, to violate, to infringe, to disobey, same as [ ulla ghita ] a crossed by leaping or vaulting over; transgressed, violated infringed, disobeyed. [ ulla ghya ] a that which can be or is to be leapt over or trasgressed or violated or infringed or disobeyed. , [ ullamphana, ullampha ] n act of jumping or leaping or springing or bounding or skipping; a jump, a leap, a spring; a spell of skipping or frisking. [ ullamba ] a vertical ̃ (geom.) a ver tical plane. ̃ ,̃ n. (geom.) a vertical section. ̃ adv. vertically. n.

̃ n. a hot spring, a geyser. ̃ ing; excitative, excitatory. ̃ same as [ u āñcala ] n (geog.) the torrid zone.

[ u ī a ] n a turban, a headgear; a coronet, a diadem. ̃ n. the lotus on the scalp according to the Buddhist scrip tures. ̃ a. turbaned; coroneted, diademed. [ u ōdaka ] n hot or warm water. , [ u ma, u mā ] n heat; warmth; anger, rage, passion; huff; excitement; summer; temperature. v. to become heated or warm; to get angry or huffy. v. to vent one's anger or huff. n. (gr.) any of the aspi rates. প n. a thermometer. n. vapour bath. n. the hot season, summer. a. an gered, angry. [ usakānō ] v to raise or draw up (the wick of a lamp); (usu. dero.) to excite, to in stigate; to open (a boil etc.) by pierc ing. n. excitation, instigation. [ usakōkhusakō ] a dry and lean; untrimmed; untidy and slovenly; dishevelled; (of hair) ungreased and unkempt. , [ ustama-pustama, ustama-phustama ] n extreme annoy ance. -প , v. to tease or annoy beyond measure. [ uhā ] pro that (person or thing); it. a. their, theirs. [ uhu ] int expressing pain etc., oh. [ uhyamāna ] a in the state of being pulled or drawn or brought or borne. [ ū ] n the sixth vowel of the Bengali al phabet. n. the symbol affixed to a consonant whilst adding the -sound to it. a. (of words) beginning with or sound. a. (of words) ending in or sound. [ ū h ় ] a married, wedded ( wedding. ). fem. n. marriage, a. its. pro. pl. they.

[ ullāsita ] a delighted, gladdened; exulted; exultant; jovial, jubilant, hilarious, fem. [ ullāsa ] n delight, gladness; exultation; joy, joviality, jubilation, hilarity; (of books) a chapter. v. to ex press joy, to exult, to jubilate, same as fem. [ ullikhita ] a written above; above-men tioned; alluded to. [ ulluka ] n the gibbon, a south-east Asian anthropoid ape; a term of abuse. [ ullēkha ] n mention; reference; (rhet;) all sion. v. to mention; to refer to; to allude to. ̃ a. act of mention ing; act of referring to or alluding to. ̃ , a. mentionable, worth mention; that which is to be men tioned. ̃ n. mentionable, worth mention. n. a a. dan gling. billow; a breaker. [ uśakhuśa ] n. int expression of or expressing restlessness or fidgetiness. v. to become restless with eagerness or inquisitiveness; to fidget. n. fidgetiness, fidgets. [ uśula ] n requited; avengement; realisation (of a claim, bill, dues etc.). v. to avenge (a wrong); to realize (a claim or a bill or dues). [ uśō ] n a mason's wooden tool for plaining or smoothing. [ u asī1 ] a. fem of the morning or dawn; glowing in the light of dawn; ex tremely beautiful. n. dawn (esp. when personified).
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[ ūna ] a less, lesser; short; inferior; defi cient; imperfect; weak. ̃ a. & n. seventy-nine. ˜ ,̃ a. thirtyninth. ̃ ,̃ a. & n. thirty-nine. ˜ n. the minority. ̃ n. shortage; insufficiency; deficiency; inferiority; tion. ̃ ,̃ a. twenty-ninth. ̃ ,̃ a. & n. twenty-nine. ˜ ,̃ a. & n. eighty-nine. ˜ a. eightyninth. ̃প , ̃প a. & n. forty-nine. ˜প a. fortyninth. ̃ ,̃ a. nineteenth. ̃ a. & n. nineteen. ˜ adv. below par. ̃ a. & n. fifty-nine. ˜ a. fifty-ninth. ̃ ,̃ a. & n. sixty-nine ˜ a. below par. ̃ adv. be low par. [ ūrā ] v to descend from heaven (esp. upon the earth); to appear. [ ūru ] n the thigh. ̃প n. knee-joint. ̃ a. fracture or splitting of the thigh bone or femur. ̃ n. a morbid in flammatory boil on the thigh. , [ ūrjasbala, urjasbī ] a very strong, powerful; vigorous, spirited, mettlesome. , [ ūr anābha, ūr anābhi ] n the spider.

[ u asī2 ] n close of the day; evening. ̃ n a camel-drive, a cameleer.

[ u ra ] n the camel. fem.

[ u a ] n heat; warmth; the sun or the sum mer ( , ); anger, passion. a. hot; warm; heated; passionate, an gry. ̃ n. summer, hot or warm weather. ̃ , ̃ n. heat, warmth; bad temper; tempera-


common person or citizen. (fig.) to cast pearls before a swine. ( ) (fig.) kings with one another vie and the inno cent people die.

ture. ̃ anger.

,̃ a. ill-tempered, irritable, irascible, easily provoked to n. hot temper. ̃ a. torrid; tropical. ̃ same as a. invigorating, stimulat̃ n. hotbath.

[ ūr asūtra ] n a thread of wool; spider's web or net, cobweb. [ ūr ā ] n wool; cobweb. ̃ woolly. a. made of wool; woollen; full of wool,

words) beginning with -sound.

or -sound.

a. (of words) ending in


[ ūrdhba ] n the upward direction or space; height; altitude. a. high; tall; loud ( ); upper ( ); most ( ); raised; lofty; noble; up turned ( ). ̃ a. having a tall body; tall. n. the upper part of the body. ̃ n. ascending order. ̃ a. going or moving upwards; ascending; soaring; moving upwards gradually; in the state of being heightened or el evated gradually; increasing; rising. ̃ a. gone or moved upwards; as cended; soared; heightened, elevated; increased; risen. ̃ n. an upward movement; ascent; a gradual move ment upwards; gradual heightening or elevation; increase; rise; rising. ̃ same as ̃ a. moving in the sky or air; aspiring, ambitious; highly imaginative; full of sublime imagina tion. ̃ a. upper; higher; superior; former. প an ancestor. ̃ n. surface. ̃ , ̃ n. height, altitude; elevation. ̃ , ̃ a. looking with upturned eyes; having eyes upturned and fixed as in the case of a dying per son; looking upwards fixedly as in sublime meditation; looking with in difference or superciliousness. n. any of such looks. ̃ n. the subtle body (esp. that one obtains at death). ̃প n. (chem.) sublimation. ̃প a. having heels upturned, headlong. ̃ a. having an arm or both arms turned upwards or lifted up. ̃ n. the upper part; surface; top. ̃ a. having the face upturned. ̃ a. & n. one who has preserved his semen in full by ab staining from sexual pleasures. &square; n. an appellation of Shiva ( ). ̃ n. the heaven. ̃ a. lying on one's back. ̃ n. state of catching the breath; breathlessness; state of panting. a. in the state of catching the breath; breath less, out of breath; panting. ̃ adv. catching the breath; out of breath, breathlessly; pantingly. ̃ n. high est or maximum number. ̃ n. highest or furthest limit; upper it. ̃ , ̃ a. lying or placed above or on high; upper; higher; senior; supe rior; heavenly. [ ūrdhbē ] adv on high, on or in the upper portion; aloft; above; upwards; in heaven; at a (certain) height. [ ūrdhbōtthita ] a ascended; moved or risen upwards; upturned; raised. [ ūrbashi ] n the thigh-bone, the femur. [ ūrmi ] n a wave; a surge; a billow. ̃ n. a wave broken on rocks or shore, a breaker. ̃ , ̃ a. billowy, full of waves. ̃ n. a row of waves. ̃ n. an ocean; a sea. [ ū ara ] a (of soil) salty; full of salty soil; barren; desert. [ ū ā ] n dawn, daybreak; early morning. ̃ n. the time of the dawn. ̃ a. pertaining to the dawn. ̃ morning prayer. ̃ adv. at dawn. ̃প n. the practice of drinking a glassful of water just after getting up from bed in the morning (this practice is considered a good remedy for stom ach-ailments). ̃ n. the setting in of the day, daybreak. ̃ adv. at break of day, at dawn. [ ūha ] n reasoning based on a supposition or hypothesis, one of the eight exer cises of the intellect. [ ūhinī ] n a collection ( ).

[ k ] n the Rig Veda; a Vedic hymn in verse; the esoteric prayer that one says to oneself whilst telling beads. , [ ktha, riktha ] n (for.) wealth; inherited wealth and property, heritage; property left by a person at death, assets of a de ceased person. ̃ n. a share in wealth or property. ̃ a. poor; impe cunious. [ k a ] n (for. the bear; a star; a constella tion. ̃ n. (astr.) The Saptarshi, the Great Bear. ̃ , n. the moon (when personified). [ ksa hitā ] n the collection of hymns and prayers of the Rig Veda. [ gbēda ] n the Rig Veda. ̃same as versed in or obedi ent to the Rig Veda. a.

[ ta ] n the Supreme Being, God; (the) truth. a. worshipped; adored; ailing, sick ( ); true; shining, luminous. a. true and false. n. truth and falsehood. [ ti ] n act of going or moving; gait; mo tion. [ tu ] n season, a tide or time; menstrua tion, the menses. ̃ n. the period or time of a season, a tide; the period of menstruation, the menstrual period. ̃ , ̃প n. the king of seasons; the spring. ̃প n. change of season. ̃প n. succession or revolution of the seasons. ̃ a. (of a woman) menstruating, in the menses. ̃ v. to menstruate, to be in the menses; to menstruate for the first time. ̃ n. act of copulating with a woman on the fourth day of her menstrual period ̃ v. to copulate with a woman on the fourth day of her menstrual pe riod. ̃ same as ̃ a. fem. bathed on the fourth day of

[ ūhya ] n not expressed or used but under stood, implied; elliptical. [ ] n the seventh vowel of the Bengali alphabet. affixed to a consonant whilst adding the -sound to it. n. the symbol a. (of


[ ju ] a straight; erect; upright; uncurved, unbent; unyielding; candid, frank; sin cere; easy; easy to understand or learn or read. ̃ a. erectbodied, upright. ̃ n. straightness, erectness; uprightness; honesty; sincerity; simplicity. ̃ same as ̃ a. (geom.) recti linear. ̃ (geom.) a rectilinear figure. ̃ n. a straight line. ̃ a. frank or sincere by nature. a ] n a debt; a loan; liability, (math.) the minus sign. , v. to bor row. v. to lend. ̃ a. steeped in or run into debt; indebted. ̃ v. to be indebted (to), to owe. ̃ v. to run into debt, to incur debt. ̃ n. act of borrowing (esp. money). ̃ v. to borrow (esp. money). ̃ ,̃ n. a borrower, a debtor. ̃ n. (math.) the minus sign (—). ̃ n. the meshes of debt. ̃ v. to enmesh or be enmeshed in debt, to involve or be involved in debt. ̃ n. a lender; a money-lender; creditor. ̃ n. act of lending (esp. money). v. to lend (esp. money). ̃ n. burden of debt; liabil ity, indebtedness. ̃ n. one who serves as a slave to repay a debt, a bondsman. ̃প n. a written bond of debt; a note of hand; a debenture. ̃প same as ̃ n. the burden of debt. ̃ প a. encum bered with debt. ̃ a. relieved of debt, free from debts. ̃ v. to free from a debt or debts. ̃ n. re lease from a debt or debts; freedom from debts. ̃ n. act of paying off a debt; repayment. ̃ v. to pay off a debt; to repay. [ [ [ [ owe. ātmaka ] a (alg.) negative. itā ] n indebtedness. ī ] a involved in debts, indebted. v. to be indebted; to v. to be indebted; to run into a debt.

̃ a. up to the [ ē ] int expressing a vocative sound (' throat or chin. flourishing state. . white-footed or dappled antelope. a great number or collection of ( [ ēi ] a this. ̃ a. one of a species of deified man. without 103 ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ . ̃ a. at one and [ ya ] n a species of deer. wonder etc. . tremen dous. a. 1 1 a. ̃ a. shunning adv. sainta. fortunate. unitedly. see a. some ( ). this. [ a ] a (astrol. indocility. monopo listic. on ac count of this. continuously. to assemble. offspring. continuously. obtained by exchange or barter ( ). suffering when wet ( ).̃ . the same time. a. ̃ adv. obstinate. express ing: a vocative sound ( ). cov ering the whole of the body ( . ēn ula ] n a variety of Diptera. a bull. ̃ ̃ a. n. ̃ a.̃ . just this ( ). to unite. concentrated (( ). of a negligible num ber. this time. same as . (gr. a mythological mountain. brought under [ ē ] int expressing : detestation. sum total . an evil. same. inauspicious. concentric. hard in dry state but soft and slippery in a body. trated. alone.) used by a saint but not in arithmetical number. প a variety of Diptera. . ˜ a. adv. suchlike. a few. intent. it. resemmoving in one direction only. ̃ fem. continually onward. ̃ a. a. at a time. such. of ̃ a. one.) a large number of . ̃ adv. look ing in one direction big. segregarious). very same. & n. a columnist who spirits of saints. in concert. simultaneously ( ). ̃ a. continually onward. indomitableness. [ ēisā. as sembled. a. a mouthful of. now. single-eyed. an inauspicious thing. [ ēn uli. one-eyed. ̃ n. n.̃ this much. ̃ a. to collect. existent but not known or determi nate. ēō āja ] a exchange. ). adhesive. displeasure. n. cast out of society. monocarpellary. such. too big. ̃ n.) ̃ a. a composer of Vedic a. while this op portunity lasts. partial. ̃ only. kiddies. ̃ a. just now. a ). obdurate. n. non-recurring grant. (math. ̃ (coll. this. without break or respite ( a. var. ̃ প a. affluence. . this instant. some. one rule (' '). in this manner. 2 [ ēka ] a. ). to suffer from constitutional in digestion or dyspepsia or from rickets. ̃ a.) under the evil influence of a star. preferential treatment. having only one slanting roof. once upon a time. such a manner or monopoly. just this. fortune. monotonous. incessantly. rare. '). a heap of. ̃ .-of words etc. ̃ a. hairbreadth. ̃ . only one. fear. on this plea or obstinacy. affluent. told by a saint. adv. too much. simultaneously. this very moment. completely full or filled or packed or covered ( . male ( ). ̃ a.) the second note ( ). wilful. fem. in one direction like an angry bull ( ). simultaneous. pro. with out stop ner. ̃ প n. contem porary.) evil influence of a star. given or to be given only once. a. ̃ a. ̃ in a word. absorbedly attentive. one by one ( ). ˜ a. act of bath ing on the fourth day of one's [ tbika ] n a family priest. a tick. ̃ adv. in domitable or obstinate incessant. see ̃ n.̃ pop. mixed ( [ bhu ] n a god. ̃ . too much. waywardness. an out cast. same as ̃ a. continuous. ̃ a. similar. archaic). such. hackneyedness. ness. ). pro. ). a superman. ( ). a. a certain ( ). monotony. a priest. very slight. in a zigzag way.) the best one ( ). aversion etc. it. replete ( ). sparse. ̃ a lin ear equation. from re mittent fever. n. forty-first. monotonous. int. [ ēn ় ē2 ] n (of infants) constitutional indi gestion or dyspepsia or rickets. one or single person or individual ( ). in a meandering manedly. a. joined ( ). ̃. wealth. (mus. hymns. re mittent fever. ostracized. ̃ adv. unaccompanied. wayward. an assistant priest. v. ).̃ for this reason. a. meanwhile. in this way. moving alone (cp. flourishing. she. bias. unchanging. paramount. asā ] a suchlike. one clayey soil. ̃ n. forty-one. amalgamated. v. hackneyed. enough or too much at a . filled or full to the brim. just ( ). to this effect. a lump grant. united. writes only one column of a newspaper.̃ a. bellowing ( ). stubborn. disobedi ent. prejudiced. [ i ] n a very wise ascetic. non stop ( ). all-round prosperity. thus. attain ment of prosperity. ̃ men strual period. particular ( ) n. now. partiality. at one time. with one stroke or attempt ( ). very accordance with grammatical rules (cp. one and the same ( ). ̃ a. he. ̃ adv. a lot of. same as n. barter. in the natural scale. the abode of the little. biased. in such a manner or amount. disobedience. over and over again. ̃ adv. [ abha ] n the ox. any one ( ). [ ddha ] a prosperous. linear. ̃ n. & n. thus. not more than one. in the fashion. &square. the first figure from the right of an ly. adv. pl spawn. ̃ a. ̃ n. saint-like. n. indomitable. a heap 1 [ ē1 ] n the eighth vowel of the Bengali al phabet. a tick. n. bling the roar of an ox. this person or animal or thing. ). a saint. assembled. ̃ প company. only one. indocile. judice. stubbornpretext or excuse or ruse. & n. something ( ). well-to-do. such a hut or shed. forty-first.a. wilfulness. negligible ( ). of. ( ). continual. on this occasion. [ ēn ēla ] a sticky. ̃ adv. continually. only. one and only one ( ). ˜ a. displea sure. sov ereign. & pro.) a unit. a bullcalf. & n one. [ ēōja. ̃ a. pointed or [ ēn ় ē ] n an ox. just a little while ago. fixed ( . a mouthful. too great or a. property. ̃ . in the least. incessantly. a very small amount. one and the same. ( . united. pro. ̃ now that there is time. same. similar. . certain ( ). ̃ a. ̃ a. concen adv. stroke or at one time. in this way or manner. forty-one. (contemp. 2 2 full. preamount.one's menstrual period. (astrol. repeat[ ēnkēbēnkē ] adv in a winding manner. pro. (as a sfx. [ ēn ় igēn ় i ] n. one of a number. scanty. adv. tremendously. a sage. collected. ̃ n. only a few. united (' '). . done or to be done only once. preferential. equal to or comparable with a saint. at a single run.

[ ēkatā ] n unity. ̃ a. one of a pair. of a type. of a sort. au tocratic or dictatorial. solitary.) collinear. hot-tempered. unity is strength. ̃ adv. appearance etc. ̃ প a. ☐ [ ēkalā ] a lone. in a jiffy. all to gether. gazingly. an Indian mu sical measure. at one time. & n. in a moment. ̃ adv.) one of two. at all. a. of the same kind. ̃ a.) ̃ a. unisexuality. forma tion of a compound word. unanimous. ̃ n. leaning to one side. sufficient. ̃ adv. absorbed. wilful. of ̃ see ̃ a. ̃ n. in or at the same place. ̃ a. uniformity of state or quality or dis position. partial. (geom.) an autoc crat or a dictator. one barrelled. (poet. & adv. ˜ a. ̃প . [ ēkarāra ] n confession. ̃ a. (lit. a trial. lone. ̃ n.) rough-wrought. ̃ a. one sided. single decked.) one of or amongst more than two. zygomorphic. adv. (chiefly of a gun) single-barrelled. intent. a test. unaccompanied. ˜ a. one-toothed. a glorious time or period (esp. obsti nate. only ̃ n. ninety-one. thoroughly. (econ. apart. tiny. one-sided. identity. v. rapt in attention. illiber ality. ̃ . identity. without change. single-handed. v. (gr. the ground floor (of a building or a multidecked vehicle). of a mould or cast or an idol) primed. gazing. having but one tooth. (esp. a.̃ a. with a fixed look. narrow-mindedness. ̃ adv. also adv. ̃ written promise or statement. ̃প a. monocotyledonous. a moment. ̃ a. sixtyfirst. ̃ . lacking in foresight. descended from the same ancestor. at a stretch. slim. ̃ প same as ̃ a. to examine. a bellyful. stubborn. in the same way. প adv. chest-high. keeping aloof. thirtyfirst. adv. coplanar. (fig. [ ēkajibiśana ] n an exhibition. trouble be yond measure. ̃ a. one day. fem. partial. ̃ n. ̃ a. ̃ a. ̃ a. one time. (to be) a host in oneself. ̃ adv. in one direction. one that has passed away). very small. single toothed. ̃ adv. one voice. assembled or ly ing in one and the same place.̃ a.). lying apart. n. on the whole. agree ment. & n. with one accord. & n. ̃ a. somewhere. ̃প n. adv. a. sixty-one. [ ēkara ] n an acre.) monocotyledonous. twenty-first. jiffy. [ ēkatba ] n oneness. ). unanimous. thirty-one. fem. somewhat. Shiva ( ). of some sort or other.) one-sided. ̃ a. ̃ a. once. of a country). in one breath. once. concerted.̃ a. ̃ a. alone. ninety-first. bellyful of. twenty-one. ̃ adv. breast-deep. of ̃ ̃ a. a. ̃ a. ̃ a. devotion to or engagement in only one thing. someday. uniformly. utterly. inseparably ed. & n. one dose. partial. ̃ a.) monometallism. consanguine. closely atten tive. n. ˜প a. completely. a quarter. of considerable amount. ̃ a. deed of agreement. excessiveness. ̃ প a. alone. a. bi ased. ̃ a. a fourth part. a monochord. one's fill. looking fixedly. ̃ . unanimously. monogamous. ̃ n. & n. ̃ . in a body. with one voice. unicostate. agreed. prejudice. at a stroke. same as (a. unisexual. harmony. ̃ a. at a run. one-sided. in the least. ̃ n. in the past. promise. unit edly. twenty-first. viewing partially. fem. of a delicate structure. ̃ ̃ প a. to one's fill. ̃ n. in a body.) declinous. little by little. closely attentive. one musical or metrical syllable. type. en bloc. in a muddle. unchangingly. naadv. slowly but gradually. [ ēkadā ] adv once upon a time. to prime. ̃ adv. sameness. (pol. wearing only a single piece of cloth and taking nothing along. single minded or single-acting. ̃ adv. ̃ a. hydrocele. to rough-cast. of one mind. sameness. one-decked.. ̃ see var. & n. simulta neously. holding the same religious faith. one-fourth. act of viewing partially. ̃ same as ̃ a. thoroughly. mas. by oneself. a single decker.121 grams or 1. ̃ n. severe. united. [ ēkatra ] adv in or at one place. ̃প n. ̃ ̃ a. want of fore sight. fem. ̃প a. (gr. coll. ̃ see ̃ a. rough-cast. single-minded. prejudiced. (super. (of musical instruments) one stringed. one and one only.̃ a. ei ther. ˜ a. in a way. ̃ n. at a time. ̃ n. (bot. monolithic. slanting.875 grains. someture. প প a. only one. autoc racy or dictatorship. same. helplessly. adv. fifty-first. iras cible. orchitis. ̃ a. obstinate. absorbedly at tentive. leaning or stooping to one side. an instant. [ ēkaśā ] a mixed up together or con fusedly. dogged. (bot. con sanguineous. ̃ with rapt attention. ̃ adv. fem. a little. partial. every alternate day.) declinism. monoto nously. ̃ a. an experiment. overmuchness.̃ a. ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ . holding the same opinion. some what. & adv. intent. (rare) unity. continuously. (of judg ment etc. to teach one a lesson. thirty-one. har monious. one day or other ( n. a one-stringed mu sical instrument. ̃ a. ̃ a. to pay one out or back. adv. a region. ̃ a. 1 a variety of monochord (chiefly used by the Vaishnaya singers). viewing from one angle. under one and the same rule. bit by bit. ̃ a. ex parte. to re taliate. ̃ a. bias. ̃ প n. ̃প n. ̃ adv.) unilateral. single-mindedly. ̃ 2 ̃ n. in a body. at one time. ̃ adv. moderately.) rectification. ̃ ̃ n. at one time in the past. to appear at or to sit for an examination. concert. ̃ . of or living in the same country. v. one ness. a. seventy-first. (fig. once upon a time. n. ̃ a. in an in stant. having one wife (at a time). in a way. ̃ n. ̃ n. one day. one way. harassed beyond measure. ̃ n. a. what. uniform in state or quality or disposition. ˜ a. just a little. having designs on one side only ( ). ̃প . 104 ☐ [ ēkā ] a unaccompanied. ̃ adv. ̃ . ex parte. curved a little. corrup. to rough out. enough for one time. thirty-first. ̃ n.) amounting 1 to a rati ( ) or . a bit of. ̃ . partial. (bot. having one direction. ̃ a. aslant. fifty-one. statement. one-storeyed. ˜ a. of a sort. in one string. somehow. fem. similar. uterine. ̃ adv. narrowminded. (compar. measuring one cu bit. a harmoni ous note. in a way. devoted to or engaged in only one thing. only a little. concentrated. ̃ a & n. ̃ n. ˜ a. a. wear ing only a single piece of cloth. ̃ a. ̃ a. adv. only a little. ̃ ̃ . without stop. helpless. one set of (teeth). adv. ̃ n. ̃ . union. illiberal. - ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ break. v. in a state of confusion and dis order. ̃ a. fem.) unification of several words into a compound word. ̃ a.) a system of form ing compound words in which only one word is chosen from amongst a group and is modified to represent the whole group. self-willed. knee-deep. (bot. bond. singlemindedness. a. once. unitedly.) to do in a preliminary manner. a part or portion or division (esp. at the same time. of the same age. ̃ a. quick-tempered. (phys. born of one and the same mother. every other day. to one side. seventy-one.[ ēkajāmina ] n an examination. partiality. ̃ adv. in a certain place. a handful of.

what. [ ēkībhūta ] a levelled. ̃ . on the one hand. insepa rably united. sole exclusive rule or overlordship. singlehanded ( ). aside. [ ēkāla ] n present times. the fast observed by Hindus on this day. uniform. [ ēkuśa ] a. n. aliquot part. amalgamation. ēkī ] int expressing: surprise. loneli ness. intentness.) a missile which was sure to kill only one person aimed at. sit ting on one and the ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ . a. [ ēkānna2. ). [ ēkātmā ] a (of two or more persons) hav ing but one and the same soul. amalgam ation. [ ēki. at the same time. overwhelming ( ). much. in total. having no seat but one. a private secretary. fem. taking but one meal [ ēkīkara a ] n act of levelling or equalizing. at all. n. [ ēkāra1 ] n the symbol ' ' affixed to a con sonant whilst adding the -sound to it. n. in the first place ( ). [ ēkārtha ] a having one and the same mean ing. 1 [ ēkula-ōkula ] n (both. without break. 2 1 [ ēkāra2 ] a of one's own. 105 ☐ [ ēkāsana ] n one and the same seat. a. thorough.) uniaxial. unified. single-acting. close intimacy and agreement. (loos. ̃ n. (of words) beginning with or -sound. [ ēkāhika ] a to be accomplished within a day. with rapt attention. the eleventh day of the lunar fort night. there is nothing but God-this Vedantic doctrine. fused. [ ēkāttara ] a. in an uninterrupted sequence. one thing (' '). rapt atten tion. living in a joint fam ily. mixed up together. adv. united.[ ēkā śa ] n one part or portion. unification. one. [ ēkāha ] n a period of one day. [ ēkātmatā ] n (of more than one person) state of having but one and the same soul. ēkāśrita ] a depending on only one for help. in tently. fusion. thoroughly. ̃ n. [ ēkākī ] a & adv.) an ante-chamber. unifi cation. [ ēkāntara ] a alternate. single-mindedly. [ ēkībhāba ] n unity. both the alternatives. first. &square. alter nate angle. a. ēkānnabartī. living for a day only. single-minded. downright. (pros. [ ēkāghnī ] n (myth. sure. altogether. concerted. [ ēkuna ] n sum total. fem. adv. [ ēkāk ara ] a (of words etc. equalization.) a variety of Bengali riness. [ ēkādaśa ] a & n.) same or similar in shape or appearance. eleven years old. state of be ing levelled or equalized. . in one. com bined. [ ēkāntarakri ā ] n alternando. [ ēkādhipati ] n the sole ruler or master. earnest ( ). eighty- . ending in or -sound. alone. having one and the same purpose. solita[ ēkābalī ] n a one-stringed necklace.) the house of the husband and the house of the father (of a married woman). [ ēkīk ta ] a levelled. a private chamber. fusion. equalized. ēkāśīti ] a. modern times. act of mixing up together. alike. deprived of any alternative. this world and the next. simulta neously. equalization. inseparably united. more than once. [ ēkānna1 ] a & n. & n twenty-one. closely inti nate. fifty-one. ̃ a. unaccompanied. in private. 2 [ ēkāba aba ] a similar. [ ēkāgra ] a intent. happening or appearing daily. a. mixed up together. unification. & n seventy-one. ̃প adv. the twenty-first day of a month. adv. a quality subsisting in one person. daily. [ ēkātmabāda ] n (phil. ̃ same as ̃ adv. inseparable unity. . synonymous (also . ēkānnabhukta ] a living and messing jointly. one-lettered. solitary. concentration. single mindedness. eleven. confidentially. having close intimacy and agreement. in one and the same person or thing. n. singlelettered. a. consecu tively. mixture. a simple attribute or predi cate. [ ēkāk a ] n one-eyed. a. born or pro duced daily. adv. if at all. [ ēkākāra ] a (lit. (of days of a month) twenty-first. mixed up confusedly. & n eighty-one. [ ēkāśi. amalgamated. both the courses. mixed up or conglom erated into a confused mass. adv.) of one syllable. a. ). monistic. . equalized. [ ēkātma ] a having one and the same soul. [ ēkādhāra ] n one and the same receptacle or vessel. collected. [ ēkāśra a. [ ēkē ] pro one person ( . sovereignty. secluded. [ ēkādikramē ] adv serially from the first. amalgamated. (phys. (both) the mortal world of life and world or life after death. absorbedly atten tive. a sovereign or paramount ruler. n. one who is all in all. a. fem. exclusive rights. প a joint family. fused. [ ēkā ka nā aka ] n one-act play. a monist. [ ēkībhabana ] n act of being levelled or equal ized or unified or amalgamated or mixed up together. . [ ēkā ā ] a assembled. lonely. [ ēkādhikāra ] n monopoly. belonging to one self. what's this. [ ēkānta ] a excessive. fem. monism. a. earnestly. by oneself. panthe ism. metrical foot. same seat. [ ēkāhāra ] n only one meal daily. successively. very. continuously. eleventh. mix ture. fusion. personal. private. certain. para mountcy. concentratedly. quotidian ( ). [ ēkādhika ] a more than one. concen trated. state of being all in all. প n. in all. unified.

all sides. to accompany up to a distance. a. ̃ . প till now. ˜প a. at last. this country or region or place. n. to go forward. ē i āra ] n an editor of a newspa per. adv. authority. so many. to misrep resent. ̃ adv. in ad dition to this. so ty-nine. a. periodical n. in the meantime. adv. [ ē i ara. [ ēgi ē dēō ā ] v to go along with some body. thirty-nine. ̃ n. thirty[ ē ় ō ] a slanting. [ ēkōddi a ] n the annual obsequial rites in respect of only one deceased person. & n. -প n. the eleventh day of month.) deposition. (loos. so soon. days of a month) eleventh. ̃ a refuge. [ ēkhāna ] n this place. ˜ a. adv. ninth. a. [ ējāhāra ] n a statement about a crime given to the police. here and there. much. n. as far. same as . to such a great extent ( ). shared jointly. [ ētima ] a having no means of livelihood. [ ēkkā ] n a light two-wheeled vehicle drawn by one horse (resem[ ētadatirikta ] a besides this. downright. ˜ a. what an audacity. fem. (of [ ēdika ] n this side. after so many days. an orphanage. a. ). the bench. . vacillation. fifty-ninth. [ ējēn a ] n a commercial representative. the sole master. seventy-nine. at the present [ ētadapēk ā ] a. seventy-ninth. joint ( ). just now. introducing a sen tence) and now ( ). right.) so much or so many. ̃ a. in the meantime. ̃ room. . by this time. from now on. & n. of [ ētaduddēśyē ] adv for this purpose. a. ̃ [ ēkōna ] a short of or less by one. now. forty-ninth. helpless. ). here. [ ēkē-ēkē ] adv one by one. out and out. to soften (an account) unduly. control. one after an other. to mince matters. ̃ place or world adv. [ ē i ] pro (affectionately) this thing or creature or person. (used in [ ētadī a ] pro. it. int. . to report. to get rid of. . a. to stutter. [ ējēnsi ] n agency. ̃প a. leaning. (lit.) mo- ☐ [ ē ় ānō ] v to avoid. long. fem. it. . fem. at once. in or at this place. to vacillate. to ap proach. recently. this. ētadbhinna ] adv besides this. [ ētadūra ] adv so far. at once. at some later time ( . to this effect. of this time. still. ̃ notheism. to proceed. & n. to defealcate. till now. a. in answer to this. to disobey. present times. . monotheistic. meanwhile. editorship. court- 106 ☐ ☐ [ ēgārō ] a & n eleven. ̃ a. so late at night. even after this. thon. very critical. [ ējamāli ] a (of property) held by more than one. no tice ( to in form. (of tongue) to fail to utter properly. & n. ̃ a. time. & n. [ ē ā ] pro (dero. seventy-nine. current. & adv than this. v. this time. now. currently. n. the point of death ( ). n. immediately. to waver. all quarters. ˜ a. [ ētēlā. act of editing. fem. ̃ প ̃ a. to bal ance (an account) by manipulation. over and above this. this side and that. this world. an agent. [ ētadbyatīta. ̃ . [ ētaduttarē ] adv in reply to this. even in this state. of this [ ētaddēśē ] adv in this country. thirty-ninth. of this. to omit. after so long ( ). crosswise. its. information. so [ ēganō ] v to advance. [ ējalāsa ] n a sitting of a judicial court. irreso lution. re cent. at present. eighty-nine. orphan. so long. ̃ a. times. [ ēkēśbara ] n only one God. present times. to shun. for this reason. nowadays. & adv. after so long. adv. [ ētābat ] a & adv so much or so many. ̃ ̃ a. ̃ ̃প a. more than this. meanwhile. fifty-nine. gradually ( ). all around. fem. (to) this side and that. in ninth. [ ētaddēśī a ] a of or belonging to this place or country. this party. in or to this side of country or region or place or party.) going for ward and retreating. fem. n. not withstanding this. [ ēk a a ] n this moment. [ ētadina ] adv for or during or in so many days. n. indecision. eighty[ ēta ] adv so much or so many. in so many directions.rough. to go on. [ ētanmadhyē ] adv in the midst of it or these. this mortal world. n. an authorized delegate. implying [ ēkhati āra ] n jurisdiction. a of this person or creature or thing. to see off. to stammer. in it or these. amongst these. at this instant. for. ̃ a. [ ētadarthē ] adv for this. this meaning. to pass over. [ ē arni ] n an attorney-at-law. range. this. ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ [ ēkēbārē ] adv thoroughly. adv. to progress. adv. etc. push somebody forward ( ). the present times. on con. . at this moment. it. so long.) this thing or creature or person. of [ ētat ] pro this person or creature or thing.such a great number. all regions or places. [ ētēka ] a (chiefly poet. in modern many days. ̃ a. & n. forty-ninth. an attorney. ēttēlā ] n news. this. so [ ēkhana ] adv at this time. a monotheist. this. so many times. (theol. thus far. in addition to bling a dog-cart). purview. with this end in view. apart from this.

adv. desire. unrestrained ( ). [ ēlākā ] n area. dishevelled. jurisdiction. obs. প adv. a kind of stringed musical instrument having four principal strings and played with a bow. this. adv. to talk inco herently or irrelevantly. to loosen.[ ēdhāra ] n this side. the peepul. explorable. a woman with unkempt hair. hanging loose. n. disorderly. [ ēba ় ō-khēba ় ō ] a rugged. profuse. sponta neously.) God. ̃ n. here and there. day. ☐ ☐ [ ēbambidha ] a like this kind. without cause ( .B. cleverness.[ ē ō. all sides. ̃ adv.university). this side and that. haphaz ardly. of this kind. ̃প .A. uneven. adv. clever. re clining. ). empty-handed ( ). 107 ☐ [ ēśī a ] a Asian. this year. [ ē ā ] n same as [ ēsapāra-ōsapāra ] n a final decision or settlement (usu. all around. multitudinous. a confused fight. . to misrepresent. profusely. (surg. ̃ a. continual. [ ēma pi ] n a Member of Parliament. grand. suchlike. forenoon. without any particular purpose ( ). pompous ( n. without measure. in bed). continuously. n. a thrashing.B. v. [ ēma ēla ē ] n a Member of the Legislative Assembly. to mince matters.̃ a. throughout the length of.. ̃ a. to toss or turn [ ēpha ē ] n the First Arts examination of a university. to vacillate. castor-oil. endless. countless. ( [ ēmani ] a & n same as adv. v. untrimmed. ). without end or break. ( - n. in such a manner. pro. . [ ēpāra ] n this bank or shore. ̃ . in a disorderly manner. ēna rānsa ] n entrance examination. in this part of the adv. ferry over or across. this side or ex tremity. nowadays. ̃ [ ēbāra ] n this time. like this. crafty. (no longer in vogue now). a. n. suchlike. either good or bad consequence. examination. [ ēlānō ] v to dishevel or be dishevelled. an MP. variety of tree. a woman whose husband is alive. [ ēlāca ] n cardamom or its plant. a. at such a time. an Asian. . a house of worship. [ ēmu ় ō ] n this end. suchlike. this year. con tinuous. ̃ a. to recline. incessant. in such a way or manner. (Mus. disorderly. desultory. (of paddy) to turn over and spread out. to such an ex tent ( . in this way or man ner. thus far. rough. adv. [ ēphi ēbhi a ] n an affidavit. learning. ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ [ ēna rānasa. either this or that. unrestrained. ē a a ] n search. [ ēbēlā ] n this part of the day. . applause. . from head to [ ēnakōra ] n. ēyābatkāla ] adv till now. ēsarāra ] n the esraj. a . search able. [ ēbē ] adv (poet. to apfoot. exploration. in such a way. how this time. continu ous. of this time or year or life. disor derly ( ). immeasur ably. [ ēlēbēlē ] a loose and unconnected. [ ēnabhēlāpa ] n an envelope. . innu merably. defalcate. limit. incessantly. a. hitherto. ending in some loss). unkempt. like this. [ ē a ā. on this occasion. without measure. n. relaxing. প v. ). to lounge. without number. adv. such. to encore. efficient. [ ēma ē ] n the Master of Arts examination of a university. adv. quarters. such a one ). to such an extent. to balance (an ac count) by manipulation. fem a woman whose husband is alive.. at int. [ ēbamastu ] int be it so. [ ēlāhi ] a great. from this end to that. can you escape now? ̃ a. an M. [ ēyābat. this life. to slacken. . an M. ruffled. to waver.) a probe. training. v. thus. an MLA. in this life. ). thoroughly.) incoherent. without cause. pro. dishevelled. [ ēmana ] a like this. incoherent or irrelevant.) this time. & int encore. haphazard. suchlike. in such a way. untied. n.A. at this time.প [ ēra a ] n the castor-oil plant. unsystematically. con. M. [ ērōplēna ] n an aeroplane. . ē ō-strī ] n. either (complete) success or (utter) failure. n. from the beginning to the end. un dressed. fem. such ( such. F. (fig. one who holds this degree. incoher ent or irrelevant. learned. now. [ ēn i ] n a variety of silk (chiefly produced in Assam). such. twice daily. the person of a woman to indicate that her husband is alive. suchlike. lounging. dishevelled. fem. to go across and come back. spontaneously ( ). efficiency. present.A. similar. [ ēpāśa ] n this side or edge. craft. haphazard ( ). hanging loosely ( ). with out restraint. প . amen. [ ēsarāja. [ ē a ī ] n a goldsmith's balance. and. প a beating or drub bing without measure. [ ērūpa ] a like this. adv. now. even. all [ ēma bi ] n (formerly) the degree examina tion in medicine (of a adv. un systematic. similar. (to) this side and that. v. M. longing. adv. an appella tion of Goddess Kali ( ). in this year. [ ē paryanta ] adv till now. insignifi[ ēlēma ] n knowledge. then. cant. ☐ ☐ [ ēnatāra ] a innumerable. desirable. this time. [ ēba ] in comp like this. in the forenoon and afternoon. a mark or marks borne on a. প a scuffle.A. having one's husband alive. continu ously. plaud. similar.প about restlessly and continuously (esp. to relax. to such an extent ( ). [ ēlō ] a dishevelled. current. [ ēbādata ] n worship. to the bachelor's de gree in medicine. [ ēlā ] n cardamom or its plant. ruffed ( ). one who has passed the M. such a one ). such.

directly perceptible by senses.) they. historic. n. agreement. a. landed property. [ aiśbarya ] n wealth. she. profundity. [ ōj ] n vigour. ̃ . [ airābata ] n (myth. expressing. ōnchā ] a (chiefly coll. it.̃ . intensity. a. [ ōjana ] n act of weighing. n.) an elephant on which Indra ( [ airūpa ] a. n. fem. [ ōncalā ] n skin of fruits and vegetables. 108 ☐ n. purse-pride. [ ōgō ] int used in affectionate or respect ful addressing or apostrophizing (chiefly applied by husband and wife to each other). ōkī ] int expressing: inquisitive ness. 1 [ ai1 ] n the ninth vowel of the Bengali al phabet. [ ōcalānō ] v to winnow. the symbol representing the Supreme Being. adv. (of words) ending in or --sound. combined. intense. one like that. tradition. and. adv. ̃ place where garbage is deposited. ( ). [ ōi ] a that. power.) ornateness and vigour of style. there. n. insolent from wealth. [ ēhēna ] a like this. a call. divine grace. all sounds. skilled in magic. pleadership. ceremonial. to practise as a pleader. godhead. holla. a. [ ōkālatanāmā ] n power of attorney. v. n. [ ōkhānakāra ] a of that place or region. a unit of weight. majestic.̃ [ ai ika ] a relating to oblation or sacrifice. [ ō ] n the tenth vowel of the Bengali al phabet. . supremacy. rich. ̃ . to plead for. a magician. union.̃ a. earnestness. [ aikāntika ] a profound. traditional. splendour. strength. glorious. ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ . strength ( ). a common chord. [ ōkāra ] n the post-consonantal symbol ' ' affixed to a consonant whilst adding the --sound to it. ho. . aiśika. (of words) beginning with or --sound. [ aikāhika ] a ephemeral. fem. consensus. inso lence from wealth. [ ōncā. arbitrary. voluntary. aiśbarika ] a pertaining to or done by God.[ ēsēnsa ] n essence. ̃ n. con cord. . heavenly. adv. possessed of supernatural power ob tained through asceticism. in private. [ aikamatya ] n agreement in opinion. yonder. inferior. he. ̃ . torian. a dustbin. int.. single-minded. [ aichana ] alt spell. divine. purse-proud. ah me ( ). [ aindrajālika ] a of or like or wrought by magic. ah. advocacy. full of glory. historic ity. to fan (grain etc. expressing mild regret for negligence.) free of husks and chaff. Same as n. perceptible. to establish unity or concord or agree ment (between or amongst. amazement. arrogant through wealth. im pressiveness. what's that. a. lustre. a person or creaa. .) the unitary method. opulent. wealthy.. a. supernatural power obtained through asceticism. handed down by tradition. the origin or root of -sound to it. unc tion. . & adv like that. ̃ n. adv. mean. too. volitional. 1 [ ō2 ] pro that or yonder person or crea ture or thing. a measure. Godhead. riches. ̃ [ aitihāsika ] a historical. to weigh. ̃ n. importance. elective. [ ōka ় ā ] n a variety of herb or its fruit or leaf (when this is rubbed on the skin one gets a terrible itching sensation). oh. ̃a. sensual. cultural heritage. [ aikya ] n unity. ah. measured ( ). similar. [ ōkhāna ] n that or yonder place or region. hereditary culture. such. [ aitihya ] n a tale or belief or custom or practice transmitted orally or handed down from generation to generation. earnest ( ). [ ēs ē a ] n estate. . last ture or thing in question. good-for-nothing. even ( ). a form of address ap plied also to God or a deity.̃ . absorbedly employed. [ aiśa. also. a. versed in history. bestowed with divine grace. hotchpotch. of [ aitarē a ] n a branch of the Rig Veda. aindri aka ] a of sense organs. [ aikatāna ] n concert. lack of unity or integration. v. unanim ity.. there. divinity. .̃ . singlemindedness. that immediately preceding. sincerity. ̃ . ̃ a. base. (of words) beginning with or --sound. [ ōgarā ] n a variety of food cooked by boil ing rice and pulse together. [ ōmrā ] pro (hon. con. recol lection. ̃ . 1 2 [ aikabākya ] n similarity in utterance or state ment. the sound (cp. act of establishing unity or concord or agree ment (between or amongst). defence. absorbing employment. refuse. affluent. int.̃ ̃ . (of fever) tertian. a juggler. [ aikika ni ama ] n (arith. amazement. aiśbara. sen suous. [ aindri a. united. unanimity. . concord. a. chest-note). a conjuror. (of words) end ing in or -sound. pity etc.) worthless or bad. fem. weight. pleading. [ aik aba ] a of or produced from sugarcane. [ aikāra ] n the symbol ' affixed to a con sonant whilst adding [ ō ] n the mystic sound denoting the Hindu trinity. moreover ( ).) n. [ aindra ] a of or relating to Indra ( ) the king of gods. per taining to pleaders or pleadership or pleading. glory. [ aindrilā ] n wife of demon Vritra. concurrence. [ ōki. his- [ ōkālati ] n the profession of a pleader. v. fright etc. overlordship. magical. contemptible. le gal profession or practice.̃ a. fem. suchlike. one voice. [ aicchika ] a optional.̃ . (rhet. majesty. mag nificence. ) rides. lapse of memory etc.

. [ ō ādā ] n a point of time by or within which something is promised to be paid or given or done. lips as attractive and soft as young shoots.) measure for measure. to move through or in the air. [ ō habasa. to get up. to set a timelimit. ̃ [ ōtaprōta ] a diffused. ☐ [ ō ় iśā ] n Orissa. disgust etc. to expecto rate. (rhet. ō akisti ] n (in chess) a position in which if a particular piece or chess man is moved. [ ō ikōlana ] n eau-de-cologne. rummage. . u akānō ] v search clumsily and hastily. 1 2 [ ōlana1 ] n a coming down. [ ō ় ba ] n an Indian musical mode which is expressed by five principal notes. a Hollander. wellinformed of the situation. expe rienced. ̃ n. an excuse. Indian style of clas sical dance that originated in Orissa. ̃প n. descent. to depend (upon). ōlānō1 ] v (dial. right. rough. a written order giving official authority for arrest etc.) ornate and vigorous. full of strength. a. [ ōlāica [ ōlāibibi ] n the name given by the Mus lims to [ ōlāna ] n udder (of cattle etc. informed. to bring down. & poet. to ambuscade. return. to hiccup. depen dence.price according to or de termined by weight (and not according to or determined by number). vertical. to heed. a perfume made from water and alcohol. [ ōjhā ] n a quack professing to have (su pernatural) power of curing snakebites and other morbidities. a. . ōrā u ā ] n orang-utan (orangoutang). [ ōdhāra ] n that side or extremity or region.) the upper lip. a measurer. . and if not moved. to care (for). v. For other uses see [ ō āstā ] n act of attaching importance. [ ō akānō.) a turnip. a false plea. ̃ n. anger. look for something hurriedly. heirs or heiresses. [ ōjasbala ] a vigorous. to go up in the air. pervading. meal. to [ ō ākapha ] n charitable grant for Muslim re ligious purpose or in service of God. ō adhipati ] n the moon. v.. to make this sound. fem. vigorous. 2 [ -ō ālā2 ] sfx denoting: a trader. essential. 1 [ ōra1 ] n end. a practitioner. familiar. strength. the Dutch lan- ☐ ☐ [ ō ় i ā ] n a native of Orissa. pl. [ ōjara ] n a plea. one in posses sion of or endowed with etc. to get in ( ). . care. thoadv. to am bush. n.) [ ōlō ] int used by (usu. con versant with the situation. (loos. প v. conversant. used in addressing or [ ōla ] n an edible bulbous plant akin to arum or turnip. [ ō ra ] n old name of Orissa. to flutter. [ ō ় mbā ] n a spendthrift. an ape originally of Sumatra and Borneo. [ ō ājiba ] a just. etc. the language of Orissa. [ ō āpasa ] n act of giving back. an owner. heed. pain. [ ōpha ] int expressing amazement. -or. se rious attention. . an exorcist. vigour. a lame excuse. form of apostrophizing. fem. [ ōlakapi ] n a kohlrabi. knowing. an ambuscade. retch. ing.) ornateness and vigour of style. inextricably. [ ōrē ] pro coll. fear etc. [ ō adhi.). [ ō āriśa ] n an heir or heiress. . insepara bly mixed up. [ ō akiśati.. See also the older form . to attach importance (to). প . of or pertaining to Orissa. [ ōjōna ] n ozone. [ ō hā ] v to rise. . [ ōjasbī ] a strong. a plummet (also a. a weighman. [ ōta ] n lying in wait to attack by surprise. [ ōjōgu a ] n (rhet. back. a seller. a pretext.) ornateness and vigour of style. once. regret. . . promise. rice. ). ̃প n. an ambush. [ ōpāra ] n the other side or bank (of a river. Orissa or its people. ist. [ ō āka ] int expressing an involuntary sound made whilst vomitv. village) women in addressing one another. int. [ ō ় ā ] v to fly.) to take down. acquainted. 1 [ ōlā2. an guage. a. to give n. to return. oh. (fig. [ ō ha ] n (lit. [ ōrā ō ā. . a Dutch. [ ōmā ] int expressing: surprise. ō habōsa ] n act of sitting down and standing up alternately and repeatedly (as a punishment or physical exercise). n. the player in question gets a check. that piece or chessman is taken by the ad versary. a. 2 . [ ō ārēn a ] n warrant. limit (' '). a grant providing for this gift. (rhet. a. to pay attention (to). ō adhī ] n a plant that dies after bear ing fruit but for [ ō adhinātha. in separably. boiled rice. any of the lips. proper. [ ōdana ] n food. necessary. ī ] n the goddess of cholera. প v. a cavity formed by contracting both the 109 ☐ [ ōlandāja ] a Dutch. of [ ōlana2 ] n a plumb-line. sake ( ). [ ō ় nā ] n a piece of thin cloth worn usu ally as a modesty scarf by women. to lie in wait. to climb or ascend ( ). -er. hullo.

having made a lot of entreaties or earnest requests. a legitimate child. vindicated. authoritative. [ kisana ] adv (obs. [ kakēśī a ] a Caucasian. a. a. the Indian National Congress party. largeness. [ ka sa. width. amaze ment. decorum. a vessel of bell metal. vanity.. n. the wall of a [ aupapattika ] a relating to deductive reason ing and arguments. an ex cessively greedy eater.) labiate. temporary. ear nestness. a master artisan or tailor. ( 3 [ ka3 ] sfx added to . a slipped from the armpit. the two lips-upper and lower. an armpit (also প ). ah. callousness. aurdhbadaihika ] a funeral. kakut ] n the hump on the shoulder of a bull. an apartment. the legislature of the United States and some other American-type republics. 2 . ̃ ̃ a. to groan. lustre. great ness. (gr.) legitimately born. how. (bot. [ aurba2. listless ness. [ audarika ] a gluttonous. ka śa ] n bell metal—an alloy of copper and tin. settling in or set tling up a colony. [ aupanyāsika ] a relating to novels or a work of fiction. n. sacrificial. aurbāgni ] n a fire coming out from un der water to try to parade one's skill or mastery. [ auddhatya ] n haughtiness. a congress. int. pl.) an axil.n. obse quies. denoting: disap pointment. regret etc. cleverness. the anabas. a submarine fire. of marriage. the floor of a room. a music-master or music-teacher. from one's orbit. cobwebby. [ aupādhika ] a pertaining to title or in title only. of a sea).sound to it. (loos. [ ōhō ] int expressing: recollection. a.) pronounced by the lips. a side. a. brilliancy. to implore with much humble submission. [ aupani ada ] a of or according to the Upanishads. [ audbāhika ] a obtained through marriage (as dowry). . n. an arm-joint (also ). a Confollowing the Indian Na tional Congress. a direction. of or be longing to or n. a master . vainglory. . uncalled. dedicatory. room. eagerness. (astr. munifi cence. . [ ki ē ] a one who has the gift of the gab. imploration. an appellation of Krishna ( ় ). [ aurdhbadēhika. n. [ kakānō ] v (chiefly of children) to sob. for discussion or settlement of problems. [ ka sakāra ] n a worker in bell metal (by trade or caste). [ ōsāra ] n breadth. a Caucasian. [ aur a. etc. n. [ autsukya ] n inquisitiveness. [ au ] n the fourteenth vowel of the Bengali alphabet. colonizing.) se men. & poet. hey. authenticated.sound. obsequial rite. [ kakuda. a. [ aupasargika ] a symptomatic. audāsya ] n indifference. pertaining to the Earth. dejection. -of stars. (loos & pop. labial. gress worker. apathy. a chamber. cordiality etc. [ audanika ] n a cook. help. a. [ au ় ba ] n (mus. [ ki1 ] adv where. to make them sound sweet. [ ōhē ] int used in addressing or apostro phizing. a boil on the lip. a.) the slayer of the notori ous king Kamsa ). splendour.) relating to the prefix. arrogance. spe cialists etc. a. [ audāsīnya. obseartist or artisan. [ aucitya ] n propriety. (of words) ending in or . n. matrimonial. 1 for act of coming forward to help. pertaining to a [ aurba1 ] a earthly. an In dian musical mode. either of the points at which an arm is joined with the body. a. [ aupanibēśika ] n colonial. shaped like lips. [ ka saka ] n copperas. trainer or music-master or master artist or master artisan. the Congress. . also dial. anxiety. bravado. authentic. n. abdomi nal. one who speaks with flippant ease. [ ka sāri ] n (myth. a Congressman. ̃ n. to come forward uncalled-for to (esp.quial. [ kakubha ] n a metre of Vedic poetry. the Con gress. inso lence. & pop. . . denial. (bot. (lit. an attempt to parade one's skill or mastery. (gr. appropriate ness. n. titular. sob. a gourmand. act of sobbing. amazement. adv. skilled. a glutton. brilliance. officiousness. 2 [ ki2 ] n the walking fish. v. [ ka grēsa ] n an assembly of delegates. aurasya ] a (of children) legitimate. প 110 ☐ ☐ ☐ 1 ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ . generosity. groan. [ audārya ] n liberality. proved. skill. [ kak a ] n a room.) an orbit. a. funeral rite. a settler or an inhabitant of a colony.) a labial letter. (of words) beginning with or . [ ka saba ika ] n a dealer in bell metal prod ucts. fitness. green vitriol. lips. n. expert. glut tony. pewter. relating to or versed in the Upanishads. [ autsargika ] a relating to religious offering. about to die. n.) born of one's se men.sound. floor. [ aurasa. n. voracity. ex tremely embarrassed or peeved or irri tated. voracious. hullo. variant of [ ōstāgara ] n a very efficient or chief artisan or tailor. a fluent or gifted speaker.) of what de scription. mastery. ̃ n. a. that which has neared the lips in order to come out. voraciousness. aur ika ] a woollen. ̃ [ aupamika ] a of or described by a simile or comparison. (astr. humble sub mission.) deviated or fallen novelist. efficiency. (rare) worry. planets etc. the waist. to be offi cious. impertinence. [ aukāra ] n the post-consonantal symbol ' ' affixed to a consonant whilst adding the . [ ōstāda ] n a trainer. (gr. flu ent in talk. bridal.) the singing of any mode consisting of five notes. nominal. magnanimity. [ aujjbalya ] n brightness.

nothing. afterwards. to wring or squeeze repeatedly. [ kaci ] a (of fruits etc. heart rending or blunt ( ). v. miserly. act of scolding repeatedly or frequently without rhyme or reason. an infant. (chiefly of frogs) to croak. prattle. ̃ প n. . a coastal region. frown ing or terror-striking ( ). 1 111 ☐ ☐ . to indulge in intolerably long and dull ar guments or talk. n. [ kacalākacali ] n act of wringing or squeez ing repeatedly. croaking. one who wears a garland of bones. giving out the sound as of cutting or biting a hard thing. chopped easily at will. to be able to do nothing. denoting: repeated sounds of cut ting or biting a hard thing. to chop or hash with ease and at [ ka kata ] n a comb. a curved projection of a piece of land or a building. to re proach harshly. ̃ n. & adv (obs. in any con[ kaci kalāpātā ra ] n foliage green. given to scolding repeatedly or frequently with out rhyme or reason. . a [ kakhana ] adv at what time. in any state or condi tion.) the part of the loincloth which the wearer tucks behind him between his legs. kānka ] n the heron. one who wears a garland of bones. kānkara ] n gravel. munch noisily. [ kaca ānō ] v to knead. coarse. . the pointed end of a quillpen. hashed.) to higgle. close-fisted. kañcu ] n armour. sinister. brassiere. a slough or cast skin of a snake. denoting: the sound of hashing or munching or crunching repeatedly. loincloth worn as a suspensor as by Indian ascetics and wrestlers. to grumble. to squeeze. to man. at times.) new and tender. reduced to bones or to a skel eton. to fail ut terly to understand or comprehend. . Kutch. chopped fine. n. to rub. [ kaccha i ] n the part of the loincloth which the wearer tucks behind him between his legs. the gill (of the fish). grit. act of grumbling. a bone. (cp. (coll. fem. a harsh or blunt sound ( ). [ kachu ] n.) very young and delicate. pl small children. v. a coarse grain of sand. [ kacāla ] a irritating discussion or debate or dispute. act of higgling ( ). the turtle. carapace. a niggard. [ kacalānō ] v to wring. in[ ka a1 ] int denoting: the sound of cutting or biting a hard thing as a nut. sometimes. 2 1 [ kacuri ] n a kind of pancake made of kneaded flour and pulped pulses. a shaft. brassiere. [ ka kapatra ] n an arrow. an appellation of Goddess Kali ( ). grumble. a modesty vest. the chelo nian. kiddies. prattling. ̃ a.) a mere trifle. n. miserliness. [ kaccha ] n a shore. at any time. worthless vegetables. a. [ kañcukī ] n a Brahmin ( ) supervisor of a royal household. a mi ser. expressing: anger. n. [ ka ka a ] n a bangle for the wrist. a very small particle of stone. the snake. a dart. to prattle rapidly. to rub.) like that of the plantain leaves.) anything. (rare. kakkhanō ] adv at any time. bodice. [ ka ka.) the Lord of the Bed-chamber..) a bag of bones. v. . (cp. v. no genu ine sorrow but a mere show of it. প tor toise-shell. to give out a munching or crunching sound repeatedly (as on biting an unripe fruit). painful throbbing or drumming. to higgle. (contem. a close-fisted fused noise as of hot discussion or incessant prattling. v. ̃ a. to throb or drum painfully. to be able to do no harm. fem. [ kañci ] n a bamboo twig. to be disappointed. adv. adv. [ kaca2 ] int denoting: a sound like the one made in cutting off or biting off some thing at one stroke. [ kacaramacara ] int denoting: a sound as of munching. প new leaf. trifles. [ kañculikā. a man in armour. act of hashing or munching or crunch ing repeatedly. ever. a modesty vest. v. ̃ int. ̃ n. to prattle. n. for any reason. a marshy place. n. in tolerably long and dull argument or talk. to dis cuss noisily.[ ka-kha ] n the alphabet. a coat of mail. (facet. [ kak āntara ] n another room. [ kajjalī ] n mercurous sulphate (as used in medicine). pl. [ kacchapa ] n the tortoise. given to reproaching harshly. terror-striking. when. repeated painful throbbing or drumming sound ( ). harsh reproaches. indulging in long dull arguments or talk. now and again. croaking. ly edible. now and then. harsh. (of children. long ago ( ). unnecessary and in consequential wrangling ( ). for any reason. ̃ a. a eunuch guarding a harem. v. nothing. elementary knowl edge. frown ( ). a bracelet. . ̃ n. loincloth as tucked up by the wearer. [ kaca1 ] n hair. [ kacuripānā ] n water hyacinth. vegetables not normalcomb. green. to scold frequently or repeatedly without rhyme or reason. int. a baby. [ ka kara. ABC. [ ka kāla ] n a skeleton. ever. v. peevishness. & poet. never af terwards. (of youth etc. [ kak anō. int. [ kacikāncā ] n. ever [ kacu ] n an esculant edible root. . ̃ n. ̃প n. young shoot. act of kneading. threat. (of unripe fruits) giving out a munching sound when eaten. under any circum stances. an gry. a. a croaking sound. con[ kañjusa ] a niggardly.) fresh and soft. a will. [ kañcuka. under any circumstances. act of rubbing. a nib. . frowning.) to eat or get nothing. one who is only skin and bone. light green colour dition. throb bing or drumming painfully. a. anything in edible. to chop fine. প . ̃ a. [ kacāt ] int denoting: a sound like the one made in cutting off something at one stroke. a slip of bamboo. dulging in irritating discussion or debate or dispute. [ kañcula ] n an ornament for women's breast. an ap pellation of Shiva ( ). quarrel. a green mango the pulp of which has not yet developed. (contem. niggardliness. kañculī ] n bodice. wran gling. a child. plants etc.

