“Echoes” of Schubert’s Late Works – New Octet Arrangements of His Music Schubert produced a nearly inconceivable number of works

in 1828, the year of his death . How he was able to manage such an abundance of works (alone the notation of them) is a mystery . These include, to name a few, the Great Symphony in C Major D 849, the Mass in E-flat Major D 950, the String Quintet D 956, the three grand piano sonatas D 958, D 959 and D 960, and a trilogy of works for piano four hands: the Fantasy in F Minor D 940, the Allegro in A Minor called “Lebensstürme” [life’s storms] (a title not given by Schubert) D 947 and the Rondo in A Major D 951 . Common to many of these late compositions is the expansion of the formal construction, harmonies and forms of expression to the point of bursting their traditional dimensions . This is the case for the works on this recording, arrangements of compositions for piano and piano four hands made for the Swiss Octet . The formal expansiveness and expressive power of the Fantasy in F Minor, for example, stirs up orchestral associations, which inspired Dimitri Kabalevsky to make an arrangement for piano and orchestra . The emotional intensity of this work is sure to awaken the fantasies of listeners; in a sense, echoes are sure

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