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Dr. Bach Flower Remedies of England

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- Consists of 38 remedies, each one containing trace quantity of a particular wild flower found in English forests alone Discovered & Introduced by

DR. EDWARD BACH, M.B.B.S., M.R.C.S. of London around the year 1936
Commentary on the extended uses of the thirty-eight remedies by DR. (Prof.) V. KRISHNAMURTHY

[Results of three decades of practice, study and observation in the clinic]

What would you get by learning and using these remedies?
A Tamil saying is that what all we have so far learnt/studied is only the size of a handful of sand. What we are yet to learn is the size of our whole earth. Unfortunately, even in the handful of what we have learnt, more than ninety-nine per cent is incomplete or not correct. Supposing even a two per cent of what we have learnt/studied is correct, we would by now be living the life of a maharaja (emperor). Bach Remedies enable you to know the meaning, value and significance of various things exactly and accurately. Precision is the culture of Bach Remedies. Thus, by taking suitable Bach remedies all your difficulties dilute away and thus you are able to increase your income and lifestyle. To illustrate our claim that 99% of what all we have studied/learnt is wrong, let us go to the following few questions and learn how exactly Bach Remedies give the correct answers to them: 1. What is the use of encyclopaedias? 2. How does a medical doctor becomes a doctor with Midas touch? 3. What is the right and only solution to cure addictions?

Use of Encyclopaedias:
Almost all readers, even a college professor would say that an encyclopaedia is a reference book to know all about a particular thing. That use is a low-key approach. The correct answer is something different: To prove this, let us quote some medical cases here: A middle-aged man with pain in his left knee for two years came to me for treatment after trying with various specialists in vain. After looking at him I directed him to a dentist to remove any decayed tooth because the type of his knee pain was due to decayed teeth. He insisted that I should see the X-ray and clinical laboratory test reports taken on the advice of chief ortho doctors in the city. I refused and so he went away. He continued with his drugs, physiotherapy etc. Six months after this, he got retirement and went to his motherland Canada. There he consulted his family physician for his knee pain. That doctor too, after looking at him, directed him to a dentist. When he went to the dentist, after examining the teeth the latter asked him whether he had been having knee pain for two years. Telling that the knee pain was due to a decayed tooth, he removed it; the very next day his knee pain vanished permanently. Now the question is why was it possible for the author of this book as well as the Canadian doctor to diagnose that the decayed tooth was the cause for his knee pain, while the doctors in Chennai were giving drugs, recommending physiotherapy etc. The answer is very simple. Myself as well as that Canadian doctor have studied British Encyclopaedia of Medical Practice (12 volumes) as a textbook. So, there is no chance of our making wrong diagnosis; also no need to send a difficult case to a so-called senior physician etc. How did the author of this book come to know the exact use of encyclopaedias? The Bach remedy called Cerato enabled the author to know and learn the correct use of encyclopaedias.

From the Bach Remedy Cerato, we learn that Textbook is for passing an examination to get a degree or diploma. Encyclopaedia is the textbook for professionals to become No. 1 in their respective field.

No professor in any college would teach you things so exactly as Bach Remedies. Real causes of disease/sufferings of men is known by the use of Bach Flower Remedies alone; nowhere else do we get correct answers for our problems and sufferings. Let us examine one of the social evils viz., 'addiction ' and learn as to how Bach Remedies reveal the only right solution: Walnut is the name of one of the thirty-eight Bach Remedies (Each Bach remedy is prepared from the trace quantity of a particular non-toxic wild flower and all these thirtyeight remedies are found in one place in the thick English forest. The place is called Mount Vernon, a small village. A few of these flowers are found here and there in some parts of the globe together but not all are found together in one place!) The Bach remedy Walnut is given to cure all types of addictions and bad habits i.e., where the patient is doing one and the same bad thing repeatedly over and over again with his fingers/hands - be it chain smoking, drinking alcohol in excess daily, tobacco-chewing, taking several cups of coffee/tea, thumb-chewing in children or nail-biting in elders. After taking Walnut for a certain period of time, though the addicts gave up the habit we continued to give the remedy Walnut to them, because we have to find out as to why they became addicts. In due course, these persons started learning instrumental music or painting and soon started performing in stages earning Rs. 500 to 1000 for each two-hour performance as compared to their earlier income of mere 5-7 thousand rupees, working as an office staff for 8 hours x 30 days. The question now before us is, "What has 'playing instrumental music or painting ' to do with addiction?" In both cases, the person does one and the same thing repeatedly over and over again with rhythmical movement of his fingers/hands WALNUT Smoking cigarettes or nailbiting or taking ganja is the 'NEGATIVE ' aspect of the Bach remedy Walnut. Playing instrumental music or painting is the 'POSITIVE ' aspect of the same remedy.

From the above we infer that mighty Nature (or God) tells all addicts: "I sent you on earth to learn and play instrumental music (or painting) and earn 1-2 thousands daily. But you did the mistake of studying science or accountancy to earn a mere few thousand rupees once a month only. To remind your job on earth I made you an addict. At least now realise your mistake, take Walnut and start learning instrumental music and earn a few thousand rupees for each 2-3 hour performance." Addiction is not a punishment given by Nature but a chiding only. Thus, Bach Remedies DO NOT 'TREAT ' OR 'CURE ' human beings but change them from 'negative ' to 'positive ' types. On the one hand Walnut enables addicts to completely give up the bad habit; on the

other, it simultaneously enables them to automatically learn and master instrumental music/painting, irrespective of their age. We, therefore, call Sitar Ravishanker of North India and Veena Gayathri of Tamil Nadu as "POSITIVE Walnut-type persons." Had the parents of these instrumentalists done the mistake of discouraging their learning instrumental music and insisted on their first becoming at least a graduate, they would have ended up as a diploma/degree holder and working in an office for a mere 5-10 thousand rupees per month and becoming addicts to alcohol, drugs etc. From the above, we get the lesson (by the study of Bach Remedies) that in deaddiction centres we must employ teachers of instrumental music/painting and this alone is the only and correct solution to cure addictions. Will the concerned authorities wake up at least now? Let us now go to another Bach remedy Cherry Plum. This is prescribed for: Persons who weep or with 'unbearable ' pain (whatever may be the name of his disease). Cherry Plum is not a painkiller but it cures the underlying pathology and so the pain stops. The best place to illustrate the use of Cherry Plum is the labor ward in any maternity hospital. (Bach Remedies are thirty-eight in all. Every person would be of one remedy-type only at any given time. Thus, roughly three out of every hundred persons would be Cherry Plum type). Go and stand in the verandah of any labor ward at midnight and you would be hearing the shouting, crying or weeping of three out of every one hundred expectant mothers. The child wants to come out of the uterus but the mouth of the uterus (os uteri) does not dilate (expand.) Thus, it causes "unbearable" pain making the mother cry. This happens in the case of three per cent of expectant mothers at delivery time. We gave Cherry Plum at this time to these ladies (say, 1-3 doses every 5-15 minutes). Soon they had normal delivery. At this point please do not take down notes that the Bach Remedy Cherry Plum is for "easy delivery." Not only painful delivery but in all diseases or problems in life where the affected person cries/weeps with 'unbearable ' pain (or resort to suicide) Cherry Plum is to be prescribed and it cures them. In the case of life problems making them to resort to suicide, the remedy enables them to automatically find ways and means to solve their problems. I called aside the above ladies to whom Cherry Plum was prescribed for 'unbearable pain ' and advised them to take daily one dose of the same remedy. They said, "Sir, we have delivered the baby. Why more medicine?" I advised them that this remedy would enable them to know as to why they got such 'unbearable ' labor pain for hours together and also to prevent all future sufferings (be it bodily diseases or problems in life) making them weep or cry. They started taking the remedy. After a few weeks it was noticed that all of them started learning vocal music (irrespective of their age) and after a year were performing in music clubs and stages and their income multiplied several-folds. Mighty Nature indirectly tells the above ladies: "I sent you on earth to learn vocal music and earn several thousand rupees. But you did the mistake of choosing an unsuitable profession to earn a few thousand rupees once a month. To remind your work on earth, I gave you that unbearable labor pain. At least now realise your mistake, start taking the Bach remedy Cherry Plum which not only reduces your prolonged labor pain, but also simultaneously enables you to learn vocal music and earn severalfold of your previous monthly income. The question now before us is, What is the connection between 'vocal' music and 'crying with pain or problem in life?' In both instances, 'voice' is used continuously in high pitch.

From the Bach Remedy CHERRY PLUM, we learn that those weeping/shedding tears should start learning vocal music 'Singing ' is the 'POSITIVE ASPECT ' of the remedy. 'We call weeping with pain or problem in life' as 'NEGATIVE ASPECT' of Cherry Plum.

The names of the 39 Bach Remedies are:
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. Agrimony Aspen Beech Centaury Cerato Cherry Plum Chestnutbud Chicory Clematis Crab Apple Elm Gentian Gorse Heather Holly Honeysuckle Hornbeam Impatiens Larch Mimulus Mustard Oak Olive Pine Red Chestnut Rock Rose Rock Water Scleranthus Star of Bethlehem Sweet Chestnut Vervain Vine Walnut Water Violet White Chestnut Wild Oat Wild Rose Willow Rescue Remedy


1. Out of the first thirty-eight in the above list, each one contains trace quantity of a particular wild flower. The remedy Rock Water at Serial No. 27 alone is not from flower, but it is merely water collected from natural springs found among hard rocks. 2. Rescue Remedy at Sl. No. 39 is a mixture of the five remedies at serial Nos. 6, 9, 18, 26 and 29

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • There are just thirty-eight remedies only. No elaborate head racking study. It is very simple and is easily learnt. There is absolutely no diet or other restrictions. No contra-indications. It can be taken at any time, not necessarily before or after food. They are available in the form of "ready-to-take" sweet pills. There is no need to swallow the pills with water; just to be chewed. Easily carried even during travel and journeys. To those who refuse medicine, the pills can be dissolved in their drinking water, coffee/tea etc. This does not cause discolouration of the water or emit any smell. There is no expiry date for these remedies. They are absolutely safe, non-habit-forming and even if wrongly used or taken in over doses, do not produce side-effects. There is no question of withdrawal syndrome. They can be given to persons of all ages, the newborn babies as well as to women at all months of pregnancy. They can be taken while you are on other medicines/treatment because they do not interfere with the action of other treatment. Up to five medicines can be taken together at a time. They can be repeated as often as required. In chronic diseases, once or twice daily. Unique uses of Bach Remedies in giving relief is seen in cases.

BACH FLOWER REMEDIES are not for 'treatment' of ordinary diseases like cough and cold, though there are complete and permanent cure of many acute and some chronic diseases on record with the use of these remedies. "Treatment of disease ' ' is a low-key approach as far as Bach Remedies are concerned. They are more for 'prevention. ' Not for prevention of hepatitis, polio etc., but prevention of problems in life, like poverty, diseases, deviant behaviour etc. But, on the other hand, BACH REMEDIES give correct answers and solutions to ALL problems facing humanity - call it addiction, deviant behaviour, unemployment, insufficient income, disturbances arising out of broken families etc. A. In the i. ii. iii. system of Bach Remedies the patient himself tells his remedy to us by:either the words used by him in reference to his complaints; or by body language; or by his attitude/outlook as observed and reported by those around him; or as observed by the practitioner using Bach Remedies. For this you need not probe deep into his mental faculties nor do psychoanalysis. B. This is a 'Treat-yourself ' method and no knowledge of anatomy, physiology, pathology, psychology etc. are required to learn and practise this system. In other words, Bach Remedies and Bach Remedies alone give the only correct answer as to why men get diseases, suffer due to poverty, problems in life etc. By a regular, thorough and systematic study of Bach Remedies we also get right solutions to incurable diseases and terminal illness, thus making it different from and superior to other forms of treatment. Those who are not qualified or Regd. Medical Practitioners may ask as to how they can use Bach Remedies without themselves being a Regd. or qualified medical practitioner. The next chapter gives the answer. When there is a gross change in the brain such as growth of a tumour, lesion, atrophy etc. (pathology) (which form a small percentage of mental illness). Bach Remedies cannot, of course, cure them. But in respect of behavioural and other disorders (not arising from gross lesions in brain and not due to sideeffects of allopathic drugs which are chemicals capable of damaging brain permanently) Bach Remedies can certainly cure.

