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Waste Water Treatment Plants

Waste Water Treatment Plants

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Protection and repair of water and waste water treatment plants

Water is our most important natural resource! In water supply systems and wastewater management structures concrete is the most commonly used construction material. Higher plant throughputs, more efficient handling and new processes for the treatment of fresh and waste water have given rise to more demanding durability specifications. Concrete is an alkaline material and therefore by nature not resistant to acid, and conventional protective coatings, based on reactive resins, have not always produced the desired results.

For more than 40 years MC-Bauchemie has been meeting the challenges of developing permanent systems for the protection of concrete and the restoration of damaged concrete surfaces. The decades of research led to the development of new mineral-based systems, which now, after 10 years in use, have proven performance on site and passed all practical tests with flying colours.

This brochure gives an overview of a number of international projects in the water and wastewater management sectors. Whether using a mineral-based or highly acid-resistant polymer-silicate surface protection system, durable results are assured with MC’s products.

MC offers you not only innovation and competence in research and development, but also advice and assistance on site. An extensive network of competent experts that are versed in the special application technologies ensures the success of your construction project.

Competence and experience: MC is your partner for preventive surface protection and restoration in the areas of water supply and wastewater management!

Michael Goldschmidt
Manager Protection and Repair Systems

Barry Jackson
Market Development Protection and Repair Systems



Brussels-North Wastewater Treatment Plant
Objective: Product: Year: Project Information: Permanent elastic sealing of cracks in the concrete MC-Injekt 2300 NV 2004 The plant has a total contract value of approximately Euros 300 million and when completed, in 2005, will be one of the largest wastewater treatment plants in Europe. Its capacity will meet the needs of 1.1 million inhabitants.



Sedimentation Tank, Ticona GmbH
Objective: Product: Year: Project Information: Concrete restoration and surface protection MC-RIM, MC-RIM F , Nafufill KM 130 2004 The internal walls of the settlement tank at Ticona´s factory were repaired using MC systems. (Ticona manufactures high tech polymers for the automotive industry as well as the plastic for LEGO® bricks.)



Coarse Treatment Plant
Objective: Product: Year: Project Information: Concrete repair, crack injection, surface protection Nafufill KM 250, Zentrifix F 92, MC-RIM, MC-Injekt 2300 NV 2002 After 30 years of operation the plant that purifies waste water from the lignite mining operation exhibited serious concrete degradation. Several tanks and connecting channels and pipes were completely repaired using combinations of MC products and systems.


ST. MC-RIM 2003 To halt and prevent further percolation of water into the elevated drinking water tank (built in 1968) the leaking joints were permanently and flexibly sealed with MC-Injekt 2300 NV. Corona Objective: Product: Year: Project Information: Sealing of joints and coating of the interior surfaces MC-Injekt 2300 NV. CORONA. AUSTRIA Drinking Water Tank St. 7 . The interior surfaces were coated with MC-RIM as a protection against further degradation from contact with the water and to provide a smooth uniform surface.

FÄLLANDEN. SWITZERLAND Wastewater Treatment Plant Fällanden Objective: Product: Year: Project Information: Extension of the plant and restoration of the existing basins MC-RIM F Nafufill KM 250 . Concrete surfaces were prepared by water jet blasting then repaired with Nafufill KM 250. repair and modernise the Fällenden waste water treatment plant involved the application of MC repair and protection systems. Floors and walls of the basins and tanks were given a protective coating of MC-RIM F . 2004 The 32 million Swiss Franc project to restore. 8 .

9 . GERMANY Wastewater Treatment Plant Objective: Product: Year: Project Information: Concrete repair and surface protection MC-RIM F Nafufill KM 250. .HAGENBACH. Within the scope of works existing structures such as sand and grease traps were repaired with Nafufill KM 250 and the concrete surface given a protective coating of MC-RIM F . Zentrifix KMH 2004 The wastewater treatment plant at Hagenbach had to be extended when it was connected with nearby Neuberg.

Product: Year: Project Information: 10 . EmceColor-flex 1997 The climate exposed tanks have a surface protection system of MC-RIM. GERMANY Rainwater storage tank at waste water treatment plant Objective: Transform the former primary settlement tanks into rainwater storage tanks Zentrifix KMH. MC-RIM. MC-RIM provides the protection required. Nafufill KM 124. Normally the tanks are empty but frequently have to withstand the thermal stresses imposed by sudden changes in temperature and loading as they are rapidly filled with rainwater.GROß-UMSTADT.

