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Acknowledgementj We are grareful to the following for permission to reproduce coplTight material j Cambridge I nrrersity Press for an adapted extmct lrom Onre Upon o Time byJohn Morqan and Mario Rrnvolucri. Care tor the Wild for an -adapted ertracr fr^om.rheir.Tiger Adoption programme.: \-aflron tJooks Lrd tor.ldapted exEacls from l-antunl( Fartt by John Murrel: Hodder Headline plc lor an adapred extracr from t}re publicrry handout for Hergi and bi: Creation by Harry Thompson; Jessica Kingsley publishen for an extract from 'The Will<tw Wfe' ftom Storymaking in Educanon and Thcrapy b1 Alida Gersie and Nancl King: Reed Bools ior an adapted extracr from 'Wlere rhere \ a wrll there\ a war' tiom Tle U?:rl!, Ul:ihate ,My _
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Unit I 5 9 Unit 2 lrnit 3 Ittit 4 tl t3 lhit5 lrnit 6 7 t5 t9 lhit thit thir I 9 | 2l 24 0 25 29 thit llrit lhit II 12 | 3l tlit tlit tlir that 3 | 4 5 37 39 | 16 | lhit thit 7 8 45 | 47 lhit lhit | 9 5l 20 2 lhit thit rhit | 1ffi.22 23 24 59 6l .

rhe rnake up artist. Singers will tell you they have to work hard to get such a break. . The television audience votes for the best song. connol the mixing desk Determination and dedication. . Underline the people you would expect to see on the television during the Eurovision Song Contest. encourage their singers . Choose the appropriate endings from the box below and put the verbs into the Present Continuous. incroduce thc artists People from all ov'er Europe.ilgs .brrd.Reading The Eurovision Song Contest is an annual (ompetition held in Europe. . There are many other people involved and most of those people work behind the scenes. dre presenter. You are making notes on what different people are doing. Thc floor manegcr - Eurovision Song Contest from across Europe enter the Eurovision Song Contest. People from ail over the : continent watch the event on their televisions or listen to it on the radio. . the director. $'ait in the . \lbrk behind dre scenes. the camera operatot the sound enfiineer. Thry Jrave r" worl. 3 write I the questions to these answers. film the singer . the floor manager. 2 3 nntrolling the miring fusk. tell the floor rnanager rrhat to do $. carry out thc directorls instructiolls .The prize is worth it but the price is highl The presentcr The singers' mrnrgcrs When you watch the Eurovision Song contest don't forget that the singer is only a small part of the process. prepare the nerit contestant . I 1 The sorurd is engincer 2 Read the passage. lt's a fantastic break for a singer to represent their country in this competition and have the opportunity to be heard and seen all over Europe The way to fame and fortune! Every year countries The The camela opcretors 4 5 6 7 8 The director The male up ertist The singers To be selected they obviously not only have to sound good but also to look good. thc singel the prodrctirD secretrh- Grammar 4 lmagine you are in the recording studio while the Eurovision Song Contest is being recorded. And on top of that they must have the determination and dedication necessary to cope with the stress of being in the publi€ eye. the singer's manager.

.''ve bpeaker. take) place in /' to you i\ (3 wait) in the \) (4 warm) up their / (5 try) to \ (2 speak) (l 7 Look at the different opiniohs below and decide which ofth€ phrases in the box you \vould say in reply.. rnust rnustn't have to don't harc should mark them A (Advantage) or D (Disadvantage). sing 10 Tirey .fi:i::::::::: laa fiany aiffjcult u lona i. Singers lot Clxy./ ' lll (7 come) from 1 The Rolling Stones is dre best pop group cvcr. I i Good managers organ$e all the business side oftheir lives for drenr. .:i :f :3::. Singers be prepared to spend a practrse every successful they . sit bacl< and enioy our first entry in this /ear\ . Write them next to the aentence.. t Think of at least one more advantage and one more disadvantage and add th€m to the list.r r i luk"u tlat ural warda Jisten Lo then pro )ncjaLjar irork hard. i il. 2 Heary Metal music should be barured. To reach the top they look llood ignore their manager's advice. You don't have to hal'e a good voice to be a successful singer.es about pop singers. They . (15 look) stunning. Pop singen har.7. (14 wear) a Soro This year it Greece. interests and family iives.----. Write a comDlete sentence for each item.. and i8 have) different backgrounds. : : . Pop music shouldn't be plal'ed in shops and trouser suit and long black boots.#./""'.' .e to work really hard. Ifthel'are not very do other jobs. Welcome to The Eurovision Song Conrest. Writing 8 You are going to plan a composition on the advantages and disadvantages of using Pop Music learn English..t-t.to win the Eurovision Song Contest. voices and no doubt _ :ontrol their nerves. 4 5 Pop singers shouldn't earn so much rnoney.'lur'*. i Successful singcls of tirne travelling.Put the verbs in this radio commentary ofthe Eurovision Song Cont€st into the correct tense. of them (13 cheer).t to to ..bs from the box into the following senten. As l_ the sin8ers _ wings. The first contestant (10 come) fi'om Sweden and (tl come) on ao the stage now The audience r 12 clap) and as I'm sure you can heai maD. She -'Tf\t shouldn't So. Successful pop singers other jobs. I don't thinh so 'fhrt's right Ofcourse not / I don't agree I agree Probably the only thing they have in common is that \ -"rrey all (6 sing). Look at the list of ideas below and 5 Put the appropriate modalve. w .1'. _ drfferent countries. But tonight all of them i9 hope) for the same thing ._--^.i ifthey have a sore throxt.i" !!:. 5 9 If they sign a contract thev break it.. tir" to * "..

to tell r.er n n later f a fcru davs L)ldcr toman in dre hc.can vou tcll nr.lich. Put the matching letter in the boxes. c) A sand-*itch.!-. it! not eas.itch b) Napoleon Bones aplrt. 4 wni"n of th" follo*ing would not be title for the story? a) The Lost Coat b) Bumps .ritch . r.h l)ikcr 1 \\'hat skclcton was oncc ernpcror ofFrancei l-l 2 \\tr'lt I do vou crll r nickcd old roman v_no uves or the beach? fl Hou. U'hat dn yau cnl . |.in uitches apart? L is x) \4rell.use Drivel stoppcd for a hitchhiLer Driver tool it to her house Z Read the riddles below and then try to match them with the correct answers. . Write the number ofthe definition in the appropriat€ box. This will help you to understand the story which follows.1 t -. She left her coat in the car n look nef to Dtr llousc l -lli stcrious r van4rire ensr.rnd'l humps iJr the \ight c) Thc lTlsterious \lbrrran d) i\ Clhosr Story a suitable . .XArjPLL.Vocabulary I Match the following words with their dictionary definitions below. .aitg to l)itcbhihc? ait. e Reading The Yanishing Hitchhiker wirch f a ghost 3 Match the subtitles with the illustrations.

she *arted to point. he hrocked on the door and an older lady opened it. he was looking for something in thg car *hen he found a womant coat.tPLE: bal't m! Jinger uhile ckse tbe uintlrn ' I hun m1 fnger while I zuas cksing tbe wiwlut:. He stopped and asled her if she oeeded a lift. Then she pointed at her road. in the gaden the ghost at midnight laugh land loudly in the car park in the hal duing dimer The woman burst into tears. I 4 How was the driver feeling uhen the passenger gol ourl What was he doing when he fourd her coat? What were they doing when she started to point? IIe tried to havd a conversauon rith her but she just wouldnt say anything. not even where she Yanted to go. 1 What was the young lady doing when the driver stopped? What was he doing when he passed the woman by the side of the road? re iumbled. He held out de coat and erplained that he wanted to return it to the young sleep hear a noise Whiie drive her car see itch by a tlee '- feel a hand on my face listen to music while A friend of a ftiend was driving dowl the Al motorway. Instead.to see a vampire When he found her house. He drove off feeling ang4'. Ex.\\. Ll 7 Make sentences in the past from the following words. he retraced his route n D ret[rn tie coat to her.orrect orde. as they rere approacling a junction.' n happily . 1 wall in the graveyard When t1T. A couple of daJs later. The paragraphs Grammar 6 Answer the followint questions with a firll answer. 'It xas my daughter's. when he passed a young woman who wasstanding by the side of ther_ 6 look at gravestone it feJI over When hear a loud thump read a booL when- I Write eight sentences in your notebooks combining words of your choice fiom each ofthe vertical columns. Number them in the . ExAt\tPLFj The uitch tcredmed menacingly in the forett at milnight. in the boxes. 'but 6e was killed on the A1 five years the UFO appear ago. and finally at her house. She got out of the car.5 Read the story. Knowing it must be the Litchlikert. Without speakinq tl she got into the car.' she said.

4o qrieLv noleily 5 What is the past tense of 'light'? 'Photograph'can be used as a 6 nour and a . 1 Where is the sffess on 'irrvestigation'? 2 3 Whrr is the adjective of'suddenly'l How maly pronunciatiois are there of 'are'? What is the dictionary definition of incident'? 4 inve. You can add other words ofyour own if you want to. LLAJjPLL The helicapter mught jire in tbe air at about 11. The bax of matche1 lerqe 6I The invest.m. n 4ht aL abafi 11.70 pn.al Limeo a ni\ht:.Make six sentences in your notebook including words frcm at least four otthe bubbles for eacn sentence.airo in Lhe air . arT ly Ihe hcaent. t Dictionary Work | 0 Use your dictionary to help you answer the followint questions.N OaLe raPPetl aiarr. a fianth a1o wh)le ) wa6 o ee?lh4 rd trhe 'au|h fiaffi|:. arauta lhe nouSe in the barn in ahe beh the folowitlq ri1hi 6eve. qatian 'fhe l-)FO the pa The hellcapier The hitchhiker Iar"e aI:. Think carefully about the word order.t0 p.

"edrb.o d a rordt of rno. fought in China.\ boirg rhe tdmor. a dLrll suburb ot BruLels.a( re. 6t T:re text is about : Tintir. hdnd.1. IIere6.Reading Time yourself and skim through the text in thirty seconds.s chjtdrooo do games I Intrn ha\ be"r ro.Fnturv l. IJerg6 is a) French.ty v-c.rO.ndse b. R6mi (change) his name to Hcrg€.u.hdr . ot TJnr:n on h. HergF ba ed rne cia. ncar Bnssels. Underline the key words. to f iltin _ (appear) in rnanv books with his : : qave morc pleasure Hergd than to his rcadcrs.]el-"ees 2 Ufto i:l')*".. . yl. and has wrjtten .dden shar dreams ks. herge He chr. 4 1 NIillions ofpeople (read) Tintin bools over the last fl fry years. :rout hlstory tn many of his i 3ut his achievements are enormous.dfe.sFs ftte"beek.sFdLont. particularly :rropean tradition of comic :-ustration.o.d ger d \Ln "iehrnaiFsand J:e nad Jajr€n out of love \. (start) reading 'llntil books when I was 1.ni.. :aces and retigions have :..t. 5 2 Read the As a child. R6mi (llve) text more carefully and then answer the following Hcrg€ had a) r happy childhood. r.: Ifis chilclhood dreans genres. c) British. 1 Ho*'many 100 million. . rTr -. and l-*f'" h s md.'. -(rerd) .on .l.ooreq trortdwide I ho\ have been a.^. hunted and tbund . What rq/8 01{€d" Herse s-ar rFo ro "ee.1 trlillions ofpeople (enjov) his boc. and in Etterbeek.':i 1": rn r'rLrs.ruresdrc he eosmos lookirg for adventure.trere :ld. travelled jn Egi.rnent to millions of .:. 9 companion Captain FIaddock.pt. Refer to the text ifyou cannot remember the information.kily -e lov"o drawing.lun. and many more things besides.rm becdme known a.1T l'". hou. (start) dra*-ing uhen he was 17.s_r. c) a dull childhood.r€asure.lanv or rhe chi.:oks.o rno tor nore rr dn nall d. and ' rnoans.l:^o-nen he t"ied Jy irrun Wr lo draw hr.n. He has been responsble :trr creating a Put the verbs into the €orrect tense: the Past Simple.nenls cu. ile has given immense :rjol. \4rhat ca.::. his readcrs thrn Hcrg6. Present Perf€ct Simple or Present Perfect Continuous. .er the last half centurw. b) an excitnrg childhood.n J2 o. (have) enor-mous 2 Herg6 3He influence on the European trldition of cornic illustration.t who -rarrea lo collect and -eao lneT.ures w1tn cowbol. \4nrreo roer capru/ed gdngsreis. Readers of atl ages. I books bave been DLbti"hed .dhood .1 io" Drai{ing. J.. ar in._l::. hdd adven.e theheroTinrinha!L.lrs or.vrth -Dntin "":i. I : lntin T:.raror r"orn Be. h) Belgian.ne noon. ::opre. Grammar 3 Look at the answers and then complete the question."\e Conrinued _o read lhFrt ever rn.:dn Helgi. I L.s rgo.ught and toved his books. eo ceo.oke Lp. ano sp€nr 3 -l 5 (ieorges Rirni.rpr isoned i:y:-::l. \l'hen In 19'18..1.

otler caltoon cheltctels wclc 1928 created Mickey trltinnie Mouse. I Harrison Ford first snrted rnaking filrns in the 1970s. . (since) Writing 7 Look at th€ information about the life and work of Wdt Disney. Snow \l'hite and thc Seve+Dw:rrfs strrted as a commercial ardst an obsessive perf-ectionist a) The_folloving verbs and phrases all have similar nrea ngs but are different in strength. and Pltto the voice of tMickel' Mouse was provided by Clarencc Nash 1937 prodrced his fir'st featurelength cartoon.5 Read these sentences about when difierent living famous people started their carcers and then rewrit€ the sentences usins the word ih brackets. (ever snlce) b) Look at the list o{ cartoons xnd cai:toon char-rctem belo$. 2 J Steven Spielberg directed his first film in i974.ect Continuous. Thellintsto[es Supemun Startrek Batman Starq ars Tom andJerry Asterix Tintin Archie Transfonners F-\A"\rpr.lng football for thc Italian lational texm in the early 1990s.. to lot'e to be nl. (You may have to omit some words and €hange the verb. Donald Vocabulary 6 'Georges R6mi loved drawing. and purting the verb in the present pe.arotti becerne ar opcra singcr in dre 1960s. t t0 l I the head ofhis Sound Effecrs Departrrent nas James r\ilacdonaid 8 Number the items you ticked in the order you would include them in the summary. (fbr about 30 )rcrrs) Roberto Baggio strrted p1ar. (shce) Ert Cldptan ha! been flayitg bhus since 196j. Put them on the staircase with thc '\r'eakest on thc boftom step and the strongest on the top stcp.r: I qrlite like mm and'/en1 . . Goofy. (since) 6 film produccr ve{' anti-comnunist Nladonna mede her 6rst album in 1983 (snrce) l{ouse . Underline the information that you think is most important to include in a live line summary of his life..nd about to qrite liLe to not 1nind didnt likc children pr n e d" Drln ty land_ $tme park rn LatltorDra rn l9! t . (since) IGte llloss became a model lvhen she wes fouteen.at rU brather is mltd tlbout them. born I901 died 1966 Par. Duch. tJse the verbs Son a) to write eight sentcnces in your notebook rvhich are true for 1'ou and for r nrcmber oFyour fnmilv.) I'\AUPLL: Eric Clapton starred plaving biues jn 1963.