quite ineffective. merciless. & inf. ̃ n. seri ousness. harshness. rude ( ). tre mendousness. strict. tasting hot ( ). a stipulation. giving out a sound that is caused by the stiffening of anything glutinous. ̃ n. a deed of conditional sale. intense. 4 [ ka ় āt ] int denoting: the sound of the clapping of thunder or fracture of a bone. ☐ [ ka ā-cōkha ] n a brownish eye as of a cat. a biography. ̃ . a significant or meaningful look. armed forces. intensity. [ ka ় ] n an iron ring for the wrist to be worn by married women. to cast a side-glance. a girdle. v. [ ka ় i3 ] n (mus. [ ka hinī. harsh. (usu. [ ka ় ga ] n a beggar's bowl or drinking bowl made of coconut shell. a promise. foul mouthed. hard and gluti nous. ̃ n. n. ka arama ara ] int denoting: a sound produced whilst munching hard things such as nuts. denominated by cowries or small conch-shells). ka hinikā ] n chalk. [ ka u ] a bitter. any of the aforesaid sounds. to insinu ate. condi tional. ̃ same as ̃ . same as ̃ n.̃ . ̃ n. tented accommoda tion (esp. [ ka ় ā3 ] a hard. intensity. ̃ . bigoted. a coin of the smallest denomination which is useless as a medium of exchange. seriousness. stiff ness. [ ka āha ] n a cauldron. n. . stiff. such a ring affixed to a thing as a handle.̃ n. a nar rative. a cowrie-shell (formerly) used as a coin of the smallest denomination. a promise. [ ka hina ] a hard. hardness. to look obliquely or askew. neap tide. ̃ . harsh. 2 n. mercilessness. severity. a hard or strict task master. opulent. dullness. [ ka akabālā ] n a deed of conditional sale. pun gency. a stiver). [ ka ় kānō ] v (coll.) fair-complexioned. (cp. a conditional or periodical lease.) any of the notes in the natural major scale. (cp. the ridge of a hill. casting a sidelong glance. cruel. int. to cast a sig nificant or meaningful look. mortgage deed. cat-eyed. rough. heartlessness. a strict man or disci plinarian. to grow or to run rancid. ̃প same as adv. strict. [ ka ় u ā ] a rancid ( ). at once. merciless ( ). 2 . unflinching. suddenly) a por tion of a hard thing at one stroke. bitter re proaches. dero. to pull up. ob stinate. ̃ . to have the taste or flavour spoilt or fouled. ̃ n. a mortgage deed. a waistband. stringency. [ ka hōra ] a hard. firm. stiffened. an imaginary sound made by an ant when it pricks. a corn on the skin.[ ka aka ] n an army. sternness. 1 [ ka ় ā1 ] n a metal ring. to the last farthing. a strict or stringent law an ex acting master.̃ n. the hip. [ ka i2 ] n the waist. act of casting a significant look. a bangle or an armlet. serious ( ). [ ka ara ] a uncompromising. stiff. difficult. reflection. [ ka ় imadhyama ] n (mus. ̃প n. stern. [ ka ় āra ] n a condition. a dixie. of an army). solidity. severe. having a white com plexion with a tinge of red. [ ka hinībhūta ] a hardened. n. mercilessness.) of no value. a table for counting cowries from 1 to 1. resolve. tremendous. [ ka āla ] n spring tide.) a higher variation of the fourth note in the Indian musical gamut. an account book containing de tails of rent payable by tenants. steadiness. a cowrie. strictness. an oblique look. harsh. [ ka araka ara.) to rebuke. hardness. 1 [ ka ় i1 ] n a snail-like gastropod resem bling a miniature conch. cruelty. a belt. stern ness. encamp ment (of an army). mustard oil. money. 3 a. bitterness. ka ় āi ] n a large tumblerlike cook ing utensil. harshness. pl.) a vat. a . (fig. tawny. catlike brownish eyes. firmness. ̃ see adv. a sidelong or oblique look. cruel. significant or mean ingful look. insinuation. a. [ ka ় ā4. ̃ n. fem. condi- . 2 tide. a snapping sound. to reprimand. [ ka ় ā2 ] n a coin of smallest value (usu. n. 112 ☐ [ ka ās ] int denoting: the sound of biting off or cutting off (esp. ebb-tide. solid ( ). strict. 1 [ ka ় i āla1 ] a wealthy. difficult. in sinuation. roughness. foul-spoken. a cowrie. stern. determination. spring tide. 3 [ ka ় ikapālē ] a lucky in making money. tional. sciatica. flood- [ ka āsē ] a slightly brownish or tawny. [ ka ūkti ] n a bitter or acrimonious or sharp remark. n. [ ka ় cā ] n a chronicle. a coin of the smallest denomination (cp. thoroughly. difficulty. denoting: repetition of any of these sounds. [ ka hōpani at. rich. firmness. dull. acrimoni ous ( ). [ ka ় ka ় ] int denoting: the sound of munching hard or of a loud rumbling noise (as of a clap of thunder). [ ka aki ] a of or relating to Cuttack in Orissa. an ornament worn as a girdle by women. ka hōpani ad ] n Katha. strictness. a. severe. [ ka akinā ] n stringency of rule or order. intense. mustard oil. to reflect on. rough ( ). fortunate. n. by way of insinuation or reflection. steady. [ ka āk a ] n a side-glance. cruelty. difficult. [ ka ā2 ] a brownish. made of mustard. the loin. haughty. the name of one of the major Upanishads. serious ( ). a large tumblerlike cooking utensil. a subdued variation of the fourth note in the natural major scale. a lac-brace let. ̃ a. v. a sidelong look. hot taste. stipulated. acrid. imagi nary sound produced by the stiffening of anything glutinous ( ). firm. (to the) smallest amount or degree. a de scriptive rent-roll. se vere. ultraconservative. in a mo ment. pungent ( ). acrimony. in tense. possessing 2 ☐ [ ka a2 ] a hypothecated. angry. an iota. at or by or with a sidelong or meaningful look. mortgaged. inveterate. strictness. pungent or hot ( ). completely. to check. difficulty. strong ( ). flood-tide. severity. sharp). reflection. heartless ( ). lumbago. ̃ . rude or impolite in speech. tre mendous. .

that which is to be spoken or told.) a gut tural letter. ̃ adv. [ ka ikābāda ] n corpuscular theory. to cast out a person from the Vaishnava sect. a dialect ( ). pro. ̃ a. young. (fig. of the throat. a. various things. ̃ a. . ̃ ). at what price ( [ ka akākīr a ] a thorny. a statethat which has come up almost to the throat. (pop. a speech.) ̃ adv. [ ka akōddhāra ] n extraction of a thorn. to choke. ̃ n. stored in memory. a. n. ̃ same as ̃ . in the act of scratching where it itches.) unbearable torment or an guish. initiation into Vaishnavism. husking). to set a thief to catch a thief. ably. a childwidow. ̃ n. to scratch. [ kathā ] n a word or words spoken. kathañcit ] adv somehow. ̃ v. full of thorns. strewn with thorns or thistles. some. profes sional practice of narrating scriptural and mythological stories. ment. a chronicle or history ( ). a long [ ka akīphala ] n alt. ̃ n. ?). [ ka ā. ka ū ] n itch. . how many times. some amount. clinging to the throat. a large number of (things. v. to learn by heart.) ea ger desire or urge. somewhat. a Vaishnava.a. for many days. the Vaishna. decapitation. ringworm. voice.) a small amount of. ̃ a. words spoken. ōla ] n a large basket or container for storing grains or ce- [ kata ] a how much. 113 ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ . sion ( . ̃ v. in numerous and various ways. act of wearing the holy basil-necklace. the holy basil-necklace of ). to be deprived of the power of speaking or criticizing (esp. for a long removal of an ob stacle or difficulty. ). destruction of an enemy. pronunciation ( ). n. a guttural. [ kathañcana. smallest. to husk.a dis course ( va system of marriage in which the bridegroom and the bride exchange ). thorny. much. (poet. gutturo-labial. a necklace. pro. ). how long. a nib. a great effort ( ). a thistle. lying in or at the throat. utter ance. immea surtime. the spine of a fish. [ kathana ] n act or mode of speaking. some of it or them.) numerous and various. a story. ̃ [ ka ana ] n husking. ). to a great extent. of numerous and various kinds. an opinion ( ). ̃ a. vocal music. [ ka aka ] n a thorn. discussion ( the holy basil-necklaces. a long time. adv. a word ( [ ka hi ] n a necklace of the twigs of holy basil worn by Vaishna). to stifle. professional narration vas. a thorny creeper. ly. some what. a number of. (fig. thorny. the oesophagus. prickly. ̃ [ kan ha ] n the throat. prickly. to throttle. voice. to behead. comparison ( ). a প adv. pricking as thorns.) an object of affec tion or decapitate. an affair ( ). round the neck. many days. an incident. adv. n. lace. [ katthaka ] n an Indian classical dance form. scabies. disgrace ( ). an insignifi cant adversary.) the windpipe. with much solicitation or entreaty ( ). act of scratching to relieve itching. ̃ n. n. instigation. countlessly. ̃ n. ̃ v. of scriptural and mythological stories ( ). adv. (fig. conversa tion. a saying. to horripilated. a horripilation or goose-flesh. about to get speakable. par tially. about to spill. to deprive of the power of speaking or making any (adverse) comment. ̃ a. [ ka hā ] n the clavicle. chain etc. about to breathe one's last. some people ( ). (fig. how many days. fish with too many (thin) spines or bones. partialit.̃ n. n. & obs. a grain of dust or powder. how much or how many of it or them. a state ment. to some extent. n. a. compulVaishnavas. [ ka hāgata ] a that which has come up to the throat. an utterance. ̃ a. adv. [ ka akiphala ] n the jack-fruit or its tree.) somewhat. the windpipe. ̃ same as ̃ n. gus. n. act or an in stance of choking or stifling or throt tling. a great number or amount ( . to be choked or stifled or throttled. consultation. the collarbone. a tale. a grain of corn. ̃ a. to memorize. ). some. wearing a holy basil-necklace. how long. out of the mouth. deprivation of the power of speaking or making any (adverse) comment. much. a say ing. [ ka reals. various and unknown (things). a necklace. countless.) both guttural and labial.) guttural. pro. a. a pestle (for . n. n. any thorny plant such as dates. ad vice. utter able. the jack-fruit or its tree. thorny. [ kathaka ] n a professional narrator of scrip tural and mythological stories (usu. the Adam's apple. [ ka hya ] a (gr. pride. ̃ n.) eager desire or urge ( ). some extent. the oesopha. (fig. act of scratching as an itch. ka ikā ] n a very small or fine par ticle. (loos. for a long time. tone of voice. various. voice ( [ ka hābhara a ] n an ornament for the throat.) an object of pride or affection. how many. re moval of thorns. many times. some. partially. granular. . to commit to memory. scabies. many. ̃ adv. a topic. necessity. to gag. n. (bio. [ katipa a ] a several. v.[ ka ় ē ] a youngest.) an obstacle ( ). partially. for a long time ( ). mode of speaking. ̃ a. ̃ n. itch. v. some of [ ka akī ] a thorny. to or round the throat. extreme discomfort. after or with [ ka akita ] a full of thorns. ̃ n. (gr. little. ̃ a. adv. of time. direction ( ). a speaker. ̃ n. order. a long time. plea ( [ ka hau hya ] a (gr. a.) a woman widowed in childhood or at an early age. n. ad versely). ringworm. spell. speaking terms ( a. the gullet. ̃ n. [ ka ikārī ] n a prickly nightshade used in medicine. a bed of thorns. need. about to die. ). [ ka u. n. counsel. to silence. somewhat. worthy of be ing spoken or told. to a certain extent. ̃ adv. memorized. worn [ kat ] n the pointed end of a quill-pen. (fig. a request ( [ ka hī ] n a one-stringed necklace. jewel worn at [ katala ] n beheading. news ( ). ̃ n. ̃ . the little finger (of the hand or foot.

to keep a promise. whilst talk ing ( ). a chat. to speak. smarting. in obedience to one's order or direction. a younger or the youngest brother or son. a golden creeper. n. to gossip. a contract ( ). 114 ☐ ☐ ☐ ). too much or unnec essary talking. ̃ n. to feel smarting pain. ( [ kadamā ] n a round and hard sweetmeat shaped like a kadam ) flower. smarting. sting of words. n. kadācara a ] n an abominable habit or praca. malpractice. mentioned. the little finger or toe. to respect. [ kathikā ] n a story in a sketchy shape. spoken of it is said that. (loos. altercation. to give one's word. to talk. a variety of paddy. to promise. ̃ n. act of raising a topic. to have regard for. a. same as ̃ same as ̃ n. words or promises ending in smoke. a breach of promise. ̃ same as ̃ same as terpret. false promise. to be engaged in a hot exchange. incidentally during conversa tion. a pref ace. to smart. by the way. a. v. [ kanī āna ] a smaller.) a mountain of gold or as bright as gold. [ kanas abala. seldom. arguments and counterarguments. n. to shiver with cold. (of pain) twinging. to jostle. to attach importance to. ̃প n. words and words. kadācana. a lamp made of gold. hateful. one who writes a bad hand. to refute. v. a perverted meaning. [ kadak ara ] n a letter (of the alphabet) written badly. bright or shin ing as gold. an ungracious or unseemly an swer. প a sly turn of speech. by the by. act of telling one's secrets to another. the golden spinach. to protest. a chat. . [ kanakāna ē ] n a dark-red variety of edible spinach. to altercate. rarely. v. [ kadartha ] n a distorted meaning. same as (a. value. a. the profession of a contractor. of &square. utterable.). a context. প v. ever.) younger ( ). kadācit ] adv at any time. to twinge. given to abominable or loathsome habits or practice. aching. conversation. [ kadanna ] n bad food. base. ̃ প n. of a building-contractor. ̃ n. to talk scandal. ̃ প n. প colloquial or spoken [ kathya ] a worthy of being spoken or told. ̃ n. ̃ n. made of gold ( ).) golden. to talk. worth. ̃ adv. প breaking a promise. in course of conversation. described. [ kanakāñjali ] n a ceremonial gift of gold made at wedding or just before the im mersion of an idol. to tell one's secrets to another. ̃ v. shivering caused by cold. hatefulness. altercation. colloquial ( ). de testableness. a. niggardly. to receive cordially. golden-coloured. v. misin terpretation. detestable. to misin- fem. to talk. v. ̃ n. ̃ mere words having no genuine worth. ̃ . . ugly looking. distor tion or perversion of meaning. . to advance arguments and counter-arguments. told. fem. impor tance.) very small. ̃ a. misinter- [ kadarya ] a extremely ugly. [ kaduttara ] n an insolent or impertinent re ply. ̃ adv. (of a person) a chatterbox. . conversation. (loos. a retort. said. made of gold. n. ̃ n. a gold crown. by the way. to have nothing to do with. ̃ n. preted. appreciation. jugglery of words. handwriting. a proverb ( ). ̃ n. a talk. v. regard. to ache. [ kanīnikā ] n the apple of the eye. [ kanui ] a the elbow. . [ kani ha ] a smallest. to distort or pervert the meaning (of). niggardliness. mere words (having no genuine worth). not to be prom ised or decided beforehand. [ kanakana ] int denoting a twinging or painful sensation. pronounced. an author of prose fiction. gossiping. (of cold) biting or piercing. worth serious consideration ( ?). (fig. ̃ censure. abominable. golden. n. ☐ ☐ a. esp. the beginning of a story or conversation. . [ kanakācala ] n (myth. kanas ēbala ] n a constable. ̃ n. to bandy words. [ kadalī ] n the banana or plantain (fruit or tree). ̃ n. to involve oneself in. ̃ a. a species of Datura. having the meaning distorted or perverted. youngest. interval in course of conversation. ̃ n. bandy ing of words. abusive words. shivering with cold. abominable food. incidentally during conversation. a talk. gold gilt. stories etc. ̃ n. hot exchange. food unfit for human consumption. [ kadara ] n respect. the lustre of gold. a golden-coloured sweet-scented flower or its plant. in course of conver sation. to elbow. v. deviation from one's promise. n. twinge. ungainly. but pop. that which is to be spoken or told. bad a. v. bandying of words. in keeping with one's words or promise.[ kadukti ] n obscene utterance or words. in comp. (cp. a topic. ̃ n. little. the bite of cold. [ kanaka ] n gold. [ kadācāra. n. a talk. baseness. tice. to indulge in scandalmongering. miserliness. to appreciate. younger. Indian dance depicting ancient war tales. to chat. honour. a word for word's sake. goldencrested ( ). filthy or foul language. scan dal-mongering. to propose. to be true to one's word. ̃ a. [ kathita ] a uttered. ̃ a. the end of a story or conversation. [ kadāca. the pupil. . ̃ n. [ kana rāka ara ] n a contractor. n. malicious words. borax. speakable. miserly. প language. a city full of architectural works made of gold. cordial reception. talk. v.) golden rod. extreme ugliness. to raise a topic. a city of gold. never. quibble. auriferous. verbal trickery. deformed. its plant or flower. not to be on speaking terms with.) a beautiful city or dwelling-house. a gold lamp. & . (of a let ter) badly written. (used as a pfx. full of gold. harsh words. abomination. another topic. ̃ n. [ kathōpakathana ] n a conversation. a misinter pretation. v. stories etc. creative literary works written in prose such as novels. to deem valuable. narrated. puny. to honour. [ kadākāra ] a unshapely. a dialogue.

maidenhood. ̃ n.̃ . (coll. [ kanyakā ] n a ten year old virgin. a virgin. প . to improve one's state and position. [ kapa a ] n a chicane. (coll. to be on the rise. disguising. a shred of an earthen pitcher. a coin of the smallest denomination. as luck would have it. good fortune.̃ adv. প ̃ n. tricky. behaving like a pigeon or dove. প n. [ kapani ] n a small piece of loincloth worn after the fashion of a [ kan rōla ] n control. [ kanda ] n any of the bulbous or tuberous plants. to complain bitterly against bad luck.) a stiver. a door-panel. প n. n. [ kapittha ] n a shelled fruit with sour pulp akin to the wood-apple. fortu nately. ̃ n. the state of being burdened with a marriageable daughter for whom a husband has not yet been found. প a. ̃ n. প প v. favoured by fortune. প n. wrangling. truncated. dissimulating. the neck.[ kanē ] n a bride.) a valve. act of deceiving. the youngest wife of a family. chicanery. its tree. Arjuna ( [ kapikētana ] n a chariot on the top of which sits a monkey. disguised. a ball for playing with. the cranium. প n. to say what is hackneyed or stock by rote. প প adv. the head. to duplicate.) to be come a widow. (astrol. (of cows) female. a wishing cow. quarrel some. the sandpiper. feigning. (of women) to be wid owed. a shop or place where controlled or specified suspensor by In dian ascetics. প a. to lose the favour of fortune. unfortunately. Eros). 3 [ kapi3 ] n matter for printing. a girl guide. good luck. a strife. ̃ . to cut or shear ( ). by chance). deceitful. complaint etc. প . প v. ̃ a.) broke. প int. of প . lucky. to undertake a venture abandoning oneself into the hands of destiny. . a shutting or concealing device ( ). [ kapōta ] n the pigeon. a cowrie-shell used as a coin or medium of exchange of the smallest denomination. (anat. [ kandhara ] n the throat. ̃ same as ̃ প (a). to feign. to doublecross. প n. chicanery. [ kandha ] n the shoulder. a cowcalf. a brown cow. a. deceit. tawny. to his ringlets). a virgin of marriageable age.). the shoul der.̃ a. the trunk. [ kandarpa ] n the name of Hindu love god (cp. to copy. ̃প n. practising chicanery. প v. a child-wife. [ kapā a ] n a door. torso. with this repeated sound. a deceitful. insincere ( ). to try one's luck. to beat one's forehead in despair. (by a student) to look on a fellowstudent's work and filch the result. ̃ adv. ) of the Mahabharata for he had such a chariot. প v. the responsibility of ar ranging for the marriage of one's daughter. a daughter in marriage. প প int. ̃ n. to transcribe. behaviour of or like a pigeon. a transcript.) the Virgo. [ kapi2 ] n cabbage or cauliflower. ̃ n. cauliflower. hypocrisy. to win the favour of fortune. . [ kapiñjala ] n the Indian swallow. a very small and cheap loincloth. dissimulation. a pigeon-house. a marriage able girl. 1 2 [ kapardaka ] n a snail-like gastropod resembling a miniature conch. insincere. a game with a ball. a deceitful trick or design. ̃ a. n. deceitfulness. dissimulating. প a. appellations of Goddess Kali ( ) প . appellations of Shiva ( ) ̃ . to talk bunkum. a fight. প v. cabbage. hypocrisy. প প প n. act of roting or prattling. by luck. to dissimulate. ̃প . to begin to flourish. expressing : repetition of this sound. ̃ n. a chicane. প a. hypo critical. kohlrabi. to strike one's forehead against something (in order to express grief. insincerity. [ kanhā ] n a cotton covering made of patch work. (in a wedding) the bride's people or party. ̃ n. hypocriti cal. প n. প same as প প প decree of fate or providence. [ kandamūla ] n radish. ̃ same as [ kapa ] int expressing : the sound of gulping or swallowing quickly. (astrol. the brown colour. a dovecot.) the Virgo. act of taking a girl as wife. feigning. [ kanduka. [ kapā i ] n an Indian outdoor game. ̃ n. ̃ n. tuberous. a newly-married wife. hypocritical or in sincere talk. to copy unfairly from a fellowstudent's answer-script in the examination hall. Cupid. by good luck (and esp. the chatak. lock jaw. প ). assumed ( ). a copy. luckless. living from hand to mouth without any means to provide for the future. [ kandara ] n a mountain-cave. fem. to make a duplicate of. [ kapardī ] n Lord Shiva (ref. the lapwing. a livelihood in which there is no means of providing for the future. a bulb or tuber. goods are sold at a scheduled price ( ). [ kapila ] a brown. a. ̃ n. a bride. luckily. ̃ a. unfortunate. oh dear! dear me! 1 2 [ kandala1 ] a bulbous. প প v. a daugh ter. to be down on one's luck. feigning. act of receiving a girl in marriage in one's family. a lid. to indulge in empty talk in order to parade one's learning. belliger ent. feigning. headless. extremely poor. fem. dissimulation. an altercation. [ kapāla ] n the skull. [ kanyā ] n a daughter. প . 115 ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ [ kapi1 ] n the monkey. shrewish. to deceive. n. act of giving away a girl esp. trickery. প n. প n. ̃ n. fem. kandūka ] n a spherical shot for put ting. of one who is yet to marry off his daughter. (in a wedding) the chief man amongst the bride's people. প n. ̃ . chicanery. ̃ a false friend. unluckily ( )̃ . [ kapacānō ] v (of or like talking birds) to ut ter or reproduce by rote. to chicane. copied. of the colour of a pigeon. a wed ding-guest invited by the bride's people. a stratagem. the ceremony of committing the bride into the hands of the bride groom. a headless being or spirit. a beggar's bowl. a newly-married wife. the body. a cowrie. a trick. ̃ . প . ̃ প a. insincerity. a pigeonry. the fore head. fem. deceit. a. ̃ n. 2 [ kandu ] n a cooking pan made of iron. ̃ n. a cavern. প . burdened with the responsibility of arranging for the marriage of one's daughter. penniless.̃ . ̃ a disguise. [ kandala ] n a quarrel. down on one's luck. (cp. fortunate. a war. trismus (usu. to prattle. প . প . the game of putting the shot.

to confess. not many. to admit. & a (an) expectorant. to claim. act of offering. hairdressing. pleasant. a song for this tourna ment. [ kabō a ] a lukewarm. gulped. any imaginative de scription of nature originally made by a poet and afterwards repeated by other poets. v. v. [ kama ha ] n the tortoise. inefficient. inferior ( ?). a scholar. a con veyance. [ kabē ] adv on what day. a spell. ac cepting the responsibility or conse quence ( ). প v. n. a headless or truncated goblin. v. the region of the cheek. a talisman. [ kabaji ] n the wrist. an appellation of [ kapōla ] n the cheek. [ kabyabāha ] n fire believed to carry the food offered to deceased ancestors. a few. poetical talent or genius. to of fer. weakened. inefficient.) at any time. befitting a poet. n. poetical imagination or talent. a. a contest of poets. ˜ a. weak. ineffi ciency. at least. [ kabarga ] n . to decrease. (fig. [ kaphani sāraka ] n. a talisman. ̃ a. fanciful imagery or talk or de piction. ̃ n. [ kabā i ] n an Indian outdoor game. . figments of the imagination. eaten. [ kabacī ] a armour-clad. thing. ̃ a. n. a [ kama alu ] n a water-pot used for religious purposes and also composer of songs for a song-tournament. to fall short (of). [ kabalānō ] v to confess. a kind of song-tournament. [ kabarī ] n hair in the state of being plaited. kabuli ata ] n a deed of agreement in which a tenant undertakes to pay the landowner rents regularly. charm ing. crustacean. act of gurgling or rinsing the mouth. a trinket. strophe and antistrophe). gulp. Ayurvedic. a note of hand. inferior ( ). [ kaphina ] n a coffin. ☐ . control.grey. a great poet. based on the defendant's admission of the plaintiff's claims ( ). possessed. n. crustacean. an assembly or conference of poets. full of poetic quality. to promise. to be inadequate. wearing an amulet. the turtle. smallness. an amu let. its composer or singer. fewness. . a burial-ground. act of promising. inadequacy. braiding of hair. long ago ( !). the chief of poets. graceful. fanciful. [ kabacaku ala ] n armour and earrings. gripped. to protect or guard with a spell. ̃ a. somewhat frail or weak. a waterpot used by Hindu ascet[ kabi ] n a poet. ̃ n. pertaining to an Ayurvedic physician or accord ing to Ayurvedic system of treatment. ̃ a.) the pulse. poetry. ̃ n. n. to wear an amulet for protection. restrained. admitted. to promise. a chignon. n. a coat of mail. confession. inadequate. for the rent paid). a master poet. [ kabalita. a graveyard. the Ayurvedic system of treatment. [ kaba ī ] n the walking or climbing fish. প Shiva ( ). to acknowledge. forceful occupation. hairdo. ̃ n. kaphō i ] n the elbow. [ kabaca ] n an armour. weak. the profession of an Ayurvedic physician. these five conso nants collectively. a baseless and unreal con ception. [ kama2 ] a deficient. [ kabirapanhī ] a of the religious order estab lished by Kabir. a little. [ kabula ] n confessions. 2 [ kabandha ] n a headless or truncated body. ̃ n. ever. po etical. the falcon. acknowledgement. a bill of sale. the hawk. more or less. a spell. 1 2 bond. a note of acknowledgement. to sell or convey by a deed. a braid or plait of hair. a pigtail. grip. to inter. false fancy. a singer of these songs. poetic quality. imaginary. the first poet. [ kapha i. to curtail. fictitious. when. [ kama1 ] a lovely. [ kabutara ] n the pigeon. adv. ̃ n. in expert. desirable. [ kabajā ] n a hinge. the descending node. the chief among poets. any or nament for hair or chignon such as a hairpin or a hairnet. a met rical form of words believed to possess occult power. . an amulet. less. categorical. control. ̃ n. one belonging to this order. swallowed. ☐ ☐ . [ kabya ] n an oblation of food offered to the manes of deceased ancestors. small (in amount or degree). a tomb. ̃ n. to lessen. visionary. leader of a party competing in a song-tournament. a kind of song-tourna ment or duel. ̃প . n. a [ kabaja1 ] n a receipt (esp. a visionary 116 ☐ [ kabahu kabahu ] adv (poet. n. ics. n. a [ kabaja2 ] n a charm. to re duce. to entomb. ̃ প a. the cheek. not much. moderate. deficiency. to decrease. ̃ a. wearing an amulet. ̃ n. po etry. bound by promise. a trinket. to abate. a. [ kaphaghna ] a counteracting or removing phlegm or catarrh. ac cepted. baseless and unreal. a poetical convention. a. the ascend ing node. n. a philosopher. grip. grip. ̃ n. promise. a comet. a counter lease. to run short (of). ☐ ☐ ☐ [ kabirāja ] n a physician who follows the Ayurvedic ( ) system of treat ment. the anabas. this song (cp. fem. v. kabalīk ta ] a taken into the mouth. a kind of songtour nament. to give an amulet for protection. n. hairdessing. the by Hindu ascetics. seized. shortage. [ kabālā ] n a deed of sale or transfer. & adv. tepid. [ kabulati. inexpert. a glow or flush of the cheek. full of poetry. inferiority. (rare) poetic imagination. ̃ a. v. a couplet. wearing a coat of mail. a poem. to be ac cepted. weak ness. ̃ n. forcefully occupied. a verse. explicit. to be bound by promise. 1 n. [ kabara ] n a grave. ̃ a. a cemetery. not very strong. short. to bury. seizure. v. endowed with a talent for composing poems. armour-clad. a charm. ̃ n. [ kabala ] n gape. v. imagined or invented by a poet. ̃ n. প .) a prince among poets. fanciful imagination. braiding or plaiting of hair. a. not many or much. (euphem.

shortened. fem. charcoal. ̃ rent-free. lustful. [ kambala ] n a blanket. [ kara2 ] n a tax. lotuses collec tively. taken to asceticism. [ kambu ] n a conch.) where. revenues etc.) one whose whole earthly possession consists of only a blanket. a compositor. curtailed. quiver. ̃ n. n. shuddering. throb. pose. to abate. n. ill-fated. an ague. a. a neck striated like a conch. impris oned. a cess. worn round the neck). ̃a lotus. the Food Commis sioner etc. to reduce. ̃ n. [ kamalāsanā ] n an appellation of Goddess Lakshmi ( [ kamalinī ] n a lotus clump. 1 2 [ kampāsa ] n an instrument with a magne tized needle used in finding directions. charming. sev eral. etc. coal. adv. to grow less. a coal-pit. to confine. [ ka ēda ] n a prison. a few. a guard-house. throbbing. n. a commission. whither. v. itching of the palm. to diminish. (lit. [ kampa. ). a lo tus-eyed man. v. reduced. exempt from taxes. confined. an appellation of God Brahma ( fem. imprisonment. a pharmacist. . to vibrate. ̃প a. [ ka ētabēla ] n a shelled fruit with sour pulp akin to the woodapple. customs. quake.̃ a. 2 2 [ ka a2 ] a how many. [ ka alā ] n coal. tribute etc. trem bling all over (esp. duty-free. revenue etc. in a trembling voice. [ kamalāpati ] n an appellation of Vishnu ( ). the Divisional Commissioner. to tremble. v. collection of taxes. trem ble. possessing a neck striated like a conch. desirable. pleasantness. the trunk of an el ephant. a n. miserable. the profession or work of a compositor. a voice as grave and loud as the sound made by the blowing of a conch. fem. esp.̃ . to shiver. a. a jail ( ). ̃ same as ̃ n. to throb. cereals. quaking. trembling. to diminish. vibrating. [ kamalāgun ় i ] n an orange-coloured fruitdust used to dye cloth. . assessment (of taxes). curtail ment. the lotus. v. . abated. commission. weighage. ̃ a. [ kamra ] a desirous. graceful. to be stricken with tremor. to tremble. ̃ a. act of decreasing or abating or diminishing. [ kamiśana ] n a percentage paid to an agent. throbbing. ̃ coalmine. [ kamphar āra ] n a long narrow woollen scarf (usu. ̃ n. (also see 4 ). [ kamalāla ā ] n an appellation of Goddess Lakshmi ( [ kamalāsana ] n an appellation of God Brahma ( ). a rug. [ kampānbita ] a trembling. ̃ n. a professional weighing man. shivering. diminished. act of shortening or cutting down. indigent. n. a prisoner. to fall. a gaol. ̃ n. rent. a fingernail. intense or burn ing desire to do some3 2 117 ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ [ kampra ] a trembling. fem. lock-up. imprisoned. n. gracefulness. reduction. duress. quivering. to quake. to shud der. tremulous. a weigher. n.̃ n. quivering. ). prison. to decrease. charming. ̃ n. to throb. one who collects taxes. a body of persons appointed to perform cer tain duties. v. malaria. [ kampita ] a trembling. a revenue 3 officer etc. a compass. an eye as beautiful as . n. in or by which way. [ kamalā1 ] n an appellation of Goddess Lakshmi ( [ kamalā2 ] n an orange (also ). vibra tion. a coal dealer. desirabil ity. sessing such a neck or voice. [ ka ēka ] a a small number of. being stricken with fear). to cause to decrease or abate or dimin ish. quivering. rent. a lotus-petal. n. ̃ n. a coalfield. desirable. shiver ing. a. a lofem.[ kamanī a ] a lovely.. tremulous. n. charm.. to come down ( ). a toll. several. tremulous. ̃ n. [ kampā ka ] n frequency of vibration. taxable. a duty. a ratepayer. a member of a municipal board.). a rate. ̃ a. [ kamā ] v to fall short. the profession of a weigher. kampana ] n tremor. to be in duress. to im prison. to quiver. how. n. ̃ tus-bud. a taxpayer. to com. ̃ .) discount. v. ̃ same as ). [ ka āla ] n one whose profession is to weigh goods. a pair of compasses. a seller of coal. kamabakhata ] a wretched. a few. stricken with ague. প n. at the time of transaction. to be sentenced to imprisonment. the sound made by the blowing a conch. a. a stria or thin line or linear mark as on a conch. a. tribute. an instrument with a pair of jointed legs used for describing circles etc. revenue. grace. a commissioner. pleasant. 2 [ kamalēkāminī ] n a female deity. to curtail. n. [ kara3 ] n the hand. beautiful. n. ̃ n. ̃ n. attrac tive. a fever marked by shivering. [ kamiśanāra ] n designation of several high public officials (such as. one who pays revenue. a. taxation. confined. a tax collector. shuddering. n. vibrator. extremely poor. customs. shudder. stricken with ague. a neck striated like a conch. cut down. to abate. . lotus-eyed. [ kamabakta. [ kampōja ] n (print. to be in prison or in confine ment. confine ment ( ). shuddering. (also see ). n. ̃ . chafing or fretting under the burden of high taxation. shiver ing. jailed. ague. de creased. tremulous. a convict.) act of composing. to shudder. a weighman. ̃ n. a com forter. [ kamānō ] v to shorten. down on one's luck. ̃ n. sound as grave and loud as the sound made by the blowing of a conch. coke. [ kamanē ] adv (dial. ). a guard-room. shiver. ̃ n. to shiver. described as sitting on a lotus floating in the sea and gorging and disgorging an ele phant continuously. pos- ☐ . [ kampāun āra ] n one who prepares medi cines according to a doctor's prescrip tion. [ kamala ] n the water lily. throbbing. (loos. loveliness. to be stricken with ague.

released from grasp or grip. ivory. to clap hands. ̃প n. a hand as delicate and beautiful as a young twig. [ karāghāta ] n a blow with the palm or hand. . a pot. a hand conceived as a lotus. to give a sensation of scratching or paining or [ karādhāna ] n imposition of a tax or taxes. that which makes ( ). worthy.) occupied or taken pos session of or brought under control esp. doleful. a tusk. in a mournful or sorrowful tone. a tributary. a hand as beautiful as a lotus. the larger variety of bitter gourd. lying in the palm. a cake of dried cow-dung used as fuel. [ ka ka. to ren der into ( ). fit for matri monial alliance ( ). [ karānō ] v to cause to do or perform or ac complish or execute or build or make or earn or invent or devise or apply or shoot or be stricken brand new ( ). to slap. . ). [ karada ] a tributary.) lying or held in the palm. ). to shake hands. ☐ ☐ . kind. a sawyer.̃ a. ̃ a. v. taken firm hold of. execution. brought or kept under full control or easy reach. [ karañja. to apply ( ). ̃ n. ̃ [ karanā ] n (chiefly used as a correl. ̃ a.) the instrumental case. n. n. a bracelet. to shoot ( ). ( . a hand conceived as a lily. action. palmate. a. ). compas sionate ( ) adv. to visit ( ). compas sionate. ̃প same as ̃প n. conquered or dominated or subjugated. ̃ n. karabīra ] n the oleander tree or its flower. to perform. to reduce to ( ). n. marriage. ). ̃ a. to found. ̃ n. a bangle. go getting. scratching sensation. a coconut-shell or a fragment of it esp. a wristlet. physique. ̃ n. ). the camel or its young. sad. handshake. surd. a. ̃ n.̃ . karañjaka. [ karakurcāshi ] n the carpal bone. ̃প adv. ̃ n. bake. a vessel. to translate ( ). to hire or rent ( ). n. a clerk. to lay ( . terrible. [ karakara ] int expressing: the sound of crushing or rubbing grits [ karāta ] n a saw. to accomplish. ̃ n. scratching or paining or burning sensation. the readings of a palmist. a deed. ̃ n. to devise ( . fem. [ karamacā ] n a variety of sour fruit (it be comes crimson when ripe). to save ( ). fem. the frontal globe or sinus of an elephant. hail storm. the sound of scraping (as the pulp of a coconut). ka ় ka ] n a small portable waterpot used for holy purposes and by ascetics. a place where business is [ kari u ] a engaged in doing. [ karī a ] n dried cow-dung. to cook. n. to be stricken with ( . ). n. ). the proboscis of an [ kara ika ] n an office-clerk. held in one's palm or palms. the carpal. held or seized firmly with the hand. . . [ kara a ] n doing or working or performing. ̃ a.̃ .) a cymbal. act of wedding (by a bridegroom). ̃ a. with folded hands (indicating submission and humility). by force (and usu. a beggar's bowl. giv ing out a sound of or as of crushing or rubbing grits. grasped. restlessness. to work out ( ).) rationalielephant. (lit. grasped. (gr. same as [ kara ī a ] a that which can be or is to be done. [ karalā ] n a variety of kitchen vegetable having a bitter taste. carried on. (usu.[ karakaci ] a soft and not yet filled with pulp ( such a green coco nut.) this sign. to cuff. a cause or motive. thoroughly mastered over or learned. n. ̃ n. in a doleful or piteous or plaintive voice. [ karabī. karañjā ] n a variety of sour fruit an appellation of Goddess Kali ( ). saw-mill. to saw. accomplishment. in the state of doing. a basket. fem. marrying (a girl). in pl. the palm of a hand. nerium n. rodent. hav ing a frightful appearance. a work done. to manage ( ). burning. in or with cupped hands. held in or seized with the hand or hands. a typical system of gesticulation with fingers at the time of prayer. the mule. work out or lay or practise or accumulate or take. to earn. ̃ n. a touch of or with the hand. (fig. when used as a pot. . to execute ( ). (alg. .̃ a. a cuff. ̃ . learned thoroughly. ̃ n. exchange of gifts at a wedding. with or move or visit or hire or rent or attend or manage or found or es[ karakā ] n a grain of ice falling from the clouds. a flower-basket. tasks ( 118 ☐ ☐ thing. [ kara a ] n a bee-hive. (gr. roast. an appellation of Goddess Kali ( ). to attend ( ).) duties. to come into possession of. a calf of an elephant. zation. masc. tablish or cook or bake or roast or reduce to or render into or. smart. n. ̃প n. ̃ a. a or of chewing hard and crisp things. the tooth of an elephant. odorum. [ karī ] n the elephant. placed or put or lying in one's palm. a hand as beautiful as a lily. practicable. v. [ karāla ] a having large teeth. ̃প n. ̃ . [ karā ] v to do. n. (it becomes crimson when ripe). ̃ a. [ karā atta ] a gripped. brought under one's control or power. having a frightful aspect. lines of the palm from which fortune is told. an office. to invent. palmistry. n. ̃ a. a saw. etc. ness. (fig. a tributary state. very high or turbulent ( . ). unlawfully). that which is done ( ). clapping of the hands.) the instrumental case. extremely severe and cruel. [ karabha ] n the young of an elephant. a field. usurped. ̃ a. sense organs. body. aw ful. n. taken firm hold or possession of. a place. ̃ v. a wickerwork. the skull. to take ( . a trunk. a slap.) full control or possession. ̃ adv. ̃ v. v. an act. [ karapatra ] n a hand-saw. [ kara ī ] n (math. gritty. to establish ( ). burning sensation. translate or sleet. easy reach. a husband. n. the red oleander. a. hailstone. ̃ n. to build ( ). ̃ [ karu ā ] n compassion. to practise ( ). a box. to make. any of the [ karitakarmā ] a efficient and industrious. fem.̃ . taken complete possession of. the white ole ander. pain. n. ̃ n. to strike with the palm or hand. ̃ n. taxation. grasped. of the palm. . to accumulate ( ). mas. palms joined to form a cup. [ karu a ] a pathetic.

failure to discern what to do. power of discrimi nating between what ought to be [ kart tba ] n authority. to cut. instrument. ̃ n. [ karka ī a śāntabala a ] n the Calms of Cancer. a helmsman. sin. mumps. due to. an ac tivity. [ karē u ] n the elephant. ef fect. ability to work. slime. ̃ n. a. ̃ n. to refute. a worker. miry.. (of boats and ships) a helm. au dible. a performer. act a.) fidelity. n. ̃ n. ̃ n. tender. an employee. within the range of hearing. any instrument for cutting. Ravana ( ) as mentioned in the Ramayana ( ). lazy. chopped. rule. unwilling to work. the ear drum. n. ̃ n. ̃ n. tired with work. ̃ . earache. officiousness. a rakshas. a chief. sin. .) a key. undutifulness. . ̃ n. good result ( ) (gr. mud.) the Crab. amputated. for wearing ear rings). . a boss. an anthropophagite. sinful. service life. domination. resignation. ̃ a. to lend. ̃ প n. any ornament for the ear.) the nominative case. act of doing one's duty. a stem.̃ . refutation ( ) v. one who is an ocean of compassion or kindness. cancer. duteous. the skull. ac tions. kartarī. re futed. ̃ n. to pay heed to. to chop. to trim. to pass or spend. [ kar a ] n the ear. (gr. repayment of debt. cashierment.) the quasi-passive voice.) a yes-man. spun. to spin. v. act of spinning. ̃ . a master. averse to work. a subject. [ kartabya ] a that which is proper or ought to be done. to control. hard-working. ̃প n. ̃ n. & n. devotion to duty. active. an ear ring. profession. ̃ . the Trop- [ karka a ] n the crab. a flat terer of a powerful or leading person. প n. the ear-hole. working power. ̃প n. hoarse. an action. to shear. dis missed or removed from service. [ kartita ] a cut. ̃ n. industrious. ̃ n. active.) an object. ). ˜ a. to boss. to sever. . use. cranial. ̃ n. ̃প n. variegated with colours. a duty. a doer. . . its plant. (loos. bewildered. to interfere.) the objective or accusative case. gruff. প v. ̃ n. root of the ear. ̃ n. ̃ n. a man with authority. done and what ought not to be done. ̃প n. v.) a diagonal. a performer. resulting from. an employee. a rite ( . inflammation of the auricular glands. undutiful. capable of working. caused by. a rudder. dismissal or re moval from service. to borrow. v. [ kardama ] n gluey mud. of one who does or works or performs. ̃ v. the master of a house or family. (geom. active part of one's life. a producer. many-coloured. . roughly. প same as adv. sense of duty. to hear. husky. karō i. hoarseness. act of giving up a job. v. ceremonies. the Indian marigold (?). adroit. fem. ̃ n. about to do. a worker. derelic tion of duty. to tell. a supervisor or manager of an affair. [ kar āntara ] n act of telling another (esp. doing things according to the master's will. ̃প n. manycoloured. ̃ n. [ karkaśa ] a rough. [ karē ] prep as the result of. harshly. variegated with colours. severed. failure in one's duty. (gr. to amputate.) one of an anthropo phagous race. ̃ n. [ kar ikā ] n an ornament for the ear. a bond. turbid. act of passing a piece of in formation to others. karō ī . ̃ a. to listen (to). same as প [ kartari.) act of bossing or controlling. [ kart kāraka ] n (gr. a promissory note. rude. the tympanum. ̃ same as প ̃ a. to do one's duty. the ear hole. un desirably). (coll. ̃ n. efficient. rudely. heard. ̃ a. ̃ n. [ kartukāma ] a willing to do. cruel. state of being a boss. [ karka i. n. meddlesomeness. ̃ a. ̃ n. a worker. at a loss to determine one's duty. a place of work. trim ming etc.. . a pen. lopped. kartarikā ] n a cutting or par ing [ karō a. for ( ) v. proper. a creator. v. n. ] n a. a. ̃ n. ̃ n. [ kar ikāra ] n a plant bearing yellow flowers or its flower. ̃প . [ kartā ] a one who does or performs or works or produces or builds or creates etc. [ karma ] n a work. trimmed. failed in one's duty. ̃ a. interfering. fa tigued. ̃ n. practical life. [ karja ] n debt. a builder. (fig. a steersman. [ kart pada ] n (gr. duti fulness. a cannibal. the cranium.̃ a. func tion. v. ceremony. an earwig. ̃ a. ̃ n. v. n. an obli gation. submission to the master's dictates. serviceable. (astrol. a husband. sense of duty. full of gluey 119 ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ . duteousness. to boss.) a nominative. a part of the Vedas dealing with rituals. (astrol. functions.) the Crab. ̃ roughness. ear-wax. com passionate. the ear-hole. a performer. ̃ a. conversant with religious rites and duties. ̃ n. an agent. a householder. ̃ n. প v. [ karnika ] n a trowel. to come to know. a field or sphere of activity. cashiered. the burden of rule or manage ment. a seed-vessel of lotus. ̃ n. act of listening ̃ (to). ̃প a. the husband and the wife. a task. a doer. harshness. (sarcas. situation vacant. ̃ n.) a leader. (gr. ̃ same as ̃ same as n. to rule. shorn. duty. act of bossing. karka ī ] n a kitchen vegetable akin to cucumber. [ kartana ] n act of cutting or chopping or trimming or lopping or amputating or shearing etc. under one's rule or management. ̃ n. n. ̃ n. a deed. ̃ . (of violins etc. to be heard. ̃ . act or ceremony of bor ing one's ears (usu. ̃ n. to make one hear. service ( ). a pilot. duti ful. ̃ n. an author. karō ikā. to do one's duty. to make other people feel one's authority.̃ ic of Can cer. ̃ adv. bewilder ment. ̃ a. loan. cruelty.) the nominative. [ karbura. to inform. capable of working. able. rudeness. to lop. able. ̃ a. a pair of scissors. huskiness. . an im portant or influential person. n. act of severing. the master of a household and his wife. chopping. the period of life during which a person works. active. a doer. a stalk. for the sake of duty or obligation. ̃ a. slimy. duty. a purpose ( ). ̃ n. expert. ̃ a. mire. propriety. to boss. to dominate. harsh. to assist in the man agement or execution of. an officer. karbūra ] n (myth. a religious sect of Bengal devoted to Sir Gauranga ( ). ̃ a. ̃ n.

̃ . a marionette. (of sound) sweet low and indislove of work.) composing [ karmakāra ] n a blacksmith. on business or in course of business. ̃ n. consequences (now usu. to germinate. a sweet murmur. a performer of great deeds. ̃ n. ̃প n. to perform or accomplish a deed.[ karmēndri a ] n any of the organs to work with (such as hands. attraction ( ). effortfulness. at tracted. extremely active. ing. ̃ a. for the sake of business. enthusiasm. steam-engine. beginning of activities. a witness of an act. . an auto mobile. devotion to work. [ kar a2. to sprout. devoted to work. a puppet. ̃ v. a [ karmādhīna ] a subject to the consequences of one's deeds (esp. to give up a job. any of the natural elements who witness all actions. method or system of work ing. cultivated. employed (in a service or work). [ karmānu hāna ] n performance of a work or cer emony. a directs him. without employment. diligence. at the [ karmārambha ] n beginning of a work or cer emony. consequences of one's actions (esp. 1 2 2 [ kala2 ] n a call. a place of work or busi ness. ̃ a. of a previous life) that governs one's weal or woe. a workshop. the course of business. stratagem. path or field of work. a mill[ karmānubandha ] n the course of business. course of action. & n. & n. the scene or field of one's action.). kar a a ] n act of tilling. [ karmōpalak yē ] adv on business. a gramophone. v. misfortune (esp. a. one who or that which tills or attracts or presses or rubs. adv. babble (of streams). a device. a secretary. a tactic. by hook deeds. v. a puppet. to attend a call. v. hard-working or full of activities ( ). [ karmārha ] a suitable for (beginning) a work. act of rubbing ( ). neces sity caused hand. to cultivate. a person without free will or personality. ̃ crime or sin of evil-doing or wrong-doing. adv. to plough.) a person who acts just as one [ karmādhyak a ] n a superintendent. devoted to one's work. drawn. those done in a previous existence). de votion to work. attract ing. n. legs. perfor mance or accomplishment of a deed. a mill. evil ones) of one's action (esp. an ironsmith. a de vice. ̃ n. attractive. ̃ adv. ̃ a. dutiful. engaged in work. the system of purifying one's soul by means of action. with no work on hand. (gr. (rare) to retire from service. an ate lier. same as ̃ a. ploughable. ̃ a. (fig. a supervisor. a ̃ case-book. fit for work. programme to be undertaken. a with an adjective and a noun. ̃ n. v.) a system of forming a compound word shop. the doctrine that action is the chief end of life or that for the final liberation of one's soul one has to resort to action (and not to thought or meditation alone). ̃ a. expert. প n. a smithy. industrious. to resign. ̃ n. [ karmisa gha ] n trade union. ̃ a. ̃ a. . a means. to set a trap. hardworking. ploughed. success in or accomplishment of an undertaking. 120 ☐ ☐ of leaving or abandoing a work. efficient. full of actions. pressed. to press. ̃ n. 3 [ kala3 ] n a machine. the bond of action. fullness of activity. ̃ n. a. by business. one who works sincerely and re lentlessly. one who or that which spoils or bungles a work or works. ̃ n. or crook. ̃ n. ̃ n. a lock ( ). pressure. a contrivance. ̃প . one who preaches or obeys the doctrine of ac tion. machine-made. depending on work or action. ̃ n. প v. tilled. ̃প n. sweet-voiced. a tentacle. ̃ n. end of the work. rubbed. sweet-toned. to till. effort. ̃ n. a. active life. an uncommonly active person. a. a. an em ployee.̃ same as as you brew so you drink. ̃ n. preaching or obeying or inspired by the doctrine of action. change of work or job. act of pressing. efficient. (fig. ̃ প n. devoted to work. a work[ karmadhāra a ] n (gr. cultivation. warbling. (fig. karmānurakti ] n devotion to work. active. [ karmōdyama ] n enterprise. [ karmānusārē ] adv according to one's deeds or works (esp. [ karmī ] a able to work. to execute a work or task. the doctrine of action. tap-water. an overseer. execution of a work or task. ̃ a. tactfully. an artifice. which is caused by one's evil doing or wrong-doing in this life or in a previ ous life). retire ment from service. serviceable. ̃ n. to perform a work or ceremony. engaged in work. [ karmi ha ] a very active. ̃ a. a. প a spring-doll. to draw. & n (gr. bab bling. প v. ˜ n. ̃প .̃ n. deeds. n. devoid of work. fruitless suf fering or labour. dilitinct. ̃ adv. enjoyment of pleasures or (more gener ally) suffering from the unpleasant con sequences of one's actions.) the passive voice. those done in a previ ous existence). a trap ( ). v. to intrigue. very much devoted to work.) one who works most sin cerely. line of action. (fig. ̃ n. the earthly life. [ karmābasāna ] n the end of the work. begin ning of daily activities. a railway train. to attract. a worker. to have recourse [ karmaprabacanī a ] a. a factory. perform ing great deeds. a (chief) ex ecutive officer. pl works useful and useless. to ex ert hidden influence. warble . ☐ [ kala1 ] n a sprout. a steamship. ̃ n. . & n. policy of action. a. mill made.) a person who acts just as one directs him. tongue etc. adroit. workmaster. ̃ প a. a sin. an untiring worker. act of drawing or attracting. to advise or instigate secretly. (of a gun) a trigger or lock. n. sweetly murmurgent. as you sow so you reap. active habits. to rub. a studio. an engine. and miswires. possessing active habits. to pull the [ karmākarma ] n. a steamer. attractable. [ karmāntara ] n another work or job. that which can be pressed or rubbed. those governing one's weal or woe).) prepositional. ̃ n. v. to call in (as a doctor). 4 [ kala4 ] n a low sweet and indistinct sound. on business. programme of work. employment exchange. to set a trap. v. v. engage ment in work. that which is to be ploughed or cultivated or drawn or attracted or pressed or rubbed. rules of action. [ karmānurāga. (of birds). ̃ n. to a ploy or artifice. one who practises this system. (rare) an ironmonger. a great worker. a way ( ). arable. ̃ a. to pull the string or wire. mak ing a sweet low and indistinct sound.

to traduce. (coll.) to eat a ba nana. to engage or cause to engage in quarrel. (dero. ̃ . tarnish. [ kalami ] n an edible aquatic plant (cp. an artiste. a mare's nest ( ) v.) rapid loud talk. triangular like the head of a spear. ̃ a. a row of plan tains. a contention. a cluster of plantains. the moon. [ kalaha ] n a quarrel. an age full of sins.) any of the minut est divisions of the zodiac. [ kalā1 ] n the plantain. v. a line of a verse or a song. a sweet murmur or babble. histology. v. ̃প . clerical. a turban. প v. to set (persons) by the ears. to quarrel. the gander (fem. enamelware. to murmur or babble or warble sweetly or repeatedly. v. a multitude ( ). ̃ . (astro. sullied. murmuring or babbling or war bling sweetly. ̃ .) the tissue system. enamelled. the banana. a copyist. to graft. fond of quarrels. (usu. to raise and show one's thumb defiantly or disdainfully. to strive.) to be able to do nothing or to be able to do no harm. receipt. a very small point of time.) an expert writer. quill-driving. fem. fine arts. to dis pute. tinning. to laugh cacklingly. a mark. a bumble-bee. a lunar digit. shingle. ̃ . to mend a pen. v. ̃ . a measure of time (=8 seconds). the Vaishnavic ( ) style of painting one's face with sandal-paste ( ). one who is versed in the classical person of disrepute. [ kala ka ] n a spot. ̃ n. coll. [ kalāra ] n a collar. প the pea hen. to pray ac cording to the Islamic scriptures. a. to tin. n. fem. an appellation of Shiva ( ). ̃ n. 1 2 . a. ̃ n. fem. tainted. ). (coll. to contend. ̃ n. ̃ n. pl mills and workshops. a brawl. a whit. (coll. . a small aquatic bird akin to the sand piper. plating. a stigma. compilation ( [ kalama1 ] n a column of a newspaper. ̃ of ill repute. a fine art. . 2 121 . tures ( ). act of clearing a Shiva ( ). rust. a shingling style of hair dressing. the sixty-four varieties of fine arts taken collectively. the dried-up bark of a banana-tree. a pen-stand.̃ same as (n.) wife of God Ganesha ( ). one worn round the waist.). amorous) tete-a-tete. v. hastate.̃ n. ̃ n. to plate.sweet poems ( ).̃ n. the peacock. v. ̃ n. efficiency in fine arts. pen-pushing. a bit. a young banana-plant dressed as a mar ried lady and conceived as a female deity worshipped by Hindus. pea-legume. ̃ a. ̃ . g.) to show a plantain. a prism ( ). ̃ n. ̃ . a disgraceful incident. [ kalakā ] n leafy decoration. [ kalāpa ] n an ornament esp.) a woman with a long veil or an awk wardly bashful woman. tarnished. a cock a minute. ̃ a. a sweet 4 note. a woman who dismisses her lover after a quarrel and suffers severe mental pain. to bite the thumb. to deceive. to grow a plant by grafting. arts. [ kalagi. creation ap proaching final annihilation. a col lection. to defy. ). [ kalāi1 ] n enamel. a bunch of bananas.) useless writing. culture of arts and crafts. v. ̃ a. & n.) to fail or be disap pointed utterly. (anat. an artist. making a low sweet and indistinct sound. (lit. a stalk of spinach. a. 1 [ kalāi2 ] n any of the varieties of legumi nous seeds yielding pigeon-pea or pulses. disreputable. vocal music. to conflict. a taint. murmuring or babbling sweetly.̃ n. fem. fem. (loos. coll. an infernal age. rusted. ̃ a. tumult. প v. a variety of flower or its tree. (of utensils) to lose one's enamel. 2 1 [ kalā2 ] n one-sixteenth part of the moon. an artisan. (dero. (coll. ̃ n. enamelling. [ kalakārakhānā ] n. ̃ n. an artist. (euph. a build ing or room for the v.) nothing. repeated sweet murmur or babble or warble.) to talk rapidly and loudly. the goose). fem. artistic skill. partment of arts (e. [ kalana ] n calculation ( act of receiving. with a stroke of the pen. a strife. tact. ̃ n. (fig. ̃ a. a low sweet and indistinct sound or voice. having an embroidered border. (lit. decorated with leafy de signs. a scribe. usu. in a university). ̃ n. clerk ship. - [ kalama2 ] n a plant grown by grafting. 2 [ kalālāpa2 ] n a discussion about fine arts. confused loud noise as made by a multitude of people shouting and talking at a time. a. a small tray or 1 stand for keeping pens. ̃ প a.) a tissue. an opera-house.) to eat a burnt banana. n. [ kalaghara ] n a machine-room (of a factory). fem. ̃ n. decorative em broidery in the borders of a sari. to wield a pen. (of the cir cumference of a circle) . . v. an appellation of verdigris. (usu.̃ n. adroitness. quarrelsome. ̃প a. (anat. ˜ n. প v. (lit. [ kalabha ] n a young elephant. skill. a pen case. disgrace. to befool. a stain. the moon. a picture gallery. ̃ . fem. [ kalama3 ] n a pen. [ kalatāni ] n morbid watery secretion from a wound or sepsis. ̃ ̃ v. bean. প n. to write.) to fail in an attempt. fem. an uproar. shawl etc. ̃ n. versed in all the sixty-four varieties of fine arts. disrepute. the swan. plated. a dispute. to hoodwink. restora tion of one's good repute. tinned. . 3 ☐ ). stigmatized. [ kalakabajā ] n. to enamel. to kick up a row. a scandal. n. a pleasant (and work as a clerk. un chaste. a hullaba loo. scandalous. embroidered. ̃ n. Kalmia). pl machinery. the presiding deity of this age (also . [ kalamba ] n an arrow. kalagā ] n a head-dress. skilled in fine arts. v. artifice. the cuckoo. moment. প n. ̃ n. .) utter peril. (dero. the deto clear a person of disrepute. dis graceful. to cheat. a on the top of a head dress. a studio. [ kalamā ] n any of the principal words of an Islamic prayer. 2 ☐ [ kali2 ] n a bud. a peacock's tail.) to [ kalālāpa1 ] n a sweet low and indistinct sound. an art. a book etc. v. a gentle articulate smile with a sweet cackling noise. a headgear. ̃ n. a bathroom. ̃ one who smiles gently with a sweet cackling noise. to turn up one's collar. a banana tree. 1 [ kali1 ] n the fourth or last age of creation according to Hindu scrip[ kalamaci ] n an amanuensis. ̃ v. ̃ n. fear of scandal or ill fame. the curved bark of a banana-tree. a sullying mark.

imaginative. a thinker. supposable. [ kalpana ] n act of inventing or imagining or fancying or ascribing or resolving or thinking or supposing. a fancier. devisable. to slash. well-be ing. a. creating. universal annihilation. strict ness. the corresponding part of the jaw in side the mouth.) in oil or fat and with spices. thinkable. form of address in a letter. end or termination of one whole day of Brahma ( ). a vertebra. meat cooked with oil and spices. prosperity. n. imaginary. inven tion. doing good. n. one who ascribes. com posed. soil. v. constipative ( ).) in oil or fat and with spices. a n. slightly reddened ( ). ̃ n. fem. that which can be fancied. fancied. v. lash ing. [ kalki ] n the tenth and the last incarna tion of Vishnu ( ) expected to take place in the Kaliyuga ( ). tannin. to imagine. ascrib able.) an extremely liberal and generous person. . n. [ kalpya ] a contrivable. a scriptural direction ( ). n. vertebrate.̃ .) a person who blindly and mechanically drudges and undergoes extreme hardships for others but without any profit for him self. law etc.) inventing. or tannic taste. supposing. devised. tannin. a (mythological) wish ing-tree. act of trying gold and other metals on a touchstone. ̃প n. reddish. stain ☐ ☐ . [ ka ā a ] n bitter or astringent juice or taste. great joy or delight. [ ka a ] n a kind of astringent juice of some plants ( caused by this juice ( ). a. thought (out). benefi cial benefactory. tanning. unswerving enforce ment of rule. 2 2 [ kalpaka ] a one who or that which imagines or composes or plans or ascribes. v. the name of the scripture announc ing and giving an account of this in carnation. ̃ . to bind tightly. sully. imaginary. 1 2 1 1 [ kallōla ] n a roaring wave. a. [ kaśā ] n a whip. ascribed. [ kalu ] n an oil-man (esp. severe. picturesque imagination. to tan (hides). [ kalpa1 ] sfx almost. one (usu. the jaw. to tighten. to higgle. vitiated. (fig. ). one who resolves. ̃ n. touchstone. commencement of a holy tide. to fancy. v. an inventor.) signed in oil or fat and with spices. eternal. resolution ( ). beginning or commencement of a day of Brahma ( ). universal annihilation. quicklime. ̃ a. good. in red. composing. strained state. one whole day of Brahma ( ) amounting to 432. guilty. a. full of great joy or de light. a. a. slightly astringent. [ kalicuna ] n unslaked lime. a. defilement. to make as tringent. giving washing away or purifying a sin or guilt or fault. ☐ a. v. al truistic. n. & n. to chaffer. [ kalila ] a dense. to suppose. to try (gold etc. inventing or devising. a paradisia cal creeper. to give a sound thrashing or drubbing.) on a streak-plate. proper. an uproar. fanciful. to enforce strict ness or rigour. a fault. dull red colour. [ kalyā a ] n welfare. beneficial. to work out (a mathematical sum). devisable. to ascribe.̃ n. act of tightening.̃ a. fancied. benefit. n. to devise. resolving. imagina tive power. ̃ to you or him who deserves (my) good wishes. a. to lash. supposed. supposition. fem. of bitter or astringent taste. fish etc. of a. a lash. to resolve. ̃ . a. [ kali ga ] n Orissa including the Dravidian region on its south. to singe (meat. a molar tooth. tight. to lash. limewash. to singe meat. a. [ kalma a ] n filth. of prosperity. imaginable. ob ject. beneficent. thinkable. the ver tebral column. overindulging in imagi nation. to calculate (price etc. a deviser. one who imagines. to flog. estrangement ( ). dregs. act of singeing (meat. fem. fem. by caste). higgling ( ). an imaginary portrait. a molar. to contest or try laboriously. devising. ˜ . aim ( ). [ kaśēru ] n the backbone. sedi ment. resolving. strict. an a. to invent. to white wash.) divested of taste or flavour. benefactory. giving prosperity. Elysium. happy. ☐ n. [ kalka ] n deposit of any liquid. contrived. full of loud confused noise.3 [ kali3 ] n whitewash. to tan (hides). n. re solve. 1 [ ka ana1 ] n act of rubbing or itching. to whip. [ ka ā2 ] a astringent. compounded. tugging and counter-tugging. sin ful. ̃ a. filthy. [ kalpita ] a invented. v.) loathsome.) a. benignant. a side or party ( ). doing good. everlasting. a Utopia. ascrib ing. a sin. fancy ing. whipping. a dreamland. one who supposes. resembling ( ). ̃ a. another whole day and night of Brahma ( ). imagin able. to beat. college education. gra [ kalēja ] n a college. a younger person deserving affection. supposing. that which can be fancied. tannic taste. 122 ☐ ☐ ☐ [ kalpa2 ] n one of the principal and most an cient Hindu scriptures forming a part of the Vedic literature (also ). cious. a loud confused noise. niggardly. thinking. dyed (esp. billowy. defiled. close-fisted. . thought. created. mixed. dirty. act of working out a mathematical sum. ascribable. ascribing. actuated by or existing in imagination. an imaginative person. adulterated. fancying. soiled. [ kaśa ] n the corner of the mouth. dyed. (of meat. to drub. (fig. ascription. vapoury. an appellation of Goddess Kali ( ). n. n. imagining. the back bone. decoction. rigour. to quarrel (with). singed meat. v. ̃ v. imagining. to strike. fem. v. the vertebral bone. [ kalpī ] a (chiefly used as a sfx. a. given to imagination. guilt.). a. guilty. to whip. a ritual rule or a holy time ( ). tanning. Indian musical mode. [ kaśānō ] v to whip. vertebral bone. sin. imaginary. a river. n. [ kalu a ] n a sin or guilt. benevolent. to flog. the backbone. fem. the spine. act of fastening tightly. imagined. sinful. faculty of imagination. ̃ n. years ( ). fancy. full of roaring waves. a junior fellow) whose well-being is or should be wished. imagination. contriving. (fig. resolved. n. [ ka ana2 ] n tightening. dirt. a billow. fish etc. n. (fig. dull red. prescrib able. to estrange oneself (from). thinking. disgusting. supposable. to think. fish etc. to tighten. favourable. a. a fancied land where everything is good and avail able. fem.

