Executive summary Emirates airline is the national carrier of Dubai government, United Arab Emirates.

It was established by Dubai government. Emirates flew its first flights out of Dubai on 25th October 1985. The airline commenced its commercial operations with two leased aircraft which were Boeing 737 and Airbus 300 B4. This assignment of marketing plan is divided into seven main parts – namely, mission statement, environment analysis, marketing objectives, marketing strategy, tactical integrated marketing plan, budget and appropriate control & evaluation. The mission section gives the reader an overview of Emirates airline in light of its mission. Environment analysis section, give analysis of PESTLE, SWOT, company analysis, customer analysis, and main competitors’ analysis. Here the reader will all be able to find out the internal and external analysis of Emirates airline. Marketing objectives section, shed lights on the performance of Emirates to achieve its objectives. Marketing strategy section, give a light of positioning strategy of Emirates airline. Tactical integrated marketing plan section shed lights on both the 7P’s of the marketing mix. Budget section; give the reader the expectation for next year of Emirates airline goals. Appropriate control and evaluation section, give the measurement that Emirates airline’ marketing plans are successful by measuring the performance.


1. Mission statement and objectives Emirates airline’ mission is to deliver the highest standards of service quality to support business in the air transportation industry and to achieve complete customer satisfaction through innovation and refinement of service levels.

Emirates airline want to be the best in every venture Emirates undertake, to meet their customers’ expectations profitably, contribution of the success of Dubai incorporated, and to make the city the new global aviation center for the 21st century.

Emirates airline aim is the quality, not quantity, and since taking those steps onto improving its aviation industry. Nowadays Emirates has influence into travel and tourism industry in the global because Emirates commitment to the highest standards of quality in every aspect of its business.

Emirates airline’s objective is positioning Emirates airline as a global airline and the carrier of choice to the Gulf countries, the Middle East and beyond.

2. Environmental [Internal & External] analysis

PESTLE Analysis Emirates airline is owned by Dubai’s government which this will help it to follow the regulations of government. Emirates has signed the agreements with countries in Asian Pacific also other countries about facilitate trade. These agreements have opened up Emirates to the world.



The Asian continent has a good economy and Emirates has advantage from this. It has been very rapid at its economy with substantial growing rate which affect its overall income.- The conscious about environment pollution of Emirates government and staff. Emirates airline invest at trip planning system which it allowed to plan carefully for trips that aim to achieve of saving time and fuel led to reduce the emissions. and Muslim country. Emirates airline growth has never been lower than 20 per cent annually. most of the people have high level of education which they are able to led or enter the industry sector. Emirates 3 . This kind of aircraft able to consume less fuel. Dubai is one of the most rapidly growing cities in the world. modern. Which the airline is take benefit of resources from both sides. The potential investments in Dubai of the tourism industry and the business world will encourage more people to visit it. The technology gives many facilities. Emirates develop the online ticket purchase to make it conveniences for customers. UAE is Arab. it is in middle of Eastern and Western regions. and the airline has recorded annually profit in every year since its third year in operation. Emirates airline located at a very suitable region. Emirates airline has recently using the latest airbus 380 aircraft is friendly with environment and Emirates will operate 58 of them. Emirates managed to save 628 tons of fuel and 57 hours in trip time. Economic - - - Sociological - - Technological - - - Legal - The Government of Dubai own Emirates airline. That led Emirates to take part of responsibilities of solution for emissions. This technology called Flextracks.

Department of International Government Affairs. Opportunities - - Emirates have ability to develop continuously new generations of more advanced airline and aviation services for long-term competitiveness. is Dubai’s very suitable location. the company has outshined its major rival companies to become a model firm. The UAE’s government has been a successful in negotiating 4 - - - . of an International Air Transport System. Emirates airline was start up with US$10 million from Dubai government in 1985. Emirates airline began with the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve (DDCR). With huge profits from several consecutive years. Emirates Airline streamlined their business to take advantage of market share and size. preparing the ground work for conducting negotiations for Air Service Agreements. The important contributing factor to Emirates’ success. Emirates developed this reserve that is now the largest environmental park country. SWOT Analysis Strengths Emirates Airline is able to have strategic position in the global market. The department also serves as a point of contact for international and national aviation authorities and looks after aero-political rights of Dubai. and a huge opportunity for future growth. Airbus 380 aircraft is friendly with environment.2. (About Emirates) Environmental - - 2. This kind of aircraft able to consume less of fuel and emissions.follow the rules and regulation which set by legislation of government. by establishing links with other states and provides a necessary platform for the successful implementation.