-r 4 Look at the pictures and match them with the notes below to complete the story. Link the sentences with frst. The first on€ has been stary/chill e) rang police b) police iunrcdiatelj' put trace on calls c) onc ocning brbvsitter Lxrking alier neighbourt tvo boys/ received clisturbing phone calls .: . before.t. then. member ofl'our oosc :iJrcd of ':l rerrrfieJ of 2 choose the word in italics rhi<h could go with the idi€ctive. :! he scared of be te ified of is Tt€ last one stronter than the r '.llg- I Lill hcr'/said most blood curdling md hrir rrising tlings balrysirter went upstairs/fcrund the boys on the other phone someoDe threirtened laughnrg : -::d 1) police telcphoncd to tell hel clllcr on othcr phone upstairs g) police nenrged tracc call h) caller rang again/kept him talLing 3 Write short sentences in your rEcebooks using the words Writing Expand the notes into proper sentences.llLE: -: ::tred afnry ttachct: : ::rrifed of mcalit*. ofrer. where appropriate. Complete the following sentences: -:n scrrcd of . Put the letter ofthe matchins note in the box in front of the picture. :' t: I tt! rcall| iiicrcstcd hl 5 . .I The following phrases have meanings: imilar :o he aftxid 0f io he lrightened r)f :.:::']e 5 ftightening 6 enciting 7 $'orried E crhausted L\\\1P1.: One eNening a btbtsittrr reteired n n ntber aJ ditt$bilg . and write the sentences in the correct order in your notebook.

plaltily watching me. 9 3 Arlvay.sentences (or parts of sentences) from the stor). and the Paat Perfect. Und€rline the str€ss€d syllables in the words ending in -ico.h -. responsible. and -obl€. 1 Last Wednesday / I get up early to finish homework / before go to school Last Wednesda! I got up earl! to fnih m! homeuurk before I atnt to ubool. On (put in yesterdayt date) at 9. oh it was so beautiful. after sit dowl / realise / leave my homework at home I After all thatl / be very upset / because / get up so early to finish it Know my teacher wouldn't believe me / because / do the same thing the week befote That time watch f. You may have to add some words such as articles and pronouns. well they'd be singing so happily. practical. are stressed on the preceding syllable. 2 Not do it the night before / because / watch a football match on fi This story has a happy ending. .^. FxtwPLE: lagbal \aptbk Here are some ofthe lines of a song by Supertramp.m. magical. using wher. O Combine pairs of However. -ibJe. Get to bus stop just in time / and / catch bus usual as t2 . by the time. ger up early / and / do ir rll By the time finish it so / / be nearly time to 7e*e have quick breakfast / and / run to cxtch my / bus When I was young. I . The first one has been done for you. Use the Past Simple and Past Perfeat. jo14rlly. .-i.1 a film / so / not have time to .00 p.h^-"". End ofprobleml Words ending in -icdl and words ending in -oble. And all the birds in the trees. O My Big Mistake Combine the following words into sentences. a miracle. Write the police report in your notebook starting with the words prcvided. 10 When get to school / tell my best ftiend what Ido He laughed because the homework was for the next day. But then they sent me away to t€ach me how to be sensibleJ logical. managed ta trace the call. it seemed that life was so wonderful.

ientists animals for nedical ' I'hnt people think it is cl'ucl for animals (trxnsport) li1.eeL res substanceApply to the skin ' rerv medicine/develop/inJapan -:r prorluct/nrrket/South Anerice re res/do/fiv'e times J . Scicntists people (wear) 9 sriin (produce) a synthetic apply develop do fur so that fewer anirnals (hitl) fol their tur Definitions 4 Look at the followinS definition of an animal and fill in the name. - Put the verb in the following sentences in the correct tense and decide whether they are passive \'rirn.'e 5 to d. S.e. Combine the following pieces of information write delinitions of these animalsl narket Grammar 2 Make sentences in the Past Passive trom me i:llowing cues.\nirnal Rights : rht) for the abolition of the transport ol lirrc I a very long neck/spots/Afiica. - ::ododsilp/last$. This is norv (control) and poaching (dccrcascd) r lot. In the prst rnanv elephants fcrr theil nrsLs.Vocabulary I : Match the verbs with the most obvious noun fiom the box. -(use) Movcrncnt .Tre .orld/often considcred the most elegant. In cold countries rnany fur coats. has - - le trsk ofelepharts largc bird/oftcn found on a farm. l he tallest animal in dre l.tnnpe ro tbe aninnl ta: uteavnd. /sometimes eaten on spccial occasions. is a large furry animal which can be dangerous but is oftcn manufacnred as a toy. jrmege/aninraYmeesue i l.cine :_e damalie a petition a product a ::st from the fur offoxes. \ _is t3 .rls atgzwl(use) for research.ow products. ::ie) to make il. (Lin) 7 8 l'fany coats s[bstance lr ncw fired.

lioness I thot i Becouse o{ its strengih mojesiy ond Iiercerress.atcr.] The lion con be distinquished from the becouse o[ the enormius.Tick one ofthe columns. ilwoy wos put (off fr vos t fforv M"t.' Unl nlike itheir reiol es. The Lion sS' A fully gro-n mole lion.. is colled the King of the Beos\.s head lnd shouldels is called a nane Onlv the lioness looks aftcr the young Thev are good climbers ir her mouth ond corr:es thern lo sofe ploces. Lions often live in lorge fomilies which ore known os prides.#. picks up her young 5 6 7 all. the lion rions iii Usuolly young lions ore born three ot o iime. t€xt again and check your answers to t4 . moy be more thon 3 metres long from his nose to the tip of his toil. stonding o meke high ond weighinq obout 230 kilos.h th" topi. . a 1l! Lions ore ii feored ond respected by oll ihe who come ocross fiem. ch )o ryoli neo eorest lre lree coPe. ore smoller ond lighter in colour $on mole lions. _ They ore looked ofter by botn ihe mole ond I Read the Exercise 6. -. lt tokes them some time io gei up on to their feet ond wolk. l. Once they lived in Europe os *ell. / I iij .ouers hir po-"rful heod ond s'houlders. Lions rrc rnernbers of the crt farnilv 2 J Xlost lions come from ['cstem Asia Thele used to be lions in Europe 'Ihe thick hair or. Starts its lifc rs a tndpolc/often ftrved hv children.^. rim. Write them in at the b€ginning of their paragraph. A -is Reading s&o 6 How much do you know about lions! Try to respond to the following statements before readinS the passage.darserous/st1-iped/cat fanill'/r-hich mostly lives in forests/often kept in zoos. The lion is thouqht of os on Africon onimol. . but they don't give uo eosily ond it doesn't loke them long to work out how to do it The mothe. people i a. small/rmphibi.1 '.i. Lionesses . heow mqne thol ol enormous. th merr rerr oiives per is cnoseo oy isc . shinh'hich lives mostlv in r.rnldrr.er the rnale'. but they hove now entirely disoppeored from there."ntences below to their paragraphs in the r€ading text. tre b Afri orkers y corl rrried off nighr ofter nig rned cff ht ofl woI orkers were so terr ed tf >rkerstwe i wel o rrrifie< roil. . work who.

r be responsiblc for urd do rvhat is necessarv ' :r dc1a1' . Itt turn.:.-.ng dont knor'.io. Pronunciation word ends in .. \) ^\a .lglr 10 t5 .\\IPLL: A fieetoh l! o mtntb(r af the cat tq'lnll | . Now add three more words endinS in -ior. lf a I x A\\IPLL d eJ i.r meet rnlexPectedtJ' :o strnal 2 write fnmi\. ::n vou read in English )ou oftcn (1) r. li |:i an || ' Use a phrasal verb to write the caption for each picture in | 4 Look through this unit and mark the stress on th€ words ending in -ion. Use your : ctionary to help you. ll /l... the topic sentence.lilL livht. sentence into a short paragraph adding more information.< "f. -o srop Writing You are Soing to write a short paragraph in your notebooks about an animal of your choice. LTsually it is bcttcl to ::r in e dict.:.Vocabulary 9 Look through the completed text on page 14 and find the :nra5al verbs which the following phrases could replace. \'\a r\:.ords (2) tind.-!.o r . ifyor can't rnnnnge this (4) and use vour dictionerr. on lt.i lJ -l l\i . r. the stress is on the preceding syllabl€. | 0 Fill in the ltant<s with phrasal verbs which you found in 1€rcis€ 9. :r understand ' | 3 Expand yot r topi.onaw till Iou hevc trier tcr :r r dictiona|v vou herc tried thenr (3) for yoursell However.

you know about presidenrJohn F. DanLrta is from Poland brt now.urnts to improve her English she _(7) speak or write Polish for a rnonrh. 1.she is spending one month in an English school. Johnson jn Both their assassins befor€ they (7 born) in 1808 and 1908. This rnonth (noc h:rvel any English lessons. In Poland she (watch) nuch nore. . ifshe realil.. NTow she (speaK) English all the tine.\rhile Danuta is in England she (1) gct the bm to school becausc dre school is near enough for her to walk. She do all her --(2) lessons in English so her. Amazinq I (livc) in Polani but dris month she (srai.Reading . 3 b) Iile never married. She _(6) v-rite in English.l -What.do Inlohatton that you believe to a) FIe uas assassinated. IGnnedy's secretary _- (18 advisel mm not to go to DaUas. Boih their successors (tj call) Johnson. (17 advise) by his secretary noi to Lincoln go to the thealre. in Englmd.oln's secr. Thc last names of both presii]ents (19 coniain) seven lettells.li. Fill in the btanks with one ofthe modal verbs in the box. 4 Llrdon B.old her shc --(4) s'rite to them each week. Iin. (Ci l Rights) 1 She 2 Read the information and put the verbs in brackets in the Active 2 Coincideices 4 Boih presidents wiih th€ issue of civil ghis. Lincoln Kennedy (2 elcct) in 1860. 14 Both ofthem (5 shool) fiom behind ard in the head.. Last time she wrote in Polish but thev now say she _-(5) do this. (8 kill).lanJ . Borh presidents whiia living rn rhc W]lrte House. e) He had blond hair f) IJc nevcr visited Dallas.o* -opsr" rerrr ' (niss) this 6 on a She (:l com€ ) to offrce in 1960 assassinate) watch) rnuch telerision in 0rol Friday and both in the pres€n(e of iheir wi\-es. (1 concern] Tn P.l. English improve a lot this rnonth.trry Kennedy's secretary (l I catl) Kennedy. Grammar Put the verbs in brackets in the Present Simple or Prcsent Continuous. of 'he .l must rnustnlt shoulcl must shouldnt lravc to don't have \.archouse and (16 r'tln) to a fllJn theatre. c) FIc had two childrcn. In Poland she (spend) fivc hours learning English. _In Poland she (gol to school by bus.. Kennedy? Tick the be true. d) He tried to mrke the lives of black people better. Both prcsidents England because itt hard to understand. Lincoln's killer box ancl alterwads (13 shoot) him in a theatre (I4 nur) to a wareh0usc. This month she _(rvdk). ihemsetves (9 bdng)1() tdal. The names oI both assassins (20 contain) liftecn l€fiels. Her parents hare --O) . Tn fact. X€nl|cdy anerwards his killer (I5 shooi) from a $. 0 havc) a child who die.11) Lincoln. (12 ca.

G\ hs \ DAIIJ \e. : IIe watches Superrnan r. conics ever she could - reid.henever he cen.v thing she reads scems to be Tintin.. ) (6) (decided/have the)dccidcd) this rvas too nary' and since then there (7) (have been/were) ren players. : He tbu). t7 . (drarr) cornic iisures erer he became interested in Asterur (become) even Batrnar popular film. People nore it l.as made into a feanrre (read) comic books more than x ccntury'. Sincc then thev (3) (performcd/have performed) over one hundred gigs and made three recordings. (rvatch) it He i The onl. (1) Huggy and the Bears : 5 shouldn't Put the verbs in brackets in the Present Perfect Continuous and add since or for.r.r.r'hen \r'ere studying) at universitl'. \\'hen rhcy (4) (started/had started) there (5) (ncre. isf b) drould : inust d) hav'e to 7 Choose the correct form ofthe verb. She (started/have started) pleling together fir-e years (2) (snrdied/ ago rhey '. She bu1's a comic every n'eeh. (read) it four She |ears.\ .*C Travelling by bus in England. Look at the pictures and write a caption for each using the modal verb provided.fta\ c sixteen nembers ofthe band A vexl ago ro.

rha6rst recording they rnore than _(get) dreir (be) togedrer (maLe) band photographer to go on air blood-curdling pop scene camera operator scared furry sound engineer white as a sheet long-eared pslclo)ogi\t lo ge|. (finish) the They recording. another bass player urry _(proouce.Combine the two halves of the sentences using each of the linkers in the box and put the verbs into the corr€ct tense. the CD chey -(get) offers ofwork. I 2 Please could you while I make a phone call? _ my bag for me dorng my homework till the last minute and then I rn usually too tired to do it properlyl Then I have very early in the morning and do it before breakfast. Now I'm trying to how to persuade mr parents to pay for me to go therel My parents say drey haven't p. l0 as when after while by the time before _the band first big break they for five years. I always t8 . 8 Vocabulary Put the words in the box under the appropriate heading in the chart.y last track the guitarist's _ (record) the (break). break hair-raising to make a single mane the charts terri{'ing social worker to do the bacLing long tailed Show business fifty _(plal) sting their gigs. th. _(play) _(stat) the to Y Fill in the sentences with the phrasal verbs in the -they picl gef Animals up pul ol-F comr rc'osr uork our up gi\e up lool afier rJo withour I This is far too difEcult for me.ot any money for a holiday this year so I'11 have to 3 I'm so stupid.) (get) a lot rnore last number the audience clap and cheer. + Have you ever a poltergeistl 5 I'r'e just this travel brochure abort New Zealand. Some ofthe words may go under more than one heading.

busiress expens. workers will need to develop portable sLills that they can take fiom one employer to another Few people in tie future will eat the traditional three squale meals a day. People may lose their'real' identities in favour of the perfect bodies created in the world of virtual reality. : lofta nadl ucalhn More Sncrcks foiecasts made Feuter Jobs. . . Possibilities include laser rifles to cause temporary blindness. and genetic data.part biological. medical history credit status. Computers will be able to think like humans.. + ryculner lobolan oborts nelpat The editors of The Futurist masazine put together a list of the eight mosl 'interesting in 1994 6v leading scientistsl researchers.Yocabulary Reorder the following jumbled They all appear in Unit 7 of Students' Book. . tqlr 3 head the text to check your answerc to Exercise 2. and part elecffonic. . emplo1. part mechanical. Lifetime jobs wili disappear To stay employed. r . and s6holars. Virtual reality experiences may lead to personality problems that will send people to psychiatrists. I Drds. ultrasound to cause dizziness. .ment. and sedative guts to trake victims sleeor. Instead they will have five snacks. i \\hat kind of information will be on identity cardsl \\hat dere Linds of veapons be? will t9 . \\'hat will be the effect of more multi-cultural societies? Future wars may be fought with rninimum-bloodshed weapons that cause alrnost no deatis. Crine will increase through the early part of the 2 lst century because of the conflics created by multi-cultural societies. people's eating habits \lhy will psychiatrists busier? be People will carry electronic 'smart' identity cards which will contain information about their education. Humans will one day become 'composite beings'. I I i . I l\till people start a career rvhen they are twenty and stay in the same Lind ofjob all their life? I l\hat will be? . I Reading What do you think life will be le in the year 2050? 2 gess the answers to the following ?es-tions before reading the text.