(fig. a touchstone. [ kānkana ] n a bangle. v. ̃ n. a very lean person. [ kasura ] n a fault. vex[ kāōrā ] n one of a very low social caste amongst Hindus. [ kahā ] v to say. verdant ( ). fresh. tried on a streak-plate and found perfectly pure ( ). to cobble. kānculi ] n a bodice. ever. distressing. at loggerheads with. ̃প n. exercise. labour. v. privation. (of loincloth) having a [ kānkara ] n a very small particle of stone. difficult. kā saka ] n thought. [ kahi ] v (obs. difficulty. [ kānka2 ] n the armpit. ̃ carapace. [ ka ē bāndhā ] v. to speak. 123 . a trick. vulcanite. to put to diffi[ kāukē ] pro whom. explicable. to suffer. to cause suffering (to). painstak ing. to contrive to live on a small income. a butchery. hard effort. [ kāncā ] a unripe. township). [ kahatabya ] a speakable. to be moved with pity or sympathy. ̃ a. express ible. & a. tender. hard.) nothing. ̃ a. musk. v. able to instrument. to assay (metals). প v. a coarse grain of sand. to get into trouble. full of or mixed with stones.) an extremely cruel or unfeeling or hardhearted per son. প v. a great effort ( ). to commit an offence. the hip.) by rubbing on a touchstone. want or lack. toilsome. ̃ v. musk. [ kāncala. to none ( ). oath. the armpit. a corset. ̃ same as [ ka ārjita ] a hard-earned ( ). to oppress. n. toil ( ). ̃ n. to grieve. kāncalā. a punctuation mark used in Bengali in place of a full stop. a brazier. a show or display of skill. প cannot say. drill. [ ka i ] n act of trying or testing (gold etc. a bracelet. [ kāncaka ় ā ] n tortoise-shell. culty. the hip. int. ̃ a. . imper. not brick-built. a failing. n. kā sa. worth mention ing.) a place of merciless oppression. grit. n. pa rade. a defect. to take trouble. a shortcoming. gritty. [ kā sya. far-fetched. made of mud. [ kānkabi ় āli. alloy of copper and tin. worth mentioning. to manage with difficulty. [ kānka ় ā ] n the crab. . a scuffle. . ̃ n. to suffer (from). the part of the loincloth which is tied round the waist. [ ka a ] n grief. (fig. at).) extremely hard-hearted behaviour. to feel pain. to suffer. unprac- [ kastākasti ] n mutual wrestling or strug gling. utterable. [ kānkāla ] n the waist. at daggers drawn. touchstone. to gravel. to endeavour laboriously. 1 2 . . the waist. oppressive. to tell. an offence. [ kānkurē ] a gravelly. raw ( ). (fig. sorrow. pain ful. to take an [ kānka ] n the heron. bell metal. utter ance. [ ka ita ] n tried on a streak-plate. cutcha ( ). trouble. imperfectly boiled. undergo hardships. want. [ kānki ] n a large comb with thick teeth. troublesome. to undergo hardships. to anybody. to labour [ kāi a ] n dregs or dross or less of any liq uid. to put to inconve nience. one who is only skin and bone. [ kasabā ] n a large and prosperous village with many advantages of a town (cp. . . pain. in God's name. a suburb. whale-bone. & n to fasten or fastening very tightly. a modesty-vest. at no time. to pain. to take pains. a gravel-pit. hardship. a slaughter-house. laborious. [ kasabi ] n a harlot. a far-fetched or forced or laboured concept or . [ kasāi ] n a butcher. never. ficulty. [ kānkarōla ] n a kind of cucurbitaceous kitchen vegetable. . to be op pressed or distressed. [ ka ēs ē ] adv with considerable or great difficulty. neglect. [ kāncakalā ] n a species of plantain which is chiefly used in its green state. the flank. a. . young ( ). ̃ v. bras siere. to relate. narration or rela tion. (joc. a shambles. a dish of bell metal used as a musical suffering.) on a touchstone. [ kahana ] n act of saying or telling. v. to distress. to swear. n. utterable. kānkabē ় āli ] n a painful boil in [ kasarata ] n a physical or athletic feat. to toil. v. প n. suffering. a swear. a prostitute. forced. . gravel. green ( ). a tender stone of green mango. scarlet. an acrobatic feat. ̃ same as a. make one say or tell.) a per son who is reduced to skeleton. the scorpion. expressible. immature ( ). [ kastā ] a scarlet-coloured. (fig. unmetalled ( ). an omis sion. v. [ kāncapōkā ] n a species of green beetle a bit of whose hard wing is used by women to adorn their foreheads. a cobbled road. [ kasama ] n an oath. to try or test the purity (of gold etc. the flank. inured to hardships. to wrestle or struggle (with each other). act of speaking. ̃ same as ̃ n. to give trouble. a demirep. a cor sage. v. say. a gravel-walk. to utter. [ kastura ] n the musk-deer. ̃ . un cooked ( ). kāmibici ] n a seed or stone of tamarind. grieve (for.[ ka i ] n a straight line drawn with a pen or pencil. & poet) says. a woman of the town. [ kānku ় ] n the green melon. kā syaka. to fail or neglect to do. adv. v. atious. the pro fession of a butcher. to narrate. [ kānkalāsa ] n the chameleon. 1 [ kāmibīci. unburned ( ). [ kasmin kālē ] adv at any time. to make one say or tell or utter or speak or narrate or relate. to [ kāō āli ] n an Indian light musical mode or measure. ̃ প scarlet bor der. hard. to be in dif [ kāō āja ] n training in the use of guns.

any longish thing or instrument with a pointed end or ends ( ). coincidental. . ̃ a. complain. barbed wire. ). state of being carried or borne on shoulders of more than one person at a time. a prickle. just at. easy or cash ( ). to send back to the original stage. to quiver. ̃ n. adv. lachrymose. [ kān āla. to prevent. প v. [ kānci ] a short. kān hāli kalā ] n a superior vari light. tremor. tearful. to palpi tate. not deep or sound. ̃ raw material (for production of industrial goods). instru ment. work etc. a species of flower tree yielding flowers lookpatchwork. a caret (^). to set palpitating. black. ̃প a. to tremble. one who or that which makes one weeping. to shake. uncertain. scared out of one's wits. to cause to quiver. dim or faint moon. [ kāmpā ] v to tremble. not according to or below the standard ( ). (fig. a fishbone. greengrocery ( প = greengrocer. to transfer a burden to another's shoulder or to one's other shoulder when feeling fatigued. the neck. [ kāmsara ] n a dish of bell metal (alloy of copper and tin) used as a musical in strument. bungling ( ). & v. humble and importu nate solicitation. to place and carry upon one's shoulder. to vi brate. vibration. . not fast. wary nap or slumber. in the primary stage ( ). [ kāndha ] n the shoulder. v. [ kānthā ] n a cotton wrapper or patched cloth or bedsheet made of very early morning. defective. tremulour ( ). closely woven. ).). to start (as in fear). fem.) an impossible thing. . side by side. [ kānji ] n the water in which boiled rice has been kept steeped overnight (this water tastes sour). ̃ v.). ̃ প n. to send trembling. [ kāncumācu ] a embarrassed. v. so be cause of it—a fallacious reasoning). tremble. husking.[ kāndānō ] v to make lachrymose. tree. not grey ( ). to shed tears. the [ kāmsi ] n a dish of bell metal used as a kitchen utensil or amusical jack. (fig. the female crow. brief and careless bath. the cuckoo. gooseflesh ( ). v. to have gooseflesh.) lamentation or complaint. ̃ n. to shake. n. unwise. or 14 gms.) an ob stacle or snag. প (fig. punctually.̃ n. to come forward to assist or cooperate. adv.) ̃ a. the nim. ̃ n. v. greying. [ kāndōkāndō ] a about to weep. un reliable ( .51z. pure. ̃ n. v. n. ̃প n. unseasoned ( ). husked. ̃ n. to undo (all that has been done). dero. to a. a fork (used in eating meals). plan. scheme. to solicit humbly and importunately. a lovelock. to vibrate. unadulter ated ( ). a brazier. [ kāmpana ] n trembling. ̃ . to shrug one's shoulder. v.) to set a thief to catch a thief.) crystal-clear. ̃ n. [ kāndi ] n a cluster ( cluster. the margosa[ kān ় i ] n a heap. to grow in [ kāndunē ] a given to weeping. related to one another as cause and ef fect. n. ̃ n. the jack-tree. [ kāka ] n the crow. the scapula. mak- ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ . to have shiv ering. ̃ n. (of hair) partly black and partly grey.) to make a cat's-paw of another. to shiver. [ kān ় ādāsa ] n a foolish but very obstinate fellow. to shudder. ̃ a. inexpert. unskilful. প v. to quake. as transparent as a crow's eyes. liable to fade or run ( ). to be stricken with trembling or shudder or shiver. ̃ a greehorn's head. repeated or continuous weep ing. ̃প n. quotation marks (" "). rawish. ing like ducks. deficient. প v. successive but a.) act or a spell of weeping. (fig. . a yellow flower smelling like a ripe jackfruit. - v. cheek by jowl. v. [ kān ācu ā ] n the hedgehog. undried. to weep bitterly. in rainwater). 2 1 1 [ kānci2 ] n scissors. a woman who becomes pregnant but once. (usu. ex. to cause to weep. causing tears. a. same as (a. quake. v. palpitation. who has the rashness to risk his head ? who'll dare? n. ̃ n. unsweetened curd made of unboiled milk ( ). to shoulder. dero. not thoroughly ripe or mature. get ting or to get completely drenched (usu. [ kān ā ] n a thorn. ing lachrymose. প (fig. tear-gas. প v. quake. to cause to husk. post hoc ergo propter hoc (after it. to un settle a settled thing (design. [ kāmsā ] n bell metal. to undo all progress. to cause to shudder. to palpitate ( ). kān hāla ] n the jackfruit. (fig. primary. un skilled ( ).) v. shrunken (esp. kāndani ] n (usu. close-grained ( ). provisional. to shrug. crow. [ kāncāhaluda ] n undried turmeric. lamentation. a variety of spinach. [ kānccā ] n a measure of weight (=. a hedge full of prickly shrubs. ̃ . sweet in the un ripe state ( ). humble and importunate solicita- 124 ☐ ☐ tised ( ). untanned. (cp. v. ˜ n. thorny. ̃ n. a pointer ( . husked. shake.) immature judg ment or intellect. a mare's nest. to set trembling. [ kāndana. being borne upon the shoulders of more than one person at a time. to solicit humbly and importunately. ̃ n. a mournful or piteous note. tion. to shiver.̃ n. a. [ kān āli kalā. to be startled.) v. raw ( ). ̃ a. below the standard ( ). not causally connected. the ety of plantain. shiver. to attract a crowd of people by loud lamentation or wailing. (of two or more incidents) coincidental and seemingly [ kān ় ā ] v to husk. unsunned. tremely bad and il legible handwriting. to lament or [ kāndā ] v to weep. weak ( ). husky. shudder. about to shed tears. ̃ n. ̃ n. ̃প n. to make one weep. faulty. to bear upon one's shoulder. rough ( ). with fear). that which has not yet been moved to the right place ( ). to lament. a soft drop or round sweetmeat made of posset. to shiver. a hand ( ). ). to volunteer to shoul der a burden.

a suffering or miserwork properly.) kiddies. v. v. chirping. ̃ প n. tation. tracing paper. to work. useful or valuable 125 ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ . (rhet.̃ a. v. occupation. v. to have one's object ful filled. . to prove one's worth through work. in presence of. supanother. reach. [ kāgaja ] n paper. a magistrate's court. [ kākubāda ] n importunate request or solici tation. to serve. to entrust with a work or job. to be the poor or beggars. good result. keeping always or mostly close to. an indigent man.—by an insincere worker) to be on duty neglectfully. v. [ kāchima ] n the tortoise. paper pulp. [ kāca ] n glass. result. vicinity.) to pull up one's socks. [ kākōdara ] a the snake. haphazard. to request or solicit importunately and repeatedly. to examine a work done. a. [ kāchākāchi ] adv near. tortoise- [ kāja ] n work. to wangle (by persuasion. ̃প n.) the female crow. v.) to be effective ( [ kācatulya ] a glasslike. ̃ tha or Puranjaya. suffering. fussy. same as n. ̃ a. fem. ). supplica tion. [ kācada a ] n a glass-rod. n. ̃ . ). neighbourhood. of newspaper. in the neighbourhood of. to make one begging. [ kāchānō ] v to draw near. beside. within the reach of ( ). a zamindar's ( ) or a feudal lord's court and office. situated or placed near. thus washed. to manage to obtain. habit ( ). em phasis of tone. such a person or thing. feed ing of the poor or beggars. [ kāchā1 ] n a piece of new and unbleached cloth worn round the neck by a Hindu mourning the loss of any of his parents or a similar person. approach. records. an act. to hang on as a parasite. hyaline. a humble petitioner. talk about work. crystal. to be effective ( ).him at the waist. parasitical. 2 [ kācā ] v to wash by rinsing and thrashing (as clothes etc. adv. [ kācanala ] n glass cylinder. a. transparent. v. by rinsing and thrashing. pl. away from one. profession. repeated importunate re quest or solicitation. fem (facet. thus washed. n. v. to su pervise a work. [ kāchāri ] n a court of justice. pa per money. supplication or humble prayer. (sl. quartz. use ( ). to get a work or task done. v. to allocate or allot a. (usu. the right man for a work. to have one's object achieved. about. only theoretically.প same as n. ). to pull up one's loin-cloth. v. [ kācama i ] n quartz. to be work able. avuncular. supplication. newspaper. action. to cause to wash by rinsing and thrashing. little ones. young children. miserable. aban doned. of pa per.̃ a. trickery etc. request or solici tation. [ kāchē ] adv. adv. a promissory stocks. regret. [ kāgābagā ] a destitute. to step up. ne glectful. to see that one does not lose one's job. trade. pebble. to approach. to manage to achieve one's end. artistry ( wistful ( ). to give service ( [ kācakupi ] n a funnel made of glass. heedkootstha ( ) or Puranjaya ( ). on paper. a law court. of an uncle. necessi[ kā āla ] a poor.). request. a paper dealer. less. to wheedle a thing out of able man. [ kāccābāccā ] n. the main point of a talk. indigent. descending from Kakoots. 1 2 [ kāchā2 ] n the part of the loincloth which the wearer tucks behind . nearly. [ kākutsha. a glass funnel. to distribute alms to trifles or with useless work. the turtle. ap proximately. to see that one works properly. hum bly praying for. an aunt. to be fussily active. the wife of an uncle. [ kācana ] n act of washing clothes etc. nearness. importunate v. [ kāku2 ] n voice turned hoarse. to impend. hya line. & n. earning one's livelihood by ). meanly ty. a. an uncle. close to. ̃ a. & prep near to. [ kāk ika ] a intrapetiolar. to become immi nent. [ kākūkti ] n anything said in supplication. (cp.) a figure of speech depending on the tone of voice akin to erotesis. [ kākali. in the vicinity of. duties to. v. ̃প n. uncareful. bond. practice. motive. a lens ( ). to show off. (usu. n. [ kākuti ] n anything uttered in supplication or regret.) a figure of speech depending on the tone of voice akin to erotesis. an office. documents. glass tube. government se curities or bonds. [ kācha ] n proximity. a news paper. (coll. distribution of always busy with nothing. a deed. a paper-weight. thus washed. out come. a document. business ( ). v. having a papery or very thin covering. a service ( ). crystal. pl infants. an employment. n. careless. v. cringing. destitute. success ( ). ever busy with alms to the poor or beggars. to do ( ?? will it do?). glassy. in writing or in print. earnest entreaty. a kachhari. (rhet. piteously eager to have ( . duty. dero. to be worth working. task ( ). papers.). n. useful talk. solicipresence. sepa rated. [ kācha i ] n a loincloth worn as tightly as a suspensor. .) beg gary. a job. kākalī ] n a low sweet and indis tinct murmur or [ kākā ] n younger brother of one's father. to get a. [ kākinī ] n. to cringe. dero. to give em ployment. a. adja cent. plication. v. wretched. hankering af ter. in black and white. ever busy with nothing. almost. a cutcherry. effective. shell. fem. to look for an employ ment or job. need. a begger.. kākutshya ] n a descendant of King Ka. inconsistent. to try to dis play ostentatiously that one is busy. a paper-manu facturer.

v.) a. obdurate. reductip of one's tongue and press it with the teeth. to avoid or escape a possible or impending calamity. [ kā ānō ] v to cause to be cut or hewn or cleft or chopped or [ kā anā ] n act of spinning. to mend or sharpen ( ). ). a. v. (see v. [ kā ati ] n power or opportunity of selling. incision. ampu tated. moved. 126 ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ . to take part in a skirmish. deduction. an active or useful or 2 [ kā ani2 ] n (usu. hewn. ̃ a. a small wooden enclosure. mowing. cloven. to let fall in drops. a skirmish. [ kājēi. of golden colour ( ). to let fall in drops. to construct ( ). to disperse ( ). [ kājakarma ] n. to be in the act of [ kāñcana ] n gold. to fox. trimming. v. to retort. to write out ( ). hard-hearted. to write ( ).) a spinner. . writing. to sink ( ). out of order. chopping. be dispelled ( ). use less. shortening. golden-yellow. n. to shorten. ̃ n. a mark of cutting or incision or operation. carving. a demand. to part hair. mown. to cor rect. to make corrections. collyrium. to hew. to chip in. to chip in. to in cise. wrangle. paring. lopping. v. to mow ( ). worthless. dispersing or lifting or giv ing the slip to or being sold or selling or being in demand or having recogni tion or flowing or coming out or being in [ kā āchēn ় ā ] n minor wound or injury. humourless. [ kājalā2. cutting. a girdle. wealth. competent per son. [ kā āi ] n charges for cutting. to [ kāji ] a a Muslim judge or interpreter of laws. to pen through and mark of bashfulness or in apol ogy. an employee. [ kā akhō ā ] a tough and obstinate. conse quently. mowing. flower.) (to be able) to do [ kā aku a ] n making alterations in several places of a manuscript nothing. as black as collyrium. to swim. to draw ( . piecegoods. to com pose. (usu. fem. (fig. riches ( ). to amputate. to trim. a spinning wheel. charged for cutting. to refute ( ). kāñjika. of priest. to add night (this water tastes sour). sale. so. disabled.thing. . dig ging. to reduce. opera tion. lop ping. ( ). to be in de mand ( ). to crack a crib. a. v. to strike off ( . hewing. to break stealthily into a mud house. quarrel. auriferous. to pare ( ). unfeeling. to operate.) ingratitude is the law of the n. penned through. [ kā amōllā ] n an uneducated ignorant and fanatical Muslim [ kā arā ] n a wooden room or stall. to pass ( ). one's weight. ). v. chopped. capping or reciting or picking or pinching or passing or dis pelling or . ] n the water in which boiled rice has been kept steeped overmaking garments. a fight. act of dis figuring with corrections. [ kā ākā i ] n mutual killing or slaughter. to answer in retaliation. to lift ( ). a spinning-jenny. to refuse [ kāji ā ] n quarrel. to bamboozle. writ ing out. uncouth and ill-mannered. a servant. biting. v. ( ). to bite one's tongue (as a tion. spinning etc. lopped. mended. a. insult to injury. kāñjī. pl activities. on the fore head. painting. stiff. spinning [ kā achān a ] n (chiefly of garments) cut. (sarcas. ( ). to do ( ). [ kājari ] n an Indian folk-dance or its ac companying music. made of carved. v. run-over by a railway alter at places. to dig ( ). eating. the act of doing etc. to protest ( ). a market-place. to spin. to clear up [ kā ani ] n the charge for spinning. to cleave. paint ( ). incised. to put a holy mark be tween the eyebrows or unsympathetic. [ kā agōm āra ] a extremely obstinate. প textile fabrics for kāñjīka. v. eaten. v. to make a slip in ( . to quarcarving or mowing or lopping or trimming or par ing or amputating or rel. drawing. to bite ( ). [ kā abya ] n (chiefly used as a correl. operated. to deduct ( ). ̃ chopping ( . a box.[ kā ā-ghā ] n wound or injury caused by a cut. to operate train. a mart. to be therefore. ). to mow grass. . ampu[ kāñci ] n an ornament worn round the waist. to lance ( ). re duction. a variety of paddy.) to steal something under one's very nose. sinking. kājēkājēi ] adv resultantly. to show the etc. or operated or dug or sunk or written out or painted or con structed or 1 1 capped or recited or flowed or done. ) harshness. cleaving. brawl. correction. to cap or recite a rhyme. kāñjikā. to recite. to say in retort.) to interpose. to carve ( ). mending or sharpen ing . [ kā akhōlā ] n a frying-pan without oil or sand. rudeness. a carved or mown or lopped or trimmed or pared or ampu tated or incised spinning spindle or top. cleft. hewing. kājali ] n a reddish variety of sugarcane. a. intran sigent. minor) surgical operations. [ kā ā ] v to cut. public demand. etc. alteration. ). v. to sell. to chop. struck off. a variety of golden doing. . 2 . striking off. to cap ( ). outspoken ( ). shape. (pop. to eat ( ). a dock ( ). v. to . a. a vessel shaped like a pair of hollow scissors for preparing collyrium. to burgle. to dis figure with corrections. to pen through. used in cutting or gold ( ). cut. a sash tation. lanced.) to in terpose. occupations. penning through. abridgement. to lop ( ). sharpened. having a golden lustre or radiance. hewing. to pull rough. to pinch or pick ( [ kājubādāma ] n cashew-nut. to kill or [ kā ana ] n act of cutting or hewing or cleaving or chopping or slay one another. golden. incising or oper ating or biting or eating or penning through or striking [ kā ākhāla ] n an excavated watercourse or canal for irrigation off or deducting or digging or sinking or drawing or paint ing or writing out or mending or sharp ening or refuting or protesting or con structing or or for inland navi gation. [ kājala ] n lamp-black. make.). to abridge. প (fig. lopping. [ kāñji. v. (pop. upon. mowing. ). world. make-up. sold. merciless. by penning through it. v. to fight one another.

a. act of lifting or grabbing. n. [ kātalā ] n a variety of fresh-water flat fish. ̃ . sapless ( ). hard and dry and rough. v. to be fatigued. over. ̃ n. titled or tilting. evenly matched. a variety of large and black ant living on trees. ̃ n. kadam ( ) tree. to slant.) skeleton ( ). scorching. ). to fatigue. [ kā hinya ] n hardness.) to try to irritate or harm or foil. to utter or pronounce. to defeat. an event. to tilt. a plaintive tone. to absolve. wood. a variety of very thin grasshopper. a caulis. [ kātukutu ] n tickling (with the hand esp. a preliminary sketch. afflicted. to tickle. having such a heart. ̃ n. to overcome ( . in the arm-pit). dry vomit. aggrieved state. ̃ n. of adv. [ kātyā anī ] n a name of Goddess Durga ( [ kādamba ] a pertaining to the kadam ( flowers collec tively. create a funny or serious or curious affair. ̃ n. a doleful utterance. an arrow. when Greek meets Greek ( ). hardened. [ kā hāma. ̃ a. ̃ a. to overcome. ̃ n. to tilt. scorching rays of the sun. a spool. act of utter ing or pronouncing ( ). gumption. composed of very thin bones. to cause to snatch 127 ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ . supplication. speaking in a doleful voice. ̃ n. sing. [ kātāna ] n a large knife or bill-hook (esp. (vul. act of attract ing or enticing ( ). ̃ . slanted or slanting. fa tigued. made of wood. to put to bed. n. af fliction. a measure of land (=72 sq. kadam n. a dry measure of grain or a re ceptacle for this measuring. charcoal. a. caulinary. a. dumb founded. a reel. a frame. ft. to lay or turn on one side. প to work laboriously (for). exactly fitting to all grooves or points ( ). a box. a.) a. an af flicted or aggrieved heart.). fem. to be thrown to the ground. com posed of bamboo.) act of snatching away. Catla buchamani. scrambling. harshness. to moan. distress. v. ় ). to cause to seize by force or tactics. [ kāta ] n side ( ). to knock to the ground. [ kā ় na ] n (now obs. defeated. to cause to be taken aback. ̃ পপ n. firmness. extremely solicitous ( ). workings. titillav. com mon sense. a drum (chiefly used as a correlative of a or which is a smaller ). (as [ kā āri ] n a large thick and heavy house hold knife shaped almost like a falchion with a wooden handle. to warrant ( ). wooden. very thin. v. ̃ n. to attract or entice. [ kā uraku ura ] int denoting: the sound of cut ting or scratching without a stem or stalk or trunk. [ kāturi ] n a tool or knife for paring metal plates. exactly coinciding. stiffened ( ). to floor. diamond cuts diamond. (coll. [ kā ha ] n wood. an extremely poor woman who lives by collecting twigs and leaves of trees to be burnt as firewood. ). the eglantine. fidgeting. (of a book) a chapter or canto. to titillate. motionless like a log ( ). ̃ n. the squirrel.) deeds. to be taken aback.) ̃ ̃ n. to be floored. [ kātarōkti ] n an expression of pain or sor row. ̃ n. a trunk.) an ex tremely wealthy or influential or im portant man. hard-handedness. a timberyard. mutual attempt to 1 [ kādambarī1 ] n a name of Goddess Saraswati ( ). to lift. to make one admit or con fess or utter ( ). to sell ( ). hard-heartedness. ̃ same as [ kātarāni ] n groaning or moaning. act of seizing by force or tactics. severity. burning. stricken with grief. a shell-cut ter. grudging. [ kā hisāra ] a very lean and thin. reluctant ( . [ kā akā ajñāna ] n power of discriminating between good and bad or between pro priety and impropriety. firewood. ̃ n. to lie or turn on one side. to exonerate. solicitude. tion. (as pl. snatch away from one an other. fem. bamboo. to [ kādambara ] n the cream of curd. ̃ v. a chopper. to with teeth as by mice. & a. ̃ a. ̃ প n. wanting in common sense. timber. reluctance. to be vanquished. a long row or [ kāti ] n a knife or saw for cutting conchs and shells. [ kātara ] a distressed. an ex tremely sensitive or feeling heart. ̃ same as ̃ a. a dock ( ). fidget. activities. sorrowful. . blazing. intent. to make every endeavour. v. hay etc. the sweet-brier. metal etc. solidified. [ kātāra ] n a large crowd ( line or file ( ). ̃ n. of ̃ var.) an affair or matter (usually serious or strange). (coll. taken aback. merciless ness. the female teal. a [ kā ় ā2 ] v to snatch away. a variety of scentless wild rose. a.) ̃ . for cutting metalplates). ̃ var. to throw up a row. [ kātarānō ] v to groan. laid or lying on one side. de void of or [ kā ima ] n a bobbin. [ kā hā ] n cottah. ̃ n. to try to female cuckoo.). to pass or spend ( ). of wood. to lean. knocked to the ground. a structure. (coll. to toil hard. (fig. bedridden ( . a conch-cutter. to be bedridden. to slant. a stem. ) flower. groan or moan. a shearing tool. toothpick etc. floored. grab. the fe male parrot. to fidget. a variety of very sweet-scented wild flower belonging to the species of the jasmine. exploits. [ kā hi ] n a small chip of wood. a sad voice. (used as a match-stick. to draw. cruelty. a small wooden enclosure. to seize by force or tactics. v. a metal-cutter. 1 2 ). solidity. v.( [ kā a ] n (of a tree) a stalk. an incident. to exculpate. the snatch away from one another. inflexibility. to scramble. ). [ kā ় ā1 ] n a tumbler-shaped instrument of percussion.) cauline. . . to get away. ̃ n. the table of cottahs ( ). a car penter. to lean. rancour. kā hāmō ] n a framework (usu. to get over. (bot. to baffle or frustrate. v. to make a scene. ). the teal. a. a deed or exploit ( ). aggrieved. (sacras. juiceless. an affair.) ̃ n. (arith. the woodpecker. ̃ a. a kind of wine akin to rum. a frying pot in which sand is not used. ̃ n. ̃ n. thick ened.) squaremeasure.

funny. ☐ ☐ ☐ n. make-believe. ̃ [ kānāci pātā ] v to eavesdrop. beautiful. stunning. প n. pretence. a. blubbering. wearing apparel. v. . a clovalueless ( ). [ kānā1 ] n border. ̃ n. to inform (against). brim. . beautiful.) the blind and the lame. a lady-love. (fig. made of cloth. hard of hearing.প প v. a curtain or screen (round a tent for a sort of [ kāni ] n a rag. (lit. to change. full of gluey mud.) a cowrie ( ) with a hole. to be all ears. [ kāpa ya ] n chicanery. sense or power of hear ing. v. to muddy. v. adv. dily. n. apt to believe (evil reports about others) without sufficient evi dence. garment. to dress. [ kāntalōhā ] n a precious stone. aesthetics. a cur put in fur. ̃ a [ kāpāsa ] n cotton. born. to refuse to hear. [ kānīna ] a born of an unmarried woman's womb. প (lit. প v. hypocritical. [ kāpa ika ] a deceitful. ̃ n. (fig.প n. the snipe. shameless. to pay heed to. poltroon. to lend an ear (to). প v. n. to request earnestly.) deafening. প . . to lament. hearted. to pull one's ear.̃ same as ̃ n. fraudulent. dear. to suffer deep humiliation. graceful. (coll. brimful. clothes. ̃ n. to pretend. an impassable road. continu ous weeping. a wild flower. splendour. ̃ n. to get the lobe of the ear pierced. sideburns. v. heed ( ). credul1 2 . [ kānēstārā ] n a canister. (fig. [ kānti ] n grace. a clothier or a cloth-dealer.̃ a.) minimum wealth ( ). v. hypocrisy. ̃ a. cowardice. ̃ n. প v. to earwig. (fig. to vex or an noy by deafening or discordant noise. 2 v. a grove. faint-hearted. a. blindman's buff. garments. disguised.) ̃ n. fem.প প . feigning. black act. esp. to blubber. [ kāntāra ] n a deep forest. to make turbid. (as pl. effusive weeping.) v. charming.) a oneপ eyed cow often goes astray from the right way. ̃ a. fem. sorrow and joy. to pull one by the ear. v. having a hole. magnet. mirth-provoking. edge. ̃ n.) a fool or an ignorant person often strays away from the safe route. a. fem wife. a road not easily accessible. to hear se cretly. thick-skinned. [ kāpuru a ] n a coward. [ kāpa ় ] n cloth-fabric. ̃ . ̃ a. bright. ̃ a. v. to undress. the branchia. [ kāpālika ] n an ascetic worshipping the cult of Kali or Shiva (as sing. hen and soil are deposited). to weep effusively.) a using the human skull for drinking and sitting on human skulls. to give attention or ear (to).) to prick up one's ears. dissimulating. full to the brim. kāpu ় i ā ] a of cloth. cov ered all over with mud. lobe of the ear. cowardly. pig iron. a. [ kāpa2 ] n one of a section of the Brah mans ( ). to have pus formed within one's ear-holes. (of sounds etc. muddy. v. a faint-hearted or hen[ kānāca ] n outlying part at the back of a house (esp. worthless person is often full of troublesome vanity or mischief. loincloth. ̃ class of monks with their external ears split ( ). a cul-de-sac. to listen to. wall). to put one's fingers into one's ears (as a mark of refusal to hear). a notorious act. ̃ n. useless. slimy ( ). the gill of a fish etc. a garden. dealing প (fig. faint-heartedness. ̃ 1 n. lodestone. a useless or valueless cowrie. to discomfit. slimy. (fig. covered all over with mud. to pay heed (to).) to defeat or su persede outright. feigning.. speak ing secretly to a person in order to prejudice him or her against another. un blushing. ̃প a. v. to sound plausible or acceptable or sweet. the cotton-plant. . one so . brazenfaced. with broken brim. to blub. v. of a ous. to pester with earnest request or solicitation. an ear-like key of a violin or similar instruments. v. deceit. full of mud. v. dress. ̃ a. ̃ [ kānnā ] n act or a spell of weeping. audition. to pay no heed (to). 2 [ kānana ] n a forest. short of hearing.) a ridiculous affair such as adorning an ugly person gauin cloth. smeared with mud. deception. charming. an impasse. beauty. unperturbed by ridicule or derision. a textile-shop. to feign. a mis tress. a regulation. act of feigning. a. (fig. v. pretence. v. to change the loincloth. the space under the eaves at the back of a house. viscous. See also blind alley.) a husband ( ). [ kānuna ] n a law. প v.) a blind and lame per son. ☐ [ kādā ] n gluey mud. pl. প . for wearing earrings. brightness. [ kānā2 ] a blind of one eye. muddy. (saying a word) in private or privately. re buke or insult). lovely. pretending. where refuse hearted person. ̃a. to speak to a person secretly in order to prejudice him against another.) ear nest request. to pay heed (to). [ kāntā ] n. a. flap of the ear. in one's ear. প প v. to dress. an ear-pick. to give ear (to). radiance. প v. steel. a cowrie thier's shop. radiant. which is not con vertible. to solicit. to pull one's ears (as a mark of chastisement. cowardliness. 128 ☐ ☐ [ kāna ] n the ear. to weep continuously. be loved. tears and smiles.2 [ kādambarī2 ] n a variety of wine akin to rum. dress. ̃ n. to turn a deaf ear (to). [ kāpu ় ē. to change. slime. sly. [ kādambinī ] n a collection of clouds. insincerity. the cluster or lock of hair hanging by the side of ears. ̃ n. a [ kānē kānē ] adv (talking) in whispers. a rule. প a cloth-shop. trickishness. rim. [ kānāta ] n a tent.) to put out of counte nance or defeat utterly. to have one's ears deafened by loud or ear-splitting noise etc. an earring. dissimulation. a poltroon. ̃প n. one-eyed. a cloth merchant. splendid. v. solicitation. charm. [ kānā ় ā ] n an Indian musical mode sung at night. [ kānta ] n (chiefly used as a sfx. cast iron. earwigging. ̃ . a gem or a precious stone ( ). dissimulation. (fig. to reach the ears or to come to hear. hypo critical. anything resembling an ear. to put on clothes or the loin cloth. to draw one's attention with rebuke. lamentation. to make muddy or slimy. to undress. v. blind. to the brim. full of gluey mud.

the realm of imagi[ kāmāi2 ] n absence. n.) act of spending money foppishly and prodigally in order to play the boss amongst one's companions in vulgar amusements. of age. to end. holy place in Assam. ̃ n. strong desire. to absent one self from. (dial. ̃ n. to captain. v. [ kābilanāmā ] n marriage settlement for a wife. to weaken. v. ̃ n. [ kāmātura ] a stricken with desire for sexual gratification or intercourse. the the erotic sci ence. averrhoa carambola. [ kāmāgni ] n fire of lust. stricken with the desire for sexual intercourse. capable of assuming shapes at will. fem. act of seizing with the teeth. a cubicle. [ kābā ] n a kind of a very long and loose fitting shirt. of n. extremely beautiful or good-looking. ̃প n. a female go-between in an amour or love affair. [ kāmarūpa ] a assuming any shape or form at will. any of the five arrows of the god of love and lust. befitting a coward or a chicken-hearted per[ kāpē-kāpē ] adv to a nicety. po etry. to lead. a (mythological) wish ing-cow. ̃ n. [ kāmanā ] n a desire. a (mythological) wishingcow. [ kāphana ] n a winding-sheet. & sarcas. ̃ n. trace of sex. exactly. [ kāmākhyā ] n the presiding goddess of Kamakhya ( ). unduly poetic. sex-urge. ̃ n.̃ n. verse. a book of 1 [ kāmāi1 ] n earnings. an amorous sport. eroticism. Afghanistan. n. n. one v. mercilessly. ̃ n. who can appreciate poetry. ☐ n. to terminate. 129 ☐ ☐ . ̃ n. n. self-willed. ̃ n. fit. fulfilment of a desire. ̃ n. ̃ n. [ kāmalā ] n jaundice. profligate. to seize. to feel pain. to complete. a quadrangular mosque in Mecca where Muslim Haj pilgrims gather to say their prayers before the holy Black Stone. subdued. poetics. the sexual 2 n. to stick firmly to ( ). the erotic science. an embroidered piece of cloth. [ kābu ] a weak. to mutual biting at or scram bling. ̃ n. biting. Eros). handsome.) procuress. ☐ ☐ ☐ . a pain ( ). captaincy. [ kāphira. to pray for. writing poetry. erotogenic. ̃ . sexual desire or appetite. . [ kāma ় ] n a bite. to be spent. the Spring (personified). v. a book of verse. the grove of the Muses of poetry. at will. seizure ( ). [ kāmarā ] n a compartment. Cu pid. ̃ a. fem. (sl. ̃ n. one who finds pleasure in reading poetry. to be come weak. trace of lust.প son. a caravan. kāphēlā ] n a company of pilgrims travelling together. las civious. (dero. grip. fem. a cham ber. to seize with the teeth. n. the beauty [ kāmāk ī ] n an appellation of Goddess Kamakhya ( ) so of poetry. a shroud. [ kābya ] n a poetic saying or utterance. a military officer holding the rank of a captain. lust. same as class of fishermen. to [ kābāra ] n end. to subdue. captainship. a poetic drama. a room. to wish. a poetical work. exorbi tant or merciless demand ( ). a captain. to be subdued or enfeebled. the god of love and lust (cp. [ kāptēna. sexual intercourse. beautiful. a prayer. political beauty. ̃প a. to enfeeble. granting or having the power of grant ing whatever one desires. self-willed. ̃ প. to do to death. enfeebled. ̃ n. one who can travel self-willed. bite. a [ kābyānuśīlana ] n same as [ kābyālōcanā ] n a discussion on poetry. Muslims). one who can travel at will. to pain. annihilation or de struction or extinction of desire. ̃ a. ̃ n. v. strong desire ( ). a company travel ling together. born of lust. love. a terrible fit of sex hunger.). to be stricken with strong desire. seize. income. ̃ n. the aesthetic value of poetry. self-will. kāptāna ] n the captain of a ship. a bawd. fem. ̃প ̃ same as ̃ n.) a fop who spends money prodigally in order to play the boss amongst his companions in vulgar amusements. be over. wanton. comely. one called because of her beautiful eyes. exercise in poetry. the science of love. burning desire for sexual pleasure or intercourse. sex urge. to earn. erotogenous. v. ̃ ̃ a. [ kāphila. [ kābila ] a competent. Eros). nation. to spend. (sl. science. grown up. tortoise meat. (dero. poetic. love-sick. ̃ n. the spring. [ kāma2 ] n the god of love and lust (cp. an African. poetic composition. an Afghan. to a T. to gripe. to weaken. ̃ same as [ kāma ha ] a of or pertaining to the tortoise. ̃ a. passion. ̃ n. termination. v. po ets of the world collectively. ̃ same as ̃ n. to gripe. a native of Kabul or (n. who is skilled in poetry. the science of love. fire of love. the sexual science. (sl. to seize with the teeth. to wind up. feeble. ). ̃ n. study of po etry. the wife of the god of love and lust. to over power. [ kāmarā ā ] n an edible sour fruit. to desire. v. cowardly. cessation ( ). to finish. to do in. 2 the realm of poetry. [ kābā ় i ] n persons who buy in an auction mart for resale. desire.) a poetaster. v. [ kāphari ] n an African negro. a madden ing sex urge. a leader or captain of a team of players or sportsmen. ˜ n. ̃ same as ̃ n. lustful. produced by lust. [ kāphi ] n an Indian musical mode. love-sick. - a. v. ̃ প a. ̃ n. overwhelmed with sexual desire. skilled in poetry. a wish. fem. (poet. to de feat by superior strength. mu tual biting.) to spend money foppishly and prodigally in order to play the boss amongst one's companions in vulgar amusements. a poetical work. [ kābuli ] a of Kabul or Afghanistan. the poetical art. a. Cupid. ̃ a. an infidel (ac cording to . to [ kābābacini ] n cubeb. griping pain.) to bite. smitten with carnal desires. same as [ kāmadāni ] n embroidery.) the tortoise. ̃ a. a. ̃ a. any one of Cupid's arrows. to demand exorbitantly or the last day ( ). a district in Assam. winding-up ( . kāphēra ] n a Kafir. a wishing. to be finished.

shaving. dero. [ kā ika ] a bodily. ) any of the post-consonantal symbols ( . a cannon-ball. [ kāmī ] a lustful. wife.) a woman or a girl of the Kayastha ( ) caste. . a female labourer. or intense sex im pulses. [ kāmānō ] v to earn. [ kā a ] n the body. effeminate. durable. indicating: a doer. fem. প . working. ̃ adv. to engage in a trade or business. with a view. perma nent ( ly established ( ). the roar or report of a cannon. to shave. . to trade with. loving ). lascivious. (loos. to equip thoroughly. firm. physical ( or manual labour. a means. ). judging. a. a means. a contrivance. [ kāra a ] n the instrument (of a work). musical mode subser vient to Kamod ( ). [ kāmuka ] a lustful. trade. [ kāra do. to cannon ade. a mercantile con cern. [ kāmārta ] a stricken with lust. to make a virtue of necessity. n. an Ayurvedic ( ) system of therapy for reju venation or prolongation of life. commerce. to show cause. durable. 2 3 ). de portment. (chiefly used as a sfx. a manner. [ kāra ika ] a pertaining to cause. v. (lit. [ kāmābaśā itā. . the body. lewd. for the purpose of. cause. ̃ n. n. v. origin.) with much dif ficulty and toil. wine (when consecrated or considered sa cred). (loos. to get into trouble.) one who or that which does or performs or brings about ( ). [ kāracupi ] n a tricky device. because. ̃ adv. action. [ kāmōdrēka ] n sexual excitement. প a. steady. desired ( ).) in or with body and mind and words. a fix. . n. a show-cause or a show-cause notice. calling.e. indicative of the genitive case ( . physical labour. that which should be or is to be per formed for realization of one's desire ( ). n. physical [ kāra ībhūta ] a one who or that which has become the cause of. n. demeanour. ̃ . to be in a fix. in force ( a. a wife of a Kayastha.) the case. an examiner. power of restraining one's sexual appetite. to cultivate or dress (land). lecherous. ex amining. lustful. a business concern. the body as conceived in the Vedanta. ̃ n.) an affair. woman and gold. . [ kāmija ] n a loose-fitting shirt. [ kāminī ] n a (charming) woman. ̃ n. . a forge. one belonging to this caste. earning. to fire a cannon. a busi nessman. libidinous. a clerk. [ kāra itā ] a one who or that which makes another do something. a mode. an artifice. v. reason. wom anly.) ab sence of (adequate) evidence. shaved. inordinately love-sick. to undertake all nec essary arrangements to make (any thing) fit. causing. [ kāra ābhāba ] n absence of cause. v. with undivided attention and concen tration. skill. ow ing to. a judge. (gr. i. ̃ n. ̃ n.. ( . to trade in. a smithy. [ kāmāni ] n wage. ). to bombard with a cannon. lascivious. a variety of sweet-scented flower. [ kā asha ] n a caste amongst the Hindus. [ kā adā ] n artistic workmanship. vested inter ests. (dero. a de vice. an author. a blacksmith's workshop. [ kāradāni ] n a feat. lust.) a trafficker. [ kārakhānā-paridarśaka ] n inspector of factories. ). a mill. motive. violent or strong desire for sexual pleasure. desire for woman and gold. to do a [ kāmāsakta ] a libidinous. pertaining to business. love-lorn. ̃ n. [ kāmina ] n a woman labourer. n. seed. intact.[ kāmāna ] n a great gun. v. an Indian [ kāmya ] a desirable. trad ing. wealth. ). brava- [ kārabāra ] n business. sup posed to be or appeared as the cause of. shrewdness. [ kārakita ] a thoroughly equipped or made fit. fem. by physical labour. [ kāraparadāja. [ kāmāla ] n a unique performance or deed. 130 ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ [ kāra4 ] in comp used as a sfx. dant or follower. v. artistry. adv. n. 4 . [ kāraka ] a (chiefly used as a sfx. causal. . a trick. fem. [ kārakuna ] n a steward or caretaker of a landed estate. skill. (usu. v. commercial. causal relation. manners ( ). since. fem. any of the sense or gans. conti nence. a trader. cultivation. an artist. ̃ n. unique work. wine (when consecrated or considered holy). causing to do. . difficulty. [ kāra2 ] n a cord (esp. a maker. [ kāmāra ] n a blacksmith (by trade or caste). whole-heartedly. purpose. n. voluptuous. a style or fashion. the wife of a blacksmith. n. a factory. due to. [ kārakhānā ] n a workshop. for. n. root. fem. [ kā ēma ] a firm.) desirous of. lewd. a performer. [ kāmāndha ] a blinded with lust or love. ( [ kāmōda ] n an Indian musical mode. con trol ( ). to have commercial transactions (with). utter ance ( . earned. as. permanent ( ). to be in the soup. an artisan etc. n. inordinate [ kāra3 ] n trouble. ̃ a. kāmābasā itā ] n power of ful filling one's desires at will. an act ( . the water that existed everywhere before the creation of the universe. an ostentatious display of skill. firm). ). to deal in. the cause or agent or instru ment (of an action). con. a cannon. ( . profession. kāraparadāra ] n an armed atten aba ] n a species of duck. one made of silk).

a purpose. nation between proper and im proper work or between right and wrong. performance or completion of work.) taken or seized by death. any of the stages of human life dero. [ kārpāsa ] n cotton. ̃ adv. fem n. executive. ̃ n. same as n. = the present tense. miserliness. a gaol. ̃ n.̃ a. an execu tive committee. [ kārkaśya ] n roughness. n. an artisan. serviceable. ̃ same as ̃ n. release business. in course of business. leisure ( ). feasible. competent. tion of work. to sentence to imprison. ̃ n. rules of n. of the month of Kartik ( ( . prison-life. n. n. chronological and other than literary sake of work or business. ). procedure. incarceration. n. ). a manager. effec tiveness. artistry. artin. commencement of work or working hours. mak ing. ̃ same as ̃ same as fem. artistic design. working. a duty. pertaining to handicrafts. n. acts and deeds. harshness. to begin with (used often unnecessarily. merciful. = the future tense). yesterday. a prison-cell. a. hemlock). . n. the burden or pressure of work. ̃ n. function. a prisoner's cell. ̃প n. [ kārtika ] n the seventh month of the Bengali calendar (from the 2 middle of October to the middle of November). benefit ( ). [ kālaki i ] a (coll. ̃ . mercy. a job. a superintendent. n. ). ruin. artistic skill. a worker. existence ( ). a. me chanical skill. the charge of a task. ̃ প n. a. handi work. ̃ n. or time.) an extremely ugly man. causing. to be the ruin of. season ( ). a service). ̃ adv.) . clever. ̃ n. pertaining to workmanship. প [ kālak ēpa. n. [ kālakū a ] n a deadly poison (cp.̃ n. ̃ n. on business. time. working period. a guild-organization. [ kālak ta ] a done in (proper) time. a. shrewdness. to die. [ kārśya ] n thinness. which persons. ceremony. [ kāru ya ] n kindness. [ kārpa ya ] n niggardliness. a handicraftsman. removed from office. dis crimiartistry or artistic skill. ness. fem. in course of business. a deed. time of ).̃ . n. ̃ a. an artistic ings. (sarcas. a gaoler. the mode or process of work. kālak ēpa a ] n act of passing time. n. causal connection or rela tion. work. dead. an extremely goodlooking 3 [ kāla3 ] n time. ̃ n. pl who. ing. inauguration of an institution [ kāru ] n an artisan. artistry. n. a different [ kārī ] sfx indicating. an archer. an office. worked or done by time. indeed. de ception. adroit. leanness. esp. for the [ kārikā ] n any treatise. the tense ( = the past tense. [ kālakramē ] adv in course of time. causor firm or any similar establishment. kārāg ha ] n a prison. service. ̃ a. a sentence of vice). too much coldness. im prisonment. duress. is the com mander-in-chief of heavenly forces. proper and improper work. expert. which people. a supervisor. effective. an occupation. fraud. kārnisa ] n a cornice. executing.̃ n. v. ( ) fem. the cause of ruin ( ). cashiered.) a work. released from prison. use. rigorous actually. imprisonment. as a matter of fact. & adv next day. compassionate. [ kārniśa. the period during which a work is done. modus operandi. a. name of the god who is the commander-in-chief of heavenly forces. 1 1 ). doings. rite ( ). artistry. an arti san. ̃ a. ment. ̃ n. ̃ n. age ( ). [ kārya ] n (for. handicraft. pro fession. good result. ̃ . work ing ( ). 131 ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ [ kār āpa a ] n ancient value in silver equal to 128 cowries ( [ kār a ] a pertaining to Lord Krishna ( Krishna. ̃ adv. . [ kārmuka ] n a bow. a prisoner. a tricky device. pro ( ). [ kārā2. by way of busi[ kārā ] pro. workmanship. ruination. a jailor. ̃ accomplishment of a work or task. doing. or mechanical skill or of work or business. a programme. the report of a work or proceedings. lifetime. a place a mechanic. ̃ . v. ̃ n. ̃ adv. realization of an end. প v. [ kālakabala ] n the jaws of death. an action. the sphere of activities. of utes (of a meeting).) very cold. not to be done. min work. an overseer. ̃ প same as and ̃ [ kārikuri ] n workmanship. . proper (young) man. an artist. slimness. death ( ). kārāgāra. deftness. . a. an object. প n. ̃প . a regular succession of work. compassion. [ kāru ika ] a kind. ̃ n. working committee. ̃প n.) extremely black and dirty or soiled. par simony. imprisonment. artistic skill. n. a craftsman. প n. blackness. to die. imprisonment. removal from of fice. .skilful. n. working hours. v. to pass time. cotton seed. n. period ( . complen. ̃ n. the calenfrom prison. n. a short couplet having various meanings. workmanship. ac tions. [ kāla ] n. effect. same as প ̃ n. doing etc. same as n. on business. n. ̃ a. causality. capable or fit for work. (lit. . dar. a task. simple imprisonment. execution of a work. ̃ adv. the name of the god who [ kāla2 ] a (dial. the field of ac 1 1 tion. in imprisonment. dismissed (from 2 .) to be taken away or seized by death. the begin ning of a work. a motive ( ). cotton plant. imprisoned. a. tomorrow.the begin ning of the reading matter of a letter or legal deed). (lit. art istry. crafts. ̃ . [ kārita ] a caused to be done. a craftsman. feasibility. a. a son of Lord . serviceability. cashierment. n. to meet with one's death. im prisoned. cruelty. span of life. after some time. ̃ n. dismissal (from serjail. n. the period or term of service. n. last day. [ kārasāji ] n trickery. another work. .̃ same as n. rude ness. (gr. Yama ( ) the god of death. to pass time. ̃ n.̃ n. what ought to be done and what ought stry. [ kārigara ] n a workman.

hard of hearing. to fall [ kālagrāsa ] n the jaws of death. astrologer. [ kālāgni. astro logical) to know which is the year for doing anything. the cycle of season. astrology. (fig. kālapyāncā ] n the screech-owl. . to have served a sentence of trans portation from India. [ kālatra a ] n the three ages past. [ kālabhairaba ] n a furious deity born of Shiva ( ). without loss of time. kālānala ] n (myth.) a venerable man who is an abettor in wicked deeds. to go across a sea or an ocean.) an inauspi cious part of the night. (fig. v. the god of death. the Andaman and the Nicobar islands. [ kālacintaka ] n an astrologer. ̃ a. [ kālasaha ] a capable of or resisting wear and tear caused by time. in keeping with the spirit of time. the barn owl. Port Blair.) the expected divine conflagration which will annihi late the universe.) trend of an age. the right or opportune moment for doing anything. [ kālapuru a ] n (myth. [ kālaghāma ] n perspiration at the time of death. (astr.) the Orion. [ kālaprabhāba ] n influence of an age. to refrain from de laying or losing time. [ kālaśuddhi ] n (astrol. death as the in evitable final stage of life. [ kāladra ā ] n one who knows everything about the three ages. [ kāla pūr a ] a having one's span of life or existence completed. a sea. v. [ kālanidrā ] n the sleep that never ends. [ kālāntaka ] a causing universal dissolution. [ kālabōsa ] n a species of large fresh-water flat fish with blackish scales and red dish eyes. one's days are num bered. প or be led into the jaws of death. [ kālāpāni ] n the dark-coloured waters of an ocean or a sea esp. n. [ kālāntara ] n another or a different time or age. [ kālāpāhā ় ] n (hist. v. eternity. kālaci ā ] n black or dark stain. [ kālabaiśākhī ] n a storm or strong wind that rises in the afternoons of April and May. influence of an age. [ kālacakra ] n the wheel of time. fem. delay for a moment. opportune ness. fem. . [ kālānuga. প one's time is up. a turbulent heretic. [ kālabēlā ] n (astro. to die or be killed. one has not long to live. death.) an attendant or envoy of Yama. shamefaced. last ing. an [ kālaśōdhana ] n equation of time. a shameful face. the fire of universal annihilation. a decrier of current be liefs. soiled. enduring. eternal. deadly. [ kālabilamba ] n delay. (cp. to perspire owing to excessive labour. brazen-faced. defaced. [ kālacihna ] n sign or symptom of death. n. Andrographis paniculata. ̃ the black market. প v. . [ kālaprērita ] a sent by death. a nor'wester. to perspire as if dy ing. everflow ing time. the scourge of death. . (astrol. . [ kālācānda ] n an appellation of Lord Krishna ( [ kālātīta ] a transcending time. bringing about the n. [ kālasrōta ] n the current of time. ̃ a. . of the Indian Ocean. an appellation of Krishna ( ). to perspire as at death. ). omniscient.) an awful reli gious renegade. প a. the cobra. 132 ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ 1 2 [ kālā1 ] a deaf. . drifting with the time. a boot-tree. n. n.) a Brahmin who after embracing Islam was turned into a no torious iconoclast. present and future.) the rudd or roach. [ kālarātri ] n a night on which one's death or danger comes. [ kālanāga ] n the black cobra. a shamefaced man. (astrol. kālānusārī ] a timely. (dero. sentence of transportation from India in the British regime. an ocean. the god of end of an age. brazen-faced. a Devil's counsel. zeitgeist (timespirit). a brazen-face. transition from one age to another. . without [ kālabuda ] n a boot-last. delay. [ kālad ka ] n a chronoscope. (fig. perpetual. the distinctive quality of an age. (loos. ̃ a black act.[ kālaga gā ] n the river Yamuna ( ).) to count the chickens before they are hatched. an appellation of Yama ( ). auspicious and inauspicious time. n. [ kālāguru ] n dark-coloured sandal. [ kālākāla ] n proper and improper time. durable. death. প প v. [ kālada a ] n the staff of Yama ( ) the god of death. a cul vert. shamefaced. [ kālaprabāha ] n efflux of time.) an extremely ugly person. kālānubartī. a chronometer or chronometry. [ kālaci ē. dirty. n. [ kālanēmi ] n the name of the maternal uncle of Ravana ( ) of the Ramayana. [ kāladharma ] n the spirit or trend of an age. [ kālamāna ] n a measure or measurement of time. stigmatized ( ). timeliness. a brazen-face. a shamefaced man. such a man. perspiration owing to excessive toil. [ kālapēncā. a mould for constructing an arch. an arch. to build castles in the air. in disrepute.) determination of the auspicious parts of [ kālajña ] a having the power (usu. [ kālamēgha ] n a bitter medicinal plant. [ kālasindhu ] n the ocean of time. [ kālā2 ] a black. a man of soiled reputa tion. [ kālamāhātmya ] n influence of the age or time.) an inauspicious part of the day.) knowledge that enables one to determine or divine the right or op portune moment for doing anything.

