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ASTROVISION. Now ASTROVISION shall be too pleased to introduce and encourage new writers in KP. It has to be sharpened. With warm regards MK Viswanath Editor 4 .ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 38 FEB 2011 // Hyderabad // //3-Feb-2011// FROM THE DESK OF THE EDITOR EDITORIAL COLUMN Esteemed Readers: This E-Journal. The twin birth has been always an intriguing issue for any Astrologer where many life events and general strength of the horoscope do vary between a twin pair born to same parents within a minimal time of 1 minute or so. the renowned KP Astrologer from Hyderabad. so that the involvement of such persons in Astrology shall get expanded for the benefit of its readers. Vedic or any allied subjects and systems. There is no dearth of intelligence. is throwing some light on this particular matter in this issue of the journal. The progress has been phenomenal. has been marching ahead with many new concepts and new members. as the Journal was developed from literally scratch. Shri OVN Murthy. We have this time been able to get some meaningful and attractive articles from few rookie prodigies. which was not thought of in the initial stages.

com www. The star lord always indicates the area of the subject matter and the sub lord is the deciding factor normally when we want to judge a particular event thru a planet in its DBA. Shakkar Bhavan. Company Secretary Nizam Sugars Limited. IAS. Sun . Our Gurujee has given the wonderful concept star lord and sub lord and invited other astrologers to do further research and come out with developments on this theory through practical charts . 27405975 Mobile : 94417-78427 Email: ovnmurthy@gmail. Venus) Sub-sub lord (6 sec.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 KP VISION ISSUE NO 38 FEB 2011 Daivagnya Siromani OVN MURTHY. 2009). Our Gurujee Sri KS Krishnamurthy has given a wonderful tool for quality predictions both in Natal and Horary charts. Prof. . In this method we apply star lord. has brought out his article on “The Role of Sub lord in Prediction of Events” in KP Astrology International Journal (January.COM. These cusps are fixed as per time of birth unlike horary chart will differ from number to number of the same individual. Anthara. then his thought has provoked with divine blessing he has brought out the theory of star lord & sub lord (Macro and Micro analyses). He has given in depth study of the role of the sub lord. which needs any number of explanations by number of KP research astrologers as it is the foundation for the KP system.. connection to improving houses. marriage VII ROLE OF SUBLORD Om Gajaananam Namamhyam A touch stone of KP system is Sub lord by Sri Rajender Nimje. Off. In twin births he found that there is no difference in the birth charts. Hyderabad 500004 AP Ph.90 sec. Sookshma (DBAS) which is known as Vimssothari Dasa system (120 years). 5 . Bhukthi.90 sec. FCS. Here the sub lord takes time to change from 9 / 1½ Min and Subsub lord from 6 sec.saibhavishyavani. sub-sub lord to Moon very accurately to know the Dasa Balance at the time of birth. This system has got its origin from a Vedic Astrology wherein we apply this principle only to Moon at the time of birth to know the Dasa. We look into the relevant cusp which plays the major role such as for the job X cusp. Sri Krishnamurthy jee. sub lord. who is the founder of KP system has initially used 108 Navamsa system (Rasi divided into 9 divisions) for predictions basing on Parasara Padhathi. M. I Floor. This principle has applied to I cusp to know the twin births fate wherein the Rasi Lord (2 hrs span) star lord (53 Min) sub lord (90 sec. 23232212 Res. wherein the sub lord and sub-sub lord would be different to each of the twins which gives a clear clue to judge the horoscope and the same principle has applied to all the 12 cusps to know the strength of the respective cusp which indicate a particular event of the life. who were born within a small span of interval.) will give clear picture of the infant’s health and longevity. to. etc. etc to judge whether event is promised or not. offspring V cusp.9½ Min. Basheerbagh.

ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 38 FEB 2011 As said above for all cusps and planets. then take the sub lord which as a planet and its significance again through star lord will ultimately determine whether it is promised or not. In this instant case star lord indicates the area at macro level and the outcome is decided by sub lord significance with its star lord significance whether it is favourable/ unfavourable but sub lord significance is vital in deciding the factor example – While calculating the IV Step if you calculate I & II then you need not calculate the Sub lord thru III & IV Steps as the sub lord is a planet we can take the concerned planet’s I & II steps as III & IV steps. a cusp is favourable or not through its sub lord. The cuspal sub lord’s starlord signifies certain houses and the Cuspal Sub lord’s sub lord decides whether the house is strong or not for giving good results. In all the cases sub lord plays a vital role in determining out of come of the event. Bhukthi. if star is unoccupied of a planet it will give strong results about the house occupied by it and the cusps owned by it (when it is unoccupied). Thus when the Cuspal sub lord is strong (at sublevel more particularly) then a planet is significator of that cusp would give good results. 6 . Thus out of the 9 planets we will arrive at fruitful significators and if those fruitful significators at Step I n II happens to be the sub lord for any Planet out of the 9 would give fruitful results only as the sub lord is protecting the Planet results would flow during its DBA.from the above we could understand the role of the sublord and the influence on the relevant cusps outcome either yes/no. The star lord indicates the environment and the sub lord indicates the outcome. Any planet who is in the star of Node will behave like an agent to the Node (Rahu / Kethu) and gives the result of the node (as discussed by KSK jee and published in Astrology & Athrishta Article Winning of a Lottery which was brought before the Forum by Sri Nimje. In all the above cases we have to follow the 4 step theory to decide the strength of any planet. but the same is manifested in the concerned Dasa. aspect. IAS). in case of Nodes the conjunct planet. we will identify the star lord and sublord while generating the KP chart. the star lord & Rasi Lord would influence the node more strongly as they did not own any cusp. In all most all the cases we have to follow invariably IV Step Theory of Sri Sunil Gondhalekar for determining the fruitful significators (II & IV step is Star lord I & III Planet’s own signification). III: DBA .  A student studies well (star lord favourable) and passes the exam (sub lord Favourable)  A Student Studies well (star lord favourable) but fails exam (sub lord unfavourable )  A Student did not prepare well (star lord unfavourable) and passes the exam (sub lord favourable )  A student could not study well (star lord unfavourable)) and fails the exam (sublord unfavourable). Anthara (DBA) which has to operate for experiencing the results through its Starlord (sometimes it may not agree) but if the sub lord agrees favourable cusps then the results would operate. I: 9 planets and their star lords as significators of different cusps. these results can be experienced through DBA. in this connection there will be 3 Parts. II: Indicates the 12 cusp sub lords (CSLs) which will be treated as a planet to know the strength of the cusp.

. In this Chart the 5th Cuspal is health lord is not connected to 6th cusp hence he is keeping good health. abroad. BUT IF ANYONE WISHES TO GET ONE COPY OF THE SAME. IAS. Hyderabad fortnightly meeting conducted on 09 Sep 2007 one KP Astrologer / Participant of the Meeting reported a case study of twin births. 6th (vacant). hence his health is good. the Gentlemen who reported that the second twin was keeping good health and first twin is not so and he wanted to know the reason for the same through KP principle. The twin birth which gives clue for cusp sub lord’s significance within one minute of difference of time of birth.38 (Twin-1) and 11. 7. GOODLUCK 7 . 10 indicates sickness through present Maha dasa Jupiter x Rahu upto 18 May 2008. In the first child the 5th Cuspal sub lord and 6th Cuspal sub lord is mercury who is lord of 8th & 11th in 10th in the star of Sun.if any planet is a sub lord for a particular cusp would bring results of the cusps concerned as a significator. I analysed those two charts of the Twin Births (appended herewith). In some practical cases where the marriage has taken place in the sub lord of 7th who is sub lord of another Bhukthi Lord who is not at all connected to 2. children. Whereas in the second child’s chart the 5th Cuspal Sub lord is Kethu a strong significator of 5th & 11th houses. For establishing this Rule the author has verified in many practical cases where the sub lord of particular cusp who has given the cusp’s matter though he is not significator of the prime cusp or its supporting cusps. The second child 1st Cusp Sub lord is Rahu who is in Kethu star and sub of Jupiter signifies 5th and 11th cusps.11. On analysis it was found that the 1st cusp sub lord of the first child is Mars who is lord of 1st & 6th for Scorpio Ascendant and not well since birth.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 38 FEB 2011 These fruitful significators if they are figured as cuspal sub lords any of the 12 cusps would bring favourable results thru that cusp significance e. job. it is like a Bank Account if there is some balance you can draw from it. viz. When a doubt was raised about the one minute difference in birth time of the above twins. As per KP system a correct birth time is inevitable for arriving at right cuspal sub lords for accurate prediction.g. State Minnesota. Mars is 1st & 10th Cuspal Sub lord (no planet is tenanted in its star became strong significator) is in Sun’s star (10th) and sub of Kethu who is in Rahu star Rahu is in conj. with 6th cusp signifies 1st. PS: THE CHARTS FOR THE ABOVE NATIVES ARE NOT AVAILABLE AT THE MOMENT. During the KPAF. DOB: 27 Sep 2004 TOB: 11.39 (Twin2) POB: Minneapolis. President of KPA Forum has informed the participants that it is possible as per the medical history. MAY SEND IN A MAIL. etc). As said by many Astrologers who are engaged in research. 6th Cuspal Sub lord is mercury same as above connected to Sun in 10th as lord of 8th and 11th. In this theory the best application is the connection of the cuspal sub lord (which has to be treated as a planet) connection to improving houses would bring success to that subject matter (Marriage. Sri Rajendra Nimje. education.

streaking and straightening Hair styling and perming Bridal make-up Ear piercing Tips and toes nail care 8 .ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 38 FEB 2011 THE NATURALS Beauty Parlour Sarovar Centre. Secretariat road Hyderabad-500 004 Tel: 2323 0894 Skin rejuvenating facials Skin whitening and firming Hair coloring.

9 . her spokesman. Karamargin. daddy. including members of her staff. local time. Giffords was in surgery. He was asking as to whether this particular Congresswoman died or not. said. My son. said that Ms. Casually. by which time my second son also got up and came to sit beside me. a hospital spokeswoman. indeed got bewildered. probably he did not further ask any questions. then asked me as to how. Even though NPR and CNN reported that she had been killed. Her condition was stated to be critical. They quoted a public information officer for the sheriff’s office as saying that 12 people had been injured in all and that the shooting had occurred around 10 a. Gabrielle Giffords from Arizona (Congresswomen) was shot in the head on Saturday at a public event held at a grocery store in Tucson. as I delivered the reading. Having not understood as to what is prashna and at not followed the astro analysis based on which I delivered the reading. I told him that she will not die. as the gun shot was through the brain of the Congresswoman. The time of watching the TV was around 6-23 a. The news was being shown that: Democrat Mrs.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 38 FEB 2011 STELLAR VISION US CONGRESSWOMAN GABRIELLE GIFFORDS IS SHOT AT On Sunday morning (09-Jan-2011) as usual I got up early and was waiting for an early coffee. Others at the event. I switched over the TV channel to BBC. were among the injured. the trauma center for the area.m. Darci Slater. She was taken to University Medical Center in Tucson. about 10 miles away. He. J. C. you could say this? I told him it is just prashna.m.

AK Moon .55" 38. 2011 6:23:00 am 5:30(E of GMT) 78 E 28'.BK Ketu Longitude 17 24 17 00 01 03 07 23 07 07 Sg Sg Aq Cp Sg Pi Sc Vi Sg Ge 25' 29' 01' 42' 16' 47' 37' 02' 57' 57' 06. India Lunar Yr-Mo: Vikriti .99" 45.02" 33.Pushya Tithi: Sukla Panchami Vedic Weekday: Saturday (Sa) Nakshatra: Satabhishak (Ra) Yoga: Vyatipata (Ra) Hora Lord: Mars Sunrise: 6:52:03 am Sunset: 5:53:17 pm Ayanamsa: 23-54-51.48" 30.53" 28.94 Sidereal Time: 13:19:46 Body Navamsa Lagna Sun .29" 06.GK Jupiter .AmK Rahu .PiK Saturn .DK Mercury .99" Nakshatra Pada Rasi PSha PSha Sata USha Mool UBha Anu Hast Mool Ardr 2 4 4 2 1 1 2 4 3 1 Sg Sg Aq Cp Sg Pi Sc Vi Sg Ge Vi Sc Pi Cp Ar Le Vi Cn Ge Sg 10 .ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 38 FEB 2011 The chart for the time of query is given below: Date: Time: Time Zone: Place: January 9.01" 23.52" 45.17 N 23' Hyderabad.72" 00.PK Venus .MK Mars .