.ror1 cor. PAIRiCK: J()E: P.t. 8 Now do the same with theJol.s a secretl do) IIe will have a better idca ofwhat it is like to be something nobody has ever done. You can tell me. one ofthe topics _(3 be) how to cope with the lack of orygen and the lack of gravig. rrn happv because he (1 anend) a short introductory course next rveek.elopnent The Conclusion 20 . *'e've thought of that. But there are other parts of the course r_hich he (10 not look fom_ard to). Introduction The Der. We (3 send) an astronaut to the Hc s'ill be an lstronaut rvhen To the SUNI No. but we (.. that's impossible.r'rn Writing 9 You are going to prepare to writ€ a description of Mars. \Ve _(l It'. |riIRICK: \Vell. So.On thc l.. Fill in the spaces with the most suitable future form ofthe verb in brackets.* flc..{I]RI(]K: OK. to hecome an arnolaur. Look at these words connected with wet weather.rrn rhour rhe potentJal dangers and risks and hou to mjnimise these. ..ed rhe inr-odu. we toP. Make notes ofyour ideas under the following headings.od shcrrue. JOEI in space once PATRICKI JOEI Wlat? Oh. rr Vocabulary (6 be) too hot.r'. IJe (4 hrr c to) le. Maybe."-p. PATRIC(: \Vhen he has atteuded all the course 4 2 He vill do thc test whcn Guess rvhat. Hr i. The course (2 give) him a general overview of the skills required for the job. I can't tell vou drat.owing nouns.1 do) it. Use your dictionary to put the following verbs in order on the steps.st day oftle coursc they (8 experience) bcing in (9 feel) eucdv a sirnulator qhich like being in space . Onc of them is the written test 5 \[ario urnr. horv (7 you solve) it? (8 send) hirn at nightl You have now read two episodes of flre Flood. loF: \{ell how? Surely he (5 hurn). For example. with the strongest one at the .Complete the {ollowinS sentences with information from Exercise 5.-1. I SLNI 4 i t)nce he har pa. At dre end of che course rhere (5 bc) a test and if he does well he _(6 be able) to attend a four year training programme rhich _(7 enable) him to become an asffonart. 6 I Look at this conversation between two mao scientists called Patrick and roe. P{IRICKI JoEl Oh no. Fill in the verbs in the most suitable future form.r (2 not tell) anyone.

the sax player in the up and coming funk group Huggy and the Bears. Il'e'll go drrough everytlring now and hrve a sort of run-thrtngh.. Yeah itt a rniracle I got here.sFNrERr Welcome lVho should have uoLelJohnnyl Number the fbllorving in the order in which they v-ill happen. \I/e'll have to have an introduction so dre viewers knorwhatt happening. JOHf.o things Johnny doesnt r.. JOHN\-Y: No probieur. And (3) don't do an! intodtuctirn beJire I Pld!. (l)Woull a) quite relaxed c) friendty t. . IRESDN|ER: That's dif0cult."\Y: PTIESEN'|IR: Right. The presenter is the one Johnny is the one go ro \takeup. are _r'ou feeling? IoHNNI: \\'ell. 3 In your notebook wdte sentences for the phrases in italics in Exercise 2 using terl or osk and the infinitive.plal.e ll . grxDlpy 'I Name tr. lgnore the italics. lau sit an the atber siLJe oJ tbe table Grammar JoH\\l': lhasel C)h no.SENTF.. r. Btt (7) yau nrusn't adaenise tbem too abztiouiy. Co d 1'ou tell me what you \r'ant to talk about? \Vell I'll tell vou one thlng (5) I don\ JoHNNLr uant ta filk abaat untl thdt\ m! ?ri-Lrate PRESENTER: loHNNLr n'hat do you want to trlk about? (6) Please roncentrate on the kind ofmusi JoHNNY: the band play . pRri. The presenter is preparing rohnny and checking what he would like to do and talk about.ett jLnt run through the intervier'. I'd asked my flatmate to $ xlie me but he forgot.tt Q) .rnembers o{ the group. T.r drintJohnn\ hrrbeerrlooUng during this conversation: olerslept. He doesn't want to do the interview but the rest ofthe group have told him to do it.s one coming. PRF. Can I hr'v'e an annchairl I prefer to look rclaned. P. Don't worry.ant to happen. The otl'er. I don't rvant to sit at a table. lnst (9) speak clearly and for goodness. 2l . is about to give a TV interview. I J t A shofi introduction Hou do)o. bc ureful ttl )ott ni.ell (4) nake it shart.np|on. \\rhenlou'ir back it sometimes affccts the sornd. Ard r. rerlly nen-ous. The interview His makeup session Johmr.. .RI OK. (8) Don't uonl abokt tbe intemicu . saLe (10) jzl. Reall' glad you could make it. PRLSE\TER: So hoi. No*' it's irne for vou to PRTSENTER: So w I 1 2 Look at the pictures and then complete the sentences. F-\\r'{PLL The presenter told hbt nat ta not 11. onasian ally ! 1 2 Z Read the dialogue and then answer the questions that follow.rrrt recording straight after that.Reading Johnny Delter.ing the sax JoIIN-N1': ohmry.{nd also on some of our future gigs.l'.And tircd are drere any chajrs? TRESEN'I'ER: There'. Can we start the PRLSEN'r'LR: Well I suppose so.t programrne with me plaving and then do dre interview? Fine. Tt! fir too formai.

a) But Lre vas l1.t"c ) . .u tuA m( holding Luis rl.-.r: Mj ]l 1)dre|tts af.lupyourlrnch _'Dnn I hrLe ynllr dark bl:rnd h.4 Look at these instructions that parents might Sive to little children.I_nq:{. Tick the most appropriate one according to the stressed words in italics in th€ statements.vou olly spcak to hilrr on thc phone? b) Ansrver trel l'm gctting angryl c) Or did you see Xristosi Kiterina i the ane netri g t basehtll cap talking to Luis.lr kel's.eltu a*l Anna.ing b) I thought hc'd fbrgotten dren c) Tt nust bc truc d) Not his nother's Did l. 22 .v rr1. Add one ofyour own. dark s|in sitting att the chtir'.ll.. tne nrc l _ilB" q. 5 who is who? Look at the photograph of a group offriends..ou see Spirosi a) Or did. 6 1 Dimitrrl! brothcr tried to br.earnrg not to go near the Jire.rir a-h*st$Cl €"P and jeans trlking hoghing standing entulg crlsps to Katcrina her coat . Make sentences in your notebooks des€ribing each person from the words in the chart. Follow the example and report the ones that your parents most often said to you when you were young. -5top tgnfln3 jli. b) Not todry c) Not Mehmet d) Not his fatherls Antonio told rr e he had lost .r'. I hrlr wearing tsll€ing next to Nlaria Pronunciation The following statements were made to emPhasise a particular point.. of fte r) Not to borrorv them b) Not the magazincs c) But he 1vx!D't rble to boohs d) But 2 Ahm tt one book hacl bccn sold went to the cinerr a on his motorbike J'esterdri'. Am.tu1 EL\\IPt.flgry "*{) l Ce€€e IGterina Mxria David vcry short blach caqrl]g skrrt at George glssses .

For each sentence underline the stressed word that would make b) the correct answer,
Lnt botl thL


| 0 Look at the photos ofthe Wanted people on the police noticeboard. EI!\'IPLE: IlrrTlrrr I rrds a rnidrlle-ag:d rutnnan in

t caitd tring

Nor rhe meglzines

8 Add the words in the box to as many ofthe adiectives as possible to make them into compound adlectives.
heired ei'ed skinned nosed lingered

Write the descriptions you think the witnesses gave to the police in
your notebooks.


Fill in the sentences with a suitable <ompound adiective from Exercise 8.



Tcr becornc a

top ballet clancer

you llccd to bc

In the arrnl'you

har-e ro he


(lood pirnisis are often


l{ost fiir-hrircd pcople


j Most
people rre bror-reyed.

Look at the following sentences. The missing words are either nouns, adiectives or verbs. Fill in the blanks with the correcr part of speech.

"rp.".sions and write the appropriate letter in the box.



M"t.h th"."
a shoulder

with their definitions

I I 4

Chris is

having roar

getting strrted. hnn.


Reail rhe rJvice his friend


Gefting \tr4rat you have to ,., tI1- not Io and thet's too Jmt rn*e

is dre commonest trouble.

rvords to come,



of all tire things out thc right order.



2 3 4 5 6 7 8

to cry on too hrrd to handle to get to knorv sorneole better to find a r-ay out ofsomedring to keep a secret
let's facc

n n

tl tl

n ft


to do something on purpose to givc somcone a chmce

Later we'll

2 Read the text and choose the most appropnate word from the box to fill in the blanks according to the cont€xt. Use your answers to Exercise I to help
hard gives tbrce ligure list
stuck do

a) to not tell ,nr,one b) to become closer to someone c) sonleonc li'onr $hom ]-ou get synpatllv d) too diffrcLrlt to dcal *'ith e) to gi|c sonreone an opportunitv or possibility to
do sornething


to lind a solution to something

g) to do sornething intentionally h) r.e should accept it

Chris wanls to write a letter to his mum but is having getting started. Read the advice his friend

Here are some thints that parents often say to small children, Follow the example and report the four your parents most often said to you when you were young. Add one ofyour own.

(-1) is rhe commonesr troublc of all. Usually, yoor mirld gets stuck when you'rc trying to do too many things at -(1) (4) is try once. What you have to (5) words to come. Thatjust
gets you more s1uck. What you have to do now is separate out the things and do them one at a time. You're trying to think of what to say and what to say first at the same timc, and that's too (6). So separate them out. Just


Bossy Parentst Sayings
Parents are the same the whole world over. For generations they have been saying the same things to the:r children. Here are some examples of these universal sayings.
'| caf't play with you no\

make a _(7) you want to say

of all the things in any old order. Then ldter
(8) out the right ordcr

busyl Gay)

Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance.

'You'rc ma<ing too much noisel (complain)

'When it's cold you have to wear a coatl (exp air)


time to go to bedl (tell me)

'You must hold my hand when you cross the road: (tell

'Your hands are



'ltk rude to answer bacld

'You look just like your srandmotherl (tell me)



M! pc(nt!


becaBe the!


lditl theJ caul]n't bt^!.

?kt 'iL ith

Read the dialogues and then complete the s€ntences that follow them.



Dialoguc A


Hi. I're

been looking everyrvhere


JoANNA: Sorry T was in the library The thing is, (1) I've got tw-o tickets fbr Phil Collins next Mrednesday. Jo,\\Nr Thatt fantastic. But (2) I don't think I'11 be able to go. (Yotrs)



JoANNAT Beca[sc

(]) my parents don't like going out late on weekdays.

Reported spee(h with no tense change Here are some things that parents often say to their teenage sons and daughters, Follow the example and report the ones that your parents often say to you in your notebook Add one ofyour own. Use the verb in brackets. 'You can't go out


2 3


ta toldJoamra

Joarn,r said Joanna explained

Dialogte B


(1) T've got something to ask J'or.


1-or'vc frnishcd

iuoTHER: C)K,

{'hat is it?

horner-ork.' (sai')

a-. 'Yon

JoA\NA: \Vell the thing is (2) Beata'.s got t\l.o tickcts for Phil Collins next \4rednesday \roTrI]lR: Next l\rednesday? No, that's r weekcla-v.
(3) You can't go.

v.rf.h foo much rele\rsron-

.t{'\\\ \:

14\ Tr'.

nol firr.

AJI rn1

cierrd. rre yoi|'g.



talk to Beata's mother.

/'You shouldnt go arouncl rvith tl;rr,-tr.t"U"a''l






1.o'npl";'1 ;


Jornna told hcr mother Joarura told her mother


i'Y.*.;ia; ;;..'


Her mother told Joanna conplained Her mother said


'You can't go out looking lihc that.'(say)

7 Read the dialogue and then write the original conversation between Beata and her mother in
direct speech. Dialogue C

,1'Y-*."]1l]." ,t',"q""t"r "p in this ho.,se.' (sr1i



".*1, 1o"t



'Your dirgv clothes (conplain)
F.X\NIPLE MJ parentr 01+e nn h ul ny h am.e',.tork.

'\ \l',ll

I R:

J.r|lna tellr nrc rhcr B.arJ i' going


lqi I
r&n't go aut

Phil Collins concert next




Reallyl Beata told meJoanna was


Did 1ou tell Berta she could go? B's \'t()Tt IliR: Not et first. But she said thatJoanna r.as going so I changed my mindl

l Arc thcle 70 states in the USA? 5 Is part ofBr:rzil on dre eqnatorl 6 Do the Argentineans spenk Pornrguese) 7 ls scodand in Enslandr 8 ls Maradona Spanish? 26 .Grammar I Read the quiz below and report what the participants were asked using the cues provided. 2 yes Now it's your turn to do a quiz. Answer the following with a or no. 1 ts Delhi in India? 2 Is the zloty dre curenry of Polaldi 3 Is Athcns the capital of Spaini .

--f ---. p-oeoe Cates is . and .ijll"1 ] ] :::/ -' .l'tirj"?'. 5 Match the reviews with the pic" tures and titles.s iantasy adve^rure was unexpectedlyenjoyable. E-L. .rnpucer rnoney notcs curtencv pesetas Rolls Rolce vehicle saloon crr car you. Direcror lvan 7 Reitman.$1P]-F. After an action-packed opening the film enters a cartoon world of fanlasy. 'i:l\ 4 ' 2 |didnl .Sania Claus.ll] excetlent and geis sotid support from -. lls tun a-d haopy which is what a Christmas frlm should be. Tre . ' The tead <ta.Kev n Kli^e. 1l 1 J Reading irdr Afrl if Delhi zuas the rapitnl af hdla. .. a."tff".a:r|. The " i audie-ce seemed to e-joy rt nore t-a" 1 I casual clothes jacket leather coat dishes lbod sp:rghetti rneals nouse Durrollrg rlooern sefi dcmcned st:rtionerv notebook paper English notebook iilm thriller cincrna fcat."a ty enjoy this tt stars 5 --l Atnold Schwa.re film rrf rnp compulef rb vr Der{'nfl '. Macaulay Cukn has never given such a good performance.:: | did so I and see rt wi give it a second chance again. nrst row has been done ror .rr iacl.J:r"i .] and Emma co-stars Danny Devto Thompson have fun. This is we I worth seeing.In your notebook report the questions you were asked. Ll c Julro . surprishgly successful part for him . The first one has been done for you as an example. but ihe .in is d penod oiece I I ./ 4 1 . world s the o j tirst pregnanL man./.zenegge. and 8 :l:l iiiil there are one or two good lines.. The --i I f it is a surprisingly is.' jo<e soon gels bor ng lcenanlywonl Ccnctxl laord I SDecific \4ore soecific I Mosr roeciFt. lerr-Ferc. horror and adventure. astitm..:n*: i|. I saw this lilm last week and I plan to go again this week. about dishonesty and prelence.er 'a\ui i rt lhis British frlrr is based on tacr. n 4 f nis chilorp. Vocabulary put the words in the correct column in the chart below. l clo he.

ean brother $-ord lovely preuous learn monev reason $ork wonder seek evening heard people 9 \{hich film stars Macaulay Culkin! l0 \{4rich filrn has cartoonsi In your notebook report the questions you were asked in Exercise 6 starting with . Writing 8 Look through the reviews and put the information they contain under the following h€adints.r pregnrnl is the director of 6 \\to lunhr? 7 \lhich 61m is hased on facr? 8 l4tro sripports Phoebe Cates? three loved ingenious firlnv first but keep occur publishcd countries shirt n. Pronunciation | 0 Th" follou.iuds ashed ubitb Jilm uas a remake. l4trich fiLn is a remake ofa 1947 hit? \tr h rr pcn docs R:ch"rd \nenbororrgh plrr? 9 Now make similar notes on another lilm ofyour choice in your notebook.ing words all occur in Unit l0 ofyour coursebook Put them in the chart under the words that rhyme /inalude the same sounds. 7 Dilr\4PLIi: I I. lf a word has more than one syllable match the syllable that is in bold. . the parr of . 2 3 \itich film is dre writer going to see again this rveek? 4 l\ftich filrn did the r-ritcr not enjoy? nran. . .+th Sffeet The Stars Cornnents/ Opinions Junior Princess Cariboo The Pagemaster 2A . i \tr-lo plar.6 I Answer the following questions with short answers. Topic NTiracle on J. wos orked.