̃ n. to blacken. a shawl . darkened with stigma. in congregation. to become dark. ̃ n. become a resi dent of Kashi.of or like an awful religious renegade or a decrier of current beliefs. with the passage tesy). (sarcas. ̃প n. ☐ ☐ ☐ [ kālōcita ] a befitting the time or age or occasion. a bench . [ kālē bhadrē ] adv rarely. [ kāśī ] n Banaras or Varanasi (a holy place of Hindus).) whom. ). a dark spot. a person with no real author ity.) subdual of Kaliya ( ) by Lord Krishna ( ). a. fictitious. fanciful. . (fig.) cough. area mea sure. a. temporary. to approach one's death. a stigma ( ). to find the square measure or cubic measure or area measure of. to be completely illiterate. ̃প . of a time. প n. ̃ n. . discolora[ kālōjirē ] n black cummin. an inhabitant of Kashmir. a black flag (usually [ kāsana ] n a soup made of mustard-powder. to make dark. fabri cated. (myth. to become polluted or to be defamed. ̃প n. attainment of heaven after death. 2 [ kāli a ] n (myth. timely. white ant. wooden. Lord Krishna. a stool. ̃ n. kālēk ara ] n the official in charge of the etc. expectoration of mucus by coughing. an appellation of Shiva ( ). black market. [ kā ha ] n wood. a plank of wood. v. to go to Kashi to live there permanently. ̃ n. [ kāsīsa ] n sulphate of iron. to be in the jaws of death. wood pulp. [ kālika ] a pertaining to time. [ kāsundi ] n a pickle (usu. the scripture 3 2 [ kālidaha ] n (myth. to expec torate by coughing. Lord Krishna. [ kālīna. [ kā hikā ] n a slender or thin piece of wood. n. expectoration of mucus by coughing.shown to somebody. [ kāhākē ] pro (interro.) the unpropitious part of a year (esp. ̃ n. ̃ . [ kālē. v.) to parade one's superior knowledge or skill in anything. black eye. a 1 1 wooden platform. once in a while. a (pair of) clogs. seasonal. to defame. [ kālī ] n an awe-inspiring manifestation of Goddess Durga ( ). opportune.) minimum education or learning.) a power less man. disgraceful. [ kāli ā2 ] n (poet. occasion ally. প lamp-black. green vitriol. black. 1 [ kālinī1 ] a (poet. pertaining to In dian classical music or musicians. & obs.) a terrible serpent living in the river Yamuna. (hard and insipid) like wood. ̃ n.) the deep river de scribed as the abode of Kaliya ( or ) the serpent in the Yamuna. ̃ a. soot. [ kāhana ] n a unit or measure of counting (= 128 pieces). square measure. expectorate. made in Kashmir. ̃ n. [ kāśa1 ] n (dial. kind of sweet meat made from curd or posset. a simper. termite. administration and revenue col lection of a district. the sun personified. [ kālāśuddhi ] n (astrol. to darken. a board. ̃ a. to [ kāśi ] n cough. v. gloom ( ). a the death of any of one's parents or an equally respected kinsman. imum education or learn ing. Garuda ( ). woody. [ kā hāsana ] n a wooden seat (such as a chair. [ kālēka ara. for the sake of cour. darkness. (sarcas. gloom ( ). a.). 2 [ kāśmīri ] a of Kashmir. stigma. seldom. ̃ n.) of a par ticular time. (fig. polish. ( [ kāśyapē a ] n a son or descendant of the great sage Kashyapa ).̃ n. kālē kālē ] adv in course of time. stigmatized. cubic measure. a wooden doll or puppet. a . ̃ n. ̃ n. the lord of Kashi.) an extremely dark-skinned girl or woman. an inauspicious time or moment. of time. [ kālpanika ] a imaginary. here. parading one's superior knowledge or skill in classical music. profi ciency in the Indian classical music. expectoration. & obs. ̃ n. a wooden tablet. ̃ n. ). n. (sarcas. ̃ a. ̃ n. 2 1 [ kāśā ] v to cough. false. white flower of this grass. . kālī a. mea surement ( . a black marketeer. timber. for religious purposes). smut [ kālōmānika ] n (attributed endearingly or sarcastically to a ( ). a place of worshipping God dess Kali ( ) esp. প not to have even the min[ kālō āta ] n a man proficient in Indian classical music. ] a (used as a sfx. a collector. form of [ kālindī ] n the river Yamuna ( ). the king of Kashi. blemish. disgrace ( ). to blacken.) woe-stricken. the [ kālāśauca ] n the period of mourning that lasts for a year due to [ kālōjāma ] n a kind of small juicy fruit akin to blackberry. to darken. n.) act of [ kāli3 ] n summation or addition. defamed. to become black. col lectorship. to pollute. dark. collectorate. heresy. catkin. 133 ☐ [ kālimā ] n blackness. [ kālinī2 ] n poet. ̃ n. a (pair of) wooden san dals. the temple of Goddess Kali. made of dried slices of green mango) preserved in mustard and salt. a black in the eye. temporal. wooden. ̃ v. [ kāśa2 ] n a tall species of grass of which mats are made. ̃প . darkness. to make black. an affected smile (esp. n. v.) Lord Krishna ( ). as a mark of pro test or disapproval). a piece of wood or log. squirrel. death at Kashi. ̃ . now and then. once in a blue moon. tion ( ). [ kālikā ] n a name of goddess Kali ( that narrates the feats of Kalika ( ). v. a figurehead. v. [ kāli2 ] n ink. iconoclasm. mely. ti cal. disrepute. living in Kashi or Banaras. [ kālō ] n the black colour. shoe very dark-skinned person) a black jewel. ̃ a.

kicamica2. gain. reduction of expenditure. ̃ a. on the other hand. v. [ kitaba ] n a deceiver. nothing. [ kicakica2. [ kinā2. [ ki ba ] n leaven. kicamica1 ] int expressing: presence of abundant grit. to solve. to ar range for. . one of this caste.) of what shape or form. trace ( ). the glow of rays. ̃ n. a slave. to emit rays. [ kinnara ] n (myth. (in or by) anything ( ). hesitating. of course ( ).) queer. some. fashion. v. (myth. to cherish doubt. প adv. ̃ short while. excrement. only a little. ̃ an antic. monstrous.) of what form or shape. to decide.1 2 [ kāhāra1 ] pro (genit. an attendant. [ ki ] con. adv. kirakirē ] a full of grains of sand. ). notwithstanding. only a little a. anyhow. [ kāhārabā ] n an Indian musical measure. re moval. hesi tant. edge ( ). to solve or discover or detect by inves tigation. ( ? = will you go ?). riverside. a bank or shore. adv. to hesitate. [ ki at ] a a small amount or number of. containing a grazing mark or a corn or a dried-up pimple. [ kimbadanti.. solution or dis covery or detection by investigation ( ). a. pro. a [ kiñcit ] a small amount of. grotesquely shaped or formed. pollen. a little. a. (now ).) one of a class of demi gods expert in music and dance. lean. sea-shore. n. some. a hardness in an area of the skin caused by (frequent) friction. not far off. ). pro. a gambler. প road side. a. a follower. settlement ( ). adv. river-bank. [ ki addina ] n a few days. ( . 2 1 ( [ kibā ] con or adv. anything how awkward. some. guelder-rose). [ kira a ] n a ray or beam or gleam (of light). [ ki a ] n a grazing mark. [ kāhāra ] n palanquin bearers. if ( ). the mesh of rays. to some extent. redress. decision. sin. ̃প . coast. depth of one's mind. &square. by no means. means. at all. adv. something. (used as a correlative tion. . v. [ ki kara ] n a servant. even a little. measure. a bundle ( rare) manner. seaside. [ kinārā ] n border. to anything. 2 . kiciramicira ] int. . confounded. adv. a grating noise caused as if by chewing grit. [ kimā ] n minced meat. nonplus. a volume ( ). to a short distance. used to emphasize or sweeten one's speech ). n. [ kāhila ] a thin. [ kiñjala. arrange ments. প road side. how beautiful. perplexed. ). to make arrangements for the provision of. nevertheless. a monstrosity. [ kicakica1. n. radia- 134 ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ . anything. v. to remedy. to shine. nonplussed. hesitating attitude or state. ferment. to repair. a. ̃ n. hesitancy. hesitant ( ). & adv but. shedding of rays. to send forth rays.) a province of ancient thing or other. custom ( 2 ). [ ki kartabyabimū h ় ] a at a loss to determine what to do. bewilder ment. a cer tain. antic. enfeebled. tepid. a cheat. & n the tweeting or chirping noise of birds etc. to de mur. [ ki addūra ] n a short distance. a corn. kiñjalaka ] n the stamen or the fila ment of a flower. n. ki nā ] adv whether or not. quandary. river-bank. [ kintu ] con. fem. seaside. strange. [ ki a ] n dregs. . a gamester. ). still. & n. a por [ kimākāra ] a (lit. however. a few. profit. [ ki śuka ] n a variety of very beautiful but scentless red flower (cp. ki ki ī ] n a girdle or an anklet set with small bells jingling sweetly at ev ery movement. fem. . [ kimbā ] conj or. . [ kimbhūta ] a (lit.) whose. adv. hearsay. & n. a chicaner. grotesque. weak ened. some amount (of). bewildered. to remove. lukewarm. a little more than. a swindler. [ kitā ] n a piece ( ). . for a few days. outskirts ( . n. on the other hand. a small number or amount of. perplexity. a packet. confounded state. remedy. to the least de gree. weak. some[ kimpuru a ] n a Kinnar ( ). hesitating. a certain thing. প n. a. a meaningless word. hesitation. [ ki khāpa. what else ( ). how ( ). ̃ n. 1 . pro. sea shore. a little. edge ( ( . a. gritty. to tweet. [ kināra ] n border. a little less than. . fem. to redress. al ternatively. a bank or shore. to radiate.) [ kichu ] a a small number or amount of. [ kirakirā. odd. etiquette. a dried-up pimple. at fault. coast. of strange and ugly form or shape. kimbadantī ] n a traditional or famil iar report or rumour. by any of ) of ugly or hereto unseen shape or form. (pop. in any way. pro. or. adv. [ ki ki i. a little. feeble. to trace. loud prattling or babble. to be shy of. one of the backward castes 2 amongst the Hindus. to settle. India or a country in the neighbourhood of India. a. at least something. outskirts riverside. interro (used as an auxiliary in terrogative word. (dero. ). ki khāba ] n brocade. a. a lot ( ). how ugly ( ). adv. . to chirp. ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ . whether ( ). a short dis tance away. reparation ( . to prattle or babble noisily. cheapness. [ kiphā ata ] n a cut in expenditure. solution ( ).

a fault. such leaves. why. wicked ( ). [ kīd k. . celebrated. extended or spread over. kisti ] n a boat. how. ̃ n. প n. (inc. a diadem. killing of or [ kirī a ] n a crown. n. প causeless. ̃ same as what respect (implying. [ ku ] n a sin. an oath. of Virata ( ) who was killed by Bhima ( ) and turned into a rounded heap as de scribed in the Mahabharata. n. currant.). a guilt. (chiefly used as a pfx. ̃ a. glorious deeds or achievements. worthy of being narrated or cel ebrated. . to sing the names of God. teenaged. cuneatic. প adv. teenaged.. the name of the giantlike brother-in-law and commander-in-chief [ kirica ] n a kris. wedge-shaped. to glorify. an ado[ kīryamā a ] a (that which is) being thrown or hurled. in what way. to try to do names of God. unattainable ( ). in what or which.) a. ̃ n. 135 ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ প. nothing ( ?). a coronet. a. to radiate. in which way or manner. glorified. [ kī ] pro (interrogative) what. n. . any of the songs about Radha ( ) and Krishna ( ) or . a. a singer of songs about Radha ( ) and Krishna ( ). to cel ebrate. a microscopic worm or insect. exposition of the scriptures (' '). a blow with the fist esp. (of al phabetical letters) cuneiform. ̃ n. wearing a crown like Keechaka ( ). ̃ n. ill omened. by what means. a teen ager. useless. sung. full of rays. in [ kī a ] n a worm. a celebrator. pl. the modes of singing songs about Radha ( ) and Krishna ( ). what a compari son to draw or make. radiant. worms and insects. ̃ প an insecticide. fighting with fists.) of or for what or which. an adolescent boy. what manner or way. destiny. which ( ?). to sing songs swarm (of fish esp. a probe. comparing things opposed in character. v. ̃প n. pervaded. cuneiform writing. an appellation of Arjuna ( ) of the Mahabharata. ki kindhā ] n the land of the mon keys as described in the Ramayana. kīlaka ] n a bolt.) . [ kirūpa. a thing or an amount ( . insectivorous. lescent. of what sort or variety.) bad. by what or which.) . kīrūpa ] a of what sort. an insect. to radiate. ̃ a. to fist. to take a beating or insult si lently and without retaliation. famous. (inc. [ kisēra. praiseworthy. ado lescent. beating to a mummy. to en dure humiliation or affront without protest. . a young shoot with renowned. same as exclam. worm-eaten. chess) to check. lot. [ ki kindhyā. (in chess) a check. an occasion. ̃ n. in no respect or at all) ( ?). n.) a very insignificant person. small ones. a time. glorified. a peg. n. [ kīr a ] a scattered or strewn here and there. to sing in praise. by what or which means. a falchion. the province of ancient India inhabited by the Kiratas ( ). a. . [ kilakila. [ kīcaka ] n a variety of hollow bamboo which whistles with the the land of Kiratas. [ kisama ] n variety.) from what. [ kiśati. to enjoin by uttering ? adv. to extol. fem. how ( ! how beau[ kirāta ] n one of an uncivilized race of ancient India who lived by tiful!) hunting. how. southern ( ). fem.̃ a. the standard of fame. a lad. kīsēra ] pro (genit. extolled. a swearing. n. a singer of the subduing a person by overmuch beating or chastisement. to move in a swarm. insecti cidal. ̃ a. blows and counterblows. (in a. a microbe. ) [ kirabāni ] n a mode of Indian classical mu sic. fem. celebration. a song in praise. ̃ a. fem. ? adv. arrange ment of payment by instalments.̃ n. kīsē ] pro (in Eng. cuneate. ac tivities. ̃ . a singer of songs about Radha ( ) and stalment (for payment etc. ). names of God. kilabila ] int expressing: move ment in a act of singing these songs. [ kiśala a ] n a green and tender leaf of a tree. cel ebrated. worms etc. same as প to make a futile attempt at correcting or [ kīrtaka ] n a narrator. a wedge. Krishna ( ). fem. glorifica tion. wind.. to swarm. spun by worms. emitting rays. n. to pocket an insult. what for. a. . [ kiśōra ] a adolescent. to spoil a person or hinder his natural development by excessive interference. how. a stake. . . a. evil. (in chess) a complete check. act of singing the depen dents. . exover-asser tive person or master who has no competence to maintain his tolment. an [ kīrtana ] n narration ( ). ̃ প n. renown. kind. [ kisamata ] n luck. ̃ . fisticuffs. an evil. v. v. radiation. n. (coll. in ̃ n. an in. indecent ( ). a nail. to shed or emit rays. [ kila ] n a fist.̃ v. [ kisē. kilogram. [ ki rē ] int used in addressing or question ing a person ( ? ?). a worm or insect even smaller than a microbe. v. crested. v. what for.) n. [ kīrtita ] a narrated. exploits. a monu ment. the impossible by injudicious or rash means. the earth. kīd śa ] a like or resembling what. cuneal. celebrity. ̃ an insecti vore. act of singing in praise. . the sun (for it is garlanded with rays). with the side of the fist. moth-eaten. [ kīla. born of worms. or diadem. ̃প . to strike with the fist. a glori ous performance or achievement or deed or feat. [ kīrti ] n fame. swimming to and fro (of fish) in shoals. about Radha ( ) and Krishna ( ).tion. [ kiśamiśa ] n raisin. (inc. en tomophagous. [ kirā ] n an oath.) checkmate. ̃ . (fig. pointless ( . why. singing those songs. ̃ . ̃ a. adv. a barge. type. any of [ kilō ] n a unit of weight. to narrate. a cele brant. coroneted. v. pl. entomology. an entomologist.

shrunk. the womb. of the esoteric text of the scrip tures. n. lying in the belly or the womb or a cave. the suppressed groaning sound of distress caused by hunger. [ kukku a ] n the cock. [ kuk i ] n the pit of the belly or abdomen. the pup. a hovel. given to mis chief-making. . slothful. sloth. a. the safflower. to forebode an evil omen or a portent. to groan. [ kukathā ] n foul or abusive words. (of the black colour) glazy or bright and deep. [ kugraha ] n (astrol. indicating plu rality and variety [ kukhyāta ] a notorious. [ kunja ] n a hunch. to crouch or lie like a patch on the top. n. [ kunka ় i-suka ় i ] a shrunk or contracted into a circular same as n. rumpled. v. the puppy (of a dog). kōndana ] n act of turning (a thing) on a lathe. to shrivel. given to doing wicked or sin ful or n. (either of) a to collect one's strength. to skip. under absolute control. 2 1 [ kucakuca2 ] a milder sound than [ kucakra ] n conspiracy. fem. [ kuncē ] n a variety of fish akin to the eel. cause to strain for evacuating one's bowels. presaging an omen or a portent. to contract one's eyebrows. to shape by turning on a lathe. to groan. ☐ ( [ kun ় i1 ] n correlative of ). v. [ kumphu ] n a chinese style of karate. food that is not fit for [ kun ় ājāli ] n a small fishing-net. to frown. a. shriv elled. recoiled. kukārya ] n a wicked act. a plot. ̃ n. a. . [ kunda1 ] v to turn (a thing) on a lathe. an intriguer. self to collect one's strength. [ kun ় ē1 ] n a (usu. this is used as a measure of weight dog. act of 1 straining for evacuating one's bowels. ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ n. [ kuga hana ] n a misshaped or uncouth figure. ̃ n. cold. shrivelled. . lying inside. . notoriety. rib aldry. wels. n. a blameable act. [ kukhādya ] n uneatable or forbidden food. (fig. wrong-doing. a pest. [ kukarma. condign punishment. (rare) ex position or explanation of scriptures esp. depravity. a plot ter. entered into the belly.). fem. v. the bitch. a. a small pouch made of cloth human consump tion. to rumple. hunch backed. [ kucaphala ] n the pomegranate. the canine tooth (of a human being). a plague. to carve. 136 ☐ [ ku gāō ā ] n foreboding. act of groaning. a. to knit dog. to groan or cause to groan. to japan. a schemer. the hen. ̃ a. for holding a Vaishnava's rosary. a ring of con spirators or bad men. act of straining one self [ kuca1 ] n either of the mammary glands in a woman. tenesmus. doggedness. 2 1 [ kucakuca1 ] int expressing. conspir ing. act of bragging. [ kumikumi ] int expressing. Abrus precalorius. [ kunci ] n a small broom or besom.) an object of trouble. an evil hour. obscene talk. a prostitute. a. a hump. crimp. ̃ n. n. a performer of a wicked or blameable act. ̃ n. . shabby. the manner of [ kunca ] n a very small and red-coloured stony fruit with a black lying down in a coil as a dog. kunthā ] v to strain oneself for evacuat ing one's bo[ ku kuma ] n saffron. a poorly made hut. ̃ v. depraved. as though into a lump or into a circular shape. small) thatched hut. [ kuk a a ] n an inauspicious point of time. a har lot. a lump (of sugar etc. a mischief-maker. to rush forward to attack or beat. an evil deed. kung fu. or blameable act. pain etc. [ kuntā. [ kuncaki ] n the groin. [ kundana. a. masc. [ kunda ] n a (turner's) lathe. [ kunda2 ] n a stock or butt (of a gun). uncouth. a sinful act. given to doing wicked or sinful or blameable act. to shrivel. to frisk. a performer of a wicked [ kunka ় ānō ] v to shrink or cause to shrink. ricedust. v. given to evil ways. humpbacked. a humpback. bran. [ kucani ] n. [ kunduli ] a. to utter this sound. to shrink or con tract sinner. an evil star. a cock's crow. . mili tary parade. [ kuncānō ] v to crimp. 1 2 1 [ kun ় i2 ] n a bud. to strain oneself to collect one's strength. to make glazily or brightly black. a variety of multi-petalled jasmine. a mischief-maker. a cave. laziness. a stump or trunk (of a tree). fem quarrelsome. to brag. a contracted. misshaped. a. spiteful woman or girl. a botcher. kuināina ] n quinine. by jewellers. (fig. spiteful. the interior.) the right whip for the right shrunk. fem. a. fem of . [ kuncakānō ] v to contract. infamous. a shape (chiefly due to cold). indecent or filthy language. a log (of wood). a conspirator. (fig. in terior. a bristle..) completely seized or ap propriated. infamy. plotting. 2 [ kun ় ē2 ] a idle.) an unfavourable star. to strain or woman's breasts. a hunch back. to strain or cause to strain one 2 [ kuca2 ] n military march. act of skip ping or frisking. . kennel. glaze or bright ness of the black colour. n. a brush. a. act of rushing forward to attack or beat. ̃ n. [ kukri a ] a given to evil deeds or bad prac tices. ̃ . v. [ kun ় ā ] n the powdery crust of rice beneath the husk. act of carving. to shrivel or cause blameable act. esp. a sinner. n. fem. to recoil or cause to recoil. a bungler. a mischief. a bad practice. a. one's brows. (rare) philosophical truths or discussion about the earth. a bad or unfortunate mo ment. an evil-doer. n. [ kuinina. to shrink. a quarrelsome or [ kucandana ] n red sandal. lazy. idle ness. [ kukura ] n the dog. v. a shanty.

[ kucaritra ] n bad or vile character or con duct. de ceitful. 2 [ kuci2 ] n a very small piece or fragment. [ kucōkācā ] n. (of a per son) suffering from leprosy. a bit of this straw. wizening. an as tute or shrewd or wicked move. [ kucikitsā ] n bad or faulty medical treat ment.) a. v. crooked at heart. crookedness. misty. [ ku aku a ] int expressing repeated inflamma tory itching sensav. a curved line. ̃ ̃ n. the owner or the manager of a factory or a business organization. minced. ̃ a. tin gling sensation. pl odds and ends. dissimulation. [ ku ় ] n a medicinal plant. ̃ a. tortuous ness. act of censur ing or blaming or abusing. a medical quack. ̃ [ ku ira ] n a hut. [ kucānō ] v to cut into minute pieces. . possessing bad or vile character or conduct. kujjha ikā. hypocrisy. a pimp. wicked. a cottage. [ kuñjara ] n the elephant. embroidered. contraction. a paved or cemented floor ( of precious stones. to feel or cause to feel repeated itching sensation. [ kuñja2 ] n decorative embroidery in the borders of a sari ( shawl etc. fem. 1 2 1 [ ku hari ] n a small room. to cut or chop vegetables into pieces for cooking. censured. 137 ☐ ☐ ☐ a. immorality. a chip. pounded. an official residence of a high-ranking government officer ( ). [ ku aja ] n a medicinal flower-plant usu. ).) the best one ( of men. abused. a variety of fish akin to the eel. a. a grove. curvature. a key. curved. causing or full of repeated inflammatory itching or tingling sensation. an evil practice. having a crooked heart. ). an evil attempt or design. a building. an evil custom. . n. to wizen. a small chip of straw. dissimulating ( . beside oneself ( ). complicated ( ). a. [ ku ় ku ় ] int expressing the sound of chewing crisp things. a merchant. hypocritical. a curl. [ kuñcita ] a curled. a mine a. kujjha ī ] n fog. v. to shrivel. a bad physician. a garden house where a Vaishnava resides and worships (also . cottage in dustry. en veloped in fog or mist. an index. a cabin. a measure of land (= . [ kucilā ] n nux vomica. (usu. a bawd. repeated inflammatory itching sensation. in polite ness) a humble abn. a hole. shrunk. tortuous. shrinkage. a pimp. [ kuñci ] n a measure of grains (= 8 hand fuls). = the best . immoral. mist. to split one's sides (with laughter). a depository ( ). a slice. ). insincerity. to contract. a place for depositing. crooked. cut into [ kucāla ] n bad conduct or manners. . n. shrivelling. ̃ n. to give out or make this sound. a house. cut into very small bits. a small axe. curvedness. ☐ [ ku anī ] n. wrinkled. de ceitfulness. [ kucā ] n a small piece or fragment. [ ku a ] n leprosy. curving.13 hectare approx. a leper. [ kujjha i. [ ku anī ] n a female pander. n. curved. shrinking. zigzag. squeezed. curling ( ). a cot tager. (as a sfx. ). evil intention. [ kucikitsaka ] n an unskilled or inexperi enced physician. a hatchet. to tear into shreds. (coll. to chop fine. foggy. . tortuosity. insincere. (loos. medical quackery. ̃ n. ode. fem a female pander. [ kuñcikā ] n a very red-coloured stony fruit with a black patch on the top. to shrink. [ ku hi ] n an office or the head office of a business organization ( ).). fem. act of pounding or squeezing. wizen. a quacksalver. into pieces. the profession of the female pander or procuress. angularity ( ). a wrinkling. grown on hillsides. [ ku ita ] a cut or chopped esp. minced. fem.) a heap ( ). v. [ kucē ā ] n a bad or futile attempt. to be convulsed with laughter. a bawd. a table or list of con tents. a bungalow. a curve. to cut into very small bits. a leper. torn into shreds. to mince. fem. [ ku hi ā ] a leprous. [ ku ima ] n a terrace. fol lowing a crooked path. n. a slip of bamboo. contracted. a teat. foggy.) a garden thick with trees and plants. a pap. v. [ kujñāna ] n harmful thought or design. [ kuñcana ] n curling. n. [ ku anā ] n vegetable chopped or to be chopped into pieces for cooking. a factor. [ ku ila ] a bent. a cubicle. [ kucāgra ] n a nipple. a slit. overcast with fog or mist. to be beside oneself with laughter. into pieces. tion. [ kucaryā ] n abominable behaviour. kiddies. [ kuñji ] n a key. ). a bower. a chamber. a boscage (also . a curve. going tortuously or in a zigzag manner. craftiness. an evil thought or design.33 acre or . ̃ a. [ kuñja1 ] n an arbour. [ kucōci ় i ] n a shrimp. [ ku ana ] n act of cutting or chopping esp. bawdry. a com partment. a slip. coll. to curl. a wicked fellow. blamed. minute pieces. the bent state. to curve. a procuress. wrinkling. . misty. shrivelled. a chip. [ ku i ] n straw chopped fine. act of digging. ̃ n. [ ku hāra ] n an axe. a procuress. to dress vegetables. a. ( প ) v. to wrinkle. a. a thin twig of bamboo. [ kujana ] n a bad man. chopped fine. [ ku a1 ] int expressing the imaginary sound of a small bite as by an ant. [ kucintā ] n worry. .

bashful. rolled or twisted into a coil. ugly. a turner. strength.). n. an unworthy husband or bridegroom. false but clever argu ment (intended mainly to outwit). [ kutarka ] n sophistry. [ kupātra ] n an undeserving or undesirable or bad man. hateful. . ). [ kupuru a ] n an unmanly man. [ kutūhala ] n inquisitiveness. werful. [ kutsā ] n calumny. corruption. curiosity. feeling shy. abashed. a repulsive spec tacle. fem one who draws together and picks up what is lying scattered ( ). hesitancy. feeling delicacy. pleasure. an ugly-looking man. ̃ n. coiled. [ ku ় āni ] n. vanquished.) a potbellied person. picked up. shy. glori ous.) delightedly. de light. a vessel for mea suring this amount. unmanly. an unworthy fa ther. (esp. a. & a twenty. the female snake. pro voked. hav ing morbid nails. bad or evil counsel. [ ku ha ] n (chiefly used as a sfx. as white as a jasmine. [ ku etc. a. bravado. 2 [ kupitā2 ] n a bad father. ̃ n. unsociable.33 acre or . groaning (esp. masc. ̃ n. to feel delicacy. a ent.̃ n. shy. [ kunaki ] n a female elephant tamed and trained by elephantcatchers to allure wild elephants into the trap. cowardly. ugly-looking. owing to delight. প [ kupita ] a enraged. a round and shallow recep tacle ( ). shy. abominable. a man who cannot make a good husband. fem. knocked down. shyness. v. gether. . a slanderer. po- [ kudarśana ] a ugly-looking. [ kudina ] n hard times. sportive. a (turner's) lathe. disinclined to. gross. gathered. [ kutsita ] a ugly. skill. a sinister look. afraid of. a. a. shy ness. hesitat ing. the fe male vital force latent in a creature ac cording to scriptures. to gather. ku ় āli ] n an axe. in astrol. to feel painful ingrowing nail. a toll-house on a wa terway. প (med. kupō ] n a narrow-necked earthen or leather vessel.13 hectare approx. ill-shaped. unwilling. [ kunakha ] n morbidity of the nails of hands and feet. (sarcas. n. for a patient). domestic. immoral. power. scandalous. [ kupatha ] n a bad or wrong or evil way. to scandalize. an annuson. adv. to influence unfavourably. to sweep ( ). having bad or per verted morals.) increased. home keeping. fem. to slander. feeling of delicacy. [ kud i ] n an evil eye. suffering from felon or whitlow. quibbling. an unworthy son. ( a ] n a hole. to hesi tate. a scandalmonger. filthy.) an evil or unfavourable as pect or influence. take harmful or un wholesome diet or food. slanderous. re luctant. lar ornament or knot. a calumniator. [ kupathya ] n harmful diet (esp. ill fame. (med. ☐ . aggravated. recoiling ( . a. sport.) a home-keeping or domestic per[ ku ala ] n an ornament for the ear. skilful. ̃ n. afraid of. stricken with hesitation or diffidence. hesitation. [ ku ় āla. a sudden [ ku ় ānō ] v to draw together (what is lying scattered). tresses. revolting to the sight. spiral nebula. to glean. sport ively. a man of bad character. ill repute. fear. to calumniate. unwilling. to [ kupanhā ] n a bad or wrong or evil means or policy or way. প v. a toll [ kunda ] n a variety of multi-petalled jas mine. wearing an earring. . . grown on hillsides. col lected. corrupted.[ ku ় ci ] n a medicinal flower-plant usu. a species of frog which seldom comes out of its hole. calumnious. to feel shy. evil conduct. unsociableness. swept. ̃ a. [ kutantra ] n bad advice or counsel. to be afraid of.. a cowardly man. political or mili tary uprise. calumniatory. [ kud śya ] n an ugly or indecent or hateful or abominable sight. see to twist into a coil. feeling delicacy. utterly defeated. ̃ a. hesi tating. adopting bad or unwise policies. shy. nasty ( ). a credit able performance. [ kuntala ] n hair (of human head). v. to feel delicacy. inflammation of the end of a nail. Same as 138 ☐ ☐ [ kunikā ] n a unit of dry measure of rice. a coward. gone astray. angered. off প v. (poet. reluc[ kunāma ] n a bad name. [ kunhana ] n act of straining to evacuate one's bowels. ̃ the fairway. ̃প a. bad policy or measure. creditable. [ kudarata ] n glory ( feat. to cast an evil eye (on). pigeon-pulses etc. v. . a bad or unwise policy. to pick up. gleaned. ̃ station on a waterway. be reft of manly qualities. প a. প a found ling. illshaped. [ kuta ] n toll. প v. notoriety. (fig. tant. when one strains to apply all one's strength). shy of company. low. developed. slander. having an evil conduct. to hesitate. to collect. an unwholesome tradition. n. re coil. a bangle. to be abashed. unreasonable or use less argument.) flatu lence. diffidence. to be disinclined to. an ear ring. to be un willing or reluctant. [ ku ় bā ] n an obsolete measure of land (=. obscene. ). v. a collection. felon. [ kunīti ] n bad or perverted morals. a sudden stroke of state policy. [ kutrāpi ] adv anywhere. angry. inquisi tive. act of a. a a. whit[ ku ় i ] n. scandal. to recoil from. [ kudētā ] n coup d'etat. to go astray. any annular object. differ[ kuni ] n a morbid inward turning of the end of a nail causing pain. [ kuputra ] n a bad or wicked or disobedient son. delighted. a.) disinclined to. flatulency. a tank or lake or basin ). recoiling from. habit of home-keeping. to be stricken with hesitation or diffidence. [ kunō ] a pertaining to a corner. ). a cavity ( . drawn to[ kudhārā ] n a bad custom. curious. an inauspicious day. a. [ kupā. bad-charactered. [ kuparāmarśa ] n unwholesome advice. inde cent.

virginity. a disgraceful report. a princess. a bad or wicked counsellor or minister. abusive language. [ kubicāra ] n a wrong decision. ̃ the potter's wheel. [ kupya ] n any of the base metals. . n. n. [ kumuda ] n the red or the white lotus. Allahabad (Prayag). a royal. stalk of a lotus. evil or unwholesome mentality.) a narrow-minded person with limited knowledge. an elephant's head. (fig. a cluster of red or white lotuses. a stalk of a lotus. n. an undesirable dependant. (of a place) abounding in red or white lotuses. (inc. (fig. [ kumbha ] n a pitcher. [ kumbhīra ] n (for. . overmuch. wicked counsel. hunchback. Aurora n. white lotuses. to give [ kumbhaka ] n a physio-religious practice of controlling or susevil or harmful counsel. the hind. an unmarried or celibate man. & astr. to eat into ( ). [ kumantra ā ] n bad or evil counsel. having evil or harmful design or inclination. the frontal globe at the side of [ kubuddhi ] n an evil or harmful design or in clination or counsel. ☐ ☐ . Ujjaini.) the crocodile. 2 [ kurucināmā ] n a genealogical table. kōrā. gin.̃ a. . [ kurīti ] n a bad or harmful custom or us age or practice or demaidenhood. [ kuyukti ] n evil or harmful counsel. a patronym. [ kumbhamēlā ] n a duodecennial religious gath ering of ascetics at one of the 4 holy places—Haridwar. (fig. the moon. obscene language or words. (fig. kura gaka. as rich as Kuvera ( ). bad ad vice. red or white lotuses. kōrāni ] n a notched tool for grat ing or scraping [ kumārī ] n an unmarried girl or woman. a. a bachelor. wicked incli nation. (hence—fig. a prince[ kuraba ] n an ugly or harsh voice or sound. [ kumakuma ] n a ball filled with red powder and scented water for sprinkling. bad or harmful . a maid. [ kubākya ] n rude or harsh words. a well. fem. a maid. a potter's workshop.) a man who sleeps very rich. ̃ n. a spinster. [ kumantrī ] n one who gives bad or wicked counsel. n. a frog that lives in a well and seldom comes out of it. evil counsel. a feme sole. . the alligator. a the corner. a vircoconut. (astrol. the moon. a. an unfair or wrong judgment or verdict. [ kubindu ] n (geog. [ kubaidya ] n a bad or inept physician. croco- [ kubhōjana ] n act of eating bad or harmful food. unsubstantial and ill-motived argu ment. a. evil design. kura gama ] n the male deer. [ kura ga. Pluto. [ kurā. ̃ n.̃ n. a quack. counsellor or minister.) the Antarctic Circle. n. [ kuphala ] n a bad result or consequence or effect. full of red or white lotuses. [ kumātā ] n a bad or unworthy mother. [ kubēra ] n the Hindu god of wealth (cp. [ kuprab tti ] n evil propensity. n. [ ku ō ] n a draw-well. a wicked-natured the doe. a son. a.[ kupō ya ] a one who has to be maintained though reluctantly. ). insincere sorrow or sympathy. mythological kingdom ( . ̃ . push in [ kuru ] n a mythological king of India.) the Aquarius. a claymodeller. (geog. n. ̃প n. a daughter. [ kumati ] n a wicked or harmful inclination or thought or design. [ kumatalaba ] n an evil plan.or sound. (rare) an unmar ried girl or woman. hunchbacked. [ kura a ] n hydrocele. a red paste made from saffron juice used by women as a cosmetic. [ kurāni. portment. a mother lacking in affection. a maiden. 139 ☐ ☐ ☐ . an evil or mis chievous plan or design. ̃ . Kartikeya ( ) the commander-in-chief of the heavenly scandal. pending one's breath. sleeping for six months at a stretch). a false but clever argument with intention to deceive or outwit. Nasik. a prince. harmful effect. disrepute. [ kumēru ] n the South Pole. ̃ n. . Mammon). potter's clay. [ kuyaśa ] n ill-repute. a coconut scraper.) a home keeping person. a cluster or collection of red or a. the Antarctic. miscar riage or perversion of justice. having an ugly or harsh voice hosts.) a person of limited vision. the alliga tor. a [ kumbhakāra ] n a potter. . the vow of celiba. ex tremely wealthy.) the female deer. a virgin. useless or fallacious reasoning. notoriety. cy. food. dile tears. the beloved or lord of lotuses. to gnaw. (rare) a twelve years old girl. [ kumāra2 ] n a young boy. n. a person who makes clay pots by hand. [ kumōra ] n a potter. fem. a roundish pot. a pond full of red and white lotuses. v. [ kumbhakar a ] n the monstrous second brother of Ravana ( ) the abode or city of Kuvera ( ) which is full of wealth and pomp and as described in the Ramayana (he used to keep awake only for a day after grandeur. . [ kumira ] n the crocodile.) between Scylla and Charybdis. the lord of lotuses. fem.) the nadir. between two great dangers. a. a spinster. a bad or the stag. kurānō. his descendants or line. [ kubja ] a humpbacked. the buck. a crown price. having fine eyes like a deer's. the pulp of a coconut). having such inclination or thought or design. . ̃ Australis. kōrānō ] v to scrape (as [ kumārikā ] n the Cape Comorin.

the red amaranth.—of a married woman) to lose shelter and support of both one's husband and parents. ̃ a. pur poses or to elope with her paramour. an archcordance with official eti quette. a family cus tom or practice. having an inauspicious sign or mark (esp. the Red Shirts. by leaving it for good). a. (fig. one who has left her home for [ kurtā ] n a small jacket or coat or shirt. ̃ a. a girl born of a high (kulin) family. and (9) benevolence or charity. having bad or perverted taste. (loos. lineage. lineage. a.) to reject one alternative and lose the other. a flock. ̃ same as destruction of a family. ̃ n. to forebode or presage ill. ̃ n. a bad omen. a genealogical table. ̃ n. the elbow. charac ter and dignity. bring ing disgrace upon a family. ̃ n. due to 2 [ kula2 ] n a religious sect amongst Hindus practising a very severe matrimonial alliance with a family of inferior prestige or form of Tantric worship ( ).) a terrible fight or noisy quarrel or brawl ( ). one living in a zenana. the ornament of one's [ kula3 ] n family. (3) education. such a woman. ̃ . ̃ a. (7) honou rable profession. a wife of a good family. to tarnish the good name of one's (own) family. a clan. ̃ n. ugliness. a woman who is a disgrace to the [ kurpara ] n the knee. ̃ প n. expelled from one's family. ̃ n. (one who is) the glory or pride a. family scandal. dignity of a family. fem. ̃ n.̃ a. family prestige. to enter into a matrimonial alli ance with a kulin ( ) family. acquainted with the genealogy of a family. act of bragging. ̃ a. pride of birth. (of women) leavof one's fam ily. ̃ n. dignity of one's family. n. v. a herald. the headman or chief of a clan. a housewife who brings pros perity to a family. (fig. any of the nine good qualities of a kulin ( ) namely.̃ n. a herd. to babble (like a river). to leave one's friends and be ill-treated by one's foes.) an inauspicious point of time. purity of blood.̃ n. ̃প n. (of men) abandoning [ kurubinda ] n the corundum. ̃প a. river. a (descrip tive) genealogy (often composed in verse). family prestige. ̃ n. ̃প . n. ̃ n. ̃ same as ̃ a. 140 ☐ ☐ [ kuruk ētra ] n a place near New Delhi where the Kauravas ( ) and the Pandavas ( ) of the Mahabharata fought each other. family religion or cult. a species or kind or class ( ).) the ruby. ̃ n. to salute. patriotic and social welfare organization of North West Frontier formed bringing dis grace upon one's family. a swarm ( ). to repudiate the customs and practices of one's family. destroying a family. [ kurubaka ] n a flower-plant or its flower. (cp. indecharac ter. v. one's own house or family or society ( ). a kulin ( ) family ( ). born of a good family. the dignity of a family.) a cuckold. the best or most distinguished person in a family or line. fam ily prestige. to be utterly ruined. ̃ same as caste. a black sheep of a family. [ kulapi ] n a small conical container for freezing ice cream. the guardian goddess of a family. sage. bringing disgrace upon one's family. ̃ a. born of a good family.) an af fair as terrible as the fight of Kurukshetra ( ). a. [ kulagna ] n (chiefly astrol. a member of this wife. the heredi tary religious guide of a family. depen dent. causing decay or destruction of a family or line. the dignity of a family. glorifying one's family. the traditional customs and practices of a family. ̃ a.) a family woman (esp. ̃ a. a race. ̃ same as ̃ n. (fig. ̃ n. (fig. a collection. ̃ n. ̃ to attack or beat. ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ . aristocracy. ̃ n. v. act of rushing forward family. (loos.—often facet. ̃ ̃ a.ostracized. ̃ a. প (fig. a family preceptor.) a mode of saluta tion in ac̃প n. family prestige. (of men) to abandon one's family. ̃ n. ̃ n. ̃ n. a niche. ̃ . ̃ . on one's person). act of entering into a matrimonial alliance with a kulin ( ) family. (4) good or reputable so cial position. (8) penance. [ kurūpa ] a having an ugly or uncomely ap pearance. [ kulattha ] n a kind of pulse or vetch.) on the horns of a dilemma. one's family. n. residence ( ). gross. an unchaste woman. ̃ n. bringing disgrace on one's family. loss of one's family prestige or status (esp. ̃ . one who has lost his family prestige or status. (6) con stancy or firm devotion.̃ n. kuraniśa ] n (Mus.) to bring disgrace upon one's family. good pedigree or lineage. fem. one's family. a woman of bad moral [ kuruci ] n bad or perverted taste. in bad taste. [ kurniśa. one who glorifies one's family. fem. descendants. a woman who has brought disgrace upon her family (usu. the heraldic sign or mark of a family.) ̃ same as ̃ . masc. ice cream made in this container. ̃ n. same as (lit. (loos. masc. one who is a disgrace to his family. ill omened. ing one's home for good for immoral purposes. a girl born of a good family. ̃প same as . [ kulā gāra ] n one who tarnishes the good name of one's family. born of a kulin ( ) family.̃ n. ̃ n.) one who glorifies one's family. (one who is) the disgrace to by Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan in India's pre-indepen dence days. (fig. the husband of cent. প practices of one's family. tus). pertaining to a family.) a family woman (esp. high or noble birth ( ). ugly. ̃ n. causing a. ̃ same as [ kulakula ] int expressing: the babbling noise as of a flowing v. same as ̃ same as ̃ a. one living in a zenana). ̃প n. (1) observance of rites. v. ̃ n. of or like such a woman. 3 family. a family priest. one who is a disgrace to or a pest of one's family. born of a particular family. the hereditary or tutelary or guardian deity of a [ kurdana ] n act of skipping. ice cream made of milk frozen in this container. illone who has abandoned one's family or has re pudiated the customs and shaped and de formed. v. (5) pilgrimage. (fig. in terdicted. ̃ n. the guardian goddess of fortune of a family. (of women) to leave one's home for good for immoral [ kurub ddha ] n an ancient of the Kuru ( ) family. a virtuous [ kurmi ] n a backward caste amongst Hin dus. [ kula gi ] n a recess or small shelf in a wall. line ( ). good for immoral purposes or eloped with one's par amour. [ kulak a a ] n an inauspicious sign or mark. a tribe ( ). a patriarch. fem. lineage and character. ̃ a. fem. n. ̃ . pedigree. ̃ n. knowledge of heraldic lore. (2) politeness. destruc tion or decay of a family or line. family. ̃ n. tradi tional customs and practices of a fam ily or befitting a family. giving up the customs and practices of one's family. vulgar.) to bring disgrace upon one's (own) family.

having very [ kusumita ] a in blossom. . fem. ̃ a. a nosegay. [ kulā a ] n a bird's nest. a. ̃ ters. to suffice. [ kulācārya ] n the hereditary religious guide or preceptor of a family. a. strewn with flowers. a disease of the eye. deceiving. the nectar of flowers. 2 n. being well. n. (as pl. mis rule. (hence) twins. keen intelli gence. পa. of love whose bow is made of flowers. a de ceiver. & poet. 2 n. same as n. natured. a dancer.) the characters of a drama or play. a. etc. usury.) an actor. [ kasīda ] n interest on loan. a cavity ( ). the season of flowers. ̃প . a garland of flowers. witchcraft. Rama's son in the Ramayana. a female magician or juggler. . ̃ প. skilled in sorcery or magic. ̃ . pride of high birth. bad association. a very soft bed. ̃ a. menstruation. high-born. ̃ . an un worthy son or daugh- [ kusuma2 ] n a flower.) to struggle. v. the potter's [ kusa skāra ] n superstition. an ill-omened dream. bud. as soft as a n. a. in all.̃ n. a small flower-wreath. calculation of interest on loan. of bad conduct or character. [ kuliśa ] n a thunderbolt. . a witch. a sharppointed young shoot or blade of kusha ( ) grass. fem. [ kuhara ] n a hole. [ kuśīlaba ] n (as pl. a matrimonial match-maker versed in genealogy. (fig. as pointed or sharp as the tip of a blade life) easy going. a var. a. of 2 er.) person made of this grass. an effigy of a dead or living garland of flowers. a delud- ☐ [ kuśala1 ] n well-being. in weal. [ ku ha ] n leprosy. to wrestle. a small mat made of kusha ( ) grass (used for [ kusti ] n wrestling. a labourer. conscious of or sensitive about one's family pride or dignity. the note of a cuckoo. ̃ perfume of a flower. maladministration. may peace and happi ness be with you. proficiency. curing leprosy. a.) struggling.̃ . a juggler. a sorceress. male and female lan. [ kulupa ] n a lock. proficient. ter.̃ n. deception. a wizard. [ kuhaka ] n sorcery. a. [ kulīna ] n one belonging to any of the families on whom an order of honour was conferred by King Ballal Sen of ancient Bengal. a bouquet. inquir ies about wellbeing or weal. (as sing. smooth. ̃ . n. the labourers' lines or quar- n. having the tip of one's feet turned son. vying. a padlock. pl.) cooing. [ kusa sarga ] n evil company. an artiste. weal. ̃ wheel. a. dexterity. menses. skilfulness. n. ̃ n. cremation scripturally of a person who is believed to be dead but whose . voice. being well. [ kulānō ] v to be sufficient for meeting the demand of. ̃ n.) Kusha ( ) and Laba ( ) of the Ramayana. . proud of one's high birth. adroit. only. cordial greeting. ̃ expertness. . [ kuhari ] v. a bad or wicked com- [ kusantāna ] n a bad or wicked child. ̃ n. a [ ku mā a ] n the evergreen variety of the pumpkin. (fig. a magician. (fig. the spring.[ kulācāra ] n the traditional usage or custom of a family. [ kusa ga ] n bad or evil company. a. n.flower. ̃ ̃প a. may you be in weal. প 2 2 [ kuśi2 ] n the mango or any other fruit in green and undeveloped state. dramatis personae. ku-śāsana ] n misgovernment. [ kuli2 ] n a porter. ̃ n. the vernal seabody has not been found). to be adequate. pride of birth. ̃ . super stitious. a jackstraw. sitting upon by holy persons or dur ing the performance of a holy rite). superstitionridden. n. budded. good wishes. ing evil company. a rogue. ̃ bourers. 141 ☐ inc. deluding. a chaplet or small logical is land. of a noble caste. [ kuśāsaka ] n a bad or unjust ruler or admin istrator. to lock. [ kulābhimāna ] n family pride or dignity. ̃প . (fig. a wrestler. ̃ .) (of blade of kusha ( ) grass. locked. caused by superstition. very sharp-witted. leprous. a flower-wreath. ̃ hospital or asy lum for lepers. superstitious. delusion. a nightmare. n. to burn an effigy (in order to ex press dislike against a person or to consummate ease and comfort. same as (a). belonging to any of these families or enjoying this order of honour. [ kuśāsana2. fem. flow ered. the scent or [ kuśa ] n a kind of holy grass. panion or friend.) a cosy abode. ☐ [ kuśala2 ] a expert. ̃ n. n. a knave.প ̃ n. n. usury. a bunch of flowers. a woman who deceives or deludes. proud of one's birth. a mytho. v. fem. a maker of ceramic vessels. dex terous. the money lending business or interest. [ kusbabhāba ] n bad nature or conduct or char acter. [ kusumbha ] n the safflower the juice of which is used in dyeing a ring for the finger made of kusha grass (worn during the perfor mance cloth etc. 2 [ kuhara a ] n act of cooing. a sorcerer. of n.) a worth less person. asso ciating with undesirable persons. a usurer. skill. black magic. ill- . magical. [ kusimbī ] n the kidney bean or its plant. blossomed. suffering from knock feet or pedis valgum. skilled. to be enough or adequate. the pumpkin. a. appellation of Madana ( ) the Hindu god [ kulyē ] adv altogether. the yolk of an egg. a flower[ kulōka ] n a bad man. keep- n. (fig. to suffice. the juice or honey of inside. of kusha grass. honourable. the tip of a flowers. a money-lender on interest. ☐ a.প a. in weal. ☐ 1 ☐ v. ̃ n. a. a. imperf (obs. a bed of flowers. a singer. ̃ n. [ kuśa ikā ] n a scriptural sacrifice to be performed at marriage [ kusbapna ] n a bad dream. adroitness. (fig. [ kulāla ] n a potter. প v. . a labourer and his wife. of a holy rite). magic.

[ k tābhi ēka ] a anointed for installation or enthronement. fixed. ̃ n. one who has re solved. [ kūrca. learnt. installed. a very austere vow or (reli gious) meditation or penance. crooked. having one's intellect sharpened. having firm re solve. misty. a hole. employed. austere vow or a. shrewdness. the top of anything ( ).) a narrow-minded person with limited knowledge or vi sion. k kalāśa ] n the chameleon. limit ( ). to make up one's mind. ̃ a.) a frog that dwells in a well and seldom comes out of it. ac cepted ( ). bristly hair of one's beard. a sophist. ingratitude. a needle. ) the Hindu God of death. n. ̃প adv. whole. learned. false evidence. ̃প n. ̃ same as ̃ versed in diplomacy. pertaining to or of the nature of sabotage. a coast. manoeuvring and counter-mano euvring in diplomacy. built. ̃ n. given to lying. wily. ). limit ( ). a. convex. with a grateful or thankful heart. [ k tāparādha ] a one who has committed an offence. n. to the brim. a person who has had his education completed. ̃ ̃ a. a bristle. diplomatic. a heap ( ). re quiring hard labour or practice or adoption of austerities. fraud. shrewd. a puzzle. (fig. thankful. having intellectual sharp ness or accomplishments. framed up ( ). ̃ n.) a paradox. [ kuhēlikā. a shore.̃ a. subtle ( ). a hair-pencil. a snare. ̃ n.) a para dox. ̃ n. implica tion. ̃ a. ̃ n. ̃প n.) a way or means of escape ( ). a diplomat. at sea. ̃ a. false. a beach. welleducated. state of being well-educated or learned. [ kūpa ] n a draw-well. a painter's brush. having firm resolve. act of harming one's benefactor. having cupped one's palms. a tuft of grass. one who has done a work or performed a feat. v. a deed. obscure. ̃ a. ̃ n. the cooing of a cuckoo. composed ( ). [ kūrma ] n the tortoise. one who has been able to accomplish one's duty or task. [ k cchra ] n physical hardship. committed ( ). 142 ☐ [ kūjana ] n a sweet note or call of a bird. full of ob stacles and hindrances. to chirp. a riddle. latent ( ). shrewd politics. (fig. occult. endless. the turtle. [ kūla ] n a bank (of a river). swindling. a trap. ob stacles and hindrances. in tricate. engaged ( ). ̃ n. a hair-pencil. . ungratefulness. to warble. (fig. a work done.—esp. . (fig. firm resolve. determined. thanklessness. ̃ a. ̃ n. one who has succeeded in perform ing a task undertaken. n. ̃প adv. having cupped one's palms (in supplication etc. thankfulness. end. a hair-pencil.) a very lean [ kū a ] a shrewd. a tutored or got-up witness. ̃ n. guile. a poser. ̃ a. ̃ n. a cav ity ( . shrewd tricky or crafty policy. wile. a cuckoo's sweet and soothing song. thorough conviction about success. sabotage. with one's palms formed into a cup. (fig. ̃ n. ̃ n. an implied or implicit meaning. thorough conviction. cooked up. to coo. ̃ a. ̃ n. (fig. selfcastigation. hard labour.) a home-keeping person. enveloped in fog or mist. performed ( ). use less arguments. successful. a small brush. [ k tajña ] a grateful. politic ( ). (of birds) to call. crafty. a trapping de vice. ̃ n. learned. ̃ n. the back of a tortoise. scholastic but useless arguments.) myste rious. to de termine. thoroughly convinced. crookedness. [ kucikā ] n a small brush. (phil. enthroned. with feelings of gratitude. a mountain peak ( ). n. cooing. foggy. ̃ n. resounded or resounding with a bird's call or cooing or warbling or chirping. kuhu ] n the cooing of a cuckoo. got-up. 1 [ k t1 ] sfx indicating one who does or per forms or works ( [ k ta ] a done. an in comprehensible or unexpoundable cou plet or saying ( ). grown on hillsides. a medicinal plant usu. given to useless arguments or sophistry. given to speaking in riddles. masc. compli cated. forg ery. ̃ a. overflowing or inundating the bank or shore. tech nical devices or methods. (rhet. political. person. n. n. (lit. kuhēlī ] n fog. mist. a. well educated. crooked ( ). appointed. made. of lovers) whispering. ). technicality. guileful. a bond-slave. chirping. a well. ̃ v. to resolve. [ k taghna ] a one who harms one's benefactor. one given to sophistry. one who has had his education completed. an intricate question. ). kūrcā ] n a small brush. ex tremely hard labour. the space between the eyebrows. a false witness. the dulcet note of the cuckoo. practice of aus terities. [ k tāñjali ] a having one's hands folded. ungrateful. kuhēli. one who has taken a wife. [ k tānta ] n a name of Yama ( criminal. austerity. in folded hands. . earned ( ). fem. the cuckoo. with folded hands. ̃ a. instituted. a painter's brush. hard-earned. the second of the ten incarnations of Vishnu ( ). ̃ n. ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ . one who has done one's pil grimage. sophistry. bent or intent upon. having cupped one's palms. .) a shelter or help ( ). obliged. ̃ a. ̃ n.) eternally uniform or unchanging ( . a diplomatic fight.[ kuharita ] a resounded with the cooings of a cuckoo or cuckoos. dark. entire. a diplomat. ̃ a. diplomacy. one who has achieved one's end. n. shrewd. . ̃ n. a false scale or balance (esp. (rhet. diplomatic. end. (fig. an edge ( ). one who has been made a slave for a term. a border. far-fetched meaning. tricky or shrewd contrivance or device. married. success. a. a trap. thoroughly convinced of suc cess. ̃ adv. sophistry. a tortoise-shell. incomprehensible. [ k kalāsa. ̃ a. a painter's brush. intricacies. settled ( ). perjury. craftiness. a trick. a. already done or accomplished. ̃ a.) all. unthankful. ̃ a. ̃ .). n. austere ( ).—esp. a trap. [ k tsna ] a (obs. ̃ (religious) meditation or penance ( ). warbling. [ kuhu. of lovers) to whisper. tricky. ̃ n. [ k tkauśala ] n technique. politics. ̃ n. ̃ n. intricate ( ). fabricated ( ). decep tive ( ). a distorted meaning. ̃প a. the name of the Purana ( ) narrating the exploits of the second in carnation of Vishnu ( ). (fig. taken. gratitude. ̃ n. n. ̃ n. made to de ceive buyers). a saboteur. . (success ful) completion of one's education. ̃ a. ̃ n. ̃ n. guilty. ̃ a. ̃ n. ( [ kūrmābatāra ] n the second of the ten incarna tions of Vishnu ) assuming the form of a tortoise. the cuckoo.

imitation. weakened. opp. ploughman. ̃ . a work. a. made of rice. such a word. ̃ . shamness. প ̃ n. প [ k a ] n (myth.̃ n. [ k tōpakāra ] a one who benefits. syn thetic ( ). প same as প ̃ n. n. (myth. cultivation. ̃ n. parsimony. imitated ( = an imitation diamond). black lead. spices and sometimes veg etables). ploughing. fem. ̃প n. [ k ti ] n performance. ̃ . to favour. n. ̃ [ k tārtha ] a one who has achieved one's goal.) an incarnation of God Vishnu or Narayana ( ). devoted to Lord Krishna. make-be lieve ( ). agenda. forged ( ). [ k tī ] a proficient. to be com passionate to. husbandry. a tape worm. & n. ̃ n. farming. প . sarcas. black or dark colour. ̃ a. a favourable look. the peasantry. fem. ( . action. a farm-hand. lean. a deed.̃ n. tillage. produced by agriculture. [ k śā ga ] a slender-bodied. প . composed by Krittibas ( ) [ k āna ] n a peasant. ̃ a. death. welleducated. that is found in the intestines of a human being). a farmer. ̃ n. ̃ same as প ̃ . a. [ k titba ] n proficiency.) an ocean of kindness or mercy. ̃ n.) a store of mercy or kindness. an n. ̃ . feeble. slender. artificiality. dark-complexioned. skinned. the an telope. gratia. narrow minded. close-fisted. achievement. . make believe. ˜ n. the blacka. 143 ☐ ☐ [ k pā ] n kindness. [ k tisbatba ] n patent. an iota of pity or mercy. n. [ k danta ] a (gr. ̃ n. an object of pity. a name of Shiva ( ) who wears a tiger's skin. ̃ a.) ☐ ☐ [ k pa a ] a miserly. one who longs for mercy. the black cummin. any of the lunar days of the dark fortnight. leanness. living by agriculture. state of being synthetic or counterfeit or faked or forged. fied. weak. n. n. dark-coloured. gracious. public service ( = the educational service). execution. skin of hu man beings. what ought to be and ought not to be done. learned. ̃ . a cultivator. ̃ n. to be kind or merciful to. successful. n. ̃ n. a farm labourer. false. simulation. weakness. slim. ta. copyright. of a slender frame. achievement. its flower. blackness. a cutting instrument. n. black-skinned. Arjuna ( ) of whom Krishna ( ) is the charioteer as told in the Mahabharata. grace. purple. n. at tracted. প v. (gr. one who deserves pity. dark complexioned. lean. ̃ agricultural n. the black people. ̃ n. ̃ n. ̃ . weak. (usu. the krait. n. ̃ n. (myth. n. construction. ̃ a. k śarānna ] n kedgeree. [ k ntaka ] a incising. n. a black variety of pi geon-pulse. [ k mi ] n a worm (esp. faked. authorship ( ). feebleness. one who thinks oneself gratified. an ex tremely kind or merciful person. black. ̃প or a scimitar or a dagger in one's hand. [ k a ] a ploughed. ̃ n. a. kind. counterfeit ( ). a magnet. the white Sandalwood. (lit. n. lac. practised. ̃ a. falseness. ̃ প n. who rendered the Sanskrit Ramayana into Bengali.) any of farmer. ). a flower-plant. n. enfeebled. n. fem. unkind. an ex tremely kind or merciful person. ̃ n. enchant ment. a venomous black snake. agricultural land. wages of a farm[ k tya ] a that which ought to be or is to be done. a scimitar. [ k trima ] a artificial ( ). mercy ( ). ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ . blackish. ). thin-bod ied. ̃ n. ̃ a. [ k śānu ] n fire. a cultiva tor. an incisor. a task hand. Santalum al bum. tilled. to cast a favourable glance. a name of Draupadi ( ) of the Mahabharata. [ k pā a ] n a sword. ̃প n. cultivation. sham ( ). a 2 [ k āni2 ] n. n.) to have access to the eternal and celestial company of Krishna ( ) after one's death. ̃প a. fem of public de partment.[ k tābhyāsa ] a one who has practised or re ceived training. n. a deed of piety. an agronomist. skin of an antelope. black or deep blue or dark-complexioned ( . gloomy ( ). stinginess. [ k i ] n agriculture. a cutis. fem. favour. illiberal. dark. the dark fort night. [ k śa ] a lean. cultivation. simu lated ( ). benignant. cultivation. ̃ n. ̃ n. ̃ a. ̃ a. merciless. ̃ n.̃ a. compas sionate. anthelmintic. cu ticle. a round-worm. n.) the dragon's head. service-roll. pretended. narrow mindedness. its red-coloured flower. an act or deed. mi serliness. with a kind or kindly look. same as n. (astro. to die. a dagger. anthelmintic. fem. n. of the dark fortnight. illiberal or narrow minded by nature. produced by worms. n. merciful. fem. benefited. [ k śara. ̃ n. ̃ a. pretension. a look of favour. a duty. an anthill. culture. close-fisted ness. (fig.) a system of adding suffixes to words. fire. the ascending node. a flowering shrub. incisive.—of a word) having a suffix added in accordance with the sys tem. 1 [ k āni1 ] n agriculture. to be gracious or benignant to. a. benignancy ( ). a peasant. an act. skill. slim. thinness. access to the eternal and ce lestial company of Krishna ( ). ĩ a. stingy. Krishna who was one of the chief characters of the Mahabharaa. trained. credit.̃ n. প v. graphite. holding a sword [ k tāhnika ] a one who has performed one's daily religious services or prayer. niggardliness. erudite. ̃ n. ̃ n. niggardly. thin. the Pleiades. com passion. n. thin. a kind of edible hotchpotch (usu. fem. incisory. farm ing. suc cessful in life. ̃ n. [ k aka ] n a peasant. ̃ n. a service-book. the six nymphs who nursed Kartikeya ( ). pity ( ). a thread-worn. contribu tion ( ). successful. ̃ n. any of the open air dramatic performances enacting the life and activities of Krishna ( ). to pity. ̃ a. ̃ adv. a hook-worm. & astro. produce. cutting. feeblebodied. pigeon pulse. ̃ n. witchery. miserly or nig gardly by nature. agri cultural. epidermis. প v.̃ n. (lit. ̃ a.) the Pleiads. benevo lent. ̃ a. a husbandman. one who has accomplished a great task or has been successful in a great effort. [ k tti ] n skin or hide of beasts. ˜ a. a devotee of Lord Krishna. a virtuous act. parsimonious. cultivated.