Why do we say that to use Bach Remedies for yourself and others you need not be a Regd. Medical Practitioner? For this we must understand the difference between 'drug ' and 'remedy. ' There are 'Drug Inspectors' appointed by the government, but there are no 'Remedy Inspectors' as such.

Allopathic drugs are noxious and poisonous chemicals. If prescribed wrongly or given in overdose, they would, in most cases, endanger the life of the patient. For example, if a non-diabetic patient takes insulin or any other tablet meant for diabetes, his sugar level would come down considerably and he may swoon. That is why you find the following caution printed on the drugs: "To be used by a Regd. Medical Practitioner, Hospital or Laboratory only. ' ' But a 'Remedy ' is different from a 'drug. ' Remedies are harmless even if used wrongly. Suppose you advise a patient to apply castor oil on a sprained neck and do massage; or for 'constipation ' you tell someone to take castor oil internally 1-2 ounce, this is called a 'remedy'. It won 't do any serious harm. At the most the person may have 5-7 times purging or loose bowel movements. For prescribing a 'medicine ' or 'remedy ' you need not be a qualified/Regd. Medical Practitioner. In Bach Remedies, two pills are given for a dose, irrespective of age. If wrongly given or even if the whole phial of 300 pills are taken at a time, there won 't be any side-effects because the material content is negligible - trace quantity. The effects of Bach Remedies are 'dynamic ' and not physiological. In other words, you cannot harm anyone in any way by so-called overdosing or wrong prescription. Again, there are no side-effects or contra-indications. Also, no diet restrictions and can be taken while you are on other forms of treatment/therapy. (Anything dissolved in sugar base or alcohol or honey have no expiry date. Bach Remedies are available in the form of tiny sugar pills. Hence these have no expiry date.) Let us for example, take the case of 'addiction ' and find how Bach Remedies offer the right solution.

[In De-addiction Centres the same allopathic drugs are used to treat all types of alcoholic victims. The persons thus treated, of course, give up taking alcohol and does not take even if it is given to him. But, because of the side-effects, he becomes dull, stupid, lazy, lethargic etc., and is unable to concentrate in discharging his official duties & responsibilities at home. Alas! After six months, when the drug goes out of his body, he starts consuming double the quantity of what he had been taking originally. It is a stereotyped method in allopathy where humans are treated like animals and thus the patients suffer from side effects.] In Bach Remedies system we do not treat 'addiction' but we treat 'personalities.' Hence no side-effects nor the person becoming immune to Bach Remedies in future. We individualise the victims. The following type of classifications is not anybody 's theory but they have been in existence from time immemorial.

Name of the Bach Remedy Mind symptom of the victim (addict)


Here, it is a matter of sheer habit. The question of giving up alcohol / tobacco does not arise because the victim does not even think of making an attempt to give up this habit. For once, if he misses his drink, his hand would shake and subsequently suffer from withdrawal symptoms. This is A CLEAR CASE OF ADDICTION INDEED.

At night he firmly takes a vow that from the next day he won 't take alcohol and even promises his wife too. But the very next SCLERANTHUS day the same old story is repeated. This is not addiction but "UNSTEADINESS OF MIND ' ' (Irresolution). Does not take alcohol for 'kick' as the above first said Walnuttype persons. But to forget his worries at home when some dishonourable events has happened like the elopement of his daughter, his wife living with another person, etc., one day he suddenly starts drinking to ventilate his suppressed emotions and grief. Not necessarily drinks for 'kick ' like the first said Walnut-type. He wants to put up a show before others that he does drink imported stuff like Scotch etc., - The status monger. This would be evidenced by the fact that in his house we find in the hall, empty biscuit brandy bottles are neatly arranged in a row in the showcase.



He decides to give up the habit and has completely stopped it. But if he happens to see the bottle or someone smoking, he would take a peg (or a cigarette) and no more after that, till CHERRY PLUM such time he again sees the bottle/cigarette packet. A case of "irresistible temptation ' ' indeed.

Name of the Mind symptom of the victim (addict) Bach Remedy


Again, Wild Rose-type persons are not regular drinkers. They drink to 'enjoy' life or to celebrate once a while, like for example, on the first of every month when they get their monthly salary or, on the day of receiving yearly bonus; or, on the date of getting arrears etc., and on occasions like promotion, transfer, wedding party etc. (celebration!) These types of persons are neither 'addicts' nor are they fond of the 'kick' feeling. They are tonic-mongers or strength-maniacs. Drinks 'wine' or 'brandy' only, because they have heard that these two are good for health. (It is said that one drop of wine is equal to one drop of blood!) They are over-conscious of nutrition, vim, vigour & vitality. They have forgotten that 'health is wealth' and wrongly think that 'strength is wealth.' Here he is a miser and does not drink by buying from the liquor shop. But when it is available 'free of cost' such as in parties etc., even though he does not know how to drink, he gulps down as much as possible and comes home and vomits all. (The regular drinker knows his limit and does not overdose himself.) Examples are waiters working in Army Officers Mess and top-executives attending parties quite often resort to this type of drinking. Here is the 'nervous fellow' who has the fear-complex, drinks to become courageous. These types take liquor just before encountering his rivals.




Thus, we call Bach Remedies as a human medicine because every victim/patient is individualised. Be that as it may. Let us find the correct answer to the question as to why a person becomes an addict. Again, let us reiterate, that we are here not doing any psycho-analysis of addicts, but in the above table, we have just and only given the classification as it exists and found by us, from time immemorial. (Mighty Nature cannot be studied or learnt!)

To a chain smoker or to a person who drinks daily without a break - as a matter of sheer habit or addiction, we give the Bach Remedy Walnut daily 2-4 times. Sooner or later he gives up the bad habit. But we do not stop the remedy even after he gives up alcohol/tobacco smoke. Why? This is because we have to find out as to why he became an addict. In the case of 99% of addictions wherever we had prescribed Walnut and when this was continued even after he gave up the addiction, sooner or later we noticed that all of them started learning painting or instrumental music. After 1-2 years of practice he started performing in stages earning 2-5 thousand rupees for each 2-hour performance compared to his 5-7 thousand rupees which he got by working for 30 days x 8 hours. Thus, Walnut not only helped him to give up the bad habit but also enabled him to earn more money. Let us now examine as to how 'addiction' is related to 'painting' or 'instrumental music.' In alcoholism or tobacco-smoking, a person does daily one and the same thing repeatedly with his hands. In learning painting/instrumental music and after some years of learning, while performing in theatres also, he does the same thing repeatedly over and over again*.

Smoking is a sign of disease - 'negative' aspect of mind. Instrumental (music) Painting - 'positive' aspect of mind. In the above situation, the Bach Remedy Walnut takes a person from the 'negative' to the 'positive' side. Addicts are called 'negative' Walnut-type personalities. Walnut type person cannot keep quite even for a moment and does one and the same work repeatedly over and over again. Just because the parents refused to send him to a painting or music school (and wrongly thought that he must first become at least a graduate and so put in an academic school) he got diverted to the readily available tobacco smoke or liquor. Thus, we do not 'treat' or 'cure' addicts or addiction but from their NEGATIVE type (smoking tobacco/drinking alcohol) the indicated Bach remedy takes them to the positive aspect (painting/instrumental music).* These remedies have the power to help us to preserve our personality. Successful artists and instrumentalists like Sitar Ravishanker of North India or Mandolin Shrinivas, Veena Gayathri, Flute Sashank are called POSITIVE-WALNUT type personalities. Suppose parents of these personalities did the mistake of forcing their children to first complete their graduation, they would have by now become addicts to liquor/drugs. From the foregoing analysis we can safely conclude that in De-addiction centres instead of treating them with drugs as in veterinary practice, painting/instrumental music should be taught. It is not anybody's theory but we are in direct communion with the mighty Nature. Wherever Walnut was prescribed, the person not only stopped his cigarettes/ alcohol but also turned to painting/instrumental music and thus started earning several fold of what he was originally earning. * We are not here advancing any of our own 'theory' relating smoking/alcoholism with painting/ instrumental music. It is
practical. It only exists as it is and we have simply discovered it from repeated observations.

The following table would further illustrate what happens when the respective remedy is given to the alcoholics, otherwise called the 'NEGATIVE' and 'POSITIVE' types. Relevant Bach Remedy for the Negative Type




Habit/practice Chain smoking / doing the same Painting/playing Drinking alcohol thing repeatedly instrumental music over and over daily again Drinking only when looking at Vocal music cigarette/alcohol Irresistible temptation (use of tongue* or voice)


Cherry Plum

Takes active participation in his Takes interest in daily work so that Not being prompt. unimportant thing tomorrow his Laziness. merely because of promotion or Indecision 'absorbing' nature double increment is assured Dread (weakness of mind); so takes Bold/confident strength-giving brandy/wine Fear of people Love of humanity






Haughty, arrogant, A leader is to guide proud leader others and not to status threatening others. dominate *Tongue/throat is used to make noise/voice as well as to taste/ swallow delicious food.


Therefore, another use of the Bach Remedy Cherry Plum is as follows: Negative Positive Keyword Screams/shrieks for hours sings in high pitch for hours use of tongue/ with labour pains at a stretch voice M. S. Subbalaxmi, Sudha Raghunathan, Sowmya of South India and Latha Mangeshkar of North India are called positive Cherry Plum type personalities. Suppose, parents of these had insisted on Bank job, academic education etc., by now they would have developed problems in life or diseases making them to weep or scream with pain.

"Heuristic" method is a way of learning without a teacher. The student has to find out and learn things by himself. Perhaps, most of you have not heard of this method.

HEURISTIC METHOD AND WHY SHOULD WE KNOW ABOUT WHAT IS IT ? Take any subject - psychology, geometry, astronomy. The first person who had introduced that as a subject of study found out and formulated it by himself and not by studying under any teacher. Maths wizard Shakuntala Devi, who had not entered a college or university classroom was given a brand new Benz car (worth Rs.30 lakhs) free of cost when she challenged the latest computer in Benz car manufacturing company of Germany and did a complicated calculation mentally and gave the answer speedier than the latest computer. She became a wizard in calculations not by studying B.Sc. or M.Sc. (maths) in any college but is a mere S.S.L.C. or Tenth Standard. Nor did Mahatma Gandhi study ahimsa (non-violence) in any college. He became the father of the nation not because he was a barrister-at-law. Nay, most people do not know that he is a foreign qualified law graduate! Nor had Oxford studied English literature in any college to compile world famous and Number One Oxford dictionary. He studied up to 9th standard and discontinued his school. Our arts colleges/universities all over the world are not able to bring out a better compiler of dictionary than Oxford. Number one author of World History is H. G. Wells. Alas! He was a science student and he did not study B.A. or M.A. (History) to become No.1 author of world history. If you want to end up as a mere breadwinner by earning 5-10 thousand rupees per month, you may mug up notes aspiring to put the title "M.A." etc., after your name. But if you want more servants to wait on you like Oxford, Shakuntala Devi etc., and if you want to get an income proportionate to your expenses and requirements, then heuristic method is there for you. "What should I now do to find a fine new thing/subject by heuristic method?" Some of you may wonder! Our answer is, 'For that, you have to free yourself from the undesirable effects of tradition, descent etc.' Again your question would be: "How can I do that?" Answer to this question come from Bach Flower Remedies of England.