ITALY (SARDINIA) Sewage Plant Objective: Product: Year: Project Information: To prevent concrete deterioration by filling and sealing cracks. Further crack movement was also anticipated so MC-Injekt 2300 NV was selected as it also possesses the required chemical resistance. 11 . To ensure the durability and functionality of the structure the cracks had to be closed. MC-Injekt 2300 NV 2000 Shortly after casting cracks of an unacceptable width were noted in the concrete roofs of the digester tanks.CAGLIGARI.

12 . concrete against aggressive elements in the water and especially the de icing salts that it carries.PADERBORN. GERMANY Rainwater Overflow Basin Paderborn Objective: Product: Year: Project Information: Surface protection for the wall surfaces MC-RIM F 2003 The surfaces of the rainwater overflow basin that receive surface water from the A 33 in the event of heavy rains was coated with MC-RIM F MC-RIM F protects the .

MC-RIM 2003 / 2004 The wastewater of the town of Elzach. is purified in this plant.and modernization-project at the wastewater treatment plant Elzach.ELZACH/SCHWARZWALD. GERMANY Wastewater Treatment Plant Objective: Product: Year: Project Information: Concrete repair and surface protection Nafufill KM 250. in the southern part of the Black Forest. The restoration work done on one aeration and one primary sedimentation basin was part of a comprehensive restoration. 13 .

gel was injected from the inside. It was built from unreinforced concrete which is still functional after 100 years except for some cracks and leakages in the roof. GERMANY Potable Water Reservoir Cologne – Severin Objective: To prevent water from leaking through the vaulted roof structure of a reservoir.COLOGNE. As the roof was not accessible from the outside. Product: Year: Project Information: 14 . MC-Injekt GL-95 2001 The underground potable water reservoir was constructed and commissioned at the beginning of the 20th century.

GERMANY Wastewater Treatment Plant Objective: Product: Year: Project Information: Concrete repair and surface protection Nafufill KM 250.HAINSTADT NEAR HANAU. Zentrifix KMH. 15 . MC-RIM F 2004 Damage to the concrete aeration and inlet tanks and the intake structure housing the screw pump was repaired with Nafufill KM 250 and Zentrifix KMH. MC-RIM. Subsequently the concrete surfaces were coated with MC-RIM and MC-RIM F to provide protection against weathering and aggressive waste water.

MC-RIM 2004 During floods the Oder Flood Barrier Schwedt regulates the amount of water released into the hinterland of the flood bank. GERMANY Oder Flood Barrier Schwedt Objective: Product: Year: Project Information: Concrete repair and surface protection Nafufill KM 250-HS. A concrete repair and protection system that is open to water vapour diffusion was required for the water exchange zone e. MC products met the requirements in full.SCHWEDT. 16 . Nafufill KM 138 / 180.g ice drift. Over time carbonation has caused severe damage to the concrete.

Taking up-to-date findings into consideration it was decided to use MC-RIM F which is . During an inspection it was discovered that the existing polymer-coating had become detached from the substrate in several places. 15. open to water-vapour diffusion. 450 m2 MC-RIM 2004 The wastewater treatment plant of the city of Ternitz (population: approx.000) in Lower Austria belongs to the Wastewater Association Mittleres Schwarzatal and is a regional educational wastewater treatment plant.TERNITZ. Product: Year: Project Information: 17 . AUSTRIA Rotting tower Wastewater Treatment Plant Ternitz Objective: Replacement of the damaged polymer coating over an area of approx.

250 m2 of concrete surfaces inside the rainwater overflow basin MC-RIM 2004 The wastewater treatment plant Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen is situated right beside the River Rhein and purifies the wastewater of approx. 1. GERMANY Rainwater Overflow Basin Objective: Restoration and permanent protection of approx.000 households. Product: Year: Project Information: 18 .EGGENSTEIN-LEOPOLDSHAFEN. During the technological optimisation of the plant the tendering engineering firm in Karlsruhe realized that MC-products offer a long-term solution for the protection and restoration of the rainwater overflow basin. 15.