- Etihad’s fleet comprises 50 aircraft with 103 aircraft on order. Analysts have accused the company of focusing too much on their high-end acquisitions and diversification in spite of the risky effects of such decisions. The competitors have the very aggressive growth plans of some other Gulf-based carriers. most notably of Qatar Airways and Etihad Airways. free-trade agreements with all major economies from the USA to the emerging markets of Asia (though not with a reluctant EU). that might pose the most serious future threat to Emirates. - - Qatar Airways fleet comprises 91 aircraft with 182 on firm order. - Etihad’s expansion might prevent Emirates from obtaining much needed traffic rights to countries that do not pursue an 5 . - Qatar Airways’ catch-up strategy with Emirates seems to rely largely on undercutting its competitor while offering similar product quality.- The ability to continuously renew and improve their service in the airline and aviation. Threats - Weaknesses - Diversification and approach haven’t been fully successful and this can be considered as one of the weaknesses of the company. which are very likely to further increase demand for air travel to and from the UAE.

Customer analysis Emirates have three segments of classes onboard which it is first class. Size of customer market The customers (passengers) increased by 20. The customer will not feel tired or bored with a huge package of entertainment system also customers will arrive to their destination revived and refreshed with take a shower Spas in the onboard. using network. Also. like doing some work. This figure of increasing of 20. more comfort and better service. the ability to take size from market share from the aviation industry.3.454 million 2009-2010 (Annual report). Also offering convenience style for the customers. Business class provides to customers highest levels of service. business class and economy class.8% of reach 27. Economy class is set to give the customers more space. sleep on flat bed or enjoy the comfortable onboard.open-skies policy. 6 . quality and comfort available onboard which it is most advanced class cabins in the air.8% shows satisfaction of customers too by using Emirates. 2. First class offer for the customers’ highest levels of luxury. to provide a better flight.

In addition. (Please refer to diagram in the appendix) 2. Such as international events. Emirates provide for group travel high standards of services such as rapid check in. Competition also requires companies to become more efficient in order to reduce costs. Competitors analysis Many competitors in the aviation industry compete of entity in the industry which is a rival against Emirates airline. festivals. The presence of one or more competitors can reduce the prices of services as the competitors attempt to gain a larger market share. Dubai world trade centre and attractiveness things so that make advantage for Emirates. and speedier passage through the airport which led the customer like to use Emirates for their travel. The main competitors of Emirates are Singapore airline and British airways.(Please refer to diagram in the appendix) Type of customer The most of customers using Emirates airline for tourism to spend their holidays and the other for businesses as Dubai is tourism centre and modern cosmopolitan city with high standards of healthcare. education and leisure pursuits. 7 . Emirates provide a high quality of services and facilities to reach satisfaction to their customers.4. Also.

Singapore airlines strengths are youngest fleet of aircrafts. making Emirates one of the largest airlines by research firm Skytrax. Emirates airlines now travel to 106 destinations across 6 continents. Singapore airlines weaknesses are weak turnover ratios. almost iconic. and strong financial performance. First one is long-haul which competes on routes.Singapore airline is the strongest brand from Asia and it’s long-serving. Emirates Airline is owned by Dubai's government. Company analysis 2. Singapore airlines has consistently been one of the most profitable airlines globally. service and overall quality. Weaknesses: British airways continue to have extremely high debts. Emirates leased two aircraft which were Boeing 737 and Airbus 300 B4. British airways operate in two different markets. Emirate’s competitive advantage 8 . 2.5.5. and unbalanced business portfolio. and had the reputation of a trendsetter and industry challenger.1 History Emirates have been in the business for the past twenty five years. Second one is short-haul flights compete on low price. Strengths: British airways have gained loyalty and trust from customers. Emirates flew its first flights out of Dubai on 25th October 1985. Emirates have grown in scale and stature through the competition from the aviation industry.