of or in what sort or manner. to re vert to the original ters. to cause to buy. a standard. lying or placed or drawn in the centre. bought. a rubber-soled sports shoe made of canvas. darkish. headquarters. not to feel well or all right. to appear as suspicious or dubious or doubtful. absolute. only ( ). kētakī ] n the screwpine flower or its tree. one of the books of the Upanishads. a ( ). to some extent. colours. bookishness. distin guished. . which ( ?). lying in or entered into the centre. n. purchased. dubious. (sc. n. inces santly. ̃ a slave. cen ( ). & myth. service able. . to trade (in). lying in or brought into the centre. man- . cen[ kēncē ] inf & pop. book learning. (sc. pro. drinking water perfumed with the essence of the screwpine flower. v. the dragon's tail. whoever. active. to be in an alarming or dying condition ( ). none. the centre. kē ় ipōkā ] n a small insect usu. a. shop ping. ̃ n. of what sort. ̃ conj. of high [ kēdārā2 ] n an Indian musical mode. fem. a. a certain. a. (astrol. a banner. & phil. unchanging. suspicious. v. [ kēnā ] v to buy. useful. suspicious. a piece of agricultural land. since. a ridge round the foot of a tree for watering. [ kēkā ] n a peacock's call. v. a.bluish. ̃ n. nobody. pure. some people. the centre. ☐ ☐ [ kēm ē ] n a Marwari ( close-fisted. a. n. one and only one ( ). ( ) cow ering (in fear). some one else. an ear wig. (sarcas. (of a thing that tral. the birth-day of Krishna ( ). how related. anxious. whichever. (sc. stored rice. buying. some.) centrip etal. one belonging to or related to ( ). the headquarhas been done or nearly done) to become undone. to make pur chases.) adv. (of a person in trouble) to groan piteously. [ kēbalā-caitanya. v. a lot ( ) ). God. a. not appearing to be quite well. trad ing. centralposition. buying and selling. fine ( ). [ kētāba ] n a book. [ kēbala-hāsi ] a given to laughing overmuch or always. doubtful. ̃ adv. a. [ kēu ] pro someone.) centrifugal. a. unpolluted ( ). one who is conversant with and observes rules of etiquette and fashion. witted. made of wood. ̃ a.) sole. ̃ a. 2 a. to buy and sell. [ kē ় i. standing. [ kēmana ] adv how. very large. [ kētā ] n a bundle ( ner. ̃n. n. [ kēcchā ] n a scandal. Shiva ( ). somebody else. [ kēna ] adv why. [ kējō ] a efficient. because. re duced to [ kēndē-kaki ē ] adv with importunate en treaty. . parsi monious. [ kēkara ] a squint-eyed. purchase. a clumsy fellow. v. kēnnāi ] n a centipede. var. . cost price. how. ̃ . a standard. unmixed. ☐ ☐ [ kēō a ] n one of the lowest castes amongst the Hindus (their original pro fession was fishing). kētādōrasta ] a fashionable. a story. ̃ v. ̃ a. perturbed ( ). ). marketing.) the descending node. to smell of some thing sinister. brokery. to shop. doubtful. custom ( ). the [ kēncō ] n the earthworm. 144 ☐ . [ kēbina ] n a cabin. kēnnui. excellent. without a second. selfish. learning acquired from books only. corpulent. fashion ( ). malicious gossip. ☐ ☐ [ kēukē ā ] n a person of distinction. [ kēdāra ] n a holy place for Hindus on the Himalayas.) centric. ☐ [ kē hō2 ] n a wooden vessel or trough. the principal place or station. a garden. [ kēndra ] n the centre (of or as of a circle). kēbalā-caitana ] a dull- [ kēbalātmā ] a pure-souled. (poet. [ kēmukēmu ] int expressing the whining of a dog in distress. the eighth lunar day of the dark fortnight of the month of Bhadra ( ). miserly. the central place. . a field.) to whine complainingly like a dog. continuously. a name of Shiva ( ). [ kēbalarāma ] n a dull-witted man. to purchase. to feel sick ( ). [ kēndō ] a very fat. one or the other. a weakling. [ kētaka. 2 [ kēō ় ā ] n the screwpine flower or its plant. [ kētu ] n (astrol. adv. প a. the essence of the screwpine flower. captious. a big gun. somewhat. pl. a banner. to cower in fear. how. a. . what ( ?). anyone. (lit. a. somebody. a. peculiar.) a book-worm. found in long- ☐ [ kē asa ] n keds (trade name of the canvas shoes by US Rubber Co. (phys. purchases. the centre. (fig. wood- n. ly administered. pro. (sc.) plimsoll. just.) the fourth or the seventh or the tenth house from the birth-house in the zo diac. [ kētana ] n a flag. who or which (distribu tively). just ( ). en. (of a dog in distress) to whine. [ kēn ় ē ] n (usu. [ kē ] pro who.) centric. in cessant. [ kētādurasta. ̃ n. (of health or mind) inexplicable. to become anxious or per turbed ( ). ̃ n. only. dubious.). the principal place or station. [ kēbala ] a (theo. centralized. bookish. gigantic ( ) trader. of v. a. just now ( ). a flag. to act as a (pro fessional) broker.) rough ( ). incessantly ( ).) an earthen pail (for hold ing milk etc. cen tral. . v.) centric. . a dunce. ̃ n. [ kēnnō. the pea cock. of a sort ( ). . & fig. a ridge round a piece of agri cultural land. .

with the scalp wholly hairless. [ kēmabrika ] n cambric. [ kērala ] n Kerala. v. an inhabitant of Kerala ). v. haircut.) a a. (sl. hairoil. to pull each other by the hair in a scuffle. ̃ . to comb and plait one's hair. to take to task. an incident ( ). black. to demand an explanation. 2 [ kē ā2 ] a how fine. a kind of white cot ton fabric. disgrace. efficiency. [ kaitaba ] n chicane. v. scandalous. to dress (hair) carefully. প v.). fem one who resides on the Kailasa n. an explana tion. horses). to dress one's hair. act of putting up hair. . fraud. ̃ n. ̃ n. v. ̃ n. to shave one's head. a glo rious feat.̃ . falsehood. an incompetent or unintelli gent work. ). [ kērāsina. well-laid and encircled with a ridge ( ). fem. ̃ n. mane (of lions. ̃ a. the lion. ̃ a. a case. crystal lography. to carry the day. freight. [ kēśura ] n a kind of bulbous plant. (fig. [ kērāmati ] n skill. absoluteness. (fig. a. dissimulation. fem. a chest or a packing-box . & dero. bald. to tonsure. act of seizing by the hair. a house for pleasure and pastime. to cut one's hair. clerkship. (myth.[ kēmabisa ] n canvas. one who gives salvation. to achieve one's goal. to show. [ kēlāsa2 ] n crystal. [ kēli ] n amorous sport ( ). the growth of one's hair. state of being one and only one. v.) to do one the least harm. tressing hair. [ kē āra ] n care. carefully parted or dressed ( ). flattery. duty without using his discretion. ̃ n. an inferior kind of horse-carriage for pas sengers. to n. & n. a woman having long and beautiful hair.) the chief or best one = the chief amongst the heroes. er. ( ). hairdressing. to tress one's hair. (myth. ). identification of one's soul with the Absolute. [ kēśara ] n (bot. (fig. [ kēśaba ] n a name of Krishna ( ). a clerk. centric. [ kē ūra ] n an ornament for the arm. hairy. ( [ kērāñci ] n a kind of covered bullock cart for carrying passengers. careful dressing ( ). merging of one's soul with the Absolute. nir vana. to care. clerk or copyist who does his routine business or daily score or [ kēśī ] a possessing long or fine or dense hair. an appellation of Shiva [ kailāsabāsinī ] a. ̃ a. one with long and beautiful hair. [ kēśākēśi ] n pulling each other by the hair in a scuffle. tonsuring. a scandalous affair or act. ̃ .) dark-skinned. 1 [ kē ā1 ] n the screwpine flower or its tree. an armlet. an appellation of the Goddess Durga ( ) [ kēlē kāri ] n a scandal. [ kaibarta ] n a caste amongst the Hindus (originally they were fishermen and peasants). to pull one by the hair. ̃ n. fem. n. to touch the tip of one's hair. ̃ a. v. v. one who emancipates or redeems the soul eter nally. n.) to exhibit.( ful maintenance. amusement. ̃ n. v. disgraceful. to fail to touch the tip of one's hair. see see see 2 [ kēśāgra ] n the tip of the hair. ̃ n. ̃প v. n. gambling. to call to account. & dero. (book keeping) to explain the difference be tween the debit and the credit side of an accounts book. infa mous. to beautify (a garden) by care. a member of this caste. v.) a pollen-tube. to give an explanation. crystallized.) to take off the skin. n. ̃ n. ̃ . ̃ same as ̃ n. ̃ a. to crystallize. & n. (in chess) to kill the opponent's castle or to check mate the opponent by moving one's castle(s). sport. lying. the governor or master of a fort or fortress. ̃ n.) the kadamba ( ) tree under which the amorous sports of Krishna ( ) were held. in or under tress. a louse. n. &square. a stronghold. hire. v. re lease from the world or the influence of nature. touching one's hair. power. a. (fig. given to telling lies. a client or a brief ( ). act of shaving one's head. to bring to account. to display ( ). [ kēllā ] n a fortress.) soleness. the care of. [ kēśa ] n hair. [ kē āmata ] n the Day of (final) Resurrec tion or Judgement (according to the Is lamic faith). act of telling lies. crystalliza tion. rent. kērōsina ] n kerosene. a. have a hair cut. to pull one's hair. an appellation of Goddess Durga ( ) or Kali [ kailāsanātha ] n the lord of the Kailasa mountain. ̃ . a mountain. ̃ n. to capture a fort or fortress. salvation of the soul. blackened. [ kēlānō ] v (vul. v. a castellan. [ kēlē ] a (vul. [ kaibalya ] n (phil.) to realize one's end. in comp. deceit. 145 ☐ ☐ [ kē āri ] n a well-laid flower-bed or plea sure garden encircled with a ridge. crystalline rock. n. infamy. disrepute. to touch one's hair. v. excellent ( [ kē ākāndi ] n a cluster of screwpine flow ers. to try to clear up a charge rather impertinently. ̃ n. ☐ ☐ .) act of doing the least harm to. v. a lock or tuft of hair. ̃ n.) to fail to do even the least harm (to). [ kaiphi ata ] n what is said to account for something. [ kērāni ] n an office-clerk. ̃ প. to capture or take a fort or fortress. & theo. a lion of heroes etc. a hackery. a cause shown. a stamen. a castle. fem. v. a patient ( [ kērā ā ] n the price paid for use of any thing. (used as a sfx. to harm in the least. adv.) to simper. [ kēśākar a a ] n pulling one by the hair. [ kaindrika ] a central. (vul. to put up one's hair. [ kēsa ] n a law-suit. (fig.̃ n. a fort.) to realize one's end. v. flat tery. eternal emancipation. act of combing and plaiting hair. dark-com plexioned. a south-Indian state. hair-band.giant killed by Krishna ( ). to achieve one's goal. pull ing one's hair.

countless. jurisdiction ( ). pro. of bamboo. the interior of a house where women live.) right-angled. to cause to cut into pieces. ̃ n. ). [ kōnca3 ] n a kind of small harpoon for catching fish. calf-love. kōntha ] n act of straining esp. an aboriginal tribe of Cochbehar. zenana ( ). resolve. a build ing (also ). form of [ kōmstā ] n a scrubbing brush.) ordinate.) a certain. ̃ n. a quotation. adv. kō āra ] n (obs. molar ( . how ( ). driven into a corner. cane etc. n. (geom. & n. to cause to husk. capillarity. a. a. ̃ adv. spade work. pl. [ kō i ] n ten million. a. one of this tribe. where. in what respect. a socket ( ).) straight-angled. a fold. ten million. a crore.) a straight angle. of early youth. performed on this day. curling. [ kōndana ] n coll. ̃ v. a club. a billion aire. 2 [ kō ā2 ] v to strike (against). border ( ). ̃ . ̃ n. [ kō ] int expressing a groaning sound. [ kōnta. to husk or make flat by thrash ing under a foot-driven womb. one who digs with a spade. a bay ( ). the grind. to [ kōnka ] n the abdomen. an edge. relating against a person. kōn ] pro. an end or ex tremity. eternity. [ kōdāla. ̃ adv. why ( ). to cause to dress. a col- [ kōncabaka ] n the little heron. to cause to grind or pound. a. প v. 2 3 2 [ kōnca2 ] n a wrinkle. wavy. a quotation. a very small (and usu. a tip. to pound. [ kōtō āla ] n a policeman. ̃ a.[ kō anā2 ] n (masc. one's area ( ). act of whispering malicious reports [ kaiśōra ] n early youth. প . (math. wherefrom. position. [ kōnthā ] v to strain oneself as during def ecation. প v. a stage ( umn or space ( ). [ kōkila ] n the cuckoo. [ kō ēśana ] a a quoted saying or excerpt. from where. [ kōnka ় ā ] a curled. (in contempt. of or from which or what place. procuring. ̃ a. of ) a procurer. a pander. to evacuate one's bowels. fem. the profession of a pander. (geom. (geom. an eyebrow. bounds ( ). a gynaeceum. ̃ a. a. ̃ a. [ kō hā ] n a room. a police chief. at or in any place. [ kōkēna ] n cocaine. of or on or during this day. ). [ kōcinī ] fem of [ kōjāgara ] n the day of the fullmoon in the month of AshwinKartik ( ) when goddess Lakshmi is worshipped. to dash (against) ( ). adolescence. the inside or interior ( ). to indulge in ludicrous foppishness. n. a. curly. [ kōthā ] adv. a corner. 1 [ kō ā1 ] v to cut into pieces (as fish or vegetables). n. (geom.) quotation-mark (" "). [ kōn ় . one of the sides of the belly. a twang of a bow. same as [ kōntakā ] n a cudgel. to dig with a spade. a side. subdued. a multimillionaire.) a son. tenesmus. whence. [ kōcō āna ] n a coachman. 146 ☐ [ kōnca ় ] n the lap of one's loincloth. at or in some places. [ kōna. the point or end of a sword or a bow or any similar object. a town. kōdāli ] n a broad-bladed digging tool. a city ( control. a brick-built room (also house. (geom. [ kōca ] n a caste amongst Hindus (origi nally they were fishermen). n. hole. ̃ n. a tawdry outside is the badge of poverty. a member of this caste. the profession of a policeman or a con stable or that of the chief of a police station or a police chief. [ kōda a ] n a bow. [ kaiśika ] a capillary.) acute-angled. (geom. a pro tractor.) an adja cent angle. (gr. which ones. kōn ় ā ] n a young shoot of a plant esp.) a reflex angle. to pass time idly shunning responsibility. ̃ প n. [ kōkanada ] n the red lotus. (geom. [ kō a2 ] n a fort. (geom. a or infatuation among adolescents. some ( ).) of or from an unknown or contemptible place. a. & a. the chief of a police station. to hold out the lap of one's loin cloth (in order to receive something). roman tic love or attachment [ kō ara ] n a crevice or hollow ( ). . . a crore of days of Brahma ( ) which is equal to 432 years of man. (geom. a constable. fem. hollow.) a right angle. to adoles cence. [ kō ara. trigonometrical ratios. [ kōncā ] n the plaited end of the loincloth tucked at the front of the wearer. held or kept at bay. ☐ .) an obtuse angle. sunken.) obtuse-angled. প n. . n. [ kōtarā ] n a loose or thin treacle or mo lasses of blackish colour and slightly bitter taste. n. to dress. . ̃ n. edge. a. a spade. innu merable. [ kō a ] n an angle.) an acute angle. . n. প the ludicrous attempt of dressing oneself elegantly when one has no means of obtaining one's liveli hood. an extremely wealthy man. & n where. a reddish variety of sugar cane. প v. straining one self as during defecation. n. the belly. a fortress ( ). power. a police station. n. claim ( ) 2 [ kōdalānō ] v to dig or to dig up with a spade. a price quoted. anywhere. a sitting posture ac cording to the yoga ( ) system. the point ( ). as sweet-voiced as the cuckoo. n. a brick-built ). & a which. ). dark) room. (geom. what (chiefly interro.

̃ a. diagonal. (fig. suban [ kōrphā ] a subleased. kind. skilled in ( = n. awry. a con tainer. held by an undertenant. প ̃প . a sac ( ). anyhow. a flat. (fig. a fund. soft-hearted. প v. a. thus struck or chopped or dug. the East India Company. to soften. learned. flank. lumbago. a certain. undertenant. the Company's securities or papers. v. athwart. one's horses and also on how to train and manage them. . ̃ n. n. wise. a waist belt. waist deep. [ kōmpāni ] n a number of persons trading together. to anneal. someone. din and bustle.—usu. a pod ( . mildness. tied to the versed or erudite in Sanskrit). pro. a repertory. a cartilage. [ kōla1 ] n an aboriginal tribe of India. ̃ . same as v.—usu. a 147 ☐ ☐ ☐ [ kōrabāni ] n (according to Islamic scrip tures) immolation of a beast on a reli gious occasion. to sit upon one's lap. the middle ( ). to embrace.) to enter into an alli ance. of a deli(fig. প . to dig with a spade. ). weakness. ̃ a. & obs. (of a child) to give delight to one (usu. leased land. darling child. iron.̃ adv. 2 [ kōrā2 ] a brand-new. a treasury ( ).) a large v. kind. . delicate. given to anger. same as প adv. a bolster. anyone ( ). ̃ . fem. even con test or competition between two shrewd persons. weak ( ). ̃ . n. an angry look. a replum. (mus. the mother) who takes it on one's lap.) alliance or mutual understanding ( ). [ kōbida ] a (chiefly used as a sfx. to take up in one's arms or to lift to one's flank. ( ). adv. a scabbard.) versed in. tender-hearted. heart. a waist. ̃ n. v. v. waist-high. [ kōpānō ] v to chop or strike with a sharp cutting implement as a the mother) who takes it up on one's lap. v. a bladder ( ). [ kōlā ] n a large barrel or cask bulging in the middle. to bring up with pert. & adv. displeasure. any how. wrath. an embrace . a receptacle. some ( ). uproarious. of a mild disposition. fat. slantwise. to embrace mutually. bo som. slantwise. ̃ a. [ kōpānala. [ kō a ] n a cover. to anybody. a member of this tribe. ̃ প a. field or meadow ( ). blandness. two shrewd persons read or try to read each other's mind well. sweet. ☐ . fit of violent anger. weak-natured. budding. প প v.̃ n. প প . a sheath. full of din and bustle.) the colon (:). a store. kindliness. a a. a com pany. fem. 2 1 [ kō ā ] n any of the juicy divisions or sec tions of a fruit containing the seed. ̃ a. a legume. a suckling. easily angered or irritable. weak-hearted. প a. kōrānaśaripha ] n the Quran or Koran. kindly-natured. vicinity or neighbourhood ( ). ̃ a. annealing. fury. (dial. long ago. sweetness. one's lap. pl. [ kō a ] pro (poet. aslant. a case. a. angry. a tumult. (fig. stooping sideways. a nursling. nook. ̃ প [ kōmala ] a soft. delicacy. an infant. at one time. clam orous. pot-bellied. [ kōpa2 ] n anger. a jacket. somehow. weak hearted. ̃প same ). the inside ( ). exsame as -প v. bland ( ). too much attached to or dependent on moth[ kōmara ] n the waist. to cast an 1 angry glance. ̃ a. foot. to incur one's anger or eggs. an uproar. by no means. to climb up to one's lap or a. having a soft or delicate or tender body or limbs. an expert on the breed and excellence of care and affection (as by the mother or nurse). ̃ a. [ kōlākuli ] n mutual embracing. a pod ( ). at no time. a large species of frog dwelling chiefly in a field. iras cible. to be angry (with). প v. by some means. fem. sword. an gered. v. by any means. the narrow in side of a room. [ kōpa1 ] n a blow with a sharp cutting implement such as a sword. [ kōnō. tumultuous.) to gird up er. never. mother's apron-strings. the notes in the sub dued scale. v. kōnō ] pro. the flank of a person standing.) flat. undertenancy. a certain. kōpāgni ] n the fire of anger or wrath or fury. indignation. . suave. n. to [ kōrmā ] n a kind of highly-spiced grilled curry of meat or fish or express anger.) to welcome or give shelter. mild. ̃ . easily 2 [ kōla2 ] n the fold of the body of a person sitting. (of a child) causing delight to the loins. softnatured. at any time. (of a child) last-born. to greet (each other) warmly. adv. [ kōraka ] n a bud (of a flower). & a any. flank or as প ̃ a.) the fold of the body of a person sitting. [ kōrāna. fem. rage. the (In dian) government (during the rule of the East India Company). ̃ n. unbleached ( . প v. n. to deal a blow with a sharp cutting implement. ̃ . = wellyoungest child. a girdle. the rule of the East India Company. the realm or dominion of the East India Company. ̃প a. tender-hearted. warm greeting. up to the one (usu.) any of [ kōlana ] n (gr. [ kōlāhala ] n a loud confused noise or shout (as of many persons speaking loudly at the same time). em phatic form of adv.̃ same as ̃ same as iron. gentleness. ). diagonally.[ kōnā ] n a corner. to make a loud and confused noise. a juicy division or section of a fruit containing the seed. cor pulent. the holding of an undertenant. v. cate frame. the middle. a certain. ̃ a. n. somehow. athwart. somebody. same as same as [ kōptā ] n a kind of fried chop of meat. the regime or times of the East India Company. suavity. a legume. (mus. some. side or brink or middle ( ). [ kōra ] n (poet. softness. the lap ( irri table or angered by nature. a mercantile firm. a replum. a sub tenant.) a government officer. peevish. wrathful. close and v. to take (up) one one's lap. same as tender. fem. tenderness. (joc.) whomsoever. wrathful. gentle. a public servant. a bay.

(astr. tricky. the large bowel. jingling. n. [ kauntē a ] n a son of Kunti ( ) of the Mahabharata.) cell-fusion. v. the palm of hand formed into a cup ( ). v. an astrologer. ̃ a. celi bacy. metal ornaments) clash ing together. ☐ ☐ box. pride of high birth. [ kauśika ] a made of silk. a treasurer. ̃ n. ancestral.). ̃প n. silk. a.) the angle of incli nation. a stratagem. ̃ v. ̃ n. the name of the Purana narrating the history of the second incarnation of Vishnu ( ) in the shape of a tortoise ( ) [ kaula ] a born of good family. sheathed. & theo.) a cell-wall. hereditary. fem. [ kauśala ] n dexterity. to have costive ness. to predict the future of one's life from one's horoscope. v. ̃ n. ̃ n. প v. (myth. inter esting. a weaver by caste. water of a well. a.̃ adv. to cast one's horoscope. the kulin system. [ kō ā ] n a small water-container (usu. anywhere. ancestral. horoscopy. ̃ a. (bio. to have an easy or regular evacuation of one's bowels. diagonal. ̃ n. a lexicographer. ) [ kōhinura ] n the famous diamond called kohinoor. to evacuate thoroughly. celibacy. v. an unmarried daughter. awakening curiosity. a canoe shaped water container and a small ca noe-shaped [ kauraba ] n a descendant of King Kuru ( ). fond of fun or jokes. [ kaulīnya ] n high birth or descent. a deceptive artifice or make-believe. প v.) one of the six nymphs who nursed Kartikeya ( ). to deceive cleverly or art fully.) the best specimen or person. drawn. amused. state of being a kulin. an anthology of poems. kaumsili ] n a counsel. ̃ n. ̃ n. the custom or practice of a kulin family. to sheathe (one's sword etc. ̃ n. (bio. seized with curiosity. [ kaupīna ] n a small piece of loincloth worn after the fashion of a suspensor by In dian ascetics. a granary. lineal. a. seldom. inspiring curios ity. the vow of celi bacy. [ kyānka ] int expressing the sound of kicking or striking or of excitement or pain or a surly utterance. an arti fice. jingling.) a cellplate. v. born of a kulin ( ) family. ̃ n. ̃ a. . a silk worm. satisfaction of curiosity. a dictionary. ̃ a. n. lin eal. relat ing to the taking up water out of a one hundred sons of King Dhritarashtra ( ). to cast one's horoscope from hypotheses or insufficient or uncertain data. an unmarried son. (bio.̃ n. to make fun (of). a horoscopist. to devise means. (bot. adv. [ kauśikī ] n (in Hindu mythology) a form of the primordial Female Energy. (phys. constipation. at any time. to jest. any of the one spoon for taking water from a hundred sons of King Dhritarashtra ( ) of the Mahabharata.) a cellular tissue. artful. [ kkātha ] n decoction. a joke.) cell-forma tion. ̃ a. . to get constipated. v. the inner part of a (dwelling) house. a compartment. angular. wily. tact fully. constipation. to whine. hydrocele.) the mo ment of momentum. to play a trick (with or upon). amusing. the moon. a device. light. ☐ . in accordance with the tradition and usage peculiar to a family or line. [ kaurma ] a of the tortoise. ̃ n. a water-container (usu. ̃ a. to have bowels cleared. angularity. (bot.played on or of metals (esp. an ascetic.) a cell. a chest. curiosity. ̃ n. v. [ kkacit ] adv at any place. that which rouses curiosity. silken. a jest. ever. costiveness. skill. ̃ n. (mech. virginity. v. প a. act of making this sound. (bio. n. rarely. n. . a. repeatedly) in a surly manner. queer. hereditary. ̃ n. to jingle. a nativity. aslant. dexterous. to decoct. [ kaulika ] a pertaining to a family or a clan or lineage. ̃ n. ̃ a. ☐ [ kō ha ] n a room. ̃ n. the bag containing testicles. sometimes. skil ful. nobly born. [ kaumārya ] n bachelorhood or virginity. a small ca noe-shaped boat. given to making fun or jokes. inquisitive ness. an encyclopedia.) one's most valuable treasure. ̃প n. de scended from King Kuru ( ). artistry. craftily. same as a. pride for being born a kulin. n. few and far between. funny. thorough or easy evacuation or purging of one's bowels. ̃ a. v. a silk-cocoon. ̃ n. one who is wearing the loincloth. curious. one's first wife. a barrister or lawyer. relating to a boy or a bachelor. [ kau ika ] a pertaining to an angle. pertain ing to a family or a clan or lineage. n. [ kaustubha ] n (myth. curiosity. jingle. sometimes. an expedient. (fig. jingled.) a precious stone that Narayana ( wears on his bosom. jocular. fond of amusements. the colon ( ). curious. bachelorhood. (fig. a glos sary. [ kautuka ] n a fun. by means of a trick or a strata gem. (fig. (the Ayurvedic system of) midwifery and treatment of children's diseases. [ kka a ] n the jingling sound of a stringed musical instrument when . (phil. to crack a joke. a lexicon. a. made of copper) shaped like [ kaumudī ] n moonlight. [ kō ī ] n a small canoe-shaped spoon (usu. state of being born in a kulin ( ) family. artfully. n. constipated. made of copper) shaped like a ca noe used in religious worship by Hin dus. ing curiosity. v. ̃ . crafty. the honorarium to be paid to a kulin. curious. to devise. rarely. [ kautuhala ] n inquisitiveness. to unsheathe or draw (one's sword etc.[ kaumāra ] n boyhood. moonshine. a. ̃ n. to suffer from consti pation. inspiring or rous.) a very costly thing.) any of the stages of ex istence of a created being ( ). bachelordom. a trick.) angular momentum.). v. horoscopic. 148 ☐ [ kō hī ] n a horoscope. a dictio nary. curious. funny. the scrotum. unsheathed. ̃ n. seldom. to grumble or rebuke (usu. made of copper) for . [ kaumsuli. the lord of moona canoe used in worship by Hindus. [ kaupa ] a of a draw-well.

gradually increasing or developing or evolving. tapering. a chart showing days. ̃ n. [ krānti ] n transition. that which can be bought. [ kramā ka ] n (phys. pro gressing. tion. v. pacing or ambulating in a leisurely manner. ̃ a. developing or evolving gradually. ̃প n. declining or decreasing gradually. ̃ adv. [ kratu ] n a holy sacrifice or oblation at which a fire is enkindled or a burnt-of fering is given. kyāncaramyācara ] int expressing the confused noise made by talking to gether. serially. successive. cross. to look over bright or gaudy. 149 ☐ [ kramānuyā ī ] a serial. . progressive. an act. to carp or nag (at). to go across. gradual. attack. action. [ kramānba a ] n a serial order or succession. act of walking. to be given to peevish rebuking. ̃প n. ).) an adverb. ambulation. an obso lete Indian coin of the lowest value (=&frac13. frequentative sound. confusion. covered. a law. ̃ n. carping. (loos. sloping downwards. ̃ n. [ kyāncarakyāncara. ̃ a. gradually. gradual de velopment. a cannibal. scrip tural rites collectively. v. ac tivities. to creak. [ krandana ] n weeping. purchasable. per vaded. ̃ n. grade or gradation.) calibre or its measure ment. [ kri amā a ] a in the state of being done. same as ̃ n. ̃ a.) a cash box. a ). seriatim. ecliptical. declivity. ̃ n. a. successively. successive. to draw a line or lines Great Bear of Ursa Major.) the celestial latitude. ̃ . pl. seriatim. an intolerable noise. tropical ( [ krama ] n one of a series.) the tropics. a scriptural rite ( ). a rule. performance or observance of scriptural rites. se quence. downward slope. a summons. [ kyāmbisa ] n canvas. a crick- . ☐ ☐ n. (astr. increased or devel oped gradually. n. order. (gr.) the equinox. continuously. ̃ n. gradually. method. commercial transaction. serially. to constantly express peevishness. ̃ n. active. gradual. evolution. (gr. performance or ob servance of a scriptural rite. gradually. gradual lowness or inferiority. n. efficient. an appellation of Vishnu. buying and selling.[ kyāncakēncē ] a creaky. n. (gr.) the eclip tic. purchase. ̃ a. unsmart fellow. ̃ n. con tinued product. [ kyābalā ] a dull-witted. a crossing. ̃ a. [ kramōcca ] a gradually higher. adv. ing. act of going.) a verb. unsmart. ̃ n. v. [ kramānusārē ] adv according to the serial or der. adv. act of pacing. [ kyā āru ] n the kangaroo. n.) the zodiac. rituals. n. gait. upwards inclination or slope. [ kyāncakyāncāni ] n the confused noise by many talking together.) the ecliptic. gaudy. serial. seriatim. n. to say with harsh outspokeness. adv. gradual increase or de velopment. posed to have been transformed into one of the group of stars forming the a cross. cross-road. (astr. to purchase. ̃প n. purchasing power. always. ascend[ kramōtkar a ] n gradual progress or develop ment. a appellation of Vishnu. ̃ প. (astr. the result of an action. weeping. to make a creaking sound. ̃ . ̃প n. act of crossing. ̃ a. ing. ̃ same as ̃ n. ̃ a. weeks and months of the year. continuous. n.) the celestial longitude. actions. prompt. deeds. a directive. v. peevish. a grade. eter. [ kramāgata ] a coming serially or gradually. participial. successive. ̃ প a. succeeding gradually. (astr. ̃ a. ̃ a. n.̃ n. evolution. the name of a Vedic sage or rishi ( ) sup[ krasa ] n two lines or other objects lying transversely to each other. awkwardly unsmart. calibration. ̃প n. [ krabya ] n meat. ☐ [ kyānca ] int expressing a creaking noise or the sound of chopping. a. ̃ a. observant of scriptural rites. a form. (astr.) the obliq uity of the [ krandita ] a weeping. (astr. expert. worship. gradual rise. fit for buying. pl. one after another. inclining or sloping upwards. a carni vore. cost price. of a Homoeopathic medi cine).) a verb. succession ( ). performances. (geog. gradual change. (astr. ̃ n. ̃ n. functions. in the ascend ing order. gradualness.) an equinoctial point. v. trading. a work. (gr. [ kri ā ] n function. a loud noise of weeping or wail[ krānta ] a of . a ceremony or performance. [ kramā āta ] a succeeding serially. gradually decreasing or de clining or waning. gradually lower or inferior. a. (astrol. [ kra a ] n buying. v.) ver bal. . [ kyānakēnē ] a (of voice) thin and effemi nate. getting gradu ally thinner or subtler. procedure. [ kyānta ] int expressing the sound of kick ing. same as [ krikē a ] n (the game of) cricket. [ kyāśabāksa ] n money-box. to talk together making a confused noise. change of state or condi[ kraldasī ] n the sky and the earth. gradual increase or development. a serial number. gradu ally. ̃ a. ecliptic. on the wave. to make a harsh and upleasant noise. (gr. the con sequence of an act. an [ kramōnnata ] a gradually higher. scrip tural rites. gradual decline or de crease or descent. successively. gerundial. transit. ritual. to cross out. a harsh and unpleasant noise. incessant. heaven and earth. ritualistic.) con strued with a verb. workings.) an equinoctial point. a syllabus ( ). [ kyān a ] int expressing peevishness. a dilu tion (esp. v. surrounded. incessantly. course ( ). [ kyānasāra ] n cancer. [ kyālēna āra. a step or pace. ̃ n. n. performance or observance of scriptural rites. . the Kratu transversely or ver tically. a call. [ kramika ] a serial. evolution. acclivity. kyālēn āra ] n a calendar. (geog. break of continuity or serial order. to calibrate. harsh. to buy. disorder. ̃ a. jumble. spread. rituals. tearful. gradual. increasing or developing gradually.

foot or vicinity or neighbourhood ( ). the lap ( ). ̃প n. a cat's-paw. a. exciting anger. ̃ n. ̃ a. exhibition. ̃ n. ̃ . (gram. envy. merciless.̃ n. to seize. an extremely wealthy man. to play. an epilogue of a drama. af flicted. distressed. unkind. ̃ n. painful. given to performance or observance of scriptural rites. engaged in playing. fatigued. [ klēda ] n liquid filth or soil. the flank of a person standing ( ). pur chasable. n.) v. ̃ n. crore. ̃ n. blind with rage. inoperative. ̃ a. one who performs horrible or cruel deeds. ̃ a. envious. slavish. pertaining to distraint. stricken with sorrow or misery. the inside ( ). to crucify. fun. one who has been purchased to be the slave of the buyer for life. be smeared with liquid filth. pus. to suffer. cowardly. energy. v. an association. enraged. moist. slave woman. one who exhib its a show. ̃ a. See . foul water. n. wearied. playfully. purchased. 150 ☐ ☐ [ krī ় ka ] a one who plays. engaged in games. wickedness. a. terrible anger or fury. to pain. a show.̃ a. an exhibition. a competition of games or sports. tire some. a showman. [ krī ় na ] n act of playing. প to be disdistraint of mov ables. pained. in misery. humidity. one who loves and enjoys little more than two miles or three kilometres. v. প same as [ klānti ] n extreme tiredness. buyable. soiled. bird. ̃ a. in a fit of ill-tem per. ̃ . unmanly. a. indignant. fem. . estranged. ̃ . প . furious. a crore. heart. pl. a pas time. wearisome. crooked-minded. suffering from pain. indigna tion. playable. inactive. . multi-million aire. soiled. crookedness. slave-trade. ̃ n. diffi cult. an an gry look. property of distraint distress. to take in arms. n. ̃ n. fa tigued. ̃ n. sports goods. ritualistic. the Cross. a. cruelty. pompous ones). playing.. incitement of anger. ̃ adv. removing tiredness or weariness or fatigue. n. bosom. hot-tempered. seized. [ klība ] n a man divested of manliness. malignance. [ klāba ] n a club. the stork. a. having enthusiasm or pas sion for work. ̃ n. misery. active. asexual or neuter. ̃ a. asexuality. the fire of anger or rage. crucified. a. suffering. a. any morbid matter secreted from within one's body such as pus. active. troubled. malignancy. ̃ a. [ krī ় māna ] a engaged in playing or in ex hibiting a show. sweat. mercilessness. [ kruśa ] n a cross. games. fury. a sportsman. . v. malicious.̃ . (gr. frolicsome. ̃প . flank or side or brink ( ). to be in distraint. . n. [ krī ় ā ] n a play. malice. . a sexually impotent man. [ klinna ] a besmeared with liquid filth. to trouble. earned. sorrow. the gibbet on which Jesus Christ was crucified. that which can be or is to be bought. [ krauñca ] n a species of the heron or the cur lew. fatigue. a codicil (of a will). whilst playing with. an appendix (of a book). malignant. operative. ̃ a. ̃ . [ krīta ] a bought. sorrowful. a lover of games. an asexual or neuter human being. rage. a. devoted to work. be smeared with any morbid matter se creted from within one's body such as sweat. distress1 same as a. to be matter secreted from within one's body. hard-hearted. প a. unkindness. [ krē kāra ] n the call of a duck or swan. to sport and jest. easily angered. ten million. hot-tempered. fallen or removed from one's lap. ̃ n. cowardice. a ing. out of con trol. [ klama ] n extreme weariness.) the neuter gender. pain. [ krūra ] a merciless. a ball to play with. ̃ same as ̃ adv. [ kli a ] a troubled. ̃প a. a slave-girl. furiously angry. hardheartedness. a sport. fem. mois[ krōka ] n legal seizure or attachment of goods or property. [ klānta ] a extremely tired. . pl. (now obs. a toy. wearied. excitement of anger. a playing field. ̃ a. to frolic. wrath ful. to get upon one's lap or to one's flank. ̃ n. angrily. ̃ n. fa tigue. ̃ v. wicked. a couple or pair (one male and one fe male) of this n. with an angry look. devo tion to work. deed etc. attached (overmuch) to games or sports. painful. ̃ . cruel. in trouble. crooked. games and frolics. under pretence of sport. ture. an entertainment. to lift to one's flank. ex haustion. one who is being troubled or distressed or pained. a. lack of manliness. ̃ a. a sla very. malevolent. an amuse ment. a. a cruciform gibbet on which the ancient Romans executed malefactors.engaged in work. a [ krōdha ] n anger. one who is made the tool of an other. angered. tion. a slave. sports and pastimes. see also fem. capacity for work or exertion. [ klēśa ] n trouble. v. ̃ n. to inflict sorrow or misery (on). given to holding functions (esp. refreshing. slaver etc. without work or occupation. ̃ n. fem. in sorrow or mis ery. a. a playground. ☐ ☐ . a. a slave trader. cruciform. to distrain. [ krētabya ] a worth buying. looking angrily. ̃ a. jestingly. cowardliness. a venue of a [ krōśa ] n a measure of length or distance equal to 8 cubits or a game or sport. a slaver. vigour. a game.). v. [ krī ় ōdyāna ] n a pleasure garden. mad or maddened with rage. troublesome. fatiguing. sulky by nature. player. ̃ n. spite. spiteful. ̃ . to sport. sexual impo tency (in man). (overmuch) attachment to games and sports.. hard[ krō ় 1 ] n a ten million. seizure. saliva etc. a society. wrath. v. ̃ n. ̃ n. sexually impotent. ̃ a. in a huff. of active hab its. ̃ . ̃ n. pained. to প a warrant of distraint. fondness or passion for work. exhaust ing. to 2 2 take on one's lap. [ kruddha ] a angry. dirty. without the verb. weariness. an arena. wet. separated. wrathful. angered.) verbless. a billionaire. exhausted. [ kliśyamāna ] a suffering. a. sulky. a supplement (of a maga zine. [ krō ় 2 ] n the fold of the body of a person sitting. appeasement of anger. to attach. enraged. ̃প n. livid with rage. a. besmeared with any morbid distraint. tressed or afflicted.

fem. the lung. [ k ama ] a (used as a sfx. ̃ a.) able ( -ible. ephemeral. to be harmed or injured.) endowed with rare qualities. ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ). n. v. pus. to damage. most fragile. asking for forgivesore or haemorrhage. adv. n. lack ing in influence. an inauspicious moment. tarry a little or ̃ . damaging. a morbid boil. a moment. possessed of power or authority. to depreciate. tolerating. a short time. for or during a very short time. momentari ness. to par don. spasmodically. to ask for forgiveness. the traditional obligations and duties of a Kshatriya ( ). an action or activities becoming a Kshatra ( ). for or during a very short time. a sore part of the body. ̃ ̃ v. a very short time. transient. indemnity. possessing or holding power. ̃ v. ̃ n. for an in stant. strength. fleeting. the kid ney. a little later. always. n. blood. for a short time. a length of time ( ). dex terity. Kshatriya ( ) woman. ̃প . ̃ n. wait for a mo ment. losing. to indemnify. a shortest point of time ( ). Kshatriya ( ) woman. momentary. excusable. the in jury. transitoriness. [ k a ēka ] n the shortest point of time. a member of this caste. de serving ( ). ance (as enjoined for man). to be in demnified. প v. masc. harmful. n. able. [ k a a ] n a measure of time equal to about four minutes. strong. detri mental. injurious. enduring. for or during a short time. ca pable. to injure. transitory. shortly after. adv. ere long. ̃ n. com pensation. loss. control. wounded. [ k a ika ] a lasting for a moment. a king's) son born of his maidservant. given to [ k atāśauca ] n impurity of the body on ac count of a wound or forgiveness or tolerance. efficiency. to harm. one who has sustained a loss. ̃ n. to desist one's body. a little. ). wife of a Kshatriya ( ) who may not neces sarily be a Kshatriya woman herself.̃ a. [ k antā ] a. evanescent. powerless. ceaselessly. harmed. powerloving.̃ adv. to be compensated. ̃ n. ̃প adv. excus able. a particular point of time ( ). tolerance. out or healing up injury or wound.) the wind-pipe. to forbear. most frail. very fortunate. to tolerate. depreciatory. detriment. ̃ ̃ a. in jured. existence for a very short period. love of power. ̃ n. ̃ a. for or over or during a long time.) the bron chus. an apology. the doctrine of forgive ness or pardon or forbearance or toler wound. ravished. ☐ lent ing same as [ k amī ] a given to forgiveness or toler tance. n. loss or gain. adv. ̃প adv. to apologize. highly gifted. pardon. to have nothing to lose or gain. ness. a little while ago. same as v. for a while.) born at an uncommonly auspicious moment. to brook. ̃ a. transitory. [ k apā ] n the night. in effiwhile. an evil hour. might. প ̃ a. transitory. chlorine. ̃প n. ̃ a. fem. ̃ a. coming out or sore. damaged. ). ̃ a. a caste amongst up- [ k antabya ] a pardonable. flashing or gleaming only for a moment. unre(to). pardonable. a very small point of time. v. at one moment. cient. ̃ a. some time. [ k ata ] n a wound. unskilled. harm. [ klōrina ] n a poisonous gaseous element of greenish yellow colour (used for puri fying water). proficient. ulcerated. an auspicious mo ment.̃ a. [ k amatā ] n power. able. adv. a member of this caste. an instant. [ k atrōcita ] a becoming or befitting a Kshatra ( [ k atrī ] n a Kshatra ( ) or Kshatriya ( country Hindus or a member of this caste. forgiving. shortly before. ̃ a. a member of this caste. to beg pardon. ̃ (anat. to excuse. a moment. n. the lightning. n.) the gall-bladder. causing a loss (to). to be damaged or depreciated. they were chiefly entrusted with the administration and defence of the realm.̃ . a a. ̃ n. adv. ̃ . tran sitory. at short intervals. con tinuing for a very short period ( ). ̃ same as n. প shortly before. incapable. n. (anat. ̃ a. a while ( ). -able. a caste amongst up-country Hindus. a long time. sore. ruling. skilful. skill. fem. adv. (one who is) asking for forgiveness [ k ati ] n injury. proficiency. always. deflowered. the quality of forgive ness or forbearance or tolerance in whose virginity has been violated. every moment. an instant. a moment. ̃ a. damage. [ k apa aka ] n an ancient Buddhist or (also) Jaina Digambar (nude) mendicant or ascetic. ̃ same as ̃ a. to cause a loss same as ̃ ̃ same as ̃প fem. one's (esp. capacity. ̃প ̃ n. ̃ n. a mo ment. becoming a Kshatriya ( ). for a moment. lasting for a very short time. before long. the night. every now and then. the injured or wounded part. (loos. ̃ n. delegation of power. ere long. ̃ a. unforgiving. a. forgiving. ̃ n. breaking or perishing in a moment. ̃ n. for or during some time. chivalry. a Kshetri ( ). unable. forbearance. a scar. n. perishing in a moment. (astrol. roaming or ex isting for a very short time. frequently. tolerant. or begging par don or apologizing. repeatedly. [ k amya ] a forgivable. a point of time ( ). ability. ̃ n. devoid or deprived of power. powerful. 151 . ̃ n. প v. . momen tary.[ klōma ] n (anat. a little later. covered all over with wounds. ̃ adv. an ulcer. & pop. a short time. for or during a moment only. born of a sore or wound. the Kshatriyas ( ). influence. wielding power. mighty. (of a woman) one (from). ̃ n. ̃ n. depreciation. [ k amā ] n forgiveness. ̃ a. doing damage or harm. the Kshatriya caste. to forbear. a. before long. same as adv. [ k attā ] n a man born of a sudra ( ) father and Kshatriya ( or Vaisya ( ) mother. forbearing. ̃প [ k atri a ] n the second caste amongst Hin dus according to the scriptural order. the man. ̃ . n. ) [ k atra ] n the Kshatriya ( ) caste.̃ a. to compensate. short-lived. removing or wiping to forgive. fem. & n one who forgives. depreci ated. প shortly after. only for a moment. ̃ . fem. ̃ a. wounded at several parts of same as v. to sustain a loss. influential. capable. ̃ n. ̃ . forgivable. beg ging pardon. lasting for a moment. [ k a ē ] adv in a moment. at one time (' '). ̃ same as ̃প fem.

tendency towards decaying adv. v. fast. salt water. . stigmatized. to forbear. to cause to forbear or desist (from). lost. fem. (of animals) must. a faint or low voice. to desist (from). dripping. ̃ a. [ k āra a ] n act of causing to ooze or drip. perishable.) thrown. dying. to decay. ̃ n. uneroding. rapidly. rapidity. to be eroded. v. ̃ n. emaciation. the world. & a. ̃ n. residual mountain. (chem. v. horizontal par allax. to forbear. ̃ adv. weak. weak-minded. alkaline water. cor rupted. decreased. exonerate. alkali water. ̃ a. eroded. having a subdued voice. purified. dripping. ̃ .̃ n. to madden. meagre. [ k ānta ] a tolerant. [ k ī ālōka ] n dim light. fast-going. to subdue. ̃ n. feeble ness. subdued ( ). depreciated. clay. consumed. ̃ a. to stop. a weaver of coarse cloth. ̃ adv. ☐ [ k a a ] n destruction ( ). swift-handed. quickly. ̃ a. ☐ ☐ same as ̃ ̃ n. a washerman. small ( ). consumptive. to leave off. thinness. the state of be ing a kshatriya.̃ a. same as ˜ ̃ adv. a. prompt[ k a ita ] a destroyed. a chemical base. to be emaciated. n. frenzied. to ooze. a tree (usu. insufficient ( ). causing waste or loss. de feating. to lessen. the 152 ☐ ☐ [ k ātra ] a pertaining to kshartiyas ( ). thin. [ k ālana ] n washing ( ). jute. melting. ̃প n. the moon of the dark fortnight). having one's breath failing. the v. to be defeated or van quished. v. frantic. ̃ . ̃ n. [ k iti ] n the ground ( ). per ishable. swift-moving. frantic. madly. ̃ n. lean. a kind of ). insufficiency. to depreciate. meagreness. dilapidated. quick. to waste. weak in military strength ( ). (myth. [ k ārī a ] a alkaline. swiftor wearing away or decreas ing. v. a king. becoming a kshartiya. lost. forgiving. to stop or terminate. ejected. tuberculosis ( ). ̃ a. purification. swift. tolerance. swiftly. oozy. n. erosion ( ). ̃ n. fast. cleansing. ̃ ̃ n. the earth. cloth made of silk or jute. to become feeble. like one gone mad.) a sea containing milk instead of water. to wash. decayed. fuller's earth. weakened. mad. completely deprived of vigour. ̃ . to lose. fem. ̃ a. same as [ k āra ] n alkali. to leave off ( ). furious. (fem. to erode. [ k ipra ] a swift. to en feeble. v. alkali. de creased. masc. to get fran tic or furious. swiftly. the fortnight of the waning moon. to be depreciated. to crease. exuding. ̃ n. depreciating. ̃ a. the tradi tional obligations and duties or might of a kshatriya. k a ī ] a tending to decay or wear away or defem. the horizon. destruction. feeble-voiced. exonerated. consump tion. ̃ n. stopped. weak-minded. leanness. de cayed. exudation. fragile. slenderness. promptitude. mad. ̃ প n. milk condensed and sweetened by boiling (taken as a sweetmeat). [ k ipyamā a ] a in the state of being thrown or ejected. wasted. corruption. drip ping. ̃ n. ̃ weaver. causing decay or de crease. having a slender waist. same as ̃ a. to decay. ̃ a. re moval. to cleanse. meat. eroded. promptly. destroying. to re move. Mars. ̃ n. a large one). fem. desisted. ̃ a. exuded. quickly. n. [ k itīśa ] n a king.) basic. Goddess Lakshmi. that which does not erode or decay. [ k ī a ] a decayed ( ). to drip.adv. to make frantic or furious. quickness. eaten into or away. to madden. [ k ī amā a ] a decaying. ̃ n. quickly. weakness. alkali metal. a. maddened. to decrease. exuding. . a jute- [ k ālita ] a washed.̃ n. to weaken. ̃ same as ̃ ̃ same as ̃ ̃ a. destroyed. [ k um ā ] n silk. furiousness. ̃ a. to eat into or away. fast. dilapidated ( ). ̃ a. motion. to emaciate. juice. phthisis. a. ̃ n. phthisis. consuming. slandering. ̃ n. alka line earth. short-lived. earthborn. ̃ n. ̃ . exoneration ( . prompt. ̃ n. mental distrac tion. con sumption. to defeat. frail. growing on the ground. a horizontal. to de cay. nimble. ☐ ☐ . . n. slandered. v. furiously. [ k ārita ] a caused to ooze or drip. en feebled. in a fit of madness. musty. a basic salt. a sweetmeat made from alkaline fermentation. feeble hearted. the duties and obligations of a kshatriya. eaten into or ness. wear and tear. erosive. to become slen der. a. waste. feeble. . forgiveness. in an undertone. defeat ( ). প . oozed. distracted. rap idly. n. ̃ a. exudation. decayed state. to be eaten into or away. latex. to purify. sweetened and condensed milk. fem. thin ( ). oozy. liquefied. the waning moon or the moon in wane (that is. the surface of the earth. to become subdued. n. perishability. to lessen ( ). swift. prompt. a swift away. desistance. for bearance. nimble. to Milk Sea. waning ( ). madness. ̃ n. ̃ n. ̃ . ̃প tain. handedly. ̃ same as ̃ a. weak-sighted. to make slender. liquefaction. forbearing. to destroy. termination. to make musty. ready in action. the Moon (personified). promptitude. ( ). stig matization. k idē ] rej spellings of and respectively. fury. earthgrown. ̃ a. [ k ipta ] a (ety. short-lived ( ). dripping. furious. frantically. weak ( ). oozing. a consumptive or tubercular patient. frenzy. defeated. swift-moving. rapid.) having a slim body. to be wasted or lost. dullwitted. ̃ . tuberculosis. ̃ n. melted. ̃প n. ̃ adv. swiftness. oozing. to become frenzied. [ k a i u. a stop. v. a person suffering from phthisis. consumptiveness. . in a faint or feeble voice. ̃ n. slender ( ). undecaying. ̃ ̃ same as ̃ ̃ a. fem. v. alkalimetry. removed. cleansed. a mountain. a moun- [ k idā. ̃ ( ground. a feeble or subdued voice. to be over ( ). alkaline. The Milk Sea. having low vitality. wasted. waning. to weaken. ̃ n. leanbodied. a. a. ̃ crease. emaciated. to desist (from). subdued state. to be destroyed. (of animals) must. decay. to vanquish. de feated. to go mad. n. depreciation ( ).) a sea containing milk. chivalry. to exude. to attenuate. ̃প. to become musty. n. [ k īra ] n milk ( ). [ k īrōda ] n (myth. a horizontal line. [ k ara ] n an ooze or oozing. loss ). ̃প n. madding.

small in size or magnitude. প n.) surface. to feel hungry. famished. mean-mindedness. ̃ . pulverize. [ k ōdita ] a pulverized. 1 [ kha1 ] n the second consonant of the Bengali alphabet. n. to still or dull one's appetite. a tonsor. tri fling ( ). cultivation. a holy place ( .) mean-minded. poor ( ). v. small. humble opinion ( ). having a short and thin body. benignant. distress. to whet one's appetite ( ). ̃ n. ̃ n. narrowness. mean-minded. dexterous. to strike with grief or sorrow. pain. circumstances. [ k umā ] n silk. [ k udra ] a small. ̃ a. v. carved. linen-thread. short duration. [ k urapra ] n (myth. poverty. linseed. non-compliance ( ). poorness. of n. a. mortified. a husband- ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ v. illiberal ( ). engraved. mean-minded. ̃ n. (inc. one's wife ( ). longing or craving (for). &square. to feel hungry. a throw ( . a. of small size or structure. ̃ a. re stricted. ̃ n. ge ometry. ̃ a. to improve or increase one's appetite. pertaining to the razor. hunger and thirst. ̃ ̃ n. (inc. [ k udhā ] n hunger. one who knows what should be done in the circum stances. [ k aura ] n shaving. area. small and not voluminous ( ). pro duced by agriculture. smallness. a casting-net. . প v. ̃ . ̃ n. v. bounds ( ). learned. mean ( ). fem. [ k ēma ] n weal. agricultural. the mind. distracted. ). feeling of hunger. contempt ibleness. measurement of an area. hungry. [ k urī ] n a barber. condition. jute. dullwitted. or puts forth or places or passes or spends or infringes or disobeys. a field ( ). an inter polation. ̃ n. loss of appetite. ̃ . adroit. the world. appetizing. a land-owner. . [ k ēpa2.) hunger drives the wolf out of woods. hunger-stricken. to put forth. to carve. প n. au fait. a hoofed animal. (of a child) born of one's wife by another man (usu. baseness. smallest. & theol. to spend. desirous. distraction. linen (also ).̃ a. [ k ōdana ] n pulverization. depending on cultivation for one's livelihood. niggardly ( ). keen. ̃ a. a hus bandman. an empe[ k ura ] n a razor. state ( ). a. [ k ēta. shortlived. ofended state. . pulverized. jurisdiction. fem. one who earns one's livelihood by agriculture. ̃ . aggrieved. ̃ n. hemp. agitation. a missile. an appel lation of Goddess Durga ( ). infringement. unaggrieved. ̃ n. mortified. to strike with hunger. to cast. geometry.̃ a. ̃ n. an oar. a venue ( ). [ k auma ] n linen-cloth. to disobey. a peasant. shortlived ( ). mensuration. distressed. ). . to place. area measure. appetizement. 2 n. appeasement or satisfaction of hunger. hunger and thirst. an engraver. sorrow. greed. . grown on an agricultural field. a land lord. a sense or gan. n. triviality. miserly. a husband (of a wife). grief. a peasant. [ k uradhāra ] a (of intellect etc. প n. [ k au i. to dis tress. meanness. miserly. [ k ut ] n hunger. ̃ same as ̃ ̃ . hungry. k ubhita ] a perturbed. curbed. small ( . a. v. one who or that which throws or hurls down n. ̃ n. carv ing. a field lens. inclined (to). see see প (fig. (geom. ̃ n. (phil. illiberality. engraving. ̃ same as ̃ ̃ same as ̃ ̃ n. well-off. one whose hunger has been appeased or satisfied. (geom. প a. a barber. of n. mortification. agriculture. appetite. [ k ubdha. small. measure of an area. a barber. to en grave. to perturb. [ k unnibāra a. a cultivator. ). ben efit. ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ [ k ētrī2 ] a land-owning. insignificance. well-being. restrained. to offend. very sharp or a. (phil. ̃ [ k ōdaka ] a one who or that which pulver izes or engraves or n. to throw. loss of appetite. ̃ . ̃ n. n. an area. a carver. fem.̃ a. a ra zor. . 2 carves. pained. fem. fem. good. ̃প . a missile. to mortify. n. short. a longing or craving. hus bandry. a place. smaller. a razor-blade. [ k udhita ] a hungry. suit able for throwing or discharging. ̃প n. to hurl down. spell. a cultivator.) indigestion. that which is to be or should be cast or hurled down or put forth or placed or spent or infringed or disobeyed.[ k u a ] a saddened. (of articles of furniture) a leg or foot ror. a razor-blade. ̃প a. to agitate. of limited intelligence. (mentally) distressed or mortified or aggrieved. greedy. ̃ পপ n. meanness. inclination. 153 ☐ . made of linen or linen-thread. n. ungrudging. little. an ap petizer. or castor. k ēti ] rej spellings of and respectively.) as sharp as a razor. welfare. v. the small intestine. to in fringe. ̃ a. passing or spending ( ). flax.) the immortal soul that is inher ent in every individual creature. appetizement. a field ( ). a. to pain. offended. [ k ētra ] n an agricultural land. a farmer. agi tated. prosperous.) a figure ( ). perturbation. to pass. a pul verizer. n. k unnib tti ] n appeasement or sat isfaction of hunger. ̃ same as ̃ a. narrow in outlook. preservation of a (valuable) thing obtained ( ). প . n. k ēpa a ] n casting. con temptible. having low vitality or short span of life. little ( . hurling or casting down. avid. a spoon-shaped oar. a crescent shaped digging tool. rej. a. to . ̃ n. versed in or engaged in agriculture. a. a. extremely hungry. a. offended. avidity. a scull. frustrated. action according to the cir cumstances. desire. প same as ̃প and ̃প . প a. insignificant ( ). benign. tonsuring (also ). having nothing to complain against.) a kind of arrow shaped like a crescent moon. fem. dis tressed or afflicted with or suffering from hunger. put ting forth or placing ( ). desire for food. tiny ( ). dull wittedness. conversant with the circumstances or condition. to distract. [ k ōbha ] n grudge. narrow. a king. shortness. man. base. huff. n. k au ī ] n the earth. a sculler. little. sorrowed. ̃ a. ). small-scale. little ness.) the body. an agriculturist. niggardliness. sorrow ful. appointed by the husband). ̃ a. ̃ a. ̃ a. (of a book) an interpolated portion. sorry. an oarsman. a son thus born. hindered.

grass. [ khañjanikā ] fem of [ khañjara ] n a kind of short dagger or scimi tar. khagarāja. kha ī ] n chalk. to enwreathe. ̃প a. ). [ kha ikā. ☐ [ kha ় ma ] n a wooden sandal. a. n. int. sword and shield. dry dirt in the form of a crust on the skin ( ). worn away or out. to be eaten away or in. a clog. inset. to become lame. a ball-shaped sweetmeat prepared by boiling coarsely-powdered parched rice in sugar malt. ̃ n. 154 ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ [ kha āsa2 ] int expressing a noise louder than int. thorough dryness. difficult (also ). a han(d)jar. [ khaca ] int expressing the imaginary sound of chopping at one stroke [ kha bārū h ় ] a mounted or lying on a cot. bil ious eructation. [ kha ় ga ] n a large falchion for immolating beasts. to look hard and dry ( ). dif fused. kha inī. a swordsman. ̃ . a large fal[ khañcā ] n a large dish or tray. ̃ n. giving out or making this noise or sensation. a fit of loud and continued [ kha āt ] int expressing a noise louder than int. . a pricking sensation. the stroke of a falchion. ̃ প of a girl or woman) one with convex-shaped soles. . to cough or hawk continuously. ̃ . v. (fig. hullaballoo. an astronomer. carping. to fry paddy to prepare parched rice. hav ing the colour or shape of parched rice. away or in. quickly and [ khacita ] a interwoven. to diffuse. (of skin or body) to give off dry dirt (esp. lameness. to give a pricking sensation. (see ). (of cough) attended with a expressing repetition of this noise. worn away or out. [ kha ama a ] a complicated. [ kha bā ga ] n a leg or foot of a cot. botheration ( ).) a sabot. a small species ( . the firma ment. adorned. embedded. ̃ n. see grace. to be lame. v. ̃ v. n. armed with [ khañja ] a lame. (in abuse) a bastard. [ khañjanā ] fem of [ khañjani ] n the tambourine. [ khagapati. inlaid. eaten away or in. v. eructation tast ing of bile (caused by indigestion). a trouble or difficulty ( ). [ khacarakhacara. a falchion. ̃n. to inlay. v. a. on or at something hard. pervaded. this sound. a sweet blob of parched rice. [ khacamaca ] int expressing a harsh clamorous noise (as of beating ় [ kh ় ় kē ] n a toothpick. a. . ). [ khini ] n a quid (of tobacco).) extremely angry with. khacaramacara ] int expressing a harsh rustling sound.[ khi ] n a very light food prepared by fry ing paddy in sand heated on oven. sword and [ khañcipōśa ] n a cover for a tray or a large dish. khagēśbara ] n the king of birds. foolish. ̃ . shame in restlessness ( ). about to strike. . to bedeck. (coll. a bier. n. armed with a scimitar or sword. buckler. ̃ n.) to talk or prattle rapidly or volubly (just like grains of paddy bursting open noisily whilst being fried). (in abuse) an incorrigible scoundrel or scapedrawing figures. the sheath of a sword. to have a doubt or misgiving. to strike with a scimitar or a falchion. thoroughly hard and dry. to embed. eaten a hitch ( ). collectively. (fig. . a globe representing the sky. adv. that which carps. to hawk up or out. hawking noise. wicked. a scimitar. to interweave. . astronomy. . v. a. a misgiving. (cp.) ̃ a. to pervade. (myth.̃ n. twigs etc.—rare) holding or carrying a falchion in one's hand. cymbals or of con tinuous carping). khagēndra. grey or tiny. to cause to wear away or wear out [ kha akā ] n a (sudden) doubt or suspicion. [ khaka ] int expressing the sound of a cough or a hawking sound. a troublesome affair. int. n. a. a. or piercing suddenly. to inset. v. to speak unusually verbosely and fast: v. bedecked. 2 [ kha i ] n an improvised cot for carrying the dead to the crematorium. [ kha ় ] n hay. expressing repeti tion of this noise. a. ̃ n. repeated sound. a rhinoceros. to string. straw. when rubbed). ় [ kha ় kh ় ় i ] n a venetian blind. v. v. a celestial globe. to adorn. silt or alluvial clay (with which the fore head is painted). ̃ a. strung. a cardinal number or a figure ( ). (esp. dry straw. dis sension and quar[ kha ় kha ় ] int expressing a rustling noise as of treading dry rel ( ) leaves. or eaten away or eaten in. ̃ n. [ khañjana ] n the wagtail. enwreathed. v. n. [ khagōla ] n the sky.) different appellations of Garuda ( ).̃ . [ kha a ] int expressing the sound made by striking on or at something hard (as of knocking the door or of striking or stamping the hoof on stony ground). [ khaccara ] n the mule. a. [ khō ā ] v to wear away or out. [ khacākhaca ] int same as noisily ( ). hesitation. the horny appendage on the nose of the rhinoceros. int. lazy. intricate. the heavens. [ kha ় i ] n chalk (also . to cough or hawk. a grating noise or sensation. putting the wagtail to n. . to carp. to make this sound. chion. coughing or hawking or laughter. v. a rogue or scoundrel or প v. . (ety. expressing repetition of this sound. to eat away or in. expressing the sound of coughing or hawking or laughing with such a sound conti[ kha ākha a ] int expressing the sound made by striking repeatedly nuously. holding or carry ing a falchion in one's hand. to strike noisily and repeatedly on or at something hard. a. parched rice. to divine or foretell by means of writing down numbers or scapegrace.