4atch the words in the box with their definitions.\re -.g frcfi fiy dla(iet.t pll -a a I a. I a wayo amazeA random nicknarne blorvlamp snap bright Grammar J Peter talks about the things that his teachers and his €lass did when he was at school.a )o mrch elee.e we hoped he war A.tme anyone llL up a blowlamp.4r l'Ar Evar6: \Noa)warl: teacher. lJ llr Vr berlley: Enqlish.ly the aafie way. nalny becaL). Look at the headings in the chart. l. ara Lhey 6nap?ea 15) . 60 we a aakea farwafu la Lhe irduolr)al acc denL. le ha^ (4) a very fin6ual way of bhorNerlnq lenqltho af woot. but naI alt Ithe aafie l..ar. . Scan quickly through the diary fill in the information about each of his teachers.h nafie pronannced Die). 2 Nickneme Othel inlbrmation I'rtrk suJdcnlv r. fielalwork Iteaahe| We called(1) h fi 7ercy.in4 wean'L riqhl.ifie) le elwa:]. Aller all. le Oot' (2) a oLranqe aok 1n hla eye ever! |t. o hc. Don't worry about the words in italics.Reading I You are going to read the diary Peter Carey wrote when he was 2 l.I'harqh vle v@re dainq qane.e (7) gafie af av cla66 who werenlt very briqht ana ha^ tu uoe ltheir 6enoe ol .. Now he is an adult so these things don't happen anymore. Emphasise this by changing the verbs in italics to used ?areeller..ith :r sh. I alan't balher 1. Subject to 1 clever chosen without eny' plen r.wril. efielt (6) a. ia nake E all wriLe it1 exacl. b|N Nhere'a nalhlnq parL crlary peculi in lhal. in the fourth form at school.'ltleleh. Find the words in the text to help you guess their meanrnSs.'lery liLlle eloe happened(3) tr r'he lea. t . \Ne rlckrafiea hirA Dai (\Nel. ?erhaVo he wae oecretly hapinq lhey worlA have an aacldenN.rrp cracking noisc another rlh Pargetter Mr Evans nx re \vc give to IIr Bloater Bentlcy sorneone a Jamp - often as a joke llr which gives l srnall le4 hot fllne Teachere I have known fiyaelf when I \Naa at achaal thaL batherea ta keep a diary. le opent (9) nirch of av llr6t yea( qvlnq baak wark tf Lhe han).. Ane thinl he aia (O) wa..hlnq we.eell! anqry abaut lthi6 brL r"he qaoa I. Here are aome ranaom Lhauqhl.p ia. bul I ttiL)at aay that iI'o ?rcvea inva rable a9 a aacial hiolta(y.aaner or laLel I 2 We uetJ to call hint Ptrcy. This aonfu.Vle Ooi (A) .even dL)r rl Lhe MaLha e66on6. you car A eet aLher ki)s La aa Jav hafiewark far yarl 9r enLl l0 29 . aeier: Malhg and Aarnea.. He hl yar acrcae lhe boLLam wilh Lhem..

have an aftcmoon sleep go to bed before 8.ames teacher 5 The diaries are about teachers in a school 6 1 a) they u erent very bright b) they snapped sooner or later | Put the words in the box before the appropriate words in the list below to make compound nouns. beck yrd-pqlL thin be qrite fxt have blond hair have gaps in my teeth be very 6 Write sentences in your notebook about the sentences you have ticked.hurt. which. Use wourd or used to and start each sentenc€ with: Wl'enln. and (ombine them using who.. Match the beginnings of the sentences on the left with th€ appropriate endint on the right.. growth yard bisc'uits bed pack bank pistol arm graduate steet sffoke wear neion fall side rowing sailing 7 Write them out in your notebook 1 Mr Pargctter was the teacher 2 Peter kept a diary I Mr Evans was the teacher .ht metalwork 30 . 0 c) boat botde teachers he went to the school aged 10 it described his e) he 9 There were children in the class Peter describes the teachers at the school Mr Evans used to hit them r-ith lcngths ofwood The diary was written by a boy smelt 0 the children n'eren't all very bright s) his teachers seem sffange h) his licLname was Dai r) Iight torch rowing water sailing scent milk traffic sun fishing day wine he tauE.1 llr Bloater was the g. to Vocabulary 8 Mat€h the words on the left to the words on the right to make compound nouns.00pm 5 I 2 3 rain suit bed 4 5 police hitchen a) b) c) d) e) room rvork floor case coat not Uke green \'€getxbles not speak any English S offrccr not go to school wake up very early in the monings rvake up in the middle ofthe night aftaid of the dark play with toys 9 Put the words in the box after the appropriate words in the list below to make compound nouns.4 I 2 3 Look at your sentences in Exercise 3 and change the used to wourd in the four sentences wh€re this is Dossible. whose or where. They all occur in The Floot!. but arc not true for you now. These sentences are about Peter's diary. 4 Tick any of the following which were true tor you when you were four years old.

ca irnagine. caNj bod-! ehich co!$iN louf brah. He had a noustache and hc was $€aring a light blue suit. I 3 point n. to contnrue o hrve somethntg. . of th" following films occur In the story you are about to read. it was often difi LLlt. All I had to do wm climb up the ladder and fix high on the front well ofthe cinema. 2 Read the story and decide which ofthe followinS titles is the most appropriate. In a high wind. "tre. BADMAN STARR{WS. Tick any ofthese films you have seen or heard of. thosc lalge metal letters which spell out the nanc olthe film for that week. This is what I remember of our conversationNIANAGER: Good morning. n. to put rnings $'hc.ST SIDE SORTY. ofthe ladder? fill in the blanks. sometliDg e-=l l! the shoqirg of plblic o. Grammar ajob in your cinema? What can I do lor you? M[: MANAGFR: Please cou]d you give me 4 Read the story again to help you ME: NrE: what sort oljob are you looking for? Any job at a]l.Reading Th" n"-". Al'o rl \\J' ea:) Io lllake -ni. MY FAIR LAD.. so I went to a large cinema in Leicester Square. ljust want to work in a cinc1l1a. lipht bluc suit. The rnenrger rvhat hc My newjob had the grand title ot''Head ofDisplay'. and asked to see the manager He $. to hol<lrnr ringer towards somcone or omething. Xly Fair Ludl GatdJinger 'l hc SatLnd of trIu:it We st S te Starl Star Wars Vocabulary Tick the correct definition of each word as it is used in the story. milr in x c'srle.e nosc aDd moutn dte.job. There's yorr ladder! Hc was pointing to a laddd leaning ryainst lhc wall.nd a l{y livourite filns b IIov to climbthc hdder c A disastr-ous clrccr in the cinenl d The l. -r r ferson $ho is in chargc of ro hc xrthe nl'rt or rop of disphv n.c thcr caD \\' \:- keep !.orld offilm rnaLing When I was in my early twentles I dccided that the only busincss T wanted to be in was the entertainmenl busirlcss. I can't say il was an exciting.r. $e parr ofvour lour q!s. 2 The rn:ur:rger rvas a tall thin a M^N^CLR: OK then. shrry end of . him I just - W[. r. head n. As you ANd me-I stxrtlng at the bottom of the ladder. London. r: a Fin. 1 T went to a large cinena was ir1 Leicester Square.hrt sort ofjob I 6t 7 lle to $'ork in a cincma. THE SNOUD OF MUSIC. I didn'l manage lo keep thisjob for longl 3l . in a clca.as a tall thir man. NIAN^GLR: So you don't mind starting at the bottom Thatt finc.rdLe. In the first few weeks I can rcmember I \\'rote the following: I him mc The manaser r. SANE CONNERY IN GLODFINGER. do l'or rne.

tll. (10 scnd) childrcn to school between thc agcs oftcn end fourteen. Brt if r-e are elected we (1 rnaktl dre rich people pav more.lt!': Please don't talL for thc next five minutes. t\t.\IF: Pleese $. I . Complete the sentences that tollow. Change them into reported orders (terl) or requests (dsk). less the astronaut Here are the instructions different peopre Save before lift off. \Vel'e on11. that's not troel The problem no\V is thrt we are eclucating peoplc for too long./ busy cROLTND s'r. \le (8 reduce) the 2 D()c'foRr Take a deep blcath. with the Lcacler of dre Dreemer Partl.$TR: (9 able) to do drat? cnough. th"y \trrhcn therr (finish) NIGHT ARE: \\. 7 INIER\TFIV r. money we spend ol Educrtion.: Chcck all dre connols.. bc very IN'TER\'-IF. 32 . : eer rnro rlre. Thcre are three parties who are standing for election. How (7 pai') for Tlx gnnntl staJfnsked him. I N'LRSI: thatl nrk NICHIiL\RE| Thrt\ IIov easy. Thc Doers. space suits thel- \\ten down thel' (Jnce dre controls 5 \4ften the countdo\r n (have) lift off. I Astronauts have final medical check 2 Put on space suits 3 Get into specc ship . I^TER\rnr. 5 cRolrND sr\FF: Don't stald up till after lift off. -llke your shirt off. E!\r\{PLET GROLTNII) S'I_.ofRuritania there (l be) an election next month.$BR: rlR tlc poor people pay ^_lcHTMutE: Yes of coursc. tOL D. In the countn.l. O cRoLND s_lAl.ould you go to the medical ccnffe.5 Fill in ttre verls with the corred form of the When thcy Once thcy future.1 Check controls cRoL\D STAFIi: Prepare for countdounl 5 Start countdown 6 Lift offl 7 Asffone[ts vcrr. to go to tbe nrctlical *ntre. nnd The Drearners. His namc is tr{r Nightmare. INrFR\. The Thinkers. rNTaRvrLlrER: \lhat (2 do) about tanes? NR nedicel check up the their space suits. (4 Jer) less? (ifr ofQ the bus_v.prcr slrip..? NrcHr'trlulE: Oh no. This (11 give) us a lot mole nonel'. Here is a radio inten'ier. r'rR It! already not DocToR: Plerse could vou plrt on your sPrce stit nou.:R: Horv truch (5 PaY?) \tR MGI tT\tdttE: \ve (6 reduce) thcir tar b]' i0o/.rrilr'LR: 'l hatt a lot. Look at the sequence of events that might take place before a space launch.

r red hnr . I 0 Answer the questions in the survey." y spe d on your !]omework? a) less than the qiven lime b) the siven tine c) more than the qiven time 2 bihere do you do your honework? a) an your bedroonL b) in the kitchen c) in the lounse 3 I'. FIe to the grourd stafl Thc older astronaut is the one rs wavlng 10 I'm tired of doing ill The doctor is vel' tall. She i. these exercises.o^ 1\e monkey is dre one 4 r. 7 Chinese u'ornen used to marryrlery young. Change the lirst sentence using the cues given. He is is the Chief Engineer. 4 a brother or sister Do you Let anyone interrupt you when you are doing your horrework? homework hone with you? 33 . .rnt lady the t'ife of the r. 'l'he leaer a in the dictionary tells us that the Iy friend cen never keep 5 The nusic is far too loud. 6 I1n sure itl goirg to rain. He's the one rrearing a green stit. 8 Central Park rnd Spanish Harlem are completely different. 6 The vounger astronaut's wife is the elegant lad-v. The tran glasscs. J Do you your get anyone to help you do homework? tell say explain conplain I I hate the food in this restuntlnr.s. crylng.rk has an amazing slgline. The monkey . rerrirrg. nome Which verb would you use to report the following sentences? Choose the appropriate verb for each sentence from the list in the box and write it next to the sentence. rampldln 2 '1hat ras the best 6lm I've seen lbr ages. \\rell that's pretty obvioLrs. gurvey on how ceenagers alo their honerdork. I The older astronaut has less hair.rnd a corr -rnd rhe i. . 9 New V. He has a *-hite colt and The tall man is the doctor. He is kx)king at the TV nonitor -I'he ChielController is the drin man The ChiefEnginccr is weadng inspecting the control panei.Describing the people involved in the sPace launch. Thc Chief Crintroller is thin and he has a moustache.-ounser astronaut. He has the bananal r ne do or .ihen do you do your homework? a) as soon as you qe. The eleg.ihat do you listen lo while you do your honeirork? b) rhe lelevision 1 .

ticked the guestiot thot osk€d me.rnall quantit) which grve' r"u inforrari"rr about something I long narror-piece ofmaterial uscd lor t)'ing hair something you use to do up vour jacket a 10 11 Am I becoming liLe my perentsi 12 How long has my teachcr been teaching? 13 Is my teacher going out tonight? Is there a toilet on a helicopter? Will today be like yesterday! 8 9 hard protective hat the child ofyolr uncle or aunt a 10 loudtess ofsound l4 15 16 17 18 \t4rrr qere Inr prrenlc doing in l('-5: Am T going to pass my English test? When rvill the world come to an end: I\4rere was ny teacher living in 1973? \lhy have I been reading all these strange questions?l | 3 In your notebook report the questions you ticked.In your notebook report the questions you wer€ asked in the questionnaire starting each with || Vocabulary The words in tlre puzzle all appear in Unit l2 ofyour coursebook.many hours of TV did I watch last year? 3 Has my English improved this year? 4 Can I afford a new CD? 5 Did rny mother use to be like rne? 6 Will 1 ever get married? 7 Why am T reading thcse strange questions?! lJ who rnventeo cocl colar' complete them.... d) List what would go in the Development and in what order. b) Number the infonnation in the order in rvhich you think it should be included.. c) Write the inffoduction.\merican English for an underground railnay I a business that arranges senices for people 4 to have decided or planned to do something i 6 7 a. lhe apeotion lhat" aoke^ fie ] Writing I I 5 You are going to write a short article for a trav€l brochure about your town in your notebook. Put the heading... last. a) List all the infonnatlon you think it should include.. The first. and one other letter are missinS. 1 special boots for moving on ice 2 . e) Write the conclusion. Read the clues to helP yor'l | 4 | 2 1 Tick at least eight questions that interest you \44rere are all my black socks? 2 Hor. 34 .

\il' si\rer i. Try to eat more because they are good for you. I milVcoflee/filling j 6 7 honev/ice crean/healdrv honey crisps tomato chilli coffee sausagcs omnge cola pizza chocolate milk biscuia lernon peppers lemonade 1 biscuits/crisps/appetising 2 3 crisps/biscuits/crunchy spicy 4 salq/ 5 brtter 6 juicy 7 Ezzy 4 1 Fill in the blanks with very. 8 fattening 9 10 crunchy 3 I can't drink this coke. Be careful.Vocabulary I J 4 sausages/pizzalscr'unptious The following adiectives can all be used to describe food or drink. Give your opinions about the following pairs of foods and drink as in the example. You can use the words in the box more than once.ate is the mast delirious.IO. 1 Crisps are a sahier faad thun sau. verJ ..ragn. I left it i" th" ^. 4 Crisl)s are tbe sahiest faad an the litt.he ear* much chocolate. They re sweet. It was opened yesterday so it isn't fizzv You rhouldni eat *o many crisp*. White chocolate js rich. In your notebooks write four sentences for each adiective comparing the foods or drinks. Write the names ofat l€ast two foods or drinks from the box below next to the adjectives which could describe them.ru*e. The plate is hot. 2 Pizza can be as sahy as sausages. Use the Choose four same structurcs as in the example."" f. ) Sawages are not as sal4t as cisps. enough. l^". 3 D 1 r\{PLE: 1 Chacol. too. - expensive but tender I prefer brown chocolate. EXANTPI-E: I like mv coffee not 4 Let's buy fillet steak.porry bec. It's 2 5 6 I. Grammar ofthe adjectives in Exercise l. \ou doli eat fmit and repetables. chocolate/coffee/delicious 2 colalemonade/sweet 35 .