84" 32. on 08 Jan 2011: Body Navamsa Lagna Sun .43" 55. 11 . illness. But Ketu gets aspect of Saturn. Rahu is of course in Ketu star.PK Venus . Rahu and Ketu do signify maraca and badhaka. Saturn signifies 08th house too. injury. These combinations indicate critical conditions. my son that the Let us take the chart at the time of shooting. a house considered good for longevity.65" Nakshatra Pada Rasi Sata PSha Sata USha Mool UBha Anu Hast Mool Ardr 1 4 2 2 1 1 2 4 3 1 Aq Sg Aq Cp Sg Pi Sc Vi Sg Ge Sg Sc Cp Cp Ar Le Vi Cn Ge Sg Lagna falls at 09 deg. Saturn aspects lagna lord.) and is posited in 12th house (hospitalization).m. who is posited in Rahu star Satabisha in Aquarius. Maraca and badhaka Mercury is in lagna.71" 22. who holds 08th bhava. It is posited in Sun star.BK Ketu Longitude 09 24 13 00 00 03 07 23 07 07 Aq Sg Aq Cp Sg Pi Sc Vi Sg Ge 37' 08' 06' 26' 57' 44' 17' 02' 58' 58' 42.31" 02. while Venus signifies 06 (clinic. which was at 10-00 a. but lagna lord. Sun indicate injury to head. etc.18" 48. recovery shall be too late. who is also in Saturn star. Sun is posited in lagna indicates doctors are attending to the patient.65" 48.35" 45. Ketu signifies Mercury. Saturn is posited in Moon star Hasta in 10th house.61" 16. 06th lord Moon is posited in lagna. in Aquarius.AK Moon .14" 12. Hence All these combinations led me to tell Congresswoman will survive the ordeal. Mars / But Rahu signifies lagna. Hence it should be understood that the congresswoman is in hospital. In this case Sagittarius is rising in the star of Purva Ashada ruled by Venus. Mars is posited in 02nd house (first bhava) and is in Sun star indicates that she will go through surgery.AmK Rahu . Saturn does not aspect lagna. Similar degrees in 06th house in Cancer and 08th house in Virgo are ruled by Saturn and Sun respectively. 08th lord is Moon. 37 min.PiK Saturn . Mars aspects 06th bhava.MK Mars .DK Mercury . Mercury.GK Jupiter .ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 38 FEB 2011 The longevity is always seen from the 08th house.

12 .ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 38 FEB 2011 In my opinion that the shoot out should have taken place when lagna was transiting in the star of Dhanishta ruled by Mars in Aquarius.

e. that means 04th sub lord should be connected to these houses either by himself or through his star lord. Occupants of these houses. 12 (investment) as well as 06 (12th to 7th i.11th from 7th). Hence to buy a land one must run the conjoined period of significators for 0406-09-11-12 houses. Focal cusp being the 4th. one should run the conjoined period for the significators for 3 (separation of ownership over land). There are the rules for both “Horary” as well as “Natal” astrology. Purchase of such land is signified by 11 (desire fulfillment). 09 (separation with the ownership over land for the opponent). The focal bhava here is 10th cusp. KP teaches that house fourth house deals with all fixed assets. Planets in the stars of lords of these houses and lords of these houses are termed as “Significators”. 12 (general loss of property). On the same logic to sell a land (whether it is vacant or agricultural).ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 38 FEB 2011 SALE OF LAND WHEN? KP ANSWERS VGR PAVAN Aum Sri Ganapathaye Namaha // Aum Sri Gurubhyo namaha A person very eager to know the prospects for the sale of his agricultural land posed me the question “when can I sell my land?” and mentioned number 134 for “Horary Analysis”. My personal opinion is that planets co-ruling the cusps have a definite say in the timing of the result pertaining to that house. Because in KP cuspal sub lords will change 13 . 5 (desire fulfillment for the opponent i. But if the stars of the occupants or the owners (whose houses are unoccupied) are not occupied by ay planet then the planets in the sub divisions of such lords are the strongest significators of that particular house. 10th (acquisition of land by opponent from us). This is called as “golden rule” in KP. 2 (making money by sale). Therefore 02-0305-10-12 houses must be connected. the person who sells the land).e. Planets in the stars of the occupants of these houses.

U Bhadra Jup-Sat-Jup-Mar Mar-Ven-Ven-Rah Ven-Mo-Rah-Mo Mer-Rah-Mer-Sun Moo-Sat-Rah-Me Sun-Ven-Ven-Ket Mer-Moo-Sat-Ket Ven-Mar-Ven-Mo 19° Cp 33' 11. Uranus Neptune Pluto Rahu Ketu Lagna 4° Pi 7' 20. System Query Place Date Time Longitude Latitude Zone Settings Latitude Lagna Query Rasi (Moon Sign) Query Star (Nakshatra) Lunar Half (Paksha) Lunar Day (Thithi) Dasa at DOB / DOQ Dasa Balance Bhukti at DOB / DOQ Bhukti Balance Current Date Current Dasa running : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : Krishnamurthy Ayanamsa: 23° 55' 01" Sale of land Tenali. Star Swati KP Pointer Ven-Rah-Ket-Ket Mar-Sat-Rah-Sat Jup-Ket-Mer-Sat Sat-Moo-Jup-Jup Planet Sun Mercury Venus Moon Mars Jupiter Longitude Star KP Pointer Sat-Mo-Mer-Ra Sat-Sun-Sat-Sat Jup-Ket-Sun-Ve Sat-Sun-Ket-Mer Sat-Moo-Mer-Sa 18° Cp 57' 57. 3° Li 10' 26. Utrashada Moola Utrashada 13° Sc 42' 17. Ardhra 13° Cn 54' 37.5 Universal Time Geographic Thula Swati 3 Makara Utrashada 4 Krishna Paksha (Declining Phase) Amavasya 30 Sun 1 Y:0 M:13 D Ketu 0 Y:0 M:14 D 2/2/2011 Sun-Ket-Mer Sun Dasa upto: 16-Feb-2012 Ketu Bhukti upto: 17-Feb-2011 Mercury Antara upto: 15-Feb-2011 Cusps I II III IV V VI VII VIII IX X XI XII For Longitude 14° Li 26' 40. Bharani 13° Ta 42' 17.14 N on 02-02-2011 at 07-59 AM With Sani-Rahu-Ravi-Budha as Ruling planets. Rohini 13° Ge 17' 19. 3° Aq 53' 18. P Phalgun 16° Vi 21' 50. Hastha Chitra Saturn (R) 23° Vi 16' 3. Pushya 15° Le 32' 18. 14° Li 26' 40. (This is a research point which needs our attention). 3° Sa 39' 25. Moola 13° Cp 54' 37. 6° Sa 41' 4. Horary map: Judged as per KP no. 134 at 16.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 38 FEB 2011 in few minutes but the dasa and bhukthi lords will be the same. Shravana 3° Cp 16' 3. Shravana 15° Aq 32' 18. Utra Bhadra Jup-Sat-Sat-Ven Dhanishta Moola Moola Ardhra Swati Sat-Mar-Ven-Jup Jup-Ket-Mer-Ra Ju-Ket-Ra-Me Me-Rah-Rah-Ra Ven-Rah-Ket-Ket 14 . Anuradha 13° Sa 17' 19. Satabhisha Sat-Rah-Ven-Ven 16° Pi 21' 50. Thus if we include the star as well as sub lord s in our analysis we can be more accurate in our predictions. Andhra Pradesh 2-2-2011 Wednesday 7-59-00 80-38-0 East 16-14-0 North IST 5. 12° Sa 30' 3. 6° Ge 41' 4. Utra Bhadra Jup-Sat-Ket-Mer Hastha Mer-Mo-Sun-Ve 14° Ar 26' 40. 7° Cp 41' 43. Shravana 8° Pi 3' 16.

Whenever you have to sell the land 12th house should come into action. Of course co-rulers of the cusps are also handy pointers of time. Bhukthi lord Kethu. Kethu is in 9th rasi representing Budha lord of 9-12 houses in 3rd house. Further she is the star and sub lord for 11th house. Moreover Ravi-Sukra are the co-rulers on the 11th cusp. Chandra is the lord of 10 and star lord for 12th house as well as occupant of 3rd house. More importantly. Thus left out. Rahu being the node is with Sukra the 11th cuspual star and sub lord. he is in 3rd sign but 2nd bhava in Kethu star and own sub. the upcoming Bhukthi lord is Sukra. Hence Ravi is more powerful to fulfill the desire of the client. Therefore sale of land will take place but there will be some delay as Kethu is aspected by Sani from 12th house. Rahu anthara starts on 27-06-2011 to 22-08-2011. If we look into Rahu. Further he is with Sukra lord of the Lagna and 8th house.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 38 FEB 2011 The present horary number 134 gives Lagna in Tula rasi in Rahu star and Kethu sub. Here it is ruled by Budha lord of 12 in 3. Sale will take place in the conjoined significators of 2-3-5-10-12 houses. Sani anthara starts on 10-10-2011 to 06-12-2011. though strong he cannot offer result as he is aspected by the delaying Sani. thus Sukra is more charged by Rahu and the zones of Rahu(for transit) are powerful during the period of Sukra. period for As per KP fruitful significators are those planets which are powerful by occupying favorable sub divisions. The answer is that Chandra in not in RP and Ravi is stronger than Chandra by sitting in her star. But whether Ravi is fruitful for the sale or not depends up on the sub division of Ravi. 15 . Sani is also powerful as he is in the 12th house in the star of Chandra in 3rd house. She is in Kethu star and Ravi sub. Hence Ravi is fruitful and can cause the sale in his Dasa. One can ask why Chandra dasa was not considered. Sani-Rahu-Sukra are the co rulers on the cusps connected with the sale of the land. In Sukra bhukthi we can select either Rahu or Sani anthara as Rahu being a node is conjoined with Sukra and representing Guru in 5th house. Here dasa lord Ravi is lord of 11 in 04 in the star of 10th lord Chandra who is in 03rd (in chalit chakra). As Sukra is strong by sub we can select her Bhukthi. The 10th there from falls in Kataka Rasi in Sani star and Rahu sub. Kethu strongly denotes 03-08-09-12 houses and Ravi denotes 3-10 houses.

11. Among them transit in Katakam in the first week of August and transit in Tula is in October month. As per the horary map these two are favorable for finalization of the sale of your land.10 houses at star level and connected with 3.4. whereas in Tula and Vrischika in Sani anthara.12 houses at sub level hence the client will have moderate gains through the sale. But the dasa lord Ravi is strong significator for 3.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 38 FEB 2011 Among these two favorable times we have to see the transit of Sun to be more precise in our prediction… Ravi will transit in Mithuna or Katakam during Rahu anthara. Good Luck 16 .

and the other important points one astrologer has to evaluate at the time of fixing the marriage matching viz: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) Marriage koota or alignments. alcoholism. Misfortunes like Death of spouse. Job or profession. The book covers subject of marriage matching. The book is consisting of 290 pages. Children. accidents. Divorce. Profession & Health) has been published by M/s.270/ etc. denial of marriage. New Delhi . Different types of marriages such as love marriage. and it has just arrived in the market. jail yoga. Profession & Health) I am pleased to inform you that a book written by me under the title "BASICS OF NAKSHTRA PADHATHI (Marriage. Warm Regards MK Viswanath Mob 9542 693 230 17 . wealth factors.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 38 FEB 2011 BOOK PUBLISHED BASICS OF NAKSHTRA PADHATHI (Marriage. Intelligence. etc. hearing or communicative and there are around 150 natal horoscope charts in South and North Indian style discussed covering various points. dual or multiple marriage. Sagar Publications. delay or denial of children. The Publisher has priced the book at Rs. mental illness or lunacy. longevity. Any member desirous of having the book may approach at astrologervishy_nair@yahoo. multiple marriage. extra marital affairs. Charity. etc. Ascetic yoga. unconventional marriage.

m. 2010 11:45:00 am 5:30: (E of GMT) 76 E 47'. putting her parents and relatives in a fix. The marriage was fixed at 11-45 a. I had told in my home that the girl does not like this alignment.09 N 16' Pathanamthitta. On seeing the marriage muhurta chart. The girl’s father was also known to us. The marriage card was first given to us by the mother of the boy. on 26 Dec 2010. who is employed in Indian Navy. who was also well known to us.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 38 FEB 2011 STELLAR VISION GIRL RAN AWAY BEFORE MARRIAGE A friend of mine gave a marriage card of her boy. The marriage below: MUHURTA CHART Date: Time: Time Zone: Place: December 26.m. Pathanamthitta. India Lunar Yr-Mo: Vikriti–Margasira Tithi: Krishna Shashthi Vedic Weekday: Sunday (Su) Nakshatra: Poorva Phalguni Yoga: Priti (Me) Ayanamsa: 23-54-50. at Unfortunately. the girl did not like the alignment which was fixed much earlier by her parents and she just ran away from the railway station at Secunderabad before boarding the train to go to marriage. to 12-15 p. Kerala.05 Sidereal Time: 17:40:43 chart planetary longitudes have been shown 18 .