Dr. Edward Bach, M.B.B.S., M.R.C.S., of London, around the year 1930 gave up his lucrative practice in Harley Street to devote his full time to the finding of the Remedies, perfecting the method and ultimately discovered and introduced a system of medicine, comprising of thirty-eight remedies, each one prepared from a particular wild flower, most of which are found in English forests alone. He sought for remedies in the plant world which would restore vitality to the sick and ailing, so that the sufferer would be able to overcome his worry, his fear or his depression and in that manner assist in his own healing. The remedies used in this method of treatment are prepared each one from a particular wild flower in bushes in the English forests. None of them is harmful or habit forming. They are prescribed not directly for the physical complaint but rather according to the sufferer's state of mind, according to his mood, fear, worry, anger or depression. An inharmonious state of mind will not only hinder the recovery of health and retard convalescence, but it is the primary cause of sickness. It is well known that a long continued fear or worry will deplete an individual's vitality; it will cause him to feel out of sorts, below par or not himself. Under these conditions the body loses its natural resistance to disease. It is in a fit state to become the prey of any infection and any form of illness,

whether it is a cold, rheumatism, digestive disturbances or any of the more serious diseases. Therefore, it is the patient himself, not the disease, who needs the treatment. The old dictum "there are no diseases, only sick people!" is an excellent example to confirm this. When mental peace and harmony returns, health and strength will be restored. These are available in the form of ready-to-take tiny sweet pills at a throw away price of Rs.50 per 10ml pack of 300 tiny pills, two pills given for a dose (chewable) irrespective of age.

We have already said that these flowers are available in English forests alone. The aroma of these flowers carried by the flower dust and spread by winds have been influencing the British people from time immemorial and making them No.1, in all fields. How can we say that the British are No.1 in the World? The B.B.C. (British Broadcasting Corporation) broadcasts news in Tamil, Hindi etc. This does not bring any credit to Indians, because the B.B.C. broadcasts in forty-three languages of the world. But our All India Radio does not go beyond Indian languages, although the total area of Great Britain (including England, Scotland and Ireland) is just onethirteenth of India. When former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was shot dead, Rajiv Gandhi was touring in West Bengal. He learnt the news first from B.B.C. radio. The B.B.C. correspondent in Delhi receives the news immediately and he swiftly sends it to London B.B.C. office, which in turn broadcasts it all over the world. But Indian officials could not transmit the news from Delhi to West Bengal quicker than B.B.C. B.B.C. news is the quickest and the most reliable. When any news is heard in big official circles, to verify whether it is a rumour or a fact, they would at once crosscheck with B.B.C. news! The staff strength of the B.B.C. is less than one-fourth of A.I.R. staff in Delhi or Chennai. Radio stations of many countries relay B.B.C. news, but B.B.C. does not relay news of other stations. The highest respectable qualification in medical practice is F.R.C.S., M.R.C.P. etc. These can be acquired by studying in England alone. The richest Gulf countries have accepted and adopt these parameters for employing doctors in their hospitals and M.B.B.S., M.D., or M.S. from India hardly get a place. To study economics, London School of Economics is the most prestigious institution and to get admission is not an easy task. And the fees? A whooping twenty lakhs! Again, those Indians who have studied Law in England (Barristerat- law) have opened offices all over Europe. This qualification is recognised internationally. We are not writing all these to praise Englishmen, but the focus is on something else, something productive and result-based subject. Scotland Yard is the world-renowned police force. Even in Indira Gandhi's assassination case, their help was sought. One of the British cop from Scotland Yard who arrived in Delhi for investigation spoke Punjabi fluently with Punjabi accent and his dress, behaviour/mannerisms were exactly that of a

Punjabi because the assassins of Indira Gandhi were two Punjabis. This gives us the impression that they have the enthusiasm and spirit to prepare themselves for any suitable requirement. But policemen in India are hardly trained to talk English fluently like British or U.S. nationals. Leading Tamil cine music composer Ilayaraja received the Maestro award (the highest in the world for excellence in Music) which, again, was instituted by England. Receiving such award by Ilayaraja is not a credit for Tamilians or Indians; but it is unfortunate that we in India do not have one of our own to honour others at international level. Car race on good road depends upon the driver's skill. But car race on the rough roads is to test the roadworthiness of the make of the car. In the Himalayan car rally (rough and rugged road), Dolphin car (English make) came first in endurance test. How is it possible for the British to be No. 1 in many fields? Even in games, the most popular and most loved one is cricket. This again is of England's origin. Again, even among pen, No.1 is Parker or Swan. No.1 Soap is Pears (all these are from England) English 7' O Clock Blade is No.1 in the world. And Now, the secret of their being No. 1: It is only because of the effects of thirty-seven wild flowers available in abundance in their natural habitat in English forests only. The aroma of these flowers has been influencing the British for thousands of years. (We import these into India and sell in the form of 'ready-to-take' chewable pills at a cheaper rate of Rs.50 in an easy to carry 10ml pack of 300 pills.) The medicinal and other effects of these thirty-seven flowers on human personality were discovered by Dr. Edward Bach, M.B.B.S., M.R.C.S. of London, in 1936. He abandoned his lucrative medical practice in Harley street (Hollywood of doctors) and like Gautama Buddha wandered in thick forests and fell upon the thirtyseven wild flowers. These are known as Bach Remedies or Dr. Bach Flower Remedies of England. These are not per se for treatment of diseases. They are to solve our problems in life, remove defects in our personality and help us to increase our income and lifestyle. Many seemingly intelligent readers may ask: "How can a pill increase my income or personality?'' Our answer is: "Do you know to whom the President's Gallantry Award is given on the Republic Day? If you have learnt swimming (and also rescue operations) and if you save a drowning person, you won't be given that award. The award is given to a boy of twelve, who, not knowing swimming, rescues a drowning person who is above his age, size and weight. How is this possible? These cannot strictly be classified as medicine, we must bear in mind the fact that these are regulators of the human mind. Treatment of certain diseases is also possible with these remedies, but its unique feature is that, it alone offers medicines for 'afflictions' otherwise called 'witchcrafts'. Dear readers, it is now up to you to decide whether you would like to know and learn the subject of Bach Flower Remedies and improve your income & life-style by taking suitable Bach remedy(ies) on yourself. Unlike other medical systems where diseases and the agents causing them alone are considered, it is only in Bach Remedies where the mind symptoms of the individual or in other words, his 'personality', is dealth with.

How do we understand the scientificity of the action of the Bach Remedies?
For this one has to carefully study and interpret the following. When we feel hungry we take food provided by nature; When we feel thirsty, we take water provided by nature. When we feel chilly we wear woollen clothes, and feel comfortable. Every time, we feel hungry and thirsty, we do not go to the pathologist to know what the matter is. So also, when we are sick, Nature has provided us a group of wild flowers so that we may treat and cure ourselves easily, gently and quickly and without side-effects. Nature constantly works towards perfection. Science is after all study of things in Nature, but, alas, Nature is to be admired and not studied or learnt. For any disease, there is a state of tension, tautness, strain set up by the mind first and then it is communicated to the body. For example, the mental state of anxiety causes tension in the mind and the body, muscles contract, indigestion can follow and a state of very opposite of relaxation results - a simple form of disease. Prolonged anxiety that rises to the surface of the mind and is suppressed and driven down again results eventually in states of illness appearing in the physical body, the symptoms of which differ according to the physical condition of the individual. The Flower Remedies eliminate pressures completely and produce a state of harmony in the mind which then spreads thoughout the body. Dr. Bach wanted all mankind to benefit from his discoveries and learn how to acquire peace of mind and freedom from suffering that will enable all to lead a life of perfect peace, harmony and health, mental and physical that surely is our heritage. In our experience, we have noticed that in patients where other medical systems find it difficult to treat, Flower Remedies (prescribed to each patient according to indications) make this symptoms clear. It has been observed by us in the practice of Flower Remedies that old symptoms do come back and go themselves during the course of treatment. Negative thoughts afflict everybody at sometime or other. While some persons have learned to confront them after having brought their systems and minds into harmony, for those who are unable to do so, Bach Remedies give us the strength in overcoming our negative states of mind. They make us remain calm and serene even though we are tired, or have a emergency to meet, a decision to make or just another grey day to face. These remedies are 'user-friendly' and the system is 'self-complete' The reader should not conclude that he must 'consult' an expert to know which remedies he should take for himself for his problems. You go to Germany and you do not know German language. You do not every now then ring up to Chennai asking someone (who knows German and your mother tongue,) what you should say for buying apple in the shop. etc. etc. Instead, the best way is to learn German language. When you feel hungry you take food and you do not ask anybody what you should eat. So also, whatever may be your needs, problems in life, requirements etc, we say that you first learn the subject, get into that and then everything becomes easy and automatic. This is because a remedy useful for you in one situation may be useful to another person for a different purpose. In other words, these are highly individualised. For example, let us take an actual case of five persons, all of whom developed pain in abdomen, after taking food from a restaurant. In allopathy, a doctor may treat by prescribing uniformly one remedy to all the five for treating 'food poison' case.

Shyam: "In hotels they don't meticulously clean the plates. They simply dip the plates in a bucketful of water and that is all. Probably someone with infectious or contagious disease might have taken food before us and through the bucketful of water it might have spread to all of us. That is why we have this abdominal pain". Arun: 'They use half-perished vegetables and substandard oil for cooking. They want to make more money and we are suffering because of them.' Patel: 'Hotel food never agrees with my belly. I always try to avoid it. Had I avoided it this time, I would not have got this pain'. Anand: 'Probably I might have committed some sin and I am now paying for my past sins with this abdominal pain'. Raghuram, on his part, tells: "I am afraid that we may develop diarrhoea and vomiting and consequent dehydration. Better, we see a doctor immediately."

In the above five instances, though the complaint is uniform in all the five individuals, viz., abdominal pain, the reaction or words used by them are totally different from one another. Keywords (Symptom) Relevant Bach Remedy

Name of person



"In hotels they don't meticulously clean the plates. They simply dip the plates in a bucketful of water and that is all. Probably someone with infectious or contagious disease might have taken food before us and through the bucketful of water it might have spread to all of us. That is why we have this abdominal pain"

over-conscious filth, contamination, contagion etc.