19 .DUNAÚIVÁROS. 2003 / 2004 The sedimentation and aeration tanks (measuring 1720 m2) on the premises of a large metal processing company were sealed and repaired using a range of MC products. surface protection and crack injection MC-RIM F MC-Injekt 2300 . The final surface protective coating was MC-RIM. HUNGARY Sedimentation and Aeration Basins Dunaferr Objective: Product: Year: Project Information: Concrete repair.

the engineers could easily select the most appropriate material and consider all design factors.RIO DE JANEIRO. MC-DUR 1264 TR-NL. Year: Project Information: 20 . MC-DUR Kleber PU 47 2000 Cracks in the concrete walls of the digester tanks. BRASIL Sewage Plant Pavúna Objective: Product: To stop the leakage from digester tanks MC-Injekt 2300 NV. would have permitted the leakage of sewage under treatment. Thanks to MC-Bauchemie’s wide range of products. The selection of resin was based on whether the point of injection was to form a single rigid element or whether to allow for movement. Due to the pattern and location of the cracks. it was neccessary to use a combination of rigid and flexible resins. if unsealed.

but also caused hydraulic problems because of the increased backup in the collector. decreasing the delivery rate. This not only led to a rise in energy costs. 21 .FRIESENHEIM. GERMANY Wastewater Treatment Plant Objective: Product: Year: Project Information: Rehabilitation of the screw pump and of one sedimentation tank MC-RIM. After it had been repaired with the mechanically resistant MC-RIM. the pump could once again be operated at full capacity. Inside the screw pump the trough surfaces of the Archimedean screw were corroded. Nafufill KM 250 2002 The primary sedimentation tank of the watewater treatment plant in Friesenheim (southern Germany) was repaired with Nafufill KM 250 and coated with MC-RIM.

grease.DETTENHEIM NEAR KARLSRUHE. the oil-. concrete restoration and surface protection Nafufill KM 250.and sand traps as well as the final settling tank. Zentrifix KMH. The damage to the concrete structures entailed by such a long period of use was repaired. It was also decided to apply a surface protection coating of MC-RIM – to ensure long-term operation without interruptions for repair and maintenance. MC-RIM 2003 For more than 25 years the wastewater treatment plant has purified the wastewater of approx. 7000 connected households in the Dettenheim community. Product: Year: Project Information: 22 . GERMANY Wastewater Treatment Plant Objective: Restoration of the pump.

Product: Year: Project Information: 23 . POLAND Sewer System of Szczecin Objective: Restoration of the accessible sewer sections. Zentrifix GM2 Plus.SZCZECIN. as well as 1200 meters of non-accessible storm water sewers were repaired in close cooperation with MC-expert technicians. as well as of the nonaccessible storm water sewers MC-RIM. ombran Flächen W. Konudur Brawoliner FIX 2003 / 2004 Over 4000 meters of accessible brickwork or concrete sewer sections. ombran 1-K. MC-Injekt 2300. MC-Injekt 2033. ombran W.

24 .LAMPERTSWALDE. The wall and floor systems at the core of the exhaust gas purifying plant are protected against the effects of aggressive process water (pH of down to 4) by MC–RIM. GERMANY Exhaust Gas Purifying Plant of Kronospan GmbH Objective: Product: Year: Project Information: Concrete surface protection to the exhaust gas purifying plant MC-RIM 2004 Kronospan is Germany’s largest manufacturer of laminate floorings.

FRANKFURT GRIESHEIM. GERMANY Wastewater Treatment Plant Objective: Concrete repair and surface protection against the effects of biogenic sulphuric acid MC-RIM. Damage to the concrete of the connecting pipe was repaired and also protected from further attack and corrosion by spraying with MC-RIM. KM 110 HS. It is unusual in that the plant only comprises the mechanical purification stage and the waste water is then pumped under the River Main to the biological purification stage located at Frankfurt – Niederrath. Product: Year: Project Information: 25 . Konusit KK 10 2002 / 2003 The wastewater treatment plant at Frankfurt-Griesheim has an equivalent population capacity of 1. In addition the enclosed intake structure was coated with Konusit KK 10 to provide permanent protection against attack from biogenic sulphuric acid. It is as such one of the largest plants serving Frankfurt am Main. Zentrifix KMH.35 million. Nafufill KM 250 HS.

Konusit KK 30. Thus MC-Singapore and MC-Bottrop jointly devised the 14. including the training of applicators. Konusit HB.000 m2 coating project and ensured the necessary technology transfer. Product: Year: Project Information: 26 . which will in future purify all of Singapore’s wastewater as part of the restructuring of the citystate’s entire wastewater management concept. With regard to the required reliability. SINGAPORE Changi Water Reclamation Plant Objective: Long-term surface protection against biogenic sulphuric acid attack Konusit KK 10.SINGAPORE. Konusit NB 2004 The Changi Project is one of two gigantic wastewater purification plants. only extremely acid-resistant materials were considered for the protection of the covered elements of the facility.