Look at the results and write six sentences in your notebooks to make a report about it.l 11 18.000 people.000 17cm. . nost sornc a few nearlv all almost all Realut Gallup Suvey in January 19{13.fint 4.30/0 oI population is vegetarian 6. 10 15. C8 2 4l-. bananas.Reading 3 Gernanv.r Write rhe questions to the following answers about the information in the text. Most aJ the papulatian cat m. using the words in the box.er In your notebook write your opinion about some of th€se facts.5% of poplrlation avoid red meat 28% eirt red mcat only occaslomly :1. of 16 2.r*"" many vegetarians there are and what kind of I In 1993 *"s carried out to find out how people are more likely to be vegetarians. 1 Japan Ltr/hich cohntt"v cdtcbet the most fishl FX. 9 1'he chilli pcpper. .30/0 popl aliolr is vegetaria| I thlnl fux I think fact ii I h mare interesting thdr] . Vegetariarism is rnost connnon anongst t-oung people age. 6 Four to five 7 l0cn x 8 15.f o. Sarnple: 4299 o\.1% of female 13. cups a dal'. .2% surprlsmg mtcrcsong anrusrng rmporrrnf EXA|.. 100 million torxres. 16 yeax olds in Gr€at Bdtain.cat. 5 Read the facts about food.4. 4 5 Rice. Use each ofthe words in the box and write two sentences for ea€h as in the examDl€.1t€ar old fernales are vegetaian the most intrestbtg. . Writing ". . .!PLFj ofmale popl ation is vegetarian 5. ' . O . eat meaL Near\ nll afthe nah popalaion 36 .NIPLF. 4.: 2 Finland.

is included (4 drive) to 0 rnysterious and exciting g) to swim unden'atcr g'ith special breathing equipment h) a large grassy area of Land in r the magjcal forcst ofthe Pilnucles. Utrru. fly) to the Outback for a $. A loca] astronomer xiI eirplain all about the desert sL]' and then an optional hclicoptcr ridc ovcr thc rock (5 (6lny or) Cairns and the Reef (10 llr. You (12 givcJ thc oppoftunity to snorkcl.) rorth (11 trke) and on a daj''s luxurJ cruisc to thc Great Barder RceI.rr\i hrarLr"cl (2 pro\ade) at Singaporc Zoo. picnre obtained by using e b) an aircraft which takes off Picturesque Perth tuke) to the boating ccntrc and then to the King's Park where you wil be able to take vertically c) sorneone who studies lhe sur. You help you Lo turd -vour way roulrd byan exp-. There is an optional sunset cruise io ihe pcaccful Southem Istands ard r l. Try to do this without your dictionanf. Read the advertisements and then Dut the verbs into Passive.l the ancient rocL paintin€ of lhe . Magical Ayers Rock moon and stars d) a line ofsherp rocks or bank of sand near the surface ofthe sca c) the time v_hen dre sun disappears as night begins photognphs of the black swarLs.€ly tradn€ centre in the l'ar East is yo]lr filst (r meet) stop on this adventurc. A tour ofthe citt. .{boriqinal site. 2 the Futlre I Sensational Singapore The most modem and Li\.a navr .denced tour escort who I surset fl I parK l 3 helicopter n 4 reef n 5 scuba dive I' 6 photograph n 7 astrbnomer fl 8 magicel fl a) a 'vill and the best bargail$.Reading Match the words with their definitions. lt will help you to look for their roots or see if they look like a word in your language. scuba divc or vie\ the coral ard many specics oI lish from a glass bottomed boat.onderful tour of the caves ar.

6 There's no point taLing photographs in dre dark ifyor donl have a flash. L. Use you thould.\.Grammar Put the words in the box into the chart under the place in whi(n th€y appear in the text. 3 Don't carry money with you if you don't have a money belt.vou my map of the Singapore Peth Ayers Rock Sydney Cairns and the Reef The tour guide will draw you nlap of the area. Rewrite your sentences in Ex€rcise 4 to make re€ommendations in other ways. loa . wh.a baa TairNa 5 Rewrite these sentences using unle$. EL\.ou don. A local expert will tellyou about Sorneone will take yot from the 8 Now use your notes in the chart to write five sentences to tell your friend about the five destinations. Other verbs vou could use: like/choase/stay in/book/enjoy I 4 W"it" fi"" -or" .ntences in your notebook to give a recommendation to you.te. Make notes in your notebook under the following headings. 5 LocaNlon Aaaa Fa)n|. Ar astronomer will tell vou about the desert night sky.t have a phone card.t girc them your passport.. ga n tbc Clreat Barier Re{. 4 You can't hire a boat ifyou don.known hotiday area in your country. makc sure yoL go ta th( (]reat Batrier Rc{. make swe. 7 caves tour Bondi bcach bargains black svans I 2 Someone will book dre flight for you I will lend . EI|IIPL} IJ lau uant ta scuba di-.rpLF. 1 Yor can't go on this holiday if 1'ou arent rich. 5 Itt dificult to telephone home ifl. 38 . Someone will takc your luggage lo Jrour room.4PLF. friend about the five destinationa. D€cide which sentences they are and rewrite them in your notebook in the Future Passive. I Yau can't go on this halidal unless yau are ricb 2 You sho dn't scuba dive if there isnt an expcrt with you.l ilon\ you.X-\MPLII IJ !0u ua t ta scuba dtue.e helicopter zoo snorkel Three ofthe fotlowing sentences should be in the Future Passive. a 'lihe tour operator will make all 1e travel arnngenents. Select the most important ideas from your notes and then write the informdtion in a letter.: airpoft to the hotel. Iflak ga to Per"th. 3 sctba city harborr cruise coral sunset cruise dir. L]{'\". t Your penfriend has asked you for some information about this area.ta take pbotagrd?hs ofthe btac* Writing Think of a wett.

ste1n . tbe n'ouse to c) listen to the radio able follow me. lf none ofthem are true for you. .) put the noney in the bank you got shipwrecLed on a desert island) build myself a shelter b) try to catch some fish c) look out for a passing ship 5 you saw a ghost? a) talk to it b) scteam c) d) 6 you were the Principal ofyo[r sc]rooll abolish homework b) abolish exams make the holidays longer 39 . . I you saw a mouse in your bedroom? jump on to the bed b) ffy to catch lt c. LL{MPLE: J you didnt have a television? talL to my farnily more I If I saw a mouse in my bedroom. I Circle the answer you prefer to each question.Grammar I Write out your choices for each of your answers to Exercise I in a full sentence as in the example. E)TAMPLE: I If Isau um. you can add one of I 4 What would you do if .otue hm1 bedroom. 3 you became very rich? give money to all my family blly e meg? stereo sl.oor. If I kJi be 1 the room and :bat tbe daor. I aouLl uoudn't 4 D) leaue the room and sbut the daot'.) leave the room and shut the door 2 Now use your answers to Exercise 2 to make more aonditional sentences.l naald l.eaue the raom and shut tbe d.

One day Amelia. The ncxt night Robclto and Anelia dresscd uP ald tent to the ballet.. r. On the front seat there was a big bunch of floweis with a note. got in the car to go to work. Please accept these two ballet tickets for Romeo and Juliet tomollow night. The next nitht Amelia and Roberto dressed up and went to the ballet. Who do you think took everything? Underline the core ofthese sentences (Subject. Everything had gone.' There was no name.Reading 4 Read the story and then answer the question at the end. their belonging. So Amelia ran back into the flat to tum off the iron. she saw their car parked outside their Ilat in its usual parking place. She was very upset. Everything. Al1 their |:u rnilu re. Obiect or Complement). While she was there a lot of post arrived so she read all her letters and then hurried back to the car. wllo was an English teacher. Fact or Fiction? A couple called Roberto and Amelia bought a new car. The note said. she saw tieir car parlcd outside their flat in irs nsual parling piace. SLB]ECI \TRR and then toaL lhe bus ta uork v[Rts I O!t!C]' 1 A couple called Roberto and Amelia bought a On the front seat there rves e big bunch of llowers with a note. The Ilat was empty. But when they I/alked into their flat they got a llordble shock. got in the car to go to rvork. Of course she hadn't locked it as she hadn't thought she would be long. but that night she had felt too tired. 40 . She was just about to drive off when she remembered she had left the iron on. They had a lovely evening and got home at midnight. But the car had gone. Verb. That evening when she got home. so she had to do it in the morning). and then took the bus to work. She told the police that the car had bee11 stolen.ho llas an English teacher. (She usually ironed her work clothes the night before. EXAITPLL: Sbe tald tbe ftolice 5 thutlbe mr hatl O8J|C1' been stolen One tla1 Arne1ia. 'Thank you for the loan of the car. That cveningl n'hen she got home. I'm sorry to have upset you.

6 have carl not have to go to work bv bus J the night beforc she rvouldn't hrvc had to iron them in the morning.r hrino . Note ofthis would have h'rppened / Before Roberto and Amelia got their car they often used to talk about buying one. to the flat Amelja sarv that every-thing had been so i look alier itl last a long time 'l-hq' couldnt stav in their'flat that night thel'sta. 2 \4'hen the cer r. Match them with the words that could mean their opposite in the right column. Here are some of the things they used to say. the light before.Grammar 6 1 2 5 l-rre. ir rlrrfc.ould haveieen rruch more diflic t for the thiefto steal the car wouldn't heve had to liet the bus to uork. for Amelia and 1 Itwasa Roberto r.. she 8 6 1 good friends a) be captured 8 their possessions rvouldn't havc bcen stolen.: ga-rs. 1':rrl..ies openly occasionrlli' gJ collre(lv i) ue uill buy n ne-.ofir becl< 4 5 \{tren thei' got stolcn. I not have/ enough rnoney /second-hand one for net onc/ buy 9 Complete the following sentences with one of the exDressions in the left column. She tould have only left hcr car fbr a few lrrrutes her post.z rlur1.rr |liglrr Complete the following conditional sentences. the tickets.as stolen Amelia rang the police As thc thief knew thev were at the opera it was .hen all dreir possessions were stolen. Tfshe hadn't felt so tired. they rvouldn't have gone to thc ballct.t: ur.y.r . \lvrite the sentenc€s out in full using Ifand the First Conditional. Vocabulary The words in the left column all occur in Unit l5 ofvour coursebook. 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 constantly traged)i escape secredv c) to her joy d) gradually c) worst cnemy to her horror in peace best fticnrl instantly f) h) bitter enen.ved il] dre flat ofsome -l take it to n'ork/ alu avs lock it 4l .rhn'. .a'y for hJm to li'om the I buy/ car/looL after it rcv care{irll-r fl-. r\A\lPLtr t have/enough mollety'buy new car' If{e haz:e enaugh ntor*. It r..

ii Rights campaigner (dead) Harrison Ford Anerican 6Lrn star (living) Freddie Nlercury British pop singer (dead) Anerican film star (dead) -&{arilln Monroe Amold Sch.{ustrian film star (living) PabLr Picasso Spanih painter (dead) Indialpolitician (dead) Rajiv Gandhi 2 Look at the box aSain and circle the words whi€h can form their opposite by adding the prefix -un. Choose four people that 3 pop ar interest you . l:.: c:d.ennon Italian opera singer (liring) Pel6 Plato cruel shy Bob Marley Polish French scientist (dead) President of South A$icr (living) British pop star (dead) Blazilian soccer pla. Don't forget you can the prefix -un to form the opposite.rtng -fi'ue Stercn Spielbelg Charlie Chaplin talented Nor True outgomg athlctic - ancanng l^tl unintelligent Look at the list offamous people.two living and two dead. and one that you think can't b€ true. Write their nam€s in the chart and add three adjectives from the box (or their opposites). Use your di€tionary to help you. one which you think may be true. 42 .Vocabulary Look at the box and find the words which mean the opposite of: Iazy I Lrciauo Pavaroni Marie Cuie Nelson Mandela Tohn T.l:.XAlt'!. Choose one that is true for that person.ver (living) ()reekphilosopher (derd) Jameican reggae singcr (dcad) British blues guitarist and singer (living) caring selfish intelligent athletic fit modest kild cowardly talented cliligent popdar outgorng Eric Clapton Mnrtin Luther ling Anerican Cir.!1-rrzcnegger.Pl.

(or cdminals) took the goods away in thei. 6C been innocent.{ngus has one brother.s cousins are Fergus ald Graham. dren A and/or been grilty. 43 .te been.ery successful missing verbs using mo. C had 5 IfB v-as guilq'. Bruce. The fbllowing facts were discovered. but if Charlie Chaplin was a veq' successful film conedian and director. C were brought to t}le police station for questioning. been bccn a) b) He may be outgoing. Not all of them -zut:LLllzlbeei NlIw.Grammar 4 I 7 ls A innocent or guilty? Read the solution to the problem and fill in the Use the information in your chart to write sentences about the two living people in your notebook. must hove. B. moy. His name is Andrew.ztintcll'igent. B and C were involvcd in the robbery. 6 7 8 9 Dorothyt niece is Susan. Graham's father is Bruce. The cdminal Fergus's mother is Dorothy. Susan's parents are Robef andJean. cdn. might. Use must. 2 3 4 5 l .'id. Robert. cdn't hdve. Statement 2 says C never does r robberv n'idrout A" so if C ras grilw then A been innocent. L}iA\1PLE: an accoDrplice since he couldn't drive. athhic.. getaway i vehicle -. Follow the model in the example. He must be talenterl./ . migit hove. Angus'. + lf B lr'_as innocent./ hdve.en Spielberg is a r. con't ho'!e.ight ha'. Charles has three sons. and Dar. Reading O Read the short story and underline any examples contained in the text. b) He m. computers. aouldn't hove. So A C been gri1ry or or might hdve. 1 2 3 film director At least onc of them One or tvo of them innocen!. may hove. ) He mn\ be kzy. I 1 Read the information about a Scottish family and fill in their family tree on the next page. or could.ould hdve. t) IIe tntut haue been popalar. 8 'lJrerefore A been guilty. Use murt h ove. I No one other than A. t) He mn't hau been u. vrn Three well known criminals A. 2 3 C never does a robbery withoul A (and possibly B does not know how to drive. E)'{\1PLE: Ster. Graham's grandfather is Charles. David is married to IIary fAn enonnous amouot of eiectrical goods such as I videos. televisions and stereo equipment I had been stolen from a store which is like a large large shop which sells all sorts of goods. couldn't hove. then he ) Now do the same for the two dead people in your chart.

Fanily Tiee Writing Write three short paragraphs about your own family tree and describe your close relatives using the new vocabulary you have learnt. Clue I tells me that Bruce Fergus's father Clue 4 tells me that Mary rnarried to Bruce. Paragraph 2: Name and describe your parents and (some o1) your uncles and aunts. Paragraph I Gir. 7 8 Clue 7 tells rne that Angus's mother Jean. Paragraph 3: Name and dcscribe your brothers and sisters and (some o1) your cousins.e the names ofyour grandparents and an adjective to describe each of them. Clue 8 tells me that Fergus's grandmodler dead. 44 . 2 Clue 2 tells me that Andrew's cousins Fergus and Gmham. Clue 9 tells me that Robert a sister. Grammar 2 Fill in the sentences about the family tree using must or cdn't and a verb.E.t\IPr. | 0 rr 9 1 Clue 1 f i!€!L EIL!. M1 guwlmother is lery oatgaing but her husbantl is quite sh1. Clue 5 tells me that Mary Clue 6 tells me that Andrew's sister Susan. tells me thatFergas ran't be Angs' brother. I ha|)e one grandmotber anJ nuo granrlfathers.