of Crab Apple


"They use halfperished vegetables and substandard oil for Blaming others for cooking. They want his difficulties to make more money and we are suffering because of them" "Hotel food never agrees with my belly. I always try to avoid it. Had I Regret avoided it this time, I would not have got this pain" "Probably I might have committed some sin and I am Guilt complex now paying for my self-contempt past sins with this abdominal pain"





or Pine


"I am afraid we may develop diarrhoea and vomiting and fear of consequent cause dehydration. Better, we see a doctor immediately"

known Mimulus

Practitioners of all other systems would have simply ignored the above statements and they would have treated all of them for food-poisoning or so and it means hospitalization, taking medicines for a few days etc. But, in Bach Remedies, the cure is almost instantaneous. Each herb corresponds with one of the qualities and its purpose is to strengthen that quality so that the personality may rise above the fault that is the particular stumbling block. On reading the above, most readers at once rush to the wrong conclusion that this system is based on psycho-analysis and they must be expert in psychology to 'probe deep into the mental faculty of the patients'. No, not at all. Of course, a patient walks in with a physical complaint, but if we only allow them to continue, they invariably end up with a mental symptom. It is therefore, the real cause behind the disease which is of utmost importance, the mental state of the patient himself, not the condition of the body (Edward Bach). What we say is that it is more than sufficient if you listen to the patient allowing him to talk; nothing more and nothing less. The patient details his suffering. Those around him remark what they have observed about him. The practitioner listens without interrupting him to identify the mental symptom. Every interruption breaks the train of thought of the narrator, and all he would have said at first does not again occur to him in precisely in same manner after that. CASE STUDY - I A lady walked into my clinic the other morning and pointing to a slight swelling in her left forearm told, "Doctor, look at this swelling…" (After a pause she continued) "I am afraid it may not be anything like cancer". (here the patient enters with a physical symptom viz., swelling, but ends up with a mind symptom, "fear of disease (of cancer)". Mimulus is the name of a Bach remedy for 'fear' and I gave this to her to be taken thrice daily (two pills for a dose) and in a week's time the swelling disappeared completely. The reader must note that in this case, I did not prescribe Mimulus for "swelling" but for "fear" (of known things). This method of prescribing Bach Remedies has nothing to do at all with psychosomatic illness etc. We do not coin any word or use any terminology. Again, we are not here introducing any system. It already does exist in Nature. CASE STUDY - II The other day, a 55 year old person walked in and asked me "Doctor, do you have any medicine for low blood-pressure". I answered in the affirmative and asked him what the matter was, to which he

said: "Doctor, in the night I would suddenly wake up with fear. I cannot describe what it is—it is a vague fear; next morning I would go to my allopathic doctor and after checking my blood pressure he would say that I am having low blood pressure and he would prescribe some tablets; but this frequent waking from sleep with fear continues. I want a permanent cure." In this case the patient walks in with the complaint "low blood pressure" but ultimately ends up with 'vague or irrational fear'. In case No.1 above, it is Mimulus. In the second case another Bach Remedy, viz., Aspen cured him. Aspen is for 'vague and unknown fear'. Otherwise called as ‘‘Free Floating anxiety’’ in psychiatry. CASE STUDY - III Mr. S., sixty, was admitted for cataract surgery. On the day when he was taken to the theatre he got frightened on looking at the surgical instruments etc., and his blood pressure shot up. So surgery was postponed and he was given pills to bring down the blood pressure; on next day also, the same story was repeated and so on. Mimulus was given thrice daily and he was no more afraid of surgery and his blood pressure remained normal. In patients needing Mimulus, it is about a particular known thing that they are afraid of.

• • • • • • • 'Fear of taking an injection'. We call such persons 'nervous types'. 'Fear of high places;' 'fear of the boss in office'. 'Fear of robbers, accidents, examinations'. 'Fear of electric current' and so is afraid of handling electrically-operated appliances. We call such persons 'nervous types'. 'Fear of darkness' (But, if this is ameliorated in company, then another Bach remedy, viz., Chicory is to be prescribed). Fear of using the razor for shaving, of dogs, of oxen'. When he has to meet a big person, he becomes nervous. Fear of father who is always strict and beats his children often.

To a lady in whose house there were lot of cockroaches of which she was afraid, Mimulus was given thrice daily; after a week she remarked; "I am not afraid of cockroaches now…". Whenever a patient tells you of his trouble: "I am afraid that it may be cancer" or "Will it spread?" or "Will it terminate in a fatal or incurable disease?" then, irrespective of the ailment he is referring to, you can give him the Bach remedy Mimulus. It not only removes fear from the mind of such persons but also cures the disease about which he refers to with fear. This is useful in treating certain diseases what the psychologists call as psycho-somatic illnesses. 'Fear of impending disease', 'fear of the disease getting worse or terminating fatally' all need Mimulus. Often we find this symptom in case of difficult breathing, pain in chest etc. "I had pain in my chest last night. Will it turn into heart attack or is it connected with the beginning of any serious heart troubles?" asked a lady. Mimulus cured her. Nature cannot be studied or learnt. Nature can be admired. We are still at the entrance gate of Nature.

Rarely we get a glimpse of wonders of mighty Nature. Dr. Bach Flower Remedies of England is one such rarest things which you would only wish that you had learnt it much earlier in your lifetime.

If God loves us so much where comes disease and suffering of humans? These thoughts led Dr. Edward Bach to abandon his lucrative medical practice in Harley Street (Hollywood of doctors) and go in search of truth, like Gautama Buddha. We only get astonished at the tremendous and marvellous effects of these remedies. For example, Rescue Remedy, one of the Bach Remedies is a near-panacea where life is in danger in medical emergencies arising from traumatic causes—serious accidents (including road and industrial accidents, extensive burns & scalds, snake/ scorpion and other poison bites, electric shock etc. excepting, of course, fractures.) These are not diseases per se, but endanger the life of the victim arising from external causes, otherwise called 'trauma' in medical parlance. Within minutes after accident, put two pills into the mouth of the victim. (Not being a 'doctor' or 'qualified & registered medical practitioner' if you are afraid of giving 'medicine' to anyone, you may dissolve 5-10 pills in little plain water and apply the solution anywhere on the skin of the victim. The medicated water applied on the skin gives the same result if taken orally.) Moments later, after one single dose of Rescue Remedy, we would see, i. ii. iii. iv. bleeding stops, however long or deep the cut may be and without any need to put up a bandage; later, the patient may go to a nurse or a doctor for suturing the wound. pain, swelling etc. is reduced considerably. in case of poison-bites, the poison is neutralized. in the case of burns & scalds, burning pain completely stops and next day there is no aftereffects, such as bleb formation, hardening of tissues, discolouration of skin etc. It may be mentioned here that even if you go to any qualified doctor he has no medicine to stop the burning pain nor to prevent the after-effects.

To a student of psychology each one of the following may appear to be different mental attitudes: 1. While travelling in the bus a man cuts off the long hair of a young woman sitting in front of him; 2. An old man takes a long and sharp nail and punctures all the two-wheelers parked in front of the flats. 3. When the daughter tells her father that she had passed her 12th standard in first class, he is not in any way affected by the news. At the most he may sigh saying that he has to now run from pillar to post of get college admission for her. Any psychology student may call the first two behaviours as 'impulse' or 'hidden irrational motives for action.' And the third as 'joylessness' or feeling that life is a burden. In the system of BACH FLOWER REMEDIES one remedy covers all the above mind symptoms viz., Wild Rose. The keyword for this remedy is MISANTHROPY or ‘Indifference to living/mankind.’ The characteristics of person needing the remedy Wild Rose are given below:

1. When he buys a thing worth twenty rupees from a shop and pays a one-hundredrupee note and when the shopkeeper pays the balance he puts the money into his packet without counting it. 2. When someone sends New Year Greetings he drops it into the waste paper basket without caring to know who had sent and what is written inside. Does not send Pongal or New Year Greetings to any one. 3. This Wild Rose-type mentality can be found in any average government servant where promotion is only once in ten years after he reaches the highest in his payscale and so promotion does not mean extra income. (But in private company if one works hard he gets double promotion etc.) 4. When the country's general elections results are announced he does not care to know which political party won. All the above are classified under the following category and the remedy is Wild Rose: Misanthropy—no 'thrill' in life—indifference—feels that life is a burden— just eats because he feels hungry, does not care to 'select' dresses; puts on some dress or other merely because he cannot go on the street or to the office without putting up a shirt—does not care to shave his face daily nor to do haircut once in a month; does not even comb hair nor applies oil on head daily.

The greatest benefit that we get from Flower Remedies is seen when we come to this topic Crisis Management. 1. You are flying in an aircraft and in mid air it is being hijacked. 2. A child is kidnapped and ransom is demanded over phone. 3. Daughter-in-law is ill-treated by husband and mother-in-law and even knowing these the parents of the girl cannot challenge the in-laws because, in India, divorce, remarriage etc. cannot be thought of in many families, because they are considered as a social stigma. In all the above situations you take a dose of the Bach Remedy Rock Water and (i) the hijacker would release you only; (ii) the kidnapper surrenders. (iii) Give the Bach Remedy Rock Water to the girl and the in-laws start behaving rationally towards her. Haughty, arrogant, dominating husbands who drink liquor daily in the evening and come home at night and beat their wives are common these days. If the wives take Rock Water their husbands calm down. A very poor Brahmin purohit (priest, who performs poojas etc. at houses and get a meagre income that too on festivals days and when religious rites are performed) with great difficulty sent his only son to the school and college and made him a graduate. Then by paying a bribe of ten thousand rupees got a job also for the boy. But the latter stopped going to work saying that since the father is earning he won't go to office. Rock Waterwas given to the father and the son started behaving humanely.

In the 'negative aspect' of this remedy we find

1. unable to learn from repeated experience/training. (So, as a result, he tries to escape from that subject) 2. escapist mentality Any thief, criminal or offender would only try to 'escape.' That is why we have police station, third degree manners in lock-up resulting in death in some cases, court, prison etc. etc. Whether it is one who has committed a murder or the maidservant working in your house who had stolen your gold chain, give a few pills of the Bach remedy Chestnutbud mixed in water/coffee/tea or juice. If she or he had stolen, they would, of their own, voluntarily accept the theft and return the stolen thing to you. Chestnutbud is not a 'truth finder'. It simply and only removes the negative aspect of the mind"escapist mentality." Therefore, lock-up deaths, court etc., go out of terminology and the poor newspaper men would have no work to do. If the maidservant does not do her duties properly but is marking time and shirking responsibility, add a few pills of Chestnutbud to her coffee that you give her daily and see the result. She does all the household chores correctly. The convicts, upon completion of their term of punishment, when they are released from prisons, as a rehabilitation measure give them daily 1-2 doses of Chestnutbud. Will it remove their thieving mentality? No one has so far given the correct solution for the culprits as rehabilitation method. These so-called convicts had been sent on earth to learn a particular unique subject (distinct and different from all others, who, like herds of animals are studying commerce, computer, literature etc. etc.) Because he could not find the teacher to teach him that unique subject or trade, his mind gets diverted to the readily available burglary, pickpocketing etc. As a rehabilitation measure, give all these convicts the Bach remedy Chestnutbud and we would be surprised how they learn a hitherto unknown unique trade/subject/ profession and become No.1 in that and would really be earning in a very decent manner more than the judge or police superintendent who had sent him to jail.

Hardly, a day passes without someone telling "I feel so tired, so weary, wornout and exhausted". Life is busy and noisy and world affairs are confusing for all of us; these are outside conditions and the real cause in within ourselves. Each one of us are unique and we react differently from our fellows to every event. When treating oneself with the remedies, it is helpful to notice how one reacts to certain circumstances, as for instance, when one is very tired, in an emergency, when one has to make a big and important decision, or to the weather. At times like these, our defences are lowered and naked feelings tend to the surface. We can react in many ways to outside influences, we can face all things with humour and cheerfulness and hope or be depressed, fearful or angry, in fact any of the negative states of mind for which the Bach Remedies are prescribed. Each remedy helps in overcoming the negative aspect of one's own character. When we are tired, some of us are irritable and impatient with everybody around and we need the Bach remedy IMPATIENS. Others are depressed and seem to find no light or happiness, they need GENTIAN orMUSTARD. Some, again may laugh and sing and pretend to be cheerful and for them AGRIMONY is needed. Those who become full of self-pity, wanting sympathy and attention at these times need CHICORY. To lose interest in everything, pay no attention to the conversations or the things that are going on around, but to be lost in thought, shows the need for WHITE CHESTNUT or CLEMATIS. When we think life has treated us badly and feel resentful, we need WILLOW. In an emergency, such as the sitting room curtains catches fire, some remain calm and know exactly what to do, take charge, lay down the law to others, they would need VINE. Others feel frightened and nervous, they want MIMULUS, or some may be terrified and their remedy is ROCK ROSE. When we hesitate and cannot make our minds on taking a decision between two alternatives, we should take SCLERANTHUS. When there is a fear that the wrong decision is going to be made, then take MIMULUS, and when we feel the need to ask the opinion of many others and follow that although it may not what we really wish, there is the need of the Bach Remedy CERATO. By considering the remedies in these ways, we shall get a reasonably clear picture of our needs. It becomes easier with practice. When the difficulties have been recognized, begin taking those remedies at once, do not wait until you are ill or out of sorts. Welcome the strength these remedies gives you in helping you to overcome these negative states of mind so that you can maintain your calmness and serenity even when you are tired,. Meeting an emergency, making a big decision, or when the weather is continuously dull and dreary. The secret of life is to be true to our own personality, not to suffer interference from outside influence. Whether you are going to use these remedies (on yourself or on others) or not, after mastering the subject, you would have in fact, mastered the 38 remedy-types or personalities. Thus, it would enable you to know how to behave with each type or what to expect from each of them. For example, let us take the case of those persons who are over-conscious of cleanliness and are sensitive to filth, contamination, contagion etc. and washing their hands even after shaking hands with any one. We call these persons as Crab Apple types. After learning Bach remedies, you would know that the best place for Crab Apple type persons to work is the kitchen where hygiene is paramount. The following table would show who are fit for what jobs: Lesson that we learn

Name of



Bach Remedy




taciturn, suppress worries

Suitable for wireless operator post, his signals, news readers for deaf persons.