27 .

MC-RIM. have been the subject of aggressive chemical attack over the life of the plant. 28 . MC-RIM F 2004 The concrete surfaces of the plant.BAUNATAL. GERMANY Wastewater Treatment Plant Objective: Product: Year: Project Information: Concrete repair and surface protection Nafufill KM 250. In the scope of works of plant restoration MC-RIM and MC-RIM F were applied to give protection against the waste water. that were in contact with waste water.

BOS-MEERBECK. MC-RIM was used for the preventive surface protection. it was important to ensure a long lifetime for the functional structures. BELGIUM Wastewater Treatment Plant Mechelen Objective: Product: Year: Project Information: Preventive surface protection MC-RIM 2004 During the construction of the wastewater treatment plant for the suburb of the Belgian city of Mechelen. 29 .

Zentrifix GM2 Plus. Zentrifix FS. Product: Year: Project Information: 30 . Zentrifix FM. it was decided to use MC-RIM F as a permanent surface protection. MC-RIM F 2004 The wastewater treatment plant Plaszow II was repaired and extended to fulfil the environmental standards of the EU. To ensure long-term protection of the investment. POLAND Wastewater Treatment Plant Plaszow II Objective: Repair of concrete elements and surface protection for the final sedimentation tank Zentrifix KMH. ombran W.KRAKOW.

31 . EmceColor-flex 2002 / 2003 The internal surfaces of the rainwater overflow tank of HanauBruchkobel plant were lined with MC-RIM and MC-RIM F (700 m2 approx. GERMANY Rainwater Overflow Basin Objective: Product: Year: Project Information: Concrete repair and surface protection on a rainwater overflow tank MC-RIM. was applied. crack bridging surface protection system.).HANAU BRUCHKÖBEL. To provide permanent protection against weathering EmceColorflex. The exterior surfaces were repaired with Nafufill KM 250 and Nafufill KM 110. Nafufill KM 250. Nafufill KM 110.

AUSTRIA Primary sedimentation tank: Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant Objective: Product: Year: Project Information: Surface protection against intense biogenic sulphuric acid corrosion Konusit KK 10 2004 The Asten regional wastewater treatment plant (capacity 950.000 population equivalent) serves the entire city of Linz as well as 37 nearby communities. the interior and exterior walls as well as the scraper treads.ASTEN NEAR LINZ. The concrete soffit of the covered primary sedimentation tank was subjected to severe biogenic sulphuric acid attack. 32 . The scope of repair work involved the application of Konusit KK 10 as an acid resistant protection to the soffit.

Product: Year: Project Information: 33 . the applied products showed no signs of degradation. 1996 A range of MC products was applied to inject. after eight years of operation. repair and provide surface protection to the primary sedimentation tanks in 1996. Nafufill KM 124. GERMANY Wastewater Treatment Plant Aschafftal Objective: Concrete repair and surface protection of primary sedimentation tanks MC-RIM. EmceColor-flex. At the last inspection.ASCHAFFTAL. Zentrifix KMH. Mycoflex 450 SP MC-Injekt 2300 .

Erzgrube.UPPER NAGOLD VALLEY. 34 . During the summer the area is popular with water sports enthusiasts. Nafufill KM 250 2002 The Nagold Dam. Thirty years after commissioning a project was undertaken to repair and provide protection to the stilling basin and spillways against the effects of climatic and hydraulic stresses. is part of the flood protection system for the upper Nagold Valley. GERMANY Nagold Dam Erzgrube Objective: Product: Year: Project Information: Repair of spillways MC-RIM.

In 2004 repairs were undertaken again. GERMANY Wastewater Treatment Plant Haag in Upper Bavaria Objective: Wastewater-resistant surface protection in the water exchange zone and a crack-bridging coating of the exterior surfaces MC-RIM. MC-RIM was used to provide protection to concrete surfaces and an aluminium cover fitted to the top surface of the tank rim that is the scraper tread. Zentrifix F 92 2004 The wastewater treatment plant at Haag in Upper Bavaria had only been repaired once since its construction in the sixties. Product: Year: Project Information: 35 .HAAG.

MC-Bauchemie´s products were selected for their effective sealing properties and their suitability for contact with potable water. MC-Injekt 2033 1996 Cracks and joints in tanks used for drinking water filtration were leaking. 36 .WELLINGTON. NEW ZEALAND Potable Water Filtration Tanks Objective: Product: Year: Project Information: To seal leaking cracks and construction joints MC-Injekt 2300. Apart from the loss of water there was a risk of longterm structural damage due to corrosion of the reinforcing steel.

