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Padini holdings was listed on the Bursa Second Board in 1998. men’s and maternity wear – under several brands • Our company also sells ladies’ shoes and accessories. and subsequently changed to Padini Corporation Sdn Bhd in May 1990 and to Padini Holdings Group on 19 June 1992 .• Padini Holdings is a Malaysian-based clothing retailer - ladies’. • Padini holdings was incorporated on 3 March 1975 under the name Hwayo SdnBhd. and transferred to the Main Board on 28 July 2004.



So that OBJECTIVE our customer can be regular customer when we provide a •A) To become the good service and first ranked good products based Malaysian-based on our customer clothing retailer needs. their specialty and benefits •B) To provide excellent customer service •C) To ensure that we having good relationships with other organizations and individuals who are like minded and involved in like pursuits •D) To cultivate adaptability to change in economic. company is always •B) Become a leading up to date to clothingretailer in customer needs. We STATEMENTS also want to improved our quality associated. social and environmental conditions. men’s and towards future is our maternity wear – motto in order to under several ensure that our brands.•Our mission is to MISSION give a good service to our customers. under several brands •C) To help in creating job opportunities •D) To help Malaysia in changing their economy •A) To provide the highest quality products and accurate information about them. to allowed the opportunity to survive long-term GOALS . Leading ladies’.


FUNCTIONAL ORGANIZING The most common structure found within organizations. functional structure consists of units or departmental groups identified by specialty. marketing. sales or human resources that are controlled from the top level of management. such as engineering. The functional structure was designed on the concept that high specialization and high control yields high efficiency. . development. Our company also used this departments structure because this structure was suitable for our company’s business. finance. All of departments have their own responsibilities for achieving goals including the presidents . top level managements and also the co-workers .

prepare financial plans . -open booth complain made documents by costumer .DEPARTMENTS FINANCE DEPARTMENTS MANAGER : 1)MOHD SYUKRI BIN ATAN . forecasts and budgets ADMIN HUMAN DEPARTMENTS MARKETING RESOURCES 1)MUHD FAUZI DEPARTMENTS DEPARTMENTS BIN MUHD 1)NUR 1) NUR ARISSA ZAIN SYAKILA BTE BTE AKIFF AHMAD .receive and file -settelling incoming letters .

As a top level manager. Padini also introduced the ‘Caring from the heart’ as their core value MANAGERIAL ROLES The three key managerial group of interpersonal. being a figure head. MANAGING AND LEADING ACTIVITIES As the man responsible for Padini’s Group merchandising division. informational and decisional are played by Director Yong. and mission which is ‘To ExceedCustomers’ Expectations And Our Brands’ Promise’. he represents Padini legally and socially to those of external parties.LEADING CORPORATE STRATEGIES Padini’s vision is ‘To Be The Best Fashion Company Ever’. he and the merchandisingteam regularly attend trade exhibitions in fashion leading countries LEADERSHIP STYLES . Nevertheless.

.CONTROLLING PRE-ACTION  POST ACTION CONTROL  Our company established standard to measure performances so that we can achieve our goals and can monitor our company’s conditions . Our company will compares actual activities to performance standards. exceeds. or falls short of standards. performance reports simplify such comparison by placing the performance standards for the reporting period alongside the actual performance for the same period and by computing the variance—that is. When presidents read reports or analysis Padini’s sales. Typically. they will identify whether actual performance meets. the difference between each actual amount and the associated standard.Within an organization's overall strategic plan. managers will define goals for organizational departments in specific of our company’s brands. operational terms that include standards of performance to compare with organizational activities.

CONCLUSION  As a conclusions . we also had set up our goals which is to be the best fashion companys ever in Malaysia and we also wants to provide the highest quality products and accurate informations about them. Next . . sales or human resources that are controlled from the top level of management. Besides that . leading and controlling process to achieved our company’s vision and mission. finance. our company always been practising POLC which is planning . development. we practising the functional structure styles. In organizing . In a planning . Our managing director . Our top level managements will regularly attend trade exhibitions in fashion leading of many countries so that it can improve our leading’s style in our company. marketing. organizing . There was many stages of departments in Padini Holdings . leading process that takes place in our company is managerial roles and leading activities. Padini holdings functional structure consists of units or departmental groups identified by specialty. each of them will been monitor by a managers. we had concluded our mission statements to give a good services to our customers . accompanied with quick reaction to take advantage of changes in the market conditions and consumers’ preferences has guided our company with tremendous opportunities for continual growth until today. which is Yong Pang Chaun has an ability to analyse fashion trends. such as engineering.



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