If we do not want any dishonorable act to happen in our life (putting our reputation at stake) we must (at least a few minutes 1-2 times a week) observe silence (or, at least for half-a-day in 2-3 months) and during that time chant verses from scriptures by keeping mouth closed and without movement of tongue.


door-mats, submissive, obedient, meek etc.

Socialworkers, volunteers, subordinates, those who work in temples

We can employ these persons as subordinates/watchman/servants. Because they do the work ungrudgingly. They are unfit for supervisory posts.


The lesson that one learns from this remedy is this: To pass the exmination and get degree (M.B.B.S., M.B.A., M.A., etc.) you are required to study text-books. After obtaining graduation, when making you enter a job, to reach the inquiries, peak quickly (to become wizard, imitating authority, No.1 in the field etc.,) others, instead of attending seminars, constantly inquiring others, working for long changing Author of years to gain experience etc. doctors Encyclopaedias (Experience is the best teacher without but fools will learn in no other) justification, ENCYCLOPAEDIA should be our dabbling in TEXT-BOOK to go to the peak, too many provided someone had written an Encyclopaedia in that things subject/trade. Thus we would stop thinking wrongly that Encyclopaedia is a "reference book." It is a text-book for professionals to achieve 100% success. (Though you may not be a Cherry Plumtype personality) if you do not want to get disease/poverty that would make you weep/scream with pain or resort to suicide, then at least a few hours in a week sing aloud in

weeps / screams with Musicians pain or Cherry Plum (Vocal) commits suicide due to unbearable

pain / poverty

praise of God. (use of voice)

If you want to master a subject Escapes / thoroughly you need the best running away Wizard in a teacher (or guide-book). For this Chestnutbud from purpose you may subject/trade responsibility takeChestnutbud to enable you / elopement to find them. Do not give Chicory to a Chicorytype (if that person happens to live with you or is living in your town. Your pocket would become empty. Or you also take Chicory if you have to give this remedy to him. Before going out for shopping if we take a dose, a greedy shop-keeper won't overcharge us. We won't make useless purchases such as in the exhibitions etc. Is useful if you take before going out to collect donation, asking favours, promotion, recommendation etc. This remedy increases your 'charisma'. If you live in the present (for which you have to simply watch your thought as if some one is watching you) you will find that i) More persons wait on you ii) Money inflow becomes like a fall iii) Your diseases are cured



Philanthropy (Memorial school/ hospital)


Archery, rifleshooting, car-race meditation or Day-dreaming total concentration on the work at hand (Osho)

Crab Apple

Hygiene is foremost in the OverWater diviner. kitchen. Therefore, you must conscious of Those who get employ Crab Apple type persons cleanliness treasure. only as cooks. Lack of selfconfidence. Praising others unduly. Sitting glued to the chair, Full of selfwatches confidence cricket match for hours, getting diabetes, spondylitis etc.Physical The best method to relax is dancing. If you feel shy, dance in the bathroom or in your bedroom (when you are alone) at least for 5-10 minutes daily. Dancing helps us to throw away our diseases, poverty, negative qualities etc., and helps us to acquire health, wealth, name, fame etc. Dancing is the right answer to build our selfconfidence. Look at the exponent of Bharathanatyam. While



extending her hand away from her she opens her palm (meaning, throwing out negative things from her body) and while bringing it towards her, she folds it, (meaning, holding and taking in best things from outside the world towards her).

From the above, we learn that Bach Remedies are humane in all sense of the term. It provides the right solutions to all our problems.

(We must keep in mind that the following can be cured only if C.T. scan shows no abnormality in the brain.) (1) The boy himself studies well for hours; goes for tuition for different subjects by separate teachers; parents too teach him. In spite of all these he scores single digit marks. We say that he has low I. Q. Just because till date we have no remedy to cure this type of slow or difficult learning we had easily coined the word low I. Q. This is escapism. In these types of cases the Bach Remedy Chestnutbud is given; (give for 2- 3 times a day and proportionate to the improvement, gradually increase the duration between the doses) and the boy scores first rank in the next exam. We must here carefully note that the remedy Chestnutbud does not increase anyone's brain power or capacity. It only and merely removes 'lack of interest' and 'inattention.' Now, you cannot go about to all the schools and colleges and start giving Chestnutbud to all the boys and make them score first rank or class first. Such a stereotyped method or routinism of treating students like animals cannot be tolerated by Bach Remedies System. In the case of the remedy Chestnutbud it is mainly for those getting single digit marks in spite of tuitions etc., and hard study by himself. (2) Let us now turn our attention to another set of students where the mother says, "Doctor, if he sits and studies well, he would no doubt score first rank. But the problem with him is that he does not study much, but takes more interest in watching TV, playing games etc. In this case it is laziness or indifference to important things. These boys study late hours just 1-2 weeks before examination. For these class of boys the Bach remedy is Scleranthus and when it is given they become prompt and score first rank. (3) Let us now turn away from the above two categories of boys and examine another type. A boy scores anywhere between 46 to 74% and you ask him why he is not getting first rank like the boy who stands first in the class. Listen to his reply, "I cannot be like him. He is all great." Here he unnecessarily praises the first rank boy and comparing himself with him he says that cannot be like him. A case of lack of self-confidence. Larch is the Bach Remedy for this boy and this remedy will make him to score the first rank. You should not hastily conclude that by giving all the above three remedies, (viz., Chestnutbud, Scleranthus and Larch) to all students we may make everyone get first rank. That is routinism and bad

practice. You have to individualise each student by learning the symptom of various Bach remedies. (4) To a boy who was getting average marks, the above three remedies viz., Chestnutbud, Scleranthus and Larch were given (to be taken together, daily one dose before going to the school). In the following examination he failed (a thing never happened in his case.) The teacher came to us running in excitement and asking whether the remedies would act in a reverse (or negative) way. We asked the boy to be brought before us, along with his parents. From the description of parents we could easily conclude that he was neither a Chestnutbud-type nor Scleranthus-type nor Larch-type. We simply asked the boy as to why he failed. His reply, "Fellows who do not know the subject have come to the school to cut my throat." Here, he "blames" the teacher for his failure in the examination. (When a person is of a remedy type and if a wrong remedy is prescribed, the latter would make his remedy-type-symptoms more prominent.) Willow is the name of another Bach remedy for "blaming others for our faults." This was prescribed to him and he got first rank in the following exam. Like this you must know the classifications of the 38 remedy-types. Then prescription becomes easy. Learn the subject first and then start prescribing for addiction, for boys poor in studies, for increasing one's income, strategies, dimensions etc. Otherwise, if you think that you are doing an intelligent or a clever job by asking us names of remedy for 'memory power' etc., you would fail miserably. You cannot make Bach Remedies to fit into your classifications, et hoc genus omne, but learn the classifications here in Bach Remedies System and use them accordingly.

Best results are achieved in those cases of patients who complain of vague sensations (not described in any medical texts under any category of disease) and excluding hypochondriacs, in all cases where patients are declared as 'clinically alright' by the specialist and ultimately referred to a psychiatrist. These cases are easily cured by Bach Remedies. In other words these are ‘‘Sensation as if...’’ (delusions, illusions, hallucinations). E.S.P. (Extra Sensory Perceptive Power), thought reading etc. Allopathic drugs (chemicals) acts both on diseased as well as healthy tissues. Hence side-effects. Bach Remedies acts on diseased tissues only and does not touch healthy tissues. Hence no sideeffects. Therefore, if a symptom (let us call E.S.P.) disappears with Bach Remedies we can then certainly say that it is a symptom of disease and not a 'super health'. Case: Mr. Narayanan could tell the number of the currency note in the pocket of the person standing before him. (This is called as Extra Sensory Perceptive Power). Mr. Narayanan was also suffering from periodical occurrence of abdominal pain which no doctor could cure. The Bach Remedy White

Chestnut is for periodically appearing complaints. This was prescribed for him and apart from curing his colic, his faculty of telling currency note number also disappeared. From this we deduce that E.S.P. is not a symptom of extra or super health but a symptom of disease only. It is not our 'theory' when we say that E.S.P. is a symptom of disease, but in these so-called ESP powers the patient was invariably having the symptoms of the Bach Remedy White Chestnut (vague sensation or periodically appearing complaints) and even without our knowing that the patient was having ESP powers when we prescribed White Chestnut and when his bodily complaints got cured, simultaneously his ESP powers too vanished. RESUME : Bach Remedies can be used for developing character, developing personality and bringing about a state of super health and to maintain it. The Remedies correct the emotions; the emotions affect the physical health of the body; the emotions also serve as an indicator of physical well being, for any emotional imbalance or inharmony is simply a warning of physical conditions to follow. Correct the emotions, and you have forestalled a physical disturbance before it has time to manifest as an illness. Certainly, prevention is better than cure and it is a great misfortune that more people do not pay sufficient attention to the simple but unmistakable emotional signals that reflect a change in the mood or in the state of mind. Therefore, much unhappiness and illness could be prevented. Dr. Bach's gift to the world can be even more appreciated when it is recalled that his method of healing is so safe and so sure that any "compassionate and intelligent'' person can use with absolute safety and with proven results. Even if a wrong remedy is prescribed, it cannot in any way injure the body nor cause reaction whatsoever. The development of the true character is the reason that we are on this earth. The remedies are meant for those who truly desire to overcome the obstacles which hinder their progress, and which have to be overcome before such highly desirable qualities such as courage, tolerance, kindness, understanding and peace of mind can be obtained. The obstacles are always present, for it is only by overcoming them that we are able to progress and as we progress the obstacles become more and more subtle. On the material plane of everyday relationships with our fellow men, the Remedies aid in maintaining these even under trying conditions. They sometimes re-establish relationships which have deteriorated and thus enhance inter-personal relationships for promoting peace and harmony. These become 'necessities' in the home and for the society at large.