. EmceColor-flex 2000 The chemical and pharmaceutical company. Hoechst. A range of MC products was used for concrete repair on the aeration tank. GERMANY Aeration tank Objective: Product: Year: Project Information: Concrete rehabilitation and surface protection MC-RIM. In addition an unusual and complex multi-coloured design was called for on the external walls depicting the purification process.FRANKFURT AM MAIN. have at their Frankfurt Am Main site a water purification plant that needed extensive rehabilitation works. MC-RIM F Nafufill 250. The artist´s concept was accurately realised using MC´s EmceColorflex – a crack bridging protective coating. 37 . Nafufill KM 110.

Zentrifix KMH. Ohslbach and Ortenberg.OFFENBURG. MC-RIM. MC-Injekt 2300 1998 The Offenberg – Griesham plant purifies wastewater from that city and the communities of Durbach. Hohberg. GERMANY Wastewater Treatment Plant Offenburg Griesheim Objective: Product: Year: Project Information: Concrete repair and surface protection Nafufill KM 124. MC products were selected for the repair and protection of concrete surfaces so that the plant could continue its function of purifying water to the high quality required to enable discharge into the River Kinzig. 38 .

CONSTANCE ON LK CONSTANCE. Nafufill KM 250. To provide the necessary protection against the aggressive effects of waste water in the future MC-RIM and MC-RIM F were selected as a safe and environmentally friendly alternative. MC-RIM.000 households in the district. Due to the nature of such products extensive safety precautions were implemented to protect operatives and the environment. 39 . MC-RIM F 2004 The plant at Constance treats and purifies waste water from approximately 320. In 2004 a project was undertaken to change the use of the primary sedimentation tank into an aeration tank. Nafufill KM 130. GERMANY Box Basin Wastewater Treatment Plant Constance Objective: Product: Year: Project Information: Concrete repair and surface protection on wall and base surfaces. This process involved the removal of the existing damaged and degraded epoxy tar coating.

GERMANY Wastewater Treatment Plant Objective: Product: Year: Project Information: Elastic filling of settlement cracks. MC-RIM 2003 After approximately 30 years of operation the Arnsberg treatment plant (capacity 26. MC-RIM was spray applied to protect the exposed concrete surfaces and hand finished with a special rubber float to achieve the desired surface texture. concrete repair and protection MC-Injekt 2300 NV. 40 .500 population equivalent) no longer complied with legal requirements.ARNSBERG. The value of the project was approximately Euros 10. Zentrifix KMH.8 million. Nafufill KM 250. It therefore had to be repaired and extended.

SWITZERLAND Spring water pipe near Bethlehem Objective: Product: Year: Project Information: To seal against pressurized water MC-Injekt 2033. 41 . Water was leaking through the joints in the 2m diameter pipe. The joints were preinjected with MC-Injekt 2033 and subsequently sealed with MC-Injekt 2300. partially against pressurized water from outside. MC-Injekt 2300 1998 / 1999 The pipe was pre-injected with MC-Injekt 2033 and afterwards injected with MC-Injekt 2300.MENZINGEN.

Before the project was started compliance with all existing regulations and specifications with regard to products and application methods was confirmed to ensure that the quality of the drinking water in the tank is not compromised. GERMANY Drinking Water Tank Heckershausen Objective: Product: Year: Project Information: Concrete repair and protection Nafufill KM 250. MC-RIM.COMMUNITY OF AHNATAL. In the scope of the restoration it was decided to use MC-RIM (7 mm layer-thickness) and MC-RIM F (3 mm layer-thickness) to permanently protect the concrete. MC-RIM F 2004 The drinking water tank built in 1959 is operated by the water supply association Dörnberg and belongs to the district of Heckershausen. 42 .