It will allow people you've never even met.00 factor . others #ally eqioy.. ln other words we Eusl anal.Reading Sun signs are a good indicator of human behaviour I Put the verbs in the passate in the correct form. but it'6 very . b) wash up. people are a) be/in the dark. 5 My parents allon' ne a) go out/on Saturdat nights.1 reliable 2 J 5 go/to bed/before 10.--. b) travel/by air.: :.'se them. natll enal. rrue. l Sun signs are totally accurate. gun slSns can De wrong rr rneyre useo without t3 examinel then carefullv.vsc c) ride/rny bike to school. rr. ./sciencc fi ction fi lms.. 3 1 tick which of these sentences summarises it best. putting the verb in the infinitive or gerund form.:. study] it.ise me a) r-ork hard. b) not talVto str-angers..people.. c) doltcsts.r'. There are sosre people who (7 takel any ot this have ditliculty in (a seriously.. 1 I dislike a) be/alone. (9 unde$tand) the twelve sun signs will litenlly change your you to (lo understand) life. Grammar your 4 Choose the answer you like best and write out the sentence in your notebook.r. .r). c) 7 7.. lmPoflanr. r. However. Sun sigrs ere particularll' useful for helping us to anallse strangers. b) iron/clothes. Sun Signs How often do you turn to the page in a magazirte or newspaper to read your sun sign? Are you interested in _ Some 4 Sur signs are the onlv factor to consider when analysing hurnan characteristics and behaviour. 2 I Find words in the passage which mean the-same as the following..m. while. 45 . If you afe one of ti6se.-_ [4 give) quick reliable inlorfBatioo (in{ormatioD you can trust} about c) do homework. The sun i6n t the only factor or influence on human behaviour and traits or characleristics. as well as to friends. a) read/comics. You'll soon feel closer to strangers. traits Read the passage and then c) vatch. I I'm bad at a) follov/instructions..00 p.::.-. 6 Ml' teacher recomrnends a) read/English everv day.. c) xrite/letters. 2 I'rn afiaid of diflerent. But people who bave studied Lhem are very good at . . 4 My parents adr. r:rr:1. It's importrnt to reacl i-our sun sign everyday I'm thinLing of golto dre cinerna/this v'eelend L) give up/Englishl 8 a) c) becone/a doctor. b) do/ ury homeworV before pm. I enjoy read/ny horoscope.rr' r:. c) listen tolny teachers. .. b) invitc/rn1' friends home/at v'eekends. .

Daffodils grow nr the Spring.5 Match the endings with the beginnings. 4 5 In the middle of the top line drow o smoll triongle. c) a length ofmetal wound around. Drow o squore with sides of l5cm. Vocabulary 7 Match the following us€s of riflg with therr dictionary entries. When I was litde . 5 It was a huge circus ring. 6 Complete these sentences about when you w€re little. d) of learning another language. 4 I tied to avoid 5 I couldn't imagine On the left side o[ the middle line drow o smoll circle. | 0 to telephone soneone e) a circulxr shape 46 . Write a one s€nten(e summary ofthe story to tell a fri€nd who missed the last episode.e -n. Add a verb in the infinitive or terund form. 1 I enjoyed I 2 3 Use o new poge in your notebook. g) in studying English at university. Compore your picture with o friend IOmOrrow! 1 8 9 . 2 I bought a beautiful silver ring at the market. Puzzle 9 Follow the instructions.. e) doing puzzles. of the springs were broken. rino r^n. l'hich retums to its original .pring tastes delicious. c) for not doing my homeworL btt . F'e*h water drawn liom a mountarn .ofir Drow o verlicol line in the middle of the circle. Inside the squore drow three porollel horizontol lines with o spoce of oboul 2 ) my parents didn't allow me my parena permitted me $ree ond o holI cm belween them.hape afier being pu'he. . {equidistont). Drow two horizontol porollel lines in the rectongle.1 Il there is a ring arourd dre rnoon it rvill rain. b) in remembering ioa ofnen *-ords. 1 I'rn interested n 2 I have dif6ctlty n 8 Match the following uses of rpring with their dictionary entries. 1 l'll oi. Thcre was a ring at dre door. 6 7 d 3 4 The lion made a sudden killed it. d) a sudden large jurnp l) at speaking and understanding to be an EngJish transhtor.. ' a) circular metal band usually worn on a finger b) an enclosed space with seats around it in which an activity takes place c) the sound of a bell Writing Look at Episode 5 of The Frood. spring at the deer and a) the season between winter and summer b) a place where water comcs up nanrrally fiom the ground . I 2 The bed was really uncomfortable because most 4 I'msorry n 5 J 1m mln!3ng L You have to be good n I'm afraid n I can't imagine fl I enloy a) of failing the test. h) being able to understand ilms il English. 6 I disliled 6 7 On the right side of the bottom line drow o smoll reciongle.

ith him but was too shy. r r}rrr r\.rpor-ertul/Ileitaro After this the wornan appeared every evening. 'He will not come because he is already here . tall.u ne.as nruch morc pr'\\ crh lh. Willow wile Iell at thc lame Lime.ery bear:ti{irl. You will have to choose b€tween the First and Second Conditional. 6 Heitarois r. when he was praying under the tree.s wite rvas probably much 1'ounger than hirn.if. The first one has been done for you.' She spoke softly.r"-.' With thcse words she smilcd and disappeared. willolv tree. and lfyou think it is a statement of fact put think it is an opinion put O. L l Willow Wife I"leitaro was a poor Japanese man who lived in a hut close to a very beautiful. I will leave. One night..| leimr. Suddenly the willow fell q. 'Honorable lady. Heitaro said to his wife.ith a loud crash. Heitaro's rvife rlas r. 'fhere is no need.e[. e good -1 Heitero rvrs nan. She agreed and in time they had a child. Complete the following sentences. ' o r ne rnlpefnr \I'rs \. but now I have you and the child. Heitaro loved the willow more thar] anything else in his lill:. L Ileitaro'.r rJ e ui)1. The villagers decided to oller the wood of the willow because it was the best tree to be lound anlnvhere. . Willow wile was no more . a beautiful young woman appeared. Hrir. *ili L lU 2 I 2 I he Empemr rr. Years passed and then word cane that the Emperor needed line wood to build a tenple. F in the box. I rr1. Heitaro was happier than he could ever have imagined.erv* special tree. One evening Heitaro asked her to manlr him.l.'illagers cut down the tree. Everyday he used to pray underneatl-r its long comlbrting branches. Heitaro'.flcn. Heitarci/por-erirl/the Lmperor Lleittt'o iits not ns pozlezfrl as the Entperor. n 'l 47 .rn llerLJro.. ifyou had klown that his woulcl die he rvc'uld not have let the r.Reading 9 Iflleitaro I Read the love story and then read the statements that follow it. She looked as if she wanted to speak {.s wife/shv/Heitrro 3 4 Heitaro/rich/the Errperor Heitaro/poo1/the Emperor 5 The Empelor. 'Belore I met you I could not have lived without the willow. and I 2 I Herlaro \\a9 poof. il 'llhe \41i1lor-'Iiee rvas a 1. No one will come. u*J .' 'Does he not love you enough?' asked Heitaro.'1'-rr un. Immediately the wile cried out in pain. I see you are waiting for someone..' The villagers arrived and started to cut down the tree. qas rnrrr h kind.ifelold/hirn Grammar 3 Read the story on the next page and complete the sentences.

The T\wo Doors In a faraway country there is a king who has an unusual way ot dealing MLIcriminals. The princess knows which door is whlch and so she will be able to give him a sign. he has just discovered that she has fallen in love with a verv Door soldier. but they have to open one of them. rx-a-MpLE]' 1 I enjql plaling tennis. 5 Put the verbs in brackets in the Future Active or Passive.. Make one sentence true for you and the other true for a member ofyour family.. You (6 see) many interesting displays and at the end of rhe visir r ou e. 4 If point toltiger's door/ her loved oneleaten Tfyou gire lour reacher you' work b1 tonrorrou it (1 mark) and (2 return) to you by the weekend. Ifyou get full marks you (4 give) a (J reward). The king is very angry arrd frli told his soldiers lo arresl lhc young man. The king and his daughter and all the court s/ill be there. In his palace grounds there is a big arena with two doors. Behlnd one of these doors there is a very hungry tiger Behind the other door ttrere is a beautifirl gir:l. 1 I enjoy Mv (choose a member ofvour familv) 2 J 2 lflchoose/the tigeri door/tiger/eat rhem ITchoose the other one/marry the girl I avoid My I'm good at My I'm interested in My Ihave difficulty in My My 7 I'm mad about This king has a daughter he loves very much. On the other hand. You day off school nert week when you (5 take) to see dre Nanrral History Museutn. J Iflsoldier/rich/ldng/nor arrest him The poor soldier will be taken to the arena to decide if he will live or die. but he gives them a dlfficult choice 4 Complete the following sentences by adding a verb in the gerund form. In the afteinoon lrcrl (8 drive) to the cinema (9 see) a where you film about Wlldlife in Aliica in glorious colour and stereophonic sound.r') in the museurn restaurant. However. Criminals do nol know which door is which. ifyou dont do your homework you mdingr. -(_ 5 Ifpoint tolother door/her loved onelmarry 48 . tomal<e. He never orders them to be killed.. My brotber enjoy aatching ba:hetball.

320 I0 davs 2 hours 4 Sy. too. Otherwise they go brown.4rolidry S1dne1' Cooking tips. 0 Flight timc/ \'ancouver/long/Bombay Tom.t I'a: the lonsc. Stir ail the time. .s 12 maxinum cost 95 00 number of dals 7 Keep the rnilk in the fridge. they are having a problem finding a holiday that suits them all because they all have different needs' Look at their difierent needs and fill in the sentences with very. Thc flrght tiLnr to Sydnel is (long) for Ton. Put peelcd potatoes into water.F: 1 IJ Joa bail holiday in Bombar''/long Lrem it holidayBarcelom/long. 6 1 The holidai' in Sydney but it's not for 'Iirm and lllartin. 7 Boil an egg more than four minutes..tPr. Martin and John are Planning to go on holiday together.ill maximum cost 5800 number of davs 10 nurnber of dar. 6 Paris/short flight tine Paris/cheap The holiday in Barcelona is for but it is John (long). Vancouver/expensivc/Sl'dley 6 h Prris 3 holiday in Barcelona .t lliph ttnc. Other$ise not cooked. Tom hates long flights Martin maxirnum cost t900 It r. ii t 1 I write conditional sentences in your notebook with these Pairs of -(cheap) Exr\]. Your kitchen rvill stay tidl'. Cooh beef r short time.'eyl1ong fl ight tnrre \vdnc.1.4ong/holiday 1 5 flight Prds/ long/ flight Barcelona Vancouver/expensive/Bornba-v The holiday in Vancouver isn't (long) for N'Iartin. 1 Boil crcam: it curdles. Othenvise it will go sour 49 . The sauce will Wash up as vou cook. is (long) for John (long) Destrnation Sydney Price in 1500 I Duration 10 days Flight time 20 hours 8 hours 2 750 I x-eek + days 2 weeks Pris Bombay Barcelona 240 850 t hour 12 hours 3 The holiday in Bornbay is tlongt for rJI of rhtm ald it\ (expensive) for John and Tom. The holiday in Paris is for all of them but it'. The holiday in S-rdncy is (expensive). Othenvise the tea is disgusting. However. or enough. The holidav in Vancouv'er is (short) for -(cheap) John but it's (erpensrve/.s (short). 2 Boil the \r'ater.Look at the details of the four holidays and then comPlete the s€ntences that follow in full.

You The potatoes went brorlm. it uoaldn't curdled. 2 J 4 It wasn't If Pedro left the peeled potatoes out They went brorvn. ll I 2 3 The cream curdled. Writing | 2 Use these notes to write out the story in complete sentences in your notebook. Use the Past tense.hot .xter. You 1 | 0 Write a sentence below each ofthe following in the Third . was If Anna boiied the egg for three minutes. cooked. con't hovel. You The You tea was dispJusting.goes backup tree 6 man wakes up/sees $'rnptv barrol.s t hatmaker ready to sell his hats of$'ater ff I forgot to stir the satce so it went lumpy. 2 I 4 1 unfamiliar to you (8) to put something under earth ('l) sorneone who has recendy come to a place (8) take by force (7) wherc people live (10) iasting for a very long time or for ever (9) at illless . If Giovanni forgot to put the nillc in the fridge overnight so it went sour. If I badn't boiletl the ream. You The sauce was lumpy You The beefwasn't rare enough. You The milk I bought this morning went sour.sees monkeys with hats 8 shakes fiss/monkeys copy t hatmaLer has idea 10 throws hat on ground/n.often caused by infection (7) the use of physical force to hurt or harm someone (8) a place hazte Down Jack didnt boil dre ii.puts it on . 7 looks up . The tex disgusting. EXAMPLEI Vocabulary Answer the clues to fill in the crossword with words from the story of Pocahontas.t Make speculations about why the following happened using must have. I You mast haue boiled it. a person who is 1 2 I boiled the crearn and it curdled.onditional. 4 5 6 7 The egg wasn't cooked. The HaonaLer and the Monkel.onkeys copy 11 rnan picks up hats/continues to market 50 .rests under tree/falls asleep If 4 monkey's cone dorl'n 5 each takes hat .ouldn't have. 2 3 puts hats in cart/sets out to rnatket hatrnaker tired .

Put I The referee (listen to) what dre player rvas trving to say . 5l . Fill in ftoth sides of dre form).dav. taLe 2 It was clearly a foul. urooelll uhen In your notebook rewrite each sentence in Exercise 2 using the models given in the example. Don't bring along (too rnanl' lriends). scarf. The trouble is a) I never have time to play tennrc.1 Thc rcferee's decision alrvays (be) final. Tllce back (it). a) new balls and shorts. 8 Put on (this). I b) I play three besides utuLl haae got tbe tirnes a weel. I I 2 couldn't get anv dckets for the match because I forgot to the application form from the club. Do up $our shoe laces) befbre you trip over them. 3 lihe gold rnedal was I've bought a temis racket and a) b) but balls. Doni tb-get to harld in rall r our u o-k r by T ue. The (a$-ard) a penalql do up back pichup try put on on bring along hand in fillin 8 The 1994 \Vorld football cup _ a large (take place) in such country as the USA. Pick up (the book) from the library I tnnis 2 players (control) their langage. E:trttlPLL 1 I should IfI had ?nked up tbe a??liatian for"r.te ren*mbered ta pik up tbe dp?liatian fann. I'r''e bought a tennis racket a) I'm not very b) I love it happy v'ith it J I've bought a tennis racket. so we couldnt get any tickets. Do up (them) before you trip oi'er them.uiL )ou. +1 all our foons on Thursday but thc closing datc was \Vednesdav. rhe Circle the most suitable ending for the following 5 1 - from the O|rnoic skier lbr false information. The Oi_vrnpic sr-imrler was fined for not correc swlm cap. Use each verb only once and put it in the right form. 5 Sportsmen and women rvho accept illegal payments (ban) from cornpetitivc events for at least Or'o years. b) nothing else. rules (disqualiS'). 1 Fill in (it). The spectxtor (disturb) the football player Don't bring along llack). Try on (them). Pick up (me) at 10.Grammar I Write out the following instructions in your notebook putting th€ words in the 4 Complete the sentences with the present or past form of should(n't) or ought(n't to. lr doe. Put the verbs in the box into the sentences below. 6 I twisted mv ankle playing football bccausc I hadn't nr1 boos properlrr 7 My new boots dont fit me well because I hadn'tthem T boushr rhem. hat and gloves) because it's so cold. ritht order.n't. 5 We didn't have enough tickets for dre match becauseJack a fiiend. no balls. Plaprs who do not obey the ol (a coat. Ti!e I'acl rthar rerrible hetr. I've bought a tennis racket ba'. Don't forget to hand in (it) by Tiesdair I tried on (three dresses and a sLirt). It doesn't suit vou.