There are certain Bach Remedies which can be said almost specifics or tonics for the abovesaid persons. They are required to possess the following characteristics:1. Thorough in their the subject they are dealing with; for this, the Bach Remedy Chestnutbud would help everyone master their subjects quickly, thoroughly and deeply; 2. Good in communication. You should not only be able to deliver messages but also equally be alert to receive good things from whatever quarter they may come. Heather is the Bach remedy to improve upon ourselves where ‘talking’ or ‘speech’ is involved; 3. Each one under you may be having some problem/difficulty and the cause would be different from one another; so also, you cannot tackle one and the same problems of many persons in a

stereotyped manner. This is because no two individuals are alike. One man's meat is another man’s poison. This is otherwise called D. D. in medicine (Diagnosis & Differential Diagnosis). Cerato helps you to manourve this. It is an excellent P.R.O. indeed! Variety, dept., filing system, enquiry counter, information bureau, vocational guidance are the words to describe the uses of this Bach remedy Cerato; 4. Able to handle and steer each person so as to bring the best in each individual. The poor negative Elm-type Personnel or Factory Manager wrongly thinks that all he has to do is to extract eight hours work from his subordinates. No! Not necessarily so. Each person would be having in him a unique talent which, if the Manager can bring out and make use of, the organisation would grow up speedily and reach the top. Thus, not only the organisation earns more but the worker is also rewarded suitably by way of double increment, promotion, bonus, incentives etc. It is a two-way relationship and not merely treating them as bonded labour.* (It is said, there is something in air in America which would bring out the best in each individual. That is why America has become No.1) If any person (dealing with public at large or a group of person or community or citizens) daily takes the above four Bach flower remedies viz., Elm, Chestnutbud, Cerato and Heather, daily one dose (say, after breakfast) he would become No.1 in his field and thus admired by all. Soon Awards, Rewards, etc. would knock his door. This is the only way to make our colleges in Chennai known at international level like the Cambridge. Ye Indians! Awake! arise! the hour is late, the hour is late! The time has come!

* Only negative-type of school teachers and college professors think that teaching (a + b)2 = a2 + 2ab + b2 is all that they
have to do. No. Not at all. It is a boring job and tiresome to both the teacher and the student. There may be a Shakuntala Devi, Oxford, Einstein or Sir C. V. Raman among the students. Those talents have to be encouraged and nurtured, and not chemistry or psychology dumped into his head.

What are Bach Remedies?
In any latest Encyclopaedia you can find the word Bach Remedies. ‘Prevention is better than cure’ so tells a saying. This applies in toto to this system. But, here, we don’t find preventive for polio, another preventive for hepatitis B, yet another for AIDS etc. But Bach Remedies are for prevention of all diseases; not only this. More particularly, prevention of problems in life, call it financial, domestic disharmony, interpersonal clash in the family or work place, or even spiritual questions. In fact, Bach Remedies give true answer or solution to problems concerning human life on earth. I shall now illustrate how this is being done: Let us first of all, take the case of addicts—chain- smoking, or drinking liquor daily in large quantity, or taking several cups of coffee or tea, pan parak, ganja, hashish etc. All of you might have heard of or read about de-addiction centres. To cure alcoholism, allopathic doctors give certain drugs for a course of 1-2 weeks and after this treatment is over, the person does not take liquor even when offered to him. The relatives of the addict are greatly satisfied. But, after coming out of the de-addiction centre, as the side-effects of the drugs, he becomes dull, stupid, lazy,

lethargic, indifferent etc. (and not active as he used to be before.) After a few months, he starts consuming double the quantity of liquor! Be that as it may. In the system of Bach Remedies, the name of the remedy to cure addictions is Walnut. This is given two pills for a dose, chewable, any time, 2-3 times daily. After a few weeks he stops drinking (without becoming lazy, dull, or lethargic as in the case of allopathic treatment mentioned above.) Even after the addict completely stops the liquor, we do not stop the remedy (Walnut.) This is because we have to find out the reason for his having become a victim to alcohol. After he stops liquor, we reduce the dosage of the flower remedy Walnut, say one dose once in one or two days and we continue to observe him. After a few months he starts learning instrumental music, say, violin or flute. Let us now consider what ‘learning of instrumental music’ has to do with ‘addictions.’ In chain-smoking or drinking liquor, the person does one and the same thing daily and repeatedly. (Let us call this ‘A’) In learning instrumental music (and, after becoming an expert in it, when giving performances in the stages to the audience of music lovers), one does the same thing repeatedly, over and over again. (Let us call this ‘B’) In ‘A’, it is loss of money and health; In ‘B’, he earns more money, say a few thousand rupees for every 2-3 hours performance compared to his formerly earning a few thousand rupees once a month only (after working for thirty days in his office.) Moreover, music is sweet to listen; it is said that music even cures diseases. In Bach Remedies system we call the above ‘A’ as ‘negative’ and ‘B’ as ‘positive.’ In our clinical practice wherever this remedy Walnut cured addicts (be it ganja, pan parak, taking several cups of coffee or tea, chain-smoking, liquor etc.) we continue to give the remedy and they soon start learning instrumental music. We call these persons ‘Walnut-type.’ Walnut-type persons are those who do a thing repeatedly over and over again. They cannot keep idle. When we examined the childhood life of these persons (addicts), they were reported to have frequently used the word ‘boring’ ‘bore’ etc. So, whenever a child or student uses the word ‘boring’ quite often, the parents should send him or her to instrumental music class. If they do not do this, the possibility is that the child may get hooked to drugs etc. Thus, Bach remedies, not only cure diseases, but also turn the person into a positive type which alone is the permanent solution to prevent addictions or for that matter, diseases. Therefore, Bach Remedies alone can be said to be a true medical system. Let us now learn about the remedies one by one. Why do men suffer from Diseases, Problems in Life and insufficient Money? God or Nature has been sending men on earth by classifying them into 38 broad personality-types, each one to do a 'particular' work.

A. Those doing their work (for which they have been sent on earth) get no disease (even if they get, it is quickly cured by medicines), develop no problems in life and as a bonus for doing their "particular" work, get money several times more than they need/require. Let us call these persons as "Positive types" B. Those who do not do their work (for which they have been sent on earth) suffer from diseases, difficulties in life and earn money which is hardly sufficient for all their needs. In fact, God or Nature gives these sufferings just to remind them of their particular work. Let us call these persons as "negative types." The work that each one of us has to do is highly *individualised* (unique); no two men are alike; so also, no two persons, either living or dead, are to do one and the same work. The type of work that each one of us has to do - our particular type of workcannot be learnt from any school, college or institute.* Mighty Nature has already provided an in-built mechanism or I.C. (Intergrated Circuit) unit in our body to automatically do that work without any previous education or training.

* We are not here making outright condemnation of educational institutions. It is, ofcourse, useful for three percent of
population only. But, unfortunately more than ninety percent are going to educational institutions.

For example, Mahatma Gandhi, Mothr Theresa and mathematician Shakuntala Devi simply and merely allowed to play this I.C. unit in each one of them. Ahimsa was the in-build I.C. unit for Mahatma Gandhi; carrying for orphan children was for Theresa and making calculations faster than the latest computer was the in-built I.C. unit in the personality of Shakuntala Devi. So also, if you allow your in-built mechanism to play its role, you won't get disease, problems in life and you will be able to earn money propoortionate to your requirements or expenses. What are the advantages of being "positive type?" If your or my photograph (both of us are "negative type'') is to be published on the front cover in any journal, we have to pay in thousands. But the photo of Shakuntala, Mahathma Gandhi and Mother Theresa have been printed on the front cover in almost all journals, that too more than once, without their paying any money or even asking for it to be printed. Why is this? That is the effect of being "positive''. "More servants wait on men than he will take notice of,'' says Ralph Waldo Emerson in his Essays. That is in respect of "positive type'' persons. Suppose you are taking a 48-day course of ayurvedic medicine to be taken with cow's milk and in between the course if you have to go out of station; you will be inquiring whether cow's milk will be available in that new place. Suppose, someone in that town (on hearing about your visit) buys the best cow, start feeding it with nutritious feed like almand etc. and on your arrival gives you milk from that cow daily, will it not be a surprise? This is not a matter of pure imagination or sheer phantasy.

When Mahatma Gandhi or Morarji Desai went to any town/city, the above thing happened. Because, they were living a positive life. If you want to go Switzerland, you have to stand in the queue before the office of Swiss embassy or high commission for visa; then you have to look into your bank balance, make calculations about the return air ticket and go to the travel agent etc. etc. Suppose someone arranges all these things without your paying any amount? No, sir, it will not happen in your or my case, so long as we remain as we are ""negative types." In case of Mother Theresa whenever she decided to go out, everything was arranged automatically; even the five star hotel won't charge her room rent etc. because it was a privilege for them to have Mother Theresa as their guest. If you can become positive, in your case too, all the above things would happen. By this, I do not mean to say that you should start caring for orphan children or follow ahimsa of Gandhi or start learning to do mathematical calculations quicker than any computer. These individual missions were suitable for each one of them, respectively, but they are not for me or you. We must find "our particular' work on earth and do it; then, we too would become positive type persons. We have said that God has divided men into 38 broad types. So also, to those who are not doing their particular work, mighty Nature is giving corresponding thirtyeight different kinds of diseases/life's problems/shortage of money, to remind their work. Again, Nature has also provided 38 different kinds of medicinal flowers in English forests* which corresponds to the 38 type personalities. The list on the next page gives 38 types, their positive and negative qualities, and the corresponding flower remedy. Each one of us can find from the following table, which one of the 38 types we belong to and also know whether we live positive or negative life. If negative, we may start taking the Bach remedy given against our type. That remedy would soon not only remove our negative qualities but, at the same time, enable us to automatically become positive. "To acquire positive qualities' may not be a suitable expression. To put it correctly, let us say "Our type remedy when taken by us, allows us to play the in-build I.C. unit in us."

* None of these flowers are available in India. We import from England and sell in the form of "ready-to-take'' pills @ Rs. 65=00
for each remedy 10ml pack of 300 pills. These have no expiry date or side-effects. Can be taken while you are on other treatment. No diet restrictions.

Particular type of work for which sent on earth

NEGATIVE type persons (or negative qualities)

POSITIVE type persons (for positive qualities)

Name of Bach Remedy

Using tongue / voice to make noise aloud or in high pitch or making use of mind by expressions / acts.

Anger, scolding others in anger, screamine / weeping with "unbearable'' pain due to any disease; ""unbearable thirst or burning pain;'' irresistible temptation-not being able to observe diet restrictions e.g. salt- Singing songs in high pitch that is free diet. Suicidal tendency where sweet to listen. (Both the singer doctors fail to cure his/her and audience are happy.) chronic unbearable abdominal pain; suicidal disposition due to poverty, debts, etc. Anger, screaming, weeping etc. making others unhappy; gnashing teeth in anger. Constantly changing doctors, or set-up or systems in his office. Constantly inquiring cost of things, their guaranteeperiod etc. Walking Encyclopaedia. Authors information-monger. Doctors of Encyclopaedia. Expert in poor in differential diagnosis. diagnosis & differential diagnosis. Imitating others mannersim etc. (mimicry). Following a particular "cult' or "ism' as the bset.

Cherry Plum



Chain-smokers. Taking several cups of coffee or tea daily. Addicts. Addiction to liquor, heronie, drugs, pethidine injection, marijuana, hashish etc. Thumb-chewing in children. Nail Doing the biting even in adults. Falling in same thing bad company. Complaints during repeatedly change of life-teething, puberty, menopause, newly-married etc. Cannot sleep in a new place. Complaints during tour due to change of water, climate, food etc. Sensitive to filth, dirt, contagion, Trifles vs. contamination. Washes his hand great things even after shaking it with others. PERSONALITY Cannot touch other's towels, soaps, Kerchief etc. Feels that

Experts in playing instrumental music that makes both the player and listener happy (Earns a few thousands of rupees for each performance


Water-diviners; soldiers in army who remove hidden landmines. Those who find treasures of gold; does great things which no one can criticise/tease, but, at the

Crab Apple

others are teasing him because of his grey-hair, bladness, pimples on face (in case of teenagers), obesity or lean stature. Washing floors with dettol etc. Over-conscious about orderliness, Order, form, neatness (not cleanliness), measurement, Sensitive to disorders. Always insist on things kept properly and discipline neatly arranged.

same time which everyone will praise (E.g., giving free treatment without charging even cost of medicine Designers. Architects. Best judges. Matchmakers. Authors of the best dictionary. Oxford started writing his dictionary at his sixteenth year of age.


