Employees’ Roles in Service Delivery (Chapter 12)
 Gap 3 - Service Performance Gap
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 Critical Importance of Service Employees  Boundary Spanning Roles  Human Resource Strategies for Closing Gap 3  Service Culture
 - Dwayne D. Gremler

2 Provider Gap 3 CUSTOMER Service Delivery COMPANY GAP 3 Customer-Driven Service Designs and Standards Part 5 Opener  . Gremler .Dwayne D.

Dwayne D.3 Key Factors Leading to Provider Gap 3 Service Delivery Gap 3 Key Factors Related to Employees: • • • • • Ineffective Role and role Poor Inappropriate Lack of and Customer-Driven Service Designs and Standards  . Gremler .

Dwayne D. Gremler .4 Organizational Culture  A corporate culture is “the pattern of shared values and beliefs that give the members of an organization meaning. and provide them with the rules for behavior in the organization”   .

Gremler .5 Service Culture “A culture where an appreciation for good service exists.Christian Gronroos (1990)  Examples:    . and where giving good service to internal as well as ultimate.Dwayne D. is considered a natural way of life and one of the most important norms by everyone in the organization.” . external customers.

Gremler .6 The Critical Importance of Service Employees  They are the  They are the  They are the  They are  Their importance is evident in:  the services  the services  the  .Dwayne D.

Christian Gronroos.7 The Services Marketing Triangle Internal Marketing “Enabling the promise” External Marketing “Making the promise” Interactive Marketing “Delivering the promise” Figure 12.Dwayne D. Gremler .2 Source: Adapted from Mary Jo Bitner. and Philip Kotler  .

” Harvard Business Review.3 Source: An exhibit from J. and L. E. O. Schlesinger. W. T. L. Gremler . Sasser. March-April 1994.8 The Service Profit Chain Figure 12.  . “Putting the Service-Profit Chain to Work. 166. Jones. Heskett. p. A.Dwayne D.. Jr.

9 Satisfaction  Satisfied employees make for  Some companies contend: “The employee and the customer  Examples: .Dwayne D.  Southwest Airlines  Carlson Travel Group    . Gremler .

Dwayne D. Gremler .10 Boundary Spanners  operate at the  link external customers to  front-line or customer-contact personnel  in some industries  in other industries  .

Gremler .Dwayne D.11 Role of Boundary Spanners Customers External Environment Internal Environment Service Support  .

Gremler .Dwayne D.12 Boundary Spanning Issues  Emotional Labor  labor that   Sources of Conflict     Quality/Productivity Tradeoffs   .

Dwayne D. Gremler .13 Human Resource Strategies for Delivering Service Quality through People Hire for service competencies and service inclination Compete for the best people Measure and reward strong service performers Be the preferred employer Train for technical and interactive skills Hire the right people Treat employees as customers Retain the best people CustomerOriented Service Delivery Develop people to deliver service quality Empower employees Include employees in the company’s vision Develop service-oriented internal processes Provide needed support systems Promote teamwork Figure 12.6 Provide supportive technology and equipment Measure internal service quality  .

Gremler .14 Human Resource Strategies for Closing Gap 3  hire the right people  compete for the  hire for  be the  develop people to deliver quality service  provide  empower  promote  provide needed support systems  provide proper  measure  develop  retain the best people  reward good  include employees in  treat employees as  .Dwayne D.

and employee well-being  People selection should be dependent upon the organization and the market it faces  different types of firms have different needs  Data needs to be tracked concerning what customers want and which HR practices help deliver it to them  . Gremler .15 Employees in Service Delivery: Summary  People provide a sustainable competitive advantage  Focus should be equally based on service quality.Dwayne D. service delivery.

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