v. a tremendous upheaval or affray (resembling universal annihi lation). imcomplete. sever. ̃ same as ̃ n. a. be on guard. to cut or cleave. in parts. to free from. & geog. a portion of a particular time. an evil spirit. (poetics) a heroine angered and made jealous at the sight of marks of cohabi tation with another on the [ khapōta ] n an aeroplane. to annul. dirty. a crowbar. sliced. to cut short. em ployed in or used in mineral ☐ n. [ khatabā ] n a Mohammedan public prayer delivered in mosques same as a news paper. a pick-axe. to put an end to. to communicate with (either personally or the ground (as a mark of undergoing punishment). to annul. murder. a part of a period. to give out this sound. to absolve. nasty. a roof of pantile. to inquire about. a fiddlestick. to re move. a mountain fault. in khadi. [ khanija ] a mineral. to vindicate. report. [ khabiśa ] a unholy. to obstruct. act of lookto death. pantile. or mur dered. a. cut short ( . sud denness ( ). excavation.) a mi nor epic or a short poem. to end. express ing quickly or suddenly one after an other. [ kha ita ] a that which has been cut or cleft. danger. piecemeal. to enquire after a person etc. that which can be or is to be dug or excavated. to annul or cause to annul. n. freed from. to slay. that which can be absolved. re moval. to terminate. esp. cloven ( ). to be killed or slain. [ khati āna ] n a book of accounts. to contradict. person of her lover. a portion. a ghost. n. [ khata ] n a letter or a chit. guardianship ( complished. to reverse or cause to reverse. (rhet. haste. open circuit. ̃ n. to do watch out. (astr. [ khatānō ] v to examine closely. termination. to break. to absolve. sliced. a piece ( . to di vide. ). cleaving. a string of glow worms. a small weeding tool. to rescind. v. ̃ a. to cut or break or separate into pieces. an imperfect epic. a note of hand. a trap. resources. a written undertaking ( ). act of rubbing [ khabara ] n news. to break. ̃ . rescinded. fear. n. cut or broken or separated into pieces. halt for safety. or cleft apart. 2 [ khanda2 ] n crop ( ). a. a debenture. an airship. ). separated. that which can be rescinded. to get intelligence or news. a dirty . v. to cause to cut or break. to cut or cleave. ̃ n. to have information. [ kha ānō ] v to refute or cause to refute. refutable. . [ khanitra ] n a spud. to be finished or completed or terminated or acing after. to vindicate. [ kha ana ] n cutting or cleaving or breaking or dividing or separating into parts or pieces. [ kha ākha i ] n severe brawl or fighting. to get news (of). to ly. completion. [ khatama ] n end. ̃ n. to estimate. annul ment. (sl. severed. vindicable. cutting or severing. a crev ice. [ khappara ] n clutches. to ab solve or cause to absolve. to re verse. a pit. fem. প ). freeing from. vindication. to complete. adv. informa tion. to speak loudly and with this sound in the voice. absolved.[ khanaka ] n a digger. all sorts of news or information. a skirmish. frustrated. to kill. [ kha ā ] n a sword. to rescind or cause to rescind. a swordsman. to refute. cautious ness. v. ). re versed. to get into the clutches or snares of. to free from. difficulty. reversible. ̃ n. v. a. to impede completion (of). giving out this sound. refutation ( ). part by part. to reverse. custody. to reckon.) to do in. caution. [ khanakhana ] int expressing the sound as made by striking on bell-metal. ̃ n. or slovenly per son. 155 ☐ [ kha a ] n a part. a (Mus lim) title of honour awarded to wealthy farmers. refuted. vindia farmer. grip. care. ̃ dressed in khadi. a copy ( ). digging. a producer of crops. a hitch. to divide. to calcu late. the firefly. moonshine. to excavate.).) to be done in. to dig. to [ khapāt ] int expressing quickness or sud denness. excavated.—not in use) to cut or break. a piece of low land. on the ground ( ). (gr. an excavator. to refute. off and on. slicing. a note. [ khanda1 ] n a ditch. rescission ( ). n. n. to rub one's nose on v. 1 rock salt. intelligence. to come to know or learn. quar rel. [ khatanā ] n the Muslim custom of circumci sion. to slice. [ khanita ] a dug. di vided. a section (of a story. [ khanana ] n digging. refutable. dividing. a pantile shed. to be informed (of). to separate. annulled. a ledger. v. [ khatarā ] n fright. [ khabaradāra ] int expressing: take care. প v. a strife. a slice ( ). a partial destruction of the universe. divided. quickly. that which is to be or can be cut or cleft or sev ered: breakable. a fragment. through letters).) the zenith. a. obstructed. a volume. same as প v. [ khaddara ] n a hand-woven coarse cotton cloth. (sl. to keep in constant touch with. a very low valley. a digging tool. to be in the know. khadi. cated. partial ( ). n. v. intimate contact with. ̃ n. to keep oneself in prince. to separate. a loan-bond. প int. [ khadyōta ] n the glow-worm. broken or sliced part. to accomplish. absolution ( . careful atten dance. to finish.) a clause. [ khantā ] n a spud. frustrate. (ety. v. poem etc.) a partial eclipse. [ khada ] n a cavern. [ khani ] n a mine. an affray. hastiv. every Friday in the name of Mohammed or his heir or in that of a Muslim pl. digging. a multitude of glow-worms. broken. to murder. dividable. be ware. a re gion ( ). v. to confute. n. slaughter. manage ment ( ). [ khamadhya ] n (astr. [ khapa ] int expressing quickness. separable. to vindicate or cause to vindicate. fem. tidings. a quarry. a. to be re moved. to keep oneself well-informed about. to sever. piece by piece. that which should be cut [ khapu pa ] n a mare's nest. to be done to death. cleft. a promissory note. n. khutba. a. to rescind.

a pit. [ khasā ] v to become detached. to get out of po sition accidentally. [ khara ] a sharp. to come out. to reduce. ). a skull of a dead person. to restrain. ̃ a. to be spent or lost ( ). to cause to be dismissed from ( ). [ khasama ] n (mus. to overbake. that which makes a grating noise or gives a grating sensation. . diminutive. . eating ( ). summer. caliphate. malice. the professharp. charity. a charitable gift or donation. unnecessarily. [ kharakhara ] int expressing a grating noise or sensation ( [ khāliśā ] n a species of fish akin to but smaller than the anabas. to fry hard. to drink ( ). to diminish. dark tan. ̃ . a trench ( ). (of water) saltish. to foil. violent ( ). a. ̃ n. প ̃ a. to overfry. to be shed ( ). not smooth. fierce ( ). a sly rogue. . a crooked or insidious utterance.) a yes-man. to chew ( ). given to or fond of eating 2 [ kharba2 ] n. to flee. property in usufructuary mortgage. rough. restless. lowered. to smoke ( ).̃ n. foiled. strongly fried. quickness or celerity ( ). ̃ compar.) one who plays the big boss. obtained by purchase. to 1 . (dero. v. a potsherd. rough (to the touch). ̃ v. to cause to come out. to move or talk making fans. hard water. hawk eyed. [ khasakhasē ] a not smooth. gluttonous. reduced. n. hypocrisy. baseness. a bootlicker. desire for food. khaśakhaśa ] n a species of grass used in make a grating noise. ̃ a. to be extremely hungry. a. to lower.met. diminished. ). cruelty. an almsdish. earwax. base.) husband. n. a ditch. a granary made of bamboo প v. cuscus. 2 [ khasakhasa2 ] int expressing a rustling sound. gourmand. n. a. thwarted. the musk-melon. curved. this gallipot or mortar and a pestle. loud and giving out a sweet metallic noise. [ kha ēri ] a of the colour of catechu. ). fem. to cause to come off. gratuitous. salty. ca liphate. an epicure. a manuscript. a fencing of bamboo mats. to come away ( ). to dishevel. to cover with coarse bamboo mat ting. [ kharaśulā. alms. bought. cerumen. ̃ n. Kharosthi. v. to become loose ( ). to slip ( ). to shed. to suffer ( . to buy. ̃ n. humbled. humbled ( ). rough to the touch. having a strong current. [ kharō hī ] n an ancient language of the north-west frontier of India. [ kharamuja. [ khasa ় ā ] n a preliminary sketch. to feel strong hun ger constantly. to give a grating sensation.̃ a. tar. a. depth [ khāō ā ] v to eat. cost price. mor. a. a. very tailor. v.) to die ( ). to cause to utter. ̃ . 156 ☐ ☐ ☐ ( [ khāi1 ] n a hole. meanness. a sharper. hypocritical. &square. [ khasakhasa1. প [ khalapā ] n a coarse bamboo mat. master tailor. [ kharaja ] n (mus. a belly-god. n. sion of an artisan or a tailor. charitable. to move fussily. rein. able to eat much. ̃ n. dissimulat ing.) eat. kharabujā ] n the melon. to spoil or ruin ( ). kharabuja. keen-sighted. [ khalakhala ] int expressing the metallic noise of sweet laughter. to become dishevelled ( ). to cause to lose. voracious. strong. to corrode. very quick or fast ( ). ̃ n. to eat away. lowered. curved. a knave. to cause to slip (away or out). a gour1 [ khala1 ] n a small boat-shaped gallipot for pounding medicine. diminished ( ). to accept or take ( ). to make a draft. [ kharida ] n buying. the sun. to de tach. to thwart. to be insatiably hungry. a glutton. shortness. 1 [ khāi2 ] v (pr. severe. to curve.) the first note of the gamut. foiled ( ). to humble. constant or strong desire for food. (sarcas. appetite ( . curb-bit of a bridle. crooked. [ khāōna ] n act or manner of eating. rapidly. hard. a purchaser. ̃ n. same as a. 1 [ kharā ] n sunshine. a gourmand. to fall off. ̃ . to escape ( ). decreased. almsgiving. to purchase. to come off ( ). a villain. harsh. ) see n. pl. ̃ a. to take or enjoy ( . restrained. to consume or absorb ( ). to depart immediately ( . & 1st. saline. per. a thief. [ kha ēra khā ] n (also a. rough ( ). ̃ n. to be spent esp. short. keen ( ). See . to loosen. a ̃ a. to give in charity. to cause to be spent or lost. kharamujā. a buyer. to drop off ( ). salt [ khalina ] n a bridle. the skull. n. khuskhus. to give as alms. dark brown. fond of choice dishes. purchase. a voracious eater. a draft. to feel or express a strong desire for food. reduced. kharaśōlā ] n a kind of small fish. cruel. drought. [ khali ] n oilcake. its script or style of writing. crook edness. de creased. [ kharpara ] n a piece of broken earthenware. . 2 2 [ khala2 ] a malicious. of [ khaliphā ] n a caliph. a customer. ̃ v. a flat terer. a. v. to cause to come away. to be uttered ( ). over-fried. restrained. a. eaten or drunk or taken or smoked or chewed completely or incompletely . usufructuary. [ kharipha ] n autumnal harvest or crop. to wear away. . to cause to fall off. envy. [ kharba1 ] a short. dissimulation. of short stature. well. a cheat. v. v. buying and selling. not tall ( ). mean. sharp toothed. thwarted. ). obtained by sun ning something instead of boiling it. mats. of a malicious or crooked nature. to grate.̃ a. & a ten thousand million or ten billion. to de crease. a master arti san. a moat. to cause to drop off. v. a khalif.[ kha arāta ] n bounty. small. to take or receive. a beggar's bowl. purchased. a strong current. moving fussily. ). envious. malicious ness. to laugh loudly with a sweet metallic noise.

khānkari ] n the noise of clear ing one's throat. [ khān ় i2 ] a husked but unbroken. (pop. to serve a sentence. a cash room. pure-souled. প v. con( ). to hang ( ). unadulterated ( ). ̃ realization of rent or revenue. a groove. lack ing in intelligence or understanding. to invest. to be rebuked or rated. v. rent. real. 157 ☐ [ khā ā ] n any sour substance. to bring round 2 . a. to labour ( ). the horny appendage on the nose of the rhinoceros. one who eats up. to eat and drink. [ khā uli ] n an improvised cot. low ( ). to draw up ( ) to set up. khānkāri. n. (fig. a paymaster's office. (lit. a pay master. to undergo a term of imprisonment. to hawk. [ khānkati ] n want. v. mutual feasting. to pitch ( ). 1 [ khān i1 ] n (sl. devouring ( . khāgi ] sfx. a trea- [ khāñjākhā ] n (dero. an aperture ). v.) one who tries (ridicu lously) to live in a princely style.) avidity.[ khājā ] n a kind of crispy sweetmeat made of flour and sugar. of humour. v. a creek. used by one whilst eating or drinking and yet unwashed ( ). craving. to notch. (idiom. ). to cause to be cor roded. notched. n. to disparage. vertical. a fold ( ). to hoist. a (hard) task. short ( . ) in Bengal ( n. to stand up. drab cloth used esp. to receive a blow. to eat away. de pendable ( ). country wine. v. laborious. v. right. honest. [ khājāñci ] n a treasurer. encaged. . grog. to come round. to lay out. of short width ( ). lentil. out ☐ ☐ . ). to keep suming. without break ( . to cause to be eaten or worn away. lengthwise. mutual entertainment at tables. suffering due to estrangement or bereavement ( state of being extremely stricken or scorched with heat ( ). to suit. shortage. v. to become hollow. an acid. emptiness or lone liness ( ). n. [ khān ় ] n molasses condensed into granular form. to be of (no) avail ( ). [ khā-nkhā ] int expressing. [ khān i2 ] a pure. short.) country-made or homebrewed wine. to fit. fem indicating. ). [ khāncā ] n a cage. genuine. v. an indent. to cause to receive or suffer ( ). backward ( ). in neg. n. প cage. a trea sury. to be laid out. sour. to be invested in ( ). ). [ khā ā ] v to toil. a frame ( ). to be taken to task. toil. an inlet. n. for military uniforms. v. fitting to the dovetail(s). good-for-nothing ( ). height. ).) mutual quar relling ( ). mean-mindedness. to cause to spoil or ruin ( ). hard working. to be buffeted. a scimitar. [ khāga ় āi ] a made at Khagra ( [ khājanā ] n revenue. upright. to cause to consume or absorb ( ). avidity. weak ( ). a cashier. lacking. to be rebuked or abused or reprimanded. inefficient ( ). caged. (usu. ( [ khānja ] n a notch. ☐ ( ). to humble ( . ). (fig. of light brown colour. to be of short measure ( ). serrated. to encage. steep. weighty. ). a light to cause to stand up. a fop. [ khān ় ā ] n a large falchion used in immolat ing beasts. a steep gradient or rise. [ khānkāra. a stem or stalk ( ). [ khāga ] n a kind of reed used as a pen. [ khāmi ] n desire. to found. ). to reduce. ̃ sury. v. to ring up. full. a hawking noise. perpen dicular. to bring into existence. khaki. character-assassination. important. v. to shorten the width of. (coll. to belittle. effort. to be humiliated. to stand erect. [ khā ō ] a not long or tall. 1 2 2 [ khān ় i1 ] n an estuary. to cause to toil or serve or work. to lower. to scrape or gnaw away.) one under restraint or in bondage. hard of hearing. partly eaten away or worn away or corroded. stupid. to supervise others at work. a furrow ( ). to establish ( . judicious ( ). [ khā ় ā ] a erect. ). a ser vice-latrine. to become less wide or long than what is necessary. to prove one self inefficient. to put up ( present.) to be of value. to a T. n. to match. to contract into wrinkles or furrows or folds. a line. n. an impro vised cot for carrying the dead to the crematorium. to become short. - a bird in a প [ khā i ē ] a industrious. প v. to indent. a large falchion. standing. not loud. to be burnt to ashes. to hold good ( ). [ khāki2. ̃ v. to be inferior to ( ). demand. altitude. to set ( ). ̃ a. a low voice.) narrow mindedness. a bier. standing ( ). (of fruits) slightly hard ( ). husked but unbroken [ khā ় ba ] n any of the musical modes that are expressed in six notes. to cause to accept ( ).) lack ing in intelligence. a hollow. to set ( ). eating and drinking. ). [ khā i ā ] n an improvised cot usu. precipitous. a wrinkle. de mand ( ). adv. v. to shorten. to come true ( ). v. to dovetail. প n. at a stretch. greed. greed. to become ( . v. to work ( . to cause to eat or drink or take or smoke or chew. to feed. v. [ khākasāra ] n a humble servant. a. to set erect. of coir rope. [ khā uni ] n labour.) shortsightedness. [ khāka ] n ashes. ̃ adv. to 1 [ khāki1 ] a dust-coloured. to look small ( ). ̃ n. upward slope. . n.

an account-book. a little while. eating or drinking ( . to snatch with the hand or paw. . in consistent. ). a ditch. holes or pits or ( 3 [ khānā2 ] n place ( ).̃ n. a a. a pond. to comply with. disregard. agreement. khābalā ] n the palm of the hand. interest. ̃ n. to comply with. n. termagant. ̃ n. a (religious) festival on the occa sion of ceremonial opening of the new account-book or ledger. a tank. [ khātira ] n cordial treatment or reception ( ). to receive cordial treatment. . প n. dug. a house or abode ( ). meal.̃ n. unsheathed. a whore. to be congruent. guished. to have the last gasp. ̃ n. a. a moat. a ditch. to sheathe. (fig. consumed. ). a case ( ). harlotry. food val).[ khā ika ] n a confectioner. to be treated respect fully. search-warrant. to maintain an account book or ledger. to receive cordially. ̃ n. the alimentary canal. or struck or scratched with the palm or the paw. contempt. a sheath ( ). to ☐ ☐ ☐ [ khānika ] adv for a little while ( a little. [ khādaka ] a one who eats or consumes. [ khāpa ] n a scabbard. to food canal. quaint ( ). to enclose in an envelope. to comply with a friendly request of. pl. ). v. v. stray. [ khānasāmā ] n a table servant. ̃ adv. 2 1 . edible. a pit. fem. close-grained. different ac count-books or ledgers.) a title suffixed to the names of (unmarried) Muslim women. to treat respect fully. on the Bengali/In dian New Year's Day) for the coming year. ̃ . v. shrewish. scarcity of food. drinking water. a bit. a. a register. to get or fly into a rage. good and v. a ledger. an inlet. to care for ( ). meant for ness. to receive or enjoy cordial reception. [ khānaki ] n a prostitute. books for writing or scribbling. account ( ). to be congruent with. ̃ n. প v. [ khānābā ় i ] n a dwelling-house. act of behaving like a wanton. পa.) the [ khāppā ] a enraged. re spect. a food store. [ khāda1 ] n alloy. for a little while. seized 2 [ khāna2 ] n (used as a sfx. (lit. ̃ n. . a. flattering attention. unalloyed.) one. a bite. (fig. the oesophagus or esophabe out of tem per. [ khānadāna ] n a high or aristocratic family. [ khāta ] n a pit. a holster ( ). a feast ( ( [ khānēka ] a (used as a sfx. [ khādī ] sfx indicating: one who eats. closeness or density of texture. dining room. a. a brothel. [ khātuna ] n (Mus. ̃প n. a. a pit. a handful ( food ministry. to suit. n. only ). ̃ n. ̃ n. a. tiffin. ̃ . sake. a piece. a search (usu. [ khābala. v. a small hut with ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ 4 [ khānā4 ] sfx indicating: a number. nearly. aristocratic. tile or pantile. to put in the case. agreed. to be in keeping or harmony with. [ khādita ] a eaten. a quarry. ̃ n. prostitution. the profession of a table ser vant. a seller of snacks. dis jointed. consumption. the food minis ter. rent. suitabili1 ty. an attendant. cause to shrink. [ khātā ] n a book for writing or scribbling. the occupation of a butler. pau city of food-supply. influence ( ). incohe[ khādana ] n eating. pl. ̃ প n. leased out) within the precincts of a countryhouse. to close an enve lope. 1 [ khāma1 ] n an envelope. relation between food and its consumer. to bring to agreement. snacks. ̃ n. one approximately . ). ̃ ditches. bitten. প v.) to be on the point of death. ̃ . to cause to agree. unsuitable. v. approximately. ̃ n. a creek. distin[ khābi ] n an instance of obstructed breath ing. n. respect. sudbad food. edible. furious or angry. eatable. ̃ n. to agree with. a. a fragment ( ). a care taker or warden of a mosque. irrelevant. [ khānā3 ] n cooked food. gant. records. to seize or strike or scratch (usu. wanton ness. n. want of or the paw. unbecoming. regis ters. inti macy ( ). casual. a khidmutgar. pawed. mine.) to fumble. to get angry. a room ). the gullet. v. good terms. food grains. a hole. amity.) made by the police. (anat. a. প v. assurance. পa. ( ). a consumer. a little. (fig. base metal.) the bass. eating and drinking. eating ( ). shrunk.) to (try to) appropri food. ). to adjust 2 [ khāda2 ] n (mus. ̃ n. ̃ n. to unsheathe. ate to oneself a part of. প a. the . a ditch. a gasp. the paw. vitamin. used as the article 'the' ( . polite regard. to shrink. unmixed. [ khāparā ] n a potsherd. certainty. queer. a cover. ̃প n. [ khānā1 ] n a hole. a sei zure or a stroke (usu. meal. 158 ☐ [ khādima ] n a servant. assured. a mine. to gasp (as a drowning person does). bare. asssured ness. congru ity. terma- [ khān āra ] a qurrelsome. a fresh account-book or ledger opened (usu. speaking of or becoming a high family. aristocracy. to grab. . about one. outspoken. to take out of the case. gus. to care for. whorish[ khābāra ] n food. [ khāni ] a milder form of 4 . a. a sudden one) with the palm ue. a hole. denly) with the palm or the paw.) a place ( . n. (of textiles) to shrink. v. to comply with a friendly request of. slight. to paw. to bite. ̃ n. edible and inedible things. a harlot. v. v. food price. an eater. texture. the relation re sembling that between the hare and the hunter. taking food. honour ( ). same as a. pits and ditches. n. প v. See also প [ khādya ] n food. a grain store. pantile shed. 2 [ khāpā2 ] v to agree.) the [ khāpi ] a (of textiles) closely woven. n. a dwelling-house and land (usu. oneself to. v.

to have a cramp. [ khālāsi2 ] n a shipmate. a. an aunt. [ khāmāra ] n a threshing-floor. released. a demesne. প v. a nincompoop. freakish. to dis miss. a demain. to revise. to unload. to worry. v. substitution of names in the rent roll. to soil or deface ( ). bare ( adv. ominous. redeemed. [ khāmbāja ] n an Indian musical mode. delicious. to damage ( ). a. wickedness. a vari ety of yam. to cause a decline ( ). alarming ( ). to worsen. uncivil. bad. rotten. unloaded. a pit. hard to cure or infectious ( ). প v. wicked ( ). ). that which has been taken delivery of. a fishcreel. to take away from tenancy. evil. born of one's mother's sister. dirty ( ). an uncle. to be relieved. set aside. to soil ( ). obscene. ugly ( ). fine. (dial. lowland (also ). to upset ( ). - n. to ask or look for trouble. a passport. (of a thing pawned or mortgaged) redeem ing. excellent. 159 ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ). . riddance ( ). n. . [ khāmaci ] n act of tweaking with several (usu. n. a strait. continuous ( ). to bring under direct control. discourteous. [ khāsagēlāsa ] n cutglass. indisposed ( ). to dis tress or feel distressed ( ). (in mild rebuke) a fool. ( ). a private sec retary. indigent ( ). a. to rid. a personal assistant. a whim. [ khāmi ] n ferment. to make or grow worse. প n. khāmakhā. unwell. empty stomach. to put out of order. to castrate. to dig a canal or a channel. ̃ . to get crazy. ̃প n. to spoil. [ khārābi ] n harm. acquitted. discard. leaven. to feel indisposed. eccentric. rid. to make or become unwell ( ). to cramp. soiled. to dig one's grave. act 1 of casting away or forsaking.). [ khāmacānō ] v to tweak or scratch with all the nails of a hand or a paw. ). penniless. [ khāstā1 ] a corrupted. to ruffle ( ). for nothing. v. incessant. . a granary. unloading. v. related through an aunt. acquittal (of an accused). a farm. a private chamber. to set aside. [ khālitya ] n baldness. inauspicious ( ). to pollute ( ). evil or difficult ( ). [ khāmākā ] adv without cause or provoca tion. ̃ adv.̃ n. to feel dis tressed. ( প ) v. capricious ness. to cast away. an or der for acquittal or release. ). a granary-building. redeemed. hide. whimsicality. deteriorated. infected ( ). discarded. [ khāli-khāli ] adv. disaster. a. void. villainy. a demesne. unloaded. relief. an estate directly under the landlord. প v. to for sake. (cp.̃ n. a freak. tweaked or scratched thus. v. to utter or use filthy words. under direct ownership or control of the pro prietor ( ). a. [ khāli1 ] a empty ( ). ruin. freakishness. a channel. acquitted. v. a granary. discarding. out of humour or rude ( ). ̃ n. v. a post. to take delivery of. a caprice. re jection. to deteriorate ( ). ca pricious. ̃ a. mere ( ). to release. to acquit. same as (a. n. a mate. empty-handed. revision. rude ( ).2 [ khāma2 ] n a pillar. sad ( ). & a for nothing ( rather empty ( ). unserviceable ( ). unnecessarily.) skin. 1 2 1 [ khāsi ] n a castrated goat. yeast. 2 n. [ khārāpa ] a bad. to substitute. vagary. distressed. to spoil or ruin one's health. usufructuary. to be delivered of a child. [ khāsa ] a especial. one's mother's sister. to make bad. dismissal. to obtain the acquittal of. a joint or loop of a piece of ornament (such as a neck lace). delivery (of a woman in travail). mutation (also [ khāstā2 ] a (of food) crisp ( . ̃ n. carrying nothing. . to reject. (of a consignment) act of tak ing delivery (of). relieved. whimsicality. worsened. [ khāsā ] a of superior quality. a chandelier made of cutglass.) the husband of one's mother's sister. miserable. ( ) v. [ khāla ] n a canal. to bungle ( ). ̃ n. to tweak thus. special ( ). প v. to derange ( ). to release. to rid. [ khālui ] n a small portable creel. that which has been taken delivery of. agricultural land not let out to the tenants but cultivated directly by the owner. to deliver (a woman in travail) of a child. a farmyard. a.̃ . a kind of ). a demain. substituted. only ). per sonal. a farmhouse. (dial. delivered (of a child). five or four) fingernails. dismissed.) Re ligion hides her face when her clergy men preach. v. forsaken. [ khālāsi1 ] a released. to become glum or morose. (rare) an ordinary soldier or sailor without rank. [ khālā ] n (Mus. to invite evil. to redeem. moneyless. fisherman's wickerbasket. to be indisposed. n. annulment. ̃ প n. utter ruin. ill. to be released or acquitted. empty-handedness. ̃ a. to frequent imitations spoil (or corrupt the original). spoilt. to lose one's temper. deranged ( ). a dwelling-house with a granary within its precinct. fem. cast away. always ( ). whimsical. to allow room to an evil-doer through indiscreet act. ̃ . a mace-bearer. প v. to relieve. [ khāmakā. [ khālāsa ] n release (of a prisoner). inferior ( ). [ khāmira ] n ferment. out of order. প v. a quagmire. private. to get out of humour. to give deliv ery of. harmful ( . haughty. castrated ( . [ khārija ] a rejected.) cramp. crisp sweetmeat. sub stitution. unwholesome ( ). khāmōkā ] adv variants of [ khāmakhē āla ] n eccentricity. re vised. to flay. vacant ( ). প v. to relieve. to ruin ( ). filthy ( ). yeast. own ( ). ̃ n.

) an arch. peevish ( ). a blemish. faulty. ̃প n. to cook hotchpotch. [ khi imi i. khidamada ] n act of waiting on or serving. [ khum ā ] n silk. to knock or strike ( ). to cause to pinch or nip. . to rail (at or against). (cp. to [ khilāta ] n a robe of honour awarded by a prince. to revile. [ khili ] n betel-leaf rolled into a cup hav ing lime. to pinch or nip ( ). obscene revilings. to utter obscene or filthy words. pettish. pinched or nipped. a lame woman. 2 [ khimaci ] n a light tweaking (usu. vaulted. with two finger-nails). giggle. প v. defective. to excavate. a vault. n. a. to unbolt. to have a cramp. [ khincānō ] v to make an ugly or angry movement of ( . nibbling. to move spasmodi cally ( ). having a blemish. [ khidamata. khōn ় ā ] v to dig. a fault. [ khi ় ki ] n a back-door. fabric made of silk or jute. to end a quarrel or misunderstanding. a defect in the shape or appearance. to set up or fix a post or pillar. (fig. . to split hairs. a tweak.[ khinca ] n a grit. . [ khuntakhunta. to scold fre quently. to cause to be pinched or nipped. within it. hotchpotch. discord or dis agreement. . to jumble up. peevishness.) to settle down at (with) continuously. to judge or scrutinize mi nutely. a slight defect or omission or trouble or difficulty. v. to have a sprain or cramp. a peg. n. catechu. a debate or argument. jute. [ khun ā2. a pin or a peg or a nail (for fastening or fixing any thing). raillery. (fig. frequent tiffs or petty quarrels. to grin in anger or scolding. tri fling ( ). প v. la menting. details. a dome. sorrowing. to tweak. an instance of rail ing. a flaw. 2 1 ). to bolt. dug. v. a place permanently. . ̃-প n. closely. to cause to be dug or excavated. possessing an ugly mark. to pinch. to scold or quarrel peevishly. ). a daughter. a postern gate. [ khun a ] n the corner of a piece of cloth. an omission. in a thorough-go ing manner.) to make a mess of. to be stricken with discord or disagreement. to cast an evil eye on. v. [ khu gi. ☐ ☐ ☐ . a stickler (for perfec tion). . fastidious. to have a slight defect or omission. an ugly mark. [ khunta ] n a scar. petulant. a hitch. a. obscenity. to make faces (at). trifles. v. fallow ( of a book. (voc. . fatigued.) n. [ khum ē ] a one who weaves coarse fabric ( ). sad. . simulating the behaviour of a little girl. khuntakhuntāni. niceties. land development. convulsion. to find fault ). pettish. (in endearment) dear girl. nibbled. an up holder ( v. [ khun inā i ] n. dug. to worry and annoy by scold ing. (pop. to have a slight trouble or difficulty. affected girl ishness. [ khun ় ā. a. a pinch ( ).) a patron. a kind of coarse fabric. to carp at. my girl. an attendant. [ khuntē2. to attend upon. a waiter. khi ami a ] n displeasure or quarrel or discord on negligible ac count. khi akhi a.) a title or a gift of honour awarded by a prince. v. cramp ( ). khun a-ākhurē ] n one who has little or no education: one who makes a fuss over trifles. peevish. to scold. betel-nut etc. arched. a servant. affectionate form of n. attendance. ap pendicular ( ). v. to scold. ☐ ☐ [ khicu ় i ] n a food prepared by boiling rice and pigeon-pea together with spices and fat. pl trifling offences and omis sions. to make a thorough and de tailed examination. v. to nag at. (fig. v. to quarrel mutually. a grimace. a little girl. [ khunti ] n a small hand-bag or purse woven with thread. a post or pillar made of bamboo. khōn ā ] v to take a small amount or portion with the tips of one's fingers or beaks. defective in shape or ap pearance. to make an ugly movement of one's teeth in anger or scolding. in an [ khun i ē ] adv minutely. meticu lously scrutinizingly. . . [ khilāna ] n (arch. to carp at. to titter. [ khilōddhāra ] n development of fallow land. a. excavated.) my daughter. mutual quarrel. a satchel and the books in it. v. to bungle. to make faces (at). to mouth. .) a satchel. int. to give a pull. serving as an appendix [ khila2 ] n a bolt (of a door). [ khunci ] n a vessel for measuring rice paddy and other grains weighing 2½ seers. to cause harm to a person by taking excessive notice of or praising him or her. [ khun a-ākhari ā. [ khuntakhuntē ] a peevish. v. tired. . making an oversubtle dis tinction. v. to grumble mildly for a trifling omis sion or defect. . . to cavil. [ khinna ] a aggrieved. . adv. v. v. to have a sprain or cramp. a stake ( ). ̃ aggrieved state of mind. to wait on. a defect. 160 ☐ ☐ [ khun ় i ] n (of a woman) lame. to serve. khu i ] n a portable wicker-bag for carrying books. in a hairsplitting manner. to nibble. to cavil. fastidious ness. v. [ khun i ] n a wooden post or pillar. a. to cause to dig or excavate. a cover for a tray. ̃ n. [ khila1 ] a uncultivated. a pinch. to scan carefully. a. to settle a dispute. [ khuki ] n an infant girl. [ khisti ] n utterance of obscene language. a spasm. to snap at (a per son). [ khidyamāna ] a grieving (for). pinching or nipping. v. pettishness. v. khuntēla ] a scarred. [ khuñci ] n a small tray. hard to please. v. peevishness. taken slightly with the tips of one's fingers or beaks. ̃ প n. to find fault with. [ khilakhila ] int expressing a giggling sound. v. 2 [ khicimici ] n frequent scolding. scolding. to cramp. a pull or sprain or cramp. petulance. khuntakhuntuni ] n carping. . distressed. (loos. v. an ugly or angry movement (of teeth or mouth). [ khun ana ] n taking a small amount or portion with the tips of one's fingers or beaks. . v. excavated. kedgeree.

noisily and frequently). expressing repeated snarling or fretting noise. to serve right. an uncle. ̃ . (fig. v. pleasure. to please. happy. 1 ( [ khupi2 ] a (chiefly used as a sfx. an amorous bickering for pleasure. [ khupari ] n a small house. a border of loin cloth etc. a particle or fragment of any grain. hotchpotch. to lose a clue or trail. a clue or trail ( ). a small (and usu. প repeated and fret ful rebuke in a loud voice. a niche. an instance of railing. dog. a cooking spud. as one wishes or pleases. a single such fragment or particle. a murder. [ khējura ] n persimmon.) a younger brother of one's father. exhausted . ̃ n. [ khēu ় ] n a kind of scurrilous song or poem. to do the right thing.) pal try things or acquisitions. ̃ n. cluster of persimmon or date. ̃ adv. to shout fretfully. to . . kedgeree. date. a [ khēcarānna ] n a food prepared by boiling rice and pigeon-pea together with spices and fat. volition. (sarcas. illmannered. to be fully and repeatedly in a loud voice. [ khēncā ] v to pull or tug or snatch (esp. forcefully and suddenly). v. tiny. useless or idle talk. pleased. too much ( ). v. to cramp. 2 [ khuba ] adv very ( ). surely ( ).) cellular. - ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ). juice or sap of the date palm. an extensive bloodshed. excelint. beside oneself ( ). [ khullatāta ] n (for. . dumpy ( ☐ ☐ [ khubasurata ] a very handsome or beautiful. [ khuśabu ] n good smell. [ khunakhārāba. an uncle. a hovel. one as gluttonous as the mythical anthropophagi. a cramp. patterned as a collection of date-leaves. of [ khubāni ] n apricot. ̃ adv. a recess. to satisfy. [ khuśi ] n happiness. n. to rebuke fretgrow furious. a pull or tug have a spasm. 161 ☐ 1 [ khē ē1 ] n a small club or cudgel. v. প .) ̃ n. to become exhausted. one capable of flying). (fig. [ khunti ] n a cooking tool resembling a spud. [ khē arā ] rej spell. to do much. [ khēncākhēnci karā ] v to fall out or quarrel (usu. to snarl repeatedly. [ khurā ] n a leg or heel or castor of an article or furniture. fem. enough. ribald abuse.) to be at a loss to find one's way. khudē ] a very small. (one) to death. snarling. n. khunakhārāpi ] n a bloody affray or riot. n. to see red. an act of homi cide.) very humble or meagre food. avuncu lar. [ khēkō2. to snarl. to be. joy. a tyke. fem. convulsion. to do a vixen or of one in anger. প v. eaten). at one's pleasure. a cell. flying. made of dates or of the juice or sap of the date-palm. . a superior variety of paddy. khēgō ] masc of and 2 ) = mothand re spectively. practice (' prank. . [ khēi ] n an end of a thread.) to do nothing. a hole ( ). . a. প a. (fig. the cranium. a spasm. a. surely. unmannerly. fragrance. v. to have murder in one's eyes. to convulse. delight. to be beside oneself. come possessed with a murderous frenzy. jovial. a. glad. . to have a cramp. obstinate. jolly.[ khu ় tutō ] a born of a younger brother of one's father or father-in-law. capable of moving in the air. to do (one) in. [ khudi1. a younger brother of one's father-in-law. cheerful ness. joyful. the wife of one's father's younger brother. mur dered. 2 1 2 [ khuśaki ] n dandruff. khunakhārābi. v. a tumultuous brawl or bloodshed.) an ex tremely voracious eater. [ khunōkhuni ] n mutual killing. [ khēncākhēnci ] n mutual quarrelling (usu. the vixen. 2 . . [ khu ় ō ] n a younger brother of one's father. a small earthen cup without handle. willingly.) to be confused or perplexed. a violent af fray. happily. to bungle. to be engaged in mutual killing or a violent affray or a tumultuous brawl. (coll. desire. [ khurali ] n exercise. a. made of the juice or sap of the date-palm ( ). v. dingy) room. an aunt-in-law. n. to murder. [ khēnki ] a ill-tempered. a forceful and sudden one). [ khudā2 ] v to engrave. a shack. scurf. an aunt. প a. molasses prepared from the sap of the date-palm. ̃ n. an uncle-in-law. divided into small rooms or holes or cells. lently ( ). a flying creature. delighted.) huskings and particles of grains. indocile. practice of archery. recessed ( ). [ khuli ] n the skull. cheerful. peevish. a. the date-palm. having square cells ). [ khuda2 ] n a particle or fragment of a grain of rice. [ khuri ] n shaving. প n. or snatch (esp. very much. ( ) v. [ khēnka. to fly into a towering rage. noisy and frequent one). willing. n. [ khuna ] n blood. [ khuri ] n a small earthen cup without handle. [ khunasu i ] n a bickering for pleasure. [ khēnkō1 ] sfx indicating: eaten (by) ( . 2 [ khēnkaśi āla ] n the fox. to n. fem. (lit. will ( ). (fig. (fig. same as murder will out. mutual ill-feeling. a snarling [ khēnca ় ā ] a wayward. to lose the thread of a story or an argument. (loos. satisfied. to shave. fem. jollity. to carve.) a cur. gladly. [ khēcara ] a moving in the air. int. [ khura ] n hoof of an animal. perfume. . '). khyānka ] int expressing a snarling sound of a dog or ( ). a bird (esp. the number of threads or cords ( ). satisfac tion. v.

প raging. a showman. adv. attention. failure to pay an ) a. a lunatic. person do every thing one wishes him to do. one mad dened or fired with some great idea. art istry. a sharp pointed end (as of a needle). playfully. . a doll's house. sports goods. ̃ n. sports and pastime. one who sings the kheyal. to play. to rage. act of trifling ( away. to say by way of lamentation or regret. a nutty man. to run amok or amuck. [ khēsāri ] n a variety of pigeon-pea. . a swindler. পn. professionally).[ khē ēla ] n a labourer. ̃ [ khēlō ā ় ] n a player. revenue. a vagary. [ khē ā ] n a ferry-boat. . [ khēdā ] n an enclosure for catching wild el ephants. to trifle. nutty. act of ferry ing. khēpalā-jāla ] n a cast net. ex travagantly imaginative. . . land. n. a playground. to provoke. to cause v. [ khēlō ] a of inferior quality. to supervise at play.) breach. cost ( . games and sports. tate. feeling. to madden. ̃ adv. predisposition. inferior ( ). viola[ khēpā ] v to go mad. consciousness. an amusement. a playmate. one who or that which drives away or ex pels or scares away or trifled with or taken lightly. the course of a game to a player of one's own side to play ( ). khērō ] n a thick coarse cloth dyed red (used in wrapping books). to have in remembrance or conscious ness. প v. unreli able. ). act of ferrying. a sharp corner. to hu miliate. v. re membrance. [ khēlanā ] n a toy. a farmhand on hire. instal ment or to meet pecuniary or other ob ligation. v. whimsical. (fig. a fancy. a. n. rent-bearing. propensity ( ). to be conscious about. প v. to lead by the nose ( 1 [ khēpa1 ] n a round of action or occupation. mad. to expel. a keddah. to breach. ). act of fondling. 2 [ khē āla2 ] n kind or system of Indian clas sical vocal music. to tend ( ). a ferryman. one awarded officially). a show of an entertaining trick or feat ( . ☐ ☐ . [ khēlāpa ] n (of a promise. to have an eye to. to regret. a round ( ). an all-purpose notebook. v. jeer. an expert player. a snake-charmer. n. a notebook of the kind of a diary in which one notes down whatever 162 ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ 2 2 . প viola tion of (a) law. recollection ( ). [ khēlā ] n a play. to ferry. a servant. ̃ n. [ khōncā ] n a prick. ̃ titled. taxable. carefulness. tax. uncontrollable. . to remember or rec ollect (suddenly). unthoughtful ( . a diversion. rule etc. pertaining to agricultural a husbandman. a plaything. [ khēda ] n lamentation. a room or hall for indoor games. ̃ v. a feud. a menial worker. occasionally oc curs to him. whimsically. regrettable. a kind of dance. . v. to be greatly irritated or excited. [ khōnca ] n a thorn. a madman. n. a ferry-boat. (sarcas. [ khēru ā. crotchety. the cultivator's place of work. grief. artistic display [ khēdānō ] v to drive away. sportsmanlike spirit. something not to be a. a fad. . v. a whim. to work ( ven away. to lament. expelled ( ). প প a rabid dog. mean. to mind. to get an gry. lament. n. a whim. earthly life. a cunning person. an agricultural farm. to be attentive to. to taunt or jeer. ( . taunt. to compensate. to pay cost (of). maddened. (in football. n. [ khētāba ] n a title or honour (esp. v. 1 [ khēlō ā ় i ] a sportsmanlike. ). . ̃ [ khēti ] n agriculture. fem. to incite. to chase away. [ khēpalā. a dream. regret. to offend one's dig nity. n. a wily man. injury or wound caused by the poking or prick of a sharp and pointed instrument or weapon. a. raving. প breach of trust. a min iature house built by children at play with sand or mud or straw. to to play. to frenzy. to become uncontrol lable ( প break or breach of promise. to in fringe. [ khēta ] n (a piece of) agricultural land. a. ̃ n. same as [ khē āla1 ] n a fancy.) to teach ( ). dri. a farmhand. n. a kheda. to break. violate. . v. প . v. [ khērāja ] n rent. to make a regret. base. to irri trivial. angered. to try to recollect. 2 [ khēpa2 ] n an instance of casting ( ). capricious. inclination. a poke. [ khē ōkhē i ] n mutual quarrel or fighting. a pastime. capriciously. a caprice. n. a mad dog. a madcap. a conspirator. a recre ational match or contest. ). rent-free). singer of kheyal songs. ).) domestic life or [ khēdōkti ] n what is said by way of lamen tation or regret. ). an agricultural labourer. [ khētri ] n an upcountry caste of India (be lieved to be Kshatriyas). v. a. . a. to scare ( . to fondle. ̃ n. প v. [ khēdajanaka ] a lamentable. প n. ambition etc.) to pass the ball frequently in ). a profes sional dancinggirl. a game. an inspired man. [ khēma ā ] n an Indian musical measure. frenzied. a ferry. an expert diplomat. a whimsical fancy. to prick or poke. [ khēsārata ] n compensation. worthless. a hitch or slight difficulty. a daydream. a sport. a notebook for writing down all sorts of accounts. ̃ n. v. a professional khemta ( ) dancing-girl. a farm worker. to be in a tion ( ). unimportant.. husbandry. infringement. en joying or holding a title. ̃ n. a crotchet ( . -প প n. n. (rare. ). angry. hockey etc. fanciful. infringement or breach of (a) rule. humili ated ( ). to la ment. ( ) to become violent ( ). n. to rave. to pay heed to. same as (v).) tends. to control and lead at pleasure. -প প to ferry (esp. to notice. a caprice. (in endearment) a naughty or wild man or boy. wariness ( ). . to madden. to belittle.

a fell ( ).) garment. a pit or fold ( ). a loose bun. a hollow. trail. to goad. . to hobble. a daydream. to dress or put up hair in a bun. to suffer harm or humiliation or insult. to macadamize. to investigate. mutual pricking. [ khōkkasa ] n (in fairy tales) a terrible an thropophagous demon. [ khōlatāi ] n beautiful show. প v. 2 [ khōmpā ] n hair dressed in a rounded mass. to jab. 2 1 1 2 . nasal. v. a shell ( ). & n. to undo or un fasten a coiffure. beautiful. a calabash. real. one who is ad- 2 [ khōn ় ānō ] v to limp. a lame person. 1 n. a broken stone. v. a pali sade. to drink a little in order to remove postdrunken depression. & fem.) a eunuch. to inquire (after). gelded. a musical instrument of percus sion resembling a longish tomtom. to search. to poke. -প n. to pave with stone chips. to engrave. n. [ khō āra ] n misery. to pinfold. to in stigate. up right and sharp-pointed. to moult. (sarcas. ̃ n. a sexu ally powerless person. (fig. a wedge. Your Maj esty. প v. the tomtom and cymbals. to nose. brightness. to emasculate. to make enquiries. to un loose or undress a bun. a cowhouse. repeated or continuous pricking or poking or in stigating. v. [ khōlaka ] n a hood for covering the whole body. 2 [ khō āba ] n a dream. capacity for eating ( ). to be stricken with misery or distress. cost of food ( ).[ khōdā-i-khidmadgāra ] n (self-dedicated) ser vant of God. [ khō ā2 ] a lost. a pinfold. ̃ v. a sheepfold. ra tion of food. n. en graving. a crevice. one who beats the afore-men tioned musical instrument of percus sion. a person speaking through the nose. to prick. to hunt high and low. [ khōn ā ] n spiteful and stinging reference. a cavity. to lame. [ khō āri ] n tiredness or depression that strikes in when drunkenness is over. actual ( ). freedom-fighter under 'Frontier Gandhi' Abdul Gaffur Khan. inquiry. n. v. carving. an upcountry man (of India). [ khōdita ] a engraved. to waste. [ khōnja ] n search. cobbled streets. a yashmak. castrated. .a. a shell (of the crusta cean). carving. a niche. a crustacean. the watercontaining vase of a hookah. [ khōdā2 ] n (Mus. good show. inquiry. having a . insult. of [ khōn ana2 ] n act of taking a small amount or portion with the tips of one's fingers or beaks. [ khōrā. a stake. to impound. Sire. a pound for stray cattle. investiga tion. act of seeking. chignon. n. an impotent person. stolen. প a hanging bun. rations or ration-money ( ). a hole. to remain in close touch with v. an illusion. a bun. . engraving. to try to trace. pop. to be lost or ☐ a. 2 ). v. corpulent man. [ khōn ় la ] n a hole. trace. to seek. 1 [ khō ā1 ] n solidified milk or cream (also ). carve. [ khōm ā ় ] n a cattle-shed. the real master. to overdo. to put into or enclose in a cattleshed. khōrāi ] n a large cup without a handle. showy. beauty. [ khōdābanda ] n (voc. to hunt for. carving. macadam. ̃ n. a hollow.) My Lord.) (ridi. প an attempt to teach God how to create. 2 [ khōrāsāni ] a of Khorasan ( san. 163 ☐ ☐ - ☐ ☐ [ khōn ় ā1 ] a lame. khōpara ] n a small hole (প recess. [ khōn ā2 ] n a small pillar of wood or bam boo. continuous search. a skin ( ). crustacean. fem. var. [ khō ā ] n (contem. to make . v. to geld. food and clothing. a roly poly. [ khōda ] a in person ( ).) God. a crevice. a. a. [ khōra ] sfx indicating: one who eats ( dicted to ( . v. a peg. v. Sir. reproof. or ridi. [ khōdakāra ] n an engraver. bark or spathe of trees ( ). to cause dishevel ment. a cavity. প v. to be sarcastically reminded (of something unpleasant or uncompli mentary). প a gelding. pricking or poking or jabbing. to trace. harm. a native of Khora- ☐ প). to dis cover. n. a socket ( ). n. to hear galling. n. condemna tion. strong or large backing or support. spiteful. to make sting ing or biting insinuations. ). wasted. bright. to pound. act of pinching or nipping. interference in other's work. to castrate. news.) a false fancy.. provision. (of snakes) to cast or slough off (i s) skin. the master in per son. stinging ac cusation. wasted or stolen. [ khōnā ] a pronounced or spoken with breath passing through the n. (fig. bristly ( ). to search continuously. to cobble. a hold ( ). speak through the nose. a case ( ). a goblet without a stem. to lost. v. to look for. a cell. lame. a slough. to track out. to find trace of. a cowshed. appetite. n. [ khōjā ] n (mas. punishment. v. a carver. a v. to search. (fig. n. [ khōdāi ] n engraving. v. to be punished or condemned or reproved or blamed. distress. a paling. the master himself. v. caustic comment.) to change something so completely and thoroughly as to give it a new look. v. to [ khōlanalacē ] n the bowl of burning tobacco and the pipe of a hookah. to make inquiries about.) a v. information. to thrust. a eunuch guarding a harem. a. to annoy. [ khōrāka ] n food. ). a bun not tied with cords. blame. to inquire (about or after). [ khōla2 ] n a cover. & sarcas. প v. impo tent. a pale. to detect. act of nibbling. [ khōlasa ] n an outer covering. trace. v. Master. humilia tion. [ khōpa.) a Hindustani.

the blue. a loss for nothing. same as ̃ n. (dero. renown. frank.) a trifling ob ject. vault of the heavens. to open ( ) to evacuate thoChristian era. going. aerial. categorical. free space overshell. emptied. an outer covering or a [ gagana ] n the sky. act of carrying a dying person to the bank of er. the firmament. a sky scraper. a corner of the sky. a wife of Shiva ( ). can did. the celestial path. can did. v. to of the Ganges on the eve of his death. to open for day's work ( a. (in the (fig. tidings. a. to have to lose or or gives public ity. to en trust or be entrusted of Christians. reputation. bathing in the Ganges. gacchā ] n (ori. the heavens. cheerful is to cremate or to help cremation. v. deposited. to be paid by way of penalty or compensa tion. ̃প n. to cause to start or found. outspokenly.) 164 ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ . of a brownish cream colour. Chris tian. ̃ n.) a feast. ̃ a. suffer loss for nothing. the vault 2 2 [ khōlā ] v to open ( ). a dying man. v. one be longing to a Hindu caste whose busi ness [ khōśa ] a delightful. mixed with gold and sant chat. (cp. ̃ n. carelessness etc. the ing. ̃ ̃ same n. of Bengal. a carapace ( . a hut with a pantile shed. [ ga gōdaka ] n the water of the Ganges. called. fond of fine dress. v. 1 n. ̃ প a. A. ̃ n. . to die (esp. ̃ leave. ̃ n. Before Christ.) Europeanism. ̃ a. v. holily). the glory of a whim. a. the dome of the sky. open[ ga2 ] sfx indicating.) imbued ). ga gōttarī ] n a holy place of the Hindus in [ khyāta ] a famous ( ). fond of dainty food. ̃ n. aeri( ).) an undertaker by caste. (vul. glad n. hearted. v. mouth of the Ganges esp..) a Christian. frank.) imitation of Christians. aspiring. an ). v. an amus ing tale or story. act of putting the (poet. Chris tian. the firmament. pleasant ( ). the horizon. black-and-white. a hymn glorifying the Ganges. n. to untie or undress ( . the sky line. pantile ( al. to cause to open or unfasten. v. ̃ a. one whose name is well-known. to [ khyāpaka ] a. done by one's own self.) to cleanse oneself of guilt. sky-kissing. [ khōlāmakuci ] n a broken piece of ceramic material potsherd. delicate dishes. to open one's heart. unhindered ( ). ̃ n. D. [ khyāti ] n fame. a. ̃প a. to make a clean breast of. proclamation. ̃প n. bank of the Ganges. ). v. to cause to take 2 taking the water of the Ganges in one's palm. (fig. an open place for manufacturscraper. a sky). a caprice. to place in the custody (of). renowned. ̃ n. & n one who or that which an nounces or proclaims lose for nothing. spoken. to be moved with flattery. a. unfastened. roughly ( ). of the [ khōlasā ] a clear. (arch.) one whose mortal remains have been thrown in the Ganges. v. fine dress. bimetallic. (capable of) flying or moving in the sky. a sycophant. outvens. Gangetic. fame. the floor of the sky. to bathe in the Ganges. ̃ n. riverine. going towards ( ). to speak out without 2 reserve. (fig. voluntary. ̃প n. take off ( ). [ khōsā ] n skin (of fruits). to be outspoken. in a holy manconveyance executed voluntarily by the proprietor himself. a. clean. en trusted. ̃ n. fem. a pilgrim to the adulate. ̃ n. ethereal. cel ebrated. a person who is being carried to the bank [ khōśāmōda ] n flattery. soaring ( ). a. Mahabharata) Bhishma. to speak clearly or point1 [ ga1 ] n the third consonant of the Bengali alphabet. to be carried to the bank of the Ganges on dress. v. the bank of the Ganges. fancy the Ganges. skyscape. the courtyard of the hea(comm. colour of the water of the Ganges. adulatory. celebrity. B.) highly aspiring or ambitious. ̃ n. unob very high. a. to start or found ( ). to be famous. open. to resume work. free ( ). death (esp. accustomed to taking dainty food.) open market. the Ganga. to cause to re-open. . to set on a voy age or journey. v. to the heavens. an appellation of Shiva ( ). riverine. famplains). rain-water. without reserve ( ). [ khyān a ] n (hum. ̃ . touching or reaching the sky. dead. sky-high. of Christ or of the Christian era. entrust (with). ̃ a. ̃ n. agreeable or pleasing news. a. to flatter. ̃ a. the firma ment. a Christian. untied or undressed. fallen from the sky. ̃ n. a calligra pher. ̃ . frankly. (capable of) flying or moving in the sky. named designated or known Garhwal (flowing through this place the Ganges comes down to the as ( ). ner). ̃ n. plain. va cated. a fad. ̃ the Ganges. ). n. to earn fame. 1 [ khōlā1 ] n (of fruits) skin ( ). flattery. to re-open ( with lofty ideas or plans.) a compensation. ̃ n. v. ̃ n. sky-high. frank. point[ ga gā ] n the Ganges. to aerial route. to cause to untie or un dress. man ners and customs v. unreserved ( ). the Ganges and the a. [ gaccā. the grasshopper (of the green and large variety). happy.Christianism or Christianity. ). adulation. n. blank or leaving no room for doubt. ethereal. a river. unreservedly. to put off. ̃ living near or on the bank of the Ganges. (of trees) bark or spathe head. ̃ n. ̃ a. a good writsilver. ̃ n. dainty food. [ ga gōtrī. categorically. goodwill.̃ n.) . table delicacies. (law) a deed of (lit. on a holy occasion. adulation. structed. very lofty. n. hav ing the off or put off. [ gacchita ] a placed in the custody of. ous. a pleaJumna or their con fluence.C. the canvas of the sky. the sky. to com pensate. to unfas ten ( ). a yard ( ). [ ganda ] n gum (also ). to carry (a dying person) to cheerful or merry or self complacent mood. a kind of frying-pan ( ). a place ( ). . publicity. sin etc. frank. the confluence of the Ganges and the Bay terer. to pay penalty (for). Christianity. blank. (rare) a name or designation. above-board. n. a field ( ). to cause to open for day's water of the Ganges into the mouth of a dying person. [ khyāpana ] n announcement. ( ). act of swearing by work. adv. the mouth of the Ganges. to make oneself pure. a. to place or receive in the custody (of). candid. the eve of one's death. penalty for one's folly. ̃ a. ̃ n.. (dero. the sky. to cause to leave. foppish. (fig. flattering. (for). to open ( of the heavens. [ khris a ] a Christ. a flatas ̃ . a crotchet. to expose or reveal. very lofty. to deposit. ̃ প n.

to [ gajāla ] n a large and thick nail. chiding. [ gajāri ] n an enemy of the elephant. reproach. & n. masc. fem. . modelled. to one's own self) in anger. to form.) a man of elephantine build. injustice. a. ganja. a rumbling noise. act of insulting. (rare) overcrowding. [ gajā ] n a kind of sweetmeat made of flour. (fig. ̃ a. craftily. ga ara ] n the ram. appearance. [ gaja2 ] n a protuberance. ̃ . a. shape.) two terrible contestants. v. ˜ ̃ n. [ gajaba ] n oppression. insult. moving majestically like an el ephant. a yard. measuring a yard ( . restless desire for coming out ( ). প (fig. a. Greek meeting Greek. one who or that which scolds or insults.) the movement of a flock of sheep blindly following the bell-wether. (inc. mounted on an el ephant. craftily). scolding. n. the beauty or grace of a thing built or modelled or shaped or con structed or formed. [ ga ala. to walk or march firmly and arrogantly. eaten by a small worm called (see above). given to smoking ganja. fem. insulted. were turned into a huge el ephant and a huge tortoise. to take as a deposit. any of the costly pearls which. a. fem the ewe leading a flock. to originate. a large grain market. to put ). to try restlessly to come out. putting to shame. an extra tooth (of a man) growing in front of another. v. one with such an eye. origi nated. [ ga hana ] n building or modelling or shaping. put to shame. ̃ same as প ☐ [ gaja3 ] n a measure of length equal to 3 feet. to grumble. adv. [ ga ় 2 ] n genuflexion. build. ̃ a. to genuflect. [ gaja1 ] n gauze ( a piece of gauze into. sprouted. . bow in saluta tion (to a person or deity). built. a. . made. a. ̃ n. [ gachānō ] v to cause to accept a thing or a responsibility (esp. [ gajārōhī ] a mounted on an elephant. 3 2 1 [ gajānana ] n a person who has on his shoul ders an elephant's head instead of his own. to sprout. [ gañjita ] a scolded. [ gañjana ] n act of scolding or childing or up braiding. yardstick. a leader amongst the wild elephants.) same as [ gañjikā ] n the female flowering tops of In dian hemp. n. gajagiri ] n the pavement round a draw-well etc.with. highhandedness. [ gajānō ] v to sprout. to per suade to accept. fat. to model. a man or soldier v. are shed from an elephant's head.̃ n. v. construction. in their new shapes too they went on fighting frightfully and relentlessly. to shape. (cp. [ gajānīka ] n a warrior mounted on an el ephant. an noyance. [ ga alikā. have a swelling. ̃ n.̃ n. a stock exchange. trust money. (lit. to scold. ̃ n. (hum. a 3 (a). a swelling ( ( ). a love-song. tyranny. to upbraid. chid. .).). ). to put to shame. 91. ̃ n. v. a rivet. [ ga aga a. to grow. eaten by an elephant. which is a centre for import and export). a store.̃ [ gañja ] n a granary. [ gajagira. ̃ a. discountent. a large marketplace.̃ . reproached. 165 ☐ ☐ 4 [ gaja4 ] n the elephant. the style or manner of building or modelling or shaping or constructing or forming. to create. moving majesti cally like an elephant. that has been caused to be accepted (esp. a (ha bitual) smoker of hemp. ̃প n. overcrowding ( ). structure. ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ . very big. to construct.) a multitude of blind followers or their act of following en masse.) a work of decorative plaster ing. a peg. according to fables. grown. (fig. an appellation of Ganesha ( ). [ gajēndra ] n a leader of a herd of wild el ephants. evolved. [ gajarānō ] v to rumble. mounted on an elephant. the sound of walking or marching firmly and arro gantly. beauty or elegance of form. (a. ̃ n. formed. money deposited.) a stupid man. a. one who or that which puts to shame or re proaches (' ').̃ n. see ☐ a. a growl. 2 3 [ ga ় 3 ] n an average. n. constructed. grumbling. (archi. to in sult.9144 m. n. (loos. a very small and squint eye. ̃ . (rare) restless desire for coming out. fem. ̃প below. a mean. to growl. formation ( . ̃ . ivory.. v. [ gajala ] n a Persian musical mode (chiefly used in singing lovesongs). a variety of freshwater fish shaped almost like a cylinder. v. to build. like a sour wood-apple eaten up by worms (a worm enters unnoticeably into a sour woodapple and eats up the whole of its kernel). a. ga arikā ] n. an orderly line of elephants.) a relentless encounter between equals. to make. to evolve. trust deed. [ gajagaja ] int expressing: low grumbling (usu. shaped. ̃ প a. a globu lar appendage on the forehead of the elephant ̃ .) two brothers. a central market (esp. ).) ̃ . dissatisfaction etc. an approxi mate amount. ga ama a ] int expressing. a bell tied round an elephant's neck to warn the passers-by from a distance. ̃ n.) utterly hollow though looking full. (in chess) the bishop. a love-lyric. the best elephant. to grumble surlily. violence. ( ). form.) hemp. a superb el ephant. upbraiding.) a well-curb. (fig. a rumbling.) Rialto. to be en trusted (with). ̃ a. to have in the custody (of). & adv. (cp. slow and ma jestic or stately gait (of a well-built person) resembling that of an elephant. the lion. a trust property. a sprout v. to v. majestic or stately gait (of a well-built person) resembling that of an elephant.̃ 2 n.5 cm or . created. n. a very small variety of worm ( ). a herd of elephants. on an average. ̃ n. to walk with firm and quick steps. ̃ 1 n. a flock follow ing a bell-wether. such a woman or girl. outrage. who contended with each other for the possession of their pater nal wealth. (myth. n. (fig. a con tinuous flow. act of putting to shame or reproaching (by displaying superior excellence).) same as (v. to genuflect. to chide. to over crowd. . to reproach. moving majestically like an elephant. . same as ☐ ) n. genuflection. a bell-wether. ̃ n. to protu berate. to give or re ceive as a deposit. pot-bellied. [ gañjā ] v (poet.