Product: Year: Project Information: 43 .RIO DE JANEIRO. The most effective solution was to inject with MC-Bauchemie’s products that were capable of permanent sealing. For environmental. would withstand the chemical exposure and accommodate the expected limited structural movement. BRASIL Sewage Plant Alegria Objective: To stop leakage through cracks in the raw sewage tanks and the digesters MC-Injekt 2033. MC-Injekt 2300 NV 2000 / 2001 Cracks in many concrete structures throughout the plant were leaking. process-oriented and structural reasons the cracks had to be repaired.

as the development of biogenic sulphuric acid is prevented by technical measures. an acid-resistant lining was not necessary. Although this is a capped plant. GERMANY Wastewater Treatment Plant Kiel-Bülk Objective: Product: Year: Project Information: Preventive concrete protection MC-RIM 2001 For the construction of a sedimentation tank at the wastewater treatment plant Kiel-Bülk a wastewaterresistant surface-protection coating was required. Once again MC-RIM was the product of choice. 44 .KIEL.

is a two-phase biological plant with chemical post-precipitation. 45 . GERMANY Wastewater Treatment Plant Objective: Product: Year: Project Information: Concrete repair and surface protection in 8 sedimentation tanks Nafufill KM 250. Eight sedimentation tanks with especially heavy loading in the water exchange zone were lined with MC-RIM. After 20 years of operation. repair and protection measures for the concrete surfaces became necessary. which is situated in the district Öflingen-Brennet. 50% of the wastewater treated here comes from the resident textile industry.WEHR. MC-RIM 2000 The collective wastewater treatment plant Wehr.

WILSELE NEAR LEUVEN. During the construction cracks formed in several of the structural elements. BELGIUM Wastewater Treatment Plant Wilsele Objective: Product: Year: Project Information: Elastic filling of cracks. MC-RIM 2003 The wastewater treatment plant Wilsele purifies a major portion of the wastewater of the Flemish city of Leuven. A permanent surface protection was achieved by applying MC-RIM. These were sealed permanently with an elastomer-resin-combination MC-Injekt 2300. 46 . surface protection MC-Injekt 2300.

Nafufill KM 250 2003 Damage as a result of corrosion was found on the concrete walls and columns of the elevated water tank operated by the Saarbrücken public utilities board. The restoration plans called for systems that would guarantee a minimum service life of at least ten years. The assessment by an independent test institute resulted in top marks for the highly sulfateresistant mortar-systems MC-RIM and MC-RIM F . GERMANY Elevated Tank Objective: Product: Year: Project Information: Repair and surface protection MC-RIM. To determine this. 47 .GEHLENBERG. extensive tests with various systems were performed on site. MC-RIM F .

GERMANY Water Tower Wörth Objective: Product: Year: Project Information: Protection for exterior surfaces Betonflair LG. an acrylic protective coating. was used to protect the structure against weathering and to add aesthetic value.WÖRTH. Betonflair CT. Betonflair CT 2001 The exterior surfaces of the water tower were designed in a very colourful style. 48 .

LINZ. The cracks were partially sealed against pressurised water with MC-Injekt 2033 followed by permanent sealing. 49 . through injection packers. The combined use of MC-Bauchemie´s foam and polyurethane products ensured a successful job. AUSTRIA Reservoir in the Voest Objective: Product: Year: Project Information: To stop water from leaking through cracks in the concrete MC-Injekt 2300. MC-Injekt 2033 2000 Numerous cracks had enabled water to penetrate through the concrete lining fostering the growth of plants and roots which could have caused further deterioration. with MC-Injekt 2300.

The original concept was to line the new tank with a polymer system but this was changed to MC-RIM to enable application under adverse weather conditions which would not have been possible with the polymer system. AUSTRIA Sedimentation Tank Rauch Fruchtsäfte Objective: Wastewater resistant coating for sedimentation tank constructed under adverse weather conditions MC-RIM 2002 Rauch Fruchsäfte GmbH of Austria has an annual production of approximately 160 million litres of fruit juices. Product: Year: Project Information: 50 . VORARLBERG.RANKWEIL. It became necessary to add another sedimentation tank to the company´s wastewater treatment plant.

The employed flocculant caused heavy concrete damage on all three modules through sulphate attacks. Module 1 Objective: Repair and surface protection of concrete using sulphate resistant materials Konusit KK 10. MC provided materials to meet the high technical specification and thereby facilitate execution of the project Product: Year: Project Information: 51 . Konusit KK 30. Konusit HB. Nafufill KM 250 HS 2004 The plant was built between 1980 and 1985 in order to improve and maintain the water quality of the popular local recreation area Tegel Lake.BERLIN. GERMANY Surface Water Purification Plant Tegel. It eliminates phosphates from the tributaries Tegeler Fließ and Oberhavel. Konusit NB.

MC-Bauchemie • Am Kruppwald 1-8 • D-46238 Bottrop Phone: +49 20 41/ 101-600 • Fax: +49 20 4 1/ 101-688 info@mc-bauchemie.mc-bauchemie.com • www.com .

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