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Reading Books to Children

5 Basic Skills
1. Learning the letter sounds 2. Letter formation 3. Blending 4. Identifying sounds in words 5. Tricky words

Letter Sounds

(two letters making one sound)

Storylines and Actions
Learning the /s/ sound

Weave your hand like a snake, making an ‘s’ shape, saying ssssss

Letter Formation
• Finger Phonics books • On the board • In the air

Reading (blending)

Writing (identifying sounds in words)

Pencil Hold
• Tripod grip • ‘Froggy legs’ movement

Sound Sheets

This is the /s/ Sound Sheet from The Phonics Handbook.

Sound Book

Letter Sounds
Group 1

Blending Words


Letter Sounds
Group 2

Group 3

(two letters that make one sound)

/ai / Words

Letter Sounds
Group 4

Group 5

Digraph with Two Sounds: ‘oo’

This is the ‘oo’ Sound Sheet from The Phonics Handbook.

Letter Sounds
Group 6

Group 7

• Dictate letter sounds • CVC words

• Homework Writing Book

Read and See Books

Word Boxes

Reading Tricky Words

Jolly Readers
Tricky words, Level 1 Some words used in Level 1

Level 1

Alternative Vowel Sounds
Introduced as: Alternatives taught later:

(rain) (feet) (boat)

(play) (leaf) (snow)

(flame) (these) (bone)

Dictation Sample

Independent Writing

The children need to know: • The 42 letter sounds • How to hear the sounds in words • One way of writing the letters for the sounds • What they want to say

Independent Writing