7 and 8 should be free.88" 34.13" Star / p PBha 4 Mool 4 PPha 1 PSha 3 Jye 4 PBha 4 Visa 2 Hast 4 Mool 3 Ardr 1 I saw Pisces rising in the marriage muhurta with Jupiter in lagna. 1989 00:40:00 am 5:30:00 (East of GMT) 76 E 47' 00". planets in 06. 07.77" 34.37" 26.GK Moon-PK Mars-PiK Mercury(R).65" 35. I told my wife at home that the girl does not like the alignment. India Lunar Yr-Mo: Sukla . Saturn and Venus are not desirable.13% left) Vedic Weekday: Friday (Ve) 19 . 08 especially with Moon. 9 N 16' 00" Pathanamthitta.83" 00. on getting the card from mother of boy. Saturn in 07th indicates Moon in saade-saath (02 / 12). On seeing the Moon in 06th and Saturn being lord of 12 in 07th. In a marriage chart. Moon is in 06th house in Purva star. Saturn is in 07th and Venus in 08th.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 38 FEB 2011 Body Lagna Sun .83" 34.AK Jupiter-DK Venus-AmK Saturn-BK Rahu-MK Ketu Longitude 00 Pi 26' 10 Sg 26' 15 Le 02' 20 Sg 02' 27 Sc 04' 01 Pi 54' 24 Li 17' 22 Vi 27' 08 Sg 41' 08 Ge 41' 08. NATAL CHART Date: Time: Time Zone: Place: May 6.48" 48.Vaisakha Tithi: Sukla Pratipat (Su) (64. For a marriage chart.75" 48. Moon should never be in 06th (which negates marriage --07th house). Venus should never be in 08th.13" 34.

PK Venus .83" 58.PiK Rahu .69" 45. who is lord of 07th.73" 42. In the chart also Mercury is posited in 5th house (romance) and is in Rohini ruled by Moon.AK Saturn (R) . 20 .BK Ketu Longitude 18 Cp 58' 21 Ar 38' 25 Ar 56' 10 Ge 28' 11 Ta 19' 16 Ta 59' 29 Ar 39' 20 Sg 10' 07 Aq 33' 07 Le 33' 22.16" 46. 06.26% left) Jupiter (5 min sign: Ge) Jupiter (5 min sign: Pi) Venus (Mahakala: Venus) 6:08:42 am (May 5) 6:30:28 pm (May 5) 46.31" 57.MK Moon . Moon is in the star of Venus (bharani) and Venus rules romance.17" 59. I later told the father of the girl that she will be having two marriages.12" 58.GK Jupiter .3041 23-36-41.04% left) Kimstughna (Ve) (28. Rahu signifies other caste.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 38 FEB 2011 Nakshatra: Yoga: Karana: Hora Lord: Mahakala Hora: Kaala Lord: Sunrise: Sunset: Janma Ghatis: Ayanamsa: Sidereal Time: Bharani (Ve) (5.22" 45.DK Mercury .75 15:11:40 Body Lagna Sun . Mercury signifies 05.38% left) Soubhagya (Ve) (43.12" Star / pada Srav 3 Bhar 3 Bhar 4 Ardr 2 Rohi 1 Rohi 3 Krit 1 PSha 3 Sata 1 Magh 3 The natal chart shows that the girl is running Mars VMD and Mars is posited in 06th house in Arudra Star ruled by Rahu. 07.81" 57. 04 and 09.AmK Mars .

her mother asked me as to whether marriage took place or not. I saw cancer rising at the time of query with Moon in 06th house in Sagittarius and lord of 07th Saturn is posited in Moon star in Hasta in Virgo. 21 .ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 38 FEB 2011 A few days thereafter when I visited the home of the girl. Hence I replied to her mother that marriage did not take place and it is agreed for a marriage because of 03 (agreement) and 07 (marriage).




FEB 2011



Om namo Maha Ganapathyenamah

With my humble regards to every one in the K.P. fraternity, I wish to introduce an interesting horoscope, belongs to Sri Ananta Sriram, a popular lyric writer in Telugu film industry. He started writing from a very young age and left his B. Tech to settle down in this career. He is successful in rendering many hit songs.

Astrological analysis of the natal chart.
The native is borne in Kumbha lagna, an airy sign. Moon is also found in an airy sign Mithuna. Further the Lagna lord and lagna sub lord Saturn is occupying an airy sign. Thereby qualities of all the airy signs are reflected in the nativity. Lagna lord Saturn has become the Lagna cusp sub lord. Saturn is in his exaltation sign and 9th bhava. Saturn is in the star and sub of Jupiter lord of 2 & 11 at 11th bhava. Saturn, Venus and Ketu are in exaltation signs and in the progressive bhavas. Jupiter and Mars are in their own signs and in progressive bhavas. All these 5 planets are connected to Lagna bhavam.





FEB 2011

Writing abilities are promised by the 3rd cusp sub lord Jupiter signifying 1st and by being posited in the star of strong Venus at 1st bhavam and Jupiter occupying 11th bhavam. The 10th cusp sub lord Mercury is in the star of Ketu at 9. Mercury is lord of 5 & 8 at 2nd bhava. Mercury is in his own sub. Signification of 5th to the 10th cusp indicates a career in cine field. Mercury and Moon both are in receipt of Jupiter’s aspect from 11th house. Moon is also aspected by Mars from 10th house (courage to express)

Prediction of marriage of this native.
Around January 2010 celebration of marriage of this native was predicted during the month of November 2010 during Saturn Dasa Mars Bhukti and Mercury Antara. VII cusp sub lord Mercury is occupant of 2nd promising marriage to the native. Saturn the dasa lord is in the star and sub of Jupiter lord of 2 & 11 at 11. So Saturn dasa allows the event to happen. Bhukti lord Mars is in the star and sub of Saturn. Mars is not a signification of either 2 or 7 or 11. Mars is signification of 1st house. Saturn the sub lord of the bhukti lord Mars is in the star of Jupiter at 11 th could not object the event to happen. I understood 1st house signification of Mars as per the contention of Sri Vadrevu Suryanarayana garu in Jataka Narayaneeyam that Lagnadhipathi has authority over all the 12 houses of horoscope. Here in this case Mars is well posited in the star and sub of the lagna lord acquiring lagna signification augmenting the absence of signification of either 2 or 7 or 11 during his bhukti. Antara lord Mercury is in the star of Ketu who is the cuspal star lord of the prime house for marriage i.e.7 and 11 hence marriage during Mercury antara. (On 17-11-2010) Salutations to Guruji Sri K.S.K.

Note: According to Vedic principle, Ketu is found to be having exaltation position in Scorpio.





FEB 2011


longevity etc Specialty: (1) both north / south Indian charts are given. property. Contains 4 Step theory rules. contact: SUNIL GONDHALEKAR e-mail: sunilalaka@gmail.400/. practical examples on Marriage.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 38 FEB 2011 WANT TO LEARN "4 STEP THEORY"? Its an advance theory of KP Method The book is available on discount for new year Discounted price Rs. job. 97 pages. printed on very good quality of Mob: 0 9819 248 179 25 . foreign travel. share market. (2) No need of ruling planets for judging events.only including postage in India A-4 Size. issue.

M.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 38 FEB 2011 Fourth step vision “WILL INDIA WIN AGAINST SOUTH AFRICA?” – PLUTO EXAMPLE NAYAN MUKHOPADYAYA The question is regarding the cricket match prediction.48. 206 at Hyderabad at 9.5 Settings : Universal Time Latitude : Geographic Lagna : Makara Dhanishta 1 Query Rasi (Moon Sign) : Karkata Query Star (Nakshatra) : Aslesha 3 Lunar Half (Paksha) : Krishna Paksha (Declining Phase) Dasa at DOB / DOQ : Mercury Dasa Balance : 7 Y:0 M:29 D Bhukti at DOB / DOQ : Rahu Bhukti Balance : 2 Y:1 M:14 D Current Date : 2/1/2011 Current Dasa running : Mer-Rah-Jup : Mercury Dasa upto: 19-Feb-2018 : Rahu Bhukti upto: 05-Mar-2013 : Jupiter Antara upto: 07-May-2011 26 .22 P. System : Krishnamurthy Ayanamsa: 23° 54' 59" Query : Cricket Match Place : Hyderabad Date : 21-1-2011 Friday Time : 9-48-22 Longitude : 78-27-0 East Latitude : 17-26-0 North Zone : IST 5. One of my friends asked me yesterday that who will win the match? India or South Africa? I immediately cast the horoscope based on the KP horary no. (21/01/2011).

7. it should signify strongly 6.2.3 Supportive Unfavorable Signification 5. 5° Pi 48' 27. To understand opponent team’s strength we have to check 5th and 12th sub’s strong signification of 5th and 12th house. 7.9 Supportive 27 .ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 38 FEB 2011 Cus I II III IV V VI VII VIII IX X XI XII For Longitude 26° Cp 6' 40. TEAM A 6th Sub Favorable Signification 6. Star Dhanishta P Bhadra Aswini Krittika Mrigasiras Punarvasu Aslesha U Phalguni Chitra Anuradha Moola Utrashada P Phalguni KP Pointer Sat-Mar-Jup-Jup Jup-Jup-Rah-Ven Mar-Ket-Rah-Mer Ven-Sun-Mer-Ket Mer-Mar-Mer-Rah Mer-Jup-Ven-Ven Moo-Mer-Jup-Jup Mer-Sun-Jup-Mar Ven-Mar-Moo-Sun Mar-Sat-Mer-Mer Jup-Ket-Ven-Ven Jup-Sun-Sun-Mar Sun-Ven-Ven-Sun Planet Sun Mercury Venus Moon Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto Rahu Ketu Lagna Longitude 6° Cp 50' 47. 2 and 3 acts as supportive house. 23° Vi 17' 13 3° Pi 38' 23.12 Primary 4. 7° Sa 18' 59. 10th or 11th the result is in favor of the team in question. 1. 20° Sc 26' 24.8.11 Primary 1. 26° Cp 6' 40.9 Supportive Favorable Signification 6. Star Utrashada Poorvashada Jyeshta Aslesha Shravana U Bhadra Hastha U Bhadra Dhanishta Moola Moola Ardhra Dhanishta KP Pointer Sat-Sun-Mer-Sat Jup-Ven-Sun-Sat Mar-Mer-Ven-Rah Moo-Mer-Rah-Jup Sat-Moo-Moo-Rah Jup-Sat-Mer-Ket Mer-Moo-Sun-Ven Jup-Sat-Sat-Sat Sat-Mar-Ven-Mar Jup-Ket-Mer-Ven Jup-Ket-Rah-Moo Mer-Rah-Rah-Sat Sat-Mar-Jup-Jup Rule for predicting cricket match result: We should consider 6th sub’s signification.8. 3° Aq 27' 36. 4. 2° Pi 43' 24. Similarly. 8 and 9th houses are found to be supportive for these. 5° Ta 29' 5. 1° Sa 7' 36. 10 or 11 and 1. 1° Ge 7' 36.2. 26° Cn 6' 40 2° Vi 43' 24.12 Primary 4. 13° Le 42' 38. The question is “WILL TEAM A WIN AGAINST TEAM B?” So for team A we have to check 6th and 11th sub and for team B we have to check 5th and 12th Sub. 15° Sa 56' 43. 24° Cn 26' 46. 5° Sc 29' 5. If it signifies strongly 6th.7. 7° Ge 18' 59. Let’s take an example. 12° Sa 7' 13. 26° Sa 46' 29. 26° Ge 46' 29.10. 6° Ar 37' 55. 2 or 3 as supportive house. If the 6th sub does not give you the definite answer check for 11th Sub’s signification. 6° Li 37' 55.10.11 Primary 1.3 Supportive 11th Sub Unfavorable Signification 5. 10° Cp 10' 51.

3 Supportive Favorable Signification 5.7.(11) 5 (6) 8 Venus:.(11) 5 (6) 8 5 8 8 1 1 signifies 6 and 11 Let’s check the 11th Sub.10 4 9 Saturn-Drusht Mercury:.Rahu:.10 4 9 Saturn-Drusht Mercury:.(12) (3) 10 It's N.(11) (2) 2 11 12 Itself aspects :-----.7.Ketu:.Mercury:. now the question is “Will India win against South Africa?” Here the 6th sub is Venus and it strongly.9 Supportive 12th Sub Unfavorable Signification 6. So.11 Primary 1.6 Mercury signifies unfavorable house 6.8.(12) (3) 10 It's Sub :-----------.12 Primary 4.11 Primary 1.Sun:.11 5 6 8 It's N.Swami :-. Just to cross check consider 5th and 12th sub Mercury and Sun respectively.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 TEAM B ISSUE NO 38 FEB 2011 5th Sub Favorable Signification 5. So. 9 and favorable primary house 5. PLANET : SUN Itself :-------------. 8.7 Mars-Yuti Mars-Yuti (12) (12) Rashi-Swami Mercury Rashi-Swami Jupiter 28 .Swami :-------.Swami :-Itself aspects :-----Venus:.(5) Rashi-Swami Mercury (11) 5 (6) 8 Itself aspects :-----. PLANET: VENUS Itself :-------------It's N. PLANET : MERCURY Itself :-------------.Swami :-------It's Sub :-----------It's Sub's N.7 7 It's Sub's N. So.Moon:.Swami :--------Venus:(10) (4) (9)Sat-Drusht(8) (1) It's Sub :-----------.2. 10 and the unfavorable supportive house 1 (For Team B) and supportive favorable house 4. definitely India will win.12 Primary 4.Ketu:.9 Supportive Unfavorable Signification 6. we can say that even South Africa is very strong and may win the match. 11. India will win surely.3 Supportive Well.Sun:. It’s also Venus.2.5 11 5 6 8 It's Sub's N.8.Swami :-.