For example.Emirates adopts differentiation generic strategy to gain a competitive advantage amongst its competitors by offering the highest quality of services in order to be the best company in the market and differentiates from its competitors. In addition. The aim of such changes is to be the leader in industry by increasing the brand name awareness regionally and internationally which will increase the demand and the profit as well.565 AED million ( US$ 964 million) from sales of 43. Emirates was the first airline that offered TV screen for all classes inside the air plane. Emirates provide for another airline companies such as Qatar Airways with training courses by using the most modern machines. Emirates gained a competitive advantage by focusing in new segments in the market. Emirates airline has continue development of expansion for its airport that terminal three 9 .2 Market performance Market performance of Emirates airline is growing up as Emirates provide in annual report which Emirates made a net profit of 3. Also Emirates was first company in the Middle East to launch the e-ticketing. 2.455 AED million.5. Emirates was the sixthlargest airline in the world in terms of international passengers carried. For instance. called plane simulator to be the only company in the Middle East that offers such service. In addition.

of which Emirates Airlines will have 58 in total when all orders are received.455. over 370 acres. The expansion in Emirates fleet will led to extend on its brand name and link to the established 10 . The terminal three development will be exclusively for the A380-800 Airbus aircraft. 5 Boeing 747s. Once fully operational in 2011. it is fortunate to be operating in the Middle East where there is still positive growth in travel by airlines.  Emirates airline want to increase the number of aircrafts 146 more on order of Emirates airline fleet expansion.  The sales goal of Emirates airline Emirates airline achieved sales this year of 43. 70 Airbus A350 XWBs. (Please refer to diagram in the appendix) 3.  Emirates airline plan to reduce the expenditure Emirates airline plan to cut cost by 5 .250 AED million. depend on oil prices. to be flown to several destinations across the globe. Market objectives Emirates airline faced many challenges as other airlines. and 21 Boeing 777s plus 50 optional on the type. 50 Airbus A380s.500 AED million of increasing 20% which that will increase in the profit too from 3.opened in October of 2008 at Dubai International Airport and becoming the largest building in the world by floor space.538 AED million to 4.8 AED million and airline aim to reach its goal of sales by 52. it will have the annual capacity for 43 million passengers.  The market share of Emirates airline Emirates airline objective of market share is aiming to increase market share to 70 % based on Dubai market.10 %.

The price charged for services is 11 . Marketing strategy Positioning strategy Emirates airline's first class have many of attributes positioning. extend on Emirates image of service quality.meaningful positioning. In addition. Emirates airline promote to create positive awareness and generate greater demand for the airline. Also. the shower in bath room that the passengers able to take shower in the first class. The recommendation is using penetration pricing strategy. The attributes of the first class is comfortable seat which it can be convert to be fully flat bed. The recommendation is to provide a small cinema in the airplane especially for long-haul journey that the passengers will feel more comfortable. 4.  Price The price of Emirates airline is setting of premium pricing strategy. Moreover. emirates airline' first class has offer a mini bar to unlimited service for passengers. The positioning brand are created in the customers mind that Emirates put more effort to reach a good positioning. value and innovation. The new 4P’s and recommendations:  Product The Emirates airline's first class is unique cabin in the air which the passenger will find a high quality of service and luxury. All of these attributes inside one airplane also especially for first class passengers which that attributes will occupies in consumers’ minds.

the price will increase. luxury and refinement.set artificially low in order to gain market share. Unrivalled space and comfort. agencies and dealers are available in many places to sell Emirates airline’s ticket.  Promotion The Emirates airline is using many elements of marketing promotion which it is all temporary trade promotions. with: • 12 roomy sleeper seat. With up to four crew members dedicated exclusively to first class cabin. 12 . The recommendation is doing a permanent TV channel of emirates airline which can promote all time and using all kind of promotions. where every aspect of Emirates service has been meticulously planned for its passengers’ comfort and enjoyment.  Place The Emirates airline’s office. separated by wide aisles. Emirates cabin crew among the best in the world. The recommendation is Emirates airline should offer its tickets in the all national banks branches in each Emirates airline's destinations because every people in the world is dealing with bank. are set in a 2-2-2 configuration in the most emirates airplane. Tactical integrated marketing plan  Product (service) Emirates airline provide a unique services and especial for first class cabin. When this strategy had achieved its maturity of time. Emirates first class offers a unique world of style. • Electronically controlled leg rest and lumbar support-new seats also have many other touch-screen electronic controls. and those selected to attend to Emirates first class passengers provide unequalled service. attentive but unobtrusive service is always at hand.