Ihe cho(olate contained a lubslance tound in coftee bern! which is bannrd under dub ruhr.h^r c) withort any shoes d) not allowed e) a pair ofpoles with foot -.in-one in two dal!.rr. Some words may go in more than one category. Ihe mxt year 52 . 4 one of the stnngesl football mat(he! ever play0d in B tain was betvleen two leamr. --" . 6 Scan the Fantastic Sports Facts below to find the answers to these questions.Reading Vocabulary Put the words into the box under the co ect sports heading. 7 I \{'hich rvords in t}e text mean the followingl an a) not allorved to take part in activity because vou have done something against the nles.g. O Soventylour-yeaFold llargaret Weldon ic0red iao hoies. b) to get the golfball in the hole sen'e slopes throw double fault dribble set chairlift off-side hole sticks draw goggles racLet shoot score cross-country net foul club wing goal 1til yellov card love green rt --h.inning horse a5 dirqualified beoure it had ealen (hocolate bdore the n(e.lle vas a five ytar old. tirsl in the 1979 0l the rcute.i Tennis Football Golf Slding Basketball supports used to raise you above the ground 2 Vl4rich sport is mentioned most often? Who: a) was disqualified for eating chocolatei b) was disqualified twice? c) has to buy their parmer dinnerl d) scored two holes-in one in two days? I Writing 8 Write three sentences in your notebook about each ofthese sports which includ€ the following information. lt can (o!l tlt00. 3 [ you get a hole in one in lapan you have to buy y0ur pa ner dinner and tak! home prelenl! Ior your t ends. She ir lotally blind. one term had lheir amr tied to their ridel rnd ylere boolhsii the olher olayed on i/rc-metre fiih!- ln 1987 tk \. Rrir. 7 ew Yorlt marathon but was disqualilied becru* she had hken the lubway lor part she }rar disqualilied again afler a speclator np0rled rhe hrd joined the rare r mih lrom the linith line. 2 A baseball lnvek I per cenl further in Denver lhan rnflkre eLe in the US bKaule the rir is 17 Fr cent thinner thrn at lea]el/el. number of play'ers equiprnent (e. Wdte them in your notebook. Use your dictionaries if necessary. R*i.1 What did a fir'e year old do? 5 6 What was so special about Margaret Weldon? Whicl do you drink is the most fantastic fact? it is played Fantastic Sports Facts I Coby 0 wai lhe younSell golfer ever 10 get a h0l0 in one. ball) where . ski boots.

llegal trade in tigsr parb fu very a) it is ilhgal. ii n0 givei food and lhelter ai well noPe. One rsason lor this fiade is the belief in iome parts ol proof of thii. 2 Use your dictionary to match the words to their definitions. To make an mimal dre. Adopt llundred! 0f tigers are a tiger today 2 kdesbairrn 3 cdsipoev 4 apaptricint I not 2 6 8 ctngleede nill being ilhgalll llaughtered througholt A!ia. llonham Englafd. You can find the words in italics in the text that follows.loreover.tbeftlaoernu Reading I 3 Read the advertisement and cross out tne alternetives that do not fit. to rnake rnany people die cruelly ol riolentlJ' or in great nurnbers. Road. 5 noccpmyaa 1 p.as alone in the wild and vety a) b) a) b) She !he wa! 0ne ol rhs lu(ky fev. ol 95per cent.000 ylild tigeri throughout fuia.ie to stffer or die from leck of I food 2 to stop living l to die because of something terrible that happens a) b) there there ii ii of this. you give fl0 you will become a foster patent. she died. illlles s / ai bnent / diseas e 1 an infection in the body or the mind. Care for the Wild is ollering you the chance to provide a recure {uture for a tiger which doe! not have any parents (an orphan). Ai well ar this she has been adopted by the Tiget Adoption Programmo. 53 . you will receive a fantastic gilt pack which includes a photograph of lheba. she has been lelt all alone. Io 'sheba'tvai only a lew days old when ihs was found next weak from hunger but the body ol her mother she ]. Wen iusirx Wild. Every day two vlild ufqilderi exsy to torEiet to get ofTa ship or plane l the action of finding something + a person v_ho takes part in an activity or event to go with someone 6 shouing a lack of crre or attenti"n to think carefulll' 8 to have the lnor-ledge or experience necessary for e particular job 7 tiger! dis. ilhgal killing ir on the increale. fiequently having behind young helphs cubr {baby tigen) to slarye. today a) b) there are only around !. not caNed by. anin. to be nscued in time. al or a) b) ilhgal killing has ltopped.ccident a period of being ill 2 something x'rong with the 3 body that is not serious rtarue/perirh/d. absolutely no prool the v{orld that tiger body part5 can curc soms ailment! although to comrnit dre crine of illegally ending r person's lite.000. the tiger coirld become extinct in the !vild belore ths year 1000. In addition a) b) T0 more tigels will perirh. l. lind our nore \{ l! lo: krc fn lhe - Rlqer. especially for food. b) i{ ilnt ilkgal. Arhl0lfi. Rllll 4Q)(.Vocabulary The following jumbled words all appear in Unit 20.loreover successlul although . l]owevel. Reorder the letters and writ€ th€m next to their dictionary definitions below. kilV s Laagbt e r / rrr'lur der to maLe e plant. as a) b) 11 attendants lo look alter her. Ai the beginning 0f thir cntury there were pfobably more than 100. a) b) this de(rcare is slowing down. this hasnl changed. This reprelent! an enomous decleale I.

Ul Todal there are only aroand 5AAa tiget'.ne only aro n.n could hclp to rescue them. . Joao is going to go to the anmralJazz Festival in St Lrcia in May. yar I uon't llc using this Englbh book. Write sentences in your notebook in the Future Continuous starting'This time next year . Elena is going to take a rclaxing winter holiday in Benidom inJanuary .. LXAI'IPLE: 1 This time netct . I i.rrr hou nr July. the a washing job vour hornewort a decrsron oftex quiz n plan a puzzlc an effort an exercise a cake plomise a noise your bed Make Do Vigr. nanl'ofthese are not going to srwive the ccntury 1 use this Lnglish book 2 learn anodrer langrage 3 live in a different to*'n Erotwl t000 tigers the Tiger Adoption Programme is doing all it call to stop the Today thcre are only 4 5 6 8 9 8 go to e differelt school do more sport speak English rnore tluendy . a mistahe a a cup a 6 Look at the six contrasting holidays these peopre have booked {or next year.j. Tadal tbere are anl araund. going ro l. 2 Piot Cristina u rrm clothes. a! the discos. lf th€y are true tor you make them aflirmative. ro piinr in francc Aurora is going to go round the Caribbean islands in May. Grammar Put one ofthe linkers in the box in each ofthe followinS sentences. however the trouble is bcsicles although 6 Elena I 2 3 Tnrlq thert . . You can use the letter ofapplication in Exercis€ l0 of Unit 20 as a model. ffy explore dance wear improve spend his ercnirgs listenirg to Jazz. anl droantl tAaA gers. Peter is going sLiing in Colorado inJerruary.7 r. . J 5 4 Miguel painting skills.l 5000 tivtl at the beginning ofthe centuly rhere uerr prnbahll Inu-c Lhr) l00. Put the verbs from the box into the sentences in the Future Continuous. 4 5 6 they are in danger ofbecoming extinct in the wild befbr.. 5 lr$ differcnt islalds. Look at the list of activities you may be doint this time . it takes a lot o[money to lcam a musical instrument Moke or do Put the words in the box in the corrcct corumn.e the )'ear 2000. your donrtr.ext year. s4 . Today there are only anund 1000 tigcrs.ork harder rvatch less television Totu1tbere are Protect them. 50aa tigers. Cristina is going to go canoeing through France in July. Start your letter with De Si Modam.' . ifthey aren't true for you make them negative. . to keep drv.Writing { Write a formal lerter to The Titer Trust asking for en application form for the Adopt a Tiger scheme.

D\'.\tPt t: I t4 ally hnie ny rlo'he. lip mouth neck ear eye nose eyebrow tongue moustache temples chin cheek jaw hair teeth 55 . to help you. iron your clothes cook your mcels makc your bed clean 1'our bedroom 4 6 clean your shoes l'lake sentenres about the items you have not ticked as in the example.\tIPLE: 1 3 What does your teacher: Iet/not let you do? make/not make you do? I hare m! hair tl|ed fu a hainlresser. Write sentences to show those you can do yourself and thos€ that a hairdresser does for you.ear earrings My teacher Tick the items that you usually do yourself.Grammar I Look at the list of verbs that can be associated with hair. OR I can d1e rry hair myself. r 2 dye \lVrite true sentences about the following: I hand il yotr hornework on time My teadrer \r'rite in green int My reacher cur wnte neatly My teacher sit where I 4 5 brush rvash lor lilce in the classroorn perm 7 sryle comb straighten My teacher copy your friendt work Ilb' teacher get help with your homework My teacher use a dictionary My teacher chew gtm in class My teacher 8 9 2 t 9 10 stand up when you answer a question My teacher s. wash your clothes Vocabulary 4 2 3 Use your dictionary Label the pictures usins the words in the box. EX. tasbcd lbr ne.

I alked a bus d yer if his bu! lllar going t0lhe nrtet lvanted.n wink nose rnanicure eyebrous blon' a head toss a click mouth eye(s) Writing Think of. L wai ome in a (ounlry vkre lhe h0ad losr mern! Ye!. a smile shut bljnk snifl open smell yar. There are at least seven different interpreetions of the head toss.ostd.o--on polite body gesture in your country.]hie had mi$ed my appointment so t0 do iry frr nrFdfl fe5eald€ra*ed|l00peophin40p|acel'dhelhgrlheyu!edlh.. lomernA eys ary . Use your dictionary to help you. lhe Ift 0l hah above the ey$. a1wa1n 4 5 Itt important to ulderstand dre significence of tlifferent bodv gestures. d! and then it n rhe bv€r0d agan Th€ morc llovl. True FaLse 1 The head toss usually 2 3 The British and the 'Ilrkish interpret it in the same war.headt0$.5owhswerntr|dngwhhpt0peflom0th€l!u|lUrelvem[thaf1oiIlte|Pfttlhr 56 . Thir n when th.'584!ridtheydjdnol!lgthi!gt!tult.0mm0n bddy geiua i the hrad hsi. The eyebrcv!. Write two short paragraphs: one describint how it is done and the other describing what it can mean. Some may go in morc than one column.oItenmi5mdett00d.]02pph!aidi&yu$df and r rernr'llo.re !a I a 'ditk . lndlding nyslf. 8 Reading 5 Read the passage and then fill in the chart below. us ir to mean o. lioi pe0p e. l had m appointment at a B$uty Padour vherc lwas goirg r0 hive nah d0m: a maiilure. Hovevef. fnary lr€rlsrd that lh€l had in lad been saling Yts. The mft I 'ny thing happened with rhe rext had blr and th€ next. He did the h€rd hls !0 ddr't get 0n rhe | I bu.Put the verbs in the box with the word(s) they can be used with.'. the kad hts dots nol mean tht sme in w{l (omlry.headl0$'. head i! tols{d qu&ry uplvardr and ba(k. prnoi mal nake a $ft n0ire with ftn l0rglr {hi(h . arc u$aly niled rrd often lh€ qer arc ruled ba(k. l€rn\. ll4 proph urd ir fo \wer or\r dfie+nr me irg. Thi5mumlhatthe.. The head toss oft 0l ih . The head toss is a silent gesture. 5 7 Write the explanations of the following words in your notebook.

eller he norked for a USA research company 5f . Look at the time line below which shows Antonio's Dlans and ambitions. harrl yu uill be able to job. Paragraph I The irnportant events in his past Paragraph 2 His life now Paragraph 3 How he sees the future his ambitions and hopes Reading Combine the sentences in lists A and B adding one ofthe following linkers to the betinnint or middle of each sentence.rtir. If eveq'thing goes according to plan: 4 1 By (date b) d) fl he he he he he uill haae lassed hi first 9!S!t1- 2 J Bv ldatc Br. Complete the second sentence with wil. You can use a sentence more than once.v* rI) t t) - ioin muld-n.er.ftlate so because as a result consequendy since + 5 6 Bv fdate Bv fdate Bv (date Bv (date Bv (dcre h) i) l) ExANttPLE: He tec me xety famous becaase he inuetzted tbe Robotrarell. lmagine it is now year i. Fill in the years putting this year by letter a. The letters represent the years. Write a short biography ofAntonio for the Internet.!. NO\I'' x) pass first exem in Tnforrnatiol Tlchaoiogy I Z Look at the sentences in the example. grxduate in Infornution Tlchnolog. List A he he became very farnous he inventcd the Robotraveller he worked for a USA research company 7 E n) u) he he he invented the Robotrar. next year by letter b and continuing year by year up to letter P. \A/rite out the sentences in your notebook.Grammar Antonio is sixteen. be oble to and then writ€ four more following the same pattern. F:t. If1'ou get a very good job you b) Piss final school and leeve school 0 spend year studf irrg in USA I Writing 3 Look at the information about Antonio In Grammar l.pLr get a "^ery If lau stxrd! English good. Follow this plan and don't forget to edit your work.ml research companl in USA hi tcc invent dre Robotraveller m) o) set malated become a millionaire Now complete the sentences according to the information on the time line.v.