This mercury is in close conjunction with Pluto in degree. This rule is valid enough and I am getting significant result using this concept. India lost the match by 48 runs.11 12th Sub 4 0 Total Favorable Unfavorable 5. The 6th sub Venus is in the star of Mercury.1 12 5 11.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 38 FEB 2011 Here it signifies strongly the favorable primary house 12 whereas unfavorable primary house 11 and unfavorable supportive house 2. Here the tricky part comes in the picture. So the result predicted by the rules will be opposite in the reality. Interested students may research further on this and may refine it.11. the predicted result will be opposite.9 6. 29 . Notice the important role played by Pluto. this is the challenge now. IT PROVES INDIA WILL WIN THE MATCH.3 7 So from the above table we can see that Team A has 4 favorable points and no unfavorable points. Team B has 5 favorable points and 7 unfavorable points. How will you come to the final conclusion that who will win the match finally? Team A 6th Sub 11th Sub Total Favorable Unfavorable Team B 6. When the concerned sub lord in the query is in close conjunction within 3. 3.11 5th Sub 6.33 to 5 degree or in close aspect within the orb of 3.10. But alas!! We all know the result.33 to 5 degree. It means that team A has total 11 (4+7) favorable points. So.8.

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given to me of a person . Badhaka and Maraka and find out significators. 6-Asc Sub Lord 1-3-8 is a strong significator of 8th .Planet in the star of 8th Lord.. 9th for fixed Asc .Mars. N.CAIIB. HYDERABAD-500 040 (A. 2-Asc Sub Lord is the significator of both ie.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 38 FEB 2011 KP VISION G. However . M Sc. Maraka-----Death Badhaka & Badhaka. In fact . I had taken the Birth particulars and casted Natal Chart. I had tried my level best to arrive the possible date of death of the native . Maraka & in the DBA of 8-12. East Jawahar Nagar. the Longevity is assessed through 8th cusp.Planet connected with Mars. are Marakas for all Ascs. these are as follows. we have to judge all these three cusps viz. Immediately .Rahu. In short.Ketu in 8th cusp. In recent years.PGDFM. the particulars . 5-Harmful Planets for Longevity--------------------a. the Badhaka will be 11th cusp for movable Asc. who is not in this world. V.) Om Sri Maha Ganapathey Namaha LONGEVITY OR DEATH ---K P APPRAISAL In K P system. Plot.P. Ketu. Rahu. Therefore.35. c. In fact . 2nd & 7th cusps . PRASAD. Date of Birth----------29-12-1962 31 . and the same did not disclosed by the friend. on the basis . one of my known friend's had approached me on 10-042009.Badhaka. 12. 7th cusp for common Asc. 1-Asc Sub Lords is a strong significator of Trine cusps 1-5-9 ( except when it is a Badhaka & 10th cusp)----Long Life upto 100 yrs. of principles of K P system. No. Trine and Malefic houses (6-8-12)-------------Medium Life upto cusps (1-5-9) 66yrs. 4-Asc Sub Lord is a strong significator of 3-8 and Maraka & Birth in DBA of Badhaka & Maraka---Balarishta. (6-8-12) 3-Asc Sub Lord is a strong significator of Malefic cusps and Badhaka & Maraka--------------Short Life upto 33yrs. & analysed the chart on KP System. about the longevity of his nephew. Moulali. b.

3-P IX 28-38 Me-Sat PIS VIII 27-53 Ju-Ve Jup 15-22 Ra-Ve AQU VII Mo Sa Ke Me VI CAP Su V SAG 29-56 Ma-Sa 17-29 Mo-Sa 16-26 Mo-Sa 07-34 Su-Ke 02-20 Su-Ju 00-39 Su-Ra 14-13 Ve-Ve 00-58 Ke-Ve IV 00-16 Ju-Mo Ve 00-13 Ju-Mo SCO LIB ARI ISSUE NO 38 FEB 2011 X 00-16 Su-Ra TAU XI 00-58 Ma-Me GEM XII 00-39 Ju-Ma Ra 07-34 Sa-Ke I 29-56 Me-Sa CAN Ma 01-28 Ke-Ve II 27-53 Su-Mo LEO III 28-38 Ma-Sa VIR Cuspal PositionCusp I II III IV V VI VII VIII IX X XI XII Sign Moon Sun Mer Mar Jup Sat Sat San Jup Ven Mer Moon Star Mer Sun Mar Jup Ketu Sun Mar Jup Mer Sun Mar Jup Sub Sat Moon Sat Moon Ven Rahu Sat Ven Sat Rahu Mer Mars Planetary PositionPlanet Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Rahu Ketu Significators---1 PCO OCC PCBL BL Ma Mo. 8 9 10 11 Ra Sa Ve Jup Su Ve Me 12 Jup Ra Mo. Lat.------------------78E30 Aya--------------------23-14-17 Star--------------------Sravana . Place of Birth---------Hyderabad. A.Kt Su 5 Me.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 Time of Birth---------21-10 hrs.---------------------17N20 Long.Sa Mo 32 .Mo.keSa.Sa Mo 2 Sign Jup San Sun Sat Sat Mars Sat Moon Sat Star Ven Moon Ketu Sun Rahu Jup Moon Sat Sun Sub Ven Sat Ven Jup Ven Moon Sat Ketu Ketu 3 Ve Ve Me Me.Ke Su Ve Jup 6 Ma.Mo Ra Sa 7 Ve Jup Ra Sa.Ra.P.Sa Me.

the longevity cusp is in Jupiter star. and Saturn sub . the longevity threatned due to the following reasons. 5-The 7th cusp is in Mars star. cannot prolong longevity as it is aspected by Jupiter a Maraka with 9th aspect. a Moksha Karaka & Saturn sub ( 6-7-8). For movable Asc. is in Jupiter star (7-5-9) a Maraka.The 8th cusp is in Jupiter star. (3-3-10). Further. in Sun star . Ketu. is in Sun star. The native is a Cancer Asc. on summing up.. posited in 6th cusp a moksha karaka. Rahu is in the sub of 6th cusp. who is again in the Ketu constellation. who is in turn in Ketu star. again in Saturn sub (6-7-8). Maraka. 11th is Badhaka and Leo & Acquarius (2-7) Marakas. as an OCC of 7th cusp a Maraka. retirement from this world in Venus sign. who is in Ketu sub. life. indicate that. again Saturn in Saturn sub (6-7-8) 7th cusp Maraka. 6. who is again Saturn sub ( 6-7-8). & star is Sravana. I had assessed the Longevity of native and arrived that. Here Jupiter. who is in the constellation of Mercury . 4. an OCC of 7th cusp. Venus as OCC of 3rd cusp. Asc cusp.The 3rd cusp in Mars star. 3-The 2nd cusp. Venus sub. 2-Asc is in Mercury star. a Maraka. being a Maraka. benefic qualities have been lost viz. a Moksha Karaka. & also 10th cusp. & 6th cusp are . & Mars in Ketu star. an additional cusp for promoting longevity. & Jupiter. as Asc Sub Lord is a strong significator of Malefic cusps 6-8-12 & Badhaka. and also in conjunction with Ketu. 1-There is a Cuspal Interception is seen in the chart. again a Maraka 33 . (6-3-11). resistance to diseases and losses etc. general inherent strength of his physical constitution .vitality. Saturn sub. wherein the Asc cusp have preceded to anti clock wise direction moved into the 12th cusp. connected with the life of the native. Badhaka (11th) & is a lord of 2nd cusp. health. longevity . Venus in the sub of 8th cusp cannot promote longevity to the native. happiness on all matters . in the constellation of Venus. as Jupiter an OCC of 7th cusp is in the grip of Saturn. Moon (6-12-1) is in the sub 2nd cusp. which . Hence. as explained in para 2. Ketu a moksha karaka. Mercury. posited in 12th cusp in Ketu sub & is aspected by Moon. is in the constellation of Venus.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL D B A— Dasa Moon Mars Rahu Bhukti VOL 4 ISSUE NO 38 FEB 2011 Antara Rahu Jupiter Saturn Saturn Mercury Ketu Jupiter Saturn Saturn From 29-12-1962 17-05-1967 17-05-1974 17-05-1974 29-01-1977 23-06-1979 23-06-1979 05-12-1979 30-04-1980 17-05-1992 17-05-2008 To 17-05-1967 17-05-1974 17-05-1992 29-01-1977 23-06-1979 29-04-1982 05-12-1979 30-04-1980 30-06-1980 17-05-2008 20-05-2011 First. is in Rahu star . the native is short life.

DOB is 29-12-1962 Add 33 yrs. Venus sub. The date of birth of native is 29-12-1962.Date of analysis is on 10-04-2009. 9-On further analysis. the period of death can be assesed. even though. as Ketu itself is in Saturn sign. native must left the world. by adding permitted longevity of 33 yrs.6th event may not occur. in between from 29-12-1962 to 29-12-1995 (DBA-Jup-Sat. 34 . I had informed him. very strongly signifying 7th cusp. should be taken as malefic. 1-Moon DasaMoon is in Moon star.e. as Saturn will not allow Moon. & cannot provide longevity to the native. In fact. from the previous DBA.. the calculation of D B A are as follows. in the sub of Asc & an OCC of 6th cusp. event may also not occur. who is in 6th cusp. 11-The benefic planet Jupiter is in Saturn sign & is aspected . I have gone through step by step & tried to arrive the date. but. which is a danger to longevity & cannot give longevity to the native. then I told him not to disclose anymore. Saturn is posited in Improving cusp. I had come to conclusion. the longevity of the native is over. then short life is denoted. Moon is also in posited in Improving cusp 6th cusp. that in my opinion. In K P system. 11th cusp is in Mars star & Mars is in Ketu star. Mars sub. the 8th cusp. who is again in Venus sub (3-3-10) cannot provide longevity. Sun star.. On the basis of above observations. i. it is being aspected Mars & Jupiter with 7 & 10 aspect. in turn Saturn in Saturn sub (6-6-78-9-12-1-3). eliminated as . on the basis short life. at the time of analysis of chart . to the native. 2912-1962 to 29-12-1995). the assessing the possible date of death. Saturn sub. in turn Venus in Moon sub (6-12-1). the native might not be in this world. 12-Saturn & Mercury in conjunction in Capricorn are to be considered. He astonished. Ketu sub.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 38 FEB 2011 7-Badhaka. by the Saturn with the 10th in 3rd cusp. as malefic for 7th cusp. accordingly. the permitted longevity is 33yrs. that. 10-Saturn being a significator of Malefic cusp of 6th.. This dasa is eliminated as no DBA of Badhaka & Maraka were not operating at the time of birth. 13-The Badhaka lord and lord of 3 & 8 cusps are conjoined. Ketu. an OCC of 7th cusp a Maraka. Total 29-12-1995 So. 8-The 12th cusp is in Jupiter star. Mercury.The DBA have been analysed. eliminated. should be considered as malefic. is a tough for me. 2-Mars DasaMars is in Ketu star. in Mercury sub (6-3-11) cannot give longevity. the. Then. if 1-3-8 sub lords signify 2-7 & Badhaka cusps .

being as OCC of 3rd cusp. as the event may occur. the native is very serious and suffering with chronic ailment . but Sun a Maraka of 2nd cusp is in the constellation of Ketu.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 38 FEB 2011 3-Rahu DasaRahu is in Saturn star . OM TAT SAT 35 . but no threat to life as Satun is in the sub of 3rd cusp . 6th . Saturn AntaraSaturn is in Moon star . and Saturn(6-6-7-8-9-12-1-3) being posited in Improving cusp in 6th. who in turn again in Ketu is very strong . eliminated as. & retirement from this world.This dasa is appear suitable as Ketu being a moksha karaka . Really.Ketu is in Ketu sub . I had preferred this dasa.Mars sukshma. Ketu the sub of 7th cusp. for taking life of the native. for arriving to the accuracy of result. Ketu sub . which The period of antara is from 30-04-1980 to 30-06-1980.event may not occur. during Rahu-dasa.Saturn bhukti Ketu antara. K P System is an excellent system. Saturn sub . sub. who in turn in Venus sub (3-310). promoting for survival. I had been informed . Jupiter sub. event may occur in the posited in Improving cusp. Venus sub in turn Venus in Moon sub (6-12-1). who is again in Saturn sub . Mercury AntaraMercury is in Sun star . event may also not occur. is assessed. BhuktiRahu BhuktiRahu is in Saturn star. the event may occur. that the native passed away on 14-06-1980. Rahu acts an agent of Saturn . Latter on .. Ketu AntaraKetu is in Sun star. Ketu sub in turn Ketu in Ketu sub . Saturn BhuktiSaturn is in Moon star . Saturn sub . Venus will give both results viz. who in turn Saturn sub . hence. reveal. Jupiter BhuktiJupiter is in Rahu star ..In this Bhukti. Moon is also in posited in Improving cusp 6th cusp. so. Rahu being OCC of 12 cusp in Non Improving cusp. but not connected with Maraka.