Also. retailers.  Promotion Emirates airline's promotion budget has grown by AED 156 million to reach just over AED 1 billion.• Privacy hood and individual reading lamps built into each seat on some aircrafts. The promotions play a special part in the Emirates airline strategy that Emirates airline make it as a link to increase customers awareness. • •  Price Emirates airline use the strategy of premium pricing which use a high price where there is a uniqueness about the service providing by Emirates airline. SMS. It can be short as being direct from Emirates airline to the consumer from using Emirates web site (online booking) or may include several inter-connected with many types of intermediaries such as distributors. Live views from external camera of take offs. direct mail. This strategy is using to a substantial competitive advantage exists. there are special parts of 13 . sales promotion. and sponsorship. advertising. Each intermediary receives the item at one pricing point and moves it to the next higher pricing point until it reaches the final buyer. E-mail. landing and en route scenery. exhibitions. and phone in seat.  Place Emirates airline are using intensive strategy by multi of distribution channel to reach customers and to make it more convenience. Such high prices are charge for high quality and luxuries. Emirates airline use most useful elements of the promotions mix such as public relations. First class communication and entertainment • Personal video system with large screen. agents.

Also. yacht racing. powerboat racing. Emirates airline are sponsoring in many fields such as Football. or any types of intermediaries which it is suitable and fast for customers or travelers to get a ticket. it could be from agencies traveler. cricket. In addition. tennis. 14 . golf. Then. Emirates airline has obtain a form of competitive advantage. Emirates has been committed to sponsorship more than twenty years in both the UAE and around the world. Emirates airline is recruiting the right people of high caliber and train existing staff appropriately in the delivery of their service to enable them to continuously improve the business. Emirates airline sees it one of the best way to increase the level of customer’s awareness. No long waiting for boarding point because Emirates airline is offering special counter for them. Consumers make judgments and deliver perceptions of the service based on Emirates' employees how interact with. beginning with the first powerboat race held in Dubai. Emirates’ staffs have the appropriate interpersonal skills. Also. first class passengers board to the airplane first follow by rest people in different level. Emirates airline will welcome those customers which they will use first class.  Process Emirates airline processes begin from the moment that customer wants buy the ticket. horse racing. Emirates’ staff will handle every single thing to make sure that the passengers are comforted and happy.promoting the first class. their baggage will be delivered by Emirates’ staff and they are able to access to lounges at all other airports. There are many options and facilities providing from Emirates to make buying a ticket convenient. and service knowledge to enable them to serve first class passengers that consumers are paying for. and shopping festivals.  People One of the essential ingredients of Emirates airline is the use of appropriate staff and people. loyalty and commitment Emirates to ongoing development and success. Australian Rules football. online booking. in an environment that encourages teamwork. aptitude. in 1987.

For first class customer will find different treatment such as privet counter to serve them.200 channels on demand. The furniture and design are like lounge and airport. Cleanliness inside is mast in the airplane. Emirates offer passenger world-class lounge facilities in the airport at every destination which passengers will experience Emirates’ luxurious service. One year of integrated marketing plan (Action plan) Months January February Descriptions Department responsible Design & engineering department IT department Completion expectation 1 until 29 January 2011 1 until 15 February 2011 1 until 30 March 2011 1 until 7 April 2011 March April R&D of designing all cabins Improve the media system in the first class cabin such as SMS. Physical evidence on the ground of Emirates airline are considering under booking offices about how fast the customer will get the booking. Ticket that Emirates provide depend on the order of the customer. Physical evidence Physical evidences are very important and through it Emirates airline will prove how the passengers are important and different for choosing Emirates by providing to them unique services. the customer have choices such as piece of paper (ticket) or only ticket number. phone and e-mail R&D of buy or lease Engineering & of new aircrafts purchase department Doing advertisements Marketing department to introduce the benefits that customers can get of flying in Emirates 15 . Uniforms of crew set to be recognized by the passengers. Seating configuration widely with reclines up to a fully fat bed. Emirates airline web site. Entertainment. Emirates airline has award-winning best in flight entertainment system with more than 1. keep pace with technological advances so Emirates airline site provides the latest methods for Customers to making it easy and convenient for the acquisition of the ticket and to ensure the safe of payment method. In-Flight: Emirates have latest aircraft such as Airbus A380.