to consider. a. calculated. n. to lie down and roll. to come out pouring. that which is rolling. . to bring up ( ). ness. to count. (astrol. n. enumeration ( ). v. [ ga ় na ] n act of making or creating or building or shaping or 1 democ racy. adv. to rattle. accounts.) predicted. (rare—of a mathematical sum) worked out. goitre. to wallow. mass movement. math ematical. ̃প n. accoun tancy. to model ( ). ̃ same as [ ga ībhūta ] a belonging to a race or tribe. one of a class of subordinate structure. n. mour. hunch-backed. enumerated. ̃ n. (the sci ence of) mathematics. act of con sidering or regarding (as). [ ga ় āpē ā ] v to give definite form or shape to. a brothel. ̃ n. mass rising. people's war. worth con sidering or counting. to reach. the lord of the host. v. mention ( ). a clan. to construct ( ). computed. ge neric. popular unrest. awakening of the people. ). act of doing a mathematical sum. ̃ n. mass upheaval. ̃ প n. the rampart. a. to divine. the [ ga ় khāi ] n a moat. to send rolling. to say or utter unobstructedly and rapidly. v. ̃ n. count able. the com mon people. ̃ n. belonging to a party. to go. [ ga ় āga ় i ] n state of weltering. mass me dia. to flow ( ). to regard (as). a community. to send rolling. masses. calculable. a. modelled. to develop into. the esplanade. act of pointing out (as). made. the people col lectively. to pour for somebody ( ). created. the music of this band. shape and deities. a multitude. constructed. group music. cite. appearance. to count. to go rolling. . ̃ a counting instru ment. formation. any morbid fleshy growth on the body. a [ ga ikā ] n a prostitute. ̃ bawdy-house. a fortress. ( [ ga ēśa ] n the lord of the hosts. [ ga ় ānō1 ] v to roll. mathematics. to flow down. a calculator. the military band of a fort. mould. worth considering or mentioning. [ ga ় imasi ] n wilful or habitual delay. ̃ n. to grum. build. adjudged. fabricated ( ). disorder. ̃ n. a cation of persons accord ing to the stars predominant at their birth rattling sound (as of a running hackney-carriage). counted. a whore. (astrol. to pour ( ). ̃ n. a. democratic. to point out. to shape. divined. ̃ n. shape etc. pro crastination. a soothsayer. built. ̃ a. to delay wilfully or habitually. to calculate. formed. to welter ( ). a classifi[ ga ় ga ় ] int expressing: a rumbling sound (as of thunder). ra cial. an appellation of Ganesha ( ). v. (astrol.) to pre dict. set in a stream as a trap for [ ga itē ] v. to roll down. to indi cate plurality. to enumerate. a class. [ ga aka ] n an astrologer. [ ga ় ānē ] a rolling. fish. people's agitation. ga anā ] n act of reckoning or count ing. one who makes things by casting metals. [ ga ় ā a ga ় ā a ] adv side by side. on an average. to rumble. founded. wart etc. the name of the eldest son of Shiva ) and Durga ( ) who is the presiding deity of success. [ ga ita ] a reckoned. the united strength of the people. de cided. a dimple on the cheek. a constituent assemapproximately. a leader of the people. mess. act of rolling or pouring or weltering or being beside oneself or flowing or reaching. divina tion. popular aware to speak unfalteringly or glibly. to judge. ̃ n. go ing to count. dilatori[ ga a ] n the cheek. made up. grace or beauty of build. large and im portant. people's theatre. approximate.) prediction. to work out. a species. an enumerator. [ ga ় ā3 ] v to make ( ). (in football etc. ̃ n. to develop into ( ). = men). regarded (as). 4 [ ga ় u ] n any morbid protuberance or ex crescence on the body (such as hunch. প v. ̃ n. com munal. a form of government in which the su preme power is vested in the elected representatives of the people. the people conceived as a deity. developed. a hol low into which the mouth of a husking pedal falls to thrash grains. 2 [ ga ় ā2 ] n an enclosure of stakes etc. considered. ̃ n.) that runs all the way along the grass. ̃ n. a mathematician. weir. snugly ( ). by way of compro mise). ̃ n. to cause to roll.) a ravelin. to hammer or knock into (right) shape.) a classification of verbs v. one who or that which calculates. to build. plebis[ ga ় ba ় ] n confusion. ̃ প . ( . belonging to a genus. to be scat tered here and there ( ).) counting. foretelling. the attendants of Shiva ( ). calculating. got-up. = boys. to pro crastinate.̃ a. to found ( . a calculator. moulded. ̃ n. n. brought up. ̃ a. to speak with flippant ease. a palmist. a 166 ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ a. genocide. moulding or forming (see also ). an appellation of [ ga ় pa ় tā ] a average. to flow on. to mould. 1 . re publican. shape. dilly-dally. judg ment ( ). e. to fall down and welter. that which is decided be forehand (esp. to be beside oneself ( ). a race.̃ n. rolling on the ground.g.—obs. muddle. the 1 [ ga ় ā1 ] n a kind of very coarse white loin cloth without any borsovereignty of the people. belonging to a community. touching the grass. a number more than one (used as a sfx. bly. ̃ . masses. to welter. ̃ n. to foretell.( ). to reckon. people's court. Ganesha ( ) and also Shiva ( ). to compute. consider ation ( ). song of the der. to roll down. power of the people. ). 3 [ ga ় 4 ] n a fort.[ ga a ] n a collection. n. mass revolt. a con tinuous rattle. n. a gland ( ). a moat. pointed out. folk song. . a tuness. mentioned. a. to form ( ). a harlot. mass struggle. tribal. ̃ ̃প n. (cp. to reach.) a. a valley. n. [ ga ana. act of de ciding or judging (as). to do (a mathematical sum). disarray. ̃ n. a scattered and unclaimed state ( ). shaped. to create. ̃ ble surlily. a genus. to roll about. a group. versed in mathematics. a fam ily. inf (poet. a republic. to be dilatory. a moulder. (in Sanskrit gr. ̃ n. v. [ ga ādhipa ] n same as (see ). to mention. to welter. ☐ ☐ ☐ . decision. ̃ n. to develop ( ). any mas sive thing ( ). v. ̃ প n. worthy of being reckoned or counted. to roll about. a boil ( ).

frequenting. advent and departure. ̃ n. ( ). one who gives spiritual salvation. an instrument for measuring speed. customary. an al ternative means or way. act of taking water in the cup of one's palm by uttering some sacred in cantation and drinking it. [ ga i. past one's prime of life. a. ̃ n. calculable. dynamic. the cheek. rigid rules or routine. to provide for. [ gadagada ] n a voice made indistinct with ex cessive emotion. dynamics. ̃ . condition ( ). masc. to ap prehend ( n. overwhelmed with emotion. impor tant and respectable. [ gat ] n the (cardinal) notes of a musical air. a protector. a club. ̃ a. activity ( ). v. a mercantile office ( ). hack neyed. state. fem. un conscious. still. a means or stratagem ( ). to be finished. [ ganagana ] int expressing the blazing state. ̃ n. adv. obsequies ( ). yesterday. to draw a (circular) line along the boundary. (astr. er. [ gadya ] n. ̃ same as ̃ . ̃ . ecstatic ( ). to remedy. a blow with a club. gatāgati ] n going and coming. having nothing to fall back on. refreshed. gait. a throne. n. to stop in the midway. [ gatānuśōcanā.̃ n. ). to lament for one's past actions. n. estimable. movement. ̃ n. rou tine ( ). n. an obstacle. let bygones be bygones. a remote village. to consider. birth and death (' '). conventional. passage. choked or con fused with excessive emotion ( ). ˜ a. [ gatāgata. one who has conquered grief and sorrow. to calcu late. ). a king's seat. swooned. ̃ a. lying ( . the cheek. ̃ a. one who shelters or aids. traditional. physical strength or ability. ̃ প n.̃ n. ̃ n. v. to enumerate. ̃ . a way. past. the state of having move n. & adv. to work as a manual labourer. akīśilā ] n a kind of black stone found in the river Gan- [ gati ] n going. fem. ˜ a.) annual motion. [ gatī a ] a kinetic. sluggishness. ̃ ment. without an alternative. important ( ). ̃ a. to lament for the past. health. without any other means. a. ̃ a. movement. to compute.large popu lous village. an alternative. [ ga ya ] a countable. a unit of counting in fours. (the) last year. ̃ . moving. state of being customary. a cushion. ̃ n. dead. ̃প a. gadāilaskari ] a extremely slug gish. gatānuśōcana ] n regret or grief for the past or for one's past actions. a patron ( ). to re pent. a catchword. & adv. to pass away. considered. utterly stupid. velocity. utterly ignorant or il literate. an utterance. awake. one whose voice has been choked with emotion ( ). disinterested. to attach importance to. prose rhythm. aged. mobile. fainted. worth regarding as. it's no use crying over past things. a knot. to consider or to reckon as. to blaze. to go by. dead ( ). v. scrofula.̃ a. to stop in the midway. state ( . pace. about to die. [ gadāilaśakari. obtained. ̃ a. by keeping to the beaten track. last night.) a means of spiritual salvation (' '). the state into which one has to pass after one's death ( ). ( ( [ gadā ] n a mace. grief for the past. an astrologer. ̃ a. let the dead past bury its dead. ˜ a. apathetic. a volcanic rock. . a palmist. vclocity. ̃ . a. to undergo physical toil. to cause to stop in the midway. ˜ a.) angular mo tion. bounds. (phys. past one's youth. ga ī ] n an encircling line. trite. fem. hav ing movement. ̃ . v. limit. a means or way of rescue or salvation ( ). ̃ a. widowed. [ gatā u ] a one whose days are numbered. [ ganā ] v to count. ̃ n. v. dead. a code of laws or rules. ruling. a slogan ). held ( ). the cavity or capacity of a cupped palm. ̃ a. a stroke of a club. a speedometer. condi tion. im mobile. in course of business or work. blazing. conse quence. relieved of pain. ̃ n. tradi tionalism. that which checks the movement. holding a club. to take necessary ac tion. mumps. [ gada ] n poison. ). a prose poem. procrasti nation. to strike with a club. monotony. ☐ . an appellation of Vishnu ( ). a river of that name. ̃ . having no at tachment to anything worldly. [ ga aka ] n the rhinoceros. ̃ n. ̃ a. speed.) diurnal mo tion. usual.̃ v. seated. kinetics. resourceless. ̃প n. to perform funeral rites of. ̃ a. ̃ . & adv. mobility. last ( ). n. [ gatyantara ] n another means or way. old. (abu sively) physically strong yet averse to work. pro- [ gatara ] n body. end ( ). fight with clubs. a remedy.̃ a. [ gatānugatika ] a routine. commonplace. yester day. an abbot etc. ̃ a. ̃ n. . [ gadi ] n a mattress. a boulder. ̃ the unversified language of poetry ( saic. n. disease. a gadi ( ). sleepless. ̃ adv. a helper. en tered. motion. stoppage or arrest of movement in the midway. regular access or inter course ( ). ̃ a. [ ga ū a ] n a mouthful or handful of water. . a means ( ). extremely lazy. a soothsay- 167 ☐ ☐ [ gata ] a departed. [ ga u ] n a pillow. to draw a line encircling a plot of land and immunize it by means of a charm. & a prose. . to care. ̃ a.̃ n. movement. to club. fem. ̃ n. fire) to burn blazingly. a (circular) part of land immunized by means of a charm. & adv. on business. monotonous. (of [ ganatakāra ] n a foreteller. ̃ v. a break. wakeful. to break journey. subservience to routine. left without an alter native. ̃ n. to die. the seat of a zemindar or landlord or of an ecclesiastical chief. [ ga daki. v. nearly gone. to anticipate. a ter. finished.̃ n. bygone. ̃ a. (arch. to depart. ̃ a. v. the habit of doing things in a very slow and tardy manner. lack or absence of variety.̃ n. deserving attention. ) set words or speech. to regard as ( ). hold ing a post. a prose-writer. a bound ary-line. in a customary or hackneyed fashion. dying. ̃ ̃ adv. (astr. morbid presence of undigested food in the stomach ( ). v. triteness. motionless. to make necessary arrangement for. middle aged. re garded as ( ). (the) day be fore yesterday. a refuge or shelter.

a fragrant flower. the musk-rat. ghee. a mem ber of this caste. [ gappō. treatise on music. research ing. anything produced of the cow or cow-milk (such as milk. dealing in n. to make a noise. [ gabā ] n a fatty and stupid person. fem. an aromatic substance. ̃ n. disorder. ̃ n. chubby. [ gabadā ] a corpulent. disturbance. trailing the scent of. music. ̃ n. density. in the dead of night. the nose. Paederia foetida. n. to give out smell. depth. talkative. (usu. bulky. travelling.̃ n. the science and art of music. idiot.) a very cunning and secretive person. ̃ n. con sidered. depth ( ). v. a born musician. n. [ gabharnamēn a ] n (pol. produced of the cow or cow-milk. fatty and foolish. a researchv. by exchange of garlands) without any formal cer emony. spices ( ). destination. simpleton. ̃ n. the mole. gappō ] n (coll. a kind of (medicinal) creeper with a strong scent. . to gorman dize. to smell. [ gabē a ] n fool. fat.[ ganāgō hī ] n the whole race or family.) one belonging to a class of demi-gods profisecret. [ gapa gapa ] int expressing: the sound of eat ing rapidly or voraciously in large morsels. to smell. the Gardenia. [ gabacandra ] n the name of a ludicrously stupid minister of folk [ gan ēpin ় ē khāō ā ] v to stuff or gorge one self with tales. spices. ̃ . ̃ grave ( ). [ gabāk a ] n a ventilator in the shape of a bull's eye. the profundity. a perfume. hollow ( ). to be on the scent. gandhādhibāsana ] n a ceremonial per fuming prior to a marriage or a holy rite. ̃ a. to get an in kling of. [ gabādi ] n the cow and similar other (do mestic) animals. destined.) as by an astrologer. thickness. a laboratory. [ gantabya ] a where one is to go. to . . difficulty. [ gandhādhibāsa. ̃ n. to blab. intense. thick ( ). [ gan ā ] n a set of four. a kind of beetle with an abominable odour or offensive smell. n. counted. n. dolt. ̃ n. aloe-wood. a flower besmeared with or soaked in sandalpaste. ̃ . প প adv. [ gamaka ] n (mus. a. to cause to read (one's palm. a kind of fra grant flower or its tree. [ gandha ] n a scent. scented oil.̃ a. scentless. research. sulphur powder. n. a perfume ( ). a. cowdung and cow's urine: these five collectively are called প ). ̃ n. ̃প n. ̃ n. able to talk or chat flippantly. [ gaba a ] n a kind of (wild) cow having no dewlap (chiefly found in the destined route or way. gunpowder. fleshy. v. traveller. [ gabē aka ] n one who researches. & a stuffing or gorging oneself to the full. of ̃ ̃ . the science of music. sul phur match for lighting a lamp. n. blockhead. low-pitched. plump. gravity. a re searcher.) a governor (of a state). [ gan agōla ] n tumult. perfumed or scented water. calculated. going. esoteric ( ). [ gan ā a gan ā a ] adv in a large number. a flippant talker. (rare) a natural musician. adv. worker. a kind of flower plant. a. far advanced state. secret mar riage of lovers . the table of counting by fours. [ gandhasāra ] n sandal tree. enumerated. a Gandharvas ( ). exactly just ( ). a dealer in spices (by caste). a smell. one's due or share ( )̃ n. anticipated. intensity. the Hima layan region). ̃ n. ̃ . ̃প n. a goer.̃ n. milk-product. to cause to an ticipate. rapidly or vora ciously in large morsels ( ). same as ̃ coll. [ gandharasa ] n myrrh. horoscope etc. [ gabyōtpādana ] n dairy farming. [ gandharba ] n (myth. uproar. cient in music and war.) gossip. . ☐ ☐ ☐ [ gandhī ] a (chiefly used as a sfx. [ gabē a ā. a bay-window. the cattle group. to get the smell of. a flying bug. an utter fool. food to the full. n. given to idle or too much talk. corrup. an eyelet. a unit in fours. ̃ n. a Hindu caste dealing in spices. destination. deep breathing. v. a. chit-chat. reckoned. perfumed oil. n. profound ( ). ̃ n. ̃ n. . graveness. ̃ n. to chat ter. the land or abode of the n.) government. [ gabharnara ] n (pol. a deep-water fish. an idle talker. to read as a palmist. [ gandhēśbarī ] n the tutelary deity of dealers in spices. ̃ . intricacy. person whose designs or motives are too deep for divination. 168 ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ). exact. to create disorder. v. an odour. [ gannākā ā ] a hare-lipped. sandal wood. a lab. to di vine. faint mention or touch or presence or trace ( ). prate. [ gabhīra ] a deep. to foretell. a variety of pole-cat or civet. [ gan āra ] n the rhinoceros. far-advanced ( ). a [ gantā ] a one who goes or journeys. curd. [ gandhēndri a ] n the organ of smell. booby. just. ় [ gandhōpajībī ] n a dealer in spices (by caste). [ ganānō ] v to cause to count or enumerate or calculate or compute. to talk idly. n. to smell. n. brimstone.) having a specific scent. neither more nor less. the inmost or deepest part. connection ( ). the wind. the musk-deer. gabē a a ] n research. প v. dunce. ̃ . an aroma. ̃ a. [ gabya ] a relating to the cow. (fig. dense ( ). complication. hitch. [ gan ēpin ē ] adv. hol lowness.) a kind of artistic trill. scented. intricate. to cause to foretell or divine. [ gandhaka ] n sulphur. ̃ n. sulphuric acid. gossipy. far reaching. to kick up a row.

angry ( ). (fig. to fret and fume ( ). sullenness. H. . to be tray or give out sail or sails ( ). belligerent ( ). to red den [ garjaka ] a one who or that which roars. [ gamana ] n act of going. woollen ( ). poor arrangement. accessibility. arrogant. ̃ n. to express one's reluctance or unwillingness. juice of garjan used in varnishing idols etc. (fig. cock-andbull. fem.) a direction for action without knowing the state of affairs. [ garutmāna ] n Garuda ( ). haughty ( ). seriousness. to rumble. a route. loth. undisclosed ( ). poor.) highest common fac tor. ̃ n. laziness.C. [ garaja ] n necessity or interest ( ).) necessity knows no law. where one is to go. a. ̃ n.) greatest common measure. fem. summer. to pay attention to. (of any colour) deep. . (fig. disetc. disagreement.) interested ( ). reluctant. [ gari ha ] a weightiest. af fecting or expressing importance ( . maximum. dishar mony. to depart. without an ad dress. roaring suppressedly. to ab sent oneself.) fresh and exciting. [ ga a gaccha ] n dilatoriness. [ garala ] n poison. to roar suppressedly. [ gara ] pfx denoting: negation ( non-. v. having a roaring sound. sul len ( ). greatest. anger. not consenting. a. winged. a poor man's state. and oth ers. [ ga āli ] n a priest and guide for the pil grims to the temple of Gaya. sol emnly). vanity. to be tray repressed anger or irritation. one whose address is not known. . beside oneself. the poorer classes. fantastic ( ). devotion 2 [ garjana2 ] n a species of tall tree. illness a. a grave or serious voice. [ gambhīra ] a grave. flushed with anger.F. roaring. cardamom cloves and cinnamon taken together as used in cooking to make food rich. Diptero carpus turbinatus. a. deep.—of news etc. [ garut ] n a wing (as of a bird). to leave.( ) (in arith. v. importance. ).C. (fig.̃ n. more important. a feather. [ garāna ] n the mangrove or its timber. ). esp.[ gamagama ] int expressing: the state of being resounded with deep or grave sound. most vener able or honourable. v. to resound with deep or grave sound. glumness. 169 ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ . . [ garabā ] n a kind of dance accompanied with songs current in Gujarat. solemn ( ). fit to be vis ited. low n. divine ( ). pass able. going. hot ( . pl. the majority community. richest. [ gariba ] a poor. a. syphilis. [ garagara1 ] a overwhelmed ( ). spiritual glory earned by yoga or aus tere religious practice. (of sound or voice) resounding. [ garami ] n heat. solemnly). a. eager or about to go or depart or move. [ garada ] n a kind of silk fabric. signs of anger. going and coming. procrastination. thundering sound. to howl. vanity. most important. attention. a form of deco ration with tinsels. deep red. Vishnu ( ). etcetera. the proletariat. haughtiness ( ). about to go or depart or move. feathered. ( ). (chiefly used as a sfx. roar. ̃প n. ̃ . et al. reti cence in speech. [ garahājira ] a absent. G. accessible. a bird. poverty. larger. concealed. [ gararāji ] a unwilling. dear ( ).) necessity is the most exact ing taskmaster. [ garāda ] n a bar (as of a window). warm. poorly. chief. richer. looking or appearing grave and solemn. ̃ n. reservedness. feathered. disparity. the music of these songs. depar ture and arrival. where one is to go. coition ( ). passable. to be full (esp. enjoyable. to frequent. [ garama ] n heat ( ). doing. v. (in chess) a move conducted or directed from a distance and without looking at the chess board. a grave or resounding sound. [ garimā ] n glory. a.. mo tion. a. howl. the inner part of a temple. moving. reserved and grave. in the Malda district on this occasion. very hot or strong ( ). pride ( ). fresh and exciting ( ).) the name of the prince of the birds on whom Vishnu ( ) rides. larg est. fit for sexual intercourse. the state of being filled (esp. fem. re served. destined. to move. frequentation. ̃ n. a. to depart and ar rive. to mut ter angrily. n. a. an anonymous or unsigned letter. to be up and garjan. [ garagara2 ] int expressing: sign of anger or angry muttering. not to agree. with delight (' '). summer ( ). to be active. to feel eagerness to do. deeply ( ).M. deeply resounding. [ garī āna ] a weightier. n. 2 [ garu ় ] n (myth. the ( ). char acterized by high price. serious. morbidity. deep colour effect. af fectation or expression of importance. ̃ a. a. sexual intercourse. obtainable. glum. to thunder. ). [ gamya ] a where one may go. a posture of sitting in yoga after the manner of Garuda ( ). emitting a deep or resounding sound. providential. 1 [ gara hikānā ] n a wrong address. visitability. departure. [ gambhīrā ] n a form of worshipping Shiva ( ) in the month of Chaitra ( ). (of food) hot. (my) poor or humble residence. gait. to go. [ ga abi ] a secret. ̃ a. pride. [ ga araha ] con (in law) and the rest. a way. arrogant. excited. (in polite speech) the speaker's dwellinghouse which is supposed to be poor. that which can be tra versed. comprehensible. roaring deeply. want ( ). v. ̃ a. v. a. v. fem. sparing in speech. (in alg. to ly. a kind of folk-song sung esp. a fe male bird. accessible. solemnity. winged. gravity. motion. a deep roar. n. a. resounding. [ garamila ] n disparity. v. move ment. destined. a. over whelming. an incor rect address. rumble. where one may go to. more venerable or honourable. to go and come. that which can be traversed. deeply red dened ( ). muttering angri1 [ garjana1 ] n roar.

̃ n. (fig. ̃ n. vainglorious. garhā ] n condemnation. thun dering. an object of vile. ̃ a.) a style. . to rumble. to conceive. a shortcoming. ̃ a. same as প ̃ a. rumbling. a failing. howling. melting. um bilical matter.throat and pushing one out. ges tation.̃ n. roaring. to miscarry. in flammation of the throat. the period of gestation or act of living in one's mother's [ galadgharma ] a perspiring copiously. (lit. holding by the neck and pushing one out. abortion.[ garjamāna ] a engaged in or in a state of roar ing. to sacrifice one's own head. rumbling. brag[ gala ] n the throat. womb. a small room or compartment within a larger neck. to be with child or in the family way. abominable. em bryo. unpretentious. censure. secreting pregnant. labour-pain. ̃ n. a slot. extricated from the womb (of). tight-fisted ( ). ̃ . the gullet. ̃ n. to commit (esp. ̃ n.̃ [ galada ] n an error. of being over whelmed. ̃ n. n. a crevice. re proachable. the cav ity of the flower). roaring. boasting. . a muffler. ̃ n. v. to be come hoarse of voice. interior. ̃ n. to hold by the neck or throat ried (in birth). [ garbhādhāna ] n a ceremony on attainment of puberty by a married girl. ̃ a. ̃ [ garbha ] n inner part. the head. & fig. [ garhya ] a condemnable. in the family way. ̃ v. conception ( ). the uterus. [ galati2 ] n a mistake. ̃ n. an anteroom). ̃ a. seed-ves throat. pregnancy.̃ n. to pride (in). an omission. ̃ n. a stigma. ̃ n. ̃ n. ̃ n. a good-for-nothing fellow. the ovary. thundering. v. to come out of the womb (of). v. v. miscarriage. a halter. a wastrel. goitre. ̃ n. to . a plant). act of holding by the neck or one often in a temple to house the idol (cp. and push one out. conceit. modest. the region of the throat. a. arrogant and vainglorious. ante-room). to be in one's mother's womb. ̃ n. softening. proud. ̃ n. cord. blame. to be faulty or erroneous through inad vertence or incapregnant. n. to have abor tion. of the womb. ̃ n. conception. free from pride. n. travail. bed. ̃ a. a cavity. act of passing through. a cavern. woman ̃ n. miscarriage. to live in one's melting in sweat. impregnation or fer tilization (of the womb). (ridi. delivery of a child.) epigynous. ̃ .̃ same as ̃ n. n. ̃প v. belly collar (of a dog etc. [ garbhā ka ] n a scene (of a drama). clung to one's sel. act of bursting open and secreting to be with child. (lit. ̃ a. a small room or compartment within a larger one (cp. a son of a slave [ galagala ] int expressing the sound of quick and profuse pouring woman (such a son is bound to slavery by birth). a cave. act of bearing morbid matter ( ). the oesophagus.) a stigma. reproof. [ garta ] n a hole. mother. act of mak ing one pregnant. [ garjita ] a sounded or resounded loudly. galati1 ] a in a melting state. of. vanity.) ex cessive pain or labour. to perspire copiously. the neck. adv. an error or fault.).) to be in travail. .̃ n. abortion. with child. [ garba ] n pride. to brag. [ gardāna ] n the neck or the throat. the adenoids. inside ( . vain.) a carpel. appearance of the [ galana ] n act of being melted.—in 1 [ galā1 ] v to melt ( ). radiant with pride or glory.) an undesirable gart. (vul. having a piece of cloth round one's neck (to ( ). (fig. v. a dewlap. a pit. ˜ n. miscarriage in childbirth. bragging. to be in the family way. n. ̃ . behead. boastful. welter ing in sweat. (in reproof or taunts) an utter fool. (of women) to pacity. a neckband. ̃ n. melting-point. (bot. to boast. born of the womb (of). detestable. drip ping. galadā-ci ় i ] n the lobster. miscar. to become 1 . n. ̃প n. ̃ a. [ galat. to be head. quinsy. v. throes of the cheeks ( ). labour. (bot. pit ( ). laryngitis. (bot. to cause abortion v. ̃ same as (a). [ garjānō ] v to roar. sore-throat.) the intolerably harsh voice of a bad singer. an un desirable burden hanging from one's throat. the first month sweat. a lying-in room.) undue ap propriation ( indicate humility). pla centa. the morbid matter. (fig. a spathe (of a the larynx. im pregnation or fertilization (of the womb. ) v. to make a hole. the uterus. one who or that which has 2 come out of the womb (of). [ garhita ] a utterly condemned or censured. ̃প . ̃ . the pistil (of a throat. sign of pregnancy. ̃ v. womb ( ). morbid hoarseness of voice. reproach. to thunder. garha ā. of conception. lying in the womb. with tearful eyes. v. v. ̃প n. . to pass or slip through.) womb. bottom ( ). ̃ v. [ galadaśru ] a with tears flowing from the eyes or rolling down v. to conceive. the wind-pipe. ̃ n. detestable. a. to sentence to death by beheading. v. the part of the body above the shoulders. sorepregnant. to welter in mother's womb. n. act embryo in the womb. ovaritis. an atrocious or odious or heinous act. to be delivered of a child. [ garbhāśa a ] n the uterus. v. [ garbhāgāra ] n a lying-in room.) 170 ☐ [ garbhi ī ] a pregnant. il legally). blameworthy. ulcerous leprosy secreting morbid in one's womb. (fig. ̃ a. n. ̃ n. a defect. ̃ n. conception. pride or glory ( . প v. one's son by one's slaveout or coming out of liquid matter. ̃ . to fill a hole. fem. to become (in humble submis sion). a neckerchief. foetus ( ). [ galadā. to miscarry. ̃ n. n. hollow. dependant who willy-nilly has to be supported and cannot be got rid a. .) to be abuse or contempt) a bastard. (bot. ̃ n. [ garbhōtpādana ] n making one pregnant. to dig a hole. fem. v. [ gardabha ] n the ass. become preg nant. accusation. fallen from the womb. howling. ). ̃ a. to be in labour. ̃ n. to put a piece of cloth round one's neck ). to howl. to pass through or enter ( v. a pregnant woman. (of beasts) to be gravid or big with young. the throat. a defect. v. [ garha a. an error. perigynous. to be er roneous or defective or faulty. con ceited. ̃ a. gestation. a fault. to become pregnant.

sooth ing. bragging. 2 1 = at [ -gā1 ] fem of 2 ( ). v. ̃ a. to feel sluggish. refreshing ( ). to throttle. to abscond. ornaments and 2 .) secret regions or parts. 3 4 [ gā4 ] n the body ( ). ̃ n. to soothe. gahanāra naukā ] n a boat that runs regularly with passengers from stage to stage. v. a. to come upon one as an undesirable bur den. different narrow passages and concealed corners. to be in timate with. to feel uneasy or have nausea. to shop. v. melted. side by side. to tell a tale. greenhorn). a. throat-pain. (fig. to burst open and secrete morbid matter ( ). 2 [ galpa ] n a story. [ gasta ] n act of walking or travelling. v. to purchase goods (esp. catching by the neck and driving one out. up to the throat. ̃প n. . shopping. strength of voice. to make free with. adv. pl. burning sensation in the body. not easily accessible. (fig. to be overwhelmed ( ). excessively softened or soft ( ). to have cul-de-sac. ). a neckerchief. close. sensitiveness ( ). (anat. প v. performer. to chat. [ gahanā2. in sult etc. to have nausea. full of stench. decrepit. ̃ n. dif ficult to comprehend. bosom. to relax one's efforts and [ galita ] a melted ( ). to please. side by side. to swallow. to tell fantastic or fic titious tales about ( ). to grudge.) to be malicious or spiteful. to set one's mind (to). a tale-teller. ̃ n. a cut throat). [ galā2 ] n the throat. n. a raconteuse). the prow or the stern. interest. to hug. to feel like lying down in idleness. to take interest (in). will ingness ( ). to spin or invent or fabricate a story. strength of voice ( ) ). to chat. old and infirm ( ). to have horripilation.) to deliver a lec ture. to bully. to put on easily or lightly ( ). [ gastāni ] n a harlot. to decompose. to be stricken with nausea. same as ). talkative. to decom pose ( . to hawk. the Adam's apple. (ridi. inti mately. nook and corner ( jealous. ̃ n. ambulation. to become feverish.). to get angry. a tale. to have choking in the throat preventing easy passage of food. a. to feel out of sorts. to feel dizzy.) প v.) upon oneself. far advanced ( dead of the night). cheek by jowl. very intimate. . to catch by the neck and drive one out. same as a. v. an anec dote. calling etc.) to get up after shaking one's body. v. ̃ n. act of hawking. v. warm up. decomposed. to (cause to) melt. one who de mands an exorbitant price (cp.) the third note in the natural scale. gossipy. exorbitant. [ gā2 ] int a meaningless term or expletive used in conversation ( . v.) to become active again with an effort. to pay heed (to). a prostitute. refresh. not easily accessible. chit-chat. v. worn out. (fig. ing. to cause to burst open and se crete morbid matter. ̃ v. ̃n. to cause irritation or inflammation of the larynx. ̃ v. ear nestly). the surface of the body. same as (see invite (punishment. decom posed ( ). performance. v. a. matey. E.) very young or inexperienced (cp. [ gā3 ] n (mus. a part or re gion not easily accessible ( ). n. to have a tempera ture. to speak of ( ). up to the brim. v. to (cause to) soften. to eat or drink. v. grave or deep voice. to be lanes and by lanes. the neck. . to be hoarse. a raconteur (fem. ̃ other valu ables. v. for a re tail shop) by ambulating in a (whole sale) market. to read out a story or anecdote. . continuous). n. to write stories or tales. v. etc. to run a temperature. a lane. to secreting mor bid matter ( ). sen sibility. reaching up to the neck. a storywriter. (fig. v. reaching up to the chin. closely. to feel indisposed. act of purchasing goods (esp. very closely.) prepare for a contest. v. (ridi. to try to be intimate with. 1 . ̃[ gali ] n a narrow street. to get up. a com forter. softened overmuch. to get very close to. the skin ( ). to restrain one's voice. v. neck and neck. ̃ n. a n. to be stricken with nausea. to gratify. act of eating or drinking. to have one's body warmed up.) a bothersome burden. v. a fib. very close. very intimately. close inti macy. a fishbone stuck in one's throat. v. melted. ). decomtia. to be stricken with fear. to feel an uneasy sen sation or pain in the throat. v. gossip. that which has burst open and is secreting morbid matter. a corridor. a fable. to feel uneasy. ̃ a. প v. to feel queasy. v. [ gahina ] a deep. act of clearing one's throat noisily.—of a person) so young that milk comes out of the mouth when the throat is pressed. a. (fig.) ( ). application or show ing of undue force. প v. throatsore. [ galui ] n either of the tapering parts at the front and the back of a v. abomi nable ( ). voice ( . n.) oration. to harangue. প (lit. (of an athlete. ̃n. liq uefied ( ). v. rotten.) the pouch in the gullet or the crop. hand in glove ( ). continuously). [ gahanā1 ] n (formal) an ornament. adv. (lit. inflammation of the throat. worn let things have their own course. to hear a tale or anec dote. to lie down. state of having or running a tem perature. v. to endure ( ). to overwhelm.) to brook. to [ galāsi ] n the neck-rope of an animal. same as প v. to (cause to) pass through. cut-throat (price etc. a whore. a stage-boat. heed. to go into hidposed. to shudder in fear. to be displeased. v. v. n. for a retail shop) by ambulating in a (wholesale) market. shouting (usu. to ). to cut one's throat. lamenting. v. itching sensation in the throat. a blind alley. the whole body. to shiver. n. attention. to soften ( ). to gulp. to shout others down. act of swallowing or gulp ing. to join (in a work) wholeheartedly. etc. v. to toil (esp. to remove restraint from one's voice (whilst singing. v. to gossip. pleasant. quinsy. bullying. shake one's body. a fantastic or fictitious narrative. (fig. to have one's hair stand on boat or ship. liquid. প a. muffler. a story teller. [ gahana ] a dense. v. to gossip. 171 ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ . ). to shake off iner[ galija ] a extremely dirty or filthy. out. same as প (in curses) damn! hang! প v. to shout (usu. to throttle. pl. v. rotten. intimate. closeness. to brag. by practising. v.

v. clinging together. incredible. ̃ n. of the Ganges. v. a demonstration of sing ing by a professional singer. ( ) (fig.) to induce a person to run into a hazard by promising help and then abandon him. to con struct. (fig. . the music of these songs. v. a medicinal herb. v. n. v. to chant. ̃ v. . scum. to put on. ). [ gānjākhuri ] a absurd. brick work. to be putrefied. the sing ing or a call for singing together ( mudwork. ganja addict. to bellow. [ gānjā2 ] n the female flowering tops of In dian hemp. n. n. n. set. built. to build. প of ficiously. structed. ganja. ̃ n. to string (as garland). ( ) v. to be over-sensitive. uninvitedly.) to marry. pl. . 1 2 [ gān ari. stones. a lampstand. masonry. 3 3 [ gāō ā ] v to sing. to abominate.gutta-percha.—ridi. composition ( ). construction. of bones). stones etc. a plant.) to count one's chickens before they are hatched. seagull. money) concealed in the rim of one's loincloth. 1 n. same as . a leavened. fermented. ̃ same as ̃ n. to smoke ganja. (fig.) to pay heed to. to heap hyperbolical or excessive praise upon a person. a pickpocket. [ gāchā2. Gangetic. v. has been sung ( ). by physical force. প (fig.) structure of sentences or verse. ̃ প n. (fig. any of the songs sung on this occasion. v. প brick work or stonework. standing very close. accustomed (to an evil) by repeated suffering (from it). to be frothy. . ̃প n. same as crusader). talking or doing something unsolicitedly.end. in construction of buildsinger's singing. one who sings. the bottom or under neath part of a tree.) a river. cock-and-bull ( [ gānjākhōra ] a given to smoking ganja. a tree-like object ( ). a joint (esp. a. burning sen sation of the body. [ gān a ] n a knot.) to tuck up one's clothes. a cutpurse. . con). v. (fig. to spit upon one's face.—ridi. side by side. to gain flesh.) to unite inseparably. a ganja-smoker. a knob. ̃ the bank myna. a. (cp. spite. mentation.) malice. stringing ). v. a. v. to grow fat. (lit. gā-ngā ] int expressing the bel lowing sound as of an angry bull. (fig. to cause to sing. to show or express one's unwillingness usu. gānjalā ] n froth. to keep (esp.[ gānka-gānka.) a cock and-bull story. . [ gā ] n (coll. very close. a sing- ☐ ☐ . a bale. ey is kept concealed. Cannabis sativa. riverine. [ gānti2 ] n a pickaxe. to care for. by brute force. ̃প naturally ripe. of a profes sional singer. [ gā ] n a village. (loos.) to cut the rim of one's loincloth and steal one's money.) to tie a corner of the bride's sari ( ) with a corner of the bridegroom's scarf at wedding. the Hindu custom of tying a corner of the bride's sari ( ) with a corner of the bridegroom's scarf at wedding. putre fied. gān uri ] n a bundle. jealousy. [ gānjānō ] v to ferment. [ gāmigumi ] int expressing imaginary sound of indirect unwillingness. 1 [ gānti ] n a small holding to tenanted land. a herbs. laid. to pick one's pocket. 2 [ gācha2 ] n a tree. a candlestick). packed in a bale. [ gāmi ] n a classification of Brahmins ac cording to their original village home. 2 [ gāndhāla. to arrange for demonstration of a professional [ gānthā ] v to lay (as bricks.) to move about avoiding toil and responsibility. [ gājana ] n the festival of worshipping Shiva ( ) in the month of n. প v. mudwork. v. a [ gā āpārcā ] n a strong plastic substance ob tained from latex. gāndāla ] n a kind of medicinal creeper (see a. a node. [ gānthana ] n act of stringing (as a garland). hatred. to pu trefy. made into a bale. 172 ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ [ gāi ē ] a one who is adept in singing. a hamlet. com posed. officious. fer- [ gānjā1 ] v to be fermented. ̃ n. er. Gangetic.) one's own money. (fig. stones etc. [ gāji ] n a Muslim warrior fighting for the cause of religion (cp. a knuckle. leader. to tie up in a bale or in a large bundle. act of laying (bricks. stonework. to praise. ings). [ gānja.) to fret with pain or malice or jealousy. ̃ n. by gestures or suggestion. leaven. v. to beat. to vent one's grudge (against another).) too many cooks spoil the broth. ). vegetation. a Chaitra ( ). (fig. ̃ n. (fig.) to detest ex tremely. clung. putrefaction. to vent one's spleen. to lay hands on. etc. herbs or medicinal herbs collectively. (fig. born of the Ganges. প a. a stream. to sing in praise. a self-styled [ gā ga ] a of the Ganges. to leaven. a rim of the loincloth round one's waist where mon. to set ( 1 [ gāō ā1 ] n a witness.) to inflate one with overpraise or flattery. . [ gānthani ] n manner of laying bricks. baled. (fig. [ gāōna ] n act of singing. born of the Ganges. to wear. marijuana (coll. red pep per. construc tion. to abhor. an ( ). to have goose flesh. for constructing a building).—ridi. that [ gāndā ] n the Indian marigold. v. a. v. anger. stuck. v. to come up in froth. to de mur. a herb ( ). compose. strung. v. the Hindu ceremony of be smearing the bridegroom and the bride with a paste of turmeric and then bathing them on the eve of their wedding. (fig.) hemp.) the. (fig. a. 1 2 [ gāchā1 ] n a lampstick (cp. (of girls and women) to tie the loose end of the sari tightly round the waist. a creeper. in construction of buildings. displeasure. ̃ a. yeast. trees and plants col lectively. to cling or stick steadfastly ( ). large bundle. a river-gull. gāchi ] a (art. closely situ ated. [ gā gē a ] n the son of the Ganges. to put on flesh or weight.

a fly ing bug. to spread firmly. severity. close ( ). inattention. [ gāpa ] a concealed. to deepen.) failure esp. [ gā ় la. v. plump. classical song. [ gādā3. gātrābara ī ] n a cover or wrapper for the body. gāphilati ] n negligence. ( ). v. dilatoriness. severe. sound ( ). a. a coach. to make sounder. gā ība ] n (myth. cumulation. uncouthly fat or thick. a hackneycarriage. v. neglect. . a cab. (specifically) Arjuna. to intensify. a car. to heap. and inf. silliness. [ gātrānulēpanī ] n a brush to paint the body. (fig. thick ( ). to ap propriate to oneself unduly and se cretly. a hole. to misappropriate. misappropriated. a cloak. a. [ gātrōtthāna. a ballad.) a vestibule. to drive in ( ). barge. [ gādhē a ] n a son of Gadhi the sage. to call or get a hackney carriage or a taxi. (fig. hidden. strong [ gāndhāra ] n an ancient name of Kandahar. rising v. gādi ] n a heap. [ gādhā ] n the ass. a stack ( ). to make severe. ( ). heedlessness. to get up. to make an ass of oneself. so lidity.) the third note in the natural scale. v. [ gāndhi. vulgarity. . heaps of. expressing the sound of dealing one severe and repeated fisticuffs on the back. an armour. a gun in which powder is to be crammed with hand. to concentrate. of Mahatma Gandhi.[ gā ā ] n a blow on the head with the knuckles of the fist. a party of professional singers. mu sic. mathematical. closeness. [ gāthā ] n a poem. See also choke. [ gā anikya ] n book-keeping. প প to be run over by a car. v. ramming. ̃ . in an examination ( ). gātrōtpā ana ] n getting up. a dunderhead. [ gāphili. diffi culty or distress. also [ gābānō3 ] v to stir thoroughly (the water of a pond etc. a waggoner. a sect worship- [ gā itika ] a versed in mathematics. thick-set. n. [ gātā ] a one who (or that which) sings. a verse. invisible. to condense. to rise from the bed. musical soiree. to so lidify. a very heavy and slow-moving boat or ship carrying cargo. a vase. to strike ( ). to load or ram (a gun). to be come invisible. a covered porch for parking cars and carriages. to strike root. (in mild rebuke or taunts) a stupid man. [ gā anika ] n an accountant.) Arjuna's bow. [ gādā2. to make close or closer. ̃ a. . dross. to go into hiding or concealment. a carman. 3 2 [ gā ় ō āna ] n a carter. of or living in Kandahar.) 3 173 ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ). (cp. n. (coll. . from the bed. a swarm. ̃ n. the mangos teen. . folly.) to settle down firmly or per manently. the profession of a carter or a coachman or a waggoner or a which is secretly gone through by a willing couple usually by exchange carman. sediment. gāndhipōkā ] n a kind of cornfly. to conceal. to treat with negligence or heedlessness. a distich. stuff ing or cramming. with a spout (and often with a handle). (mus. [ gābadā ] a fat or thick. leas. dumpy. [ gā h ় ] a solidified. to . [ gā apatya ] a relating to Ganesha ( ping Ganesha. [ gāndharba ] a of Gandharvas ( ). its fruit (its juice is used in coating the strings of a net). ̃ n. . প v. v. [ gābānō1 ] v to smear (a boat or ship) with the juice of mangosteen (see ). healthy and fatty. thickened. v. প v. [ gāndhibāda ] n the (philosophical and socio political) doctrine concentration. to cram. [ gādani ] n loading (a gun). ̃ n. ). an archer with this bow. a taxi-cab. (act of) crowding or hud dling. (in mild reproof or ridi cule) a stupid fellow. a. dregs. a musical party. [ gāda ] n scum. ̃ n. a lyric. un duly and secretly appropriated to one self. ̃ n. n. beating soundly. state of being crowded. a coating of resin on the skin that covers an instrument of percussion. to crowd. to a beetle giving out very offen sive odour. . a coachman. a song. short but ro bust. ় [ gā ় ় i ] n a vehicle. gā ় ra ] n the ram. sweet note. 2 [ gābānō2 ] v to go about parading or bragging or gossiping. to huddle. [ gābagubāguba ] n a kind of monochord. intensity. . to kneel down. concentrated ( ). to crowd. a sluggard. a light tripping song with a danc ing rhythm. a coat of mail. to establish. a musket. roly-poly ( 1 n. strongly built. a crowd. ̃ n. to be concealed. condensedness. narra tion ( ). vulgar behaviour and talk. [ gātrābara a. thicken. to be have in a crassly stupid fashion. in large quantities. clenched ( ). a couplet. deepness. to pile. condensed.) any slow-moving vehicle. [ gā ় ā ] v to plant. cu mulated ( ). n.) trouble. thrashing. to fold ( ). int. a mathematician. entertainment with music. deep ( ). a car riage. to tar. v. (act of) loading or ramming (as a gun). [ gā ā ] n a pit. the Gandib. v. [ gādana ] n (act of) stuffing or cramming. of garlands without the knowledge of their guardians and with out observance of customary rites. intense ( ). to hire or take a hackney-car riage or a taxi. laziness. to purchase a coach and horse or a motor car for one's own use. thickness. a poem. dull and excessive toil not calling for exercise of intelligence. a hackney-coach. a cart. a blunderbuss. a ditty. to hide. [ gāba ] n a kind of tree Diospyros embryopteris. of a sys tem of marriage n. v. to set up ( ). a muzzle-loader. (ridi. an open-air one). . [ gāna ] n a song. . Gandhism. drudgery. relat ing to mathematics. [ gā ় u ] n a pitcher or a tankard. [ gā iba. a pile. a musical play. an opera (esp. sound ness. gādānō ] v to stuff. to be misappropriated. to procrastinate. in heaps. to strike another's head with the knuckles of one's fist.

sea etc. ). an elderly and ex perienced housewife. to abuse. v. to go into hiding.[ gābhina ] a (of beasts.7cms). gārjēna ] n a guardian. sidetain. [ gārji āna.̃ n. a mountain stream. to be reproached or rebuked or abused. to have ). gālāgāli ] n revilings. a house wife. to utter ( ).) a measure of length esp. living in the mouna. to be misappropriated. mysterious words that are uttered in order to dispel snake-poison. a guardhouse. act of causing to flow out. duties and depart ment of a housewife. abuses. ̃প n. a. a peculiar sound made by in flating cheeks fort. act of straining. of the Himalayas). n. a pass. v.̃ .) a young girl's mimicry of a housewife. [ gāmalā ] n a basin. [ girā2 ] n (obs. to rebuke. the surface of a mountell fanciful tales (esp. secret. a ravine. [ gārhapatya ] n holy fire. [ gāmachā ] n a napkin. [ gāmbhīrya ] n gravity. ☐ ☐ . fem. to be sent out of sight. the cow) big with young. to appellations of Goddess Durga (̃ ). to conceal. to be big with young. gravid. a burning and itching sensation within one's mouth (caused by eating 2 [ giri2 ] n a mountain. chit-chat.) guinea gold. leading singer of a chorus. ̃ . [ giragi i ] n the chameleon. to strain. v. ̃ n. v. one who lies down or sleeps upon a mountain. [ gā aka ] n a singer. tumid.) Gamma rays (X-rays of very short wave-length). v. going or moving [ gālana ] n act of squeezing out or pressing out.̃ n red ochre. a lovelock. a knuckle. affected importance. a Vedic incanta tion which is recited 1 musingly by a Brahman at prayers. 1 2 [ girā1 ] n a knot. domestic life. gāhana1 ] n act of bathing by dipping the whole body in প v. [ gārhashya. ̃ n. to rebuke.. a node. n. of the householder. to be jailed. concealed. an ancient method of arraying soldiers in a battle.) to be astogorge. a leader or 2 [ gāhana2 ] n act of singing. bombastic. gārhasha ] n the life of a householder (the second stage of man's life accord ing to the Hindu scriptures). . -ship ( . [ gālā2 ] v to melt. to chat. [ gāru ় ] a of Garuda ( ). housewifery. [ gā ēba ] a concealed. a prison. re proach. a fanciful or idle tale. confine ment. hills. to misappropriate. [ gāha. the holy fire which a householder keeps a. . n. office. [ gālāgāla. ̃ n. and striking them with fingers. a mythological missile. [ gālicā ] n carpet. melted. . v. v. honour. ̃ n. morbid matter) of something ( ). an obscene word. about one's own impor tance). a col. solemnity. [ gāli ] n an abusive word. a mountain-cave. a songster. a mountain dweller. ̃ n. das. style of ). n. ̃ n. Brahma's wife. of such a house holder. ̃ n. rebuke. v. to slap on the face. to press out or squeeze out the matter (usu. a joint (esp. so briety. . moving ( towards ( ). to revile. nished. to knot. (a person) names. ̃ n. to send out of sight. [ gāmā-raśmi ] n (phys. a. reserve. rebuke. to call 2 [ gālānō ] v to melt. ̃ n. . a singer. [ gārada ] n a gaol. esp. Goddess Durga. to tie in a knot. (loos. a hill. reproach. to utter an obscene word. unduly and secretly appro priated to oneself. a wife. revile. an ap pellation of the Himalayas. te[ gāla ] n the cheek. to make this sound. gossip. ̃ n. to place the palm of one's ics. ̃ n. an appellation of Shiva 2 174 ☐ ☐ ☐ [ gā ēna ] a one who sings. to hide. mattress-like thick cover usu. misappropriated. ab sconding. v. a lockup. to cause to flow out ( ). v. skill in certain capacity. of cloth (=&frac116. [ gāmbhāri ] n a kind of decorative tree. ̃ same as ̃ ̃প . river. act of melting. a guard-room. singing. mouth-filling.) the wife of the Himalayas. a mountain-pass. to bathe. twenty-two parts pure gold and two parts copper alloy mixed together. a knob. fem. [ ginni ] n the mistress of a house. invisible. (fig. to be sentenced to imprisonment. yard or 5. to re proach. rebuke. [ gin a. ̃ n. a ravine. a jail. ( [ gi akiri ] n (mus. imprisonment. [ -gāmī ] sfx indicating : going. a gorge. status. 2 1 [ -giri1 ] sfx meaning : being so and so. revilings. to revile. ̃ n. to revile. to give a slap in the face. v. hidden. to recite musingly the prescribed Vedic incanta tion at prayer. one of a par ticular order of ascetedible roots akin to arum). ̃ n. to appropriate to oneself unduly and secretly. the mouth ( ) nure of office. a hand on one's cheek as a mark of astonishment. pl. (myth. abuse. gold that is eleven-twelfths fine (22 carat). gin ha ] n a knot. tains. ̃প n. ̃ n. to gossip. v. a mountain-defile. hidden. the water of a pond. spread on the [ gā atrī ] n the personified female energy worshipped in the Vefloor. to be concealed. obscene or filthy words or language. a daughter of a mountain (esp. a hill serving as a whisker. burning day and night all his life. ̃ n. reviling. ̃ . . a hill-fort.̃ . ̃ n. a doctor who heals snake bites. the king of mountains. ̃ n. a Vedic metre of versification. to abuse. v. thick or massive beard all over cheeks and the chin. [ gimā ] n a kind of edible bitter spinach. . ☐ a. ̃ . (ridi. [ gini ] n a guinea. v. n. of bones). [ gija gija ] int expressing: a state of crowding or swarming ). immersion. a medicinal herb grown on the . . a very precious stone.) quick utterance of notes to make a song sound sweeter.

a chi gnon. n. rolled up. bent downwards or concealed. by. to insert. n. a stump. a hair-pin. chanted. ̃ . a bole. lilting or lilt. lyric poetry. to whisper. v. an inexcusable folly. same as (a. a humming sound. (in chess and similar games) a piece. ̃ a. a cow ready to gore. n. [ gilita ] a swallowed. a song. ̃ short lyric poem. an appellation of Brihaspati ( ). v. ̃ n. ̃ n.) whis pering. to compose ( ing several straps of cloth tied at one end in a thick knot used in a wom). drop pings. [ guchi ] n a device containing several straps of cloth tied at one end in a thick knot used in woman's hairdressing to give the bun a massive appearance. gu ikā ] n a pill. a globule ( ). a gorge. any fruit in its early stage of growth ( ). [ guñjā. personally.) whispering. a. . a musical drama. a chignon. to hum. whisper ing. . a humming sound. a dumpy bolster. to ravel in ( ). one who does not speak out one's mind frankly. [ gu ] n faeces. crouchingly. (fig. a man. [ gilā1. a cocoon. managed with domestic economy. [ gujarā i. ( ) there is a rumour (that). an ex tremely small drop ( to drizzle.) to hum. n. to [ gūnji ] n a short stake or pale. set in due order. v. to manage ( ). ruminant. to close down ( ). [ gu ānō ] v to roll up. insertion. ). drawn in. . too many. a bundle ( [ gucchēra ] a undesirably numerous or count less. narrated. (fig. [ gīti ] n a song. to frill ় [ gu ় jaguja ] int expressing muttering or whis pering. to lilt. dung. v. an in sertion. to fold. a. ̃ n. to muse. a tuft ( ). to pull up. n. a small number of. a bunch. de voured. v. through one's own self. cloth by pressing and rubbing with a seed of mimosa scandens. 2 1 [ gu i1 ] a a (small) number of. ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ). [ gu iśu i ] adv coweringly. 1 2 [ gun ় i1 ] n a stock of a tree. n. whispering. to provide for or to supply ( ). ̃ n. of Gujarat. lyrical. lyricism. ̃ n. ) a. talking a. a bouquet. [ gila i ] n gilding. a. 2 [ guntunē ] a given to shoving or pushing or thrusting or butting or beating. ̃ . a blister ( ). an abominable deed. ̃ n. a device contain. properly arranged. [ guñjarā ] v (poet. a vesicle. eulogized. [ guchānō. a lyric poem. folded. ordure. a nosegay. to arrange properly. . strumental music. a rumour goes. pulled up. gōchānō ] v to set in due order. ( ). - a. n. to chew the cud. hum[ gīrdēbī ] n Saraswati ( ) the presiding goddess of speech. [ gī pati ] n the lord or the presiding deity of speech. hauled up.̃ ). ☐ a. [ gun ় i ] n a powder ( ).contract. to whisper.) act of humming. n. to cast lots. to bend down wards or hide ( ). ̃ n. [ gujarānō ] v to spend or pass. the daughter of the Himalayas. to ruminate.̃ n. an ap pellation of the Himalayas. প v. (loos. contracted. a . [ gunji ā ] n a kind of small ring-shaped sweetmeat made of congealed milk and sugar. to wind up. to thrust into. closed down. skilled or versed in the art of singing. ̃ a mountain-defile. to sing. to plant into. in whispers. a . [ gīr a ] a uttered. having capacity for man aging one's own affairs. hearsay. a rumour-monger. to gild. a pilule. a famous Hindu scripture. v. a. a pawn. a spread rumour. to hum. a lyrical drama. told. wound up. a chrysalis ( ). act of driving or planting or thrusting into. v. to sing a song. ̃ n. ming sound. a fascicle ( ). thrifty. [ guccha ] n a cluster. a wisp of straw inserted into an old thatch for repairing it. serein. praised. to draw in. guñjikā ] n an extremely small red and-black seed. gilt. a. the n. a thing inserted into. & dero. ̃ . a. musing. a god. stool. a song.[ girīndra ] n the chief of mountains.). doubled up. to plug up a leak in an old thatch by inserting new straw. ̃ n. rolled gold. said. thus frilled. a blunder. a glaring or gross mistake. [ gīrbā a ] n one who can use one's speech as an arrow. [ girdā ] n a short and fat bolster. an appella tion of Goddess Durga. gilt. [ guñjarita ] a resounding with. a mountain-peak. to whisper. to tion. swallowed. to double up ( ). orderly. ̃ a. 1 v. a lyric poem. ̃ n. ̃ n. a mountain-range. a ballad. [ guñjana ] n act of humming. [ gu igu i ] adv pacing or moving very slowly (like a silk-worm). or finely creased. a lyric. de voured. to haul up ( an's hair-dressing to give the bun a massive appearance. ravelled in. [ guñja ] n a cluster. a wedge. & dero. the shrub bearing this seed. act of conferring secretly. act of bending downwards or hiding. few. 175 ☐ ☐ ☐ ( ). or derly. any small globular or granular object. an undue in sertion to balance up an account. gujarāti ] n a native of Gujarat ( language of Gujarat. economically man aged. vocal and in[ gujarata ] prep through. gōnjā ] v to drive into. inserted into. a hymn. humming. whispered. [ gīta ] a sung. thrifty. [ guñjarana ] n a humming sound. v. spend ing or passing. to decide by means of lots. . a bunch. rumina[ gujaba ] n a rumour. filled with a humming noise. . eaten or drunk. gilē ] n a seed of mimosa scandens. [ gītā ] n the (Shrimadbhagavad) Gita. to confer secretly. [ gunjā. [ gu i2.