Members are welcome to download it free from the FILES Section. I greatly appreciate the wonderful work you are doing. Thank you and Namste. I have not received the two last 2010 issues of your E-journal (issues #35 & #36). Regards Kemuel Noel 36 . Thank you for sending the PDF file of ASTROVISION e-journal.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 38 FEB 2011 LETTERS TO EDITOR Dear sir. Could you please send me a copy of these issues? Sorry for bothering you with such a demand ! Wishing you a happy new year ! -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Dear Viswas. Please send me future issues at my address. B. Rémi Panisse Note: ASTROVISION E Journal is uploaded in astrovision@yahoogroups. Thank you for this ASTROVISION New Year 2011 issue ! For an unknown reason.

Beauty aids and what not. It is praise-worthy & deserves appreciation by all.C.K.?. they cover all aspects of astrology. Seniors – Researchers.K. and publishing the comments/ suggestions from the Readers / Seniors. dated the. without compromising in the quantity and quality. thanks Subhash Nair 37 . Wishing you a very prosperous new year. Practitioners. Very good work. edit and publish a full-pledged monthly E-Magazine on time. Magazine during the year 2008. continuously without break even once during this long period of 3 years. It is a wonder that in spite of being in active service. The articles are contributed by reputed Astrologers from A.M.” ……… With Regards & Good Luck… Hyderabad. Thanks for the copy of ASTROVISON.P.. Sri.Viswanath started an Astro.VISWANATH: Latest achievement: “Basics of Nakshatra Padhati”(Marriage.Vision e.’ It is a tremendous job to co-ordinate. other States and also from NRI’s abroad. how he learnt the art of ‘Managing the Tasks & Time. Cookery. 18th Jan. 2011. The cover-page. whereas. He is also encouraging in publishing the articles tried by the new comers. catering to the needs of students. I was actually totally out of touch with ASTROVISION. M.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 38 FEB 2011 Sri. “ MAY LORD GANESH SHOWER HIS BLESSINGS WITH GOOD HEALTH & PROSPEROUS LONGEVITY TO SERVE THE ASTRO-FRATERNITY IN PARTICULAR & THE MANKIND IN GENERAL FOR MANY MORE DECADES TO COME. photographs and the get-up are all of very good standard. { M.Profession & Health) To run a small News letter / Bulletin is itself quite a tough & difficult job.APPA} Dear Viswas. Thanks for the same.

Eg. any cuspal / planetary position in the Zodiac (compounded degree) is identified to be within 120o in any of the above segments. either with respect to Lagna. upto any innumerable level 2. 4. we require a shortcut simple formula. to identify the favourable position of event connected planets in transit with reference to any birth chart For this.P TO ANY INNUMERABLE LEVEL G. UMA SHANKER KP-Siromani Mobile: 98665 03154 The following method shall be effectively used to find out the Sub lord in KP system. to identify the Sub-lords. Moon. Any planet at 19o in Jemini can be identified as 79o position and any planet at 23o in Scorpio as 113o and any planet at 18 o23’35” in Capricorn as 48o23’35”.  2nd part from 0o in Leo to 120o upto Scorpio and  3rd part from 0o in Sagittarius to 120o upto Pisces. Sun or any other planet. to correct birth chart in the process of identifying the correct sub / sub-sub and correcting the planetary / cuspal positions accordingly. within 120o each. to identify the Dasa balance at any position. 1.. the span of entire Zodiac constituting 360o is to be segmented into 3 parts.  1st part starting from 0o in Aries to 120o upto Cancer. Thus. 38 . 3.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 38 FEB 2011 FORMULA TO FIND SUBS IN K. without referring to reckoners or any Astrological software. Sub-Sublords etc. For a particular planetary position in the Zodiac.

e.925 with 120 i.e. iii.e. it is Rahu) in the order of Vimshothari till the balance is within the span of some planet.e. 103 and we get 8 units which represents Moon.075 which is equal to 5.925 which indicates that the planetary position is in 6th star in the order of Vimshothari starting from Ketu and planet has traversed a span of 0.e. planet Rah span) = 93 Jup span) = 77 Sat span) = 58 Mer span) = 41 Ket span) = 34 Ven span) = 14 Sun span) = 8 which is within 10 (i. (i... Now remove the integer part of 5. 0..e... i. (i. 8 with 120 and divide the same with the span of sublord identified (i... 1 ke Ke Ve Su Mo Ma Ra Ju Sa Me 7 27 33 43 50 68 84 103 120 Ve Su Mo Ma Ra Ju Sa Me Ke 2 Ve 20 26 36 43 61 77 96 113 120 Su Mo Ma Ra Ju Sa Me Ke Ve 3 Su 6 16 23 41 57 76 93 100 120 Mo Ma Ra Ju Sa Me Ke Ve Su 4 Mo 10 17 35 51 70 87 94 114 120 Ma Ra Ju Sa Me Ke Ve Su Mo 5 Ma 7 25 41 60 77 84 104 110 120 Ra Ju Sa Me Ke Ve Su Mo Ma 6 Ra 18 34 53 70 77 97 103 113 120 Ju Sa Me Ke Ve Su Mo Ma Ra 7 Ju 16 35 52 59 79 85 95 102 120 Sa Me Ke Ve Su Mo Ma Ra Ju 8 Sa 19 36 43 63 69 79 86 104 120 Me Ke Ve Su Mo Ma Ra Ju Sa 9 Me 17 24 44 50 60 67 85 101 120 c. The above process of sequential subtraction can be simplified with the help of table given below where the numerical span on a compounded basis is taken.e. Now start deducting the span of each star successively starting from star lord identified (here in eg.925 and take only the decimal which is 0. Moon’s span ) So.. iv. 79o in the zodiac. v. anything after 103 and upto 113 represents Moon. Multiply 79 with 0.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 38 FEB 2011 1.. a.e.e. (i. Go to the 6th column under Rahu and from 111 obtained above. (8 * 39 . 111 093 077 058 041 034 014 of – 18 – 16 – 19 – 17 – 07 – 20 – 06 next (i.. which is nearer to it i.. (i.925 * 120 = 111. Thus under Rahu column..e. b. vi. Now multiply the balance obtained (111-103) i.e. (i. Identifying Sub-lords..925 units out of 1 unit in that 6th star which is Rahu – the span of which is 18 years as per Vimshothari.e.e. deduct the lesser no. 10 as Moon is identified) i. Now multiply 0. Sub-sublord etc… Let us take a planetary position of 19o in Jemini i.e. the sub-lord identified is Moon. So the star lord identified is Rahu . (i..e. vii. i..925. ii.

2 and multiply by 120 and divide the same with the span of Sub-Sublord identified i. 1.475 * 120 = 57. Thus DBA identified is Mercury. Eg. Now 0. deduct the no. 3. 113 * 0. The sub.. Thus Sub-Sublord identified is Venus. Now go to column as the sublord identified is Moon earlier and under that column. the Sub Sub Sub-lord identified is Venus.475 units out of 1 unit in that 9th star which is Mercury – the span of which is 17 years as per Vimshothari.475 which indicates that the position is in 9th star in the order of Vimshothari starting from Ketu which has traversed a span of 0. Now under Mercury column in table. Dasa lord can be identified as the Star lord.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 38 FEB 2011 120 ) / 10 = 96. Now go to Venus column and since 12 is within 20. months & days. 57 – 50 = 7 in Moon and so Moon is Bhukti lord running at time of birth 3.e.475 i. i. 84 – 70 = 14. Now under Mercury column in table. Identifying the Dasa balance and DBA : Let planetary position of 23o in Scorpio i. Now take the balance obtained i. a..e.475 = 0.. of times to identify various sub levels and their lords. Correcting Birth chart : In the process of identifying various sub-lords.. 113o. the span in numerical form can be identified and planetary / cuspal positions at points can be adjusted and calculation can be reversed from level of sub-lord or subsublord identification to the calculation of degree position as well.e.525 which when multiplied by the span of Star lord identified gives Dasa balance of that star in years i. Now the balance in that star can be obtained as 9-8.e. Multiply 113 with 0.e. which comes in Moon and so Moon is Antara lord running at time of birth 4. Moon. the span 40 . 9th star which is Mercury at time of birth 2..e. which is less than 96 i. Bhukti lord can be identified as Sub lord as per procedure enumerated above and Antara lord can be identified as Sub-sub lord.e. 2.075 = 8. 96-94 = 2 units coming in Venus which starts from 94 upto 114.sublord identified under 1© above is Venus and let us take that the sub sublord could be Sun. So the star lord or Dasa lord identified is Mercury. 0. us take the a.075 which is equal to 8. The same procedure can be adopted to identify the dasa balances with respect to various planetary positions in the process of calculating the Longevity. Mercury and so on c..525 * 17 years = 8. The same process can be continued any no.. (2 x 120 / 20 ) = 12.925 years which can be converted to years. e. Now 7 * 120 / 10 = 84. b.. d.

8 to 1. units are from 1.50 / 120 = 0.50.e.5. Now 112.075 = 79o 10’. 41 .9375. if it is identified that event connected planet is Venus and favourable Sub for the native is Mercury. VOL 4 ISSUE NO 38 FEB 2011 4.9375 / 0. Now add 9.9375 and so 5. Eg.075 to 1.8 / 0.. Identifying favourable transit positions : The formula helps to identify the favourable position of event connected planets in transit with reference to any birth chart a.e.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL of which under Moon column spans from 114 to 120. Let us take Saturn’s transit in the star of Venus and in Mercury sub. Considering transits.94167. Add to 5 which becomes 5. Now under Venus column in the table. Let us take 114 to calculate position in degrees. 1... Since it is Venus star. the span of Mercury is from 96 to 113.94167 / 0. Now 96 / 120 = 0.075 i. Thus correction of degree is made from 79o to 79o 10’ with a change in Sub Sublord. falling at border cases can also be precisely adjusted to suit according to the events experienced by the native.5 to 103 under Rahu column = 112.94167 i. Now (114 * 10) / 120 = 9. Thus any planetary position with respect to sub or sub-subs etc.8 and 113 / 120 = 0. 24o to 25o53’20” in any of the 3 regions of the Zodiac identified above.


2011  Rahu is in Dhanur rashi & Ketu in Mithun rashi  Natives who are diabetics need to be cautious in their diet. Jobless natives will sense a strong aroma of new job offers. I or publisher is no way responsible for miss happenings or events not turning out to be true or false Notes:  Surya/Sun transits to Kumbh/Aquarius rashi/sign on 13.  Finances are stable.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 38 FEB 2011 HARESH NATHANI Vedic Astrologer. Natives under the effect of Saturn or Saddi satti need to be extra cautious.  Health will be excellent and steady.02. It is the natal chart which needs to support this yog. Sion West Mumbai 400 022 Cell +91 98672 14103 E mail: hareshgnathani@yahoo.06. Retrograde Saturn can cause delay. Finances will come by good luck. else sugar levels can increase.2011 to Makar/Capricorn. It is Vakri/in retrograde motion. It will transit on 25. Disclaimer: These presentations are mere recommendations and are based on transit of planets. It will get margi/in direct motion on 13.02. Stress & strain can harm the baby. Foreign job options will be more fruitful after the 18th. Surya Niwas Sion Colony Road.  Sani/Saturn is in Kanya/Virgo rashi/ Loans and funds are Website: www. Expectant mothers need to be careful. For actual results the status of your chart will determine. Change of job will not be fruitful. Vaastu Consultant 8/8. Some aggression will be noticed post 15th. Caution should be exercised as any freak injury to arm or shoulder or legs can lead to unexpected surgery.2011  Shukra/Venus is in Dhanur/Sagittarius rashi/sign. It will transit to Mesh/Aries on 08. It is your impacting speech that can raise the extra money. Non diabetic natives can also get diabetic.  Career hard work is still the mantra but some ease in the job situation gets noticed.2011  Guru/Jupiter is in Meen/Pisces rashi.05.2011  Mangal/Mars is in Makar/Capricorn rashi/sign & will transit to Kumbh/Aquarius rashi on 15.02.astroguruonline.2011  Budh/Mercury transits is in Makar/Capricorn Rashi/sign & will transit to Kumbh/Aquarius on 18. 43 .  Aspect of Saturn on Jupiter is an excellent yog for foreign trips & settlement in foreign countries.