El'eryone \arill be able to tap into libraries holding the world's knowledge. medical help . shopping.List B he invented the Robotraveller he had the opportuniw to invent the Robotraveller he became a rnillionaire he had the opportunity to invent the Robotraveller Decide which definition is the best for the following 'new' words. rvork of fishermen o) a set ofcomputers thxt are interconnected and share information c) a nev' techrological job 1) the video conferencing r) meetings il'here the participants see and cornmunicate widr each other through the computers D. d ve a car.h any of some sixty league games on a Saturday aftcmoon. The most talked-about service is video-on-demand. morc simpl. _ to masscs of . or do most of tho things you normally do now But it might make many things you do easier and more con\. or 'telecommute'. you may be able to wat. film orde ng. As a result. + telecommuting 4 a mini-telerisioD vou can take b) the transport of televisions c) uorking from hon. 1 \l4rat won't it do? been taken out Vocabulary 7 Choose the words from the box to complete the sentences. phone.) a conference abott r. you u'on't have to dng all your friends one by one io tell them a pafiy has been carcelled. visit friends. then start it whenever -vou rvant. You u. 2 \ 4rat is it? 3 \\trat rvill you be able to do thar you cant do now! log in call are up access read out linked optic fingertips 4 5 IIow will it change your llfc? What's the purpose? I lfvou to e nail the world is at your 2 Ifyou need particular information you can just to CD ROIiI inforrnation. you']] be able to plug into ihe network through yorll computer. munications 6 The following questions have atl ofthe text.v because of the possibility of Video-conferencing. *il] the information you cable can give us One data.e using electronic con.What's in it for you? So whet's all this about the infomation superhighway? ? The i ormatiorl superhighway 5 so of electronic comrnunication imaginable.e ent. This mears you']] be able to look electrcnically though a list of films. TV. Write them in the correct place. teachers and experts thousands of miles away. or a device that combines all three.vou're a fbotball fan.the list goes on. I '1 58 Your PC. else and providcs just about any ? To profide remote electronic banking. teaching.ill be able to work from home.ideos 3 You will have more choice. Then read the information below to ch€ck your answers. game playing. So if . ? Schoolchildren will benelit enormorsly since they s'ill be able to communicate 'ith other classes. choose one. taxpaying. rvhich v-ill \a the ant. rvill be a worldwide network that connects everyone to everyone I Information Superhighway very fast road vely specjalised information . The Information Superhighway .) a irorldiride netrlork which provides electronic a) a D) 2 ? It won't eliminate the need to go out shopping. And since yorfll be able to simply send one elecironic (e-maill message io everyone al once. videoconferencing. go to films and plays. ? You irill be able to get films ofyour choice on televisior tlyenty-fbul hours a day.

it is doubttul whether you understand ihc essential nlealling of m€diun-difticuti ter.J idra io (1) sp€nd sone time on improling youl reading skills. IJ I numbered phrases. Don't worry about the IIow to read faster and understand more! Reading speeds your rcading speed is less ihan 100 words per minute. Peorle dre drle to (3) read at a speed of 1000 wods p€r ninute. r'rn 'i onlz do (1I) this exercise on the fust day.' about comprch€nsion. How many trmes per second can the eyc move frorn one group of rvords to another? Wtrat should we c'r the brain? train thc e1'e i \44rat does the brain select? It's possiblc to irain yourself to see more $'ords wilh each glance.eeks. Time yourselfto see how long it takes you.{ adr-ise uou Lo (8) begln by analysing te).osstrle to (2) increase your reading speeds dmmatically rvith training. is o ooo. Some techrdques and exercises for increasing your reading apeed.ve Is it ad1)isable to IL (..6) ltrailr.rd? How rnanl' rvords can the see in one glarr':e? e.st is it possible to re. Most peopl€ read mofe sloi{. Grammar 2 Rewrite the underlined phrases in your notebooks using the following words. fi tsn ? nc-cessoTv to (12) Is there onll' onc way to divide wonf.o (4) see up to six words in onc glance. can coulcl dont have to should nust mmtnt ought to Lrave to 59 . 1 How f. Read foul or five pages as fast a-s \{4rat should rve divide sentences into? yorr eyes and to you can.he abilir3l .Reading Skim through the text to find the answ€rs to these questions.. The eye passes on a lot of information from which the bmin selects r'lhat is impoftant. Use a pencil or r'Lrler or er.L gord dded lo (9) do this rviih a ftiend ard compare the way you have both di\'ided it. Il is . :nd move from one group of wor_ds to arother loul times every second. Use each word at least once. ro llris (10) with seveml t€xts durirg the filst few days.ts. Ther€ is no fght and wrong in this €n€rcise.en your finger to direct give 1]rem a feeling ofthe speed you wart to go.ts and dividing t}le sentences up into meaningful groups of fi\'o to lbul words. 1tb . The ey€ /ras .'ly tlun necessary.5) train the eye or the brarn! is essential to (. Howevef it isnt enoughjlist to ldrol' the techniques. the brain. ltE-4ssss€q&lb (7) practjse them for seveml {. In this cdse i.

o@@o@ oeocc c C C C C C C o C OC C oco C c c C o oco C o o C C o CC o CO C C o C C o o o o C OC C o C o C o oo o o C Writing 6 Correct the mistakes underlined in the letter Maryla sent to her penfriend in England. [ l J ve been plavine <qunh for rje - hit net a-' " lasr o0 race kick tearn goal balls referee tain boxing ryclist coach runner fencing match muscle xthlete lerter' squash o 7 leners Iile was sent off for argting with the referee. I lrrrcr. c) He can't hxve.. aeoeata.) -A4" -ea 1 b'Io'" b".arqenerNs lf yau can I. If you train everyday vou will feel better f) Don r get too ercired. bul warl ta lrv te you ta QgNa ?olarA thb 'ufirner \a. 1 2 .{atch the two halves of the conversations. Write the letters ofthe endings in the boxes next to the beginnings. 4lenerr i lener. 5 I m not at rll trt 6 The problern is that training taLes so mtch time. expressing possibility. e) It's your own fault. It just depends when it is. IiAIno'""aie. expressing deduction.ly here. one sports word will be left over Which onel 60 . Our fencilg coach says I may be in the team next week. L l If I do plav in the team will vot come and a) but at least you won't get so out of breath when you play sports. When the pu. fl ofthe goals on I'm really excited. 60'. to keep you interested.3 l. J I'm no good at tennis.. n + Sebasoan says he scored tr-o Saorday. I an fiak:)n4 my exafig now 9J!99thaN ta why I carrat $/r te a fiare lonAer etter.houlJ ger 'ome coaching.t. Yes.le is complete. Ihis lelter wlll be ohora 50 ) A B C D aoo^itEv |. ht In that case 1ou .tau itll can 7ee rn\ town. Vocabulary 5 Sportsworld lo me aaan. e q-444' rea.ritten and fit all r}re orher' around ir. b) I might. He lvas on the beach with us all d"y d) You must be exhausted. He .a.Vle mn. 7 eage 5ay yeo ana wril:. ould be ralng ir jusr .e car notr lo wr\le very erpressing 100 per cent certeinty. or D according to whether mey arei 4 Deat Judy. :J giving advice. . No hvry to rnake the ar. a) Can you fill in the u hire football. in thi* *port puzzle? Start with the word already v. lo wr)Ne. He shouldn't have kicked the other player.o q9. C. B. Look at the conversations again in Exercise 3 and mark them A. g) Well it's his own fault.

tune in. Use your dictionary ifyou ne€d to. land soil earth I I 2 a1Is the solid dry part ofthe earth's surlice. 6l . an investment banker who gave up his job to spend a year there uill be less problems with rubbish disposal. Ifit doesnt. politicians. a teacher who. inspiring. etc.y.h I lookilg at their forrnation thinking about cognates looking at the explanations using rhr conrext the words with their definitions. signals and ner-s. environment. interviews with ecology experts. Also the substance that plants gro1\'-ln. complain. . and others. Past winners include: Combine the tollowing sentence with the dillerent endings using ea€h linker in the box once only. 4 5 6 7 I'll give you the narnes ofsome srppliers. which well as because although as a is the small plastic device you put into the earth to balance the ball on. -Town. they are more erpensir. donated maierials to create a nature sanctuary in the unused plece ofland next to their school. send out electric nressages. and fun so if your local NPR station transmiis the programme. as 3 . 2 3 to send out something on radio or teievision.stands for ecology. to put sornething'on the air'. authors. thev are more en'ironmentally friendly. E-chievement is a combinatron of the letter E and the word achievement. l ecology + E-chievement biodegradable 6 7 harmless 3 The top covering in which plxnts gro$. with her inner-city students.Reading Read the description ofthe radio Programme E-Town and ifyou don't know the meanings ofthe words in italics guess them by: 2 Read the text to help you mat. His invention dissolves into a harmless mulch that's actually good for the soil.. li 9 donated broadcast unused air cransmit l0 I E E-To1]Vn the American is a national US radio show which airs expression for 'to be on the air' . E Town's mjx of music and message is lively.on more than a hundred National Public radio stations (NPR) each week. The award goes to someone nominated by the listeners. excitement. a 14 year old who invented a biodegradable golftee . The E. Write the word next to the definition. hor. recyclcd products. used commrmity I 2 3 it's sometirnes difficult to flnd drem. It broadcasts musical guests. In some cases you will have to start a new sentence.ever since It's result so importalt to materials use biodegradable . ll/rite them in your notebook. volunteering for environmental causes. ard the E-chievement Award. earth.e. artists. as compered v-idr the NPR Ai'ard The world in which rve live. they will rot naturall.

ht'rnepizzas are ea$' to pnrticular\ if vou gct _(9) it )rrur mum to _(10) radrer (i1) it -(8) than Yourselfl lmagine you are living in an ideal world! Technology is so advanced that it can do almost anything.our (7) 1'our ot'n health to meals rather than bry readyones.XAMPLE -(3) en\. T. 6 correct form otdo or moke. l. sure that the pon'der you use is tour of Poris Doy 1 _(.00 hrs Dinner at IlEscargot Restaurant 17. thev get on thc coach a lln afraid they Lrt ofrnonev on the Champs $'rite mv lettcrs for the coach. (htinli to Notlc Dime Cathedral 16.00 hrs Lunch on fuverboat Restaurant 12.r erarnpLe. put on my clothes do my homework plan mv weei<encls 8 By thc Elysees. Bv 14. \br can re-cvcle a lot of ploducts.00 2 J hrs thcv on the coach to Paris..Aod Affives Prds 14.Grammar 4 Fill in th€ blanks with the Your parents are going to go on this Paris tour. Chcck into Hotel Tirlippe.00 hrs.00 hrs friendly .1) the l{'rshing up don't use morc detergent than vou necd.30 they Before thel' go to Notre Drme drey in Pads.30 hrs co Tiip Coach departs 17. For cxample.30 hrs 5 1 On day one at 11.t 17."'our uashing by hand rather than ua1's use the rvashing machinc. I tuould haxt all my rnealt At 17.00 hrs Boat trip on the Scine 19. 9 .\lhen thev lunch drey shoppmg. dreir hotel.ou to tl-v.'hcn you _(5) Coach departs at 10. F. On the second dav thcl' pictures ir the Lour're in the morning. Hor-can you your bit to protect the etvironmcnt? Here are a firv sinple ideas for 1. They won't be hulgry on thc boat trip because they dinner. It) Thel uill be verv hungrv by the time thcv get horne because they any dnner. rue St.30 hrs Day 2 the Louvre Art gallery 10.20 drev 62 .10 hrs drey ndy m]r roorn cook all my neals nuke my bccl choose my clrdres make decisions IlEscargot Restaurant. It's much bctter for 1. Write sentences in your notebook to show which of the following you would choose to do yourself and which you would have done for you. Doninique. old supcmlarket bags vcry good rubbish _(6) bags.ilonmentally u. One way of -(1) (2) it is to some of .10 hrs Shopping on dre Champs Elysccs 14. Look at their itinerary and then lill in th€ blanks with a suitable verb in Future Continuous or in Future Perfect.A.

e to stop the rnusic rt 11.. Thete wl I be bring a'.F. d) It clepends on the n'eather.".. You don't have to let mc l<norl'.y I \\ie're having a par6. iny ltriend (2) me promise to keep more pets | Choose the most suitable ending for the following sentences and write the letter in the box. \l''e were plaring it leally quietll'. llowe\ter Iherc' be athe.. b) It can't h:rve disturbed them. g) I cornpletely forgot.erit a e of the we i.rll in tht grrtler 5 Th surprised Maria hasn't corne to the party6 l{'e'll har. Please come.: Ldst Tteek I forgot to hand bt m1 botneuat'k. gror' flowers swin in dre l0 walk to the sports centre 63 .l 3 cancelled. I Match the verbs with their prepositions.\t're hrving a party on Sanrrday. 0 1 l'rn really soq. be dble to usinS 7 Writ". . Yesterclav I I -l i go for uallc in thc country n'alk to the cineme mc borrorl his ncrv CD but he renrn it tomcrrrow. bfi nefi \reek \re'rc fi1t 4ain4 to noE ta a hau. Do hope vou can ccrlne.uring will (not) the cues provided. I was rcelly (3) me borow pleased becarse my brother nel'er eny ofhis CDs. donl rndcrsmnd it. Then put th€m in sentences in your notebook using the most suitable words from column 3. : l \.a eabiiti put take libnry book hand in your holiday tickcts 1 play my music loudly 9 Fill in the blanks with let or moke in the right tense.e. I should have told 1'ot the par-g'*-as ml dool cetch a bus outsjde 2 . e) Just nlrn up. J i 8 9 plcl ibotb. n 6 ralh to dre superrnar*et We might be having a barbecue on Saturd. be eb e tu Ao rher€ r{' prck do thet I canr aa lr lhe row. af th ry. a) She mrst hale folgotten abort it.te Ly. c) Arrd you can bring a fiiend n'idr vou iflou *-ant tc. ol Snnrrday. I don't thinL it's liir because my mother (:l) ne lcnd n1' brother mt'nerl jncket even drough -(1) (5) me borrou anl'ofhis $ings."nt"n.e I the n up beck af natr'herc tr rhe cantry. th n4a thaN worLbe ab e La da up pxir of shoes a friend a form 1'ou homen ork a in along a . I Our neighbours don't like it. ir a f ar I the n d' dAIe FxAMpt.00 7 Our neighbours conplained ibout the music xt off pllrg. Ai p.

l 5 x crime.Writing Look at the steps involved in writing a gooo piece ofwritten work. The things you think they will not enjoy. a ieeling that sorneote nay be gtilw. | 2 Follow the steps in Exer€ise | | to v/rite an informal letter to someone in the class below you. Any adr. rpelling. LXAMPLE: ramfata . Pronunciation 10 pieces offlesh in vour bodyjoiting the bones. Fo. not Delong to l'ot. bottom to top.oner an arlFment or quarrel. The drings you think they will find difficult. to set liee an animal or pcrson. The steps are not in the (orrect order. 9 sign or object which represents somethine else. or diagonally. Read the definitions and then circle the matchint word in the II the correct order.l UB OTHEFT\ATIT \r R EYPLJKVES RD PIIECMCZQE SE (ryNsI!l!13 LSTUBN'i'OR \'' R OEI'INIPUXWA CE BSAPPLICA E1 I. The things you think thcy u'ill enjoy. For .. Write the word next to its definition.l ralJne sornethrng thar doc. j.n. left to right.ice you can think of. r or crime . Pewi.'h. 8 \{'ith small holes.l puncruarion A final edit . For example lbr enrrings. Putting dre notes into sentences Making a first draft ilcluding selecting the tenses and Ley vocebulary W-riting a plan Gathering ideas and making notes Thinking about the punctuation MaLing a final draft Selecting and prioritising the content to bottom. l3 Mark the stressea syllable on the following compurer memorl comrnunication celevision channel inventor information interactive cable data I Now rewrite the words marking the stressed syllable and v/riting in the schwa /A/. tcJ catL'h someone who is believed to be guilty of l'diring rhe gra mn ra r.eranrple.1 SUSPICIO DP Y C I Z E S GHK YI SDEFGLBALT DA XI UF DE SR NT NO LR C \. Tell th€m about this English course and include the following information. Remember it may be written from top 1 2 3 a pcrson (usually over sixq'vears old) v-ho has stopped vorking xnd reccives money from the state. Say the words out loud. a person n'ho makes e forrnal l'ritten request. Number them so that they are in Vocabulary I t The following detinitions all describe words from Units 19-24 ofyour coursebook. o rle a.o \AI 54 .

*@ li www. KEY FEATURES a a Thorouth teachint and practice of readint. step-by-step teacher's notes.r .ililJ[ttx!ililililil . a A full range of components for consolidation. Stimulatint readint texts with strong appeal to the teenage learner. Pronunciation hot spots which go beyond individual sounds to tackle areas such as stress and intonation. easy to follow. a Clear. so that they are ready for a First Certificate couEe.. Hith Flyettakes lea'ne's beyond th€ intermediate plateau. writint.FUYER High Flyet is a two-level Entlish course designed especially for teenage learners at intemediate and upper intermediate level. li5tening and speaking skills. Clear and succinct grammar boxes leading systematic trammar practice.longman-elt.com r :: . to rigorous and teenate a a a Exciting and imaginative storyline5 with realistic characterg. . The best of tried and tested methodoloty to help students and teachers through this ditficult learning period. Hith Flyer Intermediate and Upper lntermediate Students'Book Teacher'8ook Class Cassettes Tests Crammar Practice Book lsBN 0-532-07t41-3 . practice and testing. or an equivalent level of study. which encourage readint for pleasure and class discussion.

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