). praise. sorcery. to lie in ambush. (ridi. having a (particular) quality or property. multiplicating. ̃ a. to describe the good quali ties or merits (of). fem. description or account of one's good qualities or [ gu ় gu ় ] int expressing a mild rumbling or rattling sound. = darkness). [ gu ় uci. ̃ . that which multi plies. ̃ n. ̃ v. ̃ n. to sound of movement in the stomach. a multiplier. a man possesed of the noblest qualities or the highest excellence.) a multiplicand. conscious or appreciative of the good qualities or virtues of others. (math. multiplicating. ☐ ☐ . to praise. exorcism ( ). of qualities or merits or parts. virtues or properties. v. lacking in a (particular) quality or property. a character istic ( ). a merit.skill. to eulogize. v. . ̃ ̃ a. [ gu ābhāsa ] n a false notion that a person or a thing has a good quality or merit. ̃ same as ̃ fem.) a bad or mischievous quality or practice. having a (particular) quality or property. & int a booming noise (as of a gun). to smoke a hookah or hubble-bubble. ̃ ̃ a. power. [ gu āgu a ] n. ty of treacle for smoking in a hubble-bubble or hookah. to crouch. charm. a vice. [ gu ā hya ] a rich in good qualities or merits. v. praise. a mast. a string. ̃ same as ̃ [ gu ় uma ] n.) multiplication. (ridi. ̃ merits. to sing in praise of. a factor. so many times ( . expressing the [ gu ় ā ] n a plank of wood placed sideways in a boat to sit upon.̃ n. under [ gu ādhāra ] n (lit. a mul tiplicand. multiplicated. a good quality. n.̃ n. to tow. a different quality or virtue.) a mine of virtues or good qualities. efficacy ( ). com bination or mixture of contrary quali ties or v. fem. multiplying. a man of qualities or parts. (math. any similar sound. virtues or properties.) adjectival. destitute of good see 1 2 [ gu ় ] n molasses. (rhet. to laud. consciousness about or appre ciation of the good qualities or virtues of others. v. full of good qualities or parts. ̃ a. v. the Abso lute Being. ̃ ̃ same as ̃ ̃ a. ̃ n. pl. accom plishment. fem. ̃ n. excellence ( ). (fig. fem. to praise.) a product (of multiplication). productive of good. ben eficial.) a factor. a property. n. (sc. to be benefited by the good action or influence (of). to laud. ̃ n. a demerit ( ). to sing in praise of. an influence ( ). to multiply. publicity of one's good qualities.̃ n. endowed with qualities or virtues. [ gu āntara ] n another quality or property. to appreciate the good qualities or virtues of. to circulate the good qualities of. to cower. = lucidity). ̃ ̃ n. (log. ˜ a. a thread (' '). (math. one who appreciates the good quali ties or virtues of others.) one who has won over sleep. to ex tol. ̃ n. to allure or charm or influence or control by sor cery. a towline. ̃ a. ̃ n. pl merits and demerits. to eulogize. an effect or action. as ̃ fem. gu ় ucī ] n a medicinal plant. to speak highly of. [ gu ānubāda ] n act of praising. hav ing love for virtues or good qualities.) one of a number of multiplied instances.) a coefficient. ̃ n. fem. ̃ n.) full of vices or rits. ̃ [ gu ākara ] n (lit.) an evil result or action ( ). pos[ gu ় ākēśa ] n (lit. appreciation of one's good qualities or virtues. [ gu a1 ] rej spell. (masc. attributive. a measure. ̃ same . 176 ☐ [ gu a2 ] n a quality. having no good quality or sound of an explo sion. competency. ̃ n. v. value or glory of one's good qualities or virtues. [ gu āpakar aka ] a depreciative. an appellation tive. প v. give an account of one's good qualities or merits. to find a virtue (in). fem. . )̃ a. good qualities or merits of. [ gu āla k ta ] a adorned or endowed with good qualities or virtues. multiplicator. laudation. to cast a spell over. a merits. attracted by or admiring others' good qualities or virtues. pl. good qualities or virtues. lau dation.) a natural quality or prop erty. effica cious. ̃ n.) multiplica tion. ̃ a. absolute. a good effect or action ( . (phil. to bewitch. attraction or admiration for others' good qualities or virtues.̃ n. an evil influence. laudation. to laud. good qualities. a loud report. (ridi. act of praising. having good qualities or virtues or merits. ties (see [ gu ātīta ] a (phil. = passion or spiritedness.) any of the three primordial qualities in living beings ( = goodness. treacle. ̃ প a man of qualities of Shiva ( ) and of Arjuna ( ) of the Mahabharata. ̃ n. & fem. v. virtue or merit. [ gu ābali ] n. to [ gu ānurāga ] n love for virtues or good quali ties. [ gu āpakar a ] n depreciation.) connotan. that which multiplies. an admirer. a bowstring. [ gu ā ka ] n (phys. (fig. to praise. (math. (math. factor ization. to laud. (phil. act of singing in praise of. [ gu āśra a ] a same as [ gu ita ] a (math. dissimilarity or disparity of qualities or [ gu ় i ] n cowering or crouching movement or position. (math. attainment. a.) multiplied. multiply ing.) a fly in the oint ment.) any of the qualities constituting the excellence of a literary composition ( = vigour. disappointment. fem. ).) beyond the reach of three primordial quali2 ). v. or parts. ̃ a. see ̃প n. God. a man richly endowed with good quali ties or parts. [ gu ānbita ] a having good qualities or vir tues or merits. appreciation of others' good qualities or virtues. n. ̃ sessing good qualities or parts. semblance of good qualities or merits. = elegance.) a man endowed with countless virtues or good qualities. oc cult power. possession of good qualities or parts or .) a repository of good quali ties or parts. pl virtues or qualities or prop erties collectively. (math. ̃ ̃ same as ̃ ̃ a. ̃ n.) an admirer. ̃ . ̃ . a tow rope. .) that which is to be or may be multiplied (by). a virtue. .) the three primordial qualities in living beings (namely. (fig. fascinated by [ gu ় uka ] n a preparation of tobacco mixed with an inferior qualione's good qualities or virtues or mer its.

v. an adept. to abscond. a viand in elegant words side by side. an offence. a password. a secret council. a stealthy or heavier. ̃ n.) ̃ [ guna ] n gunny. ̃ n. exces sive ( ). with a thud. having an occult power. a sleuth. an assassin. gravity vote or voting. gone in hiding or absconding ( ). a secret murder or assassination. unrevealed. a spiritual teacher or guide. teachership. প murder domination by the planet Jupiter. to count. [ guma a ] n sultry atmosphere or weather. a gangster. with thuds. to act as (' '). ballot. a hooligan. ruffianism. n. mysteries. [ guma1 ] a secret. the abode of one's teacher or guru. a pre ceptor. (fig. a secret. gudārā ] n a landing for a ferry. to be carried off and kept concealed. speechless and motionless ( ) v. ̃ n. to complain in an undertone. rowdyism. computation. a guru. . weightier. ̃ n. ̃ n. excellence owing to posses sion of good qualities. to commit a murder in secret. an artistic one. weighty ( ). concealed. to carry off and keep concealed. n.[ gu itaka ] n (math. to be come speechless and motionless. a secret or mysterious word. ̃ ̃ n. an assassin. ̃ . an adviser. priest of gods. v. a. esoteric viour such as one receives from one's teacher. a secret very serious ( ). the dor-fly. a venerable per son.) the period of assassi nate. a sword-stick. ̃ n. pounded. v. expressing: repeated thudding noise. burgrave. having sound skill or knowledge in some pur suit esp. hooded. ( = specific grav ity). n. v. pride. an cious dis ease kept concealed. more responsible or difficult or impor tant or serious. [ guma i ] n a sentry-box. the abode or the family of one's guru or teacher. unas a spiritual guide. funicle. ̃ n. v. a master. penalty or punishment for a fault or offence or folly. [ gudāra. a spy. wire. ̃ n. a ferry. a teacher. like a preceptor or teacher. seriousness. priesthood or row. a secret. glorious hooliganism. a skin or bark. ̃ প n. to pay for one's fault or folly. [ gunā2. a cover ing. v. to of mourning on the death of one's father or mother. (astrol. com position. ̃ n. to brag. ). Brihaspati ( ) the [ gunina ] n a man with an occult power. n. [ gumarānō ] v to suffer from suppressed grief. 177 ☐ ☐ . an exorciser. [ gunaguna ] int expressing : humming or lilt ing. to be counted or computed. unimportant. . carried off and kept con cealed ( ). sackcloth.̃ n.a. cealed. missing. compute. a sin. [ gumpha ] n moustache. serious and to divulge or let out a secret. [ gubarēpōkā ] n the dung-beetle. (gr. divested of or wanting in weight or seriousness. [ gubāka ] n the betel-nut or its tree. ̃ n. a temple of will out. gunāha ] n a fault. a bunch. act of keeping secrets ). a is completed or on completion of educa tion. to be proud of. . spiritual guide or guru. invisible. [ gu ā ] n the betel-nut or its tree. a secret murder. heavy punishment. to lilt. to hum.) the Jupiter. see ( [ gupti ] n act of keeping or guarding in se cret. screw-thread. sorrow. weight. (astrol. [ gu hita ] a veiled. concealed ( ). unrevealed ( ).—of vowels or vowel-sounds) long.) a multiple. v. [ gu ībhūtabya gya ] n (rhet. 2 1 [ gu hana ] n a veil. to be missing. to whisper. secretly. ̃ . a ruffian. ̃ n. stealthily. ̃ n.̃ n. meritorious. fustiness. a fee paid or payable to a guru or a teacher when teaching rence. a guru. (coll. to shed or cause to shed one's pride. a detective. a mystery. ). a sorcerer. a gunny-bag. very responsible or difficult or important or serious ( . ̃ n. mys terious. composed. heavy. a disguise. a venereal dis ease. [ guru ] n a spiritual teacher or guide. complaining in an un dertone. an inespio nage.) an esoteric mantra or sacred word. ̃ n. ( ) [ gu ōttara-śrē ī (pari) ] n geometric series. [ gunati ] n act of counting. to practise hooliganism. a cover. ̃ same as ̃ ̃ n. v. to be in fault. a venerable person. a. & n same as . stance of using undersirably Sanskrit and non-Sanskrit words or elegant hidden treasure. whispering. ̃ n. v. a shed or enclosure ( ). hidden. ̃ . assassination. the dorr. int. (of a person) conceived [ gupta ] a protected or guarded by ( ). talented. a se প প heavy punishment for a light of fence. kindness or benevolence or gracious behaseen. . a hood. ̃ adv. negligible. ̃ n. v. adv. ̃ ( ). a man of qualities or parts. . unknown. (see 2 [ gu ya ] a. a priest. stuffiness. ̃ n. versed in exor cism or sorcery. (lit. [ gun ā ] n a rogue. gangsterism. to [ gunā1 ] n a metal string or thread. heaviness. importance. ̃ n. venerable ( ). fem. ̃ n. a close assembly. clandestine manner. to commit a fault or offence or sin. ̃ n.) a figure of speech in which the apparent or surface meaning is more beautiful than the inner or un derlying or true meaning. n. [ gu ī ] a having good qualities or parts or merits.) a vice kept conelder. a secret council. ̃ n. pain etc. inf. 1 2 [ gumara ] n vanity. such suffering. . ̃ n. the period cret society. a close assembly. spying. powdered. thuddingly. a preceptor. a rowdy. . ̃ a. v. ̃ n. ̃ n. great. sultriness. . secrecy or a concealed or unrevealed state. in disguise. ̃ n. secret counsel or confe. the dor. the profession of a guru or teacher or priest. secret information. ̃ n. the dor beetle. to go into hiding. [ gumphita ] a strung. covered. [ gu ita ] a pulverized. to boast. a pack ing-needle. n. a hooligan. [ guphā ] n a mountain-cave. like a spiritual guide. ̃ adv. [ guma2 ] int expressing: a thudding noise as of a blow of the fist on the back. mystery. [ gumphana ] n act of stringing (together). ̃ a. ̃ a. [ gu ōtkar a ] n abundance of good qualities or merits. v.

due sense of re spect for superiors. ̃ a.) any of the signs of the zodiac. glorious. ̃ n. a cave man. v. felony.. to shoot.) cerebrum.) art or learning which the student uses against the teacher to discomfit him. a preceptress. n. sixth day of the ). a secret tunnel. ̃ . in tricacy.̃ n. (fig. to be shot (with a bullet). ̃ n. the third month of the Bengali calendar. profound ( . mysteriousness. a bullet. one who 2 [ gulā2 ] v to dissolve in or blend with wa ter by pressing and rub3 bing. ejected or displaced or ousted from one's [ gulatāni ] n assemblage in a small party or crowd and indulhomestead. ̃প n. an opium-smoker. ̃ n. Vishnu ( lunar fortnight of the month of Agrahayana ( ) n. diapered. [ guru guru ] int expressing rumbling sound. the inner meaning. to quit home. n. ̃ a. fem. (astro. secrecy. [ gū h ় ] a secret. unknown. lonely. a woman teacher. ̃প n. esoteric. surrepti tious ( ). stored in a house esp. a primary teacher. incomprehensibility. (geog. ̃ n. a pill or preparation of opium for smoking. ( ) fantastic or wholly incred ible story. words or advices of a guru. mysterious. [ gū h ় ai a ā ] n (phil. ̃ n. lonely. a troglodyte. a brother disciple. ̃ n. one who smokes opium. loneliness. ̃ n. ̃ n. fem. ̃ n. a tame pigeon. mud and coal-powder together (used as fuel). mor bid enlargement of the spleen (also ). a great circle. a kind of small balls pre pared by mixing and drying cowdung. a pill (as of medicine). the wife of a teacher or guru. ̃ n. ̃ n. cave-dwelling. fem. ̃ n. the cer emony of appointing one as one's guru or of receiving a guru usually accom panied with offer of presents. sexual intercourse with the wife of one's guru or teacher. fem. ̃ . ̃প প a deadly sin. to render one home less. concealed. to oust or evict one from one's gence in useless talk. rumbling sound (' ') adv.) barysphere. devotion to one's guru or teacher. to make small balls of cowdung.̃ n. a lady teacher. a chamber. ̃ n. profundity. hidden. occult. a piece of diapered sari (̃ ). 27 horsemen and 45 foot-soldiers). a dwelling. [ gurjara ] a Gujarat. mysterious. n. (ridi. private. [ g dhnu ] a greedy. the tiger and similar beasts that sleep in caves. the weak point of a family. the lizard. great. hidden. as venerable as a guru or a teacher. ̃ ̃ . (anat. v. grace of the guru. un derlying implication. ̃ n. an abode. ̃প n. [ gula3 ] n the rose. [ guli2 ] n any small round ball. con cealed. ̃ n. ̃ a. v. ̃ n. quitting a house or one's home. either of the bi ceps or triceps or either of the hough muscles.) ̃ n. 3 [ g ha ] n a room. a mountain-cave. heavy burden. ̃প n. a secret path. capacity for making distinction between the high and the low. ☐ the Sikhs. avarice. the spleen. the full-moon of the month of Ashara. the script or (loos. ̃প a. ). dwelling in a cave. a small division of an army (consisting of 9 elephant-riders. ̃ n. a secret emissary. ̃ n. ̃ n. a parricide. secret. ̃প n. ̃ n. n. home grown. v. a den ( ). an In dian musical mode. one who or that which lives in a cave or den. a shrub. art or learning in which the student excels the teacher in course of time. প . a female native [ guhya ] a a confidential. ammunition. a witness employed by the plaintiff or by the accuser to overhear what the defendant or the accused has to say. the anus. a house. [ guha ] n God Kartik ( ). . [ guhā ] n a cave. occult. the warmth and noise. very heavy. to assemble in a small group and in dulge in useless talk or discussion.) the inmost region or recess ( )̃ a. attendance on a guru or a teacher. a native of Gujarat. the wife of one's guru or teacher. v. with a [ gurupadēśa ] n teachings or advice of a guru. the tor toise. to brighten. the ankle-joint. room. secret defect or blemish of a family. invisible. tender-bodied. a lonely path. unrevealed. homeless.) a complex. ̃ a. invisibility. (coll. 9 charioteers. mud and coal-powder mixed together and dry them in the sun. the anus. devoted to one's guru or teacher. a (secret) discord in a family. a fancy-work. sense of propor tion. adoption of asceticism. a. in the family way. inaccessible. deep ( ). ̃ ̃ n. ̃ n. household. ̃ [ gulajāra ] a splendid. ̃ same as ̃ n. greed. packed or crowded and noisy ( same as fem. wounded by a bullet. ̃ a. in a dwelling-house. ̃প n. ̃ n. a military station or assem blage. a secret news. ̃ n. pregnant. ̃ n. 178 ☐ murders one's guru or teacher. [ guhyaka ] n one of the demigods attending on Kuvera ( ). parricide. esoteric ( ). a globule. murder of one's guru or teacher by oneself. the inside of one's home. intricate ( ). the lion. ̃ a. v.) the language used by the Sikhs. upbraiding of one's guru or teacher. greediness. ̃ প n. concealment. an opium addict. menispermum glabrum. ̃ n. ̃ n. occult power conferred upon by one's benignant guru. addicted to smoking opium. a rose-garden. v. a secret path or route. [ gurbī ] n a guru's wife. a report of the conversation or discussion between a guru and his dis ciple or between a teacher and his stu dent. (astrol. a home. the floor of a [ gulpha ] n the ankle or the heel. ̃ a. housework. ̃ n. to quit a house. Thursday. Gurudwara.[ gulō ] sfx indicating plurality ( [ gulma ] n a bush. (of inferior creatures) big with young. of Gujarat. ̃ n. re nunciation of worldly life. ̃ n. [ gurbi ī ] a pregnant. ̃ a. to apply powder of burnt tobacco (to one's teeth and gum). ). troglodyte. incomprehensible ( ). corner of a house. ̃প n. a diaper. covetous. ̃ a. tipcat. in accessibility. 1 [ gula1 ] n powder of burnt tobacco (this is applied to teeth and the gum or used as a dentifrice). a codisciple. n. ̃ a. homestead. hard to digest. domestic work or . ) 2 ☐ ☐ ☐ . a teacher. a spy. cock-and-bull story. ̃ like master like man. having a body as soft or delicate as the rosepetal. ̃ n. to fire.) springtide. pierced by a bullet. to smoke opium. ̃ n. to crowd and fill with chores. see also [ gulāla ] n a red powder which Hindus sprinkle over one another during the Holi ( ) festival. act of abducting the wife of one's guru or teacher for immoral purpose. unbearably heavy. ̃ . a [ gulañca ] n a medicinal plant. home-made. hit by a bullet.

an inmate of a dwelling-house. a tutelar de ity. (fig. a tomboy. ̃ n. . a dwelling house. ). 179 ☐ ☐ to adopt asceticism. family strife. de voured. slothful. home-coming. fem. ̃ n. gēhā ] n (poet. (see [ gēla2 ] a immediately preceding. bad luck. ̃ n. homemade. homeless. ju risdiction. went. প a tumblerful. a family man. n.) a clodhopper.̃ a. [ gērda ] n circumvention. the practice of a householder (the second stage of life [ gēnjēla ] a addicted to smoking ganja. a node. to renounce worldly life. knotty ( ring in knuckles ( = gout). a male member of a family. [ gēchō ] a of trees and plants. to misappropriate. civil dis sension. ̃ same as ̃ same as n.) a house. held. [ gēn ় ā ] n (sl. a private tutor. fittings and furni ture. [ g hya2 ] a relating to home. a plumule. ir regular fighting of the guerrilla. (joc. a householder. . to cause to swallow. a household god. make someone swallow. n. ob tained. uneducated. gēm ē ] a rural. a house-wife.) com plete destruction of one's family happi ness and peace. a housewife. of ex tremely dilatory habit. [ gēnja ] n a sprout. ).) tame. 1 2 3 [ g hya1 ] a acceptable. a garland (' '). ̃ same as ̃ ̃ n. gēn ় u ā ] n a ball or a disc for throw ing and catching. [ gēntō ] a indolent.[ gēn ā ] a short and fat and stout. one who has quitted a house or home. dyed with red ochre n. a guest. sing (obs. (inc. a family man. a Hindu scripture prescribing cer emonies to be performed at birth. mar riage etc. [ gēru ā ] a having the colour of red ochre. unpolished. habit. [ gērilā ] n a member of a political group engaged in irregular fighting esp. dissension in a family. an enemy of one's own family or party. & dial. one who be trays the secrets of one's own family or party. the ceremony of first entrance into a newly-built house. civil war. lamp. a guardian tutor. a piece of loincloth dyed with red ochre ). ̃ n. shelterless.) act of stealing or misappro priating or swindling. er. ( ( 2 [ g hāgata ] a one who has come to a house. [ gēnjē ] n a tubular purse made of cloth. n. ̃ ̃ n. one who has come back home. a swallowed. a wife. passed ( ). a quisling. ̃ n. civil dissension. [ gēm ō. cleaning the house. ̃প same as ̃ a. family feud. ̃ n.) a wife. fem. housewarming. rustic.—poet. ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ . of or in a house. [ gēndā ] rej form of . internal strife. home-bred. [ g hābhyantara ] n the inside of the house. household duties. bunch. one who has adopted asceticism. a fifth-columnist. of or in or occur- [ gēn ় ] n a tuberous root. a tumour. 1st per. [ g hābhimukhī ] a walking or going towards one's home or house. to devour. rustic. [ g hāntara ] n another room or house or home. [ g hāsakta ] a extremely home-keeping. a. [ gēnu ] v. a racket. living in a dwelling-house or in a family. (fig. con finement. a mar ried man. a traitor (after the character of Bibhishana of the Ramayana). ). [ g hī ] n a household. fem. returning home. the family life. [ g hi ī ] n a housewife. v. leading the life of a family man. n. encircling. v. domestic work. a visitor. ̃ n. ̃ n. domestic economy. last ( [ gēla3 ] int expressing astonishment ( [ g hīta ] a received. প [ gērō2 ] n a scrape. household duties. dissension in a fam ily. to scrub and clean the house. brought under con trol. ̃প house wifery. [ gēlā ] v to swallow ( . ). . a residence. a home. drinking or swallowing. betraying secrets of one's own family or party. [ gēn ē ] a nodose. ̃ a. arson. singable. domestic. ̃ n. ˜ n. a family man. a certain area. [ gēn ় u. a wreath. n. a region. (fig. a tumbler. the lamp of a house. . living in trees or given to climbing trees ( .) a wedge ( ). a courtyard. ̃ n. ̃ n. (dero. the inner part of the house. accepted. ̃ n. a household[ gēñji ] n a vest. [ gēn ় ākala ] n a dishonest way of achieving one's end by deceiving or threatening people. dumpy. ̃ n. [ gēha. a ganja-addict. the influ ence of an evil star. a housewife whose suave and judicious dealings bring peace and prosperity to her family. ̃ n. dissension amongst the people of a state. ̃ a. ̃ n. the mistress of a house. eat or drink greedily. one's wife. ̃ . [ gēn ় i ] n the snail. a garden-house. a glass of . ̃ n. do mestic. civil strife. ̃ . [ gēlāsa ] n a drinking glass. a family man.) given to telling lies or cock-and-bull stories. that which is sung or is to be sung. a tuber. sowing dissension in a family or a party. vulgar. & often facet. ven detta. over devoted to one's own family. ̃ v. homeless. to steal. family life. a quisling. 1 2 [ gēla1 ] v has or have gone. a tree-frog. a domestic dog. predestined misfortune. . a house-mother. a difficulty. domestic science. guerrilla warfare. a ganja-smoker. n. [ gē a ] a worth singing. a middle class man.) went. ). furni ture. (loos. ̃ a. against larger and regular forces. an abode. housework. (of women) of un desirable masculine according to Hindu scriptures). the master of a house. [ g hōpakara a ] n a domestic utensil. a garden within the precincts of a dwelling-house. sheltered. the guerrilla. (in anger or taunts) eat or drink ( ). ̃ n. to swindle. a guernsey.) one who is given to telling lies or cock-and-bull stories. homely. a rhi zome. n. ). lazy. ̃ n. water.

n. the cobra. foolishly rash. foolhardy. ). very rash or reckless. a stake. [ gō ় ] n the base. in the beginning. a beef eater. at first. v. to [ gō ānō2 ] v to whimper. [ gōkhurā ] n cobra. to pack up. any of the sense organs ( ). a hooded and poisonous snake. fleshy part of the back of the human leg be tween the knee and the ankle. to persevere power of speech. . to eat ravenously or wolfishly. প the hough. foundation ( ). any object produced or grown in or on a mountain. a self-willed person. the base. ness.[ gō-ngō ] int expressing a groaning sound. the root. ☐ - n.) juris diction or range of influence ( ). devil may-care. 2 [ gō-khādaka ] a beef-eating. [ gōghna ] a one who or that which kills a cow or cows. of the colour of red ochre ( ). a byre. due order or arrangement.) [ gōk ura ] n (lit. dyed with red ochre ( ). dogged[ gō ā ] a unable to speak. anything per ceptible by the senses. a village of India beginning or start. [ gōcāra a ] n act of tending or grazing cows. a. the bottom ( . v. ex tremely conservative. dumb. a dumb man. to follow.̃ . to put in due order. whiskers.) concealing (' '). a bundle. a bundle. the cavity or capacity of a cupped palm of hand. roundish. stubborn. following blindly. si lent and glum with disto drive a peg. 180 ☐ [ gōnjamila ] n act of balancing up an ac count by means of undue insertion(s). ̃ n. 1 [ gō ় ā2 ] a bigoted. v. gōmpa ] n moustache. gold-dust or gold. a pasture or pasturage. [ gōi ] v. (ridi. 2 [ gōm ārā ] n the artificial coffin of Hasan and Hussain carried in procession dur ing the festival of Moharram (cp. ). a wedge. to lay the foundation of. [ gōcha ] n a bunch. grazing ground. percep tion ( . to groan or whine. act of packing up. to elapse. [ gōchā ] n a bunch. the ing ground for cows and oxen. ). - v. blind ( ). [ gōcara ] n the reach or range of sense-or gans. a large one). [ gōkar a ] n the reach of the thumb and the ring-finger outstretched.) a cow's hoof. the hough. a small number of. v. a few. a guest (for whom a cow was killed or slaughtered by the host). stubbornness. highheeled. a large morsel. somehow to balance accounts. dogged perseverance. the cobra de capello. [ gō ha2 ] n a grazing ground. v. orderliness ( ). to moan. a. (astrol. doggedly. a. unyielding. 2 a. n. to co-exist peacefully ( ). a cowhouse. a grazing ground. orthodox. cognition. [ gōnja ] n a peg. pasturage. v. entire. reach ( ). [ gōm ānō ] v (mainly poet. to start. a pasture or pastur age. extremely lazy (from the story of a person who lay hungry under a date-tree and yet refused to move his hand to reach the date that fell upon his moustache but hoped that a date would fall straight into his mouth). [ gō ় ā ] n the root. [ gōkula ] n a herd of cows (and also of oxen). the beginning. the root cause ( originally inhab ited by milkmen (' . 2 . & obs. [ gōgraha ] n forceful carrying off of another's cattle. to go after (' '). ̃ . Tribulus terrestris. ̃ a. to support blindly. to ma nipulate or cook up accounts. a graz.) a wayward or wilful man. to balance up an ac count by means of undue insertion(s). the earth . a piece of loincloth dyed with red ochre ( ) a. [ gō-cikitsā ] n treatment of cows and cattle. foolhardiness. [ gō a ] n an ornamental metal girdle worn by women. [ gōcandana ] n a bright yellow pigment se creted from the kidney of a cow. a thorny plant. ( ) ̃প n. a feretory). v. used as a graz ing ground ( ). to arrange into bunches or sheaves. inception '). প v. act of laying the foundation. imp (poet. ☐ ☐ [ gō ] n obstinate insistence. to eat hastily in large morsels. v. a pasture or pasturage. to trim the ends of one's moustache (figuratively this indicates great delight or ease or nonchalance). [ gōm āra ] a obstinate. brought to one's knowledge or notice. n. ̃ a. fanatic. . [ gōn ় ā1 ] a having a roundish exterior protu berance of the umbilical cord. to make necessary arrange ment (for). act or noise of whimpering or moaning or groaning or whining. v. [ gōgrāsa ] n an offering of sanctified grass to a cow at the end of one's penitence. (lit. to pass by (' '). obstinacy. (due) order or arrangement. n. a sheaf. [ gōmpha. to say ditto to. undivided. ). [ gō ā ] a whole. headstrong. full. the ox. a type ( ). sense-perception. ̃ . powder or dye of red ochre ( ). ☐ ☐ ☐ n. a devil-may-care sort of fellow. & adv. a. content ( ). )̃ adv. to go to graze or tend cows or beeves. n. a tumorous growth. whole and in unbroken form. to follow in one's footsteps. the foot. start. a very rash or head strong person. obsti nacy. perceptible by or within the range of ( . unbroken ( ).) to pass or spend (' '). to insist on obstinately. groan. ( [ gō2 ] n the cow. [ gōn ় ] n a roundish exterior protuberance of the umbilical cord. extremely biased. one having no . v. the hough.[ gairika ] n red ochre. to bring to one's knowledge or notice. born of or produced in mountain. the festival of Moharram. to put in due order. to gobble. inception ( ). ridiculous act of cutting off a tree from its bottom and then watering its the thistle. knowledge. a sheaf. [ gairē a ] n red ochre. abaction. [ gōg ha ] n a cowhouse (usu. the calf.

[ gōdāhana. a boy of the milk-man class. ̃ a. [ gōtra ] n a family. . an artless or guileless person. a cowherd. gōdhikā ] n the iguana. with a stick). v. a close-door confer ence. . a private or confidential talk. hav ing common descent or lineage. gōbēcāri ] a as harmless and gentle as a cow. ̃ n. [ gōpita ] a concealed. [ gōpālabhōga ] n a species of very sweet and large mango. to hide. [ gōdhā. [ gōpikā ] n the wife or daughter of a milk man. (ridi. a conference in camera. প v. secret. প v. secrecy. wife of a milk man. ̃ a. secret. a (young) milkmaid. [ gōpurama ] n the high ornamental gate of a South Indian temple. . a mystery. to milk a cow or cows. to hide. a trouble upon trouble. a close-door conference. to make a sudden and quick headlong movement.) a milkwoman. . ̃ ). hidden. to belabour severely with a stick. [ gōpurī a ] n cow-dung. v. a conference in camera. a landowner. . a milkmaid. bulky. প (fig. . a leg swelled in elephantiasis. such a man or boy. [ gō ় āli ] n the ankle. one [ gōbīja ] n the serum taken from cowpox. [ gōpura ] n a gate (usu. cattle-wealth. ). প v.) mend ing a thing after ending it. the evening twilight. n. a bullock or a heifer. an appellation of Krishna. pail. hidden. an orna mental city-gate. de scent. [ gōtā. a king. 181 ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ 2 [ gōptā2 ] a one who guards or protects. a Socrates amongst fools. mysterious. concealment. [ gōbara ] n cow-dung. প a. an appellation of Krishna ( [ gōbasanta ] n cowpox. in concealment. the Hessian fly. to keep in hiding. a cowherd. the heel. very thick ( ). প (lit. 1 2 [ gōtra1 ] n a mountain. (fig. to keep secret or unrevealed.) a milkwoman.) a milk-woman. very fat. [ gōbinda ] n a name of Krishna ( ) or Vishnu ( ). be longing to the same family. ̃ n. flour. to keep back ( ) প v. ̃ n. gōdōha ] n act of milking a cow or cows. to beat severely. private. [ gōdāna ] n the ceremony of giving away a cow or cows. a dung-heap. a king. the wolf (?). a. a pampered child. a milkmaid. secretly.) a milkwife. kept con cealed or hidden. (cp. [ gōpā amī ] n the eighth lunar day in the moonlit fortnight of the month of Kartika ( ) when Krishna ( ) began to act as a cowboy. [ gōbardhana ] n a hillock in Brindaban ( who held high . the daughter of a milkman. soft-headed corpulent lazy and good-for-nothing.) an extra trouble. a calf. an elephantiac patient. [ gōda ] n elephantiasis. privacy. kept in custody. প adv. n. to fall (down) headlong suddenly and quick[ gōpālana ] n act of tending and looking af ter cows. v. the hour of twilight esp. (cp. that which should be kept secret or kept back. confidential. ̃ n. ). a cowboy. lineage ( ). প a secret. a gas (usu. kept. a son spoilt by overBuddha. to remain hidden or concealed or unrevealed. a line. a portal of a city. a cowherd. n. প a confidential conference. a leader. [ gōbēcārā. severe beating (esp. indulgence. প v. an attempt to mend something when it is too late. cooking gas) obtained from cow-dung. confidential. [ gōdā ] a suffering from elephantiasis. n. gōbāghā ] n one of a class of tigers given to preying upon cows. corpulent. farina. [ gōdhūli ] n twilight. ̃ n. a son ( প an over-indulged son. n. a milk [ gōbatsa ] n the young of a cow. farming. [ gōdhūma ] n wheat. [ gōbadā ] a uncouthly fatty or plum ( [ gōdhana ] n a herd of cows regarded as property. an elephantiac leg. [ gōbē ় ēna ] n act of belabouring (one) with a stick like a cow. a heard of cows. [ gōdraba ] n cow's urine. concealed. ). to keep hidden or concealed. 2 [ gōpāla2 ] n a milkman (by caste or pro fession). gōttā ] n a sudden and quick head long fall. atta. to conceal. [ gōpā ganā ] n the wife of a milkman. kindred. Gautama name of Krishna ( ). ̃ n.) full of stupidity ( =a stupid head). one who has charmed the milkmaids. ̃ coarse flour. a custodian. to be in hiding or concealment. (cp. guarded. ̃ n. the hour of gloaming or dusk. a. (cp. a ringleader ( ). a feudal lord. [ gōbarā a ] n a door still or a window sill. (cp. the wife or a daugh ter of a milkman. to hide. pri vate. [ gōbāgha. ̃ 2 n. ̃ n. classification of families in accordance with the names of the saints who founded them. n. privately. familial. a confi dential matter or report. a Venus amongst hags. . to remain se cret. a milkmaid. [ gōtrī a ] a of or belonging to a family or clan. an ornamental one) of a temple.) a solitary in stance of beauty or talent in the midst of ugly or stupid environment. a guard. [ gōpana ] n hiding. a muck-heap. secrecy. cattlely. (fig. muck.branches to rejuvenate it. প v. confidentially. vaccination or inoculation by administering the serum taken from cowpox. ̃ n. [ gōtama ] n a sage who wrote a famous treatise on logic. a .) a lotus in a dung-hill. the Himalayas. [ gōpa ] n a milkman (by caste or profes sion). to be in secret. to keep one's own or another's counsel. a dung-hill. unrevealed. [ gōpālaka ] n one who keeps and tends cows.) a milk-girl. to keep secret.

disturbance ( ). rosary-bag. n. (loos. ̃ [ gōlākāra. [ gōru ] n the cow. ̃ n. rate. [ gō-la ula ] n a cow's tail. a pet 4 [ gōlā4 ] n a wicker corn-bin. globular. to garner. (fig. ordinary. [ gōmaśatā. to give rise to complication. glum and grave. ̃ n. darkened with huff. angularity. to inter. any cowmilk product (e. black pepper. ̃ n. ̃ a. to evade one's duty by a false show of [ gōmēda ] n chrysolite. a doubt. disturbing. a goal-keeper. a small bag for holding the rosary. gōrak ā ] n keeping of cows. artillery. confusion. a beef-eater. a. (fig. gun nery. a granary. inexpe rienced. a cowherd. n. [ gōmēdha ] n ceremonial sacrifice of a cow or cows. [ gōrak a a. rose-water ( ). (contem. wholesale. rosa ceous. a bullockcart. roundish. a wife or a daughter of a milkman. a. hockey. jacinth. a maze. garnered. of an own[ gō ālā ] n a milkman (by caste or profes sion). a round or roundish or spherical object ( ). (fig. one who steals cows.) [ gōmasūrikā ] n same as [ gōmā sa ] n beef. ̃ [ gō ēndā ] n a spy. ammunition. almost round. [ gōrkhā ] n one of the dominant people of Nepal. to [ gōmūtra ] n cow's urine. an earthen pot in which cow-dung is blended with water for plastering a mudbuilt house. a name of Chaitanya. act or an instance of stealing cows. a thin paste made by such dissolution or blending ( . a complication. ̃ v. uneducated. to score a goal. fem. a sleuth. a hackery. an Englishman or a ( ). zircon. n. the detective police. a mistake. (fig. প a herd of cattle. a tomb. ̃ n. wholesale trade or trading. a central market. ̃ [ gōmūrkha ] a utterly ignorant or illiterate or stupid. espionage. English or European ( ). a detective n. n. a cattle-lifter. a. ̃ n.) thorough and minute searching. ̃ 3 2 1 [ gōra ] n a grave. cannon-balls and buln. to make a mess of. or ridi. confusion.) fair complexioned. a circle. a milk maid.) the ridiculous or false attempt to [ gōlā3 ] v to dissolve in or blend with wa ter esp. beef-eat ing. a globe. cows. one who has done an ex tremely shameful deed. a cannon-ball. ̃ n. plant. a cowherd. relating to the gun ner or gunnery. an En glish or a European soldier. 1 [ gōmukha ] n the mouth or the face of a cow. ̃ n. a detective. suspicion ( ). of wholesale trade. a wholesaler. circular. crookedness.) a nobleman whose meagre income forces him to eat more beef than mutton. cattle-lifting. ̃ n. প v. [ gōladāra ] n an owner of a warehouse. roly poly. ̃ lets. curd etc. [ gōlapātā ] n a leaf of a small tree akin to the fanpalm (these leaves are used in thatching. . to cannonade. ̃ n. er of a warehouse. [ gōla2 ] a round. artillery. to muddle. [ gōma a ] n cow-dung. a. the ox.) foolishly making amends after doing wrong or harm. a milk- story. a difficulty. ̃ n. an abactor. v. n. ). a graveyard. ̃ 182 ☐ woman. [ gōrashāna ] n a burial ground. ). sacrifice. a holy cave in the Himalayas shaped like a cow's face or mouth. suspicious. cow[ gōlakadhāndhā ] n a labyrinth. an uproar. a barn. v. plump. pro tection of [ gōrā ] a having a complexion of cream-colour tinged with red. ̃ n. stored or stocked in a European. an error. subject to suspicion. ̃ same as ̃ a. (lit. ̃ n.[ gōbaidya ] n a cow leech. En glish or European military band. [ gōlā1 ] a untrained. a round or roundish or spherical thing. a row. circular. a scorer. by pressing and rubbing. entomb. a hackery. [ gōlāpa ] n the rose.) utterly illite- compensate one with a pair of shoes after killing one's cow. dis turbance. gōlāk ti ] a round. spherical. [ gōlandāja ] n a gunner. a Gurkha. corpulent. [ gōlā2 ] n a ball. a hubbub. n. butter. . n. an intri cate problem. do ing it in a noisy crowd. crooked. . complicate. [ gōrōcanā ] n a bright yellow pigment se creted from a cow's kidney. (in re proof or ridicule) a stupid person. the rosen. v.) a medical quack. v. to die. [ gōbhāgā ় ] n a place for depositing the carcasses of cows. confusion ( bag. wholesale business or trade. প n. an ex tremely shameful deed or act. a. a musical instrument 3 [ gōla3 ] n a loud and confused noise. a ball. ). a mercantile firm etc.) a filthy place. .) a goal. a ball. searching everywhere and at every nook.) a goalie. a. fleshy and rounded. one without a refine ment of taste ( . chubby. an artilleryman. ☐ 2 ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ .̃ n. water polo etc. beeves. [ gōrasa ] n cowmilk.). confusing. ̃ . ownership of a warehouse. a goal-post. a sphere. a cow's doctor. having a face or mouth like that of a cow. (fig. [ gōrak aka ] n one who keeps or tends a cow or cows. Nipa fruticans). dissolved in or blended with water by pressing and rubbing. distrust. n. spherical. to store or stock in a warehouse. a rosary hitch ( ). a barn. a warehouse name of Chaitanya (' '). a grange. shaped like a cow's mouth or face. a farm-building. dissolution in or blending with water by pressing and rubbing. the Rosaceae. din and bustle. (coll. [ gōla1 ] n (in football. [ gōma ় ā ] a sullen and silent. pl. spying.g. a businessman. warehouse. ̃ n. roundish. gōmastā ] n a rent-collector or bill collector or steward (of a landlord. to bury. a cemetery. to lie in one's grave. ̃ n. ̃ a. rose-water. chaos. [ gōyāna ] n a bullock-cart.

prevention of cowslaughter. [ gau a ] a minor. a.) a manufactory for imbuing people Sarang class. composition (as of an essay or a book).) a bluff. huff or mortification.). a kind of indoor game. a slave. [ gyānjānō ] v to gossip uselessly. a collec tion or body ( ). a. ̃ n. song. cordial reception. the abode of Narayana [ gau ika ] a factorial. God. [ granha ] n a book. gaseous. giving away in marriage an under-age girl. [ gōlālō ] a roundish. ̃ n. the chief of a tribe or clan or family. a society. honoured. tales of glory. the pedestal symbolizing Gauri ( ) or Durga on which the symbol of Shiva is placed. Lord. a prologue. slight. [ gōstāki ] n insolence. a bondman (fem. & n. fondness for books.. [ gō hī ] n a family. fem having a cream-coloured complexion tinged with red. with slave-mentality. 183 ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ .) an in direct object. cow-killing. [ gōsbāmī ] n the lord or the protector of cows or of the earth. a name of Chaitanya. glorious. a clan. dig nity. dignified.̃ a. a kindred. v. a guru. ruin. (loos. v. n. v. to slay a cow or cows. rose-hued. ̃ an authoress. ̃ n. an association. ̃ . n. a book-lover.) secondary [ gōlōka ] n (myth. [ gō pada ] n a cow's footprint. [ granhānurāga ] n love for books. a society. of or living in or [ gōlāma ] n a bond-slave. less importance. a master. ̃প . (fig. fem.) to make delay. to go to the bad. ( ) or Vishnu in heaven. a tribe. to go to the dogs. ̃ n. prefatory remarks. (loos. (loos. slavequarters. Narayana ( ) or Vishnu ( )̃ n. [ gōhatyā ] n cow-slaughter. [ granhāgāra ] n a library. to bathe. a boudoir). one who has been purchased to act as a slave. ̃ . unimportant. a club ( ). a class. and sl. (inf. v. giving away in marriage an eight year old Hindu girl. a leader. Bengalis. an association. the people of Bengal. a. to go on gossiping without any purpose. [ gōś ga ] n a cow's horn. be in a huff. (gr. a kind of rum prepared from molasses. a bondwoman). Mount Everest. (arch. ̃ . to string. n. [ gō ha ] n a grazing ground. slavery. to be proud of. a pasture or pas turage. [ granhābali ] n books. ̃ n.) fairpermission to live in Goloka ( ) after one's death. ̃ n. a cipher. a title of Vaishnava gurus. a fib. majestic. strung. n. a. a meetingplace. (a person) fond of books. to compose. (of playing-cards) the produced in Gauda ( ). ̃ n. (rhet. v. an association-hall. rosy. a kind of poeti cal diction. composed. a name of Chai[ gōllā ] n a globular sweetmeat ( . mild ( ). the chief of an assembly or society. n. majesty. [ gōsala ] n bathing. an assembly.̃ n. proud. ̃ n. mem bers of the family and kinsfolk. n. a race. to be ruined morally. [ gōsā ] n anger. a preamble. to be ruined or lost. ̃ n. a rose-garden.) fair complexioned. as small in area as a cow's tanya. . Goddess Durga ( ) and Shiva ( ). a writer. worth. ̃ n. a song in praise of Chaitanya before beginning the scheduled song. to take one's bath. group etc. minor duty. ̃ n. a cow-house. a bondswoman. an Indian musical mode. ̃ n. ̃ v. a bathroom. race. a. [ gyāsa ] n gas. the pastoral activities and sports of Krishna ( ). a title of Vaishnava gurus. a servant. ̃ footprint. ̃ n. [ gau ় sāra ] n a morning raga or classical musical mode of the quarters for slaves.) drudgery. ̃ n. to pride in.) fair complexioned. incorporated within a group. composed in praise of a person or one's country. important. ̃প n. (fig. a preface. ̃ n. a group. delay. a bibliophile. inferiority. প a. ̃ n. [ gōsāmi ] n a master. opinions etc. au dacity. to [ gaurī ] a. God. a woman or a girl having a creamcoloured complexion tinged with red. appellations of Narayana ( ) or Vishnu ( ). a glory. n. [ gōsēbā ] n feeding and care of a cow or cows. a bathhouse. ̃ . pl. pride. complexioned. poem etc. bath. a bondsman. a rosary. a name of Chaitanya. knave. a preceptor. . a religious teacher. [ gōstana ] n a cow's udder. a librarian. . a president. impertinence. ̃ n. slave-mentality. a club-room. n. ̃ a. a bathing establishment.) the part of the heaven which is the abode of significance. honour. a club-house. rose-coloured. belonging to or included in a family. ̃প n. a byre. scented like the rose. ̃ n. v. secondariness. excellence. n. glory. [ gyān a ] int expressing firmly motionless or immobile state ( = to sit tight. v. [ grathana ] n act of stringing (as flowers in a wreath). [ gōsāpa ] n the iguana. to get angry. a kind. a cowshed. a vessel fitted with a device for spraying rosewater. a bookworm. the rose-apple. fem. a so ciety hall. a team. ). a cow-slaughterer. n. ̃ n. n. a creditable or highly praiseworthy affair or thing. divine [ gaura ] a cream-coloured tinged with red. figura tive meaning. a hammam. copyright. spoilt state ( ). an appellation of Shiva ( ). works of a particular author or authoress. [ gaurā ga ] a having a cream-coloured com plexion tinged with red. Goddess Durga ( ).[ gau ় ] n an ancient name of modern Ben gal (controversial opinions exist as to the actual area or Gauda). secondary. ̃প n. an unmarried girl of eight years. zero ( ). [ gauraba ] n importance. rosed-red. the sun of glory. an appellation of Krishna ( )̃ n. to stick firmly to one's pur pose. a glorious achievement. ̃ same as same as ̃ n. an author. [ gōsāghara ] n a room or apartment to which a lady in a huff retires (cp.

v. the antagonism or opposition or evil in fluence of a planet. the sun. eclipsed. ̃ প n. the inner cavity of an opened mouth. ̃ . ̃ n. rural. a villager. an astrologer. duration of an eclipse. a fortune-teller. [ graha ī a ] a acceptable. ̃ n. ̃ n. a (village) dog. ̃ n. realization. sexual intercourse (esp. [ grāmya ] a of or relating to a village. [ grahābi a ] a (astrol. [ grāsa ] n a mouthful. to appropriate to oneself. varicose veins. curs. n. evil influence. graha ī ] n chronic diarrhoea.) an evil planet. [ granhi ] n a knot. a gland. a. the crocodile. [ grāmika ] a. [ grāmāntara ] n another village. the duodenum.) antagonism or hostility or op position of a planet.) the period of direct influence of a planet esp. ̃ a. v. to accept. comprehension. rural. n. the relation that arises owing to living in the same village. ). a recipi ent. holding ( ). astronomy. rural. v. 2 1 [ grahā u ] n (astr. to assume. ̃ n. to enlist or enrol as a subscriber. act of taking. total eclipse. knowl edge. receptive. ̃প n. cognition. one who or that which seizes or appropriates. rustic.̃ n.) a village headman. the Hindu practice of tying a cor ner of the bride's sari with a corner of the bridegroom's scarf at wedding. [ graha a1 ] n taking or receiving ( ). to comprehend. (phys. a village. [ graha ] n (astr. fem. affected with. & astrol.) planetary influence (direct or indirect). found or avail able in a village. a buyer. perceptible ( ). reckonable. [ grāma ] n a hamlet. v. devoured. one who or that which attracts ( ). . a morsel. to take in. ̃ প n. to eclipse. act of as suming ( ). the sun. (astr. [ grasamāna ] a engaged in swallowing or de vouring or gulping or eclipsing. an eclipse be gins or starts. worthy of con sideration. appropriation. esp. [ granhibaddha ] a knotted. (astrol. ̃ n. ̃ n. the alligator. ̃ n. [ grahītā ] n a recipient.) with one's wife. [ grāmōphōna ] n a gramophone. a joint (of bones). (hist. to knot. ̃প n. [ grāha ] n act of taking or receiving. v. (astrol. [ grāmānta ] n outskirts of a village. ̃ commencement of an eclipse. a knuckle. to be eclipsed. glandular secre tion. appropriation. astringent. v. solicitation or insistence. ̃ n.) the suffering owing to the evil influence of a planet. to pay heed to. rising of the sun or the moon after eclipse. n.) a collection ( . (astrol. to receive. zeal. eclipse. rural. to realize. ˜ n. (astrol. to seize. [ grāhya ] a acceptable. tied together. 184 ☐ v. one who or that which comprehends or appreciates or ac knowledges ( ). rustic. (astrol. act of eclipsing. a rift valley. with one's wife). an evil planet. pertaining to co-villagers. an eclipse. glan dular tissue. partial . ˜ n. end of an eclipse. ̃ n. (phys. admissible.) propitiation of planets. of words and speech) vulgar. the oesophagus. subscriber. to accept. realiza tion ( ).) a secondary cell. to swallow or devour. [ grahāntarbartī ] a inter-planetary. a. [ granhila ] a knotty. a bookshop. to eat or drink.) an asteroid. ̃ a. act of inhaling ( ).) moraine. to tie a corner of the bride's sari with a corner of the bridegroom's scarf at wedding. (as a sfx. v.[ granhāla a ] n a library. living in a village. ̃ n. to grip. reception ( ). seized. possessed. ru ral. drinking or eating ( . rusticity. enlightenment. [ grāmī ] a one who lives in or rules a vil lage. ̃ n. consisting of or con taining villages or musical scales. ̃প n. [ grābarēkhā ] n (geog. a node. প n. ̃ . to adopt. [ grāmādhyak a ] n a village headman. ̃ n. [ graha a2 ] n an eclipse. receptive power or capacity. v. (astrol.) sus ceptibility ( ). a Brahmin astrologer.) an evil star ( ). a monetary contribution to be given for village welfare at the time of wedding etc. assuming ( ). an astrologer.) he evil in fluence of a planet. ̃ n. compre hension ( ). [ grahāntara ] n another planet. to hold. seizure. worship of the sun and other planets in order to propitiate them. (esp. feed. one who takes or receives. misfortune. food. . practice of tak ing or receiving or seizing. involved in. cut purse. a handful (as at snatching). & n one who owns or rules or guards a village.̃ a. acceptance ( ). a zodiacal sign indicat ing the position of a planet. ̃ n. ̃প n. to inhale. [ grābu ] n a kind of card-game. প eclipse. one who or that which takes or re ceives. ̃ n.) the planetary system. (mus. ̃ n. n. comprehension. as teroids. ̃ same as ̃ . the gullet. & astrol. (esp.) a scale ( ). ̃ n. (astrol. ̃ a. rural. adoption ( ). an eclipse takes place or ocn.̃ n. subsistence. ). seizure. [ grasana ] n act of swallowing or devouring or gulping. [ granhika ] n a soothsayer. granhibhēdaka ] n pickpocket. ̃ . a. a small settle ment. a gape. ̃ n. overwhelmed.) influenced by an evil planet. a [ graha i. an eclipse ends. bare subsis tence. gulped. the shark etc. n. the border of a village. un derstanding. to tie into a knot. a grip. [ granhibandhana ] n act of tying into a knot. to take.) a planet. act of swallowing or devouring or eating or drinking. [ grahācārya ] n a soothsayer. a record player. intelligence. rustic. of words and speech) vulgarity. ̃ glandular. pro duced in a village. taking in ( ). to [ granhicchēdaka. a (village) dog. ̃ n. knot ting. [ grāmī a ] a produced in a village. n.) the guardian or presiding deity of a planet. in or of or dwelling in a village. a hold. attacked. one who buys or subscribes. ̃ n. food and clothing. sexual inter course (esp. ̃ n. & n. [ grasta ] a swallowed. earnestness. n. born or produced in a village. of or in or living in a village. & n. (astrol. the plan etary world. to drink or eat. pl. one who or that which swallows or devours or eats or drinks or seizes or appropriates or eclipses. ̃ a. a village-dweller. (loos.

at every place ( ). a pitcher. to bring about. . the neck. to cause to occur or happen or come about.) the neck or the throat. প v. (fig. act of pounding. involving ( . n. to dismiss. a receptacle. the body. an alarm clock. act of forming. a venue. stirred. প n. a place. a jar. n. probable. unhealthy. that which shall happen. to occur. repeatedly. ̃ n. (fig. n. at ev ery hour. events. ̃ . pounded. made.) the course of events. containing. heeded. by chance. [ gha aragha ara ] int expressing a rolling noise as of a pestle moving in a mortar or on a paved floor. the nape of the neck. (usu. [ graiba. [ grisī a ] a Grecian.) a yashmak. to reject.) the torrid zone. . filthy. to ar rest. this and simi lar noise. apprehension. tank etc. to be possible tude ( ). প n. upbraiding. ceremoniously. . n. apprehended. ̃ n. v. adv. ( ). ̃ a. a chance happenpocket watch. pomp. v. 1 [ gha ় i āla1 ] n one who is employed to strike a gong to indiit so happened that. grandeur. abrasion. a clock (also ). oppressed with heat or by summer. same as ̃প ̃ প a. ostenta tiously. (lit. to fail to do anything. [ gha aka ] n one who brings about or causes to occur (an event). a gong. (gr. slander. disreputable. not to ac cept. subject to the course of events or circumstances. hourglass. [ glāni ] n weariness. a bell. [ gha ana ] n act of abrading. mortifying. seizure. with pomp and grandeur. ̃ a. act of caus ing to occur. a sphere ( ). to be consid ered. fatigue. (geog. a small pitcher-shaped earthen or metal water-pot. a female match-maker. the brain or head ( ). (lit. [ grībā ] n the throat.) a stop-watch. a wrist-watch. [ gha a ] n a landing stair at the bank of a river. n. matchmaking.) nothing of any value [ gha anī a ] a likely to occur. hot. a moment.) the wheel of events. slandered. ̃ n. n. a (beautiful) gesture of the neck or the throat. [ glāna ] a wearied. [ gha ikā ] n an hour. of the nape of the neck. a. to bring to pass. due succession of [ ghan a ] n a dish of minced and spiced veg etables cooked almost events. a. a [ gha anā ] n an event. caused to occur. frequently. to. up braided. [ gha ita ] a caused to occur by. fem. v. n. adv. the Greek language. in cate hours. a collection or multiv. the sound of a bell or a gong. ̃ n. etc. [ gha a ] n a small earthen or metal pitcher or pot. a [ gha ana ] n occurrence. an ambulance car. a. act of stirring. shameful. (gr. [ grēna ] n a grain (a unit of weight). ̃ n. a match-maker. to cook a dish of minced and spiced veg etables. shame ( ). a timepiece. a gong. (fig. seized ( ). any machine for measuring time.) the stream of events. 2 [ gha ় i āla2 ] n a crocodile with a very long muzzle. a [ grika ] a Greek. n. to happen. concerning. n. v. dependent on force of events. ̃ tropical. ̃ 185 ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ n. arrested. the place or scene of occurrence. at every moment. sum[ grī ma ] n summer. disreputed. the nape of the neck. n. a table clock. summer. tiredness. (a col lection of) dry. to be [ gha amāna ] a still occurring or happening.) an extremely sly and self-seeking person. dero. eventful. ̃ a tropical country. act of joining. formed. the summer vacation or recess. . a wall clock. slanderous.) to waste or squander recklessly. tired. the bell goes.) progressive. (false) accusation. n. formation. Greek. a pocket watch. to do nothing. a. course of circumstances ( ).̃ n. same as Gavialis gangeticus. the hot season. [ gha ় āñci ] n a step-ladder.) the course of events. happening. to apprehend. dirt ( ). an occurrence. act of bringing about. ̃ . [ gha ā ōpa ] n a covering with side-screens for a carriage (such as palanquins. ( ). eclat. a pestle. due to ( ). not to care. fa tigued. [ gha ashāpana. [ gha ় gha ় ] int expressing a rattling sound as of a wheeled car moving or of the breathing of a bronchial patient. ing. often. a. . the frame ( ). int. v. adv. lit ters. to seize. [ gha ā ] n occurrence. n. filth. ). [ gha ita ] a brought about. adv. a container. disgraceful. chance happening or occurrence. to originate. mer. o'clock ( = at six o'clock). that which is to happen. [ gha ় ā ] n a vase without a handle. an in stance of joining. time of the clock ( ). a timepiece. with a spectacular display. . disrepute. n. an hour. to come to pass. (fig. ̃প a. mixed or blended with.) past continuous or progres sive (tense). oppressed by the heat of summer. to arise. n. heated by summer. a gong. n. heat. filthy. n. (loos. in course of events ( ). a Greek. ̃ ferryman. adv. gha ashāpanā ] n ceremonial placing of a pitcher full of holy water on the altar making the commencement of worship. (sarcas. to be accepted. of the hot season. a gavial. caused by. to spring from ( ). to give rise to. a watch. a sand-glass. [ grēptāra. exhausted. of summer. mortification ( ). to originate. প . mortified. প a warrant of ar rest. [ gh ] n the fourth consonant of the Bengali alphabet. to pay no heed v. (fig. excess of heat. (phys. accidentally. [ ghan ā ] n a bell. graibē a ] a of the neck or the throat. shameful. প n. a wristwatch. a time-piece. Greek.) reck less waste ( ). extreme heat.care. disgrace. [ gha ় i ] n a clock.) a bellman. accused (falsely). torrid ( ). dirty. exhaustion. grēphatāra ] n arrest. a sundial. n. ̃ a.) everywhere. continuous. a hot country. (cp. an hour. empowering or directing to arrest. unhealthiness. a.

homestead. away from home. ̃ a. to sound a gong. to bell the [ ghanīk ta ] a thickened. of a womn.) darkened with house wife. প v. [ ghanōpala ] n hail. ̃ a. ̃ one who has renounced hearth and home or has taken to asceticism a. a solid thing. to act as a housewife ( ). a drawing near. to draw close to gether. -প n. act of dwelling or residing ( ). descent. ̃ bell. thick. to thicken. a peal of thunder. v. (math. [ ghan āgāra ] n a belfry. housewifery. ̃ প a. tame. to be a housewife. (geom. v. [ ghanāb ta ] a overcast with clouds. ̃ n. [ ghanātya a. an appellation of numbered. a ( ). ̃ n. a ( ). thickness. to go out of doors and come indoors alternately and [ ghanimā ] n density. (geom. a home. a col umn etc. con home-keeping nature. deep black. ̃ . etc. happiness of a family. a residential one). ). squares. the rains. thickness. to build a house or room (esp. solid geometry. his or her days are down. near ( . a space. do mestic. n. ̃ a. deep black.v. to build one's house or home. closeof a house wife ( ). condensed. a dwelling.) one who or that which ruins a family. ). ̃ n. one's own people and others. (phys. an incendiary or sabo teur. divided into separate spaces. brought near. v. a shrine. ̃ n. place. a building.) to de stroy the peace and happiness of a family. an appellation of Krishna ( ). ghan ī ] n a small bell. the uvula. v. one's own family ( ). cat. condensed ( . condensation. the cumulus. 186 ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ . rectangles the sky.) a ). ̃ a. dense ( ). [ ghanībhūta ] a thickened. [ ghan ēśbara ] n a traditional deity presiding over skin-diseases (regarded as the son of Mars). v. a groove. to settle. a hole ( = a button-hole). deep ( ). v. to colonize. ̃ a. condensed. to condensed. ̃ a. ̃ housewife. (usu. to cause to lose one's aristocracy through matrimonial alglove (with). intimacy. (geom. thickening. cubic metre. (fig. ̃ a. with one's personal charm). n. fem. said of childwives). dark-complexioned. ̃ n. a cube. a residence. that which burns down a house or dwelling. ̃ প a. to be come v. to beautify or edify a house (esp. thick setting. to build a house or dwelling. thick or dense cluster of habitations. intimate ( = an intimate or close friend. adv. volume. to con dense. (loos. প a burnt child dreads the fire. homekeeping. making a fam ily or house charming and delightful by one's presence ( [ ghanā ka ] n density. nearness. . n.) to ruin [ ghanācchanna ] a same as a family. a rectangle or a square ( ). repeatedly and fre quently. & sc. a. lineage ( . hour. & alg. a home-bird. ̃ n. & sc. ). to make thick. thicken ing. to thicken. his or her time is up. to pull down or demolish a [ ghani ha ] a close. n. ).) dimension. ̃ n. to act as a often. ̃ n. crowded with habitations. approaching. camphor.) a solid figure. shy of company. a man who lives ̃ same as ̃ ̃ n. columns. a bosom liance with an inferior family. squares. a temple ( ). as black or dark as a housekeeping. (phys. to set up gested. ghanānta ] n (lit. adv. household duties. a fam ily ( [ ghana ] n cloud ( ). at every act of bringing near. a com partment. deep dark. fem. jet black. house. the autumn season.) removal or end of clouds. to every family or house ( . ̃ . the rains. whole space of a room. tion. (fig. v. [ ghan ikā. crowding or over-crowding a room. tintinnabulation.) abso lute density. ̃ n. ̃ n. act of drawing near. [ ghanībhabana ] n act of getting thick.) a but ton. occupying the [ ghanāgama ] n (lit. to tintinnabulate. ̃ n. in his father-in-law's family at the latter's cost. columns. act of sounding a gong. to near. ̃ adv. repeatedly (esp. thickened. (arith. (cp. (of machines etc. ). overcast to perform household duties. ̃ n. domestic science. an abode.) solid ( .) a cube root. প a thought or plan that harms oneself or one's own family or side. to set fire to a house or dwelling. to cause internal strife through instiga tion. thicken ing. hand in house or room (esp. closeness. the rainy bring joy or glory or pride to a family. the path of the cloud across the sky. ̃ a. a residential one). a thick and an) to keep a house for. ̃ n. the rainy season. the life and duties of a cloud. solidity. ̃ v. to do housekeeping ( ).) the tulip. to build a with clouds. ). Hanuman ( ) who set fire to Lanka ( ). to or at every set. a pocket ( solid. thick populan.̃ n. to ring a bell. a. ringing of a [ ghanīkara a ] n act of making thick. . close ( . condensation. family. every now and then. (fig. severe ( ). repeatedly and fre quently. to live as a family man ( ). (fig.) one who or that which destroys the peace and . to establish one's fam ily. ̃ a. the re gion of clouds. to lead the life clouds. (of men) to live as a houseness. to act as a wife or mistress to ( ). regreen. ( ). [ ghara ] n a house. etc. drawn near.) volume. to cause to pull down or friend). thickly populated. ̃ n. (usu. one's husband and his house or [ ghanā amāna ] a in the state of being thickened. thickly one's residence. in anxiety). exten sive cumulation of (dark) clouds. ̃ n. [ ghanāndhakāra ] n deep darkness. (geom. an apartment ( ). (math. so lidity. living abroad ( ). to to a married life. to draw close (to). v.). a traditional deity pre siding over skin-diseases. a side. coarse reed ( ' '). v.) arrival of clouds. overcast with thick clouds. cubic foot. density. v. from door to door. v. frequent ). v. ˜ n. ̃ প a.) a solid body. ̃ n.) cubic holder. ̃ door. ̃ same as ̃ volting against the domestic life ( ). the campanula. to commit arson.) a cube ( ). প (phys. the roar or rumbling of clouds. ̃ n. rectangles measure. bottle( ). to settle down [ ghanānō ] v to draw close or closer. to divide into or draw separate spaces. air route. a room. a division. one whose house or dwelling has been burnt thicken. ̃ n. closeness. act of going to live with the husband permanently (generall