 Share Market is very volatile & highly fluctuating. Foreign trips will put some pressure on your business plans post 18th. Saturn brings distance which could be separation due to professional commitments or poor compatibility resulting into separation. Friction and compromise with the father will bridge the distance gap. Compulsive traders need to tread cautiously.  Finances are stable and by good fortune will keep coming. Investments in aviation. Opportunities will always come by it is your intuition that will help in selecting the favourable opportunities.  Romance your love partners are aggressive and expect the extra energy from you for romance. business will go on but some extra efforts need to be put in for increased growth. Wedding bells for the eligible. Overconfidence and confusion in job related matters can bring some discomfort.  Miscellaneous your quadrants are empty hence any stability in this month is ruled out or a distant dream.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 38 FEB 2011  Business even though you may need to borrow some more money to make up for the short funds. Married natives with children will be more fortunate. Fortunes are strong & favourable but the risk element can give distress. Extra care is necessary. Problems may be related to the abdomen area. Fluctuating health till the 25th will affect the mind & intelligence. Matters related to children’s well being will draw more attention. Spiritually an expensive time period. As long as you please them with gifts your desires get fulfilled. Loans & funds may not be required but compulsive borrowers will not be able to hold the temptation. They need some extra attention and are always looking & wanting to be pleased. These placements will give nothing but a lazy view to avoid the hard work.  Share Market it better to stay away from market with body not supporting due to ill health. Prayers to Saturn are a must to overcome career related complications. Need not worry on the extra marital or other relationship factors.  Romance your spouse or the love mates are all freak lovers. Married natives will see more favourable fortunes. It is your natal chart which can bring some stability.  Lucky Colours White & Ivory avoid Red  Lucky Numbers 8 & 9  Unlucky Numbers 6 & 7 44 . Foreign trips will yield good results.  Career a sense of laziness does prevail in cashing on opportunities & delay makes you miss the favourable. If you are able to overcome and allow the power of intuition to rule on opportunities.  Lucky Colours Red & Blue avoid cream & yellow  Lucky Numbers 6 & 9  Unlucky Numbers 7 & 8  Health will not be stable. breweries & alcohol will be a good bet. sexual organs. Avoid & do not express disappointment. Investment skills will give yields.  Miscellaneous you are physically charged up and fit & fine. A simple effort of stability will not apply in the present placement of planets. Romance will not have the vow effect. sudden windfall gains are a strong possibility. Compulsive lovers will get into some extra affairs to bridge the loneliness. and progeny. Be cautious in this month.  Business needs the extra efforts to make the needs met.

With increased stability post mid Feb and fortunes favoring a sense of content can be experienced on select days. Even extra affairs will flourish. Be careful. Miscellaneous even though life is running smooth & steady. But post mid Feb involves you in more research and deeper involvement in your work. but ill health will give more pain to your hands and wallets. Yes this is what is happening. Let it happen else the ting in romance will subside. One health issue gets resolved the other pops up. Profits will shine on you. Your steady approach will see investment portfolio flickering in mid Feb. Retrograde Saturn is very watchful. This is where the growth of your business lies.  Share Market you are the intellectual worm and share market is like a running blood vessel in your intelligence box. Finances it is the good luck of your spouse that can get you steady finances. Career a steady and a stable job means a lot to you. Overseas travels at short notices are foretold. you how and with whom to freak around. mind & intelligence gets affected. Short notice travel cannot be avoided. Loans & funds are available. Ambitious natives seeking foreign jobs will see some hope and light. But the more you research in your career the better for you. Efforts will see better fortunes mid month. This is what will be your nature for the current phase. Romance your love mates and love partners love to hate romance as they do not know how to romance. Business you love to be on the move and prefer to travel. Short journeys will keep you on the move.  Romance your love mates & sex partners are somehow shy to confine with you but with Venus playing an important role sudden confinement by your love mates will make romance very exciting and pleasurable. You are a miser on finances. Travel at short notice is a possibility.  Miscellaneous when the centre pouch is jiggling with the sound of money all seems well. Foreign travel increases post mid Feb. some confusion will prevail and a shadow of doubt will rule your senses.  Lucky Colours Green & Yellow avoid magenta  Lucky Numbers 6 & 9  Unlucky Numbers 5 & 7        Health will a confused and fluctuating this month. A state of confusion in romance & love affairs prevails with the egos getting hurt. Even ill health will not bother you as you have a strong supporting pillar by your side.  Career when career is stable there is a strong likelihood of taking matters for granted. Your spouse will spend more than required.  Business requires more research and extra efforts.  Finances constantly fluctuating finances will expose your miserly nature and rue your efforts of maintaining stable finances. Share Market Venus is the planet which rules your investment factor & mind. Use it to the best of your ability. Some change will be seen post mid Feb.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 38 FEB 2011  Health unstable health with aggressive nature & attitude can cause chaos and the balance between the body. else money will come & go. Steadiness and stableness should not be presumed as growth enemies are also watching on your movements. Where the body & mind lord is same some discontent and anxiety 45 .

It is better to postpone important activities post mid Feb. Natives under the effect of Saturn will feel a stronger pinch. Else loans and funds are always there. This illusion makes you impulsive and results in forced act of romance.  Career is a wow. You always look for alternative options and somehow manage to get it.  Finances woes are extinct but the greed can make you lose what you ought to have got. cash wallet is possible.  Finances a daridra yog can delay & deny finances.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 38 FEB 2011 can affect the intelligence. With unstable health & finances. jewelry.  Lucky Colours Yellow & Pink  Lucky Numbers 1 & 9  Unlucky Numbers 6 & 8  Health is a variable factor. Health gets worse after the 18th. Business investments in the past in any new ventures will now yield good profits. This is how you will romance. Take a careful plunge as the water is shallow deep fishing will give pebbles. Promotion for the eligible for natives in financial. Surgery is also a possibility. greed makes you occupied and looking for money making opportunities. why worry? Job jingles are singing their tunes. can you avoid it as it is a necessity. Difficult times in business will get waded after 18th.  Business smile does not necessarily mean everything is fine in business. The diabetic will see rise in diabetes level and the non diabetic can get diabetic. An interchange between Jupiter & Venus somehow 46 . Fortunes will improve post 18th.  Romance you demand romance but your spouse is mostly elusive.  Romance your spouse and love mates are little reserved when it comes to romance. Your spouse is spending more than required. Some improvement is seen post mid Feb ’11. Financial stress improves after the 18th. the coordination between. Avoid the desire to spend money or being thoughtful in charity matters.  Lucky Colours Red & Red & Green  Luck Numbers 1 & 9  Unlucky Numbers 4 & 8  Health retrograde Saturn has made you tread caution on health matters. Keep what comes in and save as much as you can. Share market options are more favourable then mutual funds.  Miscellaneous somehow this month is not stable. a thought of taking loan will rule the mind. Theft or loss of mobile. tips. Loans are also difficult to come. Appreciation and acceptance of your authority increases your confidence. administration & media sector.  Business with blessings of Jupiter any fluctuation & volatility is handled with expertise.  Share Market the sense of money. Take care of your valuables. Travel trips at short notice keeps your travel bag ready in advance. Natives aspiring for overseas jobs are ready with their baggage. It is an alternate option revealing discontent in business. Matters getting delayed can have some effect on your patience. Be prepared for short overseas journeys. mind.  Career is better and stable. body & intelligence will be lacking. Natives aspiring for foreign job postings receive some hope.

make short trips & journeys. Expenses on children and romance will increase.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 38 FEB 2011 reduces the deservedness. Your ancestors want to bless you with their wealth. Fortunes are favourable. and increase your popularity & presence. Take it with open arms. Mutual funds should be for the weak & not for the brave. Be watchful. Venus is introvert.  Miscellaneous even though this year is of Rahu. mind & intelligence you will see a lot of stability and growth in career & life. bold & free minded. Freak sickness to children can cause you to worry. Rahu hates fire and let it happen. You need to be innovative. Take the plunge and shore is nearer.  Career seems to give you the required boost to charge & March ahead.  Business will see the sky.  Romance you are the best persons to romance and also fortunate to get an equally aggressive and receptive love mates. Fortunes are favourable.  Lucky Colours Pink & Maroon  Lucky Numbers 6 & 7  Unlucky Numbers 3 & 4  Health is a mixed factor. Let the shackles go off. Fulfill the desire and take the plunge.  Finances somehow are not moving the way you will like to.  Miscellaneous this is a very expressive month for you. Investments now in the share market will give good results. Variable but it is your determination & will power which will help in overcoming the nagging health issues. Venus is the gift of your romance. a desire towards financial independence & prosperity is always there. with Rahu a close friend of your body. Slow & steady cooks a tasty dish. Your love mate has a high expectation from you. Earlier money was dear to come 47 . It is your intelligence which will be the driving force for growth and prosperity. Your contacts and contracts get more fruitful. Your thoughts in money spinning ideas through investment will rule your mind. Else go for insurance sector investments which are safe & well defined. Short journeys should not bother you. Take the plunge. Overcome the enmity and the world is yours. Alternate options are always there. Energy levels are revitalized. A glow and shine makes you feel energetic and confident. tell Rahu you cannot rule my mind as energy is ruling the mind. Fortunes are safe & favourable. Look for the best and you will find it.  Share Market you love the share market & investments but a lazy mind does not allows you to reap the returns.  Lucky Colours blue & green  Lucky Numbers 6 & 9  Unlucky Numbers 3 & 7  Health is good & stable. Growth is certain. You need to change your mind frame. Your control on finances is very low. The strength gets visible thus increasing the jealousy factor. Some thoughts of inheritance of ancestor’s wealth also rule you mind.  Share Market when Venus rules the mind. Overseas options will come at a later stage. Rahu wants you to take a shadow deal.  Finances are good & stable.

Fortunes are favouring. mind & intelligence are in control and in line to your expectations. Business is steady & good. Jupiter’s aspect is the saving grace for you.  Share Market you have the money but are very lazy on investment plans.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 38 FEB 2011 and now when money has come. Overseas trips are fruitful. go for long term rather getting entangle into short term trades. Keep the affairs on side lines. This is what you need to do. slowly he won the race with the hare. You need to capitalize on the opportunities available. Let not the fear rule your mind as the efforts get rewarded not the thoughts. 48 . Overseas job opportunities are little hard to come by. This is what will happen. When short journeys are required just be on the move. stand up & speak out to make your presence felt. are you willing to take the plunge?  Romance you are a shy personality when it comes to romance and your spouse and love mates are hasty & quick. Let overseas journey happen on its own rather forcing it. Remember the tortoise. You need to live with it.  Romance you are very aggressive in romancing with your love mates & spouse and this aggression is receptive but be patient as impulsive romance leads to half cooked biryani.  Lucky Colours Red & Blue  Lucky Numbers 6 & 9  Unlucky Numbers 7 & 8  Health may be a bit sluggish but your determination is strong as the body. it is the dry walls.  Share Market trades are good for you as long as you are receiving the cheques but when you are asked to issue a cheque for the loss in trades you change your mind.  Miscellaneous even though you are desk oriented. Just overcome laziness. A one long step will be equal to ten small steps.  Career growth may be slow but it is steady. You need to travel on short journeys. Virendra Sehwag makes his presence felt by hitting the lofty shots which easily clear the fence. Travel at short notice. which is family is absorbing the fresh money.  Business you are fiery by nature hence prefer to be on the move. Cash the overseas opportunities you come across. do not lazily while it away.  Career exalted mars have sharpened & increased your contacts. Now how to romance. It is your negative thoughts that always rule and finally when you take a decision the cream of profits are eroded and consumed and what you are left is with peanuts. But Venus is now intruding you to be materialistic and in mode of passion. it is your flexibility in adapting to the present circumstances that can give a stable month. Keep a watch on the expenses. Change your attitude and peanuts will get into butter nuts. Go with the tide. speak out your abilities and let the people follow you.  Finances when you want money it is always forthcoming but a self dependant thoughts always make you plan and be cautious.  Business even though is slow. You need to plan. You love to be desk oriented but now the desk will make you feel like a hare. Go and grow will be the mantra. It is your spiritual thought and will that makes your intelligence gain to steady finances.

This will prevail in the entire month. 49 . Any enmity will be tactfully handled. It is your flexibility that will help in your growth. Fortunes are good and favourable. Foreign job postings are not a reality but a shadow. Natives aspiring for adoption of any child or willing to adopt the sponsorship of any child can work for it. Except for the health issues that can affect the 100% commitment in business. stringent financial matters get due protection. Jobless need to wait for some more time.  Miscellaneous your name.  Business will be quite steady. You will be sitting with stretched feet and giving instructions and getting business don through subordinates. You need to be on the move and use your skill & contacts for the extra contracts.  Career sometimes can give some uncomforted & hard times.  Lucky Colours Violet & Ivory  Lucky Numbers 1 & 5  Unlucky Numbers 2 & 8  Health is good & stable. When life is steady creativity for growth & prosperity always are the front runners. Jobless are feeling helpless and are having a prolonged jobless status. Anxiety & insecurity thoughts can increase health woes. Just keep a watch on expenses of sense enjoyment. You are always charged up with some fantastic & innovative ideas. business will be smooth.  Share Market the mind is aggressive but body is very lazy. The mind is busy working on gains.  Career a desire to enjoy and thoughts for change of career will always create a tussle in the mind on what is right & what should be done. This mismatch makes you lose the cream of any trades and you finally settle for the peanuts. But this will open overseas opportunities. Job change thoughts are ruling the mind.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 38 FEB 2011  Miscellaneous a month which is stable and steady. Teething problems to stomach should not bother you. use your skill for the contracts. make your presence felt. Foreign travel will be a promising travel. Extra expenses on family & spirituality should not bother you. finances are always nearer not dearer.  Romance your spouse needs more attention from you but you being dull in romancing leads to a mere formality with less or no charm. Fortunes are favourable but you need to overcome laziness.  Finances when ascendant & lord of finances are in the house of fortunes. Speak out your thoughts. One needs to have patience.  Finances as long as Jupiter is present as it is the controller of finances.  Lucky Colours Red & Blue  Lucky Numbers 1 & 9  Unlucky Numbers 2 & 4  Health with retrograde Saturn ill health issues can increase.  Business a desire to excel will rule the senses. fame and reliability will help you in cashing on the gains. Aggressive mind should be supported by the body for the cream of profits. Foreign travel and short journeys should be undertaken. You have good contacts.

