Instructions Assignment

English 0750
Write a set of Instructions for a process or task you are skilled at doing. Your Instructions must include at least 10 steps and be organized in a clear, logical manner. Use visuals to demonstrate important tools, supplies, or stages in the process. I will grade your Instructions on how clearly and thoroughly they explain the process, as well as how visually appealing they are. Use any format you set fit, but be sure that you choose a clear starting point and make the individual steps easy to follow. We will hold workshops in class on Wednesday, 25 February, and Wednesday, 4 March, to work on your Instructions. Bring your planning and drafting materials to class to draft and revise your work on those days. Your Instructions will be written out on a computer word processing program and handed in as a hard copy at the beginning of class on Monday, 9 March, or emailed as an attachment to by 5 pm that same day. Graded Instructions will be returned in class on Monday, 16 March. Revised work for a higher grade can then be submitted at anytime.

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