Goat Basic Care Sheet

Honaker Farm Goat Care Basics Feed.

*FREE CHOICE: Pasture to browse Hay – Orchard Grass / Alfalfa Mix *My GRAIN MIX: Dumor Goat Pellets-according to the package Minerals. *FREE CHOICE: Best -Loose Goat Blend (I use Manna Pro Brand) WHEN TO WORM: The best way to control worms is to have a vet check manure to see if it’s necessary. With most wormers, re-treat in 2 weeks to kill the eggs. Vaccinations. -Lamb’s Combo (Rx) = CD&T + Selenium + Vitamin A, D, E A series of 2 initial shots, followed by a shot annually or bi-annually. Very crucial… goats are highly susceptible to Tetanus and enterotoximia. Lamb’s Combo also protects against white muscle disease Housing. A house that will protect from heat and cold, and can have air circulation in the summer months, with good drainage. Important Notes. -It is important to always keep a constant diet. A sudden switch causes an imbalance in the rumen which can be instantly fatal. If a change is made, do it very slowly over a 2- 3 week period. - Wethers and Bucks should not have any sweet feed, it can cause urinary calculi., stones, etc.. A feed containing AC will aid in the control of this often fatal illness. -Give clean water every day. Goats enjoy this simple measure, plus it helps ensure cleanliness, and keeps parasites down. -Keeping feed and hay off the ground also keeps parasite, and disease under control -Probios is a great product to give and keep on hand for use after anti-biotics, wormers, vaccinations, change in diet, and in times of stress. It helps keep the good bacteria in the gut when stress may deplete the amount they naturally have. -Breeding- Pygmy does MUST be mature in stature before breeding for the first time. My does do not mature until they are 18-24 months These are just a few basics, I recommend keeping your vet. in mind for all of your concerns, questions, and all health issues.

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