Expenses on children is likely to increase. Events are more likely not to be in your favour. Your spouse will spend morethan required thus leading to a tussle. politics at work.  Lucky Colours Blue & green avoid magenta  Lucky Numbers 2 & 3  Unlucky numbers 4 & 8 50 .  Share Market even though Venus is favourably placed it will be more prudent to stay away from share market as with Saturn in your 8H.  Romance you are very shy in romance and your love mate or spouse is quick & spontaneous. All the quadrants are empty.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 38 FEB 2011  Romance your spouse or love mate needs some royal treatment in romance. Jobless will have to wait for a longer duration for new job options.  Lucky Colours Pink & Lavender avoid black  Lucky Numbers 2 & 6  Unlucky Numbers 1 & 4  Health retrograde Saturn can have a teething effect on health else all looks well. but you being lazy and insensitive. Compulsive traders need to be cautious. This is the right time for starting any new ventures or diversification of new business avenues. excessive fund investment strategy look a good option.  Business is steady & smooth.  Miscellaneous even though name & fame is there.  Finances with money lord being exalted and placed in the house of gains. Foreign travel cannot be avoided. A thought does not result in profits but physical investments leads to profits. are not able to reciprocate to their expectations. Take the plunge. Take care of your wallet. Where is the room for romance? Romance leads to affairs & vice versa.  Career change of job. Overseas opportunities are promising. Venus is not strong. A dual thought makes you sandwiched between the yes & no factor. Natives looking forward for adoption can work for adoption or sponsorship of children. What can one do now?  Share Market your intellectual power is good. Fortunes are more or less favourable. back biting is also going on hence can make your mind very aggressive. emotional attachment with colleagues are all happening. the body will not support the mind & intelligence. Romance thus becomes an imagination. but fast on investments thoughts. The required fund for growth is available. shift of place or work with residence. With mind busy working on gains intelligence is not steadily supporting it hence restlessness takes over. Saturn in also placed in the house of affairs. the mind is working on the gains but intelligence is in the house of loss. Fortunes are good & favourable. This is a month of anxiety if jobless.  Miscellaneous this does looks to be a tough month for you.

250 ( Per Issue ) Rs. It is available at various web sites and yahoo forums. advertisements are invited to be published in ASTROVISION. 500 ( Per Issue ) Rs. 500 ( for 3 Months ) Those who are interested to place advertisement in ASTROVISION. may kindly contact the Editor at astrologervishy_nair@yahoo. Meantime. 1000 ( Per Issue) and the tariff is given below:-1) 2) 3) 1) 2) 3) Full Page : Half Page : Quarter Page : Full Page : Half Page : Quarter Page : Rs.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 38 FEB 2011 ASTROVISION E-JOURNAL ADVERTISEMENT TARIFF IN ASTROVISION The ASTROVISION is soon catching 51 . 1000 ( for 3 Months ) Rs. practitioners and students. 2000 ( for 3 Months) Rs. It has been sent to many astro followers.

31 19.S. Falguni.N. The below is Mr.38 IV 13.47.01. Pada :2 DASA BAL VEN 13Y.46.36 SAG 52 .35.23 ARI XII 18.16 PIS Rah 29.38.00 Sun 28.01. Rahu Bhukthi.47 17.57 SCO V 16.23 LIB CAP VII 18.21. India Latitude 15 N 30 Longitude 80 E 6 Ayanamsa 23.SARMA Following are two articles on behaviour of the nodes RAHU.08 II 14.57.36 Ven 20.34.19.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 38 FEB 2011 KP VISION LONGEVITY—ROLE OF NODES R.01 Sat 15.01 VIR 12.47 AQU VIII 14.26. He expired on 09-May2008 during Rahu Mahadasa.11M.05 XI 16.33.30 Mar 16.30 I 18.45 CAN III Moo Mer Ket LEO Jup 11.31.21DYS VI 18.26.47. X 13.38.RAVI KUMAR Date Of Birth : 15/Aug/1969 Time Of Birth: 03:02:15 AM Place Of Birth: Paruchur.05.56 GEM For 07. Ravikumar’s chart.46.47 (KP) Day Thursday Star P.02. KETU who affected the longevity of the natives.19.16 IX 12.00 TAU Name: P.31.V.

Mr. He died after coming back to India in 2008 53 .ASTROVISION E JOURNAL PLANET SUN MOO MAR MER JUP VEN SAT RAH KET SIGN Moo Sun Mar Sun Mer Mer Mar Sat Sun STAR Mer Ven Mer Ven Moo Jup Ven Jup Sun SUB Sat Mar Mer Rah Mar Jup Sun Sun Rah VOL 4 ISSUE NO 38 CUSP I II III IV V VI VII VIII IX X XI XII SIGN Mer Moo Sun Mer Ven Mar Jup Sat Sat Jup Mar Ven STAR Rah Sat Ket Moo Rah Mer Ven Moo Rah Sat Ven Moo FEB 2011 SUB Moo Rah Mer Rah Ven Ket Rah Jup Sat Rah Moo Mer RAHU DASA.3 (READER 3) that for Gemini Borns. This is clearly noticed in horoscope. if there is no planet in Sagittarius. RAHU BHUKTI FROM 01/AUG/2006 TO 30/APR/2009 Cusp In Star Occupants I II III IV V VI VII VIII IX X XI XII Moo Mer Sat Rah Sat Ven Rah Mar Moo Mer Sat Ker Jup Rah Sun Mar Of Occupants Ven Sun Ven Moo Ket Mer In Star Of Owner Owner Sun Mar Jup Jup Ket Sun Mar Moo Mer Sat Mer Moo Sun Mer Ven Mar Jup Sat Sat Jup Mar Ven It was clearly mentioned by Guruji Sri KSK on Page 46 of VOL. then RAHU in the constellation of Jupiter (who is the lord of 7 and BHADHAKA STHAN ADHIPATHI) is the strongest evil to affect one’s longevity though it is very beneficial for marriage and business.Ravikumar worked in Gulf for 12 years and and his liver was affected due to PORTAL VEIN infection of the liver. at the time of birth.

P.58..15. Moreover.57 VI 25.15.59 Sa 25.58. He expired during RAHU MAHA DASA.37.40 IV 17. In another example. April 12.01.34 I 27.24.1946 Time:09:38:30 AM Star: Magha.26 IX 18.08 VII Pada 3 Place: GUNTUR. A. KETU BHUKTI FROM 30/SEP/2001 TO 19/OCT/2002.08 II 22. the below chart belongs to SRI AV SUBRAHMANYAM.01 X 17.57 Ra 29.32.34 Fo 08. LAT: 16 N18 LONG: 80 E 27 Ayanamsa(kp) 23 1 1 BAL Dasa KETU 1Y 11M 12 D Ke 29. The point to be noted is RAHU BEING IN THE CONSTELLATION OF BHADAKA STHAN ADHIPATHI GAVE DEATH IN HIS MAHADASA AND BHUKTHI.15.59 V 20.46.31 Mo 09. who is in constellation of SUN who is located in KARKATAKA Rasi in the constellation of ASLESHA. Ma 02. which again indicates Liver problem.06 XI 20.39 PLANET SUN MOO MAR MER JUP VEN SAT RAH KET SIGN JUP SUN MOO JUP MER MAR MER VEN MAR STAR MER KET JUP SAT MAR VEN JUP MAR MER SUB SAT SAT RAH SAT SAT SUN MER SAT SAT CUSP I II III IV V VI VII VIII IX X XI XII SIGN VEN MER MOO SUN MER VEN MAR JUP SAT SAT JUP MAR STAR MAR JUP MER VEN MOO JUP MER VEN MOO RAH MER VEN SUB JUP SAT KET MAR VEN MER JUP SAT MER SUN VEN MER RAHU DASA.03 III 28.26 Ju®29. 6th cusp sub lord KETU.26 VIII 22.26 Me 05. 3rd house.37.e.51 Ve 15.34. KETU BHUKTHI on 12-12-2001.RAHU HERE IS IN THE CONSTELLATION AND SUB OF SIGNIFICATORS OF 7 AND 2. He expired at an age of 39 indicating MADHYA AYUSHU (Medium Longevity) His 8th cusp sub lord is well connected to houses 2 and 7 signified by JUPITER as well as house of longevity i. Su 28.01 Name: SUBRAHMANYAM AV Date: Friday.56.37 XII 25. 54 .ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 38 FEB 2011 His 8th cusp sub lord is also Jupiter which indicates liver problem.

11 2+. 5. 8th Cusp sub lord Saturn is in 2nd house and is lord of 9th house in the star of Jupiter who is lord of 8 and 11 posited in 5.12 2+.8.7) Ven(5.10 1+.12+ 2.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 38 FEB 2011 Planet (A) Sun*(10) Moo* Mar(4) Mer(6. HENCE DEATH OCCURRED IN RAHU DASA.11+ 2.5.7+ 2. Here Mars lord of 12 and 7 occupies 2nd house.5. Hence 8th Cusp Sub lord is connected to houses of maraka. RAHU IS IN THE CONSTELLATION OF MARS.10+.9+. 9 and 8 which indicates Medium Longevity.7.12+ 1. 7.9.11) Sat( 4.7+.7+.7+.11 2+. 55 .5.10.9+.12+ 2.11 2+. KETU BHUKTHI. Ketu occupies 7th house. 2.4..9.10.8. Here in this horoscope the lagna is Vrishabha lagna where the bhadak sthan adhipathi will be lord of9 i. RAHU AND KETU BOTH ARE IN THE CONSTELLATION AND SUB OF PLANETS CONNECTED TO 2.11 1) Numbers in parenthesis alongside planets denote the cusps for which this planet is sub lord.11 1.5+.8) Rah* Ke(3) Note: Sub (B) Sat Sat Rah Sat Sat Sun Mer Sat Sat lord Significators of A Significators of B 2+.5+.11+ 2.10+ 2+. Saturn.12) Jup(1. bhadaka and longevity i.5.8. It was stated in READER 2 Page 322 by Guruji Sri KSK that Rahu or Ketu will do the greatest evil.5+.2+.e.4+. 3. or if it is in that of the owner of the Bhadaka sthana or in any manner connected with kendra adhipathi or occupies the constellation of the lords of 2 and 7 or is conjoined with or aspected by them.6+.8+. 2) “*” Indicates self strong planet 3) “+” Means that the sub lord does not favour the house matters Points to be noted: 1.10+ 2. He expired at an age of 55 with ASCITES DUE TO LIVER FAILURE after prolonged illness with hospitalization.5+.7+.8+. 7 AND 9. HE expired due to liver problem (8thCusp Sub Lord Saturn is in Jupiter star indicating Liver) 2.11+ 2.10. causing death to the person in its period or sub period if it is in the constellation of the planet in Bhadaka sthana.5..8+. KETU IS IN ITS OWN CONSTELLATION.10.9.11 3+.10.5+.10.