999 Current year 2010 AED m 42.700 (40.000) 4.675 16 .565 55.890) 3.May June July August September October November December Update airport system and entertainment system in flight Training 50 crew to improve their performance Advertisements campaign to promote how easy to visa pass to enter Dubai if using Emirates airline Checking out of facilities pricing Maintenance for 30 aircrafts Evaluating the sales performance Secure the process of e-buying Set new promotions strategies for 2012 IT department Human resource department Marketing department 1 until 20 May 2011 1 until 25 June 2011 1 until 29 July 2011 Marketing department Engineering department Financial department IT department Telecom department 1until 27 August 2011 1 until 30 September 2011 1 until 20 October 2011 1 until 29 November 2011 1 until 15 December 2011 5. Budget Emirates airline set budgeting for year 2011 of expecting to increase the sales Expecting for year 2011 AED m Revenue Operating cost Profit Cash flow Expenditure 45.000 49.547 6.250 61.477 (39.

performance measurement. whether the planned results are being achieved.Passengers carried Number ‘000 32. performance diagnosis and corrective action. It is steps that Emirates airline takes to ensure that its marketing plans are successful by measuring the performance.900 27. The advertisements are suitable to reach many customer and contribute of awareness among the people that will led to increase Emirates airline sales May Control by profitability control. Help Emirates’ management and marketing control to evaluate and improve the spending efficiency and impact of marketing expenditures. Months January Control & evaluation Control by efficiency control to evaluate and improve spending efficiency by evaluate how the passengers are satisfy from number of traveler February Control by efficiency control to evaluate how improve earning profit of providing more facilities and see the changing between years in the profit March Control by annual-plan control to increase Emirates airline capacity to effect market share by aim to increase of 70% based on Dubai market share April Control by profitability control. Bring the latest and high 17 .454 6. It tells Emirates owners important information. Appropriate control & evaluation Evaluation and control is an essential part of the management process. Examine by control processes of goal setting.

evaluate how improve pricing strategy to more profits September Control by annual-plan control to increase Emirates airline control of achieve result of performance October Control by efficiency control of achieve result of sale force if the Emirates set right strategies or not November Control by efficiency control of secure the process of ebuying. this advertisements campaign will help the leverage of finance August Control by efficiency control. more secure will led to more sales December Control by annual-plan control to increase Emirates airline’ buying force and set new strategies Appendix These diagrams are show of Emirates airline’s passengers carried in ‘000 from year 2005 to year 2010 and geographical revenue in % of type of customers. July Control by profitability control. 18 .quality of media to satisfy customers of ticket price via what will find. June Control by annual-plan control to increase Emirates airline staffs skill which that will increase satisfactions of customers and sales.

454 (2009-10) Geog raphical revenue in % 27.3%Europe 12.6%Wast Asia and Indian Ocean 11.000 15.000 20.4%Americas Emirates Financial and Operational Performance 19 .000 10.498 (2005-06) 17.2%Africa 9. Middle East and Iran 11.6%Gulf.544 (2006-07) 21.229 (2007-08) 22.30.9%East Asia and Australasia 27.000 5.000 0 Passengerscarried in '000 14.731 (2008-09) 27.000 25.

7 43.730.9 27. 12editition Philip Kotler and Kevin Lane Keller (2009) Marketing management. Reference Books: Philip Kotler and Gary Amrmstrong (2008) Principles of marketing.000 31 March 2006 31 March 2007 31 March 2008 31 March 2009 31 March 2010 o Annual report attached in the back 7.5 Cargo carried (thousand) 1.6 43.999 (+) 3.5 1.489.454.020.1 1.2 22.455.229.6 Turnover (AED m) 23.6 26.3 1.196.1 21.676 (+) 3.3 43.155.890.050.6 29.408.675.Year Ended Passengers Flown (thousand) 14. 13edition 20 .538.143.0118.839.266.474.4 39.9 1.497.4 Net Profit(+)/Loss() (AED m) (+) 2.5 17.424 (+) 981.544.8 Expenditure (AED m) 20.096.9 35.416 (+) 5.

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