Movement body


Restlessness; always hurrying; Top Executives in Business or impatient; speed mania; cannot Impatiens Politics brooke delay

Welfare others

Unnecessary and over concern about the welfare future or health Best Medical Doctors who are of of those dear to us; doctor expert in differential diagnosis & becoming nervous while master of therapeutics attending medical emergencies; obstetricians

Red Chestnut

Whenever a person weeps, screams or shrieks with pain, or for that matter with any problem in life, we give this remedy. It not only stops the pain but also cures the underlying pathological condition that caused the pain. Again, in those who weep with their financial problems in life, the same remedy simultaneously enables their mind to find ways and means to earn money to remove their poverty. We started with treatment of pains and aches, and now take you to solving problems in life. Because all along we only know that medicine means for diseases only. In the case of female children who quite often whimper or weep even for petty things as reported by the mother, we give Bach Remedy Cherry Plum; the child not only stops weeping but soon asks the parents to permit her to join classes for vocal music and they learn music very quickly compared to other children. The best time and place when this remedy Cherry Plum is most useful is in cases of painful childbirth where the expectant mother screams with labor pain when the mouth of the uterus fail to dilate to allow the child to come into this world. If you go to the maternity ward and stand outside in the verandah in the midnight, you can hear the screamings and shrieks that continues for hours. About three per cent of expectant mothers have terrible pain with undilated os while the child pushes its head downwards at the time of delivery. The screaming of the mother is so pathetic to make us think that as if somebody’s neck is being strangulated. To these mothers we give one single dose (two pills) of the Bach remedy Cherry Plum and in moments they stop screaming. The remedy is thereafter repeated every 10-30 minutes and after the second or third dose it is a safe delivery with bearable pain.

Here we must carefully note that Cherry Plum is not a remedy for ‘pain’ or ‘difficult labor,’ but when a patient is screaming or shrieking with pain or suffering Cherry Plum is indicated, irrespective of the disease from which he or she is suffering and when given, it cures the underlying pathology also. To the mother who had been shrieking with labor pain, though she gets easy child birth with a few doses of the remedy Cherry Plum, we continue to give her once in two days. Why? The point is we have to discover why she had difficult and most painful labor. Irrespective of her age, after 2-3 months of taking this remedy she starts learning vocal music and in a year or so she starts performing on the stage, earning a few thousand rupees for each performance, compared to her formerly earning a few thousand rupees once in a month by working in an office. Weeping or screaming with labor pain for hours or shrieking with pain in any disease is ‘negative-type’ of the Bach remedy Cherry Plum. Singing continuously in high pitch is ‘positive-type.’ Thus, we find that in Cherry Plum, voice is involved. Both in negative and positive Cherry Plum type persons the use of voice comes in, but in entirely different way: Negative Screams or shrieks for hours with pain or problem in life. Positive Uses loud voice continuously that too in high pitch, i.e., vocal music

We say that Madonna, Michael Jackson etc. are positive Cherry Plum type persons. In other words, they have been doing the specific work that suited their personality or make-up of body and mind. Had these persons not taken to vocal music, by now they would have developed grave diseases making them weep and scream with pain. Let us now look at some more Cherry Plum negative type persons (who too would become No.1 singers after a course of Cherry Plum). 1. Those taking more soft drinks every time they go in the hot sun; (‘unbearable’ thirst) 2. Those short-tempered persons who shout and scream in anger. ‘Uncontrollable’ thirst, ‘uncontrollable’ anger, appetite etc. are the symptoms of Cherry Plum. 3. Those who cannot observe diet restrictions. “Irresistible temptation’’ 4. Those resorting to suicide to put an end to their pain in abdomen when the best doctors failed to cure them with their medicines. 5. Persons committing suicide because of poverty 6. Parents beating their children in anger. 7. Teachers and masters beating their students in anger because the latter is not learning in spite of repeated coaching. By now, the reader would have learnt what we mean by ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ types. We find that there are thirty-eight types of persons only in the world. If a person is positive, he need not take any Bach remedy. Negative type may take his respective remedy to become positive. This is the secret of Bach remedies and that is why it is able to cure gently, quickly and permanently that too without any side-effects. In the Holy Bible, we find the words “Every man is sent on earth for a particular purpose.’’ On the other side, in Bhagavat Gita we read “If you do your duty, I (God)

shall supply all your needs.’’ Bach Remedies is the only correct system for human beings. With them we can know what we have to do and what we should not do, so as to have a disease-free, happy and contented life with all comforts.

Accident? Or, extensive burn or scald by accidentally spilling boiling tea on the body that makes the victim jump in pain and suffering; that would only mean running to the doctor, and in spite of that, swelling and bleb formation appears the next day; being advised not to take bath for seven days and so on and so forth; cannot go to office for another three days etc. etc. Accidents?... But with Bach remedies, NO PROBLEM! Poison-bite, scorpion sting or snake-bite? NO PROBLEM! Within five minutes of the accident, if you take two pills of Rescue Remedy, soon pain comes down dramatically, and there is no swelling, no after-effects. You are cured permanently, completely and in just five minutes. Throw away the first-aid box. A mixture of five out of the 38 Bach Remedies is called Rescue Remedy. Rescue Remedy is not a panacea for all ""diseases''. Not to be used in diseases such as arthritis, pain, diabetes, etc. BUT THIS IS ALMOST A SPECIFIC OR PANACEA IN MEDICAL EMERGENCIES arising from trauma — serious accidents, injuries, burns and scalds, all poison bites, electric shock, food-poisoning, inhaling poisonous gas etc. The earlier you give immediately after the accident the better would be the effect. Immediately after any serious or minor accidents, poison-bites, burns, scalds, etc. it has been the repeated and almost unfailing experience of Bach practitioners, if two pills of this Rescue Remedy is put into the mouth of the victim (or dissolve ten pills in half-an-ounce plain water and apply the solution anywhere on the skin or lips): a. In less than a minute's time, stops bleeding without any need for bandage, however long or deep the cut may be; b. Intense pain is reduced to a tolerable limit; c. If the victim is unconscious or pulse / breath is imperceptible, body cold, all these are cured in just a minutes time, so that he walks home as if nothing has heppened (excepting fractures) — the more danger to life, the quicker the remedy acts. In poison-bites, snake-bites, scorpion-sting, the poison is neutralised. In burns and scalds, bleb formation is prevented. In short, all the after-effects of accident is prevented and you can use the affected limb the very next day (excepting fractures). No need to confine oneself to bed for days together, going for dressing daily, not taking your daily bath (in case of burns and cuts) etc. You are a trauma specialist with Rescue Remedy in your pocket.

RESCUE REMEDY is a mixture of five Bach Remedies as follows: 1. Star of Bethlehem ... Removes effects of mental / physical shock 2. Cherry Plum ... Cures all "unbearable'' pain 3. Impatiens ... Cures "restlessness'' which condition is seen in majority of victims of accidents / poison-bites, burns etc. 4. Rock Rose ... Cures "terror / panic" 5. Clematis ... Victims always think of immediate / distant future as to what would happen to his affected limb etc. This remedy covers that symptom. Let us repeat, Rescue Remedy is given in single dose only; (in one per cent of cases where the relief with the first dose is not complete, you may give 1-2 more doses every 5-15 minutes or 4-8 hours, depending upon the intensity/seriousness of the trauma). This is NOT TO BE GIVEN DAILY 2-3 doses IN ANY DISEASES. When a pedestrian is knocked down seriously and he falls unconscious with profuse bleeding, police will keep the driver of the vehicle in lock-up till doctors say that the victim is ""out of danger''. But, sir, no need to rush the victim to a hospital (excepting fractures). Put two pills of Rescue Remedy into his mouth; in a minute, the bleeding stops and moments later he walks home as if nothing has happened. Unable to believe? To convince yourself you may do the following experiment. In your garden select two plants with same height. Cut both of them across in the middle into two; then keeping it back in its original position with a wooden stick tie with a thread. For one plant only, dissolve ten pills of Rescue Remedy in one ounce water, soak a little cloth in it and apply it around the cut portion like a bandage. Don't do this to the second cut plant (which is also kept in its original position with the help of a small wooden stick and thread.) Next morning you will find the plant (for which you have applied Rescue Remedy) is alive and the other is dead. Mr. Ashok from Bombay writes: "My 86-year old father went to the urinal and even after ten minutes he did not return; So I went to see him and was shocked to find him lying unconscious with profuse bleeding from head; probably slipped and fell down hitting his head against the tap violently. I carried him to the bed; I could not know what to do; then I remembered your Rescue Remedy. I put two pills into his mouth; the body which was icy cold and pulse almost imperceptible became normal in a minute; soon he opened his eyes. The bleeding too stopped." Yes, it is an undeniable fact that bleeding stops in a minute with Rescue Remedy. Mr. Atul from Hyderabad: "Boiling tea accidentally was poured over the face and chest of my wife. She was crying with pain and was much restless. I immediately took a few pills of Rescue Remedy but as she did not allow me in her restlessness to put it into her mouth, I dissolved about ten pills in an ounce of plain water and threw the solution on her; moments later her restlessness and crying stopped and the burning pain too was reduced to a greater extent." Rescue Remedy acts by touching the skin anywhere and it need not necessarily be taken internally. If you educate your children about the use of this remedy it will go a long way in helping themselves in emergencies and you will be saving huge amounts and prevent lot of sufferings.

Leela, a ten-year old girl has learnt the use of Rescue Remedy when his father had successfully used it earlier in accidents. One day a flying bird entered their house and was hit by the blade of the fast rotating ceiling fan and it fell down unconscious. Leela took a few pills of Rescue Remedy, dissolved in little water and sprinkled the solution on the bird; moments later it opened its eyes, started moving and soon flew away. Wounds heal without leaving a scar. Dr. O. P. Vaid is a retired army captain, living in the first floor of a multistoreyed building a few yards away from the busy junction of two highways in Ring Road in Rajouri Garden in Delhi. Accidents were prone to happen almost every second or third day (because in 1985 traffic signals were not installed there); the badly hit victim (mostly a pedestrian or a cyclist) would be brought to Dr. Vaid being the nearest available doctor. On earlier occasions Dr. Vaid would give some first aid and send the patient to a hospital. After he learnt about Rescue Remedy he would take two pills and rub it on the tongue of the unconscious victim. Bleeding, if any, would stop in a minute, pulse beat would become normal, the icy cold body would become hot and soon the victim would get up and walk home as if nothing had happened (excepting fractures). There is no question of the remedy not acting in certain patients or the remedy showing its effects after a few doses only. Occasionally we read in the dailies that a certain person who was burnt extensively in a stove accident at home or the victim of a serious road accident succumbed in the hospital in spite of best treatment. Rescue Remedy, if given immediately after the accident would have saved such lives. These remedies have no expiry date can be taken while you are on other drugs or treatment. IMPORTANT NOTE : Rescue Remedy is not a panacea. We do not say that it will cure all diseases instantaneously. It is necessary for the reader to understand the role and place of the action of Rescue Remedy. In medical emergencies, arising from traumatic causes, poison-bite, burns & scalds, road and other accidents, electric shock, falling from heights, cuts etc. if given within a few minutes or hours after the accident Rescue Remedy acts wonderfully. This is not useful in chronic effects of injuries. Dr. Mathanagopal, M.B.B.S., D.A., Anaesthetist in Govt. Hospital, Palani in Tamil Nadu, reports: "Thank you for introducing flower remedies. One hour before giving anaesthesia for surgery patients, I give five pills of Rescue Remedy (chewable). Compared to other patients, Rescue Remedy given thus, saves 150 to 200ml of blood loss, reduces post-surgical pain, fever, oedema etc. Thus, there is less need for giving pain-killers and antibiotics." "In scorpion sting, snake-bite and other unknown poison-bites where the patient is brought in critical condition, I give five pills orally; in addition, I dissolve five pills in half-an-ounce of plain water, soak gauze into the solution for local application. Moments later, pain, swelling etc. disappears magically and much to the surprise of my colleagues."