Mercury re-enters Leo on Sept 06. Transit time is taken as 12:00 a.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 38 FEB 2011 NIRAYANA TRANSITS OF 2011 Pis Mer Sun Mar Mer Ven Mer-D Mar Mar Mar Apr Apr Apr 07 16 26 03-RE 17 24 Ari Mer Mer-R Sun Mar Jup Mer Ven Jup-R Jup-D Mar Apr Apr May May May May Aug Dec 29 01 15 04 09 12-RE 12 31 26 Tau Sun Mer Ven Ket Mar May May Jun Jun Jun 16 31 05 07 14 Gem Mer Sun Ven Mar Jun Jun Jun Jul 14 16 30 26 Aqu Sun Mar Mer Ven Cap Sun Mar Mer Ven Ven Sag Mer Jan 09 Ven Jan 31 ------------Ven Nov 22 Sun Dec 17 Jan Jan Feb Feb Dec 15 09 01 26 17 Sco Ven Rah Ven Mer Sun Mer-R Mer-D Jan Jun Oct Oct Nov Nov Dec 02 07 29 30 17 25 15 Lib Ven Mer Sun Sat Oct Oct Oct Nov 05 10 18 16 Feb Feb Feb Mar 14 16 19 23 Can Mer Sun Ven Mer Mer-D Mar Leo Mer Mer-R Sun Mer Ven Mar Vir Sat-R Sat-D Ven Sun Mer Jan Jun Sep Sep Sep 26 14 11 18 23 Jul Aug Aug Sep Aug Oct 21 04 18 06-RE 18 31 Jun Jul Jul Aug Aug Sep 30 18 24 18-RE 28 10 NIRAYANA TRANSIT OF PLANETS IN 2011 (Except Moon) RE==Re-entry. Mercury re-enters Cancer on Aug 18 Mercury becomes direct in Cancer on Aug 28. Mercury becomes direct in Pisces on Apr 24.m. Mercury re-enters Aries on May 12. -D==Direct Saturn retrogrades in Virgo on Jan 26. Mercury retrogrades in Leo on Aug 04. Jupiter becomes direct in Aries on Dec 26. Jupiter retrogrades in Aries on Aug 31. Mercury re-enters in Pisces on Apr 03. (Data generated using Free Jagannadha Hora) 57 . Mercury becomes direct in Scorpio on Dec 15. -R==Retrograde. Mercury retrogrades in Scorpio on Nov 25. Saturn becomes direct on Jun 14. Mercury retrogrades in Aries on Apr 01.

recognized as influencing the whole Solar system. specific plants and their roots are also said to represent certain Star constellations. tremendous capacity. Likewise. Mob. animal etc).Mining Engineer .com Introduction  Stars are innumerable celestial bodies out of which a few (27) have been recognized by the ancient Maharshis as very highly important.   58 . Electro-magnetic and other cosmic radiations have strength and influence on the life in the earth. they are constellations. DE(Mining) . The capacity to receive. such cosmic radiation influence these bodies. 500 044. Maharshis have accordingly advised their use and prescribed the procedure of refining them for application. MCC. There are certain important planets (Guru. sub planets (Mandi.Geologist Hyderabad.eurotech@yahoo. LSA. A. M.P. The influence of Stars and Planets on humanity was exhaustively studied by Maharshis and incorporated in Nakshatra Shastra (Astronomy) and Astrology.stone materials occurring in the sea have also been recognized as representing the celestial planets. S. They are said to have the capacity to receive the celestial radiations. as well as some plant products (nava dhanyas) for human welfare and warding off evil effects.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 38 FEB 2011 STAR & STONE POWER [MEAI.) and Shadows (Rahu and Ketu). but only their effects particularly on the humanity of this earth and its evolutes are worth consideration. Kuja. modify and beneficiate / change / adapt depends on the bodies’ own potential (human. space and the earth. One of such bodies is the Planet Earth.T (Italy) ] Astro Analyst . Some non. Life and its modus operandi get influenced by these radiations.A. MMGI. Celestial planets are the centres of cosmic radiating forces of energy. as each representing specific star or planet. All their effects or influences are not our concern. SURABHI RADHAKRISHNA SARMA     Stones are natural geological formations in which some crystalline and noncrystallines have been recognized by the ancient Maharshis. which pass through space and the bodies therein offering least possible resistance. Budha. retain and get enriched with the radiating charge.Stone Technologist . India. Unlike the Sun and Moon. Sukra and Sani).: 9989334919 email: srk. There are certain highly powerful centres (spots) on this earth having direct spatial connections to receive these radiations in full concentration yielding maximum ( +ve / -ve )effect.(Eco-2). absorb. Various ancient scriptures authoritatively enunciated the use of these stones and roots.Gulika etc. FGMS.

There is no blind faith. KP system provides keys for opening up the latent root causes. which have to be tackled rationally and not peripherally. The ancient Maharshis had amply appreciated long-long before this invention. depending on the astral body called a human. by performing a Vedic Yagjna. Colour of the Gem is determined by the atoms of certain chemicals in it and the lack of an essential colour – vibration in the human body could be supplied by the use of the specified Gem. The general prescription only for Moon is followed without considering the location and influence of other planets in the horoscope. Humans.   Star . communication are natural features in the hoary past of mankind. Expression is a natural characteristic of Communication. Prayer is the best of expressions. but in the whole world. in which transmission of the thought) is carried through Light and Sound. (ii) The presence of an unidentified impurity stimulates the emission of Light. Information. its application.P. Using Havis. How does a deaf and dumb person communicate? Through the mode of sign language. When script. a kind of prayer. for good or ill. concentration and meditation. The application of Stone power through which the cosmic power (light) passes in to human body from a certain physical pointand its resultant influence is the essence of Gemmology in its application.V. responding to planetary causation in consonance with the cosmic pattern at birth. Using certain medium of transmission. animals. language and other facilities were not there in primitive times. Vision and Signals were best used. from the traditional – conventional astrological methods. Not only in India. 59 . (i) the law of electrolysis when Gems were used in a ring to gain or lose a charged atom. and (ii) that the radiant potency in a mineral. and (iii) If the luminescence is inherent. C. humans convey their thoughts of desires / prayers to the Gods. for arriving at the astro effects. (together in conjunction with and). Nobel Laureate proved three different energy patterns in the Diamond: (i) Luminescence not inherent but contributed by luminescent impurity. This paper deals only with the salient points for the common man and not for the Connoisseur. ether for wireless transmission. minutely. which are well established. How ? What is the medium ? Nature has accomplished it. its absence or extra ordinary variation in brightness and colour may arise due to the structure of the diamond. Agni. It is a part of Yoga. scientifically. too. generations together and Maharshis advocated many uses of them as remedies. remote methods were applied. An individual’s expression (to the Almighty through nature. There is no superstition in it. like. Raman. Astrology distinguishes itself. through the Fire God. have all been well accomplished with appropriate power of expression. the science behind it and the effects of these Stone applications have been thoroughly studied from time immemorial. ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 38 FEB 2011 K. wires for electricity. Gem could be harnessed in an imperceptible but effective way to act on the brain cells and the body tissues either to draw in beneficent vibrations or counter act maleficent radiations. Meditation is another medium. Apart from direct expressions.Sir Dr. Intuition is the divine Star and allied super power transmitted to the human mind. deities and gods. expression and communication were not absent. the faith.Stone Power The power of Light and Sound manifests in their wave lengths. Emeritus Scientist. pipes for water and using Radio waves for Radio etc. even if the Gem is capable of luminescence. with wider scope of analyses. birds.

Jordan and Mexico have explored the original concepts of Man and God and their relationship. The waves and micro waves generated thereby act on humanity. and even now stones are preferred to represent God and idols are made mostly in stone. Muhurtha. (ref: BV Raman) The human mind is a kind of Radio telescope. Mrudu (soft). The ancient Egypt. 60  . Influence of Stars Stars are far far away but exercise their influence on our lives in an unmistakable manner. Crystallography are the allied sciences to this concern. i. Knowledge of these planets is conducive to appreciate their aspects on life. the moments produce the effects in accordance with aforesaid nature of changes and human receptive – responsive capacities.electro magnetic charge. as Benefic and malefic. Yet. “Man is a reflex of God. by Maharshis. Celestial Star power can thus be appreciated to be very great. Nature has accomplished so many facilities not known to humans and only research brought forth many new sciences to light. India. Mathematics. acts and human functions proceed. Kshirpa (quick). Earth contains 5 natural elements. Ugra (fierce) and Moveable (mobile) respectively. air and ether]. micro intrinsic changes take place in this process. Daruna (hard). air and ether.e. by their functional uses. Man is a potential conductor of electrical .Stars. Fire contains fire. Sthira (fixed). The star of the day is determined by the position of the Moon in the Zodiac.). influencing biological and psychological features. fire. and we experience those influences as constructive (positive) and detrimental (negative) moods. Israel.” Astrology relies and rests for its inferences based on the multiple applications of Nakshatra Shastra (Astronomy. the moment when the favourably positive and constructive results are said to yield for human welfare is very important in life. Therefore. Nakshatra Sastra is very important in astrology and a learned astrologer takes that seriously because a planet not only reflects the Star dispositor’s attributes. air and ether and air contains air and ether and ether is only one by itself. far east. of the 5 natural elements [ earth. wearing of Stones. Change is the property of nature. Iraq. grasping them as reflections of an object in a mirror. fire. water. Greece. particularly on the mind with positive and negative nature of charges. Level and Downward in the Universe and typically as Ordinary.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 38 FEB 2011 Maharshis believed that human feelings / prayers can also be transmitted for obtaining blessings through radiation and allied means by using the transmission power of stones and other materials. but all the constituents in the zone of the celestial bodies (earth. Gems. It is Jyotir Vedam. Petrology. Some shrubs and roots of plants in the earth also represent respective stars and planets. in nature.  Time and its minute contents. Gemology. space and atmosphere) are subjected to changes. ie. Geometry.  We live in an ocean of invisible vibrations and radiations charged in the atmosphere. each moment (at micro state) is charged with the invisible potency. Prior to that. It is not just the human that are subjected to changes. Precious and semi-precious ones came in to vogue from ancient times. In the macro state of affairs of Time. Functionally classified as Upward. Human potential responds to them and tries to adapt to human nature. The effects are felt by us when the Moon or planets pass over their specific horizons. rather the entire solar system. thereby thoughts. Stars are classified Chromo analytically. knowledge of the Light . This nature changes ever in tune with astronomical movements of stellar constellations and of the planets. the science of stars has emanated from the light of stars and planets. but also reflects the attributes of Tatwas. stationary only for that moment and then alters. Water contains water. Thus. etc. Jyotisham. (Wearing of the Gems do require muhurta).

and the material. Be well informed that getting deceived by jewellery shop employees that as per Navagrahas representing the standard list. the stone has to be embedded in. to be absorbed and stored up in the electronic energy levels and later triggered off by incoming radiation.heat. thus amplifying the energy input”. i. Charging of Stones:  Precious stones must be tested for purity and genuineness.. (Planetary evil effects are warded off to some extent and the intensity of human suffering thereby reduced. in shop. scientifically evaluated by ancient Rishis. Gem is a power package of colours. Gems and stones are prescribed to the customers. The stones should be obtained.: Firsoff ) Stars are represented by Gems in the earth.e. by Panchamruta abhishekam. Red in colour representing Mars. They should be cleared for Shuddhi. This is not the proper method of prescription. ( Ref. wearing really good Gems gives remarkable effects. According to one’s horoscope. auspicious muhurta individual and star of the deity of stone.  Conclusion: With one’s horoscope. undoubtedly. Diamond acts on different people differently. particularly women. for example. and worn only at positively (time) favourable to the essentially to be borne in to derive full benefit. for which the stone is to be worn. plants and fish. is “ a kind of atomic spring which is coiled by pumping into radiant energy at an appropriate frequency [wave length]. home and else where. light and sound and therefore Gems could either help or hinder preservation or decay. Gold. It is said. neck) as a ring. It is an incrustation in the shell oysters in the sea. Japa. devise for amplifying or generating microwaves by selecting a Gem set in a ring made of five kinds of metal. It is subject and sensitive to vibrations of cycles. is common. brought to home charged time.. pendant etc. part of the body (finger. usually white. the natural stones – Gems. It is a hard substance built up by marine polyps (sea organism of tube shaped bodies) believed to be an excretory deposit of sea weeds. in other words.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL  VOL 4 ISSUE NO 38 FEB 2011 Ruby. Copper etc. birds. whole Life on and in the earth is subject to radiation. animals. Non-Stones: Pearl is not a natural Stone. The K P Astrology gives the best clues in this regard.  of certain the Moon. (by shake hands). The stone must get positively charged and free from doshas (infections and afflictions) of touch by various persons. It is always a good practice to visit to holy temples on the first day of wearing new stone to obtain divine blessings and to perform some type of Daanam to the needy poor. One has to astrologically get the 61 . is mind in consultation with a learned astrologer. The cells in the brain and the body can store up the required quantum of essential energy and as Gochara [time passes as per celestial Stars’ movements] takes effect.   The method of wearing the stone must be consulted in advance. lustrous and represent astrologically. Human mind is susceptible to them and Pearl does wonders to humans. the Lunar beneficial Coral is not a natural stone. Pearls / Corals can be correctly selected for promoting prosperity and warding off evils. That is. asking their birth stars. Tarpana and homa in respect of that specific planet (graham). there will be an amplifying process suppressing the negative or inimical cosmic power.) Humans. Silver.

.Late B. its duration and consult a learned astrologer for remedial measures. Various schools of opinions do exist on the wearing of the precious stones. in the light of one’s horoscope.V. A precious stone contains latent power to get charged by transmission – radiation etc. Faith may be the primary thought but it is backed by established scientific truth and facts. No one can see all this with naked eye nor get that transmission photographed / x-rayed. the stone acts as an instrument / tool /catalyst of transmission between the human being and the Star. There are two systems to be remembered: one is to nullify the evil effects of grahas and the second is to enhance the planetary strength. representing that adhishtana devata (deity) attributed to that stone. and on wearing it. it does further transmission in to the human body.Raman on Muhurta 2.ASTROVISION E JOURNAL VOL 4 ISSUE NO 38 FEB 2011 horoscope assessed for any adverse planetary features / doshas. References: 1. In other words. Many processes in nature are not susceptible to human tests. Firsoff God bless all of you ! 62 .

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