Fear of Known Things On superficial reading and study, most readers think that Bach remedies are for psychological states only, and that it is not useful or physical maladies; this is not at all so. It is true that many patients do not come to a doctor for fear, restlessness etc.

They come with physical diseases only. But if we allow (and only if we allow) the patient to continue his talkhe will invariably end up with a mental symptom. The patient details his sufferings. Those around him remark what they have observed about him. The practitioner listens without interrupting him. Write this on the wall "Without interrrupting''. Every interruption would only break the train of thought of the narrator, and all he would have said at first does not again occur to him in precisely the same manner after that. A lady walked into my clinic telling a history of two months headache ultimately ended up by saying that she was afraid whether it may be due to brain tumor. I prescribed Mimulus to be taken two pills thrice daily; it cured her headache. Here, this patient walked in with a physical malady viz., headache, but ended up with fear. In very rare number of cases, wherever a patient does not talk much that in itself is a symptom called taciturnity and the Bach remedy Agrimony Covers it. One must improve his faculty of listening to the patient. That is all what is required for being a successful practitioner. The talkie-talkie loquacious person will be Number One failure and so is unfit to practise Bach Remedies. The unprejudiced and careful oberve who simply listens to the very words coming from the mouth of the sufferer, without interrupting him, would only wait till he gets what he wants-some words / phrases calling for a Bach remedy. THE PATIENT HIMSELF TELLS HIS REMEDY The remedy Minimulus is for fear of known cause; fear of anything; shyness, timidity-fear of death during course of serious acute disease; "fear of cancer' and so on. In patients needing for Mimulus, it is about a particular known thing that he is afraid; the fear may be unwarranted also. Some example are: • • • • • "Fear of taking an injection'. We call such persons "nervous types'. "Fear of high places;' "fear of the boss in office.' "Fear of robbers, accidents, examinations'. "Fear of electric current' and so is afraid of handling electrically-operated appliances. We call such persons "nevous types'. "Fear of darkness' (But, if this is ameliorated in company, then Chicory is the remedy.) "Fear of using the razor in shaving, of dogs, of oxen.' When he has to go out and meet a big person, he becomes nervous.

* For "fear of snake' see Rock Rose. To a lady in whose house there were lot of cockroaches of which she was afraid, Mimulus was given thrice daily; after a week she remarked: "I am not afraid of cockroaches now..." Some children are afraid of the schoolmaster; some are afraid of a fat person with long moustache. Fear of father who is always strict and beats his children often.

Whenever a patient tells you of his trouble: "I am afraid it may be cancer'' or "Will it spread?'' or "Will it terminate in an fatal or incurable disease?'' then, irrespective of the ailment he is referring to, you can give Mimulus. It not only removes the fear from the mind of such persons but also cures the disease about which he refers to with fear. "Fear of impending disease'' "fear of the disease getting worse or terminating fatally'' all need Mimulus. Often we find this symptom in case of difficult breathing, pain in chest etc. "I had pain in my chest last night. Will it turn into heart attack or will it be connected with the beginning of any serious heart troubles?'' asked a lady. Mimulus cured her. Mr. S., sixty, was admitted for cataract surgery. On the day when he was taken to the theatre he was afraid by looking at the surgical instruments etc. and his blood pressuure shot up; so surgery was postponed and he was given pills to bring down the blood pressre; next day also the same story was repeated and so on. Mimulus was given thrice daily and he was no more afraid of surgery and his blood pressure did not shoot up. Mimulus and Chicory compared : 'Fear of going alone in the dark'. May be it is the thought of ghosts or robbers which gives rise to fear. But, if the person says that in the company of someone he can go without fear in darkness, then Chicory is the remedy for him and not Mimulus. Wherever fear is ameliorated in the comapny of someone and aggravated while alone, Chicory is to be considered. "I cannot sleep alone in a house. But, if there is one or more persons-even a small child-for company then I can sleep even in a bungalow haunted by ghosts''. Chicory is the remedy for this state and no amount of Mimulus will help. Auto fellows in Madras City are just horrible. Every one in afraid of him when they have to engage an auto. Before engaging auto you may take two pills of Mimulus; he will talk politely and take us any where we want, without asking for extra money over meter. A thief is breaking into your house at midnight? Take a dose of Mimulus; when he looks at you he will flee.

SLOWNESS IN LEARNING. ESCAPIST MENTALITY Children who are slow in learning; more often found in case of school children. In spite of tuition for each subject by different teachers and coaching by parents he is getting single digit marks only. We call it "low i.q., (intelligence quotent)'' Slowness in learning is to due to lack of interest and attention. Chestnutbud simply removes lack of interest and attention; nothing more and nothing else. Thus, "low i.q.'' goes out of terminology with Bach Remedies. Some readers (and most of us) at once rush to a wrong conclusion that Chestnutbud will make all boys get good or pass marks. No, not at all. (That routinism will not be tolerated in this system.) For example, let us listen to the mother of a boy: "Doctor, my son will get very good marks if only he sits and studies; but he does not study much; but takes active interest in cricket and reading novels." Here in the report of the mother we find that "if he studies well, he would get good marks.'' But he does not study at all. Laziness is seen here. For laziness there is another Bach remedy viz., Scleranthus and if Scleranthus is given to this boy he will sit and study and get good marks.

In the case of boys needing Chestnutbud they study well and in spite of studying for hours and hours they are not able to grasp the lessons. After reading former edition of this book a certain person came and told the author: "Doctor, my son is getting single digit marks and your remedy did not help him." We just asked him what remedy he gave and he replied that he gave Rescue Remedy. What a folly! Rescue Remedy is not a panacea, but that is what exactly most Bach practitioners do. For not-so-much intelligent persons Bach Remedies selection is not at all possible. Let us now see how "slowness in learning'' operates in some persons: In learning cycling. daily there should be gradual progress. But even after ten days trial there is no progress but what learner got was injuries by falling down. What would he say next? "I do not want cycling.'' Escapist mentality indeed. Chestnutbud would make him learn easily. Escapist mentality: Every thief would only try to escape. If all thieves would come forward and accept their crime, there is no need for police stations and courts and prising. In police stations proportionate to the torture the culprit gets, to that extent only he will accept the theft committed by him. But third degree manners, torture, and lockup deaths goes out of terminology in Bach Remedies system. To the suspect, those sub-inspectors who have learnt Bach Remedies system would give a glass of water after dissolving ten pills of Chestnutbud into it. In a few minutes time, the thief would himself voluntarily disclose not only the theft recently committed by him (for which he has been arrested on suspicion) but all other thefts committed since long time. Chestnutbud is not a truth finding medicine. It simply removes "escapist" mentality which is undesirable and a disease. When it is removed, he speaks out truth. Very good indeed in the hands of C.B.I., income-tax and sales-tax officers. No need for raids and searches and hour-long interrogation. Dissolve ten pills of Chestnutbud into the water and give it to the suspect and very soon it will be a total voluntary disclosure. "Voluntary disclosure scheme'' are out of terminology with Chestnutbud. For any average Indian, the moment his income exceeds the ceiling, the first important thing for him is to think how to evade avoid tax. Nobody maintains correct account of income; what they show to income-tax dept is false—say about one-third to one-sixth of their actual income. All these evaders must take Chestnutbud. Most readers would yell and scream, "Oh, No! I have to lose several thousands or lakhs!" But, dear sir, our Bach Remedies do not make you poor! You do spend some hours or days as to the method of hiding your income. By taking Chestnutbud you would use that mind in a constructive way and put it to right use in your business and soon that would mean several-fold increase of your income. Chestnutbud does not merely make you lose the amount (which you would have otherwise concealed from income-tax dept.) Time and man-hour spent on hiding your income would now be put to right use in your business (with the help of Chestnutbud) and your income will multiply and what you pay as income-tax would become negligible.

ESCAPIST MENTALITY! Marking time and shirking responsibility. That is what is said about persons in government offices who do not want to work. When a big statement is given to the typist, for typing it, he would cut the draw cord or loosen some screws in the typewriter and would offer lame excuse that the machine has gone out of order. When leave is not given to the car-driver, he cuts off some electric wire and would say "car repair'' and it must be sent to the workshop for repair. In case of theft in your house if you suspect one of your servants, give him water mixed with Chestnutbud and he would soon come out with the truth. No need for interrogation, police or thirddegree manners. A note to readers: If you take Walnut and Chestnutbud daily one dose, from the first day of reading this book, you will easily and quickly master this subject! ESCAPIST MENTALITY: When pressed with difficulties and problems in the family the father or mother may say, "I feel as if I should run away somewhere." Chestnutbud will help him to face and solve the problem. The boy who has failed in his tenth standard runs away from home. He needs Chestnutbud. A boy and girl loving each other find that both their parents refuse to their marriage with other. The couple decide elopement. Chestnutbud is needed for them. Chestnutbud is for those who tries to escape from their "responsibilities'' and ""work''. What is the positive aspect of Chestnutbud. Negative type says "I feel as if I should run away somewhere..." But where? Where sir? Yes, you should run to the master, the guru, or God. Chestnutbud helps you to learn lessons quickly. But, sir, more than that, it makes you to run to the right teacher too{be it whatever may be your subject including spritualism. True spiritualists with heavy income won't evade income tax. Remedies Compared: To forget his worries if any one takes to liquor, he needs Agrimony.

Chestnutbud, Scleranthus, and Larch Chestnutbud is not the only remedy to make all school kids to study well and get first rank. Only where the boy is getting marks in single digit or fail mark in spite of tuitions for each subject Chestnutbud will help him. He is not able to grasp in spite of studying repeatedly. Slow learning. Let us listen to the mother of the boy: "Doctor, if he sits and studies well he would get first rank; but the problem is he takes more interest in games, watching television, reading story books etc. He rarely sits for studying school text-books''. Here it is not slow learning. He takes more interest in unimportant things (television, story books, games etc) because of its absorbing nature. These boys need Chestnutbud.

Ask a boy getting 50-60 percent marks as to why he cannot become like the first rank student. If his reply is: "I cannot be like them; they are great.'' This answer shows lack of self-confidence and he needs Larch. Some persons give all the above three remedies (Scleranthus, Chestnutbud and Larch) to their children; but it is a bad practice. Again, the above three remedies alone are not sufficient in all cases. The attitude or mental picture of majority of school boys (getting less marks) are found commonly either in Scleranthus or Larch or Chestnutbud. Therefore we took up these three remedies for discussion for school boys for getting good marks. They are almost a specific and not the specific. One reader of this book came to the author of this book and said: "Look, I gave Scleranthus, Larch and Chestnutbud to my son, individually one after the other and also combined together. But he failed." We asked the boy to be brought to us. We simply asked only one question as to why he failed in the annual examination. His reply: "Fellows having no knowledge about the subject or how to teach have come in my school to cut my throat." Here, he blames the teacher for having faileld in his exam. For "blaming others" the name of the Bach remedy is Willow and it was given to this boy; in the following examination he scored first rank. In yet another case of boy asked as to why and how he failed, he replies, "Doctor, had I studies well I would have passed. It is my mistake. I spent more time in playing cricket, watching television etc. Had I been careful I would have passed in the exam. I now feel for it." In this case he regrets over missed changes and lost opportunities. The remedy for regretting over past mistakes is Honeysuckle and it helped him in the next exam to get very good marks. It is the patient (his reaction) we have to prescribe for and not for "getting good marks''. Our remedies can be given to all ages and ladies at all months of pregnancy. Rescue Remedy is not useful for the chronic effects of injuries. The earlier you use immediately after the accident, the better would be the results.

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